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Danyal Al Ghul had died long ago. Not even the Pits could ressurect the fallen heir, and therefore Damian Al Ghul inherited the title.
Damian had never seemed to effected by his beloved brothers death, and Ra's had seen that as an advantage, seen Damian as stronger, as unemotional. Damian became the perfect child, and Danyal was left to be forgotten.
Except for the fact Danyal's ghost floated behind Damian all the time, like intangible and invisible, but unable to turn human.
The reason Damian was never effected was because his brother stuck by his side constantly, even after death, helping him, comforting him, as a ghost.
Damain never told anyone, he didn't have any evidence beside his word, which would be taken as the words of a mad man and not a becoming heir to the Demon Head.
So, Bruce never learned. He never knew about his second son, one who had died long ago, and one who had stuck by Damian's side through all of his adventures.
Soon enough, Danyal starts to manifest his usual gallery of powers, and it stars to alert the family.
"Why is there a hole in the wall?" Bruce would ask.
Damian would scramble for an excuse as quick as he humanly can, knowing his brother's powers as Danyal sulked next to him, "I was painting."
"Your window was left open, Todd."
"What the-- why is my skateboard stuck in the wall?!" Tim.
Danyal buried his head in his hands.
"an art project."
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It's hilarious when people are like yeah jason as a robin was rude and rough and violent like DUDE HE'S THE SWEETEST OF THEM ALL, DICK WAS A FUCKING MENACE, TIM HASN'T KNOWN PEACE SINCE HE WAS 4 AND DAMIAN IS DAMIAN
I mean yeah he was from the streets and had his rebellious phase and probably told Bruce to fuck off a couple times but he wasn't by FAR the worst behaved Robin
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*bored at a Wayne gala*
Tim: Anybody have any game ideas?
Dick: Let's play the question game!
Jason: NO! Do NOT listen to him.
Duke: What's the question game?
Dick: Two people have a conversation but only in questions. The first person to say a normal sentence loses- but couldn't you have figured it out?
Damian: That does not sound difficult.
Jason: He is unnaturally good at this stupid game. Don't say I didn't warn you.
Dick: It's not that bad is it? So who's up first?
Jason: Run away, little pigs. Run away while you still can.
Steph: Could I give it a go?
Dick: I don't know? Could you?
Steph: You're pretty confident aren't you?
Dick: Any reason I shouldn't be?
Steph: Remind me: your old outfit was butt-ugly, right?
Duke: Isn't that a little...personal?
Steph: Quiet, you. Wait, no, hang on-
Jason: Ooooh, sorry, Steph!
Steph: Duke distracted me! That's cheating!
Dick: Would you like a rematch?
Tim: Wait, wait. Let me give this a try.
Dick: You want to try, Tim?
Tim: Why not?
Dick: Let me know when you're ready?
Tim: I'm ready.
Jason: Short and sweet.
Dick: Anyone else? Jason?
Jason: Hell no- I've lost enough of my life to this dumb game.
Dick: What about you, Damian? You want to give this a try?
Damian: Well, wouldn't that be the next logical step?
Dick: Who said this was a logical game?
Damian: Were you the one who told Bruce to limit my animal adoption rates?
Dick: And what if I was?
Damian: Would you not feel betrayed?
Dick: Would you not like me to act in your own interest?
Damian: Is that a real question?
Dick: Is that an incredibly weak response?
*several hours later*
Damian: But have I proved my point?
Dick: Can we agree to disagree?
Duke: Dick, how long is this going to go on for?
Jason: Hours...days. Months doesn't seem unreasonable.
Tim: Speaking from experience?
Jason: You have no idea.
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Bonus: You will receive my everlasting love if you justify your choice.
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
< check out the ao3 if you’re interested wink wink cough tear >
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media
a tragedy in two pictures (Tim falling over like a loser.jpeg) 
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Tumblr media
Stephanie does manage to send a screenshot to the GC and Tim seriously considers moving to the mountains never to be seen again 😭 dang it Bernard see what you have done!
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Tumblr media
It's okay, I've got you
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Dragon Danny rampages through Gotham and claws his way up Wayne tower with Tim Drake in one of his claws. Tim is freaking out because the dragon speaks and all it will say is his name. What did he do to piss off a dragon???!
Damian is jealous and trying to get the dragons attention, Jason is taking pictures of "captured princess Tim" in revenge for a prank Tim had pulled earlier, and Dick is trying to plan with Bruce and Barbara.
Everything comes to a head however when Tim's evil(ish) clone calls to the dragon from the roof of the building they were on and says, "Wrong one, love."
Danny is bashful and gently places non-clone Tim on the roof and pats his head his his finger before lifting up his actual boyfriend and triumphantly roaring.
Tim asks wtf is happening and other Tim explains hes a clone made by Ras. As if one cue the dragon hissed distainfully, "Raaaaaasssssss"
He would like to change his earlier question. "What did Ras do to piss off a dragon?"
The batfam track the dragon as it flies to some place in the middle of nowhere and discover what looked like an abandoned city. It was completely pristine other than some overdrown lawns and leaf litter but there wasn't a soul in sight. Neither human or animal roamed the streets and the whole place gave off an eerie vibe.
Whats more? There are no records of a city named "Amity Park" ever existing
Aka Amity Park gets sent into another dimention without its residents after Vlads portal explodes. Danny has to save everyone but the only way he could was to absorb the ecto-contamination out of them but he couldn't do that for the city itself so he just stole the freaking city like a madlad and moved to another dimension.
He meets Evil Clone Tim made by Ras and they fall in love and Danny takes him home where they live happily until Ras kidnaps EC Tim and Danny gets cursed via magic user to be a lizard.
Unfortunately for them non-ecto magic doesn't work too well on ecto-entities and Phantom definitely became a "lizard" all right. Just not the type they wanted.
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More fics in the time period where Tim was nothing but Dick's pre-little brother annoyance please. Tim hasn't officially met Alfred or Bruce or Babs, he's just a kid that's shown up at Dick’s house/work like three times now for increasingly disturbing reasons. Dick resolutely refuses to admit he holds even a shred of fondness for the kid. AU-ify it as much as you want, especially if it's for comedy. Make Dick deliberately not ask/use Tim's name because he refuses to get attached. Play into the clown thing, have Tim recognize Dick in increasingly ridiculous get-ups. Get the Titans to take notice of Tim while Dick is completely ignoring him. Let Tim break into Dick's house so often that Dick (or Kori) actually gets worried when they haven't seen him in a while. Fuck up the timeline and get Cassie in there somewhere.
Give them the fanon Jason-and-Tim treatment, make Tim hang off of him like a limpet. Make them have met at a gala but make the situation embarassing as hell so one/both of them denies it. Make Tim an obsessive fanboy that is incredibly obnoxious about it, and make Dick flattered but disturbed. They deserve the fanon Jason-and-Tim treatment.
During all of this, though, it's imperative that it never occurs to Dick OR Tim to tell any Bats about this.
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Gala season at Wayne Manor
At first Jason couldn’t tell what was so wrong about what was happening, Bruce had brought him, Dick and Tim back to living in the manor, for a few weeks he said, a new villain he said.
Then all the boys got their measurements updated, the uniforms need updating he said, “Oh dear boys, still growing I see.” Alfred said.
Then a weirdly big number of workers started frequenting the manor.
Alfred: Oh master Jason don’t be so paranoid, we only need to spruce up these dusty old halls.
Tim: So what you guys think got B so worried all of the sudden, can’t find anything on the database, seems pretty secretive...even for him.
Jason: I don’t know, but isn’t it weird how we haven’t heard of this new villain yet? You’d think the asshole would make a grand entrance.
Dick: Don’t be so paranoid Jason, you know dad wouldn’t dance around the issue....
In horror all pieces fell into place, wings of the manor being open, things being “spruced up” and the new tuxedos all the boys got.
Jason: We need to leave NOW.
*Bruce slow clapping in the background*
Bruce: So you’ve finally figured it out, it is gala season and we are going to be a happy family. Also don’t bother trying to escape, Damian had to learn the hard way...
Alfred enters the room with Damian trapped Hannibal style in a tux.
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Kon: I think I’m in love with you.
Tim: You mean as friends?
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
steph & cass & babs
Tumblr media
bonus: the robins
Tumblr media
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