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tim-lucy · 7 hours
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Chenford’s relationship evolution throughout the Mid-Wilshire crime documentaries
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chenlucys · 8 hours
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i feel like i’m interrupting something 🌚
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timlucys · 8 hours
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Tim & Lucy vs Jake & Sava
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makeoutstopcrime · 8 hours
the way that tim is ripping apart the interviewer left and right and then his voice goes all soft and breathy when he turns to look at lucy and says “we are in a very different place” ??????? i need to go scream into a bucket
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alexihawleys · 3 hours
Chenford + ""Come back to bed."
Tim's voice is thick with sleep as it filters in from the bedroom. She hums in response, knowing he won't hear it, knowing that even if he did, he'll just repeat himself. "Hey," he says with a bit more clarity, as though he's sitting up. "Come back to bed, please."
Lucy smiles to herself, turning off the tap and taking a slow sip of her water before turning back towards the half-asleep man in her bed. She makes her way back slowly, flipping off the lights and leaning against the doorframe for a long few moments as she catches sight of Tim in the low light of her bedroom. He's sitting up against the headboard, shirtless, blinking slowly like he could fall back to sleep at any second. "You're awake," she speaks quietly, her voice just carrying through the silence. "I'm sorry."
"C'mere," he mumbles, shaking his head as he pulls the blankets back for her. She shuts her eyes for a moment, swallowing hard as she pushes off from the doorframe. After setting her water glass down on the bedside table, she crawls back into bed next to him and presses her face into his forearm, kissing his bare skin gently as his fingers weave loosely into her hair. "Where'd you go?"
Lucy laughs. "I was thirsty," she shrugs, knowing he'll be able to tell she's lying. "I didn't think I'd wake you."
"You have a heavy step," he rumbles, and even though she can feel him smirking into her hair, she swats at his shoulder with a huff. They're quiet for a long moment, long enough that she thinks he could've fallen back asleep, before he lets out a slow rolling breath. "You were tossing and turning. Bad one?"
She sighs louder than she means to. Her nightmares haven't been as frequent as of late, but when she does have them, they're all-consuming. Her skin pricks with goosebumps as he slides his hand over the curve of her waist, still clammy with sweat. "Bad one," she affirms, nodding once. She hadn't intended on mentioning it, but there's no point in lying if he's already called her out on it. "I wasn't a fan."
Tim hums, nodding slowly. He leans in and kisses her forehead, letting himself linger for a long moment. "I'm right here," he murmurs, and she nods because she knows that. The nightmares aren't rational – they're annoying, they're moronic, they're unrealistic, and they've been keeping her awake more nights than not over the last few months.
She'd assumed there were only so many scenarios where she could stumble upon Tim's dead body, but apparently there are thousands of varieties. She's gotten the standard dose of: discovering your boyfriend's dead body in a dumpster, identifying your boyfriend's dead body in a morgue, opening the trunk of your car to find your boyfriend's dead body staring back up at you, all of which are slightly less terrifying than the more niche flavors.
Tonight had been a combo: a fake out version of your boyfriend's doppelgänger's dead body in the back seat of your car when you got out of work mixed with the sudden revelation of your actual boyfriend's dead body in his office, waiting for you to come find him.
He pulls her from her thoughts, tugging her hand to his chest and pressing it down over his left pec. His heart beats slowly beneath her palm and he tugs his other hand free from her hair, sliding it over the top of hers and tapping his fingers against her knuckles. "See? I'm right here."
He's made a habit of this on the nights he wakes up, which is almost every night, much to both her anguish and relief. He presses her hand over his heart, doing his best to remind her that this, here, now is real.
She hums softly, tipping her head to the side to kiss him where she can reach. Her lips brush his shoulder and she finds his eyes, holding his gaze for a long moment. He taps his fingers over hers slowly, deliberately. One, two, three.
They haven't said it yet, but she isn't sure they have to.
Lucy kisses his skin lightly three times, then rolls into his side and untangles their arms just to tangle them back up. His hand slides up her body to cup her left breast through her t-shirt the way it does every night, and her right foot presses lightly, tenderly against his calf, her toes brushing his skin as she hums. "You're right here," she breathes, and he yawns against the back of her neck, nodding.
"Sleep, sweets," he murmurs, and if she'd had any doubts she could fall back asleep before, they melt away at the sound of his deep, husky voice against her ear. "No dreams, alright?"
She's not sure if she nods or simply thinks about nodding, but if she has anything to do with it, she'll be listening to his instructions.
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tim-lucy · 6 hours
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#he does to her
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escapismqueen · 22 hours
Chenford + what Tim test... your fake proposal to Ashley..
Hi 🥰here it is ❤️I just want to apologise to everyone for how long this took. I was hoping to have it finished at least a week ago, but I’ve been so ridiculously busy and was struggling to find the time to write. I’m literally never busy so when I said ‘hoping to get this up within the next day’ I really meant it 🤣so again, I’m so sorry for the wait. I hope it’s okay ❤️
Summary: ‘I got mad after one of your Tim tests’ Tim couldn’t shake the feeling that there was something deeper at play, and it isn’t long before he’s questioning Lucy to tell him the truth.
Incl- Angst, Hurt/comfort, slight fluff
Warnings- the recollection of that moment that we all hated and a mention of the two clueless people we also hated.
A Chenford fic- What Tim test ?
Tim had been thinking about what Lucy had said the other day ‘I got mad after one of your Tim tests.’ He thought it was funny at the time- even cute, but now he wondered what had made her so mad ? He’s been giving her ‘Tim tests’ since the very first day of her rookie year, what one suddenly hit so hard that she felt she had to retaliate ?
As Lucy clattered around in the kitchen, Tim watched her in deep thought; he had a feeling that when she previously stated ‘I actually can’t remember’ that she most certainly did. Was now the moment to bring it up? “Luce ?” Lucy looked up with a smile of bliss on her face, the kitchen island lights bouncing off her chocolate honey eyes. Maybe now wasn’t the time; she looked happy and relaxed- a feeling that doesn’t come by all too often in their line of work, and Tim didn’t want to bring up something that had obviously caused her some anguish in the past.
Lucy looks towards him, eyebrows raised in curiosity “Tim ? You okay ? You’ve been staring at me for 3 minutes. I thought you had a question ?” She huffs out a small giggle, amused by the far away look in her boyfriends eyes. “Oh, sorry, it doesn’t matter now.” As he turns his head to face away from her, hoping that she won’t push it any further, Lucy paces softly towards him, a narrow eyed look on her face., one hand resting sassily on her hip “Tell me.” The heightened sharpness in her voice a tell tale sign that she’s not going to let this go anytime soon, so Tim gives in and asks the question that’s been plaguing him.
“What was the Tim test ? The one that made you so mad that you signed me up for make a dream ?.” At the utterance of his words, Lucy’s eyes widen, her lips parting to make an ‘o’ shape. She looked nervous and embarrassed, and Tim swears he could see a slight sadness in her vision at the recollection. As if wishing for the situation to go away, Lucy closes her eyes tightly, causing little creases to spread at the corners of her eyes. “I already told you; I can’t remember.” Tim rolls his eyes at her stubbornness; she may often accuse him of being the stubborn one, but she’s not far behind him. “Well I’m not buying it, so spit it out.”
Lucy sighs in defeat, the thought of having to talk about it sending waves of nausea through her body. “Um…it was um, it was when you fake proposed to Ashley.” An eerie silence falls over the room, Tim’s jaw drops at the revelation- he hadn’t realised she’d been so upset by it; at the time, he thought it would be a funny way of ‘teaching her’ that she shouldn’t poke her nose so much into his personal life- a lesson he’d been trying to teach her from day one but has since given up on and admitted defeat; not that he minds.
“The fake proposal ?” Tim’s words come out wobbly and unsure, Lucy’s confession has shaken him more than he thought. He hadn’t necessarily thought too hard about the way it could’ve hurt her- he didn’t know how she felt at that point, and a part of him wanted to see what her reaction would be- but Hurt was not something he ever wanted to see flashing across his girlfriend’s eyes, especially when he was the cause. Yet here she was; glassy eyes that have been darting around and avoiding him at all costs since she first spoke up and told him the truth.
Tim’s hand reaches for his face, brushing his fingers down his skin in disbelief- how could he hurt her like that and not have realised it ? Why didn’t she say anything at the time ? Was she hurt because he fooled her or was she hurt because she had feelings for him at the time ? “But- you were with- you were with Chris, I don’t understand. You knew it was a prank within 30 seconds of it happening, why were you so upset ?” No words followed Tim’s questioning, only the sound of the living room clock ticking at them both in mockery.
“Luce. Please, talk to me. This is clearly something we need to talk about.” He looked at her with a softened gaze, his curiosity put on the back burner in exchange for his concern for her. As he focuses more intently on her, he notices the quickening of her breathing and the shake of her legs; she’s angry- an emotion he didn’t quite expect when the conversation began. She was close to tears only minutes ago, but now- now she looked like she was ready to scream.
Lucys nostrils flare, her fists clenching alongside them as she replays Tim’s question in her head ‘why were you so upset?’ She can’t believe he doesn’t know. Sure, they were with other people when it had happened, but Tim isn’t stupid- how could he possibly not have known that that would upset her given their history ? The echoing of his words push her body off the couch, her stance rigid and her arms flailing in the air. “Are you KIDDING ME?!” The atmosphere shifts as soon as the words leave her mouth. This is no longer a cute little question and answer, this is an argument now.
Tim widens his eyes at his girlfriends demeanour, the sight of her this angry chilling him to his core. One thing people often forget to mention about sunshine people, is that despite the fact that they’re the sweetest, most positive people on earth, if you make them angry, you’re going to need all the help you can get, because they’re not going to back down. At all. Tim knows this about Lucy, and until now, he thought that her mood change when angry was hilarious- now it’s not so funny. As he watches her mouth open again, he takes a deep breath and braces himself for what’s to come- the wrath of Lucy Chen; and as much as he loves her and knows that this mood will diminish very soon, the only thing running through his mind as he watches her is ‘I’m screwed’.
“WHY WERE YOU SO UPSET ?!!! Hmmm, I don’t know- let me think Tim….Oh.. yes that’s it ! When you ‘proposed’ to her, I didn’t find it that humorous actually. I know we hadn’t spoken at all about our feelings then, but there’s always been something Tim, always ! And you know it.” Her voice begins to shake, the anger slowly levelling out as the hurt resurfaces in her chest. “In that moment, when I thought you’d actually proposed to her… I felt.. so stupid. Like ‘oh, this has been in my head, I’ve made it all up- every look, every touch, it didn’t mean the same to him.’ And yeah, i had a boyfriend- I know I did, so maybe I didn’t have the right to be upset, but it doesn’t change the fact that I was. I know you didn’t mean to Tim, but… you broke my heart that day. I couldn’t breathe until I knew it was fake. I went home, and I cried for hours. I lost a bit of hope for us that night because i thought ‘why would he pull this on me if he even felt a little of what I feel for him?”
A quiet fills the room. The air clings tightly to the words spoken, the silence only making them ring louder. ‘You broke my heart.’ Words that have never left the lips of anyone he’d been with before; he was usually the one left heartbroken; but had just left the lips of the person who means more to him than life itself. He’d. broken. Her. Heart.
Tim sits in shock, his hands glued to his side, his chest bubbling with guilt. He shifts his eyes momentarily towards Lucy, only this time, she’s not avoiding his gaze; she’s staring Intently at him with an anxious expression. ‘Say something. Please’ She begs inaudibly to herself. The wait is unbearable- she struggles to pin point the expression on her boyfriends face- all she sees is shock, and all she hears is the sound of her own rapid pulse. Tears begin to cloud her eyes once again, this is it- she’s lost him. As she looks up and slowly moves her body to Turn away from him, she’s stopped by the sudden gentle but firm grip of her boyfriend’s arms.
It takes a moment for her to react, her mind still trying to catch up with Tim’s actions after she’d convinced herself only seconds ago that she’d messed this all up. As if sensing exactly what she was thinking, Tim turns her around in his arms and buries her face into his chest, his hands softly cupping and caressing her hair as he gives warm comforting kisses to her head. “I’m so sorry, I’m so sorry” his apology reverberates off of every wall, the murmuring of it releases a sob from Lucy’s chest. “I’m sorry sweetheart, I’m so so sorry.”
When Tim notices that Lucy’s breathing has only quickened, he reaches to cup her face in his hands, fingers tilting her chin up so that their eyes can meet, fingers shakily wiping each tear as they fall “I- I didn’t know. I’m so sorry Luce. I didn’t know.” His whisper is so soft that Lucy feels a slight tickle on her face from his breath. His expression is mirroring hers now- watery eyes, furrowed brows, a clenching of his jaw that’s clearly appeared to persuade his tears not to fall. She begins to think of the day they met; she thought he was such an ass. He was mean to her, he never gave her a smile or a look of reassurance, yet there was something in her that refused to give up on him. A feeling that had never left. She looked at Tim, and watched as the Tim she first met and the Tim she was with now meshed together- how could she possibly be mad at this man when her heart so desperately clung to him?
Lucy buries her face into him once again, taking a not so subtle moment to smell his shirt to help her gather her thoughts and calm her breathing. “No. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have said that. I know you were only pranking me because I was being super annoying that day. And I know you’d never hurt me on purpose. I’m sorry. I shouldn’t have even brought it up.. it’s not your fault Tim.”
“It’s not yours either” he states with conviction. “You were hurt and I was the reason for it. And just because I was stupid enough to not realise, doesn’t mean that I don’t owe you an apology.” He moves slowly away from Lucy but keeps a tight grip on her hand, pulling her down with him to lie back onto the couch, his arms wrapping tightly around her waist, their legs entwining with each other with no effort required. Neither of them speak for an hour, they just lay there in each others arms, faces nuzzling into one another, and thanking every Lucky star that they ended up here.
The comfort and warmth radiating from Tim’s body begins to send Lucy to sleep, her eyes fluttering every few seconds to force herself to stay awake just that little bit longer. And she’s glad she did, because a minute later, when she’s cursing herself for fighting sleep that she so obviously needed; Tim breaks the silence. “The only woman I want to marry is you. And I knew that then too.”
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amillcitygirl · 6 hours
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makeoutstopcrime · 8 hours
me after experiencing the most bizarre fever dream episode of my life hearing the documentary people say the word “love” to describe chenford
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burningblake · 17 hours
Hi :) have you written a fic about what could have happened if tamara hadn't come home during chenford's practice kiss? Tim's mind was definitely going places lol I would love to read one!
hi! God, how I'm still obsessed with that scene! thank you, this is a short one, but written with much love <3
Their lips parted for the tiniest second and she stood there unmoving, unable to open her eyes, lest she would force reality to rush in.
When his lips returned, more demanding, crashing hers, she almost lost her grip. Her mouth closed clumsily around his, her hand pressing against his chest. He consumed her entirely, his arms sliding up her shoulders and then cupping her head, as he deepened the kiss. His tongue wedged into her mouth.
Lucy couldn't believe it and at the same time she never wanted the illusion to stop.
She knew that she'd have plenty of time to be terrified by her actions and their meaning later, but right now she only cared about the way his lips melted into hers, slanting and twisting and filling her mouth.
Tim let one hand slide to her waist and gently, slowly, guided her towards the couch. His other hand tugged on the sleeve of her sweater, revealing part of her bare shoulder, which he covered with his rough fingers.
A thousand little alarms went off in her head. Was this too much practice? Would she be able to justify it as much? What possible excuse could she work up for her reaction to him, to his touch? Most importantly, what excuse would he work up?
Her legs found the edge of the furniture then. She stumbled, catching herself by his shirt and pulling him down with her in the process.
They both stopped and stared at each other. The trance slowly dissipated and then panic started to settle.
"I'm sorry," Tim said, breathless. They were still lying on top of each other, her fingers hooked on his shirt. And she could swear he glanced at her lips as though he wanted to continue. A few seconds passed as she tried to catch her breath.
"I bet she doesn't kiss you like that, does she?" she whispered, before she could stop herself.
His eyes bulged at her words as he slowly understood their meaning. She expected instant denial. Instead, Tim said, tilting his head:
"And he does?"
This was familiar territory—making whatever this was a competition about whose partner kissed better. Though frankly, Lucy didn't know why this needed to be part of a competition. Perhaps the real competition was: who had managed to find the better excuse to deny this, the power of what they had just shared.
The panic then flashed again in his eyes.
"I should go," he announced.
Lucy nodded.
She nudged him softly and Tim got up, fixing his clothes and searching for belongings he hadn't brought along. She got on her feet as well and clasped her hands together, suddenly not knowing where to place them.
"Good work," she said.
Tim nodded, managing an awkward smile. "Good work as well."
And then he left.
When Tamara came a little while later, she found Lucy frozen in the same spot, staring at the door.
"Everything okay with you?" she asked quizzically.
Lucy shook her head and then nodded fiercely, before she retreated to her room.
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tim-lucy · 5 hours
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lovelaaaay · 8 hours
Lucy and Tim’s love is shown via their actions …I’m sure they will say it at some point but it’s loud and clear via their actions ♥️🫶🤌🏼
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theawkwardanglophile · 16 hours
Me about tonight's ep:
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