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dankpunks · 24 hours
Counting the stars — Ellie Williams
Tumblr media
Summary: You’re tipsy and can’t seem to stop bugging Ellie by trying to count each freckle covering her soft skin.
Placement/background: Living in Jackson reader and Ellie spend a late night at the tipsy bison!
Warning(s): Best friend!ellie, oblivious!reader, intoxication, foul language, light touching, flirting, crushing hardcore, kissy kissy, word vomit.
Authors note: Come on you can’t tell me you wouldn’t just get side tracked looking at ellie’s cute little freckles ahh! NOT proofread
reblog’s and feedback would be much appreciated!<3
Tumblr media
You and Ellie had the night off after the rough week full of patrol and scavaging. Leading the two of you to decide to have a couple of drinks at the tipsy bison— well you had decided but also dragged the freckled girl along for the ride.
Ellie had stationed herself at the bar the small stool tucked away surprisingly more comfortable than she thought. She’d swirl the amber liquor around in her glass taking small sips now and then as she kept her eyes trained on you, bouncing around the dance floor with whomever you could get your hands on.
Ellie would chuckle to herself seeing how much you lit up everyone’s faces just by being— you. That’s what she loved about you, no matter how shitty the world is you were always a bundle of hope and you never failed to share it with others.
The green eyed girl brought the glass to her lips the liquor burning her throat as her eyes lingered on you, watching as you made your way over to her with a mischievous look on your face. Ellie would sigh knowing exactly where this was going you’d try it every time you two went out.
“The answer is still no you dweeb. Aren’t you tired of the same answer?”
Ellie sighed out as she rolled her eyes earning a small giggle from you, the liquid courage pumping through your veins as you swayed slightly to the music. Ellie on the other hand tried to not crack a smile at your altered state but failing as you leaned into her for more support, your hand pressing on her shoulder to balance yourself as hers pressed lightly at your hip.
“—b-but els please”
You’d drag out the ‘please’ pouting your bottom lip as you leaned more into Ellie’s touch trying your hardest to give her the best puppy dog eyes you could muster.
Ellie would let out a deep sigh, her eyebrows furrowed as she thought about it finding it hard to resist the small pout on your lips, wanting to just lean in and wipe it off your face. Ellie shook her head lightly trying to focus her thoughts as she cleared her throat, squeezing your hip lightly she stood up from her spot your bodies pressed together at the close proximity.
Ellie would reach over to her glass downing the rest of it, hissing quietly at the burning as she slid the empty glass to the end of the bar before letting her eyes land on yours.
“Fine, but only one song got it?”
She couldn’t say no to you for long she and you both knew that, you have to push the buttons just right and you were an expert at that.
Taking in a sharp breath at the closeness you’d give the girl a small nod letting your hand slide down from her shoulder, over her arm and onto the hand that was on your hip. You’d give it a light squeeze before pulling her hand away and intertwining your fingers together.
Reluctantly you pulled her towards the scares dance floor a couple of people dancing here and there. You’d stop towards the far right side of the dance floor turning your body so you were now face to face with Ellie.
A bright smile pulling against your lips as you heard the soft music playing, you’d drop Ellie’s hand bringing yours up around her neck resting them lightly on her shoulders. Ellie would gulp shifting from foot to foot looking completely out of her comfort zone as she struggled to know what to do with her hands, hovering them over your sides.
Giggling quietly you’d drop your hands from her neck, seeing the girl's eyes shoot up to yours a light blush spreading over her freckled cheeks. You’d grab her wrists lightly tugging them towards you, you’d place her hands on your waist giving them a small squeeze as you raised your hands again to interlock around her neck.
Swaying slowly to the music you’d let your eyes trace over the small freckles littering Ellie’s face. Almost like you were in a trance you brought your fingers up to touch her face lightly, before tucking some stray hair behind her ear letting it linger there.
“You’re so beautiful… ya’ know?”
It would come out in a whisper still lost in thought as you tried to count the freckles on her cheekbone, you could see the blush run a deeper shade as Ellie processed your words. She’d lean into your touch slightly gnawing at her bottom lip as she savoured the small gestures you were giving her.
“Pshh— shut up.”
Ellie would drop her eyes letting them linger at your lips before dropping lower to your neck her face feeling like it’s on fire. You’d drag your fingers down her jawline until it reached her chin lightly tilting her head back up so her eyes met yours again.
“I wasn’t finished counting.. now look at me.”
You gave the girl a warm smile the twinkle of mischief still in your eyes as you tilted your head to the side now running your fingers over the small marks.
Ellie would be beet red, the path your fingers travelled over her skin left a burning feeling in its wake. Ellie studied your features watching your eyes move over each freckle, your voice soft and breathy as you counted, catching numbers every couple of breaths.
She let her eyes flutter closed as your fingers inched closer to her lips. She memorized the feeling scared that she won’t get to feel it again, savouring your rough fingertips she’d feel your thumb run over her bottom lip.
Ellie opened her eyes slowly regaining her focus, realizing just how close you are. You could feel the freckled girls shallow breaths on your parted lips as you inched closer.
You could feel your heart pounding in your chest as Ellie’s thin fingers slide to your lower back digging into the soft skin. She’d use the position to her advantage tugging your body to press against hers causing you to take in a sharp breath.
A small smirk would pull across Ellie’s lips before she closed the space between you two. Moaning quietly as the moment finally happened— the moment you’ve been dreaming about each and every single night when you lie awake thinking about her.
The moment lingered as the music started to fade away, feeling intoxicated as the girl's lips moved against yours. Her hands tighten around your waist for a moment more before pulling away.
She sighed deeply as the music slowly filled the air around you two again, hands loosening from your waist as she pulled away to look into your blown out pupils.
“How many did you count?”
She let out just above a whisper, one of her hands sliding up your side before placing it lightly onto your cheek brushing her thumb back and forth. You’d shoot her a small smirk glancing down at her lips for a second before speaking softly.
“Mm.. —I think I’ll have to start again.”
Tumblr media
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elskittie · 2 months
ellie comforting her sensitive girl when she’s crying ‼️‼️‼️
i see i have summoned all the crybabies to my blog …… we gotta stick togetha 💋
sensitive girl
🎀 ellie bein a sweetheart, short drabble
so, she wouldn’t out right realise you were crying at first because she just walked into the room - but she sees you sat on the edge of the bed facing away from her and she know’s something is up.
“whats up, bug? you’re quiet.” she breathes as she removes her jacket, dusting down her jeans from the dust it had collected from her climbing around god knows where. you didn’t respond and she frowns a little, walking around the bed to stand in front of you and seeing you with tear streaked cheeks and a wobbly bottom lip. “oh, man.” she sighs and calmly kneels down infront of you, taking your hands in hers as she studies your face. “whats with the tears, babe? who did this?” she softens her voice as you sniff and stare down at your joined hands.
“i don’t wanna say. don’t wanna be annoying.” you choked out, blinking your sticky wet eyelashes. at this she pushed herself up to sit next to you on the bed, closing the space between you as she wrapped an arm around your shoulder and pulled you to lean against her.
“you could never annoy me. talk to me.” she reassures and you sigh, lifting your head slightly to look up at her with big sad eyes. she raises her hand and cups your wet cheek in her palm, swiping tears away from under your eye with her thumb. “it’s okay.” she adds in a whisper at the close proximity.
“just feel like i’m in the way lately. i’m not strong like you n’i’m scared you’re gonna get rid of me cos i can’t—i can’t like do the things you all do, and—” your own words made your hiccup and cry a little harder, and that was all she needed to hear to pull you even closer.
“hey, hey. come on, that’s not true. you know i love you and i’m not going anywhere. pretty girls should never cry, especially not my pretty girl.” she pulled you closer until you were on her lap and she could hold you, rocking you side to side as you whimpered into her shoulder. you tried to explain yourself more but she gently shushed you, silencing you by jogging her knee beneath you slightly. “don’t talk, just cry. i got you.”
once you had calmed down a little bit and were ready to listen she took your cheek in her hand, wiping your tears again and staring into your eyes with a solemn look that was full of love and emotion. “i don’t wanna hear you say you’re not strong, alright? you’re plenty strong. remember how good you were getting with target practice the other day when i was teaching you? and you’re my helpful girl, could never get rid of you.” she kissed you a bunch of times on the lips, loads of small ones where she doesn’t pull her mouth away between each peck and you smiled, which made her feel like she’d succeeded.
“see, you’re strong in lots of ways… just a big old crybaby. but that’s okay.” she smirked, her lips curling against your cheek where she dropped another kiss and you stifled a giggle in offence, pushing out your bottom lip in an exaggerated pout making her chuckle.
“heeeey.” you complained and she grinned, turning your cheek with her fingers so she could plant another long kiss on your lips but before she did she was sure to mock you with a smile.
“heeeey.” she repeated quietly before kissing you, and you couldn’t help but smile too.
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moodywyrm · 6 hours
book patrol
hello i am returned after months at war (college) my love for the tlou from middle school is back in full force and tlou2 is fucking me up so here's some sweet patrol content for Ellie in a world where the events of TLOU2 just don't happen. let her be happy ok. also that dealer Ellie thought I had is festering idk when I will write it but it’s there
Ellie Williams x Fem!Plus Size!Reader
WC: 2.5k
Ellie was going to throttle Jesse – if she could manage to get out of bed first. He was pounding on her door with absolutely zero respect for the sanctity of sleep and a level of audacity only he could possibly possess.
Hauling herself out of bed and dragging a (questionably) clean pair of jeans up her bare legs, Ellie made her way to the door and yanked it open to reveal an irritatingly fresh-faced Jesse. He had all of his gear ready, dressed for the uncommonly warm Jackson weather.
“Rise and shine cupcake, we have patrol in, like, now. Tommy and Y/N are down at the stables already,” He said, leaning against the doorframe as Ellie put on a ratty pair of converse and pulled an old green flannel shirt over her tank top.
“I’m going, dickhead, you didn’t have to wake up the whole fucking neighborhood.”
“The whole neighborhood is already awake, so… ”
“Oh fuck you, let’s go.” Ellie scooped up her pack and locked the door behind her as Jesse lead them out, laughing as he went.
They kept pace, making their way through Jackson as the town got to work. Jesse looked over at Ellie and zoned in on her hyperfocused expression. “So, from what I’ve heard, you two are gonna go out to the town a bit farther west than usual while Tommy and I clear the area between here and there. The other patrols have already been sent out.”
“Cool - Wait, what? Why isn’t Tommy going out the farthest?”
“Because you and Y/N can handle it? Maria wants Tommy home early tonight for some reason, wouldn’t say why,” Jesse answered, guiding them towards the stables where Ellie could see Shimmer all geared up and ready to go. From on top of her own horse (affectionately named Leaf), Y/N was holding Shimmer’s reigns and talking to Tommy. When she spotted Ellie and Jesse approaching, a butterfly-inducing smile broke out on her face.
“Where have y’all been? It’s time to get going,” She chided, handing Ellie the reigns and turning towards the gate. Ellie hauled herself up onto Shimmer and followed after her, taking stock of the extra saddlebags on both of their horses. Jesse and Tommy followed close behind.
“This one woke up maybe ten minutes ago. Blame her.” Ellie glared at Jesse, letting it go when she heard Y/N snort.
The four of them trotted up to the gate, readying themselves for patrol. Tommy shifted slightly, addressing the group. “Alright, y’all head west past the usual checkpoint. You’ll hit a small town, ‘s mostly houses but there are a few shops. Clear any infected and gather what you can. Jesse and I’ll clear the area between here and there, y’all just ride through.”
“Be smart about it,” Jesse added, locking eyes with each girl, “Get back alive and safe.”
“You got it, dad,” Y/N quipped, sending the two men a genuine smile anyways.
Ellie caught herself staring at the soft roundness of her face, the curve of her smile, and the conviction it held. Taking one deep, grounding breath, she pulled her eyes away and turned to the men. “Alright, let’s head out.”
As they raced through Tommy and Jesse’s patrol zone – keeping the noise level to a minimum – Ellie couldn’t help but stare at Y/N, who had taken the lead on this route. Thick, soft thighs strained against tight denim jeans that Maria had altered for her, what with larger sizes being hard to come by. Ellie had seen those thighs more times than she could count, but they’d been haunting her thoughts for months now.
As of late, Ellie had caught herself thinking about her bestfriend more than usual. Obviously, she always worried about her – in the five years they’d known each other, they’d both experienced an insurmountable amount of traumatic events that would have scarred any nineteen-year-old, let alone the unreasonably burdened fourteen-year-olds they had been. In all that time, worrying about Y/N had become second nature for Ellie. Whatever was happening now was entirely different.
Now, her mind was filled with thoughts of soft curves and strong hands, incredible competence in all manners of survival – thanks to her unofficial adoptive father – contrasted with exceptional gentleness in Jackson’s library. A laugh that made her heart ache and a voice that could catch her attention from anywhere. It scared the absolute shit out of her, but Ellie was certain she was falling in love with her bestfriend – that is if she wasn’t already in love the entire time. The thought scared her so much, it pulled her out of her little reverie only to realize that Y/N was saying something.
“-okay, Ellie?”
“Huh? Shit, sorry, I wasn’t listening.” Y/N huffed out a laugh, slowing her pace just enough to fall beside Ellie. Ellie, in turn, tried really fucking hard not to stare at her thighs bouncing on the saddle.
“I noticed, I was asking if you’re okay?” She asked, sending Ellie a look of concern that totally didn’t manifest as a swarm of butterflies trying to escape her tummy.
“Yeah, was just thinking, ‘s all.”
“About what?”
Ellie let her eyes drop to her chest for a split second before snapping her head forward. “We’ve known each other for a while, still feels crazy that we’re almost twenty now.”
She tried so hard to not focus on the look of pure softness that swept over Y/N’s face but failed miserably.
“Yeah, feels like just yesterday I was getting scolded by Joel for teaching you how to shoot a pistol,” She smiled, glancing over at Ellie, “and now you’re almost as good a shot as me.”
“Oh well excuse me, not all of us had dads who happened to be fucking doomsday preppers.”
“Prepper, singular. Frank was never really like that – did teach me how to alter clothes like a pro, though. And excuse me, you have Joel, who is probably a way better shot than either of us, so, no excuses.”
“Oh haha, very funny, he didn’t even want to teach me for months,” Ellie commented, picking up the pace until they were both galloping towards the checkpoint.
They made idle chit-chat, trying not to make too much noise while passing through. Wouldn’t want to startle a bunch of infected before they even got to their official patrol area. A little less than an hour later, they strolled into the dilapidated town Joel and Tommy had found a few days prior. Ellie pulled Shimmer over to a beat-up metal fence, loosely tying her up while Y/N tied Leaf a few feet down.
Adjusting their packs and making sure all weapons were easily accessible, the two made their way to the first house. A broken-down old thing with two stories, would have been gorgeous in its time. Now, it was just a collection of punched-out walls and cracked support beams, peeling wallpaper and sagging furniture. Ellie could hear a familiar clicking, signaling for Y/N to stay quiet and put on her mask. She abided, following Ellie into the house through a hole in the door, careful to avoid any noisy detritus on the floor.
They crept through to the kitchen, pausing when they saw a hunched-over Clicker hobbling away from their location. Y/N listened in for a second, trying to sound out any clicking that wasn’t coming from this one. Deciding that it was a loner, she signaled a ‘one’ to Ellie, who crept up behind the infected, wrenched its head back with a firm grip on the fungal face plates and pushed her switchblade into its exposed neck, and pulled. Y/N kept watching behind her, taking note of the straining muscle of Ellie’s forearms, fully on display as she lowered the struggling Clicker to the floor.
“Think that’s the only one in here,” She murmured, moving away from the corpse and listening for infected.
“Mhm. Check for any supplies and regroup.”
Systematically, they moved from house to house, clearing infected and gathering supplies. Every now and then Ellie would send Y/N back to the horses to fill up the saddlebags, keeping an eye on her the entire time.
Two hours later, sore and covered in bruises, they’d cleared all but one store at the far end of the main road. The girls made their way down the street after one last supply run to the horses, trying to seem less exhausted than they were. Ellie tried – and failed – to hide her injuries, courtesy of the runner that slammed her into a kitchen counter. Anyone else – except for Joel – would have completely missed the wince in each step Ellie took, but not Y/N.
“Want me to take a look at that? Or do you want to wait until we clear this place?” She asked, shifting so that Ellie’s injured side was between them, no longer exposed to the rest of their surroundings.
“Ah, uh, I can wait. Thank you, though,” Ellie said softly, smiling at her friend. The smile she got in return made her nerves fizzle.
Moving round to the back of the store, they spotted the back door hanging on by a single hinge. They shared a cautious look, hands on their weapons and ready for a fight. Ellie entered first, crawling through the opening made by the ill-fated door and immediately turning to help Y/N in.
Right as both girls stood up, a screech came from their left and a Clicker slammed into Y/N, knocking her down and trying to claw at her. She slammed a broken pipe against its neck, keeping her hands away from its mouth and pushing with all her strength. Claws caught against her shoulders dulled stings erupting beneath the cotton of her shirt. Leveraging all her weight against the Clicker, she managed to flip them over and pin it down with the bar.
As if on autopilot, Ellie crouched down while pulling out her switchblade, slamming it into the Clicker’s neck and wiggling it in for good measure. The second it stopped moving, Y/N recoiled from the body and leaned into the wall, chest heaving.
Neither of them spoke for a moment, letting their hearts return to a normal pace before Ellie looked up.
Standing to face her, Ellie gently grabbed her friend’s arms and scanned all visible areas for bite marks. “Are you okay?”
“Yeah, yeah I’m okay. Just a couple of scratches, but, no bites.”
Ellie’s eyes snapped up, searching for confirmation on her face. When she deemed everything relatively stable, she sighed and let go.
“I’m gonna go ahead and assume that he was the only one in here since we’re not being fucking stormed.”
“A fair assumption, but be careful anyways.”
“You got it, princess.”
“Fuck you.”
The familiar rhythm of their banter calmed Ellie down exponentially, standing to her full height and gently nudging Y/N out of the way so she could open the door for them. The door gave way with little resistance, leading into a room that made both girls pause.
Bookshelves lined every wall, with rows of shelves covering most of the main floor. Vines crept in from the broken windows, claiming some of the shelves, but for the most part, the books looked shockingly well preserved. Crooked signs dangled from the ceiling, marking all the genres this little store used to sell.
Ellie stood gobsmacked in the doorway until Y/N guided her inside, immediately heading for a shelf for spectacularly intact fantasy novels. The top and bottom shelves were more or less molded, but the middle three were dry enough that she started rifling through the books to see if she could take any back.
Snapping out of her momentary shock, Ellie drifted past Y/N, scooting behind her with a light hand on her waist. Not that she noticed the way her friend tensed up or the heat that rushed up her neck. No, Ellie’s attention was completely captured by the science fiction shelf which included plastic-wrapped copies of Savage Starlight comics alongside plenty of novels. The softest little “holy shit” escaped her mouth as she picked out the volumes she didn’t have.
Y/N looked over, cracking a smile at the childlike wonder on Ellie’s face. It’d been too long since she’d last seen it. “Having fun there?”
Ellie snapped her head up, and the look she sent Y/N made her heart go so fucking weird she had to take a deep breath.
“I’ve never seen so many in-tact copies in one place. And all these books? It’s a fucking miracle…”
“Haven’t had this much luck with books since … never, I guess.” Y/N had squatted down next to Ellie, staring at the salvageable lower shelves. Looking down, Ellie flushed at their positions and pulled her eyes away from strong thighs and soft arms.
“We should bring the horses over, load ‘em up for the library.” Even though Ellie was definitely gonna snatch most of these comics and some of the sci-fi novels for herself, the smile she got from Y/N made her profusely grateful for her flash of charity.
“Good idea, but I am totally snatching some of these for myself,” She said, slinging her backpack off and returning to the fantasy shelf she started at. So maybe charity wasn’t top priority. Ellie laughed and followed suit, stuffing her backpack with five new volumes of Savage Starlight and a handful of novels.
By the time the girls had loaded up the horses with all the books they could safely carry, their arms felt like complete jelly. Once they’d both safely mounted Shimmer and Leaf, Y/N looked over at Ellie and sighed.
“Fuck, I am so excited to get back home and just read,” She smiled, trying not to focus on Ellie’s face being backlit by the sun, the slope of her nose, the soft curve of her cheek. Ellie turned to face her, the sun spreading out like a halo behind her.
“You could come over tonight, have a reading party?” She sounded so hopeful and so goddamn cute that Y/N had to stifle an adoring whine.
“Yeah, that’d be nice. I’ll even grab us some food from Maria’s.”
“Or I could cook for us? Contrary to popular belief I am allowed around a stove,” Ellie offered, leading them toward the path back to Jackson. She could’ve sworn she heard Y/N choke right after she said that, but it must’ve just been her imagination.
“Careful Ellie, if I didn’t know any better I’d think you were asking me on the nerdiest date in the world.” Now it was Ellie’s turn to cough, turning her face to hide the blush.
After a deep, steadying breath, she managed to answer, “And what if I am?” Y/N’s pause made her heart nearly stop, but her response practically jumpstarted it.
“Then it’s a date,” She murmured, smiling at Ellie, “now, let’s get back to Jackson.”
“Yes ma’am.”
I hope y'all enjoyed that!! pls like and reblog if you can, it is always greatly appreciated :) have a wonderful day or night <3
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1ov9r · 17 days
"she's so babygirl"
she killed half of seattle
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elsfavor1te · 18 days
can you write hcs of ellie being a simp gf 🫶🏻
warnings: i don’t really know what to put here tbh.. cutesy fluff stuff. 18+ smut included. oral (r receiving). thigh riding (also r receiving).
this was super fun to write man. i loved it 10/10. 💕💕 thank you for the ask. this is technically the first smut i’ve ever written, if you’d even count this as smut. be kind. 🥲
simpgf!ellie who always has to have her hands on you.
you could be doing something as simple as reading a book and she’s there, head on your stomach , hand trailing up under your shirt.
she loves to hold your hand too. just when you’re walking through jackson or when she’s between your thighs.
she has you spread open for her, one hand holding your thigh down. her tongue swirling around your clit occasionally sucking. she uses her free hand to hold yours when you’re about to cum, talking you through it.
“that’s it. good fuckin’ girl.”
simpgf!ellie who loves kissing you.
normally ellie isn’t one for pda but with you she doesn’t care. kissing you where ever and infront of whoever.
she doesn’t neglect kissing you when she’s upset either, sure she might grip your neck a little harder than necessary when she’s dragging your face to hers to place the kiss on your lips. never hard enough to hurt you though.
she doesn’t care if you’re wearing lipgloss either. you’d try and stop her reminding her how she doesn’t like the sticky feeling of it,
“baby, lipgloss. it’s gonna be on your lips.”
“i don’t care. kiss me.” she’d pout cutely until you finally did. standing patiently as you took your thumb and wiped the thin layer of gloss off of her lips.
sometimes when you’d wear the pretty colored lipstick you found on patrol and kissed her cheek, neck, forehead she wouldn’t let you wipe off the mark it left. telling you it’s your special way of claiming her, (even though everyone already knows she’s yours).
simpgf!ellie who loves waking up with you.
loving the messy bed head look you wake up with, your hair sticking up in all directions and mouth dry.
sometimes you would wake up to her trailing her fingers through your hair, separating tangles gently when she came across them.
other times when you’d wake before her she would have you locked in her arms. your legs tangled together and you trapped in her arms.
at first you feel safe, admiring her pretty face while she holds you. after awhile you’d try to wiggle out, whispering her name.
“els, i gotta pee…”
“shhh, m’sleeping”
eventually you’d wiggle enough and whine enough that she would let you go, urging you to go fast and come back.
on special mornings after you would both wake up you wouldn’t even make it out of the bed before your lips are crashing urgently. her thigh pushing up against your clothed center as you grind down, letting little moans slip into her mouth.
simpgf!ellie who helps you when you can’t sleep.
she would make you snacks if you said that’s what you needed to sleep.
she’d rub your back for hours if it got you to sleep easier, whispering reassurances as her hand drew little shapes on your back.
“i’ve got you…”
at first she was against it but once she saw how fast humming little songs would get you to sleep it’d be her go-to. humming to you everywhere. when you couldn’t sleep, when you were crying, when you just needed ellie to hold you.
simpgf!ellie who talks about you to everyone.
“dina,” she would try to keep a straight face but ultimately end up with the biggest grin on her face. “she found me a brand new case of colored pencils AND a new sketchbook for my birthday. we’re in an apocalypse man. how does she do it?”
dina would smile, happy ellie found her person. even happier that it was her bestfriend she found it in.
sometimes when she couldn’t contain herself she would even brag to jesse. “she did my hair like this for me when we woke up,” she gestures at the 2 braids leading into a little ponytail at the middle of her head, otherwise it’s her normal half up half down hairstyle. “bet dina doesn’t do your hair in the mornings.”
“what? of course she doesn’t, i don’t have enough hair for that- you’re such a fucking simp.”
“yup.” she grins cheekily. “so inlove with her.”
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Tumblr media
abby anderson x fem!reader
when you're stressed out of your mind and turning into a little bit of a brat, your girlfriend puts you back in your place... shame no one can know about her. smut + fluff + a little angsty! 18+ 2.3Kwords.
!r is owen's sister, a world with no apocalypse coz yay, pussy spanking, fingering, a whole lotta love, sweet abby, dom!abby, kinda mean!abby too!
Tumblr media
The frustration was mounting inside you- he never listens. Owen had promised that he wouldn’t invite anyone over, that he wouldn’t make too much noise, and that he would let you study in peace. So why couldn’t you?
He and his friends set up camp in the living room, covering every square inch of space and forcing you back up into your bedroom, away from the little haven you had been cosied up in on the couch. All day, you had been minding your own business in that little slice of focused heaven, your laptop perched on your lap and study notes floating around you… Then he came and messed it all up.
You were one for routine and comfortability- being forced out of that had made your head spin. Now, your sheets and notebooks were in complete chaos thanks to him, all crumpled and jumbled, making your jaw clench in anger uncomfortably.
Just as you were about to sit down at your desk and sort through the chaos, you heard the front door open, a glass smash and the overwhelmingly loud voice of your brother- “Abby! Fucking finally. Get over here.” 
Abby Anderson.
You couldn’t help the little lovesick smile that graced your lips as you heard her voice, kindly greeting all her friends and ensuring everyone was okay. She was always so sweet, even though there were a lot of people who didn’t believe she was. It was her rare smile and muscled physique that made people a little standoffish. 
The two of you had been in love with each other for so long that you couldn’t even remember when it started. From the moment you saw her, you wanted her… but so had your brother. 
And so that’s the driving reason (or excuse) your love for her was still a secret. The fear of shattering Owen’s heart was a constant nagging worry in the back of your head, stopping you from smacking a sweet kiss on her lips everytime you saw her. 
That justification lasted for a few years, kept your kisses private and your moans quiet until Abby had grown tired of it- she wanted to grab you and sit you down on her lap whenever she needed to, she wanted to kiss you in public, she wanted to let the headboard pound against the wall whilst she showed you just how much you meant to her. 
But she knew how much Owen meant to you, and he meant a lot to her too; a brother to the both of you. But that’s all he’d ever be, that’s as far as Abby’s feelings for him could reach.
After managing to last an hour with their obnoxious pandemonium, it got too much; it clanged around in your ears and drilled into your brain every time you tried to put pen to paper. The copious amount of deep “calming” breaths you took did nothing to stop the little bead of anger expanding in your stomach.
You convinced yourself that you were just going downstairs to get yourself a glass of water, your real motivation wasn’t to give Owen a stern talking-to and try to signal Abby up to your room… definitely not.
With every thump of your slippers on the carpeted stairs, your headache got bigger, their commotion growing so loud you winced as you slipped past them and into the kitchen where Owen and Abby were stood bickering about how to fit all the beer into the fridge. They were so engrossed in their little booze-war that they didn’t hear you come.
“Hello…” you said, drawing out the greeting to give them a greater chance of hearing you (over all the fucking noise). 
Abby turned around almost instantly at the sound of your voice, trying her hardest not to let her eyes wander away from your stunning face as she noticed your braless chest in her periphery… suddenly her mind was plagued with memories of you, your perfect heavy breasts bouncing in her face as your slick pussy swallowed her strap all the way to the hilt. She always loved how your head would tip back and a breathless moan would escape whenever she sucked hickeys onto your delicate skin.
“Hi, Abby.” You spoke again, watching her eyes focus back in on your face, her sweet smile pointed right at you.
“Hey. You doing okay? You’ve got that big exam tomorrow, right?” she questioned, trying to distract her brain but not bothering to turn back and continue her conversation with your brother. Instead, she met you in the middle, leaning against the counter next to the sink as you grabbed a glass and began filling it. 
“Mhm… trying to get some last-minute studying in but… you guys are kinda loud.” You said, whispering the last part of your sentence in the hopes it wouldn’t come across as too harsh (and that Owen wouldn’t hear you).
Your wishes never came true.
“Jesus… would you stop bitching? Put your headphones on or something.” Owen cut in just as Abby was about to compliment your hair, picturing the way your cheeks would always blossom into a pretty pink at her sweet comments. 
“Owen,” Abby said in warning, watching your little smile dim into a straight line and a frown overcome your face. She wanted to wrap her strong arm around your waist and pull you into her chest, letting you rest your head in her neck.
“Don’t be an asshole.” 
“I’m the asshole? She’s done nothing but-”
The door into the hall looked more appealing with each passing second that you looked at it, just thinking about being in a room where Owen was not almost made tears of happiness peek out at the corners of your eyes. So you made your way out of the room and back up into yours, the faint and continuous bickering slowly dying out until you managed to close your door and it went completely. 
Of course, Manny’s raucous screaming hadn’t been drowned out.
It was just as you were climbing onto your bed and opening up your laptop that you noticed your door had reopened and Abby was leaning against the frame, her biceps bulging underneath her long sleeve shirt, the cotton perfectly sculpting her arms. 
“You okay, sweetie?” she asked, closing the door and turning the lock before she sauntered up to you, standing by the edge, just out of reach.
You nodded your head and gave her a brief smile, before turning back to your laptop and typing in your password. Abby sensed the sensitivity surrounding you, climbing up onto the bed and sitting just behind you and resting her head on your shoulder. 
Turning your head, you gave her a quick kiss on the forehead, then laid your cheek on the top of her hair, letting it tickle your face as she squeezed your thigh with a gentle grip. Abby picked up her head a few seconds later, her gaze zeroing in on yours before it dropped to your lips, a little bruised from your anxious nibbling.
“You worry too much.” She murmured, too entranced by your beauty to speak properly. Abby leaned in and slid her tongue over your bottom lip, teasing your mouth open so she could properly cover it with her own.
Just as you were about to draw back and defend yourself, you heard your laptop slam shut and felt two hands grab your hips. She pulled you up and into her chest, like she thought about earlier, as she laid back on your bed. When you were comfortably straddling her own hips, she placed her hands behind her head and looked up at you, laughing at your cute annoyed expression.
“And you’re a distraction.” You whispered, leaning down to get another kiss, your wet lips needily slipping over hers as her hand wrapped around the back of your neck, pulling you impossibly closer. 
Your own hands wrapped around the sides of her head, holding her still so she had no way to escape the assault on her lips: you bit her bottom one hard, before flicking the top one with your tongue. The minute contact made her whine, low and deep in the back of her throat as you turned your attention to her cheeks, placing sweet little kisses on any free space you could find.
“Kiss me right.” She complained, giving your bare thighs a rough smack. You leaned back and shuffled forward, so your hips were placed directly above her stomach, and you could feel the ridges of her abs against your most sensitive parts.
Abby’s complaints ceased when she felt you rock against her, the warmth from your pussy leaking through the fabrics that separated you two. She leaned up on her elbows, wanting to offer her girl more pleasure, leaving her body for you to use. Once she heard that first pretty little moan slip out of you, she couldn’t stop herself from reaching for the hem of your shirt and forcing it up and over your head.
Closing your eyes, you felt her hands skim your front gently, from your shoulders to your stomach, then back up to your breasts that were wrenched free from the constraint of your bra; the cups pulled down away from your flesh as Abby sucked a nipple into her mouth. You took your hands from her neck and reached behind you, unclipping your bra and throwing into on the floor.
“Feels good, Abs.” You whimpered, as she gripped both your breasts harshly, squeezing them and licking at both of your nipples. You released a breathy moan when you felt her teeth dig into your sensitive skin. “Fuck…”
“Take these off, baby.” Abby helped you out of your little shorts, taking your underwear with them as you leaned back and let her yank them down your thighs. You sat between hers, facing her with your hands gripping the duvet by her ankles, your legs closed and knees up to your chest, blocking her view from your slick pussy. 
She held still, waiting for you to reveal yourself to her. But you wouldn’t.
When Abby reached forward, hands wrapping around each of your ankles, you pulled back further, her grip slipping off of you.
“Take off your shirt… then I’ll think about opening my legs.” 
Your girlfriend raised an eyebrow in disbelief, then grabbed your ankles again, this time managing to pull your legs apart and haul you back towards her so your ass was nestled perfectly between her thighs.
The force of her pull made you lose your balance, your back hit the bed and you laid there defenceless with your legs spread open. Abby landed a harsh slap on your pussy, her hand coming away dripping with your juices as a pained scream quietly rushed out of your mouth.
“Fuck, Abby.” 
“Don’t you ever try and hide this from me.” She ground out, her jaw clenched in anger as she pinched your clit harshly between her fingers, watching your puffy little hole leak. Abby slipped her finger inside you easily, picking up your wetness, before pulling away and sucking it clean from her skin, tasting you. 
“More, baby. Fill me up.” You begged, lifting your hips up off the bed, chasing her fingers.
“Anything for my sweet girl.” 
You felt the sheets growing wet beneath you as Abby rubbed your clit in small circles, slowing her pace whenever your moans got too loud or you got too close. She couldn’t take her eyes off of you; your pretty face blushing as you squeezed your breasts, the heavy flesh spilling out between your fingers and driving Abby insane.
“Fuckfuckfuck…” Two fingers slipped inside you, up to the hilt, unforgiving. The delicious stretch around her made Abby plunge them in and out at a ruthless speed, drawing loud moans from you every second. Your volume grew with every thrust, you couldn’t control it.
You could feel your high growing deep in your tummy, slowly flooding downwards as Abby scissored her fingers inside of you, stretching out your sensitive hole until it was almost painful. You leaned up to grab her wrist, to slow the torture, but you were met with another cruel slap against your sensitive skin.
Abby ignored your pleas, continuing her sweet torment on your pretty pussy, forcing you closer and closer towards the edge with every circle she drew on your clit.
“My girl. Aren’t you, baby?” She asked, punctuating every word with a rough thrust into your fucked-out walls. 
“Mhm, yeah- oh fuck- all yours, Abs.” You breathed out, moaning loudly at another severe spank. “I’m gonna cum.” 
Abby pushed harder, went deeper, rubbed faster; anything to get her perfect girl to where she needed to be. You clenched tightly around Abby, flawless white cream leaking out around her fingers, making her moan quietly at the sight.
It gushed out of you unexpectedly, soaking your soft inner thighs, as well as Abby’s hands. Your last moan peaked at the top of your voice, filling the room as she pulled you up and into her chest, letting you ride out your high in her arms.
“Oh my god.” You said, taking your time to catch your breath as you rubbed your hands up and down Abby’s back- the feeling of her muscles under your palms putting a secure feeling in your chest. I’ve got you.
“You feeling better, baby?” Abby asked, hoping she had at least relieved some of your stress.
“Mhm… much better.” The two of you pressed your foreheads together gently at your admission, closing your eyes, stealing gentle kisses whenever you felt like it and saying little ‘i love you’s. 
Held in your little dream world, neither of you heard the fury-filled footsteps until it was too late and your door was being pounded on- “What the fuck are you two doing?” 
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dyk3ification · 4 days
mama to be head-canons | ellie w.
Tumblr media
a/n: i'm sorry but can u just imagine carrying your and ellie's baby for a second. like. she would be the sweetest thing ever, even more than how she usually is with you. if that's even possible.
warnings/tags: fluff, sfw, joel's alive, tommy and maria are here too, gangs all here basically, 18+ only blog
Tumblr media
she'd be so in love with your bump, like she definitely talks to it.
"hi, kiddo. it's your mom- wait," she'd cut herself off when she looked up to you, brows knitting towards each other as she thought. "if i'm mom... then what are you?"
"ellie-" you'd have to stifle a laugh, shooing her hands off your bump.
she'd always want to touch it, or just see it. her little baby with you was in there, how could she not??
unbeknownst to you, ellie was sitting at the edge of the bed as you slid over a t-shirt of hers. turning to the side to see just how much your belly was poking out now. that was when you caught her glance in the reflection in the mirror.
"have you been there the whole time?"
she didn't even respond, but her growing grin was enough of an answer for you. along with her open hand reaching out to hold your bump
she needed to remind everyone that you were pregnant. and that it was her baby, even if they knew. everyone.
you sat across from her at joel's dinner table, along with the rest of your little family and friends. you pushed your chair back with a soft sigh, feeling physically confined against the table from how much your bump had grown.
"only about three more weeks right? you're almost ready hun."
"did you know that that's my baby in there-"
ellie said, interrupting maria.. and everyone else at the table. tommy nearly choked out his drink. jesse, dina, and everyone else, including you, all shooting her a slightly confused look. yours flustered. a grin plastered on ellie's face.
"ellie-" joel said in defeat whilst looking up from the table, shaking his head.
you planted your eyes shut against your thumb and index finger, trying to conceal your stifled laughter with the palm of your hand.
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peterparkersnose · 2 months
pairing: Joel Miller x fem!reader
word count: 3.4k
warnings: attack description, clicker attack, nightmares, anxiety, wound description, angst, denial of feelings, alcohol mentioned, swearing, mentions and descriptions of gun use, near death experience (if u can’t handle the game don’t read)
a/n ive played tlou 3x and tlou2 2x (going through my second round rn) so shut up pls i dont want any of the ‘you only like joel bc hes pedro’ fr come on ive been playing this game since i was 12. (i’m not like other girls 🥵) jackson joel just does something to me mmmm. wrote this nov 18 ‘22 saved for today
Don’t forget 9PM EST on HBO Max
summary Y/N gets attacked by a clicker during an intense time with Joel
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read time: 12 mins 28 seconds
Tumblr media
You could feel the air escaping your lungs at a dangerous rate. The rifle at your side slammed against your thigh as you kept running. The thick forest was just as you remembered it; wet, cold, and dark.
You were outnumbered. Mostly runners, but you spotted a few clickers. The brush on the forest floor wasn’t helping. Your heavy breathing and the sloshing of your boots against the snowy ground were making too much noise.
Where the fuck was Ellie?
3 bullets. Rifle was empty, spent that on some sharp shooting up the hill on some runners you and Ellie found in the town. How stupid were you? Those were an easy kill with a knife. But your childish games on who could get the best headshot left you empty.
Your heart dropped as the rock formation appeared. It was too high. It covered the forest like the earth split into two. That is when you came to terms, and you had to come to it quickly.
You were going to die.
Soon enough, the first runner appeared. Easy kill. One down, maybe 7 to go?
Where the fuck was Ellie?
The next one came. Two down. Three at a time now? A fucking clicker followed them? You wished the brush was tall enough to hide in.
It was useless fighting off three runners at a time with a clicker on their heels. This was it. Death.
The stone wall was cool against your backside. You hugged your knees to your chest as you pulled out your handgun.
At least the clicker would have a good meal.
Shot- one down. Shot- another. The clicker sped up. Shot, wounded but not dead. Quick slice with the knife. Dead.
The shrieking screams of the clicker engulfed your senses as the monster came running at you. It’s flailing arms we’re the last thing you were prepared to see.
You felt the hands on your shoulder. Dead hands of a monster, unspeakable to most. The hands grabbed your shoulders, but no bite came.
Just blinding white noise and a splatter on your face.
You had convinced yourself you were dead. You would never see anyone again. You had died the same death as your father years prior. The death that left you alone.
“Dad?” you managed to mutter out.
The white noise turned into ringing as two hands held your shoulder and shook you.
“Y/N? Y/N please, are you okay?”
“Maria I found her! Here!”
Cloth material wiped over your eyes and they opened. Ellie, splattered with blood stood in front of you with the most panicked look you had ever seen on the girls face.
“Your okay!” she yelled at you, wrapping her arms around you.
Sitting besides you two was the headless clicker that should have killed you.
You should be dead. Get this horrible life over with. Dead with your father, with the mother you never knew. Living a life without this disease, these creatures. Free of pain.
When you woke up in the medical wing you were pretty sure almost the whole town was there. You felt like an item on display at a museum. Looking over all the eyes, you most definitely were not searching for his. The whole reason you volunteered to go out with Ellie that day instead of Dina. And of course, he was not there. Why would he be?
“She’s awake!” someone yelled from the crowd. Every eye in the room seemed to fall on you at once. The nurse pushed past the group of people and went to your side.
“For heavens sake! Get out!” the nurse yelled to the group of onlookers. “Give her some goddamn space.” you heard from the crowd as people started to walk towards the exit.
Everyone wanted a look at the girl who survived a clicker attack.
“Hey,” she said, slowly approaching you and sitting on the chair next to your bed. “Ellie!” you exclaimed, embracing the girl tightly. “What happened?” you asked Ellie, releasing your grip on her and settling back into the bed.
The bond had been there since the day you met her. You always remember the look of the scared little girl on the back of Joel’s horse when they first entered Jackson. The bond you two had helped her grow into the person she is now. Ellie had always described you as an older sister. But Ellie was always there for you, and you for her. She was your best friend, platonic soulmate. And a damn good shot.
“I killed it,” she said bluntly. “I-I came at the right time it was about to bite you and- you should have seen it Y/N my shotgun did a number on that thing.”
“A-am I infected?” you asked, looking down at your body for the first time. Your tank top was still on, your jacket was missing. Your jeans were covered in dry blood and smelt of pine needles.
“It’s been three days. You got some pretty nasty scratches though. Sick looking if you ask me. Scars of a warrior.” she added, referring to her tattoo.
And that’s when you saw them. The claw marks were sewn shut on your left shoulder. Your eyes widened as you began to panic. You began to squirm and the pain set in.
“Hey, hey calm down. She took care of you. Best nurse in town, I made sure.” Ellie said, grabbing your good shoulder and stroking your arm to calm you down.
“The doctors said if your vitals stay stable for the next few hours you can go home. Dina and I cleaned up the place for you,” Ellie smiled, stroking a strand of hair behind your ear.
“What have people been saying?” you asked, holding her hand tightly in yours. “That your a hero. You cleared out that building and we found a stash of food that’s going to last for… well, probably a good year. That’s amazing Y/N! They found baby formula for JJ- tons of it. You were right it was the old warehouse.”
A small smile rose to your lips but Ellie could tell what you really wanted to hear about.
What Joel had been saying.
And Joel hasn’t said much. Tommy had told him a brief description in passing of what happened when it was happening. He figured you were dead when they sent out a rescue wagon for you. He even watched as Maria’s horse lead in your body. Ellie was sitting with you in her arms screaming for a nurse, your whole left arm was covered in blood. What was visible of your face was white as a sheet and you weren’t moving. Joel had to silently give up the inkling of what could have been. Hell, you were the first girl who he even considered after his divorce over thirty years ago. It had to end one day and he had to silently agree with it.
“I don’t…” Ellie began, following with a sigh. “Y/N, don’t get yourself worked up over it. It’s not worth it.” Ellie began, knowing her friend too well. “Did he even come and see me?” you asked, looking to Ellie’s eyes. She couldn’t look into yours. She closed her eyes for a quick moment and shook her head. “No,” she whispered.
“Am I a fool?” you asked her. “I’m not sure,” she replied, weary.
The whole reason you went with her instead of Dina was because of Joel. You most definitely could not face him that day after the previous night.
He had knocked on your door a little after nine. He noticed a change in your demeanor today when he came in the room while teaching the some of the kids how to shoot. He wanted to make sure you were okay. Joel felt like he had some responsibility over you to make sure you were always okay because of what happened.
Joel was the one who was with your father when he died.
Sure, he was older than you. You weren’t sure exactly, but he was younger than your father by many years. The attraction from your end started when you saw him drunk off his ass during a celebration dancing with Tommy in the bar. It was the most unconventionally attractive thing, but it flipped some switch in you. When your dad died he taught you how to perfect your aim and kill efficiently. Never crossing any line because you were his dead friend’s daughter. And you were so close to Ellie. Ellie wasn’t too fond of your crush that you confided in her, but she grew to love the idea. Her family.
He came and visited you a little after nine. You were about to slip into bed before you heard the knock on your door. The night was cold and your pajama pants and thin tank top was not cutting it. You invited him inside. He had brought you a tiny gift to lift your mood; a bottle of gin. Your favorite. And you two drank at least half of that bottle of gin. You talked about everything from your father’s death to the time Tommy accidentally washed his clothes with Maria’s pink bra and still has an abundance of pink clothing to this day. The gin was most definitely speaking when you told him how you felt.
And he left.
“Let it go for now- okay? We’re gonna get you out of here and back home.” Ellie reassured you. Nodding your head, you fell back into the cold bed and closed your eyes just wishing it could all go away.
Home was empty as it could be. The bottle of gin sat on your coffee table. Your bed was made for the first time in years. Your work station was organized and all of your pens and art supplies were cleaned. You had remembered when Joel gave you those pens, he found them one day and thought of you. Your rifles now hung on your wall. Definitely was Dina’s idea, but you liked it. A tiny gift wrapped in a beige paper with a tiny bit of twine around it sat under your newly mounted rifles.
“Woo hoo. Christmas.” you said to yourself sarcastically. Kneeling down, you opened the package.
For safe keeping, ~Maria
Of course it was from Maria. She always played the mother you never had when she wanted to.
The immense feeling of sleep hit you like a brick wall. I guess being attacked by a clicker and living was a strenuous activity. All you wanted now to do was sleep. Unmaking the nicely folded sheets, you melted back into your bed. The sun was setting in your window and the horses were coming in for the day. You could hear them trotting past your window. You wondered if Joel was just feet away. It was what now… Thursday? You couldn’t remember if he still did the Thursday shift or if he switched with someone else. Who cares, sleep was creeping up slowly and the thought of Joel set you out cold.
The forest was blacker than usual. Without a doubt, you recognized where you were. Running again. All you seemed to do was run now these days. Taking a brief look back while you ran through the forest, you stopped as you realized a whole hoard of clickers were just at your heels. You didn’t have time to react. They were on you ripping your flesh off your body. The dream never seemed to end. You felt each bite and tear of your flesh until-
“Y/N!” Maria screamed, shaking you awake and still being mindful of your wound. “Fuck!” you screamed, sobbing into her arms. “Fuckfuckfuckfuck!” you continued, squirming in bed as she held you.
Your door was wide open and it was now pitch black out. The screams alerted security, and they called for a search of the town. Tommy quickly found the source of the screams and sent Maria in.
Standing outside your door was Tommy, peering in on the sight of his wife with you.
“Gather people. She needs to be watched.” Maria commanded Tommy as she held your shaking body. Too many people had left their homes now to look at the scene and disrupted the peaceful night.
Ellie sat with your head in her lap, slowly stroking your hair trying to get you to fall asleep. “Don’t worry. Nobody in this town will let anything happen to you. I won’t let anything happen to you.”
The whole previous night you didn’t sleep. You stared at your wall and just thought. And that whole day you delved yourself in drawings you hadn’t finished or poems you had the inspiration for. Took a shower. You looked through your closet and picked out a fresh outfit. You tried all the little things that usually worked on your old self, but your old self was gone.
That bottle of gin sat on your coffee table and haunted you throughout the day as well. You didn’t have the heart to throw it away, or the mindset to drink it. So there it sat. Pitiful.
You were at a loss for words. No words could describe the immense amount of pain re living that memory caused last night.
Ellie began to hum a tune. It was sweet and reminded you of something innocent. Your eyes began to get heavy. “You ready?” she asked, fluffing up your pillow. Reluctantly, you shook your head yes.
The absolute end was there and tiredness finally seeped in. Distraught sleep left and peaceful sleep took its place.
Ellie dimmed your lamp and smoothed the covers on your bed. It reminded you of the time you took care of Ellie years ago when she was sick. “Sweet dreams,” she said, giving your forehead a brief kiss.
Mumbling was heard outside your door, but you didn’t care.
The field was beautiful. Finally, peace. The flowers stemmed beautifully and the sun shown down on your face. Your hands ran through the fresh green grass. Laying in the rays, you suddenly felt the field get smaller. Sitting up, you realized the sun had disappeared and the field was getting smaller and smaller by the second. The sudden edge of a forest was getting closer and closer. And then with one blink you were back. The forest erected around you. You were back.
“No, no…” he heard from your house. Joel’s interest peaked from the grounds left in his coffee mug to the silent struggles in your bedroom. He lifted himself off your porch chair and looked through your window. You were writhing in bed.
“Ellie!” you let out the first yell. It was so loud that it startled Joel to his core and began a flight of panic. Joel didn’t hesitate to burst your door open. “Ellie don’t leave!” you yelled again.
“Hey,” he said softly, patting your shoulder. A loud groan of pain came from your lips. Joel’s heart sank as the feelings on guilt he felt for letting you go on patrol that day set in once again.
“Y/N!” he whisper yelled, yanking your body over to face him. Your eyes shot open. Ripped from the dream into another one.
You looked him up and down. This wasn’t real. It was another dream. Tears welled up in your eyes as you shut them tight, praying you would wake up somewhere else.
“It was a bad dream,” he whispered, resting his hand on your thigh. His thumb patiently rubbed your thigh as your breathing sped up. Your legs matched up perfectly, knees facing him. Your face was buried in your hands that were now grasping at your eyes.
“Stop it,” Joel hissed, grabbing your manic hands tightly. “This isn’t real,” you cried out, sobs following it.
His heart seemed to break into a million pieces when you started to full on cry. The last time he dealt with a crying girl it was Ellie. Wait- no, maybe it was Sarah. He honestly wasn’t sure, but it was most definitely years ago.
“Everything is alright. I know how it is. I-I didn’t sleep for a few days after my first clicker encounter. Those things are nasty fuckers.” he said, his hand returning to your thigh trying to soothe you. He was clueless on what he was supposed to do.
At this point, you realized you weren’t dreaming. He was here. His hand was on your thigh. He was sitting on your bed. You were in a tank top that cut a little too low for your liking.
Your teary eyes looked up and met his. He hadn’t moved his gaze off of your face. He gave you a soft reassuring smile.
Joel cursed himself for letting his feelings creep back in. This was wrong anyways, he felt sick any time he thought about you. The pit of his stomach couldn’t handle it much more, he had pretty much forgotten about you (as much as he would like to admit). But when Tommy assigned him second watch of you that night, he just knew it had trouble written all over it.
“Go back to sleep now. Pretty girls need their beauty sleep.” he said, instantly regretting it.
That line worked on Sarah, but in a whole different way with a much different meaning. He wanted to suck back in the words as fast as he said them.
Letting a tense breathe go, he steadied himself on your bed frame and made his way to the door.
He had made his way to the door as you spoke.
His hand stopped his motion as it rested on the top of your door frame.
“Yeah?” he asked, turning around.
“W-will you stay? Just for a little bit.” you said, stuttering as you realized how large his body was compared to your door.
He paused. “I suppose.”
You moved your legs so he would have enough room to sit next to you. You heard his knee crack as he sat down on the low rise bed. His legs sat upward as he leant a hand behind your legs to steady himself.
“I’m sorry.” you said. It had to be said, what better time than now? “I don’t want to hear your apologies.” he huffed. “It was inappropriate.” you spit out again. “No- Y/N, stop. Please.” he asked. “You need to get some sleep.”
“I can’t sleep. Every time I sleep I go… back there. I can’t.” you whimpered. He sighed, groaning and wiping his brow.
“What would you like me to do about it? I can’t do anything.”
Joel was left confused on how your calmness met his angry tone. He knew you well, he was surprised you weren’t screaming in his face. You didn’t take shit. You were being patient for once in your life.
Oh, how you’ve changed since the attack.
“I’m here. What more do you want from me?” he asked. His tone had extra edge of anger to it that was fueled with a faint passion.
In the darkness, you reached for his hand. It was coarse and dry, with many various scars and callouses you could feel just with a slight touch. He instinctively pulled back a bit, but gave in within the second. Wrapping your fingers with his, you places his hand back on your thigh.
“Y/N I-”
“The thing you were doing before on my leg. It was nice.”
“Oh,” he said, defeating the original thought from his head. His thumb began slowly moving in circles once again.
You were showing him what you needed.
He watched as your sad face closed your eyes and sighed. You felt safe for the first time in days.
Joel felt the pit in his stomach widen and fully consume him. The girl who practically raised Ellie from when she arrived; his dead friend’s daughter; one of the best damn killers in all of Jackson; Y/N. God, he was in so much trouble with his morals.
“I’m too far deep in this shit,” he muttered to himself, rubbing his forehead with his free hand.
Your eyes fluttered open to see him. “What?” you asked.
“I can’t…” he said, beginning to shake his knee up and down. “What?” repeated yourself in a confused tone.
His strong body swept over yours. He grabbed your shoulder ever so softly and perched you in his arms. Your arms instinctively wrapped around his neck.
No initiative had to be made besides the movement of your lips against his. Your hand wrapped itself in his hair, playing softly as he held your back strongly. A slight moan came from his lips that he instantly regretted when you accidentally tugged ever so slightly on his graying strands of hair. For the split second that you two separated gasping for air, he pulled you tighter.
“You don’t know how long I’ve been fighting this,” he whispered on your lips. “You don’t know how long I’ve wanted this,” you sighed, staring back at his scruffy face.
Joel came back to his senses. He felt different. He could never go back to the same person he was a minute ago. His world revolved around something new. No more obsessing over patrol and how to appease Tommy. No more worrying over how Ellie could handle herself. No more worrying about his aching joints and the fear of getting older. Something new became the center of his universe. He had folded.
The girl laying in his arms who now rested her head against his chest.
“You really need sleep darlin’,” he sighed. You sighed in resistance.
“You want me to stay?” he asked, looking down at your exhausted face.
You moved over in your bed as he made himself comfortable. Joel never realized how much larger he was than you until he slept with you in his arms.
You layed on his chest as one arm wrapped around your shoulders. His hand rested comfortably on your shoulder.
“Thank you.” you whispered. He placed a small kiss on your head. Your arms wrapped around your stomach, making yourself more comfortable in his embrace. The only sound in the room was your soft breathing.
“Go to sleep now. Your safe with me, my sweet girl.”
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escarlatellie · 18 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
here with you ; ellie williams. (4.5k.)
⤿ f!reader, college!au, drinking + kissing, fluff fluff fluff <3 lowercase is on purpose , was blasting ceilings by lizzy so excuse the title
⤿ you're invited to another one of dina's off-campus parties not long after finals, where you meet a pretty girl who miraculously knows your name. away from the hustle of the actual party, where people are plastered out of their minds and making a ruckus, you and this pretty stranger get to know each other a little and earn yourselves a place in the other's heart.
Tumblr media
“if you want anything just let me know, okay?” 
dina’s hand is warm, splayed across your lower back as she guides you away from what had to be the noisiest place at the party. it’s no surprise she attracts such diverse groups of people, given her gregarious personality and hard-to-overlook kind of beauty.
you would be lying if you said you hadn’t had a crush on her when you first met her; it’s dina, how could you not? thankfully, over maybe a year of getting to know her, you realized she wasn’t exactly your type and that she was far too head-over-heels for her on-and-off partner to even think about you. honestly, she never shut up about the guy.
“got it. thanks, dina.”
you definitely were not going to mention the almost completely assured possibility that you wouldn’t see her at all for the rest of the night. thing is, when you’re the host of parties like these, you tend to get thrown around a lot. though she doesn’t really seem to mind, since this is, at the very least, the fourth party you’ve been invited to since finals ended (which was around a month ago).
she hums passively at the acknowledgement, then gestures fluidly towards the rest of the room. there are a few people situated on her couch, a couple of them already putting on a show for the others while a few sit alone, sipping their drinks with reckless abandon. you’ve never gotten completely plastered at one of dina’s parties, always the type to stay back and help her clean up if she hasn’t passed out or gotten herself sick, but unsurprisingly, there are always those who’ll take any chance they can get.
“mi casa, su casa.” she sings, then she’s gone. 
left alone, you can handle yourself. why the hell would you come here if you couldn’t? you head towards what you remember to be the kitchen, but right now looks like a completely unprofessional bar complete with its own bartender—who you belatedly recognize to be jesse, dina’s on-and-off partner—in search of booze. 
said bartender nods at you when you catch his eye, pouring whatever’s on the table for tonight into a very typically red party cup—on the house, since you get special privilege—and sliding it over to the edge of the counter. whatever’s inside sloshes dangerously, threatening a mess which’d only add to the ugly stickiness of dina’s countertops, but you grab and take a whiff of it before it can tip over. 
“what, don’t trust me?” jesse ribs over the music—he speaks of your tentative sniff—, which is, as you’ve just realized, getting progressively louder. 
“if i say anything,” you mutter, which gets you his typical jesus christ, these people, kind of laugh and he leans back against the counter, right next to you. 
head crooked to the side slightly, you look him over. objectively, you can see why he and dina mesh so well; they’re both unbelievably attractive and complement each other’s personalities perfectly (from what you’ve seen, at the very least). their pretty much daily arguments aside, you can tell they love each other and only want the best for one another. that said, you can only imagine what’s running through his head right now.
“she’s not going to get shit-faced drunk,” he mutters, and that’s your cue to leave. you know he’s trying to console himself more than anything.
“no, she’s not.”, you respond in kind, patting his shoulder with just as much care as one would handle a two-hundred-pound gorilla, before pushing yourself up off the edge of the counter and walking out of the kitchen. god knows he could spend an hour sitting there talking about her; you’ve had enough of that for, quite literally, the rest of your life. 
the sole of your left shoe sticks to the ground a little as you walk, and you thank your past self for owning a strictly-for-parties pair of converse which were, sadly, a little too worn in for your own good. sneaking a glance into the main hall, you catch a glimpse of your best friend seated halfway up the stairs chatting with someone—maybe a senior? junior, at the very least—who’s got a guitar case slung over her shoulder and the most unruly head of short, auburn hair you’ve ever seen. 
dina’s gesturing wildly at the front door, likely having gotten into an argument with said stranger (except it looks far too fond to be serious), when the two of you make eye contact. her eyes are a strikingly pale kind of green, piercing through whatever weak defenses you’d put up for the night in a very relaxed fashion. she’s got this look on her face that screams uninterested, which is quickly swapped out for a look of rapt attention at your own once she realizes you don’t actually plan on looking away. 
because man, she’s hot.
it’s just then that a presumably tanked freshman crashes into you and spills the contents of whatever it is they were drinking all over you, effectively shattering whatever that was. really, you would be grateful for it—something to spare you the embarrassment of looking too interested in someone way out of your league—had there not been the undeniable presence of cool, once-iced liquor spilling down the front of your printed tee. 
“oh, fuck,” you curse, nearly missing their hurried apology before they barrel out the front door.
this wouldn’t be the first time. you sigh, reluctantly slipping away from all the noise, away from the pretty stranger, to deal with your problem. usually, you’d have an extra top shoved haphazardly into dina’s closet, something you could throw on in the worst-case scenario, but laundry day was just yesterday and all of your stuff was piled on your bed back home. already you could feel the liquor causing the shirt’s fabric to stick, leaving an icky, gross feeling that was begging to be cleaned up. the humidity from everyone’s breathing was not helping.
you set your cup down on a random table (never to be seen again) as you make your way to the bathroom. you wouldn’t be surprised to find the door locked, having been an unsuspecting party crasher one too many times in your first and some of your second year, but luckily the room’s unoccupied—not for long—and you slip in and lock the door behind you after waving off a concerned glance from jesse, who’s very slowly making his way to his girlfriend. no surprise there. 
“oookay, fuck.” you curse, flipping the light switch and nabbing a couple (a lot) of the mini towels out of dina’s probably way-too-expensive towel rack and pressing them to your front, hoping they’ll soak up some of the leftover moisture, at least save you from the mortification of showcasing to everyone your chest and abdomen.
it doesn’t really help.
again, not an irregular occurrence, so you’re not too worried; dina’s typical party etiquette has ensured that everyone here will leave you be and mind their own business. that doesn’t help your pride, but you concede to stepping back out and flipping the light switch off behind you as you make your way to the front.
this time, when you cross the main hall, dina’s gone and so is her friend. accompanying disappointment comes the ponderance of whether jesse found dina or not and if the pretty stranger has left, but you remind yourself you’ll find out later—probably near midnight when people start to filter out for the night and you’re tasked with cleaning up—, however frustrated that makes you, given the fact you’d lost a chance you probably never had in the first place. 
you pass a group of what look like sophomores playing beer pong against seniors—or maybe even graduates?—on your way out, and silently curse the growing pool of booze dripping on the floor right next to the table on your way outside.
the door is wide open, so being engulfed in cold air on your way outside is no surprise. luckily, the weather is calming down a little after a gruelling winter, so there’re only a couple of piles of leftover snow and the breeze doesn’t serve as an immediate freezer. however, your damp tee is anything but a savior and causes an eruption of a ton of goosebumps across the pane of your chest, stretching as far as your shoulders, which are only covered by the loose fabric of your top.
you’re not sure what you expect to see when you turn the corner to dina’s garage, but seeing her and her boyfriend sucking face is absolutely not it. dina’s got him pressed right up against the garage door, and you’re pretty sure that if jesse weren’t sober out of his mind he’d be giving into every single one of her wordless demands.
you slip past easily, far away enough to go by soundlessly and completely bypass the two’s freaky-ass sixth sense. the back gate is just as well-managed as the rest of the house and opens quietly, in no contrast to the backyard itself, which is empty and well-kempt. you know only you and a select few people are actually allowed into dina and her parents’ pretty backyard, so peace is expected and welcomed. the breeze is also blocked by the house, which is nice.
there are a couple of flowers blooming already, and their scent wafts through the air, bringing a natural sort of calm. the yard is illuminated by the house—light dances in beautiful patterns against the greens and greys that make up the garden—, but so is the relaxed silhouette of the same pretty stranger you saw less than ten minutes ago. this time, she’s hunched over in one of dina’s ugly bright-green lawn chairs with a guitar seated in her lap.
you consider her privacy and the fact that maybe she doesn’t want company right now or that she’s too busy with her music as you make your way over—aside from those ugly lawn chairs, really, there’s nowhere else to sit—but then banish your hesitancy with the acknowledgement that this is just as much a space for you as it is for her. 
the chair scrapes against the patio as you pull it out, just far away enough from the brunette to make yourself seem open and friendly, but respectful of her space. you worry the cheap plastic is going to snap beneath your weight as you sit down, but it holds well and serves as a final, much-needed resting spot for your already sore feet. once your rustling stops, you hear the gentle strum of a guitar and realize the girl hasn’t stopped playing.
you relax further into your seat. 
closer up now, you have the chance to really look at her. her hair’s pulled back now, half-up half-down, a lot less dishevelled than she’d been when you’d last seen her. 
looking lower, she’s wearing a low-cut short-sleeve and an unbuttoned flannel long-sleeve. skin-tight, ripped jeans line what look like toned thighs and spread legs, stained black and white converse completing the look. her fingers move deftly between frets, over strings, and you just barely catch the edges of a black and white tattoo peeking out from beneath her sleeve. she’s got really nice hands, you think, just as pretty as her face.
“i can feel you fuckin’ staring.” 
her tone is accusing, but not necessarily malicious or irritated; she doesn’t even look up at you when she says it, adjusting her guitar in her lap as she works at whatever she’s trying to play. her voice suits her, too, you think, and shift a little where you sit at the thought. 
“sorry. you’re really good at guitar.” you mutter, earning an amused chortle from the girl across from you. it’s a pathetic excuse—you’re well aware of your own unsubtlety—but there was something there, something between you two, not long ago, and you’re not just going to let it slip away. the alcohol’s got you pleasantly buzzed, and you’re sure that if you were a little soberer, you’d be embarrassed. 
“you think so?” 
she looks up now, a brow raised. you catch the slit in her right eyebrow, cocked slightly as her gaze rakes over you. she’s got this lilt to her voice that feels like it means trouble, however, it does nothing but pique your interest a little more. 
your response of “mhm. you play real nice.” earns you another glance over.
“i’ve seen you around a couple times. you’re a friend of dina’s, right?” she questions, looking between you and her instrument as she tunes what she seems to think is an out-of-tune string. her leg—the one which has the least contact with her guitar—bounces gently against the patio floor, and it takes you a second to realize she’s seen you around before and remembers you.
“yeah. best friend? i think? she likes to call it that.”, you joke, shoulders trembling slightly at the very unwelcome entrance of another breeze, carrying in the temperature from the front into the back. the sound of the stranger’s laugh is already addicting, especially when it feels genuine. that’s sometimes hard to come across, and you’re already starved for it even though you’ve been speaking to this girl for like, a minute.
“i’ll tell her you said that. shouldn’t she have an extra top for you or something?” 
“she does, usually. kinda forgot to leave a couple here.” you hum, pointedly ignoring the third glance over the girl’s given you since she’d first laid her eyes on you. her lips are pursed slightly, gaze trained wholly on your face whenever you speak yet it wanders when silence stretches between you two. her eyes are locked on something behind your head when she speaks again.
“are you two a..?” 
“thing? no, have you met jesse?”
“dina’s got a ton of other people that aren’t jesse, babe.”
your cheeks warm at the pet name, and you realize she’s right. dina’s had a couple of other flings outside of jesse; every time the two of them break up, she runs off to someone else before realizing she doesn’t want anyone but him. then, suddenly, without your permission, your mind wanders at the idea of someone wanting you the same way those two want each other. 
“no, we’re not,” you shake your head as she looks back at you. briefly, so momentarily, you question whether she actually likes girls or not—and if it seems like you do—so add a quick and easy-sounding, “think i liked her a year or so back, though.”
the stranger nods, and you’re suddenly hit with the fact that you don’t know her name. 
caught in your own head, you don’t register her leaning back in her seat, guitar following her movements, pressed right up against her abdomen. you do though, notice her shrugging her long sleeve off and balling it up in her free hand before it's carelessly thrown your way. your rapt attention towards her movement is pretty much the only reason you were able to catch it; it’s warm from her own body heat in your cold hands. it’s pretty obvious what she wants you to do with it, but you wouldn’t want to impose so you just stare at it.
“put on the damn sweater. it’s cold.”, she mutters, and you can’t help but bite back a smile at her tone; what was likely intended to come across as gruff and demanding sounds pleading and mildly concerned. you unravel the garment and pull your arms through the sleeves, a clean, earthy scent enveloping your once-shivering form.
“thanks, uh..”
“ellie. williams. ellie williams.” she stutters out, which is pretty cute.
“ellie. thank you.” 
that only gets you a grumble of acknowledgement before she’s back to her guitar. strands of her hair are slowly slipping out of her half-updo, and it only makes her that much more alluring. you’re well aware of the fact that you’re staring again, but she doesn’t seem to mind all that much as she starts up another tune. this one sounds far too smooth, too practiced to be something she even needs to go over, and belatedly you wonder if she’s trying to impress you. 
you two sit together quietly for god knows how long, accustoming yourselves to the other’s presence with ellie’s music writing over any awkward silence, and you drown in the admission that you could sit like this forever. the party inside is dying down, with a good chunk of attendees deciding to turn in early while the rest are either still on adrenaline highs or settling down for a couple of drinking games. 
“where’d you learn how to play?” 
you find yourself speaking before you can even think about it, and she doesn’t give you room to regret the interruption with the soft, loving little smile that breaks out on her face when she considers your question.
“old guy. his name’s joel.” 
you can’t help but smile at that; whatever harsh exterior she’s going for really isn’t working for her right now. almost every time she’s spoken to you, it’s either been with a smile, a laugh, or some poorly-concealed interest. joel, you think, taking that name and storing it for later, if there ever is a later with this girl. ellie.
“his guitar, then.” you hum, because it can’t be that much of a secret if a signature that deeply resembles his name is etched into a spot just above the pickguard. “you mind teaching me someday?”, you add, because there won’t ever be a moment where you don’t want to be talking to ellie; what you aren’t expecting is for her to look up at you with the same fond look that she’d looked at her guitar with just moments before, and nod. christ, you think, she’s so..
“we can start today, if you wanna.” she offers, and you try your very best not to seem too eager when you say yeah, for sure, but realize you’ve failed and that the pretty stranger–pretty girl sitting across from you doesn’t really care. she’s taking her guitar off her lap and making her way over to you before you can even second-guess yourself, crouching in front of you and raising an inquisitive eyebrow on her undeniably attractive, stupid fucking face.
you kind of want to kiss her.
you’re already imagining a future where you and ellie are, at the very least, friends—if not more, but you don’t want to get your hopes up—and are out like this every day, hanging out, being comfortable in each other’s presence because there’s no way this feeling of security is normal with someone you’ve just met unless you’re soulmates of some kind.
ellie makes a gesture, lifts her arms as a means of telling you to lift your own, and you swear its the most adorable thing you’ve ever seen. you lift yours and her hand snakes its way forward, pressing against your right shoulder so you’ll lean back a little. she’s strong, you can tell that much—as if the muscle lining every inch of her visible skin wasn’t enough—, and her touch is searing hot, leaving fire in its wake. 
she sets the guitar in your lap, spreads your legs gently by the knees, and waits expectantly with her hands out for you to offer up your own. you find yourself staring as she takes your hands, lithe, strong fingers beneath your own, lips parted slightly in both concentration and excitement as she positions your left hand under the neck, fingers splayed just slightly against the frets. she realizes you already have your other arm around the body, but reaches over to ghost her fingertips against the skin of your elbow anyways. 
she smiles. “try it. use your thumb. don’t break my guitar.”
the look you give her prompts another huff of laughter, but she seems to have enough faith in you to believe you won’t. it doesn’t seem like she plans on moving, though, since she’s still crouched in front of you and when you mutter a retributive “it’s joel’s,”, the pretty girl in front of you leans forward and rests her open palms on your knees, effectively cutting off any sly remarks.
you’re probably never going to forget the way her eyes light up when you strum it the first time, and use your very limited guitar-playing knowledge to press against a couple of the frets in succession and play what sounds like a semi-well-practiced harmony.
“holy shit,” she breathes, and you find yourself feeling bashful regardless of the fact you were only, like, thirty percent sure you could pull that off again. however, you manage to contain any sighs of relief and only exhale a chuckle in response. 
her eyes are still on you, you know, and you start absentmindedly fidgeting with the neck and its frets; her attention is everything you could’ve ever wanted, but her gaze is weighed and it’s making you feel a little self-conscious. you’re not starved for it by any means but it has been a while since someone has stared at you like this, awestruck out of their mind. it’s funny because for some reason ellie’s making this seem like such a huge deal when she’d spent the past, what—you’ve lost track of time—thirty minutes? an hour? playing a bunch of fucking songs on this old guy’s guitar, and—
“i had no idea you could play guitar..” 
her voice tears you out of your own head, and suddenly she’s closer to you than she has been all night. you lock eyes when she mutters your name, alarmed at the fact she knows it—you reason that she knows dina and you must’ve been mentioned in passing at least a couple of times—, and feel chills go down your spine, butterflies erupting in your stomach. i definitely want to kiss her.
“i can’t,” you huff, desperate to ease out the tension, “you outplay me by—”
“can i kiss you?”
her cut-off is abrupt and unexpected, and you swear your heart has never stopped like this. it’s such an innocent question, a plea of consent laced with insecurity, something the girl you’d seen in the main hall earlier into the night hadn’t even seemed like she possessed, but it’s so inherently ellie you don’t know what to do with yourself. so you nod. a quick tilt to your chin, up and down; you can’t trust your voice to work well enough for a yes.
but ellie needs to hear it. 
“say yes. i gotta hear you say it.”
you stare at her, and she stares back. the need to actually kiss her is growing unbearable now that you know she wants it too, but the mortification of knowing this pretty girl could hear the desperation in your voice—you haven’t even tuned into the fact that she sounds just as desperate as you—, the hitch of your breathing if you were to say yes, makes it hard to voice what you want.
so you don’t. she’s close enough, hands having slid upwards, her sweaty palms against your thighs in a subconsciously innocent gesture; any stray hair’s been tucked messily behind her ear, her lips are a little chapped and you see her throat constrict in a swallow when you reach forward with your right hand and thread your fingertips through the hair at the base of her neck.
and when you lean forward—as much as you can, with the guitar situated between the two of you—, ellie meets you halfway, semi-pulled in by your touch and mostly leaned in of her own accord. 
it’s a kiss. just that, a gentle press of the lips, but the glorification fiction has given it hasn’t been for nothing. maybe it’s just because it wasn’t with the right person, but you’re far from unfamiliar with it and it’s never felt like this. ellie kisses like she never wants to stop and you’re not complaining. you feel her grip tighten around your thighs, and you’re already running out of air even though you’ve only been doing this for a couple seconds. when you part, it’s with an unspoken promise of more.
“i’ve seen you around,” ellie starts, whispering against your lips. it sounds like a confession, something she needs to get off her chest, so you urge her to continue with your silence and the gentle circling of your thumb against her scalp. “with dina. or jesse. on campus. during those stupid presentations. or the social events. and i’ve always wanted to talk to you, you know? especially that one time, when you,” she inhales, smoothing her hands out against your legs. “when you corrected jesse on a fucking dinosaur name at the group’s museum outing.”
you stare at her, shuffling through images of every event you’ve ever gone to for dina’s sake when it hits you. a couple months back, before finals, probably when dina and jesse had gotten back together after a huge blowup, she’d found some stupid exhibit at a museum close to campus and presented it to you. she’d asked if you thought it was a good deal, especially because her friend, ellie, liked dinosaurs, and fuck, what is wrong with you?
“shit, you remember that?”
her silence is enough of an answer, gaze flitting between your eyes and lips nervously. 
“oh my god,” you exhale, keeping her still with the hand you have around her neck as you press your foreheads together. to think, if you’d been a little less ignorant at the time, you could’ve already known ellie. the two of you could have been friends, possibly more—which now, doesn’t seem all that ridiculous—, had you tuned in a little more to what dina was saying, had paid more attention to the rest of dina’s group when you’d gone out with her, had asked simply, back then, who’s ellie?
“is that weird? tell me that’s not weird. i kinda feel like a creep now, fuck. i swear i wasn’t, like, stalking you or anything,” ellie starts rambling, something you doubt you’ll ever get tired of. 
“you said you’ve seen me around a couple times. are you a creep?”, you tease.
“no! i mean, no. i just kinda, i only heard about you and saw you that time, and, shit–” 
you smile at her, let her go on as you lean further over the guitar, left hand reaching out to tuck a couple strands of her unruly hair behind her right ear, effectively cutting her off without saying a word. this awestruck look on her face is something you really, really want to get used to, and the feeling of her breath ghosting over your lips is far more welcome than anything else will ever be. 
“god, i wanna kiss you again.”
“do it.” you hum, and then ellie’s lips are on yours again and you swear this pretty stranger with the auburn hair is going to be the death of you.
Tumblr media
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novacqnes · 2 months
could you write a fic about Ellie’s reaction to you accidentally calling her mommy while she is eating you out?? Can it be on a rainy day right when you both get home?
newfound discovery // ellie williams
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
warning: slight fluff, some smut; oral, use of the word mommy
pairing: ellie williams x fem reader
a/n: i’m not really into the “mommy/daddy” thing but i wanted to give it a try (this is the first thing i’ve written in two weeks so it’s not the length of my usual fics but i hope you enjoy!) on another note can we take a moment to admire this picture of ellie?
Tumblr media
there was something about peaceful, quiet evenings with ellie that seemed to stir…..unusual patterns of behavior for you. they were rare and more often than not filled with small yet intimate moments— although this wasn’t always the case.
a distinct desire, one of a special kind of vigor that made its way through your body. and it left you aching for ellie even more than usual. with each second your eyes darted back to the clock, silently observing as it ticked by. and the agonizing passage only strengthened the desire ripping through you. 
after a while you sauntered over to the windowsill, peering through as the rain thundered down. it was hypnotizing, to say the least. the sky struck with a blue-grey hue that loomed over your home. small pools of water built around the driveway, with rain clattering down in a rhythmic pattern. and for just a moment it seemed to ease the ache between your legs. 
however, this proved to be temporary when a large red truck made a sharp turn up the corner of your street. through a foggy haze, you knew unmistakably that it was ellie. she pulled into the driveway, allowing you a closer look. it could’ve been the lack of sun, or your obscured vision but her hair seemed darker? and come to think of it— so did her eyes. slowly, you found yourself mesmerized by the black strands clinging to the sides of her face. the door swung open, and behind it revealed a damp ellie and a gust of humid air. 
“hey baby.” her voice was warm, soothingly so. it took everything in you not to pounce on her. instead, you buried the sultry voice in your head, strolling over towards her. reaching for the hem of ellie’s coat you pulled it off her body, allowing your fingers to tentatively trace the edges of her arms. they were bare and practically glistening from the rain. the proximity only seemed to stir your desire even more, forcing your eyes away from her muscles. 
“lemme help you with that,” you purred, swiping a fresh towel from the counter. gently you brought the cloth down on her skin, applying just the slightest bit of pressure. a part of you feared that if you pushed any further there would be no going back. 
although you keep your attention on her arms you could feel ellie’s gaze. it was unwavering and infectious. her green eyes began at the top of your face trailing down to your lips, settling on them for what felt like hours. 
you cleared your throat, “did you do something different today?”
“what do you mean?” her brows furrowed as you moved the cloth against her skin, lifting your head to meet her eyes. they held that same intensity that you detected outside only this time it was palpable.
“when i saw you outside you looked different—maybe it’s your hair…?” you moved the towel to her face, running it along the underside of her jaw. ellie’s eyes flickered between yours, 
and for a moment you could’ve sworn she felt it too. the same heat rapidly building its way around the two of you. she shook her head, slowly wrapping her arms around you.
“i could say the same about you too,” she whispered breathily, ushering you closer. her skin felt hot against yours, even more so as the distance grew faint.
“mhm,” she smirked. your eyes trailed to her lips, soft and pink as she ran her lips across them. you so desperately wanted to kiss them yet something held you back. you were in need of something more, something raw— and ellie could sense it too. the desire that you fought so hard to contain poured out of you in a matter of seconds. there was no time to stumble towards your room, thus you opted for the cramped living room sofa. 
your thoughts were frenzied and for the most part, you couldn’t remember much. first, you felt the plush fabric underneath you and ellie above. her lips were fierce pulling you fervently. her hands made their way down your body as she took advantage of her position, pining herself on top of you. you were left vulnerable to all she had to offer and it was evident by the way she attacked your neck. ellie’s tongue brushed along the soft flesh drawing soft moans from your lips. 
she worked her way down, pulling all of the clothes that separated you from her. her green eyes seemed darker than ever burning even deeper as she neared your pussy. before going any further she glanced up at you, eyes half-lidded and laced with arousal.
“keep going, keep going…” you begged, ushering her to continue. she pressed fierce kisses to your thighs in response, cupping her hands on the back of your thighs to gain more access. her tongue was hot against your clit, feverishly sucking as you pulled her closer. you sunk your hands further into ellie’s frenzied hair, desperately rubbing your heat against her lips. 
“yes— oh fuck…..”
tears brimmed the corners of your blurring your vision as ellie’s tongue sunk deep into your pussy. she lapped away your fluids filling the room with filthy noises that coincided with the thundering rain. 
“just like that el….”
her nails bore crescents deep into your skin the longer she held on. slowly felt yourself losing control faster than usual. there was less thought behind your words and actions— in fact majority of the time you couldn’t even register what you were saying. and for the most, it wouldn’t have mattered except this time you ventured into uncharted territory. 
it came out as a mere whisper….. 
…yet it was enough to stop you right in your tracks. abruptly you sat up, pulling yourself down from the euphoric clouds. 
you didn’t just…?
….did you?
it took ellie a moment to realize it. she was used to you shouting out the most obscene things during sex but this one was a first. and weirdly enough…she liked it?
“did you just call me mommy?” 
you stammered, “shit…i-i don’t know what came over me just now, it was an acci—“
“it’s okay.” ellie’s voice was calm— alarmingly so. you were unable to detect whether it was a good sign or not but she didn’t look disgusted or the slightest bit annoyed. if anything she seemed amused and even pleased by your slip-up.
“what?” to say you were surprised would be an understatement— appalled more like it. you liked to believe that you had a good idea of ellie was into and if not then she’d bring it up to you. however, you’d never expect it to come in the form of an “accident.”
“i mean it, it’s okay i don’t mind,” she smiled coyly, trailing her fingers along the sides of your thigh. you couldn’t help but stare back in amusement, with the corners of your lips quirking up into a sly grin. 
“so you’re into that? being called mommy?” 
she shrugged, “i guess so— but i hadn’t really realized it until now.”
the newfound discovery seemed like a disguise. your mind ran wild with possible scenarios sparked by the event and ellie didn’t have the slightest clue. at first, she thought you were mocking her. largely due to the way you gazed back with a slight sparkle in your eye—as if she were prey.
“why are you looking at me like that? you think it’s weird—“
“no no no, of course not. i think it’s cute. plus it’s good to know….for future reference,” you teased, leaning back onto the couch. you ushered your hips closer, enticing ellie to come forward as she smirked up at you. 
“you are seriously fucked up.” 
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dankpunks · 4 days
Bruises — Ellie Williams
Tumblr media
Summary: Ellie comes home battered and bruised and you’re the one to patch her up.
Placement/background: Ellie and the reader share a small house in Jackson for the last couple years.
Warning(s): pre-established relationship, mention of injury’s, mention of fear and discomfort, badly hurt!ellie, caretaker!reader, mention of brief nudity, pure fluff, some smooching, wlw.
authors note: This is kinda like salt on a wound ngl but sometimes we just need a bit of that sting dw you get lots of fluff with it<3 LIGHTLY proofread
reblog’s and feedback would be much appreciated!!<3
Tumblr media
You’d hear the soft creek of the rusty front door as you made your way around the kitchen the soft glow of the street lamps streaming through the open windows in the living room.
Rinsing the suds off the small pan you had used for dinner that night you’d peak your head around the corner of the kitchen catching a glimpse of Ellie struggling to pull off her pack as her once tan tank top was drenched in red. The smile dropping from your face as the loud clink of the pan falling into the sink filled the air.
Rushing over to the injured girl without a second thought you’d pat your hands dry on your ratty t-shirt as a gasp fell from your lips.
“Els— what happened”
your words barely a whisper but filled with panic griping onto the girls arm to gently tug her onto the worn down couch you’d push her shoulders slightly to have her sit. Drooping to your knees in front of her you brushed your hands over her blood stained cheek trying to get her attention.
“oh baby..”
you’d hum softly seeing the freckled girls soft eyes meet yours but remaining silent. She didn’t need to speak you could see the pain and fear in them silently begging to be helped as much as she didn’t like to admit it.
Letting out a deep sigh you let your shoulders slump hating to see her like this battered and bruised but this time felt different she looked completely lost— broken.
Getting to your feet again you leaned over placing a soft kiss onto the top of Ellies head letting your lips linger there for a couple moments.
“I’ll be righ—“
before you could finish your sentence Ellie gripped onto your wrist her fingers digging into your skin but not hard enough to hurt. Your brows furrow watching her carefully she looked up to meet your eyes before her voice broke through the silence.
“Please- please don’t leave.”
Her voice sounded strained almost pained as she stuttered over herself. Her eyes were glazed over her fingers on your wrist slightly trembling as the moments passed. You felt the strings tug at your heart as you heard it making you close your eyes briefly and inhale through your nose to try and calm your thoughts.
You’d give her a small nod before tapping your fingers on the hand that was wrapped around your wrist slowly having her fingers intertwine with yours. You’d tilt your head slightly giving her a small smile as you pulled her up with you careful not to hurt her more.
Slowly making your way to your shared bathroom Ellie trudged behind you quietly arm still outstretched behind you as to lead the way for her. Making it into the small space you kept your hand in hers turning so you were facing the freckled girl her eyes not quite meeting yours until you raise your hand to lightly touch her chin lifting it to press a small kiss onto her nose.
You’d pull away slowly trying not to make to much sudden movements so you wouldn’t cause the injured girl in front of you any discomfort. Fingers still lingering together you reached over to the faucet of the tub with your free hand turning it on and dipping your hand under the running water to feel the temperature before dropping the plug to fill the tub.
Ellie would let out a soft whimper as you let go of her rough hand the lose causing her to look up at you with pleading eyes.
“I know baby— i’ll take care of you.”
You’d say quietly bringing your hands down to the hem of her tank top peeling the blood soaked material from her wounded body. You’d inhale sharply as you saw the multitude of small gashes and bruises littered over her skin; you would alway tended to her wounds when she had a hard day on patrol but this time.. this time felt different.
Dropping the tank top to the ground you slowly let your eyes travel over the wounds trying to get a grasp on what she needed. You’d slowly unbutton her jeans sliding them down her legs as you hunched down to help lift each of her ankles to get them off completely before letting your hands slid up the soft skin of her thighs. You stood up again pushing the thin material of her underwear off her hips so they pooled at her feet having her carefully step out of them.
Sighing quietly the only sound in the room was the rush of the water coming from the faucet causing you to glance over at the half full tub. You’d turn off the running water before looking back to your timid girlfriend intertwining your fingers again you nodded your head over to the tub.
“I’m going to need you to step in for me, love. Slowly please..”
You’d help her step in hearing a soft hiss fall from her lips as the water washed over her open wounds. You felt her fingers press tightly against yours as she sat further into the tub a small sigh of relief escaping her as the warm water loosened her aching bones.
Lifting her battered hand to your lips you left a lingering kiss to the skin causing the freckled girl to give you a weak smile.
“i’m just going to get a clean rag, bug. I’ll be one second.”
“Mm— o-okay.”
Ellie’s voice was raspy, soft but broken. She’d give you a small nod giving your hand a tight squeeze before dropping hers into the warm water.
You’d rummage through the small cabinet pulling out the first aid kit along with a soft cotton cloth placing the kit on the counter top before dropping to your knees and shuffling closer to the tub.
Dipping the clean cloth into the bath water before ringing it out slightly bringing the cloth up to Ellie’s cheeks. You’d lightly run the cloth over her freckled cheeks causing the girl to wince as you went over a dark bruise coming in on her cheekbone. You lean closer to the girl inspecting the cut under her eyebrow dabbing lightly over it to get a clearer view seeing that it wasn’t deep enough to need stitches.
After the skin of her once stained face was clean you’d press your lips lightly onto her jawline feeling Ellie’s body relax a bit more into the feeling. Keeping her eyes closed she’d pull her legs up to her chest resting her chin on her knees as her lanky arms wrap around her legs.
You’d rinse the cloth in the water again before softly drag the cloth down her scared back causing Ellie to groan as her fingernails dug into the back of her calves not enough to brake skin but enough to ease the pain of the water through open wounds.
“s-sh bug i know it hurts.. here—“
You’d reach out your hand pulling her fingers away from digging into her skin intertwining your free hand with her rough calloused ones.
“hold onto me okay? squeeze as hard as you need.”
A warm smile spread over your lips as Ellie gave you a small nod holding your soft hand between hers tightly. You’d manage to rinse off all the blood on her pale skin tossing the dirty cloth into the sink behind you to wash later.
Sitting up on your knees before you’d reach over to the small handheld shower head and turning on the faucet testing the water temperature. Ellie would be quiet watching your every move, her head remained foggy as the soft hums you let out soothes her worries.
You’d lightly tap Ellie’s chin so she tilted her head up higher letting the shower head come closer to her head you carefully soaked her hair rising any of the grime that might have tangled through her roots. Lowering the shower head and turning it off you reached for the honey scented shampoo that the two of your shared before lathering some in your hands.
Running your soapy fingers slowly through her tangled hair letting them rub at her scalp causing Ellie to moan out softly at the feeling. You could feel the slight sag of her shoulders as they dropped in comfort and bliss as a smile tugged at your lips glad that she’s feeling more relaxed.
As you finished lathering the freckled girls hair you reached over to the plug of the tub having it drain slowly. You’d raise the shower head again to rinse out the shampoo, small hums of content falling from Ellie’s parted lips as you made sure the water stayed out of her eyes.
“Thank you baby..”
The words startled you for a moment growing use to the quiet atmosphere but welcoming the words nonetheless. The green eyed girl would look up at you as you grabbed the fluffy blue towel that was hanging from the door with the most adoring eyes, she was truly head over heels for you.
Ellie stood up slowly from the tub while you wrapped the towel around her small but strong frame her standing a tiny bit taller then normal from the height of the tub.
“Anything for you, bug. I love you.”
You’d lean in whispering the three little words that always had Ellie’s head spinning. She’d be the one to close the gap pressing her soft lips to yours while raising her hand to rest on your cheek. She’d pull away slowly resting her forehead to yours her breathing hitched in her throat as she tried to saviour the moment, saviour you.
“I love you, darlin’.”
Tumblr media
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elskittie · 2 months
Pls write about clingy!reader wanting ellie's attention when she's playing video games and just like climbing into her lap and all that cute stuff.. youre writng is good <3 xoxo
this is so me….. giggles ….. (and thank u <3)
Tumblr media
console yourself — clingy!reader
🎀 just fluff with a tiny bit of suggestiveness if you squint? reader bein clingy n ellie being cute :)
Tumblr media
• you missed ellie. you pouted into the bed sheets as you lay faced down, leg pulled up beside you, spreading yourself out (rather dramatically, you might add.) on the bed. your favourite pyjama shorts were jostled at your hips as you sigh with your face buried into ellie’s pillow. she was supposed to be right here besides you, holding you. but instead, she was far, far away. 
• “motherfucker.” ellie cursed quietly as her on screen character died and her game restarted. okay, maybe she wasn’t that far away — but she was far enough. what wasn’t helping, was that she looked so cozy on that day. she was bundled in a hoodie and sweatpant material shorts that were grey and fell just above her knee. half of her short hair was pulled back into its usual half-do messy bun and she was slouched down in her seat, legs spread and her controller resting at her stomach where she aggressively thumbed the joystick, brow creased in concentration.
• “ellieeeeuhhhhh.” you whined, and one might think judging by the devastation in your voice that you were severely injured or frightened- however ellie knew you all too well, and even without lending you any of her concentration she knew that you were simply suffering from a severe case of clingy girlfriend syndrome.
• “one minute, babe.” she responded, a few seconds delayed as her eyes zeroed in on her screen target. you huffed, unsatisfied by the response and rolled over to watch her. deciding to take matters into your own actions you stood up, walking over to her with determination (and yet you ended up giggling.) and climbing onto her leg, seating yourself on her lap.
• she barely reacts, simply weaving her head past and over yours when you were getting situated so that she could still see the screen. if she was going to ignore you for her game, she might aswell do it with you on her lap. “hey.” she greets casually and you giggle some more at how focused she is on the game. at your laugh, the corners of her own mouth subconsciously turn up without realising as she continues mashing the joystick.
• you try your best to not disturb her too much, snuggling into her with your arms around her neck, burying your face into her as she leans back with you on her comfortably. she sighs in frustration at the game as it restarts again. “why can’t i fucking get past this part?” she mutters under her breath and you turn your cheek, your warm breath heating the skin of her neck.
• “maybe it’s a sign from the universe that you should pay attention to your girlfriend.” you held back a smile at your cheeky response to her rhetorical question and she briefly took her eyes off the screen to side eye you, making you snigger.
• she played a few more rounds before you noticed the repetitive music from the old game halted and both of her hands were on your waist. “alright, i’m all yours.” she smiled, briefly taking her hands away to stretch her arms, leaning back as she did so and glancing at the clock - guiltily wondering how much time she’d spent accidentally neglecting you.
• you sat back on her lap and smiled at her, crinkling your nose when she poked it. “i missed you.” you complained quietly, busying yourself with playing with her hoodie drawstring.
• “can you reeeeally miss someone if they’re in the same room?” she smirked, pushing your hair back with her hand, letting it slide over your head til she was cupping the back of your neck. you looked up at her with a serious expression, scrunching your nose in fake anger. “yes.” you answered and she chuckled, nodding as if to say ‘alright, alright.’
• “oh, right. i guess i missed you too then.” she smiled coyly, pulling you in by the neck and bringing your mouth to hers. you melted into the kiss, feeling relieved and satisfied by the affection you were craving so badly. “wish i could throw your console out the window sometimes.” you admit against her mouth and she pulled away to gasp, an offended hand on her chest.
• “you take that back, missy.” she poked a finger into your chest and you giggled, chasing her mouth for another kiss.
• “i doooo! i’m sorry!” you had fallen into a giggle fit as the two of you continued to kiss through the disruption before finally pulling away for a breather.
• “i think you’d like it if you tried it.” after gazing at you for a moment she spoke with a fond smile, fiddling with the ends of your pyjama shorts that were bunched up at your thigh crease.
• “i’m not playing that girlfriend-thieving game. don’t try and corrupt me.” you closed your eyes stubbornly as if you could block her out and she chuckled, leaning back a little more in her chair and nudging you suggestively with her own hips, bouncing you once on her lap.
• “little late for that, don’t you think?” her smirk only got more sly and you opened your eyes just to widen them, feeling your face heat up. “how about this,” she took your hands in hers, running her thumb over your knuckles absentmindedly.
• “i’m listening.” you raised an eyebrow.
• “i’ll teach you how to play. you can stay right here on my lap, because i know you’re clingy like that.” she tilted her head slightly in a loving way as she stared at you on her lap. you pretended to think before clambering up to swivel round in her lap.
• “fine... i am not clingy.” you denied with a proud grin.
• “and the sky isn’t blue.” she teased, pretending to say it under her breath making you gasp and lightly swat at her before getting comfortable in her lap, her hands resting over yours on the controller. maybe this wouldn’t be so bad after all.
Tumblr media
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butterflykissiies · 20 days
high infidelity
abby anderson x reader
cw : cheating/infidelity ,, angst
wc : 1.7K
Tumblr media
The funny thing about the apocalypse is the fact that the scariest thing isn’t infected, no they don’t even come close. To you, the scariest thing about the desolate world now was the repetitive knock on your bedroom door once all the lights had ceased. It was a girl, a tension, a fleeting intimacy. It was a ball of dread that formed every time you saw her with him. It was the ability to remember the soft brush of her lips but forget the fact that every time she left, she went home to him. Cruel and unusual punishment, stemming from the overwhelming love you carried for her, for a girl who’d never love you in the way you love her. 
“This isn’t right, Abs.” you cautioned, taking a small gulp as she inched closer to your lips. She had a boyfriend, there was no way she was thinking clearly. She loved him, right? There was no denying your heart racing, no matter how much you knew she’d regret it- regret you, all you saw was the way she stared at your trembling lips. “You’re with Owen.” 
The girl paused momentarily, almost as if she was debating it before she moved her eyes to your own. “I want to kiss you and I know I shouldn't.” She whispered, voice quiet as she pushed her previous activities with Owen to the back of her mind. For some reason, they didn’t hold a candle to the blossom of light she nursed in her chest as she felt your breath fan across her face. For some reason, the girl she’d known her whole life felt a whole lot like home. “Nobody has to know, it'll be only once.”
Words escaped you as you sat entranced beneath her, focusing on the heat that had risen into your face. She was everything you’d wanted, for as long as you could remember it had always been her. “O-okay. Just once.” You hummed, taking in a shaky breath as you followed her eyes, attempting to read her thoughts. 
Once turned into twice turned into a couple dozen times. That led to the moment you had her oh-so-familiar knock on the door of your bedroom, sending your stomach into a tight knot as you took longer than usual to get to the door- to allow her back into the vulnerability she’d dug out of you- to allow her in. It felt just like every other night, every other useless display of affection. The doorknob felt like lead, but you forced it to turn, opening the door wide enough to let her squeeze in as you made sure nobody saw her come in. It was a ritual, one that you performed under the false pretense that maybe she’d ever love you. 
“Hey, Abs.” You spoke quietly, shutting the door with a soft click before turning the lock. So far nobody knew of your infidelitous escapades, and you preferred to keep it that way. She looked beautiful, as she did most nights, but it was different today. Her hair was free of its usual fishtail, draped casually over her shoulders as she peeled off her jacket, and her eyes seemed brighter- glossier.
She threw a smile at you as she tossed the garment onto your table haphazardly, spinning around to face you in the compacted corners of your hallway. “Miss me?” She asked, beckoning you to follow her deeper into the room you called home. “Who am I kidding, you always miss me.” 
It was almost funny if the statement hadn’t been true. Despite the guilt you felt going into the situationship you found yourself in, you’d begun to anticipate the moments you got with the girl. Your reasoning being that you’d never get a chance like this again, soon she’d realize how much she’d fucked up and it would all be gone. The intimacy, the late-night calls, the remnants of your friendship. So hell, why not enjoy the thing you longed for the most before she’d never talk to you again. 
“What’ve you been up to?” You ask the girl, following in step behind her as she took a seat on the couch on the far side of the room. It was just like it was every night, the nervous tension that followed you around like a blinded haze as you anticipated her next moves. It was like a game of chess, she moved, you moved and somehow she always won. 
Abby shrugged, moving to untie her boots. “Nothing, just dealing with Owen’s bullshit.” She huffed, her words tightening as she mentioned his name. It wasn’t unusual for her to bring him up, but it hadn’t ceased to send a jolt of nausea through you. “Enough about me though. What about you? I feel like I've barely seen you around.”
‘For good reason,’ you thought to yourself, pulling your lip between your teeth as you pulled your sleeves down your arms to accompany the chill that had overtaken your body. Was there a good answer to this? Was there something you could say that would distract her from the fact that you’d locked yourself in your room all day, hiding from her watchful eye. No matter where you were, you could feel her gaze linger on you, sending a burst of color into your skin. And guilt into your consciousness. “I’m fine, just wasn’t feeling too good today.” You settled on, watching as the girls' brows furrowed, sensing deception. 
“Sick?” She asked, pushing the pair of heavy work boots to the corner. Abby wasn’t stupid, no not in the slightest. She knew something was up, from your separated stance and the hesitation in your words whence she spoke to you. “Come here, let me check your temperature.” This was her way of weeding out the truth, finding the real reason for your obvious off-pittance to her. 
You cursed yourself, not willing to break your train of lies, shuffling over to where she sat. “It’s probably not too bad, I just-” You began, but getting abruptly cut off by her strong hand coming up to pull you down onto her lap.
The girl laughed lightly, hands coming around to brush the now frizzy hair from your face. “(y/n), I know you're not sick.” She stated matter-of-factly, eyes trained on yours as she now attempted to read you. That was much easier for her, seeing as it was her job to know what everyone else was going to do before they did it, and you were no exception. Yet, when she probed deeper into the story your eyes had to tell- you ripped them away from her own. “Why won’t you look at me?”
Fuck, fuck, fuck, fuck. 
“Abby..” Your voice was trembling, leading her to release her hold on you. You shuffled over to rest on the opposite side of the couch, avoiding looking at her. You already knew what you’d see, the hurt expression she carried like an open wound, the one that shattered your heart into a million pieces, the one she knew would bring you back to her. “I can’t do this anymore.” 
Abby furrowed her brows, lips parting as she struggled to find the words to say. Her chest felt tight, breathing getting heavier as she just stared. You were the only thing she looked forward to, her eyes finding you in a crowd before she could even find herself. The time she got with you was precious, she devoted herself to it. 
You took a shaky breath, glancing up at her before finding interest in the cushion of the couch. “Whatever this is, it’s-,” 
“Please don’t say it.” Her voice trembled, and the anxiety had twisted her stomach into knots, causing her breathing to go shallow as she fought the pricking tears. 
The room fell into silence as you halted, your heart hurting as you thought about the life you were throwing away. If it could only be as easy as asking her to choose, to stay here. To give him up. You couldn’t do that to her, you knew how much they’d been through together. 
The girl beside you slid off of the couch, coming to sit up on her knees in front of you. Her striking blue eyes shimmering with unshed tears as she peered up at you. It was her way of leveling with you, as that’s all she could think to do, hoping you’d change your mind. “Stay with me, please.” She whispered, hands resting on your knees gently. 
“I can’t be second to him anymore, Abby.” You admitted, shaking your head as you wiped the quickly escaping tears from your cheeks. You hadn’t intended to cry, wanting to break this off on a good note, but the universe had other plans. “I love you, but I just can’t.” 
She knew this would come one day, though she didn’t expect it to be so soon. Something inside of her wanted to give in to you, to march into her apartment right now and break up with Owen, but she couldn’t bring herself to throw away so many years of her life for something she didn’t know would last. As much as she loved you, she feared leaving the safety of familiarity. She spoke of her love in poetic terms but she found herself faltering on her follow-through as she slowly pulled her hands away from you. “I won’t leave him if that’s what you’re asking of me.” She murmured, casting her eyes down. “I love you but he’s my past.” 
You felt the sobs shake your body as you wrapped your arms around yourself. “Let me be your future.” You pleaded, words coming out broken as you battled the emptiness that had started pulsing in your chest. 
Abby felt your words pierce her heart, filling her with an indescribable sadness as she mulled over the things she’d be giving up by leaving you now. You were everything, but Owen used to be her everything, so how long until you turned into nothing just like him? Her face was tinged red, eyes gaining a hazy fog as she fought herself. It was eating her from the inside out. 
“I-I have to go.” She rushed, pushing herself off of her knees, grabbing her shoes, and heading for the front door. She was moving so fast that she forgot her jacket, barely even noticing it as she struggled to unlock the door. Her hands were shaking so badly it took her over a minute to get it open, practically vaulting herself outside before slamming the door closed behind her. 
You just stared at the door, stunned.
She just left. 
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1ov9r · 8 days
men need know that ellie is for the girls only
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the angst i was thinking about was reader wandering out of jackson on her own. maybe she heard other people talking about (insert random rare plant here) and she just had to go get it because it would be perfect for her garden. so yeah, she leaves and nobody notices and ellie is out on patrol, they didnt cross each other because they took different routes. ellie goes looking for her but couldnt find her anywhere. she freaks out and leaves to find her. bonus points if reader finds a clicker or something
a/n: i am sososo sorry this took so long and it definitely doesn’t do this fab concept the justice it deserves but i hope you like it!! <3 (also im so sorry its so long) xoXo
☆ take everything
e. williams x innocent! reader
‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵‿︵‿︵ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ・❉・ ʚ˚̣̣̣͙ɞ‿︵‿︵
you always did your best to follow every rule that ellie gave you, knowing that she wanted to keep you safe at all times. that is why she insisted that you stay back in jackson whenever she went on patrol, always telling you that she would be much happier knowing that you were safe and sound at home. so you always obeyed her, although you always wondered what was so bad about leaving jackson. of course you knew there was a reason why many people avoided ever leaving the town, but ellie made sure that no one ever told you the truth about what was going on. you would sometimes whine about it to her, insisting that you could be a brave girl for her but she would always shush you and distract you in any way she could.
but you had never seriously considered leaving jackson for any reason, knowing how much it would upset ellie. so you stayed back while she went on her long patrols, trying to cure your boredom by spending lots of time in your garden. it wasn’t until yesterday afternoon that you had even considered leaving jackson and it was all because you had tried to talk to someone new. ellie kept you so close to her that you rarely spoke to anyone else within the town but as you sat in your garden late in the afternoon, a girl around your age had come by to compliment your garden. you felt bad, not even being able to remember what the girl’s name was but happy to have someone to talk to while ellie was away. the conversation was short lived, but she mentioned that the last time she went on patrol, she saw a bunch of fireweed flowers blossoming.
you could barely contain your excitement, as you had only seen drawings of the flower within the little gardening books you had and although they were common within the state, you had never been able to see one. you had asked if she could remember where she had seen them and she had given you directions based on what she could remember and you rushed back to ellie’s house to write down the directions she had given. you hadn’t been able to find any new flowers for so long and you wanted to surprise ellie with the addition to your garden. she deserved a nice surprise and you figured as long as she didn’t find out you had left jackson, all would be well.
so before ellie came home, you hid the directions in the pocket of your coat that was hanging by the front door and decided that you could leave early in the morning since ellie would be on a long patrol tomorrow. you spent the night as you usually would, asking her about her day and basking in the warmth of her seemingly endless affection. but you felt a little guilty, knowing that you would soon be going against her wishes. you could push the feeling down just enough to get by, falling sound asleep with her as she cuddled you close.
once you woke up in the morning, you could hear rain tapping softly against the window and you noticed that ellie’s side of the bed was completely empty. you had momentary second thoughts, worried about the rain ruining your trip but you just wanted to get the flowers as soon as possible. you called out ellie’s name, tip toeing throughout the house as the cold hardwood of the floor pressed against your socked feet, simply trying to make sure she was indeed out for the day. once it was all clear, you started getting ready. you knew you would need to stay warm so you wore some blue jeans with one of ellie’s sweaters to keep you warm. you got to wear the rain boots that ellie had found and hand painted for you, the adorable pink flower pattern on the boots being your absolute favorite. you packed your backpack full of supplies you would need to safely dig up the flowers, even packing a little pot to carry the flower back in until you could replant it into your garden. you knew ellie always carried weapons when she left jackson but she never ever left them out in the open for you to find so you decided it must not be necessary to carry anything like that with you.
you realized it was a dark day once you got outside, the clouds blocking out any sunlight that could potentially help to light your way but you didn’t mind too much. you knew there was a part of the massive walls that surrounded jackson that was never heavily guarded so you decided to make your way over to see if there was a chance you could slip out unnoticed. it would seem the universe was in your favor, as you noticed that no one was standing guard at the small gap in the wall that gave you the chance to make your way out. you were practically jumping from excitement, turning your head quickly to make sure no one was around to see you before you squeezed your way through the gap to reach the other side.
the moment you got outside of the only world you had ever known, you momentarily felt so free. it was so quiet around you, the only sound that was loud enough for you to hear was the sound of heavy raindrops splashing against your raincoat that was on top of ellie’s cozy sweater. you felt so pleased with yourself, thinking of how proud ellie would be if she knew how well you were doing. you had let your mind wander too much, not paying the best attention to the direction you were heading in as you walked into a forested area. it took you quite a while to notice your aimless walking, stopping in your tracks as you frantically tried to remember what you had done with those directions. you dug through your pockets, desperately trying to remember what you had done with the small piece of paper. your eyes went wide as your memory finally came back to you, picturing your coat that you had left hanging by the front door. you had forgotten the directions and now here you were, in the middle of an overgrown forested area during a storm.
you felt so overwhelmed, instinctively looking to your side as if ellie would be there to give you directions yet you found yourself alone. all alone and terrified. you couldn’t remember why the flowers had been so important, as you just wanted to be back home and have ellie wrap you up in her arms. so you tried to hold back your little sniffles, feeling tears well up in your eyes from how panicked you were about the situation. ellie had been there to guide you through everything for so long but now she was nowhere to be found and you were left to sort out what you had done. you turned around, trying to take in your surroundings to see if anything looked familiar at all. you focused on one spot that seemed somewhat familiar, bringing your hand up to your face to wipe away the tears that had fallen so you could try to make your way back home.
ellie had left extra early that morning and thats why you hadn’t been awake to see her leave. she wanted to get home early to surprise you so she took the patrol that nobody else would want. by the time you had slipped out of the jackson perimeter, she was just barely making her way back home. she couldn’t wait to see you, having a little surprise that she had found for you just waiting to be gifted to you. you had been so understanding with her being so busy lately and she wanted to reward you with a nice cozy day. by the time she reached the large gates in front of jackson, she was so tired and she couldn’t wait to see your face. she had gotten her horse back to the stables before she started making her way back home, already smiling softly as she thought about how sleepy you would be.
once she got into the house, she dropped her backpack down to the floor and kneeled down to take her shoes off before she made her way to the room to wake you up. she opened the door, ready to see you face light up the way it did every time you saw her. however, she was greeted by an empty bed and a seemingly empty room. “baby?” she called out, trying her best not to immediately assume the worst but she knew how much you loved to sleep in and it just didn’t seem right. she set down the little gift she had for you on the dresser, rushing to the bathroom to see if you were there but the light was off and the space was vacant. then she started rushing all around the house, calling your name louder each time she spoke only to be greeted with silence. as she made her way back to the front door she saw your raincoat was missing but your usual coat was still there. there was no way you could’ve gone out, there was no possible reason that she could think of and yet you were nowhere to be found. she ran back to the room, digging through the closet to find that your rain boots were missing after she saw this, full blown panic set in.
she made her way back to the front door, lacing her shoes quickly and grabbing her pistol from her backpack before she left. as she stepped out of the house it dawned on her that you had absolutely no weapon, no way to defend yourself at all. she tried to shake the thought, doing her best to believe that you were still in jackson. she made her way to your garden, letting out a loud curse when she found you weren’t there. the rain seemed to be coming down even harder as she made her way through jackson, asking anyone she saw if there was any chance they had seen you that morning but no one seemed to have a clue. it wasn’t until she asked a girl that she passed on her way to the front of the gate that she got a real answer. she was absolutely frantic, asking the same way she had asked so many other people if they had seen you that day. the girl in front of her seemed to pause, thinking for a moment or two before her eyebrows raised like she finally understood what she was saying. “do you mean the girl who is always in that big garden?” she questioned, to which ellie feverishly nodded her head, praying to every force alive that she truly knew where you had gone. “i haven’t seen her today, actually. when we were talking yesterday she sounded pretty excited about leaving jackson so she could go to find those fireweeds that are blossoming a little ways away from here” she explained calmly, as if it was the most normal thing in the world.
if ellie wasn’t in such a rush to find you, she would’ve punched that girl’s lights out for even putting the idea of leaving jackson into your precious little mind. instead she cut her off, an angry expression taking over her features. “where the fuck are the flowers?” she questioned, watching as the girl dropped her eyes to the ground below them from being intimidated. she explained the same directions she had given you, assuring her that the area was not far at all and she could travel by foot but this didn’t ease ellie’s mind at all. she memorized the directions within a moment or two, not bothering to end the conversation as she ran to get to the front gates so she could get out and find you before things took a turn for the worst.
you were still as lost as ever, trying to convince yourself that you were getting closer to the safety of jackson but you were almost positive you had been walking in a giant circle. just when all seemed hopeless, you saw a quick flash of purple out of the corner of your eye that seemed just as vibrant as the illustrations of the fireweed flowers you had seen so many times. you actually squealed with joy, momentarily forgetting your miserable situation as you knelt down on the ground so you could pull out your gardening tools to retrieve the flower. you were being rather noisy, letting the objects in your backpack clink around before you dumped them onto the muddy floor that surrounded you. it was a pleasant moment that you desperately needed, so you were humming softly as you started to dig up the flower ever so gently. you were almost done when you heard a strange sound, your head instantly snapping upwards to see what was making the noise.
it was at this same time that ellie was nearing where you were with every step, still calling out your name ever so often. but it wasn’t ellie’s voice that you were hearing, not at all. when you had lifted your head up, a few feet from you stood the most horrific thing you had ever seen. no nightmare could ever scare you the way this horrible creature did, your mouth practically hanging open as you watched it twitch closer to you with every passing moment. you were completely frozen, listening to the awful clicking sounds it was making and desperately trying to will your body to run. your chest was heaving as you started to stand, realizing that this was why ellie never wanted you to leave jackson and this was what she was keeping from you. as you stood, your pot hit the ground with a small thud and the disgusting creature snapped its head in your direction.
you couldn’t stop yourself anymore, an ear piercing scream leaving your throat as you ran in the other direction as fast as you could. ellie could hear your scream instantly, noticing the birds that scattered into the sky from the sound that disturbed the quiet area. her heart was pounding against her chest as she ran in the direction of the scream as quickly as she could. you had barely made it a few feet before the clicker caught up to you, pining you on the muddy ground as you desperately tried to escape its grip. you kept screaming ellie’s name, realizing that you would likely never see her again. just as your strength was slipping away, a deafening sound filled the air and the creature that had you pinned down had fallen to the side of you, its body still twitching in the slightest before you heard another sound rip through the air that seemed to stop the clicker’s movements.
all you could do was lay there and sob, wishing the cold ground underneath you would take you away from the world. it was ellie who had shot the clicker, her screams of your name never fully reaching your ears as she rushed to your side. she scooped you up into her arms, her heart breaking at the way you immediately thrashed in her grip and cried harder. “baby, baby, please, its just me” she tried to soothe, wrapping her arms tightly enough around you that you couldn’t try to push her away anymore. “its just me” she repeated, rocking you gently against her body as you shook with fear. it was so hard to feel soothed by ellie’s presence, your mind replaying the image of the clicker over and over again. even as she shushed your cries, your mind started to think of how she had purposely lied to you about what was going on outside. some part of you knew that you shouldn’t feel betrayed by the person who came to save you but that didn’t stop the ache that consumed your heart.
ellie only pulled back to examine your face and body completely, making sure there were no bite marks and let out a breath of relief once she found that you hadn’t been hurt. she picked you up easily, knowing that she couldn’t make you walk on your own at a time like this. she was glad that girl hadn’t lied, you really were close to jackson but you had just wandered a bit off the usual path. as she carried you back to safety, she continuously tried to settle you down but she knew that there was no way she could take away the shock of seeing something so awful. “its going to be okay, angel. you just need a bath and some warm clothes” she muttered softly, relaxing in the slightest as she finally reached the gates that surrounded jackson. she carried you all the way to the house, only setting you down so that she could get you out of your dirtied clothes.
you had gone silent now besides a few hiccups every now and then from all the crying, your eyes never once rising to meet her concerned gaze. she pulled your rain boots off gently, frowning at all the mud that had gotten on them. afterwards, she slipped your raincoat off of you and tried not to cry at the way you flinched in the slightest when she went to remove the coat. you were in a daze as she led you to the bathroom, leaning against the wall as she started to heat up the bath water for you. she made her way over to you finally, wrapping you in a tight hug before she pressed a kiss to the top of your head. “please, never ever leave like that again. i could’ve lost you, baby. you need to stay here, where its safe” she insisted, knowing she would never be able to continue on in life without you.
you only offered a small nod of your head to show that you understood, staying silent as she helped you out of your clothes so that you could finally get cleaned up in the warm water. ellie had made the bath extra bubbly since she knew it was your favorite but you didn’t mention it, settling in the water and curling into yourself as the bubbles surrounded your form. she let out a small sigh at your silence, deciding to shed her own clothes so that she could slip into the bath with you. ellie entered the bath from behind you, keeping you pressed against her chest as she began to washing your body in a delicate manner. she didn’t want to push it too much, deciding to let silence fall between the two of you as she got you nice and clean. you stayed still for her, staring off into space as she cared for you. it only took a few moments of silence before you were sniffling again, a deep pout forming on your lips. “you never told me about that. you lied to me about it” you said in such a small voice that ellie almost didn’t hear you. she let out a puff of air, knowing that you were upset with her.
“i’m so sorry, i never told you because its not something i want you to be thinking about. it is my fault for not warning you against leaving more and i’m so sorry for that” she said, making sure her tone was calm enough to not upset you more. you were still crying but ellie expected that, understanding how overwhelming everything must feel right now. it took a while for you to relax but by the time she was shampooing your hair, your tense shoulders were relaxing in the slightest and you even leaned into her touch. every moment that you were lost out there all alone, you had prayed for ellie to come and save you and she did. you were terrified but you knew the only person who could truly protect you was ellie. you promised yourself that you would never again go against one of her rules after this, finally understanding that she was doing her best to protect you from danger.
ellie cleaned herself off after you, helping you out of the tub and wrapping you in the fluffiest towel she had. she dried you off with care, bringing you to the bedroom and settling you on the bed so she could brush you hair. after she had gotten the last few water droplets off your skin, she slipped your underwear onto you along with one of her own grey long sleeve shirts to keep you warm. as she got herself dressed, she watched you crawl under the blankets to burrow yourself underneath them as if you were a little bunny. she smiled softly at this, just relieved to have you back home where you were safe. before she went back to join you in bed, she grabbed the gift she had gotten you and hoped with every part of her heart that it would cheer you up.
as she laid down next to you, she pulled the covers off of you in the slightest and she was greeted by your face that still had a pout present. “m’ sorry angel, just wanted to give you a little surprise” she muttered, noticing the way you perked up in the slightest at the mention of a gift. you didn’t say anything though, watching silently as ellie placed a soft teddy bear down in front of you. “ta-da!” she said softly, her eyes wandering the features of your face for any sign of excitement. the sight of the little bear finally brought the smallest smile to your face, your hands reaching up to pull the bear against your chest. “thank you els” you muttered against the bears fur, finally meeting her gaze. ellie let out a breath of relief, pressing a small kiss to the tip of your nose. “you’re welcome, bun. now i need you to promise me that you will never go against the rules again” she said, her tone becoming stern at the end of her sentence. you nodded your head lightly, your finger tracing the fur of the teddy bear’s face before you spoke. “promise i won’t. m’ sorry” you muttered, scooting closer to her body so that you could press yourself against her.
she immediately welcomed you into her arms, trying not to think of the events that had occurred that day. “get some rest now, baby. that was far too much excitement for one day” she whispered against the top of your head, knowing how exhausted you must be. you didn’t have enough energy to reply, feeling the warmth of her arms around you was enough to lull you to sleep. ellie focused on the way she could feel your chest rising and falling, staying up the entire night to make sure she was up in case you had any nightmares. surely enough, you woke up with a cry a few hours later, fresh tears rolling down your cheeks but ellie was immediately there to soothe you back to sleep. with the help of gentle words and a few kisses on the cheek, ellie was able to get you back to sleep and you were finally able to rest soundly.
she would spend the entire week with you afterwards, doing everything in her power to help you forget about the incident that had taken place. she had done this so well that by a few weeks later, she managed to make the whole thing seem like a bad nightmare.
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ourautumn86 · 1 month
eugene’s secret
ellie williams x f! reader
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary; basically the scene in tlou II where ellie comes across eugene’s stash but with changes and additions!
cw; weed, smoking, cursing, tension, sexual thoughts and action, 18+ content, MINORS DO NOT INTERACT, kissing, making out, the knee thing, thigh riding, teasing, dom! ellie and sub! reader, ellie being a little mean, praising, hickeys, nipple play, overstimulation, finger fucking, scissoring, getting caught!!…
Please, under no circumstances, repost my work on any other sites. I do not consent to anyone taking my work and posting it as their own.
“What’s he got down here?” you said as you close the door behind your back, stairs to your right.
“It’s obviously a sex den.” Ellie joked, and you playfully pushed her with your shoulder. She smiled as he gave you an amused look. “That’s why he didn’t tell you about it.” you two started to go down the stairs, her auburn hair swaying with her steps. She looked exceptionally pretty today, with her hair on a low bun and her green jacket.
“I hope it’s a sex den, for his sake. He was so lonely man…” you laughed, and she shook her head.
When you reach the basement, you two found the double doors to your right and slowly opened them up, the strong smell of the plants residing down there hitting you on the nose.
“Oh… oh my god… It’s weed.” Ellis said, shocked as you two entered the room, illuminated by lightbulbs.
“It’s a lot of dead weed.” you nod, looking around. “This explains a lot…” you mutter, watching her take a piece of the weed in between her hands.
“Maria would lose her shit if she saw this place.” Ellie said, smelling the weed.
“How the fuck did he get this together?” you were astonished by the amount of them that stood on tables under the growing lights.
“Must’ve taken him forever.” your friend muttered as she let the weed fall to the floor, her hands now feeling sticky.
“I wish he had told me about this, man. It’s been ages since I’ve smoked. Could’ve helped him out…” you whined, following her.
“Hey!” Ellie called out for you and you looked at her, seeing the videotape she was holding on her hand. “He’s got that videotape thing.”
“Huh. Let’s see what he’s got.” you scoffed, bending just the slightest to get a hold on the rest. “ ‘Dong of the Wolf’, ‘Smash Brandi’s Cooch’…” you read their titles and Ellie frowneds.
“Are these…”
“It’s porn.” you confirmed and she laughed.
“Interesting taste, Eugene…”
You two moved on until something caught her attention.
“y/n. Look. It’s a gas mask bong.” she said while walking towards you for you to see.
You sigh. “God, he was so smart…” you whine and take it from her hands, putting it on. “How do I look, huh?” you inquired her with a silly smile that she couldn’t see as you posed for her.
“Well… It certainly is a look.” she shrugged and you frowned, taking it off and putting it back where she had found it.
“Oh, shut up. You love it.” she said as she walked away, unable to see just how hard you rolled your eyes behind her back. “Ah…” she mumbled as she took a glass jar from the tables.
“Oh…” you came closer, eyes in the jar. “There you go.” you smiled, taking it and inspecting it. “Jackpot.”
“You think it’s still good?” Ellie questions, and you shrug.
“Mmm-mm. Let’s find out.” you said as you tried opening it. You groaned when it wouldn’t, bending over yourself to push the lid harder.
“You having a hard time?” she inquired you as she unbuttoned her jacket, after having left her backpack on the floor. She seemed amused by your struggling.
“No, I got it.” you promised, but the lid wouldn’t fucking budge. “Fuck.” you said and her hands were ready to take it.
“Give me.”
“Oh yeah, like you’re going to get it.” you rolled your eyes just as she rolled up her sleeves. And then, with a quick and harsh motion of her wrist, the lid popped open. “You bitch.” you said, shocked and at the same time hurt. Your pride was hurt.
“You were saying…?” she cockily asks and you push her on the chest, trying to ignore just how good her hands were looking and how their veins were visible. Shit.
“Yeah, yeah. Whatever.” you huffed, taking one of the perfectly rolled blunts in between your fingers and smelling it. She put the jar back on the table. You smelled it, smiling. “Smells good.” you handed it to her so she could do the same, but instead, she looked at you and slowly pulled it up to her plush lips, taking it on her mouth.
You stared as she sat down on the couch. “I mean… We’re gonna be stuck her a while, right?” she shrugged and you squinted your eyes with a little smile. Oh you knew where this was going…
You shook your head, amused, and sat down beside her, your back against the side of the sofa, legs to your chest. “Totally trapped…” You looked at her as she lit it and took a drag, closing her eyes when her throat burned. Her side profile was beautiful, with her perfect nose and long eyelashes, reddish cheeks decorated with freckles…
You wanted nothing more than inhale back in the smoke she was letting out her lungs.
You accepted the blunt when she offered it to you, taking a hit and smiling as you threw your head backwards. “Shit. That’s good.” she let out a chuckled watching you, leaning backwards against the sofa with her legs spread, perfectly exposing her firm thighs. Oh what you’d do to be able to sit on them…
You two shared the joint in between a little chatting, taking in the peace of the place and just how comfortable you were around each other despite last night’s events.
You were high out of your mind when she talked once again. “Can I ask you a question?”
“I don’t know, can you?” you eyes, reddish and half-lidded squinted at her, an amused smile decorating your face.
She shook her head with the same smile before going back to you and moving to face you just the slightest. “Scale of one to ten…” she started and you offered her the blunt. “One being like absolute trash, and ten being life-altering… How would you rate our kiss last night?” she inquired, now fully facing you and taking a hit.
You felt warmth crept up your cheeks, your heart pounding faster inside your chest. You scratched nervously your neck. “Why are we still talking about this?” you asked, taking the blunt and taking a drag. “You said it was a mistake.”
“Did I say that?” Ellie frowned, looking at you, raising her eyebrows, not truly believing it.
You leaned in, looking at her with those beautiful eyes of yours, your legs now one against the other and bended to look at her. “What are you doing?”
“I asked you to rate our kiss.” she repeated while stealing the blunt, her eyes flickering just the slightest to your lips.
“I don’t know…” you shrugged, looking at your lap and away from her green eyes.
“I’d give it a six.” she said after having thought it through.
“A six?!” you inquire, astonished, taking the blunt and smoking a little bit more. “Wow…” you nodded as you exhaled the smoke.
“Like a solid six.” she continued.
“Okay.” Ouch.
“There were a lot of people around.” she clarifies and you look at her.
“Yeah, but, six?”
“Oh, what?” she takes the blunt. “I mean, now I really want to know how you’d rate it.” she said and you looked away.
“I don’t think you do.” you mumbled, and once you looked back and found her smirking. Cocky. “You’re infuriating.” you groaned.
“Have you met you?” she contra-attacked, sarcastic. She was getting closer.
“You make me want to go back outside into that blizzard.” you said, and she smiled, leaning so close you almost lost your breath, her eyes on yours.
“No one is stopping you.” she whispered, and that made you look at her lips. They looked so fucking soft. And for what you knew, they felt just as they looked. She smiled, looking at your dazed face and down at your lips, dampening her own and watching you bit your lower one.
“This better be better than a six.” you whispered and she smiled, flicking and throwing away the remains of the blunt to harshly grab your face and bring you towards her lips. You let out a gasp at the contact, at the intensity. She was kissing you so passionately you felt like melting in between her arms.
She bit down on your lip and you let out a moan that allowed her to push her tongue inside your mouth, humming. Your tongue met hers and after a few seconds she pulled away to look at your eyes before leaning back in once again. You smiled against her lips, her hands leaving your face to grab at your hips and push you back onto the sofa, climbing on top of you. The kiss was heated, not like last night’s. Was needy, was perfect.
Your fingers found her hair and pulled, making her moan in your mouth. She breathed against your lips with her eyes closed as she pulled back and you smiled, raising your eyebrows when her reddish eyes found yours. “Better than a six, huh?” you cockily inquired her and she groaned.
“Shut up.” and she really made you shut up, ‘cause her lips were back on yours. She sucked on your bottom lip, making you whine, before starting to kiss down your jaw and neck, sucking on your skin and making you tug harder on her hair.
“Ah, shit, Ellie. It hurts.” you said as she latched to your neck, biting and licking the marks she’d leave behind to help with the sting. But you really weren’t paying attention to the pain, since now her hands were unzipping your jacket.
“It hurts, baby?” she sarcastically pouted, before you could come back with a smart answer, her leg pushing in between your thighs and against your cunt.
“Fuck.” you moaned when she bucked your hips against her thigh, making you ride it, your jeans pressing against your clit from above your underwear.
“That’s it. Ride my thigh, baby.” she smirked against your chest when you started to press yourself against her harder. You helped her rip off your shirt, leaving you naked from your waist up. “Fuck. No bra?” she inquired, and you moaned when one of her hands grasped your right tit. “You’re so fucking pretty…” she muttered against your skin before her lips latched to your left breast, sucking on your nipple, her index and thumb pinched the other, overstimulating you and making you whine.
“Ellie…” you sighed her name, taking the hand that was on your waist and pulling from it to push it against and between your thighs. “Please, touch me, please…”
“Shit.” she cursed, quickly getting rid of the button of your jeans and throwing them aside after having dragged them down your legs, leaving you solely on your underwear for her to see. “So fucking beautiful…” she whispered, taking off her own shirt and bra before pulling herself closer and on top of you one more time. You moaned when her fingers pushed against your panties, playing with your clit over them. You were so sensitive due to the weed that you felt like crying.
She kissed you as her hand pushed your underwear to the side, letting your glistening cunt made contact with the cold air of the basement. “Oh god…” your head got thrown backwards when she finally touched you, her fingertips glistening with your arousal and sliding so easily in between your lips.
“ ‘S that for me?” she inquired, her head dizzy with the feeling of just how wet you were for her, how pretty you looked under her body, with her fingers on your cunt.
You nodded, whimpering when her middle finger started to circle your clit, electricity cursing through your veins.
“Use your words for me, pretty girl. I want to hear you.” she said, kissing your neck, and you moaned when she plugged her middle finger inside, your walls tightening around it and sucking it in.
“Yes, yes, Ellie. ‘S for you, only for you.” you breathed out, feeling as she started to fuck it in and out of you, the dirty sounds your pussy was making while taking her finger filling the room and making your cheeks burn.
“Atta girl, taking it so good. Listen to her, she’s so wet and ready for me…” she sucked on your nipples and you threaded your fingers on her hair, arching your back when she curled her finger and found that spongy spot inside of you that made your skin burn and your thighs shook. “There it is.” she smiled, curling it again, and again, and again… Until you were a moaning mess underneath her. You were so lost on the pleasure, so needy for her…
“Please Ellie, please, fuck, fuck me, fuck me please…” you begged.
“Such a good girl, asking for it so nicely… You want me to fuck you baby? Leave you all pretty and fucked out?” you nod, and she chuckles when you start to undo her jeans. “Needy, are we?” she teased and you whined.
“Please, Ellie…” she gave in, ‘cause truth be told, she needed you just as badly as you needed her. She got rid of your and her underwear, kneeling in front of you. She was perfect. Perfect with everything he would had on, and off.
She straddled one of your thighs so her glistening cunt would be pressed against yours. You two let out a moan at the contact.
“Oh fuck. Fuck, fuck, fuck, Ellie…” you cried out as she started to move, your clits pressing against the other and making you whimper.
“Shit, you feel so good…” she moaned, taking your hips to grind against you harder, your juices mixing with each other’s as your pussies slides one against the other.
“Please don’t stop.” you begged, kissing her, grasping at her back and clawing at her skin, already over the edge due to her previous toying and teasing.
“I won’t, baby, I won’t. Are you close, hm? Are you gonna come for me?” you nodded, a whimper leaving your lips.
“Yes, yes, fuck.” tears were brimming your eyes, the pleasure was too strong. Her hands felt like pure fire against your skin.
“That’s it, good girl. Cum for me, baby. Wanna see you fall apart.” and with that your back arched, your walls clenching down on nothing and pulsing as you gushed against her cunt and moaned over and over again, each time louder as you reached your peak. “Fuck.” she muttered, watching as you came undone, fucking you and herself through it until she too was falling over the edge and on top of you, moaning and groaning against your neck.
The two of you were breathing heavily, bodies sticky with sweat and glued together. You could feel her quickened heartbeat. She left soft fluttery kisses against your neck and up your cheek towards your lips, where she left a sweet peck.
“Then… Better than a six?” you inquired her and she hit you on the shoulder, making you laugh and making her follow you.
“You’re so stupid.” she shook her head, and you kissed her.
“Oh, shut up, you love it.” you whispered against her lips before she’d lean in and kiss you again. Hands on your hips, his thumb drawing circles on your skin. And just as her tongue entered your mouth, you heard someone screaming your names.
“Ellie? y/n?! Are you two down there?” you pulled apart and looked at each other with eyes widened and faces that clearly said: fuck, Jesse.
You two quickly got up, staggering to get your clothes aback on. You pulled on your underwear and pants, reaching for your shirt as you screamed back.
“Yeah! We’re here! But… Don’t come down! Stay there!”
“Oh fuck.” Ellie said as she fought to put on her sports bra. And if you weren’t about to get caught post-sex, you would have stopped to stare at her smushed tits.
“What the hell are you two doing down… Oh my god!” Jesse screamed and looked away when he caught a glimpse of your naked back and Ellie’s naked legs.
“Fuck, Jesse!” you screamed at him.
“I’m sorry, shit. I didn’t know you two… Fuck.”
“Just shut up, and turn around, oh my god!” he did what you asked so you two could finish dressing up, although Ellie was having a little too much fun kissing your neck instead of helping you put your shirt on.
a/n; fun fact, i dreamed about ellie after smoking last night and now i can’t get her out of my head.😭
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