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pink-angel · 25 days
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ygo-brainrot · 1 year
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because ygo is like That, kaiser and fubuki is the closest we got to a lesbian relationship (corner me at a back alley and i’ll explain). shoutout to aoi and her plot device girlfriend that i couldn’t find a transparent of. 
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Look, I made a meme!
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starfieldcanvas · 2 months
how do you recommend coming up with a tumblr url?
First off, I strongly advise against fandom-based names unless the creator is dead and their work is something you've felt strongly attached to for the last twenty years, because fandoms change, creators turn out to be asshats, and it's a pain to have to change your URL because your hyperfixation passed or because associating with a fandom makes everyone think you're Schrodinger's bigot. (Shoutout to poor @luny0 💜) And of course it's also very confusing for your followers when you change names!
Second, be aware people will likely nickname you based on your URL — even if your internet name is in your bio like mine — and you can't predict exactly how they'll do it. @pilferingapples has an excellent username but didn't anticipate that it would be universally shortened to "Pilf." It took me forever to realize that @shitpostingfromthebarricade was called Barri, not as in a fem version of 'Barry' like Bari Weiss, but as in "Barricade." My friend @fleetingeternities (rest in peace🕊️) had a lovely name but also went by Flee, for short. So... think about that the same way you'd think about what your baby's initials would spell.
Third, I suggest thinking about how clear the starts and ends of each word in your username are. If a word later n the username starts with a vowel, will it get erroneously linked to the previous letter, or vice versa? It took me years to realize that @nurselofwyr 's username was Nurse Lofwyr and not Nursel of Wyr. Did I know what Nursel meant? No, but people have some pretty bizarre fandom and fantasy names on this hellsite. Users will go on trying to string letters together unless there's a hard stop, so if you want a username where the words might run together unhelpfully, consider hyphenating.
Just a little snippet of an idea, enough to give a vibe or a mental image, is great. Something whimsical, evocative, or downright silly. These things are easiest to achieve by pairing two words that can be imagined together but wouldn't normally go together or wouldn't go together in that grammatical format, e.g. starfishwhisper/ambient-color/marchbloom/goose-destroyer, genderflexing/hamsterwheeling/meme-foraging, frequentlykneecapped/rarelymarried/veryverily, etc. Or stack a few together, e.g. bigbadbandwidth, stabby-old-tabby, godawfulgayghost. Bonus if you get some alliteration or slant rhyme going.
Snapping a few out-of-context words from a quote is solid too: live-in-infamy, delenda-est, among-mad-people, rarely-make-history. They're not word for word quotes, so it's easier for them to morph into a collection of sounds that represent a person. I do know a lot of people have usernames that are full lines of poetry or song lyrics, but my personal opinion is that these tend to flow best as usernames when they're cut off before they get to full sentences. It's always a bit odd to address someone by a name with a pronoun inside it; that's how you get "ME SAW WHO!"
Unless you are on Tumblr for professional reasons, do not use your legal or professional name!
Obviously you always have the option to go with a fake proper noun, fantasy-name style — "larkacyn" or "devossa," or I dunno, "altseven" or "priov" if you're feeling more scifi — but I feel like if you had one of those you wanted to use, you wouldn't have sent this ask.
And of course...all the truly top tier usernames are puns. If you're really committed to getting a fandom name, bury it in a pun, like @owlmylove or like my ao3 username.
(All examples made up of the top of my head unless they're tagged users. You are welcome to any of my nonsense)
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moxxihodunk · 9 months
Tumblr media
I am correct btw
Reasons in tags, alt version under cut
[ID: A chart meme format with 'How likely are they to have an epi-pen' on the top.
In the first row, to the left it says '24/7' and on the right it shows photos of Bloodhound, Ramya Parekh or Rampart, Ajay Che or Lifeline, Renee Blasey or Wraith, and Mary Somers or Horizon.
In the second row, to the left it says 'Yes, but will forget' and on the right it shows photos of Obi Edolasim or Seer, Natalie Paquette or Wattson, Tae Joon Park or Crypto, and Makoa Gibraltar or Gibraltar.
In the third row, to the left it says 'Was asked to, does it anyways despite not knowing why' and to the left it shows photos of Octavio Silva or Octane, Alexander Nox or Caustic, Walter Fitzroy or Fuse, and Pathfinder
In the fourth row, to the left it says 'Sometimes' and on the right it shows photos of Anita Williams or Bangalore, Margaret Kōhere or Mad Maggie, and Ashleigh Reid or Ash.
Between rows four and five are Jackson Williams or Newcastle.
In the fifth row, to the left it says 'No <3' and to the right it shows photos of Loba Andrade or Loba, Kaleb Cross or Revenant, and Kairi Imahara or Valkyrie.
In the sixth and final row, to the left it says 'Has a severe peanut allergy, still doesn't' to the left it shows a photo of Elliott Witt or Mirage.
All characters are from Apex legends. End ID]
Tumblr media
[ID: a tier list meme consisting of whether or not characters carry epi-pens on them. Bloodhound, Rampart, Lifeline, Wraith, and Horizon are all under carrying epi-pens 24/7. Seer, Wattson, Crypto, and Gibraltar are under yes but they will forget. Octane, Caustic, Fuse, and Pathfinder are under was asked to, does it anyways despite not knowing why. Bangalore, Mad Maggie, and Ash are under sometimes. Loba, Revenant, and Valkyrie are under no with a heart emoticon. Newcastle is between sometimes and no. Mirage is under has a severe peanut allergy, still doesn't carry an epi-pen. End ID]
Thank you so much Pulamoo for the help with the IDs <3
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secretsofdbz · 1 year
So apart from Dragon Ball, what manga and anime do I like?
Here's a little list without any particular order, from very childish to very adult, so pick as you see.
- Samurai Champloo: hip hop in the Edo era, the story is amazing even if each episode can more or less be watched on its own. It's fun, the music is great, the character dynamics are top notch, the animation is bae, and the dub is decent for a change! The manga is just extra storyboard episodes, was made afterwards. Content warning for body injuries. A girl coerces two sword wielding guys to help her find a samurai who smells of sunflowers and they travel through the country trying to survive hunger, enemies, and themselves (as they’re at each others’ throats)
Tumblr media
- Cowboy Bebop: if Samurai Champloo is hip hop in the Edo era, Cowboy is Jazz in Space. Same as above applies. Same director too. I’ve not seen a manga of cowboy?
Tumblr media
- FLCL. 6 episodes of pure what the fuck. Made by Gainax (the guys who did Evangelion), but they were completely wasted when doing this, there's no other way. Robots coming out of a boy’s forehead, some alien girl with a bass, weird south park refs, the anime has manga scenes panel by panel sometimes, there’s 3D sections too, the music is amazing, the whys and how’s, the charisma of everyone… madness. Two extra seasons were made by toonami more recently, and they’re decent :) but OG is just oof. The manga which was produced later is more experimental.
Tumblr media
- Azumanga Daioh. Slice of life of high school girls being high school girls; it's wholesome, cute, the teachers are stupid fun, there's cats and dogs, the comedic timing is excellent. Azumanga's manga form is a Yonkoma (four panel humor manga, same format as Garfield). Each of the girls are so interesting and the stories are both hilarious and moving to tears because it’s so god damn wholesome and cute. Lucky Star also falls in this category, it's good fun too. Azumanga Daioh’s manga is super cute and the anime more or less gives the same comedic “sketches” and story.
Tumblr media
- The Melancholy of Suzumiya Haruhi. Basically caused the Anime boom of 2007 (alongside Lucky Star). Imo, one of the few good anime adaptation of a light novels. It's an acquired taste though!
- Death Note. I don't think it needs presenting. The anime is just that good, even with all of the memes it inspired. The anime and manga are virtually identical.
- Bakuman ; the manga is better than the anime (wish it was animated by the same guys as Death Note, because same manga authors), but it's decent. It's a manga about kids wanting to make manga and be published in Shonen Jump. shows a lot of inner workings of the manga publishing world. The manga tension and relations are interesting, the humor is key, and the paneling is refined and satisfying.
- Magic Knight Rayeart. A CLAMP fantasy mecha anime, the world is just top notch. I still have a spot in my heart for some CLAMP stories (Chobits, Sakura, Kobato, Angelic Layer), but I recognize the absolute harm of some portrayals. The anime is more tame than the manga tho, the manga goes deeper.
- Escaflowne. A GOOD Isekai anime. Love triangle, fights, culture shocks, beautiful music, weird occult stuff.... it has similarities to Magic Knight Rayeart but this one is more adult if anything? More nuance. The manga is VERY different (not the same names, not the same story, just the general premise).
Tumblr media
- Serial Experiments Lain. Ok, SEL is about the internet, artificial intelligences, online personas and social networks, but it aired in 1998. Lain, 14, shy, tech-illiterate, finds out one of her friends who committed suicide emailed her after her death, saying she joined the Wired (aka the internet). It's an anime all about philosophy and secret conspiracies, split personas, reverence, coming of age, and it’s.. well. It’s not an easy watch but it’s an absolute god tier anime.
Tumblr media
- Rurouni Kenshin. Ok this one is hard to recommend because the author has issues that are a hard line for many, but it’s still respected and loved in Japan (up to and including a showing of blacksmith who reproduced the weapons of the manga). I prefer the manga, but the anime is decent. It however doesn’t cover the ending of the series, and has a lot of filler. The OAVs (4 for the past of the character, one for a recap of the TV series, one for the last arc of the manga) are stunning. The live actions are also fairly decent. I’m not a fan of the sequel though. Basically a history (Meiji era) battle shonen with politics as a background. Protag is a former assassin.
Tumblr media
- Please Save My Earth. Also controversial because of age gaps and a hint of consent, but the manga and the OAVs don’t portray it as wholesome, nor in a positive light. PSME’s OAVs only cover about half the manga but later some music videos were released to “tell” the rest of the story. A bunch of teenagers and one kid start having dreams about their past selves and their relations, and it seems they were some sort of aliens/scientists living on the moon. Insert supernatural and occult mystery as they piece stuff together, and their own destinies being at odds with their past selves. Confusion and horror ensues. The music has Yoko Kanno who SANG, I can’t emphasize the goddess she is, and it’s STUNNING. The animation is beautiful. The manga has 21 tomes so the early drawings are a little rough (and it was a big transition for the author, she really became a better artist over time!). PSME inspired a lot of other Shojo artists (including Takeuchi, the author of Sailor moon)
Tumblr media
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goldenlie · 2 years
George has been streaming on twitch for a year this coming Saturday (April 24th) and he's had some major changes from the beginning. He truly developed himself as a standalone content creator as opposed to just a part of the dream team.
Wilbur saying how much George has come out of his shell from the first meeting really gives the biggest advancements a timeframe. Personally, after befriending Quackity is when I noticed George's personality really shine on camera. It was present before and George has always been able to provide an entertaining or relaxing stream, yet it really heightened afterwards.
This freedom he experienced without the added camera layer when joining Quackity's stream soon leaked into his own streams. Paired with Q introducing him to new games outside of his comfort zone in groups (Jackbox, GTA) and even streams with just the two of them bouncing off each other (Roblox, Hand Simulator). He embodied a newfound confidence in his ability to entertain an audience and let chat in on his energy from this point onwards.
This was a catalyst for George himself really diving into more memorable content in which you would actively look back on. It began with the implementation of new games such as Who's your daddy?, Scribble, and SpeedRunners. All genres previously not touched or expected from the creator and it took confidence to attempt such a jump from the familiar consistency that was his Minecraft streams. However, the SpeedRunners stream consisted of viewers who once joined waited, instead of clicking off. People enjoyed this side of him and his friends attempting something new.
His tiktok ban resulted in a detective dream parody stream consisting of him, Quackity, and Dream, carrying a bit for a good hour in the just chatting category. No background Minecraft, just a premade screen with new drawings and memes added as it progressed for an hour. Again, uncommon yet it didn't result in awkward silence and instead kept the viewers engaged with this casual format.
This all lead into more preplanned streams with a format to follow, giving watchers a sense of clarity in the purpose yet enough leverage for him to expand into bits with his friends that didn't deter the overall quality. His cooking stream remains one of the most top tier and well executed streams of his. Complete with the effort of renting out a B&B for this purpose alone, the double camera layout, chef costume, and complementary backing tracks. George's viewers peaked with said stream reaching 317k for the first time and well deserved at that.
Finally, George dived into lore which viewers had been hoping for, for several months even after him previously expressing discontent at such. George created his own lore stream in a method incorporating jokes yet the underlying eerie feeling that something was off. It properly conveyed the message in a format that suited him. Something none of us expected from George yet he delivered on because he knew we'd enjoy it.
George, as a creator who experienced little of the usual slow build up from a smaller audience to one of 100k, has adapted immensely well in providing consistent, quality streams and I'm excited to see what developments have yet to come.
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bigbox141 · 1 year
Bathroom Thoughts EP3: Memes Are Like Cheese
Hey fellas, I'm back from a much needed mental break! Speaking of breaks, I went for a bathroom break and some contemplation led to some confusion, and that confusion led to a thought. It was a thought about cheese.
Yesterday, I polled some friends and family to figure out what my grand returning post would be. I got two distinct answers that lingered in my head for a while and culminated in the ultimate bathroom thought. Cheese, and old people.
Well, not quite 'old people', more that I extrapolated 'old people' from my grandfather's birthday recently, but CLOSE ENOUGH. ANYWHOOO; Of course, since it was my family who suggested 'old people', I immediately thought of Facebook memes and how painful a number of them can be to view. It was then, that it hit me: memes... are like cheese.
I could say wine, but honestly, I'll say cheese.
Tumblr media
government cheese rationing has begun please step in line
Pictured above is a stack of sliced, processed cheese. American cheese, government cheese, fake cheese, whatever you want to call it Idon'tcare; Plenty of the Western youth have already had at least a slice of this cheese. When you first have it, it's a wonderful, creamy goodness. It really sticks to the tongue, strings out with your grilled cheese, it fits with just about anything! It goes on your sandwich you take to school every morning, it gets served with your backyard burgers at the barbecue, it gets put in with the Kraft Dinner for some extra cheese- it- it... it gets plain. You start having it too often, and you begin to realise why it's so cheap.
As you grow up, you begin to diversify, see new frontiers of cheese. Bricks, shredded, new flavours... soon, the cheese of yore fades to obscurity. But that's not the last you'll see of that cheddar, since THAT BABY'S GONNA RESURFACE... IN THE FORM OF A RICH, DELECTABLE BRICK OF ORANGE GOODNESS BABYYYY!
Tumblr media
Aged cheddar is a taste of the old, nostalgic cheeses of youth, in a rich, tasteful, flavourful new coat of sleEEEK edible paint. Who would've guessed that leaving cheese for years, would make it SO MUCH MORE POWERFUL? A mystery to perplex the frontier-men of the cheese industry for days to come.
But you might be asking: "what on Earth does this have to do with memes?" Well, I'll ask you something: have you seen ragefaces, or Vine memes resurface lately? If you haven't, holy SMOKES I want a feel for that rock you're under, it would probably be so cosy and miles less chaotic...
Let's rewind internet culture a bit, shall we? You're younger now. You see your first few memes, you see that raptor dude pondering with the impact font text, a couple rage comics, maybe even the start of Vine? It's a bit of a golden age for internet humour, it's certainly a hell of a lot more unique than the day to day standards of the traditional comedic conventions, right? Well, things only last so long.
Eventually, the rage comics become stale, Vine shuts down, and other formats are phased out in form of new, unique takes on comedy. Like trying out different slices of the same processed cheese, we go through one pack, get bored of it and try another, get bored again and try another in a vicious cycle of boredom and a search for that top-tier humour to satiate the brain. When we look back at the processed cheese we were eating a month or two ago? It reminds you of that plastic shell, and that boring semi-cheese flavour.
Fast-forward to the present day; Like a call to nostalgia, or a return to the simpler past, you start hearing the nearly decade old "bruh." And(/or) the distortions of the troll face that gave you har hars long ago begin to resurface and expand into these insane, ironic takes that span so far beyond the original scope that it can sometimes come off as actual horror. It's a rich taste of what you once loved.
It's beautiful, really: age bringing things back together again? A unity of nostalgia and silly times to warm your heart and remember what you used to chuckle at? No less, to see it evolve in a way that you'd never possibly foresee: you're meaning to tell me that processed cheddar can just kinda, not be processed, and become that rich, fine aged goodness? These thoughts, they're something to behold.
So go on, eat a brick of cheese. I, dare you.
Here's something btw
Tumblr media
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unknownmoodboards · 1 year
Hey y’all, this fun lil side-blog of mine is kinda gaining traction so i decided to make an intro post! All necessary info is below the cut:)
Sooo…who am i exactly?
•You can call me Mod Unknown! I am the only mod of this blog, and i don’t intend to get any other mods besides me, if that changes i’ll make a post about it lol
•I am agender and go by they/them pronouns!
•As for my sexuality, i am asexual
•I am a MINOR, keep that in mind yall
•I try and keep this blog w a semi-consistent upload rate, but since it is a side blog, it might fall off the curb occasionally, sorry!
Ok..but what about my interests?
•I like drawing, listening to music, making moodboards (duh), and i occasionally animate!
•As for fandoms, i like Undertale, OMORI (no spoilers please!!!!!), FNF, and the animation meme community
What about requests? How do those work?
•Basically, if you’d like me to make a specific moodboard, then drop me an ask!
•Just give me a theme, or song, or color, or aesthetic, or name, or character, or really anything, and i’ll try my best to make a cool moodboard of it!
•As a general rule, try and be as specific as possible w requests, so nothing is misinterpreted, unless you dont rlly care about that, then go ahead and be a vague as you want lmao
•If you don’t like something about a board i make for your request, PLEASE shoot me an ask, i wanna make sure everyone’s boards are top-tier perfect
What should be expected to be in a moodboard made by me?
•All of my moodboards will have nine (9) square pictures in a 3x3 format
•I usually try and steer away from using pictures w words and people‘s faces/bodies in my boards, just out of personal preference
•The exceptions to the above rule are pictures with street signs, people‘s hands, and, like, someone who’s in the background and you can’t make out any details about who they are, if that makes sense
•Other than that, my boards are pretty miscellaneous, id say
Im pretty sure that’s all that needs to be said, if you have any questions please ask them in my ask box, i always have that open, even if requests are closed! Thanks for reading!
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jedivszombie · 2 years
top 5 memes 💜
Ooohhhhhh thank you for this! 
Top 5 Memes (in no particular order):
This is so ___ Alexa, play (insert music of your choice) - okay, I lied this is by far my favourite meme format. It works so well for so many things and it is just so fun! 
The lady screaming at the cat - as someone who actually watches Real Housewives of Beverley Hills I adore this so much. It’s ridiculous and just top tier!
The lady trying to do the math equation - this is me with a lot of different things, so I truly identify with her and the way it is used.
One does not simply... - this is old school and really speaks to teen Mais but I do truly still love this meme.
Coach Sue from Glee “I’m going to create a ____  that is so ___” - 
we’re vibing: send me a topic and I’ll tell you my top 5
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pigskin-bbq · 2 years
GETUP! The 2021 Fantasy Football Season is here
Tumblr media
Here at the Rotisserie PigSkin BBQ, we do things low and slow. That means getting a head start on the season to let things simmer and roast in the back of our minds before the draft season arrives. The coaches have carouselled, Free Agency and the Draft has retooled teams, everyone is sitting back and letting those last few pieces fall into place. I for one cannot wait to jump in and get my rankings out to you all, to help you get through your fantasy season with advice, and most of all, entertainment.
Rankings will be published within the next few weeks once I get them into a digital format. I have a handful of close friends who use this to go through their drafts of which I unfortunately play with those people. Let me tell you what it was like watching these guys get the players I wanted and form the teams I was trying to form, and then go on to make strong pushes for championships. In the leagues that mattered most (my pay in leagues) I finished as a top 3-5 scorer in almost every league. This was with the likes of guys like Dak Prescott, Austin Ekeler, and Mike Evans being banged up or lost for the season altogether. We make due. We find a way. Theres a meme for this I think....
Tumblr media
That wasn't it but you know who it was supposed to be... I digress. 2021 has a wealth of talent on offense. More than we've seen in past years. Rookie wide receivers have become PTPs in recent years and this year may not be different. The Bengals, Dolphins, and Eagles have young first year wide receivers that could be starting right out of the gate. While Baltimore may have the same, we all know why we're not looking at Rashod Bateman almost at all in this draft. Remember that when you're looking for free agents before week 1. The initial rankings of players will start filtering in as I get the results in a digital format. We're small time here at the pigskin BBQ so this will filter in as the months come along here into summer. We have the QBs, RBs, and WRs mostly rounded out. That adds up to almost 150 players ranked as of right now, without including TE's, Kickers, and D/ST. Those will come later and if you know how I like to draft, TE's are not a priority unless they are a value pick for a top tier player. TE's do not win you Fantasy Football Championships unless you're the guy with a horseshoe up your ass and find Darren Waller in the 10th round before he's a TE1 almost all year.
Enjoy your season everyone!
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spectershaped · 2 years
Media (Year) + thematically related image or text is still a top tier meme format for me
It’s a simple formula and there’s lots of fun stuff you can do with it
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