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Auston Matthews on Spittin' Chiclets | 06.06.20
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I know this is a lot of text but please just read these clips of the athletic article on joseph woll
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joseph woll my beloved nerd
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crinkley eyed smiley boy <3
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Never let him leave
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when will my beloved (the leafs) return from war (this inexplicable five day break in the middle of the season)
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Help I’m bleeding
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Auston Matthews | Practice - 12.05.2023
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i am but a puddle😭
mintyyy you deserve great things!! more from latest prospect report:
good lord this sweetie's soaked up a heavy dose of reality in his 19yrs. Listen to him here:
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😳 ..i mean.. yea... Yea.
Fortunately this trade was for a beyond great amazing reason!!!
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ok cool fantastic amazing just don't burnout ok?🥺
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woof. omg bw cowboy scrapping n fighting and now minty w his first misconduct i continue to be v excited for the leafs future🥹 lil leafie sweethearts
rest of it and more leafs prospects news here
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i love the willy kick you’ve been on but can you do an auston enemies to lovers? maybe she’s will’s best friend in it too?
I can always do something with Auston, bb 😉❤️ And of course, as always, I got a bit carried away - I mean, how can you not love this handsome face 😍
Word count: 4.3K
・✶ 。゚
I'm so furious at you for making me feel this way
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"Ugh, he's just so annoying..." you muttered quietly as you entered Willy’s apartment, returning to his place after a casual dinner with the team.
"Come on, y/n, you have to find a way to be around Auston. He's one of my best friends, and since you're one too, I want you two to get along."
For months, William had been trying to build a connection between you and Auston. 
Having just moved to Toronto six months ago, your childhood friend William Nylander had been so kind to introduce you to the city. You had happily accepted a new job opportunity, and within a few weeks, Willy messaged you on Instagram after seeing your post about the move.
As children, William had always been one of your closest friends, but due to his moving around, it was sometimes challenging to meet up. However, thanks to social media, you both managed to stay updated about each other's lives.
And as your old friendship quickly rekindled, returning to its comfortable roots, you swiftly became best friends again.
Soon after spending quite the amount of time together, William had introduced you not only to his closest friends but also to the entire team. However, there was a catch – Although your heart might belong to another team, Toronto had to earn a soft spot as this was your new home.
Fortunately, you clicked well with everyone on the team, including their significant others. Yet, for some reason, Auston had irked you from the moment you met him.
He hadn't particularly done anything against you, but it was his smug expressions and comments about your sudden switch in team loyalty just to impress Willy that grated on you. Then, he had the nerve to suggest that you wanted to cosy up to your "so called" best friends to gain entry into the NHL world and snag hockey tickets.
"Probably just to boost followers on her Instagram," he quipped one evening, speaking low enough for only a few people to catch, yet loud enough for you to hear.
However, your intentions were far from that. Fame or social media followers were nowhere near your goals. All you wanted was to spend more time with Willy, and since you loved watching hockey, you were more than willing to pay for your own tickets.
So, from that moment on, every time Auston was around, you saw red. He exuded excessive confidence and an overall air of being too much. Sure, he was a star player on the team, but he wasn't constantly on top form. He had his off days, yet he was terrible at owning up to his mistakes.
To say the least, your thoughts about Auston weren't exactly positive, and his opinions about you weren't any better.
In his eyes, you were plain and uninteresting. A workaholic who seemed to indulge excessively on weekends, not holding back when it came to alcohol. He observed you flirting with almost every guy when out, and your perpetually upbeat and positive attitude was just too sickeningly cute for his taste.
The only reason he put up with being around you was because he recognised how much you meant to Willy and what a good friend you were to him. That, he could respect.
"I can be around him, Willy - I just prefer not to," you quipped, as the two of you headed first to the kitchen to grab a few snacks before settling on the sofa after a long walk with Pablo and Banksy.
"I mean it, y/n/n, I want you two to get along," William sighed lightly, though his friendly smile remained.
"I know, but we just... don't," you attempted to flash a sweet smile as you conveyed your feelings to William. "I can't put my finger on it... maybe it's his terrible moustache that he's always so damn proud of..."
"He's a Movember ambassador..."
"Well, he doesn't limit it to just November," you replied, a hint of disgust in your expression and a sigh. "He's simply not my cup of tea, and I'm definitely not his either."
William regarded you with a thoughtful expression, slowly coming to terms with the idea that the relationship between you and Auston might not improve, although a part of him thought otherwise.
"You know, you two are actually more alike than you think," he chuckled, trying to gently nudge you out of your comfort zone.
"Oh really?" You retorted with a light huff. "And how exactly am I similar to that self-absorbed so-called hockey star?" You raised an eyebrow.
"Well, for starters, you're both incredibly stubborn," William laughed heartily, a point you begrudgingly had to admit he might be right about. "And secondly, you're both insanely passionate about what you do. And you both care about your family and friends..." He continued softly, meeting your gaze as his words began to ease your tense demeanour. "Come on, Auston's a really great guy once you get past that tough exterior of his, and you're a wonderful person too - he just needs to see it. Then, I think the two of you could actually become pretty good friends."
William genuinely believed in what he said, but he was gradually growing tired of the ongoing friction between you and Auston. So, he made an effort to establish some sort of connection.
"Alright," he sighed deeply. "I suppose I can give him another chance..."
"That's all I'm asking for," William chuckled lightly before both of you diverted the conversation and turned your attention to the TV show you had planned to watch.
A couple of days later, you found yourself back in your usual spot at the Scotia Bank Arena, where the Leafs were facing off against the Senators.
Despite your efforts over the past 48 hours to shift your thoughts about Auston, making an attempt for the sake of your best friend William, as the players were announced and his prominent face appeared on the large screens, applauded for his talent, you couldn't help but feel a knot of discomfort within you.
"Fucking twat," you muttered under your breath, fortunately unnoticed by anyone around.
However, as the game began, you shook your head, attempting to push away any negative thoughts about him. You concluded that he wasn't worth your energy and mental space, but avoiding thoughts of him was easier said than done. After all, you were at a hockey game where he played, and his number was frequently mentioned.
Nonetheless, you did your best to ignore it and enjoy the company of other fans, including girls and families supporting the players. The arena reverberated with cheers and excitement as both teams alternated in scoring and taking the lead, making the match almost unbearably intense to watch.
During the third period, the score stood at 4-4, and with just three minutes remaining, if nothing changed, the game would head into overtime.
Your pulse raced alongside your quickened heartbeat as your eyes fervently tracked the play. And just before the buzzer sounded, number 34 skilfully manoeuvred the puck around the skates of two Senators and swiftly shot it under the goalie's pads, concluding the match with a 5-4 win for the Leafs. Which also secured him a hatty for the game.
"Of course," you thought, lightly shaking your head as the entire arena erupted with cheers and excitement, loud applause echoing through the air, and hats being thrown onto the ice.
Following the game, everyone gathered outside the locker room, waiting for the players to finish showering, attending to media commitments, and celebrations, where Auston was naturally announced as the player of the match.
You were engaged in conversation with some of the girlfriends as the players gradually exited the dressing room. And as one of the last to emerge, you patiently waited for Willy.
"Hey," he greeted, approaching you with damp hair, dressed in his post-game outfit. "I thought you had a date tonight?"
"Oh yeah, but we rescheduled since he had to cancel," you replied with a sweet smile and a light shrug.
"You didn't ditch him, did you?" William chuckled.
"What, no, he just cancelled on me. So, I chose to come here and offer my support to my best friend and his team," you playfully responded with a light smirk.
"Alright, well, I just need to finish up some things with Brad, then maybe we can go out for a late-night snack?" William suggested.
"Sure," you said with a friendly smile as William began to walk away. However, your smile quickly faded as a certain Arizona lad playfully joined your personal space, prompting you to turn and face him. 
"Already tired of your new victim, y/n?" Auston's voice was filled with his signature confidence, clearly relishing the moment, especially after tonight's game.
"What's that supposed to mean, Auston?" Your tone was sharp and fierce as the tall lad stepped in closer to you.
"Well, just seems like you've been through every eligible bachelor in Toronto, and nobody seems to be good enough for you," a smug grin stretched across his tanned face, his ridiculous moustache curving along his lip.
"I haven't been through every bachelor in Toronto..." you retorted defensively. "Besides, there's nothing wrong with having standards - I mean, at least I'm not like you, poking into every available cunt you can find."
Your words seemed to hit a nerve with Auston, yet he responded with a dismissive huff and a chuckle, brushing off your comment.
"At least I'm getting some action - maybe you could use some too," his chuckle was cocky, and you couldn't help but express a disgusted look.
"Well, I'm sorry I don't sleep around like you do and actually prefer to be with someone I genuinely like," you retorted, matching his smug attitude. Though you knew it wasn't entirely true; you were open to casual hook up now and then, but you did prefer to get to know a person a bit before getting intimate. 
"I'm just saying it might be good for you," Auston chuckled. "Besides, didn't you just get dumped last year? I mean, you should be out there, playing the field after ending a relationship."
"I didn't get dumped! And how do you even know about that?" you retorted sharply.
"Willy mentioned it a while ago," Auston replied with a smile.
"Hmm, well, yes, I... we broke up, but that doesn't mean I've given up, you know," you huffed gently, almost desperate to make a point. You understood Auston wasn't the most romantic person, and his confident, boyish manner shouldn't make you believe that all men were like him. "And I especially don't need to go around sleeping with everyone."
You crossed your arms defensively, fixing him with an intense gaze.
However, your stern comment only made Auston chuckle even more. "Whatever, still think it'd be good for you."
And as if on cue, William returned from his chat with Brad, and Auston quickly walked away after nodding to his teammate.
"Hey, you ready?" William asked with a friendly smile.
"Yeah, I'm all set," you replied with a smile, though your attempt to contain your annoyance wasn't entirely successful.
"What was that all about?" He chuckled a little.
"Oh, nothing," you gently rolled your eyes. "Just Auston being Auston."
Knowing you well enough, William merely chuckled and let the matter drop.
The following Sunday, you found yourself feeling freezing, sitting outside on a bench and waiting.
Your date had been rescheduled, and now you were impatiently enduring the cold while waiting for him to show up by the outdoor ice-skating rink the city. The first 20 minutes were bearable; you assumed he was just running late. But after 40 minutes with no replies to your messages and no sign of him, you started feeling rather foolish.
This turn of events caught you off guard. Based on your last two dates, everything had seemed to go smoothly, and you'd been texting each other every day for weeks. However, suddenly, for some unknown reason, he appeared to have lost interest in you.
But you wanted to maintain some semblance of dignity, to believe that he had a valid excuse, and that something unexpected had caused this delay. However, you also didn't want to be too naive. And after an hour had passed, you realised it was time to leave. It wasn't a mere mistake about the time; he had indeed stood you up and ghosted you.
And just when you thought things couldn't get any worse, a familiar voice spoke from behind as you stood up from your seat.
"Still waiting for your knight in shining armour?"
It was Auston. Of course, HE was here. And he'd spotted you.
"Shit," you muttered to yourself as you slowly turned around to face the last person you wanted to see right now.
"And what are you doing here?" you flashed him an unsatisfied grin, letting out a deep sigh.
"I was just ice skating with some friends," he simply replied, one hand tucked comfortably in his pocket to keep warm, while the other held his pair of skates. "So, are you here alone?"
"Why do you care, Auston?" your tone softened, yet it held a deep, sharp edge.
"Just noticed you were sitting all alone from across the rink..." he spoke almost gently, taking another step towards you, a smirk still on his face.
"And what? So, you thought I was looking pathetic, and you decided to come over here with your smug face and revel in the fact that I'd been stood up? Well, I'm sorry Auston, but I'm not in the mood for your annoying comments right now," you said sarcastically, feeling your tone might be a bit more aggressive than intended. However, you couldn't seem to control yourself at this moment. It turned out you were more hurt than you initially thought.
"What... no, y/n, I'm sorry, I didn't know you'd been stood up," Auston spoke, his smirk slowly fading as he noticed the genuine sadness and disappointment on your face. "Honestly, I didn't even know you were on a date; it was just a joke."
Your eyes met his, and you found yourself unable to respond immediately. While slowly, you felt tears starting to well up, but you tried your best to hold them back and not let it show. 
"I'm sorry..." you said. "I just didn’t find it particularly funny..." Your arms crossed over your chest, not defensively but more as a way to comfort yourself, as a tear trickling down your cheek, and your heart heavy with disappointment.
Auston's expression had also completely changed. He seemed almost... concerned about you?
In that moment, Auston found himself genuinely impacted by seeing you so vulnerable. You were completely exposed emotionally, and he felt a sense of empathy for you, being treated in such a manner. While you might not have been his favourite person, he also didn't believe you deserved to be treated this way. And it stirred an unexpected urge in him to offer you comfort.
So, without overthinking it, he found himself speaking up.
"Do you want to skate together?"
His words surprised both you and himself. You never expected Auston to ask you to spend time with him, let alone attempt to console you in an emotional situation.
Baffled, you stood there, still in your skates, amidst the cheerful sounds of people skating and having fun around you. You simply stared at the man before you, shaking your head gently, trying to gather your thoughts to respond.
Auston chuckled lightly, realising the surprising nature of his question. Yet, a sense of warmth grew within him as he contemplated trying to uplift your spirits.
"I asked, do you want to skate together?"
Though still slightly baffled, you regarded him with a curious look.
"I thought you were here with your friends?"
"I am," he flashed a smile. "But they have each other – you, on the other hand, seem like you could use some company."
You weren't entirely certain what to make of this situation. Was Auston joking? Was he playing around or something?
But oddly, he seemed genuine.
"Why... would you do that?" you inquired, a curious smile forming on your lips, prompting Auston to release a soft sigh.
"Well… maybe Willy has asked me to be a little nicer to you… and, since he's my best friend, and hanging out with him also means being around you from time to time, I figured…" Auston shrugged lightly before continuing, "Maybe I can, I don't know, try and get to know you a little bit better. And since you're all alone, why not now."
You found yourself holding your breath momentarily, contemplating his words. Yet, as you observed him, his smirk faded, gently licking his lips and replaced by a soft smile on his face.
"Alright," you replied softly, meeting his gaze as your eyes reflected the city lights around the rink. “But only if you promise me one thing…”
"Which is?" 
"You won't laugh at me skating…" you timidly requested, a hint of embarrassment colouring your cheeks.
"Why would I laugh?" Auston gently smiled.
"I'm good at skating, but I'm also rather clumsy," you admitted, a small smile forming on your lips, and Auston simply replied with a casual chuckle.
"Don't worry, I'll catch you if you fall then."
After putting on his skates as well, both of you headed onto the ice together with soft laughter. And surprisingly, Auston turned out to be excellent company.
Surely, at first, it was a bit awkward. Breaking the tension that had built up over months between you wasn't easy. But gradually, as you continued skating side by side, the atmosphere lightened. William was, of course, the primary topic of your conversation, as he was your strongest common link. However, the conversation then gradually shifted to hockey – what you both liked and disliked about the sport. And soon, you found yourselves sharing personal details, discussing your upbringing and your personal stories.
Auston even laughed when you shared childhood stories about you and Willy, talking about the times when you gave him advice about girls during your teenage years. He then reciprocated by sharing stories from their road trips and the challenges of growing up while playing in the NHL. He delved into tales about his family, highlighting how supportive they had always been, and mentioned being the protective brother and the struggles he faced in finding close friends with whom he could form genuine bonds.
And this sudden display of vulnerability started to alter your perception of him, if only slightly. As you continued gliding across the ice, maintaining your closeness, Auston began discussing how many people in his life had come and gone, primarily seeking his friendship for the sake of public recognition.
You found yourself developing a small soft spot for him as he gradually opened up, revealing a side you had never seen before, one that he probably never showed to the team or to many others. And despite having tried to maintain a distance from him, you slowly came to realise that you did, in fact, know Auston quite well. You understood that he wasn't comfortable discussing emotions or engaging in heartfelt conversations, so this talk was a significant step for him.
Eventually, both of you skated to the edge of the rink to pause for a moment, a brief silence settling between you before you decided to break it with a soft sigh.
"Is that why you said those things about me when Willy first introduced me to the team?" you looked up at him, facing each other, both resting a hand on the border. "That I only wanted to be close friends with him because of fame."
Auston understood exactly what you meant, and you were spot on. That had indeed been his initial thought about you when you re-entered the life of one of his best friends.
With a gentle nod, he softly replied, "Yes."
Another quiet moment settled between you, and it became evident what this misunderstanding had truly been about. Auston's initial desire to shield Willy from a potentially damaging friendship, and your perception of him as cocky and arrogant because of his defensive stance from the start.
Once again, your eyes locked, a bit more intensely this time, as you both felt the opportunity to break free from this tension between you.
"Well, I hope I managed to prove you wrong then," you sighed softly, offering him a sweet, friendly smile.
And Auston simply matched your expression. "You did," he replied.
With a few shared light laughs, the profound tension suddenly dissipated. And a new sensation seemed to grow between you both – perhaps even a potential friendship.
But just as everything seemed to settle into a comfortable rhythm, someone suddenly appeared out of nowhere and forcefully crashed into you, causing you to fall over and straight into Auston, who lost his footing and ended up falling backward onto his back, pulling you along with him. In the midst of the fall, you accidentally collided, your head hitting his face, resulting in both of you letting out loud yells.
"Fuck!" Auston shouted.
"Shit, Aus, are you okay?"
Your head was spinning from the adrenaline rush.
"Yeah, I think I'm good... how about you?"
"Well, I did land quite softly," you tried to offer a light chuckle, prompting Auston to do the same.
And slowly, with a bit of assistance from the stranger who had accidentally bumped into you, both of you managed to regain your footing. However, your attention snapped back to Auston as you noticed something alarming.
"Fuck, your nose is bleeding!"
Auston touched his nose, confirming that it was indeed bleeding from the collision.
"Come on, let's get out of here," you suggested, gently taking his hand as you both stepped off the ice and made your way to sit on a nearby bench.
Auston tried to lean back to prevent too much bleeding, while you gently guided him and then applied a piece of tissue to his nose. Thankfully, you had had the foresight to have a package in your pocket, though not specifically for situations like this, it turned out to be quite practical.
Sitting closely on the bench, you carefully wiped the blood off his nose, feeling a twinge of guilt despite knowing the accident wasn't your fault. And Auston's intense gaze focused on you as you attended to him.
"I guess this wasn't how you thought your date would be," he chuckled.
"Maybe not," you gently smiled back. "But despite the blood, I actually think it's been a rather fun day," you softly admitted, meeting his eyes.
Auston reciprocated your smile, feeling your gentle touch close to his face.
"He's an idiot, you know, for blowing you off like this," he gently spoke, causing you to pause and look up at him.
"Thanks, but I suppose it's just my luck… you were right, I've dated so many guys, and although I promised myself never to give up on love, it's just not always easy," you softly admitted.
"Hey, it's his loss – I mean, you're... sweet, funny, and quite good-looking, so if he doesn't want to date you, he’s the one missing out. You shouldn't feel bad about it."
"You really think so?"
"Yeah... I mean... I know I haven't always treated you nicely, but... I've always thought you were hot," Auston chuckled.
"You're not too shabby yourself," you flashed him a sweet smile, eliciting another laugh from him. 
As you sat closely together amidst the vibrant winter wonderland in the heart of Toronto, both of you couldn't help but feel a sense of connection.
It felt odd.
It was as if all previous tension had vanished. You were now just two individuals, engaged in pleasant conversation, enjoying each other's company.
And Auston finally understood what William saw in you. He had never felt this comfortable opening up and expressing his thoughts to someone. No one had ever made him feel so at ease and relaxed during a heartfelt conversation like you. You were certainly something else.
But then clearing your throat, you broke the intense gaze you shared.
"Perhaps I should better get going... it's getting late, and I shouldn't be keeping you from your friends like this," you timidly suggested, looking down at your hands for a moment before beginning to unlace your skates.
With a nod, Auston followed suit, swiftly changing back into regular shoes. Standing with your skates in hand, you exchanged a sweet smile before an unexpected surge of confidence propelled you to lean in and plant a timid kiss on his cheek.
"Thank you, Auston... I really enjoyed spending time with you today," you softly expressed, while tucking a strand of hair behind your ear.
"You're welcome," he replied, exhaling softly. 
But then as you turned to walk away, an unexpected desire to keep you close surged within Auston. And with his free hand, he swiftly caught yours, drawing you back toward him, pressing his chest against yours before tenderly kissing your lips.
The kiss was gentle, yet both of you found yourselves leaning slightly into it. Auston dropped his skates, using his hand to cup your face, holding you just a little closer, before slowly pulling apart.
You exhaled deeply, confusion mingling with a pleasant sensation, ultimately giving way to a smile.
"So, I guess this means we're good?" you tentatively joked.
"Yeah... and the next date you're going on will be with me," Auston stated firmly, wearing a wide grin.
"God, you're way too confident," you teased, playfully rolling your eyes at him.
"Maybe, but I know you like it," he countered, raising an eyebrow before leaning in to connect your lips once again.
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Auston Matthews for SickKids 2023 | 12.04.23
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concerning the book that is the body of the beloved, gregory orr
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an ode to the stanley cup, belgrade by Battle tapes.
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every single joseph woll anecdote is the most precious thing I have ever heard in my life
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Mitch Marner for TSN
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