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mammothmatriarch 2 days
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馃悤 馃挅 馃悪
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sweetistic 2 days
I have never been more passionate about anything in my life than I am about touchstarved. I have consumed every single post I could get my grubby little hands on. I played the demo for so long it has burned into my retinas. I can't wait for this game to come out. This game will fill my brain until then.
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aisaisaiss 3 days
leander who is so much bigger compared to you. leander whos hands compared to yours are so much bigger, caloused, and scarred. leander who puts his fingers to use on you, pumping them in and out leaving you breathless, all the while his pants-you can tell their strained. leander who chuckles kissing your sensitive areas, smiling when you get bashful. leander who eats you out like he鈥檚 starving, lapping up all your juices not letting any go to waste. leander who鈥檚 so big the stretch leaves you seeing stars, and clawing his back. leander who groans at the sight of you having a belly bulge. leander who鈥檚 thrusts are fast and deep. leander who hugs you tightly after your ehem activities. leander who washes you up in a nice warm bath kissing you softly.
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asawelfen 1 day
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Angelic doctor
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farore-or-less 20 hours
Rated: Explicit
Summary: These are the hours that are typically the hardest for Vash; when everyone else is fast asleep and his nightmares keep his spiky head away from the pillows. He usually spends them alone, hunched over a desk as he cleans his gun, but then suddenly there's a soft knock on his hotel door that has Vash's fingers halting over the barrel.
Where Meryl has writer's block and visits him at night for an exclusive interview.
Indulgence / Soft Angst / Sexual Healing / Smut
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anam-mana 2 days
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Ais Ais baby
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Touchstarved rant
Let me start with vere obviously he is a dipshit to the MC. A fox with a slick tongue and fangs barred at all times. He has chains to keep him in check. The senobium uses him to hunt monsters. Why not do it themselves? Build a barrier to keep monsters out at night? Why not help the people of the city?
Kuras I have a couple questions. Was he can't out of heaven as a fallen angel? Or was he human then a angle and cast out? What was his sin? Or is he punishing himself of something he thinks he needs to repent?
Leander curse form wails all kinds of fucked up from the others. Here me out....his form is himself. At first he seems kind (too good to be true) but has hidden motives like the others. And there are theories of him being possessive and yandere. What I think is he might turn out to be a common monster we overlook daily. A sociopath, psychopath, or serial killer that will show himself in broad daylight which obsesses over Mc. This man could possibly be the embodiment of craziness and chaos.
Ais is a straight-up demon. Like kuras is he fallen or born a a demon? Or is he a half blood like vere said himself. Was he summoned? I need to know his deal.
Mhin is a mood. Resting Bitch face all day long. Are they a person? Are they a crow? Do they belong to six of crows? They had my heart but then when they picked up my mc I started screaming at my mc to fight back. They give me vibes that they're anxious 24/7 and seen some shit to close themselves off. Anyway, I have to analyze them to know them on a spiritual and emotional level.
Lastly, How old is all five of these fine individuals? I need to know. That's it that is all that's been on my mind when thinking of these guys. Also the devs saying the 18+ is only gore and not sexual content is fine with me. I get they put a lot of work into this demo. And the fact we will focus on the lore than just fan service pleases my mind. And we have fanfiction so.....馃ゴ. Plus the lack of female routes is not bothering me because I still love all the characters shown so far and two new ones. I will be waiting two years for this game.
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jhuste 1 day
Hi i'm going to say it before someone says it, i feel like Leander is 100% JD from Heather The Musical 鈾ワ笍鉁ㄢ湪鉁
Our Love is God (the reprise) and Meant to be yours SCREAM his name.
Pretty sure he is as desperate as the MC to be loved. His love language is probably acts of service but he takes it to an extreme level.
On top of that, he probably has his own lore related issues (especially with the scar reval aHHH) and i can't wait to see how all of this+ his relationship with MC will turn out.
Can't wait for him to break everyone's hearts including his own if he ever gets a "good ending"
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lukewarm-beef-stew 9 months
being debilitatingly touch starved is so embarrassing tbh. like ooo look at me im so big and tough and strong unless someone hugs me and then i completely forget how to function. oooo look im extremely anxious about physical contact and im constantly daydreaming about being held. ooooo look even the slightest touch makes me hyperaware of my skin and i'll cry if someone ruffles my hair. oooooo look i cant sleep without hugging a pillow and being buried under a weighted blanket bc im so lonely that it manifests as physical symptoms. like what??? im literally clinically unloved that's so CRINGE ahdjk
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understeepedchaitea 5 months
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As a touch starved person, seeing this sort of casual physical touch is literally life changing. IT鈥橲 SO SWEET AND INTIMATE IN A NON-SEXUAL, NON-ROMANTIC WAY.
Two people who are content enough to just be physical with no preconceived notions or anything is such a special phenomenon fr.
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theeroticlover 3 months
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Blindfold to set free !!!
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buckybabieboy 6 months
So I've read several smut fics about Bucky's first time after 70+ years but never a combination of these:
- touch starved Bucky, him begging the reader to touch him where he needs it the most
- him being iper sensitive, just a simple touch makes him whimper
- cumming a lot, reader can't even manage to suck him or stroke him properly
- still being hard after cumming several times
- he's just a moaning mess who needs attention, his metal hand isn't enough anymore
- his thrusts getting harder and deeper while he loses himself in the feeling, not even able to form a sentence
...could you please write something like this? If the f!reader and Bucky are friends, friends with benefits, in a relationship, how it starts, how it ends... it's up to you.
Wow. Here goes nothin鈥 BAHAHA.
Tumblr media
鈿狅笍TW: NSFW, sub!touch-starved!bucky, dom!fem!reader, blowjob(m!receiving,) p in v sex, unprotected sex, creampie, slight overstimulation,聽cockwarming, Bucky being a touch starved and needy little thing, much more lol just read it
鈽侊笍Summary: You make Bucky cum for the first time(s) in over 70+ years. Your touch starved little baby.
馃摑A/N: Thx for this request babie. I tried my very hardest to include everything in here! P.S: I鈥檝e been a very busy person lately, which meant no time for writing. I鈥檓 so very sorry! You guys sending in requests really motivates me though. <3 I even used some of your exact words if you look closely, anon ;)
You and Bucky had a relationship that was indescribable锟. He was honest and open around you, which was something that nobody else could ever say. Wherever you were, so was he, and you didn鈥檛 have a problem with that.聽
During the time you鈥檝e spent getting to know Bucky, you鈥檝e come to 2 conclusions; James Buchanan Barnes was a broken and damaged man, but that will never mean he鈥檚 any less worthy of love. You also noticed a certain desperation in him. The slightest touch would make him go rigid.
You can recall multiple occasions where you鈥檇 grab his hand, kiss his head, or simply pull him in for a hug and he鈥檇 be all flustered and glossy-eyed. He鈥檇 beg you to do those things again. To touch him literally anywhere. It didn鈥檛 matter where because to him, any sensation was a good sensation, just as long as it came from you.
Which led you to your second conclusion; Bucky was longing for touch. He was a touch starved, delicate, little thing that just needed to be taken care of. And you had no problem being the one to fulfill his needs.聽
As of right now, Bucky has made himself comfortable in your arms, eyelids shut and mouth agape as he indulges in your soft, delicate touch. He鈥檚 on your lap and facing you, so you notice even the slightest twitches of his beautifully flushed face. Your fingertips slowly scratch at his scalp, and you feel him fall limp in your arms, as if he鈥檇 given himself up to you.
鈥渓- I love that, y/n. please don鈥檛 stop...鈥 Bucky mumbles.聽
鈥渨hen you touch me.. f-feels like m鈥 floating...鈥 Bucky continues to babble and whimper from your simple movements. He鈥檚 literally shaking in your lap, which makes your mind wander into filthy places. You鈥檙e still awed about how the simplest touches from you make him go mad.
鈥測eah? feels good?鈥 You ask quietly in response, and he nods his head yes. You feel subtle, but noticeable movements against the skin of your right thigh. His metal fingers were lightly tapping your thigh, as if he needed something to hold on to, to ground him here on earth so that his now 鈥榥ormal鈥 headspace wouldn鈥檛 become a fuzzy and floaty one.
鈥渕y sweet boy..鈥 you whisper to him, brushing his hair away from his face and behind his ear. He gives you a weary and desperate look in response, and you give him a soft kiss on the nose as an attempt to calm him down. You began to feel something on your thigh again, but it wasn鈥檛 his metal fingers. You look down and see Bucky grinding against your thigh, whimpering and hyperventilating while doing so.
鈥渇-fuck, I c-can鈥檛! need more鈥︹ Bucky whimpers, hot tears falling from his baby blue eyes. He was so frustrated that he could never do it for himself, it was humiliating for him. You know he鈥檚 tried to cum by himself, but his metal hand just wasn鈥檛 enough. Poor little baby just couldn鈥檛 get himself there, and he needed you to do it. You wipe his tears with your thumb and begin to shush him. He was stiff in his pants, and the fact that he was wearing his comfy gray sweats didn鈥檛 make it any less obvious.
鈥渟hh鈥 you鈥檙e okay James. What is it that you need, hm?鈥
Your voice was soft and delicate to his ears, which was something that Bucky appreciated. He was feeling so many things right now, it was all so overstimulating for him, but you鈥檙e sweet, sultry voice reminded him that he was okay.
鈥減lease do something. anything! it hurts, y/n鈥 make it stop, please鈥︹滺e whimpered, avoiding your eyes. His cock was leaked and stained his sweats.
聽His whimpers have gotten even more high pitched as he鈥檚 become more desperate for you. You palm him through his sweats which makes him jolt in your lap, practically screaming at the sensation. You haven鈥檛 even touched him yet and he鈥檚 already so spent.
鈥済et up, baby. gonna take care of you now.鈥 You whisper to him. He gets off of you and sits on the edge of your shared bed as you get down on your knees in front of him. You take off his shirt and undo the drawstring to his sweats, taking them off along with his boxers. You stare at his body in awe. He was so beautiful, so ethereal. All his scars and bruises were so perfect in your eyes. Even that metal arm of his, the one that he would be insecure about from time to time. Your eyes trail down to his aching cock, loads of precum having spilled out from before.
You get up to kiss him on his adorably pink lips before coming back down to leave a trail of kisses down both his trembling thighs.
鈥測/n, please! Please touch my cock, I need you there!鈥 Bucky yelps at the feeling of your soft, plush lips kissing his legs. He鈥檚 so sensitive and whiny, just needing you to touch him where he needs it most. You hum in response and move up to his twitching cock. You plant a kiss on his tip, causing him to let out a gasp and buck his hips up towards you. You notice how stimulated and sensitive his cock is, which wasn鈥檛 very surprising. His cock must be aching from being hard and not releasing for so long.
鈥測ou鈥檙e so hard, sweet boy...let me know if it鈥檚 too much, okay?鈥 You say before taking his red tip into your mouth, sucking on it softly.聽You make sure to make your movements slow at first, not wanting to overwhelm him. The moment your soft, moist lips wrap around him, you hear him stifle a pathetic whimper. When you鈥檙e halfway down his shaft, you begin play with his balls with one of your hands.
鈥渒eep goin鈥 please don鈥檛 stop!鈥 Bucky cries, both his hands gripping the sheets. You finally take his whole cock in your wet mouth, hollowing your cheeks as you go. Bucky had no idea such ecstasy existed; the feeling of your wet tounge on his sensitive cock was almost driving him mad. You could feel his poor cock pulsating in your mouth, which motivated you to continue your movements. You reach down into your shorts and rub yourself through your soaked panties. You didn鈥檛 even notice how wet Bucky鈥檚 pathetic sobs and whimpers made you.
鈥渇-fuck, y/n that's so good! feels so, so good! gonna make me c-cum!鈥 Bucky continues to babble and cry, the poor little baby couldn鈥檛 even manage to speak one complete sentence. He was literally finding it hard to breathe because of the way you were making him feel. This would be the first time in over 70 years since he鈥檚 last had an orgasm, so he could feel every little thing. Every flick of your tounge, the vibrations of your moans, the way your fingers fondled with his balls.聽
Bucky鈥檚 chest rises and falls as he pants heavily, shaking and trembling as he cums in your mouth, his cum painting the back of your throat. He didn鈥檛 even notice how much he was cumming until he felt the cold air hit his sensitive cock after you let it out of your mouth. Replacing your mouth with your hand, you start to pump him. Loads of cum continue to spurt out of his cock in long white strings, coating your hand and his spasming thighs.聽
鈥測/n...can鈥檛 stop..鈥 Bucky whimpers wearily as he thrusts his hips rapidly into your fist.聽聽
鈥渁wh, can鈥檛 stop cumming, sweet boy?鈥 you coo at him, continuing to pump his spasming cock, milking him for all he鈥檚 got. His cock and your hand were now painted white with his cum. Once you鈥檝e pumped out the last of his creamy warm liquid, you sit next to him on the bed so you could check on him. He immediately falls into your arms, whimpering and babbling like a little baby.聽
鈥渘eed more..wan-wanna be inside you...please? please let me be inside you, i need it!鈥 Bucky cried. Your sweet baby boy was sobbing, visibly frustrated because he still wasn鈥檛 satisfied, and you didn鈥檛 expect him to be after only one orgasm.
鈥渟hh, of course you can, baby. you can have anything you want.鈥 you assure him, understanding how overwhelming this all must be for him.聽You take his hands in yours and kiss them, and an adorably pathetic whine escapes from him.
His precious eyes glistened, tears falling from them. He was so desperate for you; he鈥檇 probably take anything you gave him at this point.聽 You take off your clothes before scooting back on the bed, laying down and spreading your legs for him. You smile at how Bucky just stares at you, eyes wide at the sight of your wet, glistening pussy.聽聽
鈥測ou can touch me, y鈥檏now鈥 Bucky's precious turquoise eyes narrow at your words, as if he wasn't certain this was real, as if none of this was, and he was merely dreaming of this euphoria he was experiencing right now. Before you knew it, he鈥檚 scrambling to get above you as he thanks you over and over again.
聽His flesh fingers glide over your silky skin, traveling from your cheek, down to your neck, before hesitating over your boobs. His cheeks have become flushed, and you giggle softly at how adorable he is. You take his hand in yours and place them on your tender breast, and you watch at how his once flustered and shy expression became a hungry and erotic one. 聽You give him a soft kiss on his plush lips before gently grabbing his aching cock and aligning it with your entrance.
鈥渕鈥 ready whenever you are, baby鈥 you coo. Bucky nods his head in response, and slowly enters you. He gasps at the sensation and remains motionless inside of you for some time as he tries to get used to the intense and overwhelming sensation of your warmth.
聽鈥渢oo much f鈥檡ou?鈥澛 You ask him, more than willing to call it quits if he wanted to. Your main focus was to keep him comfortable. You only receive a breathy 鈥渘uh uh鈥 in response, and before you knew it, Bucky was pounding into you relentlessly. 鈥淏ucky!鈥 You moan blissfully, throwing your head back against your pillow, and wrapping your legs around his waist to pull him even closer.
鈥渇-fuck y/n, s-so warm! feels so good!鈥 Bucky slurs as he continues to jackhammer into you, the feeling of your wet pussy tightening around his cock sending him into overdrive. He buries his head into your neck, whimpering and whining for you.聽
You bring your hands to his hair, tangling your fingers in his soft brown locks, which is something that Bucky couldn鈥檛 get enough of. You were practically screaming at the way he thrusted in and out of you rapidly. Each time he鈥檇 thrust back into you, he鈥檇聽hit that spot inside you that sends you right over the edge.
鈥淏ucky, you鈥檙e doing so well, making me feel so good!鈥 you praise him. He rutted into you even harder at your praise. The sounds you were both making were those of a pornographic film, one you would definitely watch.
聽Bucky was a pathetic, babbling mess for you, tears streaming down his face from how good you feel.
鈥渕-my cock... s-so deep inside you...!鈥澛燳our sweet boy was so pussy drunk; he couldn鈥檛 form a complete sentence. His thrusts only got harder and deeper as he loses himself in your feeling. He sobbed, the thought of filling you with every last drop of his cum making his balls tighten.聽
鈥渇uckfuckfuck, so close! can I please聽cum in you? can i? want to cum in you, y/n! I need it!鈥 Bucky pleaded as he continued railing into you balls deep like a savage animal.聽
鈥淕o on, sweet baby. cum in me, fill me up.鈥 You say between heavy pants. Your back arches, your hips meeting his as you chase your own orgasm. Bucky鈥檚 mind went blank as he released his load into you, his cock pulsating extremely fast in your pussy, which in turn makes you cum right after him. He never stopped his thrusts into your now sensitive and fucked out pussy.
鈥淛ames, too much okay? m鈥 sensitive..鈥欌 you mumble shakily, trying to recover from that intense orgasm you just had.聽
聽鈥減lease, y/n.. one more, just feels so good..鈥
聽You nod your head, giving him permission to cum a second time. You tried to pay no mind to how overstimulated you are as Bucky begins to fuck you into the bed, chasing his orgasm for the third time today. He gripped your hips and angled you so he could get deeper inside you.聽
You scrunch your face in discomfort at the almost unbearable sensations you were feeling, but the pain quickly subsided into an undeniable pleasure. Your legs begin to tremble around Bucky鈥檚 waist, and you bite your lip to stifle a whimper.
Bucky leaned down to bury his face in your neck again, and you felt hot tears fall onto your skin. He wanted to scream out-- his third orgasm was only seconds away, but he couldn鈥檛 manage any words. Only broken and pathetic whimpers came from him, as he railed in and out of you, over and over again, neither of you caring how overstimulated you were. An intense shiver runs down your spine and through your body. You almost couldn鈥檛 take it anymore, the feeling of his swollen cock hitting your g-spot making you lose all control,
鈥渇uck Bucky, gonna make me cum again!鈥 You wail. You can feel that he鈥檚 close too, his cock twitching madly inside your velvety walls.聽Bucky lets out the most broken and pathetic cry as he bites your shoulder, making you wince slightly.
鈥測/n..feels so good, feels so fucking good..鈥 Bucky cries softly in between thrusts. 鈥渇-fuck! m鈥 gonna cum inside you again!鈥
鈥済o ahead, baby. m鈥 right behind you..鈥 You whisper as you stare at his beautifully fucked out face, nearing your orgasm as well. His thrusts become sloppier and more desperate as he cries out for you.
聽You watch Bucky鈥檚 eyes roll back as his warm cum fills you up. You follow after him, pussy fluttering around his pulsating shaft. Your liquid drips out your pussy and onto the bed. He thrusts in you balls deep a few more times before falling limp on top of you, cock still buried inside you.聽
You and Bucky were both too exhausted to move as you lay there panting heavily. Your fingers massage his sweaty scalp, and his breathing begins to even out slowly.
鈥渢hat was so.. you made me feel so-鈥 Bucky tries to speak, but only manages to make a few words come out. You kiss his head softly, and he sighs contently as you continue to play with his hair.聽
鈥測ou did so well, Jamie...鈥 You praise him before looking at the alarm clock on the nightstand beside you.
鈥渃ome on, Buck. It鈥檚 getting late. let鈥檚 clean up, okay?鈥澛
Bucky shakes his head no at your words as he buries his face deeper into your neck.聽
鈥渄on鈥檛 wanna pull out just yet. you feel so warm..鈥 Bucky mumbles, pulling the covers over the both of you. He was already exhausted from cumming all those times today, and the feeling of your fingers playing with his hair ever so softly made him even more sleepy. Just this once you would make the exception of sleeping on sheets this dirty. If it were anyone else you would have refused immediately.聽
鈥渙kay love, we鈥檒l stay here for a while then.鈥 you coo at him, shifting slightly and relaxing in the position you were in. Bucky lets out the cutest little yawn, and a few moments after, begins to softly snore. You stay there, watching your little baby looking the most peaceful you鈥檝e ever seen him.
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sweetistic 15 hours
I feel like in leanders route he's going to be secretly trying to stop the MC from finding a cure and when the MC finally finds it he's going to destroy it and be all like, "I'm the only person you can touch" then he'll go psycho or smth 馃槶馃槶
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moonstoast 8 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
wasted by maya hornbacher // portrait of a lady on fire (2019) // maurice (1987) // francis forever by mitski // before sunrise (1995) // but i鈥檓 a cheerleader (1999) // little weirds by jenny slate // my first summer (2020) // god鈥檚 own country (2017) // fade into you by mazzy star
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simpslament 3 months
Not to be touch starved on main but, I need someone hot to come lovingly crush me with their body weight.
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iamuncreative 7 months
Not to be gay, but I could really go for kissing a woman rn
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