january fic recommendations:
Tumblr media
•home by @daaydreamy
•you learn to crochet by @theshyspy
•labitule by @finelinevogue
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
amazing writers that i recommend in general <3
thank you all writers for writing and posting such amazing stories and content. 🫶🏻
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harryisart · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry Styles | Treat People With Kindness (Behind the Scenes)
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hlkings · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
H rehearsing for the TPWK mv.
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braverytattoos · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Harry in Sao Paulo 
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stylesrecord · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
My vibes (I’m Persephone)
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shawnxstyles · 5 months
addicted in the afterglow
DATE: OCTOBER 11, 2022
summary: y/n and harry despise one another, but have close mutual friends. at their friends’ party, the two get into an argument. when harry’s contradictions shock y/n, she considers if she became addicted in the afterglow.
request: yes!
song: Afterglow- driver era!! (fucking love this song)
words: 4.6k
warnings: SMUT BITCHES (f- receiving [choking, rubbing, fingering, a little nipple play, mild edging] m- receiving [slight hair pulling, scratching] protected sex, dirty talk!!), language, loads of dialogue as always
note: part 2 is here!
frat/college!harry x college!reader
Tumblr media
There were a lot of things in the world that you liked. Loved, even. Some of those things being your family (most of them), your dog back at home, your school, and your friends. You were grateful for so many things and tried your best to appreciate them. Your friends would say you’re one of the most kind-hearted and modest people they’ve ever met. Your friends meaning Sabrina (Rina), Raquel, and Rina’s twin brother Sean. You were probably most appreciative of them and for encountering them in your life. However, when they decided to bring other people into your little circle, you second-guessed their decision.
At first, you felt slightly offended like maybe you weren’t a good enough friend to each of them. But that changed the second Sean brought one of his friends to one of your “Hang Out and Hangover”s. Hang Out and Hangovers are kind of in its name; you all hang out after a long week of lectures and drink at someone’s place. The next day usually results in headaches and strong coffee, so that’s why it has to be somewhat planned out. You’re not really the impulsive type, as your friends would say.
But when it comes to Harry, the newest addition to your used-to-be perfect circle, you become everything your friends say you aren’t.
Harry is… appealing. He has this chestnut hair that spring curls naturally but he covers them with a hat. An annoyingly sharp jawline that he’d probably cut you with if he got the chance. He’s every girls’ dream height at a solid 6’0. He has the persona of a stereotypical frat boy, yet he still gets any girl he wants (but you would never, ever admit that to him).
You could stand him from a distance. Well, you could have. Past tense.
The day you actually talked to him shocked you, even though it shouldn’t have. Why wouldn’t the semi-popular frat boy be a dick? Why wouldn’t he be so arrogant? Why wouldn’t he flat-tire the back of your shoe? Or make sure the elevator was closed before you got on it? Or switch the song on the aux just because it was your favorite song? Anyone else could do the same things, but for some reason when he did it, it felt personal and on-purpose.
He joked around constantly with Rina and Raquel, and yes, they would agree-to-disagree occasionally, but he never had full-blown arguments with them like he did with you.
On one Friday night when you all decided to get together, you didn’t know Harry would be coming. Your friends knew you didn’t “fancy” him or whatever they said, but tried their best to make you two civil. But he didn’t know you would be there, either.
Which makes no sense because it was at your house.
“Oh great, he’s here. When were you guys going to break the news? Attention, attention, the biggest dickhead on the planet just walked through my living room,” You dramatically pretended to act shocked and put your hand on your heart. He closed the door behind him and rolled his eyes.
“It’s always a pleasure to be with you, truly. And for the record, I didn’t know you would be here, either.”
“It’s my apartment!!”
“Ohhh, I thought it was Raquel’s place. Now the horrible interior design makes more sense,” He says so sarcastically and mockingly, you wished you could wax his tongue off. You step closer to him, slowly closing in on him.
“Please! I bet my place looks ten times better than yours! Oh wait, you don’t even have your own place,” You sass back, crossing your arms. You’re pretty sure he just moved in with Sean and Rina.
“Having roommates means cheaper expenses. And I get to hang out with my friends. Work smarter, not harder, babe,” Harry taunts and it drives you cynical. Your friends just stand there awkwardly while you shout at him and he acts nonchalant. You’re nearly chest to chest with pointed fingers when the ding of the doorbell shuts you both up.
“Here,” Raquel said, annoyed while chucking the bag of food in between us. “I got some food. Maybe you two will finally shut up.”
You hadn’t even noticed Raquel left to get take-out, but how would you with Harry practically spitting his minty gum in your face?
The rest of the night was quiet to everyone else, but between you and Harry, it was loud. You would give him a snarky look every time he happened to look at you and he would stick his tongue out mockingly. It was like children fighting on a playground with you two; immature and useless. Similar scenarios went on for months. But after a while, your friends just decided to leave themselves out of it.
The only reason why Harry is even in your mind right now is because Rina is trying her very best to convince you that ”he’s not that bad”. You’ve heard the same story for months.
“Y/N, he’s really not that bad,” You almost laughed because she’s just so predictable when it comes to this situation. “I know he can be a little… into himself—”
“A little? That is the most conceited man I’ve ever met! Or should I say boy?” You shake your head as you look in the mirror. You comb through your hair softly, even though you’re frustrated about Harry. You can’t take out your fury for Harry on your luscious hair.
“You can’t expect him not to go. It’s Sean and I’s birthday for crying out loud. We’re not just going to have two different parties because you two are big babies who can’t stand a night together,” Rina falls onto her back, laying on her bed. “and he kind of lives there now.”
“Just kick him out for the night. Or forever!” You turn to Rina and act like you just invented something unheard of.
“You know what?” She lifts herself from the bed and heads toward the mirror. “we don’t need to focus on him tonight. You know that one guy from Literature class? He’s gonna be there.”
Your eyebrow perks up as you glance at Rina in the mirror. She nods up and down in confirmation until you’re both squealing like little girls. You haven’t been on a date in what? A year? Your recent hook-ups have been kind of lousy, too. And Rina is right, you need to not focus on Harry tonight, and just be free-spirited. And who knows, maybe something will happen with that guy from your lecture.
When you first got to college, you didn’t like the idea of partying. You had been to a few in high school and it just wasn’t your thing. But you realized that the problem was that you weren’t with the right people. Now every time a party opportunity approaches, it’s hard to say no.
Raquel said she was going to be late to the party, so when you and Rina had finished getting ready, you set up the party as best you could. There was a table with snacks on them and another with drinks. However, the good drinks were under the counter. You knew those would be pulled out later in the night.
Their house was relatively small for three people, but being in college with a house isn’t easy. But it made decorating fast. There was a large banner across a window and some balloons tied to the stairs. Although it’s their birthday, it wasn’t really a birthday type of party. But people should at least know what’s being celebrated. Speaking of people, you had no idea who was going to show up besides that guy from your Literature class. Since it’s Sabrina and Sean’s friends, it’s probably going to be a pretty packed house tonight.
The party was planned to start at around eight and was already packed by nine. You didn’t even really know that you knew this many people until they said what’s up or heyyy as you passed them. It wasn’t until around ten, though, when you saw the real life of the party waltzing into the room.
Of course he’s late to a party at his own house. He’s just too cool for that.
Harry would smirk and half wave at girls as he walked by them. He’d fist bump his “homies” and laugh ridiculous loud for no reason. You couldn’t help but roll your eyes and attempt to avoid gazing at him at all costs. Even if you found him the most annoying man boy in the world, you couldn’t deny the fact that everything he did was unbelievably hot (when his mouth was closed).
He had this confidence that was cocky, but his charm would hide it. The way he would lick his lips in the middle of a conversation distracts you far more than it should. His hand around a red solo cup along with a solid silver ring on his middle finger looks so natural— why did you wish his hands were somewhere else, though?
On you, maybe?
Your wild thoughts are disrupted just by the man who’d caused them. Harry comes up behind you as you’re refilling a bowl with chips.
“You look like you’re having a great time, really,” Harry shouts with his iconic sarcasm that you just love oh, so much.
“The best!” Your own sarcasm pops out. You weren’t having the worst time, you’re just a bit bored.
“Why don’t you go and dance with me? I know you got some moves,” He gets closer to you and you can feel his breath on your ear. Your breathing hitches in your throat for a moment before responding.
“I’ll pass—” You barely got to finish your sentence when you felt a light tap on your opposite shoulder. Nate, the guy from that lecture class, was standing next to you. Your eyes grew wide in a panic.
“Hey, I just wanted to know if maybe you wanted to dance..?” He looks at you, before noticing Harry, and then has the same, wide eyes as you. “Um nevermind, sorry.”
“W-what…” Your shoulders drop in disappointment and confusion as he walks away. You didn’t want to chase him because maybe he found the actual person he was looking for. Plus, chasing isn’t attractive, right? You turn to your right, forgetting Harry’s presence. You look at him for a single second and see… something in his eyes. He plays it nonchalant like he didn’t do a single thing.
“What did you do? What did you say to him?!” You shouted over the loud voices and booming music.
“What? I did nothing. He looked at me and got scared,” He shrugs off defensively with raised eyebrows. Harry takes another sip of his drink, and your growing frustration got to you, so you slapped it out of his hand. There was maybe a drop in the cup, not much left. His eyebrows raised again, but he didn’t even flinch. He knows that he’s ticking you off. You stomp away up the stairs because you needed to cool off. You are acting immature right now, but goodness, he brings out the worst in you.
The party didn’t halt nor notice your little incident with Harry and you were grateful. Harry makes his way upstairs soon later, honestly concerned for you. He knows he upset you, but he doesn’t know that you also kind of upset him. He catches you right as you’re walking into the bathroom.
“What, Harry? What do you want?” You pull your arm away from him and eye him irritatingly. You were looking at him directly and could see him thinking. The cogs in his head were spinning and you were impatient.
“Were you really going to dance with that bloke?” Is the first thing that came out of his mouth.
God, he’s such an idiot.
“Oh my God, of course you came all the way up here just to tick me off more.” You pushed him by his chest, but he grabbed your wrists, stilling you. Your breath hitches again slightly, like it did earlier. You mentally refuse to let him affect you, so you brush it off. You look up at him as you both stand in the doorway of the bathroom. He quickly checks behind him before shoving you two into the tiny room.
“God, you make me so mad,” He says through clenched teeth. He pushes you against the counter and you forget how to breathe.
Lungs? What are those? Air? Oxygen? What…?
However, you get your senses back. A little bit, and shake your head.
“I make you mad? Are you joking? You’re the one that scares off the first guy that seemed genuine!”
“Pfft, that bloke just wants to get in your pants—”
“Oh what, and you don’t? God, you just think you’re so much better—” One of Harry’s hands releases your wrist and latches onto your neck. He doesn’t squeeze, but you halt your rant and then you actually forget how to breathe. Harry holds both of your wrists with one hand while the other puts little to no pressure on your throat. Harry drifts even closer to you now.
“You never know when to stop talking, huh?” He taunts you while slightly nudging your head up. You instinctively roll your eyes because that’s just what he makes you do. Everything he says is just worth an eye roll. But he doesn’t like that. Every time he sees you roll your eyes, he just wants to… fuck. He doesn’t know. But he did know it got under his skin every time and he just wanted to make you shut up. He adds more pressure to your neck as a note that he doesn’t like that.
“You always roll your eyes at me. Am I really that annoying?” He teased, while rubbing your chin with his other hand. He runs over your bottom lip slowly enough so that he can see all of your bottom teeth. When he releases it, it bounces back and you bite it nervously.
“Yes,” You choke out, still being choked by him. You can feel your wit and smart-ass remarks getting to him by the amount of pressure under his fingertips. His head tilts closer toward your ear and you’re sure he can hear your racing heart.
“You just never learn do you?”
“What’s there to learn? You’re the world’s greatest dick—” He pushes your legs apart and lets go of your neck, with that, you naturally sit up straighter. Your heart beats intensely as you wait for him to do something since he likes to interrupt you so much.
“Well, I guess I’ll have to teach you then,” He kisses down your neck softly, teasingly so. The tender kisses contradicts the kinky act of choking, which still wasn’t enough for you. You wish you could just push him off of you and be fine, but you were pulled to him. Your body yearned him the second that he touched you. You wanted more, but you hated begging. But you had a feeling he loved it. Right above your collarbone, he bites and sucks, making you gasp as you bite your lip. His tongue glides across your skin so effortlessly and his teeth sink on one of your pressure points and you nearly moan out. You can feel the beat of the music from downstairs throughout the whole bathroom. Suddenly, he releases himself completely from you and rests his hands beside you on the counter. You thought he was going to leave you high and dry, so you shouted.
“You’re such a fucking tease! God, I was right, you are a dick,” A fire was burning inside of you both that was fueled by frustration and lust. You were ready to get up and leave, but you didn’t want to. He doesn’t even think twice before smashing his lips onto yours and locking the door to the bathroom while doing so.
The kiss was not pretty; your teeth were clashing and your lips were squished. Your lip gloss was all over him now and his tongue gladly roamed your mouth. He hummed against you, loving your taste. You smelt of orange juice and vodka, while Harry smelled like minty beer. A shock struck between your lips, which ignited something in you. Your hands rested on the baby hairs on the back of his neck, which you used to pull him closer to you. He lifted you onto the counter, temporarily breaking you two apart.
You both discard your shirts, throwing them behind him. His chiseled torso shocked you every time you saw it. You always tried to act like it didn’t affect you, but he was a walking turn-on. His tan skin was littered in creative tattoos, and you instantly rubbed on his angel wings. He steps closer to you, moving his hips toward you.
“I like these, but they don’t fit you. You’re more of a devil type,” You sass, looking at him with a sarcastic smile and a lip bite. Harry reaches behind you while giving you a quick are you sure? look before proceeding to unclip your bra first try.
“Don’t get so cocky, we all know who’s in control here,” He smiles sadistically at you, and your little smile fades. You clench your thighs together, but he pulls them apart again. His hands are warm and rough on your legs. He runs them up and down, until he’s just rubbing the insides.
“Harry, we don’t have all night! If you’re going to fuck me, just do it!” You whisper-yelled. You didn’t want to beg, but God, were you getting desperate. This is the nearest you’ll get to begging. Especially for him.
“Aw, is the princess getting impatient?” He mocks, thumbs edging towards your aching cunt. You despised these thick jean shorts you were wearing right now because every time you moved at all, you would feel a light friction on your clit. It wasn’t nearly enough to get you off, so you needed Harry to just rip them from you already. Maybe it was your turn to tick him off…
“I bet Nate would give it to me. He’s probably good, too. Oh, can you imagine how big he probably is?” That caused Harry to make an animalistic sound that nearly shredded the rest of your clothes right there. Before you knew it, your shorts were gone and your underwear was being stuffed into your mouth.
“Not much of a talker now, yeah?” Harry smirks. You could taste your own arousal, which turned you on even more. He grabs your wrists in one hand, stopping you from touching anything.
“You’re so infuriating. Talking about other men while I have you spread open for me. I can see you dripping all over the counter,” He rubs you achingly slow, right on your throbbing clit. He increases his rhythm, giving you more pleasure. But you needed more. “tell me it’s for me.”
You roll your eyes. Of course, he has a praise kink. That makes his mountain size ego make sense. He stops rubbing you and you nearly whine as he removes the underwear from your mouth, dropping it beside you. You’re so desperate and so frustratingly needy, you nearly want to beg.
“And if I don't?” You breathe out, staring at him right in the eyes. His eyes are strong and you almost back down. He puts his free hand on your breast, pinching and twisting the bud. You arch slightly into his touch.
“Then it’s going to be a long night, isn’t it, princess?” You swallow, biting the inside of your cheek. His hands still hold your wrists as he drifts back down to your clit. Harry rubs you quickly, waiting for your response.
“Tell me Y/N. Who made you this wet?” Harry can hear your juices spreading around as he rubs you. When you don’t immediately answer, he flicks you and you jump. You bite your lip, adding a few seconds before you give in. The need to come continues to increase as you withhold your pleas “speak, or I’ll stop.”
“You!” You couldn’t help it— you gave into him. The rough pads of his fingers and his irritatingly attractive words were making you crazy. If he stopped, your body would never forgive you. Before your eyes tightly close, you see Harry arrogantly smirk.
“That’s it, baby. Say my name. Go on,” Harry inserts rapid fingers in you, curling them oh, so good. Your arousal was slushing in and out quickly, along with his fingers. He edged you enough and you were about to come fast.
“Fuck, I’m gonna come, Harry!” You whine out his name as you reach your peak. Seconds before you release, his fingers are removed from inside of you. Your climax dangles in your stomach, forgotten.
Your irritation from earlier becomes even more vehement now. You were about to slam Harry’s head into the door, before his loud mouth speaks.
“You can come around my cock,” He basically growls as he vastly unbuckles his belt and unzips his strangled jeans. He slides down his boxers and you can’t deny that he’s pretty big. You feel more arousal leak out of you just looking at it. You nearly roll your eyes again when you see him pull out a condom from his jeans.
Of course, he brought condoms to a party. Why are you letting him fuck you again?
Because he’s just so… ugh. You don’t know the word.
Feeling dazed, you feel Harry rubs himself on you for a few seconds before slamming into you without warning. You try your best not to scream out, for the sake of the party, but also for Harry’s ego. You gasp loudly, as he goes in and out roughly.
He cannot know how much you actually enjoy this.
Your hands wrap around his neck naturally, scratching crescent moons on the sides. His moves are fast, yet deep, making you clench around him hard. When Harry finally moans in your ear, you don’t stop the strong reciprocating one that leaves yours.
That must mean he likes it too.
Harry growls, attaching his lips to your neck, probably to quiet his sounds. When you begin to reach your climax again, your legs get tense. You bite your lip to near bleeding so you don’t alert the whole party.
“God, Harry,” You groan out, clutching his hair with your right hand. You can tell you’re both close because everything is messier; you’re about to fall off of the counter, Harry’s strokes are sloppier, and your grip is everywhere.
You’ve both been dying for release.
“Come, Y/N,” He wasn’t asking; it was a command. Somehow, his assertiveness brought you over the edge and you finally came. Hard. The sensation was such a relief, you loudly moaned without caring who could hear. Harry groans by your ear as he releases into the condom, moving slowly in and out. You rub your clit to calm your body and breathing. You hadn’t realized how deprived you were until the weight of your sexual rut was gone.
Once you come to realize what actually happened, you blink and instantly grab your underwear. Harry had already been pulling up his jeans by then.
“You,” You grit out. Your breathing wasn’t completely calm and was definitely wavering as you zipped up your jean shorts. “are not allowed to tell anyone about this, okay?”
“Me? Why would I ever do such a thing?” He says innocently, followed by a devilish smirk. His shirt falls over his head and covers his sculpted abs.
You hate to think about it, but those abs will be missed.
“I’m serious. If anyone, especially one of our friends finds out, I will personally kill you. I will torture you until you can’t take it anymore,” You successfully clip your bra and arrange your shirt correctly. You look in the semi-foggy mirror as you attempt to tame your hair.
“Sounds kinky. But don’t worry, princess, no one’s gonna find out how I made you beg for me,” Harry stands behind you, looking at you through the mirror. Your eyes widen at his words and you turn around.
“Yeah, it sounded just like that—”
“I fucking swear to—” A knock interrupted both of you. Sudden panic rushed through your body as your mouth became dry. Harry eyed you with a finger over his lips. You stay silent, listening to him, as the stranger soon walks away. You release a breath you didn’t know you were restricting.
“See? That is why we can’t do this. That was too close. I’m leaving and we’re never speaking of this again,” You slowly open the door and peek near the area. When you fully exit, you try to act as relaxed as possible.
You feel flushed and flustered, but that can easily be mistaken for alcohol or dancing. You walk down the stairs and into the kitchen because you need another drink. Maybe seven because you’re feeling a bit too sober after what just happened.
Rina suddenly comes behind you, startlingly you.
“Where have you been, girl?! I haven’t seen you all night!” She shouts over the booming speakers and loud people. Your gut wrenches suddenly in guilt, feeling the weight of being a liar.
“I was dancing with Nate,” The lie flew through your mouth and you bit your cheek. Your clench your solo cup in your hand. He probably left a while ago because of what happened earlier. You wouldn’t blame him.
You’ve never been a good liar. Clearly. But maybe it was easier to lie to a drunk person…
“Ooo, I’m so drunk right now! Did you know that Raquel heard two people fucking in the bathroom? She thinks it was Harry, and I wouldn’t be surprised. Oh, this is my song!” The song changes to Rina’s favorite dance track, which causes her to slip away back into the crowd of dancing drunks. As she drifts away, that gut wrenching feeling becomes more intense when you take in what she just said.
Raquel heard you in the bathroom. Oh fuck. She doesn’t know it was you and Harry though. Hopefully, she is extremely drunk too and doesn’t remember a lick of tonight.
You hate to admit it to yourself, but that sex with Harry was really good. It wasn’t like the typical sex you have. It wasn’t intimate and loving, or soft and sweet. It was rough and fast, and you really liked it. You’re kind of left in a state of shock because you know it won’t ever happen again.
He had control over you. And even though it was Harry out of all people, there was some type of passion beneath it all that just aroused you so much. Stuff like that is what gets people addicted. And you couldn’t be… addicted to Harry.
You knew everything was now messed up, yet a part of you was satisfied and relieved.
It was one time. You can’t be addicted.
YAY! thanks for reading 🤭
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thestylesindependent · 5 months
Treat People With Kindness featured in the 2022 M&S Christmas advert.
Harry has donated the fee for the use of his song to Centrepoint, a charity for homeless young adults.
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thedarlingfawn · 1 year
Tumblr media
variety, 2020.
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harryisart · 9 months
Tumblr media
Harry Styles | Treat People With Kindness (Behind the Scenes)
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emmasincenewyrk · 7 months
found this video while looking through my videos i took at Toronto Night 1 and he’s so 😭🥹
-my video-
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dilfhar0ldstyles · 9 months
Tumblr media
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awesomefringey · 1 year
Taking this with a huge grain of salt like always
Why can I totally see him saying it?! 😩
Tumblr media
Also I need a full coverage of the conversation please!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cacofineart · 1 month
Tumblr media
North American you’re home🐇🐇🐇
Thank you for all your support 💐
All shows available now in my Etsy shop - CacoFineArt
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Just a few things I would wear if I were famous
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shawnxstyles · 4 months
addicted in the afterglow
summary: the aftermath of the birthday party left you in shambles. you couldn’t do anything, especially get yourself off, but asking harry to fuck again would be insanely embarrassing. no matter how badly you needed it. what you didn’t know was that harry needed it just as bad.
requested: yes ;), but i didn’t do this exactly, so i will add the rest in the next part!
words: 5.7k :)
warnings: SMUT (f- receiving [light bondage, hickies, slight nipple play, fingering, overstimulation/multiple orgasms, mild degrading/name-calling], small daddy kink (mentioned twice), protected sex, and dirty talk [you know how i love it]!!), language, and so much dialogue ;)
note: part 3!! here is my masterlist. and to note, the consent is not clearly stated, it is only implied. ALWAYS ASK FOR CONSENT!
Tumblr media
This week’s Hangout was at Rina’s house and everyone showed up tonight. Work and school didn’t interfere, so no one was really stressed out either. Except for you.
You couldn’t stop thinking about last week at the birthday party. You couldn’t stop thinking about Harry. And he was going to be here.
Throughout the week, you would try to get yourself off to ease your mind. However, you couldn’t release anything until Harry became your muse. But even then, you couldn’t make yourself come the way Harry made you. Your mind was so attached to how he made you feel, it was like nothing else turned you on anymore. You were embarrassed to admit it to yourself, but you were desperate.
You doubt Harry thought or felt the same. He sleeps with a stupid amount of girls weekly. So, you didn’t dare to mention it.
As the week slowly passed, your friends seemed normal. They didn’t seem skeptical or suspicious. However, Raquel did mention that “party bathroom incident” more than once; it has a name now.
Why was she so obsessed with finding out who was in there?
It doesn’t matter, as long as they’re not accusing you. Tonight, you were going to clear your mind of stress. With alcohol. You grab a seltzer from the fridge to start off the night before walking back into the living room. You plop on the couch in the middle of a conversation between your insane friends.
“Kai was definitely the hottest—” Rina stated, getting cut off by Raquel.
“No no, it was definitely Cole—”
“May I ask what the topic of conversation is?” You butt in, highly confused, yet intrigued about who they’re talking about.
“Lego NINJAGO. Who was the hottest? It’s Kai, right? Totally your type,” Rina answers with a biased twist. You laugh loudly and shake your head. Before you answer, the life of the party walks in.
Late. As per usual.
Your heart jumps just once before regulating to a normal pace. This is the first time you’ve seen Harry since you were together in the bathroom, and your hormones are about to bounce off the walls. You didn’t think it would be this bad, but God, he looks better than usual. You only peered at him, but his hands look smooth, yet rough. You can’t help but remember the tattooed feeling they left on your skin and how good they felt. In that one glance, you saw enough to probably get you off for the night.
God, that’s so embarrassing.
Did he get a tighter shirt? No, but did it just get hot in here?
You take a big swig of your drink because you’re going to need it tonight. You try to bring yourself back to the topic as Harry gets situated in the corner of your eye.
“First of all, why are you talking about Lego boys and second, who says that’s my type?” You cross your legs, foot shaking as you keep your eyes solely on Rina. You notice Harry peer at you subtly as he snatches a bottle of cold beer from Sean. You take a sip nonchalantly.
“You’re telling me cocky men aren’t your type? Oh, please! That’s like every guy you’ve fucked,” You nearly spit out your drink at the thought of Harry, holding a fist to your lips to keep it in. You swallow and cough out, embarrassed by Rina’s words. She appears innocent, but she’s more vulgar than people realize.
You would say you don’t get flustered often, but when you’re hiding a lie, it’s a bit hard not to when things can relate so easily. Harry plasters a sly smirk, trying to not laugh before licking his lips and sipping on his beer.
You cocky son of a bitch. He knows. He has to.
You can play this game too.
“What? No way. Confidence is key, yes, but cockiness turns me off,” You glance at Harry for a quick moment, seeing his eyes squint in confusion. Rina nods her head slowly, processing. Harry’s eyes say it all; you’re full of shit.
“Well, since we’re kind of on the topic, is it TMI to ask what all your guys’ turn ons are? I’d personally like to know,” Raquel smirks, a subtle eye landing on Sean. You don’t think about it and brush it off while she looks around the room smoothly.
“I think that’s a great idea. Y/N, why don’t you start?” Harry quirks with a tilted head, licking his lips with a devious smile.
You don’t think you’ve ever wanted to choke him out more.
“Sure,” You crinkle your eyes as you harshly smile back. You set down your seltzer and pond on it for a moment.
Oh, you can play this game too.
What can you say to make Harry really ticked off? Or really turned on…
“I like when a guy is vocal… and I prefer them to be in control, you know? But I like being on top too, don’t get me wrong. And I personally, sorry if this is TMI, like it better rough,” You list some of the things that Harry did, nodding your head naively. Normally, you’d never share anything like this, but your hormones are allowing you to not give a single fuck. You pretend to look around at everyone, but you really just wanted to see Harry’s face. You can tell he is withholding a huge smirk behind his glass bottle as he impulsively decides to chug it cleanly. He goes to place the empty drink on the table. “But I haven’t been with a guy like that in years.”
Now, you can’t hold back your desperate need to smile as Harry’s face completely drops, and so does the bottle. They all nod unknowingly at you, unaware of the upcoming tension between Harry and you. He awkwardly picks up the glass and places it on the table. Harry clearly did all of those turn ons; and he did them very well. But what’s not to throw him for a loop? His ego needs to be humbled. Before anyone else could speak, the man himself does.
“How is that possible?” Harry questions swiftly, obviously without thinking. Your heart skipped a beat, like maybe your friends would get suspicious now. You felt as though they would confront you two any minute now.
But at the same time, you kind of liked the feeling.
Was this a new turn on?
“Oh, they’re all too gentle! Big softies…” You roll your eyes and sway your hand. In the back of your head, you don’t want your friends to find out, but the risk is what convinces you to do it more. Even though sharing your sexual life with them is embarrassing, telling them about you and Harry seems a lot worse. You take one more sip before your can is empty as well. You tell your friends you’ll be right back as you head over to the kitchen to grab another drink.
Your hand opens the fridge as you gaze inside. Your friends resume the chatter that sounds like mumbles from the kitchen, not skeptical of anything. Harry doesn’t hesitate to follow you, using the same reasoning to speed walk into the kitchen.
He’s not very good at this lying thing. You guess you didn’t really discuss it, though, either.
“What was that about?” He immediately asks, flustered and annoyed. You raise an eyebrow at his demeanor and fight off a smirk. You could see his fingernails digging into his palm as his knuckles turned slightly white. You felt a bit jealous of his palm right now…
“I have no idea what you mean,” You innocently say, fluttering your eyelashes too many times. You pretend to be engaged in your findings of the refrigerator, attempting to not focus on him.
This is war, Styles.
“Oh, shut up with that. What did you think your little shenanigan out there was going to do for you?” He closes the fridge quickly, gaining your full attention. Your heart picks up pace as you bite the inside of your cheek. He’s making it more difficult to refuse him the more he speaks. Why are you heavily turned on right now?
This is it. The lowness of your standards are really showing right now.
“I thought it was pretty cute, no? I mean, it was the truth,” You cross your arms with a doe-eyed expression. God, you’re egging him on. Deep inside of you, you want a reaction from him. You guess that was your whole objective anyway. This just seemed like an entertaining way to get attention from him. You want him to want you so much that he says it first.
Very toxic. Just how this relationship between the two of you is.
“Cute,” Harry mockingly huffs. He peers down at the floor for a moment while clicking his tongue. He inhales like he’s trying to stop himself from getting heated. “I think we both know what you’re doing and why you’re doing it. Just have to tell me.”
What he says brings you back to the bathroom, when he was making you beg for him. The arrogant expression showing on his face makes your blood boil in the most addicting way; slightly raised, persuasive eyebrows, a small smirk, and hungry eyes gazing heavily at you. He’s giving you an opening to admit your desire, yet you hate begging, he knows that. You know he gets off on you pleading for him—his ego will skyrocket if you do. You can’t have that happen. You carry too much pride yourself to willingly indulge in him that easily.
“If you know, why don’t you do something about it?” You suggest, eyes straining to stay on his intense ones. You ditch the innocent act and become sternly annoyed.
“Oh, you don’t think I will? Just wait,” He taunts, a hand resting by your head while his dips lower toward your ear. “Or do you need me so bad you can’t take it? Want me to fuck you with our friends in the next room?”
Harry’s words freeze you completely; they never struggle to catch you off guard. Your back is caught between him and the fridge, while your heart pounds so crazily he can probably feel it. Your body feels weak, tiringly desperate at this point. You have no words for him–he clearly knows what you want, he just wants you to tell him. Even though his words are tempting, you know that the amount of time you two have been in the kitchen alone (without full-blown arguing) is probably concerning to your friends already. You don’t even think before speaking, your impulsiveness gets the best of you.
You’re nearly shaking with need. You can’t take it.
“I haven’t been able to do anything since the party, okay? I can’t focus in class, I can’t sleep. I can’t even get myself off without having to think of you!” You whisper-yell, furiously embarrassed by your needy state. Your cheeks feel warm and your fingers are in trembling fists. Harry licks his lips, resisting that familiar smirk (ego equals rising).
“Stop doing that! Stop doing everything! I’m so ridiculously turned on right now I want to kill you,” You rub your hands over your face, attempting to hide away from your embarrassing statement. Your legs are pressed together tightly. Harry swiftly rests a finger to your lips, silencing your raging whines. You glare at him in irritation because you have completely let yourself go and he hasn’t said anything to reassure you.
“Shh, someone’s desperate,” His chest nearly touches yours. “You don’t want them to know how much of a slut you are for me? Do you?”
With clenched teeth, you shake your head stiffly. His free hand grips your hip for a moment, rubbing slow, enticing circles.
“Good. Be patient, princess,” Harry drags out with a deceiving smile. “And you better listen to me.”
Suddenly, he pulls you toward him by your hip. Your heart rate increases tenfold, only for him to just switch your positions. He nonchalantly opens the refrigerator to snatch another beer, leaving you beats away from a heart attack. His face resumes to a shallow, cocky expression as he practically struts out of the kitchen in confidence. Shaking yourself out of a daze, you nearly forget to grab a seltzer before scrambling back into the living room.
Why does he have this effect on you?
“Took you guys long enough. Jeez, what did you do, get stuck in the fridge?” Rina quirks and everyone chuckles. Harry just smiles while you attempt to laugh, but it comes out all awkward. It’s hard for you to comprehend anything right now because of the incident that just occurred in the kitchen. As Raquel resumes and begins to go over her kinks, you zone in and out thinking about Harry.
“Hello? Y/N?”
“What? Yes,” Rina waves a hand in front of your face, breaking you out of your trance. A trance where Harry was going down on you so hard you saw stars. Your clit was throbbing at the thought of it. You tear yourself away from the fantasy, blinking a few times and then looking at her concerned face. Your blank statement makes her frown slightly.
“You look exhausted, Y/N. You should probably go home,” You hear Harry's voice suddenly suggest from across the coffee table. It sounds somewhat fake and deceiving, but at the same time, he seemed serious. Your eyes squint in confusion as the cogs in your mind turn.
Why does he care?
“And you better listen to me.”
You recall what Harry had said earlier. Is that what he meant? Were you supposed to follow his lead or something? Instead of snapping at him for even talking to you (like you usually do), you decide to follow along to him. You pray your friends don’t mentally tick your every different move you’ve been making.
“Yeah, I am feeling a bit tired,” You fake a yawn and then check the time on your phone. “He’s right, I should probably go home. I actually have to work tomorrow.”
“But you never work on Saturdays,” Raquel states, a skeptical look in her eye.
“Just doing a favor for a friend,” Two lies spill out of your mouth as you half smile, hoping it’s convincing enough. Thankfully, they all nod surely and you announce that you’re going to take an Uber back to your apartment.
“Uber’s aren’t safe. I’ll drive you. I was going to head out anyway,” Harry suggests, yet again, and your eyes widen at his risky moves. You swear you see that hint of suspicion in Raquel’s eyes again.
Is he crazy? Is he even thinking about what he’s doing right now? Since when did he care about your safety? And you guys would never be in a car alone. Let alone, willingly!
You inhale, trying to hide the surprised expression on your face. You stiffly agree before you both walk toward the door. By then, everyone decides to call it a night and goes outside together to say goodbye. Everyone shares hugs and short farewells as you, Raquel, and Harry descend into the darkness of the front yard.
“Look at them getting along for once. I knew it would happen,” Rina tells Sean, while everyone meets their cars. You sit in Harry’s passenger seat, your movements rigid and small because of the tension.
“Oh yeah, they’re definitely getting along,” Sean mumbles to himself while Rina tiptoes into the house happily. When the porchlight automatically dims, Harry ignites the engine and starts driving.
“So, what were you thinking about?” Harry questions, one hand on the wheel.
Everything he does is just attractive, isn’t it? If he–for some reason– has to reverse and he puts his hand behind your headrest, you’re a goner.
“What do you mean?”
“You know, after we left the kitchen, when you were sitting on the couch, gazing into space? Something was clearly on your mind,” Harry describes, keeping his eyes indifferently on the road.
“What do you think?”
“Hmm, is it me? Or me fucking you!” Harry smiles excitedly like he just invented something brand new. You groan and cover your face again at his arrogance.
“You can’t just say…what you said in the kitchen and then just leave!” You were clearly upset because he left you high and dry. But you know doing anything more in the kitchen would have been way too risky. Even he knows that.
“So you did want me to fuck you in front of all our friends?” He smirks, resting back in his driver’s seat. You so badly wanted to wipe that smirk with a nice slap to the cheek. You sigh and groan again, hitting your head on the headrest.
“It’s so easy to make you pissy, baby,” He says smoothly, making your heart jump again like it had earlier. He said baby so simply, but it didn’t feel that simple. That quick spark in your chest didn’t feel simple at all.
The car slowly rolls into a parking stall at your apartment complex. Harry turns off the engine, but doesn’t leave the car just yet. You inhale and exhale a sigh.
“I’m going to say this once,” You knew in the back of your head you wouldn’t be saying this just once, but you hoped you would. You were so irritated yet horny, you might pass out. “I’m going to go upstairs. I suggest you follow me because if you don’t, I will Carrie Underwood your car.”
Harry raises his eyebrows, licking his lips. He always found it hot when you were annoyed at him, but now you’re demanding him to meet you upstairs? Harry is unbelievably hard now. You exit the car and slam the door shut, strutting into the building. You don’t look back to see if he is following you because you have a pretty keen feeling he will.
“Oh, yes, ma’am,” He gets out of the car as well and slightly jogs up to you.
You take your shoes off and Harry does the same. You both stand still for a moment, waiting for the other to make the first move as silence cascades your surroundings.
“Fuck it,” He growls, taking a large step toward you and puts your face in his hands. He bends down to you and kisses you so roughly that your teeth clash. Your body melts, finally being satisfied by his touch. Your hands go straight to the back of his hair, tangling your fingers within it. A hint of his tongue glides into your mouth and it’s so addicting, it’s cruel. You could makeout for hours right here if your legs didn’t feel like jello with how badly they ached for him.
His hands smooth down to your waist and then your hips before sliding over your ass. He squeezes once through your leggings, making you end the intense kiss.
“Jump,” He grumbles, as you obey with no hesitation. You throw your arms around his neck as you continue the hungry kiss. Your apartment is small, so it doesn’t take him long to find your bedroom without guidance.
He breaks the kiss and practically tosses you onto the bed. He takes off his shirt–the one you swore got tighter–and discards it along the floor. You don’t hesitate to take off yours either, swiftly throwing it to join his.
You admire his torso for a moment, trying not to let him see. His abs are just how you like them, which makes you hate him more. They’re soft yet defined and when he flexes they really pop out. His tattoos add a whole new level of attractiveness. You never thought someone like him would have something as gracious as a butterfly or a pair of angel wings, but it angers you how hot it looks decorated on his tanned skin.
Harry climbs on top of you with a smirk and you assume that you’re going to makeout again, so your hands reach up to grab his hair. However, he decides to speak instead.
“What was it that you said earlier? You like when a guy is vocal, in-control, and rough?” Harry whispers with his head bent low. Your chest raises up and down with anticipation while your blood boils in familiar annoyance.
“No talking,” Cutting you off, he snatches your loose wrists and pins them above your head.
“And no touching. Got it?” Harry demands with a stoic tone. You swallow your words, getting lost in his intense gaze. You clench your teeth so hard you wonder if you’ll crush them.
Now, you weren’t going to speak, but an idea clicked in your mind. Or a name should you say, that might just make him weak. There is no point in not at least trying, right?
“Yes, daddy,” Your expression becomes innocently displayed as a small smile grows upon your lips. You’re joking, but you had a small feeling he actually liked it. Harry’s eyebrows raise in surprise with a slight head tilt as a small blush colors his cheeks. He mumbles a quiet fuck in a low breath.
Got him.
“Well, if I knew you were such a slut, I would’ve had you over my knee right now. But I have other ideas.”
With further permission, he skillfully unclips your bra with one hand and tosses it on the floor. He holds your wrists and undoes his belt. He takes it and straps it around your wrists, so you can’t touch him. Your huff turns into a whimper as he leaves hungry love bites along your neck.
He slowly makes his way down your body, sucking harshly on your nipples. He pinches and twists them until they’re hard and aching. If he touched them any more, you might come from just that stimulation. You try your best not to moan out as he gets lower and lower. You practically hold your breath as he leaves wet kisses on your hips.
“It’s a bit quiet in here, huh? Maybe I should let you talk,” His hand lays flat on your stomach, rubbing back and forth teasingly. The familiar coldness of his ring sends electricity through your burning skin. You whimper quietly, biting your lip. You knew that if you didn’t listen to him he wouldn’t let you come, and that’s the only thing you want right now. “Should I make you beg again? I quite liked that.”
Stay silent or beg pathetically? Both nearly killed you, but you could only hold your breath so long before you were actually killed.
“Please. Please, I’m aching,” You quietly begged, hands becoming fists against the leather belt. Harry smirks, satisfied and drags the waist of your leggings down until they’re completely off. He wides your legs and rubs your clit right through your panties. The sudden stimulation makes you gasp loudly while you clench around nothing. “Damn you.”
“God, you’re such a slut. Getting drenched while I punish you?” Harry tsks, while he forces your legs to stay open. He slips your panties off with ease and brings his thumb straight to your clit. He rubs in small circles, making your eyes shut immediately. You begin to pant with longing need and your nipples attempt to harden even more than before.
Suddenly, he takes his ringed middle finger and sinks it through your folds easily. You moan out, finally being filled by something. But it still wasn’t enough for you to be completely satisfied. You were greedy, but you didn’t care.
His finger slips in and out so graciously for a sinful act. He adds another until your gushing wetness onto the comforter. Harry places his mouth on your nerves, his warm tongue exploring. You tasted so sweet that Harry could have a sweet tooth just for you. Your taste was addicting. You moan noisily as your back begins to arch off the bed. With all the built-up teasing, you were destined to come quickly.
“I’m gonna come,” You pant, nails digging into your palms. Your stomach begins to tense and your legs start to shake. He lifts his mouth, bringing his thumb to your clit as his fingers still ram into you. He twists and curls them, tickling your g-spot. Biting your lip harshly, you clench around him as your orgasm nears.
“C’mon then. Come all over my fingers, princess,” Harry demands roughly, speeding up his movements. Your mind is hazy, desperate to reach your release. Harry reaches his other hand up to tug your nipples, adding just the stimulation you needed.
Your core tightens and your eyes squeeze shut as you finally come all over his fingers, just like he wanted.
However, he doesn’t stop. Even when your come is no longer gushing out of your cunt, he keeps massaging your clit over and over. Your legs attempt to close because it’s all getting too much, but he forces them to stay open.
“Harry, it’s too much,” You whine, trying to back away from his touch.
“Oh, now it’s Harry? What happened to daddy?” He mocks and chuckles hoarsely, sinking two fingers into your cunt again. He curls them deliciously, hovering over you. You hiss at the sensitivity. “I thought you wanted this?”
You can’t help but moan out and immediately clench around him. You hated how easily your body caved to him and how it contradicted what your mind wanted.
“Harry,” You say threateningly through clenched teeth, but it wasn’t very threatening to him. He knows you want more of him, but after your little stunt in front of all your friends, he thinks you deserve a bit more of a punishment. Just a bit of overstimulation wouldn’t hurt you. Too badly anyway.
You wheeze lustily, nearing your second orgasm quickly. Your body feels weak and achy as your stomach squeezes. Harry bends his head low and kisses your neck harshly, leaving bruises in his path. You hiss at the pain and pleasure before you’re coming over his fingers. Again. And you did it in record time.
It. Was. Embarrassing. To say the least.
“Harry, there are condoms in the drawer. If you don’t fuck me right now–” You pant out as he lifts his arrogant face above yours. You couldn’t even finish two sentences, mind too blurry and hazy to function. You’re high off of your orgasms and your limbs cry with soreness, but you still need him to fuck you senseless until you can’t feel anything.
“What, Y/N? What are you going to do? Scream? You better,” Harry smirks as flames of irritation and desire light up your eyes. He reaches over to the nightstand, ripping and sliding on a condom. You don’t remember when he pulled his jeans off, but you were too desperate to care.
He rubs himself over your cunt, still sensitive and dripping from your previous orgasms. In one motion, he’s slamming his hips down and thrusting into you hard. He groans into your neck, feeling how snug he feels inside of you. He didn’t want to admit it, but God, he needed you as much as you needed him.
He lifts his hips and rams into you so rough, you wouldn’t be surprised if he broke the bed. Your teeth dig into your bottom lip, trying your best not to be loud. Making a lot of noise will not only concern your neighbors but give Harry the satisfaction of making you feel like you’re floating. He flicks his hips so dangerously hard into your pussy, you wouldn’t be surprised if he broke you, too.
Arousal seeps from your cunt, creating a gushing sound every time he pushes in and out of you. He’s so deep that you can feel him in your stomach. When he goes deep enough to hit your g-spot, you gasp loudly and try not to scream.
“Moan for me,” He orders, seeing your attempts to be quiet. You shake your head as he thrusts into you aggressively, making you see stars behind your closed eyelids. “If you don’t, I’ll stop right now.”
Like before, your body gets the best of you and you release a moan when his fingers fixate on your clit. You mentally curse at yourself for never winning, and always giving in. Your legs begin to feel that familiar shake and tension as you wrap your ankles around his back. The action only makes him sink deeper inside of you, making him moan heavily into your chest. You badly wanted to tug at his brunette locks, all sweaty and curly from the heat between you two.
“I h-hate you,” You stutter a groan, back curling to an arch. His strokes slowly become sloppier and his moans are more frequent and breathy. Your hands were probably bleeding from how hard you were digging your nails into your palms.
“Do you hate when I fuck you like this?” He pants near your ear, voice husky and deep. You subconsciously clench around his cock, feeling him twitch inside of you. “Do you hate when I’m so deep inside of you, you can feel me in your stomach?”
His attack on your clit is insanely quick, trying to get you to a third orgasm. The overstimulation is almost too much for your body to keep up with.
“Fuck, Harry!” You wail as your orgasm rushes over you. Bliss fields your vision as you cry looking toward the ceiling. A single tear falls from your eye in pure ecstasy and down into the blanket beneath you. Harry twitches again before coming inside of you (in the condom, of course). Profanities leave his mouth as he slowly pulls out of you, exiting your velvety warmth.
He’s quick to discard the full condom in your trash can, leaving you on the bed still tied up. When he comes back, you glare at him with a threatening look.
“Harry, undo me,” You say, voice dry and scratchy from screaming. Although, you wouldn’t call it screaming because even admitting that to yourself makes you mad.
“No, I think I quite like you all tied up,” He smirks, pulling his jeans up and purposely leaving his shirt off. You clench your teeth in irritation as if all the pleasure he had just given you left your body. Speaking of your body, it was so sore, you didn’t think you’d be able to walk tomorrow. Or even now.
He leaves again and comes back with some toilet paper. You can’t help the small jump of your heart when he cleans you up gently. You didn’t expect him to do that, knowing how much he hates you and all.
“I’m fucking serious!” You groan, trying not to be embarrassed that you’re still naked and vulnerable while he’s half dressed, rubbing you delicately like he didn’t just fuck all the holiness out of you.
“Fine. Only because I need my belt,” Harry walks over to you after tossing the used paper away. Your glare at him is so intense your eye begins twitching. As he undoes the belt, his eyes advert to your nipples. They’re still pebbled and hard after his warmth left you.
“Someone is still horny,” Harry murmurs as the belt becomes loose. You bring your hands to cover your breasts, looking at the red markings around your wrists. You sit up from the bed, legs and stomach indeed sore. You pretend it’s nothing as you stand and achingly walk toward your dresser.
If this is you now, you couldn’t imagine how you would be tomorrow.
“Oh, shut the fuck up! Don’t you have somewhere to be?” You say as you search for a new pair of panties. He watches your every move and honestly, you don’t hate it, even though you’re still naked. The room is decently dark, only small specks of moonlight peek through the open blinds. Harry sits on the edge of your bed, hands resting behind him, still shirtless. You find a clean pair and slip them on, grabbing your shirt on the ground.
“Yeah, I was on my way to fuck someone–”
“A guy perhaps? I think it would be good for your experience.”
“Pff, if any of us lacks experience, it’s you, sweetheart.”
“Just because I don’t fuck everything that walks doesn’t mean I don’t have experience, dipshit!” You don’t bother putting on pants or shorts, knowing that Harry will be leaving soon. The shirt you slid on feels bigger than before, but you don’t question it, knowing your shirt was previously baggy. Harry smirks when you grab his shirt off the ground and chuck it at him. “Can you leave now? I hate that you’re still here.”
“Alright, I’m leaving,” He stands up from the bed with his hands in the air in defense. You roll your eyes and cross your arms, waiting for him to strut his way out of your front door. You follow him out of your bedroom and to your door, making sure he actually leaves.
“Don’t have a good night, fucker,” You exaggerate a large, sarcasm smile. Harry can’t deny that you look annoyingly adorable when you smile, even if it was a fake one. Maybe if you didn’t want to fight him every time he opened his mouth he would make a move on you. A real one. He is almost completely out of your apartment before he opens his mouth one last time.
“I really like you in my clothes, I think you should wear them more often,” Harry winks, and you furrow your eyebrows in confusion. You look down and see you're wearing his T-shirt, while yours rests in his hands by his sides. He doesn’t bother giving it back when you gasp in shock. “Goodnight, princess.”
He slams the door shut while you stand there frozen. You groan, not even attempting to chase after him because you’re not even wearing pants. Your muscles ache when you trudge back to your bedroom. You know you’ll have to shower and do laundry tomorrow, but you were too tired to care. You fold back your comforter before sliding into your comfy sheets.
Although you’re glad he’s gone and you’ll hopefully never have to need him again, you can’t ignore the ache in your heart and the emptiness that surrounds you as you slowly fall asleep.
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