socialistexan · 3 days
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What's that one quote about how conservatives only ever support gun control when it's about any kind of minority owning the guns?
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quindriepress · 1 day
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March 31st is Trans Day of Visibility!
To celebrate, the PDF of our book When I Was Me: Moments of Gender Euphoria is available for just £1 from now until Friday midnight. Pick up the PDF here, or grab a physical copy here!
Art by Amanda Castillo, @neonjawbone, and @owlroostart. This post is from March 2023!
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Kentucky governor vetoes sweeping GOP transgender measure
Kentucky’s Democratic governor issued an election-year veto Friday of a sweeping Republican bill aimed at regulating the lives of transgender youths that includes banning access to gender-affirming health care and restricting the bathrooms they can use.
The bill also bans discussion of sexual orientation and gender identity in schools and allows teachers to refuse to refer to transgender students by the pronouns they use. It easily passed the GOP-dominated legislature with veto-proof margins, and lawmakers will reconvene next week for the final two days of this year’s session, when they could vote to override the veto.
Gov. Andy Beshear said in a written veto message that the bill allows “too much government interference in personal healthcare issues and rips away the freedom of parents to make medical decisions for their children.”
In his one-page message, he warned that the bill’s repercussions would include an increase in youth suicides. The governor said, “My faith teaches me that all children are children of God and Senate Bill 150 will endanger the children of Kentucky.”
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uncanny-tranny · 5 hours
The Drug Enforcement Administration (DEA) is planning on changing their regulations for telehealth prescriptions of controlled substances. However, they have opened comments up for people to voice their opinions. You can submit a formal anonymous comment HERE. The comment period ends on March 31st, 2023.
This is an important issue for those who are prescribed controlled substances (e.g., testosterone or ADHD medication) through telehealth, which means it can and will impact trans people on testosterone and a ton of others if this goes through.
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Y’ALL!!!! IT’S HERE!!!!
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The Trans Halakha Project seeks to curate existing and developing resources that have been created for trans Jews, by trans Jews and engage trans & non-binary people in the creation of specific rituals and blessings. This work is expressed below in Tefillat Trans: Blessings and Rituals for Trans Lives.
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intersexfairy · 22 hours
anyway being transmasc is beautiful and amazing. im wishing the transmasc reading this so much joy and health and happiness and freedom and literally anything you want and need forever. you deserve life. you are worthy. you are everything.
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mistressgwenieve · 3 days
Any newbie sissies ready to be pegged,chastised, degraded, humiliated and collar by me 😊😈
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juliaserano · 5 hours
Last week, I published this exposé of the anti-trans activist who goes by numerous aliases, and who invented both “Transgender Social Contagion” & “No Transition Before Age 25”
no-paywall link, please give it lots of "claps" (up to 50) & share widely with others!
btw, a ton of work went into creating the timeline that made this essay possible. plus I make very little $ from Medium. so if you appreciate this and/or my writings more generally, pls consider supporting me on Patreon for as little as $1 per month! https://www.patreon.com/juliaserano
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Ok guys, after a lot of reasearch I have compiled a comprehensive list of what trans men and mascs are NOT allowed to do so we don't offend anyone
Here it is:
Not transition
Date queer men
Date non-queer men
Date queer women
Date non-queer women
Be attracted to men
Be attracted to women
Be feminine
Be masculine
Date trans people
Speak in general
Breath anywhere near a woman
Do anything
Do nothing
Be helpless
Be in queer spaces where there are women
Be in queer spaces where there are men
Have a vagina anywhere near a cis gay man
Be attractive to a terf
Be unattractive to a terf
Have top surgery
Not have top surgery
Consume mlm content
Consume wlm content
Consume wlw content
Headcanon characters as trans men/mascs
Give male characters vaginas
Have colored hair
Having a name that's too common
Having a name that's too uncommon
Be capable of menstruation
Be capable of carrying a birthing a child
Need an abortion
Remove your capability for menstruation and birth
Willingly have a child
Be childfree
Realize you are trans before puberty
Realize you are trans during puberty
Realize you are trans as an adult
Have long hair
Have short hair
Not throw away every feminine coded thing you own as soon as you realize you are trans
Go through corrective rape at the hands of a man
Go through corrective rape at the hands of a woman
Be oppreased
Experience transphobia
Claim afab people who lived long ago and lived their entire lives as men could have actually been trans
Claim you have any history before Tumblr
Take T
Not take T
Pass perfectly
Not pass perfectly
Claim the transphobia you experience is in some way connected to your masculinity and gender identity as a man or man aligned
Try to coin a term for the specific prejudice you experience
Claim that something someone who is not a trans man or masc said about trans men and mascs is wrong and correcting them
Claim that you have been, in any way, treated badly for your masculinity
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leidensygdom · 1 day
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TERFs never cared about feminism, it's nothing but rampant transphobia. They'd throw women's rights under the bus if it meant they could erase trans people out of the world.
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genderpunks · 1 day
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
latest & favorite prints we've added to out redbubble! we have a lot added so far and will be adding more soon!
we are a schizophrenic trans butch lesbian who needs help paying rent, as i only make $245/month while i'm waiting for my disability to be approved. my roommate is also trans & disabled and i want to make sure i can do my best to support our situation. thanks for considering us, we appreciate it greatly!
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socialistexan · 2 days
(soph4president on tiktok)
Speaker (if you know this person please let me know so I can credit them) testifies against anti-trans and anti-drag bills at the Texas Senate while another pro-trans demonstrator triea to keep a Republican goon from trying to prevent them from speaking.
"We may not win today and we may not win tomorrow, but we will presist as we always have in defiance of your oppression.
"If you wish to eradicate transgenderism from public life as members of you party have said, you can pry that from my cold dead hands!" 🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️🏳️‍⚧️
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maidenofmadness · 1 day
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Help a trash gremlin pay for food and bills
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queerbatting · 2 days
personally? I think it's awesome that cis people want to explore their relationship to their gender. I think it's really cool that a cis person could question if they're trans, do some self reflecting, realize they are cis after all, and come out of it with a better understanding of their gender and sense of self. I think gnc and genderqueer cis people are stellar. I think xenogender and neopronoun using cis people are fantastic.
a better understanding of gender and what that means for an individual helps everyone out, and we should welcome cis people who have or want a good perspective on gender with open arms
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animentality · 1 day
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sfemonster · 1 day
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Some queer pride flag buns! trans, unlabelled, polyam, and ace ♥︎
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