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Tumblr media
Unexpected Situations- Twisted Wonderland
Content: pre-established relationships, mutual pining, sexual tension - unresolved. Drinking.
Note: I write aged up characters 18+ also...this turned out longer than I imagined. Not me bias toward my favorites
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts - It happened by chance as you were attending afternoon tea with him. You were both happily chattering away. His slate colored irises, making passing glances at you. How could his eyes betray him and watch as your lips touch the rim of the decorative tea cup. How could he be foolishly envious of an inanimate object. It was absurd. Yet before he knew what he had done, his face was now inches away. You blinked, surprised at how close he suddenly was. You could feel the heat of his breath against your lips.
You were certain he would kiss you. Instead, he took a strand of your hair in his fingers and pressed it to his lips. His slate eyes fixed on you. "Don't let anyone else kiss you..."
His mumbled demand left a bloom of color tinting his cheeks. Did he really just say that?
Cater Diamond - In the corridor after last class. Cater was telling you about the new trend on magicam and asked if you would be interested in helping him out with it. As it was a two person trend. You agreed, and he beamed. Delighted that you accepted.
You were in his room, wondering what exactly you had agreed to. You were pressed up against the wall in his room. Your heart pounding as Cater was very close to your body. When he leaned into your neck, it was just close enough. You swore his lips would touch you if you made the wrong move.
"It's hot, right?"
You shuddered, and he chuckled upon seeing how flustered you were. He pulled away just enough to meet your gaze, lips an inch apart.
"Shall we kiss?"
Trey Clover - He caught you before you stumbled over a box of dry ingredients he had sitting on the floor by the counter. Your chest rose and fell as your heart thundered in your chest. In his grasp, his face close. His glasses had slid down his nose in his efforts to catch you, but it made him all the more attractive.
His surprised gaze softened into something unreadable and he leaned into your face. You were awaiting to see if he was going to kiss you as it felt like it was going to happen. His grip around your waist firm as his other hand held yours.
"You should be more careful...the kitchen can be quite dangerous."
Though something about the way he said that made you believe he was talking more about you being alone with him in said kitchen.
Ace Trappola - You arrived at the gym to see Ace practicing by himself. Making your way toward him, he didn't realize you were there until you were almost near him. He was surprised.
"I didn't expect to see you here." He confessed tucking the ball under his arm.
You hummed. "Yes, which is why I wanted too show up."
Ace grinned, a mischievous look in his eyes. "I might begin to believe you love me."
You stepped closer until the tops of your shoes touched his. "And if I do?"
The ball slipped out from under his arm as he pulled your body against his. You gasped at the sudden reaction the ball bouncing on the floor from the sudden drop echoed throughout the empty court. His hands moved up to the middle of your back and you felt your body respond to his touch. Feeling your face warm, one hand leaving your back as he used his thumb and forefinger to hold your chin. His this thumb resting on your lower lip.
"Then I'd have to make you mine of course."
Deuce Spade - You immediately felt your body warm. You half panicked, how did you end up in this situation. But it was clear He had wanted to lessen the impact of your fall by being the buffer between you and the ground. If only you hadn't tripped.
"I'm so sorry Deuce I didn't mean too."
He sat up on his elbows. "It's fine...but how long do you think you'll stay on me?"
The look in his deep ocean eyes told you he was serious yet his flushed cheeks showed he was embarassed. You felt your cheeks burn and scrambled to stand on your feet. Only for Deuce to grab you before you could stand and kept you on his lap as if he changed his mind.
"Deuce?" You whispered as your eyes widened.
Sitting up he pulled you into his arms. "Just stay like this with me for a moment."
Azul Ashengrotto - You were now breezing through the assignment you had difficulty with. You had asked him if he would be willing to help you understand the topic better. Luckily for you he was already soft for you. His aquamarine eyes observed you as you worked. Admiring you.
He sometimes wished you'd ask him for help more often. Without realizing it, he had reached out and tucked a strand of your hair that had fallen into your face behind your ear.
You flinched when you dropped your pencil and met his startled gaze. "I- apologize...I know I shouldn't have bothered you."
You gave him a small smile before laughing. "Azul...you aren't bothering me."
His brow ticked up, his curiosity peaked. "Then..." He began as he leaned into your ear. "Would it be a bother if I touched you a bit more?"
Floyd Leech -
He approached you in the vacant library.
"Well, well if it isnt little Shrimpy."
You shuddered at how close he was to you. Turning your head slightly to the right his face right there.
"Damnit Floyd why do you have to sneak up on me all the time?"
He chuckled. "Where's the fun in approaching ya normally?"
You turned around and grabbed his cheeks. His eyebrows raised as he blinked a few times. He grabbed your hands and bit down on one of your fingers. You winced.
"Floyd that hurt!"
He smirked. "Didn't anyone ever tell ya I bite? Right now..." his smirk disappeared as he gave you a serious expression. "I'm thinkin' I'm gonna teach you a lesson."
Your eyes blew wide as his devious smirk appeared once more.
Jade Leech - He saw you sitting alone at the lounge. He wondered why you were alone. Even Grim who normally accompanied you was gone. Making his way across the room he stopped beside your table.
" ______, what brings you by?"
"I'm here to see you."
He arched his brows before a smile slowly spread across his face. "I'm delighted. You see, it's been quite some time since you've been unaccompanied by your companions. I would be pleased if you would allow me to join you."
You nodded as Jade took a seat beside you. You wondered why he wasn't sitting across from you as usual. He was rather close, as his thigh was pressed against yours. He held up his hand as he leaned in close to the side of your face.
"Tell me, was your reason because you can't stop thinking about me?"
Your face warmed as you turned and met his determined gaze. He stifled a chuckle your expression told him everything. It turns out you loved being squeezed by him. This only made the situation a bit more difficult seeing as you were both in view of prying eyes.
Leona Kingscholar - The low rumble in his chest warned you he wasn't messing around. You were agitating him. How were you supposed to tell him you just wanted to mess around with his ears and tail? He never said 'no' so you deducted it would be fine. However, right now the moody lion prince had you pinned onto the floor. To be precise as soon as you had rubbed his soft ears and grasped his tail he had tumbled you onto the floor in his room.
His piercing gem colored eyes felt like he was trying to burn you alive. Though despite the situation and his tail flicking you, intentionally smacking you thigh. He was rather close to be that mad. A smirk slowly spread over your lips.
"Leona did I aro- "
His face scrunched up in a scowl as he used a gloved hand to cover your mouth. His hair fell around his face as his lips nearly touch the back of his covered hand.
"Don't you dare say it herbivore." Because he knew if you spoke the feelings he tried so hard to trample he would give into you.
Ruggie Bucchi - He dropped the sweet treat in his hand as he gaped at you. Did you just-? Ruggie's eyes widened. You just beamed at him with a soft giggle.
You began to walk away from him but were pulled back. Your back pressed into his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist. He was so happy. It was the first time since you started dating you initiated an impromptu kiss and all to lick off the powder from his donut.
"Hey...do it again..."
He was shameless, he knew it. But he loved what you did to him.
Jack Howl - His ears twitched, and he tried to keep his tail from wagging. However, it proved impossible. You gave him head pats as Jack appeared like it was annoying but his tail gave away how he truly felt. He helped you rearrange the heavy furniture in your dorm.
"You love when I praise you don't you?"
His tail swished even more and Jack's face twitched in annoyance. Though he should know it was no use fooling you anymore.
"It's not a big deal. I don't love it."
You wrapped your arms around him and held him tight. He gave a weary sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck. His tail swishing happily.
You nipped his ear and he jolted, his golden eyes blew wide at your action. His tail sticking out.
"You really love the affection I give you though."
"You- " He growled, his face was flushed as his arms wrapped around your body. "You're gonna get it now."
Kalim al Asim - You walked with Kalim down the palace corridors in scarabia. Kalim was busy telling you all about his family and the gifts they still kept sending him. He was a ray of golden sunshine, and you wished nothing more than to keep seeing that smile.
"I'm thinking of having a party tonight. Would you like to stay here? We have plenty of rooms and I'd love it if you could, it'll be a blast!"
You considered it, Grim was already with you, but he was far more interested in the tuna Kalim had given him to care what you two were talking about. Well it would be fun and it would give you more time to be around Kamil so you accepted.
However, you hadn't expected it would end like this. Kalim had too much to drink and had pulled you aside from the others. Whispering in your ear as his eyes watched his hands feel along the sides of your body.
"I've always wanted to go further in our relationship... ______ what do you say?"
The alcohol was certainly making him brave.
Jamil Viper - He was helping you study for a make up exam at your dorm. Grim was fast asleep as it was becoming late. The subject was Alchemy and you had missed it thanks to the unfortunate overblotting of Azul. As he was helping you go over the questions and you gave a brief response or you had no idea.
"I'm sorry I just don't know if I can do this." You frowned.
Jamil hummed and decided you needed a better way to recall the information.
What a better way than rewarding you with his affection for your correct responses.
"Okay, then how about this. For every right response I'll give you a kiss." He explained.
You turned to him astonished. "If I get it wrong?"
A smirk crossed his lips as he leaned into the side of your face and whispered. "Then you lose an article of clothing."
Your heart began to pound an excitement and a tendril of fear laced together and coursed through your blood stream. "You're lucky Grim is sleeping."
Vil Schoenheit - You were embarassed. How could Vil have posted that picture of you to his magicam. You had a feeling it would turn out for the worst. A lot of the comments were wondering who you were and the louder commenters -who were obsessed fans- were nit picking everything about you.
You held yourself up in your room and even Grim had tried to convince you to leave the dilapidated dorm. You were too ashamed to show your face so Grim often brought back some food for you and stayed with you.
That's when the door to the dorm swung open after knocking once. You gasped.
His eyes were narrowed as he stood a few inches from you his arms crossed.
"What exactly do you believe you are doing? Holding yourself up in this forsaken place isn't going to do you any good. Do you understand?"
You went to open your mouth and his brows furrowed. You closed your mouth realizing he wasn't going to listen to your poor excuses.
"Come with me." He demanded and grabbed your hand pulling you out the door. While Grim scrambled to follow behind you two.
He took you to Pomefiore dorm and immediately went to work, leaving Grim with Rook. Vil personally pampered you, pulling your hair back with a headband, and began to apply a face mask.
"It's important you realize those comments don't matter..." He began stern, as the soft bristles containing a green clay brushed against your forehead. Inhaling the invigorating scent of mint as well as a hint of earthiness from the clay. "...I choose you, my dear potato. Which should always outweigh the comments of others who don't even know you as I do."
Your gaze that had been fixed to your lap, flit up to meet Vil's sincere and determined stare. Only now did you realize how close his face was to yours.
He gave a soft smile, now that he finally has your attention. His eyes flit to your inviting lips as he leaned in as he captured your mouth. When he pulled away to see your dazed expression, he chuckled.
"Darling, I know my kiss leaves you breathless, but what is with that expression?"
You felt your cheeks warm as your gaze shifted from his. He leaned in close, and his breath caressed you.
"Could it be...you want more?" He smirked.
Rook Hunt - had been observing you for some time now. He found it amusing you hadn't noticed his presence. Then again...Could he successfully be considered a hunter if his prey noticed him right away? He counted it a success.
All day he took notes of your habits, what you enjoyed eating, who you spoke with the most, and he was also aware of how found of Grim you were. Ah if only he could be so lucky to earn that much affection from you! His heart fluttered at each smile and every laugh. Even the sound of your voice captivated him. Truly, he had it bad.
He had waited for you in the courtyard where you encountered him. Even though you believed it by chance. He had planned this meeting. "Mon amor, I simply can't take waiting a moment more. Say you'll partake in an outing with me in the woods."
You arched a brow with a sly smile. "How long have you been waiting to ask me?"
He took your hand and pressed it to your lips, his observant eyes fixed on yours. "Long enough, my little trickster. I do hope you know how much I long for you to be mine."
Malleus Draconia - Obsession. Passion. Desire. Love. These four words kept popping in his thoughts. Each one describing how he felt toward you in a varying degree. He narrowed his eyes in thought as he took his usual walk away from the suffocating watch of Sebek.
Aside from admiring anything with gargoyles and abandoned buildings that appeared to hold signs of previous existence. You occupied his thoughts. At first he believed his initial encounter with you had left him at a loss for words. Had anything at that point peaked his interest this vast since he took up his appeal for gargoyles?
He had questioned it so many times and he had his answer from the moment you spoke to him so casually and without fear. However, winning your heart wasn't so simple. How many nights would it take for him to win you over?
How many nights...and perhaps he could do that one thing he had seen you read about in those love stories. The rather intimate moment in which the protagonist and their love interest finally confirm their feelings with a touch of their lips until it turned into more. He stopped walking as he brought his hand to his chin pondering silently. Until a familiar voice broke freed him from the lure of his ideas.
He turned in your direction, eyes wide in surprised. It was late so why...?
"______?" He spoke and it held a surprising fondness that even he had not expected.
You smiled at the way he spoke your name. As of late it seemed you were becoming closer with Malleus and though it was probably not the best idea, you had allowed yourself to become close to him.
"Malleus, what has you so deep in thought?" You inquired as you approached him.
Malleus' heart throbbed when you spoke his name. He wished you would say it more. He truly was such a greedy dragon. Even more than that it wasn't just something as simple as his name he wished you to speak more of. He wanted to own your heart, your very soul and if he was lucky you would accept that he wanted to have every part of you all to himself. Whether out of a deep yearning or obsession. The two blended in his mind.
"Come closer and I'll tell you."
You noted the glint in his bright absinthe irises. You obliged as you stood before him. His eyes softened as he reached out, his hand bringing a strand of your hair to his face taking in the scent of your shampoo. Releasing your hair the back of his hand caressed your cheek.
"Would you be willing to allow me to show you exactly how I feel about you?"
"As in..."
He bent his neck his cheek against yours, his fingertips caressing along the column of your neck. "Being my mate."
Lilia Vanrouge - Popping in out of nowhere was kind of his thing with you. He would always get a kick out of your startled expressions. What could he say he liked to tease you. Definitely in more way than one.
He had lots of delights that appealed to you. The main one he knew of was the old-world attraction that only he possessed. Though he was well versed in the modern know abouts of the world. Well rounded and he had been around the block a few times to know how to attract you. Which is how you ended up in his trap.
"Hee hee hee. Did you think I wouldn't come for you my dearest? I was quite serious..." His voice husky as he nipped his fangs against your neck as you squirmed beneath him on his bed.
You shuddered as you whimpered. His eyelids lowered a smirk on his face. "How much fun should we have tonight ______? Me thinks it should go further than last time."
Silver - You found Silver asleep, beneath a tree in the courtyard. It wasn't the first time you found him sleeping somewhere conspicuous. You sat down beside him, taking note of how handsome he was. You mindlessly brushed his hair out of his face. The gentle sound of his breathing matching the peaceful area of the courtyard.
Your fingers brushed over the side of his cheek and his eyes shot open. You flinched not expecting him to wake up at that moment.
"_____? What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you of course."
He blinked, then nodded. "I suppose it has been a few days since we last spoke. Is there something you wanted to do?" He asked sitting up.
"Yes, let's have a date night Silver."
Well it wouldn't be impossible but the chances of having zero interruptions was not likely. Still, it was time he could spend with you and that's what mattered the most.
"As long as we can avoid my fa- Lilia then we should be fine." He gave a small smile as he pulled you into his arms. It just hoped he didn't fall asleep on you like last time you both went on a date.
Idia Shroud - You had left your notebook in Idia's room. You knew from last time you shouldnt interrupt him while he is gaming. You decided to take a chance. Knocking on his bedroom door you called out to him.
"Idia, can I come in for a moment?"
Idia who had been on his bed reading his favorite web comic perked up at hearing your voice. He stood up and walked to the door cracking it open.
"What brings you by?"
You tilted your head as you gave a confused expression. Idia internally was freaking out at how adorable you were. He opened the door and stepped back to allow you inside. You stepped in and he closed it behind him.
"I forgot my notebook..." You trailed a faint bloom of color across your cheeks.
Idia nervous laughed as he knew why you had forgotten it. He mentally kicked himself for how he just let you leave like that.
"Oh that, let me grab it." He offered.
Walking over to his desk he grabbed the sticker covered notebook and extended out it out to you. You smiled and took it from him.
"Idia about-"
He cut you off, "I'm sorry it was my fault I got caught up in the moment... i shouldn't have let myself go like that."
You blinked and frowned. "Did you hate it?"
Idia's eyes blew wide and he panicked internally why did you look so upset?
"N-no of course not I would have gone much further than that if I knew you liked it."
You met his gaze and he immediately regretted saying that. Stupid he was so stupid.
"I mean..." He averted your gaze, nervous.
However he was caught off guard by your lips suddenly pressed against his.
"Then, let's continue were we left off." You suggested.
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luxthestrange · 2 days
TWST Incorrect quotes#404 Amor
Trey: I see you have been observing Yuu for some time now, what have you learned about them?
Rook: people fall in love with him very easily~
Trey: can I have an example?
Rook: Moi!~
Tumblr media
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daily-trey · 20 hours
who do you think is most capable/willing to juggle the tsums? would you be up to giving it a try?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
That said, I don't think any of the Tsums would like being juggled or tossed in the air.
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cantobear · 3 days
Tumblr media
i don't think i've shared these here before but i made stickers/charms of the full version designs last year for crx and i'm thinking of bringing them back if anyone is interested!!
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Tumblr media
"Won't you take my hand?"
Tumblr media
∙⊱⋅ Hi! Hello! I would like to present my headcanons of the TWST characters and if their hands are warm or freezing cold like mine
∙⊱⋅Fluff, Headcanons, All students except for Grim
Tumblr media
Riddle: He has cold hands. Dainty, cold hands. They're really pretty, don't get me wrong! He just chooses to cover them most of the time due to the poor blood circulation in them, making them forever cold. He wears mittens in the winter but gloves in public. Riddle doesn't like to admit he has cold hands, and if someone brings it up, they're in for a decapitation /hj. His hands are an overall 5/10 for holding, but 10/10 appearance-wise because it's cute when he wears mittens that have hedgehog patterns on them
Trey: This man has VERY warm hands. For some reason, they always smell like freshly baked goods and FEEL like something that just came out of an oven. His hands are relatively large, too! During the winter, just go up to him, grab his hands, and put them on your face. Just- Plop them on the sides of your face. Give it five minutes and your whole head will feel nice and warm. 100/10 would love to hold
Cater: Cater has warm hands, and are very fun to hold under normal circumstances. He'll take your hand in his, twirl you around, take a few selfies with you, and move on, but nothing extremely notable. However! All of his clones have REALLY cold hands. If Cater tries to tease you by surrounding you with clones, you can tell who the real one is by asking to hold hands with them. Cater is cute, I like him. His hands are 7/10 overall but are very comfy
Deuce: Also has cold hands, wears gloves to hide the fact. They're not as bad as Riddle, but they're significantly colder than Trey's. During the winter, I feel like he also wears fuzzy gloves and Ace pokes fun at him for it, but it's cute overall. His hands are very holdable otherwise, I rate them an 8/10
Ace: I am a simp. He automatically gets a 10/10.
JKJK— Ace has fairly warm hands! They're kinda calloused from his club, but his hands are super pretty! They're warm and comfy most of the time, but it depends on the weather since they could be really nice to hold at one moment, and then he would be trying to stick them on your back while you scream at how cold they are in the next. I love him, but he's a jerk.
... 7/10, but it's a 1000/10 for me because I'm down bad /hj
Tumblr media
Leona: Leona has warm hands, that's all. Heavens knows if you're even able to get close enough to hold them to begin with, but his hands are TOASTY. Very large, warm hands. Am I biased? Yes. Absolutely. I want to hold Leona's hands very badly. 10/10. Chef's kiss. He would probably choke me if I tried holding his hands but it's okay /hj
Ruggie: His hands could be either-or. Most of the time they're warm, other times, they're just freezing and he's sticking them in his pockets to keep them warm. Ruggie also does the thing where he rubs his hands together when they get really cold, and I think it's cute because he tries to hide it when someone catches him. 7/10, but he gets a few bonus points because I'm biased and he's adorable
Jack: WARM HANDS!!! VERY BIG!!! COZY!!! AUGHH I WANNA HOLD THEM!!! Jack also has calloused hands, but they're SO comfy to hold. His hands are also MASSIVE, so he could just- Cover yours completely. Who needs mittens? You have Jack. I love Jack. Very good boy, 100/10. I am a simple woman. I want to hold Jack's hands and just keep them there.
Tumblr media
Azul: He has cold hands. Like Riddle, he doesn't like to admit it and tends to hide his hands in gloves. He claims that he wears them because it makes him look professional, but no. His hands are just VERY cold, and the Monstro Lounge has the AC going at full blast all the time, so he's shivering in the frickin lounge. Octopi live in warm waters. They can't handle the cold. Azul is trying his hardest, but his hands are a solid 3/10 at best, I'm sorry.
Jade: Jade also has cold hands, but they're not as bad as Azul's. It really depends on where he is, since they're usually warm when he goes out hiking, but their default state is most definitely cold. Jade's rather polite about it most of the time! He makes sure that he doesn't startle you by accidentally touching you with his... Bare, cold hands. I'm not sure what else I should say here, but I'm giving Jade a 5/10 overall, possibly a 6/10 because he's nice about it... Most of the time.
Floyd: Unlike Jade, Floyd has warm hands! They're calloused and rough, but significantly warmer than Azul's and Jade's combined. He sometimes gets pouty that he can't sneak up on people and shock them with freezing hands like Jade does (for troublemakers btw), so he occasionally just sticks them in a bucket of ice water to get the same effect. Floyd is a loose cannon. His hands are nice to hold when they're normal, but heaven forbid you fall victim to his ice bucket hands. 8/10 normally, 2/10 for the bucket hands.
Also! When the Leech twins pretend to be each other, you can figure out who is who by asking to hold their hands. Normally, the one with warmer hands is Floyd, unless they're super freezing. Otherwise... Yeah, that's still Floyd. Jade is the normal cold, Floyd turns into Elsa and laughs about it /hj
Tumblr media
Kalim: WARM HANDS FOR THE SUNSHINE BOY. His hands are lovely. I love Kalim, and his hands are just the softest things you could ever imagine. Toasty marshmallows are what they are. I feel like Kalim ADORES taking your hand in his, keeping it nice and warm as you two walk. He definitely squeezes them whenever he gets excited too! Very sweet boy. He probably swings your arms while holding your hand and walking. 11/10 and like- A million points more for the enthusiasm
Jamil: Cold hands. Jamil has relatively cold hands. They’re usually warm because of the place he lives (both the Scalding Sands and Scarabia), but put him anywhere with air conditioning and his hands are as cold as ice. He is VERY temperature sensitive, and his hands can go from toasty to freezing after a few minutes. I have no idea what to rate them, so I'm giving him a 5/10
Tumblr media
Vil: Vil's hands are beautiful, but they're frigid most of the time. His hands are dainty and slender, but because of that, he has very little meat on there and the blood doesn't flow like a normal person's hands. They’re taken care of, his nails are gorgeous, and his palms are soft! The only issue is that he looks and feels like a corpse when he's sleeping— 9/10 only because they're freezing
Rook: I,,, Don’t know about him tbh 🧍 Rook's hands could be either-or. I think they're warm??? They seem like they're warm??? However, due to being a skilled huntsman, I feel like Rook can change his body temperature at will. You could either get nice warm hands to hold, or freezing hands that go along with his eerie smirk when he's trying to sneak up on you. ???/10, he kinda scares me- /hj
Epel: Warm hands! Epel's hands are definitely calloused and are a little red at the knuckles/palms. His hands are calming to hold, and even though they're smaller than most, he takes great pride when you hold his hand! Epel thinks that he can use this as an excuse to protect you while holding your hand, but in reality, they're just fun to squish and really pretty to look at. 9/10
Tumblr media
Idia: He has cold hands. Idia has very long, bony fingers, with little meat on them. His hands get cold easily, as does the rest of his body, so he just hides them in his hoodie. Idia's room is usually cold too, so that doesn't really help. The only part of him that's actually warm is... His hair. His hair feels like regular hair that was just blow-dried. I headcanon it just looks like it'll burn your hand off, but it just looks like that because of magic. Anyways, his hands are a 4.5/10 for me— They may look neat, but they're cold as heck.
Ortho: He is... A robot 🧍
Tumblr media
OKOK IN ALL SERIOUSNESS! Ortho is made of metal, yes, but I feel like he has a function in there somewhere what lets him heat up and immitate body heat? Obviously he has sensors so that he doesn't overheat himself, but he can be warm when he wants to be! Ask to hold his hand and he'll warm it up for you! A very sweet boy, my son, I love him he's so precious. 10/10
Lilia: Cold hands. He has freezing cold hands. Occasionally he just lays down in the middle of the most random places and pretends to be a corpse. Sebek has cried over him at least once, Malleus almost panicked at some point, Silver... Heck, Silver probably joins him idk- Lilia would ALSO stick his hands on your back, and giggle when you tense up at his ice blocks of fingers. 3/10 I'm sorry Lilia
Malleus: Malleus has large, pretty hands, but they're mostly cold unless he purposely heats them up himself with magic. His hands are beautiful and pale, with a slight blueish undertone? You can see some of his veins due to how blue they are and because of how pale his skin is. His hands are pretty, and if you want to hold them, he'll heat them up for you. 100/10 for you, but I doubt anyone else would be able to get close enough and would rate them a -5/10 because they just look freezing.
Silver: His are either-or. I feel like he normally has warm hands, but when he falls into a deep sleep, his body temperature drops SO low that he's also like a corpse. Like father like son, I guess? Anyways, Silver has big, pretty hands with both callouses and scars scattered on them. You would definitely feel safe if he held yours in his. 10/10 I want to hold onto his hands and never let go.
Sebek: He CLAIMS to have extremely warm hands, but his hands are lukewarm at best /affectionate. Sebek's hands are large and rough, also covered in callouses/scars. His hands could either be nice and warm, or freezing cold depending on where he is. 6/10, he's trying his best
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I have a funny idea in the Monster au, baby teeth. Mini! Yuu either injured themselves causing one or two teeth to fall, or through eating. Like baby teeth fell, and then goes, "look look my teeth fell out!! :D". While their mouth is bleeding a bit. Plus, I'd imagine MC would have the myth of the tooth fairy, and then goes "I'm gonna put my teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy!! :D"
Twisted Wonderland Monster AU: A Visit from the Tooth Fairy
Warning: Slight blood mention! Won’t go too into details on it, but please let me know if I should tag it another way!
TA-DA!!!!! I finally finished the mini!Yuu tooth fairy fic~!!!
Ah, the age old tradition of the tooth fairy visiting to leave a quarter or a dollar under a child’s pillow in exchange for their fallen teeth (or in one funny post, $100 from the “drunk tooth fairy” 😂). I vaguely remember I once had a heart shaped pillow my mom gave me that had a little pouch on the front to put the tooth, and I’d have it set to the side and wake up to a $1-$5 bill in the pouch instead. Each tradition is different for each family, but still, innocent fun in the end!
Monsters in this AU are no stranger to losing baby teeth. It’s all part of growing up and getting their adult teeth or fangs! But while they do have fairies in Twisted Wonderland, it’s hard to say lore wise if they do have tooth fairies or have that story for kids too. For the purposes of this ask though (and cuteness), let’s say that they don’t have a tooth fairy and now these boys have to figure out how to keep the “magic” alive.
By the way…this turned out much longer than I intended, so now it’s a fic. 😅 Enjoy the older brother shenanigans!
Under a read more due to length!
“Hey, Yuu! Guess what I just picked up from the Mystery Shop? Iiiiit’s…candy~!”
“Candy! Candy, candy, candy!!”
“Hold on, Yuu. Don’t go eating too many pieces this time, or you’ll spoil your appetite for lunch again!”
“Aww, come on, Deuce, let the kid have a lil’ fun,” Ace said, plopping the small bag of treats into the toddler’s waiting palms as they grinned happily, skipping away to enjoy their spoils. “Besides, they know the rule: if their tummy is full, they don’t get any of Trey’s desserts!”
Jack frowned as he said, “You did that on purpose so you could get their slice of cake or pie, didn’t you?”
“What? Psh, no! I’m just being a good big brother to the lil’ tyke,” Ace said with a scoff. “Where’d you get an idea like that? Besides, Grim swiped their tart last time, not me!”
“Hey! It’s not my fault they weren’t allowed to eat it before their nap time!” Grim protested. “And you swiped one of their cookies when they weren’t lookin’ last week, pal!”
“Why you little-!”
“Here we go again,” Epel said with a sigh.
“Disgraceful,” Sebek said. He glanced down when Yuu came back over with their stuffed rabbit Mr. Flopsy, the basilisk sitting still as the toddler climbed up to sit on his lap. “Absconding with the food of a weak and defenseless human child…have you two no shame?”
Before the two could react, Yuu looked up at Sebek and asked, “What does ab…abd…scion…ab…”
“Abscond?” Epel supplied.
Pointing at Epel, Yuu nodded and asked, “What does that word mean, Sebby?”
“It’s what happens when Ace swipes a cherry pie from Trey’s kitchen without permission and runs away,” Jack answered instead with a slight smirk.
“The point is, little human, that you should never steal what doesn’t belong to you,” Sebek said with a huff.
“Oh. Okay, big brother!” Yuu said, turning back around and starting to dig into their treats. While the first years continued to talk (or rather bicker) around them, the toddler was quietly humming a tune as they played with Mr. Flopsy’s rabbit paws, occasionally reaching into the bag to pull out a new piece of candy or two. Some were soft like marshmallows or gummies, others were hard with a crunch. As they were chewing, they noticed the strange sensation in one of their front teeth. They’d felt it before when they visited the nice dentist man with the pretty assistant lady that looked like Sebek, but they forgot what he’d said about that tooth. Another quiet crunch distracted them from the thought, a new flavor bursting in their mouth that made them smile and giggle.
Reaching into the bag for another, their hand grabbed what felt like a bumpy gumball, their hand barely able to wrap around it as they pulled it out of the bag. It was white with rainbow flecks sprinkled across the surface, Yuu contemplating only for a split second how they were going to eat it before bringing it up to their mouth and—
“Owww!” Yuu yelped, dropping the candy and wailing in pain as their hands reached up to cover their mouth.
“Yuu! What’s wrong?!” Deuce asked.
“Ah! Don’t cry, human, you’re safe!” Sebek said, trying to figure out how to console the crying child as tears began to form in their eyes.
“What happened?!” Jack asked, immediately kneeling in front of them. “Shh…it’s okay, Yuu. Are you hurt?” Somehow, Yuu managed to give him a nod, still muffling their whimpers behind their hands. “Did you bite your tongue? Are your teeth hurting?”
Epel caught sight of the candy that had fallen and picked it up. “Hol’ on…izzat a jawbreaker?!” he gasped.
“Say what?! How did that get in there!?” Ace said, swiping the bag and beginning to dig through the contents. “I’m not seeing any others…I swear I checked the bag before I bought it! Grim, did you slip that in when I wasn’t looking?!”
“I thought it was a big gumball!” Grim yelped, looking distressed now. “It looked just like one—I didn’t know it was a jawbreaker thing!” Now near tears, he whimpered, “Now I’ve gone and hurt the human…Professor Crewel’s gonna kill me!”
“Fergit Professor Crewel—the researchers ‘re gonna tan our hides if we don’t git Yuu t’ the nurse’s office!” Epel said, his accent slipping in thicker than normal in his panic.
“Let’s go!!”
“Don’t worry, they’re fine.”
It had been a confusing and panic-inducing five-minute sprint to the nurse’s office from the dorms, students getting bowled over or jumping out of the way of the charging first years. Even Riddle could barely yell at them to not run in the halls before Ace and Deuce shouted “Yuu’s hurt! Nurse’s office!!” in unison. Their panic was only increased tenfold when the nurse wasn’t in the infirmary, instead rushing over to the closest researcher and begging for help after explaining the situation.
So, to hear them say that the human was okay, the first years were relieved yet bewildered as they all but collapsed to the floor in exhaustion.
“What even happened? I thought we broke Yuu’s jaw on accident with that jawbreaker!” Grim asked.
The researcher gave a gentle smile as she turned off the little flashlight and said, “Well, while it was unwise to give something that hard or large to a toddler to begin with, I understand it was an accident and that you meant no harm. Besides…you may have helped loosen one of their baby teeth.”
“B…baby teeth?” Deuce repeated.
“Yes, though they’re also known as primary teeth or milk teeth. From the records we’ve gathered, Yuu has already lost at least one small tooth before they arrived and has already gotten one of their adult teeth in.” Turning to the toddler, whose hands were now in their lap, the researcher said, “Sweetie, would you open your mouth and show us your pretty teeth, please?”
Looking at the first years for a moment, Yuu cooperated and opened their mouth wide.
“See this front tooth here, next to the canine?” the researcher said, using a gloved hand to reach out and gently nudge one. What should have been solid now gave way, the tooth wiggling with each nudge. “During Dr. Zigvolt’s dental exam, it was noted that the adult tooth buried in the gums beneath this tooth was beginning to push down. It likely was already starting to become loose, the candy simply sped up the process…if a little painfully, but it happens.”
“So…Yuu’s just going to lose a tooth naturally and get a new one?” Ace asked.
“That’s right. Children in monster species start losing teeth in the same order that they came in, so by our calculations, since this is the second tooth to fall out, Yuu’s front teeth came in first. It’s not so different from some of the more common monster species in Twisted Wonderland. We just need to keep an eye on it, and make sure the process goes smoothly within the next few days or so.”
“Phew…that’s a relief,” Grim said. “Ya hear that, Yuu? You’re gonna grow up big and strong like us when you get all your big human teeth!”
Yuu’s expression grew bright and cheerful as they said, “Yay! I want pretty teeth like JackJack and Sebby!”
“If you get those kind of chompers, don’t start teething on us!”
/Several Days Later/
Word spread quickly what transpired, and while most of the students had relaxed knowing that nothing was wrong, it was hard to ignore the exciting news. Sure, it was always exciting knowing that a monster child was one step closer to getting their full adult teeth, but knowing that Yuu—the only known human child in existence—was getting their own adult teeth? It was a “#riteofpassage #baby’sgrowingup #don’tknowhowtodeal” as Cater had posted on his Magicam channel.
So when the tooth finally fell out after Yuu accidentally got hit in the face by a swinging door (and lots of reassurances and boo-boo kisses were given)…
“It came out! It came out!”
“It sure did, Yuu,” Trey said, patting the small human on the head as they triumphantly held up the tooth. “That’s a pretty big one you got there!” He gave them a look and asked, “Have you been flossing your teeth like I showed you?”
“Mm…yes!” Yuu said, giving a decisive nod and grinning widely.
“Well that’s good, otherwise I’d have to cut back on the goodies I give you!” Nudging them towards the others, he said, “Why don’t you go show everyone else?”
With an excited squeak, Yuu ran over and all but launched themselves into Cater’s lap as the hippogryph laughed. “Look, look! I lost my tooth!”
“Hooray! Baby’s second tooth is gone~!” Cater said with a cheer, giving Yuu a boop on the nose before snapping a pic. “Aww…soon you’ll be too big to sit in our laps. #wheredidthetimego?”
“What are you gonna do with the tooth, Yuu?” Deuce asked.
That was when Yuu’s expression grew even more excited than before, revealing the gap in their teeth as they loudly proclaimed, “I’mma leave it for the tooth fairy!”
“Tooth…fairy?” Riddle asked in confusion.
“Tooth fairy!” Yuu repeated, oblivious to the baffled and confused looks around them as they looked at their baby tooth. “When you lose a tooth, you’re s’posed to put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy, and when you wake up—she leaves you a quarter!”
Exchanging a look, Ace asked, “And this…tooth fairy…just comes in at night and steals human teeth…for money?”
“She doesn’t steal! She trades for them,” Yuu told him. “I’mma leave mine under my pillow, and when the tooth fairy comes, you’ll see!”
“Uh…is there even such a thing as a tooth fairy?” Deuce uttered, looking thoroughly confused. He didn’t remember his mother telling him anything about a tooth fairy before…
“She’s real! She’s really real!” Yuu insisted. “She’ll come tonight!”
“Okay, okay, we believe you,” Trey said. “In the meantime, though, it’s time for breakfast. Do you want waffles or pancakes?”
“Pancakes!!” Yuu cheered.
“Alright then, let’s go. You can help me mix the batter."
As the two disappeared into the kitchen, Ace couldn’t help but look at the others and ask, “So…who’s going to tell them there’s no such thing as a tooth fairy?”
“Well, maybe not here in Twisted Wonderland, anyway,” Cater said with a shrug. “But who knows? Maybe she does exist wherever the humans are now. Besides, what’s wrong with letting little kids believe in something innocent like this tooth fairy or those tooth stealing clowns?”
“Please don’t remind me of those,” Deuce uttered with a shudder.
/The Next Morning/
The gentle sunlight was streaming in through the window, landing on the slumbering toddler tucked in tight. Slowly blinking in the bright light, Yuu mumbled as they rubbed at their eyes…before sitting up with a gasp. “Tooth fairy!!” they said, giggling happily as they lifted the pillow up-
Only to find the tooth still there.
“Huh…?” they uttered in confusion, shaking the pillow to see if the coin was inside to no avail.
“Good morning, pup,” came Crewel’s voice as he entered the room. “I thought I heard you up earlier than usual. It’s time to get dressed…what are you doing?”
Yuu turned to look at him with confused eyes as they pointed at the small tooth, saying, “The tooth fairy didn’t come for my tooth!”
“Ah, I see.” He’d heard about this ‘tooth fairy’ from one of his students when they dropped the toddler off with the staff, but he didn’t quite understand the logic behind it. “You didn’t stay awake all night trying to catch this ‘tooth fairy’ now, did you?”
With that, Yuu’s head sheepishly ducked close to their shoulders. “Yes…but I had to get proof for my big brothers!” they said, reaching over to pull the Ghost Camera into their lap. “I’ll prove she’s real!”
“I’m sure you will, pup,” he told them reassuringly, giving them a pat on the head before lifting them into his arms. “Now come along. It’s time to get ready for school.”
Despite this turn of events, Yuu still held hope that the tooth fairy would come. They chattered with each of their adoptive big brothers, telling anyone who would listen about the pretty tooth fairy who traded teeth for money (a concept that Azul couldn’t quite see the merit of). Even the researchers were not immune to the child’s enthusiastic ramblings during one of their tests. By the end of the day, when they settled down for bed, they swore that tonight would be the night that she would arrive!
Yet once again, the tooth was still there when they awoke.
“She’ll come,” they said, though there was a slight hint of doubt in their voice. “She has to come…”
And still the next day, they were greeted by the same sight, the tooth seeming to mock them as they sat there staring at it. Why was it still here? Why hadn’t she come? They didn’t care about the money anymore…they just wanted to know that she was real.
It came as quite the shock when Yuu was brought to school that day, the students and staff alike worried at the unusually quiet behavior from the toddler. They hardly even played “potion-master” as enthusiastically as they usually did. So, when it came time for lunch, Yuu sat there looking glum, pushing their food around on their plate with their fork while their big brothers watched in concern.
“Hey, cheer up, chickadee!” Cater said with a smile. “The cafeteria made your favorite today. You don’t want it to get cold, do ya?”
Yuu gave a slight shrug, but otherwise didn’t seem to react much as they continued staring at their uneaten food.
“Do you want me to do the magic carpet thing again?” Kalim asked, picking up a spoon and scooping up one of the sides. “Ready? Nyeeeooom~! Brrrrr, here it comes~!”
The spoon came close to their mouth, yet Yuu didn’t accept the bite. Instead, they heaved a heavy sigh.
“Aww…that usually works,” Kalim uttered, large ears lowering sadly. “Are you not hungry? Did you have too much to eat at breakfast?”
“No. They didn’t even take the cookie I swiped from the kitchen for them this morning,” Ace said. “They always take the cookie even when they’re full.”
“Come now, little one. What’s wrong?” Lilia asked, leaning in close to try and see their face. “We can’t help if you don’t tell us.”
For a moment, Yuu glanced up at him before lowering their gaze again. Then, in a quiet voice, they uttered, “She didn’t come…”
“Who didn’t come?”
“…the tooth fairy…” Eyes growing shiny with unshed tears, Yuu mumbled, “She was supposed to come…she always comes when you lose a tooth, but…but she didn’t.” Tears began to fall now as they sniffled, their voice cracking as they said, “She’s…she’s not real…”
In that moment, the toddler began to cry, Lilia immediately scooping them into his arms and wrapping his wings around them for comfort. Yet even this didn’t seem to help as it normally did, Yuu’s heartbreaking wails causing other students to turn in concern. No one knew what to do. But before anyone could ask what they could do to soothe the child—
“Well of course she’s real, Yuu!”
“Ace? What are you doing?” Deuce hissed at him under his breath. “Now’s not the time!”
Pretending that he didn’t hear him, Ace slid over to look Yuu in the eye and said, “You said yourself that she’s real, right? So, it must be true!”
“B…but…she never came,” Yuu whimpered. “She…she doesn’t exist…”
“Well…when the sun and moon are covered by the clouds and you can’t see them, does that mean they don’t exist?” Ace asked, raising an eyebrow at them.
Sniffling, Yuu shook their head and said, “No…”
“Then why wouldn’t the tooth fairy exist too?” he continued, holding his arms out as though to indicate the whole school. “Just look at us! Did you ever think that we could exist?”
“And yet: here we are. We also never believed we’d ever see a human like you, and yet, here you are. To us, you are like the tooth fairy: you exist, which means so does she.” They still didn’t look too convinced, and so he asked, “Do you remember that package you were really excited to get two weeks ago? The one that Idia ordered for you online?”
“Yeah…it got lost,” Yuu replied.
“Yup. And yet it arrived a few days later than it should have, and you still got your present in the end. So, you know what? Maybe that’s what happened with the tooth fairy!”
“Think about it: you’re not where you were last time when you lost your first baby tooth, right?” At Yuu’s nod, he smiled and said, “So that means she knows you lost a tooth: she just hasn’t figured out how to get to you yet. And if she’s as amazing and great as you say she is, then I’m sure she’ll be here any day now. And you know what? I’ll bet she’ll have a big stash of coins or goodies waiting for you as an apology for making you wait so long. And when she does…I want you to show me your treasure. That will prove to me that she’s real. What do you say? Will you give her more time to pull through for you?”
By now, the tears had stopped, a small, hesitant smile on their face as Yuu nodded. “Okay,” they said. “I’ll wait.”
“Great. Now…are you going to eat your lunch, or are you going to let Grim eat it all before you?” he asked, pointing at the chimera sneaking the roll off their plate.
“Nooo!” Yuu called out with a giggle, their hands reaching out to try and snatch the roll back. “Grim, that’s mine!"
“Hey, you weren’t eating it!” Grim replied, though he had a smile on his muzzle.
While the two play-fought over the food, Cater leaned in and said, “Nice one, Ace. But…what are we going to do if she doesn’t show up?”
“Don’t worry, we’ll make sure she does,” Ace said with a sly smile.
/Later that night at Heartslabyul/
“Here you are, Yuu,” Trey said as he tucked the toddler in, fluffing their pillow before sitting next to the small bed. “Nice and comfy?”
“Uh-huh,” Yuu said with a nod, though they looked nervous. “Thank you for letting me spend the night.”
“You’re welcome, Yuu,” Riddle said with a small smile. “I was surprised that Professor Crewel agreed to let you stay in our dorm for tonight.” He held up a smaller star shaped pillow, the stitching on the fabric spelling Yuu’s name and having what looked like a small pouch on the front. “Here. Vil wanted me to give you this for your tooth.”
“He thought that it would be easier to present the tooth to the tooth fairy if it were in a pillow of its own. He even placed a good luck charm on it as well, just for you,” came the response as Riddle placed it close to their head. “I’ve taken the liberty of placing the tooth safely inside the little pouch here, so it should stay safe and secure until her arrival.”
“Hold up! Can’t forget Mr. Flopsy,” Ace said as he held up the stuffed yellow rabbit, tucking the toy in next to Yuu as he patted the sheets. “There we go.”
“Thank you!” Yuu said, hugging their plush friend close as Grim curled up next to them. Their smile faltered a little, and they looked nervous once more. Then, in a quiet voice, they asked, “Do…do you really think she’ll come tonight, Ace?”
“I think she will,” came the cheeky response as Ace gave them a warm smile. “After all, she is magic, and you do believe in magic, right?” When they nodded, he said, “Good. Then so long as you keep believing in her, she’ll come through for you. Okay?”
“Okay. Good night!” Yuu said, nestling in tighter under the covers with a renewed smile on their face.
“Good night, Yuu!”
When the lights shut off and Trey had settled down in his own bed, Yuu lay there staring up at the ceiling. Then, in a quiet whisper, they said, “Please be real…”
As they finally drifted off to sleep, they were unaware of the faint glow of silver-blue light beneath the doorframe…
/The Next Morning/
“Yuu! Yuu, wake up! She came! She came!”
The toddler was woken from their sleep by Grim’s excited calls, blinking blearily at the chimera before their eyes landed on the star-shaped pillow. A sharp gasp escaped at the sight before them before they called out, “Trey!! She came, she came, she came!!” The two scrambled up onto Trey’s bed and began jumping up and down, chanting, “She came! She came! She came!!!”
Grunting, Trey sat up in bed and patted around the side table for his glasses before putting them on. “Huh? Wha-? What’s going…on?” His eyes grew wide as he stared, uttering a quiet, “What…the…?”
The star shaped pillow was sitting atop a large pile stacked neatly next to their bed, filled with a myriad of plushies and sweets and treats. There were even several satchels of coins and madol scattered about the piles, including several large softball-sized crystals of various hues and colors.
“Whoa,” he uttered in disbelief. “Where did all this come from?”
“The tooth fairy! She came, just like Ace said she would!” Yuu said excitedly, hopping from his bed to theirs as they reached over to dig into their new treasure stash. They pulled out what looked like a large black and purple dragon plushie, hugging it tightly to their chest before happily saying, “She’s real! She’s really real!”
“Nyahaha~! Lookit all this loot!” Grim cheered, cackling as he started digging into the pile too. “This tooth fairy lady is awesome!”
At that, Trey couldn’t help but smile and laugh. “So she did. Why don’t you go get Ace and show him your new treasures?”
Yuu’s smile was so bright even with the gap, and they hopped off and bolted out of his room, shouting, “Ace! Deuce! Cay-Cay! Riddle! She came! She came! The tooth fairy came! Come look!”
Shaking his head, Trey uttered, “I can’t believe he managed to pull it off. Was this all from the other dorms?”
“Yeah! The Ramshackle ghosts were happy to help out. Who knew that being a ghost would be perfect for sneaking in like this?” Grim commented, tiny wings fluttering as he happily swayed with the cash in front of him. “I wonder if I can convince Yuu to buy me some tuna cans with this loot…hm?” He noticed something and reached out to pull down the star pillow. “What’s this?”
“Hm…?” There was a small piece of paper sticking out of the pouch, and when Trey pulled it out…a small silver disk fell out onto the bed. It looked like a coin, but not one that he’d ever seen before. Unfolding the small note, he blinked as the glowing letters faded, arranging themselves into a message as he read, “Thank you for your patience, little one. I am sorry I could not arrive as soon as I could. Please accept my gifts as an apology for making you wait so long.”
Both chimera and satyr exchanged a look before Yuu came bursting in again, closely followed by the others as the toddler began showing them all their new treasures. Ace—though he was smiling—had an odd look in his eyes, and Trey could see a small piece of paper hidden in his fist. When asked about it later when Yuu wasn’t around, he showed the paper that he said he’d found hiding under his pillow…along with a stack of similar looking silver coins like Yuu had gotten.
“To the ones who helped the little one believe: thank you.”
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[Twst Shitpost] What Kpop Groups would NRC Students Stan...?
Oh wow, it's been so long... I'm 15 now everyone~
Please keep in mind that most of these groups will be either 4th or 3rd gen, & I'm basing it off of groups I personally stan or at least somewhat familiar with their music/concept.
Tumblr media
♬♩♪♩  ♩♪♩♬
Malleus: Giving Red Velvet (especially Seulgi), definitely has 28 Reasons on loop
Lilia: Idk honestly, but he’d love Nmixx for their loud & experimental lyrics/song. Also definitely likes rock versions of other Koop songs
Silver: Treasure? (Specifically, DARARI) Maybe Lesserafim too, mainly listens to b-sides
Sebek: Red Velvet because of Waka-sama, secretly likes Lesserafim but refuses to like the same music as Silver
Idia: Aespa obviously, Mave too, but he's also a MASSIVE Once (Twice)
Ortho: "I'm ONdA neXt Level" Aespa. Oh, & Mave, gotta support his virtual friends
Vil: Very picky with the potential groups he'd stan, but I'd say literally any SM idol, but more likely Red Velvet for aesthetics. I think I could see him being a Mamamoo & G(idle) person too though...?
Rook: Ive & Red Velvet, purely for aesthetics
Epel: TxT, but he likes every HYBE artist.
Kalim: Itzy & Cheer up, baby! Cheer up, baby! He's a Twice fann~
Jamil: Lesserafim for sure, and I could see him dancing to Blackpink and Newjeans too
Azul: Uhhhhh... I think he'd be more into soloists than groups, so maybe Taeyeon & IU?
Jade: Red Velvet for their weird concepts
Floyd: Itzy for the dances, Lesserafim just so he can intimidatingly say "What you lookin' at"
Leona: Mamamoo? Maybe? Possibly? I really don't know. How ‘bout G(idle)?
Ruggie: Literally any boy group, the girl groups all seem a bit too rich & posh for him, kinda seeing Txt for him. Worships IU for her background in poverty.
Jack: I think any HYBE group & all the boy groups
Riddle: Red Velvet, also used to like Iz*one before they disbanded
Trey: IU fanboy right here
Cater: He'd like HYBE & SM groups, definitely see him doing trending dances with Jamil
Deuce: Txt. 0x1= LOVESONG is his shit okay
Ace: Newjeans and maybe Stray Kids..?
♬♩♪♩  ♩♪♩♬
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thecoolsquirrel · 18 hours
TWST Dresses!!
Some dresses based off of @tealfloyd s description of them in her story 'THE REVERSED CINDERELLA TALE' (@/rosypof also did the same thing <3 though mine are sketchier than hers😂 )
Also! I did draw the first few but didnt like them so I'm starting off with Riddle! Also no Kalim because Tumblrs post limit akjndjsad
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
~The End~
Maybe one day I'll finalize all of these <3
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harukal524 · 13 hours
Happy April Fool’s Day !
Tumblr media
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michelletsw · 2 days
I seen a post that was like "artists of tumblr please draw the heartslabyel Boys in these cairs" so what one lol
Tumblr media
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twstbookclub · 20 hours
Until I Met You
Summary: Trey didn’t think about White Day much. It was the day where he could give back to everyone who gave him something for Valentine’s Day. Well, that was until you came into the picture.
POV: 2nd person
Admin/Writer: Cressa 🦋
Pronouns: Gender Neutral
Tags: Fluff, Romance, Slight Angst, Trey Clover, Holiday Romance (but how did it come to this), Mentions of Food (i.e. chocolate and pastries)
Word count: 1,776
Thank you for all of your love and support for the Idia fic I wrote 💕
Tumblr media
Trey could smell the heavenly fragrance of chocolates and sweets in his family bakery when March rolled around.
His five-year-old self peered through the glass display case and looked at the couples and singles crowding the pâtisserie. One pair enjoyed a plate of strawberry shortcake together while a single person looked through all of the pastries before deciding on buying chocolate cupcakes. The rest milled about the area as they scrutinized the baked goods and savored the tart sweetness that came with them. His golden gaze drifted to his parents, who passed each other candied rose petals and a brief kiss before continuing with work.
He always wondered what was so special about March when February had Valentine’s Day.
Ten-year-old Trey watched one of the popular boys in his school give chocolates and gifts to anyone who gave him presents during Valentine’s Day. March has come again, and Trey has a small bag of goodies from the bakery himself. It took five years for Trey to understand why the pâtisserie was always crowded during the third month of the year: White Day. A day dedicated to giving back gifts, whether with romantic or platonic intention.
Surprisingly (to him at least), he received some chocolates from his class. Growing up as the oldest brother in the family, Trey felt it would be irresponsible to ignore White Day and return their kindness with nothing. So, the green-haired child went on his way to celebrate White Day only a child like him would know how.
Eighteen-year-old Trey Clover stared at the handcrafted chocolates in the mold. The smell of freshly made chocolate permeated the air of the Heartslabyul kitchen that no one could mistake it for anything else. All he could see and smell were the chocolates he baked for the Ramshackle Prefect.
Trey’s eyes darted towards the chilled, gift-wrapped chocolates he made for his friends yesterday. He made sure to make dark chocolate for Cater since he disliked sweets. Riddle’s strawberry tarts were stashed away in Trey’s room, just in case another incident of tart thievery would happen. Now that would ruin White Day for everyone.
Trey didn’t know when his crush for the magicless prefect began and where it ended. Would he take the plunge of asking you on a date? Would he take a step back and continue admiring you from afar? Considering how you were surrounded by other people who Trey was certain held affection for you, he felt like it would be a one-in-a-million chance that you would say yes to him. Much less return his feelings.
There’s also the fact that you’re from a world entirely different from his reality. The moment Crowley finds a way home for you, Trey knew you’d take the chance in a heartbeat. With how much you talked about your friends and family from where you came, the same way he told stories about his own family, Trey would have no choice but to say goodbye to you.
“Easy there, tiger,” Trey sighed, dragging a hand down his face. “Give the chocolates, then think about asking them out before you have a midlife crisis.”
“Huh? That’s what you’re going for?” Ace’s voice echoed in Trey’s mind as he put the finishing touches and arranged the chocolates in a white box wrapped with a ribbon in your favorite color.
He could imagine Ace sneering at the cheesy gesture, Deuce asking him who the chocolates are for, and Cater wanting to know about the juicy details of the lucky individual who caught Trey’s attention. Knowing Riddle, he wouldn’t pry, but he would offer some advice if Trey wanted it. The Heartslabyul vice housewarden doubts that Riddle knew anything about romance, even if the latter read all of the books in the world.
Tucking away the chocolates in the fridge, Trey hoped that he could give you his gift without a problem. White Day had always been uneventful for him. If things went well tomorrow, then Trey could ask you out on a date without any worries. The thought gave him some confidence before he called it a night.
Come White Day, and Trey Clover—Riddle's reliable and responsible right-hand man, big brother to all Heartslabyul students, who’s composed under any circumstance—willed himself not to run around like a headless chicken in search of you.
It’s as if some higher power prevented him from running into you and vice versa. The Heartslabyul third year hasn’t seen you all day, and his courage began to fade bit by bit. He fidgeted with his glasses in the guise of fixing them. His palms are sweaty. His eyes scanned the courtyard as if you’d pop up at random. He struggled to breathe due to the lump in his throat.
Trey couldn’t remember a time he had been this nervous before. Maybe because Trey couldn’t stop thinking about you whose smile could rival the intensity and beauty of the sun, whose determination in helping anyone captivated him, whose kindness could be seen in the gentle way you pet one of the hedgehogs in the rose garden before an Unbirthday party. Maybe because this is the first time he wanted to be by someone’s side—yours—every single day.
Even if it meant that same person would leave him to return home one day.
“Where are you…?” Trey sighed, sitting down on one of the stone benches with a groan. “Classes are done, so they might be studying in the library or they went back to Ramshackle Dorm.”
An image of Grim, Ace, and Deuce flashed in his mind which made Trey chuckle. “On second thought, those three would drag them around anywhere. It’s not easy looking after those troublemakers.”
“I came by to say hi, but now I’m afraid to ask what you’re talking about, Trey.”
If Trey had been any other man, he’d have been a flustered mess and doubled over at the coincidence. You stood in front of him with a nervous smile and a hand half-heartedly raised in a wave. Your hair stuck out every which way. Your tie was loose, fighting for its life to stay on your collar. Creases littered your uniform coat as if you had worn it in a rush. In short, you looked like you've been struck by a tornado and barely made it out alive.
Trey couldn't help but think you were still gorgeous like this.
He felt his lips curve into a smile. He called your name in a soft and gentle tone, with an underlying passion even Trey didn't know he was capable of.
"Hey there. Why don't you take a seat? You could use the rest from whatever you're up to."
"You have no idea," you grinned, plopping yourself next to him. You're so close that Trey could feel your warmth radiate through his own coat. Your knee brushed with his, and you still faintly smelled like roses despite looking dead on your feet. Trey recognized that it was the expensive perfume Riddle and the others bought for you in the last Unbirthday party.
"Sam had a special White Day sale, and it got really crowded around the shop. I lost Ace and Deuce and Grim, so… here I am."
Trey took back whatever he said about the higher power. They literally gave him a chance to confess without anyone ruining it right now.
"Then I'm lucky I was around the area," Trey hummed. The smile you shot him afterwards said more than any words could. Without even thinking, he took out your chocolates from his book bag and handed it over to you.
If the situation wasn't so serious, Trey would've laughed at how cute you looked. Your eyes grew wide and your lips slightly parted. He swore there was a hint of a blush on your cheeks, but with the setting sun casting an ethereal light on you, Trey couldn't tell. All he could focus on was how adorable you are.
"It's for White Day. As thanks for the chocolate you gave me on Valentine's."
"Oh w-wow, um, I—" Oh Seven, you're so cute. "—I didn't think you'd remember that after a month, Trey."
How could I? I've been waiting for yours since the sun was up and I couldn't sleep after, Trey thought. Although, he'll bring this secret to the grave.
You cleared your throat and gingerly took the box from Trey after a bit of nudging from him. He watched you hold the box as if it was a diamond. Your fingers ghosted the fabric of the ribbon before untying it to unveil the chocolate within.
"... You remembered."
"You said you missed having them from your home before," Trey fiddled with his glasses again. "So I tried to recreate them based on your description."
Anyone who'd look at your favorite chocolates in your hands would just see the chocolate. For you, though? You see your family and friends in them. Back home, you'd buy this type of chocolate whenever you had the chance and share them with loved ones on occasion. He heard you sniffle, but kept quiet when you faked a cough.
"This means a lot to me. I…" Your lips quivered a little as you tied the ribbon around the box again. "I love them. Thanks, Trey."
The third year student couldn't help himself. Everything just felt right.
"I like you," Trey blurted out. He didn't give you—stunned and speechless—a chance to reply as he continued, "I don't know when and how. I don't think I ever gave it much thought. I just know I've never felt like this for anyone else."
The sun has long since kissed the earth. Twilight dawned on the pair underneath a tree, hiding the intimate moment from any onlookers and passersby. Stray leaves danced in the air as a spring breeze rustled your hair, making it more of a mess than earlier. You kept looking at him with wide eyes and your hands clutching the box.
At this point, Trey could care less if anyone else passed by. All he cared about was you.
"I could be with you for just one day, and I won't regret it."
You didn't say anything, but the moment he caught you in his arms when you hugged him, Trey knew he'd cherish every day with you. He wrapped his arms around you tighter. He tucked your head in the crook of his neck as he buried a hand in your hair. Stray strands tickled his cheek when he leaned on your head. Trey felt your smile the more you snuggled into his shoulder.
The uncertainty of the future be damned. He just wanted to be with you.
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So going off my last post I'm going to try and cast twst characters as characters from Gothic Literature novel(la)s
Malleus as Erik from The Phantom of the Opera
Vil as Dorian Gray from The Picture of Dorian Gray
Idia as Victor Frankenstein from Frankenstein
Leona as Edmond Dantès from The Count of Monte Cristo
Trey as Mr Gabriel John Utterson from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
Floyd as Mr Edward Hyde from The Strange Case of Dr Jekyll and Mr Hyde
I'll see if I can think of others
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Tumblr media
[image id: title "the vote has been announced" with credits "made by spadecentral" and "polls by rayisalive"]
Among the student body, there have been students using their popularity to get them what they want. The teachers hearing about this and reporting it to headmaster Crowley, he decided to make it a "fun" popularity contest for the students.
Votes could be bought or stolen; who knows, who cares? Figure out who is the most popular student in Night Raven College with these polls!!
Tumblr media
this list will be modified when more polls come in & when posts are made
Tumblr media
Round One:
Poll One: Ace vs. Malleus
Poll Two: Ruggie vs. Jamil
Poll Three: Riddle vs. Azul
Poll Four: Leona vs. Vil
Poll Five: Trey vs. Lilia
Poll Six: Jade vs. Ortho
Poll Seven: Deuce vs. Floyd
Poll Eight: Cater vs. Rook
Poll Nine: Epel vs. Sebek
Poll Ten: Kalim vs. Idia
Tumblr media
Redemption Round:
Poll One: Riddle vs. Ruggie vs. Floyd. vs. Ortho
Tumblr media
Round Two:
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Thank you for the gifts!
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Do not speak to me for a few minutes. I’m molting. I need a beach episode event like, now.
Art is by yudo_fu_nabe on Twitter!
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