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Tumblr media Tumblr media
— MARRIED FOR 24 HOURS, COMMITED FOR LIFE ! Crackfic / Gender neutral reader / Shitty writing / Multi-characters / Fluff
Tumblr media
“Remember the time we got married for 24 hours..?”, they hummed in response, waiting for you to continue; “A part of me thinks.. that you didn’t think it was JUST 24 hours..” you paused for a moment, and then continued “You still wear the promise ring I got you, on your ring finger.. “ you let out a small chuckle, “I don’t know how to phrase this easily, but temporarily.. until the REAL THING happens.. I’m gonna need you to sign the divorce papers.” 
“Marriage is sacred.. Surely you don’t plan on breaking the sacred vows the two of us made and shared underneath those bright lights”, he continues on, phrases and misleading the crowd of onlookers until you give up.  — Riddle Rosehearts, Jamil Viper
He closens into you, a light chuckle leaving him as he does so; he leans in and grabs the paper from your hands. He tears and shreds the poor thing to pieces and lets out a chuckle. “Try and get rid of my dear, I anticipate how creative you can be..”  — Azul Ashengrotto, Jade Leech
"Have you ever been blackmailed love 🙂" — Trey Clover, Floyd Leech, Rook Hunt, Lilia Vanrouge
“HAVE YOU THOUGHT OF THE CHILDREN” “YOUR LEAVING US? AFTER ALL WE’VE BEEN THROUGH” — Ruggie Bucchi, Cater Diamond, Idia Shroud (replace children with Ortho), Sebek Zigvolt
Grim hands him the divorce paper and he casually rips it apart; Grim hands him another one, “Don— Don't rip it—” tearing noises. “God damn it!”; Grim hands them four new copies of the divorce paper, and he rips them again. “Darling you're making this way more difficult than it should be” you said, trying to convince them to stop. “No, you’re making this difficult” 
Grim hands him another five packets of divorce papers, “We can do this all day” he said, but he ripped them apart again.. “You’re not going to go through with this are you..” you ask him; “No, but it’s funny seeing you try to divorce me”. Grim smashes another 15 packets onto the table, “DEUCE I’M GOING TO NEED 600 MORE COPIES OF DIVORCE PAPERS”  — Vil Schoenheit, Ace Trappola, Malleus Draconia, Leona Kingscholar
*Holding back tears* — Deuce Spade
Silence, dead silence, avoids your gaze and questions. — Silver, Jack Howl, Kalim Al-Asim, Epel Felmier
Tumblr media
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— who fell in love first and who fell harder (part 2)
featuring: twisted wonderland, blooming panic, and mikaela hyakuya
part one | part three
© miyakuya 2023– plagiarism, reposts, or anything related or copying isn’t allowed.
Tumblr media
first; while it may not have been love at first sight, they couldn’t help but fall head over heels for you faster than anyone, even themselves, could expect. even if they didn’t admit it, you could tell as soon as it happened
— Nightowl, Trey Clover, Ace Trappola, Ruggie Bucchi, Rook Hunt, Silver Vanrouge
harder; they weren’t necessarily meaning to fall in love, the idea was something that didn’t seem like they really deserved it or that it wasn’t something they could really do anyways. the moment they realized they were in love though, however, it hit them hard and they were definitely not losing you now
— Xyx, Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Jade Leech, Jamil Viper, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Sebek Zigvolt, Mikaela Hyakuya
both; they fell in love fast and hard. they didn’t mean for it to happen but they weren’t going to complain. the way they fell in love was like riding in the front seat of a roller coaster going down the first drop. they didn’t want to lose that feeling and they certainly didn’t want to lose you
— Naked Toaster, Quest, Cater Diamond, Deuce Spade, Jack Howl, Floyd Leech, Epel Felmier, Kalim Al-Asim, Malleus Draconia, Lilia Vanrouge
Tumblr media
taglist: @astro-pioneer
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TWST Boys As Texts I Found On Pinterest (feat. Ace, Deuce, Trey, Riddle, Cater, Leona, Kalim, Jamil and Idia)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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magicpumpkin3 · 2 days
I'm currently working on my last request but after that, I'll be working on one of these bad boys
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Courting, Pining, or Flirting? 
Characters: All NRC students x reader (seperately)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland 
Genre: fluff
Do the NRC boys court you, pine for you, or flirt with you? 
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts will do his best in courting you. Raised to be strict and formal, he has virtually no idea of what love is, or how to express it. The best he got was the fairytales of princesses and knights in his childhood. So he’ll follow their lead to the best of his ability. Riddle will give you his blazer jacket, and take your arm in his when navigating crowded hallways- he’ll even bow to you when saying goodnight, placing a tender kiss on your hand. Riddle might need a bit of a confidence boost before he performs a moonlight soliloquy under your balcony, though. 
Ace Trappola, unsurprisingly, enjoys flirting with you. What can he say, he’s a fun-loving guy! That extends to all parts of his life, including you. When the two of you are watching movies on his laptop in Ramshackle Dorm, he’ll tug the blanket away, forcing you to cuddle up to him for warmth. One day in class, a crumpled paper ball will hit you on the shoulder, reading: DO YOU LIKE ME? YES/NO ;) It’s childish, but somehow endearing.
Deuce Spade, ever the gentleman, will try (keyword: try) his best in courting you. His mom didn’t raise a brat! Listening to her advice, he’ll buy you flowers, ask you out on the weekends, and drape his jacket over your shoulders when you get cold. It’s a lot less smooth than it sounds, though. He’ll be a blushing, stuttering mess the entire time and accidentally spill his plans to you before he can execute them. Then he’ll apologize and spill even more of his plans- and alas, the cycle continues. 
Trey Clover is surprisingly good at flirting! Trey is confident in his ability to charm people. Even the most uptight of Prefects tend to relax a little around him. Of course, the delicious handmade pastries he often brings along with him are just a bonus. They’re an easy way to strike up a conversation with you, getting you to spill more and more about yourself to him. He’s comfortable to talk to, isn’t he? Oh, is that baked good your favorite? Expect a box of them to show up on your desk within the next week, along with a coy little note: Sweets for the sweet. 
Cater Diamond, on the surface, is definitely into flirting. He chases anything and everything within a fifty-meter radius of himself, and giving his posts on Magicam so much as a comment will result in a Hey cutie ;) popping up in your DM notifications at 1 AM. But with a person that Cater truly loves, face to face, he won’t do anything more than stay by your side as a supportive friend, pining from afar. He’s afraid of messing this up. Do you even see him that way? Please say you do. 
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar does all three, in the order of pining, courting, and flirting. Hear me out: Leona pines, but not in a hopeless way. Instead, he just figures that he doesn’t have the time or emotional investment for a relationship. But once the feelings began to grow, Leona gets desperate. He doesn’t want opportunities to slip through his fingers without doing anything. So he’ll begin subtly hanging out with you more, until it reaches the courting stage. At that point, he becomes visibly softer and less harsh around you. He’ll only really be comfortable flirting and being playful with you once you’re in an established relationship, not before. 
Ruggie Bucchi is into casual flirting- Well, he’s into it until he realizes he’s fallen so hard that he can’t climb back out. It’s all fun and games to him at first. Oh, you want to pet his ears? Maybe trading that cookie of yours from the lunch buffet would be suitable collateral. You think he looks good in the PE uniform? There’s more where that came from. Want him to accompany you on a late-night errand? Of course! He loves spending time with you- Wait, when did that happen? 
Jack Howl follows his sharp instincts on everything, and every sign is pointing at him courting you like a true gentleman. He knows he’s a little rough around the edges, but he’s got no problem cleaning his act up for you. Putting on a suit and tie and using a bit of gel in his hair and around his ears is a small price to pay for your affection. He’s not particularly shy about showing you he has feelings for you, but outright telling you might take a bit more time and effort.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto is painfully, unequivocally deep in pining for you. There’s just no way around it is there? Oh, what he wouldn’t give to crawl into his tako pot and hide when you’re around. You’re on his mind every second of every day, and he lays in bed every night wondering if you see him the same way. Is he handsome to you? Is he smart? He wants to hold you so bad but he won’t do it until you tell him yes, I like you too, first.
Jade Leech, ever the calm, collected one, excels at smooth flirting. He just knows you like him as much as he likes you, and he’s not afraid to point it out. It’s not like you’re subtle about it either- with the way you sit in a corner booth of Mostro Lounge for hours, just to be able to talk with him after-hours over leftover pastries and tea. You wouldn’t mind if he did this with you more often, would you? 
Floyd Leech has his unique way of flirting, just like everything else in his life. You’re just so exciting, Shrimpy! Won’t you tell him a little more about your day? Even just the little things, like how many pages of notes you took in History of Magic class or an answer to a test question or two- he’s kidding, he’s kidding! All jokes aside, Floyd truly does enjoy your company and the ways you spice up his life. 
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim does none of the three, surprisingly. He’s so bright it might not even occur to you that he’s interested until you’re already three layers deep. He’s always been a friendly person, so when he begins inviting you to hang out all the time, you wouldn’t give it a second thought. It’s only when you notice him trying to do things for you rather than just with you do you realize his feelings might run a little deeper than just friendship. He tries to be chivalrous, but it usually just comes off as him playing at being your prince charming. The closest you could get to describing what Kalim does is playful, friendly courting- albeit a very unconventional form of it. 
Jamil Viper is used to never getting what he wants. Somewhere along the line he stopped trying. So when you step into his life, shining but not blinding like Kalim, he hesitates. Is he ready to take such a risk? All he knows for sure is that he wants you in his life… someday. So quietly, in between classes and in the hallways, he’ll be pining for you from afar- hoping you’ll make the first move, so that he won’t have to worry about Kalim whisking you away.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit thinks he has never met someone so beautiful before. You might even be half as beautiful as he is! It’s a huge compliment coming from someone like him. You’re also half as smart, almost as strong, and maybe he’d consider taking you out for lunch- but don’t get it twisted! He’s doing this out of the goodness of his heart. (He likes you. He really likes you. Please date him.) It’s not very good flirting, but he’s trying his best.
Rook Hunt is flamboyant and genuine in everything he does, which includes flirting with you, his longtime crush. You have the most beautiful smile he’s ever seen! Would you mind if he admired it for a while? He’ll brag about you to everyone around him, much to the irritation of Vil, who finds it offensive that his biggest supporter has ‘betrayed’ him for another. Rook doesn’t care, though. If you so pleased, he’d be more than happy to walk you to your next class. Anything to bask in your unmatched beauty just a few seconds longer. 
Epel Felmier is good at flirting, and he’s confident about it too! A rough and tumble farm boy like him needs a cute thing on his arm to show off, doesn’t he? Don’t laugh at him- he’s trying to impress you. He’ll do anything he can to prove to you that he’s a strong, capable person and your perfect match. Let him carry your books, and serve you in the cafeteria buffet line. When you share a snack together, he’ll lean just a bit too close, letting his cheek brush against yours before pulling away. Come on, look him in the eyes! Or are you too shy~
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud has never met you in real life. You’ve never seen his face, but he’s seen yours through the camera of his tablet at housewarden meetings. Maybe it’s the pent up stress speaking, but wow, you’re way out of his league. Best to make casual conversation and repress his pining over a game of online chess, lest he screw it all up in real life. 
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia is a lonely soul who knows little more than a life of isolation. When you walk into his life, unafraid of the twisted black crown that sits on his head or the ominous aura that seems to surround him, he has to wonder if after all these years he’s finally found his soulmate. Immediately, he wants to make plans to see you every day, to listen to you ramble about anything and everything beyond the briar walls around his castle. Stay a while and talk with him, won’t you? Malleus is the true definition of patience and indulgence when he’s courting you. 
Lilia Vanrouge isn’t one for mere high school relationships. He’s a father and a general! He’s got a teenager to raise and armies to lead, on top the infamously heavy homework load from NRC classes. You’d have to be really important to him to find a place in his ancient heart. Sure, he’ll have his fun with flirting and all, but no one can really expect a thousand-year old fae to fall in love… right?
Sebek Zigvolt is shocked, no pun intended. There’s no way a fae like himself has fallen for a mere human! No, he won’t accept it. Sebek will turn in somersaults and bend over backwards to make any excuse on why he is not in love with you, he’s just a bit agitated today! Ironically, he makes things harder for himself with this mindset, condemning himself to pining for you from afar. 
Silver, like his name, wants to be your knight in shining armor- he’s just not quite sure how to go about it yet. He supposes he’ll ask for your parents’ permission to begin courting you, first. That’s the tradition in the Valley of Thorns after all. But when Lilia points out that it’s a bit old-fashioned, he’ll simply agree and go along with whatever terrible plans the rest of Diasomnia comes up with next. Be prepared to be barraged with an awful yet endearing mix of pick-up lines, cheesy love letters, and classic romance songs that this quartet comes up with in their free time. The best thing? Silver himself won’t even be awake for half of it. 
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 1 month
TWST Men Taking Your First Time
Pairing: Ace Trappola, Trey Clover, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, first time, oral sex, gentle sex to rough sex, biting, scratching, corruption kink, overstimulation, praise, mating press, clit stimulation, blowjobs, handjobs, safe words
A/N: Been getting a lot of first time/virginity loss requests for the TWST characters so I decided to put them all into one post.
Ace tries to make it fun. As in tell a few jokes to lighten the mood, make you laugh, make sure you're feeling relaxed and comfortable. Yes, you're both naked right now and he's got a boner but that doesn't mean that anything has to change between you two. He's still touching and kissing you just like before, with his cock slowly working into your pussy, very slowly, stopping every time your breath hitches, and then he kisses you again, smiling at you until you relax, until he's bottomed out inside of you and you're ready to let him move.
Trey starts out slow, kissing your thighs as they part for him, humming and licking against your skin, letting you relax against the bed. His goal is both to overstimulate you to the point of almost crying just from eating you out, but also let you have a taste of what it's gonna be like in the future. He can't get enough of your taste, your hips bucking into him for more friction. If his cock didn't ache he'd be happy to do this all night. Once he sees you're wet enough he pushes inside of you in a single thrust, establishing an easy going pace, still keeping you on the edge instead of letting you fall over it. This is gonna take all night, so you best get comfy with his cock inside you.
Leona will make you're you're marked up during sex. Where ever he can mark you he will, your neck, breasts, shoulders, belly, thighs, back, wrists, everything that you are will be his by the end of the night. Including your virginity, that pretty pussy that's he's wanted to sink his cock into for so long. He warns you beforehand that he will be a little rough but you can stop him at any time, just say the word you agreed on. Ah but you can't, you won't, his cock feels so good as it's rapidly pushing in and out of you, making your pussy wetter, tighter and looser at the same time, making you his, and him yours as you exchange bites.
Azul might be a bit of a controlling, kinky man but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his gentle side. Although you're one of the rare, fortunate souls that gets to see it. His darker side? That slowly comes into play on your first night with him, where he enjoys how you lick his cock, when he tells you to get yourself ready for him but not to come, he will do that for you. In time. When he pushes you down to the bed he looks at your face, that hazy, lustful look in your eyes that mirrors his perfectly, and you poor, empty cunt, just begging for him to fill it with cock and cum. He looks forward to corrupting you further, until you're hopping on his cock every day like a bitch in heat.
Kalim is careful and romantic with you for your first time. He takes a while to explore and worship your naked body, paying attention to how you react when he presses his finger or tongue over his clit, how your pussy reacts to having a real cock inside it for the first time. He rolls his hips slowly, letting you get used to the feeling of being stretched out, whispering sweet words and promises of making you happy as your pussy grows accustomed to him, as he slowly guides you to your first orgasm of the night.
Vil is all about making you feel good. Sure he's showing off while doing it, licking you up every way he knows how, curling his fingers just right to make your hips rise from the bed, making you pull his hair to get him closer. If he could get closer he would, as it is he can only become one with you, his cock in your pussyhole, his hips against yours, his mouth against yours, his fingers intertwined with yours as his thrusts become faster, but not sloppy, he never does anything sloppily, not even sex. Especially not when it's your first time.
Idia thought you'd just do oral, handjobs and fingering for the night. He's already sucked his cum off your fingers once. But when you push him down and align his cock with your entrance, waiting for him to nod... his hands grab anywhere they can, the room suddenly much hotter as he nods furiously and clenches his teeth when you sink down on him. He's trying so hard not to just start thrusting up like a mad man. Fuck, you feel so good around him. You seem a natural at riding cock, rolling your hips perfectly. You better take it slow, or else he's gonna finish too soon.
Malleus is just as nervous as you are. He wants to provide you with the best experience possible, yet he's fighting his instincts that are yelling at him to just... take you. Make you his. Claim you. He holds back for your sake, at least until you're a few rounds in and you give him the okay to fold you like a pretzel and rut his cock balls deep inside of you. He's been waiting for so long, taking it gentle, his balls hurting from the cum stored inside of them, he wants to see how long you can keep up, and what your pussy can't do... well... as long as you're willing he can take your virginity in other holes too.
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atl4ntxc · 3 months
𝐨𝐡 𝐝𝐚𝐫𝐥𝐢𝐧𝐠, 𝐚𝐥𝐥 𝐨𝐟 𝐭𝐡𝐞 𝐜𝐢𝐭𝐲 𝐥𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭𝐬 𝐧𝐞𝐯𝐞𝐫 𝐬𝐡𝐢𝐧𝐞 𝐚𝐬 𝐛𝐫𝐢𝐠𝐡𝐭 𝐚𝐬 𝐲𝐨𝐮𝐫 𝐞𝐲𝐞𝐬.
— the moment they realized they fell for you, and how some of them deal with it.
Tumblr media
Riddle couldn’t bare the thought of you being away from him. That day, that fateful day where you took him out for a walk for a breath of fresh air, was the day that he would always remember and cherish. The way you asked for permission to hold his hand, the way you held onto them so gently, the way you laughed, the way you smiled and the way your eyes lit up at the sight of a blooming flower. Your eyes were the most lustrous that he had ever seen, and when you would look at him, he could feel himself melting inside.
Trey knew that he fell in love with you when he realized that he would always want you to accompany him. He would always seem to find ways to get you to assist him with baking, no matter how easy the recipe is. He will never get sick of the feeling of flowers blooming in his chest. Your joyous laughter always sound like a melody to him, and he would smile in return. He is never missing the opportunity to admire you from afar.
Cater never knew that he would actually fall in love. He couldn’t see himself liking anyone, but when you arrived, everything changed. In his point of view, you were the best person to ever appear in his life. You are so beautifully created, and if he were to ever see a flaw of yours, he would say that his eyes are the flawed ones. No matter what happens, he could always be vulnerable around you, letting his facadé drop. He will always trust you, even with the darkest secrets. You are his sole source of comfort and love.
Ace finds it ridiculous that he fell in love with you. No matter how hard he tries to deny his feelings, he would always go back into your warming embrace. He couldn’t help but notice of how enchanting you are, quietly watching you talk to your friends. The way he looks at you is so soft, it makes you bubbly inside. He bullies you lovingly, not aware of the glances that his friends give him... He’s so mushy it’s disgusting. He’s so going to get teased for this by his friends.
Deuce realized that he becomes a shy mess around you. Whenever he talks to you, his eyes would always avoid your dreamy ones. You smiling at him will always make him combust, making epel and ace laugh at him. He acknowledges his feelings, unlike Ace. He tells his mother about you, on how wonderful you truly are, the radiant smiles that you send him, he tells his mom everything. And that’s when he knew, he truly fell head over heels for you.
Leona spends more time with you. The moment that he realized he had feelings for the herbivore, he shuts you out and refuses to acknowledge his feelings. But being away from you is hard, it’s difficult. He would always be grumpy if he didn’t see nor interact with you. Once you step into the Botanical Garden, his ears would perk up and his tail would swish, the sudden excitement rushing through his body. The only person that he would let scratch his ears or head is you. You will always be that person.
The moment that Ruggie realized that he fell in love, he becomes all giddy. You and him had a picnic in the middle of a dandelion field, which makes him excited as he was surrounded by his favourite flower. You plucked a dandelion and gave it to him, “make a wish.” you said. He parted his lips and took a look at your gentle smile that held nothing but kindness behind them. The beauty of your smile is something that he cannot describe. Ruggie carefully cupped the dandelion in his hands before making a wish.
At first, Jack didn’t care about love. But he seemed to be proven wrong when he realized that he was in love with you, his friend. He shows you that he loves you by always shielding you from nearby trouble and protecting you ‘till his last breath. He will help you with anything, no matter how simple the task is. He will help you do your daily errands, accompanying you along the way— who cares if he’s tired? he needs to protect you!
Azul finds ‘love’ troublesome. He thinks that love is a waste of time— but that was before you came along. When you went to Monstro Lounge to dine in with your first year buddies, he couldn’t help but notice how bright your eyes looked that night. So, he took it upon himself to take your orders, as well as deliver the meals that you ordered. He will always be screaming on the inside from your interactions. Jade and Floyd knew of his little crush on you, and decided to tease him for it. He definitely tries to make you sign a contract, while hiding the written part that says "be forever mine".
Jade fell in love with you when you both went for a hike. He realized that you were actually listening to his ramblings about mushrooms, and it warms his heart. You would listen intently to every word he says, even commenting at some of the mushroom facts. His heart swirls with pride when he hears your hearty laughter, a sign that you enjoy his company. He is very subtle with his feelings, but everyone (except for you) noticed on how his eyes softened at the mere mention of the ramshackle prefect.
Floyd becomes more clingy with you. It isn't a surprise for anyone to see the eel cling onto you like a sloth. Nothing changed from his behaviour, everyone would think. But you and Jade knew that he became much more closer to you, more touchy. He craves your touch. Annoys you ‘till the end, but will always be by your side. Other students won't be able to approach you if the Leech hangs around you like a... well, a leech. So, free protection? He will protect his shrimpy no matter what!
Kalim can’t see the difference between platonic and romantic affection. But he does know that he wants to hug and kiss you. Holding hands and any form of physical contact will having him cooing in delight. But, the moment that he realized that he fell in love with you was when you were checking if he had any injuries on him. You could’ve let Jamil do that, but considering the fact that he’s incredibly tired, you let him rest. To him, you are the most beautiful human being to ever exist— the way your hand gently touches his, it’s making his heart flutter. You are perfect!
Jamil has no problem with love whatsoever. Although he doesn’t focus on that topic but focuses on Kalim instead, he could not ignore how you offered him help. Jamil didn’t doubt your cooking skills, but he does have a part of his brain that prays that scarabia’s kitchen doesn’t end up in ashes. In the end, your creation was mouth-watering. Jamil smiles at you, and you were beaming in delight when they said that it tasted delicious. He couldn’t help but notice how precious you looked in the moment and basked it in. But, he ignores his feelings— so you have to be the one to confess.
‘i don’t have time for love.’ Vil thinks. Surrounded by fans who adore him, he couldn’t care less about love. Sure, love sounds wonderful but it’s difficult to deal with. However, there was a time when Vil pulled you into Pomefiore’s dorm to get you dressed up, since you looked like a rotten potato. You could only sigh and accept your fate, patiently waiting for the makeover to finish while Epel struggles beside you. “open your eyes, potato.” so you opened them. wait— since when did the prefect had such an angelic look? You looked like you were perfectly glowing. Vil’s cheeks were decorated with a soft red hue, eyes softening at the sight of you.
Rook is well... Rook. He understands the concept of love too much. Most might think, "he def fell in love the first time he saw u" and you are not wrong yet not right. At first glance, he only adored you. You were just doing archery for fun, when Rook popped up beside you. “Trickster-kun, doing archery? So magnifique! Come, show me your skills!” you held the archery arrow towards the apple above Rook and shot an arrow, a subtle smile present. “Jackpot. Thanks for the offer, Rook—” He immediately held your hand and got on one knee, “mon trésor, please be mine.” “what?!” congrats, now you have a hunter trailing behind you, asking for your hand in marriage.
‘ew, love.’ that’s how Epel views love. Love is so... yucky. Seeing all those happy couples makes him want to vomit. He gained feelings after spending more time with you, most of the time trying to escape from Vil. Once he realized he had a crush on you, he tries his hardest to be a man in front of you. Becomes an agressive chihuahua whenever someone talks bad about you. If he wants to lead you anywhere, he would tightly hold onto your hand and curse ace for laughing at him. One of the priviledges you get for being his crush is that he doesn’t mind you calling him pretty.
How the hell did you get Idia to fall in love with you? Being a naturally caring person, you asked Ortho to give Idia a bento that was made for him. Ortho happily agreed and gave it to Idia, who was confused. Once Ortho said that it was from you, he started to blush aggressively as the tips of his hair begins to turn pink. Attached to the bento, was a note from you. Agh, he can’t take it anymore! He needs to cool off!
Malleus fell in love with you during one of your late night walks. “Malleus?” you called onto his name, making him look at you. The way his name rolls off your tongue sounds so perfect. “What’s wrong, child of man?” he softly asks. It was clear to everyone that he was infatuated with you. “here... i made you a flower crown.” Malleus stares at the huge ring of flowers on your palm, before returning his to look at you. “A flower crown..?” you put it on his head and smiled at him. “like this. You wear it like this!” Malleus could feel his heart thumping loudly againts his ribcage, as the tip of his ears turn pink. “I see. Thank you, child of man.”
Lilia has had past partners before. You’ve been Ramshackle’s prefect for straight 3 years now. However, to this day, Crowley still hasn’t found a way for you to return back to your original world. Although it hurts to imagine you leaving him alone, he has to accept it. He fell in love when he realized that you care a lot about Silver, Sebek and as well as Malleus. They were like family to you, and it warms his heart. He loves you so much. The more that he is in love with you, the more that he scares you. It’s his way of loving, okay?
The moment that Silver fell in love was that when he woke up from a nap to find a lunchbox made especially for him. He moved his head, coincidentally finding a flower crown on top of him. Still a little drowsy, he read the note that was left to find out if was by you, the ramshackle prefect. His cheeks slightly turns red, a small smile graced upon his face. Nobody except for Lilia had cared so much for him, and he is grateful for it. The birds that were surrounding him chirps happily as he ate the lunchbox’s contains, thinking about you. He’s definitely in love... and he doesn’t mind it.
Sebek’s purpose was to protect Malleus, his waka-sama. He didn’t think that he would fall in love, much less with the ramshackle prefect, his acquaintance! He wouldn’t focus on his feelings, but would instead focus on protecting Malleus (who doesn’t need protection but sebek dgaf). He fell in love with you once he spends more time with the first years (containing you). He needs waka sama
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dotster001 · 3 months
How they get you under the Mistletoe
Summary: Twst NRC students x gn! reader. How they get you under the Mistletoe.
A/N: Merry Christmas if you celebrate that! If not, happy holidays! I was gonna do the staff too for this, but it got so long 😂 if people enjoy this, I can do the staff and RSA/Noble bell.
Ace Trappola
You have no idea until it's too late.
You had to admit, despite the strict rulebook she made, the queen of hearts knew how to throw a holiday party. You were finishing off a glass of the best sparkling cider you'd ever had when you felt an arm around your waist.
You turned to see Ace, just in time for him to lightly punch your shoulder as he told some random student, "And this one? You shoulda seen them, they really whipped our asses into shape."
"You're exaggerating," Deuce pouted from next to him.
"Am not," Ace said. He pushed you slightly forward and gestured to you.
"You wouldn't know it by looking at them, but our beloved Y/N can be a hard ass."
He took a step forward, and whispered, "Huh. Would you look at that prefect. It appears we are under the mistletoe."
You wanted to wipe that smug grin off his face, but it was too late. His lips were already on yours.
The world around you faded, and for a moment it was just you and him. Then you were brought back to reality by …
"Ew, Ace," Deuce groaned, and walked away, as did the other Heartslaybul student.
You were about to follow after them to apologize for Ace's tomfoolery, when he grabbed your wrist and whispered, "Hey, we're still under the mistletoe. Can't wreck tradition, now can we?"
Deuce Spade
You were setting up decorations together
First years were in charge of setting up the decor for the Heartslaybul holiday party. Ace and Deuce had of course come begging on their hands and knees for you and Grim to come help.
You'd decided it would save time if you split the work, so Ace and Grim were working on the upstairs hall decor, while you and Deuce were working on the common room.
You were on a shaky ladder trying to hang up some garland and mistletoe, when Deuce panicked and held your ladder still.
"I feel better knowing that I'm holding the ladder still for you," he said, looking up at you nervously.
You nodded, and finished hanging the things, before climbing down (sort of) into his waiting arms. You were about to say you were okay, when you noticed his reddened cheeks, and his eyes flicking between the mistletoe and your lips.
Knowing Deuce as long as you had, you knew you'd have to initiate the thing he clearly wanted. You pressed a quick peck to his lips.
His eyes widened, then darkened as he smiled mischievously. He grabbed your face and kissed you fervently until Grim came through hoping to escape, and screamed.
Riddle Rosehearts
You have to follow the rules.
Riddle had been acting funny the entirety of the party. He'd been quiet, and his face was a bright red, but you figured he was probably tired from exams, and/or stressed about returning home for the break.
It was nearing the end of the party, when he suddenly approached you with a stern frown on his face.
"I know you aren't a member of Heartslaybul, but remember, when you are in my kingdom, you have to follow my rules."
"Why yes, your majesty, of course," you gave a mock curtsy. "And now I'm sure you're gonna tell me what rule I broke?"
He scowled before he turned away.
"Rule 533, the queen and their beloved must share a kiss under the mistletoe, if the holiday is being celebrated under a full moon."
"I'm your beloved?" You couldn't decide whether to tease him, or flush yourself. But this whole thing was very vulnerable of him, and your heart was melting.
"Yes" he whispered. "Now are you going to follow me to mistletoe, or do I have to punish you?"
You gave a fake sigh, "Lead the way, your majesty."
He led you under the mistletoe, and gave you a chaste kiss.
"That's it?" You scoffed.
"What do you mean that's…"
You cut him off with a deep kiss, that he reciprocated incredibly quickly.
When you pulled away, it hit you.
"Wait, isn't it a crescent moon tonight?"
His eyes widened at being caught, and he said the first thing that came to his otherwise empty brain.
"Off with your head!"
Trey Clover
A quiet (orchestrated) moment alone
You were helping Trey with the baking for the party. Knowing Heartslaybul, the party itself was going to be raucous, so having some time to just chill with Trey was nice.
Once everything was in the oven, you began trying to clean up some of the clutter.
"There's no need to do that right now," he said with a soft smile. He took a seat and patted the chair next to him.
"Come sit for a moment, just relax," he hummed before crossing his arms behind his head, closing his eyes, and leaning back.
You took the seat next to him, and did your best to find a comfortable position before sighing.
"I'm not an old man like you. I can't just sleep anywhere."
He opened his eyes and cocked an eyebrow.
"Old man?"
"Yeah, let's face it Trey. You're an old man in a college kid's body."
He smiled mischievously. "That so?"
He pulled out some mistletoe he'd been holding on to and held it above your head, using his other hand to seductively caress your jaw.
"Well, ya gonna give this old man a kiss?"
"That came out weird," You said with a laugh.
"I know, I heard it after I said it," he winced. "Still…"
He leaned in even closer.
"Part of that question still stands," he whispered.
Before you could tease him with a "which part", he was kissing you like he was starving, and you were his last meal.
Cater Diamond
Doing an innocent trend
Being the token non magic student at NRC, Cater knew you were a gold mine for content. You'd become a frequent guest on Cater's magicam, and a popular one at that.
So when Cater had told you before the party that he would need you for a trend later, you didn't think too much about it.
Now he was dragging you off somewhere, giggling over his shoulder as you spilled your drink, or tripped on a stray student. You figured you'd pay him back later.
He stopped abruptly, and told you to stay put as he set up his camera. You had ten seconds once he started the camera to get set, so he always filled you in while he set up any filters or sound bites he wanted.
"Kay, so you're under mistletoe right? So the trend is to kiss your bestie's cheeks under the mistletoe, then hug. All you gotta do is stand there and look fabulous, until the hug part."
It sounded like a pretty boring trend to you. But, whatever, that's why Cater was in charge. He finished set up, pressed the button, and the ten seconds timer started. He ran back over to you, gave you a reassuring, "ready?", And then kissed your cheek on the far side to the camera as the video started.
He kissed your other cheek, and you began to move closer for the hug, when his arms were around you, and he was kissing you.
He took a step back, and took in your appearance, which was flustered and shocked. Your jaw was dropped so far you were certain it was on the floor. And your heart, oh God your heart, you were worried it was beating way too fast.
The set time of the video ended, and Cater practically skipped over to his phone, where he checked the video, added some effects, put in some tags, and posted it.
All you could do was watch him the entire time, words completely gone from your brain.
After the video posted, he put his phone back in his pocket and gave you a smug grin.
"I tagged you in it," he said, eyes looking softer than usual as he pointed to the pocket you kept your phone in.
You pulled it out, and looked at the video you were tagged in.
"Kissing my crush under the mistletoe to see how they'll react."
Leona Kingscholar
It was an accident, but he's not complaining.
Ruggie had asked you to bring Leona the food plate he'd asked for, since he was trying to put as much food in Tupperware as he could before the Savannaclaw party finished. You were a good pal, so you agreed, knowing full well that the second the plate was secure, and you were in arms reach, you would become a nap buddy.
But you weren't complaining. Even though Savannaclaw was hot, it still felt nice to cuddle with a heater during the holidays. For the vibes, of course.
Just as predicted, he opened a single eye, had you set down the plate, and suddenly, you were a little spoon.
"Thanks herbivore," he hummed half heartedly as he nuzzled into your neck.
You were finally starting to drift off, when you were flipped on your back, and he was hovering above you. His eyes were lit up with mischief as he looked down at you like the prey you were beginning to realize you were.
"I guess my nap spot just happens to be under the mistletoe. You'll indulge me, right herbivore?"
Then his lips were on your neck, your jaw, your cheek, but never your lips, until you whined at him to stop teasing you.
He laughed lowly, and whispered, "As you wish." And finally gave you what you wanted.
Ruggie Bucchi
If you don't know how he does it, hi, you must be new. Welcome to the fandom 😂
"Laugh with me," he whispered, and before you could cuss him out for being a prick, he was already giggling and walking you both over to the mistletoe that you'd seen a Savannaclaw student and his Octavinelle boyfriend making out under an hour ago.
When you both stopped under it, he gasped in mock surprise.
"My my my, what have we here? It appears we've been caught under the mistletoe!" He said, as his grin turned sneakier and sneakier now that he was certain he'd won.
His tail was wagging at a mile a minute as you "reluctantly" puckered your lips out to him. He pressed a chaste kiss to your lips, and you thought it was over.
But Ruggie is an opportunist.
Hours of making out later, you finally pried yourself from Ruggie's embrace, but only on the promise that you would bring back some hot chocolate to share.
Jack Howl
You'll have to initiate.
The entirety of the party, you'd seen Jack's eyes flicker to the mistletoe, over to you, and then down to the floor in embarrassment.
He'd made sure neither of you wandered over in that direction, and if you asked him if something was wrong, his cheeks would darken.
Naturally, because this was Savannaclaw, you, Ruggie and Jack were the only ones there for party cleanup.
You subtly made eye contact with Ruggie and nodded towards the mistletoe, then towards Jack.
Ruggie grinned and made a gesture for money with his hands. You rolled your eyes and nodded, and he smiled.
"We're out of garbage bags, I'll be right back guys," Ruggie said before leaving the room.
Jack started to follow after him, and you grabbed his arm.
"Wait, where are you going?"
"We have trash bags right here," he nodded at the obvious box of trash bags, and you cursed Ruggie in your head.
"He's just giving us privacy, come over here," you did your best to pull him over to the mistletoe, but he was made out of stone.
"Gah! Just trust me!"
He frowned, but allowed you to pull him over. Once you were under the mistletoe, his tail started wagging like a fan, but his eyes couldn't meet yours.
You pressed a soft kiss to his lips, until he sighed, and relaxed.
It was over far too soon, but you knew Jack would probably explode if you overdid it. And you'd rather not have that happen.
What surprised you, though, was how you were suddenly engulfed in his arms, as he buried his face in your hair, and held you close.
Azul Ashengrotto
His wingmen are simultaneously the worst and the best.
The Monstro Lounge was having a winter themed night. Azul may or may not have been planning with the tweels how he was going to effortlessly get you under the mistletoe.
You arrived, as planned, with Grim, and had taken a seat at a table near the VIP room.
"Prefect! I apologize for interrupting your meal, but I was hoping you could look at the menu I'm thinking about for the next semester."
"Of course," you stood up and followed him to the chosen spot, but now that you were here, he was nervous to initiate. So he continued pointing out dishes on the menu until…
"Have you kissed them yet?" Floyd shouted from across the lounge.
"Yes, you see we've been keeping other students away from the mistletoe, but they are starting to get upset. I'd hurry up if I were you," Jade said at a much subtler volume.
Azul turned a bright shade of red as you looked at him.
You gave him a nod, and he took a deep breath, and kissed you.
"God finally!"
"Subtly, Floyd!"
Jade Leech
You don't know until it's too late, part 2.
"There's something I'd like to show you in my room. My new terrarium has produced interesting results."
You were following Jade to his room, when you realized he was no longer walking with you. You turned around and saw him furrowing his brow at his phone, and typing something.
You walked back over to him to ask what was wrong, and you were suddenly pulled flush against him as he gave you a smug grin.
"Looks like you've trapped me under the mistletoe," he said as though he wasn't the one who had pulled you in.
"Ah well," he sighed, with a surrendering smile, running a gloved finger along your jaw, then tilting your chin up. "if that is what you truly desire, I suppose I shall have to oblige."
Floyd Leech
You have three options.
There are three ways this can go, and it all depends on his mood.
Route 1:
Floyd had joined you in your booth and continued slouching, until he finally just laid himself in your lap.
"Floyd, there is mistletoe over there," Jade said as he dropped off the food you'd ordered.
Floyd groaned, "Shrimpy and I can just kiss over here. What's the big deal about a leaf?"
Route 2:
Floyd immediately grabbed your hand when you set foot in the Monstro Lounge. He giggled excitedly like a kid on Christmas morning.
"C'mon Shrimpy! We gotta kiss under the mistletoe!"
Whether you're flustered or not doesn't matter. Prepare for excited sloppy kisses.
Route 3:
Floyd said nothing as you entered the lounge and he just….scooped you up. Long boy was way too strong to fight off, so you just kind of let him. But that was the only way to get along with Floyd really. You just had to be along for the ride.
Once he reached where he was going, he adjusted your position so that you were pressed to him, and his hands were under your knees, and you wrapped your arms around him for more support.
"Hmmm…. I've caught myself a Shrimpy," he said lowly, but his eyes were glittering with excitement.
"Well, it's too late for you," he leaned in and nibbled your lip. "Because according to Azul and land people's traditions, that leaf above us means you have to kiss me."
Kalim al Asim
Just asks you like a normal person.
The Scarabia holiday party was hopping, obviously. You'd expected nothing less. He'd planned for everything including...
"Y/N! Let's go kiss under the mistletoe!" He said excitedly as he grabbed your hand.
He froze for a minute then looked at you sheepishly.
"Only if you want to, of course, but I'd really like to kiss you, please?"
How could you say no to those puppy eyes?
"Of cour-"
The words weren't out of your mouth when he was pulling you to the mistletoe, and excitedly kissing you all over your face, really anywhere he could reach, like his affection for you was exploding in kiss form.
Jamil Viper
A quiet moment, in private.
You knew Jamil was probably in charge of a lot for the party. He seemed particularly stressed, too, because after this he had to oversee cleanup, and then helping all the students get ready to go home for break.
So you stayed out of his way during the party, and offered to take over cleanup manager, while he helped final inspections and packing.
He finished a little before you, then helped you finish, and invited you for tea in his room. When you both had your tea, he exhaustedly flopped backwards on the bed with a groan.
"That was a lot," he sighed.
"Yeah, but you have a little break now," you said, massaging his shoulders.
He sat up with a start.
"I was supposed to kiss you!"
Instead of answering, he just started fervently making out with you. Eventually, your lips were free as he held you close and kissed your neck and the rest of your face.
"What do you mean you were supposed to kiss me?"
"Under the mistletoe," he managed to get out. "It's the whole reason Kalim put the stupid thing there."
Vil Schoenheit
He just asks (pt 2) He's not an animal, potato.
The holiday party was a formal affair in the Pomefiore dorm. Vil was seated in his throne, with Rook standing by his side, as his potatoes mingled. His eyes were on a single potato. You.
At length, Rook gave a laugh.
"Roi du poison, just go kiss them. You know you want to."
Vil sighed, and gave a glare to Rook, but it was too late. He was already calling you over to the throne.
You arrived and gave a mock bow.
"Your highness," you said with a grin. "You called?"
"Yes," since you were going to act like a smart ass, he'd play with you a little. "I'd like you to join me under the mistletoe, if you'd be so kind."
Your jaw dropped, and you looked like a blubbering fish. He smiled to himself, and stood up from the throne, gracefully taking your arm and walking to the mistletoe.
He tilted your head up with a single finger and smugly asked, "Well?"
You gave a vigorous nod. He laughed and pressed a soft kiss to your lips.
Then he just walked away.
Always leave your audience wanting more.
Rook Hunt
Everything seems normal-WHERE THE FUCK DID YOU COME FROM?
He must have been hiding nearby. Waiting for you. A part of you was chiding yourself for not knowing.
You had intended to walk past the mistletoe into the kitchen, where you would get some more snacks. No one had been around. You were certain.
Rook dropped from the sky just as you stepped under the mistletoe.
"What the fuck!" You shouted, but he was simply giggling, and wrapping his arms around you, trapping your arms to your sides.
"You let your guard down, Mon Trickster."
"Yeah, that's on me," you sighed.
"Is the prey surrendering?" He laughed out in amusement.
You gave an experimental wiggle, then sighed .
"Yeah, looks like it."
He leaned in and spoke against your lips, his warm breath sending a shiver down your spine.
"Then I'll take my prize now."
Epel Felmier
Thinks it's stupid…until it's not.
"Kissin' under the mistletoe is a stupid tradition," Epel said for the fifth time in an hour. But this was the first time you'd heard it. You'd been elsewhere all day. But he'd said it to literally everybody else.
"Yeah, it kind of is," you laughed back, and his frown deepened.
"W-well, it's not that stupid," Epel said.
"Sure it is, I mean who even came up with it?"
"It's not stupid! I'll prove it to ya!"
He grabbed your wrist and dragged you off under the mistletoe, and kissed you hard.
"See? Not stupid," he said smugly. Until he realized what he'd just done. Then his face turned a bright red.
"Fuck," he muttered. " 'S a stupid tradition."
Idia Shroud
Lmao not happening.
He'll die before he goes to the holiday party. And he'll die before he participates in such a stupid normie tradition.
Sorry Idia simps, but you know I'm right.
Malleus Draconia
Over prepares.
Whoever was in charge of decorating….had definitely overdone it.
The ceiling was covered in mistletoe. You couldn't go more than a couple steps without finding yourself under another sprig.
"Child of man, are you enjoying your festivities?" Malleus suddenly boomed from behind you.
"For sure!" You turned to face him with a smile. "Thanks for inviting me!"
Malleus smiles for a moment, then releases the fakest gasp you've ever heard.
"Child of man! It appears we are under the mistletoe!"
You look at the multitudes of mistletoe on the ceiling, and laugh, "I think it'd be weirder if we weren't under the mistletoe."
He furrows his brow and pouts. "Lilia told me about the human holiday tradition where you must kiss if you are under the mistletoe."
You felt your cheeks warm as you put two and two together.
"O-okay, if you want a kiss then-"
His lips are on yours immediately, his hands in your hair and on your back, like if he stops moving them you'll be able to escape his grip.
He pulls away and licks his lips seductively.
"There, we have not broken tradition."
You both walk a couple of steps, then…
"*Fake gasp* Child of man! We are under the mistletoe yet again!"
Lilia Vanrouge
Hijinks and mischiefs.
You have no idea how you ended up under the mistletoe with Lilia. But now he was floating around you in circles, tapping his chin thoughtfully with a satisfied smirk.
"Now what do I do with you, little human? It appears you have fallen in a trap set by the very crafty Lilia Vanrouge."
You felt his breath on the back of your neck, as he hovered close behind you, but not close enough to actually touch.
"I suppose I could let you go."
He whispered.
Then his breath was on your right ear.
"Or I could trap you here forever so that you have to kiss me whenever I want."
He floated in front of you and narrowed his eyes thoughtfully. Why it hadn't occurred to you to just leave him there, you had no idea. But with all the hovering and breathing on your skin, you thought you would lose your mind if he didn't kiss you soon.
He hummed to himself, then tilted his head and leaned in close. As his lips were about to brush against yours, he abruptly shifted up and pressed a quick peck to the tip of your nose.
Then he grinned and flew away.
Cheeky bastard.
A goodnight kiss.
Silver had fallen asleep halfway through the party. He'd woken up at the end, when you were about to leave. He knew it had been snowing, so he'd offered to walk you back to Ramshackle.
As you reached the door, Silver found himself taken with how beautiful you looked surrounded by the snow. Your eyes glinting from the cold, your hair shining with the glitter of snowflakes. Truly radiant.
"Wait," he said softly as you turned the handle.
You turned back to him and raised an eyebrow. He walked closer, and took your hands in his, rubbing his chilly nose against yours affectionately.
"I don't know if I'll get to see you again before break is over," he whispered. You leaned the rest of the way in and softly kissed him, before slowly pulling away and stepping inside.
"Goodnight Silver," you whispered, and he swore he'd never been more awake than that moment.
Sebek Zigvolt
It's stupid until it isn't (pt 2)
"Y/N keeps walking very close to that mistletoe. Dangerously close," Lilia whispered to Sebek.
"So?" Sebek asked, as though he hadn't been watching you do this for the last half hour while you talked to some random second year in his dorm.
"It looks almost like Donovan is doing it on purpose," Lilia said with a smirk, nodding at the second year in question. At a second glance, Sebek saw Lilia was right. It looked like he was trying to back you into it.
Sebek scowled. "It doesn't matter. It's a silly human tradition of little substance."
His train of thought was interrupted as he heard you laugh loudly at something Donovan had said.
Without a word he marched over to you.
"Oh, hey Sebek!" You turned with a smile. "What's-"
He wrapped a single arm around your waist, and pulled you close as he kissed you under the mistletoe.
He kept the arm around your waist as he turned to Donovan, who had a rather ugly scowl on his face.
"EXCUSE ME DONOVAN, MY HUMAN AND I ARE GOING TO HAVE A PRIVATE CONVERSATION IN THE HALLWAY CLOSET!" Sebek said, louder than even he intended. But your flustered expression, and Donovan's rage, as he walked you to the hallway, made it all worth it.
Tag list- @lleoll @shytastemakerthing @stygianoir @leonia0
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kalims · 5 months
‎˃ ᵕ ˂ . . "I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
paper rings,
premise. there's nothing more memorable with a paper ring and a promise.
characters. all dorms.
includes. gn!reader
cw. topic of marriage.
note. you know those ring pops? yeah, those but paper rings.. I am listening to taylor swift right now so basically mc is proposing
Tumblr media
in a very flabbergasted way he's less than proud to admit. riddle isn't able to do anything other than stare dumbly at the item you're offering so casually, awfully aware of the steaming warmth on his cheeks and frantic beating of his heart. his throat feels awfully empty from the way he can't even say a thing from how shocked he was. there's practically steam flushing out of his ears when he looks away and scolds you for being way too early. (maybe he's implying that it might be better for a later occasion.)
trey hasn't exactly pondered on the topic of marriage a lot. why would he? he's living a pretty good life. surrounded by his close circle, being able to excel and enjoy the thing he loves, having a decent academic standing. what more could he wish for? apparently marriage. just the notion had him whipping up deserts in his head, specifically for a wedding and he's suprised at how serious he's being at it. even his parents are getting a shock from how he insists to do the wedding cake commissions himself for some 'practice' he says.
receiving the shock of the year certainly doesn't come by a lot but cater supposes he can't exactly avoid the thing forever. consider this the most shocking he's ever gotten because you'd know from his frozen face and the smile that dropped into an open gape. right after he breaks into this goofy grin before giggling somehow ominously. you should expect cater to basically advertise your proposal, posting it all around social media with barely container excitement. you'd think he'd throw it away after he's done taking pictures but he's hidden it deeply in his closet.
ace trapolla ponders on whether he should just slap your hand away like when he'd probably do but for once he's silent. staring at the ring with such intensity that you took the initiative to joke about his out of character face. so, ace huffs and playfully rolls his eyes at you. to be honest, his usual self would definitely push your hand away because he thinks it's a joke and it's funny but the thing is. it's not. oddly enough, it's somehow serious to him and he literally hates it! stop making it serious to him he's gonna contradict himself after making disgusted faces to couples.
he had never felt such honor before. sure, deuce is pretty flustered. face tinted in pink but he's feeling like he just recieved a medal right now.. so proud would be a better word to describe his feelings. deuce just watches you slip the ring into his finger after he had nodded slowly. you don't know if you should be concerned or laugh at the way he never took his eyes off it. speaking of his eyes, they could be comically quiet sparkles in it from how amazed and proud he seemed.
compared to leona, ace's stares is like a cat to a well.. lion. leona just stares at you pointedly, glancing at the ring once and you swear something strange flashed in his eyes for a moment. you aren't given the time to venture too deeply into it as leona had already retreated back to his previous position and seemingly going back to sleep. you just shrug and decide to leave him to it. leona's ears twitch, picking up a rustle of paper in the grass. right behind him then your retreating footsteps. he just lays there, staring at nothing then turning to his back. the ring is over there. and he's currently fighting his inner self whether or not he'll test if you got his finger size right.
ruggie doesn't skip a beat and immediately leans in closer without warning, only to take a real good look at the ring you've made. he whistles and makes a cheeky comment about its just how he liked it. actually, it's true. as much as ruggie liked shiny things this is the little things he prefers and he lowkey just fell in love a little more. so, if you don't mind at all! he'll take the ring to keep to himself. since you did make it for him there shouldn't be any problem. don't worry, if you guys do actually end up getting married there's a chance he'll do it with paper rings. strange as it is.
his face holds a contortion of seriousness and 'seriously?' don't get him wrong. jack is quite stupefied by your gesture, don't you know that rings are often associated with the topic of marriage? you're literally proposing to him and you're doing it so casually?! oh please. in all seriousness actually he'd actually like that but he fears he might accidentally tear the whole thing into shred by accident. it's funny on how such a big, muscular man could treat something like paper so fragile. done like a true tsudere he turns pink, furrows his brows and loud away.
with the growing silence that azul thought of as awkward, he quickly clears his throat in hopes of clearing the.. atmosphere. if it weren't to the wake up call he snapped into, he definitely would've dropped the cup he was holding by his faltered grip. he puts on a smile that was more wobbly than he preferred but he can't really comment on it since it was currently his best. anyhow, he flicks his gaze down the ring and gestures for you to place the ring in his palm. he won't accept it, atleast not now but he will. when he would be able to provide for the two of you for a better life. until then he'd keep it in his safe when he's ready.
there's nothing more in-character for jade than a wide, kind of ominous grin. it's like he's teasing you non-verbally just from his face expressions itself. raising a brow and nudging you, with that grin still present on his face. jade says something about you being too impatient for marriage but he'll gladly adjust to your,,, preference. should he call you his fiance now? yes, the whole time he's been teasing you. not at all phased by your bold proposal. if not, he seems a little too pleased about it.
fully intent on glomping you. floyd wastes no time lurching forward and basically glomping you with a flurry of giggles, looking like he's high on cloud 9. 75% of the time he was just full of giggles as he continuesly stays clingy to you for the past time, and the rest muttering about getting married. don't be suprised if the whole school knew at this point because he kept saying "shrimpy and I are getting married. hehe." a lot and he doesn't even know how loud he actually is being.
being the sunshine he is everyone would expect kalim to be the happiest. and he is, you can tell from the brightest perk up he does and the bright, happy grin-smile he does right after. he looks like he can barely contain the happiness from bursting out. unlike any other of the guys, kalim probably thinks of this as a serious thing and doesn't think it's a joke at all. he doesn't even hesitate with accepting the ring and promises he'll make you one himself too. why would he buy you a different, expensive one when you gave him something so priceless?
jamil can't help the furrow on his brows. he probably looks disgruntled and bothered by you right now but it's quite the opposite. him, you're giving him paper rings? to him? it's not that he hates the notion, he thinks it's secretly cute but why him? there's probably a thousand other people wanting to receive one from you but yet you're here offering him a fragment on your love and you already stole his heart. he guesses no amount of ordinary can make you ignore him. it feels like a crushing responsibility to be the one chosen by you but he doesn't feel pressured at all.
in hindsight vil should be offended by your audacity to give him a paper ring out of all things! most people would probably sell their souls to purchase one imbedded with the most expensive kinds of crystals and gems. but he can't help but feel.. he isn't sure, pleasantly suprised? you never fail to dazzle him even if your ring isn't sparkly to compare to him but he does remember his dad speaking about how not everything should be all about the price. sometimes, it's the thought that matters and if your thought was to marry him he'd gladly do.
besides everyone else. rook is the most appreciative by your gesture, he doesn't have a problem practically singing how much enchanted you've made him by this alone. go on prefect, shall you do a play? he'd absolutely rejoice if you went along with him, going on your knees to recreate a real proposal and he'd say it was the most magnifique performance he's proud to ever taken apart of! by morning and day everyone notices how much more joyous he's been, sparing the ring made of paper in his finger that he wears literally every day. but they don't wonder too much, strange and rook in the same sentence fits quite well.
between the entirety of pomefiore, epel certainly has the least graceful reaction, with the loud scream, mind boggled eyes and all. if not for the etiquette lessons rook had drilled into his memories, epel would have taken you for the shoulders and started shaking you frantically, wriggling your brain cells into oblivion. but he just resorted by sparing you his mercy and just keeping his hand curled into a fist by his chest. epel is torn between 'what do you mean by this?!' and a firm 'I do'.
my boy idia's reaction is the most predictable and prominent. when I say predictable, most of the time he's just on the verge of a breakdown at unexceptable things and prominent by the increasingly passionate flame that his now pink (previously blue) has. I mean when is it not pink when mc is involved really? idia is of course, having a crisis because WTF?! that was literally so cute that he's gonna have a cardiac arrest. someone please sedate him... consider idia a fan of paper craft because you started receiving a bunch of origami stuff, ranging from paper flowers to cranes. even ortho is suprised at the sudden motivation to pick up a hobby.
when you told ortho to wait when you forgot something he definitely didn't expect you to come back with a bunch of flowers made out of paper for him! the boy is singing praises for you as he clutches the batch happily. almost like he's cradling a child. you bet ortho is gonna make some sort of artificial liquid to drown the flowers into so that the paper doesn't get worn out or crumpled. he will certainly keep it safe for years!
akin to childish joy. malleus hums pleasantly. he doesn't think that this is a fake or anything at all, though he was sure that he'd be the one to propose first.. oh well, it's a nice thing. you never fail to suprise him child of man. he stares at you with a smile playing upon his lips and crinkled eyes, almost like he is in a trance. do you think he'll tell you that he quite literally just fantasized your future in front of you. (💀) goodluck cause man's obsessed and he's definitely not letting you take anything back. it's final. (no take backs 😡 <- like that)
giggles but atleast it's more mischievous and less ominous than jade's. lilia likes to see what kind of look you'd have on your face if he reacts differently. he's kicking his feet up, giggling and shi'. he acts like he just got serenaded by a high school crush, and you are technically his high school crush. might tease you into fluster instead but it all depends on his mood. it's pretty hard to fluster him you know and before you can do it it'll be the end of the world. (promises you that he'll be the househusband if you do get married and doesn't pay mind to your sweatdropping and horrified look.)
screeching like it's the end of the world. sebek probably woke up the world next to this one from how much bullshit he just started spouting, loudly if i may add. bullshit because everyone knows whatever he's spouting isn't even true and he's just saying it to convince himself.. sebek what do you mean the idea is preposterous? didn't you have a crisis last night because you couldn't sleep with a certain somebody in mind? silver is literally exposing him and sebek is calling him a traitor. he's never gonna vent to silver ever again, period.
to be honest maybe silver actually has the most normal reaction. he's just; oh wow, that's beautiful thanks. then goes back to sleep but this time he's been blessed with a dream of a future with you. he just doesn't spare an over the top reaction and prefers to cherish what he has now. which is what he's currently doing, he loves you and he doesn't want to wish for anything more until you're fully ready.. we love a respectful, consentual man. of course he keeps the ring but so that it won't get in the way of his work
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zahrathub · 4 months
Tumblr media
tell me your thots !! do you agree ? disagree ? tell me why <3 i’m curious
rook hunt please fuck me <3333
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aviagax · 2 months
𝔾𝕣𝕖𝕖𝕟 𝕗𝕝𝕒𝕘𝕤 𝕗𝕖𝕒𝕥. ℍ𝕖𝕒𝕣𝕥𝕤𝕝𝕒𝕓𝕪𝕦𝕝, 𝕊𝕒𝕧𝕒𝕟𝕒𝕔𝕝𝕒𝕨 & 𝕆𝕔𝕥𝕒𝕧𝕚𝕟𝕖𝕝𝕝𝕖
Part two with Scarabia, Pomefiore, Ignihyde & Diasominia here!
The behaviours the twst boys tend to show as green flags for relationships. Feel free to send ideas for part two!
“Green flags are positive indicators that a connection has the potential to flourish into a safe, healthy, lasting relationship.”
Tumblr media
Instinctively stands up to greet you the moment you enter the room. He doesn’t even think about it - he just does. Whether to kiss you, hug you, or just properly say hello, if it’s the first time the two of you are seeing each other on that day, he’ll 100% do it. If for some reason he can’t, for example, it’s an important meeting or any rules of the Queen of Hearts forbids it, he’ll give you an acknowledging nod and a smile.
𝓡𝓲𝓭𝓭𝓵𝓮 ♡
Does his best to keep his tendency to get angry in check. Well, he tries to control his emotions better in general, but when it comes to you, he tries twice as hard. Even if he does get mad he never raises his voice at you. The moment he realises he’s starting to get louder than he should, he immediately takes a big breath and apologises. He might want some time alone so he could calm down and talk things through with the respect you deserve.
Respects your privacy. That being said, he won’t take pictures of you if you tell him not to beforehand. Even if you do let him, he’ll still delete them the moment you ask him to. No matter how much of a Magicam addict he may be, he won’t share your personal data without permission. Most he’ll do in those cases would be tagging you on a photo of you two if he posts it online. He’s also not above apologising and making it up to you in case he oversteps.
Always yells your name the moment you join the server. Your other gaming buddies join him, but he’s usually the first and the loudest in announcing your presence. I kinda also see him as the person to strike up a conversation if he notices someone’s being too quiet. If the atmosphere becomes tense or awkward for some reason, he’ll be the first to try to loosen it with some jokes. He wants everyone to have fun and his outgoing personality surely helps him with that. 
Makes an effort to appeal to your cherished ones. If they’re important to you, he’ll make it his point of honour to make a good impression (that also includes winning over your pets and plants lmfaoo). He may not be perfect, but he’s willing to improve for you! Honestly, who wouldn’t appreciate a boyfriend like him? If they like him, he’ll be so proud and happy. Even if he fails to gain their approval for some reason, no one can hold it against him. Best boy tries so hard <3
Accepts no other consent but enthusiastic consent. If he wants to kiss you but you seem uncomfortable even if you did say yes, he’ll step down immediately. No less if you straight up reject him, he won’t try to persuade you. In general, your boyfriend doesn’t push you to do anything. No ‘come on’, no ‘won’t you change your mind?’. Heck no, if you want to, you’ll just tell him. Unless he’s sure that you’re just teasing him, then he would play along.
Makes you laugh. And I mean both the constant illegal giggling during lessons and the loud, hysterical laughter so intense your stomach starts to hurt. He doesn’t even stop there, but throws other jokes which only makes the situation worse. He loves the way you can’t catch your breath and the way you calm down only to burst into another fit a second later. But it won’t end on jokes, he’ll tickle you as well so you either beg for mercy or it becomes a full-out war. Honestly, not a break with him <3
Is there for you. He doesn’t care how much time he spends following you around, for him, it’s like a pleasant chore. Naturally, the moment you say you'd rather to be left alone, he’ll step down, but he’d still rather accompany you. No one forces him to, but he still wants to be there when you need help carrying heavy books or simply want company. And the way his tail is wagging when you acknowledge him for his efforts? Precious.
Always takes your opinion into account. I can imagine him having a notebook and scribbling down everything you say. It doesn’t matter how small, there is no such thing as useless feedback! He listens to you intently each time you’re answering his questions, but when you give him suggestions without being asked to, he goes 👂👂👂👂. EVERYBODY SHUT UP Y/N IS SPEAKING.
Makes you feel welcome. Each time you visit him, be it in the Monstro lounge - he knows your usual order by heart so make yourself comfortable. His room - studying or cuddling? He can do either. Or both. Or his club - don’t be shy. Sign in. He welcomes you with a mischievous glint in his eyes. Of course, that doesn’t mean he won’t blow into your ear when you least expect it or find a different way to tease you each time. Forgive him, he loves your reactions too much.
Communicates openly. It may only seem like he’s mad at you the whole day, but the moment you take a minute to approach him, he’s squeezing you tightly and saying everything on his mind. Well, those are rather rare cases. Usually, he just walks up to you on the nearest occasion and pouts that you’re not spending enough time together. So the two of you hang out for the next two hours or so and everything is fine and dandy. That’s one of the reasons why arguments between the two of you are less common than one would have thought.
Is it better with or without the gif? TvT
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lyneira · 19 days
Tumblr media
♡ don't look..! 🫣 ♡
Tumblr media
-> how they would react after walking in on you undressing
slightly perverted and a bit more on the crack-side
lyneira's 1.2k milestone event
Tumblr media
Scolds you
Vil, Riddle, Jack, Trey, Rollo, Sebek, Jamil, Silver, Jade
Once they walk in the room to see your half-naked form, they're going to immediately look away and shut the door without a word. Once they're outside, then they're going to apologize and would proceed to scold you for a looooong time for not locking the door shut.
He's just really worried for you. What if someone ill-intentioned had come instead and tried to peep on you? The thought distresses him so. Thus, he's not going to leave your doorstep until you're either finished changing or until you've locked the door yourself.
(For Sebek, he'd do all of this but would definitely be much louder about it)
Freezes up
Malleus, Azul, Ruggie, Rook
Honestly, they'd be frozen when they see you, I think from both an 'oh crap, I walked in on them and they're nearly naked! 😰' feeling and an 'oh...they're nearly naked 😳' feeling.
Either way, they'd just be staring in awe from both the shock and view of your body. They want to apologize this instant, but they're currently at a loss for words. They want to turn and leave like they know they should, but their body just won't budge. Look, they're not intentionally trying to be a pervert but MY GOSH the gorgeous sight of you just has them completely mesmerized.
It's only until you turn to them and speak up do they finally snap out of it and apologize for the intrusion and leave, the blush and shame clear on their face. (Yet, the thought of you would never leave them for the rest of the day or few 🫣)
Freaks out
Idia, Deuce, Epel, Kalim, Neige
The moment they see your half-exposed body they would instantly go red and run out of the room yelling, "I'M SORRY!!!!", so freaked out that they even forgot to close the door behind them. (Neige probably wouldn't forget, though)
They truly did feel bad about it because even though they saw your body for barely a second, that image of you was now stuck in their minds. The more they thought of your body, the more they would freak out and feel ashamed of themselves.
I think it'd take a while for them to have the guts to approach you without thinking of that moment again. They'd apologize numerous times if they ever did recall it.
Is nonchalant about it
Ace, Leona, Floyd, Che'nya, Lilia, Cater, Trey
I think they'd all of these guys would be calm about it but in different ways.
I feel like Ace, Leona, Floyd, and Chenya wouldn't even really apologize but would be like, "Nice bod, you should really lock the door next time tho" LOL
Despite this attitude, I think they'd be decent enough to lock the door for you on their way out. He wouldn't want anyone else seeing the lovely sight that only he should see, hehe 😏🤭
And as for Lilia, Trey, and Cater, they would apologize, "Ah..! My bad, y/n", and probably lightly scold you as well.
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
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When You Share A Birthday With Them (Heartslabyul and Scarabia)
The gift you give them: a handmade scrapbook
Word Count: 11k+
Warning: Reader is female
Since it’s my birthday, let me give you guys a gift 🥰
Honestly, Ace didn't want a party - he wanted to spend the entire day glued to your side and being the only one to bask in your company. 
No annoying Grim, no pesky Loosey-Deucey, no stupid schoolmates tripping over themselves to get a morsel of your attention 
Just him, you and hours of alone time
He both loved and hated that you were the most sought after student in the entirety of NRC (and RSA, if some rumours were to be believed)
Loved because, well, why not? You were the most gorgeous angelic being he had ever laid his eyes on. Every time he saw you passing by, he swore he could feel time slow down and see ethereal light illuminating your face. It took two days of quickening heartbeats, sweaty palms and laboured breaths for him to finally come to terms with his infatuation. And when he realised that he fell for you, he realised hard.
Suddenly everything he did, he did for you. Every stray touch or ‘friendly’ arm around your shoulder was so that he could soak as much of your skinship as he could. Every game of basketball was so that he could see you cheering for him. Every task he completed, no matter how big or small - be it painting roses, studying for exams or simple chores - he did to earn your praise. Your presence was a drug and he was shamelessly addicted - your intoxicating smiles gave him a rush that was so much more sweeter than when he scored a perfect hoop.
Hated because well, even if you were dating,  you still had a multitude of friends that were completely whipped for you (he was more than comfortably certain that if he were to pass on in a tragic accident, the entire student body of NRC would attend his funeral with a sign saying ‘y/n’s second boyfriend’ hanging around their necks and use his eulogy as an opportunity to hit on you) and he knows because he’s been there. He remembers the time when having you in his arms was just one of the many daydreams that you starred in, when he was the one who did everything he could so that you would spend more time with him, even if for a few more minutes. He knows that there are plenty of students who are smarter, richer, more handsome, who could whisk you away into a fairytale romance and leave him freezing and aching in the shadows. Now that he’s got you, he doesn’t think he could ever let you go.
Not to mention, ever since the two of you had made your relationship known to the public (and by ‘the two of you’, he means ‘he stormed into the crowded cafeteria right after you accepted his confession, slammed the doors against the walls and loudly proclaimed that “Y/N L/N IS MY GIRLFRIEND!” before immediately getting scolded by Riddle’) Professors Crewel and Trein have been on his case. He swears, he can feel Lucius giving him the stink-eye during class.
But now - now that you revealed this sweet, sweet bit of info - he felt like he was on cloud nine yet again.
What other evidence could there be to prove that you are the perfect one for him? What other reason could there be to show how incredibly matched the two of you are than the fact that you were born on the exact same day?
Now he finally, finally has a reason to have you all for himself.
Of course, he knows that with the many friends you have around campus, locking the two of you up in your bedroom in Ramshackle for the next twenty-four hours is kind of unreasonable 
But that doesn’t mean he won’t make this day special for the two of you.
First of all, he’s sleeping over. 
Texting each other birthday wishes at midnight? Psssh lame
Lying down next to each other on your bed and whispering ‘happy birthday’ to each other the second the clock turns twelve, moonlight splashing a supernatural glow onto your faces under the cover of darkness, whilst Grim is snoozing away on his little cat bed? Hell yeah
Instead of birthday beats, the two of you commemorate the start of your mutual birthday by giving each other the appropriate number of birthday kisses.
You start by pressing small, yet slow kisses across his jawline. Then you make your way up his cheeks, on his glabella, down the slope of his nose and right in the middle of its bridge. With every kiss, he makes soft whimpering noises as his chest rises and falls with every deep inhale. He makes a slight keening sound from the back of his throat when you place your second to last peck right on the corner of his mouth, so close yet so far from where he wants you. Then, you decide to stop torturing him and you press your lips against his. He angles his head and places one his hands on the back of yours so that he can 
Ace gives you a boyish grin when you pull away, “my turn.”
“Wha-ACE!” you whisper-yell in surprise as he flips you over so that your back unceremoniously hits the mattress and places his hands on either side of your head so that he can cage you.
He gives you a smile that Che’nya would be proud of when he leans in, “I hope that you’re aware, Y/N, I’m planning to reclaim every kiss you withheld from me.” And he surges in, grabbing the sides of your face in a gentle way that does nothing to resemble the ferocious onslaught of his lips against yours. Every breath is taken right from your lungs as you find yourself sinking into the warm feeling of his affection rushing through every vessel in your body. He pulls back the moment the your head gets fuzzy from the lack of oxygen and stares at your flustered, heaving self before immediately diving back in for more and he does so again and again and again until he’s completed his side of the birthday kisses.
When the both of you are left panting for breath, he uses his thumb from one of the hands still cradling your face to rub gently against your cheek. Even in the darkness of the witching hour, you could see the clear unabashed adoration that gleamed in his eyes when he whispered, “Sevens, Y/N, I love you so much it's crazy. I swear, you taste better than any cherry pie I’ve ever had.”
(“I don’t suppose you want another kiss for luck?” he smirks at you and wiggles his eyebrows. You didn’t have the energy to throw a pillow at his head but you did give him a glare that was able to make him say “kidding, kidding” before gathering you up in his arms and hooking his chin over your head, finding comfort in the way his body was able to wrap around yours.)
The both of you fall asleep in each other’s embrace, blissfully drifting off-
Until Grim wakes the both of you up by jumping onto your slumbering bodies until you agreed to give him his tuna
After changing into your respective uniforms, the two of you share breakfast at the Ramshackle dining table until you hear Deuce knocking on your front door, causing Ace to groan as he’s reminded that he does have to share you with the rest of the school
Before the two of you leave, Ace pins on a rosette with the words ‘BIRTHDAY GIRL’ in big glittery block letters onto your blazer and you do the same to his (with his rosette having the words ‘BIRTHDAY BOY’ printed on), pecking him on the lips once you’re done.
The two of you make your way to Heartslabyul where you’re both greeted by numerous card soldiers 
As per the rules, Riddle hosts a birthday party instead of the usual unbirthday
You and Ace are given the seats of honour beside Riddle’s throne, with Trey placing a beautiful layered cake in front of you - it’s tiers a mix of both your boyfriend and yours aesthetics
Right after the dorm sings ‘happy birthday’ the two of you happily blow out the candles in unison and then share a birthday smooch ♡
“Wow,” Ace mutters, as Trey and Cater try to prevent a red-faced Riddle from either blowing up, having an aneurysm or passing out, “that wish sure works fast.”
You bet that he’s going to be flaunting you around the school, showing off to anyone and everyone how the two of you have the same birthday
The two of you end the day cuddled up under a blanket/pillow fort where you decide to exchange your personal gifts to each other
You both got so many gifts from everyone else that you thought that it would be better and more intimate if you gave your own gifts to each other when you were alone
So the two of you set the whole scene in the living room: you grabbed chairs from the dining table, a few pillows and blankets, filled Grim’s stomach with tuna and sent him upstairs to sleep and lit a few candles for ambiance
Ace went first by giving you a box that looked neatly wrapped in paper that was patterned with playing cards on first glance but upon closer inspection, you could see the hints of untidiness with slight tears, uneven sides and a bit of generosity when applying the sellotape. It was obvious that he did try his best to make it look nice for you - even if the metallic silver stick-on star bow looked like it was three seconds away from falling off
You gently open up your gift to find a necklace with a metallic heart that had a large letter ‘A’ engraved on it
He of course had to do the thing where he puts it on you from behind and then presses kisses up your neck and around the space behind your ear
When you pull away and push his face away he makes a disappointed sound, looking at you like a kicked puppy and you have to remind him that you have a gift for him to 
“Can’t us making out be your gift?” he pouts despondently as you move away from him to grab your gift bag.
He does take it from you with enthusiasm, though  
When he reaches in and then takes out a book, he gives you a raised eyebrow before looking at the cover, which consisted of a picture of the two of you and the words “To the Ace of my heart, Love Y/N”
He flicks it open to find that every page has been filled with pictures of the two of you, cute and funny annotations of said pictures, adorable doodles and little love notes that were filled with your praise 
‘Look! It’s you during a flying lesson. Have I ever told you how attractive you look when you're smiling and the wind blows through your hair like that? Well, you do - your smile always looks attractive. I can never get enough of it 😊’, ‘Remember this? This was the day you dedicated a hoop to me during one of the practice matches at your club. You may have completely miss-aimed your shot and lost the game but you’ll always be the ace of the team to me. And before you say anything I’ve dedicated a two page spread on your winning shots later in this book so you don’t have to get huffy about this one picture’, ‘look! It’s the love of my life 😊❤️’
As he was thumbing through the pages, he soaked in every handwritten letter that you wrote and - if he was being honest - he spent way more time looking at the photographs with your smiling face than he did of him.
His heart felt lighter than ever and he could feel the tell-tale pricks of overflowing emotion at the back of his eyes
He wordlessly puts the book down at his side - carefully and delicately, like it was made of glass - and then hugged you like there was no tomorrow, the force of his body slamming into yours making you fall backwards onto the floor with his arms still wrapped around you
You could feel his body trembling as he shakily whispers, “I love you so goddamn much, baby.”
He has no idea what he did or which kingdom he saved in a past life for him to be blessed with not only knowing someone like you but for someone as amazing as you to want him and cherish him like you do.
“Thank you for the best birthday of my life. I swear that in the next one and the ones after that, I’m going to knock your socks off. Just wait.”
When he finds out, he’s the embodiment of *surprised pikachu face* 
Then he gets all giddy 
Like Ace, he thinks that this is proof that the two of you were made for each other
Mama Spade likes to read romance books and watch romcoms and romantic dramas so he’s definitely is a hopeless romantic 
He definitely believes that soulmates are a thing now 
How else would you explain that you’re his perfect other half - you’ve travelled across worlds and come from another time, space and universe and yet the two of you have found each other
You bet he’s going to be freaking out about this information with his mother over the phone, a sappy, lovestruck smile etched on his face as he goes on and on about how perfect you are and how much he loves you and that he can’t wait to bring you home to meet her
Anyway, like with Ace, the two of you spend the evening before your shared birthday having a slumber party in Ramshackle, half because Deuce wants to be the first person to wish you on your birthday and half because he wants you to be the first person he sees on his
The both of you treat that day like it’s New Year’s and you wish each other ‘happy birthday’ and start kissing the second the clock hits twelve
First the two of you give each other a tentative peck but once you separate, Deuce looks at you, wide-eyed and completely entranced, before moving forward and claiming your lips again.
You could feel him growing more and more bold as he caresses your cheek and presses his lips against yours in a way that exuded nothing but want
 And then you fell asleep whilst cuddling, with Daisy the chick (the cute and fluffy chick squishmallow that the both of you had shared custody over) nestled in between you ♡
The next day, after eating breakfast at Ramshackle (which consisted of you surprising him by making cute omurice designs because that boy deserves to be spoiled), you phone his mother so that she can wish the both of you
The entire time you and her are chatting, he’s just watching you with the biggest heart eyes
“What’s the smile for, handsome?” You ask once the two of you had said goodbye to his mother, taking note of the way the corners of his lips were pulled upwards.
He laughed and rubbed the back of his neck in embarrassment, “ha, uh, nothing it’s just that, well, I’m just happy to see the two of you get along, that’s all.”
“That’s good,” you smiled, stepping forward to brush some stray lint off of his blazer and realign his tie, “your happiness makes me happy.”
When you looked back up at his flustered visage, you found yourself staring right at those beautiful cyan eyes you loved to get lost in. You could hear him gulp before you felt that magnetic pull that magically appeared whenever he was in your close proximity and just as you closed your eyes and were about to press your lips together-
Goddamnit Ace.
You have to physically hold back your ruffled boyfriend before he could deck his fellow card soldier
And so the three of you go on your merry way to your classes
You have the usual party at Heartslabyul where he nearly gets into a fistfight with Ace when the redhead wanted to spend more time with you
Trey not only made a birthday cake that’s been decorated with fondant ducklings but he also made baby chick cake pops
We stan the best baker in this house
Afterwards, you spend the day going joyriding on Deuce’s magical wheel, your arms wrapped around his torso and head resting on his upper back so you could hear his quickening heartbeat from beneath his shoulder blades
After you go for a few rounds around the less populated areas of Sage Island, he takes you to a diner where he pays for anything you want for dinner
Then he stops by his dorm to pick up his present and he walks you back to Ramshackle with both of your hands intertwined
When you arrive at your dorm he shyly hands you a gift wrapped box, his eyes trained on the floor
You open it to find a dainty little silvery metallic bracelet with a single black spade charm 
If you have pierced ears, he would’ve gotten you spade earrings as well
He hurries to attach it around your wrist when you ask him if he could please put it on you and then brings your inner wrist to his mouth so he could place a kiss right on it
Then you give him a scrapbook that’s filled with photographs of the two of you and little love notes that you’ve written for his eyes only.
‘My handsome man looking stunning in his star sending robes’, ‘Look at my future police officer go! Have I mentioned that you look breathtaking during your club activities. I guess that’s why we’re so perfect together - you love track and field and I love watching you during track and field’, ‘Love, I adore you so much. I can’t wait to meet your mother and thank her for raising the most amazing person with the most beautiful and gentle heart I’ve ever met’
To say that he’s dumbfounded is an understatement. His mouth has gone completely dry and all he can hear past the blood rushing past his ears is the sound of his heart hammering against his ribcage like a drum.
All this time, he’s been trying to atone for his past, to make up for the suffering he put his mother through and become an honour student that she can be proud of. He can never be able to erase the tears that he caused her to shed but he can do his best to make sure that she’ll never cry again but even then, with all of his hard work and determination, he still finds himself falling short - whether it’s getting far too low on a test or getting in trouble with Ace or even having to actually stop himself from flipping his delinquent switch when his violent instincts start to rise (of course, the last one is no problem when it comes to you getting hurt - in that case, his chained delinquent side will come out roaring)
What’s worse is that whenever he finds himself in trouble, he’s filled with the overwhelming guilt of having to drag you down with him
Whenever he holds hands with you he always compares how small yours are compared to his, how they are much more delicate. He knows that you are made of tough stuff - you wouldn’t have survived fighting overblots whilst completely magicless in a world that isn’t your own if you weren’t - but he can’t help seeing how smooth your hands are compared to his rough, calloused ones. Whenever he sees the scars on his fingers, the lasting damage of split knuckles and adrenaline highs, he can’t help but remember the look on his mother’s face when she would notice them the morning after his late nights of bashing faces and breaking noses, of the terror that would fill her eyes whenever she would take in a new bruise.
Sometimes he wonders if he’ll ever come to you and find that expression on your face
He’s brought back to reality when he feels your hand poke his cheek. He starts in surprise and then realises from the confused expression on your face that he hasn’t said a word for a while
“Deuce?” you call to him in that sweet lilt of yours, “are you alright, love?”
You look at him with your unwavering kind-hearted gaze - the same way you always look at him. Even when you found out about his regretful past, you still held his hands with the same gentle care you always do. You’ve never held his actions against him, never treated him as though he was someone you felt threatened by.
(“My protector” is what you call him, “I’m never scared when I’m with you because I know that as long as you’re near, you’ll do your best to keep me safe.”)
When he confessed his sins, you washed away his worries. When he confessed his goals, you gave him your strength.
He placed your gift to the side and then firmly grasped onto your shoulders, looking at you with such firm determination that you start to feel worried, “I love you.”
“Yeah,” you laugh a little awkwardly, still unnerved by how blazing the fire behind his eyes is, “I know tha-”
“No, Y/N, I love you,” he repeated resolutely, “I love you so much it sometimes hurts. Every day I find more and more reasons to fall for you. Every time I look at you I can’t help but see a future with you. I want to take you home to my mum and grandma. I want to wake up every morning and make you breakfast. I want you to be there when I graduate from the police academy. I want to be with you every time you laugh and hold you whenever you cry. Whenever I think about what I want to do whether it’s ten minutes from now or ten years from now, all I can think about is that I want to do it with you.”
Your eyes softened and you gently pried one of his hands off of your shoulder and placed his palm over your cheek so you could nuzzle into it, “I like the sound of that, Deucey.”
He brings your head closer to your chest, “I swear I’ll protect you from anything that comes your way so please keep on relying on me. I’ll become someone you can be proud of.”
When he found out, he didn’t really give that much of a reaction
It was more like “ah, I see, you and I share a birthday”
But then, later at night, just as he’s about to go to bed, the thought of the fact that he and his darling rose were born on the same day (even though he’s her senior, what with her being a first year and all) hit him like a freight train
He never had a reason to look forward to his birthdays
Thanks to his mother, they were treated as any other day - with him tirelessly studying in a locked room until his eyes became sore and his hands hurt like hell and his back screamed for relief
If anything his birthdays were one of the worser days, as all they did was remind him of everything he was denied and deprived of 
But now, not only was this going to be the first birthday since his overblot where he’s finally reclaiming control of his life and getting the childhood he always dreamed of, but he’s also going to be sharing this day with you
You. Kind, wonderful, breathtaking you. The loveliest flower he had ever laid eyes on.
And for once, he can’t help but feel excited for his birthday since he knows that he’ll be celebrating not only his birth the the birth of the person who held his heart in their hands.
He can’t wait.
Ever the gentleman, he arrives at your dorm and smartly raps his knuckles on the door.
The moment you open the door, he’s immediately blown away by the warm smile you greet him with. You’re even wearing your own version of his dorm’s uniform. He has to take a moment to clear his throat and gather himself before he holds out the bouquet of roses he’s been holding in his arms.
You thank him with a peck to his cheek and invite him inside to share a breakfast of toast and your handmade rose petal jam accompanied with tea and biscuits.
After breakfast he holds out his left elbow so that you could your own elbow with his, and then he escorts you to the Heartslabyul gardens where your joined birthday party is about to start.
The entire way there, he has his head held up with pride at having such a beauty at his side. He’s not unaware to the many many looks you receive from the rest of your peers but everytime he feels the bitter taste of jealousy you always turn to him with a smile, your lovely eyes lighting up with nothing but happiness whenever they meet his and suddenly he feels so giddy that all negative thoughts end up bursting like delicate little soap bubbles.
And having you in his dorm’s colours, with his arm interlinked with yours and it being his birthday that you share whilst you walk along the halls of NRC like the King and Queen of Hearts themselves, why he felt like he could soar above the clouds right there and then with how elated he felt
As the Dorm Leader’s girlfriend you are already regarded as the special guest of honour at every event held at the dorm but since it’s also your birthday you are given the extra special VIP guest of honour treatment.
Cater has his phone out, recording yours and Riddle’s entrance to the party. Riddle pulls out your designated chair, a heart-shaped throne much like his, and, once you're seated and pushed back in, Trey brings out a cushion with a golden tiara that matches his own crown and Riddle himself gently places it on your head and the crowd claps and cheers 
The whole event is a very formal high tea with a spread of scones, tarts of every type, an assortment of jams and tiny sandwiches, and a variety of baked goods and finger foods
Trey baked the two of you a tiered strawberry Victoria sponge cake that was decorated with roses
When the time comes for you both to blow out the candles, your hand finds Riddle’s underneath the table. At first he tenses at the contact but he immediately relaxes and intertwines his fingers with yours, giving your hand a slight squeeze in the process. Even though neither of you are looking at each other, you can both tell that the other is smiling
You both drive the knife into the cake together and everyone cheers.
Since you are sitting next to each other, you both eat the slice that the two of you have cut and the subtle intimacy of you sharing the same plate of cake has his heart beating like crazy and his face blossoming with pink
He doesn’t do much to hide that small little smile either
At some point a Heartslabyul student hands you and Riddle microphones so that the both of you give birthday speeches where you both thanked everyone for throwing this party and thanked your friends for being such great friends
Ace, Deuce and a few Heartslabyul first years did tear up when you genuinely and wholeheartedly thanked them for making you feel at home in a world that wasn’t yours and that them inviting you into their dorm made you feel less alone and like you had a family here and it was a one hit k.o
You: I love you guys 🥰
Ace, Deuce and Grim: WE LOVE YOU TOO, Y/N 😭😭😭
It was super effective
I hope you know that you have an entire dorm of chaotic card soldiers that would die for you
You and Riddle do say a few sweet words to each other because you both prefer to keep the PDA at a minimum but then once Riddle stops talking he takes your hand and places a gentle kiss on your knuckles right in front of everyone’s salad
The rest of the day is spent with the two of you side by side: taking a stroll around the rose maze, playing a private game of croquet, tending to the Heartslabyul animals and horse riding.
All of which involve Riddle gazing at you endearingly 
The two of you have an intimate tea party when the day is done.
Unlike the other ‘intimate’ tea parties you have - all of which are located in a  private bandstand in the Heartslabyul gardens - this tea party is truly intimate since Riddle had it specially prepared in his bedroom
He pulled out all the stops with rose petals sprinkled over a luxurious white lacy tablecloth that covered a quaint little table, soft rolled-up cloth napkins that were tied up with a perfectly done red bow placed over the two fine china plates, lit candles and cushioned chairs.
After dinner, the two of you find yourselves reclining next to and embracing each other on his four poster
It’s there where the two of your exchange gifts
Riddle gifted you a custom-made charm bracelet that included little trinkets of a tea cup, a flamingo, a pink and blue hedgehog, a miniature version of his crown, a rose and a heart
He spent the entire time of you carefully unwrapping the pristinely packaged parcel, opening the jewellery box and admiring the bracelet in apprehensive silence as his mind went into a downwards spiral on whether or not you’ll like it
Don’t worry, though, your lips on his cheek and beaming smile of thanks was able to wash all of that away
“Do you like it?” he asks timidly.
“Of course I do,” you answer resolutely, “how could I not love it? It reminds me of you.”
Sevens, you really aren’t good for his heart.
It’s clear that you were incredibly touched by this thoughtful gesture and you hurry to give him your gift
Since your boyfriend is camera shy, instead of giving him a photobook, you hand him a leatherbound journal that has been filled, cover to cover, with pages upon pages of your endless love for him. From three page letters to love notes consisting of five lines, every word you have written is seeping with adoration, the ink on those pages completely pouring with your tender devotion. Not a single space of blankness was left bare as your writings went from corner to corner, making him dizzy at just how much care you had put into this gift
‘To my darling Riddle, falling in love with you has been the most beautiful, most incredibly wonderful unexpected accident that has ever occurred to me...’
‘My dearest Riddle, the sovereign of my heart, I just came back from watching you practice at the Equestrian Club. Did you know that when you smile I feel like I’m basking in the warmth of the sun? I feel like I could gaze upon your happiness for eternity and never once feel tired. How lucky am I to have the most handsome being in all of Twisted Wonderland to call mine…’
‘Riddle, my love, you have one of the kindest and sweetest hearts I have ever met. Your commitment and loyalty to the ones you care for have never once failed to woo me. Everything from your intelligence, your integrity, the softness of your eyes, the euphony of your voice, the gentleness of your touch and the feeling of complete reliability I sense from your presence have captivated me and have done nothing but make me fall for you over and over again - I don’t think that I’ll ever be able to stop…’
He’s only a few pages in and his ears are already burning red, his face a beautiful crimson. His head feels light with the way his mind reels at the onslaught of euphoria.
“Riddle,” you start, growing concerned at the way his body froze and a single tear cascaded down his cheek. 
He closes the book and sets it aside on his bedside table, and then, without even a hint of warning, he throws himself at you and wraps his arms around you and buries his face into the crook of your neck. You can feel him shaking, muffled sobs quaking his body as you feel wetness beginning to form at the base of your shoulder.
“Oh darling,” you coo, leaning your own head against his whilst softly and lovingly threading your fingers through his scarlet locks. That soft-hearted, caring gesture only made him squeeze you tighter and for his whimpers to become louder, “I’m sorry, dearest. It wasn’t my intention to make you cry.”
“No,” he pulls back, his wide-eyed watery gaze staring at you with longing, tears streaming down his flustered cheeks. He grips your shoulders tightly, “don’t apologise. Never apologise when you’re with me.”
You hummed in reply and gently wiped away his tears with your thumb, “but still-”
“Wait, Y/N,” he takes a deep, determined breath, “I wish to speak. You are and always will be one of the best things that’s ever happened to me. You’ve ingrained yourself into my heart so deeply that not a second goes by where I don’t feel your presence. When you’re not in my sight, you’re in my thoughts. And when I'm asleep, you’re in my dreams. Whenever we’re apart I’m filled with a yearning that’s part anguish part joy - anguish because the  torment I feel when you’re away from me is torture, yet joy because I know the hope I have of when I see you again fills me with the happiness of knowing that I have something to look forward to and someone I can share that happiness with. You broke down every rule I made for myself. You brought light and colour to my cold and monotonous world and for that I can spend a hundred lifetimes thanking you and it wouldn’t even scratch the surface of the gratitude I have for what you’ve done for me. I know that this world isn’t your home, my rose, however, you have become mine. Believe me, I am aware of my faults but Y/N I promise, I will do my best to become someone who is worthy of calling you theirs. So please continue to stay by my side?”
“Riddle,” you smile at him, “there’s no reason for you to ask that of me. I don’t intend on leaving you anytime soon. Or ever, actually.”
With that, Riddle surges forward and claims your lips with his, pressing as deep as he can to show you just how deeply, completely and irrevocably in love he is with you, how you have bewitched him with your very being and have given him everything he’s ever craved for and more, how he wants you more than he wants anything else in the world. The second the two of you part he has you in his embrace yet again, wanting nothing more than to get lost in your touch.
“You have successfully stolen my heart and rule number 23 dictates that one must replace anything that they have stolen. However, I implore you, dearest - please keep my heart for as long as you live because at this point, it rightfully belongs to you.”
The first thing he did was squeal with absolute delight
“OMG, this is so cray-cray!”
He then immediately tells all of his followers on Magicam, twst!Twitter, twst!Snapchat
#WhenYourGFIsAlsoYourSoulmate #ItsFate #CoupleGoals #CoupleGoalsCouldNever
On the day of your birthdays he’s going all out
He’s documenting/live blogging the entire day on all of his socials
You’re both wearing sashes that have glittery letters spelling ‘BIRTHDAY BOY/GIRL’ on them
When he picks you up he gives you a keychain that has your shared star sign on it because he seems like an astronomy guy to me
The two of you do have a trendy Pinterest-style cake during your birthday party but Trey uses his unique magic on it so Cater doesn’t taste it’s sweetness
He also gets Trey to put on sparkler candles that were the letters ‘C’ and your first name’s initial and a heart as well as two firework candles and he records your reaction to the cake being lit instead of the actual cake because your eyes lighting up were much more beautiful than some dumb candles ♡
(Trey had to have a firm hold on Ace and Deuce’s shoulders to make sure that they don’t do anything stupid near the flames)
After the party he’s taking you out for a walk in the town square so that the two of you can go cafe hopping and so that there can be plenty of photo ops along the way
He pays for everything you order so don’t even think about getting up
Even though he doesn’t like sweets he won’t say no to a few bites of whatever you’re having if you feed him ;)
You two are definitely wearing matching clothes during this date by the way
Then the two of you go back to Ramshackle where you both can canoodle amorously without running the risk of being interrupted by one of his dorm mates
His gift to you is an acrylic stand that resembles an MP3 player. At the top centre was his favourite selfie of the two of you and underneath that picture was the title of yours and Cater’s favourite song.
“Isn’t it totes adorbs?” he chirps as he takes in your awed expression. He points at a small black and white QR code that was placed in a lower corner, “see this? If you scan it on your phone, it takes you to our shared playlist. Awesome, right?”
When you give him your handmade photobook, he has to take a breather when he turns the pages.
Some pictures are the ones that the two of you have taken together whilst others are selfies that you had printed out from his magicam account. It included some photos you had on your personal phone like the ones of him rocking out on his guitar during his club activities or the rare candid photos you took where he wasn’t wearing that happy-go-lucky fake smile and instead showed you the real him that he kept hidden underneath the layers of goofy jokes and playful laughter.
Reading your little comments has him subconsciously giving out an actual genuine soft smile
‘Well if it isn’t my reliable upperclassman, Cay-Cay crushing it on the guitar. Watching you have fun on stage during your concerts always makes me swoon #BFGoals’, ‘You know, I figured out why you’re so perfect for me - diamonds are a girl’s best (boy)friend after all’, ‘Look at my gorgeous bf. Everytime you go #NoFilter I feel like I #WonAtLife’
Oh, Prefect how he adores you. Hasn’t he got such a sweet underclassman?
“Oh, honey,” he sighs, inching closer and closer to you until your lips are millimetres apart, his gaze a mixture of besotted and wanting, “you know just how to make Cay-Cay’s heart go cray-cray.”
“Cater,” you breathed, “you're too close!”
“That's the problem, honey,” he said, pecking your lips, “no matter how close we are (he gave them another peck), I just need to be (and another) closer (and another).”
“What-umph-what are you doing?”
“What do you think? I need to make up for the birthdays I had where I was supposed to be with you.”
It probably seems like I don’t like him as much as I do my faves but lads I stan this man so much
I’m just horrible at writing for him
Just - just look at him
His aura is just so domestic and everything about him screams ‘I know how to treat you right’
Plus he’s a baker so you know he smells good
And you know behind that kind, reliable upperclassman ‘only-sane-man’ and ‘single mother of the dorm’ exterior, he’s housing some chaotic stuff 
Because 1) it’s always the quiet ones and the ones you least expect and 2) he’s a card soldier and Heartslabyul is one of the most chaotic dorms in NRC 
I’m like 110% sure he knows at least 15 different ways of hiding a body
Anyways back to the headcanons
He’s so happy to hear this
To him there’s just something so intimate about sharing such a special day with the girl he loves
The afternoon before your shared birthday the two of you have a baking date where you make your birthday cake - and the other assorted baked goods for your joined birthday party - together
The entire date was so soft and domestic and it felt extra special knowing how important the food you were making 
On the day of your birthday, he hands you a little cupcake bouquet 
After your birthday party, he takes you to a private area in the Heartslabyul gardens for a picnic
The two of you just lie on the grass and start talking about everything and nothing and basking in each others company in the peace and quiet
He’s reclining against a tree and you are lying on the grass with your head propped up on his comfortable lap, the both of you perfectly content and full after feeding each other finger foods and sharing Trey’s incredible baking
Meanwhile the rest of Heartslabyul is in chaos without their brain cell and impulse control holders
Like red paint is splattered everywhere, Riddle is chasing Ace with a flamingo mallet and Cater is filming it as Deuce is lying in a fetal position on the ground waiting for you to come and pick him up
He gifts you a cute apron that comes in a matching set so that the two of you can wear matching couple aprons when you bake.
He also gives you a wooden spoon that’s been engraved with a cute little message from him 
You give him your recent venture into arts and crafts: 
A scrapbook that you made that has all of your favourite memories with him, as well as your cheeky little comments
‘Do you know that whenever you roll up your sleeves to start baking, your husband vibes go off the charts?’, ‘No wonder your parents work at a bakery - how else could they have made such a cutie pie’, ‘Hey, remember this? It was that time I joined you and Rook in the Science Club and taught you both how to make elephant’s toothpaste and then you got disappointed because it wasn’t actual toothpaste. I swear I wanted to get down on one knee and propose right there and then.’
The entire time he’s skimming through, he’s just shaking his head and chuckling in amusement 
“Thanks, cupcake, I really appreciate it,” he leans over to you and pecks your forehead, “Not as much as I appreciate you, though.”
“Now would you prefer a princess cut or a diamond band?”
(This is so short I feel so guilty for doing this to such a marriage material man but I literally have no idea what to write for him 😭)
Sunshine boy is literally the embodiment of :D when he finds out
His eyes go wide and start sparkling, sparkly flowers start dancing around his head and his sunshine aura quadruples 
You tell him at 10:00. By 10:03 everyone in Scarabia knows. By 10:05 everyone in NRC knows.
I’m telling you he’s practically shouting it from the rooftops
He spends the next few days just making it clear that everyone knows that he and his treasure share a birthday
“Professor, Y/N and I have the same birthday, isn’t that great :D”
“I’m aware, Mr Al-Asim, however I believe I asked you to answer question 7.”
“*blissful sigh* It’s like we’re soulmates ( ´ ▽ ` )”
“Heaven’s, I need a drink…”
He wanted to throw a party that very night to celebrate the joyous occasion of him discovering this wondrous news
You were fortunately able to get him to agree to just a two-person dance party in his bedroom with just the two of you
Jamil, who had felt his ‘Kalim is planning another party’ senses tingling, mentally thanked you
But on the actual day though
Oh boy
Sunshine otter boy went all out
Because double birthdays = double party obviously 
When you entered Scarabia it looked like the birthday extravaganza of a lifetime
You can see Ace, Deuce and Grim mucking about with some purple peacocks and golden camels from the menagerie that Kalim had brought in before your vision shifted and you found yourself on top of carpet, who happily took you to where Kalim was joyfully waving at people from the top of his elephant.
The two of you start the joined party sitting next to each other during the parade as everyone cheers for the two of you as though you’re the prince and princess of the school
He most probably had a crate full of outfits sent to Ramshackle that morning that were your favourite colours plus some jewellery and sent a note asking you to wear one of them for that night so that the two of you could match  
The buffet and dessert tables go on for miles and are packed with mouthwatering food that’s either been handmade by Jamil or by the many many talented personal chefs from the Al-Asim family
The two of you stand in front of a cake that seems to be double your height and the both of you sing happy birthday to each other, gazing into each other's eyes and thumbs rubbing over each others hands, completely oblivious to the rest of the frickin school being in your proximity
After the two of you cut the cake, Kalim happily insists on feeding you the first slice and you joyfully do the same. The lovestruck expressions on both of your faces are the causes for everyone’s happiness (“Dorm leader and the prefect are so perfect together 🥰”), disgust (*cue Ace making vomiting sounds*) and envy (“I want what they have 😭” “*pats back* there, there, Razoul, have another glass of apple juice”).
The two of you are going to be dancing the night away and you can bet that that Kalim got the Light Music Club to perform for this day
And if live music isn’t to your fancy, he managed to find that one Ignihyde student that isn’t a total recluse and convinced him to DJ 
At some point he’s going to bring you to the stage and the two of you start singing duets but a few minutes later it just delves into the two of you rambling about who loves who more
“Aww, I love you Kalim.”
“I love you more, Y/N.”
“No way, I love you more.”
“Nu uh, I love you more.”
“Yeah, well, I love the way you always brighten my day when you smile.”
“I love the way your laugh sounds like the most beautiful music I’ve ever heard.”
“I love the way your arms remind me of home and your touch makes my worries disappear.”
“I love how beautiful your heart is.”
“I love how kind your eyes are.”
“I love how you're the first person I think of whenever I wake up.”
“I love how my heart is so full of you I can’t even think about calling it my own.”
“I love the way I fall deeper and deeper for you every day.”
“I love the sound your heart makes when we cuddle.”
“I love the sounds you make when we kiss-”
Guys, Jamil has been banging his head against the wall for the past five minutes you should probably wrap it up
Then Cater has his phone pointed at the both of you and he starts chanting “KISS! KISS! KISS!” until it grows louder and louder and practically everyone is chanting it.
The two of you shrug and happily press your lips together as the crowd cheers and fireworks go off in the background and explode into blooming carnations of colour that fizzle out the words “HAPPY BIRTHDAY Y/N AND KALIM” there’s another one that had K.A and your initials contained within a dazzling pink heart.
When the two of you separate, Kalim gives you a smile that rivals the sun as he gently cups your face in his hands, causing you to lovingly nuzzle against his palm.
Scarabia Student B: “DO IT AGAIN!”
Later he takes you to a room that you think is a second treasury that the Al-Asims built but then your jaw drops down in shock when Kalim reveals that it’s a room he had built to keep your presents.
“I didn’t know which one to get you,” he explains cheerfully as you stare in awe at the way the room glowed with the reflection of the treasures that were stored inside it, “so I got everything!”
You could only nod dumbly at him, not trusting your voice to squeak or give out from the surprise that flooded your veins.
“But,” he chirps, “there is one thing that I have to show you, wait here”
You watch him as he skips away to grab onto a gilded box before he makes his way towards you and hands it to you, asking you to open it. Once you flip open the lid, you’re greeted by the sight of a half heart, similar to the friendship necklaces that you get in your world only very clearly, much, much more expensive; the golden pendant consisted of an outline of half of a heart that was studded with shimmering rubies. Your hand hovered over it, still in so much astonishment that you didn’t even know if you were worthy of touching something as valuable as it.
“You know,” Kalim’s cheerful voice snapped you out of your wonder, “in the legend of the thief, the sorcerer is guided to the Cave of Wonders by combining two halves of a golden scarab. That’s why I wanted to give you this because I have the other half. So if I ever wanted to combine both halves of the heart to make it whole, I would be guided to a treasure that is worth more than all the riches in the world combined.”
“Kalim…” you whisper, touched beyond belief.
“And,” he rubs his neck, a bit embarrassed, “I also wanted to show you how much you mean to me. I know that sometimes I can be a bit much and I know that I can cause problems but-but you’ve always been right by my side and supported me. You never speak to me like I wouldn’t understand something or dismiss me or push me aside. You make an effort to understand me and include me in things. You always ask me for my opinion even when other people don’t and you never get upset if I don’t do things correctly. You always notice my efforts when I’m trying to be more independent and you always take them seriously. When I make mistakes, you always try to see the good in my intentions before you tell me where I went wrong and-and I love you a lot, I really do, and I want to give you the world because you mean the world to me. I’ve had a lot of birthday celebrations and I’ve been to even more parties but this is my favourite one out of all of them because I get to celebrate the birthday of the one whose smile is my paradise.”
Unable to express just how much he means to you with your limited-at-this-moment vocabulary, you gently put the box down and throw your arms around his neck. He lets out peals of laughter as he wraps his arms around your waist and spins you around. You peck his lips and he sets you down and excitedly asks if he could put on the necklace for you, his eyes shining with hope. After he hooks the necklace around your neck, he turns you around to inspect you with a smile, “I’d say that it suits you but you look much prettier, treasure.”
“Kalim!” You felt your face heat up as he laughed at your cute (in his eyes) expression.
Of course, you end the night going for a magical ride above the clouds and across the stars on Kalim’s magical carpet
He then drops you off back at Ramshackle whilst you are still on Carpet. He hops off first and extends a hand so he can help you ease yourself onto the ground 
You then ask him to stay in front of your door for a second before you quickly dash inside and grab the gift you had made for him
With flushed cheeks, you shyly hand him the gift bag, which he happily accepts with a giddy chirp of “thank you, Y/N!”
As he leafs through the pages, his smile becomes wider and wider as he sees the care and effort you put in with the myriad of photographs, cute little commentaries and little doodles you drew on the side
‘Eating date cake with my love! Did you know that everything tastes so much sweeter when you’re with me?’, ‘Look Kalim, it’s you on the drums. You make such beautiful music - I could listen to it forever’, ‘Playing mancala with the sweetest, most adorable boy in all of Twisted Wonderland’
Much like your reaction upon receiving his gift, he engulfed you in a bear hug
“My treasure,” he mumbles, his voice slightly muffled from how his cheek pressed against the crown of your head, “I know that it’s past midnight and that it’s no longer our birthdays but can I spend a few more minutes with you. When we're together time goes too quickly and I love you too much to let you go.”
“It’s alright, Kalim,” you smile and snuggle against him, “you can hug me for as long as you want.”
“In that case,” he tightens his hold on you and kisses your forehead, “can I keep you in my arms forever?”
Another one that doesn’t show much of an outward reaction 
If it were anyone else he would’ve been annoyed
Yet another thing of his that he has to share/give up
But this is you
The coolness of his eyes, the delight of his heart, the balm of his mind
His beautiful, angelic diamond that unfortunately exists among the fools he calls his peers
The only one who he can reveal his true self to and never having to worry about you shunning him or leaving him for Kalim
Or anyone else for that matter
Sometimes it feels like you have your own version of snake whisper with the way you have all of NRC spellbound, him included
Don’t get him wrong, he understands exactly why others would be drawn to you but you accepted his confession not theirs so there’s no need for them to be so eager to do favours for you or look so happy when you thank them and give them your
He’s more than capable of serving you - in fact, he’s the only one worthy of serving you and you’re the only one he likes to serve
Anyway, on the inside he’s really happy that you share a birthday with him
He doesn’t really believe in soulmates or fate but he does like the fact that he shares something important with you that no one else (Kalim) could ever attain
Smug snek boy is smug
His plans were to spend his day doing his duties whilst inviting you to Scarabia so the two of you could eat his handmade meals as he tries and fails to dissuade you from helping him in the kitchen (he admires your competency and efficiency but you are not going to lift a finger on your birthday and no he doesn’t care that it’s his birthday as well - no way is he going to let one of his assorted dorm mates make your meals) and then once he’s triple checked everything the two of you could sneak away to his bedroom and spend some quality time together
But no
Of course that can’t happen
Because Kalim - sweet, sweet Kalim - just had to throw a joint birthday party for his two best friends :D 
Because he loves them so much :D
Meaning that he had to spend the entire afternoon and evening sharing you with not only his dorm but all of your friends as well (read practically the entire school)
He swears upon the Seven, if that slimy octopus cozies up to you for a second longer he’s going to have a second overblot
Grumpy snek boy is grumpy
Just as he was contemplating using his unique magic on the entire party to make them go away, he felt your hand slip into his and all was right in the world
“Easy love,” your voice held traces of laughter, “your frown lines have frown lines.”
“Am I that obvious?” He already knew the answer to that. His silver tongue and poker face has made him a master of manipulation. It just so happened that you were the only one who could see past his facade - or, to be more realistic, you’d rip off every mask he’d have on with nothing but your bare hands and intelligent yet kind words, making it all too easy to tell when he is wearing one.
“Not at all,” you hum, “I can just tell.”
Oh Sorceror of the Sands, aren’t you incredible
Not a day goes by where he doesn’t admire your strength and resilience
Like him, you’ve been forced into a taxing role you didn’t ask for; having to not only babysit those two dimwitted card soldiers and that crass, gluttonous, troublemaking cat that your so fond of but also having to do the headmaster’s job for him by playing therapist and solving everyone else’s problems despite having plenty of your own
Every wrong done against you, you’ve forgiven - not due to naivety but because of your kind-hearted nature that forces you to see the good in everyone
You’ve come into this world with nothing but disadvantages yet you still end up victorious, making it clear to everyone that you are not someone to be messed with or taken lightly
A lesser person would have crumbled or been eaten alive by the twisted students of this villainous school but not you.
You were more than just a pretty face that spewed out honeyed words, you were an unstoppable force to be reckoned with who could be as endearingly stubborn as you are kind
You didn’t change yourself to fit the situation, you changed the situation to fit you
Unlike him, who had manipulated and used you from the very beginning, you’ve been nothing but honest and genuine to him throughout your entire time here at NRC
And you were the only one who was able to break down his walls and the only person he ever allowed himself to be vulnerable with
Not even his parents or sister have met sides of him that he’s revealed to you
He grasps his hand tightly with yours, “let’s leave.”
“But Jamil, the party-”
“I do not wish to spend another second here, my diamond. I’m sure that the sky won’t fall if we excuse ourselves and obtain the private time we rightfully deserve.”
‘And even if it does, I do not care,’ he mentally adds on as your shoulders sag in agreement and you nod.
Once he has dragged you to his room, he bodily spins you so that your back is pressed flat against the door. Finally, the tenseness leaves his body and he slumps forward, resting his forehead on your shoulder with a deep exhale.
You stroke the back of his head with a comforting smile, “rough day?”
“Exhausting,” he replies, “I don’t know why Kalim insisted on throwing this party. I had explained to him multiple times that such extravagance was unnecessary.” “You know him - this is his way of showing that he cares. Not to mention that your dorm was excited to celebrate with him.”
“Still,” he stands back up at his full height, reaching out one of his hands to cup at your cheek, “all it does is pile more work for me. If they truly wanted me to have a good birthday, they would’ve allowed me to spend it privately with you.”
“I would’ve liked that as well but every time I tried to find you someone would come up and chat with me and I don’t have the heart to dismiss them. I’m sorry if it made you feel like I didn’t want to pay attention to you.”
“Please, I have no need to worry about the insects that swarm around you,” charcoal grey eyes glimmered with mischief, “you and I both know that whatever drop of affection they have for you is nothing compared to the ocean of love I possess.”
You let out an amused huff of laughter at his confidence.
“Although,” he eyes your neck with a smirk and smoothly runs his fingers down the exposed skin of the slope of your neck and your clavicle, “perhaps it might be a good idea to leave a physical reminder to not monopolise time that doesn’t belong to them.”
“Jamil!” you whisper-yell and lamely smack him on the shoulder, cheeks burning at the unsaid implication, “don’t you dare.”
What charming expressions you make. He chuckles at your flustered countenance, “I’m merely suggesting an extra birthday present. Though, I suppose that would be more of a present for me. Speaking of presents, I believe that we have yet to exchange gifts.”
He places a little black cube into your hands, its dimensions small enough to fit snugly in your palm. 
Inside it you find a ring made up of a shiny golden snake ring with miniscule, precisely placed diamonds placed on its coils to act as scales and tiny rubies as its eyes
With your permission he takes your hand and gently slides it onto your index finger and then kisses the knuckles of that hand whilst staring right into your eyes
You hand him your gift (which you had already placed in his room when you entered Scarabia, with a large note saying that he’s not allowed to look inside)
Like Riddle, instead of a photo book, you give him a journal filled with love letters and words of praise
‘To the master of my heart, there is never a day that goes by where I am not proud of you. I could spend years singing your praises to the heavens and I still feel like my words would be inadequate. You are a wonder worthy of the highest recognition possible and I am certain that you will receive everything you deserve and more…’
‘To the Sultan of my love, how dare you be so attractive! How dare you! Do you have any idea how hard it is to concentrate when you occupy my thoughts every second of the day? Seriously, how am I expected to learn in class when all I can do is think about how much I love to get lost in those entrancingly beautiful eyes of yours or how much my fingers yearn to rake through your silken hair. That’s not to say that I’m only appreciative of your physical handsomeness - your attractive personality is far more alluring…’
‘To the one who holds my most dearest affections, I’m not saying that I’m with you because of your incredible skills at cooking and kissing but I am saying that you are way too skilled in those areas to be real. I know I always go on about how captivating you are when you’re dancing or playing basketball but you enthrall me even when you do the most mundane things - how is it that you make walking look so pleasing…’
Closing the book, he places it on the floor and then swiftly claims your lips with his, pressing his mouth deeper and deeper against yours until you were left panting 
“My diamond,” he whispers, eyes boring into yours and mouth a hair's breadth away from yours, “my love, you mean more to me than anything else this world has to offer. You’re the only being I covet more than my freedom. Travelling the world, power and glory - they all mean nothing if you’re not by my side.” 
“You’ve entranced me with your soul much like how the story queen, Scheherazade, captivated her Sultan with her tales. And just like how she brought peace to his enraged and vengeful heart, you’ve rid me of the bitter wrath that polluted mine. When I feel suffocated, you are my air. When my mind is shrouded in darkness, you give me light and no matter how sweltering the sun may be, I will always feel cold without the warmth of your company.”
“If that’s the case, I’ll do my best to make sure you’re never left wanting,” you say.
“Oh my diamond,” Jamil sighs, silently thanking the heavens and every miraculous force that gave him you, “you have created an absence in my heart that only you can fill so please take responsibility and make me yours - both now and in our lives after this.”
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Y/n: *on the phone with Trey* come pick up your son.
Trey: my son?
Y/n: your son. *annoyed and yells at ace* Ace! Don’t you fucking eat your kidney stones! You just had them removed!
Trey: you mean your son.
Y/n: Ace! Get that out of your fucking mouth! *looks at their phone* oh he’s my son? Ace! Treys on the phone!
Ace: Dads on the phone! *running to take the phone*
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puminari · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Summary. Takes place on a modern au, which means magic doesn't exists and NRC is a High school. Each character's will have a different yandere trait and introduction.
[Name] has no specific club but is a 2nd year
Characters. All NRC Students (with an exception of Ortho and Jack)
Tags. Yandere, violence, toxic, mention of deaths, manipulation, use of powerplay, lack of content on Silver's part
A/N. I didn't like the first introduction I made, so I rewrote almost everything. I have no idea what to write for the Diasomnia cast
Tumblr media
YANDERE TYPE: Controlling
CLUB: Student Council/Enforcer
A childhood friend of yours who waits for you so you can walk to school together. He tries to convince you to join the student council so he can keep you to himself—often telling you to follow him around while he constrains students to obey the rules. Many students fear being in the same hall with the redhead, which also affects your reputation—many avoid you to not irritate Riddle because of his temperamental jealousy. As mentioned, he would not share any of your time with classmates or friends, only a few were tolerable enough until he takes you away after a few minutes. He manages your schedule, all written to be the same as his–even outside of school hours, dragging you to his home to study with him, with no one around but you two.
TREY CLOVER 3rd year
YANDERE TYPE: Manipulator
CLUB: Cooking club (president)
Another childhood friend, but often cast aside because Riddle steals most of your time. He uses this to take advantage of you, using guilt to make you spend the remaining time you have. When times Riddle's mother would force Riddle back to studying alone, he invites you to his family's bakery. The pressure of his parents asking if you were dating was unbearable, Trey doesn't help deny the allegations—just chuckling and continuing the conversation all while you argue you weren't dating, to which none of them would believe you.
CLUB: Light music club
A close friend of Trey's, but you somewhat feel an uncomfortable tension between the two. Cater and you weren't close per se, but rather someone you just hang out with because he's a friend of a friend. You're oblivious to his stalking tendencies, aren't aware he was the mysterious stalker on all your social media accounts, the one who keeps sending you texts no matter how much you block his secret account—thus you turning off and rarely using any of your devices. Even in personal he's just as bad, disregarding your personal space and taking photos of you without consent. He said it's just one selfie, but if you look through his phone, he has hundreds if not thousands of photos of you in a restricted folder only he can look at.
YANDERE TYPE: Self-indulgent
CLUB: Sports club
The freshmen you bump into you in the first school year, the trouble-maker Riddle always rants about. He despises Riddle to the brim—he saw you as a gateway to avoid him in any possible way, making excuses to distract Riddle so he can run, "I saw [Name] with the tall teal guy, better catch up to them" and etc. But it wasn't enough to satisfy him. He interacts with you to spite Riddle, anything he can do to deflate Riddle's ego. His antics slowly make him obsessed. Obsessed with the idea of being with you, to claim and own you like a trophy that no one can achieve.
DEUCE SPADE 1st year
YANDERE TYPE: Overprotective
CLUB: Sports club
An ex-delinquent you met in middle school. He panicked when you recognized him immediately, rest assured, you told him you won't tell a single soul about his "dark" past. He's such a sweetheart at first, but half of him was a monster you'd rather not go near. He's ready to defend you and everything, even the smallest insult to you will enrage him. You have to hold him back before he causes any harm. No matter how much you told him you'll be fine he never listens, persistent in following you to protect you even if there's no danger around.
Tumblr media
YANDERE TYPE: Eliminating
CLUB: Not yet decided
Your senior who always laze around in the greenhouse, if not there then you'll find him on the school's rooftop. You've heard about the second son of the Kingscholar family, they're all wealthy and ambitious—but Leona was different compared to them, cast aside and neglected from any praise from his family. He isn't afraid to use dirty tricks and cunning plans to sabotage others' chances with you, but they're a hard target. Easy ones are much more pleasant to deal with, a swift hit on the head with a shovel as he lets his minions do the rest of the work for him.
YANDERE TYPE: Protective/Selfish
CLUB: None
Ruggie will forever be indebted to you, even if all you did was give him a simple sandwich when he didn't bring any lunch with him. You showed him compassion and generosity with no malicious intent. You were different, unique, completely new, and extraordinary—someone even with riches couldn't buy off. That's why he wants to keep you to himself, out of greed and pride. He said it's out of protectiveness, an angel like you shouldn't dwell with beasts who only wanted you for their desires, a hypocrite he is from his own words. But he can't always keep you away from the others, not when he knows Leona is watching his every move.
Tumblr media
YANDERE TYPE: Submissive
CLUB: Student Council/Treasurer
Azul meet you through Riddle, he was reluctant to introduce you to Azul, but it wasn't like he can keep you hidden from anyone. He would anticipate your every visit to the Student Council, you make it tolerable for him to enter that suffocating room. He fell even harder when you give him compliments—from his intelligence, work ethic, and appearance. Not many would give him such kind words, he was so used to negative comments that praise feels foreign to him Azul constantly wants your praise, he needs them. You're the only person he values, the only person who didn't judge him. It's pathetic to watch him listen to every word you give, how he'd give you everything from a simple demand—he'd kiss the dirt you step on Your approval gives him a purpose in life, please don't ever leave him. He'll feel like he lost his will to live if you do. You don't need the others when you have him. He'll do anything!
JADE LEECH 2nd year
YANDER TYPE: Sadistic/Stalking
CLUB: Occult Club
You saw him stalking a student once, and by some unfortunate miracle, both of you accidentally made eye contact. He introduced himself to you suspiciously, and weirdly—he said he wants to study you, to learn how you can make everyone around you bend to your will. You politely declined, telling him you didn't like the idea of being his guinea pig, but he doesn't back down from a simple rejection. He experiments with you, from giving you simple gifts at first to the most disturbing and too obnoxious gift he can think of just to see your reactions, taking notes of every expression and movement he can write.
FLOYD LEECH 2nd year
YANDERE TYPE: Sadistic/Eliminating
CLUB: None (delinquent)
You once mistook Floyd for Jade when you first met him you haven't heard about the towering twins who were identical. He heard a lot about you from his brother, the unique student who attracts different kinds of monsters including his friends—who says he was any different? That curiosity of his captivated him to you. He was fine to hang out with at first, till your first witness of his sudden mood swings. You didn't know what triggered it, he would be joyous at first then the next he was squeezing the person who laid their hands on you to death. You don't even wanna mention how his usual place to skip reeks—the metallic smell and rust coming from the furnace.
Tumblr media
KALIM AL ASIM 2nd year
CLUB: Light music club
Ignoring his prestigious background and high reputation—his bubbly and carefree personality made him easy to approach, but he's rather too energetic to be around that it drains you. He's always too touchy, too affectionate, even if you tell him to stop he'd only listen for a few minutes before he's hugging your sides again. It's hard to ignore him, being in the same class as him and he always follows you around. He thinks this is what normal friends would do, unaware of how uncomfortable you are with his tight and affectionate embrace. You can't deny him either, you're afraid you might anger him, and he can easily ruin your life if he uses his wealth, he can buy you and your family if he could.
JAMIL VIPER 2nd year
YANDERE TYPE: Possessive
CLUB: Cooking club
He's seen you a lot when you're visiting the cooking club. He has no intention of involving himself around you, but eventual interactions are bound to happen. He admits, you've become a safe place of his outside his stoic and quiet persona, you viewed him as an equal and praised him earnestly. He wanted to have you, he needed you. He's always used to giving and sharing that he wanted this one thing for himself. He dreaded when you mentioned the name of the person he serves. You've met Kalim already, his chances with you are close to none—but he refuses to back down. This time, he will no longer share nor give anything to him.
Tumblr media
YANDERE TYPE: Controlling
CLUB: Drama club (president)
He may be the president of his own club, but he will always be stuck in the role of a villain, never getting a crumb of the protagonist role. He seethes in anger to watch different characters, and different love interests, take you and try to win your heart—but he knows all of them are as bad as he is. An aspiring model and future celebrity even if he's still in high school. Everyone views him as perfect, the fairest amongst everyone in school, but hypercritical of appearances—but you had it worst compared to all. Every fabric of your clothes must be tailored by a famous designer, your body should stay healthy, and your skin should stay soft, he nitpicks everything about you. You are the same as he is, fairest and beautiful, a potential you shouldn't waste, he said.
ROOK HUNT 3rd year
YANDERE TYPE: Stalker/Worshipper
CLUB: Photography club
Rook has no interest in boring and mundane people, uniqueness is what catches his eyes, and you certainly surpassed his expectations. The feared student, not because they're seemingly strong or powerful, but rather, you attract many deranged suitors. He can't ignore the beauty you hold, certainly stunning that can rival a deity. He takes whatever essence he can get from you, from taking your pictures whilst he hides in a bush, or the pencil you dropped from your class. He collects them all to hide them on his shrine—dedicated to you.
YANDERE TYPE: Violent/Clingy
CLUB: Gardening club
The sweet freshman you encounter when you explored the school's greenhouse, Vil refused to let Epel in any sports that can damage his beauty, but begrudgingly agreed to let him be in the gardening club. He was so delicate and petite that you didn't suspect him to be in any danger. Oh how wrong you were when you so him violently injure a student, and all because he was getting near you. It's hard to get rid of him—forcing you to be dependent on him with any tasks, just to prove he's capable of being your partner, a man you can rely on.
IDIA SHROUD 3rd year
CLUB: Gaming club (president)
He's always watching you, from hidden cameras or hidden microphones. You held no suspicion about his behaviors as he was always seen as meek and a coward. You've tried joining the gaming club once, but left after a week as you feel the uncomfortable atmosphere—maybe because of how dark it can be sometimes, or from eyes staring at you tentatively, either way, you don't think you'll come back to the club. He's smart and tactical, he can do so many if he pushes past his limits, that is if he ever snaps.
Tumblr media
YANDERE TYPE: Delusional/Possessive
CLUB: Student Council/President
The mysterious President who barely makes an appearance in school, disappeared during his 2nd year, now has returned. You have no knowledge of his background or reputation, you befriended him out of curiosity—you don't understand why the people around you would gasp and pale from a simple interaction. Your fate was sealed when his hand shook yours. The dragon has claimed its treasure—people can't look you in the eyes anymore, afraid they'll anger Malleus. He says you don't need anyone in your life anymore, you have him, he has all the wealth and power, so why bother yourself with those lowlifes.
YANDERE TYPE: Self-indulgent/Manipulative
CLUB: Student Council/Vice President
He's unpredictable, you barely know a thing about him. His knowledge is frightening, it's like he witnessed all of history. Besides his scary intellect, he's a very reliable senior—with the President's absence, he temporarily took the role to keep the student council at bay. He loves you to the brim! The diligent and studios 2nd year that is feared and loved by many. He's immature, he knows, but teasing you was just fun! Who cares if he's going too far, it's just a joke, why do you have to be such a killjoy. He has access to all your files and information. Do you think he doesn't know about your grades? What would your parents think if they found out their child is failing? Surely you can find a way to pass while you still can. How about you indulge him for a bit? Maybe he'll talk to the Principal to give you a chance if you entertain him.
SILVER ??? 2nd year
YANDERE TYPE: Calm (I don't think I can write him as a yandere)
CLUB: Martial arts club
Compared to all, he's the calmest and less likely to be deranged. Yea, sure he's protective, but he doesn't do much harm other than apprehending an oppressor. He doesn't do any stalking or manipulating either—he's just in love to the point it can be madness. He will prioritize you over himself, your feelings and happiness matter more than his.
CLUB: Martial arts club
He's harsh and loud. He's the first year who came in the school entrance with Malleus, he acts like a bodyguard around, a dog who'd bite anyone who goes near its owner. When his master showed interest in you he resented you, disliked you because you're too far from his master's league. You needed to be more presentable around Malleus, more orderly because his Master deserves the best. But hidden deep inside his mind, he despises it—he hates seeing you with his master. But he knows he stood no chance, and he hates you for it. You attract the worst kind of people, including himself. You lured them, bewitched them all, he despises you for making him fall for you. His harsh, blunt insults are hurtful, it's humiliating, and demeaning. You can cry all you want—he'd rather break the toy than let others have it.
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 4 months
Twisted Wonderland Men Teasing You
Pairing: Trey Clover, Ace Trappola, Leona Kingscholar, Ruggie Bucchi, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viper, Rook Hunt, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, flirting, public display of affection, teasing, blushing, cheek kisses, neck kisses, hand kisses
A/N: Something about writing TWST fluff that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Trey teases you when it's just the two of you, he's not a big prankster and is rather down to earth when compared to some of his dormmates. He likes to do the little things like complimenting you a lot about things he knows will make you flustered, or pulling you towards him unexpectedly and nibbling on your ear just a little to get you to yelp and gasp.
Ace doesn't go one break without teasing you. He wouldn't do it in the middle of classes but after? Oh you bet. He's always holding your hand, commenting on how small and gentle it is compared to his right before kissing it and watching you turn the same color as his heart tattoo. Always gets a laugh out of seeing you so cute and flustered, which is why he has no intention of stopping, he knows you'll get back at him sooner or later.
Leona might be lazy but let no one call him passionless, especially not when you're the subject of his passion. Can be both aggressive and gentle with his teasing. Sometimes it's holding you close, your back against the wall while he mouths at your neck while whispering how much he missed you during classes and other times it's mumbling in his sleep about random things he likes about you. Most of the time he doesn't even remember doing that, it's just second nature at this point.
Ruggie is a very mischievous guy, he will tease you whenever he gets the chance, no opportunity is too small or too big. Passing love notes to you during class is a must, stolen winks, taking a bite of your food before offering you his while talking about indirect kisses and promising real ones later are all part of an almost daily occurrence with him.
Azul chooses the moments he's going too tease you very carefully. He has to make sure to do it when you least expect it. When you're walking to class he'll walk up next to you kiss you for good luck and then walk off, he'll drape his arms around you while you're in the café, watching your face adopt that cute but bashful smile right before he wipes it off your face with a sweet kiss after delivering you your order.
Jamil being a pretty reserved person, at least in public will sometimes squeeze your hand a little to let you know when he's about to let go and always kiss your cheek before and after class. His teasing comes in the form of his looks, his ever so slightly devious smirk as he looks at you from the other side of the classroom, the hidden silent words mouthed at you. Nothing to get either of you in trouble but enough to make you want to kiss him silly after classed end.
Rook despite looking like a gentleman has a hidden mean side to him. Not actually evil although you do call him that when his kisses leave you breathless and wanting for more. Yet somehow he always kisses you like that just before the bell rings. While on walks he knows what spots to take you to where you won't be disturbed so he can have fun with you away from prying eyes. There you can whimper all you want, there's no need to hold back.
Idia sends a lot of flirty messages and sometimes pictures of him without his shirt on because he claims it's too hot to be wearing one. He'll never tease you in public though, be protective yes, but not tease. In his opinion that side of him is only for you to witness and take delight in. He feels similarly about seeing you flustered, at least for now he'd like to keep it for himself.
Malleus likes whispering things to you while you're nestled in his arms. Hearing, feeling you react to his words is some of the best rewards he can hope for. Well other than he way you moan when his fangs make marks on your neck or your inner wrist. He knows you're asking for more, but you must be patient and wait, meet him later tonight, and he'll make all your wishes come true.
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