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Little Whiners - Base Game Changing Stations [GET NOW Patreon $5 Tier]
Your little bundle of joy deserves a place to sit down, relax, and get that messed up diaper out of the picture now please! The Little Whiners Changing Stations are that, and so much more!
Base Game Compatible Changing Stations: Unlock a world of possibilities with your infants' nursery rooms with these fully base game compatible changing stations, no growing together pack required at all!
Wall variant: No space in the nursery room for a free standing changing table? No problem! Little Whiners offers a version of this item that goes on the wall, and folds closed into a neat, colorful box;
Matching Bin: Aesthetics are everything, even if the little ones can't tell yet, but they will when they'll look at their baby pics growing up! Decorate in style and match the changing tables with the colorful diaper bin;
Artsy swatches: Look at that blank piece of wood on that table.. it sure could use some color! Spice up these pieces of furniture with kid friendly stickers, or chalk drawings by the little ones themselves!
Matches Growing Together: Own the new expansion pack already? Awesome! These nursery room pieces match perfectly the color swatches of Growing Together;
Enjoy and happy simming! 馃挅
Free on the 9th of April
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dogsill 2 days
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felicity bun
a messy bun with bangs and a little black ribbon on the back
Tumblr media
not hat compatible
all 24 ea swatches
bow accessory in hats using my cryptids palette
Tumblr media
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risuchan 1 day
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Functional Toy Bin
Thank you nonny for the request to turn this into a functional toy bin.
This is BG compatible, the animation is a little funky as they open/close an invisible lid
Download | SFS
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johnnysimmer 2 days
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Fabio Hair
Base Game Compatible
2 versions (w/ and w/o strands)
Masculine - Feminine
24 swatches
Hat Compatible, All LODs, All Maps
Tumblr media
DOWNLOAD (public release on 04/12) 聽 聽
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verenacc 2 days
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[lieve crib + rug]
this crib is a conversion from ts3 (kinder kontainer), so a massive thank you to @awingedllama聽for converting it to ts4!
the patterns are an assortment of 12 cute ones i found & each pattern comes in white + a light wood. a couple come in black (not all of the patterns looked good with black) and one of the terrazzo ones comes in teal.
i wanted to recolor the matching diaper station as well but for some reason i wasn't able to place it in build/buy so i just made a matching rug :) if i can get it to work i'll definitely update this mini-set
lieve crib - 28 swatches
Tumblr media
lieve rug - 12 swatches
Tumblr media
download on my patreon (always free!)
or sfs
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irinaseverinka 3 days
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Functional Infant cribs
A set of cribs for infants for my previously released nursery's sets. All cribs can be equipped with a functional mobile.
The set includes:
1 travel crib Stroller You can put the in the luggage and put it on the street. You can also put a baby in the stroller if you have the 'Invisible Crib mod'
8 addition cribs for kits: 'Evelina nursery', 'Heart kidsroom' 'Jenny nursery', 'Layra nursery', 'Lily nursery', 'Stephanie nursery', 'Victoria nursery'
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diwnssi 2 days
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simmister 21 hours
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cassandra goth 馃枻
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pixelvibes 24 hours
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You can find all my items by searching 鈥 PV 鈥 in game
Enjoy 鈽 聽
Follow at
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desgoffes 2 days
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Darkwing House
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warmsol 1 day
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bel set up her art studio and got to work. 鈿
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acha-sims 2 days
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Acha infants poses #2(pair)
馃尭6 pair poses
馃尭Please use Andrew鈥檚 pose player and Teleport Any Sim.
馃毇Please do not re-upload, not re-edit or claim as your own.Use at your own risk.
馃挕What you need...馃憞
馃崁Snuggle Me Organic 銆怐L銆 It is in "2020" [email protected]
馃巰poses聽銆怐L銆(Patreon,free)聽 or聽銆怐L銆 (sfs,no ad)
Thanks to all CC Creators馃挒
When using the infant's pose, press the play button for to wait a few seconds. 聽(Due to the forced pose cancellation error)
Please let me know if there is any problem with the pose package.
My Instagram 銆愷煋搞
My Twitter 銆愷煉
Thanks to everyone who supports me ...鉁
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zurkdesign 3 days
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EP11 PJs for Infants
Available for the base game.
20 colors
Custom thumbnail
All Lods
Please respect my policy
Twitter 聽| Facebook 聽| YouTube | Instagram 聽
Support my work on Patreon | Follow me on CurseForge 聽
Download (Patreon)
Download (My Site - Members only)
Download (Available to the public on 4/16/2023
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acuar-io 2 days
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Granola girl lookbook
@/softerhaze鈥榮 true blue set!
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ladysimmer94 2 days
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鈽狅笍 the onyx - a small set of gothic makeup 鈽狅笍
hi everyone, been nearly a month since i posted but i'm back now. this set consists of an eye shadow, eye contacts and a lipstick, enjoy!
public release 11/04/2023
Tumblr media
midnight eye shadows - 3 swatches of opacity
void eye contacts - 2 swatches
shadow lipstick - 4 swatches
Tumblr media
custom thumbnails
T - E / Male - Female
all occult
both fashion choices
disallowed for random townies
My Terms of Use
@mmfinds鈥 @mandy-ccfinds鈥 @sssvitlanz鈥 @maxismatchccworld鈥
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for old time's sake
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