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Astrology Observations # whatever this one is.
I hope you enjoy these observations. I apologize if they are mostly about my experiences, since I think that these may one day resonate with people and just make sure they don’t feel lonely, or anything. I think I will be opening up my asks but I am not offering any birth chart readings at this time. These observations, will involve some dragging and that will be in good humor. (somewhat). Please enjoy, and take them with a grain of salt (except the first bullet point).
i will keep saying this on my blog time and time again: i need sagiterrorists to stop being weird towards me. I will continue to give you back your crazy energy and drag y’all cause y’all will stay doing the same. i notice how a lot of you either address my presence in two ways: the first way being that you don’t approach me because you’re clearly intimidated, or think something is up with me. the second way is that you do approach me, but you have this need to constantly one-up me. chill the fuck out because i actually like sagittarius placements since you guys teach me how to take risks and that it’s okay to.it’s like you will see me as your competition, but remember, you cannot compete where you don’t compare. you simply don’t compare to me (and that’s not to say i am better than you, but i am my own person, and so are you. don’t be worried about what i got going on for me)...if anything your competition is yourself. but now i’m giving you guys the bOmBasTic SidE eYe. like i can see how you guys adopted the name “sagitterrorist.” literally you need a leash put on you guys. that’s my psa right there. at first i didn’t think much of it, but it really is surprising to see that i can easily warrant a strong response from this zodiac sign specifically. 😒
okay...you think scorpios are mysterious? actually pisces will take the cake for that. scorpios are private. not mysterious, private. they literally keep to themselves and they answer what you ask, no more than that. that’s privacy. pisces on the other hand, are a mystery because they’re unpredictable. they don’t even know themselves so how do you expect them to know you? pisces naturally holds an extremely intense dynamic nature that they themselves can’t really...tame. scorpios are almost always predictable in some sort of fashion. sure they can blend into the background, but they can also stick out like a sore thumb, especially when they are being detected by someone who can sense the plutonian/martian energy from them. pisces has the natural ability to shapeshift (and this goes with any pisces placement). put a pisces in school, they will be the student, put a pisces in a job, they will work. put a pisces in a crazy ass situation, they will find a way to blend in and use it to their advantage. (i know these are shit examples but you get my gist). for the love of you, do not underestimate a pisces placement. it is a mutable sign, that is also a water sign, and it is also a feminine sign. mutable signs can shapeshift on their own as well since they have this innate flexibility, and as a water sign, this only adds to their mutability. a feminine sign is always receptive AND perceptive. they will naturally gain insight and move accordingly. scorpios on the other hand, they are fixed, so they will always have some sort of pattern, as i mentioned. as a water sign and feminine sign, like pisces, they also are receptive and perceptive. however, the way they move, it’s not as dynamic compared to pisces. pisces here is the real mystery here. no one, not even themselves know them. their ability to blend in is scary and cool at the same time. i am proud to have this sign in my big three. 💪
i’m sorry but leo sun + gemini moon? you will drive me crazy so no stay back. if underdeveloped the ego issues with the addition of unregulated moods? now that’s dangerous. i still have yet to see what a developed leo sun/gemini moon looks like. i’ll probably be dead before i see one.
i don’t know why i’m geeking over the fact that pluto moved into aquarius. this sign is in my 12th house and i’m going to go through another death. i read a post on instagram where saturn is like the parent that guides you to your responsibilities, and pluto just throws your shit into your face. the post also mentioned that people can come out of a saturn transit...but people can come out of a pluto transit shellshocked, indifferent, changed, and some don’t even come out of the transit at all. I am not trying to instill fear in anyone, so don’t be scared...but that has been lingering on my mind. anyone who has their natal pluto in their 12th house, how is it? do you have nightmares? do you have a tendency to ruminate on the past and it just ultimately brings you down? i heard that this is also a really intuitive placement. this will make a conjunction to my uranus and neptune, so i may be kinda delusional during these 20 years. 
do you wanna know what it’s like being extremely sensitive to energy like me? it’s wild. okay you know how sometimes you can feel paranormal presences at times? like you feel like someone is behind you? i feel that all the fucking time. even more when i’m outside. i’m confident enough to say that there are souls that walk among us. seems like most of them mind their business lmaoo. another example is when i am riding the trolley. now, i am not afraid to sleep on the trolley. if i am going anywhere from one side of the city to another, i am prone to taking a nap because the rocking feeling of the trolley feels so good and it relaxes me. i have a habit of waking up right before the stop i need to get off at. there’s two types of feelings that can explain this:
the first feeling i have is when it feels like someone is moving in my energy field even when no one is there. i can tell the difference when someone is walking past me, and other times, it is something paranormal. if you don’t understand or if you wish to know what this feels like, grab a friend, have one of you sit down, relax and close your eyes. now have the other person try not to make any  noise, and have them wave their hands around you. notice how you feel that person within your energy field? that is the feeling that i’ll get when i am napping and i am about to get off the trolley. it wakes me up every time and i resume my day refreshed.
the second feeling, however, is also just as common as the first one. except it’s not some paranormal experience that moves around me but rather a sinking feeling. you know how you have a dream where you’re falling and your brain decides to make your body do a hypnic jerk to see if you’re still alive? that feeling. that feeling also comes. i don’t have any reasoning as to how or why, but that serves the same purpose as the other one.
i really didn’t intend for this to be about me but i wanted to share somethings. i am so sorry.
anywho, back to the observations.  i finally figured out why it seems like mutable signs are more stubborn than fixed signs: derivative astrology helps explain this. you see, focus on their 12th house. a sagittarius will have scorpio in their 12th house, a virgo will have leo in their 12th house, a pisces will have aquarius in their 12th house, and gemini will have taurus in their 12th house. you can also just think about moving the signs back. like if someone is a  virgo sun but they can be stubborn, remember that virgos are sidereal leos. same for everything else: geminis are tauruses in sidereal, pisces are aquarians, and sagittarius are scorpios. this just opened my vision up real good. of course if you have anything to add on or correct, please do so in the comments!
pretty sure one of my homegirls is literally my soulmate. i mean, she’s a virgo sun, cancer moon, and scorpio ascendant. her placements are very similar to mine: moon and venus(which hers are in cancer) in her 8th house, an earth mars (although hers is in capricorn), we both have libra mercuries as well. oh geez, i just realized that her mars is conjunct my chiron. this actually isn’t a bad synastry aspect, since i know how to make space for her to vent. 
*sigh* i have venus bi-quintile my lilith. that explains a lot more. although i hate the fact that lilith is also squaring my saturn. talk about growing up fast and people really dragging you with them.
earth risings really have timeless beauty. like they will never age.
i have a friend who’s a capricorn sun, aries moon, and libra ascendant. libra ascendants will always be entertaining for me lowkey because ya’ll have virgo in your 12th house...my friend stays going through an existential crisis and freaks out about it while i’m like “welcome to the clubbbb.” 🥳🍾👯‍♀️
it’s something about having outer planets aspecting your ascendant that just gives off a huge shock factor. here’s what i think the shock factors are:
saturn-ascendant aspects: the shock factor lies within your ability to be above people naturally. even if you present some sort of immaturity, you still present this air of maturity and independence around you. that can be quite intimidating (this can also apply to capricorn moon-ascendant aspects). 🪐
uranus-ascendant aspects: as per usual, the eccentricity that you express naturally. i have the conjunction, and so i find this very interesting. literally can be wearing things that either haven’t been invented yet, or you wear/express something before it is famous or after the hype about it has gone down (let’s be real, hyping up things seem so fricking annoying...and then i can actually see the value of it after everyone stops putting their obsessive annoying energy over it tbh). 👽
neptune-ascendant aspects: like everyone says, you’re charming. you’re the chameleon. the shock factor comes from people being surprised at how easily you can shapeshift and how easily people will project on you. there are people who see you for you, and if you tell them about the stories you have about people projecting on you, watch their reaction. ✨
pluto-ascendant aspects: i mean, these people carry such an intense presence whether they like it or not. i know it’s cliche, but you know what--have you played Baldi’s Basics? you guys remind me of the broom in Baldi’s Basics. “gOtTa SwEeP sWeEp SwEeP.” that broom will continue on its path and will literally sweep characters out of the way. depending on the circumstances, that can be either beneficial or harmful. i find that funny, actually. your shock factor is to sweep out...whatever needs to go. of course the circumstances may be in your favor or they can be intense in their own way. 🧹
jupiter-ascendant aspects: you guys are like a light in this world. it’s like you naturally possess an optimism that can melt away darkness. your shock factor is your ability to present Jupiter’s wise, blessed energy that other people literally have such difficulty cultivating in themselves. that’s like a god-given/universe-given ability right there. even if you are someone who gets portrayed in a bad light, there’s still an air of expansiveness that surrounds you. 👩‍🏫
i honestly hate having 12th house placements, regardless if they’re inner or outer planets. like i have this constant access to like the Nth dimension, and that is draining. like seriously draining. not only that, going in and out of consciousness constantly, and not even being able to focus SUCKS.
taurus saturns…do y’all deal with overindulgence and get punished for it or do you not indulge enough? i think people are kind of slow to realize that saturn, like pluto, will show you the consequences of going to extremes and makes you practice moderation.
Scorpio in 3rd house are some feisty motherfuckers. i’m not sorry but I will happily slap you if you genuinely give me a reason to.
taurus in 3rd house too. i’m talking to myself but at the same time i can see why lmaoo. the only difference is that we’re more deliberate in our way of thinking. scorpio 3rd house will say what’s on their mind with no hesitation, but taurus will literally sit there and think.
is it just me or does anyone who have a water sign in their fifth house get attached kinda easily to someone you just met??
cancer in the 5th house 🤝 going after older men. (that cardinal energy kicks in).
7th house synastry is so weird…like yes this has the potential to become really balanced and fun, but there’s the potential for you to become enemies. unfortunately the latter almost always plays out for most people because people are actually scared to face their shit.
sun trine chiron🤝 feeling used and at the same time unable to express yourself.
i’m serious when i say, if you really wanna balance yourself out, go with incorporating the least prominent element in your birth chart. watch how you feel alive. now start off small. it can be wearing the color of your element (water are shades of blue, earth are shades of green, fire are orange and red shades, and air is like silver, and pretty much any other color).
in continuation of the previous bullet, here are some suggestions for each element that you may lack:
if air is your least prevalent element in your chart, you may be extremely grounded or chaotic. go for a walk, let a fan blow in your face, just connect with the air element. air is also about the mind, so engage your mind as much as you can. think about anything and everything you can. don’t censor yourself either. read. books are really good for helping you cultivate air traits because it can easily stimulate your mind and develop your imagination. speaking of that, also train your imagination. let yourself think of any and every scenario. don’t judge yourself but just let yourself be.
i’m probably reading too much into this, but also try to associate it with a modality that is similar to your thought process. for example, i have fire as my least dominant element. if i want to engage, i can dress in red and orange, let myself be okay with being chaotic (expressing fore sign qualities), and my thought process is quite open-minded, showing mutable qualities. if anything, i would probably adopt sagittarius traits in order to get that part of me expressed. hopefully that may resonate with someone. i’m not saying that you need to do this but consider how the modality can match your thought process then go from there also.
if earth is your least prevalent element, get out into mother nature! this means you may need to bring some sort of stability and structure to your life. wear green, meditate, take a more holistic approach to life. involve planning more in your life whether that’s by planning for school, your daily routine, or just taking some time to check in with you.
if water is your least prevalent element, go to water. take a shower, go to the beach, stand out in the rain (please dress warmly though), and just sit there. water can rule emotions. i know that it may be difficult to get in touch with them, but let yourself feel bit by bit. if you’re like me and you have the tendency to detach from your emotions, sit with yourself and give yourself a questionnaire (now i’m an air moon so you will see the process of rationalizing my feelings). ask yourself stuff like “what emotion is triggered right now?” remind yourself that your feelings are valid. if you get upset or angry and you wanna do something, that is okay. you are supposed to feel that, just don’t act out on it. another question would be like “what is the right decision/choice that would make me emotionally fulfilled?” if you have to leave someone/thing, do so. it may hurt for a while but overtime the pain will be healed/more manageable. you will see that you don’t have to suffer at the hearts of other people. explore your triggers. as weird as this sound but i do take time out to intentionally…trigger my emotional triggers. i have enough self-awareness to do that and to train my emotions to respond to the situation and not react. don’t do that if you feel you’re not ready to.
if you lack fire…then like i mentioned before lol. wear red and orange, and learn to speak up. be loud and learn how to not give a fuck. like seriously, go on youtube or google or whatever search engine you have, and learn the art of not giving a fuck. if you have a lack of fire, 9x outta 10 you’re probably giving a fuck too much😂😭. learn how to be more direct and assertive. study body language and also fire signs are known for being blunt and not caring what other people think. if you have trouble speaking up, know that there are people that exist that will say stuff 1000x crazier than you will. if they can do that and not give a fuck what makes you think you can’t??
okay that is probably enough observations from me. i have made a long list already and i hope this blows up and just resonates with people and i hope that they learn something from this.
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Me gustaría que creyeras que esto es el irrisorio juego de las compensaciones con que consuelo esta distancia. Sigue entonces danzando en el espejo de otro cuerpo después de haber sonreído apenas para mí.
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v for vendetta or of...?
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La vida no te garantiza que siempre recibirás lo que des, pero todo aquello que des seguro reflejará por sí solo de lo que eres...
Priscila Alcívar
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Tumblr media
Normalmente... tengo alma de pájaro, surcando el cielo de la poesía; volando "el latir del engaño"... y haciendo de él, ¡ ortografía !.
Normalmente... suelo buscar ese ángulo donde el ser "se deja la vida" ; donde conspiran los triángulos entre pasión, fuego y ceniza.
Normalmente... duermo despierto entre frías sábanas que gritan... el dolor de los sueños bisiestos y la sima honda ¡ de sus heridas !
Normalmente... "casco a la noche" como una nuez recién recogida... para nutrirme de los reproches que mi ser ¡ sembró en la Luna !
Normalmente... sonrío al misterio que se esconde bajo tu blusa, y me asomo al vertiginoso escote ¡ de tus mamas blancas y duras !
Normalmente "me rebelo" a tus labios de diosa etrusca, y me multiplico ante tus besos, donde me hago ¡ infinita ternura !
… ( Normalmente me derramo como agua limpia y cristalina )
Ousía Poética © Leandro Lojek
Tumblr media
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IG: ousíapoeticaok
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‪When something feels off it normally is. Trust what you feel. ‬
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Manifesting With Astrology
Hi everyone!! I'm legit posting today but I do need to do homework lol but I did read some replies from my short astro observations and I noticed you guys did want this! So I was on the bus one day and thinking to myself, "how do you use your jupiter sign to manifest and how to use your venus sign to manifest?"
So now here I am. If you also wanna check the houses of your jupiter and venus placements for additional info and feel free to ask if confused. I will do my best to ensure that I word it in a way you can understand it. Here goessss
Jupiter placements:
Jupiter in Aries: Jupiter blesses you when you know what you want and take risks. Legit don't even think of making a plan (but that helps) just jump right into it and the universe will provide as you go along
Jupiter in Taurus: TREAT YO SELF💅. Literally when you focus on you and taking care of yourself, you are more confident and therefore will express your higher self which will better align you to your desires.
Jupiter in Gemini: This placement blesses those who seek out the info. Seek knowledge because in that moment you will get your desire.
Jupiter in Cancer: you are blessed by expressing cancer cancerian traits! Love on others and nurture them (and yourself of course) like a momma would. Such a beautiful placement.
Jupiter in Leo (my gang🤟): babes we show up and show tf out. We are to let the world know who we are and we make sure they heard our names at least once😉. You're blessed by being your authentic self, give to others and have fun while doing so. We manifest, just like Jupiter in Taurus when we are confident. That is our higher self which better aligns us with our desires.
Jupiter in virgo: karrrrmmaaaa👏👏👏. You get what you give. Give out good and you will get good, even your desires. I don't have to explain what happens if you give out bad, right😉
Jupiter in Libra: another placement where you have to treat yourself. Also, think b a l a n c e d. The more you're able to see things from a balanced perspective, the more you can align yourself with your desires.
Jupiter in Scorpio: oh ho ho. Well one thing for sure, the more you dig deep the more you will find. Take that however you want. Also...🌟sex magic🌟. Hehehehe
Jupiter in Sagittarius: where Jupiter is in its planetary ruler! Well, one of them lol. Expand your mind, travel, and I mean travel to another country. Your desires will come to you once you go and explore the world and be grateful for what you already have. Keep the faith that everything will work out in your favor too!!
Jupiter in Capricorn: you will be blessed by taking on a structured and traditional approach to things. If you want your desires, you better create some sort of structure to achieve it and work for it. Be patient. This is a saturn ruled Jupiter. Where and whatever saturn rules, takes time and effort because daddy saturn only wants the best and nothing but the BEST.👏
Jupiter in Aquarius: Same thing with Jupiter in Capricorn. However, the thing is that instead of creating structure, go crazy. Act and think and B E outside of the box. Things that other people haven't done? Do IT.👏 Things people are scared to try? PURSUE IT. 👏 This placement is also a lot like Jupiter in Aries, just take the freaking risk and go for it. Y'all are technically the trendsetters anyway.
Jupiter in pisces: Ahh, the other ruler of Jupiter lol. This is a natural manifesting placement. Dream your desires and create art that expresses what you desire and it will come to you. If you paint a canvas of yourself that is receiving your desire the universe will be like "Ohhhh okay bestieee I got you!!!" And watch it come right there. Same with your thoughts. Please don't get too far into your thoughts that you lose reality. Just like Sagittarius, have faith. Keep the faith that everything will work out in your favor.
Now for the venus placements!! It's pretty similar to the Jupiter signs in my opinion since both planets do focus on abundance.
Venus in Aries: take that risk of doing what you love babes! Carry that confidence within you and know that you are a badass king/queen that can get anything you want😍
Venus in Taurus: please treat yourself and know that you are that badass that can manifest what you want when you work hard for what you want. Treat yourself after and prove to you that you got this!!
Venus in Gemini: Indulge in the love of knowledge. Get a manicure or something. Just like Jupiter in Gemini, seek out what seeks you babes❤️ as a matter of fact, try scripting or saying affirmations out loud. This is a mercurial Venus so anything with words will pretty much work🤣
Venus in Cancer: love on you and nuture yourself. Consider this as you preparing yourself to receive the desires you want. By creating space for yourself to be free, you make room for your manifestations to come in.
Venus in Leo: Lordtttt. Say some "I am" affirmations, shake your ass when looking in the mirror. Jkkkkkkk. (But that also helps too). Show yourself who you are and then show the world. You are meant to shine. You will attract people too so use that to your advantage (i.e. networking, not using people for your own benefit😅😮‍💨).
Venus in Virgo: you know how you're the type to keep giving as a love language? Well give to yourself instead of other people (I mean...you can do that too as it will create good karma). Treat yourself and love yourself. Don't be afraid to look into the mirror and say "I love you." to that reflection. Go on. DO IT. Also don't forget to connect with nature.
Venus in libra: just like Venus in Leo and Taurus, treat yourself and don't be afraid to right any wrongs. Remember, balance is key here. Just don't overindulge. I think of Aphrodite with this placement and how love is the greatest energy of all. Attract love by loving yourself first and watch what comes to you❤️
Venus in Scorpio (my gang🤟): learn to love your darkness. Learn to love the parts of you that need a lil more tlc, a little more patience and acceptance since no one else accepted that part of you. Study the occult or dark arts and indulge in the intensity of it. Don't be afraid to be the light to the dark. Also...SEX MAGICCCC. Scorpio is sexual, so the moment you about to cum scream them desires, it doesn't matter if you wake your parents up or not just scream it!
Venus in Sagittarius: just like Jupiter in Sagittarius, go out and seek. What you seek seeks you. You will attract what you want by broadening your mindset and knowledge as sometimes it may be simple as a different POV you need to adopt to receive your manifestations.
Venus in Capricorn: stay on that grind and know that it is okay to incorporate some me-time in whatever routine you have. Take time for you to rest and rejuvenate (look to your sister sign cancer for that) and then get back up on your grind. Your desires are your reward❤️
Venus in Aquarius: Enjoy experiencing new things and new perspectives. Do hobbies that require you to think and B E outside the box (like Jupiter in Aquarius). Have fun being the trendsetter.
Venus in Pisces: your love for the reality you want to bring will help you bring it to fruition. Enjoy your daydreaming and watch it come to you. Enjoy your art and watch it come to you. Look to jupiter in pisces for this one.
I hope this helps because like I said, I am still new to this and with more info, I will ne back to provide better information.
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Go ahead and ask
01: Do you have a good relationship with your parents?
02: Who did you last say “I love you” to?
03: Do you regret anything?
04: Are you insecure?
05: What is your relationship status?
06: How do you want to die?
07: What did you last eat?
08: Played any sports?
09: Do you bite your nails?
10: When was your last physical fight?
11: Do you like someone?
12: Have you ever stayed up 48 hours?
13: Do you hate anyone at the moment?
14: Do you miss someone?
15: Have any pets?
16: How exactly are you feeling at the moment?
17: Ever made out in the bathroom?
18: Are you scared of spiders?
19: Would you go back in time if you were given the chance?
20: Where was the last place you snogged someone?
21: What are your plans for this weekend?
22: Do you want to have kids? How many?
23: Do you have piercings? How many?
24: What is/are/were your best subject(s)?
25: Do you miss anyone from your past?
26: What are you craving right now?
27: Have you ever broken someone’s heart?
28: Have you ever been cheated on?
29: Have you made a boyfriend/girlfriend cry?
30: What’s irritating you right now?
31: Does somebody love you?
32: What is your favourite color?
33: Do you have trust issues?
34: Who/what was your last dream about?
35: Who was the last person you cried in front of?
36: Do you give out second chances too easily?
37: Is it easier to forgive or forget?
38: Is this year the best year of your life?
39: How old were you when you had your first kiss?
40: Have you ever walked outside completely naked?
51: Favourite food?
52: Do you believe everything happens for a reason?
53: What is the last thing you did before you went to bed last night?
54: Is cheating ever okay?
55: Are you mean?
56: How many people have you fist fought?
57: Do you believe in true love?
58: Favourite weather?
59: Do you like the snow?
60: Do you wanna get married?
61: Is it cute when a boy/girl calls you baby?
62: What makes you happy?
63: Would you change your name?
64: Would it be hard to kiss the last person you kissed?
65: Your best friend of the opposite sex likes you, what do you do?
66: Do you have a friend of the opposite sex who you can act your complete self around?
67: Who was the last person of the opposite sex you talked to?
68: Who’s the last person you had a deep conversation with?
69: Do you believe in soulmates?
70: Is there anyone you would die for?
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come & go
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Tumblr media
Cuando los vientos cambian de dirección, las tormentas se convierten en suave brisa capaces de refrescar y a la misma vez, acrecentar la flama del alma…
Priscila Alcívar
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Tumblr media
Perhaps… Have I asked you for your wings? if what I like is to see you fly, and see, how do you deliberately scale… On my burning metal lips. Perhaps… Have I asked you for the Moon or the stars of your wetland?… If I delight, seeing the sweetness that shines in your sky, crystal. Did I… have I counted the sunsets that as pages have passed … waiting for “the color of the rainbow” to paint, my deep failures? Perhaps… Have I asked you for kisses What did I leave planted on your skin?… if what unnerves me, “is to think” that in your body, Part of my being sprouts! Ousía Poética Leandro Lojek Published on 20/01/2020
Tumblr media
Acaso… ¿Te he pedido tus alas? si lo que a mí me gusta, es verte volar y ver como haces deliberada escala… en mis ardientes labios de metal.
Acaso… ¿Te he pedido la Luna o los astros de tu humedal?… si yo me deleito, viendo la dulzura que brilla en tu cielo de cristal.
Acaso… ¿He contado los ocasos que como páginas han pasado… esperando “el color del arco iris” para pintar, mis hondos fracasos?
Acaso… ¿Te he pedido los besos que dejé plantados en tu piel?… si lo que me enerva, “es pensar” que en tu cuerpo, ¡ brota parte de mi ser !
Ousía Poética Leandro Lojek Publicado el 20/01/2020
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Tumblr media
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Me dejaste llorando tantas veces en la madrugada, que no me sorprendería si lo haces una vez más.
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