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tippenfunkaport · 4 months
there is something so darkly comical about tumblr potentially outliving twitter
tumblr, which is held together with duct tape and madness, run by three raccoons in blood stained Yahoo! hats and a handful of crabs, its only discernible source of income the sale of shoelaces from an inside joke so inside no one knows the original source anymore and fake blue checkmarks... that website still lives on
truly the cockroach of social media and I love it for that
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itsevidentvery · 2 months
The euphoria of receiving a legit new follower during the Great Tumblr Pornbot Siege of 2022/2023
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the-irreverend · 1 month
Tumblr media
I call it... my magnum opus.
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chemicalarospec · 5 months
Tumblr media
I just made a new sideblog and found out this setting (found under "Edit Appearance") is disabled by default.
Edit: Tumblr settings are unpredictable and devious. This may not be disabled by default for you. People have also said that their themes have been removed. Please look to the notes if experiencing complications.
This means that ALL new blogs will NOT have a [username].tumblr.com page. Not only that, but they will not have any themes besides the mobile-default.
As someone who really likes custom themes and Tumblr still having a fully customizable profile page, please turn this on!
You can make a website for your tumblr blog that is entirely your own!
Finding posts on your URL.tumblr.com page is much easier due to the ability to use your Archive and url.tumblr.com/tagged/[tag] pages!
Visiting your mutual's tumblr pages will become much more fun if they do the same! I used to always associate blogs with the themes they had, but that's sadly not possible anymore :(
If Tumblr themes die out, it will truly be an end of an era for the internet, and the future will hold only mobile-orientated, endless-scroll design devoid of personality.
Even if you don't like themes, this is a move that almost destroys Tumblr's origin as a blogging website and showcases the takeover of social-media-sameness.
Tumblr media
Having your own URL and custom theme is fun! Try it today!!!
Edit: I focused on promoting custom themes but I do encourage people to simply turn on this setting for the URL. You can pick a free tumblr theme or even leave on the tumblr mobile-orientated default!
Also sorry I didn't think of this until now, but there are versions of this post in the reblogs without the colored text, with extra information, with how to find this setting, and troubleshooting why it might not be working!
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uchidachi · 11 months
On one hand, I am loathe to spend money on something as fleeting and useless as a tumblr post. On the other hand, I want to make everyone look at this picture of my cat:
Tumblr media
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thetragicallynerdy · 10 days
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twinkdrama · 2 months
not answering polls if vanilla extract isnt an option
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azuremist · 5 months
A message to Twitter users coming to tumblr: a message from your local duel-hellsite citizen
So, I’ve seen a ton of Twitter users talking about making and sharing their new tumblr blogs, to escape Elon Musk’s “anti censorship” bullshittery. First of all: welcome! I know it’s looking bleak over there; especially for trans people. But, now that you’re here, I’m here to tell you all about tumblr etiquette, how this website works, and how it’s different from Twitter. Because you can’t come onto here acting like it’s Twitter, lest The Beast get to you.
First, here are a small handful of tips and tumblr facts!
Your likes and who you are following are automatically set to public. You can make them private in your settings!
You can block tags from the settings, too.
There are lots of bots on here. If you’re not careful, you could be mistaken for one! The main way you can avoid this is changing your icon and header from the defaults. Adding a bio helps too!
You can queue and schedule posts so that your account posts throughout the day.
Like Twitter, tumblr has a radical feminist and TERF problem. However, they’re pretty easy to spot. There are lots of guides out there to help you learn how to spot tumblr TERFs!
Tumblr, for the most part, does not have any celebrity or brand accounts.
Your tumblr follower count is private.
You can have multiple accounts with the same email, and they’re very easy to switch between! These are called “sideblogs”.
Your main page is not a “timeline”. It is a “dashboard”!
You can have a custom desktop theme using HTML! Think like ye olde MySpace days. There are tons of pre-made tumblr themes available, if you’re not already proficient in HTML; including free ones!
Now, let’s talk tumblr etiquette and how it’s different from Twitter. You’re a tumblr user now! It’s time to start acting like it!
Don’t just like posts. They don’t increase visibility whatsoever. The way that you can help posts that you like is reblogging them to your blog. Especially for art!
We don’t say “oomfs” or “oomfies”. Just “mutuals” is fine, thanks!
Adding onto a post with pointless comments is frowned upon. If all you have to say it “this is so true,” or something else to that effect, you should put that in the tags of your reblog.
Most people don’t have carrds or rentries on here. Some of us do, but it’s not an obligation like it is for Twitter.
Similarly, we don’t censor words like “die” and “death”. Posts about wanting to brutally murder people in power go viral all the time, and it’s completely allowed. I’m serious! Enjoy your newfound freedom!
Blocking isn’t a big deal here. Get rid of any weird notion you have that morality is linked to blocking certain people.
But lastly, and most importantly:
Drop your discourse at the door.
If you try to post about most of the things that Twitter users discourse about, you will be laughed off the site. Especially Twitter LGBT+ discourse. Posts actively mocking topics of Twitter discourse go viral on here regularly.
Tumblr has mostly healed since its discourse-ridden days, and it’s now much more chill. Of course, discourse still happens, but it is so easy to avoid now. For a lot of us, tumblr is the last pleasant social media site left, so don’t ruin it.
Here is a list of discourse-related things that tumblr users don’t do:
Most of us don’t do callout posts, unless it’s something actually serious (like that one blog that had a human slave).
Everything that you heard on Twitter was “exclusive” to certain LGBT+ groups is used by just about everyone on here. Bi women use the double venus symbol on here. You’ll just have to learn to live with that.
In particular, I want to emphasize how much we don’t do flag discourse. To the point that somebody caring about flag discourse of any kind is how we tend to identify an ex-Twitter user.
On here, you will never have to see another slur discourse post again, unless you actively seek it out.
You’re free.
You’re welcome. And enjoy your time on here! If you have the time, please consider watching StrangeÆons’ Tumblr Etiquette Manual on YouTube, as well.
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cutelilbow · 5 months
How the Superwholock babes would react to you coming back to Tumblr!!! ^u^
Tumblr media
“Thank god y/n!! The tumblypoos need you!”
Tumblr media
“We can finally be moots again…”
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
“Let the nightblogging commence…”
The Doctor:
Tumblr media
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thebibliosphere · 4 months
Hi new friends. Please don’t censor words, especially triggering ones. Seeing trigger words written l!ke th!s doesn’t stop them from being triggering.
It just stops Tumblr’s built in filter (see under settings) from working which many of us have in place to protect ourselves.
This has happened to me multiple times this week, and as someone currently struggling with suicidal ideation, has not been great.
You are not on TikTok or Insta, please use the full words so people can protect themselves. Thank you 💖
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cathy-plus-e · 1 month
You are telling me that Ao3 is trending...
But not because it is down?
Which politician is gonna die now?
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tippenfunkaport · 2 months
Damn, girl, are you a Tumblr poll? Because you are way too vanilla.
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the-irreverend · 2 months
Tumblr media
I regret nothing.
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zoyanazyalensskys · 29 days
i cant really tell anyone what to do bc this site is full of stubborn people but. if u want u can reblog and put the exact amount in the tags
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tiktokmuseum · 2 months
tumblr throwback party
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melanovia · 6 days
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