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stabbyhobbit · 2 days
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irlcats-bracket · 3 days
we all love to have them in our lives!
and to show them to people to. and see them. here is your chance! make your cat (or not) compete with others and look at other people's cats
- your cat
-your mum's cat
- anyone's cat really
- meme cats if they are real
- actor cats
- any other cat that have lived at any point of time
-fictional. there is a bracket for them already
EDIT: - imaginary cats. sorry guys not real enough
the final number of cats depends on the number of submissions. you can submit a cat several times but seeing as this bracket will have many cats with just one sub from their owner I decided to choose them based only on me liking them. don't worry I like a lot of cats.
- miette
- a stray I befriended (once I manage to choose just one of them)
submit your cat here!
forms will be open until 7th of April 16:00 (4 pm) UTC
EDIT 2 gogdammit I am forgetful: multiple submissions are allowed. you can also submit your cats as a duo/trio/etc if they truly are a duo/trio/etc or For A Bit but only if it's a really funny one
I am not banning cheating because honestly cheating over a silly cat bracket made to see more kitties is insanely funny
BUT. don't harass other people. this is unacceptable behavior. we are all here to have fun and be silly
and remember! every cat is a good cat :)
tagging for exposure and also because they inspired me: @best-fictional-cat (!!) @aroaceswagcompetition @artificialkids-2k23-official @orangecharactersmackdown @macbeth-murder-match @heterochromiasmackdown @bunnyrabbitbracket @divine-swag-summit @homoeroticbetrayal (!!) @blorbopoll (miette is here sweeping guys)
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yfere · 2 days
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short-wooloo · 2 days
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koopytron · 2 days
I am not counting one-off mechanics like Nisi, Allagan Rot, Subtract, or Larboard/Starboard as fun as they are to meme about. I want to know which common one we might collectively dislike. :P
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bebx · 3 days
reblogging after you vote for bigger sample size is highly appreciated
y’all, I keep seeing this being talked/debated about, so idk. what are your thoughts here?
**only read below the line once you’ve voted, so that my opinion doesn’t affect your answer
I always thought E rated fics were about anything that is, well, explicit; meaning they didn’t always have to be sexual? but like I’ve seen some people claim E rated fics are for smut only, and no matter how violent/gory your work is, if it’s not smut then it should only be rated Mature instead of Explicit?
what are your thoughts here?
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el-fandom-birb · 23 hours
reblog because i asked nicely
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t4tswagbracket · 2 days
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Elite Eight - Match 2: The Velvet Underground (36) vs. Fall Out Boy (21)
The March Madness of American Rock Bands tournament is in the quarterfinal stages and it's up to you to determine the Final Four!
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welcome, one and all, to the reanimated character showdown
a bracket poll competition for taking characters who have come back from the dead and pitting them against each other
nominations are now closed! the polls will begin soon!
submission rules:
characters have to have come back from the dead in some way, shape, or form. they don't necessarily have to come back wrong but it certainly helps
no real people for... obvious reasons
you can submit as many characters as you want, just don't submit the same character multiple times
tagging inspirations and similar polls: @flagwars @greekmythssexywoman @bracketsoffear @mushroom-showdown @autismswagsummit @worstcharacterpoll @hellsite-hungergames @the-malewife-ever
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blueandgreenpoll · 2 days
Round 4
Tumblr media
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First Place Final
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
note: images on the left are Wood Ducks, images on the right are King Eiders. If in doubt, check the alt text!
The Wood Duck is well known for its striking and unique appearance. Males have an iridescent green head with a crest while females have a greyish brown head with a white eye ring. Wood ducks nest in tree cavities and have sharp claws that allow them to perch on branches.
The King Eider, like other eider species, is a northern sea duck that is primarily found along the coast of the Arctic Ocean, as well as the cold northern waters of the Pacific and the Atlantic. The male is patterned in black, white, blue, green, and orange, while the female is mottled brown with subtle chevron patterns along the sides.
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elfspectations · 2 days
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astronomical-bagel · 2 days
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