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ritartist42 · 1 day
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Should have posted this earlier cus it was done before my previous wtnv post, but life got to me and I constantly forgot to post...whoops.
These are the reference sheets I used BUT I wasn't satisfied with Cecil's tattoos, mainly my lettering so I took that out. The final version is:
Tumblr media
The designs are mainly based of old school flash tattoos.
Also, I planed a back-piece if I ever need one:
Tumblr media
I am super proud of it, it is a very traditional looking clipper ship~
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aramwl · 2 months
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Fighting God in his own home
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kostektyw · 2 months
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some buttons for the fellow voters out there
Edit: more designs and some info available here :)
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tiptapricot · 6 months
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A companion piece to this 💖
(ID in ALT)
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tweltchy · 2 months
What a fucking weekend this has been.
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tapiocats · 2 months
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*Carlos' voice* THAT'S MY HUSBAND !!!
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icantfindmyfish · 2 months
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modernchemical · 2 months
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coffeegranate · 2 months
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i’ve literally only heard four episodes of night vale (i only started a couple weeks ago actually so good timing!) but i’m here for the #cecilsweep i need this fruit to win
See Cecil VS Sans here!
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srslyarts · 2 months
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realbigpodcastslut · 2 months
"Cecil isn't a Tumblr sexyman"
Do you know any fucking Tumblr history?
Welcome to Night Vale was supposed to perform at Dashcon. They were one of the first fandoms on Tumblr, appearing with The Oncler and Bill Cipher. Cecil is canonically gay with a HUSBAND. He was the first character to have the eye motif. Almost all the art had him with fucking tentacles. He is iconic.
Also, have you heard his voice? That man is sexy as fuck.
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rat-withapencil · 5 months
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didn't see anyone do this yet
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frozenfishfillet · 6 months
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Made this for anyone who wants it. I will not say who i voted i wish to remain impartial
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ophiia · 2 months
Y'all are underestimatating the inherent comedic value of someone who has no canonical physical appearance winning the Tumblr sexy man poll. That's like the most Tumblr thing to ever Tumblr.
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ghostatrandom · 2 months
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I Put too much effort into this but damn this rematch got intense @sexymanotd
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frawkeyes · 2 months
"Cecil would want Sans to win" "Sans would want Cecil to win" WRONG. Cecil wants his husband Carlos to win
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