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So About Tumblr Blaze
As the new Tumblr feature has rolled out, everyone’s been having a lot of fun seeing ad pvp, gay hobbits, random people’s pets, and even the limited time weed discount. But uh. I’ve discovered something potentially really bad about Blaze.
Blaze does not filter blocked tags.
Luckily I don’t have any tags blocked for serious reasons--I block the furry tag because blocking nsfw wasn’t enough to keep sketch art off what the algorithm wanted for my dash, and I block homestuck because. Well I don’t even know why; I click every post with it but like. it’s there as a warning or something I don’t know.
ANYWAYS I’ve gotten ads for both of these tags, one a furry artist with open commissions (their art was great, good on them for advertising an actual product /gen) and the other an ad for the Homestuck Discord server. Neither of them were blocked on my dashboard.
This is an important issue because of the way Tumblr is filtering Blaze posts. While Blaze posts are put through a screening process, it’s not very vigorous. One post tagged ‘sex’ and another containing the entire Bee Movie script were allowed past the filters. As with the previous ads, these ads in particular are fine. However, Tumblr’s leniency with this can cause issues to people blocking tags for serious reasons. For example, a post tagged unreality and boosted using Blaze would still show up on somebody’s dash who needs it filtered.
So, what do we do? Let me be clear, I am escatic for Blaze to roll out for all users. I think it’s a fantastic idea. In addition, I don’t want the solution to be “better” screening for Blaze posts. Tumblr has always been the website that lets you say die. I want to keep it as such. However, I think it’s very important that @staff try to please implement a feature within Blaze that allows ads to be filtered by blocked tags. Either by checking if a user is blocking a tag before selecting them to see it, or by blocking it on their dash. Clearly the first is ideal but I’m not a web developer (I’m barely a developer at all), so whatever can be done to make sure this feature can be implemented safely is important to me.
Thanks for reading this if you did, I’m not sure how to get the word out but I want people to be informed before anything bad potentially happens.
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taplharv · 5 months
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kwistowee · 2 months
Raise your hand if you think switching out the profile button for the TumblrMart button on mobile is a ploy (relying on muscle memory) to falsely increase engagement with TumblrMart to appease investors?
@staff @changes @support
Tumblr media
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herzloch · 4 months
Tumblr media
please share this if you have the same feeling or made an experience like that yourself
let's unite and raise awareness! put some pressure on Tumblr!
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gods-beauty · 2 months
please help me and post this post
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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vaspider · 6 months
Tumblr Blaze: Caveat Emptor
Aight, so, here's the deal: Tumblr Blaze can be pretty great. However, if you're going to do it? Absolutely a) make sure everything is perfect before you hit the Blaze button and b) do not do it through the app.
Why? I'm so glad that you asked. @staff I'm wondering if someone can provide me with some help here, because I'm super fucking pissed and out $65 right now.
Aight so: I started a Blaze campaign through the Tumblr app on a @nerdykeppie post last week, and as soon as I finalized paying $64.99 for a fuckton of impressions, I realized I hadn't put the store URL in the post. Yeah, that's on me, but, hey! It says in the Tumblr Blaze Help Section that I can get my money back as long as I haven't had any impressions, right?
Well... no.
Because here's the thing: Tumblr doesn't send you any emails or any sort of confirmation that you spent this money at this time on this date with this card number. No sort of receipt at all. I hadn't noticed it before because I didn't really care -- I didn't need to prove that I'd sent money to Tumblr, because I got what I paid for.
The first email you get for a Tumblr Blaze campaign is when the campaign is approved. Do you see the potential issue here?
Right. So since I didn't get an email from Tumblr proving that I paid them money, and I had no receipt at all because I cancelled the campaign before it was approved, first Google Play and then my financial institution denied me refunds, and since I went through the app, I can't receive a refund from Tumblr directly. To repeat: these are refunds that Tumblr's own policies say I should be able to get. I cancelled the Blaze campaign before it was even approved, so I had no proof it had ever existed. (Google didn't even ask me if I had proof, btw, they just denied it out of hand and refused to review it, so, like, definitely don't ever do a Blaze campaign through the Tumblr Android app.)
A lot of NerdyKeppie's success has come from Tumblr, and I'd much rather spend my ad money here than on Facebook or Twitter or anywhere else, but if I can't cancel as per Tumblr's own policies and receive the refund which Tumblr says I can get, it does not make any sense at all for me to spend another dime.
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cornmayor · 4 months
Tumblr media
I summoned Tumblr support with this picture. Feel free to use
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corrodedbisexual · 1 month
The ultimate shadow ban survivor guide
I've seen multiple people I follow, or their mutuals affected by shadow bans lately (makes me wonder if it's @staff's attempts to fight bots going totally haywire). As someone who survived a 2-month-long shadow ban on my main this winter, I thought I'd make a post.
First step of being shadow banned: calm down and take a breath. A shadow ban is just a stupid glitch in tumblr's anti-spam system. You're not losing your blog. You're gonna need a whole lot of patience, and deal with inconveniences, but it's fixable.
Read the incredibly useful post All About Shadowban by @that-damn-girl. It outlines the symptoms quite well. The only thing I'd point out is "your original posts won’t be visible to your followers either" - afaik that doesn't happen. Everything you post and reblog will still be visible to your followers, and also they can interact with your posts - like them, reblog them, reply to them.
Just like the post says, contact support. I recommend using a different email than what your banned blog is registered to; not because your ticket won't go through (mine actually did, as I found out when they finally replied), but because you might not receive an email confirmation for your ticket (it's somehow tied to the anti-spam thing, I think), and you're going to worry and try to send more tickets, like I did.
Now wait. And wait, and wait, and wait. They are SLOW. I've seen some miraculous 1-day unbans in the #shadow ban tag, but most people, like me, wait around a month for support to reply. Those are the same guys going through thousands of bot reports every day in addition to user tickets.
If you're going to wait, might as well keep blogging. Now if this is your sideblog that's shadow banned, consider yourself lucky. Make a new temporary sideblog, use it to post your original stuff so it goes into tags (mind that it might take a few days for a new blog to start showing up in tags). Reblog everything to your shadow banned blog so you still have all content in one place and your followers see it. If it's your main that's banned, you can still do that, but there's the extra pain of not being able to reply to posts or send non-anon Asks, since that is only done from main. Might need to register a separate account for that.
Some more fun facts under readmore.
Fun fact #1
Trying to send support follow-up emails in the request confirmation email isn't going to do anything to speed up the process. But I did tweet at them using this tumblr support summoning picture by @cornmayor and offered a raccoon blood sacrifice to resolve my issue when it was like a month with no response. This is what they replied.
Tumblr media
3 hours later I got an email that my shadowban was lifted. I honestly don't know if it was a coincidence, but I mean, this is tumblr staff. Maybe they do accept blood sacrifices.
Fun fact #2
If you're wondering why my shadow ban lasted 2 months if I got a support reply after 1 month, well. It's hard to say exactly how their ban/unban system works bc support replies exclusively with pre-written template sentences, but basically they fucked up. The first time they told me my blog has been restored, I gained pretty much all functions back, except that my posts were still not appearing in tags. Which means probably that being hidden from tags is some kind of different flag on your blog that they forgot to remove. So I had to send a follow-up ticket and wait another month.
My advice is, when they tell you it's fixed, don't take that at face value, go and check all the functions you'd lost (replies, messaging, asks, tagging, appearing in notes, getting mentioned by others).
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battboxx · 1 month
i have basically quit all other social media and reverted to using only tumblr and I have no regrets
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taikeero-lecoredier · 5 months
Begging people to send feedback to Tumblr support and to suggest that when people make a Tumblr account for the first Time (looking at you twitter users) to go through a tutorial that explains how reblogging work and that its much more useful than just mass liking everything because HERE THIS IS NOT TWITTER PLEASE
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followthebooty · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
HELP PLZ !! Ok I get the girl is super HOT,, but Where is the sexual themes!!!
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taplharv · 5 months
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dynasoar5 · 17 days
update: i've tried sending a support ticket to tumblr 3 times and it won't let me send, it just hangs in the process of sending until i close the page.
Tumblr media
venting my frustration about this to twitter and tagging them there, but i doubt they will respond, even though they were active within the past 2 hours with other support tags.
if you are following me here and aren't aware, i'm on cohost and twitter and instagram as dynasoar5, just in case.
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sattelite-of-love · 4 months
My wife's tumblr @royalarmyofoz just got deleted!
She's had it for over 10 years.
I'm at work but if anyone can message me with any help or suggestions I'd greatly appreciate it
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bidonica · 3 months
This blog was dead once
in case you didn't know my account had been terminated completely out of the blue for the past three days - not the individual blog, the whole mothership with all the sideblogs and everything. I contacted support both through the form and through Twitter mentions, got an automated non-answer:
Tumblr media
I ended up making a spare account with a different email @bidonica2 so I could badger @/support in their mentions here as well, and also because looking at tumblr while you're logged out is not ideal.
Meanwhile I snooped around to see if it was just me (it's never just you). It turns out at least a handful of other accounts have been arbitrarily terminated since before Christmas, and from what I've seen they were all several years old; but also, they were still active. I wonder if there's an unseen group of terminated accounts for older blogs that the owners didn't notice were gone because they only occasionally log in.
Is it a bug? Is tumblr quietly trying to free server space by arbitrarily deleting older accounts, without bothering to check whether they are long abandoned? I have no idea because I got no direct answer to my inquiries save for the twitter copypasta above, and I only learned about my account being back because friends alerted me my queued posts had appeared on their dash.
I wish tumblr directly addressed the issue. Anyway, in the event this happens to you, file your complaint to support only once because every new ticket you open pushes the old one to the back of the queue. Then badger them on twitter or in their tumblr mentions as much as needed.
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marril96 · 1 year
Are we supposed to say female presenting person now that they banned girl?
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