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changes · 2 days
Wednesday, March 29th, 2023
🛠 Fixed
The previously mentioned issue with important checkmarks is now resolved.
We fixed an issue that caused all new replies on posts to be hidden. They’re now visible.
🚧 Ongoing
We’re aware of an issue in the Android app that’s causing the “For you” dashboard tab to never finish loading. Quitting and restarting the app fixes it, but we’re working on a better fix.
We’re also aware that the option to set who can Blaze your post is visible on the iOS app, but this option doesn’t actually do anything yet. We’re still working on it, stay tuned for more info!
We’ve fixed the aforementioned scrolling issue in the Tumblr iOS app. The app update with the fix is still under review and should be available soon.
Experiencing an issue? File a Support Request and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
Want to share your feedback about something? Check out our Work in Progress blog and start a discussion with the community.
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tntduo-fan-girlie · 2 days
me: -makes post-
post: 0 Notes
me: tumbled hates me???? tumbled has kicked me to the streets??? hated forever eternally???? no love for poor me?? agony and pain!! i shall never recover!!!
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forgotten-plotline · 2 months
This is where I'd make a poll
Tumblr media
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ariapmdeol · 6 months
hey so tumblr just added this thing (community labels) and by default ALL these category filters are set to remove anything labelled with these from your feed entirely (not just blurred).
Please remember to go into your settings and adjust them to what you prefer! if you're under 18, you won't be able to adjust them as they are set to Hide until you turn 18
this is what it looks like in settings (i have everything set to Show, the default is Hidden)
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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iamdealwithit · 3 months
So I've been warning people to not use the tumblr live feature, and I had this discussion in the notes of one of the people I warned.
Tumblr media
Said person already used live themselves, and was not aware of what all TumblrLive's partner MEETME collects with its feature. So I wanted to take the time to make a post going over the Priivacy Policy for anyone who is interested.
Tumblr media
For the first part here, MEETME talks about how creating an account (downloading) (or having a tumblr account that auto updated to include the tumblr live feature (which is a vast majority of the tumblr mobile population in the US rn)) automatically makes any information they collect visible to any of the partners they have.
The three partners mentioned there, Skout Flurv and Boy Ahoy, are all dating sites that promote primarily their location tracking. Fuck all knows what they want with your live data. Most likely they want to advertise singles near you??? But MEETME's other current partners are apps like PlentyfFish Zoosk Chispa and Badoo which is Match.com and Bumble.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The main important parts to notice from section ii of the Privacy Policy, is the location information, limit mobile ad tracking, and do not track signals. The rest of the section mainly puts the onus of revealing private information that can be used maliciously on the user. Ie. don't share your password, say your full name in a live video, where you live etc.
As far as the location information goes, what it's saying here, is that they collect the location information when you first register for tumblr live, when you first log in, and whenever your phone is on even if you're not using tumblr live.
What does it use this information for??? Well advertising purposes of course!!!
Now, they try to get around saying they don't track your location or share it with other users by using this word "precise" several times. Now what that means is they have a rough geotag of your location.
(Your ip address. They don't say here its your ip address, but in later parts of the document they do in fact say they collect your ip address. If you want an idea how close an ip address can get to your exact location, enter your ip address in google maps sometime.)
They're being intentionally vague about that. So when you see, on the live tab, something that says "near you" you could probably not follow that exactly to said persons house, but you can damn well be you will at the very least find their city.
Tumblr media
Heres a reminder to all of you who haven't, most phones now bury in the settings an option to disable adID. Do it now!!! But remember that TumblrLive can still use all other information they gather. They do not at all process do not track signals, so you arent safe there. And what data would that be that they can collect other than your location and adID??? Glad you asked!!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is a non exhaustive list, which means there is DEFINITELY other data they collect about and from you.
so they collect:
your email and phone number
any info in your tumblr bio
any metadata connected to any photo youve ever uploaded
ip address
cookies and beacon
which devices you use
which features you use
which pages you visit
which chats you use
anything in your private chats or posts
anything from any connected social media accounts
how well ads are doing
what youre interested in
and in some cases even your biometric information
and what do they do with this information???
Tumblr media
ads of course
Tumblr media
-and to give anything they want to cops. :)
I don't make this post in order to, like, ruin people's fun when it comes to this new feature, or to try to talk down to anyone, or make anyone feel stupid, or anything. I'm not here to make fun of people, or belittle anyone, but I think its real fucking important people know what privacy rights they are forfeiting by having their phone on right now with this new feature.
Also everyone please feel free to give a kind fuck you to tumblrs current ceo @photomatt .
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doggirlnarcolepsy · 2 months
Tumblr media
With a little fiddling you can actually fit the entire Bee Movie script inside the "NEW" notification on the Tumblrmart button.
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bottlesandbarricades · 2 months
The tumblr app literally just updated for me and it was like coming back into my house to find all my furniture has been moved around without my knowledge. Also who opened this shop in my living room? What the fuck. Put it back
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crimetimecrow · 2 months
I think if you vote in a poll it should automatically reblog it and then when your followers vote they can see your answer. I think this would cause a lot of problems.
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Alright kids, listen up because @staff have pulled off a corker of a hot mess and have decided to add "Community Labels". I guess they've decided we can't be trusted to add our own warnings and people can't make sensible choices with what they engage with.
But why does it matter to me?
Tumblr have made labels AN OPT IN SITUATION which means every single blog here is automatically set to hide any triggering content
If you want to continue to be able to access and read fanfiction PLEASE go into your settings and click "show" on at least the "Mature" and "Sexual Themes" labels!!
ALSO IOS USERS: there's an extra fun "Hide additional content" bit just to really try and block us from any hopes of success. Make sure you opt out of that too otherwise I think content will be blocked on the mobile app!
Attached to this post are screenshots from my settings so you guys know what to look for. I could only find it on my desktop settings and not on the mobile app (for now at least)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
[I feel like I should add I don't want to sound like I'm pressuring anyone... if you don't want to see certain content obviously keep it hidden and protect yourselves BUT this post is mainly targeted at the horny little gremlins I write for who will be suddenly deeply confused when their smut supply is cut off]
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changes · 3 days
Tuesday, March 28th, 2023
🌟 New
Following a request here, we’ve added the standard avatar field in the blog objects in NPF trail items. This is useful for folks who want to use NPF JSON in their blog themes.
Some folks are now a part of an experiment that removes the emoji from the dashboard tab labels.
🛠 Fixed
When tapping to open an image while using Tumblr in a browser on a phone, you’ll no longer see a brief blue highlight on the image in the post.
We added the missing close button in the lightbox view when using Tumblr in a browser on a phone.
The new post editor on web was counting HTML tags when calculating the size of a quote. We fixed that, so quote font size now more accurately reflects the amount of characters in your quote.
While using Tumblr in a browser on a phone, tapping “Share” in the celebration pop-up after publishing a post would cause the share sheet to appear under the pop-up, making it impossible to interact with. We’ve fixed that.
🚧 Ongoing
We’ve fixed the aforementioned scrolling issue in the Tumblr iOS app. The app update is currently under review and should be available soon.
A change on our end caused everyone’s checkmarks to switch back to blue instead of rainbow. We’re working to fix this up.
🌱 Upcoming
You’ll soon be able to drag and drop to rearrange your tags in the Android app.
🍪 🐴
Experiencing an issue? File a Support Request and we’ll get back to you as soon as we can!
Want to share your feedback about something? Check out our Work in Progress blog and start a discussion with the community.
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podcastwizard · 1 year
*taps a microphone* hey, uh, anyone see that new tumblr update where long posts are partially hidden? but when you click “expand” the posts aren’t even that long? yeah, heh, it looks like tumblr’s got the same definition of “long” that my ex-boyfriend did. *two drums and a cymbal fall from the ceiling and i am instantly killed*
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african-nerd · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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toasterlunatic · 5 months
Tumblr (mobile): hey we have an update for u :)
The update:
Tumblr media
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sunroxy · 2 months
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