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queerflesh · 1 day
ive stuffed my cunt full w my 7" circumference egg and i wanna see how long i can incubate it for so like. interact w this post and I'll keep it in for an extra 10 mins?
or fully send an ask/reply/dm and tell me how long to keep it in
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qcomicsy · 3 days
Jason Todd could fuck me raw
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slasherfckr · 25 days
🔪💀Slashers and their favorite Kinks (With an implied female S/O) -NSFW💀🔪
Characters: Michael Myers, Jason Voorhees, Thomas Hewitt, Brahms Heelshire
⚠️Warnings⚠️- Mentions of Blood/Blood play along with knife play as well as alluding to pregnancy/a breeding kink, Sex (Vaginal), and masturbation
Tumblr media
Michael Myers
Not surprising at all that he's big into blood and knife play 🔪🩸
Dude is also a huge sadist (obviously) but also a little bit of a masochist as well
If you're fine with it, he'll slice you a little on a breast and start licking and sucking the mess up. Don't worry, he won't leave too bad of a wound. He wants you around after all
Once he 100% trusts you and then some, he'll give you his knife and let you cut into him a little. If you're not comfortable with the knife being used at all on either of you, that's fine with him. He's more into the blood play anyways
He comes home bloodier than usual so he can smear it all over your face. The crimson of the blood matches your eye color so well. Drives him absolutely mad
Tumblr media
Jason Voorhees
Baby boy absolutely has a praise kink
Please tell him if he's doing a good job eating you out or if his cock is filling you nicely 🥺 He not only needs the reassurance but the praises will absolutely make him pick up the pace
But not too fast unless you're begging him. He's got a good size difference on you. He doesn't want to accidentally hurt you
Jason will absolutely NOT tolerate anything to do with blood during sex or humiliation. So don't ask him.
Tumblr media
Thomas Hewitt
Two words: BREEDING 👏KINK👏
Just seeing you do anything around the Hewitt residence turns him on immediately
Unless you say otherwise, this man will always fill up your tight little pussy with his seed
He's trying to knock you up on purpose. Family is most important to him after all
If you beg him to put a baby in you during sex, Thomas will not be able to control himself
Normally he wouldn't go so hard and fast into you but just thinking about you carrying his child makes his mind go numb 🥵
If he does go too hard or fast for you and you do ask him to tone it down a bit, he immediately will.
Tumblr media
Brahms Heelshire
You'd think this special, stinky, wall hobo wouldn't have any kinks or anything due to having to hide out in the walls for most of his life but nope. He's got quite a few kinks 😉
His biggest being a spanking kink
He'll literally go out of his way just to annoy you until you get fed up and have to punish him
He also absolutely loves being tied up and being denied a release until you decide when enough is enough (which is usually after you've had a few orgasms yourself)
But oh boy. When you decide you wanna do both at once, though
You'll have his arms tied up over his head so he can't do anything but just lay there as you take his huge cock into your seeping, wet hole. Moving your gorgeous hips in just the right way as you spank his thighs
Everytime he gets close to a release, you stop and hop off him. You sit at the end of the bed and let him watch as you bring yourself to your release
He's pleading with you during the entire time for you to get back on him so he can make the both of you feel good with his cock
"Please (Y/N), please.... I'll be good....I swear"
👀 I think I may have gone a little overboard with Brahms' one. Oh well. Might do a second part with the Sinclair Twins, Harry Warden and some other slashers if this is well received enough.
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latelyanobsession · 9 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
summary enjoying your favorite summertime snack around the wrong company can be a very dangerous thing to do.
warnings cursing, lots of heat, smut, slight food play, oral fixation-ish, praise, semi-public & risky 
word count 1,912
note i will say that inspiration strikes at the oddest of moments
As always any feedback is much appreciated. Thanks for reading!
Tumblr media
It was a beautiful summer day as you walked through the gates of the Hawkins Pool. 
Tilting your sunglasses up you scanned the bustling scene for your boyfriend, your ears perking up as a shrill whistle entered the air followed by harsh barking words.
There he was. Berating a pair of twelve-year-old boys for dunking each other in the 5-foot end of the pool.
Pursing your lips around your fingers you mustered a sound capable of hailing a taxi cab. Smiling, you gave him a large wave as he snapped his head in your direction.
Coming over to Billy’s side of the pool you crossed your arms and waited for him to finish his lecture. 
“You wanna die today kid?” the one boy still ashamedly grasping his friend by the collar.
The boy shook his head furiously.
Looming over them menacingly Billy waved them apart, blowing his whistle sharply.
“Didn’t think so.” he scoffed turning to face you.
“Another life saved.” you mused sarcastically.
He smirked, eyes appraising the small sundress on your frame.
“You staying to swim today?” he asked curiously.
You had yet to come to the pool for a swim. Thus far only stopping by to share lunch breaks or say hi on your days off, and he was beginning to worry that you were ducking him.
Allaying his fears, you slyly pulled aside the strap of your dress revealing a thin red bikini strap.
A small groan escaped his lips. 
Pulling the beach bag from your opposite shoulder, you took Billy’s hand as he walked you to a small patch of shade in the grass.
Sitting together, you pulled out a couple brown paper lunch sacks and water bottles. 
Taking his, Billy pulled out a sandwich biting into it immediately.
You giggled, pulling a peach from your lunch bag.
“Wha?” he questioned, ripping off another large portion. 
The sandwich was nearly gone.
“Had I known they worked you this hard, I would have brought you two.” you said tenderly.
He chewed thoughtfully before swallowing, opening the small bag of chips with a pop.
“Would you like mine?” you offered.
He almost looked offended, waving his hands in refusal.
“Billy, if you’re still hungry have mine.” you pulled out your sandwich, putting it in his lap.
“It’s not the end of the world...” you smiled encouragingly.
He swallowed hard. Guilty, childlike eyes of appreciation looking back at you.
“Thanks.” he ripped the tinfoil off and tucked into it with vigor as you turned your attentions to your own lunch.
The peach was soft and ripe, giving way with an audible squelch as you bit into its smooth flesh.
It may have actually been a little overripe as juice flowed from the fruit down your chin. Dripping onto your chest and traveling to rest between your cleavage.
You pulled away with a messy mouthful, closing your lips with a loud slurp.
“This was messier then I thought it would be...” you commented innocently, taking another graphic bite.
Billy was slowly chewing, his ears burning with the first wet sounds falling from your lips.
He was watching you now with rapt attention.
Watching those delicate pink pillows wrap and press themselves against the skin of that sinfully moist food. 
Teeth and tongue scraping for the exquisitely sweet meat it had to offer you.
Your mouth pulling off in a lewd, wet burst. Lips shimmering.
You looked immensely content and it was driving him absolutely insane.
Taking care to suckle the last bits of goodness from the pit, you hummed happily.
“I’m a mess. Lemme go clean off... be back in a sec.” you insisted, sucking a bit of juice from your thumb.
Rising to your feet, you wandered towards the women’s locker rooms, tossing the pit in the trash.
Entering the locker rooms you headed off towards the sinks, when a large hand wrapped itself around your wrist and jerked you inside a nearby changing stall.
About to yell, your eyes widened when you realized who it was.
“Billy?!” you whispered harshly. “You can’t be in here!”
You gruffly pulled the privacy curtain over the entrance, encasing yourselves in the small space.
“Relax...” he murmured with a leer, “the supply closet connects the men’s.”
You weren’t relaxed.
“Why’re you in here?” you inquired, bashfully meeting his eyes.
The corner of his mouth pricked up in sick delight as his broad arms pinned you in on both sides.
Your toes curled in anticipation, resting a palm flat against his bare chest.
You knew that look anywhere. And he knew. 
He knew damn well that he didn’t even have to lay a finger on you, and you would fall right into whatever scheme he was concocting.
He rarely if ever had to ask.
“Here?” you breathed, slightly panicked as the voices of women chattering passed by the curtain and out the door.
He gave a stern nod, his hand lazily lifting one strap of your dress. Drawing it down your shoulder.
Heat was pooling between your legs, a familiar ache overwhelming your core as you chewed your lip. 
“Think you can handle a lil’ challenge princess?” his opposite hand dragging down your other strap, pulling the dress downward and exposing your bright crimson bikini top. 
You looked over at the drape, considering your last momentary thoughts of sanity before locking eyes with him.
Nodding nervously, your head fell back against the stall wall as he instantly attacked you.
Diving, he dipped his face between your breasts, his tongue seeking out the sticky sweet trail of fruit juice that had fallen among them.
A sharp gasp of surprise fell from your mouth, feeling him run his tongue in a thick, flat strip up the length of your sternum approaching your collar bone.
Momentarily pausing at your pulse point, he nipped your skin, testing you.
You bit your lip, holding in a small cry, rolling your hips against him in protest.
“Good girl” he muttered, moving his assault northward.
Craning your neck, pressing yourself flush against the cool metal wall, you attempted to ground yourself. 
His tongue creeping over your chin reaching its final destination.
Biting your lower lip, he pulled you into a hungry kiss. Laving his tongue against your plush lips. Demanding entry, which you willingly obliged.
Slipping your fingers beneath the elastic of his trunks, you ground yourself against him. A low rumble of approval emanating from his throat as his growing arousal pressed up against you.
Deepening the kiss, his hands traveled south roughly grasping your ass, his fingers digging harshly into the skin, making you whimper.
“Have you always owned this set?” he rasped, leaving open mouthed kisses along your jaw and tickling the shell of your ear.
“I bought it two days ago” you squeaked, as a hand cupped your sex.
A deep growl of satisfaction met your ear, sending a shiver down your spine.
“Looks sexy” he commented, hooking a finger in the crotch of your high-leg bottoms and shifting them aside.
An intense thrum of pleasure rumbled in his chest as he lightly dusted his fingers across your folds.
“Ya just make this too easy princess...” dipping his digits lightly at your entrance he withdrew them, to show you. The clear viscous fluid dripping from his fingers.
You looked to the ceiling in silent prayer before returning your gaze to him.
“I can’t help it.” you simpered as he held out his fingers for you.
Taking them into your mouth, you wrapped your tongue around them longingly only to whine lightly as he pulled them from you, replacing his mouth on yours in a searing kiss.
A conceited huff passed his lips, fanning your face. Your hips stuttering as he slipped a single finger inside you.
Idly wagging it, pressing lightly against the spot that could make you scream.
“Ya seem plenty ready to me... What cha’ think princess?” he taunted.
Deep cerulean orbs boring into you for an answer.
Chuffing, a deep blush settled across your cheeks, you were wound tighter than a spring.
“Just... fuck me” you heaved, wrapping your hands around his neck.
A broad smirk broke across his lips as he grabbed your ass, hoisting you up his waist. Pressing you firmly between himself and the wall.
Freeing his erection from his trunks, he lined himself up against your entrance, sinking into your heat.
Your jaw clenched, biting your lip hard to quiet yourself as you wrapped your legs around him.
“Shit princess...” his head lolling at a full tilt, “so fuckin’ tight.” 
You whimpered softly, the light sting of the sudden intrusion making you clench reflexively.
“Always so fuckin’....” he drew back “tight...” thrusting deep.
You choked out an audible moan, your head hitting the wall.
“C’mon now princess... we’re just gettin’ started.” he tutted.
Picking up a steady pace, he claimed your lips. Swallowing down your pathetic whines and pleading cries.
Angling his hips, he drove deeper making your head swim.
“Billy...” you mewled softly, tucking your head against his neck to stifle yourself.
“Somethin’ ta say princess?” he growled with a harsh snap of his hips. The head of his cock hitting your cervix.
You always played this game. The longer it took for you to choke it out, the harder he was going to make it for you.
He rolled his hips, burying himself deep pressing against that nub in a way that could make you cry and wipe your mind blank.
“Speak up...” he taunted, nudging himself up against your sensitivity.
“Ngh...” looking at him through hooded eyes you tried to gain what control you had.
Another abrupt thrust.
Your eyes rolling, you managed what you could.
“Fuck me...” a sharp inhale, “so well...”
He was smiling like the cheshire cat. 
“That so princess?” his pace was gaining steam, your nails grappling against his back for better hold. 
A calloused thumb had found your clit, providing constant pressure in unrelenting circles.
Your back was arching, breath hitching, as your hips started to tremble.
“Billy...” you warned.
“Tell me... say it...” he ground out.
Your walls were beginning to flutter, your climax initiating.
Kissing the juncture of his jaw, your first contraction hit you with a low moan reaching his ear.
“No one... fucks my pussy like you.” and you tumbled into bliss. Resting your head on his shoulder, forgetting completely about the noises you needed to withhold. 
He gave in, pistoning his hips. Making you cry out. Locking you into a final kiss as he fell apart, fist slamming against the wall to steady himself as he filled you.
Still meeting you with lazy thrusts, he looked at you, resting your foreheads together.
You were breathless as he set you down gently, your legs still shaking.
Your eyes were wide and glazed like a doll’s. 
He adored you this way. Fucked speechless and twice as beautiful.
Tucking a hair away from your kiss-bitten lips, he nipped you sweetly.
“You better shower before going in princess.” he stated.
You looked at him confused.
“Pool rules....” he tapped his whistle smugly.
Giving you one last peck, he poked his head out the curtain before casually strolling off.
A half hour later, after you pulled yourself together and took an extremely cold shower.... you came back out to the pool.
In your new suit you self-consciously waded into the shallows, wondering where he was.
A shrill sound startling you. 
Whipping around you saw him smirking over you, before walking away.
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vampyric-slut · 25 days
Whining, whimpering and shaky breaths.. the father the son and the holy spirit amen 🙏🏽
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sweettoyboy · 1 year
Being on testosterone is so wild cuz you'll literally just fuck yourself (or get fucked) till you cum and then like an hour or two later be like "Damn I wish I could get fucked right now"
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burning-sol · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
saw a flyer for free gender affirming surgery from "MOMMY RETRIBUTION". i spend all day sorting rocks without getting paid for it so obv i applied immediately. turns out the burning in my body afterwards was from the massive cavities left where my organs should be!!!! but hey i got my swag masc prostate out of it so it doesnt seem like an unfair deal look i dont even have scars isnt that nea-
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hotpinkmoon · 6 months
How would the yanderes react to reader sending them a thirst trap? Asking for… my pet rock?
James just got out of the shower, and when he heard a notification from his phone. He checked it and then he felt his cock getting hard. He takes a quick pic and sends it to you. This is your fault for making him so horny and he's going to find you.
Tumblr media
Max is on break and is going back to work in a few minutes. He's used to hearing his notifications go off because of his fans but when he saw your message. He quickly opened it and then he smirks. He can't wait to go to your home and have his way with you.
Tumblr media
Xavier was done with video editing and can now finally relax. When he heard a noise from his phone and grabbed it to see who it was. He felt his pants growing tight and his mind is going all types of directions because the picture you sent. You couldn't get a response from him for a while because he's too busy getting off and admiring your features...
Tumblr media
Seth just got inside his car and is ready to go home after doing his final delivery. When he heard his phone got a notification, he expected a customer. Instead he saw a mouth watering picture of you and he's overheating. He put his phone down, ignoring his boner and try his best to calm himself down. It's just a photo. It's just a photo.. it's just a photo...
After a few minutes, he sends messages of compliments and asks if he could come over to your house.
Tumblr media
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mortonscastle · 1 year
based on this post
Thank you @viophire for the VD!
[VD: an objection.lol video using clean ace attorney character sprites. the sprite actions are marked in [brackets.]
klavier gavin presents a gif of a pineapple being squeezed bt a hydraulic press until the juice sprays out the bottom.
klavier: after my werewolf boyfriend pulls out
apollo justice: [shocked] your WHAT
klavier: [pointing] my werewolf boyfriend
judge: I'm sorry, am I reading that right??
klavier: [sweating] MY [a cropped image of a werewolf leaning over]
trucy wright, as co-counsel: So we're just gonna ignore the watermelon getting crushed?
klavier: [in green and red text] Watermelon
judge: ... [shakes head]
kristoph gavin, on the witness stand: Hey so does anyone have the nsfw version for that werewolf pic just asking
apollo: [disheartened] (I don't feel safe)
miles edgeworth, on the witness stand: (read as tumblr tags) #Also I dated a dude who thought he was a werewolf, #that was interesting, #Not as interesting as him calling his friend mom and supporting her when she kidnapped her siblings, #but like the attempt at trying to get me to roleplay some godawful shit was up there
apollo: [shocked] I'm sorry what
[the "Hold it!" bubble appears on screen.]
klavier: [sweating] i know im op this thread has absolutely gotten out of control
kristoph: hold on op aren't you the person who had an iq of 4?
[a gallery shot of the jury muttering.]
gallery: ...
[the judge bangs his gavel.]
judge: [shocked] I'm crying. Nobody's clearing anything up, they just deflect onto the next plot twist
disbarred phoenix wright, on the witness stand, all caps: WHAT IS HAPPENING?
trucy, side-on in all caps: OP'S THE GUY FROM THE HORNY IHOP WAITER POST
phoenix, all caps: THE HORNY WHAT?
klavier: [shocked, sweating] ...
wocky kitaki, on the witness stand: [twirling hair] Since we're just listing them off my favorite Wereralph post is the poptart pussy one
[the "Hold it!" bubble appears again.]
apollo, in caps: [shocked] THE WHAT?!
[the screen fades to black before showing a younger klavier.]
younger klavier: Oh, My Pussy? It like a toaster go like [snaps] *Ding* poptarts roasted and ready
apollo: [thinking] I am so fucking concerned for the mental health of 95% of the people on this hellsite
trucy: personally i'm at 96%
[the judge bangs his gavel.]
judge: [shakes head] This post keeps getting worse
kristoph: [angry] I often find myself wondering how this website is so utterly incapable of making money, and then I see posts like this and I am violently given my answer.
apollo: [slams desk] For the love of god, stop asking "the what?" that's how this continues!
wocky: But what about the thirty for Minotaur?
apollo: [embarrased] Ahem. The what?
judge: [shakes head] No. Cancelled.
[the screen flashes white and shakes]
klavier: [looking up] But why?
apollo: [thinking] I. Just. (What the fuck do I do with this information now)
ema skye, on the witness stand: [shocked] GUYS stop reblogging this. [presents an image of adam driver dressed in military clothes.] OP was in the Marine Core and is technically a war criminal.
[the image is zoomed in to full-screen as ema talks over it.]
ema: He turned a blind eye when his comrades killed innocent civilians in Baghdad. He refused [sic] testify against soldiers who committed atrocities towards civilians.
[screen fades back to the courtroom.]
ema: Stop reblogging OPs posts because that takes attention away from what OP is trying to hide.
klavier: [snaps] You sure that's me?
[klavier plays air guitar before banging the wall next to him.]
klavier: Like are you sure that's me?
["Objection!" appears on screen.]
apollo, in caps: [shocked] I'M- THAT'S ADAM DRIVER
phoenix: ...this has been a wild ride
trucy: I-
dick gumshoe, on the witness stand: It was a pineapple, not a watermelon.
phoenix: [mysterious] $29.99
/end VD.]
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queerflesh · 7 months
if anyone wants a boy with a cute lil cunt to stretch open with their big cock, spreading him wide until he’s whimpering as you slide in and out of his wet pussy, his tdick nice and hard and throbbing under your touch as he begs for you to thrust deeper inside of him until ur filling him with your cum.. then im right here <33
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peachypar1ah · 2 months
Thinking about being tied up and left on a low speed vibe while my dom does house cleaning and their work. They check on me every now and then and laugh at me cause it’s not enough for my to cum but just enough to keep edging me.
And when they’re finally done with their work and I’ve begged hard enough they come back over to me and sit on my face and use me to get off before finally finally fucking me and letting me cum over and over again for being such a good and patient girl
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my-quirk-is-fred · 4 months
Tumblr media
It’s best not to be in the same bed as D. Shark as he has a habit of getting wet dreams… unless you like waking up sticky and wet 🌚
(Nsfw on Twitter)
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slasherfckr · 24 days
Hello!! May I request a Lester Sinclair x reader smut imagine.. i desperately crave some possessive Lester 😳
Ohhh possessive Lester 👀 this is gonna be interesting. Didn't specify whether or not you wanted female reader so I'll try to keep it as gender neutral just in case!
☠️❤️Possessive!Lester Sinclair x GN!Reader (NSFW)❤️☠️
⚠️Warnings⚠️ descriptions of sex and possessiveness
Tumblr media
You gotta be by his side 24/7. Especially if you're at home with his brothers or there's guests in town. Just thinking about you alone with any guy that isn't him drives him mad
If by the rare chance he had to be without you for no matter how long, he'd be texting you nonstop
If you don't reply or even take a little too long to reply, it'll be bothering Lester all day
He'll go to wherever you are and scoop you up, taking you with him on a little trip
He's got a nice, secluded spot in the woods he likes to take you to so he can remind you who you belong to
As soon as you get out of the truck, Lester is already on top of you, kissing your lips and biting them
He guides you over to a tree so he can pin you against it and start attacking your pretty little neck after he's had a good taste of your mouth
You let out soft moans for him as he marks up your neck but this isn't enough for Lester
He slides his hand down your pants and starts playing with your sex
"Who do you belong to?"
His face comes down so close to your ear, you can feel his lips barely brushing against it...all the while he's got your juices flowing with just his fingers
He calls you his good little doll before nipping at your ear. You were on the verge of an orgasm when he suddenly stops playing with your sex, much to your disappointment
But that disappointment quickly disappears as he starts sliding your pants down, your lower half now completely exposed to the chilly air
He gets down on his knees and immediately gets to work on your extremely wet sex
Licking, sucking and even nipping. You could feel the tension from before building up in your core yet again as Lester's mouth worked it's magic on you.
"Lester...Oh my god!"
You barely got your words out before your vision went blurry and your entire body went tense. Your legs shook a bit as Lester kept going at you while your orgasm washed over you
It felt like an eternity before it passed and Lester got back up
"Be a good little doll and turn around."
You did as you were told as Lester undid his belt buckle and pants
He didn't give any warning before he slid himself into your tight hole
It hurt like hell at first but that pain almost immediately melted into pleasure
Lester leaned into you as he kept slamming back into you, earning more moans of his name from you
"If everyone don't know you belong to me with how loud you're screaming my name right now, they'll surely know once they see how good I've marked you up"
He started kissing your neck yet again, making sure not to leave any inch untouched by his lips
Then Lester brought one hand up under your shirt and grabbed a nipple between his fingers and started playing with it
You could feel your walls quickly tighten around his fat cock as you were brought to another orgasm
This didn't stop Lester though. He wanted to thoroughly make sure you knew you belonged to him and only him this time
He kept pounding your poor abused hole even after your second orgasm passed
He removed his hand from your shirt and brought it down to your hips
He used both of his hands to bring your hips closer with each thrust, making his cock go even further into you
You felt his cock twitch inside of you as he came, filling you with his warm seed
He leaned back down on you, breathing heavily
"Maybe now you'll think twice about ignoring me, hm?"
He then planted a kiss on your cheek and ran his hand through your hair
"I love you (Y/N)"
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let the three f’s into your heart… (faggotses) (fruits [tomatoes]) and . well. you know… (fellatio)
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littlest-duckie · 23 days
I love how collectively everyone decided that Ghost has a praise kink
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burning-sol · 7 months
Tumblr media
[ID: an mspaint drawing of Exandroth, from Just Roll With: Apotheosis, pointing at the audience. There is chiller text above him that reads "reblog if you would stab a terf" and below "or are a part of rumi's sex cult". Below the bottom text is smaller arial text reading "(no1 will kno which you rbd for............)" The colours used vary from a light orange to a red.]
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