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threats against the asims || kalim al-asim
masterlist characters: kalim (platonic) genre: angst contains: kidnapping/assassination attempts (mentioned), guilt/self-deprecation, foreshadowing hehe, lots of new characters bc the asims have 32 CHILDREN summary: the asim name comes with some setbacks. it usually involves the oldest sibling. so why does your body seem on such high alert recently? notes: woohoo finally lil asim was long overdue for a new chapter :DD sorry for the names taken off like one website :// parts: [og post] | [previous] | [next]
Tumblr media
typically, you didn't worry about the countless hardships that befell you and your siblings all because of your family name. you didn't have to worry about all of that because, despite being a part of the asim family, the threats didn't involve you. more often than not, they involved the eldest son, kalim, and, on rare occasions, the youngest twins, nawra and rawda.
they were the most logical victims in your family, more so kalim than the twins considering he was the heir of the family. the tendency of kalim to fall victim to these threats and dangers had caused your parents to be extra cautious with him, doting on him every second of the day.
meanwhile, the rest of your siblings sat in the middle of all of the chaos, torn between being relieved that your brother would be safe and sound at the end of the day and jealous, a feeling that often made you feel sick to your stomach.
the jealousy made you sick because how dare you all feel this way? there was your brother, having been the victim of countless kidnappings and assassination attempts, and you had the gall to be jealous of him?
...deep down, you knew it wasn't because of the tragedies that seemed to follow him. no, in fact, you knew you all prayed for the day your precious big brother who smiled brighter than the sun would get to live peacefully without worrying about being taken or killed in an instant.
what made you, and a majority of your siblings, jealous was the fact that your parents doted on him. the younger siblings never worried about that, not until they found themselves being replaced by another much younger child. but the older children were envious, the feeling bubbling in their chests and gripping at their hearts like snakes coiled around their prey.
you all wished for nothing more than to be loved and doted on by your parents.
but you knew you wouldn't get that. not unless...
Tumblr media
it was quite common for qamar and hala to wake up in the middle of the night in search of you. ever since they had caught you sitting on one of the windowsills, staring out into the night sky as the sounds of kalim and your younger siblings sneaking out faded into the distance, the twins had made it their mission to sit with you until they passed out.
they were always drawn to the moon and stars. that's what you told yourself. that's why they sought to find you in the late hours of the night.
and you didn't mind that. even if they didn't come here for you, they were here. they were curled up by your side, squeezed against you to fit on the windowsill with their hands gripping your pajamas and their heads laying against you. you would have your arms wrapped around them, lightly stroking your thumbs against their hair that would no doubt be tangled and messy by the time they woke up in their beds.
but this night, when they had found their usual spots in your arms, was much different than the others.
you didn't feel relief with a little twinge of doubt in your body. no, there was no relief to be felt at all. instead, your anxiety spiked, your heart and stomach feeling as if they were being squeezed and twisted in your body.
you didn't hear kalim that night. it was oddly quiet and that only added to the dread building in your stomach.
"(name)..." qamar's quiet whine was enough to pull your attention elsewhere. you glanced down at him, letting your fingers comb through his hair.
"i thought you were still asleep," you whispered to him, smiling softly when he nuzzled further into your side.
"you're shaking..." he muttered into your clothes, clutching at the cloth as if to steady you. "are you cold...?"
"no," you responded, hoisting the twins in your arms, the entire situation comical to watch considering the twins were very close in age to you. hala, still sound asleep, tucked her head into your shoulder and wrapped her legs around your waist. meanwhile, qamar, still sluggish and tired, managed to stand beside you and walked as you headed back to their room. "but, it's probably best to head back now."
"m'kay," qamar yawned, leaning more into your side with each step.
in hindsight, you probably should have trusted your gut that night.
Tumblr media
faraj was one of the older siblings you felt you could turn to in your house. maybe it was because he wasn't one of the oldest but also because his entire demeanor was welcoming.
of course, you didn't like bothering him with anything. no, just sitting in his room as he read a book was enough for you. sometimes, he would mutter the words out loud and you'd listen to his voice fill the quiet room.
you usually found solace and peace during these times. but not today. you didn't know what it was but you had the same twisting feeling in your gut that told you something was wrong. something was wrong and you had no idea what it was.
"(name)?" much like that night on the windowsill, faraj called out to you in the same way that qamar did, albeit without the sleepy tone. his book was partly closed, his thumb keeping his spot marked. "something's bothering you. what's wrong?"
"huh?" unlike that night, faraj's words weren't enough to distract you from the twisting feeling in your gut. "uh, just not feeling good... that's all."
"you're feeling sick? do you need to see mahdi?" faraj questioned, slipping his bookmark in between his pages and placing his book on his bed. "i'm sure he has some things that'll make you feel better."
"no!" you yelped, jumping to grab onto faraj before he could leave. "no, no, no... i'm... i'm fine. just need some rest is all."
faraj stared at you for what seemed like minutes. he stared as if he were picking apart each and every lie you had told him over the years, starting with this very one. it wasn't until he let out a resigned sigh and trudged back to his bed did you let yourself relax as much as you could.
"if you're sure," he huffed, burying his face back in his book. granted, his eyes didn't seem to be fully reading the words on the page.
in hindsight, you probably should have let faraj take you to mahdi.
Tumblr media
the night was quiet again. the twins had yet to make their appearance, so you were left all alone to revel in the silence. it was surprisingly calming, a welcome difference compared to the sinking feeling in your gut that had been a constant ever since that night.
it was so dark that you didn't even notice the person outside the window, staring at you.
it only allowed them the perfect opportunity to--
Tumblr media
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Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #22 :
What if Malleus managed to make everyone fall into this enchanting sleep, yet as years pass by yuu's spirit begins to haunt him. Taunting his mind as they make him doubt his choices through guilt and fear of them never waking up.
Yuu/Mc : You'll live a long time yet Malleus.
Yuu/Mc : An eternity without me..
Yuu/Mc : you will look into the face's of passer's by..
Yuu/Mc : hoping for something that will, for an instant...bring me back to you.
Yuu/Mc : You will find moonlight nights strangely empty because...when you call my name through them, there will be no answer.
Yuu/Mc : Always your heart will be aching for me and your mind will give you the doubtful consolation that you did...a brave thing.
Tumblr media
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I saw the replaced mc au going on in twisted wonderland I'm gonna contribute to the reason for your therapy!! Angst time!
You are Yuu. Yuu here is gender neutral with they/them pronouns ,so is the replacement. The replacement goes by P/N (player's name) . This is a replaced au + self aware au
Remember, you are loved, you are special, you are worth it, your presence matters and you are beautiful.
Tumblr media
Unrealistic human
Perhaps you weren't the only one who knew that you were enclosed within a world of pixels. A false reality. A reality that was actually a bunch of programmed codes on the screen.
You knew there was someone else behind that screen. A higher entity who had the liberty to control you and the things around you.
You always felt their presence whenever they logged into the game. You always felt this warm spark inside you whenever the player made their presence known. The other times you felt cold and lifeless. Like a fake in place of a person.
You knew you were in denial, you claimed to have your own identity but deep down you knew you were just a shell for the player to interact with the others. Would you ever be able to escape this puppet situation?
The answer was no.
You didn't mind though because for you, the player was like an angel to you who brought you into existence.
But you didn't know that angels can fall from grace too.
You didn't know how this happened but there stood before you were the player. You could identify them just by the warmth they carried with them. Was this even possible? How was it even possible for the player to enter the automated world?
You thought only you knew that they were the player but it seemed like your friends were also aware of this higher entity like you, and you just made a fool out of yourself.
Your friends ? The player's friends**
The moment the player came within their sight, they didn't even try to hide the absolute favoritism towards them. You , the favorite of them all, were suddenly ignored and pushed into the corner.
Was all this favoritism towards you in the past just an attempt to get the player like them ? Seems like you were quite right with your guessing.
You didn't know whether to despise the player or to be grateful to them for they were why you were even brought into existence. They could just go back and delete the game off the device and you would cease to exist. You had no authority over them.
How could you bring yourself to despise them? They had done nothing wrong. All this favoritism, affection and attention was always meant to be theirs, you were just a shell for them to interact with the others. You were just an empty shell and the player brought the life into you.
It had been more than a month since the player arrived. Everyone seemed to have had forgotten that someone named Yuu existed. Maybe you didn't actually exist. You were just a corpse that needed to be controlled.
You overhead people talking once..
" Jamil, don't you think we've been distant with Yuu these days " It was kalim.
This made you somewhat warm inside since there was at least someone who was trying to reason with how unjust they all had been with you.
" Did you forget Kalim? All we've ever done was for p/n, whoever cared about yuu anyways" Jamil replied.
Kalim was quiet. You just smiled to yourself. What were you even expecting.
They were obsessed, they worshipped the ground p/n walked on, they were never left alone. There was always someone with them and it often resulted in violence since they all wanted p/n's attention. You knew that p/n lowkey didn't like being around the guys all the time. They were already overwhelmed by the fact that they were stuck inside a game and now these guys followed them around everywhere like a lost puppy.
Even if you wanted to, you couldn't bring yourself to hate p/n, they always tried to include you in whatever they were doing as soon as they realized you were being left out. They were genuinely a good and kind person. Maybe that's why everyone was so smitten with them.
They were not the reason why you were being treated this way. You were programmed to be their shadow. It was never about you, it was always about the player and the guys, you were just a medium of communication. The player didn't force anything upon you, rather , you were created specially for that purpose , to be the player's shell was the sole reason for your existence. It was you who got too lost in the love and attention you were receiving that you forgot that it wasn't meant for you.
How nice it must be for the player, somehow ending up in their favorite game and receiving endless love and attention from the characters you adore. It was like a fever dream. Too good to be true.
Sadly every good thing comes to an end.
"Yuu! " You looked up from your resting spot underneath a tree in the courtyard. All of the guys were there, looking at you with a smile.That was rather odd..
"Hey y'all, finally remembered I existed ? " You tone dripped vengeance.
" What are you talking about yuu, of course we know you exist, you're our best friend after all " Ace broke the awkwardness of the moment.
" We have a favor to ask for, yuu "
You somewhat felt a little scared of what was gonna come next.
" You know... We're afraid that p/n might have to go back to their own world.. Soo... "
Your eyes widened, you didn't believe that they were actually saying this to you. Your fear was going to come true.
" So you want me to be a shell for them so that they can stay here?! " You looked up in anger..
" Wha-.. Uh.. Yes." They didn't even try to hide their pathetic reasoning for this..
" Well you all asked and my Answer is no"
" You don't get to say no, herbivore, p/n is the reason why you're here and it isn't like you were supposed to be your own person, you were always p/n's virtual shell, in fact you should be thankful that they would be putting you to use. "
You clenched your fists..
" Now be good, little shrimpy, and let us do our work, we don't want p/n to leave "
You got up and started running , you didn't know how long this chase would last but losing it would mean losing yourself.
"We're sorry yuu" .
They were after you.
The end
Honestly I kept this as an open ending so y'all could decide what happens to you next, do you survive or do you become a puppet.. I enjoyed writing this so much, and I've been writing something after a long time so I'm not quite sure if it's satisfactory. I know it's a bit short but i haven't quite calmed myself down after exams so my thinking cap's kinda empty rn 😭 Have a nice day luvs :)
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You guys really like the angst huh? Don't worry I love it too!
I've been getting a ton of requests and comments about the siblings angst scenarios I did and I'm loving it! And I only did Azul and Vil so far. I'm having so much fun writing and expanding on these!
So I'm curious, aside from expanding on the ones I currently have done, would you be interested in angst sibling relationships with other characters?
Also, thank you all so much for 200 followers! It really means a lot to me that you guys love and want more of my writing! Thank you all for sticking around for more and sending in all your requests and ideas so far! I'm loving writing for you all and hearing your thoughts and ideas! <3
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summary. the title is self-explanatory.
featuring. nrc first-years
t//w. suggestive, discussion of ass and tits
notes. don’t cancel me for writing this
Tumblr media
ACE TRAPPOLA: ass. he appreciates every single one of your features (sometimes a little too much) but he’s an ass man through and through. why do you think he always has his hand in your pocket 🤨 he’s been secretly feeling u up for months
DEUCE SPADE: obviously a boob dude. ask him which he prefers more and he’ll think that you caught him staring at ur boobs (you did) and he’ll think you hate him (you don’t) and he’ll want to die
JACK HOWL: “personality—“ FUCKING LIAR 📢📢📢 HE’S BOTH A BOOB AND ASS MAN. THE TAIL NEVER LIES. i feel like he has a special preference for ur thighs too but that’s just me.
EPEL FELMIER: no shame. boob man. if you’re taller than him then he’ll literally be hugging you every chance he gets just to get his face in your boobs. him and ace are the same type of men.
SEBEK ZIGVOLT: How dare you assume he has such impure desires. he likes ur hair and ur cute butt
Tumblr media
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
If the Diasomnia chapter doesn’t involve Malleus’ overblot similarly being caused by the boiling over of all his insecurities and loneliness. Except when he goes off the deep end it’s so bad that MC is actually scared shitless, and that’s when all hell breaks loose. That’s when he realizes that he’s slowly loosing one of the few precious people in his life he could call his best friend. That loved him for everything he was, everything he isn’t RIGHT NOW. So to an extent he starts to loose himself even more. To ensure that all the things he’s held dear never leaves him again, he puts MC into an eternal sleep. He hides them and himself away in the highest most unreachable tower in the Briar Valley as he seethes in his unrelenting solemness. Somberly overseeing MC’s body for the perpetual future until it’s up to the rest of the cast to actually save MC this time then WHAT IS THE POINT-
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
I don't like him but dam is he a fun character to draw
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‹ . housewardens ›
. ficlets
⇝stuck in a failing and/or loveless marriage with them.
[ n: thank u for 600 followers, everyone! special thanks to @v-anrouge and @/love-thanatopsis for helping me so much with this fic i love u sm this is for u i hope u like it ! not proofread. ]
{ - - - → tw. angst. cheating, alcohol, arguments, aggression, mention of children on kalim's part, gaslighting, mentions of divorce, unhappiness and basically anything u would associate with marriages that just aren't working out exdee. just sad vibes here so stick around if ure in the mood to cry </3 }
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
riddle rosehearts ‹ heartslabyul ›
he sat behind his desk, rubbing his temples in exhaustion. but despite the lingering tiredness of the day, you would think riddle would be ready to head himself to bed and get some proper rest, right? wrong. he feels like a man being sent off to war.
he'd have much rather spent the night in his office with a blanket and a pillow on the couch. the neck pain would be an easier form of misery to endure than having to spend an hour in a room with tension he often compares to a sinking ship with no lifeboats.
it almost seemed like you lived in separate worlds. he worked, you did whatever it is a dutiful partner does. only you did it far, far away. to your parties you went and talked to your friends, to his meetings he went and shared some good brandy with his own company. you both come home and head to your own separate chambers.
when you're out together you put on a good display of affections for everyone to see. holding hands, kissing each other on the cheek, smiling as if it were all just you against the world. how suffocating.
but behind the facade is an empty world. an empty house. empty hearts. just the clinking of sliver ware on the quiet dinner table sitting eight feet away from each other on both ends. silence was the only way to keep yourselves afloat. distance was your own form of a makeshift lifeboat because your vows at the altar were your own ways of saying it was ‘every man for himself’.
you were two strangers forced to live under the same roof.
and if it were not for his mother trying to salvage your miserable marriage—the marriage of her own engineering—by getting you both to sleep in the same room together, he would have been perfectly content with that dull, dreary, miserable lifestyle. the lifestyle once again, enforced onto him by his beloved mother.
the redhead leaned forward from his leather chair. a breath through his nose, exhaling through his mouth. his hand reached for the whiskey on the table and took one last sip before standing up, mentally hoping you were out to a party with your insufferable company of people. because if not, it's going to be another long night of sad, silent agony in a king sized bed—a sinking ship with no lifeboats.
leona kingscholar ‹ savanaclaw ›
“open this door right now, [name]! stop acting like a damn brat!”
as the prince yells out that last word he pounds on the door more aggressively than he initially did. it echoed across the halls. the sounds reverberate and bounce back to reach his ears reminding him of the torment of his existence. all his efforts, efforts he never wanted to exert, all come in for naught. this always happens to him. this was the bane of his existence. falena gets the light shone in his face and the cheers and acknowledgement of everyone around him, he gets to pound on a door trying to get his partner to come out of their bathroom because they are late to the party where it was essential they should attend.
‘it takes two to tango’, they say. how does one dance when the other party can't even sit down for one second and look you in the eye without making you feel like you're the biggest burden to have ever arrived in his life? how does one cope with the resentment that's so evidently there? the contempt held for you when you enter a room together and he immediately drops your hand the second everyone starts looking away? you aren't his partner. you are nothing but a prop to him. to get his family off his back. he couldn't even do as much as acknowledge you whenever you entered your chambers alone.
people surround you day after day but you've never felt more alone in your life.
and as leona banged and screamed and twisted the knob the way he twisted your heart up and squeezed it dry, you pulled your knees close to your chest. biting your quivering lower lip till the metallic taste of blood filled your senses.
the light from the open door illuminates the room. your comfortable corner in the bathroom invaded by the lion's dominating presence. and as he watched you, gripping the fabric of your attire like it was your only other anchor to sanity, you felt him soften. ever so slightly, his shoulders eased up. his eyebrows raised a little from their initial cross direction and his eyes showed a hint of melancholy—no... pity. his shadow loomed over your curled up form, cast from the light outside that only reached you and him.
he did not do anything else. he just slightly clutched the key he held in his hands that he used to open the door a little tighter. he watched you for a moment, as if he were observing a small animal being cornered by a predator. silence enveloped the room only broken by your occasional pathetic sniffle and sob. he then turned on his heels.
“change your clothes, they're all wrinkly now. we leave in ten minutes.”
he closed the door to the room and the darkness enveloped you once more.
azul ashengrotto ‹ octavinelle ›
the vase shattered as it hit the wall barely missing your husband's head. all the jewelry on your dresser tossed and strewn all across the floor. the clothes, the shoes and all the other vain things he'd given you as a consolation for never being home, never being available, never being a husband.
the thing about azul was that he could be a good actor whenever he wanted to be. it's essential for a businessman to know when to play a poker face, when to seem interested or whatnot. he'd mentioned that in passing back then when he would actually talk to you before you were married but now you forget the details. now that you think about it, back then he must have been acting, too. to gain your affections. to make you fall in love with him. so he can achieve his own greedy little goals. you look over at him and can't help a bitter laugh escape your throat.
he gave you a sharp look, “what is it that you find so humorous in this situation, darling?” the businessman asked in a mocking voice, “finally gone mad, have we?”
you turn to him, a small, resentful grin on your face, “oh honey you know i'm always mad for you!” you scream the last part as you hurled one of your favorite shoes at him. your husband was quick to evade this causing it to fly directly to one of your bedroom lamps. the two items fell to the floor with a clatter and smash. the sound of breaking glass mirrored your breaking heart.
azul opened his mouth, a string of insults flowing from his tongue so freely and you mirrored this by shooting your own painful words at his direction. the mingling angry voices bounced across the four walls of the room.
this was not the life you envisioned with him. where was the sweet, suave man that held your hand so gently and softly as he brought you to dinner? where was the kind, generous soul and took a short portion of his day to see you and personally deliver his flowers to you? where was the funny, charismatic person that charmed your family so much they were practically begging you to marry him? where was the husband that vowed to love and to cherish you at the altar?
that man was replaced by the empty space on your bed, the flowers delivered to you by random people you didn't know, the shoes and clothes and other ridiculous things he probably doesn't even pick out himself. and you would sit alone at your home, in front of a full sized mirror that reflected your pathetic state by showing you the tears that streamed down your face night after night that azul spent on his stupid company. the company which you made possible for him by marrying him. what a fool you are.
objects flew, tears shed, hearts broken.
but the saddest of all is that each and every one these things only seem to come from your side of the room and not his.
kalim al-asim ‹ scarabia ›
you sat in your bedroom, watching the seconds tick by. the clock's hands showed it was two in the morning. normally you would expect a married couple to be in bed together asleep at this hour, but not for you. these days, it seemed to be a somewhat better though. as of late, he was usually out because of the hectic pressures of being head of the family and jamil would attest to this fact.
he'd promised you he wouldn't see her anymore. you wanted to make it work. you begged him to try to make it work with you—even if only for the children. and he agreed. and somehow, this sparked some home in your bitter situation. and that made it bearable for you.
you sat, then stood, then paced, then sat again. restless energy built up in your body thinking of what to say to him when he comes through the door. things were looking up and you wanted to help him relax after another very stretched out day. it's the least you can do for him. after all, no matter what the situation, kalim was always kind to you. he always made you feel like you mattered and listened and made you feel valid. you are essentially the parent to his children and so he made sure he was treating you well to an extent.
but that... that just isn't enough. you're his partner. you needed to feel like his partner. someone he could turn to, someone he could talk to, someone he could run to whenever things got bad. but kalim always kept you at arm's length. he was your husband but he could never completely be a husband.
because he did not love you.
he loved—loves her.
it shows on his disheveled hair. it shows on the perfume that you smell on his clothes. it shows on the lipstick stains on his neck. it shows on the look of shock on his face when he sees you awake. waiting. disappointed.
your twiddling fingers drop to your sides the same way your heart dropped and shattered on the floor. the exhaustion evident on your features when you sit down heavily on the soft cushions of the sofa.
“[name]... i... i thought you were asleep...” kalim sputtered out. he sounded like a child who was just caught snooping around the kitchen late at night.
if only it were as simple as stealing cookies from the kitchen cupboard at two-thirty.
“and i thought we were trying, kalim,” you replied flatly.
he didn't respond. you didn't want to stay. you couldn't. so you stood up and looked him straight in the eye—they looked guilty. and... they feel sorry for you. you hated it.
you turned around, not giving him time to finish whatever ‘explanation’ he had come up with again. you couldn't bear it. you refuse to cry for him—not anymore. you're exhausted and you couldn't bear to be inside that suffocating room with him any longer.
“i'll sleep with the children tonight.” you say before heading to the door leaving your husband and your broken heart along with him.
vil schoenheit ‹ pomefiore ›
‘there's no business like show business!’
this is true for the most part. it has its ups and downs but vil personally never had much of a say in the matter of whether he would be in the public eye or not. all his life he'd been under the spotlight. the blinding flashes of the cameras, the bright lights of the stage, the softboxes and umbrellas that would make any normal person squint and and turn away don't even make him flinch. but that's not to say it wasn't exhausting.
of course that was the small price to pay for a profession such as vil's. he has made the many greater sacrifices to get where he is in life. and although people who don't live the lifestyle he had would feel the intimidation of the showbiz world, he was surprised you didn't seem like it bothered you much at all.
the people of twisted wonderland adored you when you both started dating. it all seemed like a perfect fairy tale whenever they saw you and vil liked that. of course they weren't really far off. at the beginning it did seem like a fairy tale. you were perfect and even to himself it felt too good to be true.
and sure enough, it was.
majority of your dating life with vil was private but later down the line, after you got married, you both became more public about it. posting more pictures, going out together, attending events.
headlines of ‘the perfect couple’ turn into ‘the luckiest man alive’(referring to vil), to ‘[name]! the real star of the show’.
wherever vil went, people would ask for you. even in movie interviews meant for him—starring him. they were looking for you. they wanted you. they, “only really came because we thought [name] would be here!” in events where he was supposed to be the main attraction.
it's always you, you, you.
and at first he didn't mind. he was proud to have you as his partner. he even did feel like he was the happiest man alive for a while. but the more people asked for you, the more he felt the disappointment and sadness morph into something more bitter. his years and years of endless hard work and silent suffering against neige all came crashing back down in a repeating dance of fighting for acknowledgement. to be recognized as himself. and he thought he was finally over all that. working twice as hard and feeling—being overlooked. but you... he knows you don't do it on purpose. it's not your fault you're so easy to love. vil knows you would never purposefully overshadow him but whenever he sees you in the red carpet waving and smiling at the crowds all cheering and chanting your name like you were some sort of otherworldly being, he couldn't compete.
the way they all run to you without even so much as acknowledging his presence beside you felt the same as getting thrown tomatoes at and booed to him. and he remembers he was even booed at some point for not bringing you along on a public trip!
he didn't know when the sadness fully morphed into bitter resentment but whenever you were alone he found himself criticizing your every move. his subtle, snide remarks of your (perfectly well) clothes turned into full on insults. sometimes he would even guilt you into not attending events you were exclusively invited to.
and he knows you would never betray him. so you take it all quietly. you knew leaving vil would only villanize him more in the public eye. no matter what, he was still your husband and you made a sacred promise on the altar.
you both smile for the cameras in public, the mirage of the most perfect couple to be advertised to the whole of twisted wonderland. but behind closed doors are the heated arguments, the endless screaming, the nights you spent alone in your once lovely home curled up in bed.
your husband might have loved you once, and this hurts him just as much to admit—but vil can never love you again in circumstances like this. but you're both given no choice but to bear it.
there really is no business like show business.
idia shroud ‹ ignihyde ›
there is no doubt idia shroud is a clever man. he’s a genius in more ways than one. he knows how to stand out in his own. he knows how to turn a situation in his favor and this isn’t just because of his years and years of experience in strategy games or looking for ways to try and escape social situations he hates so much, but also because he’s just a master at running away from situations.
the only situation people thought he could never escape from was standing with you at the altar. the “most horrifying” day of his life.
to think a hermit shut-in nobody like him would find himself in a lifelong commitment with someone is just absurd. but here you are in your miserable state of trying to get him to get out of his room. constantly bugging him to spend time with you—he’s already married you! is that not enough?
idia shroud is a clever man. he’s a genius in more ways than one. he knows how to turn a situation in his favor. and he’s spent enough time with you to know exactly how to break you without getting his hands dirty.
he finds himself buying a different house, far from where you are. under the guise of working better with no distractions. lies of saying he would call but never did.
endless nights of you pacing your room, phone to your ear hearing the ringing over and over and over again.
it just kept ringing and ringing and you wanted it to stop. you needed it to stop. you needed an answer.
and when the other line of your connection was the sound of company—of a companion—who was willing to give you the attention you deserved from such a cruel life, idia finally shows himself.
idia shroud is a clever man. he’s a genius in more ways than one. he knows how to turn a situation in his favor. and he’s always known how to win a game. you've fallen into his trap. he has the receipts of your conversations with the other person you were seeing, the photographs, the evidence. and as he slid the piece of paper and pen towards you on the other side of the table, a cocky grin on his face feeling like he'd finally got exactly what he wanted, he caught a glimpse of your sadness.
your melancholy in the way you picked up the pen and read through the divorce papers of his orchestrating. idia felt a tsunami of guilt wash him away as the sight of all the pain he caused you was so vividly clear to him now. but instead of signing, you drew a line across the piece of paper that was his path to ‘freedom’. and what idia saw that replaced the sadness in you was anger. resentment. betrayal of the worst kind.
there is no doubt india shroud s a clever man. he’s a genius in more ways than one.
but he is also a fool to think you were going to take all these hits lying down.
malleus draconia ‹ diasomnia ›
people had given you a heads up before you got married that malleus draconia was a serious man.
he married you, sure, but you didn't know what you expected out of this marriage. after all, a marriage arranged by two families didn't really promise much on the love department and your made peace with that.
but you didn't expect the lack of affection to be in this extent.
he wouldn't touch you, let alone even look you in the eye. malleus was constantly busy in his study or going out to attending other formal gatherings. The only times he would come around to spending a portion of his day with you was during dinner. and they were long, painfully quiet dinners.
he had a duty as the prince of briar valley, after all. but you understood that. but sometimes you lie around your empty bedroom thinking about how your life could have been so much more better. the agonizing silence, the awkward touches, the forced smiles. it all felt so terribly depressing.
surely your husband could at least pretend to be comfortable when he's spending the day around you. but somehow it's always just some form of... indifference. whenever you would show small forms of affection like touching his hand or giving him a kiss, he would just stand there, not returning. not reflecting the same amount of affections as you did with him.
and of course you tried your best to make it better. consulting those closest to him to you try to understand him whenever he talked about things he was interested in. you tried to show support on his projects and his interests. you even tried to get invested into the gargoyles and architecture he so dearly loved and finally you thought it worked.
the occasional invite to tea, the small acknowledgements, the small talks about the things he liked. you felt like all your hard work started to pay off.
but when you made your way through the long corridors of the castle with a box of something special in your hands picked especially for the prince one afternoon, your feet came to a halt in front of the mahogany double doors of his study.
two voices—muffled by the barrier between you and the people in the room but it was enough to hear the all important parts of the conversation.
“it all is such a pain, lilia,” he said, “they're constantly trying to catch ny attention. to show me affection. but it all just feels so... miserable.
“i have tried to take your advice. to be more open and responsive to their advances but it just doesn't work. i cannot love them the way they want me to.”
the conversation goes on but you could no longer listen. the ringing in your ears were far louder drowning out any other sound around you.
you made your way back to your chambers silently slipping away.
that night malleus asked about the present left in front of his study and you only sighed softly in response
“it's simply my misery, sir.”.
Tumblr media
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cupids-chamber · 3 months
EVERYONE wants to live through a fairy tale romance, and y/n especially wanted too.. In the end.. Did y/n get the fairy take they craved?
WARNINGS/TAGS: Implied yandere and slightly implied violence (Reader remains unharmed), mentions of injuries (Just reader taking care of Deuce's wounds), Fluff to angst to fluff.
Tumblr media
The two of you met while you were children, your parents had been close friends, so it was a given that the two of you would see each other frequently. Personally, you didn't mind, as Deuce had been an easy going and rather extroverted person, though careless at times, he considered your feelings even at such a young age.
He made sure to share his toys whenever you were around, carefully cooperating in your childish schemes, so as long as he avoids getting into trouble with his mother.
The two of you played pretend quite often, acting out scenes from your favorite play and or stories with great expertise, joking along with each other about how one day the two of you would find your true love, a trope often found in fairy tales that children indulge themselves in.
A common memory the two of you shared, was when Mrs. Spade would read you a storybook, which oftentimes preached of love and affection. Something that seemed silly, disgusting, maybe even a little embarrassing in the eyes of other children, filled you with anticipation, as you craved a love similar to those storybooks. Deuce often recalls moments where you'd preach of love, how you claimed that you'd have your own fairytale, it was rather amusing to say the least.
As the two of you grew older, you both developed mutual feelings for one another.. rather than the true love you had always craved, you received a blissful first love, with your longtime friend. That however didn't last long, as the perfect picture and romance broke, as reality hit the two of you.
Having had a notch for intimacy and communication, a long distance relationship didn't seem savory, but as Deuce planned to make his way to NRC, you realized there was very little you could do, your mind told you to rethink your decision, as the words left your mouth. There, the night before Deuce had left, you had called things off, ending things once and for all.
You had expected the delinquent to lash out, or have some sort of excessive reaction, as for the longest time in which you have known Deuce, he was perceived as a rather emotional being. Oftentimes as a child he'd break down over the tiniest conflict. However, he had no excessive reaction, his eyes which previously shone, turned dark and gloomy, while his face remained unreadable.. After a few seconds of awkward silence, you began to walk away, finding that it would be in your best interest to give him space.
Deuce let out a shaky breath as your form disappeared from eyesight, before he broke down in tears, his knees had given up on him long ago, yet he managed to put on a perfect front in front of you, 'had he done something wrong? or maybe he offended you in some sort of way!' The thoughts of self degradation filled his mind, as he began mumbling underneath his breath, about how he could change, had you asked him too. In fact, he'd be more than willing to rip his heart out and display it for all to see, had you asked him to do so.
All this time Deuce did his best to replicate the delicate mannerism in which those unrealistic stories of love had shown you, the ones of which you praised in your ramblings of love, the unfiltered emotions of pure excitement enlaced within your words, the memory never quite left his mind.
He had taken a liking to you for a while, ever since you were little children. Despite his timid and shy nature, he had approached and conversed with you with ease. He remembered a story his mother read to him once, about how a poet had fallen hopelessly in love with a nymph, then she had bopped his nose, and flashed him a affectionate smile, stating that one day he too would find his nymph. At that very moment, the small child was rather certain that you were his nymph.
Deuce had developed a habit of lashing out at other children and or grow overly emotional in matters which concerned you, rather than use logic like his teachers and comrades had recommended, the boy used violence, and threats.
Though if he was being honest, you never enjoyed violence or the sight of blood, in fact you hated the stench of blood, oftentimes you'd scold him and advise him to stop. 'But how could he?' For everytime Deuce ended up in a fight, you'd treat his wounds, carefully wrapping the bandages around the wounded area, 'how could he stop, when at that moment he was the center of your world, for at that moment your eyes only looked his way'
The next morning Deuce was met with disappointment, as you hadn't bothered to see him off. Mrs. Spade took notice of her son's puffy eyes, and sore throat, he looked restless and tired, and honestly she was unceremoniously surprised by the fact that you hadn't come to see Deuce off, as she was still under the assumption that you two were a couple.
Deuce left his hometown on a rather resentful note, making his way to Night Raven College, one of the most prominent schools of Twisted Wonderland, he recalled how elated you were when you found out he was accepted into the academy, hugging him tightly, your embrace was comforting and warm, a contrast to his reaction which was shock and relief.
The days at the school was rather tiring, Deuce had changed his ways, reforming himself for the school, and unluckily for him, he was put in Heartslabyul one of the most strictest, if not the most harsh dorm to be in. From there he had made many new friends, with whom he'd team up with to cause chaos and mischief. Yet in the back of his mind there was you, always.. you..
His mind was clouded with images of you every night, where he'd become restless, tossing and turning every time. You had been a disease plaguing his mind, much like a song, he couldn't quite get out of his head. He had no control of himself when he had printed all those pictures he had saved of you, pinning them ever so carefully on the cheap board, until it was fully covered. Like a addicted man, he'd scroll through your old text messages, and low quality audio tapes, getting high off the few memories he had saved of you.
Your voice was lovely, and he craved to hear it one more time, and to his utter luck spring break was approaching, the thought of seeing you again filled him with unfathomable joy, how he hoped that you would take in account his changes of behavior and judgment, he didn't notice when Ace was petting his shoulder, trying to catch his attention.
"Huh?" Deuce voiced his confusion, as Ace flashed him a slightly concerned look "Hey man.. are you ok? You've been out of it lately." Ace's genuine worry threw him off guard, however, Deuce quickly recovered, flashing him a smile "I'm fine, just excited to go home, that's all!"
A week before Deuce had returned, you visited Mrs. Spade, despite cutting it off he had still updated you and sent you mail, in hopes for a response, his desperation for you knew no bounds. Mrs. Spade, a woman who was your second mother at heart, seemed to sense your worries, as she helped you settle down. While she made tea for the two of you to share, you opened up about the two of your breakup, and every now and then Mrs. Spade would chirp in, providing vocabulary, advice, and humorous input to keep your mood afloat. Somewhere along the lines, she had convinced you to try and rekindle your relationship with Deuce. 
So, when Deuce had returned home, you greeted him at the door, the air surrounding the two of you was rather awkward, at least on your part, Deuce was ecstatic to see you again, tho he kept a rather composed expression, returning your greeting, mirroring one of the greetings he had read previously in one of those silly romance books you had read and boosted about. 
You paid no mind to the gesture, finding it unsettling to see Deuce this calm, instead you took notice of how his hair was no longer dyed an irky, eye stinging blonde, and how not a single injury could be found on his visible body. It made you hum in satisfaction, a gesture Deuce was all too familiar with.
It took some convincing to get Deuce to spend time with you, 'why was he being so difficult when he was the one sending love letters to you, every other week.' Though the letters couldn’t quite classify as love letters, It was odd nonetheless, Deuce's actions seemed all too familiar, yet you couldn't recall anything of this sort.
This weird upsetting feeling continued in your many outings together, the air always felt unfamiliar and rather suffocating.. the way he poured tea, all the way to Deuce’s manor of speech.. all seemed like a well scripted act.. One would call it, straight out of a fairy tale. Something you've grown to despise, true love and love at first sight.. etc. Everything seemed illogical and unbecoming, they weren't real.. After all, you've grown past such childish whims, and dreams. 
You were so concerned with your own thoughts that you had failed to notice the glare that Deuce would send to any man near you, how his breath hitched when he caught the scent of your perfume/cologne, a obscene blush creeping onto his face, the way his eyes glowed obsessively around you, how the small handkerchief, and other useless trinkets of yours would go missing, you failed to see the obscene and unsettling expressions that he showed openly, the way he stare so intently at you, analyzing your every move, while he figured out what action he should return to appease you. Maybe a part of you had recognized the red flags that seemed all too apparent for the other town folks around you, you just chose to ignore it. 
When you had finally confessed to him, once again like before.. What you had hoped to see was a flustered man, inexperienced in the terms of love, yet instead you saw Deuce with an unsettling smile, his cheeks tainted red, as he gently embraced you and kissed your forehead. You overlooked the action, passing it off as maturity, you couldn't expect Deuce to be the same person he was, when you had first confessed to him.
However, over time the walls of a once blissfully unaware paradise came crashing, as the signs seemed all too transparent.
Deuce's actions, words, and everything seemed all too familiar to be simple coincidence, you skimmed through your memories searching for an answer.. an answer you couldn't find, no matter how hard you looked. It wasn't until one day, where you stumbled across the old storybooks that Mrs. Spade had read to you in the past, did you remember. It was as if certain puzzle pieces fell into place.
You compared all of Deuce's behavior, and aligned it with the descriptions, written ever so neatly on the fine parchment paper, of each hardcovered book. If you had known about this sooner, you would have found it sweet and rather lovable, however your mind was no longer that of a child, who believed in fairytales and or the aspect of true love, the gesture proved to be more alarming than tooth rotting sweetness.
Deuce had gone to so many lengths to keep you around, but it made you question, 'had you ever known or met the real Deuce Spade?', it seemed up to this point your relationship had been built on lies, it was only then it clicked, and memories from your childhood filled your mind, how Deuce would treat you differently from others, how he'd get particularly violent with other men around you, all of which didn't seem too abnormal, appeared to be much more sinister than before.
Maybe the violent and intolerable, Deuce... was the real Deuce Spade, and maybe you have been led to believe a rather cruel but sugar coated lie.
It was only then did Deuce's words reach your ears, as you, for the very first time met his dim eyes, void of affection.
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work/theme without prior permission and or confirmation.
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pinkanonwrites · 5 months
Greetings. Could I perhaps request a male reader rejecting a confession from Jade and Floyd (separately) because he knows how they operate and that he’s liable to be tossed aside the instant he isn’t entertaining to them?
I love this idea and the angst potential but I just KNOW it's gonna hurt. Hope you enjoy regardless.
Male Reader, angst
"I... I can't. I'm sorry."
"...But why?"
"What happens when you get bored of me? When I'm not entertaining to you anymore? Are you just going to throw me away? I can't- I won't do that to myself. It isn't fair. I'm worth more than that."
Tumblr media
Jade is a man of cunning and calculations, he never puts himself out if he doesn't think it's 100% worth his time and effort. So when he finally set up the perfect situation to ask you out, he'd expected you to be delighted by the proposal. As eager as he was. Where did he go wrong? He was so certain you'd felt the same. He'd seen your shy glances his direction, the way you struggled to maintain eye contact when he'd offer you a line that could easily be taken as either a flirtatious offer or simple teasing. He'd calculated everything perfectly, and yet...
The hurt barely shows on his face for a moment before he's smoothed it over with his usual nonchalance. "I wasn't aware you thought so little of me." There's no bite in his tone, but the words speak enough for themselves that there doesn't need to be. He is hurt, but damn him if he's going to actually show it.
He retreats from you for a long while after that, no matter how much it pains him. No longer does Jade seek you out between classes and in the library to monopolize your attention, nor does he buss your tables at the Mostro Lounge to slip you a free drink when Azul's attention is occupied. He's doing a lot of internal thinking at this point, Because as much as your words hurt him, Jade couldn't find cause to refute them.
He wants to prove that you are different, that you're worth far more to him than being a mere plaything, but for the first time in his life he isn't sure how. He's become so adept at manipulating people that he has no clue how to show you that he's genuine for a change. He has no idea where to begin.
Tumblr media
Floyd's instinctual feeling is anger. Anger at being hurt, anger at letting himself be vulnerable only for it to be thrown back in his face. Angry that he thought he'd found someone who truly wasn't afraid of him, no matter how unpredictable he could be. And though he regrets it by the time he's made it back to his dorm, in the moment he can't think of anything other than throwing all that anger back in your face.
"So you're just gonna throw me away first? Hah! Well maybe you're right! Maybe you aren't worth my time! You're just a shrimp anyway, and there's millions of those! What good can a magicless human even do anyway? I only thought I liked you cause you're weird, and that's it! So don't even bother trying to be my friend or anything, cause I. Don't. Care!"
But Floyd cares. He cares oh so much. Why would he bawl, uncharacteristically silently, into his pillow after returning to his dorm if he didn't? Why would his first instinct be to turn back around and comfort you, beg for your forgiveness, even as he was storming away? It's not true, none of it. You're so much more than just a shrimp to him, and he's never going to find someone else like you. But it's too late for that. He's already ruined everything, like always. You were right not to trust him.
He's painfully muted for the next few days, and the entire campus can't help but notice. He skips his basketball club and barely keeps his head up in class, choosing to haunt the back kitchen of the Mostro Lounge like a shadow and wash dishes lest he risk running into you. He's so... Not Floyd, so it doesn't take long for word to reach you, as people considered you two to be attached at the hip by this point. But even if you try to track him down on your own, he'll be making a concerted effort to avoid you completely. He's completely convinced he's already irreversibly destroyed anything the two of you could have had, and he knows he won't be able to keep it together if he has to face you.
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cvlutos · 2 months
| MATURE | 3.4K | 01.31.23 |
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
EVERY Tuesday, exactly at noon, does the stone clock tower chime. Without delay, you hear the sound of trumpets, the marching of hooves, as the golden gates of the palace open. Wide and big, as the card soldiers, in perfect position, march upon horses of black and white, wearing that of red with swords attached to their hips and spears within their hands. Preparing for the Queen’s weekly hunt. The crowd cheers, waves banners, as they yell sayings of good luck.
The cobblestone path is tight, crowded with people, big and small, infants to the elderly, all in hopes of seeing the benevolent Queen off. Even if this same celebration will happen next week as well. In seeing him in all his grandeur. Something you’d "sadly" miss, with your woven basket tight in hand, warm and heavy from the fresh baked delights, all from the Clover bakery. You shimmy through the tight crowd, moving in the opposite direction and were, quite frankly, in the way, even as you walk along the side house and store walls. You mummer ‘excuse me’ and apologize as you go, giving sheepish grins to those who spared you a glance.
You would rather be at home, yet you promised your mother you would go. You promised to go to the bakery, to buy your grandmother’s favorite treats and sweets and deliver them to her. She lives just outside the town and in the center of the thick woods, just on the other side in a small cottage in the middle of the northern woods. A journey you’ve made countless times, and on less crowded days. Yet today, your mother was extra worried, extra concerned for your grandmother’s well being. Even if you promised, you’d go first thing in the morning tomorrow. Yet she forced you anyway. Well, guilt-tripped you into going.
‘What if she’s already dead? Hm? What would you do then?’
Return home? Tell the authorities? Cry? Yet the look on her face told you she didn’t want any back talk, so you gave in and left.
You forced yourself further down the path, spotting the familiar opening that you’ve always taken. The town you live in is surrounded by a large stone wall. Tall and thick, with only one way out of the village, and one way in. Yet this impenetrable wall has a hole, fairly big, that anyone could fit their largest ox. So you had no trouble merely crawling or walking through. The alley that led to your secret path was uncrowded, as if waiting for you and you alone.
You shimmy forward, pushing past local residents. Some allowed room for you, having noticed you, others merely rolled their eyes. You pop your head past the road barricade, searching the long stone road. The card soldiers were far. Far away to where you could make it without interrupting them, or them even noticing you. You step over the thick string, glancing one more time, before you make haste. Darting onto the clear, wide road. Ignoring shouts and gasps as you make your way to the alley. Stopping to catch your breath, you turn around. Some of the crowd are merely laughing you off, others completely ignoring, some glared at you disappointedly, yet none made a move to call the guards on you. Your eyes scan the road. You hadn’t dropped anything, and if you did, you’re sure no one would even notice.
Slightly proud of yourself, you continue on, moving past the eccentric alley system, moving quickly past houses and shops, jogging towards the large wall.
You’d be fine.
══════ ♡ ══════
The crowd becomes silent, and everything pauses. A send off has never once stopped. The Red Queen, golden crown glinting in the sun, his hand raised high. His horse stands still, the same confident and demanding energy as his owner, bows his head, as the Queen flows off the saddle. Heels clicking against the stone road. He walks forward, taking exactly five precise steps, before crouching, leather gloved fingers swiping along the stone. How he saw just a small thing, no one will ever know. The squished remains of strawberry cream cheese tart, a small delight. He rubs the cream between his fingers before rising just as quickly, holding out his hand for a napkin. It appears within a second. He turns on his heel, glaring eyes scouring the crowd, before landing on an older man.
"You! Who ran across here!?"
"Uh! I have no clue, your—your majesty." He gives an embarrassed, clumsy bow, keeping his eyes glued to the ground. "Then you tell me?" The Queen looks at another, a young woman, who automatically stiffens her posture, face paling.
"A-a woman! A young woman. With—with a wooden basket and red cape." The crowd nods along eagerly.
"In which direction?"
Multiple hands point towards the alley, all in fear to face the Queen’s wrath. With a single snap, five card soldiers appear by his side. "Search for the one with a red hood. Such disrespect shall not be tolerated." There’s a chorus of ‘yes! your majesty.’ Yet not a soul moving til the Queen re-asummed his position upon his horse. "We will resume! While in search of this Red Hood!" His voice is thunderous, and as if nothing happened, everything returns to normal.
══════ ♡ ══════
The leaves crunch beneath your feet. As you continue your long trek, the path is winding and bumpy, covered in wild leaves and branches, the cobblestone hidden beneath the foliage. The basket sways within your hand as you walk and wander along the familiar path. The cool breeze flutters your crimson cloak, and you pull the hood to cover your head and protect your ears. Wishing to have worn pants instead of trying to be cute with your red skirt and white knee-length stocking.
The Queendom is never cold, unless the Queen desires cold weather.
It always remains at the perfect temperature, always a warm summer breeze and a perfect summer day. And as you venture deeper into the woods and further away from the Queendom, the cobblestone path slowly crumbles and slowly turns to dirt. You stop at the threshold, glancing behind you. Something about today seems different.
You hope it’ll be a good day.
You venture into the woods.
══════ ♡ ══════
"Ruggie. I’m heading out. Ill be back."
He lets out a low yawn, stretching his muscles as he walked towards the cave entrance, not giving Ruggie, his right hand, a chance to respond, leaving the hyena beastman to do whatever it is he’s doing. He pushes past the thick vines of the cave, leaving the warmth of the cave and giving a shallow nod to a young wolf beastman who currently was guarding the large camp, with the others like him. "Ill be back before dawn."
"It’s after noon? And the Queen and his guard is hunting today. Far from us, but still. Are you sur—" The lazy king gives a short wave, swatting away the beastman’s concerns, stifling another yawn, leisurely wiping tired tears from his eyes, while the wolf opened his mouth to speak.
"Jack!" The duo looks towards the urgent voices. Two young beastmen, a young tiger and an older bear, both you jogged frantically, seemingly having to run across the majority of the temporary camp. They slow to a stop, giving a quick bow to their pride leader before turning to Jack.
"The Queen’s Knights. Theres five of them! Theyre asking for you presence!"
"Of course. I’m on my way. Leona—" Jack turns to their sleepy leader, only to find the place where he stood empty. He’s brows furrow, before quickly giving up and motioning for the two to lead the way.
The Queendom of Roses and the Pride of Kingscholar. While the Queen occupies the Northern woods, the Kingscholar current occupies the East portion. Over months of arguments and fights, the Kingscholar Pride has been slowly forced to the outskirts and south, while the Queendom slowly takes over the North and East.
Jack and the two beastmen run side by side, running towards the end of the camp, coming across the five poised card guards. They all sit on white pristine horses, not moving an ounce as Jack slows and straightens out his white button-up shirt. "Where is Leona Kingscholar? We shall only speak to one of authority." The voice is muffled by his thick metal helmet, clasping to his reins and swords.
"He’s away. What you need can be spoken back to him." Jack crosses his arm, keeping a scowl upon his lips as the knight scoffs.
"I shouldn’t expect more from your kind," Jack clicks his tongue but doesn’t speak, letting the knight continue, "There’s a human girl in red. She has ruined the Queen’s sendoff and thus must receive punishment. If you find her, you know best to hand her over immediately."
"I have no such obligations."
"Right—" You can hear the confidence in his voice, as he shifts the reins, getting ready to move, "It’s only best to consume your meat fresh. I hope you don’t get red fabric between your fangs, wolf." Jack gives a low growl as the horse becomes spooked, rushing over, earning a yelp from the knight and gasps from the other silent four. They watch the group ride off into the forest, before letting out a huff.
"Jack. What should we do?"
The tiger beastman speaks first, which earns a thoughtful sigh from the wolf beastman. "Nothing. I’m sure Leona will find the girl before we do. Continue as you were." Jack turns on his heels, rolling his shoulders as both boys shout and eager ‘yes’. This camp is only temporary until they reach the eastern mountain’s summit, and beyond that will be the savannas once you cross the mountains. Something Leona has been avoiding for the longest time.
══════ ♡ ══════
The farther you walk, the darker the woods get. Yet the twisting and winding path doesn’t lead you astray, a path in which you're acquainted with. And as the trees grow closer and the leaves block the sun, it feels colder, as luminescent mushrooms and flowers that grow alongside the path glow in hints of blue and yellows, give you little light, while pollen that glows a soft purple flutters through the air. It’s absolutely enchanting, with towering thick trees and small sections which sunlight peeks through, highlighting the vibrant green plants and bushes. You hum softly, playing different games as you walk, occasionally eating one of your grandmother’s snacks.
"Youre quite far."
You screech, nearly jumping out of your skin at the new presence of a voice. You look around and see no one. Your heart pounds against your ribcage. After a few moments, you left out a huff, slowly calming yourself.
"Especially during the Tyrant’s Hunt," There’s a low chuckle that sends shudders down your spine and you look around frantically, "He might very well mistake you for a deer." A rock zooms past your head, barely missing you and striking the tree behind you. Your body stiffens.
"Can you not speak?" It’s taunting and drawn out and you shiver as if ghost hands caress your body.
"What do you want—?"
"Now that is the question," The voice lets out a low hum, and you hear the shuffling of plants, "I am quite hungry."
You get a horrible feeling, and nearly trip, as something, or a someone, bolts through the thicket. A lion beastman. Before you can react, nails digging into your shoulders, and the new weight forces you to fall back, and momentum pushes you and him to roll over yourselves. Until you're once again on your back, with the air from your lungs. Your eyes fly open, staring into amused deep emerald green eyes. You wince at the feelings of nails digging into your shoulders, close to breaking your skin and making you bleed, but he doesn’t. Only giving you the sensation of nails breaking skin. Your heels dig into the earth as you desperately try to regain your breath.
"Oh… Dont look like that. You act like I’m going to eat you. Well," His hands move from your shoulders, letting you crawl backwards and away as he rested on the balls of his feet, forearms resting on his thighs as he tilts his head to the side. Eyes trailing you up and down, staring at the expansion of your bare thighs and legs, a low whistle slipping past his lips. "I might. In a more human way." A shiver rolls down your spine as you use your cape to cover your legs. He visibly looks displeased as he looks at your face.
"Little Red Riding Hood on the run from the Queen." He hums and youre eyes widen as you stagger to your feet.
"What? I didn’t do anything?!"
"Doesn’t seem that way," his tail flicks lazily, his finger drawing in the dirt in clear boredom, "you somehow made the little tyrant mad." He stands and you step away, he makes no move toward you. Green eyes gazing around the forest before stopping and landing on the path, in the direction in which you came. You follow his gaze and when you look back, the lion beastman is extremely close, his nose brushing against yours. You jump away and he rests a hand on his hips, while the other holds out your forgotten basket.
"I would get going little red. Unless you want to be headless."
You take your basket and glanced the path, you could hear the pounding of hooves. You grimace before turning around, sharing one more glance at the beastman before darting down the path, back onto the road to grandmother’s house.
══════ ♡ ══════
There’s six. Six horses, five knights, one tyrant.
Shoving his hands into his pockets, kicking up dirt and letting out a yawn, he was pretty hungry. Maybe you’d and your grandmother might make a good snack after he’s done here. He counts the seconds before the Tyrant comes into view, an ever-permanent scowl upon his youthful face. He’s pristine and upon seeing Leona, he ordered his soldiers to stop and with ease slides off his horse and marches 10 steps before glaring at the Lion Beastman.
"Queen’s rules dictate that youre not allowed within the northern forest on Tuesday afternoons. In all honesty, I should send you and your pride further east for such disrespect of the Queens’s rules." His words are venomous, speaking precisely that has his knights flinching even if the words weren’t for them.
"It’s Tuesday? I had no idea. Oops." Using his pinky finger, he cleans out his ear with a bored expression, earning a harder glare as the Queen struggles to remain calm.
"No matter. Do what you want. I have more pressing matters." He holds out his hand, and immediately, a parchment scroll is placed within his hands. The Queendom of Roses has always been the most efficient and quick. Undoing the rolled parchment and holding up the paper, your face was drawn most beautifully, a perfect reflection almost.
"Pretty isn’t she." Leona furrows his brows, watching the Tyrant marvel at the photo, the beastman’s nose scrunches in disgust.
"What are you on, Riddle?" Gasps and quick inhales come from the knights, yet the Queen doesn’t seem to mind, only few can call him by his name.
"If you must know. She ruined my send off, and I assumed she was some ruffian. But to now see such a drawing of her. She is quite cute and I am in need of a King," He tilts her head with a gleeful grin, that seemed misplaced and lovesick, "Though I will have to break her in, make her more obedient. But I’m sure it’ll be worth it."
"You truly are sick." Riddle face morphs from love-struck to angry, rolling up the parchment delicately, before clearing his throat.
"I suggest you go. Unless—" A arrow shoots past Riddle's head and grazes the fullness of Leona’s cheek before striking the tree behind him. Green eyes widen a mere fraction, and the tyrant beholds the tiniest smile. The card soldiers weren’t mere decoration, yet they aren’t that smart either. One of them must be a skilled huntsman.
"You know what I am capable of. I hate to have to make you my target instead."
The leader of his pride rolls his shoulders lazily, with his thumb wiping away the blood on his cheek. "Absolutely. Id hate to make you angry. Now if you’ll excuse me, this lion is quite hungry." And without another word, the lion stalks into the unknown of the woods.
══════ ♡ ══════
The path to grandmother’s house seems a lot longer than it usually does. Usually you’d be at her tiny cottage within an hour or two, yet it feels like days since you entered the woods and encountered the lion beastman. As if the forest was alive, living, breathing. As if the path beneath you were snakes whose bodies twisted and turned, knocking you off your feet.
You land with a hard thud, shaking your head. The forest is darker than before. How long has it been? You know the path and you know it well yet; you search your surroundings lazily, feeling as if you were submerged in thick oil, and the word seemed muffled. You spot vibrant red mushrooms that seemed to inflate before releasing a thick white gas. Hallucinations. They’re carnivorous mushrooms, but they’re never active during the day, nor on the path. They’re new. As if purposely planted, but that’s ridiculous.
And it couldn’t possibly be night.
You struggle to your feet, gripping the basket and meandering.
Until a beacon.
Off to the side of the path, nestled in between two large trees, if you walked further down the path you’ll come across the small cottage village, with her golden porch light, was your grandmother’s house. With her stone walls and wooden roof were covered in moss and mushrooms, while her red painted door was visible. You pick up your pace, stumbling occasionally as you reach her rickety wooden porch, a wide grin upon your lips as you knock on the old door.
"Grandma!" You call through the wood, yet no reply. You grab the gold doorknob, turning it and slowly pushing the door inside, letting yourself in.
It’s the same as you remember, with the fireplace on, with fresh logs. There was no collection of dust, and the couch looked recently sat on. Her throw blanket and decor pillows were out of place. You close the door behind you, slipping off your shoes, and placed the basket on the dining room table. While undoing the strings of your cape and calling out to your grandma. You move deeper into her home, before reaching her bedroom. You knock.
"Oh, darling! I’m feeling quite sick, but come in. Come in." Her voice sounds the same, and your tense shoulders drop, as a smile spreads across your face as you open the door. Only to find her bed empty and made, with the window wide open. You step further into the room, looking around, before you hear a soft click and you spin around, only to find the lion beastman from before. He isn’t looking at you, but instead squeezing a small bird.
"Mimic birds are quite useful. Able to mimic to the voice of anyone and anything once they hear it." He releases the bird, and it frantically flies out the window. You step back. "You—My grandma!" You suck in a panicked breath and the man only shrugs. Striding his way towards you, his hand moving faster than you could comprehend to grab your face and squeeze your cheeks.
"What do you think—" His free arm slides around your waist and forces your close, you try to push him away, "I did. Maybe I ate her. Gobbled her up like a big bad wolf," He faux pouts before clicking his tongue and rolling his eyes in personal annoyance, "Or lion, that fits better doesn’t it." He shakes your head aggressively, speaking like a mother would to a child when they’re fussy,
"Maybe ill eat you up. Wouldn’t you just like that—" He lets you break away with a laugh, watching your glare, and he tilts his head and eyes moving out the window.
You can hear horses.
Tumblr media
ⓒ 2023 love-thanatopsis — all rights reserved. Any sort of plagiarizing, copying, modifying, translating, editing of my works are strictly prohibited.
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apompkwrites · 8 months
imagine... (sibling edition) || dorm leaders
masterlist characters: riddle, leona, azul, kalim, vil, idia, malleus genre: angst contains: unhealthy sibling relationships, reader being compared to siblings, feelings of self-worth summary: a series of ideas involving the dorm leaders' possible relationship dynamics with a younger sibling. notes: so twst huh? i kinda wanna elaborate on some of these but only if you guys want it? i know it's not the normal stuff i write but twst brainrot has me good. also insp by luxaryllis :D
imagine being riddle's little sibling that becomes entirely reliant on their family's rules. you are so used to being told what to do that you never develop the skills to make decisions for yourself. you've memorized your mother's rules as well as the queen's in nrc's by heart. you live by those rules and once your brother (post overblot) tries to establish a real relationship with you, you don't know what to do.
cont. rules of a roseheart
imagine being leona's little sibling that is completely overshadowed by the two elder kingscholars. falena is highly praised for being the heir to the throne and the "most well-off kingscholar child". leona is often scolded and gossiped about being the lesser sibling, the one that shows no interest in the throne along with the ability to bring about a drought at will. and you, the last kingscholar that is scolded for not being as good as their older brother falena and for not being better than leona. all you know is comparison with no real sense of identity.
cont. the lesser kingscholar
imagine being azul's little sibling that forced themselves to grow up fast. you grew up watching your older brother hate how he looked and so you, in turn, hated how you looked. you forced yourself to grow up fast in the hopes that a) you would no longer look the way you did and b) protect your older brother from the people that bullied him relentlessly.
cont. the ashengrotto octopot
imagine being kalim's little sibling that, despite being spoiled just like the rest of your siblings, felt like you were nothing but a face in the crowd, both to kalim and your parents. not much you could do in a family with 32 children. no matter what you did, it was overshadowed by another of your siblings. you grew up believing that, whatever you did, there was always someone better than you.
cont. one of the asims
imagine being vil's little sibling that grows up despising the attention your family name gave you. you're expected to live up to your older brother's legacy, only to fall flat when they realize you lack... well, everything that he has. you try your hardest because you want to make your family proud, but no matter what it's always demeaned and you're told you won't amount to your brother's success.
cont. schoenheit stardom
imagine being idia's younger sibling that often hears how they should be more like ortho. you're told that you need to be the model child just like ortho is. and when you don't meet their expectations, you find yourself wishing that, whatever happened to ortho, happened to you instead. maybe then you could be a good child.
cont. the unwanted shroud
imagine being malleus's younger sibling that saw their brother as an untouchable figure. you grew up hearing that he was a terrifying person. he was terrifying in two ways, one being his magic and the other being his status. of course, it wasn't really your choice. it just sort of turned out that way, what with the duties he has.
cont. the royal draconias
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probablynoposts · 6 months
MC figuring out their home is destroyed pt. 2
Here’s part 2, part 3 will be out at some point. I hope you enjoy this!(Hope you like dialogue)
ooc character(s)?, part 1, part 3, part 4?, masterlist ______________________________________________________________ You were acting different, everyone noticed, but no one said anything. No one had to. You have been missing from classes and other school activities, even Grim who’s your dorm mate claims he’s barely seen you. All of the teachers have been acting weird as well, especially Crowley, but none of the students mentioned a thing. At least not to the teachers. Rumors spread fast about the Ramshackle prefect who no one had seen in the past few days. Even your friends aren’t immune to hearing the gossip.
“Why’s Shrimpy hiding away from us now?” Floyd wines, he tried to go the Ramshackle himself, but he was stopped by Crowley. “And it’s not like the Dire is being any help right now.” Floyd thinks to himself for another few moments. “Maybe the mirror wasn’t able to send Shrimpy home, and this is all due to Dire Crowley’s lack of effort to get them home.”
Jade nods, Azul rolls his eyes at the twin’s efforts to find an answer. Now Jade speaks up. “Hey Azul, how about the weekly dorm leader meeting? You could try and find out what’s going on with [Y/N].”
“That’s assuming the Prefect isn’t exempt from the meeting, as they’ve been exempted from classes. They’ve been missing and the teachers haven’t said a thing, their name hasn’t even been called during roll.” Azul explains then right as he finishes, two idiots from Heartslabyul burst in.
“Floyd! Do you know how to pick locks?” Ace yells.
“Sort of, why?” Floyd responds, a grin creeping on his face.
“They want to pick the lock to Ramshackle and check on [Y/N].” Epel says as he walks in behind the Adeuce duo, Grim standing next to him.
“Hey! You’re making it sound like you’re not in on it too!” Deuce exclaims at the purple haired boy, Epel shrugs.
“Why don’t you ask Jack or Sebek?” Jade asks. “This seems to be a first-year get together.” Deuce and Ace looks at each other.
“Well we were going to ask Jack but he was in the middle of a run and we couldn’t catch up with him.” Deuce explains. “Yeah, and Sebek is..well…Sebek.” Ace adds.
“Do you actually have a plan?”
“We didn’t get that far-” “WHAT!”
Everyone turns after Epel yells, Rook, vice dorm leader of Pomefiore, is standing in the doorway. And before Epel can speak, Rooks offers an excuse. “Roi de Poison asked me to keep an eye on you. Now I’m here to help you get Trickster out of Ramshackle or at least get some answers. Now I know some more then others might be more against this then others, but breaking into Ramshackle isn’t the answer. We have to go to the person who’s most likely to have information AND answers.”
Everyone is quiet, trying to rack their brains. “Crowley” or “The Dire” or something of the sort is was blurted out by multiple people.
“Bingo.” Rook has a sly grin on his face, “Now here’s the plan…”
It’s a risky plan, everyone has to do their part. Even Crowley who is unaware of his own involvement. “Just wait for Crowley to start lurking around, then it’s go time.” Rook’s words play over again in Ace’s mind. Then there he was, Dire Crowley lurking, as he had been the past few days. “He’s here.”
“Dire Crowley!” It took some convincing, but it was none other then Riddle Rosehearts, dorm leader of Heartslabyul.
“Um, hello Riddle. Can we talk later, I’m a bit..how could you say…occupied..”
“No, I think we need to talk now.” Leona’s voice rings out.
“I would have to agree.” Vil Schoenheit, even agreed to take time out of his busy schedule to help.
Crowley seems to be stressed, to say the least.
One by one, all of the other dorm leaders stepped into the view of the Dire. All seven, Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Vil Schoenheit, Kalim Al-Asim, Azul Ashengrotto, Idia Shroud(surprisingly), and eventually Malleus Draconia. Crowley is silent for a while.
“The information you wish is not mine to divulge,” he pauses, “but I can take you to the one you wish to see, and you can try your luck…”
______________________________________________________________ If you any suggestions of how to make the characters, please tell me! Also I hope you enjoyed part 2! Part 3 will definitely have them find out!
[taglist]: @naroshinozaki @animesimpanon @starriwonderland @jumiver
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inuiiwonderland · 4 months
I heard you wanted to write some angst so I got some for you.
Imagine the TWST boys bullied reader which causes it to breaks readers trust all together and is no longer on good terms with them. It's all around thick tension when they are all alone together in a room, so they try to gain readers trust back again and reader wants absolutely nothing to do with them, and whatever they give to reader reader breaks/destroys it in their face. They keep trying, but are greeted with harsh words, or just in general silence. So during this let's imagine she was dating one of the boys during this preferably Trey. So it ends with them confronting her and reader calling them out on their bullshit and most importantly Trey. So reader ends up yelling at them like this so after that they stop trying and reader gets into more fights because Cater and Rook spread false rumors about reader, and you can decide what everyone else did to reader so Reader leaves slamming the door. Reader only let's Ortho be around her which he ends up doing after reader loosens up around him. So reader and Ortho are best friends and everyone tries to get info out of him about reader but Ortho doesn't allow it bc reader told him not to so he shuts them all down.
Gender neutral reader pls? Sorry if it's long too I just rlly like angst 😋
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Twst characters x gn! Reader
A/n: omg I am so sorry for this being late😓 I hope you still enjoy tho dear anon:) sorry that it's a bit short and also no worries! Your not being annoying!
Tw: bullying, mentions of mental health(?) Mentions of online harassment and I think that it!
You sigh as you once again hear another knock coming from downstairs. You couldn't believe that these idiots are still bothering you even after everything they have done to you.
"They won't stop will they?" Grim asks while you just stare at the ceiling.
Soon another knock was heard again followed by the two voices you wish not to hear.
"Y/n! Please open the door" 
"Can we please talk?" You scoff at their audacity for disturbing you and grims peace. You got up from your bed and opened the window to see them standing outside your door.
"Fucking leave me alone!" You yelled out which grabbed the attention of both ace and deuce.
Before any of them could finish talking you slam your window shut. You let out a frustrated sigh and clenched your fists.
"The audacity of those two!" You say as you feel tears slide down your cheeks. 
You couldn't believe that they still have the guts to talk to you after what they put you through. Not just them but also everyone. They all bullied the hell out of you to the point that your mental health wasn't good.
They made you feel worthless and a burden to the point that you begged Crowley to hurry up with the process of taking you back home. You couldn't do it anymore. The bullying, insults, and the borderline harassment you received by some of vil and cater followers.
You couldn't take it anymore. Not wanting to talk or see them you kept yourself isolated as possible in ramshackles. Only leaving when it is time for class etc. The only good part about this whole situation was that you had grim by your side. He was there when you would cry after the insults they will throw at you. And not only that, but you had the octotrio plus ortho by your side including malleus, lilia, silver and sebek. 
Without them you're sure you would have gone completely insane by the others bullying. Azul, floyd and jade help you in secret. Pretending that they didn't like you in front of the others but in close doors they would comfort you and try to help you.
But soon, you weren't safe in the comfort of your own dorm when some of them would come by and throw eggs, tomatoes and other things by your door. You felt absolutely useless knowing that this torture won't stop. It became even worse when you later started hearing rumors being spread about you. To the point that other students would ignore you or walk up to you to ask if the rumors were true.
You felt like shit. You didn't know what to do. All you wanted in those moments was comfort. Someone to come whisk you away and tell you that everything will be okay. 
You ignored all of them. Their venomous words and just them in general. Later on you just didn't react to what they had to say. You didn't scream, cry, or plead for them to shut up. 
And that is when some of them realize what they had done. Everytime you were in a room with them, they could sense the thick tension in that room. You would just blankly stare ahead with your fists clenched tightly against your side. 
They didn't like this at all. And because of this, they would come up to you and ask to talk but you would just walk past them. Some would try to give you gifs as an apology but you would just stare deep into their eyes and rip or break it infront of their face. 
When some of them would come crying begging you to forgive them but you would just scoff before saying harsh words to them that will cause them to stay there in shock. 
Why would you waste your time if all they did was talk shit about you and treat you like shit. 
Which later leads to trey confronting you alongside riddle, cater and the adeuce duo. 
"Y/n we seriously need to talk"
You just stare at your soon to be ex lover as he starts explaining that your behavior is wrong and childish. And that was when you snapped.
"Childish? Childish?! Oh please trey. My behavior is anything but fucking childish!"
"You guys did this to me! You guys fucking did this to me!!" 
"I had to suffer with you and everyone bullshit! You all caused me nothing but pain and suffering!"
"Shut it ace!" He quickly shut up and just watched as you started trembling from anger.
"You are all fucking dead to me"
"You don't mean that" you look at trey and just laugh.
"I do, I fucking mean every fucking word. You are all dead to me and I don't want to talk or see any of you guys again"
"Wait please-"
"And were over trey" 
And you stormed out of heartsalbyul dorm.
You cut off all of them. By changing your number so they won't spam call you during the night and demanding Crowley to not let any of them step even a damn foot near ramshackles.
You also made Crowley change your class schedule so you won't have to see any of them in class. Only having classes with the ones who were there for you during those hard times. And for lunch, you were allowed to eat at the monstro lounge with no chances of bumping into them during lunch time.
Of course, because of this some of them were desperate to talk to you. Seeing that ortho was always by your side, idia would beg his little brother to give him information about how you were doing. Which ortho would just sadly look at him and shake his head as a no to giving his brother any information.
And idia isn't the only one. The others would desperately come to him for any info about you but he would just shut them down and walk away.
They all did everything they could to make it up to you. But you didn't accept any of their apologies or useless gifts. Your friends made sure to not let any of them be near you or even in your eyes of sight. Even if it means that ortho had to shoo his brother away from being near you.
In the end, you didn't forgive any of them and continued to get help from your friends to forget all those horrible memories.
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keedas · 1 month
Tumblr media
— wasn’t it enough?
— lyric. you fell in love with them, but when the time came you choose your home over them. ft. riddle, ace, floyd, and malleus
— content warning. angst, abandonment(?), lots of crying, slight yandere(?), reader doesn’t go home in one of them, reader isn’t a bad person they just wanna go home, in all honesty ace and malleus’ part hurt me the most
Tumblr media
୨୧ riddle rosehearts
he doesn’t understand. after his overblot he changed, he wasn’t as strict as he used to be, and he isn’t a complete replica of his mother anymore. so why, why are you leaving? he stands still, he can’t move a muscle.
you were generous enough to grant him a farewell, but at what cost? “ riddle, i want you to understand where i’m coming from-” “ have i done something wrong?”
you pause, not sure how to answer. he thinks it’s his fault when it’s not. “ riddle, you haven’t done anything wrong. but i’ve been trying to find a way home for many months and we’ve finally found a way.” riddle’s hands ball into fists and if it weren’t for his gloves he would’ve cut his palms from how hard he was pressing his nails against his skin.
“ a-and i’m not missing this opportunity.” your voice stumbles from your eyes beginning to water. you try your best to stop tearing up, and thankfully you were able to.
“ i thought we shared something special..” riddle’s face is moist from his tears cascading down his face. “ but i guess my love for you wasn’t strong enough to bound you here with me.” he wipes his eyes and turns on his heel.
“ i won’t bother you any further, i hope you’re happy back home, and i’m sorry for not making this place a home to you.”
୨୧ ace trappola
“ very funny, (your name), now hurry up we’ll be late to class!” he laughs while softly hitting your back. his throat dries up when you don’t follow him to alchemy class. he retreats back in front of you, “ (your name).. come on!” you must be pranking him! you’re getting back at him for all those times he’s teased you! that’s it!
“ hey, I’m sorry for taking the last joke a tad to far but this isn’t very funny.” you don’t speak to him, your head hangs low, it’s crazy that at moments like these the floor can bring immense comfort. “ you’re not joking are you?” still quiet.
“ the head master procrastinated for so long, i really believed you’d be staying here forever.” for a good moment ace doesn’t move, then he falls to his knees and wraps his arms around your legs to keep you in place. “ please don’t leave me! please, please, please!” his eyes are leaking tears and his nose full of snot.
he doesn’t care if looks pathetic right now, he has to make you stay. “ i promise to stop teasing you, i promise to stop getting in trouble, i promise to stop copying off your homework, i promise to help take care of grimm, please just don’t leave!”
you try to push him off you but it only makes him pull you down with him and he hugs your body tight. “ i’ll transfer to your dorm if you’re getting lonely, i’ll stop asking you to get me out of trouble, i’ll start being responsible over myself!”
ace cried so much that his tears are making his heart makeup come off. “ ace, please let me go, you won’t feel sad after i’m gone, you’ll eventually forget about me.. just please let go.. don’t make this harder than it has to be…”
“ no, if i let go you’ll disappear and I’ll never see you again…”
୨୧ floyd leech
“ shrimpy? what are you doing here?” floyd’s eyes widen at the sight of you about to go through a mirror. your head snaps towards him with shock, you were hoping to leave without him knowing. “ shrimpy, come on! you said you’d come to my practice!” floyd brushes the situation off and walks towards in hopes of getting you away from this place.
“ floyd..” he stops a couple feet away from you. he stuffs his hands into his pockets and maintains his usual toothy smile. “ floyd, i lied about coming to see you.” you had to sound strong, this wasn’t the time to be sensitive.
floyd stays silent before he laughs, “ wow! that’s sooo screwed up of you!” his laugh comes out as choked sobs. he doesn’t bother wiping his tears away, he wants you to know how your choice affected him.
“ can’t believe you stood me up like that! you have guts, shrimpy!” he takes a step closer to you, and you take step closer to the mirror. he notices this. “ why’d you wanna leave? aren’t you happy here? with me? i do my best to make everyday fun for you!”
“ floyd.. i’m sorry, but your words won’t keep me here.” you turn your gaze back to the mirror that reflects your home, it’s as if it’s tempting you to choose home over floyd. but.. you love him too much to hurt him like this. “ i-i want to go home.. but i want to stay here with you also..” you wrap your arms around yourself as you begin to let your tears fall.
“ i wish i could take you with me.. but you have your own family here.. i don’t want to take you from them…” you let yourself drop to the ground and floyd rushed to embrace you. “ i-i’ll stay here with you..” floyd smiles widely and hugs you tighter from behind.
“ don’t scare me like that, shrimpy..”
୨୧ malleus draconia
“ child of man.. is there anything in my power that can make you stay?” malleus’ hand rests on your shoulder, he wants to make sure you won’t leave until he’s for sure that there’s a way to make you stay. malleus doesn’t want to use his powers to force you to stay, your relationship wouldn’t be the same if you did.
malleus knew you were leaving without you having to tell him, thus he went to the mirror chamber awaiting your arrival. he’s hurt you were planning to leave without saying goodbye, but maybe it was for good reason.
it’s possible going home was so important to you that you’ve forgotten to say your farewells or maybe you felt it would hurt you both to much to tell him. it’ll hurt him either way though. “ tsunotaro, our time together was the most fun i’ve had in a very long time, i doubt me leaving will ever make me forget of our friendship.”
ah, that dreaded word. you still see him solely as a friend, he hasn’t made his intentions clear enough.
“ child of m-.. (your name), i thought i made my feelings clear, but it seems that you didn’t quite understand my intentions.” his hand that was on your shoulder is now cupping your cheek as his opposite hand holds your waist. “ i’ve loved you since the first time i saw you, and through time i learned to love you even more. you were my first friend that wasn’t within my usual group, you weren’t scared of me even after hearing of my title.” he kept listing things that made him fall in love with you, but they didn’t change how you felt about going home.
“ so please, consider staying with me, be by my side and i can guarantee that i can make you feel at home, with me.” you can hear the desperation in his voice, along with his grip on your waist slowly tightening.
“ malleus, you can’t change my mind. i’m going home.” you slid his hands off of you and walked into the mirror chamber, malleus followed behind you.
“ are you that set on leaving?” he asks a single tear rolling down his face. you turn around.
“ yes, my family is back home, and i miss them so much.” malleus straightens himself up.
“ very well then, i wish you the best back home. but be sure to remember that we will meet again, even if it means i have to wait an entire lifetime, i will see you again.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shkanoin · 8 months
calling your boyfriends ‘bro’, the electric boogaloo
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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