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Tumblr media
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blackopals-world · 5 months
Crewel: Ive decided that I won't punish you pups.
Ace and Deuce: Thank god.
Crewel: The Prefect will.
Yuu:(In the distance) Tweedle Dee and Tweedle dumbass!
Crewel: God, help you.
Ace: Please just whip us or something!
Deuce: Am I Dee or dumbass?
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fuzzybonefluffy · 7 months
Azul said that you behave like a grandmother of first-year students
Azul: gently taps on the table MC/You: taps back Adeuce: what are they doing? Jamil: Morse code Azul: aggressively taps on the table MC/You: slaps on the table TAKE YOUR WORDS BACK-
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squidwen · 7 months
TWST Scenario #2
ADeuce: *walk into Ramshackle with Riddle’s collars on their necks*
Ace: Don’t ask.
MC: *takes their phone away from their ear* Well if it isn’t Tweedle Dumb, and Tweedle Dumber.
Ace: Hey!
Deuce: *takes a moment to process it* Which one’s Tweedle Dumber?
Riddle, who MC was on the phone to: … Trey! I’m in love.
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wolken-himmel · 1 month
In which (Y/n) likes to cook Deuce food as a way of showing affection.
He doesn't seem to really understand the implications of the prefect's gesture, though.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"Hey, how come you only make food for Deuce? I'm also hungry!"
"Stop complaining and eat your apple, Ace."
"No, (Y/n)! I don't want an apple... I want sandwiches, like the ones you made for Deuce."
It was just another schoolday during the afternoon that the four of you spent lounging beneath a tree in the courtyard. A few other groups sat huddled amongst each other nearby, although the courtyard was only sparsely populated.
A small discussion had broken out between Ace and you as soon as he had seen you open your bag to hand a carefully wrapped lunch box to Deuce. A shy giggle escaped your lips when your fingers brushed his when you gave the box to him. Deuce had taken the box eagerly, an aloof smile on his lips.
Grim crossed his arms in dismay. "You're right, Ace." His curious eyes watched as the blue-haired boy set aside the lid and pulled out a carefully crafted sandwich. Despite the absence of tuna, the cat still felt his stomach rumble painfully. "I don't get any special treatment by my henchhuman, either... What has this world come to?"
"Maybe (Y/n) just likes me more than you," Deuce said with a grin, though the smugness of his voice soon ebbed away again. All that remained was a satisfied look in his eyes after he had gulped down his first bite. "Of course, I was just joking. Thank you for the food, (Y/n). I very much appreciate it."
"N-No issue, Deuce!" Your fingers wrestled with one another nervously while you watched for his reaction. When his eyes met yours again though, you couldn't help but avert your gaze. "I hope you like it."
"Everything you make is tasty," he said with a full mouth.
Still dissatisfied by your stubbornness when it came to anyone but your little favourite Heartslabyul boy, Ace turned to Grim and furrowed his eyebrows. "Deuce may have meant it as a joke, but I think he's really onto something there," the red-head mumbled, so that only the cat could hear him. "Do you think...?"
"Yes, it could be very possible," Grim replied without having heard the whole question.
You eyed the duo suspiciously after having recovered from your interaction with Deuce. At the large grins these two troublemakers wore, you narrowed your eyes at them. "What could be 'very possible'?"
A confident grin graced Grim's face. "Well, we have a certain theory. Would you like to continue, Detective Ace?"
"Why, thank you, my assistant," Ace replied with a posh accent. Being referred to as assistant had Grim seething, but his complaining was stopped by a single raised hand. The red-head's eyes gazed you up and down critically. "The two of us have suspicions that you might have a crush on our idiot friend."
"Shhhh—!" you cried out in desperation and waved your arms around.
Much to your horror, Deuce perked up at the sudden accusation. His food lay forgotten in his lap while he finished chewing a carrot. "Really?" he asked you with wide eyes. "You have a crush on someone? What's their name? Do you also cook for them?"
While Ace and Grim began laughing their souls out, you were left to defend what remained of your honour. With your cheeks as hot as a campfire, you managed to seethe out, "You really are an idiot, Deuce..."
"What?" He tilted his head to the side in confusion, a gesture you found awfully adorable. "Where did that suddenly come from?"
You gritted your teeth together, hating the thought that you would have to literally spell the situation out to him. Yet, you were left no other choice when he merely pressured you with another confused look. A string of curses escaping your lips, you threw your hands into the air in exasperation. "I thought it was obvious with the lunch boxes I always make for you. I don't cut the carrots into hearts just for anyone," you whispered awkwardly.
For a while, your monologue left him speechless. "I didn't know I was special." His eyes were as wide as saucers.
"Well," you breathed out shyly, "you are very special to me, Deuce."
Your little moment was interrupted by Ace's obnoxious laughter. He scooted closer to his friend and punched his shoulder. "Have you finally figured out who (Y/n) has a crush on, Deuce?" he asked while snatching the other half of the sandwich for himself.
Deuce remained silent for a while. But when realisation came to him, it came down crashing hard. In his panic, he almost threw the lunch box to the ground with how quickly he jumped to his feet. "Oh." His intense gaze made you feel small and scared. When he noticed your squirming, his eyes softened apologetically. "Oh! I never realised— I never realised you had a crush on me..."
"Finally..." Ace breathed out and took another bite of the sandwich.
"Took him an eternity..." Grim nodded along, eagerly grabbing a heart-shaped carrot piece when Ace offered it to him.
A soft sigh escaped your lips, and you only reluctantly raised your gaze to observe Deuce's expression. "I-It's alright..." you muttered awkwardly. You could at least try to salvage the situation as best as possible. "I was always too shy to say it to you outright, Deuce."
He didn't reply, though. The silence left you squirming even more in discomfort.
"I think his brain stopped working," Grim muttered between big bites.
The entire situation came crashing down upon Deuce all at once, like a large wall that had just crumbled down upon him and buried him alive. As if he had just returned from the dead, he jolted up and stared at you with wide eyes. "You like me? Me?" he cried out and buried his face in his shaking hands. "The lunch boxes make sense now..."
You put a hand on his shoulder. "Deuce? Are you alright?"
"Oh right, I'm sorry." He took a deep breath, and he finally managed to get his act together. When he removed his hands from his face, he revealed a beaming smile to you. Your heart skipped a few beats when he took his hand into yours. "Well, (Y/n)... what do you think of us cooking together sometime. Like a... date?"
"I would love to."
"You could cook stuff for us!" Ace suggested and eyed the empty lunch box in dismay.
Grim nodded along eagerly. "I mean, we brought you two together, after all."
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mashed-potato101 · 5 months
Ace, Deuce, and Grim in book 3 after making a deal with Azul: Man, I wish I could get rid of this anemone
Mc: Say no more
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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rs-wonderland · 2 months
Deuce kills a mousquito: Ah! They are so annoying!
Ace: If people killed each other bc they are annoying, Riddle would kill me the first day i came in here.
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Yuu: if I faint can somebody catch me?
Ace: no
Deuce: maybe
Epel: I would kick you while your down
Yuu: Epel I know where you sleep
Epel: and?
Yuu: and I broke into enough dorms to know how to kidnap somebody
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tezret · 8 months
He Asked Grim
Deuce: you have a face.
You/Reader: Uh, yeah, I do have a face
Deuce: I mean you have a nice face.
You/Reader: Okay…?
Deuce, frustrated with himself: Please understand that I’m flirting with you, because I don’t know what I’m doing.
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thecoolsquirrel · 4 months
Chapter 5 Sketches
Tumblr media
Almost forgot I didnt post this one yet!
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luminescent-aurum · 5 months
Tumblr media
RIDDLE : “ Good morning. “
TREY : “ Good morning! “
DEUCE SPADE : “ Good morning—! “
CATER : “ You all sound like robots, try spicing it up a bit~ “
ACE: “ So oxygen went on a date with potassium, it went... OK. “
TREY : “ I thought oxygen was dating magnesium, OMG. “
CATER : “ Actually oxygen first asked nitrogen out, but nitrogen was all like NO. “
TREY : “ I thought oxygen had that double bond with the hydrogen twins. “
ACE : “ Looks like someone's a HO. “
CATER : “ NaBrO. “
RIDDLE : “ I'm done with all of you! “
TREY: “ If you put a milkshake in one yard and crack open a cold one in another yard, which yard would the boys go to? “
ACE: “ Schrödinger's boys. “
DEUCE: “ what about cracking open a cold milkshake? “
RIDDLE: “ As we all know, the milkshake brings the boys to the yard. The presence of the boys is a prerequisite for the cracking open of a cold one, but cold ones do not have any inherent boy-attracting abilities. Milkshakes, however, do. “
RIDDLE: “ All else being equal, the boys would proceed to the milkshake yard. While it is possible to announce the presence of cold ones in the hope of attracting some boys, the pull of the milkshake is much more powerful by comparison. “
TREY : ...
DEUCE : ...
CATER : ...
ACE : ...
RIDDLE : “ Mind you, all of this nonsense hinges on whether or not you’ve all tended to your tasks. “
RIDDLE: and that, if the boys are back in town.
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Anomaly of Heaven. Overblot mc
Tumblr media
Synopsis: You finally have enough of Crowley's bullshit
Character/s: Ace, Deuce, Grim, Crowley, Housewardens, Vice, First years [only malleus, riddle, azul, and leona are actually mentioned but only little]
Content Warnings: Bottled up emotions, rage, screaming, cussing, trauma, abit ooc characters, mentions of body disfiguration [although not too vivid], overblot, afab mc, fem pronouns (she/her)
Genre: Pure angst, no comfort
Word count: 1k+
Song: Skyfall — Adele
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
It was tiring.
It drained you.
Helping everyone, cleaning up everyone and Crowley's mess, and then... getting nothing in return. It was always you to blame. It wasn’t your fault you were brought here so why are you always to blame? Why is it always you who is unlucky?
You sighed staring up at the night sky, tired and angry. The built up rage was lighting something sinister within you; but you had hope, one little spec of hope, that Crowley finally managed to find some way to bring you back; sure, you have friends here but what about your friends back home? Your family? You wanted some sort of normality just for once.
Surely you were brought here because you’re special, right? You must have some kind of role other than being just- there
You stared ahead, out of the window of ramshackle, grim was long asleep, but you simply just couldn’t bring yourself to, no, not with all these feelings and thoughts mixing in; but slowly the exhaustion finally kicked in and you found yourself succumbing to slumber.
Drip drip
Tumblr media
The next day you felt off, something just did not feel right, and it wasn’t because of someone... No, it was because of you or rather something within you.
Every little thing was irritating you, your senses felt overstimulated, so you left, not bothering to explain to the trio where you were going, you just wanted to be alone.
The walk to the garden was quiet and peaceful... finally some alone time, you thought.
“Ah prefect! There you are, could you get these....” of course there had to be disturbances, it just wasn’t your day today.
“sure, and uh, sir? Have you found a way back home?”
“ah! Home.. Haha of course! But lately I have been very busy for some things to help the school!”
“right.” you replied, “now if I shall I've got other matters to attend to” crowley said hastily leaving
After finishing what he asked for, you finally had time to spare for yourself, but you were wrong. Walking to crowley’s office you wondered what the hell those three idiots have caused again, in fact, what have they not caused?
Tumblr media
You swung the door open and entered the headmages’ office “prefect! Perfect timing!”
“what happened now?”
“Well, these three have broken something, and as the prefect of ramshackle it is your utmost responsibility to take care of them, and you failed to do so... again.” crowley sighed
this was incredulous! You were busy and did not know what was happening, so why are you to blame once again. “what!? It wasn’t even my fault sir- I was doing what you asked me to-”
Drip drip
“ah ah, but you were assigned to keep them out of trouble as well!” he replied in that sickenly voice of his, feigning innocence and what not
“I-” you were about to protest when another voice piped in “hey! We did it so punish us instead, just leave my henchman alone!” grim said running by your side, sure he may be a little menace at times but he is your friend, and he just couldn’t stand there while his beloved human was getting blamed for something she didn’t even do.
Deuce and ace nodded as well agreeing, “yeah! They weren’t even there it’s all on us three, sir”
He couldn’t just take all the blame on you! You did nothing wrong.
“Listen crowley, I did absolutely fucking nothing! I wasn’t there how was I supposed to know?!” you screamed, finally having enough of all the shit he’s put you up for, hell even grim stood by you.
Crowley, ace, and deuce were stunned, they didn’t expect their quiet and kind prefect to just scream out of nowhere!
“Prefect! What is this kind of behav-”
“Shut up! All you have ever done for me is treat me like some sort of fucking servant! Have you even worked on finding a way back to my home?!” you screamed, it seemed that all your bottled up emotions have finally decided to spill
“Well- yes I am working on it-” crowley replied, but you knew better than to believe what he said
“Oh really? Do you even work at all? Cause it seems to me like you have been lazing around being fucking incompetent! Overblots happen every single month, and who must clean it up? ME! All your work? IT'S ON ME!”
“We wouldn’t have had any overblots if only you actually cared!”
Drip drip..
“It's because of your negligence, lack of involvement and greedy ideals that’s what’s getting us wrapped up into a mess!”
“have you even considered what I've felt? I act like it doesn’t bother me, but I deeply miss my home!”
Drip drip...
“You talk as if you’re some kind, responsible person BUT. YOU. ARE. NOT!”
The room was silent as everyone tried to get themselves over the shock and horrid, grim was seething beside you, he didn’t like the fact crowley kept on stressing you out.
You were tired of his selfishness, his lack of care, for the betterment. A gnawing darkness came from within, slowly little droplets fell from your eyes, great you were crying now, you thought as you reached up to smudge it away..
Again and again, but it seemed to just keep coming, you couldn’t understand why.
Horrified gasps were heard in front of you; deuce stared wide eyed, and ace felt guilt. “[n-name]”
“henchman..! this is all your fault you damned mage!” grim yelled at crowley, he looked genuinely worried; how could he? How could he cause [name] such pain that she’s slowly finally, succumb to the darkness?
You finally understood what was happening, looking down at your hands, it wasn't tears, it was ink.
The magicless student was actually... overblotting.
It’s suffocating, the gnawing darkness from earlier has now fully enveloped you. Staggering back, you were shaking, it hurts... it hurts! you said not even realizing you were screaming in agony. Unknown to you grim was starting to overblot as well, he just couldn’t keep it in anymore...
“So painful... MAKE IT STOP! PLEASE-” you sobbed in anguish, it felt like you were too small for your own skin...
Three pairs of inked wings came out from the rip on your back, the other three were downright horrified.
“you two.. Get the dorm leaders.” crowley said “what!? What abou-”
“GO!” ace and deuce had no other choice but to do so.
Tumblr media
The word slowly started to blur out as you succumb to the outcome of your pure unfiltered rage. Your appearance drastically changed, your hair was longer ending in white, defying gravity itself as it slowly floated, your eyes became slitted as another pair opened just below it, and finally a halo of thorns formed just right above your head, as if it was some sort of mock to you.
You were good, you followed everything that was said, and now here your reward is, to be in the form of one of the most kind and known celestial beings, an angel; but was it really a reward when you are simply a mock version of it? A version made from hate; Your hate, despair, and suffering.
You embraced this new form with open arms, it was you, after all. Grim was beside you, oh little grim, he didn’t seem so weak now, a tailed beast he has become, fire burning hotter than before. Mounting the huge beast, you both headed for the courtyard, leaving that part of the building in ruins.
Tumblr media
“housewarden!” ace and deuce busted in the meeting room, panting as they ran from the whole other side of the building
“Ace? Deuce? You clearly see there is a meeting happening right now. I will not tolerate such beh-” riddle said in disappointment but was cut off by the two first years “now is NOT the time, [name]- she-" deuce panted.
“spit it out you idiots, I've got no time here.” leona spat out, just then a loud screech can be heard, loud enough to shake the room abit, now this caught their attention.
“[name] has overblotted we don’t know how-”
The housewardens all looked at the two in shock, running out and to the courtyards.
Tumblr media
Destruction, chaos, and fire was what they reached to. The screams of horror rang throughout the entirety of the school, and the once magicless, helpless prefect was the cause of it all, laughing as they tore the school down and reduced it to nothing but rubbles of ashes.
“what the hell have you become [name]!? Snap out of it!” screamed azul; they were terrified, this... This was nothing to their overblot, right now, it was pure destruction, they aimed to obliterate this place.
Where you go, I go
Ace and deuce and the other first years have finally arrived at the scene
What you see, I see
They stared in disbelief at what their beloved friends had become “[NAME]! PLEASE! COME BACK TO US!”
I know I'd never be me
“[name!]”, “Prefect!”, “Come on [name]!”, “PLEASE!”
Without the security of your loving arms, keeping me from harm
They shot magic at you, but grim shielded you away from them, screeching at them to get away
Put your hand in my hand and we'll stand
Your wings finally spread to their full lengths for the first time; covering the courtyard in its’ shadow as you take flight to the heavens above. You were different, your blot just wasn’t caused by magic, no... It was created from within you, it was made from your pure ravenous rage.
“Youve all caused me to BE like THIS! You don’t know what it’s like... NEVER.”
Let the sky fall
They look up in shock as the once dark skies have parted to let the sun’s glow shine down onto you, if it weren’t the current circumstances, you would have looked ethreal.
-let the sky fall-
“No..” Malleus mumbled, he didn’t want to lose you, no, not this early...
When it crumbles
“My fury... will never be quelled” you raised your hand as the ground shook, and tore itself into crumbs, slowly floating to the high heavens
-when it crumbles-
They didn’t want to hurt you, but this was too much.
We will stand tall
-we will stand tall-
Face it all together
You were dear to them, but they cannot just let this continue...
Let the sky fall
-let the sky fall-
Spears made of pure onyx blot rained down to the land, and oh how the loose beast heavily destroyed the land
When it crumbles -when it crumbles-
We will stand tall -we will stand tall-
Face it all together...
At sky fall...
Let the sky fall
The sky... it truly felt like it crumbled down onto them
We will stand tall
At sky fall
As the rubble arose to the now blood red sky, a broken shard of mirror flew past you showing your reflection
You stare at it.
A monster stares back.
Tumblr media
I hope you guys enjoyed this!
©vixennz please refrain from reposting/stealing
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blackopals-world · 5 months
I have a silly request that you may or may not enjoy.
Fem!Yuu who came from a long line of chefs and can make just about anything. From quiche to raspberry tarts to katsu sandwiches. She of course decides to share her skills in the form of making each of her friends a different bento catering to their tastes.
When asked why, she simply states that she cares about them and wants to see them well fed. Cue the marriage proposals.
~Okay, I can do that. Not for ever character of course because I have no time. Just allow me my personal flavor.~
"The way to a man's heart"
(part 2 here) (part 3) (part 4)
Characters featured:Azul, Jamil, Ace, Deuce, Malleus, Vil, Idia, and versus staff
Tumblr media
"Remeber sweetheart, the way to a man's heart is though his stomach. That's how I got your Baba. It's is also a measurement of love, a good dish is made with 3 cups of love and 4 tablespoons of care and 1 liter of dedication."
Yuu had those words etched in her mind since childhood. Every dish she made was filled with the TLC her family required for the perfect dish.
But being the youngest I such a line meant that she had never had many people outside of the family try her foods.
Mama, Baba, Ye ye, and Lola didn't lie; but they didn't want to hurt her feelings.
So Yuu couldn't help but tremble when she handed the two lunch boxes to Ace and Deuce. It was just before lunch time when she presented them before quickly running off.
She ran to the quad and hid behind an apple tree.
Her plan was to let them eat the lunches and later go to retrieve the boxes to get a review. They wouldn't feel pressured to say anything nice and Yuu would know how she did.
And if they like her cooking then they could be super close and eat lunch like this everyday!
But if they hate it then they might not. They might get mad and never talk to her again.
"Are you trying to poison me? What kind of girl doesn't know how to cook something so basic" Ace would say tossing away her lunch.
"It's not too bad, if it's your first time. I just don't think your cut out to be a chef." Deuce would say turning green.
Yuu managed to make herself depressed from her own imagination as she hid. Her wild imagination tended to get the better of her.
"Hey, Yuu! If you wanted to eat here just say so." Ace said standing behind her with lunch box still in hand.
"It's not a bad spot either. We should eat here more often. It's quieter." Said Deuce next to him.
Yuu internally screamed as they sat to eat. She focused on their every facial expression as they ate.
Ace had Monte Cristo sandwich with a summer fruit salad. He seemed to really like the dip for the sandwich.
Deuce had a simple fried egg sandwich with bacon, and cheese. There was a bit of blueberry jam on the side for the bread.
While the boys ate Yuu didn't notice that they eyed each others food and quickly ate theirs to see if they steal form the other. They guarded their lunch like dogs.
Yuu saw this and her eyes lit up believing they really loved her food. Eagerly she waited for them to finish so she could ask.
"Do you like it?!" Yuu asked
The boys after staring each other down heaped praise on her and asked her to make lunch again.
It became a regular thing as they were already spoiled by Yuu and she loved her first taste testers.
Tumblr media
With Yuu reassured of her skills came another challenge. He insatiable need to share her food.
"Good food makes for good company and friends." Ye ye always said.
Food is meant to be shared and it was good for the soul. Many souls in this school needed to be fed. Maybe they'd calm down a little.
So she started supplying her friends with homemade food.
Tumblr media
Yuu waited patiently for Jamil after basketball practice with a hefty lunch box. It was buttered chicken curry with jasmine rice. It had a side of vegetable sauté. And of course an after practice energy drink.
She had patted herself on the back for this one. She wanted to impress Jamil.
As she walked along the side of the court she offered Jamil the drink. He took it great fully before eyeing the lunch box suspiciously.
"I made you something to eat. I though you might want something to eat you didn't make yourself for once." Yuu said suddenly self conscious.
Floyd must have heard because he rudly began interrupting.
"Oh, sea snake is are so lucky! I want a shrimpy wife to cook for me too!" He whined loudly.
The "Ooo"'s that came from the other basketball club members made Jamil's ears turn red.
"Shut up Floyd!" Yuu yelled at him with her face burning.
"I'm sorry Yuu. You know how guys are. Thank you for doing this for me." Jamil said quietly trying to hid his face.
"It's no problem Jamil. I really wanted you to try this." Yuu said softly.
Just as she said this Jamil looked over his shoulder to the the boys laughing before leaning down and kissing Yuu's forehead.
"I wanted to thank you properly." Jamil said smiling before leaving to sit down to eat with Yuu.
She was an amazing cook and it felt good to be cooked for. It reminded him of when he didn't need to care for Kalim.
"I wish I could eat this everday." Jamil said absent-minded.
Yuu's eays widened before laughing. He didn't mean it. Right?
Tumblr media
There were times Yuu casually dropped off dishes.
Korean barbecue for Epel
Ratatouille for Rook
Fresh baked pie for Silver
None of this escaped Vil's notice who wondered why Yuu never came around to give him anything. I wasn't as if he didn't eat.
Though if memory serves he has turned his nose up at certain foods around her. She probably didn't want to be told her food wasn't good enough.
To Vil it didn't matter, if she was a chef she should know her customers tastes. Never mind that he wasn't a customer nor was she being paid to cook, his feeling were hurt.
But as luck would have it Yuu didn't forget him.
"Vil-sama! Here!" Yuu practically bubbled with energy was she leaned over Pomefiore's kitchen counter.
Epel was currently face deep in a slice of apple-apricot pie. and ice cream.
Vil hoped that she wasn't expecting him to eat that as he wouldn't have that much gusto. He didn't have the heart to lecture Epel on manners with Yuu around but he had no problem after she was gone so he better injoy it while he can.
"Try some." Yuu held out a cup of green liquid.
Yuu held out a cup of green tea with a palte of fresh sushi.
"Traditional green tea doesn't go well with heavy or greasy foods so I made some simple salmon sushi to help clean your palette." Yuu said smiling.
Vil took a sip and smiled at her.
"It's good. I wish I could drink this every morning." Vil said eating a piece of sushi.
Yuu turned pink as she quickly excused herself.
Tumblr media
Azul was the greediest of her friends. He loved trying new foods but especially fried chicken.
Azul eagerly awaited when Yuu entered the lounge with food in hand. They would eat in his office as Azul would try to trick Yuu into working hin the kitchen.
Even though he was trying to convince her to work for him the job offer was as a personal chef because he didn't want to share. Another reason she didn't agree.
"I just want to eat with you everyday." He said slyly over his Frutti di Mare. "Don't you want to eat with me too?"
Yuu bit the inside of her cheek as she turned red.
"Azul that's not funny. Don't say that unless you mean it." Yuu said stiffly.
"But I do mean it. Cross my heart." Azul said more earnestly but Yuu quickly said goodbye and fled. Azul was left confused.
Tumblr media
The next day Yuu spent lunch hiding in the teacher's lounge. She was allowed to as Crewel's pseudo daughter and bringing lunch.
Crewel dug into his beef stroganoff as he listened to Yuu's concerns.
"I don't know what to do! Pa, I can't face them again!" Yuu panicked her hands waving frantically.
"Slow down my pup. What happened." Crewel said unfazed by Yuu's familiar. She's expressive he'll give her that.
"Jamil, Vil and Azul asked to marry me!" Yuu shouted before slapping a hand over her mouth. Blabber mouth.
(telling someone you want to eat their cooking or drink their tea everyday could be considered a proposal. I just happens that in Yuu's family that how they propose marriage traditionally.)
There was a sharp spitting sound from across the room as Sam burst out laughing making seafood gumbo splattered.
"Congratulations, sugar! I always knew you were a charmer. It's no wonder all the boys want you!" Sam laughed.
"It's highly inappropriate. You're all to young to even think of such things." Trein said stiffly as he put down his spoon and stopped eat his potage parmentier.
Divus stared blanky before asking again. Crowley would raise hell over this if he didn't do it first. His puppy can't get married. Not yet.
Tumblr media
Yuu found herself at ease after it was explained that people don't propose that way here.
Feeling better she waited late for her nightly walk with Malleus. She made a late night snack of soft madelines and a thermos of cinnamon hot chocolate.
Malleus was more then happy to accept her gift. They sat in glen snacking before Malleus spoke up.
"I heard you are getting engaged." He said drinking hot chocolate
"No I'm not." Yuu sighed because of course he heard.
"I see, so they were all unacceptable. Please consider me an option then. I would happily marry you and eat with you everyday!" Malleus said taking Yuu's hand and getting on one knee.
Yuu almost fainted in shock.
'Papa you lied!'
Tumblr media
"Idia please come out! I brought you some Gyros." Yuu called out from behind the door.
Yuu had been working hard to lure Idia outside and was making progress. Soon enough Idia will be eating in the cafeteria before he knows it.
It was like getting a feral cat socialized as Idia cautiously opened the door. He knew to be wary of Yuu's offerings but like the call of a harpy he does as she wants. Everyday she lures him further away from his safe space.
"I made some tortoise candies last night." Yuu said holding the golden lollipop.
Idia would have to steel himself for this one.
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fuzzybonefluffy · 7 months
Kalim: I am sending you positive rays. Kalim: They're coming. Kalim: And there's nothing you can do to stop them! Deuce: …this is the most threatening way of cheering I've ever received.
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honbeeeee · 7 months
Riddle birthday mini-comic because I absolutely love him <33
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Bonus: heartslabyul + chenya
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mashed-potato101 · 3 months
New version of Lego Deuce because someone commented about his missing glove.
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shout out to @roseobelisk for pointing it out!
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