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OH GOD I think I just assented to heaven 馃槏
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The dorm leaders who don't graduated:
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Malleus: *talking to his Tamagotchi* Are you out of your mind, Drakon? Of course they wouldn't like a scary dragon like me, let alone, love!
Sebek: *slams the door open* YOU AREN'T SCARY OR UGLY, WAKASAMA! YOU ARE A MAGNIFICENT, STRONG AND RESPECTABLE FAE! *immediately leaves* Malleus:...
Tumblr media
i wanted to name his tamagotchi gerald because i didn't remember the name at first
'they' is yuu
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Lilia's heels tapped to ground as he walked around Leona who is tied to a chair and is badly beaten up "A few months ago you interacted with them." He narrated.
"You were amazed on how well they adapt to the new environment." Lilia added.
"And after that you felt their embrace~" He continued while hugging himself to mock him.
"What are you implying..?" Is Leona's reply as he grit his teeth.
"I'm implying that you fell in love to a human."
"And to make matters worst... To my human." Malleus butted in.
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A twisted wonderland Thought....
Being in a relationship with any member of the diasomnia gang is assured to be exactly like Morticia and Gomez from the Addams family. Not only for the goth but also for the general aspect of it.
Both Gomez and Morticia are often seen staring lovingly at one another and expressing their love and appreciation for each other. Friendship. The ability to be open to each other's feelings, experiences, and opinions is another crucial factor in relationship satisfaction.
They've shown an amazing message on how to keep marriage alive, they are one of the healthiest couples on tv. And even in the new Wednesday show, Gomez was ready to sacrifice anything for the women he loved. Gomez and Morticia Addams appear to be the epitome of a healthy relationship in terms of their love for one another and their communication patterns.
Behind their outer weirdness, Gomez and Morticia make an incredible couple because聽they each bring so much to the table. Gomez is charming, devoted to his wife, finds her to be the most beautiful woman in the world and loves his children.
They remain together because of their mindfulness, gratitude and loyalty.
But honestly, if my relationship isn't like that. I don't want it, the beauty of Morticia and Gomez is beyond compare to any other married couples.
I see malleus to be no different, Lilia would be such a charming husband, Sebek is known for his loyalty and Silver is the prince charming of anyone's dreams.
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michelletsw 2 months
Lilia: I'll trade you your bones for a flower crown
Y/n: it's very pretty
Lilia: (鈼嶁⑨礂鈥⑩棈)
Y/n: but it's still a no
Lilia: your bones 脫鈺暜脪
Y/n: no
Lilia: please-
Y/n: no
Lilia: I can't make soup-...
Y/n: what?
Lilia: what-?
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Lilia engaging in silly behaviour.
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鈾 diasomnia boyfriend headcanons 鈾 鈾 fluff and romance 鈾 鈾 fem!reader 鈾
Tumblr media
鈾 malleus draconia 鈾 鈾 he loves everything about his girlfriend, he finds her really interesting and the fact that she's not afraid of him makes him love her even more. 鈾 he will gladly hold his girlfriend's hand, give her hugs and soft kisses to her in public, he just loves to show her how much he loves her and doesn't care if everyone sees it, though he finds it funny when she doesn't understand why everyone is looking at them scared, making him smile. 鈾 when the two are alone he won't ever let her go, he loves snuggling with her as they're reading or just talking to each other, expect a lot of kisses too, he loves to spoil her with love. 鈾 their date nights he takes his girlfriend on may be simple, but he just loves to walk closely with her at night under the moonlight or visiting abandoned places as they talk about random things and eat ice cream. 鈾 ace and deuce were surprised when they saw their friend date that malleus draconia, how did the two even meet? deuce gets used to if faster than ace since he thinks malleus isn't that bad ever since he fixed his gao-gao dragon-kun for malleus, grim was also surprised at first but he quickly started to support the two, he have heard lots of cool stuff about malleus so maybe he could help him to become the strongest wizard in the world, silver is supportive of the two, he serves malleus after all and has promised malleus to protect her when he's not around her, if he isn't asleep that is, sebek's brain has stopped, why did the young master fall in love with a human? why? he's so confused on why he's together with such a weak creature, but he has to accept it even if he doesn't really support it and now he has to protect her too when the young master isn't around, he'll get used to it one day, probably, lilia is so happy and super supportive, finally the young prince has fallen in love and he can't wait til they get married and have kids on their own so lilia can tell them stories about their parents.
Tumblr media
鈾 silver 鈾 鈾 he's really happy that he has found a girlfriend that doesn't mind his drowsiness, thought he does feel bad whenever he falls asleep when they're doing stuff together. 鈾 he enjoys holding his girlfriend's hand and give her cheek kisses when they're outside together, he doesn't care if people are looking, he only have her on his him, that and trying not to get sleepy and when he fails she'll take him somewhere he won't get hurt and lets him nap, she'll take a nap with him too. 鈾 when they're alone she usually take care of him when he's asleep, letting him sleep on her lap while she plays with his hair, he really loves when she does that and if he's somehow awake and she's sleepy he'll do the same thing to her or they'll just take a nap together. 鈾 he doesn't take his girlfriend on dates often since he feels bad when he falls asleep during them, but when he does go on a date with her he drinks a lot of coffee before it and takes her picnic dates, they'll also pet the animals that visits them during the date. 鈾 ace, deuce and grim are supportive of the two, at first they were slightly scared of silver since he's in the diasomnia dorm, but after they got to know him they think he's cool and easy-going, malleus is supportive of them and always listening to either of them when they talk about their partner and about the stuff they've done, sebek doesn't care, typical humans falling in love, all he cares about is the young master, though sometimes he does feel lonely when he has to protect malleus alone, lilia is so happy he could die, his son, in love, is he dreaming? he's super supportive and is just waiting for his grandkids to be born.
Tumblr media
鈾 sebek zigvolt 鈾 鈾 how could he fall in love with a human? how? either way he deeply cares for his girlfriend and doesn't regret it, he thinks she's smart and she gets along with the young master which is a plus for him. 鈾 he's never really alone with his girlfriend in public since he has to guard the young master, but when the two are alone don't expect any hugs or kisses, he just gets flustered and starts stuttering saying that they shouldn't do stuff like that around other people, he might hold your hand though when he's ready for it. 鈾 he's still flustered when it's just the two of them alone, he has never been in a relationship before so he'll take things pretty slow, when he's ready he'll hug and maybe kiss her, but he'll pretend not to like it even though he does. 鈾 since he needs to guard the young master he doesn't really take his girlfriend out on many dates, but when he does it'll probably just be them sitting in the diasomnia dorm and drinking coffee or whatever drink she likes. 鈾 ace, deuce and grim are confused, why is their friend dating that loud ass? though they get used to it pretty quickly, they're fellow freshmen after all, malleus supports them, he's happy that sebek can finally focus on someone other than him, though that progress if pretty slow, silver also supports them, he think that sebek is too serious about his job which isn't a bad thing, but he think that sebek should think calm down and not think about the young master all the time, lilia also supports the two, he thinks it's cute that sebek actually fell in love with a human that, he can't wait to tease sebek about this in the future.
Tumblr media
鈾 lilia vanrouge 鈾 鈾 he's surprised that his girlfriend returned his feelings, he's an old man after all, but he really cares for her and loves to tease and scare her. 鈾 he always holding his girlfriend's hand in public and he loves to hugs and kiss her too, and he doesn't care if people sees them do it, expect a lot of surprise hugs and kisses too, he just loves seeing her scared or surprised expressions, it always makes him chuckle. 鈾 oh boy, he doesn't want to leave her alone when they're alone together, hugs, snuggles and kisses, he so affectionate, but not only that he teases her to death, it always ends up with her becoming a blushing mess as he chuckles at her cute expression. 鈾 on dates he likes to bring his girlfriend over to the diasomnia dorm as they eat the food that he has made for them, why does she look disgusted? is there something wrong with his cooking? she then suggests they should have cooking dates instead, which makes him excited now they can eat the food they made together, even though she just wants to teach him how to make edible food. 鈾 ace, deuce and grim were surprised at first, but they'll get used to it, even if they think lilia is a bit odd and scary sometimes, even though he looks like a kid, malleus is of course supportive, he thinks lilia deserves to be with someone that makes him happy after taking care of him and silver for such a long time, silver was really surprised when he found out, it takes him some time to get used to it, but he's still supportive and happy for his father, sebek is confused, why is master lilia dating a human? though lilia just told him to focus on protecting the young master, so he'll just get used to it eventually, maybe.
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worldussysblog 7 months
Made this last night before I sleep 馃槾 so yeah I made this because it somehow fits Yuu and Malleus馃き
Credits to:@otome_Ayui on yt for the translation/video
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twisty-quotes 8 months
Yuu: Anyone d-
Lilia: Depressed?
Silver: Drained?
Sebek: Dumb?
Malleus: Disliked?
Yuu: -done with their work鈥 what is wrong with you people
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The idea got popular so here it is, the twst boys鈥 prefered body type! Be sure to take this with a grain of salt however, these are just my opinions and headcanons. They would all still love you regadless of your聽appearance! TW for low key misogyny lmao, maybe even some feeding kink? Also implied female s/o, but not necessarily.
This also didn't quite turn out to be about body types but IDC I'M TIRED 馃槾
Riddle cares about your health to an obsessive degree and he will want you to be proportional in every sense of the word. He wants you to be the best version of yourself, therefore he won't allow you to be neither overweight or underweight. He'll spoon feed you himself if he must, your health really is top priority to him. He doesn't really have a preference due to this. He does have a soft spot for delicate hands and legs though.
Trey, oh God Trey, I'm sorry but the two of you are literally in your late teens/early twenties but y'all are gaining weight like an old married couple, it's so precious!! 馃槶馃槶 He really likes to spoil you with sweets and he has a hard time saying no to you, he just wants to spoil you, okay? 馃ズ He says that he has no preference but that's a lie, he likes to see you gain more weight and become a bit more chubby over time. If he's in the mood he'll even squeeze your belly but he won't be mean about it! Softness is his weakness, especially if he was the cause.
Cater, I can see him going in several directions but rn I feel like being mean, he is SHALLOW lmao. He really wants you to look good for all of his photos and he'll guilt trip you if you don't work out and eat well. He'll join you sometimes, maybe! I also see him being into someone that's shorter than him, he really likes to look down at you because it's just so cute to him.
Ace - THIS BULLY, THIS AWFUL, MEAN BULLY!!! No matter what you do or how hard you try Ace will poke fun at you and he won't hold back. You're skinny? Wazzup twig, go eat something! You're bigger? YOOOOOO piggy, go take a nice long run, it could do you some favors! If you're a girl, if you have a flat chest? Boooo, you're not trying hard enough! Big chest? You little slut, you're in an all boys school, you ought to dress more appropriately! You're a guy and you're not built like a brick house? God damn you are WEAK, he could take you on right there and then! He's mean, mean, MEAN! In reality he is shallow too and he'd really like it if you were 鉁╯exy鉁 but you're always cute to him. He just won't say it out loud though!
Deuce is not super picky in my opinion, but I think he'd really like it if you had some cake 馃槴馃ゴ He's a pervert that stares, and he'd love to grab your ass and just grope it!
Leona wants you to have a soft chest and not to be too bony. You'll be his personal body pillow and he really wants to use you, but he can't do that if your bones keep poking him. I also see him really liking nice and smooth skin, it just catches his eye.
Ruggie, grrrrrr he'd die if you were taller than him but that's quite sexy to him. Look down at him and tell him what to do, he's there to obey. Just don't push it too much, k?
Jack would be so happy if you were an athlete and a good amount of muscle on you. He has a lot of stamina and energy and he would love to go on long runs with you! He just loves to work out with you and I can't see him with a couch potato.
I'm sorry but I feel like this entire dorm would be just straight up chubby cashers 馃槶 Azul would look at you and he would just !!!!!!!!!!!!
Gorgeous, beautiful, let him touch you, please let him touch you!!! He's so handsy he cannot control himself even if his life was on the line.
The tweels? BULLIES, but not as bad as Ace. They'll tease you but they will stop at some point and then they suddenly switch to being really doting and sweet. They don't mean what they said, they just like to see you flustered!
Jamil - HIPS, HIPS MAKE HIM 馃い馃い馃い馃い Hips, thick thighs !!!!!!! You could crush him and he might just thank you with the faintest of smiles on his face. He's blushing like mad but he wouldn't trade it for the world. He's also an ass man, don't @ me
Height is irrelevant to him
Kalim, precious baby. You're literally so beautiful to him regardless how you look. You could be wearing a trash bag and his heart would still burst with joy. He's the type of guy that will tell you look gorgeous in all of your outfits but you just want to hear some consecutive criticism 馃槶
Vil and Rook are similar to Riddle. They want you to be the best version of yourself, but there is a certain shallowness from Vil's side. He's greedy and selfish, he wants to destroy you and build you from the ground up, you are his personal project that must be done perfectly. There will be no blemishes, those are ILLEGAL. Weight? He controls your diet strictly. Clothes? Exactly the same.
Epel on the other hand... Girly girl. Be cute, be helpless, BE SHORT, wear skirts, let him feel like a man god damn it. Big boobs would be nice to squish though 鈾ワ笍
Idia has been spoiled by anime/games and if you don't look like that he'll bully you too. He'll force you to wear skimpy clothing when it's just the two of you, he doesn't care if you hate it, you will wear it. Maid costumes + CAT EARS, he's on the ground sCREAMING (feel free to remove that s! 馃槒)
The problem is, most people just do not look like generic fantasy babes and he's an incel because I said so, and by default that just makes him out to be a MASSIVE prick, ESPECIALLY if you're a girl. Everything you do to him is a tease, you are literally just breathing in the same air as him and in his head that must mean that you want to be with him. But yes, ideal body = BIG BOOBS, tiny waist, BIG hips, just imagine the most basic, typical anime babe.
Malleus, I also don't see him as someone that fawns over your body all too much, but I can imagine him really enjoying the warmth of your chest, bonus points if you have boobs. Size is irrelevant, he wants to SQUISH them. Your neck is also something he likes to fawn over, that pretty neck that he gets to nibble on like a snack every single night. I also think he'd really like eyes that are just soft, full of love and light. He's weak for your eyes man.
Lilia is incredibly versatile, he's seen it all and he loves it all, he loves you. Tall? Amazing. Short? Hehehe, he can bully you!~ Although, I see him fawning over someone that gets sick easily 馃槶馃ぃ Therefore, be a little skinny, very weak, let him take care of you 馃様 He keeps you docile this way, and pampers you like doll. Probably dresses you in lolita style dresses.
Silver is a tough guy and I can see him fawning over a dainty, feminine, sweet little thing that just needs his help with everything. Kinghtly duties run in his blood, he's used to servicing people, but you are a special kind of enjoyment.
Sebek, ugh. He wants to be like Riddle and Vil but he sucks at it. In reality he doesn't care, he just doesn't want you to get sick or anything like that.
鈾ワ笍 TAGS: @sammo-writes-whatever, @cc-6789, @yanroma
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~ A normal day in Valley of Thorns ~
Malleus entering the room: I am so happy that my child of man gets along so well with my grandmother.
Lilia: These are wonderful news, Malleus! What are they doing?
Malleus: Well, I'm not sure, but my child of man said something about how to teach grandmother something called "twerking". Do you know what that is Lilia?
*Lilia, trying not to fall on the floor laughing*
~ In the evening ~
*Malleus, came to bring MC back*
Malleus: Do you had a pleasant day with grandmother, treasure?
MC: Yes! me and Maleficent had fun today!
Malleus: I'm happy to hear that.
Maleficent: Do bring beastie back to me another day, Malleus.
~ Later ~
Lilia: You really taught Maleficent how to twerk?
MC: Hehehe~ ;)
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miliinmi 22 days
book 7 part 2 spoilers
malleus overblot design rambling
Tumblr media
i do not like his design. im so sorry BUT THE COLORS AND THE CAPE IS JUST AAAAAAAAAAAA.
the only thing i really like about it is his gloves, theyre js so cool. AND THE HALF NEON HORNS TOO
why is he doing a homestuck cosplay. LIKE BRO YOU GOOD???
his cape is just. no. LIKE THE PURPLE THING NEAR THE COLLAR IS JUST 馃槶馃槶馃槶
Tumblr media
imagine him making little yuu/lilia figures with the blot
malleus babygirl hips fan club 馃檹
in conclusion, i don't like his cape. BUT EVERYTHING ELSE IS SO AOAOAOAOOOOOAAAAAAA
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sadsmii 9 months
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猹狆煇 malleus draconia icons !!
like/reblog if you use or save <3
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Chibi Diasomnia icons
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