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"You are just like her, sweet little briar..."
summary: You are the descendant of a witch, unknown to you, said witch happens to be the most dearest and only friend to the ever-powerful fae, queen of the Briar Valley, Maleficent. tags. no chp7 spoilers, Female Reader, not implied to be Yuu/ramshackle perfect, pre-established relationship (both Malleus and Silver crush on you; Malleus pines & Silver acts), your grandma called Maleficent "Millie", You are Maleficent's new favourite person, Fae are sentimental, Fluff for Silver lovers, mild-ish Malleus angst if you squint, copious use of flashbacks, no beta we overblot like men.
Tumblr media
Wordcount; 1300+ | Masterlist & Taglist
Tumblr media
First meeting for the second time; You could not mistake that silhouette or those tell-tale horns for anyone else, no one could; Maleficent. ...You also couldn't hold back a smile though, it was hard to be intimidated by the queen based on your grandma's favourite villain. Waving, casually and inviting, you hoped, was your smile; and maybe too inviting it turned out to be, making your smile turn a bit nervous when she gasped and nearly ran your direction. Far too fast for your liking, surely. "Ah- Hi?" You said, barely gulping the volume so that you wouldn't choke or worse, yell at royalty by accident. If you had any more of a mind to give thought, you'd curse Sebek out for his disgusting lack of volume filter. And then, gloved hands; nothing could prepare you for the way she cupped your face and smushed your smile between her palms, just like your grandma- untimely comparison, you averted your gaze. "Oh my sevens-" The tiny, silent voice was not what matched her surface appearance as she looked at you as if analyzing you, and you were too scared to find out, not daring to look her back in the eyes. "You are just like her, sweet little briar.." The queen whispered and you were left confused as your eyes snapped back to see teary green hues. You were left as stunned as literally all others in the entrance room, some kneeling, some bowing, except for the second oldest person in that room; Lilia, who decided to take it upon himself to shine light on the situation. while sebek tried not to sneeze too loudly, who was thinking about him? "Your highness, this 'her', do you speak of your human friend?" The ex-general spoke, calm yet playful, mischievous but kind. His gaze softened, "I must admit I can see the similarities." Lilia noted. The queen gave the faintest nod of confirmation before blinking the tears away, unnoticeable, tiny tracks invisible to anyone who wasn't searching for it. "She looks just like her.." Responded the fae. ... "Hm? Ah.. You are a child of man, aren't you?" She asked, yet it was no question. "Do you happen to live here, I will take my leave if so. Uninvited guests are-" "Who said I wouldn't invite you anyway?" was the impulsive response, human witch, green eyes met hers and maleficent crossed her arms with an annoyed huff. The sheer audacity of this child of man. "Who said you would?" which prompted, and honestly she should have expected this one, the answer "I could."
Tumblr media
Ah, you thought, going over everything you have discovered so far; the magic mirror belonged to your grandma, and it was given to her by the Draconia family. That made you wonder, is the other side of the mirror really home?- Your head and heart hurt in confused tandem as you tried to stop the complicated thought process. Well, at least you had roots in this world; planted in the garden of the strongest person in said world. Unable to stop an overly amused huff from escaping your mouth, you sighed and smiled. Sitting upright and correcting your frankly fucked up posture, you must have curled up on yourself without noticing as you were deep in thought. And one thought train arrived just after the other, as you put two and two together. "Her name was Millie" She said, handing you a royally expensive black dress; lace, long, flowly and slim, the dress hugged your form wonderfully. Your grandma gave you another once over before nodding in satisfaction, picking up where she left off "and this dress was supposed to be hers, we found it while on a shopping spree but she decided to buy it for me instead." She laughed, "Now, it's yours". And now, it wasn't you who greeted yourself out the train of thoughts, but the subject of memory; accidentally, you let the cat out of the box. "Millie?- I mean, i-" You stuttered, watching as the grand fae's eyes widened and her expression drifted to that of a fond joy. Once again, the dorm of Diasomnia was left bewildered of you and frankly, you'd side with some of them on this one too. Maleficent blinked with an averted gaze before turning back "She still talks of me, little briar?" she asked with a gentle tone and you caught up to yourself, slowly nodding with a soft smile. "Yeah." You returned eye contact, reaffirming with a more confident nod, trying again "She would always talk about you."
Tumblr media
"She was absolutely correct, this dress does look wonderful on you;" Maleficent said, clasping her hands together, proceeding to shoot a mischievous grin to her boys with a ever-faint sadistic glint in her gaze. "Don't you agree?" asked the fae queen, gesturing to the dorms' big names, who all but scrambled to nod and wobbly voice their agreements, including Malleus Draconia himself. Except... "Mhm.." Silver mumbled, clearing his throat "You look so dreamy.." he voiced his opinion, his tender and near-lovestruck gaze making you more flustered than you'd like to admit. Hiding the most likely dorky grin behind your black-laced hand, you murmured your thanks albeit bashfully; making the fae queen grin, and the fae prince pout. "Those two look very much like a princess and her faithful knight like this, y'know?" Lilia cackled in good nature, elbowing some student to the side as gently as he could, making eye contact with Maleficent who laughed in agreement. Oh now Malleus was getting truly and royally annoyed with his family, not that it showed, they were far too focused on you after all; and he really couldn't comment on that without being a hypocrite. So he crossed him arms and looked your way- As a crack of lightning fell in tandem with his mood somewhere further into campus grounds; his own knight,andbestfriend was kneeling before you, his princess, pressing a gentle kiss to your wrist, then between your knuckles and fingers. The knight's silver hair, fitting the name, moving ever so lightly with the grace of a swan as he lets out a calm, happy laugh; somewhere between a chuckle and a giggle, he figured. "You really do look like a princess" Silver says, looking up to meet your eyes when your fingers curl soft around his hold, taking it as his cue to speak and stealing the air in your lungs and the words from your head; your own heart willingly jumps into his arms already without needing any further coaxing. Somehow, it, your heart also manages to speak for you; soft spoken in tone, "And you look like a prince" you murmur, "though, I certainly wouldn't mind it if you were my knight" a whisper mostly to yourself, too flustered to speak any louder where you stood. Thankfully it reaches the ears of your sleepy knight-prince, painting his cheeks in a beautiful shade of light coral pink; and the ears of a very conflicted prince, looking down at the ground as he silently pondered what he should do. Well, in either path; you certainly had gotten the cream of the crop and the cherry on top, a princess adored by a prince and his knight, even if you were unaware of just how deep those feelings ran in their veins for now. Maleficent couldn't help the bittersweet shake of her head, thinking back to a long, by-gone era of her youth; sure, her beauty endured the lasting test, but humans lives were not known for perseverance against the very same march of time. Yet the ones that shine bright always left their mark, the unforgettable kind; and when the fae queen looked upon you with a grateful gaze, she began counting her very own blessings to have met her best friends family. One as witty, kind, bright and just as special, uniqueness must've run in your blood. Loved. And once again, she stood by; first meetings for the second time, she supposed. Glancing properly to the side for the first time, Maleficent felt like a reflection of the by-gone times of her youth stare back at him. She looked between you and the younger Draconia, and glanced to Lilia who gave her a knowing glance.
You really are just like her, sweet little briar; sought by the crown fae and the ever faithful knight of said fae.
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Tumblr media
Just some sketches… again
Juicy deucey angy 😡
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Random thought on my mind! Aight so imagine you go to Twisted Wonderland, a completely different world mind you, and you realize nobody speaks your native language. In fact, and language that exists in our world doesn’t exist there.
So it’s just the opening ceremony and things are going on, Crowley is asking you questions, you are so god damn confused and you say something in your language and everyone is just confused af. And then. AND THEN!
Grim just turns to you and is like “Hey…what language is that?” And it’s in your native tongue. You just find out that your native language is the language of beasts in a Twisted, an ancient tongue that nobody except some of true monsters still know today.
So this essentially means you can effectively communicate with any monster race no problemo and Grim is now your translator at school so you gotta rely on him some more. And ofc in typical Grim fashion if he has to translate something he doesn’t agree with, he twists your words.
Just the shenanigans that would ensue. Imagine Book 3 like:
Yuu: No, I refuse to make a contract with you.
Grim: I would adore making a contract with you and helping out my beloved friends.
And then Lilia discovers this and becomes teacher mode because he knows a gist of the ancient language. Just hmmmmmm I dunno why this is rent free in my head right now.
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Tumblr media
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MC: Sooooo I did a thing.
Crewel: Oh dear-
MC: Nonono-it’s completely harmless I promise! Lemme just..*removes hat*
Crewel: *gasp*
MC: *reveals a white streak they dyed in their hair* U-Um, I just thought it’d be a cool idea for us to be matching. Ya know like a..father-child thing.
Crewel: *crushing you in a hug* Oh pup, you look wonderful.
MC: *hugs back* So am I correct to assume you like it?
Crewel: *chuckling* I love it.~❤️
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
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Peak abadoment issues?
Screaming, and more screaming.
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Tumblr media
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Waking up with Floyd Leech.
Gender neutral, body neutral reader x Floyd Leech. Reader is not implied to be Yuu. I wanted to add some more depth to my characterization of Floyd, I think he could be so.. gentle, and caring if his romantic love was returned by someone. An eel must protect his shrimpy, y’know? Waking up in the blind hours of the morning, you and Floyd undress each other, bubble baths, you propose to Floyd in all meanings except no rings, Floyd Leech gets flustered from heartfelt words, making out; in no particular order. Warning; mention of past water-burn injury, reader is okay though! 2321 words. ... You were barely awake when you felt a pair of very happy hands on your form, picking you up with a gentleness you’ve always known, and you found yourself thinking a very familiar train of thought; Floyd Leech is an amazing boyfriend. Not many would understand, agree, or even expect such an answer, most people would probably call you delusional or gone in the head for even suggesting it; but not many could ever look beyond the surface, let alone bother to get close enough to see all the layers there is to this unexpectedly adapting boy. You giggled sleepily at the raspberries blown at your neck from a smiling pair of lips you recognised the feel of so well; but you yawned and settled into his hold anyway, knowing he would never drop you. He always handled you with a delicate touch, you are his shrimpy! And since he’s your eel, he’s gotta protect you, he could never hurt you. He was always so serious about it too, growing up witnessing the love between his parents, his grandparents, sleeping with the tales about the mermaid princess, Floyd always loved the idea of love, but found that he loved you even more than that. You’d always be so much fun, but then you became much more important than fun; Floyd Leech has always been a bit spoiled, no could deny him what he wanted, Jade would not let them, his parents would get him what he wants, but this was different, he wanted you for good. And whether anyone else believed it or not, Floyd has always been adaptive to emotions, he knew very well what feelings were like, he was famous for the sour moods of his after all, but he also understood it all very well, even the loveliest ones. When you held your arms a bit higher so you could circle them around his neck, he let you, even peppered your face in kisses to go alongside your sleepy smile. You yawned as you felt his hands caress your hair, and Floyd just laughed; he knew you were not saying what others would have assumed, you humans simply did this thing while waking and sleepy, but you were so cute so he’d always let you! Murmuring with a kiss and a nuzzle to his collarbone, You did not complain upon being picked up fully off the bed, this is something you recognise by heart at this point: strong arms and laughter that’s almost distant but so warm to even your sleepy state, most people would be terrified, but you wouldn’t be here if you were most people anyway. His little shrimpy, his lovely little shrimpy; he loves you very very much, you think, and smile at the thoughts that rise as you nuzzle onto his skin, inhaling his natural scent with a breath. He smells like the sea, but so sweet, and just subtly minty, it’s a mix of things that suit him. Underneath the layers of sea salt and mint, he smells like vanilla and ice cream, it’s endearing to think about how well that describes him you think in the back of your subconscious mind. Being brought to the bath was, well, something that happened; you were never not used to it but that was not to say it didn’t shock you at all, it was difficult to put a name on this feeling, but you grew to like it anyway. His steps were quiet as he allowed you to snooze, not even dropping you in the bath; Floyd was not a moron, contrary to popular belief, he knew very well what could hurt people even if he feigned ignorance and was very ‘playful’ about it. Floyd did not want to hurt you by being careless and dropping you, he had one hand cradling your head and the back of your neck; knowing that was the most vulnerable part of you. He blew some cold air onto your face and giggled at your bemused expression as you did the same thing back, gently rubbing the sleep out of your eyes and stretching to wake up your sleeping body, slowly but surely. Floyd gently set you down on the edge of the bath, supporting your back so that you wouldn’t slip, murmuring such a lovely “Good morning” with a smile that was never seen away from you. You yawned a drowsy “Mhm”, blinking and focusing your eyes until they stopped trying to close idly, “Good morning,” you whispered with a smile. Many would expect him to throw you into pools or the bath, not caring; but he cared very very much, far above and beyond the bare minimum. Floyd Leech has always been so much better of a boyfriend than they’d ever believe, there was never a “oh he wouldn’t care” in your relationship, he’d always remember things that mattered; your favourite songs, the outfits that made you feel confident, the places that made you anxious, the people you didn’t like, the things you were too shy to buy on your own, when and where to buy things you needed for you anytime he noticed you were running low or forgot… and even your favourite snacks, you mused as you noticed the fruits resting on the chair he must’ve dragged here to set plates on. Not to say he was never playful; that’d be a lie. He’d set himself between your knees and lift your shirt off you with a chuckle as he watched your gears turn with a blush until you laughed, tugging the waistband off your bottoms while he undid the buttons of his pyjamas in a jolly humm. You’d get in the bath together, with you lying on his chest, a position both of you have always been fond of. The darkness of the room could never be unnerving when you were held so gently by those arms, he’d gently squeeze you every now and then to remind you. You’d nuzzle right in too, lying on your left side so that his dominant hand could toy with your right, always fascinated by your hands. He just loved holding you so much, he’d chirp cheerfully and you loved that noise far more than either of you would willingly admit. Those chirps, built in noises to communicate, he’d had those ever since he was a tiny elver. Noises he knew and used even before he understood what speaking meant, no one else other than you would hear those nowadays; Jade would probably poke fun at him and sour his mood, and it was none of Azul’s business what he sounded like when chirping. It was always you who made him so happy; those chirping noises bubbled up in his throat with affection, he loved you so much he could not physically show you the full extent of his adoration. So, he’d bite you a little on your exposed shoulder, nibbling and moving across to bite the place between your neck and leaning to your shoulder, a small little bite of affection; you’d grown used to it, simply relaxing and leaning to your side so that he had more room to work with, trusting him not to hurt you. He peppered kisses across your skin, happy as ever knowing the faith you put in him. And you laughed with a subtle nod. When your stomach growled the tiniest bit in hunger, Floyd was not the one who’d poke fun; why would he? He woke you up so early, so you got hungry earlier than other days, that’s why he brought food with him like a good mate! He’d reach out of the tub to grab some berries and feed them to you between his claws, yes, claws, he was in his moray form after all. The ‘tub’ being big enough to be considered a pool by most people was made to accommodate his mer-form, even as he laid closer to the edge and cuddled you in a warm bubble bath before the crack of dawn.  You knew Floyd must’ve gotten an idea when you saw the way his fins flapped and his smile broadened. Placing a plump strawberry between his teeth, he gently lifted you on his chest, inviting you closer: That strawberry had no right to be so tasty when you tasted it on his lips and kiss. You let out a comfortable sigh, ever contempt in the way his lips felt on yours, lazily circling your arms around his neck and leaning in, you savoured the moment. He’d place a hand on the small of your back, as if you’d ever stop kissing him of your own will, your cheek rested against his as you sighed, his gills flapping at the feeling of warm air. He’d give you a comfortable hug as he laid down a bit more, letting you lay on top of him like a weighted blanket, sometimes he’d feed you, sometimes you’d feed him, nuzzling noses, cooing at his chirping noises, in love with the way he sounds, you’d ignore the outside world, forget about phone alarms that he may or may not have turned off, letting him love you, care about you. Massaging the oils into your skin and scrubbing away the knots on your back, you’d simply melt into his magic touch and let him do as he pleased. Floyd Leech is a wonderful boyfriend. You’d say at any given chance, regardless of what anyone else had to say about it, after all, they’d pause and wallow in shame when you clapped back, asking them how they’d know better than you, did they think you were nothing but a naive fool? Moments like this made you so proud to be the one who’d tell those people to shut up; because Floyd Leech really loved you so much, even if he was cheeky about it. You knew what he meant though, and it didn’t matter what others thought. You were brought back to wonderland from your daydream-land when you felt him gently wash the soap off your body, saying something about his shrimpy being sleepy; you blushed, sheepishly mumbling with an averted gaze “Well.. I was thinking about how you are such a good boyfriend” and his hands stopped the action with the thump of his heart for that moment, when you looked at him again; you saw his flustered state and widened eyes, only for him to blink and avert your eyes this time. You swear your heart leaps for him, this loverboy has your heart in his claws and he holds you so gently. How could you not love him as much as he loved you? With such kind hands, and he never let his adoration be secret, you were confident he’d shout it from rooftops if you asked; even if he was always shy about it when you got so intimate with meaningful words. “I love you,” said softly, holding so much happiness in such a tiny string of words, “you hold my heart, and i wanna be yours to keep if you’ll have me.” and you meant every word, some would call you a fool and tell you that he was fooling with you; but you’d tell him that if that was a code-name for your long-term commitment to him? You’d take it, and you’d brag about it too. He looked so stunned but so .. relieved once he processed it, never has anyone seen Floyd Leech look so in peace. People would have said it was terrifying, but you loved it, but you loved him too; so, maybe you’ve always been just a different case. You were proposing in all but without rings to him barely the crack of dawn, making out in a bubble bath, after all; maybe it’s fitting that you fit him and his tempo so well; there was not a single other soul on earth or under the water’s surface who could say they were this in sync with Floyd Leech, or, on the flip-side, you. His arms circled your form gently, holding you like glass; it was a habit he has kept from the time you got injured during a shift at monstro lounge, some dumb guppy spilt boiled water along your back and your screams of agony still haunts him, Jade and Azul even now. They don’t let you in the kitchen not because they don’t trust you but rather that they don’t trust the kitchen, if anything. Floyd especially was frozen to see you in such pain, caring for you so tenderly until you were okay again was torture of its own, only because he hated to see you hurt. But he knew he had to stay, eel’s must protect their shrimpies, after all. “As if I’d ever let you go anyway,” Floyd murmured as you nuzzled up to his neck with a smile. Protectiveness has always been a trait engraved in him, so you never understood why others expected Love to be such a foreign concept to someone so caring. “I love you too” he spoke, muffled barely by your hair when he mumbled “ so you better say it back always, shrimpy,” and you obliged. Floyd Leech is a lovely, cheeky boyfriend; and a caring future husband. You mused with a smile on your face, waking up in the dark, in a warm bath, in the arms of this adorable guy, “I love you too.”.
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valeriele3 · 1 month
Have another TWST and Enstars crossover (kinda)
Dorm Leaders + Jamil
Your friends remind you of another friend from back home
“Hey Riddle, I just noticed..You look a lot like a friend from back home”
“I do..?”
“Mhm! His name is Tsukasa Suou! He looks almost exactly like you! Except his eyes are a different color and he doesn’t have your uh heart ahoge”
“I see..Tell me, is he a follower of rules?”
“Uhm..I guess? I mean he is a knight so..”
“Y’know..You forcing me to let you sleep on my lap reminds me of someone dear to me back in my world..”
“You remind me a lot of Ritsu. He’s very veryyy dear to me..He would basically sleep 24/7 and whenever he saw me he would force me to sleep and cuddle with him. If not that then he’ll use me as a pillow”
“Huh? H-Hey Leona where’re you going??”
Leona leaving you because he’s jealous about this Ritsu and it put him in a bad mood(Leona’s annoyed lol)
“Sigh..You and Ibara would get along nicely”
“A businessman who also likes to suck up to people”
“Hey Kalim, thank you..”
“Hm? For what?”
“For making me feel at home..You too Jamil”
“Eh?” (He was secretly hiding in the shadows)
“Oh! Jamil! You were here the whole time?!”
“..No comment on that”
“Anyways, what’d you mean “thank you?””
“You guys just remind me a lot of two of my friends back home..”
“Their names are Subaru Akehoshi and Hokuto Hidaka”
“Kalim’s energy and personality is just like Subaru and Jamil’s demeanor reminds me of Hokuto”
“Especially because of how you always take care of Kalim..It’s just like how Hokuto keeps Subaru in check..Well, as best as he can at least since Subaru can just somehow rope you into his problems—”
“Sigh..I get it..! Please stop nagging me so much Vil”
“Hah? Nagging you? I’m just telling you to take better care of yourself”
“I swear it’s like Izumi came here with me..Sigh..”
“And who is this Izumi you speak of?”
“A friend although he feels more like a mom for always nagging me to take better care of myself..Or more specifically my skin”
“Now that I think about it, you guys would get along so well because of your obsession with looking good or somethin’..”
“Seems like a person who understands the importance of beauty. And, fix your way of speaking! It’s ‘something’ not ‘somethin’.
“It looks like Epel has been influencing you in a bad way. You aren’t allowed to see him anymore”
“Wha— Hey! You can’t do that!”
“I’m afraid I can darling”
“Idia~ Come..Hang..Outtt with me..!” (You’re trying to drag him out of his room)
[Insert Panicked scream] “No! I don’t wanna..!”
“Staying inside 24/7 is bad for you! You need to get under the sun at least once in a while..!” (Don’t worry Idia I’m like that irl)
[Insert a picture of you trying to drag Idia out and him desperately hanging onto his bed]
“Oh!” [Accidentally drops Idia on the ground]
“If you don’t want to go outside that bad then..How about this? You can just use the vents to travel from place to place!”
“Huh..? W-What gave you that crazy idea..”
“Hm? Don’t worry it’s probably safe! A close friend of mine likes to travel around the place using the vents!”
“He even uses the vents in my room to spy on me every night” You wholeheartedly smile and laugh at the thought like it isn’t weird at all
‘What the heckkkk..That’s a different kind of weird..! That’s straight up creepy’ Idia is going a thousand miles a minute inside his mind right now
“C’mon..! You can be like Mayoi!”
“Is that what that creeps name is..?” Idia whispers to himself but you still heard it
[Insert Idia’s scream again] “N-NO! I DIDNT..!”
“Good” :))
“Now let’s go! Let us brave through this storm called life!”
“Heheh..I have a feeling you’ll get along well with a friend of mine back home Tsunotaro!”
“I’m sure Nagisa would love to talk to you someday..! Maybe when I get back home I’ll introduce you to him”
“I see. Well if the child of man says so then I mustn’t refuse”
Malleus is thinking that maybe if he gains Nagisa’s favor Nagisa will allow you to date him. After all it’s good to have points from your close ones right? And if you mentioned this Nagisa then surely that person is close to you
Sorry about the other’s parts like Azul and Idia I couldn’t really think what to write for their part
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siphoklansan · 1 month
I am down horrendous for Leona. Please ignore the horribly rendered shirt and the heart box💀 I don’t know what possessed me when I rendered his hair— and I know DAMN well I can never render like that again😭 anyway, Happy Valentine’s Day!💞
Tumblr media
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twistedchatterbox · 2 days
New voicemail
summary: sappy boys being mushy over the phone for you. ft.Riddle, Cater, Vil, Idia tags. Female reader, No Spoilers, Fluff, Cheesy Sappy Lovey Dovey Romance, Slice of life, Spice of life, Smitten Vil, Lovesick Riddle, Cater sings for you, anniversary date with idia, copious use of petnames, no beta we overblot like men.
Tumblr media
Wordcount; 1520+ | Masterlist & Taglist
Tumblr media
Riddle has cleared his throat thrice, drank water and mentally rehearsed what he wanted to say for this voicemail; however once he hit record, none of that really mattered. "Hi," he whispered, the nearly overwhelming happiness in was audible, it nearly spoke for him. Thinking about the silliness of it, the dormwarden laughed, giggly at the mishap, it really was unavoidable anyway. Riddle took a breather, sighing in a relieved and relaxed manner, "Hi" he whispered with a wide grin, one you would hear vividly, openly adoring, "I missed you." "I missed you so, so much; I want to spend time with you- If you'd have me, we could study together once the exam subjects are announced, if you want to." Riddle murmured, twirling one of the longer locks of hair framing his face with his idle hand; eyes closed, envisioning it. "And then, we could go on a date." He hummed, would you like a cafe date? Karaoke? The aquariu- Well, maybe not the aquarium. Maybe he could take you out on a walk to the district nearby of the internships he picked out, but that sounded too serious. So, a cafe would suffice for now. He would check Cater's magicam page, namely his older posts to see some of the calmer, more relaxing places he could take you to. "What do you think? Let me know once you see- or i suppose hear- this, my lovely." "bye-bye, I love you." And suddenly, time couldn't pass fast enough. ...He supposes he could write his own written permit to stay over, it's not as if anyone could stop him; you had always been ecstatic to see him use the loopholes of rules to be a good boyfriend, after all.
Tumblr media
Cater leap onto his bed, giddy and giggly, rolling back and forth while occasionally kicking his feet like a schoolgirl. Lightly smushing and slapping his face with both of his own hands to calm down, he sighs, hugging one of his pillows, looking idly around his room. A love song. He had been giddy and sappy because he heard a love song, it sounded so much like the essence of you. He has already begun memorizing the lyrics, so that he could sing it, maybe he'd learn to play it too. it made him so happy. You made him so happy. He loves you- and he sighs, you really ought to start paying rent someday for living in his head all the time, and his heart too. And then he thought, what if he.. sung, for you? Well that suddenly made him anxious, but ecstatic, he was such a nerve wreck. but it was good. and overwhelming. Cater curses the lack of logistics in him. He thinks back to the comment lingering in the back of his mind, he knows why he's even thought of this- "I love it when you sing" you said, cuddling up to his neck, leaning on him, on his bed, sitting on his lap while he sung a simple tune of a song as he was practicing on his guitar. It was his favourite, his sisters hated it. and you loved it. And Cater soaked it up like a sponge, like a golden retriever, if you will; fetching his phone fast, so that he could do this before his dumb insecurities could catch up to him. Sweater weather. "All I am is a man I want the world in my hands I hate the beach But I stand in California with my toes in the sand Use the sleeves of my sweater Let's have an adventure Head in the clouds but my gravity's centered Touch my neck and I'll touch yours You in those little high waisted shorts, oh-" Cater felt the song and your hands crawl up his body like phantom touch as he sung. it was ticklish, making him end the song halfway with a breathless chuckle and a dumb smile, he knew you could hear it in his tone, but he didn't mind at all. He hoped one day, you'd get to grasp how precious you are to him; he loves you, and he loves everything you love too, somehow inlove with the way you do too. The word doesn't make sense anymore, but it really does too. He feels a lot like love with you, yeah, Cater laughed; it really shouldn't make sense, but he's so thankful it does. Looking back at his phone, he records his final piece. "I love you, princess." Sent. ...And maybe, he grinned- "Meet me in my room for the full piece, maybe? I could pick you up~" Sent.
Tumblr media
Vil laid down in bed, normally he wouldn't do so until it was time to sleep, yet he knew he'd cave into something far more off-schedule if he didn't. He laughed, it truly was bizarre; Vil Schoenheit, the renowned actor was missing his girlfriend. That, it was the entire reason. The cause of his simple complicated mood. Well, he knew that if he called you it could get you in trouble; perhaps you were in class, or working on something, he couldn't interrupt you without being a hypocrite. But. Vil eyed his phone on the night stand, maybe he could do something. A playful grin rose on his gorgeous features, mischief, rarely shown in a not overly elegant manner. Vil couldn't give a damn. He reached out and swiped his phone, opening it swiftly and admiring your contacts information. "The love of my life." it made him smile, he was so indecisive about what kind of nickname would fit; he did not want to jinx this by being overly cliche and being soft or off-character, until you so naturally, casually reminded him that for as long as he's off stage, then he's supposed to be off-character. No one besides himself, and you, that's all he really needs. He sighed dreamily, hitting record. "Hi, my beauty, my muse, my dove," Vil chuckled to himself, "My, my my, haa.. I missed your presence so much, if only you knew." He tucked a stray lock of hair behind his ear, closing his eyes, "Lets remedy this once you are available, okay? We could have a spa day, or, if you can, I can ask my management to pick you up so that you can accompany me for the entire day..." "It's been a while since we got to spend the entire day together, side by side" That was a goddamn lie. "Maybe you can make up to me by joining me on a day-long date and night time spa?" You slept in his room and woke up side by side every day already.
"Let me know when you're free, my dove; " He blew a kiss, a soft click of his lips, "I love you."
Tumblr media
Idia sighed, drinking down the cup of water, staring at the mirror reflection of himself on the screen of his phone. "The things I do for you" he thought with a softened, pleased smile. Calming, it was accurate to describe the affect you had on him when he thought of you. Sure he flared up into life from the power of anxiety, love, nerves and his traitorous color changing flame hair the second you stepped foot into 6ft of his physical area of existance, but he had come around to relax so much more as your relationship developed. This will be just another milestone, he said, time will pass either way, he told himself, better do it now than miss a limited edition chance. Idia averted his gaze as he pressed the record button, "uh- Hey, hi, " he fake-coughed into his hoodies sleeves, tugging on the strings of said hoodie with his idle hand. "I missed you, so" He shrugged, mentally smacking himself upside down the head for doing something you had no chance to hear. "So i decided to leave a voice message- Come visit me once you can, okay? I'll order your favourites too, if you want. Or we could cook together, I dunno'," Idia glanced back, looking momenterily at your contact picture, it was one he took while you two were out on a date. Outside for your half-year anniversary, a year ago now. That gave him an idea, making him grin. "I know instant noodles aren't always your thing so I'll treat us to something nice," He 'hummed', pretending to ponder. "..I could take us to that ramen place, maybe? I..I-I think it was nice last year." Idia said, stuttering at the last bit, yet carrying on. "Let me know what you think." "I love you." He said, it was only natural, as everything lovely seemed to be when it came to you. Idia fist bumped the air, letting out a happy victory sound; that actually went perfectly?!- He couldn't help but laugh, loudly and absolutely thrilled, ecstatic. He jumps into his bed and screams into his pillow; Idia sighs, relaxing as if he just ran a marathon (his heart sure did, to be fair.) and a closed eye-d smile made its way to his face without any resistance "I love her so much.." You always make him so happy.
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Diasomnia NSFW Headcanons
Me: Don’t give Malleus a breeding kink, don’t give Malleus a breeding kink…EXTRA BULLET HE HAS ONE! I really cannot contain myself…I don’t apologize. Also might’ve been a little drunk while writing this, so I will not be taking criticism. I drank a glass of Moscato midway through Malleus, a shot of fireball/rumchata at Sebek, and a second shot midway through Silver. So you know…I did the best I could while under the influence of my bad decisions.
Disclaimer: All characters in this series is aged up. For more information about my version of this world and the type of reader you can expect, please do a quick read of THIS post. This post also has explicit content. If you’re under the age of 18, or are uncomfortable with this form of content, please skip this post. Content Warning: Marking, Edging, Oral Sex, Loss of Virginity, Body Worship, Soft Sex, Consensual Somnophilia.
Heartslabyul | Savanaclaw | Octavinelle | Scarabia | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Diasomnia (You’re Here)
Tumblr media
NSFW Headcanons
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
Malleus is the biggest student at NRC…and not just in the height department. He’s pretty well endowed, and the anatomy might not be totally human, so be prepared to feel like you’re being split in half when he’s inside you. This bodes well since he has a size kink, and being a bigger presence to his lover is a huge turn-on. Watching his lover squirm when they see his size for the first time as he assures you it’ll all fit as long as you let him prep you for a while. The size kink goes both ways as well; if he has a lover who is somehow taller than him, he’s going to love being manhandled by them.
Fae have stamina for days, which means it’ll be hard to catch up with him. There’s likely never going to be a moment when he’s on top that you can keep up with his stamina. He will always manage to outlast you as he overstimulates your body until it’s almost at the breaking point. He’ll give you a break, though, and never judges since he knows you are simply a child of man. If you happen to be on top that night, though and drag him to orgasm time and time again until he’s twitching under you, you might be able to outlast his stamina. Maybe.
He is a switch, despite what others may think. Outside around others, he keeps his appearance up, but when it’s just the two, you’re on equal grounds at all times. If you want to be dominated, then say no more. He’ll have you screaming his name until you lose your voice; fucking you dumb is a fun pastime of his. If you want to be on top, he’ll let you play with his body to your heart’s content. He still is in charge during those moments, though, unless you manage to really overstimulate him or edge him until his brilliant green eyes are starting to tear up.
It’s not unheard of to leave his room with a few new bruises and scratch marks. He’ll heal them for you instantly if you ask, but honestly, he really likes how well-marked up you are. It’s never on purpose either; he just kind of loses himself sometimes and forgets how delicate humans are. He’ll apologize and kiss every inch of skin he might have injured and promise to be more careful moving forwards…unless you’re into that kinda thing.
When the mood strikes him, he’s going to have his way with you. Doesn’t shy away from public sex at all since he will be able to tell if someone is nearby and take the appropriate measures. If he wants to absolutely ravish you while he’s in class, the moment the bell rings, he’s going to find you and drag you somewhere and fuck you against the wall. Be careful what you wear around him as well. You have something on that he wants to tear off you like a present; he will with no remorse. Even if it’s your favorite underwear, he swears he will buy you fifty more of them later.
Bonus Bullet: He has a breeding kink. Not only from being a dragon fae but from being royalty and the thought of one day needing to produce an heir. He’s going to have you in a mating press, chest against his, as he tells you how good you’re taking his cock. Coming inside you several times as you go into overstimulation, fucked dumb by him, all while he wipes away your tears and tells you you’re doing so good for him. Watching his cum flow out of your abused hole and maybe even plugging you up after. Even if you are AMAB or on birth control, he’ll still do this. Seeing you so thoroughly fucked full of his cum makes him absolutely feral.
Tumblr media
Lilia Vanrouge
There is no doubt about it, Lilia has experience when it comes to being intimate with someone. Whether you’re experienced or not doesn’t matter to Lilia, he can still show you a thing or two. In fact, he’ll be begging to show you what he knows, using techniques that have made past partners squirm. He will have you begging for more by the end of it. His mouth isn’t just good for smart quips, after all.
Very open to kinks and honestly has probably partaken in them once or twice. If you name a kink that’s new, he’s going to be intrigued and want to test it out and see if he’s into it. If you’re really into something and bring it up, he’s more than happy to show you. He has a pretty extensive kink list that he’ll sit you down and go through to see what you’re down with trying. Biting his partner is definitely one of them, and he’s had several partners in the past swoon over his sharp teeth. If you’re willing to let him mark you with bites and hickies, he’s going to be a very happy man.
You get the best of both worlds when it comes to Lilia. You can have him be small and breedable if you want, fucking your cock or strap into him while he’s moaning and whining mess, begging you for more. Or he can take on his more mature and taller form, looking over you while your wrists are tied as he drives his cock into you. He’s happy with being a top and a bottom and will be happy if he has a partner willing to indulge with both sides. Not to say he won’t be submissive in his taller form and dominant in his smaller form. He is versatile and enjoys making his partner or himself a mess in whatever way possible.
Lilia loves to tease his partners in friendly, romantic, and sexual ways. He’ll be between your legs for hours if you let him, bringing you so close to coming only to lift away and tap his slick-coated chin, pondering out loud if he thinks you deserve to cum. If you return the favor, expect him to be overdramatic about it. He’ll be so loud with your lips around his cock, begging you to let him cum with tears flowing down his red face. Some of it’s just for show, but damn, it’s easy to rile you up even with that sight. He’s also going to edge both of you, taking his cock out of you as soon as the two of you are almost at the edge while leaning down and kissing your cheek and neck, saying, “One more time, and we can cum together.”
He’s going to adore teasing you between classes. Coming over and whispering something dirty in your ear as you pass by him. Putting his hand a bit too high on your leg while at lunch. Maybe dragging you to an empty classroom for a heavy make-out session before parting and telling, talking against your lips, that you should head to your next class. It’s a fun game of his to see how far he can take it before you’re the one grabbing him by his arm and dragging him to an empty broom closet and begging him to make you cum before you go crazy. Depending on his mood, he might just use his hands while calling you a needy little slut to get you to cum and then leave you in your messed-up underwear until after school.
Bonus Bullet: Make fun of his height, and he's going to see that as a challenge. Either he's going to take on his larger form that towers over you at 6'8" (203.2cm) and tell you how tiny you are compared to him now as he impales you on his cock. Or he's going to drag you to his room and tie you up and fuck you in his short form, edging you for hours while saying you should be nicer to short people judging by how well they can wreck you.
Tumblr media
Sebek Zigvolt
Sebek is…sadly, not well-versed in sex. He knows how babies are made, but his fae mother probably never sat him down for the bird and the bees, he probably never spoke to his father about it, and Lilia had just assumed he knew. Not to mention the lack of friends his age, and well…there’s some explaining to do. He’s not clueless; he knows what to do. He just doesn’t know about all the technical things, like foreplay. So it’s going to be fun to teach him all those things and watch as his face goes red when you tell him he needs to use his hands to stretch you out before he can stick his dick into you.
It might be a little awkward because he will be asking to ensure he’s doing things correctly. What kind of man would he be if he couldn’t even please his partner? So as he’s first exploring your body, caressing every inch of skin he can, he’s going to be asking what feels right. It’s almost going to be sensual as he gropes your chest, tweaking your nipples and watching as your back arches up into his touch, and he smiles, asking if that felt nice. The moment his hand goes between your legs, he’ll be a bit nervous but hearing you moaning out his name breathlessly is going to encourage him to keep at it.
His composure is going to be lost pretty fast when he’s fucking you. For once, he might be speechless as he watches your face morphing in pleasure. His entire face will be painted scarlet at the sight as he stops thrusting to admire you. When you ask him why he stopped, he’s going to stutter out an excuse before giving a harsher thrust. His hair is going to be disheveled, and the fluffy locks might even be in his face. He’s going to look absolutely wrecked when he feels your walls convulsing around you, and if he had any thought to pull out, it’ll be lost as he’s coming hard in you.
He will worship every inch of your skin. Every mole, freckle, blemish, scar…you name it. If you have curves, he’ll pinch them between his fingers and tell you how beautiful they make you. Expect to be bombarded with praise. You think his obsession with Malleus is bad? He could talk about your body, what noises you make, your expressions…he could go on for days. Just make sure to inform him not to accidentally slip up around friends when discussing you. The last thing you need is Sebek telling everyone how you are in bed and how last night your moans went a pitch higher than normal when you came, and how you left scratches all along his shoulders that he swears he’ll wear with pride and hopes they scar.
He’s a service dom to the max. He’ll always want to be on top because, again, “What kind of man would I be if I hogged all the pleasure to myself by letting you do that?”. He can be convinced, though. Ask if you can suck him off, and he might tell you it’s not necessary, but if you give him the puppy dog eyes, he’ll oblige. Watching as he bites his knuckles in an attempt to be quiet before breaking and moaning loud enough for the entire school to hear is ethereal. He’ll never ask you to do those things, but if you offer, he’ll allow it since you want to, and he has a hard time telling you no.
Bonus Bullet: No public sex. He is far too loud, and you will be caught instantly. There’s also no sneaking when you two are having sex. If it’s in Ramshackle, make sure Grim is out because even he can’t sleep through that. If it’s at Diasomnia, the dorm is going to hear you two. Lilia will chuckle and congratulate Sebek, which will make the boy beam. Malleus won’t say anything, but Silver will be visibly annoyed. Lilia might suggest that you keep your affairs at Ramshackle next time…or he could always let you borrow a gag for Sebek.
Tumblr media
Since Lilia raised him, he was given sex ed like a normal kid would when they reached puberty, but Lilia had drilled into Silver the importance of protection and how he didn’t want to be a gilf anytime soon. Silver took the protection part to heart and will be using a condom unless you tell him it’s okay and he doesn’t need to. He also knows a thing or two from overhearing people talk when they thought he was asleep. He’s not clueless, but experienced is another thing…thankfully he’s a quick study.
Generally, having sex with Silver isn’t really “Fucking” but more of “Making Love.” He’s going to be gentle and make you feel wanted like you’re the only thing that exists at the moment. It’s almost suffocating how the air sometimes changes when he begins having sex with you. You’re going to feel cherished and secure in his arms. He’s going to kiss you all over your body and murmur sweet nothings to you as he slowly brings you to an earth-shattering orgasm. Your entire body will feel like a live wire as you feel every vein of his cock rubbing inside you.
Silver tends to sleep over at your place more often than not, as long as Lilia assures him Malleus will be fine. So if you wake him up with kisses, he’s going to slowly reciprocate before groping your body and pulling you close enough to feel his morning wood through his pants. Slowly riding him with the morning beams of sun coming in through the cracks in the blinds is going to be the best wake-up call he could ask for. If you get tired of doing that, he’s more than happy to flip you onto the bed and slowly grind his cock into you until you’re both coming. Just be careful not to fall back asleep after that.
When the mood strikes him, he can be a bit more energetic in bed. Especially if you request him to go a little bit harder next time, he’s happy to oblige. He’ll keep fucking into you until your legs are turned to jelly. His hands touch every inch of skin as he roughly thrusts into you, pulling each orgasm out of you until your brain is short-circuiting. He might be the number one sleepy boy in the school, but his stamina is nothing to scoff at. He’s still a trained knight, and his body is up to par because of it. He can also try a lot of different positions with you, even fucking you against the cool tiles of the shower without worrying about slipping at all.
Sex with Silver is amazing, in all honesty, but the best thing is after. He’ll make sure you’re both cleaned up and then cuddle you. Normally he likes to be the big spoon so he can wrap his arms around your midsection and pull you against his chest. You’re almost like a stuffed animal for him. He’ll leave kisses along your shoulders and tell you everything he thinks about you and how much he adores you. He’ll keep this up for a while until suddenly, he drifts off and is quiet. It’s a clear sign he fell asleep, and his grip will loosen enough to turn around and face him to see his peaceful sleeping face.
Bonus Bullet: He’ll only be okay if it’s discussed beforehand and it's in a private location, but he is okay with you using his body while he’s asleep. He knows he’s got a condition of some kind, and that might leave you feeling needy at moments while he’s asleep. Not to mention he might get tired midway through sex and just fall asleep. So if you have discussed it, he doesn’t mind you using his body to pleasure yourself. If he wakes up to you riding his cock and moaning lewdly, he’ll think he died in his sleep and went to heaven somehow. Remember, though, it has to be consensual. He probably wouldn’t appreciate you doing it if it hadn’t been discussed.
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