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Azul x Chubby!Confident!Reader
His friend tilted his head, smiling though in amusement. He had expressed to Jade about these thoughts, which was a mistake now he realized. This irritated Azul, it would be a foolish idea to bring you in…
Tumblr media
Warnings(!!!): body insecurities, talk about bullying, self esteem issues, other than that it’s all good! SPOILERS FOR BOOK 3!!!
He hated you deeply.
It wasn’t fair, how come you were liked? He was your weight in his childhood, yet was ridiculed all his life for that.
How could you not hate your chest, stomach, arms, and legs? It made no sense to him.
You were a pulled apart puzzle, needing to be pieced together, or at least that’s how he felt about you in his mind. Most of his thoughts whenever he saw you in the halls or at Mostro Lounge was how were you able to be so happy, how were you not bullied, what made you so special that he lacked.
“Ugh, you’re still thinking of Shrimpy?” Floyd whined, laying himself across the couch in Azul’s VIP room, giving a dramatic body language to accentuate his boredom. “Why don’t you just ask, you were probs just unlucky.”
Azul glared up at his supposed friend and subordinate. He was trying to get paperwork done, but a part of him was distracted heavily, and Floyd clearly caught onto it.
In his mind, he kept wondering about you, whether he wanted to or not. You were just an impulsive thought to him.
With a sigh, Azul finally spoke, “Floyd, I would appreciate if you headed out the door.”
Floyd laid on his stomach, kicking his legs and smiling. “Are you in love with shrimpy?”
A jolt happened with Azul, eyes wide and face red. That was not expected, he was not prepared for such a thing. No, he did not love you, what a putrid thought. He was simply curious about your mentality…
“Oyyy~ am I correct~?” Floyd cackled.
“You are in fact incorrect,” Azul scoffed, face still on fire, “and I think this is your cue to leave.”
The normally stubborn and moody Floyd stood up and headed to the door with a smile, simply leaving. Azul knew he was about to cause mayhem.
He was absolutely correct, Floyd informed Jade of the misunderstanding. Now Jade was giving Azul a look, a creepy smile forming and slowing a slight glimpse of his sharpened teeth.
This made Azul continually redden throughout the day and get sloppy with his business man persona.
It’s ridiculous, Azul thought. I don’t not like the Prefect.
Although he swore to himself and the twins that was the case, but his actions spoke in a different way.
Ever since Floyd asked that really dumb and specific question, Azul couldn’t help but notice you even more. The way you walked, how you smiled, how you looked sleepy, how you were with your first year friends and Grim. It was all becoming enchanting. You were so interesting.
It became less about your body and more about you. He just loved every part of you from top to bottom.
There was no hatred in your heart, it was him projecting his insecurities onto you in his mind.
“Just tell them that,” Jade cooed.
Azul pushing up his glasses, having a pink tinted face. “I will not.”
His friend tilted his head, smiling though in amusement. He had expressed to Jade about these thoughts, which was a mistake now he realized. This irritated Azul, it would be a foolish idea to bring you in…
“Yo, boss, shrimpy’s here~” Floyd called out, opening the door without consent.
And there appeared you, standing there confused and having your arm in a death grip by Floyd. Azul jumped and became more red seeing you.
Jade chuckled, “My, Azul, we were just talking about the Prefect now, weren’t we?”
Angry eyes flicked to Jade, he had pieced together they were setting him up now. He decided to take charge and speak up, keeping his eyes off you of course, but his voice stuttered despite that, “W-well Prefect… you are f..free to leave if you… you so like.” The businessman persona was completely gone.
“But Floyd told me you needed talk to me,” you inquired, a little puzzled look from his behavior. Floyd finally letting you go so you could walk over to him.
Floyd snickered and motion for Jade to head out with him.
And so they did, leaving only you and Azul, who had a pure red face.
“What’s up?” you decided to ask, weary of the shady business man, but decided to take a seat across the couch from him.
Taking a deep breath, Azul finally looked at you. He looked so vulnerable and like his teenage age, he was in love. Love was something he kept distance, mainly preserving for his family. There was no preparation for the outcome he could fall in love with another like him too.
He had expected if he were to have a lover they would also be as hard-working and able to adapt to other people, but you didn’t try to change yourself for others. In fact, no one minded you, you were loved. He was both jealous and happy about that. You deserved it after all. This was more attractive to him than he originally thought.
“Why don’t we make a deal?” he muttered.
You scoffed, “Is that why I’m here?”
“No… no, I promise I won’t… try to hurt you… I just…” he was stammering on, trying to think of the words to say, “I’m not sure how to use my feelings…”
The originally annoyed Prefect gave a soft look, you were amazed hearing Azul out of all people say that. It was sweet.
“Well… I’m interested in you, and I know we haven’t talked as much,” he exclaimed, finally cooling down and feeling a bit more prideful. “Would you like to spend time with me sometime soon? Just the two of us? No business deals or contracts… if you desire.” He gulped, antsy about your answer that his leg began to bounce.
You chuckled, thinking on it a bit, then looking to him with a blush across your face. “Sure! Thank you.”
He made a stupid smile at that and pushed up his glasses. “How about we exchange phone numbers.”
The two of you exchanged numbers, and you headed off, Azul’s heart was racing so fast. How could you be so perfect? Although he was quite upset with Jade and Floyd, they had helped him.
Who knew he could fall in love with someone who reminded him of his deepest insecurities?
Author’s Note: I hope this is okay I didn’t really want to make a super long post because I’m a bit tired going back to school and it not being a weekend. My friend requested for me to do this so shout out to them!
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First of all, sorry if there are any errors, english is not my first language and I'm still learning it.
Seeing how people reacted to this post I'll add some things first, to at least not be called a pedo:
I'm literally a minor, so please don't call me a pedo because that's not really possible I think
If you were to actually read the post, not because you agree but because you want to complain then you have two options, to not read it at all or to consider the first point and the fact that I too would prefer the people writing about him to imagine a older looking version.
As stated before, if you want to complain pls don't interact
So I suppose that everyone who plays twisted wonderland knows who Ortho is, but in case someone doesn't, here's a little description:
He was and still is Idia Shroud's little brother, he died when he was a child and his body was remade by his brother to somehow "keep him alive".
I know that reading this gives the idea of him still being a child and that, if he was one, writing fanfictions about him would be wrong, so this is why I'll try to explain why having this idea while knowing the full story is kinda stupid.
After saying that he died as a child and was made anew it gives the idea that he's still a child, but he technically isn't.
In the birthday card form the first year of the game, which is almost three years ago at this point, Yuu asks him in the interview what was his best memory from a past birthday party. To this Ortho answers the party that was held when he was five, which was eleven years ago. If you know basic math you should understand that 5+11=16, which makes him as old as the first years. Ok I know, some of you don't understand that being sixteen isn't the same as being five years old but for the sake of this post we'll say that, yes he's still a minor and we shouldn't write romantic stuff about him because bla bla bla (Also I'd like to point out that I'm not talking about writing nsfw stuff about him, just relationship scenarios instead of only platonic ones) but if you consider the year in which the card was released then it means that this August he'll be eighteen, so yeah legal age for stuff.
In case you want to argue about what he says in the story I'll leave the screens of the translation:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Writing this might seem stupid but some of you don't understand it so I'll do it anyway. We said that his body is new, and this applies for his mind too, well kind of. Some of his memories as Ortho Shroud, the one who actually lived, are still inside his head, we know that because Idia somehow put some of them back inside of him to "preserve his little brother". With this said we are left with:
50% old memories
50% all that's known to mankind
We know that in his head he can search everything, you can clearly see that during history lessons and in some of his cards (if I'm not wrong it was a birthday one but I'm not sure which of the two). He talks about how much he likes playing games with other students and that since he can predict everything they'll do they decided to create a handwritten list of moves to use against him. From this we get two things:
He can hear things from really afar, he says that even if they tried to keep the notes from him he still listens to them, even if they don't know it
He can know everything from the entire internet, from every site and from every data storage around the world
Tumblr media Tumblr media
To conclude this first part about his head I'll just say that you can't have the mindset of a child if you know everything, and this applies to him too. 3: HIS PERCEPTION OF HIMSELF
This is still about his mind but with a different point of view. When we finish the sixth chapter of the story Ortho gains a real heart, a real himself we can say. He's finally free from his brother's restrains and he starts to become a real person. The school realizes this too and accepts him as a student, starting from the first year. This might seem obvious but we know that two years before, when him and Idia arrived at the school, he wasn't perceived as a person, he was just a tool, another piece of metal and cables that his brother bought with him. Now having a heart and a mind of his own he still has the knowledge he had before but he can also appreciate things from another prospective, one only a real living being can have. I feel like saying this might not mean much but to put it simply: he arrives at the school and is fourteen, he stays a total robot for another year and then we meet him when he's sixteen. After another year he gains a heart and he's almost an adult and now, one year after he's become a person, he's to become eighteen. He's almost a literal adult, this is what I wanted to say. Btw these are some screens from one of the cards where be talks about himself and stuff, even before becoming a real person:
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
We know he's short, he's 148 cm. Oh wait you want to say that his face almost looks... like the one of a young looking person? Please don't. Seriously, this might mean something if he was the only character in the game with a young looking face but he isn't, we literally got Epel and Riddle a similar design. And oh look, people write about them, even nsfw stuff, but no one complains for some reason. Epel is sixteen, a minor, but no one says anything if someone decides to simply add the "every character here is aged up so everything's fine" thing. Riddle is seventeen, oh look, another minor people don't have a problem writing about. You can clearly see how stupid this is, he's the same age as them, has the same type of design as them but for some reason is treated different from the fandom. Also, to add things to this mix of reasons, his body isn't even human, he's a literal thing made of metal, wires, fans and a heart. Idia could customize him any moment, and maybe in the future he will who knows, but for now this is what we got.
5: THE FINAL (not the dir en grey song) PART
After all these paragraphs I sincerely hope that at least some of you understand how all this doesn't make sense. I know I'm not the only one who thinks this, I know other people with this same idea but at this point no one can really write anything without being called slurs or assuming random things about them. This post was just a simple explanation of how I see this "issue", if we want to call it that.
Thanks for everyone who read till this point and have a good day :)
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Synopsis: The octotrio don't really take kindly to having their alone time with you interrupted.
Characters: Azul Ashengrotto, Jade Leech , Floyd Leech x GN! Reader
Tags: Suggestive because oh wow that's a lot of kissing, Azul forms a Crowley hate club, Crewel being an overprotective dad in Jade's part, Floyd annoys you (lovingly)
Word Count: 2k+ | 💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
Azul seldom had days off; he was usually dedicated to his office, checking work and finalizing deeds he'd made over the week. Like now, he's busier than ever, especially with the holiday season approaching. You usually would've helped him out if it weren't for Crowley…
The headmaster, ever so generous and kind, was making you run errands for him more than usual. Both of you were so swamped with work that you hadn't seen one other in weeks.
Deciding to take things into their own hands, Jade and Floyd approached you, trying to garner your pity by telling you how 'pathetic' and 'antsy' their boss had gotten during your absence. Floyd amped up the theatrical performance by throwing himself over your shoulder and sobbing crocodile tears over the 'inhumane work conditions' he's been put through. (Azul made him work 10 minutes longer).
To the eel's delight, their terrible acting actually worked and it convinced you to check up on your poor unfortunate little octopus.
You entered Azul's office, carrying a platter of pastries and tea. He was slouched against his chair, reading paperwork in a position that was bound to strain his neck and back.
"Oh, Angelfish?" As you set the tray on a coffee table, Azul stands to greet you. You don't miss how his face lights up when you walk towards him.
"How are you?" You ask, wrapping your arms around his waist while his hands reach up to cup your cheeks. The leather of gloves felt cool against your skin and you sighed happily, closing your eyes.
"Busy, as usual…" Azul muttered and let you guide him to one of the couches in his office. He plopped down onto the chair and groaned in exhaustion, sinking into the velvet plush cushions. "If I have to read another one of those pathetic deals from these Savanaclaw students, I think I'm gonna have a stroke."
Azul's eyes bore into yours, his lips curling into a bitter frown. "It's been nearly a month since we last saw each other…"
"I know. Crowley's been making me work my ass off these days." You smiled apologetically, moving in to press a fleeting kiss against his temple. Azul grumbled, his eyes briefly glancing over the pile of deals atop his desk. There was a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he looked up at you.
"Angelfish. You know I can easily fix that problem for you, no?" Azul spoke lowly, adjusting his gloves with a dark look on his face. Immediately, you shook your head. "No making deals with Crowley."
"Alright, no deals…but say the word and I'll gladly take care of it." Azul muttered, crossing his arms and pushing his glasses up. You chuckled and bent forward to peck his lips in thanks.
However, it seems that Azul missed you more than you thought. You should've known that someone as greedy as Azul wasn't going to be satiated by a small kiss like that. Before you could back away his hand clasped over your waist, pulling you back in. Gasping, you slid into his lap and he immediately fused his lips against yours.
"Stay." He mouths against your lips as both his hands move to grip your waist. Azul kisses you again and again, only giving you a few seconds to recover. Feeling lightheaded, you pulled away trying to catch your breath.
"Azu-" Before you could even get a word out, he kisses you again, this time with more passion. The ferocity of it all causes your head to spin as your hands become entangled in his white hair. It was almost as if he hadn't kissed you in ages, as if it was his first time seeing you in years. His tongue darts across your bottom lip, prompting you to part your lips.
"Knock Knock." Floyd's voice echoed through the closed door, and Azul jolted. He pulled away from you, his gaze moving to the tweels who were most likely standing behind the door.
"Oi Azul, there's some guy out there lookin' for ya. He's calling you 'Mr Ashengrotto'. What a weirdo."
"Floyd. Doesn't saying 'knock knock' defeat the purpose of knocking?" Jade's muffled voice spoke.
"Didn't ask. Don't care."
You watch Azul glare at the door, cursing under his breath, clearly irritated that his private time with you had been disturbed. He considered just directing the client to return another day. However, it seems that you've decided to make that decision for him.
"You heard them." Pulling him up, you fixed the collar to his uniform and combed his hair back into place. Teasingly, you ran your thumb over his lips.
"Don't keep them waiting, Mr Ashengrotto."
Tumblr media
Wiping the table down, you made sure to get every small spec of dust off of the metal surface. It was late at night and you were helping Jade close the lounge up for his shift.
You were concentrated and hard at work, determined to finish the job properly. Jade, on the other hand, found himself marvelling at the unusual sight of you in his dorm's uniform.
Azul had given you an Octavinelle dorm uniform that was tailored and custom-made specifically for you.But of course, nothing ever came for free when it involved the capitalist octopus.
It was intended to be used for promotional purposes. You were Ramshackle's prefect and the magicless human trapped in a mage school, it's no question that you had a lot of attention thrown your way. It was only natural that his boss would exploit such popularity.
Such a stark difference from your normal outfit. You were usually seen wearing the school uniform issued specially for your shabby dorm, paired with the expensive high-end designer fur coat Crewel gifted you.
To put it short, you appeared much more lovely than usual.
So, was it really his fault when he drew you behind the bar and began kissing you silly? Oh darling pearl, of course not.
"Jade-" You gasp against his lips when his weight starts to push on you. Your back collides with one of the stools, leaving you with little choice but to settle down atop the bar counter.
He swiftly hoists you up over the table, allowing you to sit snugly as you wrap your legs around his hips; he does all this without ever pulling his lips away.
“J-Jade we have a job to finish." You panted but Jade had no intention to stop. He steps back to assess your reaction, a sadistic grin spread across his face.
The eel was gentle when he manoeuvred you to lay down against the table, but the look and gleam in his eyes said otherwise.
"Oya, I fear something much more interesting has taken my attention." He nips at your lips, recapturing them with hardly a second to breathe between each one, his hands sliding up your hips to hold you in place.
"How could I not indulge myself when the most exquisite shining pearl is within my grasp?" Jade whispers.
The merman starts pulling his gloves off and loosening his tie. He returned for another open-mouthed kiss. It seemed as though he just couldn't get enough of you. Every breathy kiss he drew from you felt like waves pulling him under, luring him to continue and drown himself in your love again and again.
Sadly, all wonderful things must come to an end.
"Leech. Hands off my pup." You nearly slipped off the counter when you heard a familiar stern voice call out for you. You spun around, gasping, to discover Crewel standing by the door. His face distorted into an unsightly sneer as he peered at Jade.
"Pup. I believe you forgot but we have a shopping appointment today." Embarrassed, you quickly bowed your head and kept your head down. Why. Why on earth couldn't the ground just swallow you whole right now?
All suave and smooth, Jade took a step back and picked you up. Yelping, you held onto his biceps, head spinning from the sudden movement. Jade merely chuckled and lowered you back down onto the ground.
Crewel storms up to you, your fur coat in hand. He drapes the coat over your torso, fussing over your unkempt appearance. The man turns to throw Jade another scathing look, silently cursing the eel under his breath.
Despite your embarrassed and mortified state, Jade crouches down and whispers to you. "I'll get back to you later, my pearl."
Tumblr media
Huffing, you stormed out of the classroom with a towering eel hot on your trail. Before you could even round the corner, Floyd threw his arms over your shoulders and leaned his entire body against yours.
"Floyd! Get off! I'm still upset at you after that stunt you performed earlier!" You grumbled, your knees wobbling from trying to withstand his weight.
Floyd doesn't say anything and just slithers his arm around your waist, his teeth affectionately nibbling the exposed flesh of your neck. His annoyingly handsome face was plastered with a smug smile. He knew he was a menace, and he was proud of it.
Professor Trein's lectures were absurdly long, and you can imagine how bored the eel gets during his classes. The issue is that he's decided to turn you into his new source of entertainment. He kept poking you with a pencil, handing you tiny messages on crumpled notebook paper, and kicking you with his foot. The eel had even sneakily placed his hand on your thigh at one point, drawing patterns and words with his fingertips while pretending to listen to the lecture.
You squirmed and tried to shake your way out of his grasp. Your lover snorted at your pitiful escape attempts and tightened his grip on you.
"Neh~ Shrimpy, this hallway isn't my vibe at all. Let's go somewhere else!" Floyd pulls you into an empty classroom, kicking the door shut. He pushed you against a desk, slamming his hands on either side of you.
All of a sudden, his mood changes. The eel leans down to murmur into your ear, his breathy voice sending shivers up and down your spine.
“That class was so boringg. I can't help it that shrimpy's squirming is much more entertaining~” Floyd laughs, nudging his head against your cheek.
That little nudge was all that it took to get you to lower your guard, allowing him to strike and press his lips on yours.
Floyd's hands raked themselves up your back, his thumb rubbing circles onto the nape of your neck. He gave you one final kiss while grinning before stepping back to give you some room to breathe.
“Hm~? I thought you were still mad at me.” Floyd says as you lean in to chase his lips. You clicked your tongue and grabbed his collar, pulling him close to your face. This time, you take the lead and Floyd eagerly follows suit with a giddy smile on his face.
The loving moment between you two lasts for a few minutes before the door to the classroom slams open.
"Floyd! I've been calling your phone for the last hour!" Both Azul and Jade appeared. Azul looked as if he just ran a marathon, his flushed skin having a faint red tint to it. Jade was as composed as ever and stood behind the octoboss, sending you and his brother a knowing look.
“So what?” Floyd blinks, indifferent to Azul's anger. He just truly doesn’t find anything wrong about skipping his job and showering you with some love and affection.
"What do you mean 'so what'!? You promised me you would take the morning shift! We agreed on this!" Azul scolded, banging his fist against the door. But with his face twisted up like he'd just swallowed a lemon, it was hard to take him seriously.
"I don't want to gooo…" Floyd wailed as he sat down with you on the floor. He collapsed on the ground and drew you into his arms, ignoring Azul's shouts. You cuddled against him, sighing, for there was no way out.
This was your fate.
Tumblr media
Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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twst-headcanonss · 1 month
What if... a new person comes to NRC/College in general. This new person catches the eyes of y/n, and this makes the characters get really jealous? This with Floyd, Rook, Cater, Sebek (Separate) please! Love your fics and keep up with the good work Valerie 💝(hope you don't mind me calling you by your name)!!!! 😊 Lastly can I be 🍱 anon please? :)
𝒉𝒂𝒗𝒊𝒏𝒈 𝒂𝒏 𝒊𝒏𝒕𝒆𝒓𝒆𝒔𝒕 𝒊𝒏 𝒂 𝒏𝒆𝒘 𝒈𝒖𝒚
₊˚ ✧ ‿︵‿୨୧‿︵‿ ✧ ₊˚
Note: Of course, I'll do this! Thank you for your praises 🍱 anon! Also it is totally fine by you calling me by my name (♡μ_μ)! Lastly I made some them, make the reader not being in a relationship them yet so... extra drama ;).
Characters: Floyd, Rook, Cater, & Sebek.
Dictionary: For my babes who's English is not their native language <3 . . . - - - 1] Mortify(Mortified)v.- to embarrass, shame, or make to feel foolish. 2] Rational adj.- logical. 3] Disclose v.- to reveal or explain. 4] Malign (Maligning) v.- to say bad things about: to speak evil of. 5] Clarification n.- the act of making clear or understandable; an explanation.
Floyd Leech:
Tumblr media
Possessive x10.
Floyd is going to be extremely jealous and insecure at most. Why can't you see that he likes you? Did he not make it obvious? You´re basiclly hurting his very soul.
No one would be surprised if he gets extremely bold with you right now. Examples of that include: Kissing you or any other romantic stuff and even activating deep voice mode... (Floyd: *battle stance*)
But seriously, I don't think anyone would be surprised if this guy pulls out his magic pen or just uses his bare hand to fight. Like this guy is about to beat this guy's ass.
He's really about to through hands for you just looking at someone... not the best solution. He also takes into account that you ALSO have INTREST in that guy.
"Y/N. What about me? Am I not interesting?" You know stuff is about to go down when he doesn't use his iconic sea nicknames anymore.
If this goes on long enough, he isn't afraid to bite someone... bonus points if this happens when he's at the basketball club. He would for sure hit the guy in the back of the head with a ball. Not a lot of force- but you know that he is not happy.
(EXTRA points if he squishes them.)
But once again, possessive Floyd is not a force to be reckoned with. You can bet that this guy would exploit this situation and try to get all of your attention on him again.
Focusing on another mood of Floyd's... he also could be totally trivial about this whole scene. Like he would not care about this, usually, that happens 65% percent of the time...
- - -
Enjoy this mini-diagram I made <3; Technically speaking, if a situation like this happened... obviously these are just percent's and not totally equal lol.
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Possessive: 75%
Doesn't care: 65%
Violent: 50%
Doesn't notice: 25%
_ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _ _
Rook Hunt:
Tumblr media
Rook is… almost normal.
He is the master of hiding any sort of negative emotion- and might be so good at it that he doesn't even realize it. Yes, he indeed will know how he feels about this all, but does he care about expressing negatives? No, he doesn't.
As a wise man once said, Rook only cares about beautiful things. With jealousy not being included. Plus, he's confident that you don't mean anything by this, your just like him- with how you are interested in someone.
Rook might be the only sane one, to be honest- when it comes to this… just kidding.
This man will not- stop- bothering you about this. He's really happy that his little trickster found someone to have a such fascination with! He's beyond proud.
Even though likes you, he won't get in the way of your feelings. He might be overthinking this whole thing, but he wouldn't be lying if he got exposed for covering his feelings- by bothering you about your own.
Though he would ask for clarification if you had any feelings for the guy you were interested in. Even if so, he is ready to help in anyway he can~
. . . Okay now, what if I told you that was partially true? If we're talking about how he's feeling on the inside anyways. The 100% is surrounded by burning jealousy- it almost even hurts his very soul.
He waltzes over to the poor guy in a suffocating manner and tries to understand what you see in him.
If the student is smart enough to feel scared by Rook, they will make it out alive. If not- then you would have to hear the comments from Rook that sound too good to be true. He's from now on keeping a very close eye on your or anyone else behavior…
But of course, he will not show it.
Cater Diamond:
Tumblr media
Cater for sure does not show it- but he’s quite upset with this.
Basically in his mind, he already feels you like him, so it’s no wonder why he is feeling dejected. But- he also isn’t used to having such feelings for someone, and it all makes him second-guess things.
Even if you had no- whatsoever, romantic intention with him, he’ll over-read your kindness and think that you like him. Not ever being rational- and I mean, never.
Though as much as he wants to- he doesn’t ever want to use any sort of realism or even anything to clarify that he is only dreaming. Only because it just takes his feelings and confidence away from him.
His mind takes him to a more negative place and makes him believe- or think negatively. Then shortly he would begin to feel bad about ‘dreaming’, of your ‘very obvious’ feelings for him.
Even though Cater is a typically cherry person on the exterior, I can very much envision him almost losing his cool. He is practically even death glaring at the guy you seem to be looking at.
But of course- those feelings will only be in the insides, not wanting to disclose any of his emotions… which his emotions end up being, pure-utter-jealousy.
Basically what I’m trying to say… Cater is not the type to be as protective on the outside, but he is extremely down to throw hands with this student.
Not really saying that he will act on his more violent feelings… but he is very close that he might even. It all only depends on if he is pushed more to act on it.
And just saying… you might have to get Trey to hold back Cater from harming- or even go as far to to just malign the poor guy on the internet.
Sebek Zigvolt:
Tumblr media
He’s jealous but ten times more.
If you think that his protectiveness around Malleus was bad, try to add his, lovesick, clingy, and overprotectiveness to the also. As if having all of these traits aren’t bad enough already.
It is no wonder why I feel so bad for the guy you just have an interest in, you have a growling- Monsieur Crocodile, glaring at his ‘opponent’. He has some courage- and possessiveness to be yelling at some random guy. Thanks to this he now views him as an extreme threat. It really doesn’t matter if his ‘rival’ is a human or beastmen, he would still yell at them either way.
In his mind he can’t really help himself, I mean he was raised as a knight, one that’s supposed to protect the ones he cares for. That’s why he can’t help himself when he gets visibly mad when you look at someone in ‘awe’. It might also be the case where he wants you to look at him. why- not some random student who you haven’t even met before.
It’s almost like a curse of how he can’t be mature about this. It’s the first year curse of not using your head… it affects more than others. Basically he just doesn’t use his head and instead uses his emotions.
After class has ended… he then gets up from his desk and marches straight out of the door. Walking towards the scared and confused student, who has done nothing but exist.
I think he is too possessed by his emotions to not even feel any sort of remorse about this. Let’s all thank Lilia for the cause of this. Speaking of this, let’s talk about how pretty- if not, extremely lucky to have captured his attention, since it is not an easy thing to do.
But seriously, he really can't help but want to protect you from any cruel being in this world. That being, if we’re going to get in more detail on how he feels about this, even when he is very confused about this, he could call this feeling ‘forced confusion and anger’.
Which it also could be making his new feeling, which everyone knows as only 'jealousy'. This feeling makes his heart clench. It's like a swarm of dark energy involved in his system. Like black ink cursing a magical pen… or however you must describe it.
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angelltheninth · 5 months
Poison Just as Sweet
Pairing: Jamil Viper x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, neck kisses, somnophilia, gentle sex, soft dirty talk, praise
Word count: 0.7k
Kinktober Day 15: Somnophilia
A/N: Jamil is the last person that I thought would get on the kinktober list cause I haven't seem many request things with him but honestly I really like him.
Tumblr media
You often found yourself having wet dreams about Jamil. You dreamt of him slowly making love to you in his bed, then of him roughly taking you on one of the desks on a classroom, just after class, right as you woke up in the morning, in the shower after P.E. class. Sometimes he was sweet and gentle, other times rough, but no matter what it always left you aching, wet and sore when you woke up.
"-so good." Jamil's voice, distant from the Jamil currently in your dream echoed from somewhere, "Even now, you're taking me so well." His praise made you moan, you angled your hips upwards for his cock to sink in deeper. You heard him stifle a groan, you felt warmth enveloping your left nipple, except that the Jamil in your dream was taking you from behind. It didn't make sense. "Fuck, wake up. I want to see you look me in the eye when you come."
"Huh?" You mumble in your sleep, your eyes feeling heavy as you try to stay asleep, not wanting your dream to end yet. You were so close now, you wanted to stay asleep. "Jamil." You whined and turned your head to look at him. You only saw the bottom half of his face, smiling at you before he leaned up and kissed you.
That kiss was what made you open your eyes. You still felt him, full and throbbing and thrusting, his hands bellow your ass, your legs laying lip at his sides, "I'm sorry my love. I couldn't help myself. You were moaning my name and I... fuck I had to." He mumbled against your lips as you drifted in and out of consciousness still.
Were you still dreaming? You couldn't tell anymore. All you knew was that Jamil was here, in your dorm at the first light of dawn, naked, kissing you, with his hair falling down his back and around his face. And he was making love to you. Real or not it felt too good to tell him to stop. "More."
Jamil gasped, his eyes widening in surprise, yet his pace never faltered. He never faltered when he was focused on a task, especially one that involved you. With what strength you could muster in your sleepy state you wrapped your arms around him, letting them rest and map the muscles on his back. "You feel like a dream." You mumbled against his cheek, nuzzling close, feeling his torso press against your breasts.
"You're the one who's like a dream. You... letting me make love to you even in your sleep... I would, every night I would, I almost have so many times when I heard you moaning, only to be forced to take care of it by myself. When all along you would have let me have you then." You could feel him getting close, "From now on I promise to wake up just like this, not only with a kiss but my cock as well. Anything for you, my most beautiful jewel."
Despite your drowsy state you felt your body lock up, your cunt clenched around Jamil's cock, trying to prevent him from moving out as you gushed all over him from your orgasm. It almost put you back to sleep, the force of it followed by immediate pleasure and content.
"Look at me my love. Look at me as I come inside you. Feel me." Jamil's eyes shut tight as his fingers dug deep into your ass cheeks, tilting your pelvis just in time for him to burry his dick inside your pussy one final time and come. His head feel forward, his eyes open and looking hazily into yours as he emptied all he had inside of you, his hips spasming every now and again as your cunt kept squeezing from of his seed from his cock. "Maybe I could make you fall asleep like this as well." His lips brushed against your cheek, "I almost feel bad about it but I think we can't afford to stay in bed this time. So don't you fall asleep on me now my precious rose.
"Okay." You whispered and tightened your arms around him some more, "Five more minutes though."
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olivyh · 6 months
hello :) may i request scenarios of a reader who is the prefect of ramshackle, so from another world, who immediately starts excelling in their classes-
catch is, they seem to never be studying and they’re very laid back, but they still get top grades (higher or even as high as riddle/azul)
with riddle, azul, deuce and whoever else seems very,,, academically competitive
i’m such a sucker for the academic rivals trope, especially when one of them is trying so hard while the other seems to not try at all
thank you :) i love your works <33
Writing these reminds me of all the studies I can do on these characters,, maybe when I have some time I'll sit down and write out fully fledged one shots about them,,,,,
and TYSM!!! Thank you for reading!!! :)))) <<3333
Slight TW: Hints of abuse and bullying (not fully described, but hinted at)
-I don't think he would mind too much
-You're oddly smart for being from another world, and you don't need to spend time studying? Goof for you
-That means he doesn't have to spend countless hours tutoring ADeuce, right?
-He's actually quite thankful that you're around to keep those in his dorm up to the standards he holds
-He is a little jealous that you don't have to spend hours hunched over a desk studying, but he tries to brush it off to the best of his ability 
-That is, until you surpass him in exams
-He's not so low as to try to sabotage you, but he cant deny the envy that runs through his veins
-How? You were from another world. If anything, you should have the disadvantage. He goes back to his dorm, vanishing into his room to study more to make sure that he gets above you next time
-He finds himself making excuses as to why you were so smart. Perhaps your world was similar? Maybe you were getting extra notes or amended lessons due to your circumstances? Perhaps you had some sort of magic or trick that allowed you to see the answers for the tests?!
-He can't get you out of his head
-Eventually he tries to bring it up casually, the bite in his tone enough of an indication what was happening. Of course, you tease him and explain that you never needed to study
-As someone who spent most of his life studying, he's baffled. He was intelligent, sure, but he was trained to be and you... weren't
-Eventually he can't stop thinking about you and your words. At some point or another, he finds himself looking forward to seeing your name so high up, the jealousy slowly dissipating. When they switch places, his name on top, yours on top the next, his, yours, his, yours. 
-He found himself staring at the two names, accidentally reading off your first name paired with his
-(Name) Rosehearts
-His face flushes and he scurries away from the board, away from Trey calling out for him, confused as to why his Dorm Leader had run off despite getting the highest score. 
-He was inexperienced, but he was not naïve. He knew what feelings he had developed for you.
-And he was sweating, losing his mind. This was not supposed to happen at all. 
The redheaded boy practically collapses next to you on the couch in Heartslabyul's common room, despite trying to make it appear dignified. You chuckle, putting your phone down as he sighs, pinching at the bridge of his nose. 
"Tough day?" You question him, sitting back as he unclips the crown from his hair and holds it in his lap, running his gloved thumbs over the sleek surface. 
"Absolutely. Can you control those two for once?" Laughing, you go to fix the piece of hair that had been displaced from the crown, making Riddle stiffen. You notice and pull your hands back, as if burned. 
"I-I'm sorry," You mumble. "Touching, right...Right."
Riddle frowns, swallowing the embarrassed lump that formed in his throat. He longed to feel your warmth, to feel your soft touches holding his face in both your hands, wiping his stressed tears away with your thumbs after a long day. To curl into your chest, arms wrapped around your waist and hold you close late at night rather than sleeping alone in his cold bed. To kiss you when you two part for classes, to hold your hand at each and every Unbirthday party, to hug you close, bury his face in the crook of your neck and to never, ever let go. 
You gave him a hug once. 
He'd recoiled and snapped, being unused to the affection. It was stifling to him, a realization that made him cry softly into his pillow that night. You promised to not touch him again, well aware of what he'd been through. 
"You can..." He mumbles, shaky hand reaching for your own, the butterflies now creeping through his entire system, making his stomach turn as if he was sick and his head all fuzzy. His face was a bright red as he inched his shaking, gloved hand forward. You nod, resting your hand on top of his own. 
"Is this good?" 
He nodded, despite feeling that familiar, claustrophobic feeling rise in his chest. 
"We can stop," You went to take your hand away from his and he shakes his head. 
"Keep it," He says much too quickly, stumbling over his words. "Please."
You nod, and Riddle knows that this little bit of overwhelming warmth is not nearly enough for now. He still longs to hold you, to have you hold him. 
But for now, your hand over his was enough.  
Deuce Spade:
-He was so thankful to have you as a friend. 
-He didn't think he was too jealous until he saw that you just... never had to study
-He was a little upset, honestly. 
-I mean, spending hours upon hours trying to understand a single concept that most people learned in middle school? Countless days hunched over a desk and staring at a problem until frustrated tears spill from his eyes?
-And you can just... do it. No effort involved. No struggling at all and you're practically outranking his own Dorm Head....
-He tries not to hold it against you, but he can't fight the feeling of resentment seeing your perfect test scores, and then watching you do practically nothing before the day of the test
-Unlike the other three, I think he would actually have a talk with you about it.
-You're one of his closest friends, and he hates the feeling of annoyance that grows in his heart whenever test season rolls around
-He asks for your help, or at least for tricks to pick up the information better
-He's so earnest that you can't find it in you to tease him
-So you study. And you study for hours, at every opportunity. You want him to succeed, especially after seeing his excited reaction when he got a 90 on a potions exam
-Flash cards, listening exercises...
-Deuce felt overwhelmed by the amount of effort you put into helping him, how you would often turn down plans with other friends to help him, the amount of money you would spend on materials to help him keep up, how you wouldn't give up on him, even when he snapped a few times in frustration (and then proceeded to apologize profusely)
-Ace pointed it out. Deuce had crushes before, but none of them were so... intense. He had thought you were attractive at first, and then as you two grew closer those feelings grew as well. Seeing how far you were willing to go for him was what made him decide that he had to do something
"Prefect!" He practically shouts, running and pushing past the other students in the hallway. "I did it!" 
"You did?!" You shout excitedly. He nods, a grin on is face. He holds up a slightly crinkled paper, reading '100' at the top. 
He had struggled the most with history, you both knew that. He never got anything above a 70 on one of Trein's tests. You smile and laugh, pulling him in for a hug, bouncing up and down and making the boy jump too, albeit a little embarrassed to be doing so in the middle of a crowded hallway. 
He can't help but wrap his arms around your shoulders, holding you close for a few moments, feeling your warmth through both of your uniforms. A warmth he'd felt many times before, and a warmth he will never get enough of. You would bump against his leg during sleepovers, play fight with him, play with his hair and style it in ways that you thought were hilarious. 
He loved every second of it. 
"Deuce?" He didn't realize you had stopped jumping and that he had been holding you for a moment, quickly backing away with a flushed face. 
"Sorry! I got a little excited," He chuckles nervously, meeting your eyes and grinning. 
"I'm so proud of you!" There it was. His face went alight as he looked away, stammering muffled 'thank you's and 'it's because you helped's. "Come on, let's celebrate! Floyd gave Ace a bunch of vouchers for Mostro because he kicked his ass at practice!"
Deuce smiles and links his arm in yours, looking down at you as you tell some story about your friend and the eel, unconsciously squeezing your arm a little tighter. 
"Thank you, (Name)."
-I think he would be the most bothered by it
-He spent most of his life being told that he was dumb, and now he finally had physical proof that he was among the smartest in his school. He could wave those ranking paper in the air, pin them to his wall, do anything to them but at least they were there. At least he could see that he was not dumb
-And then you came along. And he was no longer at the top of the class. 
-He was now second best in the class
-While he had no problem being second best, as least, not as much of a problem as many in the school would have, it still hurt
-Especially knowing that you did practically nothing to get where you were
-He worked his (metaphorical) mer-ass off, days of perfecting his magic and his craft, of finding any way to get ahold of the best notes to get the best scores
-And then this magicless student strolls along and gets to be in the top of the class
-He tries to find out your tricks, sending the twins after you. They come back and report that you literally do... nothing. You go to class, listen to the lectures, then go home and do something else. No notes, no reviewing, nothing.
-He was already peeved, brainstorming ways to distract you enough to bomb at least one exam
-Nothing ever worked.   
-When you outsmarted him during his overblot? His self-esteem plummeted
-You felt bad and so, you offered to help him repair the dorm
-He vehemently denied, not wanting to feel as if he was your own little charity. The more you two talked, the more you helped him find out new promotions and deals for the lounge, he'd decided that you were simply kind
-He fell for you instantly
You two sit on the couch in the lounge, with Azul leaning against the side, paperwork balanced on a clipboard resting on the arm of the couch. He taps his pen to his lips a few times, eyebrows furrowed on his forehead as his lips rest against the end. He shed his coat and tie, trying to find a smidge of comfort despite not being in his pyjamas like he'd liked. The clock read 11:46 pm, and the poor boy still had a pile of paperwork to go through. 
"Need help?"
"No thanks..." He sighs, pushing his glasses up to his forehead and pinching the bridge of his nose, sighing. He reaches for his glasses and curses to himself. You look over, noticing the intense smudges on the lenses, likely from his ungloved hands. You watch as he fumbles to untuck the end of his dress shirt to wipe them off and you slowly take them, wiping them down with one of the actual lens cloths you'd learned to carry around upon seeing how often he smudged them- proof of his inexperience with things on his face all the time. 
You wipe them down, holding them up to the light every once in a while as Azul continues to scribble away, reaching out and sliding the paper on the desk before moving on to the next. You mumble his name, breaking the silence as he turns to you. You push his tousled hair out of his eyes, making him gulp as heat rises to his face at the tenderness and affection held in the action. 
You slowly slip the glasses onto his face and the mer allowed his eyes to close for a moment as to not see how close your faces had gotten. He didn't need to see you to feel your warm breath fan across his cheeks. Your hands rest on the sides of his face for a moment and he can't find it in him to open his eyes, despite how his mind is screaming at him to just do it. That this is what he was waiting for this entire time.
You were so, so heartbreakingly gentle with him. So gentle that it made him want to melt into your arms and never leave. It was a kindness he had only received from his mother and grandmother, nobody else had ever dared to get go close to him in such a way, only pulling at his limbs despite his panicked pleas. 
He opened his eyes once you pulled away, looking back down at his paperwork. You lay back on the couch, your legs over his lap as he watches you mumble what he assumes to be a 'goodnight' and closing your eyes, drifting off to sleep due to the late hour. 
He smiles, resting his hand on your knee as his other continues to write, listening to your even breaths as he takes his glasses off, lightly tossing his things to the desk and leaning his head back, following you into a deep, well-needed sleep. 
-He was resentful of you at first
-That could be him at the top if he didn't have to constantly limit himself. He worked hard, he studied harder, he was supposed to be the one at the top of the leaderboard
-Instead he always had to keep his test scores a little below Kalim's which put him in the lower half of the grade despite how bright he was
-That was a fact he could accept
-But learning that you were a magicless student from another world and still at the top of the class
-He was intrigued, and incredibly jealous that you were able to flaunt your abilities
-He ignored you, knowing that he shouldn't bother, that he couldn't be at the top no matter how hard he tried.
-That is, until after winter break
-He began to show how much he could do, quickly rising to the top alongside you. He was at the top for a moment, going head to head with you and your near perfect test scores. Despite everything he had done, he believed that that he could beat you once and for all
-He blamed it on not having enough time to study. You were busy with Crowley, sure, but did you have to arrange parties every other night? Did you have to cook for said parties? Clean up the entire dorm afterwards? He didn't think so
-You were still kind to him despite his visible irritation with you. You would offer to help him clean up
-He would tell you that he was capable of doing it himself, but you insisted every single time. What did you have to gain? Were you trying to find more dirt to dig up on him? Were you working with Azul? He didn't trust you one bit
-You got closer during the VDC, and he found himself able to relax around you more ,to freely laugh at your jokes
-He knew he was falling for you, but was unable to admit it, fighting back these feelings
-He didn't want to drag you into a life of servitude, a life forced to be less than what you are solely because of who you serve
-You pushed, and he backed up. You pushed. He backed up more. 
-It got to the point where you could no longer push, and he was against a wall
"It's not too bad this time," You say offhandedly, scrubbing away at a particular stain on one of the dishes that won't leave. Jamil hums monotonously, drying off the dishes and whisking them away to their proper places in the kitchen. It was the night after one of Scarabia's infamous parties. Most of the students were either back in their rooms or asleep in the common room, and both of you knew that you would have to go around and wake them up, sending them to their proper places so you could clean up for the next day. 
The night air in the dorm was chilly. Of course, there was a spell that regulated the dorm's temperature, but it seemed as if most of the residents were okay with the extreme heat in the day being balanced with the extreme cold. You shiver, pushing your arms further into the warm water that spilled from the faucet. 
You hear a snicker from beside you and you turn to pout at the boy, who shrugs. 
"How does it feel to be the cold one for once?"
"Not funny," You deadpan.
"Serves you right for making fun of me in the snow."
"It was one time," You argue, handing him another cleaned plate. He smirks and pauses, dropping the plate and pulling his sweatshirt over his head, revealing his worn t-shirt underneath. You scrunch your nose and he frowns. 
"You wear something under your hoodie?" He flushes and shoves the fabric into your arms. 
"You don't?!"
"That's dumb," He puts away the plate, holding out his hand for the next dish and sighing when you're still in the same spot that you were, staring at him blankly. 
"It's a normal shirt?"
"What if you get too hot?" He retorts, rolling his eyes. 
"Then you roll up the sleeves!" You laugh and put on the sweatshirt, feeling the lingering warm cover your entire torso. "This is nice."
He stays silent, busying himself with the rest of the dishes. He hoped that you wouldn't notice the slight quiver of his hands or how he fought the urge to glance back at you, biting the inside of his cheeks as he put the rest of them away. 
He was stronger than this. He had to hide his emotions from the very start, put on a nonchalant mask. How dare you break it so easily? He huffs, lost in his own thoughts. You smile. 
"You can have it back, you know?"
"No," He says quickly, smirking and walking towards you slowly, pulling the hoodie up and over your head, trailing his warm, calloused fingers down your cheeks, you gasp as you feel him trace his hands along your jawline. 
Truthfully, he was trying to hide his own expression. His determination to mess with you outweighed the butterflies in his stomach. He licked his lips, leaning in further as his hands rested on the sweatshirt, knuckles brushing the nape of your neck. You sighed and he chuckled, leaning in until your noses were nearly touching. 
And he grabbed the strings.
And yanked as hard as he could, tying them together deftly and laughing as you yelped and scrambled to untie yourself.
"Damn you, Viper!"
He laughs loudly, turning on his heel to leave the room and waving (not that you could see it).
"You can figure that out," He walks out the doorway. "I still have cleaning to do."
He was going to tell you someday, yes. But he was going to make sure that he could control his heart around you first. He'll settle with playing for you for now.
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cupids-chamber · 3 months
LOVE YOU LOTS' Drunk clingy confident Idia Drunk clingy confident Idia Drunk clingy confident Idia-
GENDER NEUTRAL READER A/N: OK definitely got carried away, Idk if it's Idia enough for you.. but!! I hope the Idia simps enjoy this, I've been in a Riddle and Yuuka run for awhile now!! This was requested by anon <3
Tumblr media
Although Idia wasn't a fan of being out in public, over the years in your company and relationship, he's grown a tad bit used to socializing, not that it was his norm. He just hadn't completely cancelled it out.
Due to his his family background, he'd have been forced to socialize regardless of his complaints, so growing a sort of immunity would help him in the foreseeable future..
But despite his obvious resilience and newfound comfort in social situations, he couldn't help but feel a strike of anxiety wash over him during such events.
Crowds everywhere, people cheering, drinking.. etc...
He moved towards the refreshments area, being the light drinker he is, the man picked up a sort of red punch, he assumes it's nothing harmless, just typical cherry punch.
He awaits your arrival at the area the two of you decided to meet up for a sort of break if you will, it does get tiring in such a place, with hundreds of people, half of them who you don't even know/recognize.
Arriving at the area you had promised to meet Idia in, you couldn't have even expected Idia to do anything out of the ordinary, usually your beloved gamer, would pull up a small device he had brought along with him, and continued catching up with his dailies of sorts.
It was cute actually, the way he diligently made sure he never lost his daily strike.. but what you didn't expect to see was Idia, a very drunk Idia..
He wrapped his arms around you, practically leaning all his weight on your body, whispering sweet words and praises which, you knew he'd be all to embarrassed to share.
Leaving soft kisses down your neck, his face was tinted in a light shade of red, hair tips glowing a bright pink.. A part of you wanted to point out to your ever so shy partner, that you both were in public.. And that he should maintain some sort of restraint.
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation from me.
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voasprofile · 5 months
rollo x reader that's like esmeralda
fem! yuu
also I like copied the first scene from the Disney version
rollo has old fashioned ideals? is that what it's called. just very catholi? christian? but like in the old no freedom for women way
also like yuu or you wears like revealing clothes or somewhat of that so beware of that
I kinda rushed this so probably shitty
I personally don't find it dark, but again very religious in a shame on you for wearing that type of way
I think that's all I need to warn you abt
also why the fuck did my azul fic flop😭😭 I think I loved that one the most soo... check it out (ik ik self promoting bitch)
azul fic
"see the finest girl in twisted wonderland! coming all the way from pomefiore in nrc! make an entrance to entrance! dance! yuu!" the announcer said before throwing down a handful of pink powder
it causing a small explosion and in his place, yuu dressed in the finest clothing. although a bit on the revealing side
a red dress with purple accents. a fitted off the shoulder top, with flowy short sleeves made of chiffon. the skirt was a pencil skirt shape that goes down to the ankles, but with a slit on the right side that goes up the upper thigh
her hair was down with a golden/silver headband adorned with rubies (or any jewels which color compliment you) her ears, wrists, and ankles also covered in gold/silver 
dancing to the song of the festival, with a chiffon fabric in hand. swaying and gliding in the stage as if it were ice
rollo was confused weather to be disgusted or entranced
he cannot deny that you were beautiful, ethereal even. if he were to categorize you, he would probably label you as a goddess
but your clothing, the way you present yourself. do you not have self respect? only modest women are respectable women
you continued to jump and dance around, when you then went to the other side of the stage. where rollo's chair was stationed
dancing around the chair before plopping yourself in his lap, bringing him in with the fabric. caressing his face, bringing your face toward his
before playfully exchanging the fabric with his hat, leaving him stunned
continuing the dance around the stage, a few flips, and a split. before taking a guards spear, stabbing it to the ground, and using it as a poll to spin around in
after spinning around a bit you stopped, facing the crowd posing, your right arm and leg up in the air
"and now ladies and gentlemen, here it is the moment you've been waiting for!" the announcer said as you left the stage
rook handing you a towel and a bottle of water. teasing you for taking the school presidents hat
after the event outside the nrc students left to their rooms to freshen up before the ball. they call it a ball but it was more of a casual socializing event
the guys were wearing suits that closely resemble their dorm uniform whilst yuu took a different approach
a form fitting purple spaghetti dress with a v-neckline and a slit also going up the thigh. and white tulle on her shoulders tied in the front
her hair styled with a small crown, and wearing stud earrings
rollo went and did his responsibility and conversed with the students of nrc
the chat was nice, no pauses too long to be considered awkward
the chat ended with some members departing, others sticking around
"pardon me? rollo, right?" yuu asked already knowing the answer
"hmm? yes you're correct" he said
"ah, I just wanted to return this, it would be awfully impolite for me just to keep it" yuu said handing over a box containing a freshly washed hat 
the two continued to converse, seemingly not running out of thing to talk about
they found out that they have a lot in common
from their hobbies to favourite foods, they were like the missing halves of each other
the moon was up in the middle of the sky, departing them
heading to her room yuu felt giddy, finding a gentleman like him
rollo however already planned how to talk to her again, researching her interest and likes
rollo doesn't like that sultry woman, no he couldn't. that could be considered a sin by itself 
but can you blame a man for being swayed by the siren's call?
in front of a fire place he repents, for conversing with such woman, for liking such woman
maybe he could be the one to bring her salvation. yes, who else could do it but him
so be a good girl and go with him, and he shall pave the way to both of your eternal paradise. with each other
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grimm909 · 1 month
Deep In The Sea - Part 1
Hey guys! I don't have much to say here, not to mention that I will be answering your requests as soon as possible. I'm sorry for those who wait, but I had made a promise to myself that I would do, first of all, a horror and drama story where Jade would be the main attraction. Sorry for the delay and please don't give up on me! I also want to apologize if there are any English mistakes. As I said in my first post here on tumbrl: English is not my native language. Happy reading~  WARNINGS: female gender reader, violence, yandere, obsession, non-consensual, mind break, horror, drama, mutilation, mention of pregnancy.
Tumblr media
The creature's eyes glowed with fervent attraction, which you thought were like a child's after being given a new toy. That same heterochromatic gaze met two other eyes fragmented between fear and fascination, but equally deep as the ocean. Those eyes were too fixed to dare to look away. Those eyes were yours.
Apparently attracted to you, little by little the creature's slippery tail began to wrap itself around your body, similar to a seaweed that simply wraps itself around things, without actually squeezing them. It was almost like a preventive measure to not let you get away from him, preventing any attempt by you to escape – which you thought was a possibility.
The penknife still present in your hand — firmly attached to your fingers as the only weapon you had in case you tried to defend yourself against him — was something seen and admired by the merman, as it had been exactly the object that had saved him until a few moments ago.
And of course, you.
It should have been just another normal day of swimming for you. As a marine biologist, sometimes your job allows you to explore and catalog the different types of fish in the sea.
You don't know exactly when this desire to explore the intriguing and dangerous ocean started, but you know that's what you wanted for your life. The emotion, the adrenaline, and how enchanting the beauty of the things that existed below the water was not something that made you tired.
You also usually had the help of your friend and co-worker, who was responsible for steering a small speedboat, to take it to the middle of the ocean. Sometimes you took turns swimming, as it was not a good idea to leave your only means of transport floating in the sea. 
Really, nothing had been much different from that. You put on your wetsuit, waved goodbye to your mate, and dropped into the ocean with a waterproof camera slung around your neck. 
You dove as far as you could to the bottom of the ocean, for enduring the cold and high pressure down there was not something a human could do without the proper equipment. And his were good, but not the best. 
Nevertheless, for someone with affinity and custome, trying to go more than a hundred meters deep was reasonable. As far as you knew, the longest record ever broken by a person was 320 meters. But honestly, it's not like you're too interested in beating other people's records, if they weren't your own. 
So you were tempted to go deeper than ever before. Checking his blood pressure gauge and what oxygen he had left, he realized that a longer round trip would be possible, as long as there were no interruptions along the way. 
However, it was from this decision that things started to take another turn. 
So, well, your fault. 
You've successfully managed to bear the huge weight on your back and take some great pictures, which you use to take some daily notes later on. However, just as you were about to swim back to the surface because of the oxygen, a tiny high-pitched sound was captured by his ears.
You thought at first that it might be a whale, dolphin, or any other creature that made relatively loud sounds like that. However, this hypothesis was soon dismissed on its own when the sound again resounded in a more strangely shrill and profound way, that even the earplugs could not rid him of the momentary headache caused by the noise. 
This was unlike anything you had ever heard, recognizing that it was not an aquatic animal ever cataloged by man. You were extremely tempted to want to know what it could be, perhaps even discovering a new species of sea creature and being able to photograph it. 
Curiosity overcame your logic and you tried to guide yourself through the animal's "screams", noticing that as you swam deeper, the sound increased. Darkness began to cover more and more the entire route, due to the lack of sunlight. And you were forced to turn on the flashlight housed above your head, so you could see what was before your eyes. 
The vision was of a tortuous path with many stones, but his biggest concern was the excess of mesh nets present in the environment and other types of garbage improperly discarded, which continued along the way to where the source of the sound was. 
You checked the oxygen in the cylinder one more time and realized you had to race against the time. The movement of your feet and hands became more erratic, yet quite painful due to the pressure of being even further down than you could have anticipated. 
By the increase in speed, in the distance you noticed a strange sea shape, which for you exactly resembled an eel. However, eels didn't "scream" that way. They didn't even look as huge as this one. 
You became more cautious as you knew the good reputations of these creatures and taking an electrical shock was not in your plans. Then he tried to approach more slowly, until he noticed that the creature's shape was starting to get even weirder. 
You hid behind a rock and turned off your flashlight so the animal wouldn't see the light, then turned on the camera. Your intention was to zoom in as far as you could and try to take the picture right there in the darkness, through the flash.
Squinting your head a little, you positioned the camera towards the animal and in a quick fraction of a second, the light emerged through the click of a button. You get your photo and quickly go back into hiding, analyzing the image. 
It is not completely clear, let alone sufficiently illuminated, but the shading of the animal is quite noticeable and it would be possible to make an analysis of which species is. That is, if you knew any sea animals with arms. 
Yup. Damn arms. 
Aside from an apparently human head, of course. 
Is it possible to choke under water, breathing through a tube? Well, you almost did. 
You eyes widened in absolute surprise and her hands that were still holding the camera trembled with anxiety. 
You thought that, like every child, it was always normal to hear and even be interested in fanciful stories of mermaids and mermen. But the fact that somehow these creatures could be real stirred you in a strange way. To make matters worse, none of these stories portrayed the mermaids as friendly beings, but rather as ship sinks and fishermen killers. Especially, if you disregard the entire "The Little Mermaid" movie. 
However, you are abruptly kicked out of your own thoughts when the sound made by the creature is even worse than before, causing your eardrums to ache due to the distance of only a few meters between the two of you. 
No way. That's ridiculous. It should just be a misunderstanding on your part. It was all so dark in the image, that simply assuming it was a mythological creature without even seeing it with its own eyes, was evidently gross neglect on the part of the animal that was screaming for apparent help. Yes, animal. 
By this reasoning, which you tried to tell yourself was the only absolute truth, you put your camera in place, turned on your flashlight again, and came out of your makeshift hiding place to complete your objective. 
However, for a second surprise that day, in less than a few minutes, you realized how foolish you were, to think that your eyes had been deceived with the truth demonstrated through a blurry photograph.
It was real. The stories were really true.
For a few seconds, time stopped for you and your body remained stagnant, as if you were just some object floating in the water. The image before your eyes would be etched in your mind for a long time, both for the stunning beauty of the creature and for how deadly it looked, but especially for the deplorable state in which he found himself. 
His neck and wrists were tied to a large mesh net, linked to a generous amount of rubbish tangled around a rock. It was impossible to escape that trap caused by the illegal disposal of men, if the stone was not obstructed or if those wires were not cut. And the fact that the merman was struggling to get out of there didn't help, it just made the situation worse so that he was more and more trapped. It was like he was in quicksand, how funny. 
However, time didn't stop for him, who noticed your presence precisely by the light that the flashlight emitted, directing his attention to you and immediately growling as a probable warning. 
Soon, it all happened just too fast for your eyes to follow. One instant you were fine and the next a dull ache shot up the side of your face, so that totally unprepared by the force of the blow, you fell to the sand. 
His goggles ended up cracking a little on one of the lenses, perhaps from the fall or the attack by the merman's tail — who else could it have been and what? Furthermore, the creature's tail was the only thing it wasn't attached to, enabling it to attack anything that came dangerously close.
Afraid, you quickly sat up and crawled across the sand to get away from the monster, then raised your hands in the air and shook your head frantically from side to side, trying to indicate that you weren't there to hurt it. This didn't seem to have the slightest effect—probably because those signs didn't mean shit to him, or he wasn't a rational creature as mythological stories always suggested—whereupon the merman was now stretching his arm and tail toward him to try to reach you. Like anyone in this situation, you feared for your life, but you weren't angry at the creature for its hostile actions and you knew there was no way it could hurt you, precisely because it was trapped. 
Actions speak louder than words, however—even though there was this tremendous irony that you couldn't even speak because you were underwater, just as you seriously doubted the merman would understand you if he could—and you pulled out of the pocket of your latex coveralls a switchblade, grabbing a piece of net on the ground that luckily was close to you, and cutting it with extreme ease, then pointing at the blade and then at the net it was tangled up with, signaling that he wanted to help you. 
The merman somehow seemed to understand you bad mime, relaxing his muscles and stopping his growling, yet still giving him an extreme look of distrust. Surely, one wrong move with that object and your neck would be broken. You were just lucky this time, because you weren't close enough to take the full weight of that monster's tail in one slap.
A third time, you checked your oxygen and realized that you would now not only have to be careful to help him, but very quickly. However, fast and careful were two words that couldn't always keep together. 
You thought a little about getting close. Is it ok to untie it? Until a few moments ago, he seemed quite willing to kill you. However, you stopped to once again analyze the situation he was in. If by chance his movements in his hands and neck were not entirely restricted, he might even be able to cut the net with his teeth or sharp nails. And if he wasn't released, he might starve to death or some other predator even bigger than he would make him a snack.
You forced yourself to swallow your own fear. If I were in his shoes, I would also like to be released. Maybe he wouldn't kill you in retribution, right? 
You got off the ground and swam a little closer, breaking the safe distance from your body to his. You looked into the merman's eyes, trying to convey serenity and confidence, then looked away at the hammock around his neck, deciding that first you would free him from that agonizing suffocation he was probably feeling. 
You lift the pocketknife in your hand and carefully begin grinding the line of his neck, breaking out in a cold sweat at the prospect of accidentally cutting it. If that happened, he'd get a little cut and you'd get a broken neck. Haha, it would even be funny, if it wasn't for a cruel possibility. 
Taking longer than you'd expect, when the last line of mesh on its neck is removed, the merman looks strangely relieved and you almost swore you saw him heave a sigh. Inside, you smiled at it and then proceeded to cut the net from one of your wrists. 
When the job was done, the creature raised its webbed hand and pushed you away with a light shove to the chest. You were slightly startled by this, but then realized that he would finish the job himself, using the claws of his free hand and sharp teeth to instantly rip apart that net, much faster and more aggressively than you had done with the knife. So that was it, he was on the loose. The merman massaged his neck and wrists, relieving the likely pain he was feeling. His face, no longer nervous, looked strangely indifferent and serious, as if he had stepped in mud and soiled his shoes—that is, if he had been on land and had feet.
Then he hovered over his person and approached with a single, brief flick of his tail. At that moment, the apathetic face gave way to a brief curve of lips in a polite smile. 
And you didn't like it.
So, here was your person. Facing a potentially dangerous and definitely carnivorous creature. However, now was not the time to remember the events that had stupidly gotten you into this situation. 
After all, you were starting to run out of oxygen in the cylinder. You widened your eyes and lifted your free hand and pointed at the tube in your mouth, then up, then at the tube again. Repeating this sequence more than three times so the merman could understand his despair. 
You shook your head from side to side and touched its slippery as well as sticky tail to push it away. That bad choice only made him tighten around you even tighter, not enough to hurt, though. You thought you could use your pocketknife to hurt him, but from the look of it, he was just holding you there out of sheer curiosity, with no pretense of attacking. 
Desperate, you gave him the best pleading, desperate look you could muster, trying to let him know that you really needed to go. And all he did was just widen his smile. 
Oh no. 
From then on you swore you would die, but it was then that he surprisingly proceeded to unroll his tail from his body. The merman swam dangerously closer until his face hovered inches away from his own, causing his eyes to widen and a nasty shiver down his spine. 
His big, sharp, smacking hand touched your face, then tenderly caressed the side, in the same spot where it had hit before—and which now was a huge red smear. You noticed: he was apologizing through this act of affection. 
In another situation, you would find this very cute. But not in this one, certainly. And it didn't help much when the creature decided to break the distance, opening its mouth to lick the entire reddened expanse, with a tongue you found to be extremely long and strangely soft. 
Is this supposed to be really cute? Now it felt more like psychological torture.
You felt a tightening around your waist, this time realizing it was his arm. And it wasn't long before the merman's other arm came around his back as well. You had no idea what he wanted, however you understood when the merman began to swim up, with you in his arms. 
Apparently, he had the vague idea that you definitely wouldn't survive if you stayed there much longer, so he was giving you a ride. He was so fast! So fast that even the pressure made her head ache, needing to hug him back so she would feel less likely to end up having a stroke. You would never have had a chance to escape him if he wasn't being so friendly. Killing and eating you wasn't in his plans, apparently. 
And lucky for you, in less than five minutes, the sea started to be less dark and brighter, indicating the brightness of the Sun and how close you were to the surface. 
The oxygen time in your cylinder runs out completely, but unbelievably coincides with the time your head finally emerged from the water. You hastily take the tube out of your mouth and suck in a significant amount of air. 
How stupid of you to take such a risk, as you had taken today. 
The feeling of pure relief makes you forget for a moment that you are still facing and in the arms of a mythological creature, resting your head on the merman's shoulder and breathing heavily. 
When the world in your head finally seems to be at peace, you take your distance from the merman and this time he lets you go. Lifting your goggles, you once again stare into the creature's eyes, this time without fear. 
You thanked him and smiled, gracing the merman's ears for the first time with your thin voice, even though you were uncertain if he would be able to understand it.
He then mutters something totally incomprehensible to you, however you imagined it was his "disposition". 
You start looking around the sea, identifying to your right a distant image of what looked like a speedboat. 
Immediately turning your back on the creature without saying another word, you proceed to swim towards your only mode of transport. 
Distant enough, you turn your head back one last time to confirm that the creature was still there and that for a moment, none of this was your imagination. And to her surprise, he was. However, showing a terrifying, sharp-toothed grin, exclusively for you in delight or gratitude. You wouldn't be able to identify it anyway. Maybe you didn't even want to. 
However, you are polite to smile again—however forcedly—and give him a brief wave of your hand, thus saying goodbye to him definitively and returning to swimming without looking back. 
You hoped never to see him again.
Telling what happened to your friend was not a complicated task, because it would be really difficult for him to believe his story. For sure, he would just think that the water pressure started to affect his head in a negative way, making him notice things that weren't there. 
And by those thoughts, you omitted the truth. Even if you had that blurry photo intact—and showed it to prove the integrity of your words—your colleague would momentarily be surprised, but then quickly dismiss the possibility of being a merman by saying you were confusing seaweed with arms. Sea shadows are never to be trusted, he would say. 
Extremely skeptical he was, just as you were. Although, now, maybe you weren't as skeptical as before after seeing that sea monster in person, touching it and still hugging it. 
You decided to frame the creature's photo in a photo panel you had in your room, to always remember that certain "things" really existed and to remember that the sea floor might not be as friendly as you thought it would be. 
You almost died, idiot.
Still, it didn't shake you as much as it should have, for after a week since your encounter with the merman, you continued to do your usual job at sea. 
You didn't find him either and didn't risk swimming too deep, fearful that she would see him again or find another creature no longer as "generous" as the first. 
However, fate seemed to have other plans for you. 
Cruel plans.
Tumblr media
Thanks for reading this far! But if you're frustrated that you don't have any smut, know that part two will be full of it. I had to split it due to how long it was. So next time be careful with the depth!
You don't want to drown, do you?
Eventually, my work will also be posted on Ao3, in the form of two chapters. So, don't be surprised if you find him there.
See you~💙
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yomogi-mogi-mochi · 2 months
Beloved Thy Name
Pairings: Lilia/Reader, Lilia x Reader
Summary: Triumphing over your siblings on the human farm situated in the far corners of Briar Valley, you are implanted with the essence of the Tree of Eternity, gaining unmatched abilities in regeneration. When your Warden finds that the experiment is a success, you are promptly sold to the fae army as a weapon of destruction‒ a position you answer to with animal violence, much to the content of your handlers and the fae army, who name you Dullahan, after the myth of the headless reaper. When you come across the infamous Lord Lilia, great commander of the Fae army‒ he takes you under his wing, gifting you morsels of peace even with death on the horizon. You are simply taken with the sweet songs and sugary words which fall from his mouth‒ echoing them in the heart in your chest that did not feel like yours. Angst but happy/sweet ending bc if I get no comfort I'll implode
Notes: Continuing my myth (?) series I guess with Twist characters? This one is based on Dullahan (the Celtic myth about a headless grim reaper basically)
CW: References to human experimentation and manipulation (neither is enacted by twst characters). Takes place before the events of the game during the Human/Fae War
AO3 Link Here.
That name‒ like the clashing cold steel in your hands, and the taste of frosted blood upon your tongue‒ was given to you with purpose. That name‒ like the desire which seized your body with that moniker, was not truly your own. You did not call out to it, nor was it ever uttered upon your lips. It was always someone else crying out to that name, reaching out with a blade to thrust into your hands.
You could not recall your age when you left the human farm, arriving at a musty military camp north of the Valley of Thorns. Nineteen, maybe twenty, your Warden answered when a client asked, "ripe, youthful‒ good harvest" he had added. But it was only a vague notion. You recalled no celebrations‒ "birth-days", you later learned from Lilia‒ on the farm except when you triumphed over your siblings on your last day on that land. Your Warden congratulated you, shaking the blood and cold metal in your hand, "good human, the best, most precious doll", he said. If you had felt a fragment of anything at those words, it was eclipsed quickly by the burning at your limbs that was enacted by your new Warden‒ "commander" he corrected with venom between his rotten teeth. Your Warden, with a neutral face, asked why your commander had done so with his "best and brightest harvest".
"To check the quality."
"I assure you the essence of the Tree of Eternity is quite powerful." Your Warden tapped against the hard resin implanted between your collarbone. "Even with its abilities resting inside a human‒ it allows for extraordinary regeneration‒ this child can move just as well without its head‒ would you like to see?"
"Hm. I tell a lie. I merely wanted to feel the extent of the tree's capabilities with my own hands." He gazed at your arm with a warped smile that reached to his pointed ears. The stump at your shoulder was already weaving into veins and sinew, forming into flesh that felt distant from your body. Your lungs felt like hot coals, holding in the fire in your throat, however you were grateful that your commander had numbed you to any pain that came after in battle. When you carved death into human armies with animal force‒ fingers, bone, skin, and limbs were carelessly severed off to continue your path of undivided violence, fashioning victory for the fae army. If you fulfilled your purpose, you were fed, bathed, and sheltered. So the brief bursts of pain was nothing compared to what awaited you if you did not fulfill your handlers’ desires. You lost your head many times in the throes of your feral brutality, planting seeds of terror within all who witnessed the death hollowed out in your eyes, glowing with hot blood on your severed head. You carried it like a lantern, a harbinger to the destruction that followed the body which owned it. "Dullahan" was the name humans and fae cursed‒ either in inconsolable despair, or in hopes of victory. You answered to both.
"You there."
You turned, eyes hastily searching for the crest which indicated rank on the chest of the soldier. The high crest of the Queen of Thorns. Immediately, you dropped your body to the ground, on your knees, sickles held in one hand over your chest.
"Yes, my Lord?"
"Should you not be resting at the infirmary? Your arm seems quite definitely severed."
"There is no need, my lord." The fleshy webs were already forming at your elbow, lacing elastic tendons around white bone. "I assure you that my regeneration capabilities exceed any human or fae of this land."
"You are the one they call Dullahan?"
"That is what they say, my lord."
"Hm. How fascinating‒ so you are the human they've infused the Tree of Eternity with." He lifted your still incomplete arm‒ you complied, letting it fall limp within his gloved hands like a doll. You learned to let people do what they wanted with your body‒ it was easier to listen than to expend energy resisting. That was something you learned while being pulled into a soldier's quarters one night‒ having your mouth forced open, arms and legs stiff as you swallowed thick, salty liquid. You realized that, in the same way you boiled the blood in your body to possess it with mindless violence, swung your sickles carelessly to be fed, it was less pain to spread your legs, and lie flat against the flimsy cot at their command. Like your name, like all the words spoken to you‒ it was easier just to follow its desire than to awaken a rebellion inside you. It would tire you out anyway. So you let the man handle your arm, twisting and turning it to watch the meaty strings form your hand. You stood as he raised it to the clouded sunlight, hunching your solid form to appear smaller. "Unlike magic I've ever seen." He let go, your arm falling with the gravity that suddenly weighed on top of it.
"I've heard you can move without a head like the very myth your name comes from. Is this true?"
You stilled at that statement. "Permission to ask a question, my lord?"
"Sure." He nodded with slight amusement creasing his brow.
"What is this 'myth' you speak of?" You raised your eyes for the first time to his face‒ you were met with young, porcelain skin and hair as dark as a raven. Fiery magenta eyes embellished with smoky coal stared back in slight confusion.
"The myth of Dullahan? Surely you know, it's from the human culture, is it not?" His head tilted, letting you gaze at his cascading dark locks with envy. It seemed so silky, softness unlike anything you've ever touched. You hands, accustomed to the rough, threadbare scraps which made up your military uniform, and the rocky, earth packed ground you slept on, itched with desire, hoping a featherlight touch on the soft elegance of his entire being, just for a second. Had you known the word "beauty" at that time, you would use his name in place of it. But a doll designed to beckon destruction‒ you did not know such fair words.
"I am afraid I do not, my lord. I have never encountered a human outside of battle."
"In that case I can only tell you it is a tale about a headless warrior which embodies an omen of death. I know nothing else about it, I'm afraid." He rests a hand on his chin. "I was looking forward to seeing you headless‒ I thought you just walked around like that." A chuckle raised from his lips. You were new to such a light, delicate sound‒ letting it echo in your chest many times after it had stopped at your words.
"With your command I can certainly do so, my lord." You stepped down once more, raising your sickle to your neck, drawing it promptly through skin‒ he knocked the cold metal from your hands, eyes widened in something you had never seen.
"Fool! What good will you be if one of my men injures themselves?!"
With quick reflex, you bowed down your head to the ground. But the fire that ran deeply in his fuchsia eyes made your eyes widen, brows furrow under the veil of darkness you created with shadow on your face. Tightness in your chest lingered, before you wrung it out into your shoulders awaiting wrath that followed the rage pointed at you with cruel eyes and spat words. "My greatest apologies, my lord."
"Is this one bothering you, Lord Lilia?" A familiar hand thrusted you deeper into the ground, buckling your knees and knocking your face into the solid earth. You tasted grainy soil in your mouth, swallowing it silently, and awaited your commander's mercy.
"No. Do not handle our men with such rough hands, commander." Anger radiated from Lilia's eyes, seeping into your back which basked in his glare. "Otherwise I will have to reconsider your position here since you are clearly not fit to lead.”
"...my deepest apologies Lord Lilia. I merely thought‒" You felt your commander's hand snap away from your head, loosening the pressure on your face that pressed against the dirt.
"You don't need to think, commander, since it is clear that you cannot. Just do as I say and leave them here."
"C-certainly, Lord Lilia." Hasty footsteps vibrated through the solid ground you kept your face to, however you still sensed anger‒ some from your commander, however more from Lilia, who placed a gently hand your shoulder.
"Are you alright? Rise, Dullahan."
You did as you were told, feeling cold filth stick to your cheek. "I apologize if I upset you, Lord Lilia." Why did I upset you?, was a question that you always knew to keep to yourself.
He pulled you up onto your feet, dusting the dirt on your flimsy uniform. Fresh blood seeped into it, which trickled down your nose, on your lips, to your chin. Lilia wiped it off, softly grazing your lips with the warmed blood of his thumb.
"You…" He paused, looking towards your distant eyes in an attempt to find any pain, discomfort, or sorrow. The hollowness he found instead made him swallow thickly. "You didn't do anything to upset me." He traced your line of sight towards your commander's disappearing form. "Does he always do that to you?"
You kept your stony gaze at his crest. "Do what, my lord?"
"Hurt you."
"It heals, so it does not hurt."
"Just because it grows back doesn't mean it doesn't hurt. I mean your pride, too."
You sounded that word in your mind "p-r-i-d-e". You wondered what it meant, but you decided not to ask so many questions. Nothing hurt, not for long anyways. The pain could never be retrieved long enough for you to truly feel it. "There is no pain. It heals anyway, my lord."
"That doesn't…" Lilia paused, pity curving his flowery lips to a frown. You quietly mimicked the gesture, twitching the corners of your mouth ever so slightly. You didn't like seeing him so upset.
"I apologize, my lord."
"You don't need to, you did nothing wrong." Lilia rested a hand on the weapon mounted on his hip, turning his body away from you. "Come with me."
You knew not to refute any words that were pointed at you. So you merely followed his command, trailing his form with quiet footsteps.
For the ensuing days, you learned that the fae army was joining all of its forces to prepare for the great battle that was climbing over the horizon of this long, long war. This knowledge was acquired by your time you now spent with Lilia‒ who unofficially claimed you from your commander. Though on your skin, you could almost feel the wrath shaken first of your commander that stiffly rested at the side of his body upon hearing this news‒ it brought you relief that there was almost nothing he could do to object Lord Lilia‒ great commander of the Fae forces.
Tonight, like many nights preceding it, you sat by the fire next to your new commander‒ drinking in the warmth it brought you. Like a ritual every night, Lilia hounded you with questions regarding your upbringing, your relationship with your commander, asking for names, for details.
"What is your true name?"
"My true name?" You echoed.
Lilia swung his wooden jug in a leisurely manner, a sight you had been seeing more of recently opposed to his steely facade as great commander of the Valley of Thorns. "Yes, the name that you were given." He says with confusion in his grin. During his time with you, he frowned less, seeing sometimes that you would mirror his movements very slightly. He didn't like seeing you so upset.
"Dullahan is the name I was given. The name cried by humans and the name fae call out to beckon my sickles." You twirled the blades in your hand with experienced control. "It was the name I was given after the wardens infused my body with the sap of the Tree of Eternity that grants me my power."
"Surely you have a name besides the one called out to you in battle, do you not?"
"No. They do not give us names on the farm. Only symbols burned onto our backs."
"The farm?"
"The human farm. The fae kept us there to train and find the strongest among us that could be the vessel to the Tree of Eternity. It's long gone."
Surprise, then a darkened look adorned your commander's face. "What ever happened?"
"The wardens had me set them all free."
"I set them free from the prison that is a name‒ harvest, they called us. I suppose that is also my name. Only one of us would survive and enter this war. So I freed them." You told yourself more than Lilia, who sat across from you with a somber expression. Only the crackling of the fire was heard within the silence that rang between your two, until Lilia spoke.
"The purpose of a name is not to be a prison. It is a hand we reach out in the darkness that echoes against our form, and from there we are able to distinguish the existence of ourselves." He rested his head in his hands. "Without it, we are formless, we are lost."
"Then…" you started, "...It seems I have always been lost. I have no form to call out to, yet even in battle my body grows back as if it remembers something that is not truly there." You felt the raised scar on your neck.
"You do have a name. You just need to find it."
"Where do I find it?" He reached out a hand to your shoulder.
"Deep, deep inside yourself."
"My…self" that word felt foreign to your tongue. "… I am not sure I know what that is enough to search in its depth." You admitted blankly. Lilia squeezed your flesh, warming it, you tensed at the heat. It felt alive, it felt soft, it felt kind‒ unlike the cold flesh that grasped your hands in mercy, or the icy grip that herded you back to slaughter. "But," Something welled inside you that made you body feel like yours for once.
"...I hope that name is kinder to me." You warmed your heart with his touch.
"It will be." Lilia brought you closer. "It will be." He echoed like a prayer.
He promised to make you his second in command that night, a statement which made you raise your eyebrows to. You had no rank, no position besides as a harbinger of death‒ an object which fulfilled a promise made from the egos of men which desired to live. If any rank, you would be among the armory and weapons stored in the artillery‒ melded together and hardened into another, more useful blade when broken. But in few days time, you were exchanged with several blocks of Mystium, which Lilia threw to the ground at your old commander's feet with a piercing, downwards gaze.
"Is that stone not precious to our victory?" You glanced at the piles of material, shining and brimming with magical energy.
"...You are much more so." He murmured, voice strained and face veiled with his untied hair.
You said nothing, practicing your form with tense muscles, looking over at your new commander's face occasionally. You noticed you sickles were worn however, prompting you to excuse yourself to the dark depths of the forest of thorns, draining blood from a severed hand and squeezing out organs through a deep gash in your stomach. You had done so with surgical precision, which earned you several gold coins at the local hospital, traded quickly for a new pair of sickles. Lilia eyed you with suspicion when you came back, your arms and torso bathed in blood and filth, the silvery shine of new blades catching his eyes. He asked what happened, and you answered him honestly, much to his horror. It was several days after that he handed you sickles made of Mystium.
"Just ask me next time." You had never felt a heavier satchel of gold than the one Lilia gave you with those words. The green stone glistened even with dark clouds looming over the camp. "Beautiful" was a word you learned from Lilia that day‒ it was apparently different from "pretty", or "cute", the words your commander's lower ranks called you in their bed, sticky and salty with sweat. The word in itself was just that‒ beautiful‒ especially when it was sung pure from Lilia's lips, and echoed onto your own.
Bea ‒ you ‒ tea ‒ full. You sounded out, a sweet laughter erupting from Lilia. "What does it mean?"
"It means something shines in your eyes and you love it‒ even if it burns."
"Oh." You inspected your new sickles again letting it shine in the airy light. "This is bea-you-tea-ful, then. Isn't it Lilia?" Everytime you let his bare name escaped your lips, you felt a strange tingling in your stomach. Like that swelling in your body, you enjoyed the sensation, provoking you to say that name as much as he allowed.
He looked into your eyes, not even glancing at the stone‒ you decided you didn't mind. "Yes, it is."
Though you had been surrounded by fae all your life since the moment you were born into the farm, you had never felt such closeness comparable to your days with Lilia. It felt less sterile‒ more warm, crisp, and pure‒ and you delighted in this new storm brewing inside you, keeping your form close to Lilia's at all times. "You're my second in command. I expect you with me at all times to answer my call." He echoes your sentiment.
"Of course."
"Speaking of which, I don't even have a name to call you yet."
"Is it necessary?" You asked.
"Dullahan is a bit long, don't you think?"
"I don't know. Everyone knows that name." It was often the name humans cursed, and the fae prayed for‒ there was no reason to announce your name when it had already been called out to bring destruction, or beg for mercy.
"How about (Name), then?"
"That's fine." Anything from you, you thought.
"Hm (Name), (Name)...does that sound right to you, (Name)? Does it echo in your heart?"
The fanged smile on his face when he carved that sound with his throat made you immediately answer.
"Yes." You breathed.
"(Name) it is, then." Cherishing that sound now, you hoped he would keep it quietly inside his heart, letting it be chanted to no one but him.
"I like it. It's bea-you-tea-ful." You knew your pronunciation would make him laugh, and he did.
"I'm glad you finally found it then."
You learned many more words from him‒ love, precious, peace, delicious, sweet, flower, honey, salty, creamy, soft, warm. They felt too sweet, too decadent on your tongue‒ so you let it swirl in your mouth, sharpening them in your mind like barley sugar‒ another thing Lilia introduced you to. When you swallowed the hard candy like the pills the wardens used to give you‒ your commander burst with laughter.
"No‒ (Name)! You're supposed to keep it in your mouth to dissolve it!" He gasped between fits of boyish giggles bubbling from his mouth.
"Oh." You felt the hard sugar slowly slide down your throat. "Sorry."
"No, no, it's okay. It was funny actually. Here." He placed another between your lips, parting the soft flesh with sweetness before pushing it towards your tongue. "And keep the rest. I think you'll like it." A metal can was handed to you, rattling a bit as he placed it gently in your hands. You soaked in his warmth that lingered on your lips and the hollow metal between your fingers. It felt sweeter than the candy slowly melting on your tongue. You molded it into a sharp fragment with wet muscle, cutting through your mouth‒ tasting the saccharine copper which spread on your tongue as a Lilia chattered away, explaining all matters of delights in sugary language. When words came from him, it seemed like the very definition of beauty trilling from his lips.
Even on stormy days where war and death reigned your lives, Lilia provided little morsels of peace that you shared together like the heat from a smoldering fire, huddled together in his spacious quarters in a bubble of serenity. He had taught you to read, so you sat on the earth near Lilia's feet while he worked on tactical analysis. You had tried to help at first, but that proved impossible when you didn't even know how to read words.
"You were never taught?" There was no malice in his voice‒ there never was when he talked with you.
"No. My warden and commander said it was unnecessary for the likes of me." You parroted their sentences you had heard with sharp laughter when hiding in the shadows one night.
His expression softened, before bringing you a book into your hands. "Here, let me teach you then."
You had practiced the words that flew from his mouth with clumsy lips, now reading each word carefully with a whisper. Pink circles around some words littered the pages, which you had drawn, to collect beautiful words and store them in your chest next to Lilia's voice which echoed them in your heart.
Your finger paused on the word "beloved". Lilia had taught you the definition of "love" but "be-loved"?
"Lilia?" You raised the book to his lap, placing your fingernail to the word. Lilia hummed in response, looking over. "What does it mean to 'be-love-ed'?"
When surprise adorned his face, you shrunk back, taking the book back into your chest. Lilia stopped you before you could, taking the text gingerly from your hands, and gliding his pale hand across the page to rest his finger next to yours to point, "Dearly beloved". He tapped on the word, thinking. You laid your hand flat onto the parchment next to his, to feel the vibrations of his rumination through your skin.
"Beloved, beloved…hm."
"Does it mean to be loved?"
Eyebrows twist in further contemplation at that. "Hm…no. It's something much deeper." Tap, tap, tap. "Ah, I guess it is love‒ except we can actually touch it." He stops his tapping, laying his hand like yours to line it against the side of your hand. You gazed at him with confusion. "Because beloved is a person. Unlike love that is the space and the actions between people‒ beloved is the face of that love. It's a vessel of love‒ and you can kiss it, hold it."
"I like that word. Be-love-ed." That word tingled on your tongue. "It sounds like a kind name."
"I suppose in some ways it is." He hummed.
You had wished you could change your named to that‒ "Be-loved". Such sweetness, such love it would be to taste the word on your lips. Beloved, beloved, beloved. Lilia's voice had completely replaced your own inside your chest, ringing that word like clear water. You leaned next to him, camping next to his warmth. He let down a hand, bringing you closer to it.
The great battle was coming, you could read it on the tension written on the soldier's faces. You suppose it would have been inevitable to be in your situation right now‒ arms behind your back and face pressed onto the cold ground, the soldier behind you pressing himself onto your thigh. He threw you onto the fabric of his itchy cot, a force which you accepted like a rag doll‒ slumping immediately into the surface like you had done so many times before. You lay stiffly, letting hands and mouth wander to spread you open wide‒ while you thought of other matters, truly anything else, to divorce yourself from the slick bitterness which swirled your skin and insides. You thought of the taste of barley sugar, the pink bottle of ink Lilia lent you, and his voice which called your name. You thought of the word beloved, contemplating through a feverish gaze if this man was the face of love. It wasn't, you decided. You would keep "beloved" close to your name, deep inside your chest like the tin can holding only a few morsels of sweetness left. This was too ordinary, too bland to gift such precious delectability upon it.
Your eyes phased back when you felt cold liquid dripping onto your bare chest‒ blood, your memory says. The delirium in your eyes never ceased as the shadow that loomed over you slumped to the side, off the cot. You lay still, breathing hollowly, closing your eyes just to get a little closer, closer, more, more, more‒ to fill yourself other than the desire of others in this humble moment. You wanted to taste sweetness on your tongue, from sugary words and honeyed candy‒ not the salt which spread on your lips.
You stopped immediately when hearing that voice, clinging onto it with heavy eyes and baited breath.
"Oh." Your voice came out raspy, hushed the dry salt in your throat. "Hi Lilia."
"Why…" He bit his tongue. "...What happened?"
You thought for a second, hoping the feverish heat in your temples would calm. "What always does."
Anger filled his lunge in deep, roaring breaths. Reading it off of him, you sat up from the bed, looking up into his eyes with a frosted expression. "I'm sorry. Did I upset you again?"
"No, no. You never do."
Still you apologize, quietly. "I'm sorry." Matters like what happened just now were normal, and you never felt anything of it despite turning it in your mind over and over. But today, you felt like you had done something wrong‒ not to yourself, but to Lilia, who stood with a darkened look. "Are you going to return me to my commander?"
"No. Never." He said deeply. "He's not your commander. I am. I need you…" A deep breath, calming his nerves. “I need you by my side as my second in command.”
"Oh." You looked down, craning your neck towards the ground. "Are you going to discipline me then?"
In the dimmed lantern light, you felt him crouch down, taking one soft hand into your hair and one gently onto your back, bringing you into his chest to cradle you in his warmth. "Never, sweet (Name)."
You kept your eyes wide open, afraid that if you would blink, it would be all gone. Though the trumpets of war begin to sound outside in the stony blue morning light, you relished the heat in this moment, knowing it would be washed away with cold blood when you were beckoned back onto the battlefield.
"But I'm dirty." You noticed, blood and sweat seeping into the fabric of his chest. He held you even tighter, as you hung limp in his chest, unblinking, unwavering to his touch that almost burned your bare skin.
Dullahan, Dullahan, Dullahan.
You felt a thousand souls call out to Dullahan, extending their armored hands towards the giant they saw in you, sickles clamaourned in their hands. They forced your worn hands open, opening the palm like the gates of hell, molding your hands I to the weapon with a twisted prayer.
Dullahan, Dullahan, Dullahan‒ it sounded like cold clashing metal, the slow drumming of death. You let it take over you‒ possess your body as always, drinking in the beat of destruction like bitter wine offered to dark gods. You carved silence into the battlefield‒ eventually, you succeeded. Everything was smothered to a leveled silence. The war was over, but you still felt empty violence writhing inside of you.
You looked around with smoke lightly burning your eyes, seeing nothing but a gray picture‒ fossilized into still, silent death. None of the other soldiers, none of your commander's, not a single soul was still present in the ash and dust. Your feet dragged your body, mindlessly wandering the empty world with a ringing in your ears. You felt absent with no one calling even the curse, Dullahan, at you. There was no way to end it‒ you couldn't die, you couldn't scream, you couldn't find yourself enough to lose yourself. Still, you raised your blade to your neck, hoping it would make you feel something, even if it was the echoes of war.
That sound felt like a spring creek wash over you, crisp like lonesome winter but soaked in the warmed honey of the growing maytime sun. It reached a hand towards you. Not frigid metal, not the harbingers of death that attach at your wrists, not decaying blood‒ you, your soul, everything you are right at this moment. You leaned into the touch like a starved animal, drinking in the sweetness. Soft hands, soft eyes, soft touch‒ you would set this world ablaze, rip apart your own flesh, lose your head to serve these new gods. Lord, my lord, you thought‒ let any name from his lips be my new curse.
Slowly, you let your sickles drop to the ground made with rotting meat and blood. The emptiness in your grip made you yearn dearly.
The earth was running under your feet, your body flying towards that benevolent song. You tested his name in your head‒ Lilia, Lilia, Lilia‒ before it flew out of your mouth like the stinging breath from your lungs.
He crashed into you with his warmth, squeezing your body to bring you closer and closer into him, as much as solid flesh allowed. Your arms grasped back, desperately, feeling his heartbeat from his back, into your tender palms. Flesh against flesh, your head dove next to his, pressing into his warmth and inhaling all you could into your skin. To lose any of it felt like losing yourself.
You immediately answered. "Yes?"
He paused, raspy breaths forced out of his throat before he caught his voice once more. "My (name)- my beloved (Name)- you came‒ you came to me. You're here."
"You called my name, my lord, my Lilia, my beloved."
Your names for each other, love, dearest, and adoration were the things you felt for each other. But above all, beloved rang clearest, straight through your blood unlike any other name cried upon you in war. How sublime it was to now call love your own. My beloved, mine, mine, mine.
Beloved was his name and thy own‒ and it would be sung until your voices turned raw with death. You cherished that sweetness, occasionally bringing it to your lips and onto his like this moment‒ singing joyously, what ecstacy it was to claim love with the warm of a face. No bitter taste of blood or metal could overpower the mulled honey you continued pouring into each other over the years to come. In a triumphal song against such distaste of violence and war, you sung a sweetened melody on your lips, towards the face of love‒ beloved, my beloved.
I headcanon the Valley of Thorns to have been mainly a German culture especially because of their connection to gothic architecture (goths were germanic)- which would make them connected to paganism at first (because of their connection to scandinavia), before their conversation to Christianity
But I still added elements of Celtic mythology because the Goths were actually a subdivision (?) of the Celts after Rome's downfall. They actually had a large hand in the fall of Ancient Rome, being the final push Rome needed in its political tension when they seized the Western Roman Empire, causing the Eastern Empire to take control, which then at that point it had already divided into a bunch of clans that originally made up Rome. Though there are many types of Goths like Germanic Goths that inspired Gothic architecture, Celtic Goths also existed in predominantly Celtic regions on account of all the fighting and intermingling they were all doing. Also‒ Roman's actually had a special word for celts called "Scotti" which roughly translated in Latin to "cutthroats"- pretty cool lol.
But I imagine fae being that wide range of Germanic tribes slowly converting to Christanity by the time of the war, with humans of that area being similar but getting a head start in Christanity‒ which spread further with the war and Christianization overtime which occurred with the Goths as well. This is exactly why Christians had adopted "gothic" architecture because of that access to Germanic culture and art, especially with the shift from classical architecture and art which was more solid/structured and realistic (with idealistic components), into more figurative, and allegorical representations of art in the Christian religions‒ reflecting in the magnificence and skeletal feel of Gothic architecture. I imagine there were remnants of Celtic/Pagan culture and mythology however despite the general aesthetics of the Valley of Thorns, which is early gothic that are rooted in Germanic and Christian architecture (even though the film takes place in the 14th century in the high gothic era‒ really wish they went all out with the gothic stuff but nooo disney NEVER gives me historic accuracy or consistency >:((( ).
This also makes sense why the reader is reading a Christian text, because there were cultural shifts during the time. "Dearly beloved" is likely a Christian interpretation of Greek's agapétos during I believe was during the Renaissance when Christianity was returning to Classical ideas. Agape is the "highest form of love", which transcends everything like the Christian God's love (and most gods I believe since they're all made in the image of humans). Or as usual I made this more convoluted than it actually is lmao
Chose sickles as your weapons of choice because A) um, they're cool and B) because they're a weapon of harvest while being your weapons in destruction‒ its stuck between life and death as you are before you meet and get acquainted with Lilia.
The part where you hug is inspired partially from paradise lost‒ where Adam contemplates eating the forbidden fruit after Eve does. "Should God create another Eve, and I / Another rib afford, yet loss of thee / Would never from my heart; no, no, I feel / The link of nature draw me: flesh of flesh, / Bone of my bone thou art, and from thy state / Mine never shall be parted, bliss or woe."/“One flesh; to lose thee were to lose myself” I'm not Christian nor have any meaningful connection to Christianity outside the academic realm but boy Milton's poetry make me yearn
Uuuhhh I'm so bad at endings lmk if that sounded good I wanted to do something bittersweet
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hxjikonn · 1 month
Hello :)
Can i request a fluff long fic of Azul ashengrotto, having doubt asking reader to be his valentines so the twins had to step in because they’re tired listening azul whether he should confessed or not, please? the reader usual GN but i would be appreciated if the pronouns would be “you”
If its too much, you can ignore this request ofc!!
Your works always amazing also thank you!!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I would love to, love you.
Azul Ashengrotto x GN!Reader
Synopsis: It seems like Azul is in a bit of a dilemma finding ways to ask a special someone to be his valentine, maybe he just needs a little help?
Warnings: frustrated cussing from the twins 💀
Tumblr media
“I’m finally gonna do it today you two…today is the day…” Azul said while looking at the mirror fixing himself nervously while looking at the mirror. Adjusting his tie, fixing his hair, nitpicking every possible imperfection. “Hey Jade…didn’t he say that like 2 days ago…” Floyd chimed in, breaking Azul from his nervous trance, “I believe he did, and 2 weeks before that” Jade backed his twin up, arms crossed.
As the twins silently judge their silver haired friend, Azul rolls his eyes and faces them “This time I’m really gonna do it, I’m gonna walk up to them and tell them…tell them…” there it was again, the nervous stutter, “Tell them?” Floyd motioned him to continue
“I meant ASK, ask them to be…my….” Azul’s chest tightened at the thought of the moment that is yet to come, his forehead suddenly beads with sweat, “And there he goes again” Jade says…once again seeing Azul have mini panic attacks before even doing what he plans on doing
Floyd sighs, as Azul once again sits down to rethink it, doubtful that you’d say yes, “I can’t do this, they’ll never say yes, what was I thinking??? They’re way out my league, it’s impossible” He plops down covering his face with a pillow and sulks
“See this is the problem…ya always do that, dude they really aren’t gonna “say yes” cuz never fucking ask them…you always chicken out” Floyd softly knocks on Azul’s head while he’s busy sulking, “Now Floyd, watch your mouth… maybe Azul has a valid reason for this repetitive occurrence” Jade sits down infront of Azul, awaiting his answer
“They’re too pretty, I get so nervous when they look at me…” Azul mumbles into the pillow, Jade sighs…he didn’t think that was a valid reason, he lost his cool as well, “Nevermind Floyd continue with the foul insults until he can man up and do it” he walked away to make tea
“You two don’t understand, you would freeze up too if you were in my shoes” Azul defends himself. The twins look at each other, and back at Azul “No, We wont.” They said in unison. Azul buried his face into the pillow again, moping… “So ‘yer just gonna stay here, whinin’ like a sad school girl and expect them to come knockin’ at the door like in those crappy teen romance movies?” Floyd says, thinking that it’s unbelievable Azul cant make a move on you.
There wasn’t an answer, he continued to sulk into the pillow. Floyd groans in frustration, Jade however, came up with a way to lure Azul into confessing to their beloved prefect… “Alright then, since you obviously aren’t fit to do it, We’ll ask them instead” Jade chimes smirking at his twin, Floyd got the message and stood up from the couch to go stand by his twin
Azul shot up, eyes glimmering with hope “Really?? You’ll ask them for me???” He asks voice filled with excitement. “Eh? For you? we didn’t say that” Floyd grins, hands in his pocket. “Huh?” The glimmer and shimmer of hope disappears in Azul’s eyes, now is filled with confusion
“We’ll ask shrimpy to be our valentine“ Floyd stuck his tongue at Azul, obviously provoking him. “If you are serious about them Azul, you should beat us to it” Jade smiles, “Wait what?!! Are you both out of your damned minds? You two don’t even like them!” Azul fumes with annoyance, he knew that they’re only doing this to piss him off….right?
“Who says?“ Floyd teased, Azul had his jaw hung open, “See ya later Azullll~” The twins left the room, it still hasn’t dawned to him that the Twin’s little game had begun he snapped out immediately when the door shut though, he jumped up from the couch and started fixing himself
He was longer nervous, no. This time he was fuming with rage, “Those damned eels, I won’t let them get to the prefect first” he grumbled, stomping out of the room. He was sprinting down the hall of mirrors to get to NRC.
Once he was there, hallways were filled with the sounds of his shoes, clicking and clacking as he runs in search of you, asking every single student he bumps into if they’d seen you anywhere.
Finally he saw you exiting the library, relief hit him, but soon it was taken away again when he saw the Leech twins approaching you from behind, he locked eyes with you and you smiled and waved at him, that warm smile you always have on.
His heart was betraying him again, but quickly returned to his angered state when Floyd tapped your shoulder and you turned to face him instead. He walked his way heading towards the three of you. Annoyed at the Twins.
He grabbed your hand, and held it tightly. Looking down. You were surprised, you blinked a few times, confused at what’s going on. “Don’t answer them.” He said, sternly, he can’t afford to lose you to the Twins of all people, “Huh?” You questioned, “Don’t answer them…” he said softly this time, still holding your hand “I wanted to ask you that first” he added
“You…wanted to ask me what?” You asked him, “We just greeted the prefect Azul, we haven’t asked them anything” Jade said, clearly happy his plan worked. “Cleary Azul has somethin’ t’ask huh Azul?” Floyd joined in, grinning at Azul who was looking up at them now realizing he’s fallen right into their trap…
“Well then, we’ll leave you two alone” Jade added as he bowed and walked away “Byeee shrimpyyy see ya two laterr” Floyd bid you goodbye while waving his arms, walking backwards. Azul was yet again in another trance, he’s internally slapping himself for letting the twins play him again…
He pinched the bridge of his nose and sighs in frustration, “why do I never learn?” He mumbles to himself…unaware that you were still there, and he was still clutching on to your hand. “Hey…are you okay?” Your soft voice that lingered with concern made his head shot up to look at you
“Oh uh…y-yeah I’m fine” He cleared his throat and loosened his tie, you chuckled softly “Were the twins playing tricks on you again?” You jested, still slightly annoyed that he played right into their trick he scoffed “Yeah, something like that” he says
“Is the trick getting you to hold my hand?” You ask…looking down at his hands still holding on to yours, he choked on air “Wha- Huh?? N-No no it’s not that…it’s…uh” He stuttered, nervous again, he’s embarrassed but you find it endearing. You let a small laugh slip out.
“What was it?” You asked, “Sorry, what was what?” He answered with a question, you giggled “Your question? You said you wanted to ask me something and that you wanted to “ask me first”, what was it?” You asked him, smiling softly.
Azul gathered his courage this time, he can’t let this chance go. “Will you…” he gulps mentally slapping himself to quit stuttering “Will you…be my valentine?” He confessed, looking down at both of your hands, linked together… his voice quiet, but it was enough for you to hear
He was hoping for the worst, in fact he’s been expecting it for a long time, mentally preparing himself for the doom that was bound to come…the doom that was….a kiss on the cheek?
He snapped out of his pessimistic thought when you kissed his cheek, he was expecting a slap after all “Yes, I’d love to be your valentine” you answered, his eyes darted to meet yours, filled with surprise and joy and even almost tearful
“You- Really???” He asks making you laugh “Yes really” You said to him while your hand was cupping his cheek, He was a blushing mess but he leaned into your touch, you were warm, he wanted more of it… more of you..
He lets go of the hand he’s been holding on to and wraps his arms around your waist, pulling you closer to him, and gave you a kiss on the cheek too…he’s still embarrassed by the evident pink tint brushing across his cheeks so he buries his face in your nape, he swore he could hear his heart pounding in his ear.
You hugged him back happily, “Thank you” he says in a whisper, “for what?” You asked smiling “for not rejecting my confession…” he says, you found it cute “Azul, I would love to, love you” you said and kissed his shoulder.
He wanted to melt right then and there but you two got interrupted by voices chiming in “Woooohh!! Yeah!!! He finally did it!!!” Floyds voice ruins the moment, while claps were heard coming from Jade.
Azul groaned and pulled away from the but returned to holding your hand, “Seriously? You kinda ruined the moment.” He snapped at the twins you could only laugh. “Congratulations.” Jade greeted “Yeah you finally grew balls and asked shrimpy out!” Floyd added and pats Azul’s shoulder
“Will you quit it!” He puts Floyd’s hand down, away from his shoulder, “Sooooo where are we going?” Floyd asks, “Excuse me we?” Azul questioned “Yeah we have to go out and celebrate!” Floyd exclaimed you looked at Azul’s annoyed face and covered your mouth trying to contain your laugh
Azul pouts “no not you too” he whines, you kiss his cheek and mumble a small ‘sorry’ he sighs and tells the two off, Floyd kept negotiating with Azul as you four walk the hallways.
In the end he got rid of them, and you two went on a date alone, while Jade, Floyd and Grimm got Azul to pay for the movie tickets.
Nonetheless this was certainly a happy unforgettable day, and finally he’s spending it with you and you only.
Tumblr media
A/N: Oh my lord, Hi hello I think I made it a bit longer than expected 😭 anyways thx so much for requesting this annon! I hope it’s to your liking!
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twst-winnie · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♚ With You ~ Lilia Vanrouge
summary: in a relationship with Lilia! usual three categories: pining, confession, and dating! while this should be a given, I’ll say it explicitly here: the reader is an adult in this given Lilia’s age <3 whether they’re a third year like Leona, or the prefect, is up to you as the reader!
tags: hurt/comfort, fluff, mutual pining, gn! reader
a/n: OK SO. this was a request from the comments (I do read those!) also, i was inspired to write for Lilia because I have a friend who really loves him, and i too love the bat boy! so, consider this a sort of love letter to Lilia as a character! For requests, Sebek is likely next, though feel free to lmk what y’all wanna see in asks/comments! enjoy!! special thanks to my beloved Lilia lovers for giving me inspo xx — winnie ♥︎
Tumblr media Tumblr media
♚ starry - eyed !
» Unlike many other students at NRC, Lilia is one of few who’s fully aware of how he feels about you. He’s been alive long enough to recognize the signs— a quickened heartbeat, his eyes lingering on you for a few moments too long, even the way he seeks out your company in his free time.
» While, yes, he’s aware of his feelings, he’s stopped dead in his tracks by fear. It’s such a silly thing to him, really, but he can’t help it. He finds himself afraid that his lifespan might scare you off. Sure, he’s probably not got very long left, but in comparison to your human lifespan— it’s still quite a bit longer. Would you be alright with that? Or would his practical immortality be a dealbreaker?
» He knows that you accept him despite your difference in species, but would that translate if he was romantically interested? He hasn’t a clue, and so he’s bitten his tongue about how he truly feels— hiding behind a mask of teasing and jokes for the time being.
» Yes, teasing. No amount of reservations towards confessing could ever stop Lilia from teasing you. If anything, it only causes his teasing to increase, eventually evolving into something a bit more flirtatious.
» When you’re engrossed in any type of study at the library, he’ll appear in front of you, floating upside down with a wide grin on his face. When you jump back, startled, he merely laughs and comments on how cute you look when you’re focused.
» Sometimes, when you’re walking to class or back to your dorm, he’ll jump out and hug you from behind, near-tackling you to the ground. And though you’re always startled, you always know it’s Lilia hugging you. You’ll just let out a laugh, turn around, and hug him right back. The first time it happened, Lilia couldn’t help his shocked expression, easily melting into your warmth. Now, it’s exactly what he wants and expects when he does this. After all, hearing your laughter and gentle tone as you return his hug is always worth it to him.
» Despite all of this, though, he can’t find it in him to confess— convinced that you two are better off as friends. Who knows what the future holds? Human lives are already so delicate— would it truly be worth it for what’ll feel like a flash of happiness?
» This point comes up when he’s playing online games with Idia. Honestly, he doesn’t quite expect the conversation to take such a turn, but it does.
» “Red, you’ve been a lot less active lately. Kind of an L… but I guess it’s to be expected since you’ve got that partner of yours. Meh. At least you seem happier,” Idia comments. Lilia audibly hums, hands pausing on his keyboard.
» “Ah, you’re mistaken, Shroud. They aren’t my partner— just a friend! Much like you!” Lilia chimes. Idia lets out a quiet, disgruntled sound on the other end.
» “Uh, yeah, pass. We aren’t friends like that. I’m not blind, Lilia. Everyone sees how you look at them. If you were like that with me I’d be weirded out… but uh, why haven’t you told them anyway?” Idia idly questions, and Lilia sighs.
» “Well, us fae have prolonged lifespans. I can imagine that’d be a dealbreaker for most. I’m fine just being their cutest friend!” Lilia hums, but he can practically hear Idia’s eyes roll from the other end.
» “That’s a load of BS. Look, I’m not good at IRL romance, but from what I’ve seen in games, love interests get totally peeved when you try deciding things for them! The, uh… fae-immortality thing. Have you ever even talked to them about it?”
» That made Lilia pause. Well, he supposed he hadn’t really mentioned it to you… but he’d always assumed based on what he’d heard from so many others that you’d believe the same. Before he could respond, Idia continued.
» “And like, OP immortality stuff aside, that last line is a total lie. Are you really fine being stuck all friend-zoned? Can you handle someone else sweeping them away from you? And in the future, what if you aren’t even close? I doubt losing the route is better than, I dunno, trying?” Idia mumbles. Lilia takes a moment to process before letting out a bright laugh.
» “You should speak your mind like this more, Idia,” Lilia mentions.
» “In person? Uh, yeah, no way.”
» The conversation sticks with him, though. Idia is right. Lilia can never possibly know how you feel unless he confesses to you. Even if the future may be uncertain, the thought of losing you— of no longer having you by his side— wasn’t worth it. If confessing meant he’d have a chance to stay with you for the rest of your life, then he’d risk it.
» He’d never met anyone as kind, caring, and understanding as you. Not only did you listen to his many stories from his lifespan, you never doubted any of it for a second. You always give his cooking a try even though you know it’ll be less than edible, but you never judge him. You give him pointers, help him in the kitchen, and dutifully support him in his improvement. Sometimes, you’ll cook for him when he’s a bit too tired to give it another shot.
» You happily joke with him, tease him, compliment him, and spend time with him without a care for what his status used to be. When people warn you of “Diasomnia’s Powerful Vice Housewarden,” you look the other way. You don’t see his titles, his power— you just see him. You adore him not because he could crush you in an instant, but because you’ve become friends with the playful fae that he is.
» In his entire life, he’s met very few people as kind as you. However, you’ve been the one of the only ones to see and embrace all sides of him. Whether he’s fighting for his loved ones, or on stage with the rest of the Light Music club— you accept him.
» In the past, he’s made the mistake of letting go of the ones he loves. Because he thinks it’s better for them— because he feels that he’s dangerous or a dealbreaker. This time, he’s determined to do things differently.
» He wants it to be your choice. You’ve respected him and his choices, so he owes you the same treatment. This time, it’ll be different.
» He’ll confess to you properly and hear your answer. He just hopes it’s the one he also wants to hear.
Tumblr media
♚ say the words !
» Lilia hasn’t properly confessed to someone in ages. He isn’t above asking for help should he need it, but it’s more of a matter of who to ask. Surely not his fellow Diasomnia members— they didn’t have as much romantic experience. Idia’s knowledge extends only to virtual games, so eventually, he settles on asking his clubmates.
» When he presents his issue, he’s surprised to find Cater gaping at him, Kalim equally as shocked. Just as Idia had, they assumed that you were already dating him. (Just how many people thought this?)
» After their shock subsided, Cater was more than happy to assist, along with Kalim. Lilia’s courting knowledge was vast, but much of it was outdated. He didn’t want to scare you off, so he wanted to learn some of the more modern methods of courtship.
» Though, both of the suggestions he received fell flat. Cater suggested a very Magicam worthy date, while Kalim suggested a carpet ride of sorts. They both offered to assist with their respective ideas, but Lilia couldn’t accept. None of it felt right. While he was sure both ideas would impress you, it didn’t feel authentic.
» As much as Lilia loved to tease, he wanted this confession to be serious— to be personal. He didn’t want to pretend to be someone he wasn’t. Eventually, he asked Silver for help. Surely, he’d have some insight considering how well he knew Lilia.
» “Have you considered just using one of the methods you already know, father?” Silver asks with a tilt of his head.
» “I’m afraid all of my methods are rather outdated for this day and age, Silver,” Lilia muses. Silver responds with a small sigh and shakes his head.
» “So? They know who you are already, right? Even if the method’s a little outdated, it’ll be true to yourself. They’ve gotten to know you, so I doubt they’d expect something modern anyway,” Silver finishes. Lilia’s eyes widened and he smiled. Of course, how could he forget?
» You already knew of his vast experiences across countless years. Perhaps, trying to adapt to a modernity he was unfamiliar with simply wasn’t right. He’d confess to you in a way that felt true to him. He was certain you’d understand.
» Eventually, Lilia settled on something true to his Briar Valley roots. Rather traditional, but it was still romantic to him. He’d enchant a briar rose, wrap it in the twine from a spinning wheel, and seal it in a glass case. Then, when the moon was high in the sky, he’d present it to you. Should you return his feelings, the rose would live on. If not, it would wilt away.
» The story such a tradition originated from resonated with him. Someone beautiful and bright falling for someone considered a monstrous outcast. It was quite touching. He wasted no time in gathering his materials, going as far as to travel back home for a moment to find the most beautiful rose for the confession.
» Once finished, he enchanted the rose, imbuing it with his magic— his wish to be with you for the rest of your eternity. Then, the briar rose was tied with twine and sealed away into the glass case. With a smile on his face, he waited as night fell, then sought you out.
» Luckily, your light was on, though dim through your window. Tapping lightly on the glass, he tested to see if you were awake. The sudden noise startled you, but you knew only one person who could possibly visit you this late at night. And enter through your window, no less!
» “Lilia? It’s late, why are you here?” you question in a hush tone, moving to the side to allow him entry into your room. He slips in, grinning as he presents you the rose.
» “As is Briar Valley tradition, I can only present this to you at night. I hope you don’t mind the intrusion,” Lilia says, watching your expression carefully. Your eyes widen as you take the encased rose, observing it closely.
» “It’s beautiful. What’s the occasion? Did something happen?” you ask with a light laugh as you scan the flower. Before he can answer, your eyes widen as you seemingly put the pieces together.
» “Wait… you’ve mentioned this. This is a Briar Rose, right? The string wrapped around it… the glass… Briar Valley tradition— ah! Are you…?” your voice trails off as your face flushes. Lilia merely grins, eyes glinting with mischief.
» “Am I what, dearest?” he questions with a teasing tone. You shake your head and laugh, covering your face a bit.
» “Is this… a confession?” you whisper. Lilia’s eyes soften and he approaches you, placing his hands over yours as he peered into the glass at the rose.
» “How observant. You really do listen to me! This is a confession. I’m terribly in love with you. You’ve invaded my every thought before I could think to stop you! So I’ve decided to tell you. I know my nature can be a bit… alarming, but I wanted to tell you anyway. Silly, isn’t it?” Lilia says softly.
» “It isn’t silly, Lilia. And of course it’s mutual. For as omnipotent as you tend to be at times, you’re a little clueless, aren’t you?” you respond with a warm laugh. Lilia looks at you and tilts his head.
» “What do you mean?” he asks.
» “I’ve liked you for a long time now. Have you ever noticed my advances? I don’t treat you like I treat my other friends, y’know! Plus, the whole immortality thing doesn’t scare me… no part of you ever could,” you say. Lilia processes for a moment before beaming with a sharp grin.
» “Oh really? You’ll be stuck with me for quite some time? Are you truly ready to have such a cute, wonderful partner for the rest of your life?” he teases. You merely smile, placing the rose to the side. Pulling him into a tight hug, you gently nod.
» “I’ve been ready for quite some time now. I’m more than happy to call you mine.”
» Lilia melts into your embrace and lets out a breath he wasn’t aware he was holding in. All of his memories of you come flooding into his mind. He’d been too afraid of judgment to notice at the time, but now he could see it— the way you reserved your brightest smiles for him. The way you’d gently lean into his side when sitting together— even the way you’d watch after Silver on his behalf.
» You’d loved him for quite some time, and now he could finally say that you were his. He’d have you by his side— and he could look towards the future with no regrets, knowing you’d be there.
Tumblr media
♚ at last, with you !
» After you two officially start dating, Lilia acts more or less the same, however, in addition to his usual teasing, he becomes a lot more comfortable being openly affectionate with you.
» Are you walking beside him? His hand is intertwined with yours, then. Just sat down with your friends for lunch? Expect him to hug you from behind and kiss your temple as a greeting. Are you having a study session? Well Lilia’s there, leaned against your side and resting against you as you work. Lilia loves affection, so he gives you plenty of it.
» While he usually initiates any affection, if you ever initiate it first, it makes him incredibly happy. If you reach for his hand first, or greet him with a kiss, he always gets a wide grin and teases you about it. He’ll joke that you actually do love him, and that you must be head over heels for him to initiate such sweet affection. Once he manages to get your face to flush under his relentless teasing, he’ll let up and ask you to do whatever affection you initiated again.
» With how touchy he is, it’s only natural that people find out that you two are actually dating now. Because of your increased presence in Diasomnia, Silver, Malleus, and Sebek are quick to find out.
» Silver and Malleus are entirely supportive. Silver can visibly see how happy you make his father. Lilia spends less time alone nowadays, so Silver doesn’t have to worry about him as much anymore. He knows you’re a great match for Lilia given how much you care for him. Plus, your cooking is easily much better than his dad’s, but hey! Your presence has also made Lilia’s food more tolerable, so Silver’s content.
» Malleus is glad that Lilia’s found someone who respects him, but also accepts his more peculiar aspects. It’s something Malleus often struggled with himself, typically only having Lilia to turn to. In you, Lilia has found a partner, but Malleus has also found a cherished friend. You respect him, invite him out, and listen to him just as you do with Lilia. With such a kind soul, it’s only natural Lilia was drawn to you. So long as you two take care of one another, Malleus is certain that it’s a bond that’ll last a long time.
» Sebek is a different story. He’s at war with his internalized hatred against humans. He wants to respect Lilia’s choice, but he struggles to understand why at first. So, at the beginning he’s weary— closely watching your every move. Instead of finding flaws, he comes to realize why Lilia chose you. You don’t use him for his power, you engage with him and his hobbies, and you even watch after Malleus and Silver. With time, Sebek warms up to you. Of course he does! Perhaps, not all humans are bad. You’ve certainly proved that to him.
» His dormmates’— well, family’s approval is all that Lilia needs to know he’s made the best decision possible for himself. You fit right into his small family, as if you were always meant to be there. You fit right into his life, actually.
» You’re always in the crowd during his Light Music club performances. During the Magift tournaments, you’re in the crowd, cheering his name. Even when he finds himself busy with schoolwork, you’re there— sitting across from him as you work on your own assignments. He’s become so used to your presence in his daily life, but he does love dates with you, as well.
» Designated time to spend with one another. Naturally, he very much enjoys spending time alone with you. More often than not, you two have date nights in. Playing games, watching movies, staying up— it’s all a bit juvenile, but Lilia’s proud of his childish side. Plus, as long as you’re having fun, then it’s worth it.
» He loves those nights so much. Laying side by side after the movies are over, curled up together and having hushed conversation. It’s his favorite. You’ll share your dreams— your aspirations in the dark of the night. Lilia shares his experiences, the things he’s seen that he can’t wait to show you. It helps him visualize the vast future you both have ahead of you— the experiences he has yet to have. It makes him excited, but as much as he wants to see it, he’s content with time passing slowly by your side. As long as he’s with you, he’s happy.
» However, for as much as you two play around, for as much as you both cause chaos together— it isn’t all bright and sunny. Lilia is prone to painful nightmares— memories of his past dredging up and meshing with his recent memories. He’ll dream of losing Silver, Sebek, Malleus— even you— to a war much like the one he’d experienced. During those nights, he’s lucky if he gets even a single hour of sleep.
» You always seem to notice, though. In the morning, you’ll see his tired expression. No matter how much he tries to cover it with a grin, you see right through him. You never judge him or pity him, though. You merely guide him back to his room— school forgotten in favor of a day of healing. You’ll lay him down, remaining by his side as you run your fingers through his hair.
» “I’m here, and you aren’t gonna lose me. We’ve still got a lifetime ahead of us. You can rest. I’ll be here by your side when you wake up.”
» Your soothing words always put a smile on his face. He’ll hold you a little tighter as he drifts back to sleep, knowing that you’ll be there to comfort him should his nightmares wake him up again. On the days that his terrors do startle him awake again, you’re right there— gently rubbing circles into his back as he tells you what he saw. No matter how horrifying the nightmare, your smile remains as you comfort him— assure him that it won’t happen. Lilia will not lose you.
» You’ll always lighten the mood after, teasing him and insisting that he cannot be rid of you that easily. It always puts a smile on Lilia’s face, causing him to quirk a brow and question as to whatever could’ve possessed you to think that’d he’d want you gone?
» After some shared laughter as well as a few playful fights, Lilia manages to relax, night terrors long forgotten in favor of your warmth and comfort.
» Your comfort is so important to him. Of course, he loves being reassured that you won’t go anywhere, but it goes deeper than that.
» At NRC, Lilia is regarded as a terrifying fae with extensive abilities. Though he frequently jokes about his age, there are very few who actually believe him. Most think he’s merely joking— thus his struggles often go unnoticed. After all, someone that powerful couldn’t possibly be affected by loss after experiencing so much of it, or, he must be lying! He looks far too young to have been in any sort of war!
» As much as he tends to laugh it off, it gets to him. He’s forced to hold back— unable to express that emotional side of him. All people see is the conniving, teasing third year. If he ever expressed his painful experiences from his past, he’d likely be called a liar. In truth, he isn’t. And loss doesn’t hurt any less just because he’s strong. The sting of loss hurts just as much the first time as it does countless times after.
» And you understand that. You believe him. With a gentle smile and soft affection, you show him that while his experiences have made him stronger, it doesn’t mean he has to be immune to pain or fear. You show him that he doesn’t need to always hide away behind a facade of playfulness around you. You’re always there to listen, should he need the space to talk.
» For that, Lilia is grateful. You’re willing to share his best and worst moments, and you do so without pitying him or doubting him. You love him dearly. Teasing, serious, even a little scary— all are sides of him that you adore.
» For Lilia, that’s important. Because he knows he has a limited amount of time left, and that your time is limited, as well. For you to be so willing to dedicate that time to him— it’s quite beautiful.
» And with whatever time Lilia has left, he plans to do just the same.
» For you are the very embodiment of the future he hopes to live. And so long as that briar rose he confessed with remains bloomed, he knows that you feel the exact same.
Tumblr media
— fin.
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oepionie · 1 month
Characters: GN! Reader | Azul Ashengrotto x Reader, Jade Leech x Reader, Floyd Leech x Reader
Tags: Octatrio and jealousy, Pure fluff w/ very petty boys, Reader wears makeup in Azul's part, Jade blows a hairdryer in Floyd's face, Malewife Floyd
WordCount: 1.5k+ | 💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
Azul blinks once, twice as he stares at the merman who was animatedly conversing with you. Rielle, Azul's old schoolmate, a prince of Atlantica, and the owner of this wretched cafe called 'The Secret Grotto'. The same cafe you've been ogling at for the last 20 minutes or so.
"Isn't this place amazing, Azul?! They even have a souvenir shop!" Now, Azul would normally find your eagerness adorable since seeing you happy was oh-so precious and priceless to him. However, this time, your enthusiasm made his heart sink while his mood deteriorated. On the surface, however, he keeps his calm and maintains his professional businessman persona, or at least he tries to.
"Monstro Lounge is far more superior. I mean...th-their cutlery doesn't even match their tablecloths here." Azul blurted out, crossing his arms over his chest and scrutinising the area intently.
"Well, we wanted to add a little bit of uniqueness! My cafe is all about personal touches, we focus more on making things look cozy!" Rielle chimes in, all bright and charming, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. Azul narrowed his eyes, his hands itching to sever the prince's arm for touching you. Oblivious to Azul's ire, you stared at the cafe in awe, pointing out the small touches thrown about here and there.
Azul frowns, sulking and wanting to leave. He wanted to leave the moment he stepped into this place but he didn't have the heart to tear you away from the cozy small cafe. Especially since you were looking forward to this date for weeks, you even got Vil to doll you up and do your makeup today.
Deep down inside he felt a tinge of insecurity because he knew you were right. The cafe really was amazing. The grove was lit up with warm lighting, and everywhere you looked was all soft and homely. Unlike Azul's cafe, this place was much less formal making it seem more down to earth.
Perhaps he should make a few tweaks to Monstro Lounge? Just to fit your tastes?
"Angelfish, I'd hate to break it to you but it's getting rather late. I'm sure Jade and Floyd are already waiting for us back at the dorms." Azul cuts in nonchalantly, a cool smile on his face. You turned to gaze out the window, seeing the sunset and the sky darkening. You nod and swiftly seize Azul's gloved hand in your own, bidding Rielle goodbye.
"Ah, I see it really is getting quite late! Feel free to visit soon!" Rielle bids you goodbye with those words, as you and Azul walk out of the quaint little cafe.
Once outside, Azul reflexively rests his hand on the small of your back, and you lean in, your head resting on his chest. It was silent for a while, both of you just enjoying the comfortable silence before Azul pulled you into an alley.
"Azul? Is something wrong-" He abruptly interrupted you and smashed his lips against yours. Azul backed you up against the wall, his hands finding purchase around your waist as you snake your arms around his neck. Minutes pass before he finally draws back and presses his forehead to yours, a heavy flush on his cheeks. You took this time to admire his dishevelled appearance, which was quite a rare sight. His glasses were crooked, the lipstick Vil picked out for you was smeared across his lips, and his vision was dazed.
"Angelfish...wouldn't you rather spend time with me instead...?"
Tumblr media
He's in absolute denial.
Jealousy. What use would such petty and trivial emotion as jealousy serve? Jade already knew you were bound to him. Despite his distant and cold demeanour, you somehow pushed your way into his heart and fashioned yourself a nice little home.
Furthermore, Jade liked to consider himself as someone who was rational and level-headed. He was always in full command of every situation he was put in. The eel was cruel, merciless, and uncompromising. Him getting jealous? Jade Leech, jealous? It was a laughable thought.
Nonetheless, as he stood behind the lounge's bar, he couldn't help but feel a pang in his heart while he glared holes into the back of Floyd's head. His gloved hands were grasping onto a teacup a little too tightly. He was supposed to serve you tea.
Tea, that he brewed and prepared personally for you, ensuring that each step was meticulous and precise so that the drink was properly suited to your preferences. You, his precious pearl, who was too preoccupied running your fingers through his brother's hair.
The lounge's air conditioning had broken down, and at some point, Floyd apparently decided that it was far too hot and dumped an entire cold smoothie over his head. Now, you were fussing over the eel's damp hair, trying to get the liquid and chunks of fruit out of his locs.
Crack! Jade looked down to see the cup split in half, the warm tea he prepared for you now spilling onto the floor. Azul would've probably had his hind if he found out the eel broke such an expensive and delicate piece of china. Despite that, he had a much pressing issue to focus on. Jade's inexhaustible patience had finally run out, and he concluded that enough was enough.
He quickly poured you a new cup and walked up to the booth you were sitting in. He held a hair dryer in his left hand and the tea he had carefully made for you in his right. Finally, you had stopped fretting over Floyd and instead focused your attention on him. When you spotted him approaching, your face lit up. A smile grazed his lips for a brief moment. How lovely you were.
"Darling, why don't you take a break. Here, it's your favorite. Let me handle this." Jade murmured, running a gloved hand along your cheek. You leaned towards his touch, smiling, and took the cup from him. "Thank you, Jade. I managed to get most of the fruits out but his hair is still so wet."
"Not to worry my pearl, this isn't the first time this happened." With a chuckle, Jade plugged in the hair dryer and grabbed Floyd's chin, forcing his brother to face him.
"Now...allow let me help you, brother dearest." Jade muttered, the corner of his eyes crinkling as a sharp grin spread across his face. He set the dryer to the highest setting and directed it straight at Floyd's face. When the heavy gust of wind hit Floyd, the eel clamped his eyes tight. He whined and attempted to push Jade away, but the latter just refused to let go.
Yes, Jade is most definitely not a jealous man.
Tumblr media
That should have been him. The eel glared at Grim who was seated in your lap. Your lap that he loved so much. Your lap that he used as a pillow every time he was slacking off at Monstro Lounge. Your lap that was supposed to be for him, not that skrunkly little cat.
To make matters worse, you were currently feeding Grim some tuna you cooked up yourself. Oh, the nightmare.
The reason? Grim had recently scored a perfect score on his exam without cheating this time! and you wanted to reward your companion for his efforts. Still, Floyd couldn't understand why you had to feed him. Isn't the baby seal big enough to feed himself? He was pretty sure he saw Grim inhale an entire tray full of food in seconds!
Growling, Floyd stomped towards your table and plopped down beside you. He huffed and started side-eyeing the cat who was dozing off and slowly chewing the tuna in his mouth. To Floyd's despair, you were much too preoccupied with fawning and cooing at the tiny brat to notice your moody lover. This was absolutely unacceptable. He demanded your attention.
"Shrimppyyy..." Floyd whined, smushing his cheek against yours, basically asking for attention. Taken aback, you jumped and whipped your head around to face him, finally acknowledging his presence.
"Floyd! How are you? How'd that test with Crewel go?" You smiled at him and moved in to peck both of his cheeks. This made him brighten up for a bit before Grim interrupted the moment.
"Oi, henchhuman, I'm out of tuna here." Grim drawled, patting his paws along your arms. Sighing, you picked up your utensil and turned away from Floyd. However, before you could bring the spoon anywhere near the container with Grim's food, Floyd's hand snatched the utensil away from you.
"Floyd, what are you-" You were cut off when he pushed a bento box towards you.
"Shrimpyy~ You gotta eat! I cooked that myself y'know." He beamed at you, draping his long arms over your shoulders. You opened the lid and gasped at contents of the meal inside. Floyd had made a Butter Salmon Bento, and you'd be damned if you didn't think it looked good. "Floyd, this is incredible...thank you very much!"
"Of course~ Here, I'll handle the baby seal for you." Before you could even say anything, he snatched Grim from your lap and tossed the cat onto the table in front of him.
"I'll even feed him for you!" Floyd laughed and took some tuna, pressing it forcefully on Grim's mouth. Grim, understandably, was reluctant to open his mouth. Floyd, on the other hand, was not about to give up so easily.
The eel hummed and leaned forward, gritting his sharp teeth as a deranged smile grew across his face.
"What's wrong baby seal? Eat it." Floyd hissed, malice oozing from his lips. Grim flinched and decided to just bolt, taking the tuna with him. "Like hell I'm doing that!"
Grim scutters away as you watch with a sheepish smile on your face. Floyd laughed contentedly and sprawled across your lap, staring up at you in adoration, his mission finally accomplished.
"Hehe~ Will you feed me next, shrimppy~?"
Tumblr media
Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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dddomenstarstwst1 · 7 months
Dog training
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Prompt: brat taming
Character: Floyd Leech
Genre: Smut
Warnings: sub!Floyd, dom!gn!reader, brat!Floyd, brat taming, slapping, cock stepping, ruined orgasm, dacryphilia, dumbification
a/n: a character is aged-up and depicted as 18+ y/o.
Tumblr media
Floyd sits on his knees in front of you, a smirk on his face makes you want to ruin him completely. You think on what punishment to give him, since Floyd thought it would be a good idea to act like a whore in public. His heterochromic eyes watch you intensely, waiting for any action.
"Floyd, you've been acting very bad lately, and i think it's a problem. Don't you?" He shakes his head, cocky grin still present. He flashes you his sharp teeth, "I don't think it's a problem, [Name]! I was just showing everybody you belong to me, shrimpy!"
You slap his face, surprising Floyd, his eyes widen. "Such a brat. You think you can act like a slut and expect me not to punish you?" You slap him again, ripping a moan out of Floyd, his cock jumps at the harsh treatment. "Tsk, getting turned on from being slapped, brat? Didn't expect anything else from the likes of you."
Floyd pants, legs pressing close to each other as he tries to get some type of friction. You slap his other cheek and spread Floyd's legs with your own. You step on his dick, making him flinch and whine desperately. Pre-cum leaks from his tip, dropping on the floor, his hips thrust up and a whimper leaves his lips.
"L-love it when you're so h-harsh," you press your foot harder, and Floyd moans brokenly. He tries his best in building an orgasm, and you let him. For now. You chuckle at Floyd's desperate face, his eyebrows frowning, eyes shut close. Your boyfriend ruts in your foot, losing a rhythm he created when he gets close.
You feel his dick twitch with the back of your foot and quickly take it away. Floyd shoots his eyes open, mouth agape in a silent scream, as pathetic dribbles of white cum drip from his tip. It hurts so bad and your boyfriend's mind goes blank.
"Did you learn your lesson, or should I repeat it?" You're met with silence, so a slap lands on Floyd's cheek. "I asked you a question," he gulps, eyes hazily looking at you. A dumb smile spreads on his face, drool running down his chin, as he reaches his hands to you.
"Please, slap me! Spank me! Anything, I'll be good for you, but just– hurt me!" You look down on his hard cock, covered in cum, and a sadistic grin creeps to your mouth. You're going to ruin him so good tonight.
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 1 month
Could I request smut with Overblot Jamil just overstimulating his fem!s/o even when she's begging for him to stop?
Hm, a bit on the darker side today with TWST.
Pairing: Jamil Viper x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, eventual dub-con, overstimulation, slapping, name-calling, body betrayal, degradation, crying, sadistic Jamil,
A/N: A little bit of crying and overstimulation never hurt anyone so... enjoy.
Tumblr media
"Jamil, st-op...!" You whimper beneath him, lost in a mix of pleasure and pain as Jamil looks down at you, his hair falling over the two of you like a silky, black curtain. He pushes down on your hips harder, his cock a blur as he goes in and out of you.
"Stop? But sweetheart," He coos, although with no traces of being sorry or attempting to comfort you, "how can I stop when you're giving me reactions like these?" He presses two fingers roughly over your overly sensitive and abused clit, sending you into yet another orgasm, more painful then the last. "See? You're reacting wonderfully. You want the next one just as much as I."
Tears well up in your eyes from how overstimulated your whole body has become, on fire under his touch, his eyes, his cruel and sadistic smirk and the way he grips you, not letting you get away, not even an inch from him.
"Please. It's been hours... please, I need to rest." Your cries fall on deaf ears, or maybe he does hear. Yeah judging by his widening eyes he sure does. Not that he cares, not that he falters. His cock is throbbing inside of you, twitching with every deep stroke, getting ready to come inside you again, give you more cum, fill up that quivering, sensitive hole.
He takes one of your legs and pushes it upwards, your leg falling over his shoulder, your body arched to the side, helpless to resist Jamil's merciless fucking.
"Rub. I want you to rub that little bundle of nerves. Don't make me repeat myself." Under his heated glare your body obeyed before your mind. Now that they were no longer held down by him your hips were free to arch into your hand as your fingers touched your clit, "Good girl. You can be so responsive."
His fingers join yours, not letting you have a second of rest or respite from him or the overwhelming pleasure he was giving you. "Can't... coming!" Your pussy clenches around him again, your vision going completely white, along with your inner walls which were already painted white but got another onslaught of cum from Jamil. Your body goes completely limp from the aftershocks, only registering Jamil pulling out, and the warm sensation of cum flowing out.
"We're not done yet." He grabs and turns you on your stomach and straddles you from behind, "All night long sweetheart, I don't care if you break or cry, you're mine." With that he spread you open and pushed his cock back inside, hardly even giving you a rest before starting his brutal pace all over again.
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olivyh · 5 months
it’s my birthday !! so may i request riddle, ruggie, jamil, azul and jade kalim, sebek, and silver (if that’s too many characters feel free to only do 3-5 !!)
doing something embarrassing without them knowing the reader was watching (can you tell i have favorites LMAO)
like they’re singing to a corny song, maybe they’re admiring the reader and what they did that day, anything that gets them all nervous and embarrassed once they realize that the reader is standing there, maybe a different scenario for each one (awkward n blushy boys supremacy)
i hope college is going well :D!! good luck lmao
Happy birthday!!! I hope it was an amazing day <<3333!!!!! Anyways I LOVE all these characters (though I have a harder time writing for silver and sebek)(hopefully diasomnia chapter reveals more of them). I also love blushy and flustered boys! I'm going to split this post in two since there's 8 total, so this one will have four and then the next four will come later! (bc,,, i simply cannot stop writing about the scarabia duo,,,)
PT 1: Riddle, Ruggie, Azul, and Jade (You're here)/ PT 2: Jamil, Kalim, Sebek, and Silver (WIP)
Minor TW for blood on Azul's part but it's not too much
He had not believed that there was anyone around. After a particularly stressful week, the boy had wanted nothing more than to tend to the hedgehogs that he had considered to be akin to his own children. 
He was in his gym uniform, not wanting to get his dorm leader uniform dirty, and hunched over, in the cage and giggling softly as the hedgehogs squeaked and nipped at his fingers. He cups one of them in his hands, pulling it out and petting it's smooth forehead, chuckling and kissing it softly. 
"Have you all been lonely?" Riddle asks quietly, turning to the others. He looks around the open garden, warm sun kissing his pale skin as he peeks around the tall hedges, ears perked in the half-hope-half-fear of one of his dormmates seeing him in such a state. 
No screaming of Deuce, no obnoxious laughter from Ace. He didn't hear the tapping against a phone screen, or Trey's heavy footsteps on the grass. Perhaps, Riddle thought, he truly was alone. 
He felt as though the heavy weight on his shoulders was lifted off as he hurriedly takes each hedgehog out of the cage, sitting cross legged on the ground and placing the small animals in the small area that his legs had created. Some of them try to climb his pants and escape, making him chuckle softly at their squeaks. He gingerly lifts one into his lap, petting it gently. 
Warmth fills his heart when it nuzzles into his open palm. The others soon follow, clambering over one another as they try to climb higher and higher up. He lays down, the cold grass tickling his cheeks as the boy squirms as they crawl up his neck and lick at his face, making him laugh loudly and pick them up and move them away. 
He looks down and stifles another joyful giggle seeing them resting on his chest, a few of them trying to bite at his shirt and others dozing off. He picks one up gently and nuzzles his face into it's own small one, affection filling his heart and threatening to spill out into the rest of his body. 
He smiles softly at the small animal, chuckling. 
"Hey, Riddle, I found this little guy when I-" He all but yelps and whips around to face you, standing dumbfounded next to the hedges and holding a small hedgehog that nuzzles into your palm. Heat crawls up his neck and burns his ears and eyes as he gulps, mouth opening and closing in mortification. 
"It-I- I- I was si-simply-" He stammer, sitting up quickly (though, not too quickly as to keep the animals on his body safe).
To his surprise, you make your way beside him and sit down, your knees touching as you reach over and place the hedgehog atop his head. He gasps, lungs refusing to work as your hand gently brushes his cheek on the way back. 
You smile softly at him. 
"Don't be embarrassed! It's cute!"
He swears he could feel his heart explode in his chest, mind racing as he gulps back another squeal. He was sure that late at night, accompanied only by the moonlight, he would bury his face in his pillow and giggle like a schoolgirl looking back on this moment. 
As of right now, he could not think of anything else to do but stammer and try to calm his racing heart. He meets your eyes only to see them pressed into joyful crescents that make the butterflies in his stomach swarm as he mumbles an apology, standing and running out of the garden, leaving you and the hedgehogs to watch him leave in confusion and disbelief.   
Ruggie Bucchi:
The hyena sits up and groans, running his hands through his messy hair for the umpteenth time as he struggles to read the words on the pages. They dance around the page as he knits his eyebrows on his forehead, phone resting beside the open book for if he needs to look up a definition or a concept. He had asked to study with you to seem smarter than he was, to impress you somehow, but he was failing. 
"Should've asked Leona to teach me this shit beforehand..." He thinks to himself bitterly, glancing over at the human who lays on his bed, reading through their history book and taking notes off to the side. They kick their feet and look over to him as he sits hunched over at his desk. He looks away, face warming up as he sighs, looking up another definition. 
He tries not to show his annoyance or embarrassment at being unable to understand a textbook, but he knows that you wouldn't hold it against him. Ruggie told you bashfully before your first study session about how he couldn't go to school as a child, and was just now learning what his peers had learnt years before. You were understanding, and you were patient as you sometimes helped him define a word or solve a basic math problem. 
He chews on his pen, sighing in annoyance as he looks up another word, scribbling down the definition in the margins of his already filled notebook. Most of his pens were already chewed through, a nervous habit of his since he was a child. Normally he has something else to chew- whether that be a popsicle stick or the plastic thing you had given him as a gift after you learnt of this habit, but he had no popsicles, and the chewing thing was in his gym locker (put there for the moments before particularly stressful Magshift matches).  Normally he wouldn't chew pens, and he always had his magical pen to write with, but he'd even caught his hands idly lifting the magical object to his open mouth when he couldn't figure out one tricky question. 
He hears you giggle and he turns quickly, pouting over the pen in his mouth. You laugh more and cover your face as the boy's face flushes a bright red and he jumps at how your gleeful expression made his heart turn, biting down on the pen and sending a cascade of ink into his mouth. 
He winces and gags, sputtering as the ink drips down his chin, face flushing crimson in embarrassment now.
In his frenzy to not get ink on his clothes, he doesn't even notice how you'd rushed to grab a towel, gently holding his face in your hands and wiping the substance from his mouth. He coughs up more and you fight back a chuckle, Ruggie letting out an annoyed, embarrassed, and shy whine from the back of his throat. His ears are flat on his head as he pouts up at you, face still red as his heart races at speeds that he couldn't even imagine. He fights the urge to clasp a clawed hand over his heart and beg it to slow down, that he couldn't hand the waves of emotions that were slamming his mind and body. 
You chuckle and wipe the last bits from his lip, sitting back. 
"Go wash your mouth out-" Ruggie stands and, realizing that he could very easily blow his (very obvious) nonchalant cover, decides to try to gain the upper hand. He places a hand on your cheek and chuckles, tracing his claws down your neck and tracing along your arm. He revels in the goosebumps that rise on your flesh, fighting back his own blush as he grabs your arm and raises it to his mouth, licking a long, black stripe along your skin.  
"Go wash your arm," He laughs at your flustered expression as you smack his stomach, making him double over and ignore the chemical taste that coats his throat. He laughs even harder when he sees that he left a trail of black along your face. 
"That was so gross!"
"You laughed at me first! You had it comin'!" Ruggie grins when you huff and whine, waving his hand as he enters his room's bathroom. "Let's call it a day!" He shouts, washing his mouth out and splashing his face with cold water, pressing a damp towel to his face and ignoring the way that his heart still fluttered and his face still felt as hot as the savanna in the summer.
Azul Ashengrotto:
Azul sat hunched over his desk, glasses cast off to the side as he sighed, hand cramping from scribbling away at paperwork for so long. His normally neat silver hair was unken=mpt and frizzy as it cascaded down his faceHis back aches from his hunched over position, and his limbs beg him to move after being seated for hours upon hours on end. 
"Mn?" He barely has the energy to respond to you properly. The VIP room is dimmed, and the lounge outside is cleaned out for the night. The only visitors since ten at night have been the twins, coming in to tell Azul that the Lounge had been properly closed and everything went well. 
"Are you okay?" The cecaelia nods, not even sparing you a glance as he continues to work on his paperwork. Another hour passes as he sits up and stretches, taking a big breath and groaning when his neck cracks a few times from the change in position. Leaning back, he chews idly on his nails when he reaches a problem, wincing when he bites down too far and blood drips down his finger, threatening to drip down onto his paper. The nail hangs off to the side, still attached to his finger as he curses under his breath. 
He hears a gasp and his blood runs cold as he stares up at you, sky blue eyes wide in mortification as the tips of his ears turn red and his heart pounds in his chest. He had somehow forgotten that you were still still present, and that you were watching him bite his nails. He stammers and tries to come up with excuses as you approach his desk, grabbing the first aid kit from one of the drawers. 
You sit on the arm of his plush chair and he can feel your warm breath dance across his face. Your legs practically cross over his, and you hold his injured hand as though he were made of glass, your own soft hands caressing the finger and searching for the nail clips. .
Azul's head spins and he feels although he were going to faint, a sweat forming along his collar as he gulps, unable to do something as simple as breath around you as it catches in his throat and he stares up at your expression, heart longing to pull you in and hold your face and connect his lips to your own soft-
He yelps quietly when you tug the nail loose, tossing it into the trash and applying antiseptic, wrapping his finger in a small bandage. 
"I-ah-" He clears his throat, trying to regain his composure. "Thank you."
You nod and smile down at him, raising his bandaged finger to your lips and pressing a faint kiss to the tip. Azul could swear that he blacked out for a second as he gasps and his chest constricts, heat from before returning tenfold. To his dismay, you hop off the chair and grab your things, heading towards the door. 
"Get some rest, okay?" He can only gape and nod, waiting until you leave to grab his coat from behind his chair and scream into it in half-embarrassment and half-disbelief. 
Jade Leech:
It wasn't everyday that Jade got time to himself. He was often running around, either trying to keep control in the Lounge, chasing after (or encouraging) his twin, or doing normal student activities. He hadn't much time to himself in the past few weeks, and it was starting to get to him. No matter how much sleep he would get, he would still awaken with deep eyebags. His police facade would drop more quickly, and he even noticed how he was snapping at his brother and Azul much more than he normally would. 
Jade was exhausted, and it showed in the way his skin had lost its luster and how his eyelids would threaten to droop at every moment that he wasn't up and running around.
He felt bubbly when he looked at his schedule and noticed that after classes, he had an entire afternoon off. The blank space in his schedule made his heart soar and he beamed, walking with a pep to his step between each class (one that terrified his classmates).
Once he finally collapsed in his desk in his room. Floyd was away at a basketball game, Azul had shut down the lounge for the afternoon for routine cleaning, and he was finally alone. 
He sighs happily, stretching back in his chair and running his hands through his hair as he reached for one of his terrariums, some of the pieces old or moved out of place from the lack of attention that they'd been receiving. 
"I'm sorry, little one," The mer mumbles, opening the lid and moving around the materials with a small pair of tweeers. He could feel the stress of the day slowly ebb away with every passing second. His shoulders were more relaxed, his eyebrows were no longer knitted on his forehead, and all the tension on his back seemed to be gone as he began humming softly, an old song from his hometown that his mother would sing to him. 
Jade beams, humming louder and lost in his own world when he feels a tap upon his shoulder. He stifles a gasp and whips around, eyes wide as he looks at the Prefect, heat rising to his face. The human stands, arms up as if to prove that they were defenseless. 
"Are you... okay?" The ask him quietly. He gulps, breathing returning to normal as he looks between them and his terrariums. 
He knows the flush on his face is apparent, and he could feel the sweat pool in his palms that rest on his lap. 
"Yes. Of course," He practically spits out, mind racing too fast for him to come up with a longer response. You chuckle nervously, raising your hand and placing it on his shoulder. 
"I called your name a few times and you weren't responding..."
"I was busy." 
"I see..." You smile, and Jade fights the urge to gulp down the butterflies once more as he stares up at you, eyes glazing over in adoration that he fights with every ounce of energy that he has. His stomach turns as you ruffle his hair playfully, placing a book on his desk with a picture of various flora on the cover. "I found it in Ramshackle's library... did you know I have a library? Anyways, I thought you would like it." 
He nods and runs a shaky hand over the cover. "Yes. Thank you," He mumbles quietly, turning his face to meet your gaze. "Thank you." He repeats, much quieter this time. You chuckle and nod. 
"Anytime..." You turn to leave, bag slung over your shoulder and you turn, smiling at him once more and making his chest feel as though it was full of flame. "Also, you have a nice singing voice. It suits you." And with that last comment, your gone, and Jade can release the breath he didn't realize he was holding, clutching his chest and covering his mouth that had twisted into a wide grin. 
He turns to his terrariums, feet tapping more than they were before you came. 
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