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angelltheninth · 1 day
This is more of an anime trope then a fairy tail one but how do you think the TWST dorm leaders would react to a kiss that happens by accident, where the Reader maybe trips or somehow crashes into them? Would they kiss back, blush, try to make a joke a brush it off?
Definitely a more anime trope but one that I like when its done well.
Pairing: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, developing relationship, kissing, confessions, teasing, protectiveness
A/N: Anime tropes, just like any other trope, can be a lot of fun if done right. So here are some of my favorite outcomes for this one.
Riddle blushes hard from embarrassment that someone saw this happen. He grabs you by the shoulders and looks around frantically, his hands trembling as much as his lips are. He's wide eyed, almost shaken up from the sudden kiss. Why did it have to happen like this? He'd been meaning to kiss you, he was planning to ask you on a date. Now its all out of order. Ah, whatever, he can adapt, he will adapt. As soon as he gets his heart to calm down.
Leona would tease you about how damn clumsy you are. What if he wasn't there to catch you? You're lucky you're so cute so he has a interest in you, otherwise this wouldn't go unpunished by him. Stealing a kiss from him, he can't have that now can he. He needs to steal it back. In a blink of an eye its no longer him whose on the ground but you, witch his smirking face inching ever closer as you close your eyes and accept his lips on yours.
Azul asks you to be more careful in the future. He was here for you now but he might not be next time. He's not mad about the kiss, really he isn't, he just wants you to make sure this doesn't happen with anyone else. To make sure of that he'll just have to stick close to you from now on. He's not gonna just go past the kiss either, wanting another one every time he keeps you from falling. Consider it his payment, a trade, a deal if you will.
Kalim would freak out that you got hurt. The moment your lips part he'd look you over for injuries. As much as he'd try to he wouldn't be able to stop himself from glancing at your lips with want, longing to repeat the kiss but too shy to ask. You notice him looking, apologetic for giving him trouble like this. It's no issue for him, he's just glad that you're alright. When he's done and he tells you he found no injuries you give him a kiss on the cheek as a thank you, flustering both of you even more.
Vil thinks this is your confession to him, a bold one at that, he's impressed, so he kisses you back, pressing you against the nearest wall. His hands were already on your hips and there was no resistance on your end, so he found no reason to stop kissing you. You're more slick then he thought you know that? That's worthy of his respect and his attention. And since you already took the first step he will take the next: would you do him the honor of having dinner with him tonight?
Idia would pull his hood up to hide you both from view. He's pretty embarrassed about your first kiss happening like this and he'd rather not have it seen by literally everyone. He makes it seem like it wasn't a big deal and he just happened to catch you while you fell, doesn't even say anything about the kiss until you're in the privacy of your dorm room. You really should be more careful you know, he tries to scold you but he can't help but want to kiss you again so he can't get his voice to sound stern, rather it sounds extremely flustered, matching you when you ask if you can say sorry with another kiss.
Malleus is extremely shocked by your kiss. He's got his arms around you and you can hear his heart beating out of his chest like a drum. He's been pining for you for a while, he's wanted to do this for a while, to hold you and kiss you and whisper that he loves you into your ear. That wasn't supposed to slip out like it just did but now that his confession is out in the open already, what do you say, do you want to give him a chance? He'll gladly give you more kisses if you say yes.
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oepionie · 9 hours
⊹ [ tags ] — hurt/comfort fluff, insecurities, mentions of overthinking, past relationship, they are down bad◞
Tumblr media
HE LEISURELY PEPPERS KISSES against your cheek, hands dragging up and down your sides as you giggle at his saccharine affections. Both of you were entangled in bed, legs and arms drawn together as you had fleeting conversations about whatever came to mind. 
"First love? Is that a term back in your world?" He murmurs, burying his face deep into the crook of your neck. Your lover wraps his arms tight around you, pulling your body flush against his.
A tender laugh leaves your lips as you thread your fingers through his hair. "Yes, that's a term. It's the first person you've ever loved. That one person that you will never forget. It's special since their love will leave an imprint on your heart, which will be there for all of eternity."
"I see." He hums, a forthright tone settling onto his tongue. "Well, in all honesty, you certainly wouldn't be my first love."
Hand halting its ministrations in his hair, a bitter and agonizing feeling creeps up your chest as you force out a laugh. "I-Is that so?"
Well...perhaps you should have expected this. It was a thought you didn't want to admit to for the longest time. It only fueled your insecurities and left you feeling vulnerable, spiralling into a dishevelled mess of crying and overthinking.
Perhaps it was not so surprising, you lament.
He was a prince straight out of a fairy tale. Surely he has loved and has been loved by many other before? An uncomfortable silence followed soon after as you tried to muster up a response but couldn't. Your voice lodged itself in your throat, words failing you. 
"I think the term has no merit to it, anyway." He murmurs, a soft smile gracing his lips. Your lover gazed at you affectionately as you blinked down at him and tilted your head in confusion. His love tinted stare pours over every detail of your face, observing how strands of hair fell over your cheeks, how your eyebrows drew together or how your lips pulled itself into a frown—he delighted in all of it. 
"If I had love so impactful and grand as the first, why would I need another love?" Brushing his thumb against the corners of your lips, he eased your frown away. "First love, hm? That would be you then, dearest. Though, it would be far more fitting to say that you're my only one true love."
✩— MALLEUS, JADE, Lilia, VIL, ROOK, Jamil
Tumblr media
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serotonin-crumbs · 2 days
You and Jade are snuggled up on the couch, watching a documentary "Fantastic fungi". The documentary explores the different types of mushrooms and their unique properties, and the man next to you can't help but chime in with his own knowledge and insights.
"Did you know that there are around 10,000 different types of mushrooms in the world?" he says, his eyes lighting up with enthusiasm.
You smile at his passion, finding it endearing. "I had no idea." you reply, your eyes still fixed on the screen.
"And did you know that some mushrooms can glow in the dark? It's called bioluminescence, and it's caused by a chemical reaction within the mushroom." You smile and nod, impressed by his knowledge. 
Finally, as the documentary comes to a close, he turns to you with a warm smile."You know, I have mushroom in my heart for you." he says with a grin.
You feel a warmth spread through your chest, feeling the same way about him. You may not be as knowledgeable about mushrooms or terrariums, but you love listening to him talk about them and sharing in his excitement. You lean in for a kiss and whisper, "I have a mushroom in my heart for you too."
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sxfieee · 1 day
okay so there was this fanfic that made me giggle twirl my hair kicking my legs BUT I FORGOT THE TITLE AND WHO MADE IT.
i can't remember much since it was very long long ago but i vaguely remember it's a flirting with them prompt and one of the characters were Malleus,
i vividly remember that the reader had a hard time trying to flirt with him in modern language/slang so at one of their rendezvous reader kneeled on one knee and i think they said sumn about,"oh i ask you for benevolence as it concerns the matters of my heart"
(please i need to see this fic again or I'll vanish)
i dont remember when i read it, all i rmb is that it was from long long ago :(
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
How 50% of the twst boys show love
Tumblr media
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miliinmi · 2 months
Tumblr media
Malleus: MC?
MC: Yes, love?
Lilia: I don't remember being informed on this matter.
Grim: Since when was his nickname love? I thought we settled on Tsunotaro!
Tumblr media
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yuusishi · 8 days
Hello, I hope you're having a great week. Could I request Vil, Malleus, and Leona being carried bridal-style by their tiny yet powerful s/o?
pairings : Vil Schoenheit , Malleus Draconia , Leona Kingscholar x gn!reader (sep.)
genre : fluff , established relationship
cws/tws : student insults Reader in Vil's part but no actual insults are written
a/n : the third years are my sillies
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit !!
Complains the entire time v1.
You two were in an argument with a student that was constantly throwing insults at you.
Usually Vil would make you ignore that student and continue walking, but that student just kept throwing hurtful words at you. Ones that basically demanded Vil's attention.
It was a back and forth between him and the student, they hurled multiple insults at you while Vil smartly countered them.
It was getting tiring for you.
You had the strength, so why don't you just lift your boyfriend and go somewhere else to cool off? And that you did.
Vil's face morphed from his usual neutral face to surprised as he felt his feet lift off the ground, the student stepping back in surprise as well.
"I'm getting too tired to deal with this! Bye!" you yelled.
Be ready to hear a lot of "Dear, set me down" "What a bold potato you are, now, set me down before anyone sees"
Nothing threatening, but you can definitely hear the panic in his voice.
And don't worry about the student, they won't bother you now after seeing your strength and no one will believe them when they say that you lifted Vil Schoenheit.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia !!
To be honest, if you're able to lift Malleus Draconia while being way shorter than him, I'd be terrified of you.
You were both sitting in bed when you started a joke argument, this was one of the few times Malleus joined you in this.
"Stop making fun of my height before I throw you across the room" "My, wouldn't that be quite the spectacle"
Sitting up on the bed, Malleus stared at you curiously before you put your hands under his back and knees and easily lifted the nearly seven foot fae prince.
You didn't throw him across the room, of course.
Malleus would be lying if he said he didn't feel surprised at first, instinctively putting his hand on your shoulder for support. He didn't feel scared, though, he knew you would never harm him.
He just looked extremely babygirl at the entire thing.
He'd be surprised when you finally set him back down. He knew you were stronger than an average human even with your height, but this is the only time he experienced it.
Mal would be laying completely still in the bed for a few seconds to take in what just happened, not being used to just randomly getting picked off where he was laying.
(But really, who is).
It was a thrilling experience for him, surprise and thrill are emotions that he rarely gets to feel due to him either just being at NRC or in Briar Valley. Only getting to really go out into the world when impromptu trips like when they visited the Scalding Sands happen and on field trips.
Strangely enough, he liked that you made him experience a rather foreign emotion, even if he did get caught off guard like that. Just make sure not to pull this when Silver and Sebek are nearby.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar !!
Complains the entire time v2.
The teachers (mainly Professor Trein and Crewel) were starting to get annoyed that Leona wasn't attending classes yet again, they knew that you were close with him and that's how forcing fetching Leona to classes went from Ruggie's job to yours.
You knew he'd either be at the dorms or the botanical garden, so you tried your luck in the botanical garden first. Luck was on your side today for you found him on your first try, now getting Leona to come with you was the true test of luck.
Leona was definitely more biased towards you, that's undeniably obvious, but forcing him to wake up was something that even you had difficulty in doing.
You poked at the beastman and even pushed him a couple times, but he wouldn't budge, he remained deep asleep on the cold floor.
That's when you got an idea.
Leona's eyes shot open when he felt himself get lifted off the cool floor. He almost pushed whoever had the audacity to not only wake him up, but to also pick him up like a baby if he didn't recognize your scent.
"Oi Herbivore, what do you think you're doing" "I'm getting tired of the professors nagging me to pick you up, so why don't I just do just that".
He found it funny at first, that you were able to pick him up like he had featherlight weight despite your size.
Then the complaining came when you refused to let him down until you got to the classroom (even if he didn't even attempt to get down himself).
"Just put me down already" "I'm not a baby, I can walk by myself" "Then why don't you just jump down?"
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cupids-chamber · 2 months
"DID YOU JUST PURR?" Leona looked at you flustered, taken aback by the question..
Tumblr media
Leona's mind felt a bit blurry as you ran your hands through his hair, a sigh of utter relief and comfort escaped his mouth.
The two of you were entangled in each others arms, Leona found peace in your embrace, practically lulling him to sleep, but he wanted to remain awake, enjoying the sound of your heartbeat and breathing.
Leona's tail wrapped around your waist, drawing you closer. A deep breath escaped your mouth as you leaned into him a bit more, laying your head down comfortably on his shoulder.
Leona let out a sigh, which came out in the form of a purr.. your ears perked up, as the once quiet room, filled with the sound cat purrs, that echoed throughout.. however, there wasn't a single cat in sight.
"Leona?" You called out to him, he opened his eyes and let out a hum, acknowledging you.. "Did you just purr?"
You watched as Leona grew flustered, for the first time you his cheeks darken and his ears move ever so slightly, as another soft purr escaped his mouth. "You can purr!" You repeated your words, more sternly as your suspicions were confirmed.
"N-no I—" he tried forming his words as he turned around avoiding direct eye contact with you. He tried lying, though he teipped over his words giving it away. You coed at him, a big grin plastered on your face, in response he let out a rather playful growl. "Awww—"
You grabbed Leona's cheeks, making face towards you. Facing eye to eye, your noses practically touching, Leona couldn't help but notice the tiny sparkles in your eyes.
"Do it again!"
"Do what?"
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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cvlutos · 1 month
Tumblr media
I bet Leona Kingscholar would dream about you often. The types of dreams that feel so real, that he'd confuse it for an actual memory. That he'd be so certain that this was his reality, until he wakes up to a speck of sun in his face. Yet he can't be bothered, only rolling to his side still thinking of the lovely dream from before.
That he'll scold himself silently for think it was true, yet he commits the dream to memory. Determined to remember it. As he goes throughout his day, his thoughts constantly mulling over the dream, and Ruggie sometimes sees the tiniest smile stretch across his lips. Yet in a moment the smile is gone, yet Ruggie is certain that it's there.
I bet Leona Kingscholar is the type to smile at nothing, seeing the small things that remind him of you and it makes him happy. He's quick to catch himself, quick to ignore the object, yet it happens again and again.
At some point he'll become annoyed with the object for simply being an object and not actually you. He'll curse it for being such a reminder, yet he won't move it. Nor ignore it. Sparing a short second to stare.
I bet Leona Kingscholar loves cleaning your face. He won't do it often, but sometimes he likes seeing a few crumbs on your face, or some drink droplets. He'll tease you, calling you messy and clumsy, but for a moment you'll see his eyes soften as he uses his thumb to wipe the corner of your lips, that lingers. Or he'll toss a napkin in your face, pleased to hear your laugh or fake offended gasp.
For some undescribable reason. It makes Leona Kingscholar happy.
Tumblr media
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shkanoin · 1 month
summary. the title is self-explanatory.
featuring. nrc first-years
t//w. suggestive, discussion of ass and tits
notes. don’t cancel me for writing this
Tumblr media
ACE TRAPPOLA: ass. he appreciates every single one of your features (sometimes a little too much) but he’s an ass man through and through. why do you think he always has his hand in your pocket 🤨 he’s been secretly feeling u up for months
DEUCE SPADE: obviously a boob dude. ask him which he prefers more and he’ll think that you caught him staring at ur boobs (you did) and he’ll think you hate him (you don’t) and he’ll want to die
JACK HOWL: “personality—“ FUCKING LIAR 📢📢📢 HE’S BOTH A BOOB AND ASS MAN. THE TAIL NEVER LIES. i feel like he has a special preference for ur thighs too but that’s just me.
EPEL FELMIER: no shame. boob man. if you’re taller than him then he’ll literally be hugging you every chance he gets just to get his face in your boobs. him and ace are the same type of men.
SEBEK ZIGVOLT: How dare you assume he has such impure desires. he likes ur hair and ur cute butt
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 3 months
Twisted Wonderland Men Teasing You
Pairing: Trey Clover, Ace Trappola, Leona Kingscholar, Ruggie Bucchi, Azul Ashengrotto, Jamil Viper, Rook Hunt, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: fluff, flirting, public display of affection, teasing, blushing, cheek kisses, neck kisses, hand kisses
A/N: Something about writing TWST fluff that just makes me feel all warm and fuzzy on the inside.
Trey teases you when it's just the two of you, he's not a big prankster and is rather down to earth when compared to some of his dormmates. He likes to do the little things like complimenting you a lot about things he knows will make you flustered, or pulling you towards him unexpectedly and nibbling on your ear just a little to get you to yelp and gasp.
Ace doesn't go one break without teasing you. He wouldn't do it in the middle of classes but after? Oh you bet. He's always holding your hand, commenting on how small and gentle it is compared to his right before kissing it and watching you turn the same color as his heart tattoo. Always gets a laugh out of seeing you so cute and flustered, which is why he has no intention of stopping, he knows you'll get back at him sooner or later.
Leona might be lazy but let no one call him passionless, especially not when you're the subject of his passion. Can be both aggressive and gentle with his teasing. Sometimes it's holding you close, your back against the wall while he mouths at your neck while whispering how much he missed you during classes and other times it's mumbling in his sleep about random things he likes about you. Most of the time he doesn't even remember doing that, it's just second nature at this point.
Ruggie is a very mischievous guy, he will tease you whenever he gets the chance, no opportunity is too small or too big. Passing love notes to you during class is a must, stolen winks, taking a bite of your food before offering you his while talking about indirect kisses and promising real ones later are all part of an almost daily occurrence with him.
Azul chooses the moments he's going too tease you very carefully. He has to make sure to do it when you least expect it. When you're walking to class he'll walk up next to you kiss you for good luck and then walk off, he'll drape his arms around you while you're in the café, watching your face adopt that cute but bashful smile right before he wipes it off your face with a sweet kiss after delivering you your order.
Jamil being a pretty reserved person, at least in public will sometimes squeeze your hand a little to let you know when he's about to let go and always kiss your cheek before and after class. His teasing comes in the form of his looks, his ever so slightly devious smirk as he looks at you from the other side of the classroom, the hidden silent words mouthed at you. Nothing to get either of you in trouble but enough to make you want to kiss him silly after classed end.
Rook despite looking like a gentleman has a hidden mean side to him. Not actually evil although you do call him that when his kisses leave you breathless and wanting for more. Yet somehow he always kisses you like that just before the bell rings. While on walks he knows what spots to take you to where you won't be disturbed so he can have fun with you away from prying eyes. There you can whimper all you want, there's no need to hold back.
Idia sends a lot of flirty messages and sometimes pictures of him without his shirt on because he claims it's too hot to be wearing one. He'll never tease you in public though, be protective yes, but not tease. In his opinion that side of him is only for you to witness and take delight in. He feels similarly about seeing you flustered, at least for now he'd like to keep it for himself.
Malleus likes whispering things to you while you're nestled in his arms. Hearing, feeling you react to his words is some of the best rewards he can hope for. Well other than he way you moan when his fangs make marks on your neck or your inner wrist. He knows you're asking for more, but you must be patient and wait, meet him later tonight, and he'll make all your wishes come true.
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oepionie · 1 month
BELOVED BAT-WIFE. lilia vanrouge
Tumblr media
Characters: Lilia Vanrouge x Fem! Reader, Platonic! Sebek x Fem! Reader
Synopsis: Lilia's wife makes an impromptu visit at NRC. Sebek is dragged into this mess and has to help her sneak into the campus.
A/N:: This is the first fic I've written in years!
Tags: Fluff, Established relationship, Maybe a bit OOC?, Reader is not Yuu and is said to be a mage
Word Count: 800+|💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
"Lady Vanrouge! When you told me you planned to visit, this wasn't what I had in mind!" Sebek hissed, staring at you through the gate's frame. He responded to your SMS asking him to meet you at the school gates as soon as possible. Despite the fact that it was two in the morning, he ran to your position right away. How he arrived in under 10 minutes is remarkable.
"I did say it was a last-minute decision." Shaking your head, you pulled the hood to your robe up and slipped on a pair of leather gloves. Indeed, you did send Sebek a letter to inform him of your plans beforehand. Leaving out the fact that you planned to sneak in like some petty thief.
"Now hold this gate steady for me, ok?"
Sebek's eyes practically sprang out of his head when you started climbing the tall gate. He yelled at you to be careful as he grasped the gate with both hands, firmly grasping the metal bars. You easily climbed to the top and laughed as you tossed yourself to the opposite side. Shrieking, Sebek ran to catch you, nearly toppling over from the force.
"Nice catch, my boy!" You grinned, patting his shoulder and setting yourself down. Sebek heaved, kneeling over and pressing a palm over his chest to calm his racing heart from the stunt you just pulled.
"You-Lady Vanrouge-!" Sebek started. "You're a mage! Why would you do that!"
"Teleporting or flying would definitely be easier…but that's boring~" You drawled, a cheeky grin on your face.
"Now, which way is that mirror again? It's been ages since I last set foot on this campus-literally!"
You linked both your arms together and began to pull the boy towards the academy, ignoring any and all of his complaints.
Tumblr media
"I really think we shouldn't be doing this." Sebek muttered, begrudgingly pushing the doors to the mirror chamber open. You both slid inside, the door behind you closing with a snap.
It was already late at night, and the moon shone through the windows, its light reflecting off the mirrors. You took a step closer to Diasomnia's portal, tracing the engravings on its frame.
Had they changed parts of it? You noticed certain details that were not previously present.
"Well, too late to back off now. You're making me start to think you don't actually want me here." You pouted, shifting your gaze to Sebek's rigid body beside the doorway. He jumped and dashed over, his cheeks flushed pink.
"Of course I do, Lady Vanrouge! Your presence is always appreciated! I only wish you had chosen safer means to visit!" He yelled, his booming voice practically rattling the walls. Chuckling, you ran your fingers through his hair before patting his head.
"I jest. Now, let's not keep them waiting. Shall we?" You clasped Sebek's hand with your own and stepped into the mirror.
A blur of colours hit you for a moment before you found yourself whisked away to the dark brooding castle Diasomnia calls a dorm. Standing atop the cobblestone steps, you took a deep breath. The air was thick with smothering moisture, like a fog.
The dim light of a window in the distance drew your attention. Among the many windows in the castle, it was the only chamber that was lit up.
"O-Oh? Is someone still up at this late hour?" You wondered, still light-headed from the teleportation. Sebek placed a hand on your back to stabilise your wobbly form. "Ah yes. That's probably Master Lillia, he tends to hold gaming sessions at this hour."
"Is that so?" You huffed, brows furrowing as you glared at the window. "...That damn bat."
Of course, this wasn't news to you. Silver frequently wrote to you about his father's long gaming sessions, which sometimes lasted days or even weeks. Just as you were about to march up to the castle, an arm wrapped around your chest, pulling you back.
"No need to look so mad, dear." A deep voice lulled.
Behind you two, Lillia appeared with an impish smile on his face. Sebek flinched before greeting Lilia vigorously while maintaining a stiff posture of attention.
"Good evening, Sebek! Would you go and get Silver and Malleus for me? This is going to be a lovely reunion." Lillia spoke, crossing his arms over his chest. He was perched upon a nearby tree, hanging off one of the branches.
"Yes Sir!" With that, Sebek was off, dashing towards the castle.
With a frown etched onto your face, you turned your gaze back to the fae who was still upside down. Lillia hummed, leaning forward to press his lips against yours. "Hello there, beastie."
"Still pulling the same old trick, I see." You grumbled, grabbing his arm to pull him down. Lillia smushed his cheek against your shoulder, peering up at you through his lashes.
"It's a classic of mine, isn't it?"
Tumblr media
Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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honey-milk-depresso · 9 months
“Am I being bested by a plush loaf?” TWST Jealous of their Tsum Tsum
I did it for the SSR and SR of the Tsum event! ^^
Cater Diamond
Cater slightly frowns, noticing how much attention you’ve been giving to his Tsum counterpart. He’s also here, too!
Ever since he snapped so many photos of his own Tsum with you, it has become more apparent that this little Tsum also has something up his stubby little sleeves.
Like how it whips out its own tiny phone and take pictures of you and it together. That’s also what you two do!
When Cater tries to take a selfie with you, you ALWAYS have to have Tsum Cater in the picture, and he couldn’t say no after seeing those puppy dog eyes, and fear of how dejected they would look if he just rejected the idea, but he just wants the photo to have the two of you in it!
He won’t be so overly dramatic about it, he’ll mostly pout and whine a little about how you’re spending way more time with the Tsum rather than him, and that he misses taking photos with just the two of you.
Just kiss him in that selfie alone to make it up is all he asks for. <3
Riddle Rosehearts
He denies ever being jealous of the squishy creature, but when you aren’t looking, he’s secretly lamenting about how you’re spending more tea time with this thing.
Riddle looks like he always wants to say something about the situation, but ends up sweeping the question away and excuse himself, mainly because he doesn’t know how to bring it up.
He’s irritated and a bit sour about the fact you seem to fawn over the thing, but he doesn’t want to be seen as… overbearing or just, well, jealous.
Eventually, all his self control and resisting crumbled when you began feeding it (somehow), just like what you do with him.
He strides towards you, as you curiously tilted your head to why he looked upset. Then you saw it. That cute frown and pout as he bore his frustrated glare into your eyes. “Rose… I… I want to be fed as well, and I rather have you spend time with me, too…”
Now kiss him as apologies. <3
Leona Kingscholar
Noticeably irritated by the adorable creature.
He quietly growls in slight detest of how you basically stuff your face into it, cuddling with it as it selfishly relishes in your warming affection. If it’s anyone who’s going to be cuddled by you is himself. The real deal.
Leona watched from afar, already disliking the fact this Tsum could do whatever it wants, and just take all your attention away from him. What’s worse is that it seems to know that it was bothering Leona, and it purposefully directs you away from him, getting more on Leona's nerve.
Well, now he's gotta show face and put it in its place, right?
He stood up, making a power walk to your direction as he lightly holds the Tsum away from you, lying down with his chest facing your front as he holds you in a tight embrace, forcing the Leona Tsum to hug your back.
"You had plenty of attention, little prick. It's my turn now." <3
Floyd Leech
He knows when he let even one finger off of it, the Floyd Tsum like a leech would tightly cling onto anyone it can go near to.
However, Floyd didn’t account to the fact that this little creature would have you as its favourite person to squeeze, cling and cuddle.
Floyd gets irritated, like Leona, of how attention seeking his plush counterpart is; constantly asking for cuddles, smudging your face with its soft little cheeks as it squirms closely into your hold.
He gets moody about this, especially. It’s reflected on the way he works sloppily in Monstro Lounge, much to Azul’s dismay, and Azul had to tell you about it in hopes you could do something about it.
Coming to meet Floyd, you’re met with a pouty eel lazily glaring at the Tsum.
He sloppily wrapped his arms around you as stuffed his face into your shoulder.
“Shrimpy, I get it that it’s cool, but cuddle me, too. Otherwise I’ll squeeze you tighter so you’d hug me instead of the Tsum.”
Um… Better to hug real Floyd after depriving him of cuddles. <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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twst4t · 4 months
But If I Know You, I Know What You'll Do
Malleus x reader fluff
Tumblr media
It gets harder and harder to sleep during nights at Ramshackle. You don't mind your semi-shitty bed and ratty blankets. You've learned to ignore the constant draft and the ghosts and the fact that Grim snores like a vacuum cleaner. You couldn't really do anything about any of that.
It was your dreams that kept you awake. They were often prophetic, showing a drawn-out story like an animated movie playing for hours. You didn't know how they could perfectly mimic your real-life events.
But between these prophecies were something far worse. You dreamed of your old life. Your old home.
Sometimes you woke up crying, longing for the world you left behind. Sometimes you woke up crying because you know that this world, where you will forever be an outlier, is better than that one. Either way, you were tired of crying. You were tired of pulling Grim close to you solely because you needed to know that you weren't alone.
And so sometimes you would walk. Walk outside of Ramshackle. Walk until your feet took you somewhere new. Walk until your thoughts were gone and your tears left weird tracks down your cheeks.
Here you were now, standing in front of Diasomnia. You had walked to the mirror chamber and ended up here. Why here?
You knew subconsciously that you had a fondness for Malleus. But it was just a fondness. That is all it could be. That is all you would let it be.
And yet.
Here you were, in front of the fae prince's doorstep. You had walked through their stone gates. Somehow the large wooden door in front of the dorm had opened for you, as if it knew who you were searching for.
Your feet dragged. It was late, but you knew he would be awake. He always was at this hour. You trudged to his door, knocking against the wood.
When Malleus opened it, he was shocked to see you, of all people.
"Child of man, what are you doing in Diasomnia?" Malleus asked, before noticing the tear tracks. Noticing how you shook, not from the ever-present chill of the dorm, with it's neon green flames.
He ushers you into his room. Into the soft green candlelight. He looks so pretty in the moments where you can feel the tenderness in his gaze. The flickering light emphasizes his inhuman nature, carving out the valleys of his sharpened cheekbones. You understand why so many revere him, especially in this environment.
"Are you alright?" you can hear the soft concern in his voice.
And then the dam breaks.
He is the prince of Briar Valley, and yet he holds you so close. You feel like glass in his embrace, like you will shatter if he lets go of you.
You cry about the way you don't want to go back to that old world. You don't want to see those people again. It's so much kinder to live in an existence where your past cannot get you. Where the people who hurt you don't even exist.
But it's ironic to you that the world where you are forever outcasted is the kinder one. The world where you are forced to clean up other people's messes, to put others back together after they fall apart. Overblots and kidnappings and more fucking overblots! And nobody can even comprehend why you're so tired.
And Malleus, tall beautiful faerie prince Malleus, listens to every word. And he pulls you close and runs his hand through your hair. And he tells you that he will make this world kinder for you if he needs to burn it all down and start it all from scratch.
But when he takes your hand, he winces. When you pull his fingers away, you realize your ring had scorched him.
"My apologies for my reaction. Is your ring by any chance made of iron?" he asks, his voice smooth and rumbling like thunder in a summer storm.
You nod, not trusting your voice. That ring was wedged deep in your pocket when you had showed up here. It was one of your only reminders that your old world had even existed, besides your existing memories.
"Ah. Iron tends to burn fae folk like myself. You by no means have to remove it, I just thought you would benefit from the knowledge"
And you slid it off of your finger in that instant. You stand before a man who promised to make you safe and happy, and he expects you to hold onto the things that harm him?
The metal clatters against the dark hardwood. It says more than any words exchanged between the two of you could possibly convey. You take his hand into yours and lift his palm to brush your lips against the wound. You both are aware of your lack of magic, but Malleus swears he has been healed in that moment.
Malleus pulls you to his bed. His covers are the most beautiful smoky purple you have ever seen. They feel lavish. You sink into the warmth. He sinks beside you.
When you are comfortable beneath the sheets, you are pulled to rest on Malleus' chest. He holds your hand while you lay, with one arm around you.
The two of you have all the time in the world for words. All the time this universe will provide to ask each other what was to come of this. But tonight you would let the soft scent of briar roses and smoke lull you to sleep.
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Teen dad Jade part 6!
Y/n: *sitting under Jades desk coloring*
Trein: why is there a child in my class?
Jade: they’re mine. *picks them up for Trein to see*
Y/n: hi! *waves and gasps seeing Lucius* Titty!
Jade: *gasps* Y/n! You can’t say that!
Trein: I will not allow such unacceptable behavior in my classroom!
Lucius: *hops out of Trein’s arm going to Y/n*
Y/n: titty! *hugging Lucius*
Trein and Jade: oh! Kitty!
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coralinnii · 4 months
Playing the pocky game
feat: Rook, Vil, Floyd, Leona
genre: fluff
note: interpreted as Yuu!reader but can be read as not, no pronouns were mentioned (except maybe for Rook’s French cuz…French), the relationships between reader and NRC characters are up to interpretation
Happy 11.11 day and a good veteran’s day for North Americans (please ignore the calendar and pretend this is still relevant)
Tumblr media
While perusing Sam’s store, something caught your eye in the snack section as Grim hoards the canned food section for his tuna.
“Is this what I think it is?” you mumbled but managed to catch the shop owner's attention.
“Good eye, little imp!” Sam praised with his practiced smile “I recently got a shipment of popular goods from the far east. And those chocolate sticks are one of their most popular treats!”
“Wow, they sound similar to something we have back in my world” you recalled an iconic snack in your own world, so famous it had a day to itself and even a cute little game.
Be it nostalgia or hunger, you bought a few boxes and indulged yourself on the sweet treat the next few days, with a few peers noticing.
Tumblr media
He noticed your new found obsession with the chocolate treat the moment you bought it because of course he would. He saw the new addition to your daily routine as you tend to reach for a sweet stick, almost like a habit.
Rook swoon at the smile the snack brings to your face and he couldn’t help his curiosity about the treats you bought.
You told him about its similarity to a common treat back home and how many kids your age would share and play games with it.
“Games you say? Would you be so kind as to show me?”
Ahh… should have kept your mouth shut
The blond huntsman was enamored with your flustered expression as you struggled to keep the stick between your lips. He smiled as he latched his lips onto the other end and as you explained, he started to bite the sweat treat bit by bit.
You struggle to bite on your own when you can clearly see Rook’s sharp eyes pierce through you, like a hunter keeping watch of his prey.
It wasn’t easy to hold your own when Rook kept looking at you with a gleam in his emerald eyes as he swiftly cleared his side of the treat, reaching your nervous lips at record speed. You yourself barely reached the middle before turning away, unable to withstand the intimacy of the game which resulted in breaking the stick.
But Rook wasn’t done with his fun.
Like a practiced hunter, he managed to swiftly wrap a strong arm around your waist, preventing your escape as he reached over for another pocky stick.
With the treat between his fingers, he raised it between your lips, his eyes locked onto yours while he gave you a smile that had a mixture of intrigue and amusement.
“Mon amour, what a wondrous game the people of your world have created! A delicious treat for the lips as well as the eyes as I get to gaze upon my partner while we indulge in sweetness. Shall we try again and this time, you can’t escape or I’ll chase you~”
Tumblr media
Normally, Vil would reprimand you for taking more sweets when he made a dietary plan catered specifically for you. But, you looked so happy whenever you took a bite of the treat that he couldn’t really stay mad at you. He’ll deny that, of course.
“What is it about this basic snack that has you so obsessed with it?”
You proceeded to talk about the pocky snack in your world that took off globally, with different flavors, uses in desserts, and even its iconic game.
That part got Vil’s attention
He insisted you showed him which is how you end up sharing a stick with the renowned model. You were sure that he could hear your beating heart as he kept inching closer and closer to you, the scent of his expensive perfume drifting between you two.
Panicking, you closed your eyes to try to calm yourself. Vil is starting to see the appeal of this childish game as he watches your expressions change between nervous and flustered. He paused for a moment to take in your features before smiling and took the chance to brush his lips against yours, his lip balm barely leaving a mark on your own lips.
You opened your eyes in surprise but the blond senior was already a distance away from you, a contemplative look as he examined the sweet product. A game that’s innocently tempting, done without unnecessary touching or make-up smudging. Vil can see this becoming a trend and he’s smirking at the prospect of him being at the forefront of the idea.
“An interesting marketing idea. I’m impressed by your world’s methods”
Vil left to have a chat with his manager but before he did, he whispered something into your ears which hastened your heartbeat even further which you were sure he heard this time.
“Should this become a viral trend, I will be sure to properly reward you as a show of gratitude”
Tumblr media
Floyd is a serial snacker. There is not one area he claims territory over that doesn’t have a bag of chips or candy hidden somewhere in his reach. In the rare cases he doesn’t, he’ll just “persuade” a schoolmate of his to hand over whatever they have.
So, when he notices your new fixation on a snack he’s never seen before, colour him intrigued and peckish.
“Hey Shrimpy, gimme one”
Choosing to ignore the blatant rudeness, you pick one from the open packet while keeping the one you started on dangling from your mouth. Like bait in a pond, Floyd kept his eyes on the stick moving around as you fiddled with it in your mouth until his intrusive thoughts got the better of him. You didn’t even get to say anything about the game as Floyd was already the type to think of fun if somewhat reckless things to do to cure his boredom.
(Floyd would fit in our world so well, it’s concerning)
Taking hold of your chin, the tall eel turned your head to face him. Luckily for Floyd, you managed not to drop the pocky stick so he could go with his impulsive plan.
In one quick move, Floyd managed to take a big bite of the treat, an audible crunch startled you as you barely registered the sudden closeness between you and the ocean-haired boy. You could see your reflection in his heterochromatic eyes as his stare left you paralyzed like a deer in headlights.
Not moving away, Floyd made a show of licking the crumbs off his lips which made you hypersensitive as you swear you two were close enough that you could feel his tongue on your own lips.
With a mischievous grin, Floyd grabbed another pocky stick, the one you’re going to give him, from your hand. Moving away but only a little bit, he tapped one end of the sweet snack against your lips.
“Not bad~ Let’s do it again!~”
Tumblr media
Leona couldn’t care less about you stuff your yapper with so long as it doesn’t disturb him. Unfortunately, your current fixation on the addictive treat is not the quietest of snacks as every time you break off a bit piece by piece gets on Leona’s nerves.
Seriously, must you do it while he’s napping? (Though, when is he not?)
“Knock it off or I’m tossing that damn thing into the trash”
You ignored the grumpy lion until you caught him mumbling how you would like such a boring treat. He regretted his words as you proceeded to go on a tangent on the impact of the sweet treat in your world. He swore you were trying to sell him the whole company. You even told him about a whole day dedicated to the snack and even a popular game.
“That sounds lame, I almost feel sorry for your world”
“Please, you’re too chicken to even try it!”
“…What did you say?”
That did it for him. And now you’re paying the price as you and Leona took your places with the beastman’s mouth on his respective end of the snack, waiting for you to do the same. You called him cowardly but you would never admit that you were getting cold feet.
But you couldn’t back down now, not when Leona is watching with a smug expression, even with a pocky stick mockingly dangling between his lips. Putting your money where your mouth is, you place your lips onto your end which initiated the game.
You started with your eyes closed out of embarrassment but as you took a couple of small bites, you dared to peep with one eye open to see how far you’ve gotten.
What you didn’t expect was Leona’s eyes staring straight into you as he seemed so close to you. How did he manage to get so close without you even hearing him? Regardless, his lips were unmoving as were yours with only a small fragment of the stick left between you two. The tension was palpable as this became an actual game of chicken as the next move from Leona or you could result in either a loss or an awkward conversation.
Unable to handle it, you decided to take the loss and back away. You turn your head away as you try to calm the burning feelings in your cheeks. You internally curse Leona for his accursed good looks and charm.
But said good-looking man was not satisfied apparently as Leona took the chance to place a gloved hand behind your head and twisted your body to face the lion beastman once more. His posture was lazy but the look in his eyes made you feel like having an apex predator locking on a prey. He continues to push you closer to him, leaving barely any space between you two just like before.
“You brought up this stupid game so you better finish it, herbivore. With or without the dumb chocolate”
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