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twistedroseytoesy · 3 days
Tsum tsum mayhem
Imagine how much WORSE it would be if the tsum tsums that came to twisted wonderland were like those from tsum tsum shorts on the Disney channel. Those things are CRAZY. so here's some headcanons.
So in the shorts, tsum stums have 2 abilities; to grow to 3-4 times their size at will, and shrink back to normal by expelling steam from their ears or nose. Or to be able to create 4 copies of themself by sneezing!
so if there was a mc tsum, everyone would be trying to take it from the others to spend some time with it. best way to give the poor tsum some peace is to have it sneeze a bunch. now everyone gets a tsum mc!
Tsum riddle would grow to 3 times his size so often when he gets mad, which is a lot.
DO NOT ALLOW FLOYD'S TSUM TO SNEEZE. it happened once and they had to lock up the extras in a room until they disappeared. mass destruction ensued and the area of the incident was unrecognizable within 5 minutes.
floyds tsum loves to scare everyone by jumping off of high places since tsum's just bounce.
Epels tsum wants to sneeze and try to beat up Vil. epel is tempted to let it happen.
If rook had a tsum it would be silent instead of making squeaking sounds every time it moved like all other tsum's.
The octatrios tsum's can turn into mer tsum's when in the water for long enough.
Rook can understand the squeaking language of the tsums, he just likes to pretend he doesn't hear the sheer amount of cussing and insults epels tsum is screaming.
Leona's tsum will grow big just to shove other tsums off of it.
Jack's tsum is the only tsum that tries to keep the others from causing too much chaos. will multiply himself to be more efficient and loves to lift things by growing and shrinking.
Sebeks tsum will gro big in-between malleus and anyone who get's too close for the tsums liking. If malleus asks it to stop it will be on the verge of tears.
Riddles tsum causes trouble but does uphold the other tsums it can see to the queen's rules.
And last but not least is caters tum
It will 100% use a mix of its abilities to create good pictures and asthetics
Cater and the tsum bond even more due to both having the ability to make clones of themselves.
multiple caters and multiple tsums ave been seen around different areas of the campus to get the perfect shot.
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Tumblr media
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hanafubukki · 14 days
I Suddenly Became the Mother of the Red-Rose Tyrant?!
Summary: Well, fuck, somehow you isekaied and became the mother of Riddle Rosehearts
Characters: Riddle Roshearts, Reader, & Clover Family.
Notes: I have been reading way too many isekai Manhwas/Mangas. Not only that, but I saw a fanart of little Riddle and his mom and was inspired right away. This is a long fic, it’s been awhile since I wrote something so long so I am proud. 💕🥰💜
Tumblr media
·      When you had opened your eyes one day, you had woken up in a bedroom that definitely wasn’t yours.
·      The room was…meticulous, and that was putting it lightly.
·      Even your bed, while comfy, had a feeling of order to it; daring anyone to mess it up.
·      You should probably be more anxious over your new surroundings but waking up well rested in a while just mellowed you out.
·      That is until you got up and looked at a mirror, finally seeing the truth of the matter.
·      Well, fuck, you really did isekai to another world.
·      Maybe reading all those manhwas and mangas were not a good idea.
·      You glance at the mirror one more time and this time your appearance caught and held your attention.
·      You reached up and pulled at your…bangs.
·      They looked to form two heart shapes.
·      It was kind of cute.
·      The person whose body you had, well, she looked tired and stressed.
·      Lady, you need to relax once in a blue moon.
·      Wait…a minute, no, no, no. Heart shaped bangs? The only character you knew that had heart shaped bangs were...
·      “Mother?”
·      You turned around and right at your door, dressed prim and proper, was a tiny Riddle Rosehearts.
·      Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
·      You were isekaid into Mrs. Rosehearts.
Tumblr media
·      After you had gotten your bearings, you had told Riddle to go study and you would prepare him food. He had simply nodded and did as you asked. No protest against studying so early in the morning or any mention of hunger. You knew his past, of course you did, but seeing it firsthand was another experience all together. Seeing his response to the request you made? It burdened your heart even more.
·      As you made his breakfast, you had some time to yourself which you used to sort out your situation and feelings. Your memories before coming to Twisted Wonderland were still intact; you just didn’t remember how you ended up in this world, let alone in Mrs. Rosehearts body.
·      Of whom, her memories you had full access to as well. it was as if you lived two lives together. If it wasn’t for little Riddle in the next room, you would be tearing your hair out because, of course, you would be in this situation.
·      Looking through her memories, you can see why Mrs. Rosehearts had turned out the way she did. Generational trauma and unrealistic expectations seemed to run in the family. Which in turn led to her actions towards Riddle, and of which, led to Mr. Rosehearts walking out of their lives. He didn’t even fight for custody of his own child, the influence of Mrs. Rosehearts being too great.
·      Generation trauma that you could have prevented from continuing, Mrs. Rosehearts, but now it’s up to me.
·      You ended up taking a tray of food to little Riddle, with enough food that a child his age would eat and then some. At least with these memories retained, you also knew everything Mrs. Rosehearts did, and unlike the MC in Twisted Wonderland, you also had her powers as well. Which, given the game’s events, would come in handy in the future.
·      Right now though, as you opened the door to the study, you would do your best to raise your son right and well-loved.
Tumblr media
·      One of the first changes you made was decreasing his study time and allowing him the chance to play.
·      It didn’t go as well as you expected…Riddle had frozen and started shaking to your horror. Mumbling about doing better and how he could handle extra studies if you wished it of him. You had a feeling that he thought it was to test him and his dedication.
·      You had to calm him down and prove otherwise.
·      Giving him a dedicated set time to study, and just as much time to play. You would even join him. Drawing with him, putting together puzzles, and even playing in the backyard. You had even gone out and bought him a ball that you two threw at each other.
·      What warmed your heart the most was when you baked him a strawberry tart and gave it to him with a warm glass of milk. Your tart wasn’t the best with the crust crumbling, and you should have probably let it cool a bit more, but the shining eyes and wide smile from Riddle was more than worth it.
·      You patted him on the head as he scooped another piece into his mouth.
·      You loved your son.
Tumblr media
·      The next step in providing a healthy lifestyle for Riddle was making sure he had friends.
·      Which meant, you had to repair the relationship Riddle had with Trey and Che’nya.
·      It wasn’t easy, especially having to muster up the courage to look into Trey’s parents’ eyes and apologize for actions you did not commit.
·      But you were determined to give Riddle a good childhood and that meant him having friends his age and hopefully lowering his chances of overblotting in the future.
·      Riddle was quiet on the day you both went to the Clover’s bakery.
·      But you took a deep breath and patted him on the head.
·      “Everything will be alright, sweetheart.”
·      Riddle didn’t say anything and just nodded.
Tumblr media
·      You had chosen to meet Trey’s parents at closing time, and you had given them a call ahead of time.
·      When you met them, you could tell they were nervous and bracing themselves.
·      Little Trey looked ready for a fight.
·      You had to hold your smile in.
·      You ended up bowing to them and apologizing, which you could tell freaked them all out.
·      Riddle was surprised and grasped at your dress, worried.
·      “I am very sorry for the way I treated you all before. I know my words might not make up for my past actions, but I do hope you will forgive me in time.”
·      Mr. and Mrs. Clover looked at each other before tentatively accepting your apology.
·      “Mrs. Rosehearts, might we ask why the sudden change.”
·      It was Mrs. Clover who had spoken up.
·      You smiled and put a hand on your son’s head.
·      “I have been trying to raise Riddle the only way I knew how. I had let my past and expectations I have lived through blind me. I realized that was wrong, and I want to change that. I want my son to be happy and loved like he deserves.”
·      The Trey family seemed to relax after hearing your reasoning, but you could tell they were still on guard.
·      You didn’t blame them, but you hope in time, they will trust your words.
·      You crouched down to Riddle’s level, looking at him with a gentle look.
·      “I want to show my little one that adults can be wrong, and they can change. I want to show him that I love him, and I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I love you and I hope you can forgive me too.”
·      Little Riddle was trembling, and tears were dripping down his face.
·      You opened your arms before he rushed into you with all the force his little body can muster.
·      You hugged him just as tight, holding your own tears in.
·      You got up with Riddle in your arms, rubbing his back as he cried and clutched on you tighter.
·      You bowed your head to the Clover family once again before looking at Trey.
·      “I hope you, you other friend, and Riddle can be good friends.”
·      Trey looked a bit nervous before nodding slowly.
·      You thanked them before returning home.
·      Humming a song to little Riddle and kissing his head.
·      You were determined.
·      You would make sure Riddle Rosehearts grew up loved and happy.
·      And as thoughts of the Twisted Wonderland plot came into mind.
·      You would make sure he was safe.
Tumblr media
How did you all like it? Would love to hear your thoughts 💕☺️
Tag List (open): @justeclem44​ @coraldelusiondaze​n @h0n3ysgh0st​ @thatdazaikin​ @strawberry-pie-thoughts​
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honey-milk-depresso · 2 months
Hi hi Honey! I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself!
how about crack headcanons for Malleus, Silver, and Lilia reacting to hearing reader shouting "they've had it with Adeuce and Grim" then chasing them with a broom. 😭 Idk it was just something that randomly popped into my head. Take your time <3
TW: Slight swearing, I will now put that as a warning as my friend's sister saw a cuss word and I will never forgive myself for letting her read my fics-
TWST S/o's had it with Adeuce + Grim
Malleus Draconia
It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming,
On days like these...
Well, on a nice day like this, Malleus was strolling merrily down his way to see you in Ramshackle.
The thought of you greeting him with a sweet, cheerful smile warms his heart and it made him more hurried in his footsteps, walking towards your dorm as he anticipated your cordial greeting.
And as he knocked on the door...
Malleus blinked, as he peered from behind the opened door. There he found you standing above with a broom in hand, the two first years and tanuki he had learnt about from you, kneeling with their heads bowed and hung with shame. Were those... anemones on their heads?
Malleus quietly closed the door; thankful you had not noticed. He had definitely stepped in at the wrong time and to see you so unruffled and... fierce. No, that might be an understatement.
The dragon fae never would have thought you'd be a completely different person when you're upset. Whatever those three might have done surely had you erupt.
He doesn't want to know why you had a broom in the first place...
Lilia Vanrouge
He had met those three troublemakers during their first week of college, and he could already tell they were bound to create trouble.
Lilia went to Ramshackle on a particularly normal day. He was quite excited for you to try the dish he painstakingly made, and this time he finally had Silver's approval as he did not spat out the whole thing (at least).
He was proud of it, and whatever he had learnt from his Master Chef Class, he hoped you would be impressed by it.
On his way, he knocked on the door. "S/o-"
Lilia was cut short by the muffled screaming behind the door, and he wondered if what happened. He peered from the window and saw the chaos unfold: you chasing Ace with a broom, who was backed in the corner. Deuce and Grim were holding you back, as you almost gnawed on Deuce's arm.
My oh my, s/o. Who knew you were so chaotic? He decided maybe now wasn't the time to... say hello, and he went off.
"What friends they are... Fufufu..."
Silver had decided to meet you after a long day. He was up from classes till club activities ended, and he just wanted to take a good long sleep in the comfort of your presence.
He was desperate enough to brisk walk his way towards Ramshackle, urgently wanting to seek rest and comfort in your arms. He pictured you embracing him while whispering to him about how much you love him as he loves you as he would slowly be lulled to sleep by your voice...
Silver was pulled back to reality and his daydreaming was cut short by screaming in Ramshackle.
He looked towards the window, seeing Ace running at full speed as you hunted him down with a broom. Grim was clawing onto the redhead's jacket as Deuce hurriedly followed you, trying to stop you from committing further acts of violence.
He could hear from Ace: "STOP- DON'T HIT ME, I SWEAR IT WASN'T ME-"
Yikes... Not a good time to enter now, is it? Silver made a U-turn back to Diasomnia as he sighed, reminding himself not to make you upset. Ever.
"I'll just go back to my room..."
Reblogs help! ^^
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sweetapplez · 3 months
Tumblr media
how was the first time the third year students said "I love you" to their s/o?
characters: cater diamond, trey clover, leona kingscholar, vil schoenheit, rook hunt, idia shroud, malleus draconia, lilia vanrouge
gn reader
genre: fluff
warnings: nothing I think, maybe some sad part in Cater's and Leona's headcanon, in Lilia's headcanon reader is over 18 years old because of Lilia's age.
notes: hi! it's me again, idk why I feel like I had to write this, but I think it turned on pretty nice ^w^ I hope you like it <3 Also, thank you so much in all the support in my first post (〃∇〃) I didn't expect so much support, I was really suprised when i saw "90 notes" omg, thank you so much always ♡ I keep doing my best, and also I have mistakes in my english so feel free to comment if you see something like that. <3 I also wanted to make some headcanons about other twst characters, so what would you guys want me to do? Which characters would you like? Should I open requests? Or am I still too much of a beginner to do it? hahaha Again thank you for the support.♡
♡ summary: the romance tension around him and you has grown! they alredy notice they love you and they want to tell you about it, but how?
Cater Diamond:
In fact Cater is very confused, even though he acts like the flirty type of guy, he doesn't really feel ready for a relationship so when he started having feelings for you he went into crisis. Also, personally, I don't think that Cater would fall in love easily, he is the kind of guy that pretends that have a beautiful relationship but in reality, he's doesn't have it since his lack of trust, but lets put the case that he does fall in love.
He doesn't want to worry you about everything he's holding in, his traumas and problems, however you've always been supportive of him and he knows he doesn't have to fake happiness when he's with you.
One day, you were both walking through the lonely corridors of Night Raven Collage, when suddenly you felt Cater tapping your shoulder.
—Y/N, thank you for letting me be myself, I feel a little freer when we're like this. So, I'd like to spend more time with you.
He doesn't necessarily have to say "I love you" literally, I think this would be the purest way for him to say it.
Trey Clover:
Trey figured it out pretty quickly, he's not the kind of guy to hesitate about how he feels. He thinks you are a kind and very charming person.
One day he invited you to bake a strawberry tart for an unbirthday party they had scheduled in the dorm. During the whole process of making it, he was looking at you adoringly, helping you with anything no matter how small it was, he just wanted to have some pretext for being close to you.
Expect a lot of bad jokes, this man just wants to get a smile out of you, even if he later regrets telling such jokes.
When the celebration was over, he asked you to stay when everyone had already left.
-I wanted to tell you how I feel about you. I hope you don't feel uncomfortable, it's just that I can't ignore it. I love you, you don't have to answer if you don't wan to, I just want you to keep it in mind.
Leona Kingscholar:
Oh, well, the whole romance thing with this guy is really going to be a bit of a tricky to handle, BUT NOT IMPOSSIBLE. Again, I think that it's also pretty difficult that Leona could fall in love that easily, since he has never experienced love or affection, but in this case I wanna give him the chance.
At first, when he realized he was in love with you, he was so irritated and confused, so much so that he started to pull away from you a bit. His defense mechanism to his various problems is to sleep, so he started sleeping a lot more than he already did.
However, as a few days went by he realized that it bothered him not to have you around and, I think he is really a very jealous person, seeing you with people other than him bothered him to levels he could never have imagined.
When he confessed to you how he felt, he forced you to skip your class and took you to his favorite place: the botanical garden.
—You're a most nefarious hervibore that I could ever met, and it bothers me that you're always so freaking active, but that's what makes you interesting, so don't run away from me. I'm the one you should be following, so stop trying to boss me around.
The message may be a little hard to decipher, but he wouldn't take the time to say something like that to just anyone, so maybe you should feel lucky.
Vil Schoenheit:
In Vil's case, he also had some trouble accepting his feelings for you, he saw you more as a friend/fan than anything else. However, he didn't know if it was because of the support you gave him or maybe because of the laughs you got out of him, but he ended up falling for you.
One day, you went to Pomefiore's dorm to help him with a color palette he wanted to make for an eyeshadow, though it all ended up with him doing your makeup. He started by prepping your skin with the best products he had.
-These are my best friends, feel proud that Vil Schoenheit is doing your makeup with his star products— he said as he joked while applying each of them on your skin.
He asked you to close your eyes to avoid getting cleansing soap in your eyes, and there he realized how beautiful you looked even without any makeup, he started to feel how his heart seemed to want to jump out of his chest, he just took a big breath and continued.
-You know?, I think I'm just going to do a simple makeup today, I'd like you to show me a more natural look, you look great in that style and I really like seeing your face like that. Maybe... I think I'd like to keep doing your makeup for much longer time, so I can keep seeing that face of yours.
He's also going to be pretty strict with your skincare routine, but he loves you very very much.
Rook Hunt:
Rook is not the type of guy to hide what he feels, he simply has to say what he is feeling and what he loves in order to remain himself. So when he realized he was in love with you, he didn’t hesitate for a second, he started sending you letters tied to arrows he was shooting near you, without hurting you, of course. He would write you poems that he would give you as soon as you got to the classroom, he would always welcome you with a smile and he would talk about how spectacular and charming your beauty is.
Likewise, if you don’t feel uncomfortable, he receives you with a sweet kiss in your hand.
-Oh! My dear tickstar, you make my heart burn with pure and divine love, you are so marvellous that with a mere flutter of your delicate and sweet lashes, you have me at your feet. I love you so much, my sweet heart.
Idia Shroud:
When Idia realized that he was in love with you, he felt very puzzled and practically went into a small (big) personal crisis. He really doesn’t like having contact with other people or having friends, much less had imagined himself being in a relationship.
The best thing you could have done was give him his space when you realized he was more nervous than usual when he talked to you. This really helped him a lot to accommodate his thoughts and feelings.
After a long period of time, he realized, with Ortho’s help, that he cannot just wait for things to work themselves out, and that this was something he had to face.
When he decided to confess, he asked you with a noticeable accumulated stress, to accompany him to his room. When he arrived, you and he started a game on his console, and you got a giant shock because for the first time, you beat him.
-I don’t lose against anyone, do you understand what I mean? Please don’t make it harder for me.
You noticed what he meant at the time, as the tips of his hair rose. No doubt you couldn’t ask for more, you loved him as much as he loved you.
Malleus Draconia:
First of all, Malleus is not used to relationships, of course he knows how they work, he is not dumb. However, he has never experienced a feeling like the one you are giving him.
The moment he began to notice this strange feeling, he began to notice even the smallest details of your person: the lines on your hands, the color of your cheeks, your moles, the expressions you make when you get happy, everything.
He looked very intrigued by all this, so to dispel his doubts a little more, he consulted Lilia, who watched him with the same nostalgia that a father looks at his son growing up, and explained to him that this feeling is called falling in love.
When Malleus realized that he was in love with you, he was very close to begin with his dragon courtship, but decided to go a little slower so as not to make you uncomfortable.
He summoned you in a forest near to the Night Raven Collage, at night. When you got there, you noticed how everything looked heavenly: a lot of fireflies surrounded the place, there were some curious blue lights coming from the moon that gave that air of peace, a great number of flowers grew around and the shadow of Malleus came out of the trees.
He took your hand, leaned down and placed a soft kiss on it and asked you if you would give him the opportunity to dance with you.
You both twirled around and around multiple times in the beautiful place while he sang a beautiful song only for you.
-In my dreams, we danced to this song so many times and in them I can also tell you how much you mean to me, child of man. Look at me with those beautiful eyes of yours and tell me, did you also saw me in that dream?,— Malleus' green eyes shone with an almost unreal intensity. —I love you, my heart longs for you every second, please allow us to continue with this dream.
This man truly loves you more than he can love anything else.
Lilia Vanrouge:
Lilia is a fairy who has already lived too long, so for him relationships are not something that cause him much trouble or confusion. Honestly, even though I think he did have a relationship or two in the past, I don't think there were many since I can't imagine he had that much time on his hands, either because he had to be in wars or in those kinds of situations.
First of all, when he realized he was falling in love with you, he preferred to stay away. He considers that you better look for someone closer to your age (NOTE: HERE IN LILIA'S HEADCANON THE READER IS OVER 18 YEARS OLD BECAUSE WE ARE TALKING ABOUT A CHARACTER WITH A WIDE AGE RANGE) however, let's put the situation that both of you are very much in love.
Lilia knows very well how to behave as a good match, he is truly a man who is very aware of you. Do you need something? He is going to get it. Do you have doubts about life? Tell him and he will tell you everything he knows and thinks you can use.
Lilia invites you to all the places he knows are the most beautiful, on this occasion, he took you to a beautiful lake that had many mountains adorned by a beautiful layer of delicate snow on top, many orange and green trees that created a beautiful contrast to each other.
—Do you know Y/N? In all the years I've lived, I don't think I've ever felt so good. I don't want to sound corny, but having you by my side has brought back a bit of my youth. It's not like I don't feel satisfied with what I've done, but I think the war made me forget some things, I didn't think I could get that back, but thanks to you and my son, I think I did. Thank you, I love you.
Hes is really a good man, he has a pretty lovely and pure heart. Lilia makes me cry, I wish he was my grandfather.
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I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Addams!Yuu brainrot!
Don’t be surprised. There’s always gonna be that obligatory Addams Family fusion AU in every fandom and if there’s not then that’s clearly already a sign for you, my dear reader, to start writing one.
Anyway, Addams!Yuu, who doesn’t know about the Addams Family? If you don’t then that must mean I’m ancient (which is fair) and that you should start with the Addams Family 1991 movie.
Addams!Yuu who has the standard issue dark sense of humor, fascination for the weird and macabre, the love for the dark colors that all Addams seem to have and values family a lot. 
After Grim opens the coffin, sees Addams!Yuu in all their gothic glory, and then proceeding to threaten them, Addams!Yuu really just said: 
“Oh, what bliss! To have slept like the dead, woke up suffocating, and greeted by such sweet words in such a finely made coffin. Is this what it’s like to be courted? What am I getting courted by? A depraved stalker? A monstrous beast? *gasp* Perhaps… a demented serial killer?” [cue Yuu swooning, dramatically holding a hand over their forehead and lightly fanning themselves with their other hand]
Anyway, they don’t ignore Grim for long. Not when Grim keeps threatening them and spewing out fire.
Addams!Yuu immediately became delighted with Grim because, duh, a monster??? Who breathes fire??? With a massive ego??? Threatening to burn them alive???
That’s like the equivalent of someone complimenting them… Maybe even borderline flirting with them.
Still Grim and Addams!Yuu click with each other straight away. Addams!Yuu doesn’t hold back when complimenting Grim, even if the way they compliment someone is weird, and Grim gets a huge ego boost. 
These two are an iconic duo who just keep hyping and enabling each other.
“Great Grim, for such a terrifying creature such as yourself…surely you must have committed the most deplorable acts. Oh, you must tell me! How many buildings have you burned down? Were there people inside? How many survived? Oh, if only papà and mamà would let me do the same… They said I have to focus on school first and start small before I can put myself on the government watchlist. *sigh*”
Grim has no idea what Yuu’s saying but he does understand when he’s being complimented, his ego’s inflating and that’s all that really matters, honestly.
Anyway, since the two didn’t do a chase scene with Grim attempting to hurt Yuu (though Addams!Yuu would definitely appreciate this) since the two of them vibed immediately, it didn’t take long for Crowley to find them.
After being led to the Mirror Chambers, Yuu had to physically stop themselves from jumping in joy because:
“A cult! How chilling! I didn’t expect to be kidnapped by a cult! It’s been so long!”
And, “The last cult I joined didn’t seem to appreciate it when I sacrificed a goat on the altar. Apparently they weren’t actually a cult. The police were called and they ended up putting me in an asylum. T’was a lovely vacation.”
Crowley tried to tell Yuu that they weren’t a cult and that they were a well-known and respected establishment but Yuu ignored him (Ha! Get a taste of your own medicine, crowman!) in favor of admiring the surrounding aesthetics. 
NRC is the perfect aesthetic for Addams!Yuu. In fact, the Addams Family would definitely love it.
But you know what they’d love more? Ramshackle Dorm as it is.
Forget renovating it and fixing it up to make it livable to the common person, Yuu’s an Addams! Yuu’s just going to make Ramshackle even more dangerous than it already is with its lack of maintenance. 
Think spikes all around the property, deadly traps around every corner of the hallways, and maybe even a few sentient trees and carnivore plants here and there.
Where did Yuu even get those sentient floras? Shhhhh… They’re an Addams, don’t question it.
This version of Yuu… probably genuinely respects Crowley wholeheartedly. [The myuultiverse is quaking. A Yuu who actually considers Crowley a good guardian?]
Yuu at Crowley, somewhere in the future: “You are the most idle person anyone can ever hope to meet. A coward. Wastrel. Careless. Greedy and money-hungry… How admirable.”
Crowley’s constantly getting backhanded compliments and he can’t do anything about it because Yuu is an Addams and Addamses have a weird way of thinking.
As far as Addams!Yuu can tell, they’re completely normal and everyone else around them are weirdos but they’re too nice to say anything about it.
Now imagine putting Addams!Yuu and Kalim in the same room.
JK, the two may have different personalities but they’d probably be good friends… after some rocky situations here and there caused by some misunderstandings.
Yuu might think that Kalim’s being mean to them at first because the Scarabia Dorm Leader called them ‘nice and kind’ which, in Addams vocabulary, isn’t considered a compliment.
When Kalim learnt of this odd Addams culture, he tried to make an effort to speak words with negative connotations but he felt it was too mean so he just goes, “Yuu! You look nice! But… uh, in a dead way! And you’re fun and kind, but the opposite of that! Ahahaha!”
Kalim found a loophole and he’s going to take advantage of it. Yuu gets what he’s saying anyway so it all works out.
Anyway, overblots…
Yeah, you really think Yuu’s going to run away from it? Expect them to be watching from the sidelines (hecc, they might even actively head towards the overblot) and becoming Rook 2.0 with the way they compliment the overblotee.
Them just going:
“Ah, those strong emotions that you’ve withheld inside of you suddenly going off like an atomic bomb upon a dreary night sky. That rage in your expression, that despair in your eyes… You’ve forgotten your humanity and transformed yourself into a beast. How tragic, how beautiful. Tell me, how long have you been torturing yourself?”
Sevens forbid they actually meet Rook. Rook sees beauty in everything and he’s sharp so getting into Addams!Yuu’s grace alone by just words is as simple as taking candy from a baby.
I would type a dialogue with Rook and Addams!Yuu but I honestly don’t understand how Rook talks so just imagine it. Just Yuu and Rook continuously firing off compliments to each other until either one of them gets flustered to silence or the others pull the two away from each other.
Just imagine Rook sending a letter to Yuu via an arrow grazing their head and Yuu just swoons.
Out of everyone in NRC, I could see Rook being one of the three people who can immediately reel Yuu in with just their charms alone.
Anyway, Rook would probably fit in with the Addams. 
Yuu could literally just introduce him to their family and they’d assume he was a very distant cousin with how he is.
Yuu asks Vil for poison now and again (no one’s brave enough to ask what they’re doing with it) and likes the way he’s obsessed with being the most beautiful person.
“Your ambition to become the most beautiful person to the point of insanity is admirable, Vil Schoenheit. How long can your sanity hold on, I wonder?”
Imagine Yuu seeing Neige LeBlanche and getting mental damage from how bright and cheerful he is.
Yuu being like ‘aight, bet’ when witnessing Vil overblot and then planning on poisoning Neige.
Aside from Pomefiore, Yuu also spends most of their time on Diasomnia.
Diasomnia is literally the second peak Addams aesthetic out of all the dormitories. First being Ramshackle, obviously.
I feel Malleus and Yuu would get along quite well. They’re both elegant and have that certain vibe to them.
Malleus could just talk about gargoyle structure and lore and Yuu would probably listen to him all the way and similarly, Yuu could talk about the witch hunts their ancestor used to have and Malleus would listen just as intently.
You know what… Lilia’s food is probably a delicacy to them. 
That thing is a weapon of mass destruction and I refuse to believe that Addams!Yuu wouldn’t like it if a mere food can take down hundreds, if not thousands, of people when ingested.
Addams!Yuu also likes Silver because he ‘sleeps like the dead’. Though, his little critter friends should probably be wary about going near Yuu.
Oddly enough, I think Addams!Yuu would also like Sebek’s boisterous personality solely because of his passion and if it’s one thing I know about Addams, it’s that they’re passionate.
Sure, it may be passion about spreading Malleus’ name and glory all over the world like a missionary with a mission (duh), but it’s passion nevertheless.
Diasomnia aside, no one in Heartsalbyul asks for Yuu to help them with maintaining the plants because last time someone did, Yuu ended up cutting a good chunk of the roses off of the stems before they were stopped by both Ace and Deuce.
Of course Riddle got angry but after a few talks here and there and some communication (that’s character development) from both parties, Yuu realize that cutting the roses off of the bushes was a no-no and instead settles for painting the roses red when needed because it reminds them of the color of blood.
All in all Addams!Yuu would definitely fit right in with Night Raven College. 
It has the aesthetics and no one there is overly cheerful or colorful so it’s the perfect place for an Addams to reside at.
The overblots are just everyday routine for Yuu and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
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sk2lton · 6 months
texting him in class when you’re bored.
part one
— warnings: cursing
— characters: leona, idia, lilia, floyd, malleus + deuce
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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spoops-screams · 2 months
| When they realise that MC is allergic to magic
Tumblr media
Character(s): Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia
TW: Trauma, allergic reactions, suffocation, pain/ injury, allusions to/ mentions of death, hospitals, angst, self blame, spoilers for the overblots
Notes: Gender neutral MC || Yeah <3
Tumblr media
Riddle realises early on
He catches on after Leona's overblot when he sees the sign of you reacting negatively to something. Since his parents are well known doctors, he's quite accustomed to things like the signs of an allergic reaction but it’s different
It’s more severe than most and he isn’t so unobservant so see the black blotches that stain your skin
He goes to Crowley after consulting you, and he doesn’t think he’ll ever forget the expression of fear that takes a hold of you after having so recently dealt with two overblots and now being told by someone that you knew wouldn’t lie to you that you might fall to the same fate
He doesn’t pay enough attention to to resignation when he says that the best course of action is to tell Crowley. You knew that he wouldn’t be able to do anything, but Riddle is scared, more so than he ever recalls being
He’s never heard of this, never thought anything like this could happen and yet here you are breaking all of his belief down and leaving him pieces to at he can’t make out to try and piece them back together
After the first few times, Riddle stops feeling disappointed about the lack of help from Crowley and turns to Crewel. All he can do is request that you be transferred into his care where he can hope that, if it will be the only thing that his mother ever taught him that will be of use to him, his understanding of medicine will aid you as will the professors understanding of herbs
Leona realises at your first meeting
The smell of blot, something that he'd only ever smelt from his pen, hanging thickly around you
He can smell your weakness and he knows that you weren’t anything like you were the first time he had saw you in the entrance ceremony
He doesn't care though. Not yet
You aren't a priority. Not yet
You aren't until much later when the fact begins to eat him up inside at the idea that his hands could cause you pain, hands that wish for nothing more than to hold you to him and allow you to rest
Azul never gives himself the chance to fully realise at all
Even after his overblot he's unwilling to talk to you, much less so when he can see you getting tired, weary, struggling to breath, to move
He cares for you of course, to the best of his abilities. It's the least he can do for everything that you have done for him but it's all at a distance
But he knows that it has something to do with him. He isn't sure how, maybe it's just his insecurities again, but he can feel it. He can feel it in how your body draws in his contracts but deteriorates because of it, how magic is drawn to you but your body wants nothing more to repel it
What could he do as a source of magic, who possesses, who possessed, so much other than leave you be?
Vil realises almost too late
It’s during his overblot, perhaps one of the reasons that he falters and makes it so easy for him to be subdued after that, when he notices the way that the creature behind him gravitates towards you
It screams at him to attack you, you, only you like everything about it, every cruel thought it had ever had was because of you and destroying you would bring it a joy and relief unlike any other
But he doesn’t want to
There’s a flicker of the Vil you knew when the blot reaches out to you without his say so, and your body reacts as though you’re being burned, a hand coming up to grip at your throat as if to clear your airways
No one else reacts like that
Not Rook who’s covered in blot or Ace who has is splattered across his face
It’s just you and, when he comes to, he looks at you with eyes so wide, somehow still having retained the fear that he felt when he saw how you reacted, and he doesn’t know what to do with himself
Idia realises mere moments before you were lost to it
He’d been tracking all of the overblots, sure, and he can see all of the traces of it around you when he does so but he chalks up the fact that you’re in pain and so painfully out of it up to you having to deal with them all and he doesn’t care beyond that and the fact that he briefly entertains the idea of needing to take you in to be looked over
It’s not until after you collapse when you return to NRC, lips, skin, hair losing colour and being replaced with a disturbing grey and deep black pools of blot clinging to your skin, that he realises that he should have taken you in as well
But he’d never seen anything like it before and it’s all he can say when your body weakens further any time that any one gets close to it
He’s never cared for a human life beyond Ortho’s before but he’s downright terrified as he calls in as many contacts as he can - everyone else with the capability following suit - to help you at the idea that your death might be on his hands
He doesn’t think he would be able to deal with that and, with all of his devices blaring at the high blot levels of all of the people surrounding, he doesn’t think anyone else would be able to either
Malleus realises immediately
He isn't sure what it is but he can feel the way that your body reacts to his magic
His entire being radiates it without restraint due to him being a Fae - a magical being by nature - and he can feel the weakening of your heart the longer that he stays around you
He doesn't understand why, not even really when he can see blot clinging to you and your body almost failing
He doesn't really ever realise that you're allergic to his very being and only understands that you must be kept away from extreme sources of magic for whatever reason - perhaps the fact that you were from another world and magicless so shouldn't be able to host blot at all
No, he only realises when he feels his heart shatter at being given the information that magic causes you harm, the first time that he saw you collapse still burnt in his mind, and isn’t quite sure what to do with himself next
He knows that the best thing would be to leave you be but whether he can hold himself to that he doesn’t know and he doesn’t know if he’d be able to make you leave him be either. Not when you’re the first person who has been so willing to approach him in years
It hurts him so much and he can’t decide between his duty or his selfish, painfully human, desire to keep you close to him
Tumblr media
Do not repost or claim. Only reblog 💕
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janethepegasus · 9 months
Dumb things the TWST boys probably did
Riddle - Spent 10 minutes walking around the various bookshelves, frustrated that he can’t find the one book he’s looking for. Only to find out it was in the first shelf he looked at, just facing the wrong way. He felt so embarrassed for overlooking that.
Ace - He tried to do a loop during flight class, but he slipped off his broom halfway through. He didn’t get hurt though.
Deuce - He tripped over a paint can and spilt it all over the ground and himself.
Cater - Did a stupid challenge he saw on Magicam and expectedly he injured himself. Got his head chopped off for doing that.
Trey - While he was baking, Riddle came up to him without warning wanting to ask him something. This caught Trey off-guard and he accidentally smacked Riddle with a pan. They both apologized for it.
Leona - Ate a random flower in the botanical garden after waking up from his nap
Ruggie - Used his unique magic to make someone do a cartwheel into the pool. The victim accidentally smacked into someone as soon as they dived in.
Jack - Came into class in his wolf form, not even realizing that until the teacher pointed it out. He apologized for that.
Azul - Accidentally used his legs as if it was his tentacle to grab something off his desk. He realized what he was doing and was embarrassed that his mind went auto-pilot, thankfully no one saw it.
Jade - Tried to do the classic “sliding over a drink” by the Mostro Lounge bar but he overshot his throw and it just fell to the floor.
Floyd - Whipped out a loud fart during an important exam.
Kalim - Tried to dive into his piles of gold like that one cartoon he saw, only to hurt himself upon doing so. Jamil scolded him for doing that.
Jamil - Had a basketball smack him in the face.
Vil - During winter, he just picked up some snow, wondering why people stop just to mess around in the snow like snowball fights, and just tossed the snow aside...only to accidentally hit a passing-by student with said snow.
Rook - He tried to hang upside down by making his boots dangle over the smallest ledge he could find. But his boots slipped off and he fell, he just laughed and brushed the dirt off of him.
Epel - Messed around with some lipstick, making a big smile on his lips. Vil immediately wiped it off.
Idia - Has done the “hair mustache” thing with his hair.
Ortho - Was caught recreating an anime hero’s poses, thinking he was all alone.
Malleus - Yuu taught him how to T-Pose and the next day he just walked around while T-Posing.
Lilia - Has accidentally talked to someone in an ancient forgotten language, once he realized they couldn’t understand him, he just says “Whoopsie daisy! Guess that slipped out, huh?” and just repeated what he was trying to say in English.
Silver - Fell asleep mid-stretch and woke up feeling VERY sore.
Sebek - Had a shouting match against a thunderstorm.
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namjoon-koya · 10 months
I see you’re a fan of twisted wonderland👀 how about a headcanon with grim (platonic of course)
a/n: I’m stuck in the fandom and I can’t get out 😭
Tumblr media
Grim definitely sleeps on top of your stomach the moment he sees that you’re finally asleep and won’t move much in the night, if you’re a light sleeper you might feel grim knead at your blanket at night. If you confront him about it he’ll definitely tell you that you’re just dreaming, but that won’t stop him from kneading.
Grim loves you, yes he may call you his minion; but he really does love you. Grim often fears when Crowley will tell you one day that he find a way for you to get home, Grim fears being alone and now that he has you he’s grown a strong attachment to you.
oof you’re definitely a parental figure to him, especially with how much trouble him, deuce and ace get into. You pretty much debate on buying them a backpack leash with how many times you catch them doing something suspicious, during the winter time you FORCE grim to wear a scarf. “I told you! I don’t wanna!” “GRIM! You’re going to get sick now put the scarf on!” Of course he wears it.
If Grim catches you paying attention to Lucius he WILL pout about it, “just say you don’t love me anymore.” “Grim—“ “just say it I can handle it.” It will probably take 10 cans of tuna for Grim to accept that you love him and not Lucius.
You both can often have deep conversations with each other, usually at night when neither of you guys can sleep. “Hey minion, you asleep yet?” “Nope.” You hear a soft shuffle before feeling soft fur brush against your cheek, grim settles beside the pillow next to you. “Do you miss your family?” You think about your answer for a second before answering Grim “it’s a bit hard to miss something you don’t remember, but it’s okay.” Grim just stares at you confused at your answer “how it is okay?”
You gently rub Grim’s ear making him lean more into your touch, “because I have you guys, sure you guys might drive me insane at times; but I would probably give up going back home if that meant I could stay with you guys.” Grim doesn’t say anything instead he nuzzles closer to you, even if he didn’t say anything you could hear the small purrs from him. “Goodnight Grim.” You say giving his ears a gentle rub again before falling asleep.
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hebidanshi · 16 days
Tumblr media
(RKGK) Do you agree?
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diejager · 1 year
Can i request (idk yan or normal but depends on u cuz i want fluff lol)
How would dorm leaders react to darling have a habit calling their friends nickname like 'boo'?
(getting their assses friendzoned lol)
How about both??
Calling who boo?
Yan & regular dorm leaders
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tw: yandere tendencies, friendzone, trauma.
Warnings: Not proofread
(A/n) : I really want to thank all of you for helping me reach 200 followers!! I made a poll that I want you to answer. It's about the future fandoms I'll write for! Thank you for choosing!!
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
At first, it came as a surprise to him, being called by such... "names" was odd. Don't get him wrong, knowing that you called him, only him by such a nickname made his heart involuntarily beat faster. Was it because he felt flustered? Maybe he was shocked or perhaps it was because he was embarrassed.
"babe", "bae", "dear", these small words had a big impact on him, really, he'd turn as red as his hair and burn so much that you could see smoke coming out from his ears. It was a sight to behold.
Sometimes, he'd scoff when you called him in a large crowd, failing to hide his pink ears. Nevertheless, he still hung out with you, permitting you to call him by anything but his name.
So when he heard you call Leona "boo", he stopped in his track, freezing in the middle of the hall. He had to double-take, brain trying to understand what just occurred. You called someone else "boo". And here he thought that he was special.
He was always expected to do this, to have this, to be able to make this! Can't he have something no one else had? First his parents, then his tutors, then the students, now you?
It made him sad, not that he'd act it. Riddle would give you the cold shoulder, letting you trail behind him like a lost puppy - to which he adored simply because you started singing "bae". He was red the whoooole day, Trey, Cater and Ace cackle all day long, Deuce being the only Heartslabyul member out of them to try and hold his laughter back.
Riddle eventually calmed down, still as cold as he usually was though. He talked to you again, letting you hold his hand and speak to him the same, but a question kept nagging him.
"(Name), I've been wanting to ask you something. Why is it that you called Leona.... boo?" he gingerly asked, the tips of his ears turning red as he looked away.
"Oh! I call everyone like that, so don't worry about feeling left out, Riddle."
Your reply left a bitter aftertaste of "friendzone" on his tongue.
But if Riddle were to turn for the worse, he'd still treat you the same, just a bit gentler and more spoiling from him, cocky and smirking as he does though. He'd slowly manipulate you into calling him and only him by your adorable nicknames - he'd make sure of it.
Slowly but surely, the others will learn to back away and ignore you when you call them by "boo", "bae", "babe", etc.
"You wouldn't want them dead, right, love? Don't let them touch you, do you understand? Or it'd be off with their heads."
Leona Kingscholar
He didn't care about how he's called by you and anyone, his main goal was to laze around and do whatever his brother can't - or so he acts that way. To tell you the truth, knowing that he's the only one graced by your loving names ruffles his fur and sends shivers down his spine. He truly loved it, but being a big tsundere, he won't show it. Ruggie teases him for it, though, making you laugh too, which is a small plus to the hyena's annoying voice.
If you called out to him as he went to lay in the greenhouse or the infirmary, he'd kidnap you and hug you as he slept.
As uncaring as he may look like, Leona is a big, big softly to your name-calling, it made him feel superior to his brother. After all, you only called him "boo" and not his King-of-a-brother or the rest of NRC, right?
"Boo! Wait up!"
Leona turned around expecting to see you run into his arms like you usually did, but, lo and behold, you jumped into Malleus' arms. His world shattered. Why did you call Malleus "boo"? Why did you run up into his arms? Why weren't you with him?
He felt a sudden wave of insecurity, if Malleus got called, would you call his brother "boo" too? It broke his already wounded heart, shattered from the years of being called "second best" by all the staff and the world; second to Farena; second to Malleus; SECOND TO EVERYONE!!
He was especially pissy and easy to annoy, short-tempered and ready to blow a very, very short fuse. Luckily, you realized that he wasn't acting like he normally did and jumped to search for him. Although touched, he lashed out at you, claw swiping you away viciously.
"Am I also second best to you!?!" he screamed, voice booming and powerful, scaring anyone near his room.
"I treat all my friends equally, Leona. You aren't second best to anyone, not before, not now and especially, not ever," you stood your ground, not terrorized by him like the other carnivores did; wimps.
That calmed him down, only a bit. He was still a bit salty about seeing you jump into Malleus' arms, but if you agreed to sleep and cuddle up with him, he might forgive you.
Friendzone people told him? Nah, it doesn't mean you'd still think the same in a few years.
If he were to become all possessive and stuff, Leona would be sure to threaten Malleus and anyone else that approach you with a deep scowl and bared teeth. Maybe he should also lock you up and mark you as his in every way possible.
"You're mine, got it? A herbivore like you needs someone to protect you. You better be grateful that you have me."
Azul Ashengrotto
He'd be chill about it, it was a big upgrade on the weird nickname the Floyd gave you and everyone else he knows. Such a funny way of showing their affection to each other. It didn't cost him anything, nor did it cost you a penny, so he was fine with it. FREEBIES.
Although he said that he had nothing to gain from it, he felt accomplished and powerful with the "boo", "bae" and "babe" he got, truly heaven in his ears.
He loved the looks other students give him when you scream out "bae", those envious glints as his beautiful baby called him.
"Boo!! I'm here as planned."
Was that Vil? He must've seen wrong, that man would never stand so low as to be called "boo" - or Azul thought so. But the smirk that graced Vil's lips said differently. What the hell?!
He confronted you once you were alone, heart bleeding and pounding into his chest for an answer, or maybe it was pounding in fear of rejection and disappointment.
"(Name), care to tell me why you called Pomefiore's Prefect boo?" his voice trembled slightly, almost unperceivable to people, but you knew better.
"I call everyone boo, Azul, but if it makes you feel better, know that you're the first I've ever called boo."
It did make him feel better, by a bit. But when you tightly embraced him, the pin he felt lifted, like blowing sand off a paper. Arms returning the favour, he spent a few moments hugging it out with you.
Did he feel better? Maybe, but he becomes a lot more clingy, yet acting as natural as he can possibly be.
Yandere wise, he'd be horribly envious, jumping left and right for the possibility of tying you down to him, cursing you till you know no one but him, forming a heinous deal for you to sign to lock you up in his personal aquarium.
"Oh, this? It's nothing to worry about, dear. Just sign it."
Kalim Al-Asim
Ecstatic, to put it simply. Kalim is a man of few needs and fewer demands. He's easy to please and easy to entertain. Kalim was an easy-going person, laid back and very generous, often inviting you over and dining, whatever it was, he needed you with him.
But when you started using nicknames, he almost short-circuited in a flustered mess. How amazing was this? His crush, calling him "baby"? That was almost the same thing as being in a relationship! And he returned the favour with adorable names of his own.
He beamed and bragged about it nonstop to poor Jamil's ears, but the vice-prefect encouraged him, albeit annoyed. But the prefect was none the wiser!
It was perfect, too perfect even. But all good things come to an end, do they not?
What shattered his beautiful world was the small tinge of... was it jealousy? Pitiful envy for Ace when you called him "boo". He thought it was something reserved to him only- was it not??
He clung to you like a baby, fingers intertwined with yours as long as he can stay with you, be it dinner, supper, recreational activities, studying, anything possible. He won't lash out, and won't react negatively towards anyone. He's too nice and caring for that.
As absurd as it may sound, Kalim, the ever-so-happy ball of sunshine in NRC, wouldn't be afraid to manipulate and fake some stuff, he's as sharp as a double-edged dagger and as venomous as an inland taipan. A sultan needs a weapon of two at their disposal, no?
"(Name)! You'll come with me, right? You promised you'd meet my parents and 30 siblings! Please? We'll get to eat a lot of things!"
Vil Schoenheit
Both beautiful and famous, Vil would never stoop so low to be called by such familiar names, especially not someone that doesn't fit his standard. You, however, are the special someone in his poisonous heart. You're simply perfect, albeit a bit too... eccentric.
He could dig the familiar names you gave him, but his personal favourite - if he dared say - would be "boo", "love" and "dear". You never fail to warm his guarded heart.
And when I mean you're the only one he let's call him by nicknames, I mean it, those deadly glare and the scowls that twist his beautiful lip weren't a pretty sight. He could freeze the whole world with the dangerous swirl in his eyes.
He knew he was the prettiest in all NRC, probably the prettiest - second to the Fairest Queen - in Twisted Wonderland. But when he heard you call someone else "boo", his self-confidence, his most powerful and impacting characteristic, slowly became self-doubt, self-loathing and self-hate.
Could it be that you deemed someone prettier than him? Fairer and venomous than him? How could this be?! How could it be?! How could it be?!
Rage made him shatter his precious mirror; envy made him destroy his vanity; sadness made him trash his room; heartbreak made him shed tears, makeup still on and face clean, all but those wet sheen in his eyes and cheeks.
His once marvellous beauty, one to be looked up for, was marred with sorrow.
"Vil... are- are you alright? Do you want to talk about it?" your gentle whisper - so gentle that you almost feared of shattering him, like a fragile doll - made him freeze.
"(Name)... why are you here? Shouldn't you be with Jamil?" it was a wonder how his voice never broke, stayed steady and never falter, just like his personality.
You cupped his cheeks, wiped away his tears, careful not to ruin his makeup, whispering sweet cooes into his ears, arms wrapped securely around him. You were treating him as if he was the most fragile doll in the world - and maybe he was.
It took him some time in your arms to calm down. Could you imagine, the fairest prefect in NRC throwing a tantrum because he felt dejected and heartbroken? That would ruin his reputation. So you both made a promise, as long as you stayed together, you wouldn't tell on each other, best friends (lovers) dot do that, right?
If his wickedness were to surface, he'd have no problem locking you away, his own princess to dress up and care for. You'd be safe forever, for better or worse, no? Since you took care of him so well, why not repay the favour, painting a faint blush on your cheek, applying mascara and eye shadow on your eyes. A perfect doll.
"You'll look as beautiful as me once I'm done with you, (Name)."
Idia Shroud
Man gets flustered too much, a shut-in gamer that knew too much about advanced tech. Idia, the one who used to stutter and speak to you - on occasions - through a screen, opened up to you when you let him speak freely about whatever came to his mind.
It was a slow trek, starting with meeting him more often - through his screen of course - then you steered the conversation to his hobbies and preferences - to which he loved - and slowly but surely, he agreed to meet up after classes, either in public or at his dorm.
Everything was doing fine, he considered you a friend, a best friend, and eventually, even more. He wanted to love you like a lover, care for you like one and share everything with you like a couple.
He had heard from his younger brother that you called other people "boo", "bae", and more. That got him curious.
"(Name), Ortho told me that you have a habit of calling the others... boo?" his cheeks flared red and beautiful, yellow eyes staring at his twirling fingers; he might as well start to bite his nail with all the embarrassment he's feeling.
"Oh! Do you want me to call you boo? I wasn't sure if you'd be conforming enough with it."
You were such an angel sent from heaven for him, you were worried for him!! How adorable! He knew it! You were made for each other. He reacted joyfully, hands reaching for yours and asking - begging - for you to address him cutely.
"Boo" here, "bae" there, "babe" again. It made his heart pump and blood rush to his face. He would never get used to it and he loved it. Every time he heard you call him, every light touch and every smile made him giddy.
Although he loved it, he started growing envious of the others who were lucky to get your cute names, he despised it!! It was gnawing at his insides. He knew why you waited so long, but it annoyed him now. Why? Why? Why? Why? Why? Why?! Why them too?! But... at least he's included, that much is enough to appease him for now.
Shy, shy Idia wouldn't mind resorting to... more forceful methods. He might start feeling threatened by all the strong masculinity from the others and would steadily corner you, putting down a brick wall between you and your friends. The upsides of being talented with tech are that he can and will fake information and evidence just to get you to himself. Quite the seclusion type, no?
"You didn't know them, didn't you, (Name)? It's fine, I'm not fake like all the others!"
Malleus Draconia
What an odd thing you did, he had yet to meet a human that spoke so familiarly with faes and other non-human beings. It intrigued him at first. How you approached him without any fear in your eyes and voice steady as if you talked to a good friend, instead of trembling and stuttering like the others did. How you actually smiled and welcomed him, sometimes asking for help or simply wanting to chat. He'd be delighted!
Then one day, he asked Lilia what the nicknames were for and meant. He wondered why Lilia suddenly got SUPER giddy and clapped his hands while he practically danced and sang praises at Malleus. Were they that important? Did those names weigh that much? What kind of importance did they yield? It certainly intrigued him more.
Once Lilia shared his knowledge - or his assumed knowledge - Malleus couldn't get any happier than he currently was. First, you accepted him, now you're slowly trying to court him? Wonderful! Wonderful!!
However, when he heard you call Leona "boo" and watched the hybrid wrap his arm around you, he felt confused and conflicted. Weren't you courting him? You were still calling "bae" and "boo" and spent time with him, so... why were you doing the same with his supposed rival? Did you perhaps court more than him? He might be jumping to conclusions, it's better if he asked you.
"Child of Man, why do you call others boo? Are you not courting me as a future husband?"
His face, as stoic as usual, and his voice, as steady as ever, shocked you, especially the implications of his questions. Your eyes were blown wide with surprise was the only reply he got. So... the only other conclusion was that he and Lilia thought too much of it. You didn't actually want to marry him... it broke him a bit. He thought that someone humane, normal and different would finally open up and love him like a lover would. But he simply got his hopes up...
Well, at least you still consider him your friend, no? A friendship is still a relationship. So he was satisfied with that. For now, that is.
A more darker and sadistic Malleus wouldn't be privy to using his powers to accelerate some things. Cursing you to distance yourself from the others? Easy. Cursing you to fall head over heels with him? Child's play. Locking you up in the highest tower of his castle in the Valley of Thorns? That's doable by his standards. Will the other6try to stop him? Good luck stopping one of the most powerful sorcerers of Twisted Wonderland. As for hi.s own dorm mate, they don't have a choice in that matter, the least they can do is keep you company so that you don't fall deep into depression.
"Child of Man - no - (Name), you should be happy, no? You'll be crowned as the ruler - alongside me - of the Valley of Thorns. Rejoice, as this will be a phenomenal occasion."
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Pov: You are a Beastman/Merfolk and you think you are alone.
Tumblr media
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hanafubukki · 7 months
The Prefect
Their prefect wasn't perfect.
By all means, they were far from perfect.
But that’s what made them fit in with all of them.
Because who in NRC was perfect?
This magic-less student had wormed their way into the hearts of those at NRC.
As they had the Prefect’s.
The Great Seven help those that tried to hurt their Prefect. 
Villains loved deeply and intensely.
They would destroy anything that harmed what they considered theirs.
They would conquer the world if they had to.
Because that’s what it meant to be loved by a villain.  
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honey-milk-depresso · 9 months
“Am I being bested by a plush loaf?” TWST Jealous of their Tsum Tsum
I did it for the SSR and SR of the Tsum event! ^^
Cater Diamond
Cater slightly frowns, noticing how much attention you’ve been giving to his Tsum counterpart. He’s also here, too!
Ever since he snapped so many photos of his own Tsum with you, it has become more apparent that this little Tsum also has something up his stubby little sleeves.
Like how it whips out its own tiny phone and take pictures of you and it together. That’s also what you two do!
When Cater tries to take a selfie with you, you ALWAYS have to have Tsum Cater in the picture, and he couldn’t say no after seeing those puppy dog eyes, and fear of how dejected they would look if he just rejected the idea, but he just wants the photo to have the two of you in it!
He won’t be so overly dramatic about it, he’ll mostly pout and whine a little about how you’re spending way more time with the Tsum rather than him, and that he misses taking photos with just the two of you.
Just kiss him in that selfie alone to make it up is all he asks for. <3
Riddle Rosehearts
He denies ever being jealous of the squishy creature, but when you aren’t looking, he’s secretly lamenting about how you’re spending more tea time with this thing.
Riddle looks like he always wants to say something about the situation, but ends up sweeping the question away and excuse himself, mainly because he doesn’t know how to bring it up.
He’s irritated and a bit sour about the fact you seem to fawn over the thing, but he doesn’t want to be seen as… overbearing or just, well, jealous.
Eventually, all his self control and resisting crumbled when you began feeding it (somehow), just like what you do with him.
He strides towards you, as you curiously tilted your head to why he looked upset. Then you saw it. That cute frown and pout as he bore his frustrated glare into your eyes. “Rose… I… I want to be fed as well, and I rather have you spend time with me, too…”
Now kiss him as apologies. <3
Leona Kingscholar
Noticeably irritated by the adorable creature.
He quietly growls in slight detest of how you basically stuff your face into it, cuddling with it as it selfishly relishes in your warming affection. If it’s anyone who’s going to be cuddled by you is himself. The real deal.
Leona watched from afar, already disliking the fact this Tsum could do whatever it wants, and just take all your attention away from him. What’s worse is that it seems to know that it was bothering Leona, and it purposefully directs you away from him, getting more on Leona's nerve.
Well, now he's gotta show face and put it in its place, right?
He stood up, making a power walk to your direction as he lightly holds the Tsum away from you, lying down with his chest facing your front as he holds you in a tight embrace, forcing the Leona Tsum to hug your back.
"You had plenty of attention, little prick. It's my turn now." <3
Floyd Leech
He knows when he let even one finger off of it, the Floyd Tsum like a leech would tightly cling onto anyone it can go near to.
However, Floyd didn’t account to the fact that this little creature would have you as its favourite person to squeeze, cling and cuddle.
Floyd gets irritated, like Leona, of how attention seeking his plush counterpart is; constantly asking for cuddles, smudging your face with its soft little cheeks as it squirms closely into your hold.
He gets moody about this, especially. It’s reflected on the way he works sloppily in Monstro Lounge, much to Azul’s dismay, and Azul had to tell you about it in hopes you could do something about it.
Coming to meet Floyd, you’re met with a pouty eel lazily glaring at the Tsum.
He sloppily wrapped his arms around you as stuffed his face into your shoulder.
“Shrimpy, I get it that it’s cool, but cuddle me, too. Otherwise I’ll squeeze you tighter so you’d hug me instead of the Tsum.”
Um… Better to hug real Floyd after depriving him of cuddles. <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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sweetapplez · 3 months
Tumblr media
what kind of flowers would dorm leaders give to their s/o?
characters: riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, azul ashengrotto, kalim al asim, vil schoenheit, idia shroud, malleus draconia
gn reader
genre: fluff ajdkan
warnings: mention of bad marriage situation in riddle headcanon
notes: hi! this is my first writing post, and it's just a few headcanons about dorm leaders giving flowers to their s/o. I know it's like a simple idea, but I hope in the future I can write better things♡ Sorry if theres some mistakes in the writing, I'm not pretty good with english yet, so I had to use a translator in some parts that i didn't know how to translate, and feel free to correct me! ♪ヽ(´▽`)/ I hope you guys like it!
♡ summary: the dorm leaders want to give a nice bouquet of flowers to their significant other, but what kind of flower can express what they feel?
Riddle Rosehearts
-white carnation, red roses and gardenias.
Oh, Riddle is new to the world of romance, his parents don't have a very good relationship, so he's not used to affectionate displays, however, he loves you so much that he has made the effort to study the language of flowers so he can give you the most beautiful bouquet you could ever receive.
White carnations mean innocence, pure and sweet love, which could be symbolizing this new step he is taking with you.
Red roses are Riddle's favorite, (very obvious), but they also symbolize true love and romance all over the world.
Finally, gardenias reflect peace and clarity, they are flowers that also symbolize tenderness and protection.
Riddle really hopes you like the bouquet he prepared for you!
Leona Kingscholar
-dahlia, iris, red and blue salvia
In Leona's case, I don't think he's going to tell you how he feels honestly, or at least not directly. When he was going to make the bouquet, he never said a word about it, he just watched and remembered the flowers you liked. He even asked Ruggie for help, ordered him to research flower meanings and when Ruggie completed his mission, Leona carefully chose the ones he thought would look best to express how he feels to you without words.
dahlia means "good taste, kindness, devotion and beauty" all the things he saw in you, and you have a really good taste because you chose him (pls laugh he thought it was a good idea) dahlias are also a sign steadfastness because they can bloom even in adversities, just like you.
iris symbolise trust, faith and hope, and he also like how they looked in the bouquet haha.
the blue salvia means "long life and health" but also "I think of you" while the red salvia means "forever mine" sooo you should pay attention to this! he's telling you how much you mean for him.
When he handed you the bouquet, he just said, "Here. You like flowers, don't you? You should thank me for going all trouble for giving this to you."
Man, just give him a few pats and let him rest on your lap.
Azul Ashengrotto
-daisy, yellow jasmine, lotus flower
Azul has a very important place for you in his heart even though he almost never says it, this is reflected in the daisies whose meaning is "I will never say it", but they also speak of a loyal love.
Yellow jasmines represent grace and elegance, something Azul thinks is very flattering to you.
He didn't put lotus flower in your bouquet of course, but he took you for a walk to a pond where there was a great fullness of them, whose meaning is purity and rebirth, although in reality there are many meanings this flower has, but these were the ones he wanted to convey to you. Apart from the fact that he thought it was nice to take you to see an aquatic flower.
Kalim Al Asim
-sunflowers, coreopsis, yellow tulip
Oh, where to start with Kalim? He, from the first moment your relationship began, has wanted to give you the sun, the sea and the moon. He is a guy with such pure feelings, he doesn't hesitate to tell you how he feels with all clarity and honesty.
When he knew you liked flowers, he kept asking you which ones, he even told Jamil that he was going to order a bouquet with over 500 flowers. Jamil, with visible annoyance, had to calm him down and tell him that there was no need for something so big. After this, Kalim thought it would be better to investigate and give you a beautiful surprise!
First he chose sunflowers which reflect the adoration and loyalty he feels for you, then coreopsis which means "always cheerful" and also love at first sight, so cute! Lastly yellow tulips that express all the happiness and hope he sees by your side, adding the fact that they mean "there is light in your smile" perhaps alluding to how much your smile brightens his days.
Vil Schoenheit
-violet, lily of the valley, hibiscus
Vil wanted to give you a gift that you might really like, but what could it be? Makeup? No, he already gave you enough last time A necklace? No, he also gave you one on the other anniversary. A picture of him? No, you already have many. The guy was visibly irritated because he has so much work, but he also wants to take the time to give you something you can treasure, it's just that he's under so many things that he just can't concentrate at all, something quite strange coming from him, could this be the effects of love? Rook could tell from the first moment, so he suggested a beautiful bouquet of flowers.
"Flowers? But they wilt very quickly" said Vil, to which Rook replied that the presence of flowers is as ephemeral as human life itself, but their beauty will always be the same, whether they are wilted or not, they will always retain their meaning.
Vil, with his knowledge of plants, chose the ones he considered most appropriate for the occasion. Violets are a symbol of modesty, but they also represent protection, honesty and dreams. Lilies of the valley are the "return to happiness" thing that you have brought back into his life even if he hardly tells you. Red hibiscus symbolize love and passion, while purple hibiscus are related to mystery and knowledge. They also denote delicate beauty, just like yours.
Idia Shroud
-blue and pink hydrangea, gladiolus, spring crocus
Who would have imagined Idia collecting information on the internet about flower meanings? He really would rather be getting that new SSR that came out a few days ago, but he knows he can win it in a heartbeat.
He asked Ortho to likewise look up different flowers for you, since well, it's going to be your birthday, and you talk to him so much about flowers that he's already memorized which ones are your favorites and why. However he wanted to surprise you with his personal choice, isn't it amazing when you can share interests with the person you love the most? You always listen to him when he talks to you about what he is passionate about, and you have given him the opportunity that his family didn't give him: the opportunity to ask him what he would like to be, what he is passionate about, what is his passion? He definitely has to return the favor.
The blue hydrangea represents gratitude for being understood, while the rose symbolizes true feelings and romance. The gladolia is the flower that represents faithfulness, strength and victory, and he really thinks you are a very strong person. And lastly, spring crocus represents rebirth and romantic devotion, so please tell him that you love him too!
Malleus Draconia
-white roses, magnolias, forget-me-not
Having lived in the Briar Valley for so long without much contact with people other than Lilia, Sebek and Silver, Malleus was not really familiar with relationships, nor with so many types of flowers, since his home was surrounded by completely dark and thorny forests, which of course are also precious, however he could notice that while you were very interested in the flora of his place of origin, you also liked the most colorful things.
Malleus, as the kind guy he is, began to take walks in search of flowers that you might like. He knows you’re special, and he treasures the fact that you’re not afraid of him, so he’s going to make you the most beautiful and magical bouquet you’ve ever seen in your entire life.
First, he chooses white roses which symbolize purity, loyalty and eternal love. After that, he chose magnolias, because they are a symbol of lasting connections and love of nature, he chose white and pink which speak of joy and perfection. Finally, forget-me-not, which represents true love, fidelity and respect, is a way to promise that you will never forget your loved one.
Malleus knows you’re gonna leave someday, but he wants you to know he’s never gonna forget you, and if you go back to your world, he doesn’t want you to forget him either. Please give a lot of kisses and hugs to this boy, he really deserves it.
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