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This is what you see when Malleus is jealous.
Tumblr media
And this.... This is what everyone else sees when Malleus is jealous.
Tumblr media
Maybe a small difference?
Btw, it's a wonder that NRC is still there, because at the beginning of your relationship, Malleus was jealous at least once a week.
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
MC BEING THE: “Find me in the future!”
TO MALLEUS’: Sorry I kept you waiting.~”
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 10 days
Could I request a shy reader who gets easily embarrassed when Cater, Trey, Malleus and Vil compliments her during sex?
Oh, this is cool, I really like it when they're shy. So fun to tease.
Pairing: Trey Clover, Cater Diamond, Vil Schoenheit, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, teasing, mirror sex, forced eye contact, clothed sex, hugs, praise, cock riding, possessive sex, clit stimulation, Reader is pinned down
A/N: This was such a good prompt I had so much fun with this one. Especially with Trey and Vil.
Won't push you to look at him, hell he won't even make you take off your clothes if you don't want to. You can still ride his cock even with your uniform on. No shame in not wanting to tear each others clothes off right away or in you hiding your hot, flustered face in his shoulder while letting out the cutest little whimpers he's ever heard. You think it's gonna make his cock any less hard because of that? Fuck no, it just means he takes it as even more of a personal victory when you can finally be naked and look into his eyes.
He tries very hard to bring you out of your shell. Lord knows he's not shy. He has no problem going down on you and being very chatty while doing it too. He knows he should shut up when his mouth is busy on your clit but how can he when you're being so cute for him? You coming on his face is not enough for him, he wants you to look at him when he pushes his cock in, he needs to see it clearly, how good he's making you feel. So please look at him, just for a moment, allow him that satisfaction of seeing your face when you come undone.
This may not be the only reason he has a mirror in his bedroom but its certainly becoming one of the leading ones. This way, when he has you on all fours you have no choice but to show him your completely fucked out expression, your mouth still dripping with the remains of his cum while he fills your other hole as well. You can't even focus anymore can you? It's alright, he's got you, he's here, you don't need to be scared, listen to your desires, let yourself go, he will be right behind you to catch you, to fuck you, to love you.
Doesn't like that keep avoiding looking at him when you have sex. He's always looking at you, always, not a second goes by that he doesn't think about you, how much he loves you. He wants you to know it, to see it. His hand grabs you hard by the chin and forces you to look at him, that's better. Just a little more. When he senses you start to relax a little he lets go and gently cups your face while his cock resumes his unyielding pace, balancing on the edge of soft and rough.
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treysimp · 6 months
"I'm not sure how else to say this, do you want to make out on my couch?"
Tumblr media
Part 7/7
GN!Reader x Diasomnia (Malleus, Sebek, Lilia, Silver)
Tags: Smooching, implied mutual pining and suggestive themes, but nothing explicit. Reader is not physically described.
Other works in this series:
Savannahclaw | Scarabia | Octinavielle | Pomefiore | Ignihyde | Heartslabyul | Diasomnia
Want more TWST? Here's my Masterlist!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? I’m not sure I am familiar with that term. Do explain, child of man.”
Malleus’ green eyes glitter mischievously as he places his hand on his chin. He cut a handsome figure in the moonlight. The gloss of his horns shined and his chiseled face was gracefully shadowed by his softly-curled hair. He stood eerily still, his composure hinting at his not quite human heritage. 
Malleus was the most beautiful thing you had seen in your life. You swallowed audibly before you responded.
“That is… um…” he was messing with you right? You weren’t entirely sure how old he was, but you were certain he was older than you. But he was fae, you supposed. Did they use the same slang? Did they ‘make out’? You had no idea.
Malleus walked closer to you, his white teeth peeking from behind his lips. It was hard not to think about how sharp those fangs looked.
“Proceed, prefect.” He said with a smile, clearly getting a kick out of your hesitation.
“Do… Do you want to kiss me?” You said, voice shaking, all of the confidence you had at the beginning of this interaction evaporating.
Well, it was a bit more than kissing that you were asking him for, but you weren’t sure if you had the courage to spell it out just yet. 
“Oh?” Malleus further closed the distance between your two bodies, causing you to step backwards into the door you had been unlocking prior with an audible bump. “A kiss? Where would you like this kiss?” 
You could feel his breath on your cheek, his expression coyly hidden from you due to the close proximity of his face.
Finally, Malleus chuckled and kissed the cheek that he had purposely ducked near.
“Here?” He said, clearly holding back a full laugh.
“No.” You shook your head. 
You’re glad he wasn’t mad at you, but you weren’t sure what him playing games meant either. 
God, why didn’t you crush on a nice human boy? You kind of understood those in comparison. Well... okay you also didn't understand those all that well either.
“I see. Then…” Malleus moved his mouth to your earlobe and lightly pecked along the side of your ear. 
You couldn’t contain the shiver that went through your body as your breath sped up from the sensation. It felt mean. He knew exactly what you wanted, you were sure of it.
“Not where I…” You trailed off. Whatever this game meant to him, you were certainly enjoying it.
“Ah, I see, I see…” Malleus moved painfully slow to lightly scrape his teeth across the juncture of your neck. 
You felt like you might die happily if you were smited on the spot. 
“Here?” He whispered, moist breath causing you to break out in goosebumps.
“My… my lips, Malleus, please…” You shuddered. It was almost painful having him be so close and touch you so gently. You wanted more.
“Oh? My, my, Prefect. Do you care for me so?” He had long stopped hiding his grin. This ass. 
Malleus’ hand drifted to the back of your head as he knotted his fingers in your hair. Slowly, so painfully slow, he pulled you towards him. Raising your chin with his thumb, you stared at the way his feline eyes were blown out into almost perfect circles. 
Eyes almost completely black, Malleus descended upon you, softly pressing his lips to yours.
It was achingly tender, it felt like more than a kiss. 
It felt like words left unsaid, something far larger and more meaningful than a quick peck shared between two awkward young people. 
You’d never felt anything like it.
Pulling apart just as slowly as you had come together, Malleus stares into your eyes meaningfully. Stroking your face with his thumb, you are met with an expression so loving that you briefly think of crying from the emotion of it all.
“Is that all, my dear?” Malleus questions.
You shake your head so aggressively you might have cracked your neck if you did so just a smidgen harder.
“No! I want more of you! As much as you’ll give me!” You almost yelled, courage swelling in your chest for a brief moment.
“I’m not sure you understand what you are asking, human.” Malleus says with a cocked brow, “You might want to think twice between asking for something as open-ended as that from a fae.”
“You would never intentionally hurt me.” You state with confidence. 
If he really wanted to harm you, he had every opportunity. Instead he helped you, saved you from danger and spent almost every night walking with you and talking about your highs and lows. 
If this was just a long con, if he had intended to hurt you this whole time… maybe you deserved it at this point.
Malleus’ eyebrows shot up in surprise. He was trying to tease you of course, but he was only half-kidding.
The problem was that if he started, he wasn’t sure if he could stop. But it looks like you had already made that decision for him. 
It was for exactly that reason he loved you so.
“…I accept.” 
“…Accept?” What? What was he accepting?
“Your affection.” It felt like his smile could stop your heart. “However…”
Your back straightened as you steeled yourself for his request. What did he want?
“You must accept mine as well.” He stated with a nod, as if agreeing with himself. “And…” 
He leaned forward again, lips a millimeter from your own as you swore you saw the smallest amount of smoke escape from between his teeth.
“You must know that my affection comes with a price.” He said, kissing you gently on your forehead.
“I want all of you in return. Immediately.”
Your face burned hotly at the implication. 
While you had just been inviting Malleus inside in the hopes of feeling him up a bit, this offer was far better than expected. 
You inhaled through your nose and tried to keep your voice as even as you could manage.
“If you’ll have me.”
Grinning, Malleus pushes the door behind you open and ushers you inside the lounge.
“Oh my dear, I will.”
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sebek’s piercing green eyes narrow at you. You find yourself involuntarily shrinking back in intimidation. 
Well now you’ve done it, huh?
His right hand firmly grasps your shoulder and you find yourself gulping for fresh air. You would have never described him as scary before now but…
A strand of his perfectly coiffed hair falls onto his forehead as Sebek leans nearer, unblinkingly getting closer and closer to your face. 
He murmured your name quietly, and you felt how you imagine prey does in their last precious moments. Thinking of how many loud predators are at their most quiet before unhinging their jaws.
Within the blink of an eye, you were pulled forward by the tie into a stiff, yet gentle kiss. 
Sebeks eyes slid back open as he slowly pulled away from you, his gloved hand drifting to cup your cheek. 
“It seems I am in quite the predicament!” He huffs, reeling back to his full height as yet another strand of lime hair gently floats to his face. 
“You are?” You ask quietly, eyes open wide in anticipation. What kind of mixed signals bull is this?
“Yes. The young master is away on family business, and I am finding myself in need of a place to stay while Master Lilia repairs-“ He coughs and begins his sentence again, “I mean… remodels my room.” 
Sebek can’t will himself to make eye contact with you in the slightest, the color on his pale cheeks morphing into a rose-pink blush.
“I see.” You say, playing along with whatever-the-hell-this-is. You dramatically turned your head to the side, putting on a slight theatrical accent to intensify the ren-faire mood of it all.
“Well, you are of course welcome to stay here. I could always use a guard to help me, a poor magic-less human in a big scary haunted house.”
Sebek snaps his gaze back to you and his cat-like pupils widen, shoulders visibly loosening at your agreement. It seems he was more nervous about your reaction than you thought.
“Since… since I am here…” he pauses, clearly thinking on how best to respond. 
“I may as well keep you safe!” He finishes smugly, puffing out his chest. Sebek was clearly proud of how he was able to ask to stay at your dorm so gracefully. “A knight would do no less.”
You nodded and tugged him inside, slowly leading him to the couch that you so desperately wanted to touch him on. 
Sebek seemed to be scanning his surroundings, but for what, you weren’t sure. Maybe the comment about ghosts really did worry him.
Finding a comfortable seat on the well-worn couch, you pat a spot across from you to beckon him to join. 
Sebek takes a seat much in the way you picture a robot might. Well, if you didn’t already know a real one. A robot from the shows of your childhood, specifically.
You hoped that Sebek taking the initiative earlier would help him loosen up, but his back was as stiff as a board as he looked at everything but your face, hands folded politely in his lap and skin shining with a hint of nervous sweat.
“Sebek?” You called quietly, willing him to look at you again. 
You noticed that each time he interacted responded he would slightly loosen, as evidenced by his back curving slightly when he leaned forward to peer curiously at you. 
Well, you took the initiative to ask him in the first place, so…
Taking one last large breath through your nose, you crawled onto Sebeks lap. Your hands begun getting to work on his fashionably-impractical collar. 
It felt like you were undressing a highly realistic statue for a moment, but his eyes gazed up at you as if awestruck, waiting to see what you would do next.
He mumbled your name softly and you couldn’t help but laugh, “Oh, so I’m not ‘human’ anymore, gorgeous?” 
Face visibly darkening at your question, Sebek shook his head fervently. 
“Not… not when you look like this.” He muttered, unable to will himself to blink. Missing even a second of this moment seemed unthinkable.
You finally finished undoing his complicated jacket and pushed it to the side. His skin seems to almost glimmer under the evening light. 
You dropped your head to nibble right under his chin, restraining yourself from laughing when he slapped his hand over his mouth with a gasp.
“Ah… that’s very…” He was writhing slightly, his eyes sliding shut.
“Sebek?” You asked again, teasingly. You were lying if you said that you weren’t tempted to tease him for as long as the night allows.
His gaze turned up at you as he gave the most breathtaking expression of adoration, breath uneven, smile bright yet sheepish. 
At this point, his hair had completely fallen on his face, the apples of his cheeks had simmered to a stunning rose, and his chest was rising and falling rapidly. 
“What do you want me to do?”
“Ah…” he paused, clearly having not thought that far ahead. After a beat, Sebek pressed his mouth into a firm line and looked once more at you like he was making a declaration of war.
“I’m… I’m willing to take responsibility so… even if I… if you want me, you can have me. Any of me.” 
You froze in shock. His words had felt so serious that it scared you a little. It really wasn’t like him to be so quiet and thoughtful.
“Even if Malleus said no? Because you had to protect him instead?” You mused out loud.
Sebek’s gaze guiltily shot out to the side, clearly surprised. He did seem to be genuinely trying to contemplate your question though. 
It was something that you had said impulsively, but you couldn’t help but be curious. What would he say? You knew that Malleus' wellbeing was his calling in life.
“If Malleus needed me to be by his side… then I guess I would need to take you with me.” He said with a cheeky grin, looking very proud of himself. 
You were charmed that he had thought that far ahead, to tell the truth.
Sebek raised his hand to your cheek once more and ushered you forward, placing the other hand on your waist. 
“I won’t let my love life-! Ah!” Sebek gasped and sputtered, “My, um, passions…” he corrected himself quickly but clumsily, and you pretended that you didn’t hear the word ‘love’ just now (you did though, and this was going to be burned into your brain for a while).
“...it won’t get in the way of my duty.” Sebek finished firmly, speaking a bit louder than strictly necessary. It seems that he was not yet done with that thought, though.
“While I am fae, I…” He swallowed audibly, bracing himself for what he was about to say.
“I am also just a man and… that part of me right now… wants…” He paused yet again, searching your face for something. 
You weren’t even sure if he knew what he was trying to say, but you understood that whatever it was, it was a vulnerable moment for him.
It seemed that he had settled on a different approach as he began his speech again.
“You, out of anyone, knows how much I value loyalty.” He said, tapping his fingertip on your chin. You felt your ears burning at the action, dragging your eyes away from him in a pleasant embarrassment.
“If you are in danger, I will come find you. If you ask me for anything, I will give it.” Sebek’s voice was getting louder as he gained confidence. 
“My leige and country will always be a priority but…” His breath was shaky. 
You tried to figure out what emotion he was feeling right now, but it was unclear. 
“If you’ll have me, if you would be mine tonight…”
“…I hope you are ready for a commitment, my dear human.” He murmured, eyes sliding shut as he moved to shakily kiss you once more.
You were.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Oh? A cute young thing like you coming onto an old man like me? What will people think, hmm?”
Lilia seemed to be positively tickled by your question. If his age was any indication, you would think he would be very experienced in these interactions. As always, he was very committed to being coy.
“You don't seem to be someone that cares much for what people think, Lilia.” You shot back playfully. 
His mischievous nature was a part of him that you were quite fond of. If he wanted you to play along, you were more than willing to do so. 
Lilia’s shoulders shook with quiet giggles, “I want to make sure to give you a fair warning, lovely Prefect.” He shrugged and let out a dramatic sigh. 
“I suppose my boyish good looks can sometimes distract from the fact I am a father of three, you know.”
Calling himself a father of three when the trio in-question looked older than he did made you want to laugh, but you knew that he meant that statement sincerely.
“I like to think I’m good with kids,” You said, raising an eyebrow. “And I’m into DILFS.”
Now Lilia’s chuckles had turned into full on shaking laughter, tears of joy brimming in the corner of his eyes.
“I’ll never stop being impressed by the new slang of the times. You are aware that I do know what that stands for, yes? Are you broadcasting your true intentions, my little Prefect?” Lilia seemed to know that while you had already spilled your overall wants to him, this was probably a bit more forward than you had intended at the moment. 
“And if it is?” You replied stiffly. Why does he keep answering questions with questions? It was infuriating. 
“Hmm…” Lilia tapped his chin with his finger in thought, “I’m a little too old for one-offs at my age.” He trailed off.  
“So, if you are serious… I will oblige.” 
His smile split his face and his fangs peeked enticingly over his lips. You audibly gulped, suddenly being hit with the embarrassment and nervousness that you had been desperately trying to choke down. 
You were positive that you wanted him. You had thought of every single perk and drawback and decided that no matter what they were, you were absolutely smitten with the mysterious and playful man. 
Now, faced with that romantic reality being a possibility, you felt like fainting. Your dreamy fantasies always cut themselves off after you confessed, as it all felt too absurd to keep dwelling on them.
Those doubts sure didn’t stop you from shooting your shot, though.
Lilia moved closer to you slowly, carefully, in a way that felt almost too graceful to be natural. Somehow he seemed to be just the barest bit taller than he had been just a moment ago. You pushed that odd thought away from the forefront of your mind. Maybe it was just your imagination. 
Sparing a moment to briefly glance at Lilia’s feet to check that he wasn’t floating again, you found yourself about to scream when your eyes had flicked back up and Lilia was directly in front of you. Behaving like a horror movie jump scare was a hobby of Lilia’s that you didn’t know if you could ever quite get used to. Your flinch made Lilia look as amused as ever. You thought that pranking you would get old, but apparently not. 
It’s rude to play with your food, you thought. Wait… why did that of all phrases come to mind?
Gingerly reaching your shaking hand forward, you combed the ends of your fingers into Lilia’s unnaturally-colored bob. Eyes sliding closed, the boy looked like a pleased cat before it got too overstimulated and bit you on the hand. 
Your movements briefly froze at the thought of how soft his hair felt, and yet how his cold skin contrasted with the sensation. 
He looked the most inhuman you had ever seen him. Lilia’s bright pupils were constricted into thin slits and his skin almost seemed to be glowing in the evening light. 
It felt dangerous, it felt thrilling. It felt both like you should both be afraid and that you had been waiting your whole life for this moment. 
It was like you would be safe from any danger, but not because of anything that you controlled. You were safe only due to the fact that the greatest danger of all was almost purring into your hand in affection.
Lilia seemed to be waiting for you as he held his serene smile and continued his ever-so-slight nuzzling into your touch. You supposed his patience was because time meant something a little different to him than it did to you. 
Steeling yourself, you placed a soft peck on his lips, chastely pulling away to see his reaction. Lilia’s hand stopped you from getting too far, and you were pulled back to his cool and smooth mouth. 
Keeping your whimpers at bay as your lower lip caught on his fangs with a soft scrape. There was a spicy-sweet sting on your tender skin, it was the first bit of heat that his body had allowed. 
“I need a little more than that, love.” He murmured against your lips, pushing and pulling you back and forth like the ocean playing with the sand before a large wave came up to swallow a few feet more of the coast. 
He was a good kisser, you thought. Any other ideas swiftly melted away when met with Lilia’s experienced ministrations. 
Slowly, carefully, you both separated from each other. Lilia looked incredibly pleased, trailing his hands down your back to pull you ever closer. 
You shivered, both from the coolness of his body and from the warmth spreading through your own.
“Is this really what you want?” Lilia asked, his eyes meeting yours with a meaningful gaze. 
As hazy with lust as your mind was, something was bugging you again. Did he look just a bit taller? Was his hair just slightly longer?
It felt like something was changing, but that passing thought made you feel a bit crazy. 
Were you imagining things because you knew that magic and fae were real? It wasn’t impossible.
After that long trail of distraction, you finally reply.
“It is.” You said, leaning closer to him in the hopes of feeling his skin on yours again.
Lilia’s eyes flickered with a new emotion, and he nodded firmly as he stared into your eyes. 
“I hope you know what agreements like that mean to a fae.” He whispered, pushing you inside of your humble abode. 
You were going to learn a lot about this topic tonight, Lilia would make sure of it.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Silver’s auroreal eyes were wide, he looked like you had hit him up the side of his head with one of his training swords.
“Make out? With me? On your couch?” 
He was perhaps more awake than he had felt in years, his ears aflame and his usual serious demeanor slipping into something much more socially awkward and bewildered. 
“Yes.” There was no backing out now. You had been desperately dropping hints to Silver that you were interested in him for months, and this was your final hope that he was just being oblivious this whole time. 
You had attended his knight training when he invited you (which gave you a great view of how toned his lean arms were) you asked him to let you ride along on his broom during PE (since he was soooo good as horseback riding and all) and you had spent a ton of time learning how to make sweets and treats to try and earn his favor (you figured that he had enough of Lilia’s ‘healthy’ recipies). 
You made physical contact whenever you could, taking great joy in the first time that the beautiful boy had fallen asleep on your shoulder. You had to hold back the giggles that wanted to spill out of you when you spotted the squirrels and deer that tentatively walked closer to watch Silver sleeping soundly. It was so sweet, you would never get tired of seeing how much animals loved him. 
Even Grim was especially attached to Silver, toddling after him whenever you three spent time together. Whenever you asked Grim why he was so obsessed with Silver, he would either fervently deny it, or say something along the lines of ‘observing him’ and then insult you. It was cute regardless.
As much as your little not-tanuki bestie talked smack, he really did have some things in common with all the cute deer that shyly watched you two sitting on an outdoor bench. Silver's body sleepily swaying in the breeze just like the willows in the distance. 
All of those quiet moments were what did it for you. 
One time you both sat in the library and Silver was barely keeping his head up while he added his own notes to your sloppily-kept handwritten potion instructions. You couldn’t help but be charmed by how hard he was working to stay awake to help you. 
Once he was done adding his notes and corrections, Silver had softly patted you on the shoulder to tell you that he was done. He was sleepily smiling down at you, and while he was always a bit quiet, you could hear his next murmur crystal clear.
“…proud of you.”
You were fucked. How could you not love him?
In this moment, unlike the heavy and unfocused smiles he had awarded you in the library, Silver’s eyes were sharply narrowed and quizzical.
He seemed to be analyzing you. It was the same look you saw on his face when you had a shared history class and he was concentrating on an particularly in-depth essay. 
Even scarier than that, it was the look he made right before he won a practice duel.
It made you slightly uneasy, to tell the truth. 
“You like me?” He asked finally. 
“Silver... I don’t know how I could make it more obvious than I have.” You said with clear exasperation and tiredness. “I ask you out every week, I spend all the time I can spare with you, and I told you I loved you last Thursday.” You snapped.
You weren’t angry, you could never be angry at him, but you were exhausted.
“Ah…” Silver’s face was slowly heating up. You felt like your jaw could hit the floor. He really hadn’t noticed, apparently. 
“...I thought you meant like… f-friends or family…” He muttered, seeming to be mid-crisis at how oblivious he had been. You sighed.  
“Look. To be completely straightforward: I like you. It’s probably more than that at this point.” You inhaled shakily, “It’s okay if you need time but…” 
You bit your lip, idly wondering just how much pressure you could put on your skin before it bled.
Maybe this would be easier if he rejected you at this point. Maybe you could get him out of your head and stop convincing yourself that this was a possibility. Maybe you could talk yourself out of loving him.
“You don’t have to answer now. You can take your time, I just…” you trailed off in dejection, “I just wanted to make sure you knew”.
You began opening the front door to go inside. You didn’t want to run away, but you also weren’t sure how long you could have this conversation without crying. 
If he didn’t like you ,that was one thing. But you don’t know if you’d ever been more frustrated in your life. What else were you supposed to do?
You felt something warm circling your wrist.
Silver held your forearm calmly, staring at you in silence. His gaze was intense, a look you had never quite seen before written across his face.
“Don’t go.” He said firmly, slightly squeezing his hand to emphasize the point. You couldn’t look away from that small touch that connected you both. 
You stopped turning away and just waited, looking at him. Taking in his halo of soft hair, the way his jaw tightened. You wanted to reach forward and gently trace every fleck of the evening light that graced his elegant face. You would wait forever for him if he needed it. 
“Please let me… please let me take you up on that offer.” 
You felt like you could both throw up and win a Spelldrive Tournament by yourself at the same time.
Tumblr media
And that concludes part 1 of The Couch Series! Did it live up to your expectations? Are there other sorts of series you would like to see with everyone? Just the first years, just the Housewardens, the staff?
Let me know! Thank you all for your support and look forward to more to come (including continuations of these, as well).
Thank you reader, love you!
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I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Addams!Yuu brainrot!
Don’t be surprised. There’s always gonna be that obligatory Addams Family fusion AU in every fandom and if there’s not then that’s clearly already a sign for you, my dear reader, to start writing one.
Anyway, Addams!Yuu, who doesn’t know about the Addams Family? If you don’t then that must mean I’m ancient (which is fair) and that you should start with the Addams Family 1991 movie.
Addams!Yuu who has the standard issue dark sense of humor, fascination for the weird and macabre, the love for the dark colors that all Addams seem to have and values family a lot. 
After Grim opens the coffin, sees Addams!Yuu in all their gothic glory, and then proceeding to threaten them, Addams!Yuu really just said: 
“Oh, what bliss! To have slept like the dead, woke up suffocating, and greeted by such sweet words in such a finely made coffin. Is this what it’s like to be courted? What am I getting courted by? A depraved stalker? A monstrous beast? *gasp* Perhaps… a demented serial killer?” [cue Yuu swooning, dramatically holding a hand over their forehead and lightly fanning themselves with their other hand]
Anyway, they don’t ignore Grim for long. Not when Grim keeps threatening them and spewing out fire.
Addams!Yuu immediately became delighted with Grim because, duh, a monster??? Who breathes fire??? With a massive ego??? Threatening to burn them alive???
That’s like the equivalent of someone complimenting them… Maybe even borderline flirting with them.
Still Grim and Addams!Yuu click with each other straight away. Addams!Yuu doesn’t hold back when complimenting Grim, even if the way they compliment someone is weird, and Grim gets a huge ego boost. 
These two are an iconic duo who just keep hyping and enabling each other.
“Great Grim, for such a terrifying creature such as yourself…surely you must have committed the most deplorable acts. Oh, you must tell me! How many buildings have you burned down? Were there people inside? How many survived? Oh, if only papà and mamà would let me do the same… They said I have to focus on school first and start small before I can put myself on the government watchlist. *sigh*”
Grim has no idea what Yuu’s saying but he does understand when he’s being complimented, his ego’s inflating and that’s all that really matters, honestly.
Anyway, since the two didn’t do a chase scene with Grim attempting to hurt Yuu (though Addams!Yuu would definitely appreciate this) since the two of them vibed immediately, it didn’t take long for Crowley to find them.
After being led to the Mirror Chambers, Yuu had to physically stop themselves from jumping in joy because:
“A cult! How chilling! I didn’t expect to be kidnapped by a cult! It’s been so long!”
And, “The last cult I joined didn’t seem to appreciate it when I sacrificed a goat on the altar. Apparently they weren’t actually a cult. The police were called and they ended up putting me in an asylum. T’was a lovely vacation.”
Crowley tried to tell Yuu that they weren’t a cult and that they were a well-known and respected establishment but Yuu ignored him (Ha! Get a taste of your own medicine, crowman!) in favor of admiring the surrounding aesthetics. 
NRC is the perfect aesthetic for Addams!Yuu. In fact, the Addams Family would definitely love it.
But you know what they’d love more? Ramshackle Dorm as it is.
Forget renovating it and fixing it up to make it livable to the common person, Yuu’s an Addams! Yuu’s just going to make Ramshackle even more dangerous than it already is with its lack of maintenance. 
Think spikes all around the property, deadly traps around every corner of the hallways, and maybe even a few sentient trees and carnivore plants here and there.
Where did Yuu even get those sentient floras? Shhhhh… They’re an Addams, don’t question it.
This version of Yuu… probably genuinely respects Crowley wholeheartedly. [The myuultiverse is quaking. A Yuu who actually considers Crowley a good guardian?]
Yuu at Crowley, somewhere in the future: “You are the most idle person anyone can ever hope to meet. A coward. Wastrel. Careless. Greedy and money-hungry… How admirable.”
Crowley’s constantly getting backhanded compliments and he can’t do anything about it because Yuu is an Addams and Addamses have a weird way of thinking.
As far as Addams!Yuu can tell, they’re completely normal and everyone else around them are weirdos but they’re too nice to say anything about it.
Now imagine putting Addams!Yuu and Kalim in the same room.
JK, the two may have different personalities but they’d probably be good friends… after some rocky situations here and there caused by some misunderstandings.
Yuu might think that Kalim’s being mean to them at first because the Scarabia Dorm Leader called them ‘nice and kind’ which, in Addams vocabulary, isn’t considered a compliment.
When Kalim learnt of this odd Addams culture, he tried to make an effort to speak words with negative connotations but he felt it was too mean so he just goes, “Yuu! You look nice! But… uh, in a dead way! And you’re fun and kind, but the opposite of that! Ahahaha!”
Kalim found a loophole and he’s going to take advantage of it. Yuu gets what he’s saying anyway so it all works out.
Anyway, overblots…
Yeah, you really think Yuu’s going to run away from it? Expect them to be watching from the sidelines (hecc, they might even actively head towards the overblot) and becoming Rook 2.0 with the way they compliment the overblotee.
Them just going:
“Ah, those strong emotions that you’ve withheld inside of you suddenly going off like an atomic bomb upon a dreary night sky. That rage in your expression, that despair in your eyes… You’ve forgotten your humanity and transformed yourself into a beast. How tragic, how beautiful. Tell me, how long have you been torturing yourself?”
Sevens forbid they actually meet Rook. Rook sees beauty in everything and he’s sharp so getting into Addams!Yuu’s grace alone by just words is as simple as taking candy from a baby.
I would type a dialogue with Rook and Addams!Yuu but I honestly don’t understand how Rook talks so just imagine it. Just Yuu and Rook continuously firing off compliments to each other until either one of them gets flustered to silence or the others pull the two away from each other.
Just imagine Rook sending a letter to Yuu via an arrow grazing their head and Yuu just swoons.
Out of everyone in NRC, I could see Rook being one of the three people who can immediately reel Yuu in with just their charms alone.
Anyway, Rook would probably fit in with the Addams. 
Yuu could literally just introduce him to their family and they’d assume he was a very distant cousin with how he is.
Yuu asks Vil for poison now and again (no one’s brave enough to ask what they’re doing with it) and likes the way he’s obsessed with being the most beautiful person.
“Your ambition to become the most beautiful person to the point of insanity is admirable, Vil Schoenheit. How long can your sanity hold on, I wonder?”
Imagine Yuu seeing Neige LeBlanche and getting mental damage from how bright and cheerful he is.
Yuu being like ‘aight, bet’ when witnessing Vil overblot and then planning on poisoning Neige.
Aside from Pomefiore, Yuu also spends most of their time on Diasomnia.
Diasomnia is literally the second peak Addams aesthetic out of all the dormitories. First being Ramshackle, obviously.
I feel Malleus and Yuu would get along quite well. They’re both elegant and have that certain vibe to them.
Malleus could just talk about gargoyle structure and lore and Yuu would probably listen to him all the way and similarly, Yuu could talk about the witch hunts their ancestor used to have and Malleus would listen just as intently.
You know what… Lilia’s food is probably a delicacy to them. 
That thing is a weapon of mass destruction and I refuse to believe that Addams!Yuu wouldn’t like it if a mere food can take down hundreds, if not thousands, of people when ingested.
Addams!Yuu also likes Silver because he ‘sleeps like the dead’. Though, his little critter friends should probably be wary about going near Yuu.
Oddly enough, I think Addams!Yuu would also like Sebek’s boisterous personality solely because of his passion and if it’s one thing I know about Addams, it’s that they’re passionate.
Sure, it may be passion about spreading Malleus’ name and glory all over the world like a missionary with a mission (duh), but it’s passion nevertheless.
Diasomnia aside, no one in Heartsalbyul asks for Yuu to help them with maintaining the plants because last time someone did, Yuu ended up cutting a good chunk of the roses off of the stems before they were stopped by both Ace and Deuce.
Of course Riddle got angry but after a few talks here and there and some communication (that’s character development) from both parties, Yuu realize that cutting the roses off of the bushes was a no-no and instead settles for painting the roses red when needed because it reminds them of the color of blood.
All in all Addams!Yuu would definitely fit right in with Night Raven College. 
It has the aesthetics and no one there is overly cheerful or colorful so it’s the perfect place for an Addams to reside at.
The overblots are just everyday routine for Yuu and they wouldn’t have it any other way.
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animeniac-writings · 10 days
Someone: How do you feel when you look at your significant other?
Rook: *long flowery prose and poetic comparisons*
Prefect: Scared and horny.
Rook: My dear?
Prefect: Rook whilst you are more beautiful than a flower and all that, I have no doubt you could end my life in an instant. And that's hot.
Prefect: *imagining Rook pining them to a tree with a blade to their throat and predatory gaze*
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atomic-taco-muffin · 5 months
Would it be possible to get twt links for vil please?
Hell yeah!
Vil Twt Links
Warnings: You can tell from the title. If you’re uncomfy with this, scroll and block me. Otherwise proceed with caution. 
Rating: NSFW under the cut
Tumblr media
Now we all know that this man is the type of guy to go on spa dates, but his favorite thing to do, is to fuck you while the two of you are still in your robes before your massages. Or maybe after.
Vil is the epitome of romantic. He always takes his time with you and you play with him and him play with you.
Now this isn't really NSFW but he LOVES to make out with you. It gives him another reason to be romantic with you. He loves hold you close to him and to feel your soft lips against his.
Now I don't see him as a particularly hard dom but when you've been a brat he'll tie you up and spread your legs apart so he can punish you thoroughly.
One of his weaknesses is seeing you in lingerie. He loves seeing you wrapped up in pretty lace. Sometimes he will rip it off of you and worship your body, other times he'll move the panties to the side and slide his cock in. He'll still worship your body. To him, you are a goddess.
Another one that's not really NSFW but he loves having you lay on him and him gently running his fingers along your body, admiring every curve, mark, everything.
Now he's more of a giver when it comes to oral but sometimes he loves having his cock in your mouth. The way you suck on it while giving him those lovesick eyes.
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namjoon-koya · 10 months
I see you’re a fan of twisted wonderland👀 how about a headcanon with grim (platonic of course)
a/n: I’m stuck in the fandom and I can’t get out 😭
Tumblr media
Grim definitely sleeps on top of your stomach the moment he sees that you’re finally asleep and won’t move much in the night, if you’re a light sleeper you might feel grim knead at your blanket at night. If you confront him about it he’ll definitely tell you that you’re just dreaming, but that won’t stop him from kneading.
Grim loves you, yes he may call you his minion; but he really does love you. Grim often fears when Crowley will tell you one day that he find a way for you to get home, Grim fears being alone and now that he has you he’s grown a strong attachment to you.
oof you’re definitely a parental figure to him, especially with how much trouble him, deuce and ace get into. You pretty much debate on buying them a backpack leash with how many times you catch them doing something suspicious, during the winter time you FORCE grim to wear a scarf. “I told you! I don’t wanna!” “GRIM! You’re going to get sick now put the scarf on!” Of course he wears it.
If Grim catches you paying attention to Lucius he WILL pout about it, “just say you don’t love me anymore.” “Grim—“ “just say it I can handle it.” It will probably take 10 cans of tuna for Grim to accept that you love him and not Lucius.
You both can often have deep conversations with each other, usually at night when neither of you guys can sleep. “Hey minion, you asleep yet?” “Nope.” You hear a soft shuffle before feeling soft fur brush against your cheek, grim settles beside the pillow next to you. “Do you miss your family?” You think about your answer for a second before answering Grim “it’s a bit hard to miss something you don’t remember, but it’s okay.” Grim just stares at you confused at your answer “how it is okay?”
You gently rub Grim’s ear making him lean more into your touch, “because I have you guys, sure you guys might drive me insane at times; but I would probably give up going back home if that meant I could stay with you guys.” Grim doesn’t say anything instead he nuzzles closer to you, even if he didn’t say anything you could hear the small purrs from him. “Goodnight Grim.” You say giving his ears a gentle rub again before falling asleep.
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fiyaa-xoxo · 5 months
I love your child Riddle story, so I would like to request a child Malleus please.
Malleus has turned into a child , now y/n has to take care of him
Yay!! my very first request, tysm @jazzybug163 for requesting something! I gave this fanfic a little twist so i hope its alright ^^.And some things dont make any sense(i'm truly really sorry about that) This isnt my best work, my riddle one was better but i hope you guys like this one too. Also the fic is quite long so i hope its alright!
TW! Slipping something into someones drink, drgs dealing (it was mentioned as a joke)
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
✧˚ · . You must be wondering how the future king of the valley of thorns, one of the most powerful mages in the world turned into a child. Well... he didn't really turned into a child, Lilia missed taking cared of child Malleus so he used a very very powerful potion with from the Queen of the valley of thorns (Malleus's grandmother). Lilia put the potion in a drink you made for Malleus.
✧˚ · .You and Malleus were talking and drinking a smoothie you made outside the gate of Ramshackle. While Malleus's 3 retainers were hiding in a bush near you for different reasons ( Sebek wanted to make sure you didn't they anything to his young master. Lilia wanted to see if the potion he put in Malleus's drink worked. And Silver wanted to check on his young master and he got dragged by Lilia to join) As Malleus took a sip of drink Green smoke surrounded and circled the Dragon fae. Out of panic you and Sebek ( who jumped out of the bush) shouted Malleus's name. As the smoke cleared the Dragon Fae was gone! Sebek, you, and now a fully awake Silver was panicking trying to find him
✧˚ · . You stoped panicking when you felt someone tug your sleeve. As you looked down you saw a small child that looked like Malleus. "The potion worked as a charm!" said the bat Fae floating " Wait what potion?" asked Silver "I added a potion into malleus's drink that turned someone young again. I missed young Malleus so i wanted to see his young self again" Lilia said. "WITH ALL DUE RESPECT MASTER LILIA, BUT THAT WASNT A VALID REASON TO MAKE THE FUTURE KING A KID AGAIN SIR" shouted Sebek "WHAT ABOUT IMPORTANT THE MEETING MALLEUS-SAMA WAS GOING TO ATTEND!?". Sebek and Silver talked Lilia into turning Malleus back and finally they did. Lilia and the 2 knights had to go to the Royale Palace back in Malleus kingdom so in the mean time your taking care of Him. ( Sebek didnt like that Idea at all but since it was Lilia's idea he didnt get a saying in it)
✧˚ · . Malleus got turned back into his 10 year old self . The whole time the 3 of them talked about turning Malleus back. He was next to you looking at his Retainers, Malleus for some reason remembers Sebek, Silver, Lilia, and you but anything else after turning 10 he dosent remember.
✧˚ · . Malleus is a very quiet, shy, and soft spoken child, he was quite shy when you were taking care of him. But soon after some time Child Malleus grew fond of you. He woulnd't let go of you, he'd get jealous if grim tried getting your affection or even just being near you. Lets just say malleus has gotten very attached to you (as you know dragons are very territorial when it comes to their treasures). The timed you spent with Malleus was short but you saw many things that Normal Malleus didn't show you. His cute and soft side, Malleus didnt look scary at all (well he never did to us but yk he looked more cute ig)
✧˚ · .When the 3 came back and got the potion to return him you kinda didn't want to turn Malleus back. But you know you had to or else the people of the valley of thorns have to wait another 10,000 years for a new ruler. When Malleus turned back he didn't know what happened. So you had to tell him everything, after you told him that was the first time you saw Malleus flustered. But he soon found it quite funny.
Bonus part:
✧˚ · . At the late hours of the night your were dressed in a long coat, a big hat and sun glasses hiding behind ramshackle like some drg dealer. Lilia approached you dressed in the same attire "Do you have what i need?" "yes i do Lilia" you said handing him a folder full of.... Malleus's pictures you took when he got turned into a child!! "Thank you very much Y/N i finally got more baby pictures of Malleus and black mail 😈" after he said that he disappeared
Requests are open!! ^^
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twistedmischieftales · 6 months
Currently imagining Riddle not knowing how to properly show his love to you right now. Then Chenya learns of Riddle's situation and he says "Just plop a hedgehog on their head!". Obviously Riddle finds that advice absolutely ridiculous.
But in state of panic when he was trying to confess his love to you finally. He just grabs a little hedgehog that happened to be passing by and just puts it on your head.
The both of you just share a moment of awkward silence. While Riddle is blushing mad red as he realizes what he just did and fears he blew it now. Though after that moment of awkwardness, you chuckle while gently putting the little hedgehog into your hands. "Awww! I love hedgehogs!"
Riddle still is trying to recollect himself from that awkward moment. But he's happy to see you smiling, and to learn you love hedgehogs too.
Sure he didn't succeed on confessing his love to you in the moment yet. Though he will be giving thanks to Chenya later for the idea that led to him seeing you very happy at least.
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elysian-rver · 8 days
Tumblr media
─── ⋅ ∙ ∘ ☽ ༓ ☾ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ───
» Character: Malleus Draconia » Summary: Ever since you were rescued by Malleus, the nightmares never stopped » Note(s): I do want to apologize since Malleus is very ooc, cringe warning, I'm not sure if there are alcoholic drinks in twisted wonderland I'm sorry abt that
─── ⋅ ∙ ∘ ☽ ༓ ☾ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ───
You remember it so clearly as if it just happened yesterday.
With a knife in his right hand and an empty beer glass in his other, your father walked closer to you. Your mother was hiding behind your father, a scowl on her face. The reason they treated you like this was unknown. Ever since you were younger it has always been like this. Maybe it was your fault? Maybe if you weren't born, then things wouldn't be like this.
If you weren't born your mother wouldn't have to cry, your father wouldn't be an alcoholic, and your brother wouldn't have to be dead.
" I wish you were never born. If you weren't born then we wouldn't be in this situation. If your mother didn't give birth to you, then I wouldn't have to kill somebody."
Anger. It was evident in his voice.
The man you used to call your 'father' gripped your hair tightly. Your father was a physically strong man, you knew the consequences of disobeying him. He stared directly at you with his dull and lifeless eyes as whimpers fell past your lips. Letting go of your hair, he harshly kicked your stomach, making you hunch over in pain. During times like these your brother would be there to stop the harm your so called 'father' inflicted on you.
But your brother wasn't there. Your brother was dead.
As your father repeatedly hit you, you shut your eyes tightly. You wanted this to end.
You just wanted to die.
Waking up in a sweat , you heaved as you woke up, tears threatening to flow down. You've been having for months. A nightmare you couldn't escape. It had been years since you ran away from 'home' and found by the Prince of Briar Valley. Malleus Draconia.
The moment you saw him during that night, he took your breath away. You've never met someone more beautiful.
Well, it wasn't like you knew anyone else other than your family members.
He let you stay with him, in the castle. As you laid your eyes on the castle, you couldn't take your eyes off of it. Your brother always used to tell you stories about princes and princess, how they lived in a luxurious castle. It was your dream to see one.
Malleus smiled at your awestruck face.
Ever since then, you've been attached to the fae, never leaving his side. You always looked for him whenever you had a nightmare, whenever you're sad.
Walking along the dark hallways of the castle. You looked at the portraits that were put up in the walls. You were on your way to Malleus's room, seeking comfort from the male. Stopping in front of Malleus' room, you raised your hand to knock but hesitated.
What if he gets mad that I'm bothering him this late?
You thought about it for awhile and decided to just return to your room. As you were about to walk away, the door opened.
"Child of man. Why are you awake this late?"
Despite already knowing why, Malleus chose to ask. Hearing no answer he opened the door wider, allowing you to come inside.
"Did you have another nightmare?" You said nothing, but nodded your head shyly. Malleus laid down on his bed patting the space beside him, signaling you to lay down beside him. As you did, Malleus wrapped his arms tightly around you, as if to say.
'I'm here to protect you.'
He stroked your hair gently. You wondered what would have happened to your well-being if you didn't run away and met Malleus that night.
You loved Malleus but at the same time you felt... bad. Whenever you were down or sad, you'd look for Malleus. You did that everytime. It made you feel bad.
Would he grow tired of me and leave me if I continue doing that?
Those thoughts never seemed to leave.
You clutched Malleus's shirt tightly looking up at the fae who seemed to be looking back at you. "What's the matter?"
You hesitated to speak, which the male seemed to pick up on.
"You can tell or ask me anything."
A sigh left your lips. "Malleus... Isn't this tiring?"
Malleus tilted his head. Confused. "What do you mean by that?"
"I-I always go to you w-whenever I'm sad or down and I-" Malleus seemed to pick uo on what you meant and stopped you from speaking.
"I assure you, that it isn't that way. Child of man, I care for you and I want to be the one who'll be there for you everytime you feel any negative emotions."
Others would say that those were just simple words of comfort. But to you those weren't just 'simple words', no one has ever said things like those to you other than Malleus and hearing those words slipping past the person you painfully love, made you feel something you've never felt before.
You hugged malleus tightly, never wanting to let go. Butterflies erupted in your stomach as Malleus left a gentle kiss on the crown of your head.
Ever since the night you met Malleus, not a day has gone by when you haven't thought of him. Night and Day you dream of him. You'd rather die than live without Malleus. A life without him is like death itself.
─── ⋅ ∙ ∘ ☽ ༓ ☾ ∘ ⋅ ⋅ ───
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Tumblr media
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
-it’s parents day or something-
Random student: So MC, when’s your mom coming in?
MC: Um-well, I kinda got thrown into this world by myself ya know.
Random student: Oh how sad, looks like she’s gonna be a no show this year huh?
MC: *tearing up* It’s not like I even have choice!
Random student: Aweee does someone miss their mommy, that is if you even have one to *punch* -AACK!
MC: !
Deuce: You must have a death wish if you think you can talk to them like that. What kinda smug bastard shames someone longing for a mother?!
Random student: *scurries away*
Deuce: Don’t ever let me catch spewing that shit agai-
MC: *hugs* Thanks..
Deuce: *calmed down* ..Don’t mention it
Ms. Spade: Oh it’s so wonderful to meet you honey, I’ve heard so much about you!
Deuce: Mom!
MC: Awe thank you Ms. Spade I’m just happy to be there for your son.
Ms. Spade: Speaking of which, sweetie have you-
MC: Oh are you talking about the trash? I actually took the liberty of taking that out earlier, I noticed it was overflowing a bit. I also tackled those dishes for you, and don’t worry Deuce should be free for the rest of the day. I made sure he did all his work and was well rested for our day out.
Ms. Spade: ..honey either you’re taking my job or marrying my son which one is it gonna be?
Deuce & MC: EHHHHHH?!?!
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angelltheninth · 1 month
TWST Men Taking Your First Time
Pairing: Ace Trappola, Trey Clover, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, first time, oral sex, gentle sex to rough sex, biting, scratching, corruption kink, overstimulation, praise, mating press, clit stimulation, blowjobs, handjobs, safe words
A/N: Been getting a lot of first time/virginity loss requests for the TWST characters so I decided to put them all into one post.
Ace tries to make it fun. As in tell a few jokes to lighten the mood, make you laugh, make sure you're feeling relaxed and comfortable. Yes, you're both naked right now and he's got a boner but that doesn't mean that anything has to change between you two. He's still touching and kissing you just like before, with his cock slowly working into your pussy, very slowly, stopping every time your breath hitches, and then he kisses you again, smiling at you until you relax, until he's bottomed out inside of you and you're ready to let him move.
Trey starts out slow, kissing your thighs as they part for him, humming and licking against your skin, letting you relax against the bed. His goal is both to overstimulate you to the point of almost crying just from eating you out, but also let you have a taste of what it's gonna be like in the future. He can't get enough of your taste, your hips bucking into him for more friction. If his cock didn't ache he'd be happy to do this all night. Once he sees you're wet enough he pushes inside of you in a single thrust, establishing an easy going pace, still keeping you on the edge instead of letting you fall over it. This is gonna take all night, so you best get comfy with his cock inside you.
Leona will make you're you're marked up during sex. Where ever he can mark you he will, your neck, breasts, shoulders, belly, thighs, back, wrists, everything that you are will be his by the end of the night. Including your virginity, that pretty pussy that's he's wanted to sink his cock into for so long. He warns you beforehand that he will be a little rough but you can stop him at any time, just say the word you agreed on. Ah but you can't, you won't, his cock feels so good as it's rapidly pushing in and out of you, making your pussy wetter, tighter and looser at the same time, making you his, and him yours as you exchange bites.
Azul might be a bit of a controlling, kinky man but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his gentle side. Although you're one of the rare, fortunate souls that gets to see it. His darker side? That slowly comes into play on your first night with him, where he enjoys how you lick his cock, when he tells you to get yourself ready for him but not to come, he will do that for you. In time. When he pushes you down to the bed he looks at your face, that hazy, lustful look in your eyes that mirrors his perfectly, and you poor, empty cunt, just begging for him to fill it with cock and cum. He looks forward to corrupting you further, until you're hopping on his cock every day like a bitch in heat.
Kalim is careful and romantic with you for your first time. He takes a while to explore and worship your naked body, paying attention to how you react when he presses his finger or tongue over his clit, how your pussy reacts to having a real cock inside it for the first time. He rolls his hips slowly, letting you get used to the feeling of being stretched out, whispering sweet words and promises of making you happy as your pussy grows accustomed to him, as he slowly guides you to your first orgasm of the night.
Vil is all about making you feel good. Sure he's showing off while doing it, licking you up every way he knows how, curling his fingers just right to make your hips rise from the bed, making you pull his hair to get him closer. If he could get closer he would, as it is he can only become one with you, his cock in your pussyhole, his hips against yours, his mouth against yours, his fingers intertwined with yours as his thrusts become faster, but not sloppy, he never does anything sloppily, not even sex. Especially not when it's your first time.
Idia thought you'd just do oral, handjobs and fingering for the night. He's already sucked his cum off your fingers once. But when you push him down and align his cock with your entrance, waiting for him to nod... his hands grab anywhere they can, the room suddenly much hotter as he nods furiously and clenches his teeth when you sink down on him. He's trying so hard not to just start thrusting up like a mad man. Fuck, you feel so good around him. You seem a natural at riding cock, rolling your hips perfectly. You better take it slow, or else he's gonna finish too soon.
Malleus is just as nervous as you are. He wants to provide you with the best experience possible, yet he's fighting his instincts that are yelling at him to just... take you. Make you his. Claim you. He holds back for your sake, at least until you're a few rounds in and you give him the okay to fold you like a pretzel and rut his cock balls deep inside of you. He's been waiting for so long, taking it gentle, his balls hurting from the cum stored inside of them, he wants to see how long you can keep up, and what your pussy can't do... well... as long as you're willing he can take your virginity in other holes too.
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sandbees · 5 months
What if.. The ret of the disney villains came to NRC. Like the staff meeting their twisted forms, and I want to see Jamil meeting Oogie boogie
Watch as Crewel smacks his villain counterpart because she literally killed puppies
Ok but seriously? I feel like the teachers might punch their counterparts.
“I loved my step daughter like she was my own…how dare you.”
“You need to forget about yourself and start thinking about improving that mental state of yours, Gaston! A hundred laps together! >:(“
“…No. ❤️”)
NOOO POOR JAMIL, HE’S GONNA BE TRAUMATIZED (As will a bunch of NRC students if Oogie Boogie is allowed to run free on the campus! Yuu sobs as they’re suck in their basement with their worst fears along with Grim)
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twistedwonderlandsimps · 11 months
Little Misfortune!Yuu
I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Little Misfortune!Yuu brainrot!
Finally, the promised thing is here. I did say I was going to make this one day in one of my earlier asks. Well, here it is.
Yuu isn’t a child here. They’re all grown up but they still have the same morbid humor.
And who’s with them when they get transported into another world? Well, Mr. Voice, of course!
Mr. Voice is a limitedly omniscient being and probably lives in the 4th dimension or something. He’s just hanging around Yuu and acts as a father figure/narrator because he practically adopted Yuu and didn’t have the will to kill them when they were young and now here they are.
Or maybe he was successful and Yuu died but they were adopted by Mr. Voice soon after, whatever floats your boat.
Anyway, the only one who can hear Mr. Voice is Yuu.
Yuu also has that very distinct accent from the game because I say so. It’s cute and makes the morbid things that comes out of their mouth more horrifying.
Also, Mr. Voice probably sometimes lovingly refer to Yuu as ‘little misfortune’ as a nickname.
“Mr. Voice, I don’t like being trapped in here.” Yuu worriedly says once they woke up to find themselves trapped inside a coffin. “Can you help me get out?”
“Don’t worry, Yuu. I’m sure you’ll be out soon. Ah! Speaking of, here comes a cat. What might this little creature be doing to come here? Perhaps they’re going to help you get out of that coffin? It seems so! You might want to brace yourself, little misfortune.”
The moment the coffin opens up, Yuu faceplants on the ground with a loud ‘oomph!’.
“Are you okay, Yuu?”
“I’m okay, Mr. Voice.” Yuu says, pushing themselves off from the ground and dusting the dirt off from their clothes. They then looked around their surroundings and said in a voice full of awe, “Where are we?”
“We seem to be in a completely different place. Maybe even perhaps a different dimension?” Mr. Voice replies in his ever-so-calm manner.
“Woah! For reals? Are we going to have an adventure? I like adventures! Hehe.”
“Well, if you want to, then yes.”
The father-child moment gets broken by none other than Grim who butts in, “Who are you talking to, human?! Gah, nevermind that, give me your robe!”
Yuu manages to escape Grim safely with Mr. Voice’s guidance. That doesn’t last long because Grim finds them soon after.
Trust me when I say Mr. Voice was ready to throw hands at that moment.
Remember, Mr. Voice might not have a body but he can affect Yuu’s plane of existence.
Causing destruction or whatever, as long as the scene is within his ‘screen’ or in other words his point of view, is child’s play for him.
Luckily for Grim, Crowley arrived.
Guess no punting Grim to the horizon for today. Can’t say the same for the future overblot boys, though. May the Great Seven save their souls.
Anyway, they’ve arrived at the Mirror Chamber.
Yuu was hesitant to go in at first.
“There’s a lot of people inside. I don’t know how to feel about this, Mr. Voice.”
“It’s alright, Yuu. You don’t have to worry about anything. I’ll always be with you.”
“For reals?”
“Yes, for real. Now go in and show all those people inside you’re not someone to be messed with!”
“Hehe, okay!”
Yuu is not threatening at all. Not one bit. They like to think they are and Mr. Voice likes to encourage them and make them believe they are but no.
Anyway the ceremony goes off without a hitch, aside from Grim almost burning it down that is, and Yuu’s brought to Ramshackle.
“Creepy and spooky!” Yuu exclaims with a small giggle but they don’t seem worried or scared.
“Now, now, Yuu. It might look rundown on the inside but I’m sure it’s better on the inside.”
[Cut to Crowley and Yuu standing inside Ramshackle where it’s obviously not much better than the outside.]
Mr. Voice: “Well, alright then.” *proceeds to trip Crowley as he was heading out, making the Headmaster stumble, fall, and break through the dilapidated floor and down through the basement*
Mr: Voice: “That should take care of him for now. What say we go upstairs and find a nice comfy bed you can sleep on?”
Anyway, imagine Yuu and witnessing overblotting.
Someone: *overblots*
Yuu: “Yikes forever.”
And when the overblot’s finished, Yuu just sprinkles the overblottee a fistful of glitter.
“I hope you feel better now. Glitters always make me feel better.”
“You eat glitter, my little misfortune. I don’t think eating glitter makes anyone feel better.”
“Hush now, Mr. Voice.”
Where does Yuu even keep their seemingly infinite source of glitter from? Even Mr. Voice, as omniscient as he is, doesn’t know.
Now that I think about it, they’re probably going to be constantly throwing glitter all over the campus since they sprinkle it everywhere that they believe needs happiness, and it cheers them up.
And NRC is a very gloomy place.
My god, can you imagine that part where Riddle insult Yuu, their parents, and their education?
The braincell group gets angry, Ace punches Riddle but then Yuu just casually pipes up with:
“Hey! That’s rude, you know. My mommy and daddy were always busy arguing with each other and drinking juice so sometimes they forgot about me.”
“As I said before, their behavior isn’t an excuse for them to neglect you, Yuu.” Mr. Voice says.
“Really? Damn.”
Mr. Voice was slightly conflicted since technically Riddle was mocking Yuu’s parents and was trying to mock Yuu’s upbringing through them. Of course it doesn’t really work that well since Yuu’s parents weren’t the best people so he was kind of right.
Also imagine Yuu approaching Riddle post-overblot and asking, “Do you have your own Mr. Voice, too?”
“Mr. Voice?”
“Yeah! He talks in my head and knows a lot of things. He takes care of me because my mommy and daddy can’t.”
“I don’t think I have this… Mr. Voice you speak of.”
“Oh… Ok! I’ll just share him with you then and he can take care of both of us.”
Also, I like to think that since Mr. Voice is in another plane of dimension that’s beyond Yuu’s is that he can see what the players can see.
That means that he can see the overblot boys’ flashbacks and tells Yuu all about it.
“I don’t like Riddle’s mommy. She sounds mean. Can’t you do anything about this, Mr. Voice?”
“Unfortunately, I can’t. The only one who can make a choice regarding this is Rosehearts himself. The only thing we can do is give him support and help him when he needs it.”
Also, I don’t know why but I ironically think Mr. Voice would have a favorable impression on Ace.
Not at first, of course, since they insulted Yuu and all but he was thoroughly impressed with the Heartslabyul student when he defended Yuu later on and even called Trey out for being a bad friend to Riddle.
Anyway, Yuu probably doesn’t hide that they can hear Mr. Voice and even talks to them but since no one else can hear Mr. Voice, they seem a wee bit weird talking to thin air and staring off into nothing.
Except for the braincell trio and maybe some other people. They, at some point, start to believe Mr. Voice exists.
Because really?
Cater: “Prefect, do you know anything about how Trey got injured?”
Yuu: *silently looks to wherever Mr. Voice is*
Mr. Voice: “I believe this problem has something to do with the… Savanaclaw Dorm, was it? Specifically, someone by the name of Ruggie Bucchi. The one that Grim traded his lunch with the other day ago, remember him? He’s the one who has been causing all these accidents.”
Yuu, turning to the others: “Mr. Voice says it’s because of Ruggie Bucchie from Savanaclaw. He said that he was the one causing all the accidents.”
Ace: “Alright, case closed. Now let’s get the pitchforks.”
Unfortunately since they had no evidence yet and can only rely on Mr. Voice’s (someone who the majority still believes is just a product of Yuu’s overactive imagination and is in no way real) word, they can’t do anything but they do keep a closer eye on the Savanaclaw Dorm.
Also, I like to think that Lilia would want to adopt this Yuu.
Like, hm? Your parents were crappy and neglected you your whole life? Sometimes even hurting you? Well, well, well, would you like to instantly get a parental figure and immediately be adopted?
Mr. Voice has a contender for the parent role and it’s not Crowley.
“Mr. Lilia, Mr. Voice told me to tell you that ‘You are not going to be taking my ward away from me you overgrown bat.’”
Speaking of Crowley, every time he’s within Yuu’s vicinity, and subsequently in Mr. Voice’s point of view, dead birds will fall from the sky no matter if he’s inside a building or outside.
Mr. Voice is just that petty.
Also, just thinking about when the braincell group visit Ramshackle, gets bored, and goes over through Yuu’s stuff and they see a bloodstained rock that had a sad face drawn on to it.
“Hey Yuu, what’s the deal with this rock? Why does it have blood on it?”
“I got that stone when daddy threw it at me once. I call him Stony because he’s a stone.” Yuu said and giggled, not noticing the silent horrified looks their friends gave them.
Wait, wait, I just thought of something…
What if the reason Yuu got their name was because their parents couldn’t be bothered to think of a name for them and just constantly called them ’you’.
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