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blackopals-world · 1 day
Vet!Yuu: Did you know that hyenas still have the winter coat gene? If exposed to cold weather they grow an extra layer of thick fur like wolves.
Ruggie: *having his extra fluffy hair brushed and is mad*
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Azul: leave
Yuu: I would love to, but Grim is eating
Azul: leave him alone then
Yuu: are you sure that leaving Grim without supervison would be a smart move
Azul: ...
Yuu: thought so
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twst-gossip · 2 days
Yuu: Why do I smell updog? Grim: What's up dog? Ghost A, pointing out the window: I think it might be that (cut to Jack up a tree outside Ramshackle Dorm fighting a crow) Yuu: Grim: Ghost A:
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lunareclipses-moments · 14 hours
Red string of trouble
Tumblr media
Idia x FAB reader
Words count:1.2k
That's part 2 , but you can read both of them separately
Part 1
Tags: @ryuuisthecutest
Tumblr media
As the first rays of sunlight nudged the humans, some were reminded of their responsibilities, reluctantly emerging from the small safe haven known as bed, groaning and clearly dissatisfied with being awake. The other half remained wide awake, potentially completing a late assignment, gaming into the night, shedding tears and seeking forgiveness from God (Rollo), or possibly grappling with insomnia.
One the other hand Ortho Expecting his brother to be wide awake, Ortho anticipated the usual sight of him glued to his computer screen as if it were his lifeline. However, that morning brought an unexpected change. His brother was sprawled on the floor, fixated on his thumb like a lovesick high schooler, giggling, and mumbling words in a charmingly incorrect manner.
"Ortho!! You're awake! How was your power nap?" exclaimed Idia, unusually excited and brimming with life, a stark contrast to his usual demeanor.
"Who is this?! What did he do to my gloomy, depressed older brother? Is this the real world, or am I still dreaming? Yeah, probably,"Ortho pondered deeply. Deciding not to spoil his mood, he chose to ignore it for now.
"It was great, nii-san. But what put you in such a great mood, especially in the morning?" Ortho inquired.
Huh, me? I'm always in a good mood when I see the most adorable robot, who happens to be my lovely younger brother," Idia said, faking an innocent face to lure his younger brother.
'Liar! Oh, that's probably because I took his lab coat and forbade him from wearing it indoors to game,' Ortho thought, starting to feel slightly annoyed by his older brother's bad hygiene habits.
"No, I'm not giving your lab coat back. Deal with it," Ortho stated as he made his way towards the door. Idia hurriedly closed it, panicking, "No, wait! That's not what I was going to ask!"
"So you want something from me. I am hurt, nii-san," Ortho faked an expression of being hurt to tease his brother. Idia was starting to think he hurt the little robot's feelings.
"No, no, no, you got it all wrong—" but Ortho interrupted him before he could continue his sentence.
"I'm just joking, nii-san. Of course, I am happy to help with anything, except illegal behavior, of course," Ortho finished with a little giggle.
"You know, maybe I'm starting to regret letting you resign from the film club," Idia said, feeling like a fool being played by his brother like that.
"You still didn't answer my question, though," Ortho asked, ignoring his last pity remark.
"Define illegal?" Idia asked, not meeting Ortho's gaze. On the other hand, Ortho was starting to worry about what kind of foolish things his brother got himself into, or maybe he was planning something harmful.
"I don't know, maybe kidnapping?!" answered a very concerned and confused Ortho.
"For your information, the king of the underworld kidnapped his lover, and she still loved him back."
"Idia... That was a story our parents used to tell us before bed. You're not planning to kidnap someone, are you?" Ortho was in a frenzy from his brother's crazy ideas, and a very uncomfortable silence fell between them.
"Is this the part where you tell me you were joking?" asked Ortho, trying to break the silence.
"Nope, I am dead serious," replied Idia without hesitation.
"But that's the part where I leave and forget that this conversation happened," giggled Ortho.
"Unless you want me to cook up a plan that doesn't involve kidnapping and Stockholm syndrome," ortho suggested as idia analyzed his plans and the possibilities. He thought that maybe giving Ortho a chance might help him.
"But if it doesn't work, we'll go back to my original plan," Ortho couldn't help but sigh at his brother.
"Ah, fine. But only because I know my plan will work just fine. Go get some sleep; you look like a sleep-deprived zombie," he added, knowing he was dealing with Idia.
"Sleeping is overrated."
"Go to bed, or I am calling Mum." Ortho was ready to stoop that low just to get his brother to bed.
As the day went by, Idia couldn't help but feel like something was amiss. After his previous conversation with Ortho, the little robot was nowhere to be found. Worry started to gnaw at him, but his concerns were momentarily replaced when Ortho sent him a text, instructing him to go to the woods behind the ramshackle dorm in the dead of night.
'I have a very bad feeling about this,' Idia thought to himself, screaming internally.
Meanwhile, with Ortho and the ramshackle perfect, Ortho was set on putting his plan into action. Following his unconventional conversation with Idia, he sought out the perfect. If his brother couldn't talk to her normally, then he would help him, whether Idia liked it or not.
This led him to engage in a pleasant conversation with the perfect, highlighting how wonderful his brother truly was and how much of a sweetheart he could be once you got to know him. Surprisingly, the perfect seemed to take a liking to Idia.
'Everything is falling according to the plan,' Ortho couldn't help but think to himself.
"You know, Ortho, I actually enjoy talking with you. It feels nice conversing with an intelligent being once in a while," her words filled Ortho's ears, eliciting a giggle from him.
"You know, Perfect, I made a surprise for you," Ortho's words reached her, and she couldn't help but feel confused.
"Huh, me?"
"Yeah, you. I heard that you were searching for your soulmate, and I think I can help you," Ortho's voice carried a hint of knowing something she didn't.
"Well then, what are you waiting for?! Lead the way, lil guy."
"Heheh, I knew you would listen to me,but you will lead the way , we will you the string around your finger as our guide " their laughter filled the small forest as they ventured into the pitch black forest
On the other side, as Idia walked into the small forest, he couldn't help but groan at the soreness he felt, and the burning sensation around his thumb wasn't helping at all.
'Ortho, you're lucky that I love you because if I didn't, I wouldn't be here,' he sighed. Despite the discomfort, he continued walking, occasionally bumping his head into random tree branches. After five minutes of aimless wandering, he heard voices.
The voices were familiar, in fact, it was his brother's voice along with another. Out of curiosity, he stealthily made his way closer to eavesdrop on his brother's conversation. However, his not-so-subtle attempt at stealth was thwarted when he accidentally snapped a stick under his foot, prompting the perfect and Ortho to look around in confusion.
"Huh, no, I didn't hear anything at all," Ortho replied, attempting to divert the perfect's attention away from the mysterious noise who was probably his brother;to salvage his plan.
"I swear I heard something."
"Well, if you're interested, I can look for it, but you have to follow the red string on your pinkie, though."
"No 'buts,' go!" Ortho insisted, lightly pushing her forward.
"Fine, but if I get kidnapped, it's your fault."
"Don't worry, no one will kidnap you today, at least," he muttered the last words to himself with a sarcastic laugh.
"What was that?" the perfect questioned, catching Ortho off guard.
"Nothing at all"
As the perfect followed the red string, she felt like she was chasing prey that kept slipping away every time she got close. Unbeknownst to her, Idia was indeed running away from her, fueled by a desperate attempt to avoid being caught. However, his limited stamina betrayed him, leaving him gasping for air while leaning against a tree for support.
"Finally found you! Do you know how many sticks and stones I tripped over to reach you?" she exclaimed as she approached the crouched and breathless Idia. Despite the guilt creeping in, he mustered the courage to turn around and face her.
"Well, congratulations on finding what you were searching for. But sorry to disappoint you, though. I'm not going to be your knight in shining armor or the prince that will whisk you away to his fairy castle. Feel free to turn around and go home. I'm ready for rejection," he added with a touch of sarcasm before turning away and attempting to walk off.
Just then, he felt something grab his hand. "Look, we landed on the wrong foot here. How about we get to know each other first? Even though Ortho told me a lot of great stories about you, I'd like to hear it from your mouth. I'll start first," she suggested, extending her hand for him to shake.
"Hello there, my soulmate. My name is Y/n; I am the ramshackle perfect. I'm not from here, and I would like to know more about you." To say Idia was stunned was understandable, but he wasn't about to let this opportunity slip away, so he shook her hand.
"Idia Shroud, Ignihyde dorm leader. Nice to meet you too, I guess."
"Ortho was right; you can be nice when you want to be," she exclaimed with a little giggle.
"Speaking of Ortho, where is he?" she wondered, looking around.
"No idea, but I wouldn't worry too much. He's probably here hiding somewhere."
Unknown to them, the little robot was sitting in the tree above them, silently observing as they chatted the night away. Ortho, perched in the branches, watched with a contented smile as his matchmaking efforts unfolded. The trio enjoyed each other's presence without realizing that this ordinary night would lead them to something even more magical.
As they laughed and shared stories under the moonlit canopy, the small forest became witness to the beginning of a beautiful journey. Little did they know, the magic of that night would set the stage for countless more enchanting moments and enduring connections, weaving a tapestry of memories that would last a lifetime. The little robot, hidden among the leaves, silently celebrated the success of his unexpected and heartwarming adventure in bringing two souls together.
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mrsrookhunt · 5 months
MC: *Muttering* Damn this little bird bitch...
Vil: *Appears* Are you talking about Neige?
MC, staring at the duolingo reminder that's still plaguing them from their home world*
MC: Yes.
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equestriagirl16 · 1 year
—Random School Game Show—
Host: And for your final question! Please identify this statue.
Ace: …Like are we supposed to know that??-
Deuce: How could you have possibly guessed that?
MC: I attend all of Malleus’s Gargoyle Appreciation meetings.
Malleus: *from a distance within the crowd* YOU DO CAAAAAARRREEEEE!!!!
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aerith-jade · 10 months
Yuu: It's Valentine's Day, so I sent a box of chocolates to the hottest guy in school.
Grim: Yeah, about that. The card on your box literally said, "To the hottest guy in school." So now they're all fighting about who that could be.
Yuu, smiling: I know! I'm not in love with anyone in particular. I just wanted to start a fight.
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rayroseu · 7 months
Tumblr media
*book 7 pt 3 orientation*
dont mind me implying nrc a kindergarten rn--
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demon-lover-669 · 7 months
I just need to put this image in y’all’s head
Lilia owning this bed but in hot pink
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Twisted wonderland incorrect Quotes #33
Tumblr media
{At jade’s funeral}
Azul: *puts hand on the headstone and sobs* How could you do this to me Jade
Azul: We are so understaffed.
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moonlit-midnight · 5 months
TWST incorrect quotes
Tumblr media
Floyd: Wanna hang out with me, angelfish?
Y/N: I can’t, I have a deadline to meet 
Floyd: *takes your hand and drags you out of your room* I’m not taking no for an answer 
Y/N: Fine! Let’s go, my project can wait 
*seven hours later*
Jade: *finds you in the kitchen at 1:00 A.M., papers scattered across the floor*
Jade: What are you doing, little pearl?
Y/N: Eating five slices of pizza and a whole slice of REGRET, what do you think I’m doing?
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blackopals-world · 5 months
Vet!Yuu:(shakes bag of treats)
Ruggie:(running at mock speed to get there first)
Vet!Yuu:(pulls Churus out of fridge)
Leona:(suddenly appears and grabs Yuu from behind) That's mine right?
Vet!Yuu: (puts pear yogurt in a bowl)
Jack: (waits patiently for snack like a good boy)
Vet!Yuu:(pulls leftover BBQ out of fridge)
Epel: (staring like a unfed ferel chihuahua waiting for food bowl to be put down)
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manscaped · 11 days
Gifts That Sleigh 🎁
Tumblr media
⏰ Limited time only! ⏰ Get 20% off + free shipping on all the best men's grooming products. 
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Yuu: (holdign Grim) guess who will have to starve today
Grim: (crying) how dare you starve the great Grim!
Yuu: you ate my cooking ingredients
Grim: it was tuna!
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coralinnii · 9 months
Malleus has one fear
Grim: Yuu, pick me up!
Yuu/MC picking up Grim to barely reach Malleus’ eye level
Grim: hear me, dragon man!
Malleus, amused: I have no reason to, cat creature. I hardly need to fear anything
Grim: I’ll make sure my henchhuman never speaks to ya *looks to Yuu/MC* hey, don’t ever talk to this guy
Yuu/MC, confused: Uhh…ok? But I doubt that’ll work on Mal-
Malleus: Speak your demands.
Yuu/MC: ???
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trixiegalaxy · 11 months
Tumblr media
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mrsrookhunt · 5 months
Twisted Wonderland, but Yuu tells Rook they know embroidery
Rook: Ah, hats off to you-!
*dramatically sweeps his hat off*
*Sees 'YUU WAS HERE' stitched into the brim*
Rook: ....
Rook: ..Is this...?
*Yuu, already walking away*: I have my ways, Hunt!
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