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blackopals-world · 2 days
Yuu:We should go on vacation. A break to see and tour some new places would be nice.
Jamil:We can't, you'd get mad at me.
Yuu:Why would I be mad?
Jamil: You'd never make it out of the hotel room for the entire trip. Then you'd blame me. Not that you'd have the energy to.
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i gave jamil a gun
Tumblr media Tumblr media
and then of course
Tumblr media Tumblr media
the images were taken from the kitchen gun video. i thought it suit him
i gave him a gun instead of a chainsaw. he has the most to deal with out of everyone ive done so far. i also think the chainsaw fairy (lilia) would want to add some variety every now and then just to make it ✨chaotic✨
edit: i tried to fix his hand + sleeve in the second drawing whoops
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artsybelle1015 · 3 days
Not Safe Here
In the mirror, he saw him.
Tumblr media
Warnings(!!): hallucinations, panic attacks, minor injuries, SPOILERS FOR BOOK 4!!!!
Part One || Part Two
He hissed, feeling a burn settle onto his hand. Quickly turning off the stove, Jamil held his wrist and investigated the feeling. Just as expected, it was oil from the cooking that had done this, leaving a little yet painful mark on the outside of his hand, close to the thumb.
How could he be so careless?
A sigh escaped his lips, he didn’t mean to get distracted while cooking; in fact, he never does. Strange.
Deciding to pause on the food he was making for himself, he turned off the stove and walked out of the kitchen to find a first aid kit in his bathroom. If it had been a meal for Kalim he would’ve simply pushed through, but it was only for himself so he didn’t think it meant much to eat right away.
Turning on the sink on, he ran the hand under the cold yet gentle water. It had reminded him of Kalim’s Oasis spell.
Glancing upwards into the mirror, where the first aid would be behind, his eyes widened. He backed away and instantly tripped near the bathtub. The middle of his spine protested against the sudden hitting from landing back into the tub, but he could care less about that right now.
In the mirror, he saw him. The overblot.
It had only been a couple of weeks since then, many people choosing to avoid him and fear him. He numbed himself to it though, it was already bad enough he hurt Kalim and betrayed his family’s oath, he didn’t want to think of his reputation. He didn’t want to think of his overblot.
But, it was staring at him, menacingly, tilting its head, ink spilling from its mouth with a huge grin, wide eyes.
His breath quickened, his lungs feeling as though there was a rock squishing on them and his lungs moved like a balloon being pressed down on and it was going to pop soon. Coughs came out, it felt like he had the ink welling up in his throat. As the coughing turned into pathetic chokes, he quickly snapped his eyes shut, tears pooling in them.
Everything faded at once… into a twisted black.
It felt like an eternity he stared into the darkness.
“Jamil?” called out a familiar voice. This voice ruined his state of numbness and peace in the void he saw.
Slowly opening his eyes, he was right back there, pressed to the bathtub, looking at the mirror. Only this time, it was him, his tired eyes and furrowed brows.
With quick steps, Kalim rushed in front of him and crouched. His face filled with concern and panic, he stayed close yet far to Jamil. “I’m so happy you’re awake. I saw the food on the stove in the kitchen, and you never woke me up so I was scared something happened to you!”
Those were the words Jamil could make out. The rest was just Kalim’s voice, just a muffled voice.
Jamil kept his eyes on the mirror, a blank and dead stare. Noticing he had eye-bags. Since when did he have eye-bags? It was probably from the inability to sleep he had gotten it from.
With a sigh, closing his eyes for a second to look at Kalim, he felt devoid of anything in that present moment. He just perched his back straight, not feeling the pain, and stared to Kalim, who was still talking.
Finally, Jamil spoke, “Enough Kalim, I’m fine.”
“How? I’ve never seen you in this state!” Kalim protested, leaning in closer. “And look at you, you look so tired!”
Jamil gently shoved him away and stood up, Kalim quieting down in response to that. Brushing off his dorm uniform, Jamil wanted to make sure it looked neat and not appear as thought he was panicking.
“Anything you want to eat?”
Kalim’s eyes widen. “How could you say that after just being like that?” Quickly standing up.
“It’s fine, okay? Just answer me.” There was no emotion coming from his voice, and he was beginning to walk back to the kitchen.
Quick footsteps followed behind. Kalim was extremely worried, yet Jamil could not care any less. A part of him still hated Kalim despite everything that happened. But, it was his job to serve for Asim family, whether he liked it or not, he must do so.
That said eldest son spoke up again, “I don’t want you to make me breakfast right now, I’ll just make it myself. You should go and lay down!”
Jamil stopped and sighed, turning over to him. “You know very well you can’t cook, and as I said I am fine, it was just a rough night and I got sleep anyways.”
Kalim brows lowered, he looked almost angry. “Jamil, you burned your hand.”
Looking at his hand, he remembered it, he had forgotten about it for some time and now that it was mentioned it started to hurt again. All he did was shove that hand into his hoods pocket and exclaimed, “Yes, but it’s small and inconvenient.”
“Jamil, I’m kicking you out.”
His eyes widened and he quickly stared at Kalim, exasperated look. “What?”
Kalim took a deep breath, and said in pure confidence, “Jamil, I know you have been tired and upset, I’m not stupid. You need to take care of yourself and clearly living here isn’t doing it.”
Jamil eyes went dead again, he was feeling angry now, but didn’t want to express it. When he was angry he overblotted. He didn’t want to do that again. “Kalim, you and I both know you can’t take care of yourself alone. It wouldn’t be a wise choice to do that.”
“Quiet!” Kalim hushed, then quickly covered his mouth in guilt, Jamil couldn’t care right now though. “Sorry! I didn’t mean it like that. I got this though, okay? Plus plenty of people who I can talk to! Jamil it’s important you do things on your own and get rest.”
“I’m not leaving.” Jamil decided to head back to the kitchen anyways and try to continue the day as normal.
Under no circumstance was he going to leave, it would be a foul idea. Jamil Viper leaving Kalim alone, what a ridiculous idea. His purpose in life was to serve, and serve he will. There is no anger or trying to seek revenge, he must push on.
Kalim rushed in front of him, blocking the entrance to the kitchen.
Raising an eyebrow, Jamil asked, “What are you doing?”
“Pack your bags!” Kalim cheered. “You and I are heading to the ramshackle.”
“You can’t be serious?” he was freaking out now, panic rising again, not as much as last night, but still a bad amount.
Oh sevens, he was a failure to his family and Kalim and Scarabia as a whole.
His head began to pound, vision getting fussy. Quickly grabbing his head he backed away stumbling a bit. He messed up, why did he have to manipulate people? Why did he try to hurt others? Why did he have to hate Kalim.
“Jamil!” Kalim screeched, grabbing his arm. This snapped Jamil out of his thoughts, staring at him with paranoid eyes. “It’s not safe for you to live here.”
Jamil lost his voice, everything hurt in him. His throat once again felt as though it was clogged by ink. This wasn’t fair.
Grabbing his hand, Kalim guided Jamil to his room.
Too much in shock, he just watched Kalim back up bags with uniforms and clothes for each day. All of his daily care stuff such as hairbrush, and toothpaste were being thrown in too.
Now that he thought about it he hadn’t brushed his teeth or hair, he didn’t make himself look presentable. He looked horrible and people were realizing it.
“Kalim…” Jamil choked out. “Doesn’t the Prefect hate me?”
Slowly turning his head, Kalim looked into his thin snake eyes and shook his head. “Well, you see I talked to the Prefect and we talked. It was their idea to let you in. In fact, they want to get to know you, the real you. Yes they’re not happy with you but…” he softly smiled “wouldn’t it be nice to make a new friend?”
Jamil honestly couldn’t remember much after that, only that he suddenly appeared at ramshackle.
Authors Note: First time I’ve ever posted a fanfic oh em gee. Anyways, thinking of a part two honestly, but it’s mostly for my own main character/Yuu. I enjoyed this though, so I hope whoever is reading did too!
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merotwst · 1 month
pov you visit ur boyfriend during basketball practice
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Azul said that you behave like a grandmother of first-year students
Azul: gently taps on the table MC/You: taps back Adeuce: what are they doing? Jamil: Morse code Azul: aggressively taps on the table MC/You: slaps on the table TAKE YOUR WORDS BACK-
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myuunji · 6 months
Tumblr media
Jamil snakeu hiss hisss
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dotster001 · 4 months
Hi hi! I saw your requests were open so I had an idea for some Twst boys well Floyd, Jamil, Rook, and Vil, weird group I know but they're my faves
So I've been dealing with burnout recently with school and I can imagine MC being a lot worse with Crowley and all- How would the boys react if one day MC just- passed out, like just randomly with out prompting. So maybe some comfort fluff?
Take your time you're amazing!
(thank you for your patience boo. I know this has been in my inbox for a while. I hope your burnout is better, and if not I hope this provides a little levity)
Part Two Part Three
Tumblr media
He's been so boooooooored lately. Shrimpy, why ya gotta spend all that time working for Crowley? You should be hanging out with him! But that's just kind of your way, and he knows he can't really stop you. So he mopes around the lounge while you're off doing who knows what.
When you stop by the Monstro Lounge, he is so fucking excited! It's the most alive he's seemed in weeks! But when you apologetically tell him that you're here to discuss food at the upcoming festival that Crowley has "graciously" allowed you to plan and manage with Azul, he gets pouty and storms off. 
He walks into the VIP room to apologize to you just in time to see you collapse. He immediately is scooping you up, not even processing what Azul is trying to tell him.
He takes you to his room, clears the clutter off his bed, decides it's not clean enough for, then lays you on Jade's bed. He grabs his fluffiest blanket, and wraps you up in it. He doesn't want to leave your side,  so he texts Jade to bring you a glass of water, and a mug of tea.
When he wakes up, he makes you drink both. He's a little intimidating about it,  but it's just because he's worried and wants to make sure you feel better fast. 
When you've drunk all that, he asks what happened. You tell him you've been so busy running around for this event, that you have had little time to take care of yourself, and your brain kind of shut itself off for a minute. He acts oddly calm during the explanation, then flops on top of you.
"I'm staying right here until you get some sleep, Shrimpy."
Once he's certain you are resting, he and Jade take a little trip to see a certain crow.
When you wake up, Floyd excitedly tells you that him and Jade are now your partners on the project! Yay! Floyd ends up doing a lot of the work, even without any prompting. It's a win win for him. You can take time to recover, and he has an excuse to be around you.
For some reason, when the event is over….your workload from Crowley is significantly smaller. How about that?
Tumblr media
Jamil knew this school was run stupidly and inneficiently. But when Crowley makes you, a student, fill in for a teacher who is on his honeymoon, as a professor, that's when he's lost all faith in NRC.
He offers to help you immediately, but you insist that you can handle it. He tries to argue with you on it, but you tell him that he already has too much to do, and you'd hate yourself if he added your workload to his. He begrudgingly lets you alone about it for now. He doesn't want to distress you.
You're grading papers in the Scarabia kitchen when you pass out mid sentence. He's calm under pressure, so he sighs, and carries you to the lounge laying you on one of the lavish sofas the Asim family provided. (He guesses they are good for something)
Kalim chooses that moment to walk into the room, and immediately panics. Jamil let's him know things are under control, then sends him to get a cold cloth. When he returns he places that on your forehead, and waits.
The second your eyes are open, he initiates snake whisper. He asks how long you've been awake, and you tell him the truth. You haven't slept in 30 hours, due to grading the 100+ midterm papers that needed to be finished by the end of the week. You hadn't eaten in 12 hours, and at some point every paper was looking the same 
Once he gets his information, he tells you he will be finishing the grading, and that after this you will not be helping Crowley until HE tells you it's a reasonable workload. Does he feel bad for hypnotizing you? Yes. Does he think this is the only way to make your brain take a break? Also Yes.
Once he releases you from the spell, he tells you you passed out, and that he's going to be taking care of you for a couple days. He sleeps on the floor while you take his bed. He stays up late and finishes the papers. He cooks you foods full of proteins to get your energy back up. He gives you warm milk with honey and cinnamon to help you sleep. 
He tells Crowley that he hypnotized you, and you will no longer be doing what he says without Jamil screening the workload. Bird man pouts about having to actually do his job instead of dumping everything on you, but your workload becomes much more reasonable after that.
Tumblr media
Vil would have to be very busy to not notice his sweet potato is not getting the rest they need. 
That said, he'd had to take two weeks off school after his new fashion line had had some major set backs. While he was gone, Crowley had swooped in with the paperwork Vil usually did, added the paperwork he was supposed to be doing, and you'd fallen out of the self care routine that Vil had worked so hard to make a habit for you. 
When he'd come back, he was working on his make up homework, while you were working on what he was horrified to find out late was his paperwork. He notices the bags under your eyes, and the way you rub them every couple minutes as though your vision is blurry, but he doesn't want to ruin what is the first moment he's had with you in two weeks. And it's so peaceful, the two of you quietly working in the same room. He's getting distracted by thinking about a future like this, when he feels you slump against him.
At first he thinks it's a bid for affection, which he is more than happy to give, but when you aren't responsive, he gets worried. He pulls out some smelling salts from his drawer (cause of course he has those) and once the smell brings you back to him, he runs his fingers along your scalp and asks what's been going on.
Once you tell him, he scowls, and walks into the bathroom for a moment. When he comes back, he tells you he's drawn you a bath. When you go into the bathroom, you see it's not only a bath, but a Bubble bath, where the bubble changed color and floated, and then popped in a shower of glitter.
Once you're in the bath, he puts a facemask on you, turns on some soothing music, and dims the lights. He assured you he will be back and leaves the bathroom. He stations Rook outside the bathroom door, because he knows he will hear it if something is wrong, then goes to yell at Crowley. (He's mortified when he finds out half of it was his paperwork)
He comes back to his room, and Rook tells him he can tell by your breathing that you are peacefully snoozing in the bath. Vil re-enters as Rook leaves, and wakes you up. He helps you finish cleaning up, then lets you borrow his softest pajamas. He makes you a smoothie, then holds you close, running his fingers through your hair, and pressing soft kisses to the crown of your head, until you drift off. He's taking you with him on his next business trip.
Tumblr media
Like Vil, there would have to be extreme circumstances for Rook to not have stopped you before the point of collapse. (In fact, we're going to work with that idea)
All the janitors had gone on strike. (Surprise) Luckily for Crowley, he had a perfect non magical student who would be so generous to fill in since their food, board, and classes were all free.
It was a job for multiple magic users, not ONE magicless student. You made it halfway through the day, before Rook gave up just stalking you, and decided to discuss how shaky your muscles had gotten and how you hadn't taken a lunch break yet.
He seductively backs you against a chair to trick you into sitting down for a moment, and then gracefully sits in your lap…and refuses to get up. His petit lapin will not work themselves to exhaustion. That wouldn't be very beautiful.
He texts Epel to bring you both lunch. You think once you eat, he will let you continue cleaning, despite how sore your body is. You are so silly! It's adorable that you would think that! He giggles then kisses your forehead. And that's when it fully hits you how trapped you are.
He carries you off to his room, and makes you lay down while he massages your tired muscles. You get lulled into complacency while he does so. He thinks it's adorable how safe you feel near a hunter such as himself.
Once your body is fully restored, you both pay a visit to Crowley, where Rook's eyes go dark, despite his ever present smile, and he tells him in no uncertain terms that you will not be a janitor, and that if your finances were truly an issue, he could take it up with Rook.
While Crowley would normally jump on any opportunity for money like that, Rook's eyes have a silent warning in them. Not that you notice. You're just enamored with your boyfriend acting as your knight in shining armor. Just the way he likes it.
Tag [email protected] @stygianoir @leonia0
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leinyy · 24 days
Tumblr media
But like just imagine being a background character of some form and noticing the peculiar partner after the third overblot then all of the sudden you see those two menaces in your dorm while your housewarden is getting too heated💀
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malleusgethomeplz · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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cleumuu · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
casual -> formal
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tezret · 8 months
EVIL BEING *points at adorable reader* EVIL
Jamil, picking you up by the armpits like a cat: Bastard
Kalim, taking you: NO!
Jamil, pointing to you: Horrible person, don’t date them, please
Kalim hugging you: NO!! they are perfect *squishes your cheeks together*
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alice-angel12x · 1 month
Death is always around the corner
Tumblr media
Jamil + Death!Reader
Riddle, Leona, Azul, Jamil, Vil, Idia, Malleus
Tumblr media
This is currently a slippery one. Death sighed as they flipped through Jamil's book. A servant who wished to be more than he is, to be number one.
This was certainly a tricky situation.
Winter had finally come to NRC, and it was Y/n job to use their magic to cover the land in snow as they put the plants and earth to rest.
As they did, y/n watched as the students gather in the mirror chamber, ready to head home. All the while Y/n watched from a distance, though this didn't go unnoticed by some people.
"Getting cold feet?" Leona yawned.
"They don't say it, but I know they don't want me near," Y/n answered simply.
"So you not gonna see your friends off?" Leona asked as he leaned again a nearby pillar.
"Friends?" Y/n asked with a surprised and confused expression.
"Do you not consider those first years you hang out with as friends?" Leona asked.
"I let them decide what I am to them. And I've never heard them address me as such. They only come to me when they need something from me," Y/n said simply.
Leona didn't know how to react to this. A part of him was happy that they are unaffected by this fact, while another part of him was not. Surely Aduece had more respect than that.
"Than I shall have a talk with them when the break is over," said Riddle as he suddenly appeared.
"Ah, hello Riddle. Not too enthusiastic about returning home I assume," Y/n said as they turned to face Riddle.
"Yeah, I want to try talking a little with Mother, too… Though, I’m not sure if she’s going to listen," Riddle said nervesly.
"Good for you Riddle. Though some words for you, even if things don't turn out well. At the end of the day, it is your life to write not hers. And when you become an independent adult she has no control over you," Y/n said with a soft smile.
"Thanks," Riddle nodded as he turned to leave.
Only for him to quickly turn back and hug Y/n tightly. Death froze as they felt arms wrap around their torso. Never feeling mortals affectionate touch before, they froze. Only managing to pat the boy's head.
Riddle had to let go of Y/n, cause they felt as cold as ice. But Y/n did see off Leona and Riddle, while Azul and the twins' stayed for it was too cold at home.
While Grimm took care of the fireplace, Y/n tracked down the next target. which was not hard since Grim was already inside Jamil's trap.
Y/n simply watched from the shadow, as Grim indulged in the food, till Kalim showed up. And Y/n would have stayed hidden if Grim had kept his mouth shut.
"W-when did you get here?" Jamil asked as Y/n stepped into the light.
"I was wondering where Grim ran off to this time. Since it's his job to keep the fireplaces going, and low and behold he is not doing his work," Y/n said as they glared slightly at the cat.
"Wha- I was hungry. And I was invited unlike you," Grim glared. "And you just killed the party atmosphere."
The vibe was indeed soured, as the music stopped and everyone seemed nervous in their presence. Even if the students weren't sure why.
Even Jamil could sense something was off about this student. Every possible instinct in the student's body was telling them to run. All except Kalim, who was either too oblivious to the change in vibe, or simply his heart was too big. Invited Y/n to the party.
Y/n Was thankful that there are a few humans like Kalim, who could somehow get past their cures and smile at them. Yet They couldn't help but feel sorry for the ball of sunshine.
For he naively believed that is always safe from harm, cause his "loyal friend" Jamil was always by his side. Sadly Jamil did not share that sentiment.
So Y/n watched as Jamil used his powers on Kalim to ruin the boys standing with his dormmates. Forcing the boys to walk through the scorching desert, and train to point of breaking.
One day on one of these desert walks, Jamil kept a tighter grip on Kalim with his magic. Making Kalim seem cruel by with holding water from them.
" It’s okay, I knew this would happen, so I packed some water. Go get them from the camels and share with everyone," Jamil said as started handing out water.
"Thank you very much. Ah… It would’ve been better if Jamil-senpai was our Prefect-" "Stop spouting such nonsense. What will you do if Kalim heard you?" Jamil cut the boy off.
Jamil filled one more bottle of water and slowly walked over to Y/n. Who was standing behind the crowd, and just looking around at the desert. Steeling his nerves he slowly approached Y/n in hopes of earning another ally to overthrow Kalim.
"Y/n, have some water you must be thirsty," Jamil offered, but Y/n didn't even turn to acknowledge him.
"I do not require water. Give it to grim, he could use some extra water," Y/n said simply as they stared blankly at the dried-up oasis.
"It's been two days and not once Have I seen you eat or drink anything. You can't keep abusing your body like this," Jamil pushed.
"Wow, You almost sound like you actually care for my well-being," Y/n said as they turned their head slightly. "But I know this is only an act."
Jamil's heart began to race as Y/n's red irises bore into his own, practically staring into his soul.
Jamil had to rethink his approach to this strange student Y/n. Maybe he would have to convince them to why. Yet they saw right through his lies and refused to help.
Jamil panicked, for he feared Y/n will be his undoing. So he started spreading rumors that the ramshackle students were in cahoots with Kalim.
With the student's pent-up anger and frustration, they began to take it out on Grim and Y/n. But whenever the students try to gang up on grim, Y/n would always steps in before anything could be done.
Y/n knew things were getting out of hand, so Y/n implanted a thought into grim. Just dig your way out, and get to the treasury, there is something there to help.
"That's a great idea, me," Grim said to himself as he did just that and escaped Scarabia. Jamil having enough of this and decide to Magically "lock" Y/n in their room.
The enchantment made the room invisible to everyone but him, yet Y/n didn't really react. But simply smiled and laughed at Jamil's scrambling.
Even when Jamil thought he was still in control of the situation, his sleep has been horribly affected. Night terrors, and seeing Y/n in places they most certainly are not.
As Jamil was cooking in the Kitchen, he heard something. he turned as he held the knife, only to see no one around. And It seemed that the spoon had simply. When he bent done to pick up the spoon, in the reflection was a pair of 2 red eyes glaring at him.
The boy gasped as he took a swing with his knife only to find he was still the only one in the kitchen. Jamil's heart was pounding as he heard an Eerie whistle fill his ear. He couldn't pinpoint where it was coming from.
The stove suddenly turned all the way and the fire quickly burned the food Jamil was cooking. The boy used water magic on the fire and once out, immediately left the kitchen.
As he navigated the dorm, with only the moonlight lighting his way. But the whistle still followed. Shadows that looked like a certain person stalked him throughout the halls. He could feel a hand grab at him, but nobody was there. He felt it around his neck as he felt a slowly tightening squeeze.
"Is it worth it? Snake?" Y/n's whispered in his ear. A cold breath blew against the shell of his ear.
Jamil was slowly finding it hard to breathe, as he put his hand over his neck. He started to grow weak as he was only getting enough breath to stay bearly conscious.
"Jamil?" A familiar called.
Jamil turned to see Kalim with a very worried expression on his face. Not even asking Kalim quickly helped Jamil, and escorted him back to his room.
But as they did, in the corner of his eye, he could have sworn. He saw Y/n staring at him, as a king cobra slithered out from their hood.
Things did not get easier when Octinvinalle began to interfere. And Eventually, he was exposed. He was finally pushed over. He came too far and his wish was just out of reach. so the ink took over.
So he sent Kalim, Azul, the Twins, and Grim flying over the horizon. In his crazed state, wished to rub his victory in Y/n's face. He went to the locked room, only to find it empty. The whistle began to haunt him again.
Jamil shouted and cursed Y/n, telling them that he has won. And that they were too late. But from a pillar high above him, Y/n watched with a downcast expression.
But after some time, Grim and the others took down the blot.
Jamil opened his eyes, and he found himself at a banquette mat. It was covered with a king-worthy feast. The boy had no idea how or why he was here in this strange and dark place.
"I called you here," Y/n said as they emerged from the dark and took a seat across from Jamil.
"What are you doing here Y/n? And where am I?" Jamil asked
"We are in the space between esse and quietus. A realm ruled by Life and myself," Y/n answered.
"S-so your... Death itself," Jamil said slowly as his eyes widened.
"Smart boy, you've always been very talented," Y/n smiled as they poured Jamil a drink.
"Are you trying to torture me?" Jamil asked as he eyed the food and drinks suspiciously.
"If I wanted to end your life, I would have just reaped it when you overbloted," Y/n said simply. " I Do not relish in Suffering. So no I am not torturing you."
"So then why are you holding me here?" Jamil asked.
"To give you some advice," Y/n said simply.
"Death giving life advice, that's rich," Jamil sighed.
"Says the guy who spent all this time an effort to be dorm leader. To prove that he is #1 and the best. When in the eyes of the world such a thing doesn't matter to them. And by the way, Kalim's never asked for Kalim to be dorm Leader," Y/n said.
"They simply wished that he be in the same dorm as his loyal servant. Crowley decided to put Kalim in that position as thanks for the donation," Y/n continued.
"Every one of them kept saying the same thing. “I’m sure you’ll understand,” they say. So… Who will be there to understand me?" Jamil asked with frustration.
"Your right, it is unfair. It's unfair that you have to hide your talents for fear of what the master may think," Y/n agreed, causing Jamil to look up in shock. "But you made a fatal mistake."
"And what would that be?" Jamil asked.
"You made enemies with the person who could have helped you. Kalim," Y/n said, causing Jamil to scoff and roll his eyes. "Alright, then explain to me this. Why do your parents fear their master so much?"
"It's because of Asim's pride. Kalim's father hates the thought of someone being brighter than him or his bloodline. Is this how would describe Kalim?" Y/n continue.
"No, of course not he'd... He would," Jamil said slowly, understanding what Y/n is trying to say. " Just talk to him about it. He would have understood."
Y/n explained that asking for help, or communicating an issue or problem does not make you any lesser than. But to make sure who you know your talking too
For not all humans are truest pure-hearted. So be carful of who you trust.
Y/n knew that Jamil has a long ways to go to not only achieve his dream. But to grow to be a better version of himself.
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wolken-himmel · 8 months
In which Jamil stumbles upon a little girl lost on campus. Saving (Y/n) from the child's pet monkey reveals something baffling.
This is their daughter from the future.
Request by @leonakingscholarship.
Tumblr media
"Sir, kind sir! Why won't you help me?"
Jamil tried his best to ignore the squeaky voice that called out to him from behind, followed by quiet yet hurried footsteps. The courtyards were empty at such an hour where most students were already in their cosy dorms, nobody wanting to experience the chill of the night. Thus, it was only Jamil and the strange girl he had encountered a few minutes ago.
Although he had told her dozens of times that he couldn't help her with how strange her request was, she wouldn't leave him alone. Even worse, she never stopped babbling.
So, eventually, his anger boiled over and he came to a stop, whirled around, and glared daggers at her. The young girl seemed slightly taken aback and froze in shock. Her reaction caused guilt to pool in his stomach, especially when he noticed how she was shaking from the cold. An exasperated sigh escaped his lips as he shrugged off his blazer and wrapped it around her, feeling protective all out of a sudden — but only to a certain extent.
"Look, I'm really busy running errands. On top of that, I also have a magic history test tomorrow," he said, his voice becoming graver with every second she looked up at him with those puppy eyes. Although his heart weighed heavy in his chest, he still waved her off. "I don't have time to play tour guide for you, girlie..."
Much to his surprise, she narrowed her eyes at him and put her hands on her hips. The usually threatening gesture simply made her look adorable, especially with the oversized blazer hanging around her shoulders. Still, she continued on confidently, "First of all, I'm not 'girlie'. I have a name: Zahra! And I don't want you to be my tour guide! I want you to help me find my way back home..." A huff escaped her lips as she calmed down again. "My dad and I were just playing Mancala outside— and now I'm here..."
Jamil played his surprise off by rolling his eyes. "Really, I don't have the time... What if Kalim destroys the kitchen again?" A shudder ran down his back at his own words, and the shudder was not because of the cold wind sweeping past them.
Zahra's eyes lit up immediately. "Kalim? Oh, Uncle Kalim!" she chimed in excitement and clasped her hands together. "He would surely help me if he were here..." Then, she narrowed her eyes slyly. "Unlike you, sir."
His eyes widened in confusion at her words: Uncle Kalim? But— he wasn't able to inquire further due to the way she latched onto him, her arms wrapped around his waist. When he tried to pry her away, she wouldn't budge and instead only looked up at him with an innocent smile.
The Scarabia student saw right through her tactic, and yet he couldn't let her insult sit on him, and he couldn't stay here all night, either, arguing with her. So, he eventually exhaled in annoyance and murmured, "...alright, before anyone gets injured, I'll just handle this myself."
At once, she removed herself from his waist and began jumping up and down in utter joy. Her shiny black hair bounced out and about, forcing him to hesitantly rearrange the wild of mop of hair on her head once she was done with her acrobatics. "Thank you, sir!" she cried out and clasped her hands together tightly. "And well..." A sheepish giggle escaped her lips. "I also lost my pet monkey when I landed here..."
Jamil's eyes grew to the size of saucers, and only then did he realise to which extent he had been tricked into helping. "A pet monkey—?" he asked in disbelief.
Having a monkey as a pet wasn't exactly uncommon where he was from, but the fact that she hadn't mentioned that little fact before made him grow angry.
Zahra clasped her hands together even tighter and began jumping up and down. "I'm sorry! Abu must have been really scared..." Yet, the smile on her lips never wavered as she yelled out, "But we'll find him! I'm sure—"
Jamil quirked an eyebrow. "Are you sure that your confidence isn't misplaced?" he asked, wincing when he realised how cold he had sounded.
Unexpectedly, the girl merely waved him off instead of beginning to cry and bawl her eyes out. The glare she sent him made him shrink into himself, even. And that was before she even began explaining, "My dad always told me to be confident and give my best! I'm not gonna stand here and give up, just because of some cowardly stranger..." She crossed her arms and gave him the stink-eye from the side.
Jamil was about to open his mouth to defend himself, but was then interrupted by a shrill scream coming from somewhere nearby, followed by that very person yelling, "Ah! Get that creature off me!"
His eyes grew upon recognising that voice. "Wasn't that (Y/n) screaming?" he mumbled, more to himself than to the strange girl.
However, Zahra had already begun running into the general direction of screams, as courageous and naive as she was. A few warning splutters escaped his lips, but he gave up and chased after her when she only ignored him.
Passing through a few corridors led to the curious scene of you frantically jumping around with your hands in your hair, and Grim zooming out and about with the intention to help you, although his attempts were futile. He even gave up and sank against the cool wall, leaving you to fend for yourself. "I-I can't catch it! It's too quick..." he mumbled between deep wheezes, utterly exhausted.
Jamil stormed over to you, and without much hassle, his nimble fingers were able to grab the monkey by the scruff of its neck. "Got it," he mumbled while holding the animal into the air, far away from you.
Zahra immediately snatched the monkey out of his hold and held it close to her. "Abu! There you are!" she cried out and ran her hand through its fur, actually managing to calm it down. "Don't you dare wander off again, you little mischievous monkey..."
A frustrated cry escaped your lips as you tried your best to fix your hair and clothing, Jamil timidly helping you. "So that monkey belongs to you!" You narrowed your eyes at the monkey when it stuck its tongue out at you. "Why do you even have one?" you seethed out, still glaring at the mischievous culprit.
"Uncle Ace gifted him to me for my first birthday And ever since, Abu has been my best friend! Aside from my dad and mom, of course."
Your tired eyes gazed at her distantly, your brain barely even comprehending what she had just said. Eventually, you just grabbed Grim, who had fallen asleep by then, and dragged him away into the distance. "...alright, let's just leave. I'm tired," you muttered under your breath without even turning around. "Goodbye, you guys..." With that, you disappeared behind a corner.
"How funny!" Zahra exclaimed and clapped her hands together, Abu imitating her as well. "That girl looked exactly like Mom in the pictures from back then..."
That was enough to confirm Jamil's suspicions, and his face grew sickly pale upon realising the truth. He could barely even force a gulp down some air before he turned away from Zahra and buried his face in his hands. "I think I need to lay down for a little bit," he muttered and began walking away mindlessly.
"Wait!" she yelled and ran after him. "Not before I've found my dad!"
Jamil exhaled in confusion. "You've found him already..."
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dollxmania · 8 months
Tumblr media
ㅤㅤㅤ ❝ 𝐊𝐈𝐒𝐒, 𝐏𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐒𝐄!❞
no tws, mildly suggestive, gn reader. established ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ relationship with vice dormleaders. do not send me requests, thanks. not proof-read!!
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎no context, only smooch. single paragraph snippets to get my author’s brain working. please feel free to imagine a scenario before/after the snippet.
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ❝ 𝐕𝐈𝐂𝐄 𝐃𝐎𝐑𝐌𝐋𝐄𝐀𝐃𝐄𝐑𝐒. ❞
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ coming from behind, he wrapped his arms around your waist, he peppered kisses along your neck to your jaw, capturing your lips in a kiss as you tilted your head towards him. biting your bottom lip, you whimpered as he pushed his tongue in, one hand still around your waist, the other trailing up your body and into your hair, ruffling it. pulling away with a small pant, he gave you a cheeky grin. “good morning, baking already?” Trey asked, giving you no time to talk as he leaned in for another kiss.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ tackling you to the ground, his fingers ran down your hips and begun tickling you, a wicked grin on his face. “ready to give in?” he chuckled as he watch your face flushed, panting as it became hard to breathe between the tickles and him beginning to sit on you. “i’ll ask again,” he teased, leaning down, “giving in?” nodding frantically so he’d stop the tickles, Ruggie’s grin only widened as his lips met yours, biting down and claiming his victory.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “and where do you think you’re going?” he questioned, tugging at your wrist and catching you against his chest, a teasing smiling tugging his lips. “to think my own lover would leave me like this before such a busy shift.” he faked a tear, only to swiftly move his hand from grabbing your’s to intertwined, and the other against your lower back as he pressed his lips against your’s, deepening the kiss. panting, you stare at him with half-lidded eyes, only for Jade to smile and walk away. “i suppose i’ll ready for my shift.”
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ his fingers ghosted against your skin as they trailed down your arm, reaching towards the pencil and correcting the answer you wrote down. “like this,” his hot breath whispered into your ear as you try to focus on the equation, rather than how you were sat in his lap with his other arm tightly clutching you. “are you paying attention?” he questioned, glimpsing at you before chuckling, catching you off guard in a kiss. accepting his kiss, Jamil deepened it, refusing to part until you were left breathless, a string of saliva connecting you both. “if you want another, then get the next one right.”
— ROOK HUNT. ꒱·˚
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ kissing your knee, he looked into your eyes, reaching to move the stray hair out of your face. “mon cherie,” he smiled, inching closer to you. “i’ll kiss all your bruises away, and make you feel better.” moving his fingers through your hair to tracing your bottom lip, he gave you a chaste kiss before deepening it, trapping you against the tree before you knew it, “so much better.” he muttered before Rook begun showering you with kisses where your bruises weren’t.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “i’m cute you say?” he questioned, a mischievous smile forming on his features. with almost no effort, he pushed you against the desk, trapping you as his eyes gazed over at your lips. wrapping your arms around his neck, he flashed another quick smile you’d just called cute before gently nibbling on your bottom lip. opening your mouth, his tongue explored each and every crevice as you were unable to fight back for control. “do you still think i’m just cute?” Lilia questioned as he watched you pant, wiping away the saliva from his mouth, smiling cheekily.
Tumblr media
©dollXMANIA ꒱·˚ - the editing took me well over two hours, maybe one but main point managed to power through via maririn’s stream<33. look at the character’s eyes as colors cause no otherwise that makes no sense.
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iprefertweels · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I think Azul probably smacked Jade later for saying that in front of the magnificent Jamil of all people
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fuzzybonefluffy · 16 days
Yuu with prosopagnosia p3
Yuu: And what is Kalim doing here? Jamil: Yuu, Kalim stayed in nrc. This is Rollo Flamm.
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