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threats against the asims || kalim al-asim
masterlist characters: kalim (platonic) genre: angst contains: kidnapping/assassination attempts (mentioned), guilt/self-deprecation, foreshadowing hehe, lots of new characters bc the asims have 32 CHILDREN summary: the asim name comes with some setbacks. it usually involves the oldest sibling. so why does your body seem on such high alert recently? notes: woohoo finally lil asim was long overdue for a new chapter :DD sorry for the names taken off like one website :// parts: [og post] | [previous] | [next]
Tumblr media
typically, you didn't worry about the countless hardships that befell you and your siblings all because of your family name. you didn't have to worry about all of that because, despite being a part of the asim family, the threats didn't involve you. more often than not, they involved the eldest son, kalim, and, on rare occasions, the youngest twins, nawra and rawda.
they were the most logical victims in your family, more so kalim than the twins considering he was the heir of the family. the tendency of kalim to fall victim to these threats and dangers had caused your parents to be extra cautious with him, doting on him every second of the day.
meanwhile, the rest of your siblings sat in the middle of all of the chaos, torn between being relieved that your brother would be safe and sound at the end of the day and jealous, a feeling that often made you feel sick to your stomach.
the jealousy made you sick because how dare you all feel this way? there was your brother, having been the victim of countless kidnappings and assassination attempts, and you had the gall to be jealous of him?
...deep down, you knew it wasn't because of the tragedies that seemed to follow him. no, in fact, you knew you all prayed for the day your precious big brother who smiled brighter than the sun would get to live peacefully without worrying about being taken or killed in an instant.
what made you, and a majority of your siblings, jealous was the fact that your parents doted on him. the younger siblings never worried about that, not until they found themselves being replaced by another much younger child. but the older children were envious, the feeling bubbling in their chests and gripping at their hearts like snakes coiled around their prey.
you all wished for nothing more than to be loved and doted on by your parents.
but you knew you wouldn't get that. not unless...
Tumblr media
it was quite common for qamar and hala to wake up in the middle of the night in search of you. ever since they had caught you sitting on one of the windowsills, staring out into the night sky as the sounds of kalim and your younger siblings sneaking out faded into the distance, the twins had made it their mission to sit with you until they passed out.
they were always drawn to the moon and stars. that's what you told yourself. that's why they sought to find you in the late hours of the night.
and you didn't mind that. even if they didn't come here for you, they were here. they were curled up by your side, squeezed against you to fit on the windowsill with their hands gripping your pajamas and their heads laying against you. you would have your arms wrapped around them, lightly stroking your thumbs against their hair that would no doubt be tangled and messy by the time they woke up in their beds.
but this night, when they had found their usual spots in your arms, was much different than the others.
you didn't feel relief with a little twinge of doubt in your body. no, there was no relief to be felt at all. instead, your anxiety spiked, your heart and stomach feeling as if they were being squeezed and twisted in your body.
you didn't hear kalim that night. it was oddly quiet and that only added to the dread building in your stomach.
"(name)..." qamar's quiet whine was enough to pull your attention elsewhere. you glanced down at him, letting your fingers comb through his hair.
"i thought you were still asleep," you whispered to him, smiling softly when he nuzzled further into your side.
"you're shaking..." he muttered into your clothes, clutching at the cloth as if to steady you. "are you cold...?"
"no," you responded, hoisting the twins in your arms, the entire situation comical to watch considering the twins were very close in age to you. hala, still sound asleep, tucked her head into your shoulder and wrapped her legs around your waist. meanwhile, qamar, still sluggish and tired, managed to stand beside you and walked as you headed back to their room. "but, it's probably best to head back now."
"m'kay," qamar yawned, leaning more into your side with each step.
in hindsight, you probably should have trusted your gut that night.
Tumblr media
faraj was one of the older siblings you felt you could turn to in your house. maybe it was because he wasn't one of the oldest but also because his entire demeanor was welcoming.
of course, you didn't like bothering him with anything. no, just sitting in his room as he read a book was enough for you. sometimes, he would mutter the words out loud and you'd listen to his voice fill the quiet room.
you usually found solace and peace during these times. but not today. you didn't know what it was but you had the same twisting feeling in your gut that told you something was wrong. something was wrong and you had no idea what it was.
"(name)?" much like that night on the windowsill, faraj called out to you in the same way that qamar did, albeit without the sleepy tone. his book was partly closed, his thumb keeping his spot marked. "something's bothering you. what's wrong?"
"huh?" unlike that night, faraj's words weren't enough to distract you from the twisting feeling in your gut. "uh, just not feeling good... that's all."
"you're feeling sick? do you need to see mahdi?" faraj questioned, slipping his bookmark in between his pages and placing his book on his bed. "i'm sure he has some things that'll make you feel better."
"no!" you yelped, jumping to grab onto faraj before he could leave. "no, no, no... i'm... i'm fine. just need some rest is all."
faraj stared at you for what seemed like minutes. he stared as if he were picking apart each and every lie you had told him over the years, starting with this very one. it wasn't until he let out a resigned sigh and trudged back to his bed did you let yourself relax as much as you could.
"if you're sure," he huffed, burying his face back in his book. granted, his eyes didn't seem to be fully reading the words on the page.
in hindsight, you probably should have let faraj take you to mahdi.
Tumblr media
the night was quiet again. the twins had yet to make their appearance, so you were left all alone to revel in the silence. it was surprisingly calming, a welcome difference compared to the sinking feeling in your gut that had been a constant ever since that night.
it was so dark that you didn't even notice the person outside the window, staring at you.
it only allowed them the perfect opportunity to--
Tumblr media
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Not Safe Here
In the mirror, he saw him.
Tumblr media
Warnings(!!): hallucinations, panic attacks, minor injuries, SPOILERS FOR BOOK 4!!!!
Part One || Part Two
He hissed, feeling a burn settle onto his hand. Quickly turning off the stove, Jamil held his wrist and investigated the feeling. Just as expected, it was oil from the cooking that had done this, leaving a little yet painful mark on the outside of his hand, close to the thumb.
How could he be so careless?
A sigh escaped his lips, he didn’t mean to get distracted while cooking; in fact, he never does. Strange.
Deciding to pause on the food he was making for himself, he turned off the stove and walked out of the kitchen to find a first aid kit in his bathroom. If it had been a meal for Kalim he would’ve simply pushed through, but it was only for himself so he didn’t think it meant much to eat right away.
Turning on the sink on, he ran the hand under the cold yet gentle water. It had reminded him of Kalim’s Oasis spell.
Glancing upwards into the mirror, where the first aid would be behind, his eyes widened. He backed away and instantly tripped near the bathtub. The middle of his spine protested against the sudden hitting from landing back into the tub, but he could care less about that right now.
In the mirror, he saw him. The overblot.
It had only been a couple of weeks since then, many people choosing to avoid him and fear him. He numbed himself to it though, it was already bad enough he hurt Kalim and betrayed his family’s oath, he didn’t want to think of his reputation. He didn’t want to think of his overblot.
But, it was staring at him, menacingly, tilting its head, ink spilling from its mouth with a huge grin, wide eyes.
His breath quickened, his lungs feeling as though there was a rock squishing on them and his lungs moved like a balloon being pressed down on and it was going to pop soon. Coughs came out, it felt like he had the ink welling up in his throat. As the coughing turned into pathetic chokes, he quickly snapped his eyes shut, tears pooling in them.
Everything faded at once… into a twisted black.
It felt like an eternity he stared into the darkness.
“Jamil?” called out a familiar voice. This voice ruined his state of numbness and peace in the void he saw.
Slowly opening his eyes, he was right back there, pressed to the bathtub, looking at the mirror. Only this time, it was him, his tired eyes and furrowed brows.
With quick steps, Kalim rushed in front of him and crouched. His face filled with concern and panic, he stayed close yet far to Jamil. “I’m so happy you’re awake. I saw the food on the stove in the kitchen, and you never woke me up so I was scared something happened to you!”
Those were the words Jamil could make out. The rest was just Kalim’s voice, just a muffled voice.
Jamil kept his eyes on the mirror, a blank and dead stare. Noticing he had eye-bags. Since when did he have eye-bags? It was probably from the inability to sleep he had gotten it from.
With a sigh, closing his eyes for a second to look at Kalim, he felt devoid of anything in that present moment. He just perched his back straight, not feeling the pain, and stared to Kalim, who was still talking.
Finally, Jamil spoke, “Enough Kalim, I’m fine.”
“How? I’ve never seen you in this state!” Kalim protested, leaning in closer. “And look at you, you look so tired!”
Jamil gently shoved him away and stood up, Kalim quieting down in response to that. Brushing off his dorm uniform, Jamil wanted to make sure it looked neat and not appear as thought he was panicking.
“Anything you want to eat?”
Kalim’s eyes widen. “How could you say that after just being like that?” Quickly standing up.
“It’s fine, okay? Just answer me.” There was no emotion coming from his voice, and he was beginning to walk back to the kitchen.
Quick footsteps followed behind. Kalim was extremely worried, yet Jamil could not care any less. A part of him still hated Kalim despite everything that happened. But, it was his job to serve for Asim family, whether he liked it or not, he must do so.
That said eldest son spoke up again, “I don’t want you to make me breakfast right now, I’ll just make it myself. You should go and lay down!”
Jamil stopped and sighed, turning over to him. “You know very well you can’t cook, and as I said I am fine, it was just a rough night and I got sleep anyways.”
Kalim brows lowered, he looked almost angry. “Jamil, you burned your hand.”
Looking at his hand, he remembered it, he had forgotten about it for some time and now that it was mentioned it started to hurt again. All he did was shove that hand into his hoods pocket and exclaimed, “Yes, but it’s small and inconvenient.”
“Jamil, I’m kicking you out.”
His eyes widened and he quickly stared at Kalim, exasperated look. “What?”
Kalim took a deep breath, and said in pure confidence, “Jamil, I know you have been tired and upset, I’m not stupid. You need to take care of yourself and clearly living here isn’t doing it.”
Jamil eyes went dead again, he was feeling angry now, but didn’t want to express it. When he was angry he overblotted. He didn’t want to do that again. “Kalim, you and I both know you can’t take care of yourself alone. It wouldn’t be a wise choice to do that.”
“Quiet!” Kalim hushed, then quickly covered his mouth in guilt, Jamil couldn’t care right now though. “Sorry! I didn’t mean it like that. I got this though, okay? Plus plenty of people who I can talk to! Jamil it’s important you do things on your own and get rest.”
“I’m not leaving.” Jamil decided to head back to the kitchen anyways and try to continue the day as normal.
Under no circumstance was he going to leave, it would be a foul idea. Jamil Viper leaving Kalim alone, what a ridiculous idea. His purpose in life was to serve, and serve he will. There is no anger or trying to seek revenge, he must push on.
Kalim rushed in front of him, blocking the entrance to the kitchen.
Raising an eyebrow, Jamil asked, “What are you doing?”
“Pack your bags!” Kalim cheered. “You and I are heading to the ramshackle.”
“You can’t be serious?” he was freaking out now, panic rising again, not as much as last night, but still a bad amount.
Oh sevens, he was a failure to his family and Kalim and Scarabia as a whole.
His head began to pound, vision getting fussy. Quickly grabbing his head he backed away stumbling a bit. He messed up, why did he have to manipulate people? Why did he try to hurt others? Why did he have to hate Kalim.
“Jamil!” Kalim screeched, grabbing his arm. This snapped Jamil out of his thoughts, staring at him with paranoid eyes. “It’s not safe for you to live here.”
Jamil lost his voice, everything hurt in him. His throat once again felt as though it was clogged by ink. This wasn’t fair.
Grabbing his hand, Kalim guided Jamil to his room.
Too much in shock, he just watched Kalim back up bags with uniforms and clothes for each day. All of his daily care stuff such as hairbrush, and toothpaste were being thrown in too.
Now that he thought about it he hadn’t brushed his teeth or hair, he didn’t make himself look presentable. He looked horrible and people were realizing it.
“Kalim…” Jamil choked out. “Doesn’t the Prefect hate me?”
Slowly turning his head, Kalim looked into his thin snake eyes and shook his head. “Well, you see I talked to the Prefect and we talked. It was their idea to let you in. In fact, they want to get to know you, the real you. Yes they’re not happy with you but…” he softly smiled “wouldn’t it be nice to make a new friend?”
Jamil honestly couldn’t remember much after that, only that he suddenly appeared at ramshackle.
Authors Note: First time I’ve ever posted a fanfic oh em gee. Anyways, thinking of a part two honestly, but it’s mostly for my own main character/Yuu. I enjoyed this though, so I hope whoever is reading did too!
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This Halloween event is just getting better and better LMAO 😭
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"Maid Crazy"
Maid!FemYuu × Headwardens
Summary: Every girl has a hobby. Yuu's are maids. Sort of an Otaku for maids. She loves dressing as one and collecting different styles. But when everyone finds out they offer her a chance to make her fantasies reality.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
It's more then just a cheap sexy costume. Those don't have the appeal of a true maid. Maids are the noble hardworking women that support a household not just some slave to a lusty master. Beautiful and graceful as the flitted about doing their work.
Yuu squealed in delight as she held up her newest acquisition. A new Victorian Era apron and lace bonnet. All thank to Crowley's credit card which is now her's after some not so idle threats.
Feeling a bit empowered Yuu put on her new set with a black collared dress. She grabbed a broom and began sweeping the the steps of Ramshackle. She felt like a Step Girl working for a small family.
She didn't notice someone had come up the path and saw her.
Riddle- House maid
Tumblr media
He didn't see a problem with Yuu's hobby. If anything he respected it. Maids are diligent and place an importance on order as well as respect.
He offered Yuu a job to work at Heartslabyul where she could show off her skills In a place where it could fit right in.
Cooking and cleaning was a simple job. The uniform Riddle helpfully supplied helped her go unnoticed as she worked.
Yuu's Victorian style red botton up dress that reached just past the ankle and white lace apron over it. Her lace bonnet was replaced with a crown on white roses binded with red ribbons. He had a Heartslabyul student brooch on her apron.
She seemed to blind into the background for most guests in the dorm as though her presence was natural. Not that she minded as he did laundry and fed the hedgehogs.
Teatime was the most important as Yuu would happily prepare the table and load a trolley with cakes and tarts. She felt like a perfect maid as she rolled the cart into the garden.
Riddle his face furn red the moment "Good Afternoon, Master" left her red painted lips. If he had been drinking tea already he probably would have made a mess.
All things considered Yuu took to working in Heartslabyul like a duck to water.
Leona- Chamber maid
Tumblr media
Yuu believed it was rotten luck that put Leona in her path. Unlike most he knew the roles of maids and has the pleasure of having many at home. That isn't necessarily a good thing. He doesn't care about making servant's job easier because it's their job to serve.
He doesn't bother or harass the staff but he certainly doesn't pay them any attention or respect.
That's why when he saw Yuu dressed in her frilly get up all he could see was someone he could use. Not that Yuu minds. What she does mind is his behavior because Leona is nothing but trouble.
Her duties were to wake Leona up in the morning for one thing which is fight on its own. Throwing off his blankets only to find that he sleeps naked.
Yuu had to get used to that and surly from Leona's perspective the novelty wore off due to how quickly she adjusted. Because after a few days she went about pulling out his clothes and other things so she could move on to cleaning and laundry. She had no time for maidenly nonsense of seeing a man in undress when work was to be done. Leona no doubt was disappointed although he was used to it from his maid back home.
Still, Yuu was committed to her role. Fixing Leona's clothes, organizing his stuff and cleaning his room.
Leona become frustrated when he realized that Yuu won't nap with him or even pay him any mind when working. She was too committed to her job that she wouldn't overstep as a servant. So, lame.
Azul- Café Maid/Scullary maid
Tumblr media
Azul had no need of a maid. His room and laundry where neatly done at all times. He was quite alright but the lounge could benefit from the appearance of cute maid. Maid Café were very popular especially for young men who want to gawk at girls.
Of course Yuu vihamenly disagreed to it because she isn't a maid just to be watched. She took it very seriously.
Azul still didn't want to lose out so a deal was made. She would work in the lounge as a busboy cleaning up the tables and seats but she had to wear the attire he chose.
The uniform was kind of short and reached mid-thigh. The color was nice, iridescent purple and blue instead of white and black. The ruffled apron resembled a frilled jellyfish. A person's eyes drew themselves to the seashell shaped bust. Her shoes were mary janes so she could move around easily. Azul even gave her pearl jewelry to wear.
It added traffic to the lounge as she bounced from table to table to clean. It was going well till it wasn't. One of the reasons lest savory characters came was because while cleaning Yuu's dress came dangerously close to revealing things she didn't want to show since she had to bend over. At one point a customer "accidentally" spilled their drink when she went to pick up the cup, and her dress skirt was purposefully flipped. It was funny at first but the laughter ended when Floyd grabbed the guy by the throat.
Yuu was frustrated and crying during the event. She let Azul have it for the costume and not listening to her about Café Maids not being treated with dignity. She quit right there and threw off the jewelry and apron right there in his office.
It took a lot of apologies for Yuu to look Azul in the eye again because she was disgusted by him just as much as the skirt chasers.
Eventually Azul was forgiven but Yuu's role and outfit where changed to be more sensible. She was now a parlor maid. She managed Azul's paperwork and served him coffee. Alongside that she arranged Azul's schedule and meetings. When she wasn't greeting and seating customers and telling the tweels what to do.
A no touching policy was instituted with threats of Jade and Floyd "dealing" with rule breakers.
Kalim- Tweeny
Tumblr media
Kalim was probably one of the ideal people to catch Yuu in maid dress. He's used to servant/master dynamic and already has Jamil.
Making Yuu his maid seemed natural because now he has two of his friends always with him. Which Yuu found to be unintentionally condescending. Kalim was nice but there was a difference between servants and friends due to power imbalances.
The problem with serving Kalim was Jamil. Servents have hierarchies and Jamil and Yuu were not on the same level. She was a low level maid that would have to follow his orders, which she honored rather then rejected.
That meant any task he made she did. If Jamil's role was to take care of Kalim then it was her's to take care of Jamil since she wasn't a personal maid.
It was hard work but she enjoyed it. Kalim still came to check on her when she worked.
Jamil however got ahead of himself and gave her an unreasonable task. She put her foot down for that one. Jamil should know better and he's forgotten that their was a clear difference between them and it wasn't seniority. It was that she chose to do this and was free to leave.
Jamil apologized, he was treating her like how he was treated by older servents. If anything he hated how happy she was to be a servent and didn't understand why anyone chooses a life like this. Yuu liked to help others and was happy to fetch clothes or do dishes.
They didn't understand each other but they understand Kalim and weren't going to fight over something like this. They both had a job to take care of Kalim and must work together for his sake.
Vil-Lady's Maid
Tumblr media
Well if there was someone who could actually need a maid then it's him. He actually finds maids appealing and notes that they have been known for their beauty. However what he doesn't like is the specific style of Yuu's choice. Victoria Era is played out when the French maid was known for their stunning appearance.
He takes Yuu aside and gives her a new role. As a handmaid in charge of taking care of his needs, and he has a lot of needs.
It's not bad but Yuu thinks that Vil underestimates what a personal maid does. From the first moments of the morning, she has already planned his outfit in accordance with the weather, season, and his schedule. His bath is ready and she might not have mentioned that personal maids not only dress their masters but bathe them as well. She had assumed he knew but if he did he probably wasn't expecting Yuu to go through with it.
Vil had to make a diversion for her to keep her from entering the bathroom. He didn't know he was supposed to just dismiss her yet. For all his talk he doesn't know the specifics of what he was asking her to do when he gave her the job. When she returned she wasn't happy to know she couldn't wash his hair properly.
Vil's handsy maid was actually a godsend. Yuu was well versed in etiquette and was gentle and efficient in dressing Vil for the day. She even had him fastened in a corset with little time wasted and only a few ribs bruised.
She styled his hair to his liking and lavished him with complaints as she placed any jewelry he wished on him. His makeup was done perfectly as though he had done it himself.
Yuu had a way on making him feel like the queen he already was. He didn't need to lift a finger with someone to do it for him and to do it gladly.
He did some reading about maids and decided to start giving Yuu old jewelry and clothes that would suit her better. It was actually a sign among maids of how well taken care of they were by their masters. It was a good trade for having someone who makes you the center of their world.
He ensures that his maid looks her best and takes Yuu to photoshoots as his stylist. Though some wonder just how intimate he was with this "stylist."
Idia- Nurse Maid
Tumblr media
Idia has never seen a maids outside of Cons, and animes. They were fictional characters with a SSR ranking. His favorite gotcha game had just released the maid café side story. He just got the new card to show Yuu.
He pretend to not see Yuu wearing her maid attire and immediately when the way he came. His heart couldn't take it.
Idia didn't proposition Yuu to be his maid. Wouldn't dream of it. He's a otaku but he's not a sleazy pervert who makes girls wear stuff for a sick fetish. Not if they aren't in a relationship at least.
It was Ortho who asked Yuu to be a maid for Idia after Idia got sick.
Yuu took on the job gladly. She cooked his meals and fed him by hand. Despite Idia's protests, he couldn't fight her off in his weak state. She kept his room tidy and organized. Idia had a sense of pride despite what people think and being treated like an invalid by a girl dressed as some kind of Cyberpunk maid was honestly...tolerable.
She routinely came to check Idia's fever and cleaning the sweat from his head. Whenever he asked she stayed until he fell back to sleep.
Idia became more dependent on her constant presence. Maybe he should just enjoy every otaku's dream
Malleus-Maid of All-Work
Tumblr media
No,no,no,no! He doesn't like his child of man acting as maid!
It was cute at first watching Yuu sweep without a care in the world. He believed that if Yuu worked near him they would be even closer. But now she was more distant.
If they walk Yuu trails a few paces behind. She was determined to be prim and proper. She no longer called Malleus by the nickname he held so dear, now it was only master. Malleus was used to people calling him master but he hated when she said it.
He didn't have the heart to tell her to stop. She was genuinely happy to play her new role. She smiled as she worked at Draconia without faltering. She cooked great meals and served wonderful tea.
Malleus adjusted knowing that when she was off duty it was as if she wasn't a maid. He just preferred her as Yuu and nothing more.
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wolken-himmel · 2 months
In which (Y/n), affected by a love potion, falls head over heels for Kalim.
He should fix the problem, but he doesn't really want to.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"(Y/n), are you alright? Say 'tuna' if you can hear me!"
"Ace, if you hadn't added that bay leaf, none of this would have happened!"
"Stop blabbering my ear off, Deuce... We need to find (Y/n) right now..."
The trio's concerned gazes were all fixated on the magenta fog that encircled your table. Fortunately, everyone had been able to flee from the explosion of your kettle — everyone but you. Now, most of the students cowered on the other half of the laboratory, and the alchemy professor approached the accident sight with quick strides.
Ace crossed his fingers behind his back, praying that you were alright — for the sake of his alchemy grade, of course.
"I'm right here!" you yelled out between wheezes. Your silhouette became clearer the more the fog escaped through the open windows. To everyone's relief, you emerged without a visible scratch. "Don't worry... nothing happened. My eyes just need some time to recover from the mist..." Your fingers rubbed away at your burning eyes, but it was nothing serious.
Crewel let out a low growl. "You're lucky, Spade and Trappola. If anything had happened to (L/n), you two would be in deep trouble—"
"But nothing happened, right?" Ace said sheepishly.
Before the situation could escalate more, the door was thrown open and hit the wall loudly. All eyes glanced into the direction of the exit — even you, whose eyes now had stopped burning. Perhaps the hasty movement had been a mistake on your part — because when you raised your gaze, your eyes were no longer (E/c) but magenta. And slowly but surely, your strained face softened up into a tender smile at the sight of the visitor: Kalim Al-Asim.
"Professor Crewel, I'm so sorry that I'm late—" the second-year cried out and ran a hand through his dishevelled white hair. "I must have slept in again..."
The professor clicked his tongue in annoyance. "Al-Asim, this isn't your class. You should be in PE with Coach Vargas right now," Crewel said without any hesitancy. Huh, so this must happen regularly if the professor had already managed to memorise Kalim's schedule.
"Oh— really?" Kalim let out a sheepish chuckle and bowed apologetically. "Then I'm terribly sorry—"
Just as he was about about turn around and leave the room, you happily chimed up, "Kalim! Kalim, you're here!" As quickly as your wobbly leg allowed you to, you rushed over to his side and wrapped yourself around his arm. Your eyes shone brightly when you smiled at him. "Did you come to check up on me? Oh, you're always so kind... That's what I appreciate about you the most."
"(Y/n), nice to see you here!" Kalim exclaimed obliviously. "Do you wanna hang out later? We could study together—"
"Yes, yes, yes! Always yes."
"I'm glad you're so eager to study with me! I also love spending time with you! You're always so fun to be around, (Y/n)."
The scene caused a stir of concerned murmurs from your fellow classmates — especially the trio of culprits. As if fascinated by the strange display of public affection, none of them could take their eyes off you as you peppered Kalim's face with innocent kisses. He merely laughed along, letting you do as you pleased.
Ace shook his head in disgust. "Something's strange about the prefect's behaviour."
"Was it your potion?" Crewel asked as soon as he had separated the two lovebirds.
"N-No! You're so funny, professor..." Ace said and laughed the whole situation off. "As if we idiots would have been able to brew a highly complicated love potion or anything like that!"
Deuce merely nodded along. "Y-Yes, that's right!"
Still, your three friends eyed you in concern when, after class had ended, you immediately stormed off into the direction of the Scarabia dorm.
"Alright, something is clearly wrong with (Y/n). Whatever it is, you need to fix it, Kalim."
Jamil hadn't been able to take it anymore — the way you clung to Kalim like a lifeline and always laughed so dumbly whenever he made a bad joke. He had promised himself to not question your strange behaviour because it seemed to make Kalim happy, but enough was enough. If he had to listen to you rambling about his dorm leader's beautiful and stunning ruby eyes again, he was sure he would throw himself to the snakes.
Currently, Kalim and you were lounging on Scarabia's balcony, playing a round of mancala. Well, it was obvious that you were letting Kalim win — whether you wanted to see him smile again or were just too distracted, no one knew.
"Relax, Jamil! The prefect is just in a good mood today!" The dorm leader let out a proud gasp when he won another round against you. So taken by happiness, he jumped to his feet and lifted you up by the waist. "Isn't that right, (Y/n)?" Your laughter was music to his ears when he spun you around in circles.
When he finally set you down, you fell into his arms and let out a tender sigh. "My mood is always sky-high when I'm with you, beloved."
Jamil buried his face in his hands, especially when his dorm leader continued to ignore him. "The prefect just called you 'beloved.' That's enough reason for me to worry," he grumbled under his breath.
An offended gasp escaped your lips at that remark. "Kalim, don't listen to Jamil! He's just a hater, so just ignore him," you huffed and wrapped your arms around your beloved's neck dramatically. Then, you scrunched up your nose at Jamil and shooed him away. "Nobody understands our love!"
Kalim continued laughing softly when you buried your face in his shoulder. "If you say so, (Y/n)— oh, I didn't know you were such a cuddler!"
Upon being ignored, Jamil stomped away in frustration.
A sly smile appeared on your lips when you pulled away to face him properly. Your magenta eyes flashed happily when you extended a hand to cup his cheek. He leaned into the gesture and closed his eyes. Now that the intruder was gone, your face softened into an expression of genuine adoration. "I love you, Kalim," you breathed out mindlessly.
His eyes snapped open in surprise, though that surprise quickly turned into delight. "Really? You do?" he asked in disbelief. When you nodded eagerly, he let out a joyous gasp. "We should get married, then! That would be like... an eternal sleepover!"
Just as you opened your mouth to reply, you were stopped by the appearance of three figures in the entrance of the balcony. You furrowed your eyebrows in dismay when Ace, Deuce, and Grim stormed over to you, each with a suspicious bucket of water in their hands.
"Woah, hold your horses!" Grim yelled and narrowed his eyes. "My henchhuman ain't getting married just yet."
The tension in the air was non-existent to Kalim, who merely laughed their worried expressions off. Instead, he continued to hold you gently, an excited smile on his lips. "Oh! You three came just in time," the dorm leader chimed dreamily. "Ace and Deuce, you can be the bridesmaids. And Grim, you can be the flower girl!"
A collective choke of disgust went through the round of first-years.
Your grip on your beloved was tight, like that of a boa. The furious glare you shot your friends caused them to step back in fear. "First Jamil and now you three!" Your gaze softened up when you grabbed Kalim by his shoulders and shook him back and forth desperately. "Kalim, we're such star-crossed lovers... The universe doesn't want us to be together, but that won't stop us, will it? Promise me we'll always stay together. I could never live without you."
Kalim started laughing lightly, flattered at your intense words. "Oh (Y/n)... You're adorable..."
"You do know that you're under the influence of a love potion, (Y/n)?" Ace asked with a quirked eyebrow. "None of this is real."
"...Really?" Kalim asked in surprise. His innocent expression fell in disappointment when he gazed into your cloudy magenta eyes.
Deuce rolled his eyes. "You could have been nicer about this, Ace."
"Is what they're saying true, (Y/n)?"
"No! Don't listen to those liars!"
So caught up in convincing your beloved of the realness of your feelings for him, you didn't notice when Ace yelled, "Now, Grim!"
"Here goes nothing!" At his signal, the cat lurched forward and threw the contents of his bucket at Kalim and you.
A loud scream escaped your lips, and you jerked back in shock when the frigid water came into contact with your skin. The shock somehow allowed your foggy mind to finally clear up. Your friend's sighed in relief when you opened your (E/c) eyes — no more magenta.
Your face was still contorted in confusion. "What... What happened? Why am I soaking wet?" Then, your gaze snapped over to your friends and the buckets in their hands. A low growl escaped your lips as you threw yourself at them. "Ace, Deuce— and Grim. Of course it was you who threw a bucket of water at me. Wait till I get you... You're dead..."
"Glad you're back to your normal self!" Ace teased while dodging your attack easily.
Eventually, a small water fight broke out between the four of you. With the need for revenge, you wrought the buckets of water out of their hands and let them taste their own medicine.
Somehow, all seemed forgotten when even Kalim joined in, throwing beams of water at you with his unique magic. He seemed to be having the time of his life when he finally exclaimed, "Oh, you four are always so much fun to be around!"
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renxholics · 3 months
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ❝ 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐆 ! ❞
﹟riddle : leona : azul : kalim : vil : idia : malleus : x gn!reader. cw indirect kissing. snippets of having indirect kisses with you, their crush. however, you may seem a bit oblivious… or did you do that on purpose? mutual pining, not established relationship.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎perhaps you should of learnt your lesson, but you sometimes learned things the hard way, like never taste testing one of Riddle’s sweets, for example. banging on your chest you let out a few coughs as the burning sensation got worst and worse by the second, tears prickling your eyes as you reach for the cup of tea on the table. “so delicious…” you lied through your teeth as you swallowed it all down with one big gulp, hoping your sense of taste would return within the next few days. you really should of learned after the oyster sauce fiasco that Riddle had no idea how to cook, and that even if he looked so happy offering you something he made, you shouldn’t of eaten it. he just had such a proud look. “i just think that maybe,” you wheezed out, trying to wipe the tears from your eyes, “you may have mixed up the sugar or added something with a bit too much spice.” you cough again, trying to smile as you finally manage to look at him. his face was red but no angry words or disappointed words spew, only him bringing his arm to cover his mouth as he cast his gaze from the cup in your hands to you, then towards the ground. “r-right! i’ll make sure to double check next time…” he stuttered, in the tiniest whisper, “prefect.”
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ sighing, you cross your arms and shake your head as you glare down at Leona in the middle of the greenhouse. his upper half leaned against a tree as he raised his arms behind his head, yawning and opening his eyes. “if you want me to head to class then try doing something that will motivate me, herbivore,” he mocked, clearing enjoying your frustration. as you rub your temples you take a second before an idea strikes, grinning at him as he quirks his brow up at you. “do something to motivate you? well then, hopefully this is motivation enough,” you concede to his wish, brushing your fingers against your lips, pressing a kiss onto them. kneeling down between the legs of lazy lion, you press your fingers against his lips as a cheeky smile forms on your face. “do a good job this week and i’ll give you a proper one next time.” you said with a wink. growling, he tried to grip at you but you bounce back up too quickly, running off laughing to yourself.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ savoring the bite of your chicken you enjoyed every last bit of it as Azul watched with a gentle smile, him enjoying the way you looked while eating his cooking. it wasn’t everyday someone could eat food personally cooked by the head of the monstro lounge, nor exactly be served by him, so please, take the hint already prefect! “it’s delicious, Azul. have some with me, won’t you?” you casually asked, turning to face him as you twirled your fork around the noodles, stabbing a piece of chicken and blowing onto it to cool it down. although your actions were presumably innocent, Azul felt himself short circuiting as his face flushed against his will at the mere thought of you feeding him, not only that, but using the very same fork you had eaten from. really, how scandalous you were, prefect. with one hand underneath the fork, you raised it to his lips, “say ahh,” you smiled expectantly as he finds his mouth opening before his mind could process anything, the fork entering his mouth as you pull the fork back, twirling it already for your next bite. “prefect!” he tried to respond but only uttered gibberish as you continued eating, enjoying his reaction. “i’m glad you’ve finally taken a break, even if you’ve combusted.” you whisper to yourself as a little giggle escape your lips.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “it’s like grim, but nicer,” you commented in awe, petting the magic carpet which nuzzled against you. you weren’t sure who was more like a puppy, Kalim, or his magic carpet. “come on now, i’m gonna fall over!” you half heartedly chastise as you press a kiss onto what you assume to be the head of the magic carpet as it looped around happily in the air, all the way back over to the scarabia dorm leader, nuzzling into him. “grim is pretty fluffy and cute too!” he responded, laughing and feeling tickling from the happy carpet. similar to a cat, the carpet nuzzled it’s head where you kissed against his lips, head butting him. “maybe it wants a kiss from you, too,” you conclude, kalim eager to give him one. “i wonder, does that count as an indirect kiss? i hope it does…” he heard you muttering to yourself, barely catching it. it seems the carpet acted just like it’s master, in both carefreeness and expressing it’s love. in an instant, you felt yourself swept off your feet in between kalim’s arms as you were up in the air once more, being taken for another ride. “prefect, it definitely counts!” he cheerily responded to your muttering before giving you a direct kiss with the starry night sky and carpet to witness.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎Vil’s hand was slightly cool as his long and delicate fingers grasped at your chin, tilting it upwards at him. you tried to avoid squirming in your seat from close proximity as he brought his face to your’s, expertly applying bright red lipstick to your lips. “you should be lucky, spudling. i don’t normally share my makeup with others.” he huffed, backing away and finally allowing you to look in the mirror. you had to admit, you looked amazing with your makeup done, he even did your nails earlier just for you. “thanks! it looks perfect, just like you,” you praised, thanking him before heading on out to do your daily chores. popping out of seemingly nowhere, Rook clapped and beamed. “merveilleux! i assume it was on purpose, was it not, Roi du Poison?” the huntsman asked, giving his dorm leader wearing the same bright red shade of lipstick a knowing look. it really isn’t everyday or nearly ever he shares his personal makeup. “i have no idea what you’re assuming.” Vil laughed in response, packing up his makeup as a little smile tugged on the corners of his lips. maybe now other’s would realize you’re not available to flirt with when you have him already marking you as his.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “take a second, pause, breathe,” you scold, wiggling one finger back and forth with one hand as the other pulled your lollipop away from your lips, shoving it into Idia’s agape mouth. “nothing bad is going to happen, we can figure a way to finish this event before midnight,” you continue, stretching your arms as you make your way back to your chair beside Idia’s, taking a seat and pressing away at your keyboard, rearranging your party for optimal speedrunning. as you tried to review your account setup, the blue haired dorm leader’s mouth finally shut as his eyes widened to the size of saucers. his face flushed and matched the color of his fiery hair as he tried to stutter out a coherent sentence, failing each and every single time as he watched your every single move. “alright, done. i’ll do all the healing, shielding, and buffing. you just focus on damage, okay?” you ask, spinning in your chair as you turn back to Idia who was still stuck like a deer in headlights. raising a brow, you snatched your lollipop back out from his mouth and put it back into your’s. “as cute as you look right now, there’s no time, we’ve got less than twenty minutes. i want my event loot real bad right now so let’s leave the teasing you about this and maybe asking you on a date later… depends how you do.” you teased, giving a little wink.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “you like ice cream, tsunotarou?” you ask as you tilt your head in the direction of your favorite dragon fae. “indeed, child of man…” he begun, explaining his like for the tasty dessert. taking one more nibble out of your ice cream cone, you hand it over to him as he watched you quizzically. “here, you can have the rest! i’m full anyways.” you offer, trying to find a napkin on your person. Malleus’ eyes widened momentarily at your bold offer, he couldn’t recount anyone else offering him something they ate out of before. taking the cone out of your hand he had a small smile adorn his face. you were always so interesting, the way you never feared him but even shared with him. handing you his handkerchief in return for the ice cream, you thank him with a smile and encourage him to take a bite, to which he does quite gracefully. “it taste better than normal..” he commented as you wiped your lips, grinning. “eating with friends is always better! i’ll bring some more next time. and ah, just don’t tell Sebek about this, he might try to fight me over getting to have an indirect kiss with you first,” you joked. “indirect kiss?” he replied with a knowing smile. if you wanted a kiss, you could always just ask directly, child of man.
Tumblr media
@𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐗𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐒 : no plagiarizing, reposting, or claiming as your’s.
following channels [tag list] : @h0n3ysgh0st : ((: snippets are adorable. you know what’s more adorable? flustered guys. i can’t guarantee daily uploads but i can guarantee i’m trying my best. it’s kinda hard to come up with seven different scenarios.
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tezret · 5 months
You/Reader: I’ve been kidnapped by the enemy.
Yandere Kalim, chuckling: They have an odd way of saying we’re married…
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Can you please do a scenario on dorm leaders reacting to s/o having a nightmare? Like maybe they were having nightmares for some time and dorm leaders didn't realize until one night they find them tossing and turning and crying in their sleep?
Believe it or not I started this ask about 4-5 months ago XD anyways at least I completed it! I hope you enjoy! (Also I used headcanons bc I don't do request scenarios for all dorm leaders unless commissioned hope that's alright with you)
Warnings: minor angst, mostly fluff
Tumblr media
Riddle is a light sleeper so it’s unlikely he won’t immediately notice your tossing and turning
After several minutes of sitting awake, waiting for you to settle down, he realizes something is wrong
He quickly gets up and turns on a light 
Your skin is pale and sweat drips from your brow
Murmurs about something unintelligible escape from your mouth
Riddle quickly comes to the conclusion that you are having a nightmare 
Gently but quickly he wakes you and you shoot up in bed, tangling yourself in the sheets
He eases you and untangles your legs before climbing in next to you
He holds you as you sob and shushes you quietly while pressing chaste kisses to your forehead
Soon you’ve calmed and he walks you to the kitchen so he can make you some tea
“Riddle? Aren’t there rules about being up after a certain time?”
He hands you your tea and sits next to you 
“Sometimes you just have to break the rules. And for you? I’d break them all.”
Tumblr media
Leona sleeps right through all of your disruption and squirming
It isn’t until his own dreams turn to you crying quietly that he slowly wakes in anxiety
He rapidly realizes he wasn’t completely dreaming
Your soft sobs tell him that you have been awake and crying for awhile but didn’t want to wake him by being loud
He wants to punch himself for sleeping soundly when you were having a hard time
Quietly, he wraps his arms around you and his tail strokes your lower thigh in comfort
“Was it a nightmare?” 
You nod and he sighs, pressing a kiss into your hair
Leona mutters to you for the next half hour about how you are safe and loved
When silence finally falls he doesn’t try to go back to sleep until he’s sure you are ok
He won’t prompt you to tell him what it was about but if you wanted, he would listen all night if he had too
“I’m so sorry Herbivore. Next time promise me you will wake me. I want to be there to dry your tears.”
Tumblr media
Azul sits up the instant he feels like something is wrong
He often cuddles you as strongly as an octopus usually does so he’s quick to notice you trying to pull out of his arms desperately
Are you too hot? Too cold? He can’t figure out what’s wrong and it bothers him a lot
Regardless he shakes you awake and holds your trembling form as you sob into his shoulders
He texts Jade briefly, knowing the eel-man would have his phone on, and requests some hot chocolate be brought up immediately 
When you are finally settled down, Azul wraps you in his softest blanket and places a warm mug in your hands, warning you that it’s hot
Your breathing softens a bit and even after the sugary drink you’ve just had, your eyes droop
Azul whispers reassurances into your skin as he coaxes you to lie down again, still swathed in the fluffy blanket
His kind words don’t stop until long after you fall asleep 
He runs his fingers through your hair, gentle not to wake you again
How could someone so sweet be plagued with dreams so painful? 
Tumblr media
Kalim notices you are distressed before you even start tossing and turning
He’s a light sleeper so he hears your whimpers and small noises of distress and wakes up right away
For a moment he isn’t sure what do do
Have you been poisoned? Are you hurt? Did someone do something to you?
Finally he calms down a bit after coming to the conclusion that you are in fact safe and just having a nightmare
Tentatively he wakes you and pulls you into a hug
With one hand he strokes your hair and whispers reassurance to you while he texts Jamil with the other hand to bring some sleepytime tea
“If you want to talk about it just let me know. If you need space or a bath or anything else…” 
You cut him off with a quick kiss and smile at him through your tears
“Just hold me Kalim.”
He’d rather do nothing else than keep you swathed in blankets for cuddles and kisses
Jamil leaves the tea outside the room and Kalim briefly detaches from you to grab it
After sipping at your tea for a while your eyelids droop and Kalim tucks you back in with a peck to the forehead.
“I’m always here, my love.”
Tumblr media
Vil is a surprisingly deep sleeper and doesn’t notice you waking up and sliding gently out of bed
You pad out of the room and sit in the hallway for a moment to clear your head without disturbing your boyfriend
You know how much he needs his beauty sleep after a long day of being gorgeous and badass
Unfortunately that meant you were left to sit in the hall by yourself and cry quietly into your arms
What you didn’t plan on was how tired you would be after the crying stopped
You must have fallen asleep in the hallway because you woke to Vil rocking you gently
“Sweet potato? Are you alright? Did you decide the floor would be better than an airfoam mattress with egyptian silk sheets?” 
He quirked an eyebrow at you but frowned again when you didn’t smile back
“Why are you out here?” he asks
You hesitate before telling him about the nightmare and his eyes light up with concern
He gathers you into his arms and brings you back into the bedroom
“It’s a good thing I haven’t done my makeup yet or it would smudge on the pillowcase.”
He lies down next to you on the bed and kisses you gently on the lips
“Next time, Sweet Potato, wake me. I do not mind losing sleep over the one I love.”
Tumblr media
You and Idia rarely sleep in the same bed together
Not because you don’t like it, you just both have very different sleep schedules
Idia is almost always up all night playing his games while you doze off under his covers
Tonight was no different
Except that when Idia pulled off his headset for a quick break, he noticed you were making some distressed noises
As a first class introvert, Idia has absolutely no idea what to do and immediately looks up online ‘how 2 comfort sleeping gf w/ nightmare?’
All of the results are pretty similar and all of them make him extremely nervous but it’s you and he loves you so he will suffer through
Not that comforting you is a suffer but the anxiety that he might mess up and do something wrong
Hesitantly he makes his way over to the bed and shakes you very gently
You don’t wake up at first so he whispers your name a few times and finally you wake up
You are very glad he has fire hair because the worst thing about waking up after a nightmare is waking up in total darkness
But here he is, your knight in flaming armor, lighting up the darkness, his hair like a halo around him as he gazes at you nervously with concern
You pull Idia into bed with you and sigh into his chest
Eventually he starts to relax and asks you if you’re ok
“I am now that you are here.”
Tumblr media
Malleus has never felt so guilty in his entire long fae life
You are tossing fitfully and shivering beneath the sheets of his bed, making small panicked noises
He can hear your uneven breathing and rapid heartbeat as clear as if someone was playing the drums
He had been on a walk when it started and it was impossible for him to know how long it had been since the nightmare began
When he had returned, Malleus instantly panicked
What was happening to you? Were you hurt? Could he even heal your fragile human body? 
His magic quickly roamed your body and he learned there was no outer physical injury but he was only slightly relieved
Once he realized it was just a nightmare he finally calmed down a bit
Malleus decided not to wake you from your sleep since you had already lost so much of it
His hand rested over your forehead and he watched as the soft green glow eased your brain and nerves
Your body relaxed and your breathing evened out
He still waited until your heartbeat slowed to a steady, healthy pace before relaxing himself
Climbing into bed beside you he promised himself that he would never take a night walk and leave you alone again
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Teen Dad Jade part 14?
Jade: where is did my guppy go? I left them with you!
((man loses his kid a lot because Azul gives him too much work!!! ))
Floyd: *who was supposed to watch Guppy during basketball practice* they are in the kitchen!
Jamil: wait where’s Kalim?!
In the kitchen
Kalim: I think we messed up
Y/n: *staring at the pan that has to grilled cheese sandwiches completely ablaze* can we make s’mores?
Kalim: Oh my god! Yes!
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malleusgethomeplz · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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shiemori-writes · 3 months
If your still doing requests, How would Cater, Kalim, Malleus and Jamil be like when their s/o gifts them a portrait of themselves that s/o painted?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
✰—" because every artist need's a muse!"
the prefect decides to gift their lovely s/o a portrait!! how will the boys react?
characs: cater, kalim, malleus and jamil <3
includes: sfw, fluff, pining, pre-established relationship, and ofc, gender neutral reader as per usual!
notes: this was pretty fun to write! thanks for the request nonnie~! (also yes thats malleus' username) (he was using speech to text and it was too late to change it khehehe)
Tumblr media
Growing up, he never really wouldve thought he'd have someone..Let alone a partner, care for him like you do, and now after he's seen how you see him? Heh, he might as well have fallen for you all over again.
Sheeesh you got him feeling all mushy inside mc! youre gonna be the death of him, you're too cute you know that?
He's uncharacteristically careful, quiet even for a few moments, wide eyed as he observes the little strokes and splashes of color you added, whether it be the emerald green you carefully painted for his eyes, the lovely ginger locks you gingerly (heh) painted across the canvas, or even just his smile, not the smile that he put up with everyone but the smile that he puts with you.
Once he's done observing though, he'd smile, he'd smile real big at you, the type of smile that never failed to make your heart flutter
Thanks you by tackling you into a hug, peppering kisses all over your face despite your giggly protests
He definitely posts it on magicam bring all ooey-gooey
(yk those couple posts? Yeah)
heh, after all! he has such a lovely s/o and he absolutely wants to brag about it
If you hear ace gagging in the background ignore him smh (maidenless behaviour)
He has the painting in his room now, a silent reminder that you'll always be here for him, and he greatly appreciates it <3
"—Hey, (name)-san, thanks, alright? no really,- I-..I really appreciate this, kay? You made cay-cays heart melt y'know!! You're the most cutest sweetest s/o ever!!! Hehe!! I'll post this later but..For now, I'll reward you with my affection!!!"
You decided to give it to your sunshine of a boyfriend once you were both done with classes, casually showing him the portrait inside your locker wh- OH GOD IS HE CRYING??? KALIMM-
Bros literally SWOONING (rook who?)
Literally squeels and scream like a little kid on christmas when you gave him the portrait, guy fell in love with you all over again please his hearts doing jumps and he feels all mushy and just <33 his,,, his pwetty s/o 👉👈 painted him🥺
Thanks you by giving you lots of kisses!!! literally smothers u in his affection and hugs the life out of you (FLOYD WH-)
He immediately hangs it on his bedroom wall, gushing about you to jamil (help him)
it definitely cheers him up in his bad days!!
Like he could be doing the most mundane things and randomly think about your portrait, and hes smiling all lovesick all over again
Seriously, at this point jamil's heavily considering into moving into a different dorm because all Kalim will talk about for the rest of the week or so is prefect this, prefect that, blegh dear sevens jamil is TIRED
But anyways, kalim loves it, and love you even mooreee!!! He also hosts a party in your honor (jamil stopped him from doing anything more grand)
(I love him so much omg)
"—AWW THANK YOU SO MUCH (NAMEE)!!! I LOVE IT!!! *SNIFF* YOU PAINTED ME SO WELL TOOOO!!!! I love love love you!!!! I'll make sure to hang this in my room hehe!! oh and by the way!! im hosting a party later for you!! eh? what do you mean its not necessary? Only the best for my dearest jewel!!!"
this man, oh my sevens where do I even start? He already praises the ground you walk on, so boy-oh-boy does this work wonders for him! (sebek crying in the background is normal)
You guys were at your normal hang outs, gazing at the stars as Malleus held you close, talking about whatever is on both of your minds when you realized the portrait you did for him!!
Literally mid way of you talking you stopped bc of that and just went like :O !!!
(Malleus found it ridiculously adorable, he wants to kiss u stupid rn)
Curious to what revelation you had just witnessed, he watched as you grab something from your bag carefully
"My my,? What's this child of man? Fufufu~ I was not aware you would be bold enough t—!!!"
His teasing remark was caught in his throat once he saw your bashful grin at the painting of what seems to be,,...him..?
You handed him the painting as he carefully examined it, the details of his features that you took great notice of, his eyes, his horns..
You cleared your throat and explained yourself when you saw noticed how quiet he was, cheeks flushed
Breaking him out of his reverie, he finally processed your explanation and flashed you the most sweetest, sincere smile that made your heart go crazy bc he was so cute rn oml
He quietly pulled you closer, engulfing you in the most gentle hug ever, treating you like fragile porcelain as he inhaled your scent, chuckling a response to your gracious gift
"—my my, child of- no, (name), for once you have me speechless...You truly are full of surprises arent you,? Well..Anyways, I sincerely thank you, dearest. Your affections have reached me and I hope you know I plan on returning them ten fold. I love you, (name)."
Its no secret that you and Jamil are busy people, after all he was the vice housewarden and you were a prefect
Regardless of your busy schedule, you would always reassure him that no matter how busy you two would get, you'd always be there for him, whether it be through sticky notes, or little cute texts to get him going, he would cherish them all, but..
all of that pailed in comparison to what you had just given him now
He stared at the painting you had given him in awe, wide eyed and cheek flushed as he stroked every detail of the piece, from his golden ornaments to his eyes..or the way his smile was painted, you never missed a single detail about him and..and..and god you were just so, so amazing
He's definitely quiet for a long time, but once he's out of his thoughts he immediately smiled, a small curve on his lips as his cheeks was painted with a lovely red, gazing at you with the most fondest look he's ever given.
Pulls you close to him as he mutters a quiet 'thank you', trailing kisses around your neck as he buries his flustered face in the crook of your neck, he loved you very much
He hung up the painting a little while after, admiring the little detail's you had painted on him.
"—ya hayati..Thank you..I really appreciate it," he mutters out, voice gentle as he trails a kiss on your forehead, chuckling at how flustered you were, too. "Love you.." He said, voice laced with fondness as he held you closer, feeling your warmth.
"-Say, (name), there's a feast later in Scarabia..Mind joining? I'll cook your favorite, alright?"
Tumblr media
end notes: hi hi!! sorry this took so long nonnie </3 hope you like it!!! My favorite parts to write was definitely jamil lol! i think it showed but anyways, thanks for requesting!
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Some twst x ao3 for you
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twisted-memes · 11 months
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Yuu: (holding Kalim) you lost something Jamil
Jamil: did you kidnap Kalim?!
Yuu: no, I just said you forgot him
Kalim: (happy) hi Jamil! I had a sleepover at Yuu's place
Jamil: couldn't you have called me?!
Yuu: I thought it would be funny to see if you would notice
Jamil: I hate you Yuu...
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blackopals-world · 2 months
Unconventional Proposals
Part 2
Yuu x Housewardens
Twisted Wonderland might have its own courting traditions but Yuu might not be from our world. What if they are the one with strange traditions?
Tumblr media
Riddle- Pocket Full of Posies
Yuu didn't understand Riddle's love for roses. They weren't considered significant in their homeland. They lived in the wide open grasslands where cultivating flowers would be considered strange.
When the time came in the late spring the young would go into the fields and pick a bouquet of wildflowers for their partner.
Yuu managed to find a good place to pick some plants. Wheat stalks, wild roses, Shirley poppies, red clovers, and Indian paintbrushes.
Yuu gleefully presented Riddle with the wild bouquet whom didn't understand why he was being given flowers but took them anyway. Bouquets were also a part of the Queendom's courting traditions but he had never seen wheat as a part of the bouquet.
Fortunately, they both understand that they were now dating. Riddle sectioned off a part of his garden for wildflowers for his beloved who still created beautiful wild displays for him.
Leona- Taking All Challengers
In the mire lands you need to prove yourself worthy of a partner. For the courted you should doll yourself up with flowers braided into your hair and lays of blossoms around your hips or necks. For the courter, grab a weapon and challenge anyone willing to fight.
Leona wasn't blind to what Yuu was doing. They had soundly chased off anyone that bothered him during his naps before running back to him for approval. Yuu would tuck flowers in his hair when he slept in the greenhouse.
He confused this courting with his own people's courting which was more about protecting their partner. Yuu however isn't actually protecting him and was just picking fights. But either way, it was working.
Azul-Sing Me Your Pretty Little Song
The icy mountains were so isolated and it was hard to find a partner. How do you find a lover while keeping romance alive?
You sing. Sing until you find someone to return your song. If you made a duet then follow their voice until you find them. Generations of this have created the most beautiful voices in Yuu's homeland.
Azul hired Yuu for that exact reason. At some point, Yuu had fallen for Azul and would constantly serenade him in hopes that he would sing back.
Unfortunately, there was a miscommunication. Merfolk also sing for their partners in a courting but they don't have to sing back. Azul had accepted Yuu's feelings but since he didn't like singing Yuu believed Azul didn't like them back.
Kalim- For the Dancing and the Dreaming
The white spring festival meant it was time for fun and games. Yuu's people were jovial and high-spirited people who love games and parties. It was no wonder they fell in love with Kalim.
During the spring festival they would dress in white clothes and place white flower crowns on their heads. Those looking for a partner play "The Dancer's Rodeo". Two people stand on a circular raised platform and sing a song. They sing back and forth in a duet while one partner tries to catch the other while dancing. Every verse gets faster and faster and the catcher can't stop singing or step off the platform. If the song ends without catching the other then they lose.
Kalim threw the festival after Yuu told him about it and tried his hand at the game. It took a few tries before he successfully beat the game.
For once there is no misunderstanding. They both knew what was going on and agreed to it.
Vil- Prim and Peacocking
The rainforest canopies were alight with a rainbow of colors and like how the macaw's feathers come in brighter during the mating season so do the people. They paint their skin and wear their best and brightest clothes. All in hopes of luring the best and most beautiful companion.
Yuu actually believed that it was Vil who started this courting. He was clearly trying to lure someone and had yet to find someone who came close to his standard but Yuu had gone their whole life knowing how to play this game.
They used a delicately chosen array of colors and clothing to gain Vil's attention. It worked and they were both quite taken the other.
Unfortunately, the problem with peacocks is that neither will make the first move due to both having no idea how to approach and flirt. So they are stuck in a standoff. It's would be cute if it wasn't irritating to watch.
Idia- Take You Away
Yep, Yuu came from a kingdom where kidnapping a future partner was normal. It had rules of course but they did do that.
If two people share an interest in one other kidnapping them and taking them to your home was part of the ritual. They of course could just escape by walking out the unlocked door but the point was to show them what you can offer them. Make your partner comfortable and spend time with them until they agree to stay or they choose to leave. There are usually no hard feelings after.
Idia had been kidnapped a few times so by this point he knows to assume the position. Yuu would remind him that he could go but that they don't want him to leave. The house was comfortable with plenty of pillows to lounge on.
Yuu made him food and wanted to cuddle while he played games. It was pretty good and he didn't even have the deal with people coming to get him. Every time someone bothered them Yuu would drive them away since part of the courting is making sure people don't interfere with Idia's choice to stay.
He did but he didn't even know why he was kidnapped in the first place, but if he's happy good for him.
Malleus-Shiny Rock Egg
If you lived underground you'd have strange traditions too. Thankfully it was just a cave system.
Yeah, Yuu lived in a cave growing up. It wasn't bad, the caves were beautiful and were carved into by their ancestors.
When you found someone you like it was common to give them tokens. Tokens were random objects that the giver was fond of. Uncut gemstones and rocks were raw or carved into to be given to a potential partner.
Yuu would seek out geodes to give them to Malleus. At first, he believed that he was being given big stones by his child of man and was very enthusiastic to reserve these gifts.
That is until he was moving some of them to his horde after he ran out of room on his shelf. One of the geodes cracked in half and caused him to panic. He had ruined Yuu's gift. When he apologized to them Yuu told him he was supposed to crack them open.
On closer look, he was extremely happy when he realized they were gems. You see dragons courted using gemstones as gifts. So they were well on their way to being engaged.
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insomuse · 4 months
- ̗̀May I have some TWST boys with their GN!S/O who treats Grim like their baby (⁠◍⁠•⁠ᴗ⁠•⁠◍⁠) you can choose whoever characters you wanna put! I don't mind!
My baby, our baby.
     ▸SFW.          ▸GN! Reader .          ▸Req?: Si~
Tumblr media Tumblr media
៶𖥨. He knew you and Grim were close. But not as close for a parent-child bond?
៶𖥨. Albeit it just made him fall even more in love with you by how attentive and caring you are for the feline. He’s always in a daze when he Watches you and Grim interact.
៶𖥨. He even gives you tips and tricks that he has used on the others he’s raised, and it works like a charm!
Grim’s stubborn and not listening?
Lure him in with bribery and that he won’t get it until he listens fufu~
៶𖥨.Although this Fae doesn’t mind how parently you are to Grim, he does suggest that you two get alone time too.
You can literally go a day without Grim and vice versa. Please, you’ll both live! Ace and Deuce will take him- totally- he didn’t blackmail them or anything…
៶𖥨. But other than that, he does love playing family with you two~ it gives him an excuse to prep family dinners more often!.. Just- pray. Believer or not… pray and write a will while you’re at it..
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
⌁. Doesn’t like the sharing of attention… well, it was okay at first. But then it got to be too much.
He treats it like a competition.
And yes, you do give him plenty of attention, he’s just stubborn and greedy. He needs to understand that Grim is your baby and that’s final.
⌁. Grim is also a bit against your relationship with Floyd— that eel keeps tricking and getting him trouble!
⌁. Step dad and step child going head to head type beat.
⌁. Floyd is subtle when you’re not looking with his threats to that cat, but said cat is loud with it and points out what he’s doing only for you to turn and see Floyd busy with something and quirk a brow at Grim.
Floyd shoots a quick grin in Grim’s direction and then go back yo feigning innocence.
It don’t stop there!
⌁. Grim is laying on your lap being petted? He wants to take over.
You’re feeding Grim by hand? That’s his spot now. And in his words; sharing is caring and you agreed much to Grim’s dismay.
Bathing Grim? He tried to replace when you weren’t looking, but he just got bashed in the face with a Loofah while you sported a glowing blush and a hissing Grim blasting fireballs instead..
⌁. That was not a good idea…. This only resorted in you giving Grim more attention in comforting after what he witnessed.
Those innocent feline eyes are forever tainted.
⌁. Jade teases him about this attempt. Jade knows he could do better than this. I guess it is true that love makes you stupid.
Bah! Jade is the stupid one, he don’t know what he’s talking about.. well— maybe- just a tad?
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
𒀭He finds it amusing and joins in as treating Grim as his own once the two of you are official.
𒀭 He loves how caring you are to the talking feline!
𒀭 He dotes and spoils Grim like no tomorrow.
𒀭 You can’t afford the Mostro sea fish special? Did you forget who you’re married to?? Yes, you heard that right. He tells and brags to everyone about his apparent spouse and child. But Jamil is right behind him to explain that he has yet to actually get married when people look confused and panicked about missing some wedding— especially Kalim’s!
𒀭 Grim is baffled by how far Kalim takes it but has no complaints since he has an unlimited amount of tuna, new collars and anything else he could ever wantbecause of it.
𒀭 And you; absolutely embarrassed but yet, glowing in pride and happiness at your newfound title.
Tumblr media
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