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Listen while reading.
Walking through the streets of Briar Valley, the day was gloomy as usual. Having bright days is rather rare, the place is always dark and gives this dangerous aura. And it is, it can be dangerous if you aren’t careful with who you mess with. Many dark fae don’t show mercy, but not all are bad.
It is true, there is good and bad, but in a place such as Briar Valley if you are too kind you are seen as weak and useless. That is unless you are wealthy and are part of a noble family because no one dares talk bad about them. The more power you have the more respect you gain. In way it’s stupid.
One doesn’t gain respect because of their status they gain respect because of what they do for others. However in a place such as this one, it doesn’t matter what one does.
Easily you would be considered weak if it wasn’t for the fact that you came from a very wealthy family. Through generations your family has been very well known for their riches and living a life filled with luxuries. Always wearing the finest materials and jewelry.
You wouldn’t say you are any different. Despite being nice you are also rather spoiled, but it’s normal when you have been surrounded with nothing but money growing up.
Your brother is the heir, you were born second. Your brother is married and you… Well, you aren’t nor are you even interested to begin with. You aren’t the one who will be the head of the household so why does it matter if you don’t have a partner?
And life is like that, simple. Nothing more nothing less.
“Ah! (Y/n), would you like to buy some bread? They’re fresh out of the oven,” Mrs. Harvey said “Plus I’m sure your father would appreciate some, it is after all his favorite!”
Smiling you nodded “I suppose you’re right, he has been working hard lately and some of his favorite bread should be in a way a reward for it.” you said as Mrs. Harvey handed you a bag filled with bread and paid her.
Mrs. Harvey shook her head “Oh my, he isn’t taking breaks I see. Hm, just like my husband.”
“Say, have your parents not yet found you a partner? Not to get into nobles’ business but at this point I would’ve expected for you to be already in an arranged marriage.” Mrs. Harvey said.
You quickly shook your head “Oh sevens no! And I pray that never happens. I don’t wish to be arranged with someone I don’t love, none the less don’t even know! Marriages like those don’t work out.”
The lady chuckled “Oh dear, you don’t have to love them, you’ll be living in a world full of luxuries to even care about love.” she said.
“True… But I already have everything, at some point all that money means nothing to me” you sigh “After all, having no one to love me or care for me feels lonely, no matter how much money I spend or have it won’t buy the emotional comfort one needs.” You explained.
Mrs. Hervey hummed “I suppose you are right about that, my dear.”
“I’m back!” You yelled as you entered the manor. Walking down the stairs was your mother and father with a nervous look on their faces bringing you into confusion.
“What is wrong?” You asked worried.
Your mother looked at your father before looking back at you “(Y/n)… You might not take this well but I promise things will turn out alright, trust me.” she said but that didn’t tell you what the problem was, it seemed like she was too hesitant to tell you; unsure.
“Whatever do you mean?” You asked.
This time your father spoke “(Y/n). Your mother and I have made a choice and even talked to him about it… He agreed. It’s been settled that you’ll marry General Lilia Vanrouge.”
Your heart sinked upon hearing those words coming from your father’s mouth. General Lilia Vanrouge, many stories have been told about him.
He is known across all countries, many have wrote about him, talked about him. He is a man everyone respects even the queen herself, for he is the one who has fought in many wars and won many metals, there hasn’t been a war he has lost in. Many say he is terrifying and harsh like a storm.
With such a powerful position it is only logical for him to be wealthy. And it is also logical as to why your parents would set you in an arranged marriage with him.
“But I don’t know him!” You exclaimed shocked.
“You will get to know him, (Y/n). He can’t be bad, I’m sure he’ll buy you anything you want and-” you interrupted your mother “I don’t care, mom!”
“How can you be so sure? I don’t even love him in the first place!” you argued.
Your father sigh “(Y/n) calm down. Who knows maybe you two will fall in love with each other. This isn’t even about love this is about business and money. Do you think that your mother and I knew or loved each other when we got married?”
“Money, of course it’s about money! I don’t care! I already have everything I want!” You yelled.
Your mother furrowed her eyebrows “Well too bad, you have no other choice! Tomorrow you better behave because the general will come either you like it or not!” she said.
“Ugh! I hate this stupid family” you muttered and stormed off.
Laying down your bed you cried in pure hatred and frustration. They do this to you just to keep their status high!? You despise them. Marrying the general would seem like a dream to others but you? No.
Who knows what the general is like, who knows how he looks like. He’s probably some cruel old man who won’t give a damn about you at all. It’s always like that.
There is no way a marriage like this one could work.
You’d rather die than marry him.
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sketchy-owl · 18 hours
~Dorks in wonderland~
Episode 4 Lilia Vanrouge x Gnreader
Y/N: I can fix everything in this world....even without magic... Grimm and Ace's grades...
Y/N: Deuce, Riddle and Epel's anger issues
Deuce:That hurt Y/N.
Riddle:You're lucky I'm in a good mood.*clearly pissed*
Y/N:I can fix the tweels' psycho behaviour
Floyd: Oh come on shrimpy we are not that bad! I just love squeezing you !
Y/N: I can even make Leona DO something!!
Leona:Herbivore don't provoke the lion...
Ruggie:They are right though.*snickers*
Y/N:But YOU...*points at Lilia*
Lilia:*smiles innocently*
Lilia:Oh come on, little bat I'm not that bad.
Y/N:"Not that bad"you say? Then....*points at the burned kitchen * EXPLAIN THAT TO MY DORM KITCHEN. HOW CAN YOU BURN A KITCHEN WHILE MAKING TEA!?
Lilia:I was trying to do something special for you little bat.*puppy eyes*
Y/N:*slipper in their hand*
Lilia: Looks like my charm won't work this time...am I right ?
Y/N: yes *pissed as fuck*
Lilia:....*runs away*
Silver:*embarrassed of his father's behaviour*
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lokiinwonderland · 2 days
Sebek: Today at 7 am, Lilia poured a Monster energy drink in his coffee, said "I'm going to die" and drank the whole thing.
Malleus: I watched Lilia brew his coffee with Monster instead of water. Three cups in two hours. I think he ascended into the astral realm.
Silver: The survivability of the Fae race never fails to amaze me.
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💈 Stylist Central | Lilia Vanrouge x Reader
>> requested: no >> a/n: happy birthday @la-lolita !!! ilysm :]
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>> masterlist: diasomnia >> summary: lilia lets his s/o do his hair, and then he learns how much of a perfectionist you are >> reader prns: they/them [not used] >> warning(s): none
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When you asked Lilia if you could do his hair, he never expected for you to take over 10 minutes. So when you were headed past the 30-minute mark, he started to get concerned. "My darling dearest, is it okay if I ask why this is taking so long?"
"Whell," you began, bobby pins muffling your words. "Your haif if fhe pherfeft lenf for annoyansh, fso eI've veen verking on fixing it dis entire tiem."
"...What." he asked, laughing and moving slightly as his body heaved with his haughter.
"Don't move!" You all but shouted, bobby pins falling out of your mouth and onto the floor. "Aw fuck."
Lilia became as stiff as a board almost as soon as you yelled. He didn't even dare to look at what you cursed at.
You left your right hand in his hair, trying to keep all of it in place as you tentatively reached down and grabbed a couple bobby pins off the floor. Tucking some behind your ear, you stabbed another one into the mess of hair that was Lilia's new hairstyle.
"Juuuust a couple more...." you mumbled, tugging on his hair some more. “And there. Done… I think.”
Lilia laughed with relief as he stood up to go look in a mirror. Upon reaching it, he was left in awe. You never told him that you could do hair so well. His hair was in a bun, and a piece of the bun was a braid that was added. And added to the bun were gold strands of fake hair.
"Oh, em, gee." he said, stunned. "Dearest, my love, my one and only, my little blood pouch—"
"—that was a joke!" he laughed, kissing you all over your face. "It looks stunning, almost as stunning as you, I must add."
"Oh stop it,"
"Never!" Lilia smirked, spinning around to leave. "Now, I must show Malleus, Silver, and Sebek!"
"Yeah, yeah, go flaunt to your son's, dork," you joked.
"You love this dork!" he snickered as he opened the door.
"...you betcha, Lils."
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>> twst taglist: @tulipluvlettr | @ghost-hyacinth | @ch3lun | @oseathepebble | @ventisaircurrent | @epelys | @pastelmages | @xphantasmagoriax | @atlasnessie | @divinesapph | @ze-maki-nin | @ruggiethethuggie | @v-anrouge
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No one told him about the update...
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Like father like son :3
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chthonicpink · 4 months
Malleus is perhaps a bit too big to be carried like that... But he'll need some emotional support for chapter 7 for sure lololol
It's an old doodle but holy shit I'm so afraid yet so excited for chapter 7, I can't wait to see how much it'll hurt my feelings HAGSGDHSHDJ
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call-me-nineki · 5 months
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Another thing (probably last) from the Halloween event~ (':
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rs-wonderland · 25 days
Malleus: Child of man told me a joke today. Do you want to hear it?
Lilia: Alright, im listening.
Malleus smiling innocently: What goes in stiff but comes out soft?
Lilia: ○-○
Malleus: :)
Lilia: Oh my, is it-!?
Yuu running in from another room: SPAGHETTI! Its not what you think, it's spaghetti!!
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wolken-himmel · 3 months
In which a strange girl with the same haircut as Lilia appears in the Diasomnia dorm.
It turns out, the mysterious girl is none other than Lilia and (Y/n)'s daughter from the future.
Request by @over-active-daydreamer.
Tumblr media
"What is this foul stench, Silver?"
"Must be Lilia cooking again..."
"No way— I was just gone for a few seconds! He better not have messed with my soup... How does one even burn soup?"
Sebek and Silver had their noses scrunched up in utter disgust as they rushed down the hallways of the Diasomnia dorm. Even from kilometres away, one would have been able to follow the potent odor that came from the kitchen. The closer they came to the source of the horrible smell, the more they had to fight against the ourge to collapse.
They only managed to enter the kitchen with their collars raised over their noses. Just as they had feared, a small figure with a dishevelled bob-cut stood by the stove. Seemingly unaffected by the putrid smoke, the culprit continued to stir the overboiling pot.
Silver was the first one to speak up, although his voice was muffled. "Old man, get away from the stove at once," he exclaimed and raised his hand. "I will not hesitate—"
Poor Sebek looked like he was about to cry when the smoke cleared up. "You ruined my soup, Lilia!"
The person whom they thought to be their vice dorm leader let out a little giggle. "Huh? Lilia? That's not my name!" Truly, the stranger's voice was much higher, reminiscent of a teenager girl. A pleased grin appeared on her face. "Must be my hair, eh? I wanted to style it just like Daddy's! I guess the pink streaks look just like his, then. Mommy did a great job with the dye."
"Intruder! Intruder!" Sebek yelled and moved his hand to his baton. "The intruder burnt my soup!"
The girl rolled her eyes before stepping out of the smoke and skipping over to the two Diasomnia students. No wonder they had mistaken her for Lilia — their haircut was identical! Though, her clothing gave her away. She wore a green summer dress instead of a school or dorm uniform. And on closer look, her ears were round, like that of a human.
"Calm down, Sebek... it was just a little bit raw, so I decided to turn up the heat," she said cheekily and held out a bowl of the crusty soup. When she urged him to take it, he almost screamed in fear. His reaction caused her to roll her eyes. "My daddy taught me to cook, you know. I'm not clueless! Just add some lamb sauce if it tastes burnt."
Silver eyed her suspiciously. "How did you get in here and what's your name?"
Upon finally taking notice of him, her eyes lit up in glee. When she threw herself at him and looped her arms around his neck, he was too taken aback to react properly. A series of happy giggles escaped her lips. "Big brother! You're here, too," she chimed happily. After what felt like an eternity, she pulled away to shoot him a lopsided grin. "It's nice to see you again! It's been such a long time since you visited us... You're always away on some important royal guard business with the king..."
"The king...?" Silver asked in confusion.
"Yeah! King Mal-Mal. You should tell him to come visit us, too. It's been an eternity since I've seen him."
The boys' minds rattered with thoughts and all sorts of hypotheses on who this girl was. With all the clues they had been given, they were just about to figure out who she was when another figure entered the kitchen.
"What's this amazing smell in here?" the newcomer asked unironically. "My mouth is watering!"
All three of them whipped around to find Lilia waltzing in without a care in the world. He didn't seem to take notice of the mysterious girl with how his gaze seemed fixated on the soup pot. However, he was forced to acknowledge her presence when she jumped at him and enveloped him in a bear-hug.
"Daddy! You're here!" she exclaimed joyfully. "Would you like some of my soup?"
Lilia furrowed his eyebrows. "Huh? Who are you?" he asked in amusement. A bout of laughter escaped his lips when he noticed her hair style. The corners of lips twisted upwards into a giant grin. "I like your hair, stranger."
"Silly you!" she muttered and rolled her eyes. "It's me, Aurum— your daughter."
The sudden revelation had the vice dorm leader frozen at first, and even Silver and Sebek's unanimous gasps wouldn't make him budge. The only visible movement from him were his eyes that looked the girl up and down. He tilted his head to the side when he could sense no falseness in her words.
"I have a daughter? That's news to me," Lilia muttered calmly. He began stroking his chin. "I've seen a lot of strange things... but even this is newfoundland for me."
"Oh— right, Mommy and you aren't together yet!" A mischievous grin appeared on the girl's face as she clasped her hands together. "You should hurry up with confessing, really. You always told me about all these other guys that had a crush on Mommy. Better not let them win, eh? My life is on the line here."
It was then that Lilia's eyes lit up, the confusion vanquished. "Hm, so you're a time traveller! Everything makes sense now."
"No, nothing makes sense!" Sebek grumbled, still as confused as in the beginning.
With a newfound fondness, Lilia wrapped an arm around her and began laughing. "Your company delights me, Aurum. Why don't you tell me more about the future?" he asked curiously. "About your mother, to be precise."
"Oh, I would love to— but I think I need some fresh air..." A yawn escaped her lips as she gestured to the door. She flashed her father a sheepish smile before worming her way out of his grip. "Time travel can be so insanely exhausting..."
Lilia hummed softly. "Can I get you anything, Aurum?"
"Yeah, a younger sister would be nice. Thanks."
The three Diasomnia students found themselves entirely caught off-guard by the casual tone of her request. Of course, Lilia was the first one to snap out of it when uncontrollable laughter escaped his throat. He could barely stop himself, especially when he glanced upon the shocked expressions of his fellow dorm members. So caught up in his amusement, he didn't notice as you entered just when Aurum was about to leave.
And as fate wanted it, the two of you bumped into one another.
"Oh— sorry, I didn't see you there," you apologised at once. When your eyes fell upon her hair, an aloof smile appeared on your lips. A little chuckle escaped your lips. "Hey, I like your hair!"
"Thanks, Mommy! You did a great job dyeing it." The girl shot you an affectionate smile before walking past you.
Your jaw sank down upon having comprehended her words properly. Even after she had disappeared from your view, you still continued to stare after her. "What... was that?" you asked the trio of Diasomnia students after a while. "And what's up with Lilia?"
Lilia could barely contain his joy at Aurum's implications. At once, he began pacing back and forth, mumbling all sorts of things to no one but himself. An eternally pleased smile appeared on his lips. "I've lived a long life, and I always thought that nothing fate could throw at me would surprise me anymore. But to think that so much more happiness awaits me— oh, fate, you sly bastard... perhaps you will triumph over me, after all."
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miliinmi · 2 months
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Maleficia: Did you propose to them yet?
Malleus: Propose? To who?
Lilia: I didn't raise you to be a bad actor.
Tumblr media
deadpan lilia staring at malleus
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myuunji · 6 months
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your discord kitten 🫶
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julia-loves-cupcakes · 3 months
Tumblr media
Diasomnia is so nice and happy and nothing bad will happen. (What do you mean I forgot to draw someone? If I did they were probably just not invited to the scene)
So, chapter 7 huh? XD not to say I'm excited but I have been lurking around the fandom without posting anything about it and this cracked me so yeah, not at all excited to see if we get some nice angsty character development in the form of overblotting for my boi Draconia
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tezret · 8 months
When They Take The Joke A Bit Too Far
Lilia: Malleus, your friend [Name] is quite cute.
Malleus, glaring:
Lilia, smiling: Just a joke Malleus!
*at the wedding*
Malleus, giving his best man speech: And then he told me it was just a joke…
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