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la-lolita · 1 day
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˗ˏˋ ♡ la-lolita has just posted! — Rizzing them up ft. Riddle, Vil, Idia, Sebek, Malleus
˗ˏˋ ♡ EVERYONE’S SO CREATIVE— FINALLY YOU’LL BE ABLE TO RIZZ BRU SMH, since y’all fr go no bitches irl/j or not 🙄🙄🙄🙄
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Yeah NO—
He is more terrified than blushy. Like bro???
That’s not sexy, that is weird….
Okay he is a little red, but he is just standing there awkwardly-
You literally pull him closer to you and lift his chin up, he is quick to collar you and leave.
He will now avoid you like a plague, Floyd 2.0
Tumblr media
He gives you the side eye
Nah— it’s not even a side eye, it’s a full stare.
You need some practice, it will take a lot to woo him, he has been complimented a lot of times and praised; you’re not special (y/n) smh.
But if you pin him against the wall and smirk and whisper in his ear? Yeah he is kicking you.
He has never made a face before, but now he did and it’s not a good one.
You got no rizz, try some other way bro 🫢
Tumblr media
He is embarrassed, awkward, he runs away
You just have him another reason as to why the outside world is dangerous, people are scary including you.
Idia is aware of what you were trying to do, but he can’t resist! He gets embarrassed so easily, rizzing him is a way yo make him break down, melt.
And that will be printed in his head, bro will have nightmares about it.
Good job… but you won’t see him get out ever again, it was rare to see him out of school, no you definitely won’t see him…
Unless you break in his room ofc HEGEG—
Tumblr media
He thinks you were just feeling extra silly today ngl…
He just looks down at you, not knowing if you are okay or no, he just stands there and watches awkwardly like 🧍‍♂️
Are you okay? Is this a human thing? Is this like… a deep meaning? He is genuinely confused, like why are you pinning him? Why is your voice suddenly different and poetic?
Umm… it will be on his mind and he will ask Lilia— to which Lilia simply laughs, knowing what you were trying to do but playfully says nothing.
Tumblr media
Now he thinks humans are even more weirder.
He kind of is blushing, but at the same time he doesn’t know what to do! So what does he do?
Yell at you, duh 🙄 you deserve it/j
He scolds you, saying how you shouldn’t do that to people randomly and that if you want something just say it.
And yeah, you want something; his lips.
He is done with you, but in reality he kinda liked it HEHSH
Tumblr media
©la-lolita: Don’t adapt, repost, translate or plagiarize any of my work without my permission and knowledge.
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thecoolsquirrel · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
I wanted to do the different types of teeth the Diasomnia boys might have based off the respective animals theyre based off of plus bonus Silver and then I just added all the non human bois EXCEPT Azul cause I literally had no idea
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ripper-1888 · 1 day
This absolute masterpiece is made by @litl-rat-dude and I love it so much! I have watched it way too many times. If you are a fan of Twisted Wonderland, please go check out their content both here and on TikTok!
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mshroom1e · 16 hours
Could you write some soft fluff where Jamil and the readerfall asleep studying together in his dorm and the reader wakes up and attempts to leave but Jamil convinces her to stay?
This sounded so cute! To be honest, it was a little challenging to picture a scene like this with Jamil, but I think I got it. I just hope it isn't too ooc.
Tumblr media
type: fanfic
Summary: A short and hopefully sweet fic about snoozing during study time with Jamil Viper.
1.3k words
tags: hand holding, headpats
Warning(s): none
Tumblr media
Orange hues painted the sky outside Jamil's windows as the sun vacated for the day. Somehow, you'd ended up together in his dorm room studying for a test that was scheduled for the next week or so. Originally, your feline partner in crime, Grim tagged along to your little meetup, however one look at the content you needed to learn for the test was enough to bore him out of his mind and he was soon passed out on Jamil's bed.
He didn't seem to mind Grim's snoring that played like background music as he calmly continued to explain what you were going to cover. You were a good student, managing to absorb information efficiently and remember the most crucial parts you needed, much to Jamil's relief. Hence, your study session was smooth sailing so far.
Your temporary tutor had his own homework to do, so he left you with some questions that recapped the subject you were revising for the day and told you that you'd go over them together. As well as helping you, it was good practice for him as teaching topics to another person helped solidify the concepts in his mind as well.
"Take another look at question 7," he pointed with a pen, circling your mistake.
"Right," you nodded, immediately looking over the papers.
For a few minutes, the only sound in the room was shuffling of papers and a little sniffle here and there from one of you as the temperatures were dropping with the approach of night. You'd been so focused on completing the makeshift assessment that you'd compiled with Jamil that you didn't notice the lack of movement from the guy.
"Jamil, so for this one, do you-" you stopped yourself before you could finish. The sight of Jamil with his arms folded over his chest, his head carefully tilted to the side, eyes shut, and strands of hair straying from his now loose braids caused you to freeze.
Honestly, you couldn't blame him. Being a full-time student at a school like NRC and simultaneously looking after Kalim and his rambunctious energy 25 hours a day must've been demanding. He was bound to run out of energy at some point. Compared to his usual stoic face and his trying-his-best-not-to-lose-it energy, his sleeping form was serene and picturesque. You didn't want to come across as a creep, but in all honesty, it was difficult not to stare at someone so pretty.
Slow, shallow breaths allowed his chest to rise up and down at a steady pace. With each small movement he made, another strand of hair fell out of place, and he seemed to relax even more. You were tempted by the idea of running your fingers through his dark brown locks to detangle any bits of hair that were hooked around each other. A soft smile graced your features as you stared at him, enamoured. His face adorned with a comfortable expression that contrasted nicely against the usual sharpness in his eyes.
You'd be lying if you said your heart wasn't melting at how peaceful Jamil looked.
There was a sudden gust of wind outside, which diffused its cold air into the room, causing Jamil to shiver in his sleep. Desert nights were freezing, and the only thing keeping Jamil warm was the thin, burgingy hoodie that he always wore under his school blazer. Without thinking, you reached for the nearest blanket and quickly covered Jamil with it.
Just as yawning was contagious, sleep was too. Watching the boy in front of you was such a calming scene. Your eyelids grew heavy, and you were slowly losing the willpower to force them open for any longer. You allowed the sandman to get you as you eventually fell asleep.
Soft caresses and strokes on your head woke you from your nap. As you stirred and your eyes slowly opened, the mystery hand that pet you flinched. Your vision finally adjusted to the dim lights of the room. Jamil seemed to still be half asleep, judging by the slow pace of his movements and how his eyes were half-lidded with sleepiness. When you became fully awake and able to notice the hand that was still tangled in your hair, Jamil's face heated up, and he reluctantly pulled away.
"Sorry," you could hear the pout in his voice.
You laughed, your voice a little raspy. "I don't mind." It was true, though. It was nice to feel the warmth from his fingers lingering in your currently messy strands. "And... you're cute when you're sleepy..." You murmured. It seemed to spur him to wakefulness more than anything else ever had. His cheeks warmed further, and he quickly averted his gaze.
"Oh, um... thanks," He stuttered nervously. His hands clenched and unclenched as if he were struggling internally over something.
"Do you want to...um..." His cheeks were even warmer than before. It wasn't like Jamil to get so nervous, and you realised he wouldn't be able to continue speaking without choking on the words. In the end, he settled with clearing his throat to gain the confidence back. He tried to speak again, but nothing came out. Instead, he shook his head, making his dishevelled hair sway.
Silver ribbons of moonlight framed Jamil's head as he sat between you and the window. The light that surrounded his profile gave him an ethereal appearance that enhanced the beauty of his features. You wished you had the camera to capture this moment forever. To preserve it for eternity. However, you knew that it would be strange to do so suddenly and let the thought free from your mind.
Moonlight, huh. The next thing that came to mind was how terribly late it was. You groaned, rubbing at your tired eyes. "I should probably get going."
As you made the motion of standing up to pick up your cat-like companion and retun to your dorm, Jamil's hand latched onto your wrist, causing you to stop in your tracks. The surprise of seeing those strong yet gentle digits wrapped around your wrist made your heart beat faster, but the feeling faded within seconds.
His face was inches away from yours now, and it seemed as if your whole body was on high alert. With his hand firmly holding onto yours and keeping you in place, he didn’t seem to budge, yet his face remained with a slightly conflicted expression.
"Can you.. stay?" Jamil asked quietly like it was a question to himself, rather than to you. There was something about the way he spoke, almost as if he was afraid that he might say something wrong and cause the atmosphere between you two to change. Was that it? Did he really want to spend more time with you? If you didn't know any better, you would've gaped at him like a fish.
However, before you could reply to his question, Jamil began to elaborate, lowering his gaze. "It's late, and walking all the way to your dorm from the school building is dangerous in the dark."
"Yeah, you're right," you nodded. The path between your beaten up dorm and NRC's main building was poorly maintained and you'd tripped over a loose stone tile or a piece of vine that grew out from the ground below it more often than you'd like to admit.
Jamil visibly relaxed at your agreement. "Are you hungry?" He suggested.
"Starving actually," you admitted, and Jamil offered a small smile.
"I can make you something to eat," He stood to his feet, his hold on your wrist sheepishly transfered to your hand before letting go. "Most of the dorm must've eaten dinner already, but I'm sure we can find something."
"That sounds great," you grinned. You sent a look at Grim, who was still passed out asleep after all this time and shook your head with a fond smile.
"I guess I'll have to save him some late night dinner, too."
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the-ghost-0f-t0m0 · 23 hours
Yuu: K-k-ki-
Malleus: Take your time child of man, it's ok.
Yuu: Ki-i
Malleus: You can do it, I believe in you
Malleus: ....Well I was hoping for 'kiss me' but letting emotions out is good too
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yukimisouzou-kim · 2 days
The Shenanigan of MalleYuu #5
The Night Raven College held a costume party in the school.
Yuu: *comes wearing Diasomnia’s dorm outfit* “Hey Tsunotarou~!”
Malleus: *dressed as a Ramshackle’s student aka his vest is gray color* “Aah, Child of Man. Good to see you. I see you come as a Diasomnia's student, hmm?”
Yuu: “Uum actually…” *smiles and points at the horns hair ornament* “I’m dressing as You!”
Malleus: 😳 “Me…?”
Yuu: “Yep! See this black coat and stuff? This literally is your dorm outfit!”
*Yuu then blushed, fidgeting shyly*
Yuu: “D-Do I… Look weird?”
Malleus: “...... Of course not.”
Yuu: “Oh. Thank Go-”
Malleus: “You look extremely adorable.”
Yuu: “Wha-... Thank-”
Malleus: “You make me want to protect you with my life.”
Yuu: “Huh-”
Malleus: “Lilia.”
Lilia: *suddenly appeared and kneeled before Malleus* “Yes, sire?”
Yuu: “Woah-!!!”
Malleus: “I want you to capture every angle and every second of this moment. I want to burn this perfection of cuteness into my mind for the rest of my life!”
Lilia: “Yes, my lord!” *pulled out a camera and immediately taking pictures of Yuu*
Yuu: *cries in embarrassment*
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akechisu1 · 5 days
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hnsoka · 6 months
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babylemonart · 19 days
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From reading to coffee buddies
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norcerro · 16 days
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I need to get better at posting here lol
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minx-iv · 3 months
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No one told him about the update...
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oepionie · 1 month
— "HIS COMPLETE DEVOTION" malleus draconia
SYNOPSIS: "Don't touch me! I have a lover!" - After accidentally getting hit in the head with a powerful spell, Malleus is left delirious and confused. You try to help him but he doesn't seem to recognize you.
Character/s: Malleus Draconia x GN! Reader
Tags: Fluff, Established relationship, Malleus is a loyal dragon, Reader is part of the gargoyle appreciation club, Mentions of nausea, He keeps a locket of you aww
A/N: This prompt/idea was requested by a friend!
WordCount: 800+ | 💌Masterlist | PART II HERE
Tumblr media
Green lightning began to strike and forsake the grey sky. Every student on campus could hear the wind howling through the thick dripping rain, a sinking feeling of dread permanating through the atmosphere.
The aged concrete walls shook from a shrill scream, the anguished cry echoing out through the hundred chambers in the castle.
"YOUNG MASTER!" Sebek drove his fingers into his scalp, screaming as thick tears dribbled down his flushed face. From his reaction, you'd think he was the one who got hurt instead.
Lilia tutted and carefully inspected Malleus' head. The young prince was laying on the ground writhing in pain. Lillia pressed his thumb against the dragon's temple, examining the Fae's reaction.
Sebek and Silver surrounded the two, ensuring that no one could get past them. Malleus was in a vulnerable state right now, he had to be protected at all costs.
"The spell was quite powerful however it's not serious. Other than some temporary mental confusion, he should be fine." Lilia muttered, helping Malleus stand up. The young prince stumbled around for a bit, almost as if he was intoxicated.
"Malleus!" You threw the doors to the dorm open, running over to the group. It's only when you got closer did you notice your lover's spinning eyes, glazed over as he blinks at the blank concrete floors. Worried out of your mind, you rushed over to him.
"Tsunotarou! I heard what happened…are you okay?" The fae appeared a little puzzled. You stood before him and he fixed his gaze on you, confused and...disgusted?
With a hint of hesitance, you reached your hands up to cup his cheeks. Only to gasp when Malleus glowered and grasped onto your wrists, ripping your hands off of his face.
Silence fell over the room as he dropped his grip on your arms, allowing them to hang limply by your sides. Everyone gawked at Malleus as if he had just grown two heads.
Malleus? Malleus rejected your affection? The Malleus who waits outside your dorm an hour before classes just to walk you to school? The Malleus who once caused a week-long storm just because he couldn't sit next to you in class? Your Malleus?
You felt your heart sink. They say drunk words were sober thoughts. Did Malleus secretly despise you?
"Listen here-" Malleus snarled, his unfocused eyes flashing a luminous emerald green. The radiance and illumination hypnotizes you for a while. A kaleidoscope of green and blue swirling around the gems that were his eyes.
"No matter how alluring you look-you can't tempt me. I-" Malleus lurched forward, nearly falling over. You ran to catch him but he pushed you away, stepping back blindly. He raised a finger at you. "I-I already have a lover!"
"Yes-That's…me?" You blinked, confused out of your mind.
Malleus only scoffs at you, shakily taking a few steps towards the entrance. It was clear that his head still shook and ached from the spell's blow. Sebek was quick to stop him, holding Malleus steady. "Young Master! Where are you going?!"
"To my-my treasure. My darling prefect." Malleus slurred, leaning against Sebek for support. He continued his rambling. "It's Thursday- We have a club meeting."
"Tsuno-I mean-Malleus, today is Tuesday." You piped up, pressing a hand against his back. With shaky legs, he pushed Sebek off and turned to glare at you.
"Silence. It is not."
Lilia laughs hysterically, doubling over and grabbing onto his knees. Oh, this was comedy gold for him. Shaking his head at his father, Silver strode up to Malleus and placed his hand on the young prince's shoulder.
"Malleus, you're still delirious. Why don't you sit down."
Both Silver and Sebek started to guide the woozy fae onto the couch. You followed suit, taking a pillow and placing it under his head. He turned to face you, his head spinning, a loopy snarl and glare on his face.
"I...I already told you- I have a lover." He groans into his hands, nausea washing over him like waves.
The fae begins frantically rummaging through his pocket. He yanks out a little locket in the form of a heart, holding it up for you to look at. He hands it to you with an arrogant smirk on his face.
"O-Oh?"Gently taking it into your hands, you flipped the metal cover over to see a picture of you inside.
It was a photo from your very first anniversary. You were wearing a flower crown made with roses Malleus grew himself, it was one of the many gifts he gave you that day.
Though only your head and neck could be seen in the picture since his coat had almost completely engulfed you. It was a chilly day and Malleus graciously lent you his coat after you had forgotten to wear one.
You stared at the photo fondly, shutting it close before handing the necklace back to the fae.
"Your partner must be lovely." You whisper softly and Malleus sighs, lolling his head back to stare at the ceiling lovingly.
"Oh. They are much more than that."
Tumblr media
PART II | Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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blackopals-world · 2 months
Yuu: You know I used to want to run away like in a Studio Ghibli movie. Being taken away to another world of magic. Learn life lessons about nature or life. Then fall in love with either a cute wizard or dragon.
Malleus:(cute wizard and dragon) Oh?
Yuu:(remembering the Overblots)Yeah, I was an idiot.
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mashed-potato101 · 3 months
Imagine book 7 would be like-
Ace: Mc! Woo him!
Mc: Woo who!?
Ace: Your husband!
Mc: mY HUH!?
Mc, slowly turns around to see dragon!Malleus about to pounce at them:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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leinyy · 2 months
Tumblr media
💳 💥 💳💥💳💥💳💥
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humbuns · 4 months
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i want him
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