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the-fandom-closet · 2 days
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Overblot Yuu
At first I had a hard time thinking of something for them, I first went to look at Chernabog and the Blot as reference, but I had a hard time there. Then I remembered that one of the reasons for their black and white hair was because of 1920′s cartoons. So I then remembered a character from steven universe, Spinel, and everything fell into place. I used a bit of a jester theme with them, and I wanted to incorporate the striped patterns on their leggings and incorporate it here (it kinda gives me beetle juice vibes now). I especially took inspiration from Heartless and Nobodies from Kingdom Hearts. I am planning on coloring this, I just wanted to give a concept sketch of what I came up with.
As for the chains, (aside from the fact that it reminds me of ghost with chains) that has more to do with Yuu as a character (as well as the jester theme and the heartless/ nobody theme). With all that has happened in their time in TWST, I think Malleus’s and later Grim’s overblot would be like the cinderblock on the camels back (especially Malleus) they have felt like they have 0 control of the things going on around them and they are tired of life and things beyond their control dictating their life. So, their overblot is like the puppet cutting off their strings and taking their fate into their own hand, even if they aren't in the right state of mind.
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insomnishit · 2 days
Imagine Yuu developing magic for being in Twisted Wonderland for who knows how long and just going: “Oh my God I'm so done” Because they're tired of this magical bullshit lmao
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twistedroseytoesy · 2 days
Could I request Vil and Scarabia with a necromancer reader?
Of course! This is a fun idea! Love me a good dnd necromancer! Going to have them be a normal human with some cool powers.
an unfortunate accident happened when you had been casting an ancient spell that you had found in a lich's tome. A mispronounced word or a missing ingredient maybe, but now you found yourself being pulled out of a floating coffin by a strange cat monster. You easily used held person on the creature and learned where you were transported to. uou enjoy the different magic system in this world and how they too have limits. This blot is a fascinating topic for you. You learn of idias connection to it and are fascinated by the non human/cursed folks of the school. Your magic is very different but luckily you still had your spell book so you could participate in just about everything anyone else could. Despite your magic the mirror could not place you saying your magic was similar to a void a deep darkness that requires its own house. Many are wary of you and your dark aura and the rumors of you raising the dead to do your errands.
Kalim: this ray of sunshine balances out your dark aura. You two are opposites get work together surprisingly well. He teaches you lighter forms of magic and tries to help you stay away from darker more deadly magics if he can. His whole mentality is that you’re really cool and that “I can fix them” meme. He truely believes your cool zombie powers could be used for good if people whose bodies you are using said it was fine. Poor sweet soul just doesn’t understand. If you ever introduce him to any zombies/skeletons of yours he will be a bit scared but try to find a silver lining. During the whole scarabia book you could tell something wasn’t right with him and when you were locked away you summoned a zombie to your aid. When Jamil overblot end you were able to add to your little army with some extra skeletons you found under the sand.
Jamil: please stay away. As interesting as your magic is to him he does not trust you in the slightest. Does wish to know how to summon his own minions at some point but rather not using those who have already passed. That’s a bit too gruesome for his liking. Tries to keep kalim away from you. Also keeps you at least 6 ft away from himself when possible. During the whole scarabia incident he tried to mind control you and your minions. It only worked for a few seconds. Found that really annoying. When you created your own little army of skeletons to fight him he laughed at it. But the skeletons were able to hold him back quite a bit for the others to hit him enough. Was a bit awkward afterward. But eventually during the SDC you two connect over more scary or feared types of magic usage. He tries to share some of his hypnosis abilities with you and you share some spells from your book with him. Now closeish friends and the banter between you two is crazy. If anyone dares to mess with kalim, let just say that mc is found with a relatively new zombie minion.
with special guest
vil: as a master of poisons he understands how some magics are frowned upon due to their power being too much and far to scary for the public. He doesn’t like how ugly your minions are and gives some tips here and there. If your minions are skeletons he would recommend you paint them to make them work somewhat with your aesthetic. Gets you lots of dark clothing and such. Also bossed around your minions when in your house for the SDC. Rather impressed that once you found out about his poisoning ability you always had your minions try your food to ensure nothing bad happened to you. During Vil’s overblot he melted your minions and saw you truly pissed for the first time. Saw that you weren’t powerless without your minions. Once he’s been defeated he and you connected over some darker magical subjects and you both are incredibly strong despite how weak you are compared to your magic abilities he hopes give you some tips. He also demands you always clean yourself after you make new minions. Also clean them and he provides some clothes for the more zombie like ones. he is fairly proud of what you can do.
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leinyy · 2 months
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He’s so adorable omg
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My angel of music
ⓒ encodory
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Grim as cat memes
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miliinmi · 2 months
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Malleus: MC?
MC: Yes, love?
Lilia: I don't remember being informed on this matter.
Grim: Since when was his nickname love? I thought we settled on Tsunotaro!
Tumblr media
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rikmonvee · 2 months
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just my malleyuu bros
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equestriagirl16 · 2 months
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fuzzybonefluffy · 4 months
MC: Can I take my toothbrush with me? RSA NPC: We're kidnapping you right now, and you're taking care of some kind of toothbrush? MC: Kidnap me? Yes, the fact that I will be away from these idiots is a real vacation for me. MC: So can I get a toothbrush???
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adrianasunderworld · 11 months
Papa Crewel
a drabble In which Yuu/Mc realizes Crewel has become their father figure.
Tumblr media
Summer vacation is fast approaching and Yuu is...still there. It’s not surprising but also very upsetting. But right now the most pressing issue is how they will spend the summer. Because with the school being closed for the next few months, Yuu is kinda screwed and will likely be stuck as a grounds keeper for Crowley just so they have a place to stay. Luckily for them, the rest of the staff won’t let that happen. They all debate on who should act as Yuus guardian over the summer. Trein initially offers. He’s a father himself and raised two girls, what's one more child for a couple months? Crewel immediately shoots it down, and says he will gladly take Yuu in. He says it would be best for them to go with who they would be most comfortable with, and as their homeroom teacher they know him best. But truthfully Crewel has grown rather fond of Yuu over the school year. To simply pass them off on someone else felt wrong. Besides, a summer with old Trein? His pup would be bored out of their skull and he can’t have that. Other staff members offered up their homes, but Crewel refused to back down on the matter, and it was decided Yuu would be sent to live with him.
On the last day of school, after everyone had gone, Yuu and Grim packed whatever few belonging they had into the back of Crewels car before bidding campus farewell for the time being. The drive isn't very long, and they are soon pulling up to the surprisingly large house. A few excited dogs run up to greet them, and Yuu thinks this may not be so bad. Crewel shows them to their room. Grim makes himself comfortable on the bed as Crewel explains the house rules. Which isn't much, mostly the usual clean up after your self, if you're going out let him know, etc. For such a strict professor, he’s oddly lax as a guardian. As the next couple weeks pass, things are...normal. Yuu sleeps in a bit, plays with the dogs, maybe walk around with Grim to explore the neighborhood, is always back in time to help Crewel make dinner. This is the most stability Yuu has had in almost a year and it feels surreal. They keep waiting for the other shoe to drop, but it never comes. Instead of Overblots and magical misshaps, they get lake visits and shopping trips. 
Their room is comfortable. The first week there Crewel helped them unpack and even offered to take them to get a few things to make it more to their liking. Like picking out bedsheets, curtains, maybe some posters. Yuu doesn't want to take advantage of their teachers' generosity, but Crewel won’t take no for an answer, and soon the room feels almost like Yuu had lived there the whole time. Even the dogs have taken to napping at the foot of the bed with Grim as if it's always been this way. Among the things Crewel got for Yuu was a new phone. He said the one Crowely gave them was no better than a cheap brick, and that they needed something that wasn’t going to give out on them anytime soon. Especially in an emergency. Yuu realized Crewel was serious when they and Grim got lost on one of their outings. They ventured farther into town and got completely lost. Every Turn seemed to make it worse and the streetlights had already come on. Not knowing what else to do, Yuu called Crewel who picked up after a couple rings.
 “Hello, Pup, having fun out there?”
 “Um…Crewel? I need help.”
His voice got very serious at hearing how worried they sounded. “What’s wrong?”
   “Grim and I got lost in town and I have no clue how to get back to the house.”
   “Do you know the street name you're on?”
   “Um…White Avenue. And there's a cafe nearby called the Red Rose.”
   “Alright, I’ll be there in about ten minutes. Just stay put.”
   And true to his word, Crewel pulls up in his car soon after, asking if they're okay. Yuu felt an overwhelming sense of relief. They had gotten so used to dealing with everything themselves, that something as simple as being picked up when they're lost was refreshing.
As the summer went on Crewel continued to look after Yuu. From getting their back to school supplies. Taking them on day trips to visit friends. Even scolding them to stay in bed and drink their medicine when they got a nasty cold after getting caught in the rain. One night as they were video chatting with Deuce and Ace, Crewel came into the room and reminded them not to be up too late since they had a ton of errands to run tomorrow and said goodnight.
“He sounds like your dad.” Ace joked.
“Papa Crewel!” Grim agreed, knowing better than the boys that that wasn’t much of an exaggeration. 
Yuu only rolled their eyes. “He’s just being responsible and looking after me.”
“Like a parent would.” Deuce said.
“Are you going to change your last name when Crewel adopts you?” Ace continued to tease. Yuu let him have his fun, but the thought of their professor being like their dad stuck in their head long after the call ended.
An old friend of Crewels was having a baby, and Yuu had tagged along with him to the shower. Everyone was nice to them, people were laughing as the new mother opened gifts. Parents were sharing stories and had their children running about. Yet Yuu had never felt so…alone. In school they had their peers and friends, there was hardly a chance to be lonely. But here everyone was so familiar with one another, family and life long friends. Yuu felt that familiar sense of hollowness they felt over winter break. They missed their friends and family back home. They tried not to dwell on the very real possibility they would never see them again. When it was finally time to leave, Crewel noted how silent Yuu was on the drive back.
Yuu can’t sleep that night. Not wanting to disturb Grim or the dogs, they slowly slip out of bed and wander the halls of the large house. Eventually they sat in the dark of the living room. Hugging a furry pillow, Yuu started to cry. All the loneliness and homesickness that had built up finally came bursting out in muffled sobs. They didn’t know how long they sat in the dark until a familiar voice interrupted.
“Pup? What’s wrong?”
Crewel sat next to them wondering if Yuu had hurt themselves or something. Instead they threw their arms around him and kept crying, the sound no longer muffled by the pillow. Through their sniffling, he managed to figure out what was wrong and hugged them back. Telling them that it would be alright. They weren’t alone. They had him, Grim, and all their friends. 
As Crewel continued to comfort them, they realized Ace wasn’t really joking. Crewel had become a father to them in every way that mattered. 
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fungifanart · 8 months
Trey: Hello there, we’re here to collect your wish if you’d be so kind.
Random student: Why should I? I’m way too old to do childish stuff like wishing on a star or whatever.
MC, standing next to Trey: Do it or else I’ll rip your goddamn ears off. How’s that for an incentive?
Student: Yeah? And who the hell are you? You’re not dressed like a Stargazer so why’d you think you can just jump in on this conversation?
MC: I’m the guy who’s gonna cut your dick off and glue it to your forehead so you look like a limpdick unicorn if you don’t make with the wishing. That’s who the fuck I am.
Trey: Ok. Jesus.
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Free time with my oshi tsums
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Aww look they’re bonding again 🥹
Or also known as part two of Yuu witnessing crimes done by NRC students💀
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Yumeweek Day 2: Supernatural 
 ⓒ nugetoss1
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