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takalzuoom · 1 year
yuu : personally, my love language is acts of service, how about you guys?
floyd : assault and battery
jade : verbal harassment and acts of intimidation
azul : black mailing
yuu : now hang on a minute-
500 follower special
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twistedflowerwriter · 2 months
~ Octavinelle Incorrect Quotes ~
Cop: You ran a red light.
Floyd: So did you, hypocrite.
Cop: I was following you.
Floyd: That was dumb, I'm a terrible driver.
Cop: Get out.
Jade: The next time I open up to someone, it'll be my autopsy.
Azul: So, according to my university, it is, quote, “my responsibility if there is an internet outage to contact the faculty and the department.”
Azul: Now, if you’re a critical thinker like me, you might be wondering one thing.
Jade: You know the sound a fork makes in the garbage disposal? That's the sound that my brain makes all the time.
Jade: Sweet dog you got there.
Divus: Yes, this is our new drug sniffing dog.
Jade: Still training huh?
Divus: What do you mean?
Jade: Never mind.
Jade/Floyd: I'd make fun of your height but there isn't enough to make fun of.
Azul: I keep a picture of all of us in my wallet. Whenever I face difficulties, I take it out and stare at the picture.
Jade/Floyd: Awwww-
Azul: And I tell myself "If I can deal with these idiots, then I can deal with anything."
Jade/Floyd: Oh.
Azul: I’d like to live through a week that’s not a whole new verse of “We Didn’t Start the Fire.”
Azul: The last time I went to an urgent care clinic, I checked off 'excessive crying' on the symptom list, and then the nurse got really confused and said that was meant for babies.
Floyd: Hello friends!
Floyd: You might be wondering why I’m taped to the ceiling
I know it’s been quite a while since my last incorrect quote post, I do have a reason. I was being super lazy.
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h3apm3ch4n151m · 15 days
Photographic sibling!Leech reader.
I just thought of this and thought........ why not just............ yeah.
PSL!reader was accepted into college because PSL!reader was all alone they skipped a grade.
PSL!reader can read a book in seconds and manages to memorize it.
PSL!reader is useful for spying on others, no detail is wrong. Azul will make use of that ...only if PSL!reader wants to.
PSL!reader has memorized senior-level magic but is still practicing it.
PSL!reader has Azul's contracts and passcode.
PSL!reader hates Floyd (affectionate) and looks up to Jade.
PSL!reader always gets bothered to help Azul and their brothers at work.
PSL!reader can memorize anything that they see or hear happen each day with very clear detail, yes, even the days they want to forget.
PSL!reader just wants to be alone but always gets bothered for help. From both Azul and the twins.
PSL!reader who Azul is pretty scared of them...
Feel free to ask more about this concept for other characters, idk LMAo
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ziepie-alien · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Twisted wonderland fandom, is it me or Azul giving strong fairy godmother from Shrek 2 vibes? If that`s the point should I draw him in her glittery dress or he would look better in purple?
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mewmewtric · 8 months
I always love Twst and Genshin collab. So, what are your thoughts about Azul meeting Ayato? I can't and won't get enough of them, help!!! And... What will Jade do and become in Teyvat?
Heyoooo hihiiii thanks for the request and I'll be taking both of them! Anybody else up to ask more stuff? No?
Ayato came to Liyue for a meeting with the Qixing. Inazuma had opened up, thanks to the resistance, the Shogun's change of heart, the Traveller. It would only make sense to meet up with the neighbouring country and discuss the reopening of Inazuma.
It was... Almost a bliss that people in Liyue do not recognise him, especially when he walks along the Liyue streets incognito, just to have a feeling of streets that would not clear when he passed by. Jewellery, trading, food... All the shops, they blend into each other, a bustling city of everyone wanting to make their mark. He made sure to check every single one of them, their specialties, what potential they could bring.
At last, he reached a shop at a corner. A clean blue and purple sign on standard red walls. "Mostro Trading. Operating hours: 5pm-1am"
Mostro? That doesn't sound like a local name. Probably a souvenir shop. He opens the door of frosted glass and coral to a simple, minimalist waiting area, a room and counter, decorated by just a few beautiful corals. It's empty for now, in the early evening. The shop's business is usually more active at night.
"Welcome to my humble shop, sir."
A young man with already grey hair steps out from the single room in the shop. "You do not seem like a local.
"Neither do you, good sir." The young man walks a little closer. "You seem tired and afraid. The eyebags under your eyes..."
"I have had a very busy schedule these few days. "
"I see. Would you like a pick-me-up?"
"I have been formulating an energiser made with herbs from different countries. Natlan, Mondstadt, Inazuma..."
"Sir, how did you obtain the materials from Inazuma?"
"Ahahahaha... A partner of mine. Good sir, you have a lot of questions."
The bespectacled young man opens a drawer full of purple bottles. "They even come with a schedule organiser, if you need one. Of course, none of this is free. Oh, no need for the mora."
This man... He is very intriguing.
"What's your price then?"
"I would just like your name and a picture of you with the drink. Very simple, no? You are a rather handsome foreigner. Surely a picture of you would boost my sales. If you agree, there is no need to sign a contract for you. We can do it now."
As Ayato leaves with a small bag of tonics, having given just his name and a picture, his curiosity of the young man just slowly builds up. His offer was genuine. The enthusiasm in his voice when he was talking about the energiser, it meant he had put hard work into genuinely making this tonic. Ayato did not speak much during this entire thing. It would be unwise to provoke the merchant so quickly. Those grey eyes... they have seen something far away.
Perhaps he might come back again. He would serve as a worthy ally.
Read below for Jade entering Teyvat!
Life without Azul in NRC... it gets boring.
Both Jade and Floyd agreed on it. Even though he is a mere octopus who learned powerful magic out of spite, the two have gone to grow attached to him, somewhat.
But then he disappeared without a trace. Mostro Lounge without him carrying the mood slowly decreased in customer traffic. Fellow Octavinelle students engaged in search parties for him, but none bore fruit. Crowley appeared to waver from his usual... grating personality, with both Yuu and Azul, two housewardens, gone. Of course, Yuu was not that much of a problem, considering they always pop in and out of NRC, and yet pretending they were always stuck here.
Down alone in the room where all his contracts used to be stored, Jade silently cleaned the desk. It was dusty and empty, except for one glowing torn book page. Classic Azul, leaving pieces of paper on his table. The torn book page had a strange spell inscribed on it, though. All he could recognise were 3 letters.
Did Azul really miss Yuu that much? Jade picks up the page to submit it as a possible clue-
All strength from his limbs were snatched away as his eyes shut from overwhelming fatigue. HIs limp body falls onto the-
Soft grass.
Jade slowly opened his eyes.
He was lying on a bed of grass, sakura blossoms gently falling down, a small red shrine on one end, a bridge on another. A strange, beautiful sight.
“are you alright? sir?”
A blonde head comes into view. Someone helps lift him up to his feet. It was a young lady, with messy blonde hair and orange clothes, and a big red ribbon at her back.
“where am I...”
“I saw you faint over there. are you alright?”
Her bright orange eyes sparkled with concern. 
“Who are you... where is this place...”
“I’m Naganohara Yoimiya! Just call me Yoimiya. You don’t look Inazuman. How are you even here? The Sakoku Decree hasn’t been lifted.”
The Jade Leech who always had something carefully thought out to say... could not think of anything to say. Is this a dream? Is this some prison where Azul is trapped inside?
“Nor do you look like someone from any other country, maybe a hint of Fontaine... Are you a traveller from another world? I have a friend like that!”
“Yes. Yes I am. I am stuck in this world after a mishap.” Finally, something for him to build on. “I don’t know anything about this place. Or customs or... anything.”
“A fish out of water. I assume you don’t have a place to stay?”
“No, miss.”
“It’s okay! I have a free room at my house, since I assume you don’t have any money to rent a room in an inn. I can introduce you to everything you need to know about Inazuma.”
This truly is a different world.
Nobody would help a stranger at the road with weird clothing where he came from. They would have avoided him, ignored him. Unlike the bright young lady rattling off information about this place called Inazuma, giving him a place to stay for now, to a stranger. With a sparkle in her eyes. Nobody at Night Raven College would do that, and it’s better not to ask help from Royal Sword Academy students who would probably do that.
“Of course, you are not getting this for free.”
And here comes the price.
“Do you have experience in sales and trading and stuff like that?”
“Oh, I am good with them, miss.”
“Good! You can help me by doing some advertising and trading! You can even earn some money to start your own business.”
And so, in his early days, Jade helped Yoimiya do some trading and sales as compensation for Yoimiya giving him a room to stay. At some point, he got enough money and managed to set up a little secret trading route between Liyue and Inazuma. At first, it was just to allow Yoimiya to sell even more fireworks, as gratitude for her help to the traveller who fainted in the Inazuman outskirts. But he started selling more things. Inazuman specialities, herbs, precious items. Merchants in Liyue and Inazuman partners alike benefitted a lot from it (especially a certain grey haired merchant we met before).
The rather loud goldfish lady grew on him, and an unlikely friendship started. Jade would sometimes stop Yoimiya from rambling on nonstop to unsuspecting customers, and sometimes the two of them would set up large, loud fireworks outside the city and revel in the beautiful, organised chaos.
Just like the way that he and Floyd would set up mischief and chaos back in school.
How is he, all alone... without his brother...
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beelscustard · 11 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Chibi Octavinelle icons
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yurimochi · 11 months
♡ octavinelle boyfriend headcanons ♡ ♡ fluff and romance ♡ ♡ fem!reader ♡
Tumblr media
♡ azul ashengrotto ♡ ♡ he's really loves his girlfriend a lot, but he's also nervous, he has never been in a relationship before and he's afraid of losing her, so he does a lot of research. ♡ he wants to show his girlfriend affection in public but he gets easily embarrassed, so don't expect any kissing when people are around, but he's fine with hand holding, probably. ♡ when they're in private he'll hug and snuggle her as much as possible, he just loves being close to her and feeling her warmth especially after stressful days after work at the mostro lounge, and she'll help him calm down with soft head pats. ♡ he wants his girlfriend to feel special so he likes to take her to other cafés time to time when they're not going to the mostro lounge, what? of course he didn't want to visit other cafés to check out their menus or stuff for his business, not at all! ♡ at first ace, deuce and grim thought that azul had forced their friend to write a contract to be together with him, but when she tells them she haven't they're were surprised, but they try to be supportive but it takes some time for them to get used to, the tweels knew that azul had a crush on her and even told him that if he doesn't confess one of them would do it before him, while smirking, that scared him so he went and confessed to her before they could talk to her, they love to tease azul, but they're very supportive, they just doesn't show it.
Tumblr media
♡ jade leech ♡ ♡ he's a gentleman and cares for his girlfriend, but doesn't show it and just does his signature smile, making it hard for her to know what he's thinking. ♡ he likes to just walk around with his girlfriend or just stand by her side when they're together in public, as he scares anyone that's getting close to her with his smile, he doesn't hug or kiss her, but if she asks for it he'll hold her hand. ♡ when they're alone he might hug her and give her kisses on her cheek, don't expect much snuggling but he likes to get affectionate after stressful days. ♡ he takes his girlfriend on hikes in the mountains, as they look at different plants together if the weather is nice, if not then he'll either make terrariums with her or take her to to mostro lounge. ♡ ace, deuce and grim won't lie, they're scared of jade so they don't know what their friend sees in him, so they have to get used to it, azul is happy for them and he's happy that he got a new empolyee at the lounge, floyd is of course supportive of the two, but don't expect to be free from his squeezes though.
Tumblr media
♡ floyd leech ♡ ♡ he loves his girlfriend to death, she's really interesting to him and when he's around her he always has butterflies in his stomach, he's not sure what that means, but he doesn't mind the feeling. ♡ he loves giving his girlfriend hugs and kisses in public, he doesn't care if people are around or that she's embarrassed he just wants to be close to her, expect a lot of surprise kisses and hugs too whenever he sees her. ♡ she doesn't get any rest when they're alone either, so many hugs and kisses but also a lot of snuggling and squeezing, while they're doing whatever floyd is in the mood for. ♡ his girlfriend can never predict what kind of dates the two will go to next, one day you guys just eat sweets at the mostro lounge or in either of your rooms or he takes her out to the movies, but she doesn't mind, she thinks it's pretty fun. ♡ ace, deuce and grim don't understand why she's dating him to be honest, he's scary and weird, ace is a little more supportive than the other two since he's in the same club with floyd but he's still scared of him, azul is also confused on why she's dating floyd but he's happy for them and he likes that she keeps floyd distracted, jade is really happy and supportive of the two and also likes that she keeps floyd distracted.
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707-apollo · 4 months
Just imagine someone's phone ringing from the Octavinelle house AND the ringtone is "Fishy On Me" by Tiko
Tumblr media
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reibre4d · 7 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
got some more twinie twin tweels :33
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606nox · 1 year
Twisted wonderland floyd x sea bunny reader
Tumblr media
From the first time floyd saw you. He was so excited
Will follow you around squeezing you or will try and pet your ears
He definitely has gotten board in class and wouldn't stop running his fingers on your brush like ears
When he gets told that sea bunny's are poisonous hes even more interested
Still calls you shrimpy tho 🙄
Little shrimpy can you make poison ?
If one day you decide to do your homework at the lounge
Get ready to not be able to do your work
Because Floyd will rub his fingers on your ears
Or if hes board he will pinch your ears
He finds your reaction funny
He also finds your tail cute but he also finds it funny because it looks like tree branches
He will follow you around just rubbing your ears
But you can't get rid of him because if you just ignore him he just stays
But if you pay attention to him he keeps petting your ears like a dog
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vaporvipermedia · 8 months
Tumblr media
[Octavinelle Dorm]
Twisted From: Gill…from Finding Nemo…
Name: Orval Blackwell
Gender: Male (He/Him)
Sexuality: Pansexual 
Age: 18
Birthday: Dec. 25(Capricorn)
Height: 6’0
Dominate Hand: Right
Homeland: Coral Sea
Family: Irving & Maya Blackwell
School: Night Raven College
Grade/Class: 2-B
Occupation: Student/Monstro Lounge Waiter
Club: Track & Field 
Best Subject: Swimming
Fun Facts:
Hobbies: Dancing
Pet Peeves: People who aren’t patient
Dislikes: Small talk
Favorite Food: Lasagna 
Least Favorite Food: Meatloaf
Talent: Being able to clean anything under 1 min
Orval Blackwell is a smooth talking, calculated individual who uses his quick thinking to his advantage. Whether it is for good or evil it is really up to him, either way it is not going to be good for anyone. Orval has a mostly charming side to him to make people feel more at ease around him. He usually flirts, tells jokes and even tells little tidbits about his life before NRC to make him look like an actual chill guy. Orval has rarely ever been angry but if some unfortunate soul were to have pissed him off…uhh…
Good Luck Charlie!
Orval Blackwell was born in the Coral Sea and raised by his parents Irving and Maya Blackwell. At a young age Orval was a quiet kid who barely made any friends. He was terrible at having conversations with other merkids and always cried when others ignored his existence. This led Orval into a deep depression and slowly isolated himself in his cave deep in the depths of the sea. 
Irving and Maya were always heartbroken when they saw their son in this condition. So they decided that leaving the Coral Sea and attempting to help their son live a better life on the surface was the best course of action. It took Orval some time to adjust to living above the ocean and walking in his human form. However, he gradually began to make friends and gained confidence simply by conversing with them. Irving and Maya were overjoyed to see their son thrive on the surface, so they reasoned that it was only natural for them to follow suit.
The two lovers decided to start an entertainment business in the hopes that people would return for more. So they bought an abandoned building and turned it into a casino. At the age of 17, Orval became the casino's manager and was well liked by both customers and staff.
He's even adored by the patrons of Monstro Lounge, particularly by a prickly rose named Raizel Petal. Orval began to notice Raizel coming over more frequently than usual, and he even caught them staring at him on occasion. It was kinda obvious to Orval that Raizel had a crush on him and it was kinda cute when he tried to hide it with that persona of his. As a result, he began to flirt with Raizel more frequently, to the point where the poor fella would simply dip from the Lounge without touching his food. 
After teasing Raizel for weeks on end, Orval decided to slip his phone number to flustered Rose when they visited the Lounge once more. From then on, the rest became history and now Orval is stuck with a hopeless romantic who cries while watching rom-coms and vents whenever a third act scene comes up.
Say hello to Raizel’s soulmate!
Unique Magic: 
“Take the Bait”
Orval's unique magic can create illusions of things that his targets despise. This illusion enrages the target to the point where they charge at it with full force.
He can easily trip someone with his foot, causing a nasty fall, or use them as an uncontrollable battering ram for locked doors, or simply pretend to be in a bullfight to annoy said person.
-The name of his family’s casino is called “The Marina Prism Casino” -Orval's parents always send him gifts on his birthday with cute notes that he keeps on his dresser -Floyd usually asks Orval to use his unique magic on him whenever he’s bored -He always has a supply kit full of tissues, candy and water whenever Raizel invites him over for a movie night
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takalzuoom · 1 year
yuu: *eating in the monstro lounge*
azul : listen… i know you’re not happy about the contract
azul: and i know twins went a little rough on you. but i really think tha- what are you eating?
yuu : *looks up while still eating*
yuu : oh this? fried calamari 🙂
500 follower special
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malewife-central · 1 year
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul: Uh, so, I know I bought your soul last week but-
Mc: No take backs
Azul: Please…it’s…it’s making me sad
Tumblr media
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sophiesephy · 3 months
Twisted Wonderland Imagines/Scenarios
Octavinelle edition
SCENARIO: Your friends Ace, Deuce and Jack realize you've gotten closer with the Octavinelle boys after the summer vacation at Scarabia. Even though they've hastened to you and Grim's rescue after receiving an SOS when you were imprisoned in Scarabia, by the time they've arrived the issue was solved. And to their surprise, why are you suddenly buddies with Floyd and Jade?!
( Dialogue inspired by the Scarabia Arc ending. )
ACE: Hey this is trouble for us,Deuce, we're gonna lose our bud to those Leech twins. Bet they got something shady planned for her. 
Deuce: A-are we doomed if she falls for one of them? 
Ace: Of course we're all doomed! Ever since those twins have been attached to her like leeches, we always see them disappearing. They're always whisking her off somewhere. Probably taking her to their fish mafia hideout. 
Pretty sure they have ulterior motives or something, like sacrificing her in a some magic deal ritual thing with Azul. 
Deuce: That does sound bad...Do you think they want to devour her soul or something? 
Ace: Something like that! This romantic and close atmosphere must be all a trap those fancy boys laid out to lure prefect. 
Deuce: We need to deck them before they do anything 
Jack:  Guys,we can't jump into conclusions, we need to observe more,come on, they might hear us. 
Deuce: I agree with Jack.  If we hit them, we should have evidence first at least. We already know what happened to us when we went straight to the Mostro Lounge. We were beaten too fast last time. We shouldn't be impulsive like before.
Ace: But that doesn't those guys scare you, I am still traumatized from making a deal with Azul and having to work my arse in the Mostro Lounge. 
Jack: It wasn't my fault you two were gullible to make shady deals. 
And after all, those three did say they have redeemed themselves. We still aren't sure if they've truly changed but even I have to admit, I find them fawning over and following around Prefect like that just weird. 
Deuce: Very very weird. Its hard to get near Prefect with those two around, like they are bodyguarding her. Lets trust Jack's plan and observe them. 
Ace: Just when have you become the observant type heheh, earlier you said lets deck them first. 
Deuce:  Oh shut up Ace. Even I know how dangerous those twins are.
Jack: No time to be arguing.  If they do anything to hurt Prefect, thats the time we'll be decking. 
Deuce: Good enough for me.
Ace: Now that's what I'm interested in.
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ziepie-alien · 1 month
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I really could not decide which one is better but Azul totaly slaying it. Which one you like more?
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lordhelpme0-0 · 8 months
Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #1:
squidward 030
Azul: *to Octavinelle dorm* How many of you have played musical instruments before?
Jade: *raise hand* Do instruments of torture count?
Azul: No.
Floyd: *raise hand* Is mayonnaise an instrument?
Azul: No Floyd, mayonnaise is not an instrument.
Floyd: *raise hand again*
Azul: Horseradish is not an instrument either.
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