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threats against the asims || kalim al-asim
masterlist characters: kalim (platonic) genre: angst contains: kidnapping/assassination attempts (mentioned), guilt/self-deprecation, foreshadowing hehe, lots of new characters bc the asims have 32 CHILDREN summary: the asim name comes with some setbacks. it usually involves the oldest sibling. so why does your body seem on such high alert recently? notes: woohoo finally lil asim was long overdue for a new chapter :DD sorry for the names taken off like one website :// parts: [og post] | [previous] | [next]
Tumblr media
typically, you didn't worry about the countless hardships that befell you and your siblings all because of your family name. you didn't have to worry about all of that because, despite being a part of the asim family, the threats didn't involve you. more often than not, they involved the eldest son, kalim, and, on rare occasions, the youngest twins, nawra and rawda.
they were the most logical victims in your family, more so kalim than the twins considering he was the heir of the family. the tendency of kalim to fall victim to these threats and dangers had caused your parents to be extra cautious with him, doting on him every second of the day.
meanwhile, the rest of your siblings sat in the middle of all of the chaos, torn between being relieved that your brother would be safe and sound at the end of the day and jealous, a feeling that often made you feel sick to your stomach.
the jealousy made you sick because how dare you all feel this way? there was your brother, having been the victim of countless kidnappings and assassination attempts, and you had the gall to be jealous of him?
...deep down, you knew it wasn't because of the tragedies that seemed to follow him. no, in fact, you knew you all prayed for the day your precious big brother who smiled brighter than the sun would get to live peacefully without worrying about being taken or killed in an instant.
what made you, and a majority of your siblings, jealous was the fact that your parents doted on him. the younger siblings never worried about that, not until they found themselves being replaced by another much younger child. but the older children were envious, the feeling bubbling in their chests and gripping at their hearts like snakes coiled around their prey.
you all wished for nothing more than to be loved and doted on by your parents.
but you knew you wouldn't get that. not unless...
Tumblr media
it was quite common for qamar and hala to wake up in the middle of the night in search of you. ever since they had caught you sitting on one of the windowsills, staring out into the night sky as the sounds of kalim and your younger siblings sneaking out faded into the distance, the twins had made it their mission to sit with you until they passed out.
they were always drawn to the moon and stars. that's what you told yourself. that's why they sought to find you in the late hours of the night.
and you didn't mind that. even if they didn't come here for you, they were here. they were curled up by your side, squeezed against you to fit on the windowsill with their hands gripping your pajamas and their heads laying against you. you would have your arms wrapped around them, lightly stroking your thumbs against their hair that would no doubt be tangled and messy by the time they woke up in their beds.
but this night, when they had found their usual spots in your arms, was much different than the others.
you didn't feel relief with a little twinge of doubt in your body. no, there was no relief to be felt at all. instead, your anxiety spiked, your heart and stomach feeling as if they were being squeezed and twisted in your body.
you didn't hear kalim that night. it was oddly quiet and that only added to the dread building in your stomach.
"(name)..." qamar's quiet whine was enough to pull your attention elsewhere. you glanced down at him, letting your fingers comb through his hair.
"i thought you were still asleep," you whispered to him, smiling softly when he nuzzled further into your side.
"you're shaking..." he muttered into your clothes, clutching at the cloth as if to steady you. "are you cold...?"
"no," you responded, hoisting the twins in your arms, the entire situation comical to watch considering the twins were very close in age to you. hala, still sound asleep, tucked her head into your shoulder and wrapped her legs around your waist. meanwhile, qamar, still sluggish and tired, managed to stand beside you and walked as you headed back to their room. "but, it's probably best to head back now."
"m'kay," qamar yawned, leaning more into your side with each step.
in hindsight, you probably should have trusted your gut that night.
Tumblr media
faraj was one of the older siblings you felt you could turn to in your house. maybe it was because he wasn't one of the oldest but also because his entire demeanor was welcoming.
of course, you didn't like bothering him with anything. no, just sitting in his room as he read a book was enough for you. sometimes, he would mutter the words out loud and you'd listen to his voice fill the quiet room.
you usually found solace and peace during these times. but not today. you didn't know what it was but you had the same twisting feeling in your gut that told you something was wrong. something was wrong and you had no idea what it was.
"(name)?" much like that night on the windowsill, faraj called out to you in the same way that qamar did, albeit without the sleepy tone. his book was partly closed, his thumb keeping his spot marked. "something's bothering you. what's wrong?"
"huh?" unlike that night, faraj's words weren't enough to distract you from the twisting feeling in your gut. "uh, just not feeling good... that's all."
"you're feeling sick? do you need to see mahdi?" faraj questioned, slipping his bookmark in between his pages and placing his book on his bed. "i'm sure he has some things that'll make you feel better."
"no!" you yelped, jumping to grab onto faraj before he could leave. "no, no, no... i'm... i'm fine. just need some rest is all."
faraj stared at you for what seemed like minutes. he stared as if he were picking apart each and every lie you had told him over the years, starting with this very one. it wasn't until he let out a resigned sigh and trudged back to his bed did you let yourself relax as much as you could.
"if you're sure," he huffed, burying his face back in his book. granted, his eyes didn't seem to be fully reading the words on the page.
in hindsight, you probably should have let faraj take you to mahdi.
Tumblr media
the night was quiet again. the twins had yet to make their appearance, so you were left all alone to revel in the silence. it was surprisingly calming, a welcome difference compared to the sinking feeling in your gut that had been a constant ever since that night.
it was so dark that you didn't even notice the person outside the window, staring at you.
it only allowed them the perfect opportunity to--
Tumblr media
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💭masterlist | 💬ao3 link
synopsis: a potionology accident involving the adeuce duo leads to the prefect falling into a deep sleep. only an act of true love's kiss can save them and it seems that ace and deuce picked a certain boy to play prince charming.
⊹ [ cw ] — none◞
⊹ [ tags ] — FLUFF.GN! READER | papa crewel doesn't seem too happy, cauldrons, tomato riddle, azul tries to get engaged, kalim bawling his eyes out, soft vil, idia is about to pop a vein, malleus throws a lamp at lilia and it's deserved◞
⊹ [ w.c ] — 4k+◞
Tumblr media
"Deuce! No! I asked you to grab one not-" Before you could stop him, the cauldron already smashed against the pot atop your desk, flinging all the contents of the pink bubbling potion all over you.
"You dumbass! They said grab one, not summon one!" Ace hissed, throwing a towel over your soaked form. "Shit. We need to get them to Professor Crewel and — Oi, Prefect!?"
You fell forward, falling limp in Ace's arms as you both tumbled to the floor. Panicked, Ace was quick to push you onto your back, slapping your cheek and shaking you furiously. "Wake up!"
"W-What happened?" Deuce ran towards you two, guilt pooling in his stomach. His blood ran cold with fear once he saw just how pale and cold your face had turned. "Are they dead?!"
"No. It's not that strong of a potion." Crewel sighed, striding towards the two morons with a venomous scowl on his lips.
Leaning down, your adoptive-father gingerly tucked a loose strand of hair behind your ear. All previous ire he exhibited seemingly melting away. "Oh darling, I have no idea why you chose these two strays as friends…"
"Once again, you've brought my pup to harm with your incompetence." The professor stood up straight once again, his stern gaze fixed on the two youngsters.
"Nonetheless, I think this will be a valuable learning experience for the two of you." Crewel said, grabbing a thick aged book from a nearby shelf and thrusting it into Ace's arms.
"That book there contains the instructions to brew the cure."
"D-Do we have to make the- uff-" Deuce coughed, unintentionally breathing in a cloud of dust released by the old book. "-cure ourselves?"
Crewel drew his eyebrows up to his hairline, jaw dropped in disbelief. "Seven's no! I'll be making the cure myself; I have zero faith in you two."
"You two are to write a 10,000 word long report about the potion and I expect it on my desk by tomorrow." The professor pressed a boney finger against the cover, a wicked grin spreading across his face.
"Oh, and I trust that you'll keep my pup safe. You know the consequences if I find even a single hair missing from their head." The two watched helplessly as Crewel walked away, his sharp heels clicking against the floor.
"Man. What's with him." Ace grumbled, flinging the book at Deuce who easily caught it with one hand.
"Deuce, what'cha say we just head to Ramshackle?" Ace hummed, nudging your unconscious form with his foot. He hadn't even bothered with picking you up. Opting to just leave you sprawled out on the cold tiles.
Ace was truly the most friend ever.
"Interesting…" Deuce muttered, clasping a hand around his chin. Ace raised his brow, peeking over his friend's shoulder to read the text on the yellowed pages.
"One of the cures listed here is…"
Tumblr media
"A True Love's Kiss…?" Riddle trailed off before scowling at his two dorm members. Just what sort of shenanigans were they pulling now?
He lowered his teacup slowly while frowning and blinking incoherently. "Could this be another one of your pitiful attempts at a joke?"
"Why the hell would we joke about his?" Ace whined.
Riddle shook his head, walking over to your unconscious form draped over Deuce's shoulder like a stack of potatoes. Checking your temperature, he pressed his hand against your forehead and tsk'd at the heat.
For a split second, his eyes briefly wandered over to your lips.
What if…
Snapping out of it, Riddle stepped back with his burning pink cheeks.
"What utter nonsense. Hand me that book, I can brew the potion myself." Riddle said, pulling his gloves off before he then motioned for Deuce to pass him the book.
"Ah yeah…about that-" Ace chuckled, folding his arms behind his head. "Crewel didn't allow any of us to make the cure…so you're kinda our only hope."
The part where Crewel promised to produce the cure was purposefully left out by Ace. In truth, there really was no reason for Riddle to kiss you other than to serve as Ace's entertainment but hush now Riddle didn't have to know that.
"Well them, pray tell, what makes you think I should take the role of Prince Charming? "
"You get that disgusting dopey look on your face when you see them." Ace smirked.
"I-I do not!" Riddle shouted, face turning a deep cherry-red. Ace laughed, pointing at Riddle's flushed cheeks. "See?! You're turning into a tomato!"
"How are we certain that they even like me back?!"
"Ugh! Stop being a coward! You'll never know if you don't try!"
They began arguing anew, flinging insult after insult at one other. Deuce sighs and places you down on the couch in the lounge. He knew that if they continued their screaming, nothing would be done. It's was time he took things into his own hands.
Deuce grabs Riddle by the arm, dragging him towards you. The redhead turns to him, demanding the first-year to let go but Deuce only shakes his head. "I'm sorry house warden, I'll bear the brunt of your punishment later but I need to fix what I did."
"No-! W-Wait-" Riddle sputters, digging his feet into the ground. "I-I can't possibly-How unconsensual!-"
"Whoops!" Ace seizes the opportunity to shove the redhead forward, causing his lips to meet with yours.
"?!" Riddle stills for a few seconds, his calloused palms resting on your cheeks. Peering at you through shaky lashes, Riddle snaps out of his lovesick stupor and jolts back. His face blooming into an even deeper red than thought possible.
"R..iddle…?" His heart hammers against his ribcage as you flutter your eyes open, blinking up at him. The press and warmth of your lips still remained and a million of thoughts raced through his head. One of them seemed to echo louder than the rest.
At his lips’ touch you blossomed like a rose and the cure was complete, bringing the enchantment to an end. He was your 'True Love'?
Riddle hesitantly cradled your body, assisting you in sitting up. He coughed, averting his eyes to the ground, unable to meet yours.
"I apologize for the unsolicited kiss however, seeing as how my feelings are returned." He turned to you, clasping your hand tight in his. "I would like to court you properly. H-How does lunch tomorrow at noon sound?"
Tumblr media
"…so that's why I dumped them onto ya' bed." Ruggie yawned, extending his arms over his head.
There you were, curled up against Leona's king-sized bed, clutching one of his pillows tight in your arms. Blissfully oblivious to the fact that your friends abandoned you, placing you in the clutches of a hyena and at the mercy of a lion.
"So, since Leona's a prince and all, that 'True Love Kiss' stuff could totally work with him, right?" Ace grinned, placing his hands on his hips. "I've read 'bout it in fairy tales all the time! The prince kisses the girl and boom!"
"How'd desperate are ya' to go running to Leona for help?" Ruggie sniggered, grabbing a handful of dry clothes off of the clothesline.
Really, it was both pitiful and humorous at the same time. The two chose to cast the irritable, hot-headed lion as the Prince Charming in their decrepit fairy tale.
Let's be honest, when you hear the term "charming," the first thing that came to mind was not Leona Kingscholar.
Adjusting the laundry basket, he propped it against his hip, Ruggie tapped his chin and pondered. "I can help but it'll come with a price…"
Deuce rushed forward, shoving a box of donuts into Ruggie's free hand. "Will this cover it?!"
Whistling, Ruggie flicked the box open. His eyes gleamed seeing all the tooth-rotting pastries heaped atop each other.
A sly grin stretched across his face.
After Ace and Deuce handed you over to Ruggie, the hyena unceremoniously barged into Leona's room and all but threw you onto the bed.
"True Love's Kiss? Do those things even exist?" Leona scoffed, tossing a blanket over your form. Ruggie shrugged, heading out of Leona's room. "Dunno but since you two like each other, I figured you would wanna help."
Leona rolled his eyes, glancing at you. Your face was shoved against the pillow, a leg hooked over it. Well, by the looks of it, you seemed pretty comfortable. There was no harm in letting you stay for a bit.
"Shihshishi good luck on your love life." Ruggie grinned, sending Leona a thumbs up before slamming the door close.
"Damn hyena…" Leona grumbled, plopping down next to your sleeping body. His gaze poured over your skin, gliding across the contour of your jawline before settling on your lips. Leona softly pushed down on your lips with his thumb, parting them ever so slightly.
"So, you need a True Love's Kiss…" Leona whispered, leaning in, eyes fluttering close. "I better be the only one, herbivore."
His lips pressed firmly against yours, a hand propped under your chin to keep your head up. The kiss was unusually delicate and tender for someone of his nature, such a stark contrast to his gruff personality. Leona moved closer and his hair fell over his shoulders, chestnut locks draping across your chest. Within a few minutes, Leona drew back to see if you had awakened.
You stirred, bleary eyes blinking open and he smirked. Pride swelled in his chest as he leaned down to kiss you again, his tail curling around your waist.
"You're all mine, huh?"
Tumblr media
"Man, just how strong are you eels?!" Ace growled, banging his fists against Floyd's back. Both of the Heartslabyul boys were slung over Floyd's shoulder, his grip on them tight and unfaltering.
Beside him, Deuce was kicking around, trying (and failing) to get the merman's grip on him to loosen. Suddenly, one of Deuce's kicks hit Floyd square in the jaw and the eel growled.
"Neh~ Squirm around some more and I'll snap both of your legs off." Floyd grinned, his bright sharp teeth on full display. Although hesitant, the threat seemed to work as the two boys stilled, not wishing to lose their ability to walk any time soon.
"Now, Floyd, there's no need for such aggression." Jade chuckled as he approached the group with you in his arms. Unlike Floyd's manhandling, you were carried in a firm bridal carry, treated as if you were a precious piece of china or rather…an offering.
"We just got word on the prefect's condition." Jade shut his eyes, placing a hand against his chest in faux sympathy. "How unfortunate that they've succumbed to such a fate. However, lucky for you we found a solution."
"Ya need a Prince Charming right~? Well, let's have Azul do it!" Floyd cheered, slamming the two boys down onto the ground. Ace groaned, cradling his back and squinting at the tweels. "You think you can drag me into another one of those contracts?! I'm not stupid!"
"Oh, you're mistaken. This one is free of charge, no strings attached." Jade chuckled.
"Yeah…I don't really believe that." Deuce muttered.
"Why're you so damn stubborn?! Can't we just hand shrimpy to Azul? I'm sick of seeing him makin' those dumb goo goo eyes." Floyd whined.
The eel yanked you from��Jade's arms and stomped up to Azul's office. He kicked the door down, nearly knocking it off its hinges.
Jolting, Azul accidentally spilled ink all over his papers. The delicate fine print he spent hours painstakingy writing by hand dissolved into large blots of ink. His eye twitched as he grit his teeth, snapping his head up to meet Floyd's gaze.
"Floyd. What in the great seven's are you—?!" Azul was cut off when the eel plopped your dozing body onto his lap. It took the octo-mer a few seconds before he registered just what happened, cheeks burning a bright crimson when he realized you were pressed up snug against his chest.
"It's your lucky day, Azul~! You get to play Prince Charming!" Floyd sang as he made his way to the door. "Shrimpy here got cursed because of Mackerel and Crab so now you have to kiss them!"
Kiss…? Azul's mind went haywire but before he could speak any further, Floyd slithered out of the room and slammed the door shut.
It's not that he doesn't believe in the cure; love is a strong thing, and he's read that it can break even the most powerful curses. Even so, how could he promise that you'd wake up?
Azul pressed a hand behind your head, trying to calm his beating heart. Did you even acknowledge his feelings?
"True Love's kiss…Well, it wouldn't hurt to try." He murmurs, raising a trembling hand to rest against your cheek. He leans down and lightly presses his lips against yours, ever so clumsy, before checking for any reactions.
Azul stares down on your drowsy body as your eyes flicker open. He stares at you owlishly before breaking into a giddy grin.
Blinking, you looked down and read the text on the paper. Azul smiled at you expectantly, nudging a pen towards your direction.
"Prefect, s-seeing as how I'm your True Love-" Azul hastily unlocked his top desk drawer, pulling out a fancy piece of paper and handing it to you. "Let's make it official with a contract."
"Azul, this is an engagement contract…?"
Tumblr media
Jamil peered at Kalim through a crack in the slightly-ajar door. Seeing the poster boy for the golden-retriever personality sulking was truly a rare sight. Kalim had his head buried in his hands, kneeling by his bed which had your sleeping form atop it.
"What did you tell him?!" Jamil hissed, whipping his head around to glare at both Ace and Deuce.
"W-We just told him how we needed a Prince Charming's kiss to break the spell…" Deuce trailed off, rubbing the back of his neck. "…we figured since he was related to royalty, he could break it."
"He must have misunderstood it then." Jamil sighed, slipping into the dark room. So dark in fact that he could barely make out the silhouette of his dorm leader. Kalim had shut the drapes so tightly that not a single ray of sunshine could strike through his bedroom. How…dramatic.
"Kalim, what's the matter…?" Jamil approached the young boy, placing his hand atop Kalim's shoulder. He didn't miss the sight of the pure gold jewelry hastily draped across your neck or the iris bouquet in your hands. Well…it was evident who all those were from. You looked like you came straight out of a Scarabian version of Snow White.
"J-Jamil!" Kalim wailed, screwing his eyes shut as thick globs of tears ran down his flushed puffy face. The vice dorm leader sighed and reached for a tissue box, which he handed to the distraught boy. Kalim snatched a fistful of tissues and blew his nose loudly.
"The prefect is cursed to sleep forever-! A-And I couldn't find the cure!" He cried out in anguish. Jamil squinted his eyes. "Kalim, in case you forgot, the cure is-"
"I know! Prince Charming's kiss!" Kalim interrupted, wiping away his tears with the back of his arm making Jamil grimace. "I sent out hundreds of search parties but he hasn't been found!"
Jamil paused.
Ah. In foresight, he really should have seen this coming…
Jamil pinched the bridge of his nose and took a deep breath to get his irritation under control. He reached for the hood of Kalim's shirt and yanked him back. Hissing into his ear, the snake spat. "Kalim, the Prince Charming is you."
"Wh-Whgat?" Kalim sniffed, his voice muffled and hoarse from his crying.
"You. You're the prince charming." Jamil groaned, running a hand over his face.
Kalim started at Jamil for a minute or two, processing what his friend just said. Eventually, he broke out into a wide smile and happy laughter.
Wasting no time, he was quick to swoop you into his arms, drawing you into a clumsy yet endearing kiss. It only took a few seconds before your eyes blinked open. He pulled away but not before pressing another quick peck on your cheek.
"So, I'm your prince charming, huh?" Kalim beamed, sending a you a silly toothy grin. He leaned down and peppered your flushed face with kisses once more, making you feel like your head was about to explode.
"Y-Yeah-" You shot him a bashful yet thankful smile.
Filled with happiness, the teen jumped to his feet and drew you into his arms. He lifted you up by the waist and spun you around, his loud laughter echoing out through the room.
"I'm so glad! Ah! But I still have to cancel all those search parties though…"
Tumblr media
"Tsk. This is what I said about hanging out with those hooligans potato." Vil scowled, seething in rage and looking as if he was just about to hex both Ace and Deuce for this accident. "It'll only bring you trouble."
After he was informed of the incident by Rook, he wasted no time in whisking you away from your two incompetent friends and claiming he would care for you himself. Like hell he was letting you stay in that shabby dorm of yours.
Vil eased you into a luxurious bed in one of Pomefiore's spare rooms, draping a delicate lilac blanket around your torso. His palms brushed up against your brow, softly smoothing out the creases along your brow line.
Dspite the color vanishing from your cheeks and the once bright visage that made you look so vibrant losing it's glow, Vil believed you to be ethereal.
"True Love's Kiss can wake her from the spell." Vil murmured, reading off of a page in the book Deuce handed to him.
"Hmph, if I had a Madol for everytime that was listed as a cure." This wasn't the first time he'd heard of such a thing. Vil has spend hours pouring over potionology books and you'd be surprised at just how many spells and curses have it mentioned. A tad bit overrated if you asked him.
"Though there will be no need for a Prince Charming, potato." Reaching into his pocket, he pulled out a small vial filled with a glimmering silver liquid.
The liquid swished around in the bottle, sparkling brightly. As you've probably guessed, this was the cure. Vil wasn't appointed Pomefiore's dorm leader for nothing. If he could make one of the most potent poisons this campus has ever seen then he surely knew how to make a cure as simple as this. It was mere child's play.
"The potion will suffice. Even a single drop is enough to wake you." He twisted the bottle open, gently grabbing a hold of your jaw to part your lips. He leaned down, holding the bottle over your face before pausing.
"As if I'd need True Love's Kiss to prove myself." Vil scoffed, eyes latching onto your face, his gaze intense yet warm. He tipped the bottle down, allowing a single drop to fall into your mouth before capturing your lips with his in a tender yet feverish kiss.
Vil eventually pulled away and hummed seeing the color and flush return to your skin. His fingers combed through your disheveled hair, undoing any knots. Your eyes fluttered open and Vil huffed, gliding his fingers along your flushed cheeks.
"Your skin is far too puffy, an unfortunate side effect of the cure. Worry not, I'll go grab a facemask for you." Vil pushed himself off of the bed, heels clicking against the floor as he marched out of the room. "A spa day is just what you need after another incident, potato."
It was all thanks to his potion that were you able to wake, he tells himself. Vil Schoenheit was not one for fairytales or wishing. He knew that he didn't need some magical curse or wish to win you over. No, he was confident he could accomplish it on his own.
As Vil eases the translucent mask onto your face, you smile brightly at him and his chest blooms in a sudden warmth.
Yes, it was definitely the potion.
Tumblr media
"S-seriously, w-wh-hy me? Do I look like a Prince Charming to y-you?" Idia groaned, trying to shut the door but Ace stuck his foot through the opening. "Knock it off with the grin, geez… Weirdo…"
"We know you both have romantic feelings for each other!" Deuce shouted, holding you in his arms. "We really need your help!"
Idia shrieked, hair burning up slightly. He could barely hold eye contact with you for 3 seconds, what makes these two think that he could even survive kissing you? The poor boy would end up melting into a puddle of sad gooey awkwardness.
"J-Just wait until C-Crewel finishes the potion!" Idia shouted, shoving Ace away and slamming the door shut. His chest heaved up and down as he pressed his back against the door, arms awkwardly splayed to his sides, scrambling to keep the door shut.
His eyes ripped wide in panic when Ace continued to pound at the door, calling his name. "C'mon, Idia! Most people would take this as a great opportunity to win their crush over you know!"
"NOPE, NOPE, NOPE. COUNT ME OUT. I'M NOT GOING DOWN THE ROMANCE ROUTE." Idia vehemently shook his head, burying his face into the fabric of his shirt.
Ortho laughed silently, heading over to his distressed brother who looked like he was about to pop a vein. Scratch that, he probably already has.
"Big brother, didn't you and the prefect already go on a date?" Orthro said, tilting his head up to meet Idia's shaky gaze. "Why the big deal? It's just a small kiss."
"Th-That was different! I-I-It was a gaming session through a screen!" Idia sinked to the floor, curling up into a ball. He sobbed pathetically. "I could barely even keep my composure-No way am I surviving IRL."
"Yeah but they need you right now. You may not be Prince Charming but I'm sure the prefect would prefer you over any other." Ortho whispered, placing a hand atop Idia's own. The dorm leader's lip quivered, newfound courage blooming in his chest. He shakily stood up, knees wobbling from his nerves.
"…They need me."
"I'm telling you Deuce, this guy's hopeless." Ace sighed, lips drawn into a thin line as he casually leaned against the door. Deuce frowned, lightly kicking Ace's shin. "Don't say such things about our senior!"
"Oh yeah? But he's-Argh! " Ace yelped falling backwards as the door abruptly opened. With a grunt, he landed on his back and found himself staring up at Idia's flushed face.
"Alright, n-normies. I-I-I'll d-d-do it."
Idia stepped aside and let Deuce enter his room. Anxiously fiddling with his hands, Idia watched the first-year carefully set you on his bed before stepping out of the room.
"We'll leave everything to you!" The two scurried away and Ortho also excused himself, leaving to give you two privacy. Idia stood in the middle of his room, a great distance away from you.
Alright, he could do this. It was just a simple little kiss, no biggie.
Hovering his shaky hands over your cheeks, Idia leaned over your form. His breath fanning across your face as he moved in, delicately brushing his lips against yours.
Your hands snaked around his neck, drawing him in deeper making the boy squeak. Pulling away, Idia averted his gaze, voice small and meek.
"H-Hey you. You're finally awake…"
Tumblr media
In a tall tower atop Diasomnia, an ominious green glow was emanating from an open window. Thick towering brambles, thorns, and vines wrapped itself around the brooding dorm. In the sky, claps of lightning and thunder flashed amongst the darkening clouds.
"Ah…we lost the prefect." Deuce deadpanned, his gaze fixed on the overgrown thick shrubs in front of them. Ace reached for a thorn, hissing as the tip of his finger was cut.
"Yeah..it's best if we leave them to Malleus, I don't think we can even get past all of…this."
Lilia stood in the corner watching as Malleus tenderly placed you onto the bed, the dragon fae handling you as if you were a delicate piece of glass that could break at any second.
"Ah~ Are you going to be their Prince Charming? Khee hee, how ador—"
"Lillia, we need more pillows. There's hardly enough here." Malleus abruptly cut in, a stern look on his face.
Lilia blinked, gaze drawn over to the bed already filled to the brim with pillows of all shapes and sizes, so much so that some of them began pooling around the floor. All evidence of Malleus' nesting instinct.
Malleus' gaze was drawn to your serene expression, his aching heart plummeting to his stomach. Bending down, he softly cradled you in his arms. "Oh, my treasure, if only I could have prevented this."
"What a tragedy. There is to be a pillow scarcity in Diasomnia because of the devastation lay upon the prefect." Lilia replied, a dramatic theatrical sigh leaving his lips. He hurried out the door to meet Malleus' requests before the storm outside worsened. The dragon fae was already aggrevated, there was no need to make things worse.
He buried his face into the crook of your neck, pressing kisses amongst your skin before trailing them up to your lips. Fluttering his eyes shut, Malleus wrapped his arms around your waist, lifting you off the bed as he pressed his lips firmly against yours.
Malleus drew back to see you ogle at him with with wide eyes, your fingers having immediately shot up touch your tingling lips. Chuckling, he bent down once more to press his lips against yours. You two exchanged kisses for what seemed like hours, the press of his lips against yours leaving your lungs burning and heaving for air. At some point he slipped into bed with you, holding himself above your body with his elbows.
"Khee hee, You two know it's supposed to be a 'True Love's Kiss' not 'Kisses', right?" Lilia barged into the room, a comically large pile of pillows in his arms. Malleus growled and tossed a lamp his way, one which Lillia dodged easily. The lamp shattered against the wall behind him, scattering into fragments across the floor.
"Ah ah, there's no need to be so furious. Let me just drop these off and I'll be on my merry way." Lilia cheered, dropping the pillows by the foot of the bed. He reached into his pocket and pulled out an old bulky camera. "Might as well take pictures!"
Snarling, Malleus drew his hand back to reach for the large painting sitting above the bed. You snaked a hand around his wrist, silently begging him to not hurl another object at his bat-dad.
"My baby boy is in love-OW!"
Tumblr media
"What did I say about keeping them out of harms way." Crewel snarled through clenched teeth, sitting in the detention room with both Ace and Deuce. Ace chuckled awkwardly, shrugging his shoulders.
"Well if you look on the bright side, your kid finally has a love life, so there's that!"
Tumblr media
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cursedcola · 24 days
Prompt: How protective are they of their S/O?
Characters: Dorm Leaders (for now).
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland.
A/N: I did one of these for my fire emblem blog…and probably will do for a few other fandoms on this one. I really had to get that Malleus brainrot out of my head omg this was just what i needed.
Riddle Rosehearts
Very rarely does someone describe Riddle as ‘calm’. The words are not synonymous and do not belong in the same sentence. Then again, not many ever imagined that he would take on a partner either.
More so - that someone would be willing to be his partner. With all the mandatory gatherings, expectations, unprompted lecturing, overbearing perfectionism - yes. Riddle is a ball of anxiety that touches everyone and every thing. Being his s/o is welcoming that for a daily basis (perhaps life)
He is shockingly anything but these things when he is truly in love. Riddle trusts his partner to handle themselves, and believes a hardened shell is good for navigating the world. He will not baby his partner, because he does not want to be smothered in turn.
You will walk along side him. Head held high with the figment of a crown balanced atop it. A Ruler, not a subject - and he will smile on you with pride.
However, this does not make him heartless. He is not protective of you in a physical or social sense…but boy does he get jealous. In the worst ways as well. Riddle is too prideful to get defensive in public so for most acute cases it manifests underneath his skin. He lets the irritation of other students’ flirting fester until he becomes passive aggressive. Heartslabyul students experience war flashbacks to before his ‘change of heart,’ as he goes sour for days, weeks…possibly even a month if his spouse does not reassure him. He cannot handle being ignored or anyone openly making advances on you with him near. It’s disrespectful both towards you and him (do they NOT see him? He is perfectly visible and WILL collar someone).
On one final note. He also has a low tolerance for verbal slander or vulgar talking. Sexual. If you haven’t picked up on it already. If he so much as hears a slither of a suggestive comment…he will kill someone. It’s one thing to hear someone call your partner beautiful. Riddle knows you are. People would be blind not to notice…but that kind of talk? The thought that someone would envision his partner in such a way and dare to speak of it? The disrespect on your name? They’re dead. Expelled. Gone. Kicked out of the dorm if they’re one of his even though no Heartslabyul member would dare speak of you that way.
"Excuse me? Just what is it that you think you are doing? Such lechery is cause for lifetime punishment! Have you no shame?! I would report this to the headmaster but I am often told to be more selfish. Perhaps now is a good time to start. What should be your punishment, hm?"
Leona KingScholar
Leona is not going to admit it. He really won’t. He’ll push and tell you to leave him be nearly every day…but the moment you start to walk he’s right on your heels.
At some point your bedroom at Ramshackle became his from the frequency of him sleeping over. He took over your dresser, booted Grimm to the armchair, and even brought over his bedsheets/pillows.
Pah. “They’re better quality than these rags,” my ass. He just wants his scent on you and what better way to make it happen then to sleep in his sheets.
Is it alright for the head of another dorm to never be around? Unlikely. However, no one has complained about their bossy senior being missing so all is well.
Like Riddle, Leona recognizes your strength. You handle more stress on the daily than he is willing to put up with. However, no one f*cks with you when he is present. Not unless they want to be pummeled. It takes a mighty ego for someone to think that they can get away with insulting Leona’s s/o right in front of him. Let alone threaten you.
Even jokingly. The only people allowed to do that are those he trusts. He knows that a slap on the wrist from Ruggie or your heartslabyul pups won’t do damage - but someone else? Leona has a newfound hatred for people like Floyd since they drag you into trouble. One misplaced step in your direction and Leona’s snaking his tail around your waist and partially shielding you.
Low-key he has anxiety about you going missing. If you do not show up for lunch in the garden (which is routine) then he gets irritable, and if you are going out late at night then he either tries to convince you to stay home or tags along begrudgingly. Even on your walks with Malleus. No, especially on your walks with Malleus.
Which leads us to the final protective criteria. Jealousy. Have you seen the movie Lilo and Stitch? Do you know the scene where Lilo is showing stitch the drawing of his “good vs.bad” and his badness levels were super high? Leona. Leona with his jealousy.
He will act cocky all he wants with the whole “everyone knows you’re with me shtick,” but he is one possessive mf. If he so much as sees one wandering eye? Doom. Not “i will pummel you,” doom but “i am going to ruin your reputation” doom because Leona calls it out instantly. No perverts on his watch and ESPECIALLY no flirts. The only person who gets to make Leona’s s/o blush is him. No cap.
"Oi! Where do you think you're looking? Yeah, you. The dazer. I'll give you something to gawk at - huh? Fine, but if they so much as step near then I am not backing down,"
Azul Ashengrotto
Two words. Floyd. Jade. Enough said.
The relationship between Azul and the twins is hella overused, but for good reason. These two are literally his right and left hand.
Azul is a worry wart. This number would break the scale if the tweel brothers did not exist. You can’t blame him for his anxieties either. You are the ONE thing that Azul cannot control. If he could, Azul would draft the perfect contract where you would live in a safe bubble with just him. Except that’s wrong, and you would not be happy.
He doesn’t want to control you. He wants you to be happy but he simply cannot help the anxiety. Out of all the dorm leaders, he has the most enemies. He also has experience with abandonment, bullying, and overall has low self confidence. All this feeds into his protectiveness because you are the one constant in his life that he wants to keep safe.
Introducing the twins. The buffer. His in-between on being an overbearing partner and normalcy. He doesn’t even have to ask them for help, because Jade and Floyd love you too. They keep an eye out when Azul can’t, and it brings comfort. Sadly you’re wrapped up in more scuffles than Azul finds comfortable…and he can’t stop you. He tried. You’re just too nosy…but wherever you go you are supported. He freaks the heck out if you ever come to him bruised, or if the grapevine carries bad news, but he knows that if the twins aren’t spooked then you’re all good.
He worries about you leaving him willingly. Either you wake up and decide that he isn’t your match, that you won’t want to join him after graduation, or you might even decide to leave Twisted Wonderland all together. Azul is happy that Crowley is a lazy liar because it means that you have no way to leave. It’s selfish…but he can’t help it. You have to understand that for Azul? There is no one else. Only you. He is not the type to love twice, this is a one and done deal.
Which is precisely why he is easily jealous as well. Not to the extent of causing an altercation, but he can and will assert dominance. He may feel unworthy but when did that ever stop Azul? ‘Fake it until you make it’ as they say, and Azul will make whatever soul who dared to step in his territory feel like smeared shit underneath his shoe.
"Ah! Angelfish~ I missed you dearly. I hope your wrist is feeling better from that spill in poison making - how do I know about that? Oh the walls have ears, y'know. Can I get you something to drink?"
Kamil Al’ Asim
Head empty. Brain go brrrrrrrr
Just kidding. Kalim's head is full of thoughts. Some about class, others about his siblings, friends, maybe tomorrow's lunch - and you. He thinks a lot about you. Your smile, your laugh, when he'll see you next and if you'll call him soon. His heart is too full of positive thoughts to worry.
It's really that simple. Kalim is too optimistic to be protective. The idea of you cheating on him hasn't crossed his mind once. If someone flirts with you? Well, so long as your cool with it then heck yeah. He agrees. He supports it because you deserve to be praised.
Which...actually ends up chasing people off anyways. Someone calls you gorgeous? Comments on your clothes or maybe compliments you on your performance during the last exam? You bet Kalim is right there egging them on. He is the poster boy of the golden-retriever supportive boyfriend. Spewing his speech about how you're amazing and that he is so lucky to have you. It gets embarrassing but it does the job. By the time he's done your pursuer either got annoyed and gave up...or recognized that it would be impossible to match Kalim's love. Only an idiot would break up with someone who adores the very ground they walk on, and you are no idiot.
Tell him to stop and he won't because (1) he loves seeing you flustered. It's like a reward and (2) he refuses to let his love go unknown. In other words, everyone knows that you are taken. There is not a single soul at Night Raven College that hasn't heard about Kalim's simpery for the prefect.
Another unconscious checkmark. Money is power, and Kalim's family has a lot of if. They've funded more events at NRC than Crowley has the will to remember. No one. And I mean NO ONE. Would even tinker with hurting you. It's funny how the moment you start to date Kalim, the hole in Ramshackle's living room gets fixed by the next day. Y'know, the one that's been weathered for months and letting all the heat out. The heat from the fireplace because Ramshackle never got proper thermal vents installed. All the broken locks in your dorm were changed, and there was a lovely fruit-basket sitting outside on the porch. Compliments of the NRC staff <3
Let's not forget about the uhh...extra support from Jamil. I know. I know. Jamil caring for Kalim's s/o is a given. He'd do it even if he wasn't asked. The fact is that Kalim requests for Jamil to help you. Kalm has the fortunate luxury of most things being handled on his behalf. He has no reason to worry because there are instilled factors put in place to prevent the emotion from being supported.
Yet, he is of mind to recognize that being with him has costs. He knows that you can handle your own, but what about threats you don't expect? The money grubby kiss-asses and subtle dangers like poison. He's not stupid. You're new to Twisted Wonderland and there is so much about this world that you don't know. He wants to help you personally, but knows that it would do more harm than good. So he confides in Jamil, and then never speaks of it again.
"I'm sure that they will be alright but can you keep an eye just in case? Don't let them know or they might feel scared!...really? Thank goodness! I am meeting them soon so byebye for now. Remember to keep this a secret, Jamil! Hehe~"
Vil Schoenheit
He's a narcissist
This one is a bit short, and for good reason. Vil's ego.
Vil needs to be perfect. Has to. He truly is the fairest and will be perceived as no less. The voice in his head may occasionally speak otherwise but it never takes hold over his control. You will never see it present itself. He would sooner die.
If there is a soul in Twisted Wonderland who is brave enough to move in on his s/o, then he commends them. It takes courage to willingly offer yourself up as an example to the masses.
He's imagined it. Some pour student attempting to flirt awkwardly and in the most boorish way. Be it a single rose on your desk with a letter of love declaration, or a witty one-liner they pulled out from a book? How dull. The only emotions that the figment evicts are disgust and pity. The former on your behalf for being subjected to such mediocrity, and the latter on behalf of the student. It's bad enough for them to be rejected by you, but now they must be shamed by Vil. He is a merciful man, but allow one to make the mistake of chasing what's his and others will soon follow. As is the way of this competitive world.
He does not scorn any for being attracted to you. How could he? After all, it takes a marvel to woo someone like himself. It's natural for others to notice your sparkle.
They may look, but not touch. A privilege he gives that is not to be betrayed.
Like Kalim, he has no consistent reason to worry. He is so confident in his ability to smite anyone and anything that it is the biggest deterrent to all with ill intent.
On occasion there may be instances of social media backlash, or invasions of privacy. These irk him somewhat, but he knows that they will pass. So long as you are not distressed, then he does not mind them.
"Oh dear, just ignore them. In a week or two you'll be yesterday's news and they will find some other poor soul to torture....hmm. If it bothers you so much, then I will shield you as we walk. Come. The paparazzi loves this face anyways,"
Idia Shroud
I have said it before and I will say it again. Idia's largest tie to his dorm is his attitude. *cough* His temper. He is highly competitive despite his self-deprecating nature. His ego is unmatched. He is also snarky, and if pushed can talk someone down harsher than Crewel.
He also has too much time on his hands. Schoolwork is a chore that ticks maybe a few hours out of his day. He barely leaves his room, and even more rarely leaves his dorm. For the most part your relationship relies on you coming to him. That's okay. You knew this going in and have accepted it. He is also grateful for how accommodating you've been with his situation and in reassuring him. Yes sometimes he can be an asshole and get greedy. You always put him in his place though, and somehow your relationship dynamic is balanced just right. Not perfect, but not unhealthy.
Comfortable. Secure. Idia is happy. Do you have any idea how hard that is to achieve? He is well aware. He sits around during his free time with it nagging him. Just waiting for the day you grow tired or he lets you down. Some things can't be undone. He's hurt Ortho at times despite loving him more than anything. He'll hurt you and he's scared that when it inevitably happens that you'll leave him.
Idia protects you from himself. From his want to hog your attention and let his greed for your attention take over. When you first started dating, he half-wanted to get you your own tablet to attend school with. Move you into Ignihyde and lock you away with him. Where you would only see him, spend time with him, eat your meals with him, play games with him, save your kindness for only him, and be safe. No more getting into normie messes like magic duels and fighting beasts. No more working towards finding a portal that will take you away...
Almost. He knew that would hurt you. Somehow he matured enough to know that and restrain himself. What the heck did you do to him?
This doesn't mean you're entirely free though. He's still frightened. People scare him and it's bad enough that he has to worry over Ortho. Now you?
He watches you go around campus through the security cameras, and very rarely are you spotted without his tablet floating nearby. His attendance has been better in the classes you're in, and he hates that his teachers have noticed. His reputation has improved, since he's forced to at least say a greeting to the people you hang around once in a while.
Jealousy fuels the flame. He holds back as much as he can, but Idia has never loved like this before. His social awkwardness completely takes the backseat if someone he deems a threat is nearby. If someone flirts with you he has no filter in the moment, and likely beats himself up for it later on. This happens often due to your popularity...ugh. Damn you normies and your small talk.
He's bound to witness one of the many skirmishes you get thrown into. Crowley treats you like a walking campus security...and he is not happy. Not at all. I stated above that he very rarely leaves his room. More so his dorm. Even he has limits and won't sit back just to hear yelling through his earmuffs. The first time it happens? Well, he's bolting. After? Lets just say he had some special security measures installed in his tablet....
"Are you sure you don't want to come over? I got this new game for us to play and I bet I can beat you at it....ugh. Fine. Whatever. Just text me when you're walking home - No! I'm not watching you! Just shut up and do it please!"
Malleus Draconia
…must I explain?
Do you have any idea what happened when the name 'Tsunotaro,' fell from your lips? Do you?
No. It didn't just make him laugh his little cute fufufufu~ in his head. It flipped a switch.
He fell in love. Right then and there. He might not have known it yet but it's the truth. No one had ever dared to call him something so silly or look at him with pure joy. The smug twinkle in your eye as you declared it proudly.
He was yours, and you were his. You were to the only person in all of Twisted Wonderland that could ask him to jump, and in turn he would ask "how high".
In that moment, Malleus Draconia would kill for you. He would die for you. Loving you would soon become as easy as breathing. In a way, it already was. He simply underestimated at the time how deep his affection for you would root itself in his heart. He mistook it for soft adoration, but it was merely the calm before the storm. That instant was the catalyst to a lifetime of love, and also a lifetime of sorrow.
Being a dragon has nothing to do with it. Bonds with this man run deep. Family is the most important thing, and you are his love. There is no puppy love dating. None of that shit. Only courting because you WILL be his betrothed and you WILL become his spouse. This man is in love and he will accept no other. That is simply his personality. His emotions are pure and heavy. Raw. Fragile. Honest.
He will keep you safe. He has seen you fearful. Seen your strength as you transverse new world. At first it intrigued him as he watched from the sidelines, but now he wishes to travel back and steal you away. Take you to safety and prevent all those horrible events from happening, even though they were necessary for your friends to grow. Nothing is worth you being hurt. He would sooner let the school burn than see another scar on your body or mind.
The day he came to terms with his affections (which did not take long) he swore, never again. Even prior to courting you, never. Your friendship was irreplaceable. The only thing allowed to take you from him would be your own mortality....and even that would soon become a stretch, he's working on it.
View Malleus like a warm blanket. Comforting, not suffocating. A calming presence that wraps around you and fills your body with warmth on the coldest days. You would never dream to leave him. He ensures it. He is not a perfect man, but he is one that will love you like no other on the planet. Many vow that their love is eternal on their wedding day. This is not always upheld.
Malleus is a man of his word. You will see it deep in his emerald eyes the moment he declares his love. Nothing will ever bring you harm. No one will ever offer what he can provide. Not a being in existence will be able to match the affection this man holds. His love truly is eternal.
"You are my deepest treasure. Do you realize what this means?...Haha. No, I will not force you to join me in gargoyle studies. Not unless you wish it...It means that I am yours, and in turn you are now mine. No one will dare harm you unless they wish to become my enemy,"
Bonus: PLATONIC! Bestie Grimm
Little man, big heart.
Heart says to protect the henchman
So protect the henchman he shall do
No googoo eyes are allowed. He will attack ferociously
He will challenge all threats, and then drag you to run away if someone actually tries to fight him
Little man leaves you his spare tuna if you look sad. Be grateful!
He just wants you to like it here, okay? Otherwise you'll drop out and he'll lose his enrollment! Don't think too much on it
Will defend your honor to the very end. Only the great Grimm can make fun of his henchman! All others will feel the power of his flames
....please patch him up if he returns home injured. Deuce tried but the bandages are never tied right
"What happened? Well wouldn't you like to know! Hmph. Nothing more than a few lower lackeys trying to tussle with the Great Grimm...Did I win? Of course I won! What kind of talk is that....sheesh. Last time I defend your name. Hmph. Nothing! I said nothing!"
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miliinmi · 3 months
Tumblr media
Malleus:Ah! Greetings, MC. How was your day today? MC:It's been great so far, thanks! And you? Lilia: *appears from behind them* I know you two have been doing the deed of darkness every night.
Tumblr media
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coralinnii · 15 days
forgetting your jacket and wearing someone else’s  feat: Sebek · Rook · Idia · Kalim genre: fluff, jealousy note: not gender-specific reader, no pronouns used (except maybe gendered French words in Rook's part but unsure), established relationships, reader is not part of Scarabia in Kalim's part, reader is implied to be smaller than Jack in Rook's part
I'm not sure how satisfied I am with this one because this was honestly quite a challenge for me. I haven't read book 6 yet so Idia may not be too accurate to his canon character? But still, I hope you guys enjoy it
Tumblr media
Would definitely scold you for forgetting to wear your jacket. No matter how warm or how cold, Sebek always wears his school uniform neatly and with pride, his honour as Malleus' guard on the line. A sloppy appearance reflects a sloppy character, he believes.
You didn’t feel too bad when he was reluctant to give you his jacket upon request. You shouldn’t force someone just because you’re a little cold. 
Fortunately for you, a classmate of yours noticed your shivering and offered his own for the time being, saying he has a spare for Flying class. You thanked your good luck as you graciously accepted. Now Sebek won’t feel bad about not giving you his jacket, right? 
With your newly acquired jacket, you managed to survive the first half of the school day and went to find Sebek in the cafeteria during recess. You waved at him happily as you approached his table but he did not return the greeting. 
He felt a sense of bile in his throat when he saw you in a jacket that did not fit you at all. The shoulders were too wide and the sleeves engulfed you. Sure, you looked cute but he doesn’t like it. He initially thought that it was because he didn't like how unfitting it was on you. 
“Human, where did you acquire that jacket? It doesn’t suit you at all” 
When you answered how someone offered his jacket to you, the bile was more prominent. The way you snuggled into another boy’s jacket, the oversized fabric enveloping you like a warm cocoon. Sure, he was hesitant over handing you his jacket before, but knowing someone else provided for you hits him in a sore spot as your boyfriend. He wants to be the one to take care of you, to be your ever reliable knight. 
Quickly, Sebek stood up from his seat and started to remove his own jacket. Without looking at you, he asked you to remove the jacket you have and put his on. 
“But I’m comfy” 
“Please, I…I beg of you” 
You did as he asked and after quickly putting away his lunch tray, he escorted you back to your dorm to get your own jacket and to quickly return the jacket of that generous classmate of yours. 
“The idea of seeing someone else take care of you… as your boyfriend, I will not stand for it!”
Tumblr media
A masterful huntsman, Rook Hunt is not an easy man to track. Not to mention the fact that he’s a third year and Pomefiore’s vice Housewarden, you figured that searching for him this early in the day would be a fruitless endeavour. 
Luckily, you did find Jack who, despite his grumbles over your absentmindedness, offered his jacket to you. Happy, you promised that you returned it with a favour to the beastman. 
However, the atmosphere around you seemed odd to you as the school day went on. Other students, particularly the beastman students, were busy whispering and gossiping behind you which confused you and honestly got a little bit on your nerves. 
All those unpleasant feelings quickly disappeared when you spotted a familiar feathered hat in the distance. Without a word, you quickly rushed through the crowd to give your boyfriend a hug from behind. 
Or least, that’s what you planned if it weren’t for Rook quickly turning to encase you in his arms instead. 
“I thought I heard your adorable footsteps running towards me. What a wonderful surprise!”
You laughed, thinking you should have known nothing gets past Rook. You tried to step back but realized that Rook maintained his grip on you, inspecting you with a look of curiosity. 
The hunter looks over your newly acquired jacket. The shoulders are much too bulky to be yours. He noticed the Savanaclaw emblem on the sleeve which would explain the jacket's size considering how the majority of those students are. However, he caught the scent of something -  of someone - familiar. A certain tall, gruff beastman to be precise. 
“Mon amour, is this perhaps… Jack Howl’s jacket?” 
“Oh, how did you know?” You exclaimed as you told Rook how you were cold today and Jack offered his jacket to you this morning. 
“So that explains the whispering I’ve been hearing” Rook thought as he carefully traced the lapels of the jacket clearly not tailored for you. There’s a charm to see you in a new look like this but the hunter himself is experiencing a new emotion, a burning feeling in his chest that compels him to rip away the offending fabric. Is this jealousy? Perhaps a possessive urge to reclaim his spot that feels threatened by a newcomer? 
Oh, what a beautiful new experience you have given this admirer of beauty. Rook happily revels in this feeling he has never experienced before until meeting you. 
“How wonderfully kind of him. Let us find him, I must share my thanks for caring for my beautiful trésor~” 
There’s a part of you that feels like it would not be a good idea to bring Rook to your friend, but you decided to brush that anxious feeling away. After all, the smile on Rook’s face convinced you that there was no harm (poor choice, really). 
Hidden from your sight, Rook’s fingers slightly twitched in anticipation as the two of you went to look for the white-haired freshman. Rook truly did want to offer his thanks to the beastman…with some helpful tips for surviving a hunter. 
“One must be very careful in the wild. It is not smart to leave marks near a hunter’s territory”
Tumblr media
You didn't even bother to try asking him, this man isn’t even on campus. Even if he was, you doubt he would give you his jacket, probably claiming it’d be “such a normie cliche”, leaving you to find other means to find warmth. 
Thankfully, you found the kind-hearted Silver who was gracious enough to lend you his school jacket for the day. With all the interesting types of students you have encountered on this campus, your flame-haired boyfriend included, Silver is odd himself for simply being such an outlier case of a typical student here. 
The day went off normally, and you decided to visit Idia in his room before heading back to your dorms. You hope you could spend some intimate time with him, some cuddling and perhaps a kiss or two. 
Too bad your boyfriend had other plans, which was apparently playing video games while purposely ignoring you. His back is turned towards you and every time you get close to him, the gamer has the audacity to scoot AWAY from you. 
“Idia, please tell me what’s wrong before I actually get mad” 
“...that jacket” You heard him mumble which confused you further. You asked to repeat himself. 
Which led your introverted boyfriend to yell out, surprising you. “You're wearing that jacket! And it had to be that guy who’s practically an otome game target!” 
Idia was sulking the entire day as he saw you through the security camera accepting Silver’s jacket. He wanted to scream and call foul-play on that but instead he reluctantly faced reality. Of course, Silver will be that type of guy. The mysterious but kind knight archetype with good looks to boot. Idia wouldn’t be surprised if he was some kind of long lost prince. 
“Well, I would love it if my boyfriend would give me his, if he wasn’t allergic to coupley stuff” there was some snark in your tone but you never really want to pressure Idia to do something he doesn’t want. You would love to show off your relationship with Idia but you wanted to respect his comfort.
Idia knows that, and he’s grateful for you for not pushing him too far out of his comfort zone. But still, knowing someone acting like that with you, all sweet and caring, leaves a sour taste in Idia’s mouth.
There was a short pause between you two, letting the mood settle before saying anything else. Then, Idia quietly asked, “Do you want to share jackets…with me?” 
“Absolutely” you gasped excitedly and without another word, Idia turned to his computer and started searching the Internet for worthwhile jackets in his sizes and yours. If you have more jackets then you won’t have to go around asking for someone else’s.
Also, even he can’t resist the giddy feeling of seeing his amazing lover wear something that’s special only to you and him, not that he would admit it out loud. Too cringe.
“If we’re doing the lame normie stuff, we’re doing it our way. And no sharing with anybody else, right??”
Tumblr media
Kalim would absolutely offer you his jacket, his vest, his shirt, heck even his pants without question. Whatever you want, he would give it up no questions asked. But you were surprised how you couldn’t find your boyfriend at first, until he texted you he had to be called in for a Housewarden meeting with Crowley which leaves you to wait for him in the cold. 
Luckily, a classmate of yours from Scarabia saw you shivering and offered his jacket to you. Afterall, you were his Housewarden’s beloved so he wanted to make sure you’re warm for Kalim’s sake. You were touched by this sentiment and accepted the jacket, promising to return it after meeting with Kalim.
Kalim ran to hug you as soon as he saw you as he left his meeting, enveloping you in his warm embrace with a grin on his face. In his excitement, it took a while for him to register your slightly new look. 
“Did you join Scarabia? Are we in the same house now?!” Kalim excitedly asked which you laughed at his silliness. 
When you explained the story about the jacket, Kalim was really glad. He thought about how lucky he is to have such kind people in his dorm that was so happy to help out his beloved, he must reward them later! The white-haired man was happy that you were cared for in his short absence. 
But, what is this other feeling in his heart? This heavy feeling in his chest that slightly aches when he saw how you adjusted the jacket on you, bringing it closer to your body like a comforting blanket. He felt unsatisfied, almost fearful of your attachment to this jacket. 
Was he jealous? 
Kalim shook off his thoughts as he removed his soft beige cardigan and the jacket you have. You watched him confused as he draped his cardigan over you, replacing the heat from your classmate’s jacket to his.  
“I just thought you’d be comfier if you had my cardigan instead. It’s really soft!” he grinned as he pulled the large cardigan to wrap around you like a cute burrito. 
And to be fair, Kalim’s cardigan WAS comfier. Probably made with the highest quality and taken the best care by you assume Jamil. You happily snuggled into its warmth, reveling in the cloud soft coat, missing the loving looks from your sunshine of a boyfriend. 
Yea, he definitely likes seeing you in his clothes better. 
Don’t be surprised to see packages of luxurious coats and sweaters from yours truly. You two can match!
“If you’re ever cold, you can always come to me first! I’ll make sure to keep you warm!”  
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
-it’s parents day or something-
Random student: So MC, when’s your mom coming in?
MC: Um-well, I kinda got thrown into this world by myself ya know.
Random student: Oh how sad, looks like she’s gonna be a no show this year huh?
MC: *tearing up* It’s not like I even have choice!
Random student: Aweee does someone miss their mommy, that is if you even have one to *punch* -AACK!
MC: !
Deuce: You must have a death wish if you think you can talk to them like that. What kinda smug bastard shames someone longing for a mother?!
Random student: *scurries away*
Deuce: Don’t ever let me catch spewing that shit agai-
MC: *hugs* Thanks..
Deuce: *calmed down* ..Don’t mention it
Ms. Spade: Oh it’s so wonderful to meet you honey, I’ve heard so much about you!
Deuce: Mom!
MC: Awe thank you Ms. Spade I’m just happy to be there for your son.
Ms. Spade: Speaking of which, sweetie have you-
MC: Oh are you talking about the trash? I actually took the liberty of taking that out earlier, I noticed it was overflowing a bit. I also tackled those dishes for you, and don’t worry Deuce should be free for the rest of the day. I made sure he did all his work and was well rested for our day out.
Ms. Spade: ..honey either you’re taking my job or marrying my son which one is it gonna be?
Deuce & MC: EHHHHHH?!?!
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kalims · 5 months
‎˃ ᵕ ˂ . . "I hate accidents except when we went from friends to this."
Tumblr media Tumblr media
paper rings,
premise. there's nothing more memorable with a paper ring and a promise.
characters. all dorms.
includes. gn!reader
cw. topic of marriage.
note. you know those ring pops? yeah, those but paper rings.. I am listening to taylor swift right now so basically mc is proposing
Tumblr media
in a very flabbergasted way he's less than proud to admit. riddle isn't able to do anything other than stare dumbly at the item you're offering so casually, awfully aware of the steaming warmth on his cheeks and frantic beating of his heart. his throat feels awfully empty from the way he can't even say a thing from how shocked he was. there's practically steam flushing out of his ears when he looks away and scolds you for being way too early. (maybe he's implying that it might be better for a later occasion.)
trey hasn't exactly pondered on the topic of marriage a lot. why would he? he's living a pretty good life. surrounded by his close circle, being able to excel and enjoy the thing he loves, having a decent academic standing. what more could he wish for? apparently marriage. just the notion had him whipping up deserts in his head, specifically for a wedding and he's suprised at how serious he's being at it. even his parents are getting a shock from how he insists to do the wedding cake commissions himself for some 'practice' he says.
receiving the shock of the year certainly doesn't come by a lot but cater supposes he can't exactly avoid the thing forever. consider this the most shocking he's ever gotten because you'd know from his frozen face and the smile that dropped into an open gape. right after he breaks into this goofy grin before giggling somehow ominously. you should expect cater to basically advertise your proposal, posting it all around social media with barely container excitement. you'd think he'd throw it away after he's done taking pictures but he's hidden it deeply in his closet.
ace trapolla ponders on whether he should just slap your hand away like when he'd probably do but for once he's silent. staring at the ring with such intensity that you took the initiative to joke about his out of character face. so, ace huffs and playfully rolls his eyes at you. to be honest, his usual self would definitely push your hand away because he thinks it's a joke and it's funny but the thing is. it's not. oddly enough, it's somehow serious to him and he literally hates it! stop making it serious to him he's gonna contradict himself after making disgusted faces to couples.
he had never felt such honor before. sure, deuce is pretty flustered. face tinted in pink but he's feeling like he just recieved a medal right now.. so proud would be a better word to describe his feelings. deuce just watches you slip the ring into his finger after he had nodded slowly. you don't know if you should be concerned or laugh at the way he never took his eyes off it. speaking of his eyes, they could be comically quiet sparkles in it from how amazed and proud he seemed.
compared to leona, ace's stares is like a cat to a well.. lion. leona just stares at you pointedly, glancing at the ring once and you swear something strange flashed in his eyes for a moment. you aren't given the time to venture too deeply into it as leona had already retreated back to his previous position and seemingly going back to sleep. you just shrug and decide to leave him to it. leona's ears twitch, picking up a rustle of paper in the grass. right behind him then your retreating footsteps. he just lays there, staring at nothing then turning to his back. the ring is over there. and he's currently fighting his inner self whether or not he'll test if you got his finger size right.
ruggie doesn't skip a beat and immediately leans in closer without warning, only to take a real good look at the ring you've made. he whistles and makes a cheeky comment about its just how he liked it. actually, it's true. as much as ruggie liked shiny things this is the little things he prefers and he lowkey just fell in love a little more. so, if you don't mind at all! he'll take the ring to keep to himself. since you did make it for him there shouldn't be any problem. don't worry, if you guys do actually end up getting married there's a chance he'll do it with paper rings. strange as it is.
his face holds a contortion of seriousness and 'seriously?' don't get him wrong. jack is quite stupefied by your gesture, don't you know that rings are often associated with the topic of marriage? you're literally proposing to him and you're doing it so casually?! oh please. in all seriousness actually he'd actually like that but he fears he might accidentally tear the whole thing into shred by accident. it's funny on how such a big, muscular man could treat something like paper so fragile. done like a true tsudere he turns pink, furrows his brows and loud away.
with the growing silence that azul thought of as awkward, he quickly clears his throat in hopes of clearing the.. atmosphere. if it weren't to the wake up call he snapped into, he definitely would've dropped the cup he was holding by his faltered grip. he puts on a smile that was more wobbly than he preferred but he can't really comment on it since it was currently his best. anyhow, he flicks his gaze down the ring and gestures for you to place the ring in his palm. he won't accept it, atleast not now but he will. when he would be able to provide for the two of you for a better life. until then he'd keep it in his safe when he's ready.
there's nothing more in-character for jade than a wide, kind of ominous grin. it's like he's teasing you non-verbally just from his face expressions itself. raising a brow and nudging you, with that grin still present on his face. jade says something about you being too impatient for marriage but he'll gladly adjust to your,,, preference. should he call you his fiance now? yes, the whole time he's been teasing you. not at all phased by your bold proposal. if not, he seems a little too pleased about it.
fully intent on glomping you. floyd wastes no time lurching forward and basically glomping you with a flurry of giggles, looking like he's high on cloud 9. 75% of the time he was just full of giggles as he continuesly stays clingy to you for the past time, and the rest muttering about getting married. don't be suprised if the whole school knew at this point because he kept saying "shrimpy and I are getting married. hehe." a lot and he doesn't even know how loud he actually is being.
being the sunshine he is everyone would expect kalim to be the happiest. and he is, you can tell from the brightest perk up he does and the bright, happy grin-smile he does right after. he looks like he can barely contain the happiness from bursting out. unlike any other of the guys, kalim probably thinks of this as a serious thing and doesn't think it's a joke at all. he doesn't even hesitate with accepting the ring and promises he'll make you one himself too. why would he buy you a different, expensive one when you gave him something so priceless?
jamil can't help the furrow on his brows. he probably looks disgruntled and bothered by you right now but it's quite the opposite. him, you're giving him paper rings? to him? it's not that he hates the notion, he thinks it's secretly cute but why him? there's probably a thousand other people wanting to receive one from you but yet you're here offering him a fragment on your love and you already stole his heart. he guesses no amount of ordinary can make you ignore him. it feels like a crushing responsibility to be the one chosen by you but he doesn't feel pressured at all.
in hindsight vil should be offended by your audacity to give him a paper ring out of all things! most people would probably sell their souls to purchase one imbedded with the most expensive kinds of crystals and gems. but he can't help but feel.. he isn't sure, pleasantly suprised? you never fail to dazzle him even if your ring isn't sparkly to compare to him but he does remember his dad speaking about how not everything should be all about the price. sometimes, it's the thought that matters and if your thought was to marry him he'd gladly do.
besides everyone else. rook is the most appreciative by your gesture, he doesn't have a problem practically singing how much enchanted you've made him by this alone. go on prefect, shall you do a play? he'd absolutely rejoice if you went along with him, going on your knees to recreate a real proposal and he'd say it was the most magnifique performance he's proud to ever taken apart of! by morning and day everyone notices how much more joyous he's been, sparing the ring made of paper in his finger that he wears literally every day. but they don't wonder too much, strange and rook in the same sentence fits quite well.
between the entirety of pomefiore, epel certainly has the least graceful reaction, with the loud scream, mind boggled eyes and all. if not for the etiquette lessons rook had drilled into his memories, epel would have taken you for the shoulders and started shaking you frantically, wriggling your brain cells into oblivion. but he just resorted by sparing you his mercy and just keeping his hand curled into a fist by his chest. epel is torn between 'what do you mean by this?!' and a firm 'I do'.
my boy idia's reaction is the most predictable and prominent. when I say predictable, most of the time he's just on the verge of a breakdown at unexceptable things and prominent by the increasingly passionate flame that his now pink (previously blue) has. I mean when is it not pink when mc is involved really? idia is of course, having a crisis because WTF?! that was literally so cute that he's gonna have a cardiac arrest. someone please sedate him... consider idia a fan of paper craft because you started receiving a bunch of origami stuff, ranging from paper flowers to cranes. even ortho is suprised at the sudden motivation to pick up a hobby.
when you told ortho to wait when you forgot something he definitely didn't expect you to come back with a bunch of flowers made out of paper for him! the boy is singing praises for you as he clutches the batch happily. almost like he's cradling a child. you bet ortho is gonna make some sort of artificial liquid to drown the flowers into so that the paper doesn't get worn out or crumpled. he will certainly keep it safe for years!
akin to childish joy. malleus hums pleasantly. he doesn't think that this is a fake or anything at all, though he was sure that he'd be the one to propose first.. oh well, it's a nice thing. you never fail to suprise him child of man. he stares at you with a smile playing upon his lips and crinkled eyes, almost like he is in a trance. do you think he'll tell you that he quite literally just fantasized your future in front of you. (💀) goodluck cause man's obsessed and he's definitely not letting you take anything back. it's final. (no take backs 😡 <- like that)
giggles but atleast it's more mischievous and less ominous than jade's. lilia likes to see what kind of look you'd have on your face if he reacts differently. he's kicking his feet up, giggling and shi'. he acts like he just got serenaded by a high school crush, and you are technically his high school crush. might tease you into fluster instead but it all depends on his mood. it's pretty hard to fluster him you know and before you can do it it'll be the end of the world. (promises you that he'll be the househusband if you do get married and doesn't pay mind to your sweatdropping and horrified look.)
screeching like it's the end of the world. sebek probably woke up the world next to this one from how much bullshit he just started spouting, loudly if i may add. bullshit because everyone knows whatever he's spouting isn't even true and he's just saying it to convince himself.. sebek what do you mean the idea is preposterous? didn't you have a crisis last night because you couldn't sleep with a certain somebody in mind? silver is literally exposing him and sebek is calling him a traitor. he's never gonna vent to silver ever again, period.
to be honest maybe silver actually has the most normal reaction. he's just; oh wow, that's beautiful thanks. then goes back to sleep but this time he's been blessed with a dream of a future with you. he just doesn't spare an over the top reaction and prefers to cherish what he has now. which is what he's currently doing, he loves you and he doesn't want to wish for anything more until you're fully ready.. we love a respectful, consentual man. of course he keeps the ring but so that it won't get in the way of his work
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shkanoin · 1 month
summary. the title is self-explanatory.
featuring. nrc first-years
t//w. suggestive, discussion of ass and tits
notes. don’t cancel me for writing this
Tumblr media
ACE TRAPPOLA: ass. he appreciates every single one of your features (sometimes a little too much) but he’s an ass man through and through. why do you think he always has his hand in your pocket 🤨 he’s been secretly feeling u up for months
DEUCE SPADE: obviously a boob dude. ask him which he prefers more and he’ll think that you caught him staring at ur boobs (you did) and he’ll think you hate him (you don’t) and he’ll want to die
JACK HOWL: “personality—“ FUCKING LIAR 📢📢📢 HE’S BOTH A BOOB AND ASS MAN. THE TAIL NEVER LIES. i feel like he has a special preference for ur thighs too but that’s just me.
EPEL FELMIER: no shame. boob man. if you’re taller than him then he’ll literally be hugging you every chance he gets just to get his face in your boobs. him and ace are the same type of men.
SEBEK ZIGVOLT: How dare you assume he has such impure desires. he likes ur hair and ur cute butt
Tumblr media
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cancerdust96 · 9 months
The dorm leaders who don't graduated:
Tumblr media
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butterflyemi · 10 months
— Accidentally calling the NRC Staffs ‘dad’
Tumblr media
Tags & Notes | Any Pronouns! Reader, humor, fluff. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Crowley.
It was on accident, you swear-
Now you have a grown ass adult clinging to you.
Begging you to say it one more time.
“CHILD! PLEASE! JUST SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!” You tried removing his hands off you but it’s no use.
You sigh in defeat and turned to Crowley with a forced smile.
“Dad, please get off of me” Your tone sharp, practically threatening him.
Crowley finally lets go off as he starts tearing up, distracted by you calling him ‘dad’ instead of ‘sir or ‘headmaster’.
Which gives you the time to get back to your friends before they do something stupid.
Your eyes widened once you let that word slip out of your mouth as the classroom grows quiet.
You both stare at each other with no words exchange.
That was until Crewel started grinning to himself as he clasped his hands.
“I am touched pup” You awkwardly laughed as he continued.
“Now tell me, who is the better father Dire— or me?” You don’t know whether you are hallucinating or not but you could clearly see Crewel sparkling or was it just the light?
“Ahaha, well sir I don’t—” He cuts you off “Well it is obviously me, of course”
You stayed there at his classroom, listening to his lecture of how he’s a better father than Crowley.
He was lecturing you on about something and you muttered a “Alright, dad...” and that was when he stopped speaking as he lets those words sink in.
He then asks you to repeat what you just said. 
Lucius rolled his eyes and told Trein on what you just said.
You give Lucius the stink eye while he just meowed at you.
Trein feels touched not gonna lie and is the most calmest one when he heard you call him dad.
He really appreciates it and is thinking of arranging a little meeting so you and his daughter can get along! :) 
Just like Crowley he tears up as he hugs you tightly.
You tried getting off of him but he’s way too strong.
You patted his back awkwardly as he sobs on your shoulder.
He then swears that he’ll protect you from the boys if they ever did something to you and will train you some self defense.
To which you mentally slapped yourself.
Okay, Sam is a different case.
You’d probably accidentally call him brother and he would just laugh it off.
He doesn’t mind really! He’ll most likely ask you to call him that again tho so...
Next time, you come over at his shop. He’ll tease you about it.
If he hears you call him with formalities, he’ll say “Awh, what ever happened to ‘brother’? Come on! Don’t be shy, say it again :)”
Which leads you to flustered mess since he keeps teasing you about it.
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apompkwrites · 8 months
imagine... (sibling edition) || dorm leaders
masterlist characters: riddle, leona, azul, kalim, vil, idia, malleus genre: angst contains: unhealthy sibling relationships, reader being compared to siblings, feelings of self-worth summary: a series of ideas involving the dorm leaders' possible relationship dynamics with a younger sibling. notes: so twst huh? i kinda wanna elaborate on some of these but only if you guys want it? i know it's not the normal stuff i write but twst brainrot has me good. also insp by luxaryllis :D
imagine being riddle's little sibling that becomes entirely reliant on their family's rules. you are so used to being told what to do that you never develop the skills to make decisions for yourself. you've memorized your mother's rules as well as the queen's in nrc's by heart. you live by those rules and once your brother (post overblot) tries to establish a real relationship with you, you don't know what to do.
cont. rules of a roseheart
imagine being leona's little sibling that is completely overshadowed by the two elder kingscholars. falena is highly praised for being the heir to the throne and the "most well-off kingscholar child". leona is often scolded and gossiped about being the lesser sibling, the one that shows no interest in the throne along with the ability to bring about a drought at will. and you, the last kingscholar that is scolded for not being as good as their older brother falena and for not being better than leona. all you know is comparison with no real sense of identity.
cont. the lesser kingscholar
imagine being azul's little sibling that forced themselves to grow up fast. you grew up watching your older brother hate how he looked and so you, in turn, hated how you looked. you forced yourself to grow up fast in the hopes that a) you would no longer look the way you did and b) protect your older brother from the people that bullied him relentlessly.
cont. the ashengrotto octopot
imagine being kalim's little sibling that, despite being spoiled just like the rest of your siblings, felt like you were nothing but a face in the crowd, both to kalim and your parents. not much you could do in a family with 32 children. no matter what you did, it was overshadowed by another of your siblings. you grew up believing that, whatever you did, there was always someone better than you.
cont. one of the asims
imagine being vil's little sibling that grows up despising the attention your family name gave you. you're expected to live up to your older brother's legacy, only to fall flat when they realize you lack... well, everything that he has. you try your hardest because you want to make your family proud, but no matter what it's always demeaned and you're told you won't amount to your brother's success.
cont. schoenheit stardom
imagine being idia's younger sibling that often hears how they should be more like ortho. you're told that you need to be the model child just like ortho is. and when you don't meet their expectations, you find yourself wishing that, whatever happened to ortho, happened to you instead. maybe then you could be a good child.
cont. the unwanted shroud
imagine being malleus's younger sibling that saw their brother as an untouchable figure. you grew up hearing that he was a terrifying person. he was terrifying in two ways, one being his magic and the other being his status. of course, it wasn't really your choice. it just sort of turned out that way, what with the duties he has.
cont. the royal draconias
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caycaysdiamond · 5 months
Calling the housewardens your "lil meow meow".
Sooo self indulgent, I call Leona my lil meow meow all the time and I just had to wonder his reaction <3 he is my baby girl fr <3!!! Expanded to the housewardens because I think it would be funny to call ‘em that. Established relationship, cringe writing, mushy fluffy lovesick writing
Riddle Rosehearts
Firstly, do NOT call this man any pet names in public he will combust! Riddle is a very private person, not a huge fan of PDA or being too lovey-dovey in front of people.
Anyways! I’d imagine you’d only call him this after your relationship has been established more and Riddle is more used to intimacy with you. He’s never been in a relationship before you (no shocker) and would like to take it slow.
Imagine the scene: you’re cuddling, Riddle’s the little spoon because he’s had a particularly stressful day. You’re holding him tightly, whispering sweet little affirmations…
“Tomorrow will be a better day, my lil meow meow,” You say, giggling.
Riddle.exe stopped working???
He’s as red as the roses in the garden!
It’s not that Riddle wasn’t used to your little pet names by now but what the HELL was a lil meow meow ???
What happened to darling, love, sweetheart?
You gotta explain to him it’s a meme and endearing! You’re just calling him as cute as a kitten <3
He accepts it but the redness of his face isn’t going down anytime soon.
Dear reader, he will never get used to that pet name so use it sparingly unless you want a broken boyfriend all the time.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar
It’s so fitting for him, huh? Couldn’t resist yourself could you, dear reader?
It’s okay cause nor could I.
His reaction is silence. Just plain silence. You could see the speech bubble of just a period of ellipses if you really tried.
He’s blinking and you, you’re blinking at him. We’re playing the blinking game!
Leona isn’t mad, per se, nor is he as embarrassed as Riddle. I feel like he would also know the origin of the whole lil meow meow meme.
He’s more like ???? what was the reason?
You’re still sitting in silence btw. I feel like you would have to break that silence. He’s not entertaining you, he knows your game.
“You don’t like it, Leona?” :(((
He thinks it’s time for you both to take a nap, and go to sleep... Again! You’re obviously still tired, reader if you think the Leona Kingscholar is cute enough to be called “lil meow meow”.
New flash he is cute enough to be called lil meow meow <3
And honestly … Leona, baby, you’re a literal cat. The pet name fits!
“Lil meow meow.”
The pet name stays and if you pay close enough attention, whenever you say it just the slightest bit of a smile can be seen on Leona’s face.
He’s only soft and cute for you, after all.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
Reader stop breaking your boyfriends, this is really mean!
Azul is working as usual. You sit near him and work on whatever schoolwork you have, sometimes talking and ranting about your day. He listens, of course, occasionally nodding along or offering his input.
But today you’re feeling playful and flirty! You slip in the lil meow meow after one of your usual pet names for your lover.
“Am I your lil meow meow?” He’ll ask. His face will be the brightest shade of pink and he’ll probably have dropped his pen at this point.
He’s gonna bury his hands in his face, you’re not seeing him this flustered over just a pet name! Not for free.
Oh, he’s so fun to tease. Keep calling him it, he’ll be as red as Riddle’s hair.
Please for the love of god do NOT let the Leech twins find out about this little pet name you tease him with.
He’ll never live it down, the twins will never stop calling him it randomly.
Azul will be telling them what needs to be done in the lounge today and all of a sudden,
“Of course, lil meow meow.” - Jade, wearing that signature smirk of his.
GAH !!!
Reader for his sake be careful with this pet name.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
You’re definitely just using it randomly as a greeting. The minute you see Kalim that day you’re just like, “Hi, my precious lil meow meow handsome snookums.”
Kalim is just :D!!!!
“Hi (enter the most love sick pet names here)!!!!!”
Okay, I’m over exaggerating but you two are disgustingly in love. NRC’s sweetheart couple.
If Grim is with you he’s fake gagging!! Get him out of here rn!!
If anyone else is around, the reaction is a mix of “ew”, “damn I want what they have”, “god they’re so cute”, “GROSS!!!”
You two have a habit of bouncing between many, many different pet names. So you pulling out a new one was nothing new.
And you guys use them, whenever, wherever.
Kalim may actually acknowledge that you’ve never called him that.
He probably really like it! Especially when you say it’s because he’s just so cute like a little kitty :>!
Expect him to use it for you too now!
Mutually you are lil meow meow’s <3
(I’m gagging)
Jamil is so tired of you two!!
Please for the sake of his sanity (and NRC not burning to the ground) limit yourself to one pet name per sentence per HOUR.
But yea…not much to say on Kalim’s reaction other than he’ll love it.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit
It’s hard for me to imagine even when you would drop this name on him.
Maybe you’re doing one of your usual spa days in his room and you sneak it in.
Or you’re alone in a classroom before the housewardens meeting, before anyone else showed up.
Regardless of when or where you decided to try it out. He’s not feeling this one, dear reader.
It’s funny and a bit cute, he’ll admit, but umm no.
His reaction is just a straight face and a small hum.
There’s also an awkward silence between you saying it and him even acknowledging what was said.
He might ask you why you decided to use it, I’d imagine he’d already know its meme origins.
“Just wanted to see your reaction.”
“Are you satisfied?” A small sigh escaped his lips.
Well, are you?
No matter if you got your few seconds of satisfaction or not, it’s already in the past.
I can’t imagine Vil being a big fan of a lot of pet names in general. He has a few that he really likes that you use and that’s it.
Try something else next time <3
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud
There’s two ways I can see this going and it depends on how far in your relationship you two are.
If you’re early in your relationship: he’s a mess.
You cannot keep getting away with doing this to these boys !!!
He’s stuttering.
His hair is a vivid pink.
He’s trying to hide his face in his jacket because that’s also a vivid pink.
He can’t even try to hide his embarrassment.
He’s malfunctioning!
And you’re just laughing! You’re enjoying this? Seeing your boyfriend turn into a puddle of mush?
If you’re further along in your relationship, he’s turning it around and teasing YOU.
“I can’t believe you used such a cringe ass pet name for me, normie. Did you think I was gonna be embarrassed?”
Idia, the tips of your hair is pink and your cheeks are too.
You two are playfully arguing about it 1) not being cringe 2) him actually being embarrassed.
He’s gonna call you it back within the argument too and you’re like ??:??/?/?
Oh, you want cringe? He’s gonna give you cringe.
“Sorry, my discord kitten. Couldn’t help myself.”
He’s giving you that cocky little grin he occasionally has.
Throw a pillow at him and take him off his high horse, reader.
Then hit him with another pet name that you know will give you a flawless victory.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia
You guys were doing one of your nightly walks around the campus. Hand in hand, you both were talking about your day and plans for tomorrow.
You’re gonna have to explain to him the origins of this peculiar pet name and also explain to him what a meme even is. He’s amused at the fact you think he’s “as cute as a kitten” and “simply adorable”.
He’s never been described as adorable and cute before (at least not by anyone that wasn’t Lilia lmao)
Child of man, have you no fear? Calling the Malleus Draconia cute? Ofc you don’t, he is cute. He loves how casual you are with him, not afraid to tease him, and treat him normally.
For the rest of your walk, you swear his voice is just a bit higher and the grip on your hand a bit tighter. He takes a longer path back to Ramshackle. He wants to stay in this moment for as long as possible.
Just like Kalim, he’s probably gonna turn around and use lil meow meow on you.
Just as you’re about to return back into Ramshackle for the night, “Have a good night, my lil meow meow.”
You: !!!???;!!.!!.!/!/!/!!/!.!.!
“Child of man, are you alright?” He’s smirking while saying that, knowing his effect on you already.
Assure him that you’re fine and really, really sleepy before he tries to tease you anymore!
I swear that night Grim heard you scream into your pillow and kick your feet up and down, sighing ever so dramatically at the end of it.
His henchman is weird…
Oh, and don’t think Lilia didn’t notice Malleus the moment he walked through the doors of Diasomnia. His whole demeanor was different from the way he left earlier and a beautiful smile was on his face.
“Ohoho seems like someone had a good walk.”
Lilia will surely tease him about it in the morning but for now, he just enjoys how absentmindedly Malleus starts his lovesick rambles about you.
Tumblr media
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cursedcola · 5 months
A summary of what I have seen about the new update and our expectations:
Tumblr media
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miliinmi · 2 months
Tumblr media
Malleus: MC?
MC: Yes, love?
Lilia: I don't remember being informed on this matter.
Grim: Since when was his nickname love? I thought we settled on Tsunotaro!
Tumblr media
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coralinnii · 12 days
Leaving a kiss mark on him…and how long did it take for him to realize  feat: Kalim · Cater · Idia · Rook  genre: fluff note: not gender-specific reader (everyone is allowed to wear lipstick), no pronouns, established relationships,
Me: I have to study, I have mountains of assignments and projects to do! *hides in tumblr to avoid study anxiety* can I just fail my classes and say I tried? T_T
I'm starting to enjoy Rook mostly cuz I can go ham with the romantic words or as Idia would probably call it "cringe worthy crap"
Tumblr media
Until recess, when Jamil points it out
This ball of sunshine is too  giddy in your presence to notice anything. How do you expect him to pay attention to anything when you’re laughing and chatting with him before the start of class. The two of you parted ways with Kalim having a big grin on his face, never realizing you left an obvious imprint on your love on his cheek. 
Kalim would never think that the loud chattering in the hallways were about him, ignorant of the stares of the other students as he waves to them happily. Some whispered how embarrassing it must be if he ever finds out, some muttered what a lucky b*stard he was. 
Said lucky b*stard stayed oblivious even in class as no one felt the need to risk being called out in class by informing the white-haired Housewarden. Trein of course saw the mark on the boy but kept silent over it, deciding to let young love be. 
The kiss mark was finally brought to Kalim’s attention when he met with Jamil in the cafeteria, the vice Housewarden shocked by the image but soon replaced with an exasperated sigh. Jamil pulled out a compact mirror (I’m 110% sure Jamil is the type to carry one) and pointed to the Asim heir’s cheek.
Kalim was ecstatic at what he saw and why wouldn’t he? His beautiful treasure just left a cute reminder on his cheek and just seeing the mark makes him remember your kiss which makes him giddy once more. 
Jamil had to practically fight Kalim to wipe the kiss mark off his face. He can’t let the Asim family find out their oldest son was walking around with such an embarrassing appearance. 
But Jamil isn’t gonna have a break from this as Kalim would just run back to you and ask you to leave your mark on him once more. 
“Come on, do it again! Please~? It doesn’t have to be on my cheek this time!”
Tumblr media
As soon as he check his reflection in his phone
The extrovert he is, Cater is not going to say no to some PDA. His Magicam has been filling up with cute pictures of you two, whether it’d be on your dates or a quick selfie before class. 
For this selfie, you decided to land a smooch on your boyfriend’s cheek as he takes his daily selfie pic. Once Cater was done posting the uber cute memory with you, the two of you split from each other towards your respective classes. 
Despite his itchy hands, Cater knows better than to mess with his phone during lessons. Unlike Kalim however, he definitely picked up the weird looks sent his way and the whispers behind his back. His ability to read the room hints to him that the whispering wasn't of malice intent or anything negative but he knows it pertains to him. 
Once the bell rang, the redhead immediately picked up his phone and caught something in the reflection of the darkened screen. Was there something on his face? 
Opening his camera app, he finally saw the hot topic in the classroom, the cheeky little mark you left on him. 
You would think the easygoing student would laugh over the cute gesture, maybe tease you later on your bold expression of love. You’d be partially right. 
You caught him by surprise. His face will be dusted with a reddish hue as he inspects a mark on his face in addition to his diamond mark. He had to cover the lower half of his face with his hand to hide the goofy smile blooming on his lips. A genuine, not Magicam perfect smile. This is beyond cute, it’s downright adorable in all the best ways with messy lipstick smudges and all. 
But yes, he will absolutely tease you about this little souvenir you left him. He even sent a new selfie on Magicam showing off your handiwork and tagging you right on the mark. He was just lucky Riddle didn’t catch him with your mark on him. 
“Aren’t me and my bae just #couplegoals? Hope you ain’t jelly~” 
Tumblr media
Would have never noticed if not for Ortho 
Idia would never allow PDA, nope never. He isn’t the type of guy that wants to show off his relationship. It’s not that he’s embarrassed by you, of course not! But he’s more of a lowkey guy that rather show his love in the comforts of his or your room. 
Which was why he was happy to receive a loving kiss from you before you leave his room to head to your classes. But Idia was gonna send his tablet off as usual while he laid back in the safety of his room. 
As stated, this man would have gone the whole day without realizing what you did. He gets into the zone once he starts his gaming session. He is also not the type to really check himself in the mirror if he goes to the bathroom, only doing the bare minimum in there and then going right back to his video games. 
It wasn’t until Ortho came by to check up on his brother did he finally take notice of his appearance. 
“Brother, what’s that on your cheek?” 
Confused, Idia reached for his phone and opened the rarely used camera app on his phone (only used for you and cats) and shrieked when he saw your little present clear as day on his pale face. 
How could you do this to him? How could you do something this embarrassing to this weak man?? It was a damn good thing he didn’t leave his room or he could never leave this down. What if someone other than Ortho showed up at his door, like one of his dormmates? 
He quickly commanded his tablet to locate you, bringing you to a secluded place then screaming at you for your sneaky trick. His throat hurting from the amount of talking and yelling he has done, more than he has in a while
But when you asked him if he really didn’t like it, Idia turned quiet real quick. You can’t just corner him with a kill shot question like that. 
Seriously, you’re gonna give him a heart attack.
“It’s not that I don’t like it, you just can’t just do things like that out of the blue! H-huh, you’re asking when can you do it, then?!”
Tumblr media
The moment you did it
You think Rook wouldn’t notice? The man who not only has amazing senses but also the right hand man to Vil who has taught him the skills of makeup application? One look at your lips (and of course, he has looked) and he can tell if the product is smudge-proof or not.
The moment your lips graced his cheek, he could feel the residue of your lipstick left on his sensitive skin. Judging by the smile on your face, he knew you were intentional with your marking and was proud of it. 
What a trickster you are, was this your way of marking your man? Making sure everyone is aware that the vice Housewarden is spoken for? How beautifully devilish of you. 
Before you could escape, Rook captured you in his arms with a coy smile on his face. 
“My dear Trickster, how sneaky of you to try to leave your lovely mark on me. But, I've noticed you weren’t wearing smudge-proof lipstick today. You would have to do better than that~” 
You pouted, hoping you could at least be out of your hunter’s line of sight before he called you out. Leave it to him to notice the most minuscule of things, you suppose.
“You didn’t try to stop me, though?” you questioned suspiciously, your so-called keen boyfriend letting you attack him so easily. 
He simply responded to you with a bright smile on his face, “How could I ever deny my beautiful beloved? For you, I surrender myself to your whims of love for I am but a weak prey ensnared by your beauty” 
You left more kiss marks on this crazy poet of a man 
“To be graced with your lips, a show of loving passion bestowed only to me…I am a helpless fool to my lover”
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
MC: When I am rich-
MC: *points to Riddle* You’re getting therapy.
MC: *points to Leona* You’re getting therapy.
MC: *points to Jamil* You’re getting DOUBLE therapy-
MC: *referring to the rest of the overblot gang* Everyone’s HEALING!!!
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