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demon-lover-669 · 2 days
Ace and deuce making a YouTube video!
Deuce: ok so what is the next item we are reviewing? And are you going to hold my cock the whole time?
Ace: oh yeah sorry *moves his hand*
Deuce: thank you
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jester-lover · 3 months
Dorm Leaders with a Girlfriend who wears Suits
Warnings: fluff, very flustered boys, insecurity (not from the reader), talks of gender roles/identity, whoever reads this is so cool, reader is so hot and confident (did I mention she’s so hot)
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle has grown up in a certain structure, men lead, women follow, women lead, sons follow
When he sees you, dressed to the nines, not a care for the stares of others; something in him snapped
Head over heels
Considering his rule following tendencies, he is immensely attracted to the rebellious flair of a woman in a suit
You tend to notice him staring at you whenever you wear your male uniform
You always wink at him, reminding him you can see him too
Strawberry Riddle
“Um- well I wasn’t staring! It’s just- you look really pretty…”
Leona Kingscholar
His familial structure is very matriarchal, so seeing you, a confident woman just hits something in his soul
Bro, if you wear the male uniform, he will (politely) ask you to model the Savannaclaw uniform
If you do he’s literally on one knee
Girlfriend? I think you mean WIFE
Also he’s a lil afraid of you considering your confidence, you have a lot of power over people
Trying so hard to be all suave and cool and still such a sucker for you it’s funny
“Woah. I didn’t think anyone could make it work better than me.”
Azul Ashengrotto
He definitely thought you were a competitor at first
Who else would have such smooth banter, such playful glances, than an enemy trying to hinder his business!!
You definitely ask him out because he’s so in his own head, when you do, it’s like the wires in his brain connect finally
Also has a staring problem, the way that you walk with complete confidence, absolute disregard for anyone who speaks ill of you; he dreams of being like that
You lovelovelove pulling him in by his tie for a kiss, because he definitely places his hands on your shoulders all startled
“That lipstick suits you… What?! You think it’ll suit me too?! Don’t just s-say things like that!”
Kalim Al-Asim
This is the best combo ever, smiley pretty boy and a woman with endless personality
He literally buys you anything you want, new suit? Down. Makeup perfectly matching a new suit? Amazing! New shoes with a new suit? Take his credit card!
Kalim literally wants you to have anything you could possibly desire, so
Will buy both of you matching suits for galas and other occasions, and if anyone has the GALL to look down in you for your clothes, he’ll just leave along with you.
The public disgrace that would happen to that person for insulting the s/o of a member of the affluent Al-Asim family would be TREMENDOUS
“You look absolutely radiant. We look so cool!”
Vil Shoenheit
Masculine Wife, Feminine Husband.
He is so down you don’t even get it.
You help him out of the car? It’s trending on magicam in seconds.
Put your coat on a puddle so he can walk past without damaging his shoes? The paparazzi is loving it.
He adores your dynamic, the confidence you have matched his, and it contrasts with the opposite fashion you wear
“Dearest, the rose pinned to your lapel is a perfect match for the color of my overcoat, we will look stunning!”
Idia Shroud
404 error
Idia saw you once and he literally froze on the spot, you walked around like you owned the school!
The crisp edges of your suit reminded him of the butler from one of his favorite anime, so he was immediately nervous to talk to you
When you start dating, he begins to wonder what cosplays you would look good in,
Spy, demon butler, vampire princess, the possibilities are endless with your androgynous fashion
This one time, you took off your blazer, so you just wore a button up and slacks, and you looked so domestic, so old Hollywood beautiful, he burst into red flames
“I can’t believe you settled for someone like me. WHAT-what??! Stop calling me handsome! You really mean it? Wow…I- “
Malleus Draconia
Malleus loves this so much
The sheer power you exude, walking into every room and demanding attention, feminine mixed with masculine creating beauty beyond mankind
He’s obviously obsessed
On your nightly walks, he notes how you choose to take off the blazer in preference of a cardigan, he loves looking at little changes in your wardrobe
Mal is an old being, he’s seen fashion evolve, but I love to think he enjoys 40s/50s era fashion, the way that you choose to portray that style, he loves even more
As you grow more comfortable around one another, more affectionate, malleus will enjoy fixing your tie and buttoning your vests, small acts of domesticity feel so meaningful
He is another who will buy you expensive clothes, his future queen deserves the best
“My love, your tie is crooked. Perhaps you simply wanted me to fix it hm? Such a sly move…”
Welcome back to J sucks at dialogue and cries over pretty women.
But honestly I wrote this bc I want to feel more confident, and I want you to feel more confident!!!! I see a good amount of insecure reader posts, which are very good and comforting! But I would love to see more confident reader inserts. Thanks for reading, women in suits are amazing, and goodbye.
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/ / Love at first Blade
Fandoms: Twisted wonderland AU: General Lilia + Rival Royal reader Character: lilia vanrouge
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine that... the war was sickening and unbearable to watch, children cried, adults screamed and yells of sorrow and apologies filled the air of the destroying kingdom. war happened because of one mistake, one mistake from the Ruler of this very kingdom. the mistake because of love.
You loved the General of the enemy troops. he was everything you could have imagined and many more.. he was sweet, he was kind, he was... perfect for you. you knew this was wrong to love the enemy like this. but u didn't care. your love for him beats everything that u have, even your kingdoms safety..
You both met in the battlefield once. in the intention of killing the other. but to fall inlove at first sight was never part of the plan of this intention. that is where u both started to meet frequently to chat and.. spent time with each other. even let your guard down with him. and spilled everything to the bottom of the grounds and wall u built around you. pathetic.
The day when the enemy attacked you knew how they went through the borders so easily, how they are now slaughtering the people and your troops so easily like butter on an knife. but you didn't do anything. you just sat on your throne while your kingdom is turning into a massacre.
The doors of the throne room opened and a single silhouette appeared. a silhouette u grew to remember and cherished.. Lilia vanrouge stood Infront of you a bloody sword in hand while his face was cold. you looked at him, your eyes showed love and adoration towards him. oh how you loved how he looks right now.
You stood up and smiled while descending down from the stairs of your throne. oh how u want to embrace him. you got close to him and hugged him tight, though he didn't do anything and merely stared at your figure. ha.. stab.
His sword pierced your stomach. blood dripped on the marble floor as u remained hugging him.
"i have always known u were using my love for you as an advantage. i knew all those yet.. never did anything. because I truly love you vanrouge. please tell me. tell me the truth and say u did love me back. even just a little bit." you shed a tear while the blood was dripping from your mouth. drip. drip.
You looked at up and saw he was crying. you weakly smile and reached out to hold his cheek, "my dear lilia"
lilia held you tight as your body began to grow cold, he cradled you in his arms while he shaked and wept. "I'm sorry (name), I'm so sorry... i truly did love you.." that was all you needed to know. that was all.
"in another era. in another life where we don't need to fight anymore, we don't need to taint hands, i wish. i promise. to marry you." you say so slowly as your heartbeat began to weaken and weaken.. and weaken.. until you went completely limp in his arms.
"of course.. i will definitely marry you (name). in another life time.." lilia continued to sob onto your chest as his cries echoed from the palace walls..
chatter among students in the mirror room were loud and bustling. some wanted to know what kind of dorm they will be assigned, some wanting to just go home, some just wants to end this quickly.
a small figure was on the sidelines, lilia vanrouge. smiling and chatting with a tall silver person. "I'm sure you'll be in diasomnia silver. your old man is there anyways fufufu" the silver head nodded, as a crow figure came Infront of the crowd and announced the ceremony to begin.
students began to be assigned a dorm, each and every one until one person was finally left. the figure walked infront of the mirror and stated their name. "( name ) (l/n)"..
silence. a drop of silence overcame lilia when he heard that name. has his hearing fallen weak? his ears must be playing tricks on him. it must be, or its just someone else that has the similar name AND last name as them. it has to be..
"DIASOMNIA!" Lilia snapped out of his trance as the mirror announced the last students dorm. the headmage announced to to the dorm leaders or vice to escort the new students to their designated dorms.
Lilia composed themselves and led the new students to the diasomnia dormitory. as he walked with the silver head student a blob of (h/c) walked pass them. the sudden burst of wind passed through infront of them as the hood of the (h/c) fell off revealing a familiar face.. a face that lilia wished to finally see and alive again.
"(name).." a voice so silent but hearable to the one calling out.
you turned to him with an expressionless face. "huh?"
lilia thought he was dreaming with this very moment. was this a dream..? or finally the moment he was waiting for.
Tumblr media
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angelltheninth · 8 days
I could ask for a little punishment from vile schoenheit to his disobedient and somewhat playful mc (fem if possible) who normally makes vil laugh with her nonsense but now mc crossed the line and deserves a lesson "( – ⌓ – )
I have the perfect idea for this one actually.
Pairing: Vil Schoenheit x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, power play, facial, breast cumshit, masturbation, denial, cum eating, taking orders, hair-pulling (for Reader), punishment
A/N: This is is such a smug bastard and he's always so extra about it too but I can't help but love him for it.
Tumblr media
Denial. That was the punishment he chose for you. You had gone too far this time. Embarrassing him like that. What were you thinking, taking a picture of him early in the morning, so messy and unruly, and showing it off like it was a cute pet?
Had you asked for a morning picture he would gladly pose for one. For a thousand. But you didn't. You denied him the pleasure of being a beautiful model for you. Now he's denying you your pleasure.
Made to sit still and watch him jerk off right in front of you, his cock just a bit out of your reach, his hand holding your head firmly in place so you don't get any ideas of disobeying him.
"You could have had this." He barks at you, his cock throbbing in his grip, "Even me doing this for you is too little of a punishment. You shouldn't even get to look at me right now. I could have just sent a picture after I was done." His hand sped up, hips shaking, but his eyes remained firm, pinning you to your spot.
You were already covered in his cum, your thighs, your stomach, your breasts. Unable to move, unable to taste it. All you were allowed to do was to sit still on your knees and watch and beg.
"Here comes another one. You ready? I'll need a good spot for this cumshot. A perfect target for it." He smirked when he saw your eyes sparkle with hope. "Know what it is?"
"My... my pussy?" It quivered just from the words alone. It was covered with cum from the outside but this whole time it's been empty and neglected. No fingers, no tongue, no toy, no cock to ease the burning pain. Nothing at all. "I want your cock there. Plea-" You let out a hiss when the pain spread through your scalp from Vil's tight hold.
"Your pussy?" He chuckled, "Right now it's not worthy of my cum. But I think your mouth needs some. You've been running it all day, talking about that picture you took. Its about time I teach it a lesson. Open. Up."
You pressed your lips and thighs together at the same time, hoping to entice him, charm him. No chance of that, he was the king of charm.
"My cum is getting in there one way or another sweetheart. Don't make me do it the hard way. Now open up." His growling tone send shivers down your spine, his eyes his eyes dangerously wide. As soon as you opened your mouth you choked from the force at which he shoved his cock into your mouth. "Swallow. You better swallow you hear me."
Loud and clear.
Your soft lips rounded around his cock, accepting the harsh punishment in hopes that your poor cunt might get punished in the same way soon after. It only took a few fast pumps until he had his cock shooting hot, thick, creamy cum into your mouth, your head pinned still until he was done.
"Good girl. That's how I like you. Mm, that wasn't so hard was it?" He pulled out slowly, "Just when I think you can't get any more beautiful." You smiled up at him, your lips and chin covered in his cum, evidence of his punishment, and his love.
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reniou · 1 month
Shining Beauty.
Malleus + Vil + Kalim
with a Crow ! Mc
Tumblr media
It's said that crows are one to keep an eye for any shiny things. However, it's just a myth. Or is it?
Logically - or technically - speaking, wild full adult crows will never collect, hide or store anything other than food - looking related items. Young crows on the other claw, are more investigative and curious, so they like to handle objects, peck at it and sometimes even hide them. Which goes to show how different kids and adults are.
In this case, you are the crow. Mature unlike Crowley but quite also reckless. No one knows how you live besides you, yourself. Here in Twisted Wonderland though, everyone believes in the myth of The Crow Likes The Fairest. I mean, just look at Crowley.
That's why, you have taken interest in three certain... friends...
—★ ★—
Kalim is an excellent one that's for sure. Probably the shiniest out of the three with his sunshine personality, smile and the fact that he's basically covered himself with richest. However he is also not one to show off. If he did, it's always unintentional. Not the brightest out of the three.
When you got infuriated with him is a nice question. You don't even have to actually guess. Kalim is a partygoer just because. You probably aren't friends when you got attached to him.
When you two are together, Kalim doesn't mind the behaviours and habits you have. He'll just laugh it off as if it is another Tuesday. Handling him is easy. If you like to be social that is. Other than that, the worst you can find when handling someone like him, is that he's too naive and social for his own good. - Pecking him except it's in the form of kisses. Those cute multiple kisses on the face makes him laugh everytime. He's quite ticklish so don't get overboard now. You can peck him anytime, curiosity or not, he won't mind. Why should he? He loves it! - Hiding him is a big no. While Kalim might find it as fun like a game of hide and [no] seek. We still have Jamil. Jamil does not appreciate you hiding him. He might mistaken Kalim's disappearance as a kidnapping.
Overall, doesn't mind. He loves it. Naive little prince with a crow. Who would've guessed.
—★ ★—
Vil is naturally always shining, in terms of beauty and outfit. Considering his dorm revolves around beauty itself, it's no surprise that you with your little habits is seen to be around the place. Specifically - around the queen of the dorm.
With the shades of purple and yellow - gold coating the interior and exterior. Chandelier inside the dorm, high above. With added red to compliment and also dominate the other colours. The lights were always on, even at night, it'll only dimmed. You can't help but get lost in it all, it's not something you can always get the privilege to see.
Vil is stern, strict, busy, quite narcissistic and incredibly self-absorbed. That does not mean, however, he does not have a heart. Well, actually, maybe after his overblot had happened, he finally has a heart and a bit more open-minded to say the least... With someone like you, he'll admit that he guessed you have the birdbrain. Don't worry, that thought goes away - for a while - once you start to fish out the compliments he wants to hear, especially if it's coming from his love. His 'Honnête et unique'.
The dynamic is not really the one you always see, you must admit, but it's still an interesting two. The queen is not easy to handle. If you are to not follow the schedule he made for you, you are not to be leaving unless you finally caught up to the loss time that you had wasted. He's always busy too with photoshoots and all so he might neglect you unintentionally but do not fret! He knows how to make it up to you! Pecking him is a huge no. On the rarest occasion, he'll let you like the softest moments with him. But other times? He'll scold you a lot. He can't have his makeup or skincare ruined. He needs to be the fairest of them all, after all. Hiding him is also a not a good idea. You have a dramatic poet of a hunter on you - meanwhile Vil is too busy in his schedule for the little games. Knowing him, he also prefers to shine himself to the world. Although, he'll always appreciate the time where you two can settle down without a care.
The outstanding diamond and the crow. Quite the match if I do say so myself.
—★ ★—
Malleus. The Feared Lonely Prince of Twisted Wonderland and Briar Valley. Is so happy to meet you. Someone who's interested in shiny little trinkets. Habit or not, he's so happy he can burst into a dragon. He's probably not someone you may find interesting but as soon as you make eye contact, you are immediately interested.
Dorm members are shocked to say the least. Mostly Sebek. That loud mouth. The least? Lilia, as to be expected. Normally commenting something about young love. The other, Silver, while he may be shocked but he'll get over it very fast. He's a bit tired after all.
He'll be grateful if you decide to share a small part of your collection, he'll even hand you some of his from his hoard. Then it might even become a daily occurrence between you two. At the Ramshackle Dorm or outside of the dorm. Crows are also known to remember clearly well. You can bet that as soon as you saw - found him, you are happily flapping your wings - or claws, I don't judge.
Why, a crow handling a reptile? A dragon at that? That is unheard of. However between the two of you, it's an adorable sight to see. Just you clinging to him or poking at him or even any sort of contact - you'll have, not only a happy dragon, but also a calm headed dragon that is currently melting on the inside and will be attached to you for a long while. Pecking him is like nuzzling up to a dragon - in Malleus' perspective. If you can't tell from that, he loves it. He ADORES it. He'll gently nuzzle down on you with the softest smile you can ever witnessed. Hiding him is a... Not so great idea if you don't like Sebek screaming and yelling at you for 'kidnapping' the young master. Besides Sebek, everyone else is not that reactive. Lilia and Malleus are probably the only ones to react positively on that actually.
The dragon prince and the crow. My, what a match. A beautiful one like a dahlia flower.
Tumblr media
I wish you a good day.
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amorisqasayid · 8 months
[ ✽ ] ˖ ˚ ◞ ┊ʺ PRETTY MISS DOCTOR
Tumblr media
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ in which the great prince of the briar valley makes himself seem pained in the presence of the pretty student doctor of night raven college
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ malleus x female reader
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ warnings ,, bandages , papercuts , and disinfectant otherwise just fluff and  giggles
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ hello <33 this a request from someone who’d like to remain undisclosed and in my messages. if you’re seeing this qamar , i hope you enjoyed !
Tumblr media
Ever since you had decided to spend more time in the infirmary to learn about health and healing, it was as though everyone in the Twisted Wonderland seemed to have fallen ill or hurt themselves. The boys of Night Raven college took this as a chance, a moment that they could cherish. A moment with the lovely (y/n), the only girl who had ever been enrolled there, and the nicest girl they could meet. It was most often the first years who came, begging for your help. You’d cradle their heads against your soft breasts, mumbling sweet words to them before wrapping them up and kissing their covered wounds. You somehow even managed to get Malleus Draconia to fall at your feet in such a manner. There he stood, in front of the infirmary, waiting for the doctor (y/n) to take care of him. The moment you saw him, your brows furrowed in worry. “ Oh no, Malleus.” you said, standing up to walk towards him, examining the little cut on his finger, “ What happened?” you asked, lifting his finger closer towards you to take a look. If he were to be frank, it didn’t hurt one bit, but he wanted to see your pretty face healing his little wound under the fluorescent lights that seemed to make your eyes shine like a galaxy. “ It seems I have gotten a papercut.” he said. He realized his tone was formal and furrowed his brows, slightly pushing his bottom lip outwards to seem more pained by the tiny cut. He could have healed it with magic on his own, and he knew that, but you didn’t need to know that. “ Oh dear, does it hurt?” He nodded, “ It hurts so much.” Your eyes widened in concern, “ Take a seat on the bed, I’ll clean your wound up right now.” you said, turning to the white cabinets against the walls and on the counters. His faux frown deepened, “ I also think I’m feeling quite light-headed,” Once you turned around, you were holding all the supplies you needed on a silver tray, before walking towards the regal prince. His regal air was still there, despite the fact that he seemed so hurt, and it had impressed you. “ I see, well then you should finish off the day in the infirmary with me, is that fine?” You picked up a cotton ball with some tweezers, dipping it in the disinfectant, whilst gently grabbing the hand with a paper cut. “ Yes. I’d like that very much.” You nodded, “ Okay Malleus, this will only sting a little bit.” you said, pressing the cotton ball against his cut. He didn’t flinch, wince, or whine the way some others would, which made you glad. When you finished cleaning the cut, you wrapped it in a bright green bandage, one that you thought almost matched his eyes. Finally, as you finished, you pressed the softest of kisses against the bandage, “ Is it feeling better now?” you asked, still holding onto his hurt hand. Malleus nodded, “ Yes, but I think it would be most efficient for my healing if I had a hug as well,” he said, deepening his already so fake frown. “ Oh, of course my dear.” You wrapped your arms around his torso, resting your head on his shoulder obliviously. You never were the one to take notice of those types of things and instead fell for every single little fib that escaped the affection starved lips of your patients. The fae prince hugged you back, holding you close to him, whilst smirking with the utmost pride, at the person who stood on the other side of the glass door. You didn’t know there was someone there, and Malleus didn’t need you to know. He chose to hug you until they left and realized that the Briar Valley’s Malleus Draconia was the one with you and the one benefiting from your services at the time. Not anyone else. “ My dearest (y/n), my leg has been experiencing some pain as well. I believe it was from flight practice with professor Vargas.”
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pigeonflowercafe · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Contains f!yuu/ female reader mention, please block/click away if such content upsets you. I was bored and made more of these 'cause it's fun.
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m4ke1nu · 10 days
Some things are just not meant to be.
Malleus Draconia x gn!Yuu drabble
Your whole life, you've always stared at the world through rose coloured glasses. Malleus Draconia, the heir of Briar Valley, now infront of you with eyes full of woe. "What's wrong? What's going on?" eyes on you, whispering from everyone seeping into the cracks of your mind. "Yuu, my greatest apologies, but I must deny your offering. While you are the greatest child of man I have ever come across, I'd prefer something more serious. I do not have time for idle love, I'd rather keep it as it is." everything spinning around you, the only think you can focus on is Malleus' face and the crumpled up letter in his hand.
"We're still friends, right?" your voice came out pathetically, "Yes, nothing can ever change that. My sincerest apologies, I never saw you as a potential mate, I'm sorry for leading you on like this." your stomach hurt so bad, he could've just rejected you in private. "What's going on?" "The prefect is getting rejected?" "How stupid, they should've known that Malleus wouldn't stoop so low." their words spinning all around, you can't bare this any longer.
You're all choked up, you could feel your eyes sting. It was embarrassing. Maybe you were just delusional, thinking that just because you've experienced the overblotting of other dorm leaders, you're the main character. The fabric on your skin feeling a bit too stuffy, suddenly you feel like you're about to vomit. Tears well up in your eyes, you're frozen in place. "Child of man-" "I'm sorry Mal, I'll get going now." you croaked out before walking away.
Although you've been rejected many times in your life, this hurt even more. You shouldn't get green skin just because many others are way better potential suitors, you should still keep contact with him, you still should say goodbye and hello to him every time you bump into eachother. You shouldn't be mean to him just because he doesn't reciprocate the same feelings for him, you are a bit petty after all. You should still treat Malleus as the same you did before, but things might slightly change. Although the atmosphere between you both are now a bit tense ever since he knew you liked him, you should still try and assure him that it's fine.
Some things are just not meant to be. Understand, go home. You still have friends that love you, they still can provide the same warmth and companionship that you long for if you're lonely. Being in a relationship with someone that doesn't really reciprocate the feeling is even more lonelier than living without one. Now that you've learned your lesson, you should try and improve yourself for the better.
A/N: I've been a bit sad, listening to ARE WE STILL FRIENDS by Tyler, The Creator, Rosemary by Deftones, and All I Wanted by Paramore on repeat. I've made it my mission to make other people sad also. Also, don't you guys think It's a bit silly? I personally think dating Malleus and Leona would lead to complications, since they are royalty.
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lilypad-jazz · 1 year
Sounds Like Us | Idia X Reader
Tumblr media
Summary: Idia’s describing an anime couple that sounds very familiar
Pairing: Idia Shroud X Reader
Pronouns: No specifics used/gender neutral
[A/n]: reader is described as an extrovert and shorter than Idia
Tumblr media
You sat on Idia’s bed, listening as he gushed about a new anime he had started watching recently. Apparently, it was good enough for him to binge the entire first season in two days.
“The main characters are these two who are dating and they make a really cute couple because they’re opposites right. One is an extrovert who loves going out and doing fun stuff and the other is an introvert who prefers to stay home and play games or watch tv right. Well, the extrovert is always dragging the introvert out to cafes and coffee bars and other cute places that don’t have too many people so the introvert doesn’t get overwhelmed. The best part about them is that the extrovert is shorter and is always threatening to fight people for the introvert because the introvert is too nervous to get into any confrontations themself.” India continued talking for a moment before he stopped, noticing your expression.
“Is something wrong?” He was starting to get nervous, had he talked too much and bored you? Were you tired of listening to him talk? Every bad possible thought was racing through his head right now.
“Where did you say you found this anime again?” You gave him a look of contemplation, waiting for his answer. 
“Uhm, one of my online friends recommended it to me. Why? Is there something wrong with it?”
“No it’s just, the main characters sound an awful lot like us.” You let out a light chuckle, motioning for Idia to keep talking, though he was much too flustered to continue. His face and hair flushed a pinkish-red color and he fumbled over his words, sentences coming out in choppy bits of words that made little sense.
“I uh, I didn’t even think, how did I not, how is that, when did he?” You chuckled again, finding his sudden change in expression to be rather cute. Standing from his bed and walking over to where he was sitting, you grabbed his hands and pulled him to be in a standing position. 
“C’mon ya dork, let’s go get some food at the cafeteria. You can continue telling me about the show when you calm down.” Idia just closed his mouth and nodded, letting you guide him to the cafe as he tried to get his face to return to normal.
Tumblr media
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pandoraw27 · 2 years
💐Neige Leblanche💐
Tumblr media
A/n: This is my first time writing for Neige so sorry if its not great, I hope you enjoy it anyway even if its a bit rushed.
How did it come to this with you standing in front of a well known actor professing his love to you despite only knowing you for a few days. “Please leave NRC and join my school, that way we can be together my princess.” He grinned as if wasn’t just pledging his eternal love to you with an excited sparkle in his eyes while your friends watch with mixed reactions behind you. “What the fu-” Ace exclaims only to be smacked by Deuce desperate to shut his friend up. “Ouch what was that for?” Ace screams lunging towards the navy haired male. “Now lets give these two some space and stop fighting its unbecoming.” Vil cuts in shooting you a worried glance as he walks off with the others trailing behind him with Rook dragging Ace and Deuce by their collars. “I’m really flattered but we don’t know each other that well.” You smile nervously hoping that’d he take the hint and leave you alone but he shakes his head frantically still giving you a charming smile. “But the moment we met I knew you were the one I was destined to be with, I’m sure you feel it too. We were made for each other.” He grins while you try to back away deciding to take the more blunt approach. “I’m sorry but you’re mistaken, I don’t like you that way.” You state firmly pulling your hand out from his grasp as you watch his face fall. ‘I tried being nice but he left me no choice.’ you reason internally trying to fight against the guilt seeping in at his crestfallen expression. 
Yet as quickly as he was pouting he bounced back with a determined grin. “I will make you fall for me just you wait.” He grins bouncing off with an excited pep in his step leaving you confused and mildly annoyed. ‘Why can’t he take a hint!?’ You scream internally as you try to calm down as you head towards the main stage to regroup with your friends. You hoped Vil was alright seeing how his overblot left him in a weakened state and seeing his rival proclaim his love to you can’t have helped the matter. “Hey Vil are you sure you’re okay?” You ask catching sight of the familiar blonde who turns to you with annoyance written on his face. “Yes I promise I’m fine, just how weak do you think I am?” He huffs as you shake your head shooting him an apologetic grin. “Sorry I forgot about that, its just that the others mentioned they had some issues moving after their episodes.” Your volume drops at the last word noting that the pain must still be quite fresh as Vil closes his eyes taking a deep breath. “I’m fine so you can stop worrying.” His words may be polite but his curtness told you everything you needed to know, he felt embarrassed about his episode and you resolved to avoid bringing it up again. As your group depart from VDC you glance towards the RSA students gathered around Neige celebrating their victory, maybe after this he’d give up on you. 
Unfortunately this proved to not be the case with Neige visiting NRC at every given opportunity frustrating Vil to no end and you did your best to keep Vil away from Neige. Yet every time the ravenette would arrive at the school he’d only seek you out avoiding all the others students and giving them curt answers when forced to interact with them. Eventually you decided enough was enough and sought out Crowley in hopes that’d he deny Neige access or at least reduce the frequency of his visits. “I’m sorry but Neige is staying here temporarily as part of a student exchange program.” So much for that idea, yet as you were groaning internally the situation was about to worsen considerably. “Oh yes he’s requested to be in the Ramshackle dorm for the duration of his visit.” Knowing that since it was Crowley’s request you’d be powerless to argue you just accepted it leaving quickly to try and hide from Neige. 
“So this is where you live.” He stares up in awe at the dilapidated building known as Ramshackle which had been your home since your arrival at the school. “It’s so run down, maybe my animal friends can help us tidy.” He remarks entering the building as you grit your teeth feeling the annoyance building up. How dare he insult your home after being here for a few minutes while he was forcing you to host him for his stay. “I do my best.” You reply curtly hoping to ditch him as soon as possible. Leading him down the halls of the dorm you come to the room you’d deduced as the one furthest from you as you opened the door revealing a rather simplistic room with only the bare necessities so nothing as extravagant as the other dorms but you supposed it’d suffice. “You’ll be in here if you need any help ask the ghosts.” You explain as he enters the room looking around in awe as you glance to the clock hoping to leave to meet your friends. “Anyway I’ve got some errands to run so I’ll let you get settled in.” “I don’t mind helping you.”  “I couldn’t ask you to, you’re a guest.”  “It would be my pleasure.” Well perfect here you were with the very person you were hoping to ditch was following you around with a grin on his face rambling excitedly about something you could care less about. Eventually you arrive at the Heartslabyul dorms where the others were mulling about chatting amongst themselves. “Hey guys sorry I took so long.” You call catching their attention but seeing your acquaintance behind you they fell silent quickly. 
“What’s he doing here?” Epel asks glaring at Neige suspiciously with the raven haired male oblivious to this or maybe he just didn’t care you couldn’t be sure. “He’s an exchange student, he’ll be going back in a few weeks.” You explain curtly too exhausted to deal with their nonsense, they may dislike him but they could at least be polite. “Yeah but why’s he with you, it’s not proper for him to be sharing a dorm with you.” Deuce argued his delinquent side threatening to resurface as he glares at the raven haired male who shot him a friendly smile back. “Crowley told me to so there’s not much I can do about it.” You shrug deciding to leave out Neige’s request knowing that the two would probably pummel the poor boy. “Stay at Heartslabyul then, I’m sure Riddle would understand.” Jack offer gruffly as Sebek nods as you sigh knowing that you’d need to dispel their worries. “I’ll be fine and I have Grim in case anything happens.” This calms them as they decide to drop the subject returning to their tasks yet the rest of the day was tense as they avoided Neige like the plague. ‘Yep this is going to be a pain.’ 
You were right when you went to your classes the next day as students freaked out over Neige with the majority of them being fans of his but your other friends were understandably weary of him with Vil outright avoiding him. Unfortunately this meant that you became somewhat of a social outcast during this period as Neige followed you around all day. You could tolerate it for the most part but then Neige said something that made you snap. “I think I’m falling deeper in love with you the more time I spend with you.” That’s it you couldn’t take it anymore “Neige I need some space!” You shout abruptly one day while he chattered next to you excitedly. “But if we don’t spend every day together how will I make you fall for me.” He asks tilting his head in confusion and if you were any weaker you would have fallen for it. “Don’t you think you’re being ridiculous, we don’t know each other that well.” You hiss in annoyance, why couldn’t he just let you be. “But you’re the only one who speaks to me normally” He whispers as you turn back to him to find him with a faraway look in his eyes. “Your friends hate me and all the others just like me for my fame.” His words make you feel a twinge of sympathy for the boy. “You’re the only one who speaks to me like casually and that’s something I don’t get often.” He said turning back to you with an apologetic look. “I’m sorry if I’ve been a bit too overbearing, I’ll tell Crowley that I’m going back to RSA early.” He says turning away. “Stop.” Hearing your words he turns back to you with a confused expression. “I’m being too harsh, I could have done more to make you feel welcome here.” You sigh extending your hand to the male with a blush on your face. “How about we start over as friends this time.” Neige snapped out of his shock taking your hand in his giving you a soft smile. “I’d like that.” 
After that everything becomes somewhat easier for you with Neige becoming more bearable to the others as well. They even found themselves hanging around him more and they grew quite close with Neige who had come to feel quite at home in NRC. You even found yourself becoming fond of him and as much as you hated to admit it you could see why others found him attractive but you’d rather stay friends if possible.
But all good things must come to an end and the time for him to return to RSA came all too soon which led to you and the other first years seeing him off in the mirror chamber. “It was really good to meet you all and I hope we can stay in touch.” Neige smiles as the others nod having given him their numbers long ago after coming around to him. “Yeah feel free to visit anytime your work becomes too much.” Ace says giving him a friendly grin which Neige returns. “Can I speak to you alone for a moment.” Neige asks facing you with a hopeful look as the others excuse themselves wishing Neige well leaving you alone with him. “I just wanted to apologise if I made you feel uncomfortable at the start of my stay and if there’s anything I can do to make it up to you then all you need to do is ask.” Neige says as you stop him shaking your head with a reassuring smile. 
“It’s alright I wasn’t that polite when you first arrived but that’s all in the past.” Neige nodded before giving you a cheeky grin. “I hope you know I’m still determined to make you fall for me.” He says as you laugh seeing that he was still on about that. “Sure keep dreaming Neige.” You smirk as he shrugs it off with a grin. “It was worth a shot.” He smiled as the mirror changed colour showing another school on the other side you assumed to be RSA. “I am serious though (Y/n) so prepare yourself because I will win your heart.” Laughing you shake your head at his antics waving him off as he steps through the portal leaving you behind. ‘I swear he needs to learn not to make empty promises.’ Little did you know at the time that he was telling the truth and you gave in a few years later and granted him the date he’d been pursuing for years. Giving him a chance turned out to be the best decision you’d ever made but despite your rocky start you wouldn’t change your history for anything.
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wolken-himmel · 2 months
In which (Y/n) ends up in the infirmary because a child wandering around campus bit her.
It turns out that the feral boy is Floyd's and her child from the future.
Request by anon.
Tumblr media
"(Y/n), we came as quickly as we could!"
A jolt ran through your body when the door to the infirmary was pushed open with an incredible force. Before you could even begin to recover from the awful noise the hinges produced, you found three figures surrounding your bed.
"What happened to you?" Deuce asked and pointed to your finger in worry. "Someone said you got bitten?"
Ace poked the band-aid that covered the tip of your pointer finger. "Bitten by a feral animal? By Grim?" he asked and began laughing, especially when the cat in question grumbled a few curses of protests.
Much to your amusement, Deuce shot the cat a stern look and wagged his finger in front of his disgruntled eyes. "Grim, what did we tell you?" the blue-haired boy scolded, narrowing his eyes. "Don't bite the hand that feeds you..."
"It wasn't me, I swear!" Grim threw his hands into the air while Ace and you merely laughed your souls out. Your amusement seemed to confuse Deuce, so much that the cat had to explain, "I don't bite people. I have class, you know..."
"Yeah, I was bitten—" you began slowly.
"But you're not bleeding out, are you?" Ace interrupted you and took precautionary step backwards. "And please tell me you didn't get rabies..."
By then, your left eye had begun twitching in frustration — oh, and your ears had begun hurting with all the excessive noise. Before the three could begin arguing amongst each other again, you had already raised your hands to shut them up. "Let me finish my sentences, you idiots!" They quieted down at once, all due to the angry glare you shot them. "No, I got bitten by a child... It was a boy, turquoise blue hair and very very sharp teeth. He couldn't have been older than seven..."
"How... did a child get on campus?" Ace asked with scrunched up eyebrows.
"I don't know..." you grumbled and sank into the soft infirmary bed again — it was much softer than the one back at Ramshackle. After a deep exhale, you closed your eyes and waved the three off. "Just ask Crowley or something."
"And where is the boy now?" Deuce piped up, his eyes flashing with concern. "What if he bites other people? He could seriously hurt someone—"
The red-head rolled his eyes. "It's just a child, you idiot..."
"No, trust me, Ace," you interjected seriously. A series of shivers ran down your back, and something akin to trauma darkened your eyes. "That boy is a menace to society."
"So what do we do now?" Grim asked, panicked.
His blue eyes flashing with utter determination, a bulb seemed to light up above Deuce's head. "We could put up some traps," he suggested while pacing up and down the empty infirmary. "You know, attach some thread to a branch and then prop up a cage. And then use candy as bait."
You clicked your tongue. "That's how you catch a stray cat, not a child..."
"Ugh, why do our professors always give us so much homework? I barely even have time to fulfil my daily squeeze quota anymore! Jade, my whole life is falling apart! What is the purpose of living if I can't have fun?"
"Oh Floyd... please tell me you're finished with the alchemy assignment for tomorrow."
The twins were walking side by side, traversing another courtyard to get to the Mirror Chamber for their shifts at the lounge. Yet, dread already pooled in the depths of Jade's stomach when he looked upon the moody frown on his brother's face. Floyd's mood swings and work didn't mix well at all — it was like throwing oil and water together.
"Nope," Floyd chimed innocently, "haven't even started yet with that stupid assignment."
"The deadline is tomorrow..." Jade furrowed his eyebrows in worry.
His concerned tone merely drew an annoyed scoff from Floyd's pursed lips. "I wasn't in the mood." A whine escaped his lips when he raised his long arms to stretch lazily. His lips twisted downwards into a pout when he suddenly complained, "I haven't seen (Y/n) all day! My little shrimpy would usually bribe me with hugs and what not to do my homework..."
Jade shook his head in disbelief. "By the Great Seven, Floyd..."
Before he could properly begin scolding his brother, a high-pitched voice reached their ears — someone was calling out to them, and the voice was drawing closer. "Daddy!" they managed to discern once the voice was close enough. And almost simultaneously, a young child threw himself into Floyd's arms while continously muttering 'Daddy' over and over again.
Reluctantly moving his arms around the boy to support him, Floyd furrowed his eyebrows in confusion and a tad bit of annoyance. "Huh? What do you want, little guppy?" The sharpness of his eyes softened up though as soon as he found the child's cheeks covered in dried tears. The boy continued wailing and clinging to the Octavinelle student. "Oh my, why are you crying?"
"I-I hurt Mommy earlier!" the boy confessed guiltily. "I bit her! I didn't mean to... I was just so excited to see her again! And I was so happy that I chomped down a little bit too much... It was meant as a love nibble..."
"And where is your mommy?" Jade asked hesitantly.
The boy's mood seemed to increase once he laid eyes upon the other twin. "Uncle Jade! You're here, too!" he exclaimed with a toothy smile.
Floyd and Jade shot each other surprised looks, astonished by the young boy's ease at telling them apart. Yet, with the way he addressed them, they both began to worry.
"I don't remember having a son, Jade..."
"Neither do I."
Before they could ask the child for answers, three figures came running towards them — two Heartslabyul students and a familiar cat monster. All of them were out of breath when they came to a halt in front of the twins.
"Floyd! Step away from that child at once!" Deuce exclaimed and extended his flat hand warningly. "He's dangerous..."
"This little guppy? No, he ain't dangerous at all." A bout of laughter escaped Floyd's lips when he began tickling the boy affectionately. "What's your name, guppy?" he cooed and cradled him gently.
"Nemo!" the boy chimed.
"See?" Floyd drawled. "So cute."
Grim shook his head hastily. "That boy bit (Y/n)!"
The remark caused Jade to tense at once. His limbs suddenly frozen, he only managed to slowly crane his neck at his brother, who was still busy playing with the mysterious boy. Now, on closer look, Jade managed to see the resemblance between the wild boy and the Ramshackle prefect. His disbelief still didn't lessen, somehow, when he carefully asked, "Wait... so (Y/n) is your mother, Nemo?"
The boy immediately piped up happily when that name reached his ears. "Mommy! Where is she?" His toothy smile showed off his razer-sharp teeth. "Is she alright?"
"Great," Ace grumbled under his breath, "so we bought the cage and candy for nothing..."
The revelation had Floyd perking up in utter delight. His bad mood from earlier had disappeared entirely, based on the way he was grinning widely. "Woah, so Shrimpy and I are gonna have little shrimpies together in the future?" Giggles escaped his lips while he threw the child into the air. "I love it! You're making my day, little guppy~"
"If that's the future, you should work hard for it..." Jade muttered mischievously. "Maybe this is a sign by the Great Seven to work on your assignment for tomorrow."
"Nemo, what do you know of alchemy?" Floyd asked, his laughter mixing with his son's giggles. "I'm sure you'll help your daddy work on his assignment, no?"
The question made Jade's smile waver. "Oh, he's hopeless..."
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
Y/n: *trying to call Ace* fuck! It’s not working!
Y/n: *tries again* bro! I’d blow a flying magic lion for some better reception!
Leona: *flying over on his broom* I think I can help with that~
Y/n: I regret my wording….
The next week
Jack: Y/n where did you get that new phone?
Y/n: none of your business
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jester-lover · 3 months
Dorm Leaders with a Goth Girlfriend
Warnings: Fluff, insecurity, mentions of past mistreatment, overuse of the ‘lipstick kiss’ trope, Author wants more people to experience goth music
Tumblr media
A/N: I notice how often the fanfic community focuses in on the clothing/makeup (dw, this post has a lot of that too) relating to the goth subculture, I want more people to experience the music! I left a goth song recommendation I think fits each character, from gothic metal to softer new wave, I hope you enjoy my head canons, and check out some new music! No gatekeeping here.
Riddle Rosehearts
He definitely finds himself attracted to your confidence, wearing all black and leather.
“Doesn’t it get warm? Wearing all black?”
Riddle is, deep down in his heart, insecure about himself and his identity; your presence helps him explore different parts of himself.
Teenage rebellion!
He finds himself loving your more romantic gothic looks, with Victorian skirts and pirate shirts, it accents his look well, you both look so pretty next to each other
He asks you for eyeliner tips
A song that reminds me of Riddle is: Dear Prudence, Covered by Souxie and the Banshees
Leona Kingscholar
You are right up his alley! I mean, look at him, he looks like a grunge cowboy, he’s so down for the way you dress
Certified woman-respector, will personally beat the crap out of anyone who’s talking bad about you
Loves it when you get all ‘dolled up’ and show him new music
Dolled up meaning extreme goth, deathhawk, leather, piercings, the whole nine yards
Just be a little careful with gothic metal, homie has sensitive ears
“When did I get so lucky, hm?”
A song that reminds me of Leona is: Black No. 1 by type 0 Negative
Azul Ashengrotto
Flustered fishy fishman
He finds you so intriguing, a mysterious traveler from another dimension, dressed in leather lace and fishnet
You love covering him in black lipstick kisses, sometimes one of the twins will catch him wiping off the lipstick and snicker
Definitely adores goth love songs, especially from the 80s
“Y/N, I found this old song and it reminded me of you.”
A song that reminds me of Azul: Sea Swallow Me by the Cocteau Twins and Harold Budd
Kalim Al-Asim
Opposite attraction really worked this time, huh?
He’s so stoked to have a goth girlfriend, homie is bouncing off the walls everytime he sees you
He’s the type of boyfriend to always be able to figure out if you changed your look. New hair color? Cool! New piercing? Awesome! Cut all your hair off? Twinsies!!!
Literally so cute he will always listen to the music you recommend, he has a whole playlist he listens to whenever he misses you
“Oh my goodness Y/N! I adore your new piercings!”
A song that reminds me of Kalim is: Friday I’m in Love by The Cure
Vil Shoenheit
He’s a little iffy at first, giving the unconventional look and all, but when Vil falls, he falls head over heels.
He is the world’s biggest worrywart boyfriend, he’s literally stressing so hard about whatever hijinks you’re getting up to.
You’re going to a concert? Take a can of pepper spray. New piercing? Follow the proper aftercare to a T. Hair dye? Moisturizing shampoo, immediately.
His fans begin to notice a slight difference in his daily makeup, a darker tone of eyeliner or lipstick. It’s his little way of showing off his ‘taken’ status
His favorite gothic music is more repetitive gothic rock, his guilty pleasure.
“Dearest, please refrain from covering me in your lipstick, save that for when we’re alone.”
A song that reminds me of Vil is: Right Here in my Arms by H.I.M
Idia Shroud
You two share a similar yet different style, he’s a lot more laid back
On the topic of music, he really loves Synthwave, the electronic vibe is so up his alley
He probably gets super shy if you wear more revealing goth clothing, but he’ll look up to you and your confidence
He loves looking for more gothic games for you two to play together, he absolutely loves the way your eyes light up
If you give him a kiss and leave a lipstick mark on his face, he’ll love you forever
Mmmmm domesticity
“Y/N, I found this anime you would like it has this butler who’s also a demon and he’s dressed all cool and he reminds me of you and-“
A song that reminds me of Idia is: Fade to Grey by Visage
Malleus Draconia
Wowowowow matching aesthetics I see
You tend to lean into the music of the subculture, while Malleus opts to lean into a gothic royal aesthetic
(If you know anything about Jrock and the band Malice Mizer, he gives me Mana Sama energy)
He adores the goth music you share with him, especially slower romantic goth songs, those that allow him to daydream about you
“I have met my perfect match.”
A song that reminds me of Malleus is: Sacrifice by London After Midnight
Bonus! More alternative songs I think fit them
Riddle: Mutter- Rammistein
Leona: The Lion from the North- Sabaton
Azul: Dr. Feelgood- Motley Crue
Kalim: No One Lives Forever- Oingo Boingo
Vil: Ziggy Stardust, covered by Bauhaus
Idia: Gentlemen Take Polaroids- Japan
Malleus: Ma Cherie- Malice Mizer
Thank you for reading!! I would love some feedback, this is one of my first posts I’m really proud of! I would love to make more like this!
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/ / Show and Tell
Fandom: Twisted wonderland AU: Tied Mannequin (made it up)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Imagine that.... A doll. a mere puppet for the sevens and the guardian of NRC that was put in a museum for... "entertainment" by the headmages, since generation to the present u were visited by students and teachers, for teaching purposes or just a mere visit to taunt u... of your damn misery. though it was your fault wasn't it. You were far more stronger than the seven yet mere feelings for the seventh was far greater than your own freedom. You loved her, cherished her, but i guess the thorn fairy just needed a puppet rather than a lover. a pity for you really. generations passed by like a blink of an eye, you just stayed there.. acting like a mannequin in this dreadful museum. until six pairs of freshmen visited you... "agh, this museum is creepy! why are we even here?" ace asked going close to yuu. "the headmage requested for us to clean the statue or... mannequin in this museum.." the others groan as this was their own fault really. grim and ace began to fight and Infront of the great seven statues and burnt it.. as for compension they had to clean the statue and now this statue/mannequin in here. You heard tapping of shoes behind the door Infront of you... a visitor? or the headmage of this generation? as the large door opens with a creak the first years walked in looking awed at the pictures and displayed artifacts... oh. they.. had a different scent and presence.. and is that a raccoon? what a unique bunch.. you smirked.
"Alright guys, we have to start cleaning so we can finish early..." the others groan but gathered their equipment and started cleaning the paintings, the wall, the glass and carefully with the artifacts. and that left u. "This room is filled with all kinds of things the great sevens has achieved but what's with this... statue?" ace exclaimed and patted you with the broom. "how rude!" you said while putting your hands on your hips. making the others scream. "You are a rude kid, i wont be surprised if u were sent here because u did something wrong." you sighed and looked at their fearful gaze, they seem to hide behind the.. uhm.. "I don't sense any.. magic in you.. or has my senses messed up since the old times..." you put a hand to your mouth looking confused on this.. student Infront of you. "actually.. I am magicless.." now u were shocked, a magicless person in the school? first ever thing u heard in hundreds of years. "then u must leave yes? this school was made for magic and fruitful students. no offense though." you step down from the podium and now is Infront of them. "explain to me in short. now." When yuu finished explaining, u hummed. "i see.. so now your just waiting for the headmage to fix the problem but in the end it still hasn't been fixed nor made progress.. i see.. i see.." you mumbled. you looked directly at yuu's eyes and smiled, "a pity. though for me that's a little fix i can help u with... u intrigued my interest." that made everyone shocked, you can?! that's good news! "though.." you sighed, "I cant do it when i'm trapped here, the problem could just be the mirror and a little magic fix would solve the problem, though the headmage might say it wont work because the mirror is a valuable asset here in NRC and will not risk such a thing for a mere.. student" that made the others dumbfounded, that's all? well.. you were right on about the headmage though..
"so i don't think i can actually help you without getting out of here first though.. a shame, but i think u must all go now though.. the sun is setting." You smirked as the others began to clean up their equipment and start to head out while thanking u for your time. Before yuu went out last you called out for them "oh and yuu.. if u really desperately need my help and to get u back to your world... you can always come here and ask, ill do it for you... repaid with my freedom yes?" you smiled and waved. yuu was silent but nodded while closing the large door, creakkk, thud. and silence. Your smile turned into a wide one and your sharp teeth at display.. what a fun new key that flew into your hands.. and a desperate one at that. what shall u ever do yuu.. you turned around to go to the podium but wiped the screen Infront and words that was filled with dust before going back to your position as a statue. the words written was blurry but readable.. it says. "here stands the puppeteer of the sevens, the founder of NRC, the loyal lover of the seven the thorn fairy... they give you hope and desire, but don't get enchanted or you'll be pulled by their strings of despair... in exchange for your paradise, they want freedom of a hox. they are trapped here for a reason." as well as a warning "DO NOT LET THEM OUT, DO NOT LET THEM HAVE THEIR FREEDOM, DO NOT OBEY THERE WISHES ON WANTING TO BE FREE, DO NOT LISTEN TO THEIR CRIES AND PLEADS ENCHANT YOU. it is all a trick."
You hummed a tune, this dream of mine and yours will end soon yuu. just take my hand and don't let go.. don't be such a fool and let me go, use me as u want but i want my dream of being free once more!
Tumblr media
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bluesylveon2 · 8 months
Crewel: remember, no boyfriends until you graduate. Actually, don't even look or think about a boy
Yuu/MC: but this is an all boys school!
Crewel: did I stutter?
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reniou · 1 month
Dancing With You.
The Overblots
Tumblr media
May the roses glimmer in the moonlight.
No one is out at night, supposedly but it seems that two lovestruck lovers are present in the garden of Heartslabyul.
Either one aren't saying anything to each other but they both are content with the silence between them. No words are needed to be spoken. Just... Comforting presence.
Riddle Rosehearts. Someone everyone feared. Someone with a strict schedule and rules. Isn't afraid to drop them all just for the sake of his lover. Riddle Rosehearts who is currently slow dancing with the one he loves. One hand intertwined with theirs and the other on their shoulder while his partner's other hand is on his waist. Face close and yet, no eye contact between them as they have closed their eyes.
Slow dancing in the silent bright night at the Heartslabyul garden.
— ★ ★ —
Beautiful cold quiet night of Savanaclaw.
For once, the fearsome and lazy lion, Leona Kingscholar, is up and quite active. With his energy, he will spend it all with his lover or more specifically in his words, 'his herbivore'.
As they gentle dance together in the cold of night, well as gently as he could considering this is still the Leona Kingscholar. The prince who has no experience with any romantic situation, ever. A good reason on why too. But now, he finally found someone he can settle down with.
Instead of intertwined hands, he rather puts both of them on you. Starved for affection he never received, holding you close while you wrapped your arms around him, sort of in a comforting hug way. You can hear a low rumble from the lion. Lions may not purr, but they are still from the felidae of animals.
Dancing together, and embraced in the other's hold, below the moon of the cold night in Savanaclaw.
— ★ ★ —
Dim blue lights from the aquarium shined.
Azul Ashengrotto, a young man full of mischievous and danger, is not always what he's seems to be. A man who rise in the hierarchy from his insecurities, failures, and isolation alone. When Jade and Floyd is not helping him of course.
But we're not talking about them, we're talking about how Azul Ashengrotto is dancing with the one he almost caught in his schemes. Well, he's trying to dance.
As a merfolk, he's still getting used to his human legs. Even in flying class, he's very afraid to be off the ground. In the Grimms' Fairy Tales, it is said that when Ariel got her legs, it feels like walking knives - or glass shards. Since this is Twisted Wonderland, you can imagine how he feels when he got his human legs.
At the very least, the prefect can try to help him dance -or help each other with dancing- with a simple one. Slow dancing. Nothing fancy or show-y. Just slow dancing together. And if anyone of them both messed up, they both can just laugh it off together. Intertwined together as it is Azul's natural instinct as an octopus merfolk.
Practicing -and learning- slow dancing with Azul Ashengrotto, after the closing the Octavinelle restaurant and shooing Jade and Floyd away.
— ★ ★ —
The faint sound of jewellery clashing.
In the halls of Scarabia, the dim lighting of the moon shining, could be seen two figures close together. Alone together.
Jamil Viper, a busy one that's for sure. Is feeling blessed. After his overblot, Kalim was kind enough to take regards and try to help him out by giving him more time for him. Which means, he would be finally done with his chores by at least night time. Which also means, he can have time to spend it with one and only.
Call him selfish with his - before - bad deeds but he's just a desperate man. He's changed. And he'll change for the better. For the sake of you. He'll help you with anything, he'll comfort you anytime, and he'll dance with you around the halls of Scarabia.
His hands on your waist, your hands on his shoulders. Kissing your forehead just to caught you off guard. Still the mischievous and silent one you see.
— ★ ★ —
The soft and calm breathing of a beauty.
Ah, Vil Schoenheit. A person surrounded of beauty. Definitely the busiest one. Barely had any time for you or others unless they're not following any of his instructions.
Recently apparently, Vil has been busy - busier than ever - for the past week. Which lead to neglect on his partner. The one he, himself promised he would always be there. After that week, you've been quite distant to him who was expecting affection after that week. He is heartbroken when you didn't even try to seek him out.
When he eventually realised what he has done, he's making it up to you the best he can. He rarely does this, but he'll cancel any plans he had just to focus on you. Now, he gently holds you close to him as you both dance together.
The Pomefiore dorm is definitely big enough to dance around in. Vil Schoenheit had requested the dorm members that the lounge is to be empty and lights out. Now it belongs to you both, at least for the night.
Beauty and the beast, but let's make it Beauty and The Fairest.
Tumblr media
Anyone who questions why it's only the ones who overblots or why is there Idia, here's my reason; Idia for one is mostly because on the fact that I don't know if he actually overblotted and if he did, why? There might be an answer out there but for now, I don't know. Second, Malleus is only because of the limited colours I can choose. While there is green, I don't like to use continuous colours for Leona and Jamil. So I apologise about that.
If any mistakes were made or you were looking to give some critics, go ahead and tell me.
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