#twisted wonderland x you
This is what you see when Malleus is jealous.
Tumblr media
And this.... This is what everyone else sees when Malleus is jealous.
Tumblr media
Maybe a small difference?
Btw, it's a wonder that NRC is still there, because at the beginning of your relationship, Malleus was jealous at least once a week.
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ai-dev · 15 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
If i draw one i gotta draw the other 😮‍💨
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hanafubukki · 25 days
I Suddenly Became the Mother of the Red-Rose Tyrant?!
Summary: Well, fuck, somehow you isekaied and became the mother of Riddle Rosehearts
Characters: Riddle Roshearts, Reader, & Clover Family.
Notes: I have been reading way too many isekai Manhwas/Mangas. Not only that, but I saw a fanart of little Riddle and his mom and was inspired right away. This is a long fic, it’s been awhile since I wrote something so long so I am proud. 💕🥰💜
Tumblr media
·      When you had opened your eyes one day, you had woken up in a bedroom that definitely wasn’t yours.
·      The room was…meticulous, and that was putting it lightly.
·      Even your bed, while comfy, had a feeling of order to it; daring anyone to mess it up.
·      You should probably be more anxious over your new surroundings but waking up well rested in a while just mellowed you out.
·      That is until you got up and looked at a mirror, finally seeing the truth of the matter.
·      Well, fuck, you really did isekai to another world.
·      Maybe reading all those manhwas and mangas were not a good idea.
·      You glance at the mirror one more time and this time your appearance caught and held your attention.
·      You reached up and pulled at your…bangs.
·      They looked to form two heart shapes.
·      It was kind of cute.
·      The person whose body you had, well, she looked tired and stressed.
·      Lady, you need to relax once in a blue moon.
·      Wait…a minute, no, no, no. Heart shaped bangs? The only character you knew that had heart shaped bangs were...
·      “Mother?”
·      You turned around and right at your door, dressed prim and proper, was a tiny Riddle Rosehearts.
·      Fuck. Fuck. Fuck.
·      You were isekaid into Mrs. Rosehearts.
Tumblr media
·      After you had gotten your bearings, you had told Riddle to go study and you would prepare him food. He had simply nodded and did as you asked. No protest against studying so early in the morning or any mention of hunger. You knew his past, of course you did, but seeing it firsthand was another experience all together. Seeing his response to the request you made? It burdened your heart even more.
·      As you made his breakfast, you had some time to yourself which you used to sort out your situation and feelings. Your memories before coming to Twisted Wonderland were still intact; you just didn’t remember how you ended up in this world, let alone in Mrs. Rosehearts body.
·      Of whom, her memories you had full access to as well. it was as if you lived two lives together. If it wasn’t for little Riddle in the next room, you would be tearing your hair out because, of course, you would be in this situation.
·      Looking through her memories, you can see why Mrs. Rosehearts had turned out the way she did. Generational trauma and unrealistic expectations seemed to run in the family. Which in turn led to her actions towards Riddle, and of which, led to Mr. Rosehearts walking out of their lives. He didn’t even fight for custody of his own child, the influence of Mrs. Rosehearts being too great.
·      Generation trauma that you could have prevented from continuing, Mrs. Rosehearts, but now it’s up to me.
·      You ended up taking a tray of food to little Riddle, with enough food that a child his age would eat and then some. At least with these memories retained, you also knew everything Mrs. Rosehearts did, and unlike the MC in Twisted Wonderland, you also had her powers as well. Which, given the game’s events, would come in handy in the future.
·      Right now though, as you opened the door to the study, you would do your best to raise your son right and well-loved.
Tumblr media
·      One of the first changes you made was decreasing his study time and allowing him the chance to play.
·      It didn’t go as well as you expected…Riddle had frozen and started shaking to your horror. Mumbling about doing better and how he could handle extra studies if you wished it of him. You had a feeling that he thought it was to test him and his dedication.
·      You had to calm him down and prove otherwise.
·      Giving him a dedicated set time to study, and just as much time to play. You would even join him. Drawing with him, putting together puzzles, and even playing in the backyard. You had even gone out and bought him a ball that you two threw at each other.
·      What warmed your heart the most was when you baked him a strawberry tart and gave it to him with a warm glass of milk. Your tart wasn’t the best with the crust crumbling, and you should have probably let it cool a bit more, but the shining eyes and wide smile from Riddle was more than worth it.
·      You patted him on the head as he scooped another piece into his mouth.
·      You loved your son.
Tumblr media
·      The next step in providing a healthy lifestyle for Riddle was making sure he had friends.
·      Which meant, you had to repair the relationship Riddle had with Trey and Che’nya.
·      It wasn’t easy, especially having to muster up the courage to look into Trey’s parents’ eyes and apologize for actions you did not commit.
·      But you were determined to give Riddle a good childhood and that meant him having friends his age and hopefully lowering his chances of overblotting in the future.
·      Riddle was quiet on the day you both went to the Clover’s bakery.
·      But you took a deep breath and patted him on the head.
·      “Everything will be alright, sweetheart.”
·      Riddle didn’t say anything and just nodded.
Tumblr media
·      You had chosen to meet Trey’s parents at closing time, and you had given them a call ahead of time.
·      When you met them, you could tell they were nervous and bracing themselves.
·      Little Trey looked ready for a fight.
·      You had to hold your smile in.
·      You ended up bowing to them and apologizing, which you could tell freaked them all out.
·      Riddle was surprised and grasped at your dress, worried.
·      “I am very sorry for the way I treated you all before. I know my words might not make up for my past actions, but I do hope you will forgive me in time.”
·      Mr. and Mrs. Clover looked at each other before tentatively accepting your apology.
·      “Mrs. Rosehearts, might we ask why the sudden change.”
·      It was Mrs. Clover who had spoken up.
·      You smiled and put a hand on your son’s head.
·      “I have been trying to raise Riddle the only way I knew how. I had let my past and expectations I have lived through blind me. I realized that was wrong, and I want to change that. I want my son to be happy and loved like he deserves.”
·      The Trey family seemed to relax after hearing your reasoning, but you could tell they were still on guard.
·      You didn’t blame them, but you hope in time, they will trust your words.
·      You crouched down to Riddle’s level, looking at him with a gentle look.
·      “I want to show my little one that adults can be wrong, and they can change. I want to show him that I love him, and I am sorry. I am so, so sorry. I love you and I hope you can forgive me too.”
·      Little Riddle was trembling, and tears were dripping down his face.
·      You opened your arms before he rushed into you with all the force his little body can muster.
·      You hugged him just as tight, holding your own tears in.
·      You got up with Riddle in your arms, rubbing his back as he cried and clutched on you tighter.
·      You bowed your head to the Clover family once again before looking at Trey.
·      “I hope you, you other friend, and Riddle can be good friends.”
·      Trey looked a bit nervous before nodding slowly.
·      You thanked them before returning home.
·      Humming a song to little Riddle and kissing his head.
·      You were determined.
·      You would make sure Riddle Rosehearts grew up loved and happy.
·      And as thoughts of the Twisted Wonderland plot came into mind.
·      You would make sure he was safe.
Tumblr media
How did you all like it? Would love to hear your thoughts 💕☺️
Tag List (open): @justeclem44​ @coraldelusiondaze​n @h0n3ysgh0st​ @thatdazaikin​ @strawberry-pie-thoughts​
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gyarunie · 27 days
Where is my goodbye kiss? ☆
Malleus Draconia x reader
summary: malleus will not leave without a kiss
fluff and crack, romantic relationships, reader's skin color and gender aren't mentioned, PDA, ace being loud.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
you were currently sitting on the benches in the courtyard with your horned boyfriend, you were on your phone showing him the pictures you took of random things, it could be you in a face mask or your friends, or gargoyles (that he wanted)
people were looking at you like you were crazy their faces were priceless, some ranged from shocked, scared and some were jealous.
once the bell rang you stood up and dusted your butt and and turned to malleus who was also getting ready to go to his next class, it was without you so he would feel lonely.
noticing his dread, you cheered him up
"hey! after i finish class i will wait outside of your classroom and we can walk to lunch together, how is that?" you said with the smiled he oh so loved. his face brightened up and you swore you the sun got even brighter.
"okay then its decided! i will meet you later!" you said and waited for him to walk to his class, but he just stood there like he was waiting for something. you tilted your head in confusion 'is he okay?' 'does he want something?' 'does he want me to walk away first?' but when you stepped back to walk away, he pouts.
"where is my kiss? child of man?" he asks with that adorable pout, his pointed ears now pointing downwards like a sad dog, the sky was getting darker like it was about to rain.
running to him he crouches to your height without moving his legs,like a butler bowing to his master, holding the sides of his head, you gave a sweet kiss as he relishes it. its almost like he was trying to merge into one.
pulling away because you were out of breath, you huffed heavily as malleus licks his lips and smiles with his eyes closed at you.
"OH WHAT?!" ace blurted out, turning towards the sound you saw grim gagging, deuce blushing and ace with his jaw hitting the floor, you shushed him and looked back at malleus "i'll see you later" you spoke and malleus nods and walks away with a rainbow near his head.
"not you making out with one of the most powerful mages in the world IN PUBLIC" ace said almost shouting which makes people look at you.
"SHUSH" you said just as loud slapping him on the shoulder.
© gyarunie, do not translate, repost, copy, edit my work in any way.
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mrs-schoenheit · 6 months
Adeuce : We are not paying for that
Floyd: *annoyed* why not? you ordered 42 coffee
Adeuce: We said 4 tea 2 coffee
Tumblr media
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flavorita · 4 months
Hi there! Could I request NSFW headcanons for Jamil with a big breasted fem s/o?
Yes big badonkers. I felt like I made this mad short so I put Ace in as extra.
Big Breasted Fem!S/O Headcanons NSFW 🔞
Includes: Jamil, Ace (seperately)
Tumblr media
Jamil didn't want to admit it, but he had a soft spot for you and your soft spots, specifically your chest
Sometimes you would even catch Jamil staring at them, but he'd never admit it
"I was staring at your chest? No, I wasn't." 
Pulls his hood up whenever he’s trying to sneak a look after that
Deny, deny, deny is probs his motto until he has you splayed out beneath him and all to himself the night you offer to give him a titjob
Suckles and gropes your breasts until they’re slathered in his spit 
Cums all over them as you can only gasp while Jamil wipes his dick on your chest, rapidly flicking each nipple with his dick making you moan and cry out for how much you want him inside of you
“Look at you. Serving your master so well.” Wanton moans spilled from your lips as you stared into the mirror with Jamil pounding into you from behind. Your hands gripped onto the sheets while your breasts swayed, just the way Jamil liked it.
Tumblr media
Stares even when you point it out
"Why not? You embarassed? 😏"
Gets into the weirdest accidents, mainly trips and falls, where he ends up facefirst in your breasts
"Aw man, thanks for saving me, M/C. Who knows what would've happened if you weren't here."
"A hero deserves their reward, don't they? Here," you feel Ace grope your breasts and begin to massage them. "Let me help you relax." His palms knead your globes as his fingers deftly unbutton your shirt and he inhales your scent. Your breasts pop out of your shirt and his hands are pulling down your bra just as fast. Before you know it, you're bent over and Ace is breathing on your neck as he refuses to stop pinching your nipples and rutting into your ass.
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kalims · 9 months
‎˃ ᵕ ˂ . . "do I like you? is that even a question?"
Tumblr media Tumblr media
you like me, don't you?
heartslabyul : savanaclaw : octavinelle : scarabia : pomefiore : ignihyde : diasomnia :
Tumblr media
note. I got bored and just decided to make this miniseries, just a small short. and also trying to expand my writing abilities 😃👍
"you speak of nonsense."
there's a twinge of hurry in riddle's words. it comes out quicker than he wanted and it doesn't help that his face always seems to have a mind of it's own, turning red at the most unnecessary of situations and flaming when he least wants it to.
it isn't something he's very proud of but you think it's cute.
his red face either displays blazing rage, shameful embarrassment, or both. it's probably weird that you think it's cute but hey! riddle doesn't allow himself to actively display his feelings other than disappointment or anger, remaining to be formal instead.
it's a tiny catalyst to what he's feeling. anger and embarrassment might be things one doesn't like but it's nice seeing him so expressive. or are you just crazy for thinking so?
but his face is probably one of your favorites.
be it the twitch of his eyebrow and the sharp inhale of his that signals embarrassment, the grinding of his teeth and avoidance of eye that displays embarrassment or shyness, the enlarged pupil and small smile when he's doing something he likes—
you can go on and on.
but you can't help but tease him. "your red face says otherwise." you laugh out loud, to riddle it sounds like something straight out of heaven and even he is frustrated to admit it. how could he ever do this?
"hmph. unfortunately.."
wait. doesn't that mean he just agreed with you?
"hmm,,, well.. I used to." trey answers so casually that you actually had to pause to register his words. since when did trey clover even like you? and what did you do wrong to make his apparent 'previous' feelings to wither away?
well shucks. if you had known earlier then you're absolutely sure that you'd tried harder to help him in ways more than one but for now, you have so many questions.
why did trey like you, what was special about you? you did hope that he would but that was only something that lays inside your dreams, for it to turn reality wants to make you go crazy.
and when did his feelings even go away? you can't deny that your heart cracked a little but the earlier to move on the better, right? you had.. other things to worry about than pointless crushes. you're not sure yourself if it really was pointless.
or.. you're just looking too much into it and he used it as a friendly term?
most probably sensing your inner monologue trey chuckles. "you seem distressed." he comments. unable to hide the pleased smirk on his lips, you are too embarrassed to spot it, feeling more intent to gaze at the piece of dough you knead with your fingers.
it's still surprising to hear the next words come out more casual than the previous. "yep, I love you now."
you drop the bowl.
there's a stupefied look on cater's face. instead of the bright front he spent years putting up there's actually something in his face instead of the cheery grin, but rather an absolutely horrified one. like you just spilled all his secrets.
you raise your brows. suprised yourself to witness his reaction. "what?" did he actually like you?
cater does this thing where there's a becoming realization dawning on him that he did something totally off character, he laughs it off. "uh.. haha, I mean who told you that?" something desperate to know swims in his eyes and it fuels you even more.
he neither denied or acknowledged your words but his answer just leans on the 'he actually does like you' category.
your mouth forms into an awed 'o'. "so you do like me!" you slap a hand over your mouth and giggle loudly. not one of those giggles that would hurt your ears when you went near a radius of them cause they felt forced but a more, actual joyful one.
he looks more horrified. "WHAT? well I mean.. who wouldn't like you?"
it sounded like he was trying to convince you and himself.
"you, obviously." you roll your eyes. you don't know why but you have a feeling that he's been confused the whole period but trying to play it off.
he smiles brightly, drops it for a second and smiles again. "I mean yeah, totally! how about dinner tonight?"
wow. verryyyy smooth. if only he knows that there's probably some kind of rule about not staying up after 8.
"ew no." ace quickly denies. pushing you away for good measure, you stumble and instinctively grip on the vase for dear life. almost dragging it down with you to your own demise and by a stroke of luck, it just managed to stay there.
you shoot him an aspirated look. "you almost made me fall??" grumbling you dust yourself off, flinging away the dirt from the floor that stuck to your uniform after your lower body violently colliding with it.
—completely missing ace's grumble of his own. "you dumbass.. it's the other way around." you turn to him and cast him a weird look.
"what did you say?"
"I said it's the other way around." he says. not missing a beat. you're stunned by the sheer audacity and boldness he had cause damn. where do you get a speck of this kind of thing? and who even says what they actually said instead of going 'nothing.'??
ace apparently.
you blank. "I was just joking?"
"you think I am?"
ace smiles—not one of those arrogant smirks that makes you want to pound him to the ground because he's the reason you're in trouble. but a literal, actual smile.
there's a weirded out look on your face as you shiver. "ohhh god.. I think I just saw the face of satan. am I gonna die?"
honestly you don't know if you regret speaking at all because the silence was very deafening. deuce had frozen up, going so still you thought he actually got cast a curse or something.. his back is turned on you and it's as if he refuses to look at, and is going through the stages of grief at the same time.
"ah! how did you know that?! it was ace wasn't it?!" he suddenly leaps to turn to you—somehow. meanwhile you flinch at the voluntary action he just did because none of you were moving, or speaking at all for a full 2 minutes.
did he just admit it to you?
wow, that was easier than you thought. "wait so you actually like me?" you incredulously force out. deuce has this confused look on his face as he stares at you all while throwing a few nervous gazes around the surrounding in the middle of it.
"what do you mean? I thought you knew that just now."
"um.. wanna go out?"
"really?! I mean uh—yeah sure." deuce coughs. seemingly forgetting that he was supposed to be the 'totally cool and responsible' person in addition to his honor student dream. this is embarrassing, he thinks. but honestly who cares he scored a date with you!
he's probably still gonna playfully fight ace, cause you never told him that it wasn't ace.
note. me after starting this knowing damn well I have over 42+ shit to write 😃 anyways I don't like how I interpret some of these but 🧍‍♀️🤷‍♀️ also a bit ooc of deuce cause I'm not that good at writing him lol
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katskitoshi · 8 months
"cuddle piles and kisses," twisted wonderland first years.
synopsis: after being invited to [name]'s dorm for a sleepover, the first years end up cuddling to sleep. before they fall asleep, [name] makes a point to kiss all of them goodnight - leaving them flustered before bed.
characters: ace, deuce, jack, epel, & sebek x gender neutral! reader
includes: nothing but fluff i think..?
note: the requests will be posted soon because there's a lot and i've had a really bad case of writers block recently.
dorm leaders react to the cuddle pile!
it was 2:48 am on a saturday morning. the first years were all in ramshackle for a sleepover that you had organized. you've done almost everything that you had planned to do except sleep. so here you were, with your first year besties cuddled up in a pile of blankets and pillows.
ace -- was to the far left of you, holding your hand while facing towards you. he wasn't cuddled up close to you because deuce was there. he was still satisfied with being able to hold your hand, an intimate thing he wants to do with you that he's only been able to fantasize. his thumb traced random letters and shapes on the back of your hand. when you start to doze off, he traces: i love you, and a bunch of hearts on the back of your hand.
deuce -- got one of the arguably best spots in the cuddle pile after epel. he was curled into your left side, lying his head on a pillow and your chest and his arms wrapped around you. he loved how close he was to you and he slept almost baby-like with how he could hear your heartbeat. it was reassuring, and each calm and rhythmic 'thump!' gave him more reasons to love you. (it also made is own heart beat a lot faster unlike your calm ones.)
jack -- was like a pillow shifted to the right. your was head on his chest and it was near his heart and he had to thank the great seven for letting him stay calm so his heart wouldn't beat 100 miles a minute. he enjoyed the feeling that you were relying on him partially. he even built up the courage to play with your hair/shoulders. he was like a masseuse! (his tail was also wrapped around your waist because if it wasn't, it'd be wagging a lot in satisfaction!)
epel -- had what everyone envied. he got the best place, the best pillow, everything. he got the lap spot. his head was laid on your lap as his hands were wrapped around your waist drawing shapes near jack's tail and deuce's arms. he soon realized he had the best spot in the cuddle pile. he got to use your lap and tummy as a pillow while being really close to you! your free (right) hand played with his hair and he loved it. (he was thankful for once that vil liked to keep his hair so soft.)
sebek -- was to the far right of you. he was facing the ceiling, but had no contact with you unlike the others. you offered him your hand which he declined because, "i don't need some pathetic human's hand!" but he did feel slightly upset when you pulled your hand and used it play with epel's hair. but when epel fell asleep you removed your hand from his hair and grabbed sebek's hand yourself, intertwining your fingers. he fell asleep much happier and more comfortable with the reassurance that you're there. he squeezes your hand gently on occasion, and if he's lucky, he get's a squeeze back.
you were all cuddled up nicely after this successful sleepover. you were all beginning to nod off before you remembered one thing that you absolutely wanted to do. you didn't know if they were sleeping and you defiantly didn't want to wake them up if they were sleeping. hesitantly, you say, "are you all still awake?"
small mumbles of affirmation came from each person to signal they were in fact awake. you smiled, the plan would work! you nudged epel, asking him to get up. he complied, although a bit grumpy he'd have to give up his thigh pillows temporarily. you removed jack's tail and epel and deuce's hands from your waist softly.
you crawled over to sebek first, leaning down to give him a kiss on his forehead. "goodnight, sebek. thank's for coming to the sleepover, i hope you enjoyed it! sweet dreams," you placed another one on his cheek. "g-goodnight, human. sweet dreams to you to as well."
luckily it was dark or else you would've seen the blush that painted his cheeks. sure, it wasn't a kiss on the lips but it was a kiss. he was ecstatic. his joy didn't show on the outside except for the blush, but his joy would show in his dreamland fantasies where he got an actually kiss on the lips from you.
you then turned around to jack. you kissed his forehead, they you ruffled his hair and gave affectionate scratches to his ears. he had to literally sit on his tail so that it wouldn't start wagging. he was so happy but he hid that. only a faint blush covered his cheeks.
"g'night, jack! sweet dreams. sorry you'll have to miss your morning run for this, but i hope you enjoyed it," even in the dark, he could see your sincere yet apologetic smile. "i enjoyed it so it's fine, [name]. sweet dreams and goodnight to you too." you kissed his cheek and then ruffled his hair and scratched his ears again. the wolf beastman hoped that because it was dark, you couldn't see his flushed cheeks.
you crawled over jack and deuce's body to ace, who was propped up on his elbows watching your interactions with the others. that means he was next and he was so excited! "night, ace. have sweet dreams, kay?" you gave two kisses to both of his cheeks and ruffled his hair playfully. "night to you too, [name]~" he cooed. although he seemed chill about it, his cheeks were hot from being so flustered.
you returned to you spot in the middle, where epel crawled back on your lap and deuce laid his head on your chest. you leaned your head over to the side to kiss deuce's forehead. "night, deuce," you kissed the bridge of his nose because you couldn't reach his cheek. "dream about me, 'kay?" you said it in a teasing tone, leaving his heart beating even faster and making his cheeks extremely red. "good n-night to you too, [name]," he says before yawning. he was defiantly gonna dream about you.
epel waited a few seconds before crawling up to your face. he had the best spot in the cuddle pile but he missed out on the best part of it! "where's my good night kiss, [name]?" he teased, but you could pick up the actually question in his tone despite being tired. "i couldn't get to you with deuce on me, but you just made it easier," he didn't understand what you meant by making it easier, but he found out when your lips connected with his cheeks.
"thank's for coming tonight epel. it must've been hard to convince vil, but i'm glad you did it. good night epel. have sweet dreams." you were about to lean in to deliver a kiss to his other cheek but he beat you to it. his lips connected with yours, giving you instead a good night kiss. "good night, [name]. i hope you have sweet dreams as well and liked my gift for inviting me." he gave a teasing smirk before crawling down and laying back on your thighs. he kissed your stomach a little before resting his head.
later, that morning, you were the last person to wake up. before you woke up, ace and deuce were yelling at epel because they witnessed him kissing you. sebek tried to stop them because he was annoyed with their yelling. jack, on the other hand, tried to stop them from yelling so that they wouldn't disturb your beauty sleep. they all (and would never admit this) thought you looked amazing while sleeping, they only wished if they took a picture of you.
they were all so very thankful that you invited them over for the sleepover. they had the most amazing dreams thanks to having the cuddle pile and your good night kisses. please do invite them for a sleepover again, [name]!
dorm leaders react to the cuddle pile!
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butterflyemi · 10 months
— Accidentally calling the NRC Staffs ‘dad’
Tumblr media
Tags & Notes | Any Pronouns! Reader, humor, fluff. I apologize if the characters are OOC. Stay safe and healthy everyone! <3
Warnings | Crowley.
It was on accident, you swear-
Now you have a grown ass adult clinging to you.
Begging you to say it one more time.
“CHILD! PLEASE! JUST SAY IT ONE MORE TIME!�� You tried removing his hands off you but it’s no use.
You sigh in defeat and turned to Crowley with a forced smile.
“Dad, please get off of me” Your tone sharp, practically threatening him.
Crowley finally lets go off as he starts tearing up, distracted by you calling him ‘dad’ instead of ‘sir or ‘headmaster’.
Which gives you the time to get back to your friends before they do something stupid.
Your eyes widened once you let that word slip out of your mouth as the classroom grows quiet.
You both stare at each other with no words exchange.
That was until Crewel started grinning to himself as he clasped his hands.
“I am touched pup” You awkwardly laughed as he continued.
“Now tell me, who is the better father Dire— or me?” You don’t know whether you are hallucinating or not but you could clearly see Crewel sparkling or was it just the light?
“Ahaha, well sir I don’t—” He cuts you off “Well it is obviously me, of course”
You stayed there at his classroom, listening to his lecture of how he’s a better father than Crowley.
He was lecturing you on about something and you muttered a “Alright, dad...” and that was when he stopped speaking as he lets those words sink in.
He then asks you to repeat what you just said. 
Lucius rolled his eyes and told Trein on what you just said.
You give Lucius the stink eye while he just meowed at you.
Trein feels touched not gonna lie and is the most calmest one when he heard you call him dad.
He really appreciates it and is thinking of arranging a little meeting so you and his daughter can get along! :) 
Just like Crowley he tears up as he hugs you tightly.
You tried getting off of him but he’s way too strong.
You patted his back awkwardly as he sobs on your shoulder.
He then swears that he’ll protect you from the boys if they ever did something to you and will train you some self defense.
To which you mentally slapped yourself.
Okay, Sam is a different case.
You’d probably accidentally call him brother and he would just laugh it off.
He doesn’t mind really! He’ll most likely ask you to call him that again tho so...
Next time, you come over at his shop. He’ll tease you about it.
If he hears you call him with formalities, he’ll say “Awh, what ever happened to ‘brother’? Come on! Don’t be shy, say it again :)”
Which leads you to flustered mess since he keeps teasing you about it.
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la-lolita · 14 days
I need more Lilia x reader content! I’m hungry for more!!!
I’m so needy and a simp for hot papi gregrgeg ESPECIALLY GENERAL LILIA LIKE-
Tumblr media
(Y/n) came from a rich family who managed to arrange them to marry Lilia Vanrouge, the well known and terrifying General. Although it isn’t (Y/n)’s choice, sadly they can’t refuse or do anything about it. However they surely will live a life full of respect and luxuries, but no love… Perhaps..
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angelltheninth · 9 days
Can I please request playing strip poker or any strip card game (like idk ‘strip snap’, ‘strip uno’, ‘strip bluff’ etc) with Ace and Fem!reader keeps on losing?
Studying with Ace and Fem!Reader motivating him by saying that she’ll quiz him and for every correct answer, she’ll take off an article of clothing?
I’m sorry I just really want to strip in front of Ace and then have him rail me.
The studying scenario sounds good, I have more ideas for that then the first one.
Pairing: Ace Trappola x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, teasing, stripping, boner, taking panties, study session, watching, rough sex, keeping quiet
A/N: Have I written just for Ace before? I don't think so but he was a little tricky for me to get for this one.
Tumblr media
Ace is actually pretty smart, could have amazing grades if he applied himself, he just lacks the proper motivation to do so
The promise of you naked in his bed does not help as much as you think it will
It sends blood rushing, but not to his brain but rather his cock
The whole time you're studying he has a prominent boner
He's bored, he's horny, he can't study like this, why did you have to tell him you would reward him if he passed the test, now that's all he can think about
You propose a different idea then, you will ask him questions and if he gets them right you will take off one piece of clothing
Again, not helping get his blood to his brain at all but at least he's more motivated now
That doesn't last long, you're braless now... how... how is he supposed to do anything but stare?
Fuck his cock feels like its gonna burst through his pants, he needs to get them off now
Also not helpful to you, now you're the one who can't stop looking, and why is he already naked, was he really that hot and bothered
Well he just didn't see any point in delaying the inevitable, his hope is to make you forget about the test and devote your attention to him instead
Too bad you've known him enough to see through his scheems
You make him sit perfectly still while you ask him question after question, his cock twitching in the warm air of the dorm room
He makes a grab for your underwear as soon as they're off, throwing him with his own clothes, you ain't getting those back until the test is over, that is his little form of payback
Now that he's answered all your questions and there is no more clothes to take off he only sees one thing left to do, claim his prize like he's wanted to do for the past hour
For teasing him you don't get to set the pace, you don't even get to move, you get to sit on the edge of the bed and be fucked by him
Just watch, he'll make everything you just learned leave that pretty head of yours
He hands you one of his heart shaped pillows to bite down on, after all he doesn't want to get you both into trouble by being found out, as far as everyone else is concerned you're studying
Studying the fastest way to come maybe
He doesn't let you off with just one round, oh hell no, after you put him through the torture of studying and making him watch while you stripped down while he couldn't do a thing
Maybe neither of you are making it for that test tomorrow, maybe you'll be to busy cementing your knowledge in other areas
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Tumblr media
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magicpumpkin3 · 6 months
May I request HCs of the Dorm Leaders (Separately) with a [S/O] [Gender Neutral] (Romantic) who can curse out in their native language whenever they get angry? Like in one scenario: [Y/N] got so fed up with the One-Brain Cell gang (First Years) that they willingly cursed out in their mother tongue to the group, giving them an earful of a lecture like an angry mother who found their kids caused trouble at school. How would they react to their partner who can speak in another language? (Examples: Korean, Russian, Spanish, etc.)
(Note: Scolding in any language is lethal.)
(Note 2: Ignore @//swiftyangx12)
- @sanctum-of-ramshackle
Note: *laughing in bilingual* Oh dear, It's going to be such a delight to write
Note: It took almost a year...Well, that was something -
Riddle Rosehearts
I see Riddle as a person that thinks, that curse words are forbidden and that no one should use them well, at least not around him.
So, let's just say, when reader cussed out because of the stupidity of the holy trio, I think it was for the best that no one had a single clue what the hell they were saying, because otherwise Riddle would've collared them.
So, let's Imagen a scenario, where Riddle found out what the bunch of gibberish words ment. He is soo not pleased, the dorm leader really thought that reader was better, then that. Of course there was some scolding and ect, but at the end of the day, he kind of get's it, it's Deuce, Ace and Grim after all. But that's still not an excuse!!!
He's also really interested in learning some basic words in readers native language. Even those cuss words sounded beautiful.
Leona Kingscholar
So, like Riddle, he has no fucking clue what you said. Well, he gets that it's probably something like cuss words but he's not quite sure.
Now, let's clarify that he gives zero shit if you cuss or not. Like, he gets it, shit happens, let's move on. And to be fair, I'll lie if I say I don't think he's the type to use cuss words in he's day to day life.
So, when you let all your anger flow in the middle of an overbolt fight, he's all in for it, even the overbolt kid was stunned by the nonsense you said.
Does Leona want to learn the language? Fuck yeah he does, it would make so much easier for him to cuss and make fun of other people, omG. Overall, he thinks that you're hella cool when you speak your native language.
Azul Ashengrotto
So, I don't think I need to say it again, he has no idea what you said, he has some suspensions but he's quite sure. Azul new that sometimes your brain just glitches and some words happen.
To be fair, I'm not sure how he feels about cuss words. I think he's okay when there's some used, but not like fuck fuckedy fuck fuck fuck.
So, when you started screaming at the trio, he thought it was one of those days when your brain farts some words. He haven't even thought those could be some inappropriate words. Twins on the other hand...oh yeah, they knew-
When he found out, Azul was quite impressed. He hadn't heard anyone curse so passionately, so boy couldn't even be mad at you properly!
As for the language, he finds it mesmerizing. Does he want to learn it? Oh hell yeah! It could be your secret language that only both of you could talk on~
Kalim Al Asim
First of, this is a child. But in all honesty, I think he dislikes cuss words, but not as passionately as Riddle. But still, don't swear around him plz
He is truly curious about you knowing another language, especially when you speak it! It sounds so beautiful coming from you, he is definitely into learning some words. Lemme tell you, the way he was staring at you, when you rained hell fires apun the idiot trio, was something.
Now, we all know that he had no idea what you said, but let's pretend someone told him God help that poor unfortunate soul
He is shocked to say the least, I think he would just froze up with this face 0_0, like. He doesn't blame you, but at the same time it feels wrong to him to hear you cuss in your native language.
Vil Schoenheit
Okay, I feel like he's kind of like an Azul when it comes to the adult language, doesn't mind it, but when it's too much he'll ask you to stop.
Now, you speaking 2 languages is interesting, but at the same time he knows it's semi-normal to be so fluent He has Rook by his side, like c'mon
He would love to learn your language, but I feel he'd actually just learn the basic set of words and of course speak without accent bc perfectionism
Vil is no idiot and he sees with whom you're dealing. He understands, no judgement, yell at them all you want, he will just watch and might trow some disapproval glance in their director, just so they could feel the fault.
Idia Shroud
First of, he's a fortnighter. He's a gamer for crying out loud, I bet when he's comfortable he swears at least once in 3 sentences. So yeah, you can swear all you want, he's not amused.
As for the language, he's quite fond of it. It sounds very majestic when you start to talk on it so to speak. He simp-. And let's be honest here, the fist words that he'll ask to learn are the cuss once, we all know it.
So when he heard you scolding the trio he makes a few mental notes 1)Ask for the translated version. 2) Don't get on your bad side 3) That was hot-. Idia is really amazed how good everything sounded, almost got hypnotized there.
He wants to learn the language not only because he can then swear around people and be unnoticed or at least around himself, but he also wants it to be a semi-secret language between you too, so you can talk about whatever you want without being afraid of someone ears dropping.
Malleus Draconia
Okay, so yet another child. It's like dealing with Kalim but this one is a bit sly. He understands that cuss words have their place in the world but Malleus doesn't feel the need to use them or at least around you.
Malleus has great interest in learning your other language, he thinks that's it's going to be your aristocratic language thing, which he also finds quite romantic.
When he overhead you cussing in your mother tongue at the trio he was amused. Malleus in all honesty found this hole situation hilarious and interesting.
And yes, even knowing cuss words in your language he will not use them just to make you a tab bit mad~
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ai-dev · 14 days
Tumblr media
My first time drawing Vil, any suggestions on who to draw next?
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bxnnybtch · 1 month
Tall reader with Ruggie/Riddle/Epel be like. If nobody minds I'm gonna scoop up this short king and smother him in love. and then do NOT actually wait for an answer.
Ruggie is fully taking advantage of this, especially if he gets pampered/babied too. Oh he has to hang Leona's clothes, but the line is So High, maybe his lovely girl will do it for him? Bonus is when he makes her reach for high things on his behalf her shirt lifts up and he sees her tummy (nice) and her hips (extra nice). 50/50 he has to touch the revealed skin.
Epel is despondent about being shorter except for when tall reader has her tits eye level with him or leans down to talk to him and he gets to see all that cleave. He also tries to use her as a body block between him and Vil trying to make him do stuff. Generally fails to do so.
Riddle HATES this because he gets sooo embarrassed and turns so red, but also Tall reader unlocks a leg and thigh kink he never knew about, and he gets dizzy whenever he sees her in tight thigh high socks. NO he did NOT gift her pairs that match his dorm colors that would be INAPPROPRIATE (he did, cause he checked and there are no rules against it)
No why did you just steal my whole heart 😭😭😭 the noises i made while reading this jsksks this is my favorite thing ever 💗💗💗 i want this entire post to be my entire blog
Ruggie is all sweet to your face, asking for help or tricking you into doing his work for him (though he is a malewife at heart so it really is just so he can spend the time and appeal himself to you.) He doesn't want to seem useless and wants you to know that yes he is smaller but he will do everything you need and more. Acts of service galore!!! And when you help him? He's so in love!!! Please let him make it up to you! He'll massage your back (featuring some suspiciously soft touches that feel like butterfly kisses) or better yet, allow him to worship your long legs and massage down to your feet. You are his queen, you know?
+ Leona can't even get upset when Ruggie starts slacking because it's for you- and the lion in him revels in such a statuesque beauty being spoiled. If you want to be Ruggie's make believe Queen, he respects it, but he wouldn't mind making you a princess by his own right. He'll blow money on things he knows you like and have Ruggie secondhand deliver them, but anyone with a brain knows the quality goods are from none other than Leona.
Epel gets teased so bad for being a petite, pretty thing so he flaunts you with pride. It feels damn good having positive attention from such a bombshell. He'll do things for you that he'd detest anyone else asking him for. Dress him up? Sure. Do his hair? All right! Make up? Ugh, okay....but he does need to be rewarded. He's not fussy- just go with him to lunch and let everyone see how he did what they couldn't. He's already feeling sky high from your little makeover (guess you didn't realize how far down you had to bend over to reach his face.) Sure, he's pretty, but you're drop dead gorgeous and he'll make sure that you know he's a man where it counts.
+Vil hates you. He really does. First you steal one of his problem kids away to do some sub par eyeliner and now- this?! When he walks in Epel's room without notice and sees you bent over from behind, long legs like a runway and your ass facing him, he genuinely blanks. Regardless, he's not one to get distracted for too long or to accept anything less than perfection. He'll have to give you a few beauty tips in private- oh, and don't worry about Epel, Vil's nice enough to let you bend over practice on him like that instead.
Riddle is a little embarrassed. He just didn't hit his growth spurt, okay?! He avoids standing next to you but has no qualms in tugging you down by the tie when you're getting scolded for this and that thing. It's always a scolding, somehow you never get collared by the little redhead. Speaking of red, Riddle encourages you to keep wearing those thigh highs. They show great school spirit! As a reward for being so enthusiastic, why don't you sit right next to him for the next Unbirthday Party? He'll even let you try a slice of his favorite tart. No, he's not playing favorites. He's just being a good dorm leader!
+Cater adores the way your legs look. At first he thought you might get in trouble for your thigh highs but Riddle quickly dismissed him when he tried to look up the dress code rules to warn you. Well, beats him. He's happy to enjoy the show you unknowingly put on and he hopes you don't mind the cheeky hand he casually slips onto your leg while he chats away at the Unbirthday Party, his pointer grazing the skin between your long socks and ridden up skirt.
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mrs-schoenheit · 6 months
Hear me out …. Tighnari!Yuu x Jade Leech
A series of…
Jade : What do you think of this mushroom prefect?
Tighnari!Yuu : *eats the mushroom* *vomits* *pass out*
Jade : Poisonus it is ^ ^
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