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harunayuuka2060 · 2 days
Ace, Deuce, and Cater: *wheezing*
Riddle: What's the matter?
Ace: We've seen... We've seen Leona-senpai singing a lullaby to his baby sibling!
Cater: And I've had it recorded.
Riddle: ...
Riddle: That was funny to you, Deuce?
Deuce: Not the humming, sir. But the lyrics.
Cater: *playing the audio*
Leona: You're growing too fast, you little punk.
Leona: In a month or two, you'll start to crawl.
Leona: Will you climb on top of drawers, that, I don't wanna know.
Baby MC: *sneezes*
Riddle: ...
Riddle: *starts laughing* It seems I have something to share in the housewarden meeting.
Cater: Hey, don't say that it's us.
Leona: What the fuck is that?
Ruggie: A shirt.
Leona: Yes. I see that it's a shirt. But I'm asking why there's "Big Brother Supremacy" written on it?
Ruggie: Sam gave it for free. Said it suits you.
Leona: ...
Leona: *turns it into sand*
Ruggie: Come on! You should've at least wear it!
Leona: Kifaj will be visiting us tomorrow.
Leona: You should know your manners now.
Baby MC: *giggles when he holds their small hand*
Leona: That's right. Kill him with cuteness, you little punk.
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demon-lover-669 · 20 hours
Y/n: so I was thinking…
Ace: you wanna spray paint Crowley’s car
Y/n: exactly!
An hour later Ace has broken one of the car windows
Jack: how?
Y/n: I may be on the same wavelength as him but that doesn’t mean I can explain his or my crazy
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robo-milky · 2 days
ART TRADE WITH @ashipiko <3
Tumblr media
Here’s your order of AshAce with a side of mischief
Drawing this has been a treacherous journey of figuring out what pose would be best for our favourite goofballs, but alas—! It’s here!
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miloicy · 7 hours
Tumblr media
falling isnt so bad (if its with you)
close up and rambling about process below!
Tumblr media
i mentioned before i had another starry deuce idea when i posted my first adeu art, and that idea is this!! if you count, its been... 2 weeks??? sometimes i feel like drawing ideas immediately, and sometimes i dont
i did the lineart yesterday, and let me be honest with you. i was kyaaing and sobbing as i drew it (sorry for my brother who has to deal with me in general) like!!! guys!!! theyre so tender!!!! foreheads are touching!!! insert incomprehensible noises
anyways when i woke up today i was like. they are not close enough. they should be closer. so i adjusted (now when i look back at it, they can still be even closer sighs)
now onto painting!! im pretty sure if i was streaming, you guys would be losing your minds when you see me accidentally moving the painting layer. the whole hodgepodge of color moves around (fondly remembering that time my friend on discord gasped when they saw that. tho they also paint on minimal layers too lol)
i paint on top of all the lineart and base colors (on a separate layer). sometimes i use multiply and hard light layer to get the colors for me to paint with, other times i just randomly pick and hope for the best. whenever im painting im in the constant mood of "fuck it, we ball"
all in all i had a fun time painting this!! still feel surreal i finished this in 2 days after weeks of letting it ferment lmao 突然间很冲动 <- suddenly felt motivated(?) also i have one more adeu idea! this time its a comic hehe
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spadecentral · 3 days
🗳 Round One, Poll One | Ace Trappola & Malleus Draconia
>> requested: no >> a/n: none
Tumblr media
>> masterlist: the vote has been announced >> summary: ace and malleus go against each other in a popularity contest >> reader prns: n/a >> warning(s): none
Tumblr media
Ace stared at the board with excitement. He was eager to see who he was paired up against, certain that he would crush whoever it was in a heartbeat.
"Ace Trappola... Ace Trappola..." he murmured his name as he looked for it on the bulletin. "Aha!! Ace Trappola versus... Malleus Draconia?!"
...Aaaaand there goes any confidence Ace had. Sure, he was more outgoing than the Diasomnia Housewarden, but will they vote for his upperclassman purely out of fear?
No, he thinks. I can't think like that! I'll totally win. In ten seconds, Ace Trappola has gone from the most confident person alive, to rock bottom, and then back to his previous state.
Tumblr media
Malleus had no clue of the contest. Absolutely nothing about them. That is until Lilia barges into the dorm like no one's business, blabbing away about the polls.
"Lilia, may I ask what you're talking about?" Malleus asked, putting a pause on his violin practice.
"Malley, you don't know?" Lilia raised an eyebrow before he came to a realization and put it down. "There's a popularity contest going on right now! And you're up first!"
"Oh, me?"
"Yes you!" Lilia smirks. "And you're going against a freshie from Heartslabyul. Ace Trappola."
"The one that's friends with the Child of Man?" Malleus asked.
"Yup!!" Lilia twirled. "I bet you'll win, with that charming face, how could it not?"
"LILIA-SAMA, YOU BET ON SOMETHING?!" Sebek's voice came from the distance, and Lilia sighed, knowing that he would have to explain what he meant to the green-haired boy.
Tumblr media
Ace was nervous yet exited the day the results were to be posted. He was confident that he would win, no one even knew Housewarden Draconia anyway. But, it could mean that the voters were afraid of what he would do to them. At the last second, Ace thought of forging some votes, just in case. But when the workers came out with the results, Ace paused.
Deuce and Yuu, who were both right beside him, stared at his frozen body.
The sound of the staple gun pounded into Ace's ear as they put up the results. Almost dashing to the paper as soon as they moved the slightest bit to the side, Ace scanned the paper.
"27.9% to 72.1%, Malleus Draconia?!" Ace was shocked. Staring at the paper with wide eyes, he couldn't believe it. He lost to a student who was rarely seen on campus.
Deuce chuckled softly, "I suppose you aren't the most popular, Ace."
Ace turned around to face the blue-haired boy, seething. "Shut it, Juice."
Tumblr media
"Guess who won his first contest!!" Lilia bounded into Malleus's room. "You!"
"Oh, I won?" Malleus smirked.
"Yup!! You flattened that kid by 44.2%!" he smiled, placing his hands on his hips.
"Hm," Malleus hummed. "I wouldn't settle for anything worse, I suppose."
"This calls for a celebration," the shorter fae said, walking out of Malleus's room. "I'll bake a cake!"
Everything in Diasomnia froze when Lilia said those words. Lilia... baking...
Oh no.
Tumblr media
>> malleus & ace taglist: @tulipluvlettr | @ghost-hyacinth | @oseathepebble | @ventisaircurrent | @epelys | @pastelmages | @xphantasmagoriax | @atlasnessie | @divinesapph | @ze-maki-nin | @booming-spam | @flqyd-is-lost | @cupids-chamber | @queerlordsimon | @kyraxiyn | @nem0-nee | @rayisalive
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Ace: Yuu! I need your help!
Yuu: (petting Grim) very serious question legal or illegal?
Ace: what illegal things are you offering?
Yuu: unless I don't know you won't say shit my lips are sealed
Ace: legal help it is then
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paipa-nui · 1 day
Tumblr media
Made something different for little Ace ✨
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vmdwriter · 2 days
The fight for the throne part 1: Free as the breeze. 
Hope you guy been liking the story so far. Also, this one is a long one.
Yuu wakes up at 4:30 on the dot and with Grim still sleeping, it means Yuu can sing a little song. So as Yuu mother help with hair, Yuu starts to hum the song of Free as the Breeze 
~ I'm free as the breeze  Shaking hands with the trees on an autumn day  I'm free as the breeze  I intend, if you please to remain that way    Free as the prairie flowers   Blooming on the purple hills  Free as the April showers  Making pitter-patter music on the window sills    I'm free as the sun and there's no certain one that I'm looking for  Travel alone, the world is my throne  I'm a king-and what's more    I'm rich without a dollar  'Cause I wear no man's collar  I'm free as the breeze and I'll do as I please  Forever and ever more ~ 
They end the song as the mother finishes styling their hair. “Thank you, Mother, also mother I will see if I can f” Yuu said. ‘Be careful not to get it messed up' Their mother said as she faded away. Yuu turns over to the stilling grim. Will it be time to wake up this sleepy cat. 
“Grim, wake up” 
“Oh, Yu-Yu, it is time to wake up?” 
“Yep, big boy, come on before breakfast is get cold!” 
“Well, what are we waiting for! Let's go eat already!” 
Yuu and Grim walked out of the room, not nothing the tall shadow of a dog watching for them but Ramshackle did. ‘I mean, no harm, Ram, worry not I will become one of their many shadows watching over them.’ It whispers too Ramshackle. 
Yuu sits at the breakfast table, and in front of them is the overflow of Ramshackle love for them. Even food as simple as an egg sunny side up or a chocolate pancake is food that Yuu will never be able to finish in a day. Well, note to self: invite the boys over every day or else the food goes bad. Luckly for them and Ramshackle, Grim has an endless and forever empty stomach. Yuu better gets something, or else Grim will eat it all. After a couple of minutes spent eating, Grim and Yuu walk over to Main Street. Lucky them for Ramshackle being so close to the school. 
'My child, your tie is crooked.' Their mother said, (Mother, please, it's only 1.2 milliinches off. No one is going to know.) 'Whatever you said' 
"Mornin', Yuu." Cater said as he and Riddle walked up to them. 
"Hm. Your tie is crooked, you know. A disorderly uniform suggests a disorderly dorm. As prefect, you should set a better example for your dorm members. Even if you only have the one." Riddle says as he fixes Yuu's tie. (Mother, you better not laugh.) "There. All better." 
"So, where's Ace and Deuce?" Grim asked.  
"In accordance with Rule 249, it's their turn to wear pink clothes and feed the flamingos." Riddle said. Yuu can feel their mama's smile behind them. "By the way, it seems there was another incident last night." 
"Myah?!  Really?!"  Grim said. 
"According to a portrait who witnessed it, the victim was a sophomore from Scarabia dorm. His name is Jamil Viper. It appears the accident happened in the kitchen." Cater said as he clicked on his phone. 
"The dorm with red-and-gold armbands, right?" Yuu says.  
"It's breakfast time, so he may be in the cafeteria. Let's go see." Riddle said, walking in the direction of the cafeteria. 
The cafeteria, as always, is full of people. 'Be careful, cub' their papa whispers in their ears. Jamil, in comparison to others who have been injured, is a wealth of information, but it appears like everyone else, but Kalim is hiding a secret. Yuu wonders what that secret will be—whatever Yuu will deal with it later. However, with the information that Jamil gave, the culprit turned out to be none other than Ruggie in class 2B, or what Cater said. 
Yuu hates running, much less after someone, but Yuu would rather run than watch the boys fight each other. What is with this school where fights happen around every corner? Yuu could have ended this faster than the boys could throw a punch but judging by the way Cater put his hand around Yuu's mouth, the boys do not agree. Sigh. What did the songs do to these boys? It's not like Yuu sings a song that makes them overbloated. Now they are running to the courtyard. How nice. Yuu's feet are going to hurt after this. They run into Jack. Who told them that their Housewarden plan was to get rid of the good player so they would have an easier time winning? A lion's careful plan is about to be undone by a swarm of children. ' He should have planned more carefully, their papa said. 'However, I would give credit to his plan for at least working and not in a would do this but never did way.'  
"Are you sure I cannot sing?" Yuu asks before the ace's loud "no" cuts them off. Sigh. Well, Yuu is going to find a way to sing, and the boys are not going to stop them. Well, that's something for tomorrow.  
Savanaclaw dorm – lounge (Lift from the game) 
"Ruggie, what's this I heard about you gettin' chased around by the Heartslabyul kids at lunch?! You idiot! I told you a thousand times to make sure you didn't leave any evidence behind!"  
“I... I didn't! That was some kind of a fluke. You don't need to worry about a thing, Boss. They've got no evidence whatsoever. Cross my heart and hope to die!”  
“Hmph. Anyway, I secured the cooperation of that creepy squid at Octavinelle, but it didn't come cheap. If you idiots mess things up on tournament day, I am gonna fry you up and eat you myself.”  
“The main dish is coming along nicely.” 
“Don't worry. We're gonna have those Diasomnia jerks pleading for mercy on tournament day!” 
“I do look forward to watching this all play out. Oh, how the world will praise us when they see you standing over a battered Malleus Draconia! Maybe some top corporate recruiters will even take an interest in a little ol' hyena like me.” 
“Even the pro leagues will be scouting you!” 
“Look at all'a you—celebratin' when you've only just sunk your claws into your prey.” 
“You're gonna be the most famous of all, Leona!”  
“You're gonna be the most famous of all, Leona! Everyone in the Sunset Savanna is gonna have some second thoughts about who should be the next king!” 
“Succession ain't got nothin' to do with ability.” 
“Nothin'. I'm headin' to bed. All of you, scram.” 
“Yessir. Sleep well, Housewarden.” 
“As if conquerin' this school is gonna fix anything in the real world...” 
Back To Yuu  
“So, are you tell why you are standing over my bed in my room, in my own home?” Yuu asks as they open a can of tuna for Grim.  
“I'm on my morning run. Today's the day of the Spelldrive tournament, and I wanted to make sure you didn't mess everything up by oversleeping.” Jack says as he took bread from the breadbasket. Yuu just stares at him, it at best only 4:20.  
“Oh! Yeah, you're right! We gotta catch the bad guys so they'll squeeze Ramshackle House into the tournament as a reward” Grim said. Yuu rolls their eyes.  
Jack sighs before saying “I'll see ya at the tournament grounds. Don't you dare go back to sleep!” Yuu just rolls their eyes.  
Yuu makes it to the festive and meet up with Ace and Duece. 
“Are you really boys?” Yuu asks. 
“Yep, let go!” Ace says as he drags Yuu to the where the game is taking place.  
After fighting a couple of people, Yuu watched again as another student over-blot. This has become a patten and Yuu don’t like that.  Nor did they like the fae that showed up with his stupid bang. Yuu cannot believe Lillia never changes his stupid bang; Yuu misses his long hair. They look over to wear Lillia is standing and meet his eyes. Shit. Yuu never like his stupid eyes or that smirk, he likes to give to people. Then he just disappears, oh They are going to hit him so hard when they see him without people around them. Oh, right the over-blot and just in time for the big speech.  
“I've been loathed since the day I was born. I've never had a place, never had a future!  None of my hard work is ever rewarded!  How could any of YOU possibly understand? MY disappointment?! MY pain?! AAAAAAAAAH!” Leona said 
Leona overblot did not ate like Riddle but he still slayed.  
“What's happening?! Some kinda giant shadow is comin' outta him!” Jack said. 
“That's the incarnation of his blot” Deuce said  
“Is he goin' into evil darkness berserker mode like Riddle did?!” Grim said 
“If you can move, seek shelter! Ace, Deuce, help me take the wounded outside!” Riddle yelled. 
“Be careful with him, I don’t know that many healing song!” Yuu yelled as sand got into their mouth. (Parents lend me your strength) Yuu whisper to their parents. ‘We will, cub, don’t worry.’ Their dad answers them.  
“On it!” Deuce and Ace said as the same time.  
“Grrrrraaaaawwwwwrrrrr!” Leona roared again.  
'Talk about anger issue" Yuu said.
“Why does this keep happening to us? This is soooo not my #brand!” Cater said.  
“If you're afraid, feel free to run.” Riddle said.  
“They wouldn't let me hear the end of that. We do this together, Housewarden” Cater said as he uses as multiple versions of him show up.  
“I dunno what's going on, but if we hit Leona hard enough, maybe we can snap him outta it?” Jack said as he looks around for something to throw at Leona.  
“I... I'll help too...No way am I taking what he said lying down!” Ruggie say between coughs.  
“So even the lowly hyena turns against me?  Ah ha ha! What a total joke” Leona said  
“Hey YuYu, if we can take this guy down, they'll let us play in the tournament!  Give it everything ya got!” Grim say. Yuu just rolls their eyes at him. 
“Grim, we will worry about that later. There is a student that is over-blotting and can dies from it.” Yuu said before pointing to Leona. “Well get ready, because He's coming for us.”  
Oh, please, let this end better than Riddle. Hmm will it would not hurt if the world heard their true voice. No, not yet. The world is not ready to see Yuu true form.  
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forgwater · 18 days
Tumblr media
make of this what you will
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mintmoth · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's another commission for the wonderful @verticalsea continuing their last comic commission!
You know Ace is going to be in even more trouble now
These guys definitely aren't cut out for taking care of babies 😔
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little-missy-mei · 2 months
Yuu: I'm not even sure if Floyd likes me.
Ace: What do you mean? Floyd would throw himself in front of a moving car for YOU!
Yuu: No. Floyd would throw himself in front of a moving car for FUN.
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harunayuuka2060 · 6 hours
Crowley: D-Don't panic. This is just a simple meeting. There's nothing to worry about. *while sweating profusely*
MC: *smiling* Headmage, it seems you need that yourself.
Crowley: *takes a deep breath in*
Crowley: I'm nervous.
MC: *chuckles* You'll be fine, headmage.
Crowley: Please hold my hand.
MC: Yes, yes.
*both of them walked into the Dark Mirror*
*Kalim's father, the King of Sunset Savannah, and the Queen of Briar Valley*
Crowley: I hope we didn't keep you waiting.
Kalim's father: Do not worry. We all just got here.
King of Sunset Savannah: I was a bit late myself.
Maleficia: *already staring at MC*
MC: *smiles* Welcome to Night Raven College, Your Royal Highnesses.
MC: So what's the purpose of your immediate visit?
Crowley: P-Professor MC!
MC: *chuckles* Calm down, headmage. I'm sure there's no harm if I use a straightforward approach. Isn't that right, Your Royal Highnesses~?
*All of them nod in agreement*
King of Sunset Savannah: It would be easier for us.
MC: *turns to Crowley* See? *tilting their head*
Crowley: You are going to give me a heart attack.
Epel: Is Sensei not going to teach us today?
Ace: Unfortunately. They have to meet the leaders from three different countries.
Deuce: But I wonder what they need from Sensei.
Professor Trein: They are attempting to persuade them to work for them.
Epel, Ace, and Deuce: Professor Trein?
Professor Trein: Your teacher has asked me to supervise their classes.
Professor Trein: Though I'm not sure what I should be doing here.
Deuce: It's not anything difficult, sir. We're practicing how to make our breathing completely silent.
Ace: Yeah. And lol, do you remember how you completely failed on that?
Deuce: Because you were tickling me!
Epel: That's the point of the activity though...
Professor Trein: Interesting. I shall ask Lucius to test you on that.
Lucius: *showing his sharp claws to them*
Epel, Deuce, and Ace: *sweatdrop*
MC: I'm sorry, but I have to decline. *while still smiling*
Kalim's father and the King of Sunset Savannah: *sad frowns*
*Kalim's father offered them an arranged marriage to one of his relatives*
*The King of Sunset Savannah wanted them to be Kifaj's replacement once he retired.*
Crowley: Oh... How could reject such amazing offers...
MC: However, I've noticed Her Majesty hasn't said anything.
Maleficia: ...
Maleficia: I was silently waiting for my turn. And I'm not here to offer you anything.
Crowley: Really? *clears throat* Well?
Maleficia: I have a story to tell. Would you be interested in listening?
MC: Why? Who am I to refuse?
Sebek: AH! AHHHHHHHHH!!!! *came shouting into the classroom*
Ace: What's wrong with you, Sebek?!
Sebek: S-Sensei! M-MC-sensei!
Jack: What about MC-sensei?
The first-years: WHAT?!!
Malleus: *watching the battle between his grandmother and MC*
Lilia: What do you think?
Malleus: I'm not sure what caused this sudden battle between them.
Lilia: I see. Well, Maleficia did mention something weird to me.
Malleus: Hm? What is it?
Lilia: She's saying that MC-sensei was once her teacher?
Malleus: Huh?
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demon-lover-669 · 20 hours
Ace: standing facing the walk*
Y/n: whatcha doin there hun?
Ace: *mumbling* gotmydickstuckinahole…
Y/n: what?
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random-twst-things · 2 months
*An Overblot happens (again)*
Sebek, jack, epel, Mc/Y/N/Yuu, grimm and ace in the cafeteria: ....
*Sebek, picks up epel*
*Ace carrying grimm*
*Jack turning to Mc/Y/N/Yuu*
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Don't. You. Dare
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underqualified-human · 2 months
This is what ? Yuu's Magicam is like constantly:
Tumblr media
But real question who out of the great 7 do you think would be most likely to tell ? Yuu to take a damn walk?
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equestriagirl16 · 3 months
MC: So what are you guy’s New Years resolutions?
Grim: Same as always, become the greatest sorcerer the world has ever seen!
Deuce: I just hope to keep doing well in my academics. Make my friends and family proud.
Ace: Boooo!
Deuce: Like you have a better one!
Ace: To be honest, it’s a toss up between being a basketball champ or getting a partner..
Deuce: Pffft-
Ace: HEY!-
MC: *finds Malleus down the hall before the girls start fighting* Mal-Mal!
Malleus: Hello MC, I hope you’re doing well today.
MC: I’m great, but I’ve got a question. You have any resolutions for this New Year?
Malleus: *pulls out paper from his blazer* As a matter of fact I’ve complied a few on a small list right here.
Grim: I dare you to cross out anything that has to do with MC.
Malleus: …
MC: …
Malleus: *slowly eats the paper*
MC: *flabber and gasted* MALLEUS SPIT IT OUT!-
Malleus: *muffled* NO!
Grim: *WHEEZE*
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