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threats against the asims || kalim al-asim
masterlist characters: kalim (platonic) genre: angst contains: kidnapping/assassination attempts (mentioned), guilt/self-deprecation, foreshadowing hehe, lots of new characters bc the asims have 32 CHILDREN summary: the asim name comes with some setbacks. it usually involves the oldest sibling. so why does your body seem on such high alert recently? notes: woohoo finally lil asim was long overdue for a new chapter :DD sorry for the names taken off like one website :// parts: [og post] | [previous] | [next]
Tumblr media
typically, you didn't worry about the countless hardships that befell you and your siblings all because of your family name. you didn't have to worry about all of that because, despite being a part of the asim family, the threats didn't involve you. more often than not, they involved the eldest son, kalim, and, on rare occasions, the youngest twins, nawra and rawda.
they were the most logical victims in your family, more so kalim than the twins considering he was the heir of the family. the tendency of kalim to fall victim to these threats and dangers had caused your parents to be extra cautious with him, doting on him every second of the day.
meanwhile, the rest of your siblings sat in the middle of all of the chaos, torn between being relieved that your brother would be safe and sound at the end of the day and jealous, a feeling that often made you feel sick to your stomach.
the jealousy made you sick because how dare you all feel this way? there was your brother, having been the victim of countless kidnappings and assassination attempts, and you had the gall to be jealous of him?
...deep down, you knew it wasn't because of the tragedies that seemed to follow him. no, in fact, you knew you all prayed for the day your precious big brother who smiled brighter than the sun would get to live peacefully without worrying about being taken or killed in an instant.
what made you, and a majority of your siblings, jealous was the fact that your parents doted on him. the younger siblings never worried about that, not until they found themselves being replaced by another much younger child. but the older children were envious, the feeling bubbling in their chests and gripping at their hearts like snakes coiled around their prey.
you all wished for nothing more than to be loved and doted on by your parents.
but you knew you wouldn't get that. not unless...
Tumblr media
it was quite common for qamar and hala to wake up in the middle of the night in search of you. ever since they had caught you sitting on one of the windowsills, staring out into the night sky as the sounds of kalim and your younger siblings sneaking out faded into the distance, the twins had made it their mission to sit with you until they passed out.
they were always drawn to the moon and stars. that's what you told yourself. that's why they sought to find you in the late hours of the night.
and you didn't mind that. even if they didn't come here for you, they were here. they were curled up by your side, squeezed against you to fit on the windowsill with their hands gripping your pajamas and their heads laying against you. you would have your arms wrapped around them, lightly stroking your thumbs against their hair that would no doubt be tangled and messy by the time they woke up in their beds.
but this night, when they had found their usual spots in your arms, was much different than the others.
you didn't feel relief with a little twinge of doubt in your body. no, there was no relief to be felt at all. instead, your anxiety spiked, your heart and stomach feeling as if they were being squeezed and twisted in your body.
you didn't hear kalim that night. it was oddly quiet and that only added to the dread building in your stomach.
"(name)..." qamar's quiet whine was enough to pull your attention elsewhere. you glanced down at him, letting your fingers comb through his hair.
"i thought you were still asleep," you whispered to him, smiling softly when he nuzzled further into your side.
"you're shaking..." he muttered into your clothes, clutching at the cloth as if to steady you. "are you cold...?"
"no," you responded, hoisting the twins in your arms, the entire situation comical to watch considering the twins were very close in age to you. hala, still sound asleep, tucked her head into your shoulder and wrapped her legs around your waist. meanwhile, qamar, still sluggish and tired, managed to stand beside you and walked as you headed back to their room. "but, it's probably best to head back now."
"m'kay," qamar yawned, leaning more into your side with each step.
in hindsight, you probably should have trusted your gut that night.
Tumblr media
faraj was one of the older siblings you felt you could turn to in your house. maybe it was because he wasn't one of the oldest but also because his entire demeanor was welcoming.
of course, you didn't like bothering him with anything. no, just sitting in his room as he read a book was enough for you. sometimes, he would mutter the words out loud and you'd listen to his voice fill the quiet room.
you usually found solace and peace during these times. but not today. you didn't know what it was but you had the same twisting feeling in your gut that told you something was wrong. something was wrong and you had no idea what it was.
"(name)?" much like that night on the windowsill, faraj called out to you in the same way that qamar did, albeit without the sleepy tone. his book was partly closed, his thumb keeping his spot marked. "something's bothering you. what's wrong?"
"huh?" unlike that night, faraj's words weren't enough to distract you from the twisting feeling in your gut. "uh, just not feeling good... that's all."
"you're feeling sick? do you need to see mahdi?" faraj questioned, slipping his bookmark in between his pages and placing his book on his bed. "i'm sure he has some things that'll make you feel better."
"no!" you yelped, jumping to grab onto faraj before he could leave. "no, no, no... i'm... i'm fine. just need some rest is all."
faraj stared at you for what seemed like minutes. he stared as if he were picking apart each and every lie you had told him over the years, starting with this very one. it wasn't until he let out a resigned sigh and trudged back to his bed did you let yourself relax as much as you could.
"if you're sure," he huffed, burying his face back in his book. granted, his eyes didn't seem to be fully reading the words on the page.
in hindsight, you probably should have let faraj take you to mahdi.
Tumblr media
the night was quiet again. the twins had yet to make their appearance, so you were left all alone to revel in the silence. it was surprisingly calming, a welcome difference compared to the sinking feeling in your gut that had been a constant ever since that night.
it was so dark that you didn't even notice the person outside the window, staring at you.
it only allowed them the perfect opportunity to--
Tumblr media
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Yandere sibling!Dorm Leaders
Pt 1 Riddle Rosehearts
Warning(s): cussing, yandere shit, unhealthy behavior, this shits only good for fiction irl this is no fuckin good obv
Word Count: 1k
A/N: I've been reading a lot of yandere stuff lately and I've been wanting to try it out too. Any constructive criticism would be very much appreciated, cause this is my first my writing any yandere type stuff. Also, tysm to @lorkai for the inspo help.
Riddle Rosehearts
When the two of you were young, you were always the one to comfort him after any unwarranted punishments, and were often blamed for his mistakes by your mother. You'd be lying if you said that you were never bitter or jealous about this miss treatment, but you pushed it down in favor of the relief that your baby brother didn't have to be put through what you did.
You found out about Trey and Chenya long before you mother did. Riddle cried and begged you not to tell your mother, to which you assured him that you would keep his secret no matter what. At the time, you believed this was a sign that he wouldn't turn out like your mother and in your excitement and relief you shared all of the secrets you had hid for years even giving him some pointers on where to hide things and convincing lies to tell. You thought these would have been an amazing bounding moments for the both of you to cherish.
But then Riddle was caught... You tried to convince your mother that it was your idea, you introduced the boys, you helped hide it for do long (which was only partly un true) but it only worked to give you a worse punishment then him.
After this incident, he started to turn into a miniature version of your mother, with the love of absorbed rules and anger issues. This of course drove quite the wedge in your relationship. As you got older your formulated somewhat of a plan, you would focus on your studies as much as possible, then try and get into a prestigious boarding school, and while there save as much money as you can so once you graduated you don't have to go back and can start a life far away from your mother and her control.
Now, Riddle had always admired you for your intelligence and bravery to stand up to your mother, whether for him or yourself, and he wanted to protect you just as you had always protected him. As Riddle grew older that strong admiration for you and want to protect you, and mixed with his belief of rules being of utmost importance, it grew into something nasty as time went on.
Riddle had heard you mention your plan when he walked past your room while you were on the phone with a friend. Once he knew you were up to something he was determined to find out what it was. After a few days of eavesdropping on your conversations, he was able to put together enough pieces of information to understand what you were doing. To say he was distraught would be an understatement, but he quickly composed himself in favor of making a plan to keep you here. With him. Your precious baby brother.
He played the waiting game for his plan to work perfectly, he waited right unit just weeks before your scheduled leave for school. That evening he knocked on his mother's study door,
"Who is it?" His mother asked through the door, in her ever-cold and rigged tone.
"It is Riddle, Mother. I have some things I must inform you of." Riddle replied, his heart racing in his chest as he awaited her response. Deep down he knew exactly that what he was about to do was horridly wrong, but he had assured himself multiple times that it was for your own good. But what made his heart pound so hard in panic was the thought that you would hate him for this. That you would refuse to speak to him, look at him, or even be near him. The mere thought made him feel like he was going to fall to his knees in tears right then and there. He couldn't live without the love and care that you had always given-
"Alright, come in." After what felt like an eternity, his mother responded, stopping him from spiraling deeper into his thoughts. He took a deep breath, pushing away his worries down as he opened the door.
'They'll understand, this is for their own good...'
Riddle's heart squeezed in pain and sympathy as he stood next to his mother while she yelled at you. But he couldn't help but feel just a twinge of satisfaction at the thought of the betrayal you must feel, that your own brother told every one of your secrets that you told him all those years ago and just maybe a little more for good measure. He wanted you to know the pain he felt when he found out you were going to leave him.
From then on, you weren't allowed to damn near anything, at least not alone, and that included school. She didn't allow you to go to any boarding school and she personally oversaw the rest of your schooling. You weren't even allowed to leave the house alone, which was something that took years of goodwill and trust to earn from your mother.
After that, you were far more distant from your brother, which eventually turned into coldness. Anytime he entered a room, you would leave it, if he tried to talk to you, you would either walk away or glare at him. All of Riddle's fears had come true, you hate him. He couldn't help but sob to himself in his room after you had glared at him for the first time. After almost an hour of sobbing into his pillow, he managed to calm himself down with a technique you taught him years ago, how ironic., he tried to think of this logically, you were a teenager, teenagers are notorious for overreacting because of hormones, yeah.. that must be it... you would get over this soon... he's sure of it...
Riddle would later learn to understand you more, after a certain redheaded freshman challenges him for Houseworden. He would understand why you did the things you did, and how big of a mistake he had made. He'd do anything to make up for it and keep you by his side...
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Twisted Wonderland Incorrect Quotes #22 :
What if Malleus managed to make everyone fall into this enchanting sleep, yet as years pass by yuu's spirit begins to haunt him. Taunting his mind as they make him doubt his choices through guilt and fear of them never waking up.
Yuu/Mc : You'll live a long time yet Malleus.
Yuu/Mc : An eternity without me..
Yuu/Mc : you will look into the face's of passer's by..
Yuu/Mc : hoping for something that will, for an instant...bring me back to you.
Yuu/Mc : You will find moonlight nights strangely empty because...when you call my name through them, there will be no answer.
Yuu/Mc : Always your heart will be aching for me and your mind will give you the doubtful consolation that you did...a brave thing.
Tumblr media
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TWST boys at your funeral Headcannons tw-mentions of deaths and funerals
a/n-might be a little ooc
Planned to whole thing, from the flowers, to what kind of clothes you would be wearing.(it’s not weird I promise)
Insists that you are buried on campus.
Stands by the casket the whole time, he also give the eulogy. The eulogy was surprisingly heartfelt.
Riddle also makes a point to not cremate, or anything that  like that. He wants to make sure that if there's a way to send you back home it's in one piece even if you're dead.
takes no disrespect towards you at all, any students who say anything get collared (for like a week before trey tells him it’s been long enough.)
Deals with everything after the funeral too
Riddle personally cleans your grave every week, and if he doesn't have to time he sends other students to do it.
Doesn't know how to grieve so he just takes on a lot of extra work. Basically he spends his life now studying, working, and then sleeping.  
Overall 10/10- he makes sure Crowley doesn’t put you in an unmarked grave.
Bonus: What kind of flower they would leave you+ what they would say
Pink carnation, meaning- I'll never forget you. 
"Please forgive me for not being there perfect, thank you for all you've done."
Helps Riddle organize everything 
Makes sure all students are well behaved 
The one who says they should have grim in their dorm
Makes sure to regular check up on everyone else in his dorm, especially the Adeuce duo.
Trey makes the food, if there is a need for food.
His way of grieving is by taking care of everyone else, ignoring his own needs.
Bonus: What kind of flower they would leave you+ what they would say
Rosemary- remembrance
"Sorry, it has to end this way.”
makes sure to backup all photos of you he has, picks the best photo of you for the funeral.
Surprisingly does not take photo during the funeral at all in fact he's off social media for like 2 weeks, before he decides to look at it
Before he takes the break he makes one last post dedicated to you.
Doesn't talk about what happened, in fact  he goes out of his way avoid the convo about how he feels
during the funeral he makes sure to dress apparently, he is also super quite when talking 
After like a week he's pretending to be over your death
What kind of flower they would give you+ What they would says
A pink rose- thank you
tbh would probably be in denial for a while, that or he gets extra annoying no in between 
Has to be dragged to the funeral by riddle 
Yells at crowley for your death, then gets lectured by riddle
oddly quite during the whole things
leaves right after the ceremony is done, Ace goes right to ramshackle after he leaves.
Straight up refuses to go to your grave, and to talk about you
Ace does grieve tho he does this by spending all his free time in ramshackle, more specifically your room
Bonus: What kind of flower they would leave you+ what they would say for a final goodbye 
 dark crimson Rose - mourning
Won't say anything instead he gently place the flower down, before taking once last glance then walking out.
offers his and aces room for grim to stay in
takes 2 hours getting ready. Has also never been to a funeral before
Offers to help with anything, because he's not the best academically he decides to help set the venue up
Deuce is on his BEST behavior during the whole thing, he remains quite and by Grims side
Cries a lot, but denies it
During the whole thing he's super emotional, and when ace goes off he can't help but agree
Wants to fight Crowley but doesn't bc he doesn't want to disrespect you like that
11/10 give him a hug
Bonus: What kind of flower they would leave you+ what they would say
Statice- I miss you, compassion, remembrance
"I might not be good with words, but thanks [name]."
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Tumblr media
Yuu: So what was your childhood like? Riddle: Oh, you mean my tragic backstory that you must be at level 4 relationship to unlock?
Yuu: ...
Yuu: Well, what level am I at?
Riddle: 10. So it all started-
Tumblr media
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Mc/Y/N/Yuu: I know that I left you all alone when I decided to go to my world, but I thought you'd be better off without me....and I was wrong, I see that now but...
Mc/Y/N/Yuu: Oh! Stop being so stoic Malleus! Go on! Shout! Scream! Say something!
Malleus, reaching out to touch Mc/Y/N/Yuu's cheek lovingly:.....You're as beautiful as the day I lost you
Mc/Y/N/Yuu, staring at Malleus in disbelief as a tear falls down their face:.......
Malleus, whipping the tear with a fond smile: oh, my love, please don't cry, you're beautiful
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“let’s break up” with the housewardens
Tumblr media
characters: leona, malleus, idia, vil, azul. likes and rbs are appreciated!!
summary: a heated argument leads to the housewardens genuinely hurting you → a break up : requested by @diavolosbaby
cw: gn!reader, angst, hurt no comfort, unedited
Tumblr media
leona kingscholar ┊ won’t relinquish his pride
“let’s just break up,” you say, standing at the edge of his bed. “if you’re not going to even try and apologise, let’s just end this now.”
in times long gone by you’d be laughing together fervently, bodies tangled between those same sheets, faces so close that your noses would bump and your breaths were shared. now, his bed is neatly made. had ruggie been in this morning, or had he done it himself?
leona peeks a single eye open in a languid manner, staring you down as though he were sussing something out about you before closing them again, barely stirring, brooding. “fine.” he croaks, voice raspy from lack of use, forcing impassivity as his tail thrashes against his headboard displaying quite the opposite. “end whatever the hell we are, then.”
your eyes begin to pool as your hands ball into fists, clenching the hem of your sleeves. he couldn’t even say a simple ‘i’m sorry.’ “you’re pathetic, leona.” the ugly feelings are seeping out as tears and cutting words: “you’re a coward.”
leona is used to chagrin, he’s used to fear and he’s used to hatred from others—but when it’s you, when it’s your voice that speaks to him so cold and contemptuously—something shifts in his core. it’s when you’re already out of earshot he sits himself up with some sort of newfound epiphany, the words you had been waiting for all this time finally running off at the mouth.
“i’m sorry,” he calls after you, “i’m sorry—” but he knows he’s too late.
malleus draconia ┊ can’t forgive himself
there’s a point in every unsalvageable relationship where both know it’s over. you had been clinging to a semblance, an empty shell of a relationship for much too long; the absence of communication forcing your relationship into a strained stalemate.
he knows what you’re going to say before you open your mouth, eyes forlorn, cast downwards, devoid their usual shine. “you are breaking up with me, aren’t you.” (it’s less of a question and more of a determiner.) what once was a blue sky thunders with ferocity at your answer, or the lack thereof.
“i never intended to hurt you. i would move heaven and earth for you. i wouldn’t ever dare—” but he did. he was the architect of his own destruction. the argument had been stupid in the first place—he should’ve kept his childish emotions at bay but instead he raised his voice at you. “i love you.” he tells you not because he’s trying to make you stay, but simply because it’s true, meekly reaching for your hand, slender fingers intertwining with yours loosely before moving to his sides again. his yearning for you is timeless: absolute, unwavering and unconditional. even so, you won’t meet his gaze anymore, and he wracks with devastation.
“but i understand.” the horizon is suddenly overcast with a murky grey. you know that shade as regret. (malleus loves you, and he will continue to love you, that was beyond doubt—but he can no longer love himself.)
idia shroud ┊ refuses to face reality
“i think we should…” you falter, struggling to find the right words, letting them drown into the whirs of idia’s pc fan. “i don’t want to do this anymore. us.”
idia’s shoulders sag as he nibbles his bottom lip. “what?” he’s writhing in his seat, vision blurring as he grips onto his controller, pressing down the buttons till they’re jammed. he can’t focus on anything else but the fact that you don’t want to be with him anymore, that he’s crossed the line, that he’s hurt you beyond repair. this relationship isn’t something that can be replayed, it never was—so maybe he shouldn’t have treated it as such.
his voice becomes a few octaves higher, panicked. “b-but we were doing--… we were doing fine..! the arguments-- the things i said, i-i didn’t mean them, any of it, you know that!” his speed picks up as he continues, as though he’s trying to fit everything he can muster into a short time frame.
“idia, we have to stop pretending.” you hold him firmly in place, to stop him from hyperventilating on the spot, speaking over his hurried, ceaseless pleas for forgiveness. “you have to stop pretending. the things you said hurt me. you can’t just take them back.”
he falls silent until you’re at the doorway. when he speaks again his voice is merely a whisper, so small and unsteady you can barely comprehend it. when you do, you become choked.
idia clings on because he doesn’t know how to let go. “please, don’t leave me.”
vil schoenheit ┊ acts until the curtain falls
if vil notices the dried tear stains that left blotches on your cheeks, he doesn’t mention it. or maybe he didn’t care enough anymore. you pull him away from his peers in the film studies club and for the first time in what may have been weeks, vil’s attention is solely on you. he smiles at you and you know it’s not genuine; attempting to do the same, you feign the experience of the actor before you. “vil, we should stop seeing each other.”
“are you doing this right here? do i have a say in this matter at all?” he’s smiling with his teeth now, tight-lipped, though keeping it in place is so, so painful. “you’re just going to make this decision for both of us?” when you nod your head, vil no longer bothers to keep up appearances. his smile drops. he’s co-starred in enough coming-of-age romances to know where this leads. he knows what will become of your relationship. “whatever i said to you before-” he’s reaching out to caress you but you catch his hand, stony faced.
“save it vil. you went too far. we’re finished.” there’s no trace of warmth in your tone. he takes you in properly, noticing your red-rimmed eyes and disheveled state. he knows that that he’s the one to blame for it—the taste of guilt is sour on his tongue. you look defeated, and vil feels his own eyes sting as he takes a step back. he can’t make a rebuttal because he knows you’re right. all he can do is watch you leave. he can’t get a hold of himself, a little faint—he was a mockery of an actor, and made a mockery of a good boyfriend.
he shouts your name, a fruitless final attempt to make things right. you don’t turn once.
azul ashengrotto ┊ loses his voice
“it’s over.” you say, plain as it is, but to the point. you no longer have the energy to sugarcoat things. azul freezes at his desk, pen falling out of his hands and dropping to the floor with a small ‘thud.’ he had seen it coming, just not so soon. he needed more time to prepare, to try and stop the inevitable… but this had been premeditated. your relationship had overrun it’s due course.
he’s pushing away the negative, self-depreciative thoughts that flood his mind (he doesn’t have the time to think selfishly right now. not when he might lose you), immediately rising from his seat to stand in front of you. he hopes you can’t see the frantic shaking of his hands. “please don’t say that.” it takes everything in him to not let himself break, voice wobbling as he cups your face, looking directly at you. “we can talk, we can find a solution—”
“we’ve been talking. all we do is disagree. this isn’t a problem you can solve by using a contract or some crappy bargain. i’m not one of your customers.” taken aback by your sudden outburst, his eyes widen, brimming with tears abruptly. “i’m done with you, and this.” you gesture to his office, years worth of his hard work, peeling him off you. he’s scrambling his thoughts together to form a sentence, mouth hung open, but nothing comes. has he lost the ability to speak altogether? he wants to tell you to stay, but his jaw screws shut again. why can’t he speak? is this a curse? why won’t his voice come out when he so badly needs it to?
he feels himself shatter.
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rizelcchi · 2 months
Mirror of Goodbyes
How each character who loved you deal with your disappearance.
Part III. Ignihyde and Diasomnia
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Mirror mirror on the wall, why did you let everyone mourn in sorrow?
- The end
Part I. Heartslabyul and Savanaclaw
Part II. Octavinelle, Scarabia, and Pomefiore
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azlrse · 3 months
nah bc i NEED to know what happens to mc after their wakes up from their thousand-year slumber w malleus
they just wake up to realize that everyone they loved passed away centuries ago and that they’re living in an entirely different era, and that they need to haul their ass outta that castle
➳ once upon a dream part ii (a yandere malleus draconia x gn!reader oneshot)
cw: yandere themes, angst, implied forced marriage, isolation, using magic against one's will, implied minor character death & manipulation.
a/n: man I suck at creating dialogues lmfaoo
read the last fic here !!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"Please I beg of you, Tsunotarou!" You desperately gasp for air as you spoke those lines, clinging against his chest. You can feel your eyes glowing a dark green from the fae's magic to put you in a induced sleep, not to mention on how painful your body felt from this sudden transformation. "Don't put me to sleep, I still have a family waiting for me on the other side of that mirror."
On the other hand, Malleus consoles you, rubbing your back while both of his hands are glowing the same shades of green from your eyes. The prince felt really bad as guilt and desperation surges through his mind, repeating like a mantra that it's your destiny to stay here in Twisted Wonderland and forget those people you call your family. The mirror from his school proves it too! That the mirror calls for you despite someone who is powerless and didn't possess any kind of magic of your own.
"Shhh shhh." He whispered softly, now laying you by his side while your body's about to give out, signaling that his spell is working it's magic on you. "It's okay, my child of man. Do not fight it, let my magic lead you into a slumber that you will never forget. After all," He hugged your delicate body, his arm is wrapped around your torso while his other arm is pressed against your head, placing it against the nape of his neck. "A thousand years of sleep would feel like a dream and when you wake up, I'll be by your side." You felt a pair of lips pressed against your own cold ones while he caresses your cheeks.
"Sweet dreams, my love. I'll see you soon."
You felt your eyes fluttering for the first time, letting out a yawn and attempting to get up from the soft cushions of the bed you're laying in. In an attempt to get up, your head bumped into something what appears to be a glass. It surprises you that your bed has a glass cover on top, not to mention the absurd amount of flowers surrounding your room. You opened the glass coffin and for the first time, you are in awe the way the entire room looked like; it's gloomy yes, but the way the flowers added to the room's atmosphere makes you feel...at ease strangely.
You wondered to yourself how on earth did you ended up in this marvelous room. You tried tracing your memories on how you ended here in this strange place and yet, no luck. Your eyes landed on the sole exit of the room, trying to unlock it by nudging the door knob. No one answered. You tried speaking towards the door, in hopes that someone could hear you, no one responded. You are about to give up, returning to the bed coffin you once laid in when all of the sudden, the sound of locks and deadbolts are unlocked, revealing a small, petite maid carrying various flowers and her gardening tools.
Judging on how she looked, she is indeed a fae from the ears and the shade of dark olive green hair. She seems friendly enough for a fae so you spoke her meekly. "Um hello there.." From the shock alone, the maid dropped both the gardening tools and the bouquet of flowers that Malleus ordered her to be planted on your room. Stuttering, she bowed down before you, making you surprised in return. "Y-y-your majesty! I d-didn't expect you to be awake! It's an honor be by your presence, my king/queen!" Not only you are confused on why that woman called you by such rank you didn't even recall gaining it. You remembered that you aren't someone who is deemed as royalty but also you weren't from a royal blood line.
Unless someone who is royalty married you–
"I'm so sorry but this is a misunderstanding." The maid looked up at you in confusion. "What do you mean, your highness?" You quickly shooked your head as you picked up the various tools and flowers she dropped minutes ago.
"I am not used to be called by such endearment and I am not from a royal blood line–" The maid cut you off. "B-but, you are (y/n) Draconia! The crowned ruler of the Valley of Thorns and his majesty's love." She felt like you didn't by her words, which confuses her even more. As a last attempt, she pointed her finger to the portrait right above your bed which turns out to be a coffin. From the picture, you can see on how happy Malleus is alongside you. But, what makes it even more creepy is that you didn't recalled being married to him as your portrait portrays you as someone who is equally as happy as he is, the only difference is that your eyes glowed a bright green along with the black and green garment as your wedding attire.
"Y-your majesty? Are you okay?" You felt like you are about to pass out, stumbling upon the overgrown grass and vines on the floor below. With the adrenaline pumping by your veins, you ran away, pushing the guards and dropping your crown in the process. You ignored all of the sounds that rang around the place, ranging from the guards pleading you to stop from the bells above ringing, signaling that someone of royalty is in distress.
Which in fact, caught Malleus's attention as he saw the guards running and heard the bell ringing above.
Turning around the corner, you see a huge door which could lead to your forgotten freedom when suddenly, your body jolted backwards from the sudden force as the tip of your cape was caught by a sharp stone. In desperation to escape, you pulled your cape so hard that the expensive fabric was ripped and once again you sprinted against the tall door right around the corner. Your entire body was covered entirely with sweat and you never felt this good since the day you've slept and the adrenaline you have felt, it felt so accelerating yet weird at the same time.
You are about to open the door and to your surprise, Malleus appeared alongside with several guards and Lilia by his side. "My beloved!" He spoke, his voice is laced with a series of emotions ranging from disappoinment to sadness upon seeing your distressed state. Seeing his eyes alone, your precious memories from the past reminded you of what you once had. From your heartslabyul friends to your own family back in your world, it was those happy moments you want to cherish for the rest of your life.
However, you also remembered how that man you saw not only is your captor but also your husband and king. It was dawned upon you that Malleus himself took you away in fear that you will leave this world that called you in the first place and out of greed and desperation, he married you against your will. Seeing him for the first time made you sacred to the core, ignoring his attempts on coercing you to leave that door alone. Not listening to him, you opened the tall doors which turns out to the door that leads to the balcony.
This made Malleus worried for you even more as he shouted your name once more in fear. With nowhere else to go, you climbed on the stone fence of the balcony and felt the cold wind hit your face for the first time. "I knew that this day would come." Lilia murmured as he held Malleus's shaking hand as an attempt to console the once young prince. "(y/n)!" Lilia shouted, successfully getting your attention. "Malleus has something to say! Please let him explain to you!"
In return, you shook your head side to side, tears seeping through your face as you held the stone pillar for support. "How can I believe his explanation if that man before me casted me that wicked spell that cause me to have that slumber?!" You shouted fearlessly despite being scared towards him. The man that was once your friend walk towards the open doors of the balcony, with your crown by his hands. "I'm doing what's best for you, for us and seeing you leaving me is indeed torture and I won't spend thousands of years ruling alone without someone to call both my love and spouse."
"Then why did you choose me out of all those people? Why not someone's who's the same species as you?" Now, Malleus was right below you, with a sad smile on his face. "Because you didn't fear me even after you knew my name. You are the first and last human to whom my heart yearned for and the one I call the love of my life." He spoke. "I indeed apologize for casting that spell against your will but as I've stated before, I'm doing this for the sake of your love."
You didn't trust his words but asked another question. "How long I was asleep?" You asked, in which the king of faes gladly answered. "About a century, my dear. Just like the tale of the sleeping princess I've read to you when we are still in NRC." You almost lost your grip against the pillar upon hearing his words. Sleeping for a thousand years? For you it felt like you've been sleeping for at least a day or two. Then, another realization dawned upon you, making you nauseous. "Does this mean that-"
You look at Malleus's green pair of eyes and the fae said nothing but a sad nod. Everyone you loved in NRC, even your friends and family on the other side of the mirror are dead and you didn't have the chance to say good to them face to face. You failed to realize that while you are in deep thoughts, Malleus pulled you down from the pillar as you knees gave out once more. Tears begin to stream down your face once again, hitting Malleus's chest as a way to protest and as a way to wake up, hoping that this moment is nothing but a nightmare you couldn't wake up. You didn't believe that it's been thousands of years since you last saw your friends and everyone you knew in NRC.
If it weren't for you visiting that cursed dorm where he once resided, you could have the chance to go home, to be with your friends and family and to die as a human. You continuously hit his chest and it didn't bothered him, not even once as he cradles your tired body against his body. "No no no..." Your murmured, slapping his body. "This must be a dream- no a nightmare. This isn't real, I'll just wake up and everything's back to normal." You sobbed, now giving up on hurting the man before you.
You know that there's no one to take you in if you ever ran away from the castle since everyone you knew is now dead. No blood relatives nor friends to be by your side except for Malleus. For he and he alone could take care of you and he gladly accepted that offer. "This isn't a dream, my child of man." He replied, caressing your messy locks and placing the crown on your head. "You don't have anyone else but me to turn to. For I, Malleus Draconia, your husband and king, will love and cherish you for as long as I've lived." Kissing your head once more, he carried you back the room that was once his sleeping quarters, is now a shared room of both you and him.
He stared at you in awe as you kept on clinging close towards him. "Please don't leave me, my love. I will promise you that no harm will go through you, even from me." He replied, to which you kept on sobbing against his chest, now covered with tears and snot but the king didn't mind at all.
After all, he would like to thank his grandmother for the spell she taught him since he was a child. You are indeed this fae's sleeping beauty, now in his arms and forever be his.
Tumblr media
Do not republish, edit, or repost to other websites.
Reblogs and likes are appreciated! 💕
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shkanoin · 8 months
Tumblr media
ace ━━ his mom only let him off after seeing the horror of his credit card bill because she found out that half of the things he ended up buying online on a whim were gifts for you/things that reminded him of you
deuce ━━ writes entire letters about you to his mother, talking about the most mundane thing you did that day that sent his heart fluttering with such passion and fondness. she has two entire shoe boxes of them at home
jack ━━ always finds the time to be with you even if his schedule is completely packed, e.g escorting you to your classroom even if the bell is going to ring in 5 minutes and his class is all the way at the other side of the campus
epel ━━ only accepts being called pretty if it’s by you (because he knows you mean it in a way that doesn’t ‘undermine his manliness’). also goes through his skincare routine without complaint after that one (1) time you gushed over how soft his skin was
sebek ━━ asked for malleus’s approval of your relationship by presenting a detailed powerpoint on why you’re his perfect match. lilia recorded the whole thing. it was five hours long. malleus somehow stayed awake the entire time. silver did not
Tumblr media
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miliinmi · 3 months
Tumblr media
MC: Look Malleus, a shooting star! Did you wish?
Malleus: Oh, I didn't have time...
MC: And there is something you wish for?
Malleus: Yes..
MC: What did you wish?
Malleus: I was wishing we were two other people,
Malleus: Two people who need not to say goodbye..
Tumblr media
why am i doing this to myself
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
If the Diasomnia chapter doesn’t involve Malleus’ overblot similarly being caused by the boiling over of all his insecurities and loneliness. Except when he goes off the deep end it’s so bad that MC is actually scared shitless, and that’s when all hell breaks loose. That’s when he realizes that he’s slowly loosing one of the few precious people in his life he could call his best friend. That loved him for everything he was, everything he isn’t RIGHT NOW. So to an extent he starts to loose himself even more. To ensure that all the things he’s held dear never leaves him again, he puts MC into an eternal sleep. He hides them and himself away in the highest most unreachable tower in the Briar Valley as he seethes in his unrelenting solemness. Somberly overseeing MC’s body for the perpetual future until it’s up to the rest of the cast to actually save MC this time then WHAT IS THE POINT-
Tumblr media
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mymainwastoocluttered · 6 months
Are You Lonesome Tonight? (Floyd, Jade)
The Leech twins are very particular about one thing in specific: anything that's boring is a big no. That includes their dating life.
NOTE: I only write for female reader but everyone is welcome to read it!
There we go, folks, I finally opened my Elvis playlist after resisting for so long. It's like I haven't learned anything in all my past Fandoms. Also... second part, maybe?
The eels call each other "other half" because I think it's cute
ANGST. But not just for Reader ;) With a hopeful ending? Maybe?
This has a SEQUEL!
— (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)
— Floyd
Floyd's relationship is going well. So well that it's a problem. Now Shrimpy is old news, and will willingly show Floyd everything she is and does, taking away the thrill of hunting down that information.
And worse, Floyd has become predictable to her. She can tell what he is feeling and what he'll do just as well as Jade, which takes away the fun of being a wild card, even if most of the time she lets him do whatever he wants.
Differently from Azul, the eels, and specially Floyd, do not enjoying the curse of knowing. The unexpected has always been more interesting.
But now he's bored of this relationship. And Floyd is not one for sticking around to boring things without knowing they'll have interesting results.
"Shrimpy, let's break up," he bluntly tells her as soon as he arrives to their usual lunch spot at the Monstro Lounge. "You're no fun anymore."
The girl stares up to him, and he feels a rush of pleasure at the whirlwind of feelings in her eyes betraying her blank expression. Oh, at least she gave him a last moment of enjoyment! Maybe, if she keeps showing all those feelings, he'll keep her around as a friend–
Then she blinks and the feelings are gone, all replaced by a calm tide of understanding and kindness. She smiles at him, her usual gentle smile back in place, and gets up, leaving her half drank drink and some money on the table.
"I understand, Floyd," she says, and her voice trembles a little before steading. Shrimpy gently takes one of his hands and squeezes between hers. "Thank you so much for all those happy memories. I hope we can still be friends and that you find someone who will keep you entertained."
Then she drops his hand and scurries off. Floyd is left in the middle of Monstro Lounge, silent and frozen, the warmth on his hand slowly fading as time moves on. It takes him another minute to snap out of it, and now he's in a terrible mood and he doesn't even know why. He was supposed to be happy! The boring thing was taken care of! He's free! Free!
Except he spends the rest of the day sulking. Except he ends the day depressingly throwing himself on the bed and clutching his pillow with trembling hands. Except he tosses and turns and dreams of (Y/N). Except he wakes up grumpy. Except he does terribly at classes and gets scolded. Except he works terribly at Monstro Lounge and gets scolded. Except he doesn't even feel like getting annoyed at the scoldings. Except he spends the rest of the day sulking. Except he ends the days staring at his ceiling with a blank expression. Except he starts the days grumpy and tired. Except he skips classes because he feels like breaking something. Except he gets scolded every day for missing class and being late for work. Except
"Floyd, this is enough," Jade appears in his line of view, openly worried as he leans down to look at his twin. "What is bothering you so much? You're tearing up."
Floyd blinks, finally noticing the wetness in his eyes. Jade sits on his bed and Floyd sits up to stare at him. This is not a scolding. This is an intervention, one of Jade's rare moments of care, where he drops all his lies and half-truths.
Much how his Shrimpy used to do.
"Floyd..." Jade murmurs, hands cupping Floyd's face and thumbs catching his tears. "What is the matter, my other half?"
"... I broke up with Shrimpy," Floyd sobs, not holding back his tears or his words. "I thought... I thought she was boring, and she was! There's never anything interesting anymore, so I– I broke up with her, but... Hic...!"
With a wail, he throws himself at his brother's arms, squeezing him with all his might, hiding his face in his neck. He's crying harder than he has in years, the last time being when they were children. Jade only hugs him back, hand soothingly rubbing his back, knowing exactly what his twin needs. Floyd sobs out more words, some he can't even understand himself, but his other half only listens, nodding every now and then to assure him that he's being listened to.
Once he's done crying, he's so tired that he doesn't protest when Jade lays him back on his bed and then takes his place by his side. Sharing a bed comes naturally to them, and so does the cuddling. Usually, Floyd would tease Jade for being a softie, but he doesn't have the strength to muster even a huff.
"It seems, Floyd, that your feelings run deeper than just interest," Jade says after a moment, ungloved fingers running through Floyd's hair. "You probably... no, you definitely like her, romantically. Maybe you even love her."
"I don't love boring things!"
"I can't believe I'm saying this, but she is not a thing, brother," Floyd can't believe that mister schemer said that also, but Jade's words are upsettingly making too much sense. "She's a girl you seem to hold dearly."
"But, then, why was she boring?"
"... I can't answer that, my other half. I'm not even sure you were bored. Every time I saw you with her, I thought you were at your happiest."
Floyd deflates even more, cuddling his brother for comfort, wishing he was cuddling his Shrimpy. She'd always let him cuddle and squeeze her, and giggle when he'd knead her sides or nip her shoulder. It was... nice. Not exactly fun, but nice. Made him feel warm. Warm like when she'd bring him food she cooked herself. She'd repeat the dishes he liked, and it was... nice. Warm. Like her kisses, always so gentle and sweet. Expected. Nice.
Not really fun. But really nice.
It didn't make his blood pump, but it warmed him. Made him... satisfied.
"... I wanna my Shrimpy back."
"Fufufu... should we prepare then?"
— (⁠╥⁠﹏⁠╥⁠)
— Jade
"I'd like to talk to you later."
Her eyes widen for a moment before she nods, and Jade relishes in the nervousness creeping up her back. A very rare feeling when it comes to his girlfriend lately.
(Y/N) was the most interesting person when they first met, and in all aspects but teir relationship, she still is, what with her lack of magic, her determination and her pechant for getting in troubro helping others. But months into a relationship, and Jade has found everything there is to find about her. Sure, the shenanigans she brings are always entertaining, but he doesn't need to be more than a friend to be part of those.
Doesn't need to waste effort into maintaining a romantic relationship.
So he won't. Jade loves being efficient, after all.
Which is why there's already a paid drink on the table when she arrives at Monstro Lounge. If he wants in whenever shenanigans happen, he needs to at least be liked and trusted enough to be an option in case things got bad. So a proper, honest break up is the best. He even lets her take a sip of the drink and swallow it before opening his mouth, to avoid her choking.
"I'll be direct, since I don't want to drag such unpleasant moment much longer," he starts, staring right at her eyes, "The truth is... I'm breaking up with you."
"C-Can I ask why?" (Y/N) stutters, playing with the drink's straw. "Did I do something?"
"Oh, no, you did nothing. And that's the problem. You see, me and my brother... we don't like boring."
He knows he's being cruel now, but he wants to finish this quickly. Jade is the type of person with much to do and very little time, so every minute is precious.
"Oh..." she mumbles, taking a deep breath before mustering up a smile. It looks a bit crooked, but it is still as kind as always. "Right. I understand. Thank you for being honest, Jade. I hope we can still be friends...?"
"Of course, I'd love that."
"Right... right. I'm gonna- I'm gonna go now, ok? Thanks for the drink."
She runs off, no doubt going to tell her friends about the break up. If it's her usual group, then she'll be fine. Jade takes the glass, finishes the drink in one go and immediately moves to the next task on his long, long list.
Jade does very well the days after the breakup. He excels at work, he excels at school, he excels at keeping his brother from bothering others too much, he excels at taking care of his terrariums. Truly, he's so efficient, one would believe he is the one with either ten limbs or a cloning magic. He's so effficient that he... doesn't have as many tasks as before.
And without tasks to fill in the time, it becomes obvious the holes in his schedule. Without a girlfriend to walk to class, he has to wander the hallways alone. Without a girlfriend to cook with, he has to cook and clean alone. Without a girlfriend to tutor, he doesn't know what to do but sit on the library with his textbooks open, all assignments completed to perfection. Once the amount of tasks went down, his time alone went up, and he has no idea how to feel about it.
He knows even less how to feel when he sees (Y/N) talking with that Savanaclaw first year—what was his name again? Jake? Jack?—animatedly, touching his arm and even leaning on it, sharing with him her pretty giggles and shining smiles while the boy drinks up her attention with a bright blush and a fake scowl. They walk off arm in arm, and Jade stands there, stupefied, feeling something inside him tear like paper.
"Other half, what is it?"
Floyd approaches with uncharacteristically worried eyes, hands raising to cup his face. Jade allows him, only to flinch back when he feels a thumb smear something wet on his cheek.
"... who did this?" Floyd growls, and Jade is warmed by the knowledge that his brother, his twin, his other half, is always willing to fight in his name.
"I did this to myself," he admits quietly, stepping closer to the other. Floyd is clearly confused, but accepts his brother in his arms nonetheless, understanding that Jade is feeling a bit too vulnerable at the moment. "It seems not even I am safe from stupid mistakes."
"Of course, you silly fishy~" the other pats his back lightly, squeezing him with all his might in an attempt to comfort. "What did you do?"
"... I broke up with (Y/N)."
"Oh, that's stupid."
"It's the truth," Floyd shrugs, now patting his head. "You really love Shrimpy, though. Always beaming near her, why did you break up? Did she do something? I'll squeeze her for you!"
"No, no, I just... Thought it was boring."
"... Huh. I didn't have that impression at all. If anything, you always look happy near her, like she hung the moon and stars. It's even sappier than when you're looking at mushrooms."
Jade chuckles softly, knowing that he has no way of denying it. Not when he still spends time to wait for her between classes only to remember the two are not together anymore. Not when he cooks for her and then has to eat it because she's not there anymore. Not when he wants to fight that wolf boy for daring to take away her attention, despite knowing he also has no right to it anymore.
Not when he loves her so dearly, and still broke up with her.
He needs to get her back.
"... Floyd. Would you like to join me in my next plan?"
"What's the plan? If it's fun, you can count on me~"
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night-rook · 10 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Word Count: 1,309
Reader Type: Gender Neutral
Story Type: Twisted Wonderland
Beware: Angst, Mentions of Death
Summary: Everyone misses you. but Grim misses you the most.
Key terms: n/a
Rook’s Notes: I've felt pretty down lately, and this happened.
Tumblr media
Grim looked around the spacious bedroom. He jumped onto the queen size bed and claimed his usual spot on the right side. Softly he pawed the empty pillow by him. A downhearted purr echoed through the room as his small paw patted the dusty cushion. The burning sensation itching his cyan eyes only worsen.
"I am just a kitten. Hardly fit my mittens." Grim hoarsely purred while curling up on the pillow. Laying his head on the cushion rather than his paw, "Much too small, I figure. One day I'll be bigger…"
The nonsense residents of Heartslabyul didn't have their unbirthdays as cheerful. Their desserts weren't as sweet anymore as Trey had slowly lost his sense to bake. He would often make a few treats to distract himself, but those baked goods didn't hold the same flavor as they once did. Cater continued his social appearance, but the ginger would find himself in the rose garden when left alone. He would pick roses and paint them (color), not paying mind if he got in trouble as (color) seemed so beautiful than the dreadful red or empty white. Riddle would be held up in his room most of the time. Reading to himself before speaking out loud, he stopped himself multiple times when not receiving an answer from his commentary. "One day I'll be a great big kitty cat. Uses open windows to go from flat to flat."
Savanaclaw reverted to their old ways. No more socializing with weaklings or non-beastmen. Leona rather spent time in his dorm than in the garden, claiming the grass was too itchy. The plants were damaging his senses as his eyes would water. Jack's workout routine kept him active as he continued to train. However, he would stop every once in a while to catch his breath before snapping out of his daze with a light scowl. The mischievous Ruggie didn't pull pranks as the childish acts didn't cheer his sour mood without someone to help. Even the taste of donuts was bitter when he ate alone in the cafeteria.
Azul looked at the quiet lounge and signed at the empty seat by him. The paperwork is seemingly endless without an extra hand, especially when the help would distract him when he got frustrated. Tucked away in the forest, Jade quietly hiked through nature as his eyes scanned the ground. he tilted his head slightly to look behind him but shifted his eyes back to the ground in search of mushroom, not enjoying the lone hike as he used to. Floyd stared at the ceiling of his room while the a deep frown on his face. Bringing the shrimp plush towards him, the usually mischievous boy feels more tired than normal.
As lively as the halls of Scarabia, Kalim felt void of light. He could seem to hold his smile for longer than a minute, his dormmates noticing the lack of energy when he walked the halls. Jamil lost his sense of excessing and revolted back to his tucked-away nature of being average. His dancing becomes more intense as he ignores their memories and cheers.
"I am just a kitten. Hardly fit my mittens. Much too small, I figure. One day I'll be bigger. One day I'll be all grown up and strong."
The three beauties of Pomefiore grew bored without their admiring fan. Vil didn't have the usual urge to shop and dare he say- he lost the appeal to maintain his beauty routine when he passed a mirror. Rook grew bored as the students all looked dull to him, none appealing to his standards anymore. Epel slowly lost his nerve to bother working out and bite his tongue on makeup, covering up the bags under his eyes from sleepless nights.
Keyboard keys echoed the poorly lit room while the screen flashed with bright colors. Idia emptily stared at the computer while he built his character, focusing his entire mind on making the little icon identical. Ortho sat in the corner of the room as he built a hologram. Using every part of his memory software to mimic their voice so the brothers could have comfort during their hard days.
Diasomia shut itself away once more after the dreadful day. Lilia turned from being teasing and playful to forever strict. He stop being friendly when his closest friend left him alone. The usual loud mouth Sebek turned rather quiet as days went by, being rather more reserved. The quiet Silver revolted back to his old self of being distant and focused on his Knight training, however, the dull ache in his chest would hurt when he looked towards the clock. Reminding himself that he would need to take a break after hearing the small voice that haunts him. Malleus sighed during his nightly walk. He lost interest in interacting with the student body, the need to silence the thoughts growing with each passing day after losing his companion.
"But until then, I'll just purr and sing along."
Deuce and Ace both looked at one another as they heard the feline's broken purrs. The redhead pressed his back against the doorframe while humming to the purrs. He closed his eyes while faintly hearing the words to the small lullaby in his head. The ravenette listened to his friend hum as he sat down on the floor. Every night. They would hear you sing that lullaby without fail, as silly as it was that was the only way for Grim to fall asleep. The pair knew this and it hurt. Your absence had created a great void in their hearts. In everyone's hearts.
Ramshackle hasn't felt like home. Its clean halls had collect dust over time as the common room had a cloth over the furniture for no one dared clean. The once rowdy dorm had turned muted that even the ghosts found it too eerie. All the other dorms felt the effect of the absence as time went by.
Your absence bought great grief to everyone, but Grim had to worse impact. He had all his memories with you from the best funniest ones to the scary frightening ones. The warmth that once radiated from your desk chair grew cold after a week and caused him to move to the bed. He would avoid your side as much as possible, remember how you would hold him close at night. However, he misses your arms around him. He misses listening to your heartbeat after a hard day of class.
He remembers seeing you study on your desk every day while he slacked off. The first time you sang that stupid lullaby. You were humming while writing down notes, while he ate away at his tuna. The feline ears twitched when he heard your light meowing. Tilting his head he popped up beside you, catching your attention.
"Huh? What's wrong?"
He said nothing but stare at you. A blud went off in your eyes before you picked him up and set him down on your lap, running a hand through his fur as you went back to humming. The silly song was his comfort every day and night because you would always smile while humming it.
It was your humming that bought him back when he overblobbed. It was the lullaby that woke him up when you called out to him. It was your smile that forever haunts him when remembers his jaw opening.
Grim let out a weak cry as he buried himself into your old pillow. Wishing wholeheartedly that you come back to him. Promising to the night sky that he would be better if it meant seeing you next to him. He would swear on his favorite cans of tuna that he was the good feline you proudly proclaimed.
"My little kitten.." He just wants to hear you call him one more time..
Tumblr media
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luxthestrange · 2 months
TWST Incorrect quotes#341 Princelings
In Sunset savanna…when Leona was still a young teen, he was tasked to watch over his nephew for the obvious reason to make Leona want kids (18)Leona*Is working on his tasks when he turns around to find...cheka looking up at him*
(3)Cheka*Looking up at him with a smile, swaying side to side*Hewwo…heh
(18)Leona:…Go away*Points to the section he put him to not disturb him*Go-*Waving his hand as he watches the infant slowly walk up to him*Go away-!?!
(3)Cheka*wraps baby fat arms around his legs with a giggle, looking up at him*
(18)Leona*Is abit uncomfortable and looks at the happy child hugging him*…I don't like children
(18)Leona*Sighs and grabs him lifting him up and is shocked as he is grabbed by the face by a curious infant who smiles at him, feeling his ears being poked and getting his cheeks patted softly*…
(3)Cheka*Hums with a satisfied coo, looking at his emerald eyes*Mmmnhehe~
Leona sets him down gently patting his back to put him back in the corner with the toys…his face is slightly reddened by the sheer cuteness of the cub and the restraint he had to take… to no cry at the soft touch from him…
Tumblr media
You cannot look me in the eyes and tell me Cheka isn't one the only ones who Leona allows to pet, caress, and hug when he is feeling down
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cupids-chamber · 2 months
IMAGINE: Yandere!Twst cast, dreaming of the MC, before they ended up Twst, and even though they searched for them, they couldn't quite find them... now that they've found them.. they can't seem to let you go.. how would they feel when they've learned that there are more competitors for your love.
A/N: I'm gonna call this the dreaming of you au! I have some plans for it.. I had to split this in part, because of tumblr's fucking word limit.
Tumblr media
He couldn’t recall when the dreams had first started, it was quite suffocating.. Looking back, he was tired of the same dream over and over again, yet it changed.. Slowly, he watched you growing up along with him, it was as if his dreams mirrored your own life.. And at one point, he believed that these vivid dreams held some meaning, there had to be a reason why he’d keep seeing the same person over and over again… At one point, he even started to believe that you were his.. Someone meant for him.. And as he grew older, he couldn’t help but search for you, wanting to validate his thoughts and imagination, which has gotten rather out of hand over the past few years. 
He didn’t even consider that others would have taken interest in you as well, ‘did they see you in their dreams as well?’.. The thought would have driven him wild, had he not been patient thus far, he might have truly lost himself then and there.. However, if he had waited this long, then it wouldn’t have been difficult to wait a bit longer.. After all.. He knew you a lot better than you know yourself.. He just needs you to realize.. That you’re his.. and he is yours…
YANDERE!MALLEUS, The first meeting he had with you, felt like another dream.. He couldn’t help but wish that it was a reality, but he quickly came upon the realization that you could see him, and that this was in fact, not an intricate dream.. Whether it was a blessing or a curse that you were here, he couldn’t help but let his enthusiasm slip through his composure and create cracks in his behaviorisms. He gazed at you in a soft endearing manor, that was sure to waver one’s heart, he knows you much better than you had expected, you couldn’t help but find it odd, that he could just tell how you felt, and conclude what certain mannerisms had meant, how you would fiddle around when you were anxious or growing impatient.. You should’ve been concerned.. But Tsunotarou was your dearest friend.. And of course a dear friend would know of your feelings.. wouldn’t he..?
YANDERE!LILIA, Lilia didn’t have something so unexpected happen to him in quite the while, he had seen someone in his dreams, upon his move to NRC, maybe it was the change in climate getting to his head, or his age finally catching up to him.. Well if that was the case, he surely would have realized sooner. His dreams consisted of someone, a human.. And overtime, as year one passed and year two slowly approached, Lilia had started harboring and developing a sort of interest in this little human.. One who was not of this world, but much far away in fact.. He couldn’t help but grow more and more intrigued by that revelation.. He didn’t plan on doing much, despite being more than capable of doing so, he was captivated by you.. Yet he knew better than acting upon desire towards you.. Until of course he saw you here at NRC.. if you were so near.. Why should he stop himself.. He had no reason too.. and he didn’t intend to either. 
YANDERE!SILVER, Silver had always been one to dream of a sweet and caring relationship, when it came to the aspect of love, even during childhood, not having much of a couple that he saw growing up, he didn’t quite have a label or definition on how someone should love, and he doubted getting his fathers advice would help, so when he had seen you in his dreams, he paid no mind.. He had given you a charming dream even, “Mrs. Fairy” it was rather odd calling you a miss, while you were most likely his age or younger at the time.. He never really interacted with you, finding it more or less peaceful watching you from afar, you were majestic.. and amazing.. He analyzed everything you did, with great fervor, he couldn’t tell as a child, but as he grew.. He knew that he had fallen for you.. The aspect of love in a foreign sense felt ever so foreign to him, yet he couldn’t help himself from falling for someone as charming as you.. So it was to no dismay that he had fallen for you.. Someone as charming as you deserved only the very best.. And when Silver first laid eyes on you in person, he felt as if he had fallen for you all over again, mumbling under his breath about how all the more amazing you were in person, he could’ve sworn he saw an angel, but once he had come to realize, others were hindering in his perfect romance, he had decided to take on a different approach, after all.. This was his fairy tale to tell and create. 
YANDERE!SEBEK, Sebek didn’t know how or why he was dreaming of you, to be quite honest it ticked him off more than causing him any sort of pleasure or comfort, yet over time.. He found himself falling for you.. It wasn’t explainable, in fact he couldn’t recall how he had fallen for such a lowlife such as yourself.. Sebek felt awful for loving you, yet he wanted to keep you his at the very same time.. But you were a fragment of his imagination no less, he’d feed himself these useless words of comfort, thinking they’d hinder his thought process and undo the threads of love that so tirelessly binds him to you, he despised you and yet wanted you, this human.. From a dream no less! Too look at him.. Only him.. And yet.. you.. you.. never did. He had hoped and prayed that by entering school, he’d busy himself enough to forget about you and your ever so disturbing existence.. If you ever did truly exist.. Yet his hopes were in vain when he saw you.. With another.. well that wouldn’t do.. no this wasn’t what he wanted.. nor would he tolerate such disrespect from an insolent human such as yourself! 
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