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cursedcola · 3 days
Ok ok so you know the thing where it's like 'hey trust exercise' where person A runs up to person B and jumps in their arms? The one that became a meme with the hot coffee....
that. just that. Could you please write something for it using characters from twisted wonderland? Thank you!
A/N: I do know the thing lol. I think this is a super cute idea and will have some fun with it hehe...Sorry if it's not too long. I am writing this in between classes just to have a little mental break :) I also think this will work better with baby headcannons so I can do more characters. Since you did not specify any characters, I will be self indulgent. Prompt: Trust exercise! Do they catch you? Format: Baby headcannons huhuhu Characters: Everyone. Literally Everyone. I feel inspired for some reason. Warnings: None :) Tooth-ache fluff. Also not proofread. Likely grammar/spelling errors
Heartslabyul Dorm
Riddle Rosehearts
Catches you by a millisecond.
The moment he sees you running he instinctively drops the books in his hands
Yells for you to stop and puts his hands out in defense
Instinctively opens them when you jump and boom. Catch
My man has noodle arms. They instantly start to shake and you get dropped on your bum
Half-angry that you put him on the spot, and half-humiliated for dropping you. He is left shell-shocked for a moment before the fuse is lit
"What on EARTH were you thinking? Must you behave so childishly all the time?! Sometimes I wonder if you WANT me to have a heart attack....*sigh* come on. Get up. Are you injured at all?"
He thinks it's silly for you to test his 'trust,' like that. Don't do it again. Next time just talk to him.
….secretly relieved that he caught you.
Trey Clover
Arms are open before you even jump
The moment you started to speed up, he knew what would come next. It flusters him, and his ears burn but he lets you have your fun
Wraps one arm around your back and the other holds one of your legs around his waist. Nice and secure :)
Laughs a little bit before setting you down carefully
"Well, that was an excitable greeting. Maybe warn me next time, okay? What if I was holding something?"
Shakes his head in disbelief that you'd test him like this. Oh well. Its over now Best for him not to think on it.
Learns that Cater showed you the prank on Magicam, and makes his tea extra sweet. Revenge > cavities.
Cater Diamond
Does not catch you. In fact, he side-steps you.
You're quite literally sprawled on the floor and he's just standing there all smug. What? Don't even look at him like that. There's no way he could have caught you without toppling over
Cater prefers to not have a face full of dirt, thank you very much
He knows what you were trying to do, and also purposefully chose to 'fail'
"Hmm~ Now why would you use such a silly method to test me? Don't we take enough exams in class (Y/N)? You're no fair..."
Despite the taunts, he holds out a hand to help you up. He'll clean your face a bit with a handkerchief and leave a cheeky peck on your cheek before going about the rest of his day
Ace Trappola
Tries to catch you. Does not succeed.
In his defense, Ace is never on full alert. Especially during the school day.
You started running at him and he full on panicked. A genuine scream to stop tore through his throat, and he held his arms out
You, in fact, did not stop. Therefore you both fell on the ground with him on the bottom
Ace is not happy
"What is wrong with you?! If my back's broke then the medical bill is on your shoulders, not mine!"
When you explain to him, he still is pissed but does feel bad for yelling at you
"...well, whatever. You don't need some stupid test to know I'm trustworthy anyways. I prove it every day, right?"
....right? Please say yes or else he will overthink this hardcore later.
Deuce Spade
Catches you on instinct.
The moment you start running he assumes something is wrong, and opens his arms to give you a hug. When you jump? Well, that's just an extra step
His feet slide back against the ground and he wobbles for a millisecond. However, he's steady. He wraps both arms around your waist firmly, and leans back to get a look at your face.
"What's wrong?! Why are you in such a hurry?!"
His eyes flicker anxiously between the direction you came from and your face
He's relieved when you tell him that everything is okay, and that you just wanted to see if he would catch you
"Don't scare me like that! I was seriously worried!"
He's still holding you, and becomes bashful once the adrenaline dials down. He mutters a quick apology while gently setting you down. Avoiding eye-contact, he excuses himself and promises to hang out later. For now, be still his beating heart
Savanaclaw Dorm
Leona Kingscholar
Yes. You don't give him enough time to think through the situation, and so he acts. Albeit a bit roughly.
The moment you jump he's reaching with one arm, startled. It wraps around your waist and hoists you over his shoulder. The other hand reaches for his wand, and he's on high alert.
Says nothing. Just grunts upon impact and scans the area.
You'll have to pat his back a few times to be let down, and it is needless to say that he is not pleased with your joke
His eyebrows draw downward with his classic scowl, and he's lowkey disappointed in you. He thought you more straight-headed than to do something like this
"You- ugh. Whatever. I caught you, so I win, right? Happy?"
Deems scolding you more trouble than it's worth. Last thing he needs is for you to get mad at him. That'll just give him an even bigger headache.
Ruggie Bucchi
Does...not. He knows that you're coming. He heard the footsteps a mile away. He simply is a snot-nosed little arse
You're running at him from behind, and the moment you get near he steps to the side. He does his little shishishishi laugh when you face plant on the floor.
When you don't get up, he crouches down and pokes your head.
"Hey, you alright? That was a pretty harsh fall. I can't imagine what caused it,"
Laughs again, but feels a bit bad if you don't reciprocate. Okay. You got him. He's sooooooo untrustworthy. An utter fool, if you will.
With a tsk, he grabs you by the elbow and eases you up.
"Yup, yup. I'm cruel, I know. Let's go get a snack, alright? It's on me - and by me, I mean that it's on Leona shishishisi"
Jack Howl
This boulder doesn't even flinch. Like clockwork, he's startled but instinctively readies his stance. You quickly land safely in his arms, and are back on the ground in a jiffy. Almost as if you never tried to tackle him in the first place.
He holds you at arms length with an eyebrow raised.
"Uhm....are you good? What was that about?"
He doesn't understand how catching you proves that he is trustworthy, but if it makes you happy then he'll do it as often as you'd like. Just give him a heads up next time, ok?
Won't admit it, but he liked holding you. Even if it was for a fleeting moment, it felt right. If you ever asked for a piggy-back ride or to be carried, he wouldn't be opposed at all. The realization embarrasses him greatly.
Octovinelle Dorm
Azul Ashengrotto
Does not, and is extremely ashamed. He does not fail tests, academic or otherwise!
He’s not weak. This man has a very healthy diet and regularly exercises. He is confident that he would have succeeded with no issue, had you not startled him. Our little cephalopod here gets flustered very easily. Only by you though.
Normally he can hide it but you 100% startled him. Can you even judge? One moment all was peaceful and the next thing he knows you’re barreling towards him. All giddy and like “catch me, catch me!” …ugh. His heart couldn’t take it.
What’s worse is that Jade caught you in his stead. He’s appreciative that you were not harmed by his lack of reflex….but the humiliation. Dear gods.
He demands that you do it again. Leave him and then try again another time when he isn’t expecting it…which is impossible since he will be on high alert 24/7. Azul fails to understand that the purpose of the test is now null, and that it tests for impulse
“A-again! Go on. Get a running start and do it again! Into my awaiting arms!…do not argue. I will not fail this time so give me another chance,”
His ego requires it, so just do it. He can’t stand the idea of failing and that image of Jade carrying you is lingering in his mind
Floyd Leech
Catches you easily. Nothing startles this guy. Well, okay, some things do. Nothing that’s physical though.
He hears you yelling for him? Well that’s just a normal day in his life. You’re running his way”? Awwwwwwweeee his little Shrimpy is so excited to see him! That’s so rare!
He’s running to meet you half way. It nearly makes you halt but the test needs answers!
He hooks his hands under your arms mid-air, and spins you around at arms length before bringing you in for a hug. All the while he has a giant grin on his face
“Did you miss me that much??? I guess I haven’t been giving you enough attention…not that I’d mind it if you do this every day hehe~”
He doesn’t care about the test, so long as you do it again. You won’t be leaving his arms any time soon si get comfortable
Jade Leech
Another to catch you easily. He does it flawlessly, like catching a balloon or a feather
He hears your approach and chooses to ignore it until the last moment. Then he turns effortlessly to capture you bridal style, set you down, and return to what he was originally doing. If anyone’s in shock, it’s you.
Then he’ll finish up and turn to you as if nothing even happened. While his gentle smile and hand on his heart are unknowing - the smug crinkle of his eyes says otherwise. He is highly amused, not in your little stunt but in the reaction he managed to create
Caresses your face with one of his gloved hands and asks how your day has gone. Once answered, he leans down to plant a light kiss on your cheek before leaving
“Oh, I almost forgot. Please be more careful in the future. Had it not been you, I would have reacted much differently to someone ‘attacking’ fufu. I love your enthusiasm dearly, and am always happy to hold you. You need only ask,”
Scarabia Dorm
Kalim Al' Asim
Sunshine meets you half way. He sees you running at him with a mega grin and instantly knows what’s going on. Social cues be damned, he wants to be loved
More like it’s you catching him. He just can’t help himself. He jumps at you before you even get a chance to do the same.
His arms go around your shoulders in the biggest hug imaginable. He knows better than to throw his whole body weight on you, so he settles for merely hugging and swaying your body from side to side
It’s sickeningly sweet how giddy he is. He pulls you at arms length before peppering light kisses along your cheeks
“I missed you so much! Can I have another one? Please?”
Oh! A test? How fun! He’ll take this one many times if it means you’ll hug him more often. He passed? Yippieeeeeee
Jamil Viper
Catches you, begrudgingly. He’s known about the trend and was frankly expecting you to try it. He just didn’t know when.
Jamil is no fool. He could let you fall. It would be funny. Maybe even make his day.
But then you’d be upset with him. He really could do without that. Not if it could be prevented
So the moment he sees you rushing towards him, Jamil knows what to do. He quickly sets down whatever he’s doing and takes position
With an oof and a momentary scowl from discomfort, he’s got ya. One arm around you’re bum and the other your waist. You wrap both of your arms around his shoulders, and with a sigh he just lets you koala hang for a moment
“Are we done now? Not to be rude, but my arms are tired and I would prefer that we not make a spectacle of ourselves”
He asks if you had fun. You did? Well, he supposes that it can be done again. In private only though. No more pranks.
Pomefiore Dorm
Vil Schoenheit
Does not catch you on purpose, and then insists that you do it again.
You see, he did not want to encourage your childish antics, so he purposefully pretended that he was not strong enough to catch you
A lie, obviously. He is very strong despite his pretty boy exterior. Instead of calling him out for it, you play along. A mocking sigh of resignation flies out as you not so subtly comment on his lack of strength.
Oh, you're absolutely right, Vil! I'm sorry for over estimating you...hmm, perhaps I can try again with Neige-
"You will do no such thing. Now, I am going to walk away and once I turn the corner you are going to run at me. Is that clear?"
Epel Felmeir
Catches you! Listen. My boy here spent his entire childhood lugging around crates of apples, cutting down trees, and running through fields. There is no way that he lacks the stamina to catch you. Maybe he can't hold you for an extended period, but those cinnamon stick arms are built for catching
He jolts when you scream his name, and he loses his composure. The moment you jump he lets out a string of curses and drops everything to catch you
The impact sends Epel teetering, and he fall son his butt with you on top of him
"O-o-oi! What'd ya think you're doing?! I nearly split my tailbone!"
Is slightly saddened that he couldn't keep steady. If only he was stronger like the Savanaclaw students...
Rook Hunt
Catches you with grace. There isn't much to say here.
Our princely hunter need not predict your movements, or pay attention to your plotting. Where's the fun in that?
Non non, what a sight for sore eyes. Rook swoons the moment you call his name, and his pupils basically turn to hearts when he sees you running towards him
With a laugh, he opens his arms wide and catches you in an instant. He shifts you into a bridal carry, and dips you down to plant a loving hiss on your nose.
Bonus points if you kiss him back along where his freckles would be without makeup. Oh this man is dying
"Mon coheur....what a wonderful surprise! If you were to greet me like this every day for the rest of my life, I would die a happy man indeed,"
Ignihyde Dorm
Idia Shroud
Catches you
On accident :)
More like you just fall in his lap, but it still counts? Kind of
He was in his room, multitasking both controlling his floating tablet around school while also playing the latest MMO
Just when he started to wonder where you might be (normally you find his tablet during study break) he hears his door burst open
Startled, he whips around in his chair to see you running at him. He lets go of the computer mouse and keyboard on impulse. Right when you jump and basically straddle him in his chair
Idia.exe has stopped working. From the sudden entrance, to the physical contact, to your giddy rambling about...something? He can't hear past the buzzing in his ears and just nods along
Hyper aware that you are sitting in his lap still. Attempting to control himself...and failing.
"U-uhhh, can y-you please move? Like, off of me? I c-can get you a chair,"
You comply, and he calms down for a second. He's not complaining but why would you -
an internet trend? Ortho told you to?
....Idia doesn't know if he should thank his brother or scold him.
Ortho Shroud (PLATONIC!)
Little Ortho meets you half way! You do not get to jump because he sees your arms open for a hug and does not waste a moment
With you basically being one of his best friends (and hopefully second sibling. Ortho is rooting for his big bro to win your heart!) he loves your hugs
When you ruffle his hair after letting go, his eyes crinkle into the cutest little upturned crescents and he laughs
"You know...I bet brother would love one of your hugs! You should go surprise him!"
Diasomnia Dorm
Malleus Draconia
Child of man, what a wonderful surprise?
You are fulfilling this man's fantasy. You know the phrase 'looking through rose-colored class'?
You're running towards him and he's watching like it's an early 2000s AMV on Youtube
Or like a Tik Tok edit. You know the ones
Drops everything. AND I MEAN EVERYTHING
It is like this man loses all sense of his surroundings. Lovesick fool.
Opens his arms wide with a soft smile, and when you jump he barely flinches. Your arms wrap around his shoulders and legs around his waist. One of his arms holds the small of your back, and the other your rear. He...well, yes he is aware and is doing it on purpose. Our prince isn't uhm...well, he is a man. A gentlemen, but still a man nonetheless.
"What a welcome greeting. Are you comfortable? I would like to remain this way for longer, if you do not mind"
He holds you tight with his head comfortably buried in between your neck and shoulder. Malleus lightly kisses the fabric of your uniform blazer, before returning to his prior activities like nothing is amiss
Lilia Vanrouge
...I guess? It's complicated.
You come at this bat from behind in an attempt to surprise him
He's not that old, y'know. Lilia senses you trailing him the moment you begin. Then again, he always knows when you're within a five mile radius.
What? Is it really so bad for him to seek out the object of his affections? Anyone else would do the same. It's not like he's being a creep about it...you just have a unique presence.
He is also well versed in internet trends. Lilia can't help but humor you. He walks around unknowing and occasionally snickering. Some question what he finds so humorous, and he waves them off with a cheeky grin
He senses your intent to attack, and doesn't turn around when you call his name. You jump at him from behind and koala hug his back
If it weren't for the hands holding your calves, you'd think him ignorant.
'Lilia? Lilia~ Hello? Are you already deaf so soon-'
Faster than you can comprehend, he spins you around to face him and pecks your lips
"Why hello there, my dear. Care to finish that sentence?"
Sebeck Zigvolt
Does not catch you. He initially thought you were aiming for Malleus, and stood in front of his superior to protect him
Oh he should have known! Betrayal! You have betrayed him!
...why are you calling his name? WHY ARE YOU LAUGHING?
Oh seven it's one of your pranks again, isn't it? Whya re you always doing such-
When you yell for him to catch you, Sebeck does so without a second thought
but he fails. His offensive stance wasn't fit for taking the imbalance of weight, and he couldn't get a stable grip on you
Gravity pulls him forwards on a path where his weight would crush you
So Sebeck quickly wraps one of his hands around the back of your head, and flips so he takes the impact instead
"Have you gone mad?! I genuinely cannot fathom what is going on in your brain anymore. Who put you up to this? What if you had been injured? What if you injured Lord Malleus?....stop laughing and listen to me!"
Do not startle a man with a sword.
Once again, do NOT startle a man with a SWORD.
Silver catches you. Easily. He also thinks it is absolutely adorable that you trust him enough to do so.
It's just that you could have warned him. Y'know, considering that he is armed and trained to draw his weapon at the slightest sign of a threat :)
Lucky for you, Silver is high-key vigilant since he has a tendency to doze off to dreamland. He sensed your presence but couldn't pinpoint where...
Imagine his surprise when you jump down from above :) The hell do you think you are, his father?
On instinct he reaches out and catches you in a bridal carry. Your rear knocks against the sword hanging at his side, and with a grunt he places you down on the floor to check for injury
"While I love spending time with you, can you please use the door next time? For my sanity?"
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wolken-himmel · 2 days
In which Jade and Floyd drag (Y/n) to the Octavinelle dorm in the middle of the night. Why? Azul is suffering from an especially bad nightmare.
Upon waking up, the prefect is there to comfort him.
Request by @yourlovelyyves.
Tumblr media
"Good evening, (Y/n)."
A velvety voice eased you out of your peaceful slumber, much to your utter dismay. The night had been silent and void of any disturbances prior. Without much effort, you swatted away at the hand that latched into your arm. The assailant remained persistent however, which drew an annoyed grumble from your lips.
"Hm... go back to sleep, Grim," you muttered under your breath. Even after you had rolled onto your other side, the fingers wouldn't cease poking your side.
A disgruntled sigh escaped your lips, you slowly forced your eyes to flutter open. Your eyelids were as heavy as lead and puffy with sleepiness. Yet, all that drowsiness vanished as soon as your eyes met a bright pair of heterochromatic ones.
"Peek-a-boo! It's me! Floyd." A large grin was etched onto his face.
By then, your eyes were as wide as saucers and threatened to fall out of their sockets. Miraculously, you managed to keep the beginnings of a scream in the back of your throat. Adrenaline rushed through your veins. How could it not? Two large shadows loomed over your bed, only the outlines of their sharp features lit by the moon light.
Unmistakably, these shadows were Floyd and Jade.
"Uh... what are you two doing here?" you asked and rubbed your eyes awkwardly. "It's like... 3 AM right now."
"It's a long story," Jade began. Without any regard for your comfort whatsoever, he deftly snatched the blanket off your body. "We shall explain on the way."
A shriek escaped your lips. Without wasting any time, your drowsy limbs tried to regain possession of your blanket. But, with his height and long arms, you failed miserably. His brother merely laughed at your feeble attempt and uncoordinated struggling. "Can't it wait until tomorrow?" you grumbled under your breath. The last weaves of warmth fled you by now. "I really need my sleep..."
Floyd clicked his tongue playfully. "I get it, shrimpies need their beauty sleep. We respect that, but we also kinda don't. And this is an emergency, anyway." Without allowing you to answer, he extended his hands and tried to grab you. "So c'mere, Shrimpy." A silly chuckle escaped his lips while he moved in on you.
"Let go of me!" you wailed when he wrapped his arms around you. Without breaking a sweat, he hauled you into the air and threw you over his shoulder. "I need my sleep!"
Floyd rolled his eyes at your antics. "I need my sleep, too. It's a win-win if you just come with us!"
In a split second, you were by the door of your bedroom. A panicked flash adorning your face, you screamed out, "Grim, help! Grim—" Outside, even the crows nestled in their trees perked up and escaped into the distance.
However, your cat friend merely rolled onto his other side. His paws greedily grabbed the blanket all for himself. "Go back to sleep, (Y/n)..." he mumbled and hid his ears beneath the thin pillow.
You clicked your tongue in disappointment. By then, the exhaustion was starting to settle in: all the screaming was draining your small energy reservoir incredibly quickly. "Great..." you grumbled under your breath. Once you had exited the Ramshackle dorm, your tired body went limp in defeat.
Jade simply sighed after a while. "It's because of Azul."
Jade chuckled but shook his head. "No, not really. He somehow is having a lot of nightmares lately. Sadly, his yelling impacts our ability to sleep, as well."
You perked up at his words, and your eyes lit up in worry. "You could have told me earlier instead of dragging me out of my bed without any explanation." Although you pursed your lips, you eventually decided to let it go. A soft sigh escaping your lips, you continued, "So, what's wrong with Azul? Don't tell me he fell asleep at his desk again..."
A yawn escaped his brother's lips. "I get all cranky if I don't get my sleep..." Floyd complained under his breath.
"And what am I supposed to do?"
"Well, we're bringing you with us because he always calls out to you during his nightmares," Jade explained after the three of you had passed through the mirror to arrive at the Octavinelle dorm. "Sometimes it's 'Floyd, don't eat me!' but mostly it's your name, prefect."
Floyd hummed along while you entered the dorm building. "So, we did the only reasonable and logical thing: drag you out of your bed and carry you all the way to our dorm," he chimed proudly. How he managed to procure the strength to carry you despite his tiredness, you would never understand. He dragged you up a winding pair of stairs until you three arrived in front of one particular door.
When you were finally set down again, you let out a satisfied breath. Your tired limbs regained a little bit of life as you stretched and popped your joints back into place. "I'm not sure if I can help him, but I'll try..." you said after a while. The twins eagerly opened the door for you and ushered you inside.
"Work your magic, Shrimpy!"
When light flooded the room, your eyes immediately fell on the figure in the grand bed — none other than Azul. He was thrashing and whimpering. The sight caused your heart to sink in worry. Your feet moved on their own, and you quickly found yourself by his bed side.
"Azul? Whats wrong?" you asked and put his hand on his shoulder.
Your voice seemed to have a soothing effect on him, but he nonetheless continued to roll around in discomfort. "Hm... Floyd, get away from me..." he cried out and hid his head beneath his pillow in what seemed like fear. "Don't eat me..."
You wanted to laugh, you really did — but doing so would have been insensitive. Whatever nightmare he was having, it must have been really bad. His entire body was shaking beneath the blanket.
"Azul? Come on, wake up..." you whispered and squeezed his shoulder softly. "It's me, (Y/n)."
That somehow did the trick. At once, he bolted up until his back was as straight as a candle. His eyes were ripped wide open, and his shoulders heaved up and down. "Please, Floyd, I'm just an innocent octopus! Stop nibbling at my tentacles!" he yelled and clutched his pillow tightly.
"Azul!" You grabbed his shoulders in an attempt to pull him back to reality.
His wide eyes returned to their normal size as soon as he noticed your presence. Much to your relief, his body stopped shaking. The fear on his face was now replaced by utter confusion. "Hm? Wait, what are you doing in my room, prefect?" the dorm leader asked awkwardly.
The corners of your lips quirked upwards into an amused smile. "Floyd and Jade brought me here because you were having reoccurring nightmares," you explained while rubbing soothing circles onto his back.
"Tsk, you missed all the good parts," Floyd exclaimed and began cackling. "Azul was fussing about you before he switched to bad-mouthing me. What did he blabber? Stuff like 'Oh, oh! (Y/n), I like you so much!' Right, Jade?"
"I don't seem to recall, brother dearest." An innocent grin graced Jade's lips.
You returned your attention to Azul, whose face was as red as a beet by now. His eyes never met yours. "Well, since you seem pretty fine..." you said between coughs, "I should return to my dorm."
"Thanks for checking up on me..." Azul muttered quietly. "It must have been a long way to the Octavinelle dorm."
Just as you were about to tell him how the twins had dragged you all the way to his room, you noticed their pressing glares. Your instincts told you that perhaps it was better to not tell him all the details. And you had to admit, the grateful smile on his lips somehow made your heart flutter.
"Yeah..." you said and rose to your feet. "No problem."
"Isn't Shrimpy the nicest?" Floyd asked and slung his arm around your shoulder. "Also, Azul! You got my taste buds all wrong. I'd prefer shrimp over octopus every day."
A shiver ran down your spine. "Stop it, before I get nightmares too..."
"You should lock your doors," Jade chirped. "His appetite can be insatiable at times."
You didn't think that Azul's cheeks could have turned even more red. But at this point, he was as red as Riddle's hair. And you swore he looked like he was about to explode. A long sigh escaped his lips, and he buried his face in his hands. The embarrassment he exuded was almost tangible.
"(Y/n), I must apologise for their bad humour and the inconvenience..."
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rose-the-witch1 · 2 days
hi hi~ i hope u have a great day~~
May i request a Vampire au with octa trio tho? instead of them being a vampire, it’ll be the reader who’s a vampire also a sweetheart and kind one? 👀
Sure thing! Hope this is okay!!
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
At first he doesn't realize that you're a vampire.
Like, even when you smile at him he just assumes your teeth are Like That
But then when you start carrying an umbrella around in the daytime and you don't show up in any mirrors, he honestly questions you a lot
Then he gets the grand idea of trying to hire you for the Mostro Lounge, because a vampire attracts freaks who are into vampires
When you turn him down he's bitter for a bit but he lets it go
He'll offer to buy you a new umbrella if yours ever breaks
He also respects your kindness and tries to help you with keeping away from human blood in any way that he can
If you ask him if you can feed on him he'll get extremely flustered
But he'll reluctantly oblige, albeit being very squeamish
The feeling feels rather nice to him though, and if you're his s/o he'll let you do it more often
Also very curious about you and your habits since he's never met a vampire before
Generally loves you and loves being around you!
Jade Leech
Figured it out immediately when you got sunburn for the first time
He found it amusing, honestly, but he'll swarm you with questions about vampire stereotypes
Overall though he finds you very cute, I like to think he loves vampires
He uses your lack of reflection to freak people out, like in the hall of mirrors you don't show up in any of them and it gives folks the creeps
If you ask to feed on him he will happily oblige
But if you're his s/o he will not hesitate to bite back
If you get flustered by that he will call you out on it
He'll also wake you up if you start falling asleep in class
Pretty much adores your kindness and vampire mannerisms
Floyd Leech
Pretty much found out after making a joke
"Hey Floyd, do you want my French bread pizza? I can't have garlic" "What're you, Shrimpy, a vampire?" "Yes actually"
Congratulations, you've been upgraded from shrimpy to vampire squid!
Not as curious as the other two, but he does find some of your abilities funny
Especially whenever you turn into a bat
"Vampire squid can fly without a broom! That's so cool!"
Feedings are uncommon with him but when you do feed off him he's extra giggly and woozy because he lets you take as much as you need
As his s/o he is prone to more giggle fits after feeding because he finds your fangs tickle
In this state he'll just gush about you being cute and wanting to kiss you
Sometimes takes your kindness for granted but he'll make up for it with little gifts like snacks
You're his cute little vampire squid, what can he say?
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siren-serenity · 2 days
ingame voicelines
what would they say about you? would they murmur sweet compliments or chuckle at your silly mistakes? in which yuu asks these strange students of night raven college about you: and is surprised to find out that they have lovers?
characters: riddle rosehearts, leona kingscholar, azul ashengrotto, rook hunt, gn!reader warnings: reader is not yuu! a/n: feedback is appreciated!
Tumblr media Tumblr media
"have you seen y/n around? they promised me that they would have tea with me around this time...oh? they had to stay back to help professor crewel? *chuckle* i always knew my king of hearts was very studious but still..."
"no! yuu, don't sit there! rule 29 of the queen of hearts, only the king of hearts can sit on the right side of the queen! phew, you almost broke a rule. i didn't want to have your head, not during the unbirthday party."
"oh, hello yuu! 'why am i smiling?' you asked? well, *blushes* my king just came to wish me good luck for my riding competition before pinning their good-luck brooch onto my outfit. i'm so blessed to have them..."
Tumblr media
"grrr, hey. herbivore. if you see y/n around, tell them to come to their king. i can't sleep without them.....why are you laughing?"
"hm? you asked why did i ask ruggie to get me two sandwiches instead of one? y/n's joining me today to play a round of chess. they've been insisting on spending quality time as a couple, tch. they're so sweet........you heard me? no, you didn't."
"*sigh* the one time i actually want to go to class and i'm being hounded by a curious herbivore...what do you want, yuu? *listens* hmm? i'm gonna go to class because y/n's in it. now, move. they're waiting for me and i have no intentions of keeping them waiting."
Tumblr media
"who is y/n? oh, they were someone who i made a deal with in the past. why do you look so worried, yuu? do not fear, i hold y/n too close in my heart to hurt them."
"terribly sorry but i cannot permit you to sit there...why? my beloved adores sitting there, staring into mostro's aquarium while doing their homework is one of their favorites...i cannot allow anyone else to take away their happiness."
"when did i meet y/n? let's see...it was during our childhood. we grew up together; y/n always defended me from my bullies like my knight in shining armor. i still cannot believe that they stayed with me through everything even going as far to joining me at the surface and enrolling in night raven college together. *lovesick smile* oh, what did i do to deserve them?"
Tumblr media
"yuu! what a glorious day it is today- hmm? what does 'amour de ma vie' mean? *snickers* your pronunciation is so cute, but needs some work, mon ami! amour de ma vie means love of my life..."
"what do i love about them? why, i could go on for centuries! their smile is like the sun; it gives me life and reasons to live. i could never go a day without seeing their beautiful face caressed by the morning dawn nor could i go a day without seeing their peaceful expression as they slumber into the evening night. *sees yuu's taken-aback expression and laughs* apologies, yuu. i could never shut up when it comes to mon amour."
"excuse me, yuu! please step aside for a moment. *prepares his bow and arrow to fire* don't fear! i'm simply sending an arrow of love to mon amour...*fires before smiling at a shocked yuu* don't worry, the arrow is enchanted to not hurt them, it's a spell of protection from their beloved hunter...*smiles dreamily* i wonder how they shall reply! *arrow fires back, nearly hitting yuu but rests in a grinning rook's hand. he reads it before dashing away but not before shouting over his shoulder* goodbye, mon ami! mon cheri awaits me!"
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oepionie · 1 month
Synopsis: The octotrio don't really take kindly to having their alone time with you interrupted.
Characters: Azul Ashengrotto, Jade Leech , Floyd Leech x GN! Reader
Tags: Suggestive because oh wow that's a lot of kissing, Azul forms a Crowley hate club, Crewel being an overprotective dad in Jade's part, Floyd annoys you (lovingly)
Word Count: 2k+ | 💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
Azul seldom had days off; he was usually dedicated to his office, checking work and finalizing deeds he'd made over the week. Like now, he's busier than ever, especially with the holiday season approaching. You usually would've helped him out if it weren't for Crowley…
The headmaster, ever so generous and kind, was making you run errands for him more than usual. Both of you were so swamped with work that you hadn't seen one other in weeks.
Deciding to take things into their own hands, Jade and Floyd approached you, trying to garner your pity by telling you how 'pathetic' and 'antsy' their boss had gotten during your absence. Floyd amped up the theatrical performance by throwing himself over your shoulder and sobbing crocodile tears over the 'inhumane work conditions' he's been put through. (Azul made him work 10 minutes longer).
To the eel's delight, their terrible acting actually worked and it convinced you to check up on your poor unfortunate little octopus.
You entered Azul's office, carrying a platter of pastries and tea. He was slouched against his chair, reading paperwork in a position that was bound to strain his neck and back.
"Oh, Angelfish?" As you set the tray on a coffee table, Azul stands to greet you. You don't miss how his face lights up when you walk towards him.
"How are you?" You ask, wrapping your arms around his waist while his hands reach up to cup your cheeks. The leather of gloves felt cool against your skin and you sighed happily, closing your eyes.
"Busy, as usual…" Azul muttered and let you guide him to one of the couches in his office. He plopped down onto the chair and groaned in exhaustion, sinking into the velvet plush cushions. "If I have to read another one of those pathetic deals from these Savanaclaw students, I think I'm gonna have a stroke."
Azul's eyes bore into yours, his lips curling into a bitter frown. "It's been nearly a month since we last saw each other…"
"I know. Crowley's been making me work my ass off these days." You smiled apologetically, moving in to press a fleeting kiss against his temple. Azul grumbled, his eyes briefly glancing over the pile of deals atop his desk. There was a mischievous gleam in his eyes as he looked up at you.
"Angelfish. You know I can easily fix that problem for you, no?" Azul spoke lowly, adjusting his gloves with a dark look on his face. Immediately, you shook your head. "No making deals with Crowley."
"Alright, no deals…but say the word and I'll gladly take care of it." Azul muttered, crossing his arms and pushing his glasses up. You chuckled and bent forward to peck his lips in thanks.
However, it seems that Azul missed you more than you thought. You should've known that someone as greedy as Azul wasn't going to be satiated by a small kiss like that. Before you could back away his hand clasped over your waist, pulling you back in. Gasping, you slid into his lap and he immediately fused his lips against yours.
"Stay." He mouths against your lips as both his hands move to grip your waist. Azul kisses you again and again, only giving you a few seconds to recover. Feeling lightheaded, you pulled away trying to catch your breath.
"Azu-" Before you could even get a word out, he kisses you again, this time with more passion. The ferocity of it all causes your head to spin as your hands become entangled in his white hair. It was almost as if he hadn't kissed you in ages, as if it was his first time seeing you in years. His tongue darts across your bottom lip, prompting you to part your lips.
"Knock Knock." Floyd's voice echoed through the closed door, and Azul jolted. He pulled away from you, his gaze moving to the tweels who were most likely standing behind the door.
"Oi Azul, there's some guy out there lookin' for ya. He's calling you 'Mr Ashengrotto'. What a weirdo."
"Floyd. Doesn't saying 'knock knock' defeat the purpose of knocking?" Jade's muffled voice spoke.
"Didn't ask. Don't care."
You watch Azul glare at the door, cursing under his breath, clearly irritated that his private time with you had been disturbed. He considered just directing the client to return another day. However, it seems that you've decided to make that decision for him.
"You heard them." Pulling him up, you fixed the collar to his uniform and combed his hair back into place. Teasingly, you ran your thumb over his lips.
"Don't keep them waiting, Mr Ashengrotto."
Tumblr media
Wiping the table down, you made sure to get every small spec of dust off of the metal surface. It was late at night and you were helping Jade close the lounge up for his shift.
You were concentrated and hard at work, determined to finish the job properly. Jade, on the other hand, found himself marvelling at the unusual sight of you in his dorm's uniform.
Azul had given you an Octavinelle dorm uniform that was tailored and custom-made specifically for you.But of course, nothing ever came for free when it involved the capitalist octopus.
It was intended to be used for promotional purposes. You were Ramshackle's prefect and the magicless human trapped in a mage school, it's no question that you had a lot of attention thrown your way. It was only natural that his boss would exploit such popularity.
Such a stark difference from your normal outfit. You were usually seen wearing the school uniform issued specially for your shabby dorm, paired with the expensive high-end designer fur coat Crewel gifted you.
To put it short, you appeared much more lovely than usual.
So, was it really his fault when he drew you behind the bar and began kissing you silly? Oh darling pearl, of course not.
"Jade-" You gasp against his lips when his weight starts to push on you. Your back collides with one of the stools, leaving you with little choice but to settle down atop the bar counter.
He swiftly hoists you up over the table, allowing you to sit snugly as you wrap your legs around his hips; he does all this without ever pulling his lips away.
“J-Jade we have a job to finish." You panted but Jade had no intention to stop. He steps back to assess your reaction, a sadistic grin spread across his face.
The eel was gentle when he manoeuvred you to lay down against the table, but the look and gleam in his eyes said otherwise.
"Oya, I fear something much more interesting has taken my attention." He nips at your lips, recapturing them with hardly a second to breathe between each one, his hands sliding up your hips to hold you in place.
"How could I not indulge myself when the most exquisite shining pearl is within my grasp?" Jade whispers.
The merman starts pulling his gloves off and loosening his tie. He returned for another open-mouthed kiss. It seemed as though he just couldn't get enough of you. Every breathy kiss he drew from you felt like waves pulling him under, luring him to continue and drown himself in your love again and again.
Sadly, all wonderful things must come to an end.
"Leech. Hands off my pup." You nearly slipped off the counter when you heard a familiar stern voice call out for you. You spun around, gasping, to discover Crewel standing by the door. His face distorted into an unsightly sneer as he peered at Jade.
"Pup. I believe you forgot but we have a shopping appointment today." Embarrassed, you quickly bowed your head and kept your head down. Why. Why on earth couldn't the ground just swallow you whole right now?
All suave and smooth, Jade took a step back and picked you up. Yelping, you held onto his biceps, head spinning from the sudden movement. Jade merely chuckled and lowered you back down onto the ground.
Crewel storms up to you, your fur coat in hand. He drapes the coat over your torso, fussing over your unkempt appearance. The man turns to throw Jade another scathing look, silently cursing the eel under his breath.
Despite your embarrassed and mortified state, Jade crouches down and whispers to you. "I'll get back to you later, my pearl."
Tumblr media
Huffing, you stormed out of the classroom with a towering eel hot on your trail. Before you could even round the corner, Floyd threw his arms over your shoulders and leaned his entire body against yours.
"Floyd! Get off! I'm still upset at you after that stunt you performed earlier!" You grumbled, your knees wobbling from trying to withstand his weight.
Floyd doesn't say anything and just slithers his arm around your waist, his teeth affectionately nibbling the exposed flesh of your neck. His annoyingly handsome face was plastered with a smug smile. He knew he was a menace, and he was proud of it.
Professor Trein's lectures were absurdly long, and you can imagine how bored the eel gets during his classes. The issue is that he's decided to turn you into his new source of entertainment. He kept poking you with a pencil, handing you tiny messages on crumpled notebook paper, and kicking you with his foot. The eel had even sneakily placed his hand on your thigh at one point, drawing patterns and words with his fingertips while pretending to listen to the lecture.
You squirmed and tried to shake your way out of his grasp. Your lover snorted at your pitiful escape attempts and tightened his grip on you.
"Neh~ Shrimpy, this hallway isn't my vibe at all. Let's go somewhere else!" Floyd pulls you into an empty classroom, kicking the door shut. He pushed you against a desk, slamming his hands on either side of you.
All of a sudden, his mood changes. The eel leans down to murmur into your ear, his breathy voice sending shivers up and down your spine.
“That class was so boringg. I can't help it that shrimpy's squirming is much more entertaining~” Floyd laughs, nudging his head against your cheek.
That little nudge was all that it took to get you to lower your guard, allowing him to strike and press his lips on yours.
Floyd's hands raked themselves up your back, his thumb rubbing circles onto the nape of your neck. He gave you one final kiss while grinning before stepping back to give you some room to breathe.
“Hm~? I thought you were still mad at me.” Floyd says as you lean in to chase his lips. You clicked your tongue and grabbed his collar, pulling him close to your face. This time, you take the lead and Floyd eagerly follows suit with a giddy smile on his face.
The loving moment between you two lasts for a few minutes before the door to the classroom slams open.
"Floyd! I've been calling your phone for the last hour!" Both Azul and Jade appeared. Azul looked as if he just ran a marathon, his flushed skin having a faint red tint to it. Jade was as composed as ever and stood behind the octoboss, sending you and his brother a knowing look.
“So what?” Floyd blinks, indifferent to Azul's anger. He just truly doesn’t find anything wrong about skipping his job and showering you with some love and affection.
"What do you mean 'so what'!? You promised me you would take the morning shift! We agreed on this!" Azul scolded, banging his fist against the door. But with his face twisted up like he'd just swallowed a lemon, it was hard to take him seriously.
"I don't want to gooo…" Floyd wailed as he sat down with you on the floor. He collapsed on the ground and drew you into his arms, ignoring Azul's shouts. You cuddled against him, sighing, for there was no way out.
This was your fate.
Tumblr media
Likes and Reblogs are greatly appreciated and really motivating on my end!
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renxholics · 1 month
Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ❝ 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐆 ! ❞
﹟azul : jade : floyd : x gn!reader. no cw/tw. soft blurbs of calling them pretty, because they are your pretty boy. established relationship. absolutely not proofread.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ straddling the waist of your beloved octomer boyfriend, you couldn’t help but stare at his face, admiring every bit of it. his gorgeous eyes, his hair tickling his face, his kissable lips with his little beauty mark, all of it were beautiful to you. as he gulped under your gaze, you could imagine his mind worriedly racing with thoughts, assuming untrue and foolish self-loathing things about himself again. “you’re my pretty boy, please don’t think so little of yourself, Azul,” you hummed, smiling gently at him as he lets out a cough, unsure if he had heard you correctly. “what?” he squeaked out, cheeks adorning a red shade as he tries to look you in the eyes but finds himself gazing at the floor. a part of him hoped his misheard you, but the other much more selfish part of him hoped what he heard was right, and was the genuine truth. “pretty boy,” you repeat again, a little louder this time while brushing his hair behind his ear as you press your forehead against his, fingers tracing his bottom lip as he parts it slightly, his cheeks burning even hotter than before as his eyes meet your’s again. too close, he thinks, even if the two of you were dating what gave you the right to fluster him and make him feel so special? “you’re so pretty i wonder how you don’t get it. i guess i’ll have to make you realize it myself.” before he could respond to your praise, he finds his fingers in your hair as the two of you close your eyes, exchanging many kisses.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “you’re so pretty when you smile like that, especially when you show me your teeth,” you uttered out, fork digging into your pasta as you twirled it, “i also love the way your eyes light up when you talk about what you love,” you continued, blowing on it as your boyfriend paused mid sentence by your sudden comment, staring at you wide eyed and mouth agape. swallowing your bite, you look up to see for the very first time a genuine look of shock on Jade’s face, startled by your choice of words. “are you alright, Jade?” You asked as he regained his usual composure. “i am quite alright. it’s just you never seem to fail to amuse me no matter how much time passes,” he replied as you laugh a little, putting your cutlery down and wiping your lips with a napkin before getting up from your seat, choosing to move into his arms as you wrap your hands around his neck. “neither do you,” you hummed, giving him a kiss right underneath his eye as you rub your thumb across his cheek. “you’re such a pretty boy, my pretty boy. i’m so lucky to have you and to be able to listen to you talk about what you love.” with zero hesitation, one of his hands captured your free one, the other against the crevice of your back pulling you closer to him, lips meeting your’s in a slow and passionate kiss. truly, no one but you could make him feel like this, prefect.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ it only took a few seconds of entering monstro lounge for you to find yourself tackled into a huge hug by your boyfriend, him peppering kisses all over your face with little giggles, whining over how much he missed you since classes. “i’ve missed you too my pretty boy.” you cooed, squishing his cheeks between your fingers. the second what you said registered with him Floyd’s eyes lit up, nuzzling his face further into your palms as he squished you against him harder, eyes staring at you expectantly. “aww, does my pretty boy want more affection?” you ask teasingly, pressing a kiss against the tip of his nose and then onto his lips, deepening it before remembering just where you were. as soon as you pulled back your boyfriend’s eyes narrowed as though betrayed you’d suddenly stop as a pout formed on his lips. “i’ll give you all the kisses you want when your shift is done, alright?” you console him as he perks back up, grinning at you. “you better keep your word or i’ll squeeze you tight, shrimpy! remember, i’m your pretty boy.” he proudly said, dragging you to a table in his section where he could watch you sit and inevitably join you after ditching his shift.
Tumblr media
@𝐑𝐄𝐍𝐗𝐇𝐎𝐋𝐈𝐂𝐒 : no plagiarizing, reposting, or claiming as your’s.
following channels [tag list] : @h0n3ysgh0st : didn’t really have much time to write recently last month, sorry! here’s a quick update post while im working on the bigger ones! i haven’t written in awhile so i needed a proper warm-up!
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mlk082 · 2 months
Hii!! Can I request octavinelle + leona seeing yuu sleeping with a stuffed octopus/eel/lion? Maybe they think it's cute or maybe they get a tad jealous lmao, just thought it was a fun idea either way :) your work always brings a smile to my face!! Thank you for all you write and I hope ur having a wonderful day <333
Sleeping with a Stuffy - Octavinelle & Leona
Rolls his eyes.
This is no different from the time you got an octopus hat.
Or the t-shirt with an octopus based pun on it.
Or even the time you were mad at him, so you purposely came to the lounge for Takoyaki which Floyd offered, for FREE.
This "stuffy" is cute and more civilized, though.
Azul hadn't seen you all day, and you must've been tired. The lounge had just closed, and he came to visit you at Ramshackle.
He didn't want to barge in, but he knew you were sleeping this late, and there was a key under the plant outside.
The octopus stuffy was so small and cute, he wondered why you would cuddle that thing. Azul certainly has more body heat than a fuzzy little toy.
The next morning when Azul calls you childish, you flip the stuffy so it's frowning instead of smiling.
Wants to take a photo of you sleeping with it. Is that weird?
It's very endearing actually. How you're sleeping with a stuffed animal, curled in the sheets.
Carefully sits next to you on the bed and starts tucking your hair behind your ear. He doesn't want it blocking your face.
Turns his phone off after possibly taking a photo. He doesn't want to wake you up.
Watches you sleep for a while with a soft smile.
Carefully gets up to pull the chair from your desk next to the bed, and read.
When he starts to see you stir awake, he quietly excuses himself to make tea. When he comes back, he finds you rubbing your eyes and slowly sitting up.
The smell of earl grey is strong as he sets it on the night table, and kisses your forehead.
"If you missed me, you should have called. I'm more cuddly than a stuffy."
Straight up takes it away from you.
Tugs it out of your arms and throws it somewhere.
Is mad you're sleeping with another eel. HOW DARE YOU!
The only eel that needs your attention would be FLOYD.
He's more cuddly than the stuffed toy and he can prove it.
Scootches you over in your own bed to make room for himself.
"I'm the only eel for you."
Bites you to prove it. "My shrimpy."
Smirks and shakes his head.
God dammit, why are you like this?
First of all, you should have found him to nap, second of all, he is so making fun of you for this.
"Aww, baby needed a stuffed animal to sleep? Yeah? Do you want a bedtime story too?" upon waking up
Doesn't let you sleep with it ever again. And if you ever are sleepy, you better text him. Any chance to get out of class, he will.
God forbid you sleep in class and bring that thing with you. He will literally move away from you that is so embarrassing.
Tsks at you even buying it.
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tezret · 8 months
How An Actual Healthy Relationship Is
You/Reader, finally getting invited to a dorm leader meeting: I made Azul scream last night
Leona: What the fuck
You/Reader: screamed real loud
Vil: What the FUCK
You/Reader: bet no one's made him scream like I did
Idia, pissed: [Name], please, we really don't need to know
Azul, who absolutely did not appreciate being pulled off his bed by his feet at 3 am after watching Paranormal Activity alone with the lights off in order to win a bet against you, which in hindsight was probably just the first part of a very elaborate, mean joke: THEY REALLY DON'T NEED TO KNOW
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writingseaslugs · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Oh wow Slug, what do you do when you’re bored at work? Clearly I make fictional texts posts because I remember I had this app. This is pure crack and I can’t take myself seriously.
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random-twst-things · 2 months
Twst housewarderns as romantic quotes I found
Characters include: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, and our beautiful malleus
Tw: Tooth rotting fluff (?)
Authors note: These love poems and quotes can vary from TV shows, movies, or just poems written by poem writers.
Tumblr media
Ngl, I was blushing while finding one for him, 🧍🏽‍♀️
I feel like he really tries to be romantic for you
And he just wants you to know that he really does love you
"You are my heart, my life, my one and only thought."
-Arthur Conan Doyle, The White Company
Tumblr media
He can be a real romantic if he really wants to be
"I fell in love the way you fall asleep: slowly, and then all at once."
-John Green, The Fault in Our Stars
But, if he isn't trying to be REAL cheesy (his words not mine), I think he may say this instead?
"I love you. You annoy me more than I ever thought possible. But I want to spend every irritating minute with you."
Tumblr media
*inhales* This man right here is gonna show you how much he loves you (which is A LOT)
“and if the devil was to ever see you, he’d kiss your eyes and repent.”
-Farouq Jwaydeh
I feel like he could relate to this poem because deep down, he knows he isn't the best man or person
Tumblr media
This guy is so sweet omg
He just IDK!?
This is definitely his family he's referring to when he says "They" saw YOU
"I hadn't told them about you,
But they saw you bathing in my eyes.
I hadn't told them about you,
But they saw you in my written words.
The perfume of love cannot be concealed."
- Nizar Qabbani
Tumblr media
This beautiful man will tell you a beautiful poem
I have two types of poems, which I think he would say to you
"I'll be loving you, always woth a love that that's true"
- Patsy Cline, Always
Or maybe
"I wasn't expecting you. I didn't think that we would end up together. The single most extraordinary thing I've ever done with my life is fall in love with you. I've never been seen so completely, loved so passionately, and protected so fiercely. "
- Beth Pearson
Tumblr media
Yeah, he isn't gonna say this poem in person
He'll probably send it through text or smth
Still love him tho
"I'm scared of walking out of this room and never feeling the rest of my whole life the way I feel when I'm with you"
- Baby, Dirty Dancing
Tumblr media
*sighs dreamily* Malleus
they asked, "Do you love her to death?"
I said, "speak of her over my grave and watch how she brings me back to life"
- Mahmoud Darwish
This poem is him and he is this poem
You can't convince otherwise
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cursedcola · 5 months
Dorm leaders react to finding reader/yuu crying and overhear them say "I want to go home"?
A/N: Ah. Angst. My specialty lol. I am assuming you want imagine format? Hope so because that's what I am going with. Thank you for the request :)
Note: Idia's is so long. I went so overboard omg. I am sorry. I just think that he's neat.
Riddle Rosehearts
Riddle has seen many people cry, and unfortunately been the instigator for no small number of occurrences. Prior to turning over a new leaf, he was heinously blunt with his criticisms. Everyone knows this.
At the time he thought those people to be sensitive and naïve to the cruel ways of the world. They needed to toughen up!
That opinion lies in the past now. He was a prick. Riddle won't verbally acknowledge it but he knows. There is no need to bring it up because he is trying to change his ways
Key word: trying
You can't uproot years of bad habits and trauma overnight. He has his moments. From freaking out over students not studying, dress coding half the school, lecturing his friends on their diet....nothing too harsh, and no permanent harm done.
"This is not your world MC; 70% is unacceptable for a prefect to score on an exam. Slacking will not be tolerated! What kind of example are you setting for the other students?! Your grades reflect on the school!"
Perhaps he could have taken a moment to think and not let his emotions overcome him. Riddle knew how hard you studied; after all, you came to him for help many times. Each occasion he happily obliged and saw you progress using his study guides
It is why he wanted you to succeed. To show up with a perfect 100 that would be celebrated over sweets
Instead you arrived apprehensive and hiding your test behind your back. Already fragile and he-...goodness.
He sent you off running
Likely to go cower in the library and beat yourself up for disappointing him. Just like he used to do. Great Sevens he is an asshole. Ace is definetly going to rip him to shreds or at least throw his tea collection into the pond
After a brief rest to wash his face in the restroom, Riddle goes to the library and his heart shatters at the sound of sniffles from behind a particularly large stack of books.
"I can't do this anymore...this is too hard...he's right...he's right...he's right...I want to go home"
Sweat pools at his chin and his hands clench into tight, clammy fists. After hearing that, Riddle can't bring himself to interrupt and stands on the other side of the books, silent, and with his head down
He always felt regret and frustration after having an outburst - but all pale in comparison to the absolute shame and heartbreak hurting you has wrought
Leona Kingscholar
"Go home. It's past curfew"
And...no response. You are very lucky that Leona tolerates you, because ignoring him so flat-out would get you two nights in the slammer back where he comes from.
A goody-two-shoes like you never bends the rules, which is why Leona is curious to see you roaming the botanical garden so late. Not going to answer him? Now it's personal and he is your problem.
At first he opts to follow you around. Not for any particular reason, and merely because he wanted to find out if you stashed any secrets in the area
His patience runs thin as you walk up to every plaque and study each plant. You can't seriously be out here at this hour for a botany lesson, can you? Why not do this during the day
Each time you study a plant your mood seems to sour further. For absolutely no reason, at least from Leona's perspective. Not unless you have beef with the flora and fauna - which is impossible. Maybe. He really doesn't know what to expect from you anymore.
Eventually curiosity grows to concern. He's kept himself entertained, following you and leaving commentary once in a while. Yet he can't help but be creeped out with how you move around like a zombie.
With one plant left, he observes as you once again ignore him to examine it...only to let it go and sit on the floor in disappointment.
"So...You're out of plants, what now?"
He doesn't expect an answer after an entire night of nothing.
"I guess I'll go 'home'...wherever that is"
"Finally talking to me, huh? The hell is wrong with you? Do you think it's safe to be out here this late?,"
"Safe? It's just as safe right now as it is during the day"
A part of him screams to shut up and end the conversation there. It's not his buisness and he can just pretend this night never happened.
"What's that supposed to mean?" He can't help it.
"It means that nothing here is like home. Not the buildings, or the people, or the food, not even the plants. You know, where I come from roses grow on bushes not trees. And I don't have to worry about the broom I sweep the kitchen with suddenly taking flight! I want to go home where shit is normal"
Okay. You got him. He definetly wasn't prepared for that level of a stress dump.
What's worse is that he can't comfort you. He wants to. Truth be told, watching you wander through the garden listlessly upset him more than he is willing to admit. Yet he can't do anything, because that level of homesickness is something no one can understand.
"...NRC doesn't store every kind of plant in this garden. We can check other areas tomorrow"
Azul Ashengrotto
"Ah! At last, my food critique is here," Azul glows, clapping his hands when you walk into the room, "The Headmaster has given the Monstro Lounge a great opportunity to market our buisness at the upcoming cultural fair. Our stall's menu must be perfect!"
Azul ushers you inside with a hand on the small of your back and leads you to a prepared table. Truth be told, he could easily taste the new menu items himself or have one of the tweels do it on his behalf. So long as it tastes good, it will sell, right?
Wrong. In exchange for a vendor's slot and location that will actually yield profits - Azul had to make this contract worth the Headmaster's time.
In short, he promised something "never seen before," that would fit the festival's theme. Naturally, he did not do this without a plan. He had one made long before approaching Crowley with the idea.
You. You are the plan. Azul was going to theme his stall off of your world. Neat, right? All he needs is for you to monitor his project for accuracy, which he has already half-succeeded in doing by luring you here to taste test a new menu
"Jade! Bring out the first item," Sweat drips from the side of Azul's head, his inner anxiousness getting the better of him. Perhaps he should have told you instead of making it a surprise? He only had a few dish ideas to build off of from the rare times you spoke of your childhood. Sourcing similar ingredients without any idea of how things should taste was a task in itself. What if he butchers it? Would you hate him?
Jade sets the first dish on the table, and you visibly straighten up in surprise. You eye him in confusion, as if to say 'where the heck did you learn to make this? How?' and he softly smiles, "Go on. Take a bite,"
And you do. You lift a piece of the dish to your face and smell the aroma before taking a bite. A moment of silence passes, and Azul thinks he may have just killed two birds with one stone. Literally. Death to any chance he had with you or with the festival.
"It...it's not quite the same," you stare at the dish in thought, suddenly solemn, "yet still similar. Nostalgic, even. Thank you for making this for me. Truly, thank you"
A mixture of emotions fill him as he signals for Jade to prepare the next plate. Should he take that as a good response? He failed in recreating the dish perfectly, yet you appear content. Sitting there, slowly finishing the meal bit by bit and cherishing every bite.
"You’re welcome. If it suits your taste, we can add this to our permanent VIP menu," he hovers near your side before laying a gloved hand on your shoulder, "just for you"
You reach to lay your hand on top of his, "I'd like that. Sometimes I want to go home, but this? It helps,"
At that, Azul steels himself. Not only would this dish be added to his menu, but he will personally learn how to make anything you every mention from your home. He would make you talk more, and hopefully find a way to carve a place for you in Twisted Wonderland where you will never have to want for somewhere else.
Kalim Al' Asim
"Is that really necessary?"
Kalim pauses - well, to be fair, everything pauses with a flick of his wrist. Dust rags mid-air, sponges amidst cleaning dishes, the broom sweeping the floor, and so the books that were rearranging themselves in alphabetical order.
He hadn't expected you home for hours. Did Ruggie lie to him about you watching spelldrive practice?
Kalim rubs the back of his neck bashfully, and flicks his wrist for everything else to resume motion.
"Oh, prefect! You're home early. I wanted to help you fix up this dorm in return for everything you have done for me! Do you like it?"
A wet mop flies over your head, " I..uhm..yes? Yes, it's very sweet of you to offer but do we really need magic for this? I could have helped," and nearly drenches you in dirty mop water, earning a grimace of disgust.
Kalim chuckles, waving you off and out of the kitchen. He felt bad for sneaking in to your home while you were away, but he wanted o surprise you! Which...also did not happen, but you said he was sweet for it and that is exactly when he decided to stop listening.
A mantra of 'they think I'm sweet!' plays in his head as he sends more tools to clean the house as you both talk.
He makes a joke about how cleaning is easy with magic, and that you can call on him whenever you need help around the dorms. He will happily do it on your behalf
Which...may not have been the best thing to say to a magicless prefect that has been busting their ass trying to survive and be independent in a world where they do not fit in.
Just a little bit insensitive.
Miniscule enough for Kalim not to understand why you're suddenly frustrated with him.
His brow furrows when you plop on the couch an bury your face in your hands with a frustrated sigh.
"Ugh...you just- you don't get it. I swear, all you magic folk wouldn't last a day where I come from...ugh, I want to go home already"
You say the last bit under your breath but he still heard it. Kalim is aware that sometimes he does get ahead of himself, and that he has clearly overstepped a boundary. Normally he is not so hasty, but with you? All he wanted was to do something nice, and his mind was clouded.
He knows better than to flaunt what he has in front of other people. Not everyone has magic or the free will himself and many other students here are lucky enough to have. You've been working hard to be seen for your efforts, and that's something he admires greatly.
One by one the tools fly back to storage for safe keeping. All aside from the broom, which flies into Kalim's open hand. He steps in front of you, and holds the other out to help you up.
"Sorry, hehe. That was rude of me. I still want to help, so can we try again? Your way this time?"
Vil Schoenheit
"What is that thing?"
He had not intended to sound so repulsed. Disgusted? Yes. Just a tad, but there is a fine line.
You quirk an eyebrow at his comment, and follow his line of vision to the make-shift bracelet on your wrist. It was nothing fancy. Just your old shoe-laces put into an adjustable braid.
You tell him as such, and Vil cannot fathom what compelled you to make such an eyesore. He catches himself this time and doesn't voice it as bluntly
But my dear, it completely throws off your uniform. Goodness it's worse than Ruggie's oversized vest that he refuses to tailor.
"They're sentimental and from the sneakers I had on before someone put me in the ceremonial coffin. I still don't know who changed my clothes; and frankly? Don't want to, but at least they left my stuff in there,"
Okay, he understands. A piece from your past is hard to let go of but do you seriously need to wear it around campus? It completely throws off your charm.
Vil has always had a nasty habit of imposing his standards onto others, and so for the rest of the week you find him constantly eying your bracelet whenever he is nearby.
He merely wants to snip it with some scissors, he thinks, ever so tempted one evening when painting your nails.
You are his soon to be lover. Well, once you ask him to be so. Then he will turn you down and ask you himself because (1) he is not one who seeks, but is one who is sought after and (2) he must always have the upper hand despite this mindset
Anyway. You cannot walk around with those dirty laces on your wrist. He cannot accept it despite trying to on multiple occasions.
His compulsion overtakes reasoning, and as your nails are drying he "accidentally" cuts the thin cord holding the laces together with cuticle scissors
Needless to say that you are upset. Much more so than Vil ever could have predicted, and he watches in guilt as you try to salvage the laces with various knots
"I am sorry, my potato. Allow me to get you a new bracelet - "
"There is no new bracelet, Vil. This is from my home. I...I want to go home. This is all I have left and I need to fix it!"
It is not every day that Vil feels regret for his actions. He convinced himself that he was doing you a favor by getting rid of the old thing, but really? He was being selfish and ignored your feelings for what he wanted
He pushes that down, choosing not to acknowledge his fault and silently takes the broken bracelet. With a few strategic knots he has it stable, but it'll take some extra loving to fix properly.
"We can go out tomorrow to get some supplies. With a few beads, I am certain that these pieces could bind a lovely necklace together!"
He will have to be honest about breaking it on purpose, but for now Vil is happy that you have calmed down and are satisfied with his solution. Part of him wants to decipher what you said; however, he'll set that aside and take heed from his previous mistake. Something is keeping you tied to your home, and if he wants you to stay then he'll have to create a stronger bond for himself and this world first.
Idia Shroud
What does he always tell you?
No, not that there is always a catch with 'f2p' games. Well - yes, he does say that but right now we are talking about the other thing
That the outside world sucks??? Hello??? He is essentially a broken record, repeating this every time Ortho or yourself try to get him to leave his room
Everything you need for survival can be acquired from one space. Need money? Work remote. Food? Delivery. Entertainment? Does he need to even -
Look. The point is made. Back on topic, Idia has enforced this time and time again. Yet you always insist on dragging him somewhere or going out on your own if he refuses. More often the latter, because you need to find him in a very special mood for him to go out anywhere physically. When you weren't as close, he would let you go off easily. It isn't his job to babysit you? Now though? He is a bit more 'tricky' on the topic.
Idia thrives on your attention. Absolutely adores it. When the CCTV picks you up as you bypass the Ignihyde security, his heart throbs because he knows that you have no other buisness here other than coming to see him or Ortho. Yet...he has issues being honest about this. Normally he'll be freaking out like a normie in his room until you knock, and then he speedily throws on his headset and pretends that he was in the middle of programming something important
Then you do your thing and "annoy," him with your "normie" talk. Tell him all about your day, joke around, play some games, maybe sneak out and get him stuff from the vending machine so he doesn't have to
And then it ends. Either it's late and you have to go home, or you have other plans to attend. Either way, you always extend an invitation for him to join. Just to get some fresh night air or go have some quality people time
As stated prior, at first he did not care. He'd let you go without a peep. Now? He has...ugh, emotional attachments *barf*. He hates knowing that you're leaving him to go have fun with other people, and he also is extremely uncomfortable with you walking alone at night. Did you not learn from what happened to him? Are you asking for a ghost to kidnap and take you as their bride/groom? He won't save you, y'know. He won't!
Needless to say, he is hella paranoid. More so about the second scenario than the first, because at least with other people you're just doing boring things like shopping.
So, Idia does what any sane person in his situation would do...and stalks you by hacking into NRC's security cameras. Just until you're in you’re home, safe, and he can relax. His intentions are pure and you haven't noticed yet. Why stop?
It's odd that on the night Idia begins to think his protective tendencies are unnecessary, that his anxiousness is justified
"What the f*ck?" He nearly growls, seeing three figures lurking outside his dorm, just beyond the entrance. Obviously not any of his students and seemingly waiting for someone.
His suspicions are proven right when you walk out the front door and one of them steps in your way. Idia thanks his past self for investing in high resolution cameras for his dorm, because he's easily able to get a clear picture of their face.
Unfortunately, audio recording is unethical (curse you Crowley) and he can't hear a word that they're saying - but it doesn't look good. Not from how you shrink backwards towards the front door, looking frantically for a way out. Sweat dribbles down Idia's neck as he debates what to do. He's not built for confrontation? But he's dorm leader, so isn't stopping this kind of stuff his job? Okay, but you're not a student of Ignihyde. Shit, you're his "friend" though. If he leaves you alone then why did he bother with all this in the first -
One of the figures grabs you by the collar, and Idia is out the door faster than Grimm when there's a can of tuna on the line. His desk chair left spinning in his wake as he bolts down the halls of his dorm
"Now listen here you little shit-"
"How about you listen ya filthy noob. I will give you three seconds,"
Idia throws open the front door an immediately pries the newly noted Savanaclaw student off you. His hair blazing double it's normal height and dark red, fueled by rage akin to what only Kingdom Hearts can evict from people. His eye begins to twitch just from looking at their false confidence fall apart. Of course, normies are all talk and no act when shit gets rough. What else did he expect?
"We have no buisness with you, shut-in. Butt out,"
"Three seconds. Leave or I will activate our military grade security systems,"
"Dude, you think we care?"
"Fine! Whatever! Don't think you're off the hook, prefect"
The title is spit out like a curse, and Idia nearly calls his newest project to chase after them ('Cerberus' Robotic doggos meant to deliver mail, but have an attack function. Why not?)
By the time they’re gone, Idia's thoughts begin to settle and his sense of self returns. He's outside, in his casual clothes with no shoes, there's a slight chill, and he's gripping something - or rather someone - tightly.
"Ah! I'msorryIdidn'tmeantotouchyou," he jumps back, his hair turning bright pink and hands shaking from what he did
You cough into your fist, "No prob. You didn't have to do that...I know you hate confrontation," your voice comes out shaky, and Idia's brain halts, "You're crying," he whispers in disbelief.
"What? No. Pssh. You seriously think that could shake me up? Have you seen the stuff I deal with daily?"
He is not convinced. If it were anyone else, he would have left. He can't handle this kind of stressful situation...then again, he normally can't handle confrontation either, but he just did so…
He sighs, inching closer "What...what did they say to you?" he can try. He might regret it, but he hasn't been rational all night.
Your eyes glaze over, likely reliving whatever conversation just took place before your eyes well up, "I know it's not true. I know. I know I can fit in somehow but I just want to go home. It would be so much easier if I could just go home,"
The last of your words are muffled by your hands as you frantically try to compose yourself. Idia doesn't need to hear more. He's intuitive. From what you've said and the way that student spoke your title...he gets it. Which is why he leads you back inside, lets you sleep in his bed, and prepares a special little surprise for those students with the camera footage from earlier. He was planning to stay awake playing video games, why not use his time more ‘productively’?
Idia stands by his words - the outside world sucks. Yet you know what sucks more? Pissing him off, and making one of the only people he has *barf* emotional attachments to, feel the need to leave him and go to another world to feel safe. There is a reason he was placed in Ignihyde, and it wasn't his smarts or reclusiveness.
No. It was his temper.
Malleus Draconia
“Prefect. Does this belong to you?”
Malleus holds out a phone unlike any sold in Twisted Wonderland. At first he thought his technological illiteracy was why he couldn’t pin point the design, so he brought the phone to Ignihyde’s dorm leader. Not even Idia recognized the brand, but with a bit of tinkering he was able to get the phone charged and working (through methods Malleus could not begin to fathom).
The home screen brightened up and soon they found your name in the settings. Malleus was surprised, to say the least. He did not expect you to be the owner of such foreign technology, or for Idia to throw the phone as if it burned him. Something about being a ‘red flag’ and invading your privacy? Eh. Surely there is nothing too concerning inside an old phone.
To be safe, he withholds his curiosity in favor of returning the phone to you. He could not navigate it even if he wanted to, honestly.
He made the right call. The way your eyes sparkle with recognition at the device and take it gingerly from his hands. You twirl it around a few times in disbelief, earning a bemused chuckle from him.
“I found it near the ceremonial hall. Be careful with your belongings or else they may one day end up in the wrong hands,”
You smile brightly at him when the screen lights up, and throw your arms over his shoulders in a hug, “Thankyouthankyouthankyou! I can’t believe you found this for me! I was so worried I lost all my pictures and data,”
You startle him with the physical contact. He definitely did not picture your first hug to go this way. Although he quickly composes himself, returning the gesture albeit with less strength.
He grows curious, “Pictures? Data?” wondering if there really was something worth while in the phone. You pull him at arms length and giddily start tapping away at the screen, “yeah! Having this means I can should you all what my world looks like! Food, people, scenery - oh, I think I have some memes saved too,”
He refrains from asking what a ‘meme’ is, too caught up in trying to understand you. Sure, he expected you to be happy that he found your phone but to see this level of cuteness? Are you missing anything else that he can find?
You hastily show him your phone and begin to swipe through the “camera roll,” as you call it. Once in a while you stop to laugh, explain who a person is or what’s going in in a picture. He soaks it all in like a sponge, committing each face to memory since they’re important to you.
Time passes, and you begin to slow down. Occasionally you’ll stare at a photo longingly, or revisit others to zoom in on faces or pieces of the scenery.
“I wonder if they miss me,” you whisper, and he understands where your heart is. Painfully so.
He stares at your reflection in the phone, wondering how such joy can be turned to sorrow so quickly, “They would be fools not to. You are…unforgettable…to say the least,”
You nod, wiping away a stray tear, “I hope so. I want to go home, but the thought of them forgetting me? Or the people here doing the same…I wish that I didn’t have to choose,”
You will never be forgotten. Malleus can assure you that much. The nickname “Tsunotaro,” will forever haunt him (affectionately) for the rest of his life - and you? He will always care for you, no matter where you go.
He cannot make that choice for you or take away your suffering. Neither does he regret retuning the phone and digging up these old memories. It pains him to see you so heartbroken, but he knows you love that world just as much as this one.
You won’t have to choose. He will find a way to bridge both worlds if it means that you can be happy. Then you can take him to all the places in those pictures, introduce him to the people and things you love - and then? He isn’t quite sure, but it’s a start to a long road of ensuring that you never leave his side.
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moomoomooing · 5 months
Tumblr media
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amorisqasayid · 6 months
Tumblr media
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ the twst boys as campus crushes has been keeping me up at night. i'll come at you with my hcs of this each day or so for a different dorm. my victims today are OCTAVINELLE 
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ gender neutral reader
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ warnings ,, mentions of making out in azul’s, fungi mentions in jade’s. fluff <33
[ ✽ ] ┊⠀❛ been a minute since i posted anything so here we get another installation of campus crushing <33 and with the fish mafia too
Tumblr media
you can’t tell me that…
azul isn’t that smartass that you sit next to in economics. it got to a point where you were more than sure he had to have been a computer. at least he’s pretty to look at, not that you’d ever admit it aloud. he’s actually had his eye on you since that one time you let him borrow a dark blue ballpoint pen since he forget his. your so kind, and smart, and beautiful—and your conveniently in need of help in economics. so, he makes this elaborate plan to get you to study with him and eventually you give in. the study, not-a-date, is going well until you and azul finally catch each other in a stare off. neither of you were sneaky enough to keep the other from noticing each other’s wandering gaze. part of you wanted to shut the books and leap over the dining table to make-out with him. how would he react had your lips pressed his own? you were about to speak, but instead, azul spoke. “ i don’t think either of us are particularly interested in studying any longer. we should do something else, ”
you can’t tell me that…
floyd isn’t that hot guy on the basketball team who is constantly bothering you, his friend from high school, to become team manager. it would be easier just to agree at this point. he’s always talking about how the extracurricular points would look good on your resume, even though he quite frankly doesn’t know the first thing about resumes, nor does he care for them at all. he just wants to spend even more time with you. your differing majors and paths ended up pulling you both apart slowly and he wanted to stop that somehow. so, after days and days of bother you, and buying your lunches, you finally caved and became the team manager. surprisingly enough, you ended up having a lot of fun, and you got even closer to floyd. close enough to say you were head over heels for him. you didn’t blame yourself, though. you couldn’t, not when each big game he pointed at you and called you his lucky charm. “ this one’s for you ! “
you can’t tell me that…
jade isn’t that mysterious guy in your nature studies class. he always looks so enthralled with the plants around him, his eyes never seeming to drift off and his heart completely in it. you once worked on a project with him and figured out that he was organized as he was passionate. all it took was one joke about shiitake mushrooms being avid gossipers, and he was in love with you. he even began meeting you in the hall, escorting you to your classes while he went on and on about his love for fungi. he was still enigmatic, and there was still way more you needed to learn about him before you’d be completely comfortable in his presence, but his endearing love for mushrooms felt so innocent that had he wanted to trap you, you would have walked straight into it. it was hard not to fall. jade was beautiful as he was charming, and you couldn’t resist his voice when he said, “ let’s go on a little camping trip. just the two of us and the sky above. “
Tumblr media
tags ,,, @ghost-hyacinth @yakoko @pandoa @idiaia​ @sleepybunboo @mlk082​
dm me or send an ask if you’d like to be on it as well !
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Tumblr media
— " MAY I KISS YOU ? " Slightly suggestive / Fluff / Gender neutral reader
Tumblr media
You smudged the lipstick that stained his rosy lips, gliding your fingers through his hair, gently caressing his soft skin. “You’re pretty” you say in a daze, your thoughts a blur and he couldn’t help but redden at your comment. “Y-you’re pretty too!” his words didn’t phase you, in fact it made you chuckle, mumbling a simple ‘I know’ underneath your breath in response. 
You pulled him into your embrace, tightening your legs around his waist. You could feel his temperature rising at the sudden closeness of your bodies, if you two hadn't been entangled in one another's arms before, you both were practically sewed into each other now. 
Relaxing into your lover's warmth, you felt a keen sense of comfort wash over you, as the scent of his long-time favorite moisturizer filled your senses. You were never one for strong scents, yet you couldn’t shake off the comfort you felt when having that all too familiar scent near you, accompanied by the arms of a certain silver haired merman. 
“You smell nice” you stated the words as if it was obvious, nuzzling farther into the crook of his neck. He swallowed down a lump in his throat, anything you do and or say drives him all the more crazy, yet you lived blissfully unaware of that fact— in fact a part of him truly believes you knew just how much of an effect you had on the businessman, or else why would you spend so many hours of your day teasing him, till he’s a complete mess? Surely you had a reasonable reason for doing so. 
Before the poor man could direct his attention elsewhere, you changed your trail of actions; lightly pushing the man towards the bed frame and straddling his lap, you eyed him curiously as if you were waiting for a reaction. It didn’t take long for him to grow red, “Wah— what are you doing?” he asked, trying his best to form a proper sentence of sorts. 
“May I kiss you?”
Tumblr media
© cupids-chamber, do not repost, plagiarize, translate, or adapt my work without prior permission and or confirmation.
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oepionie · 1 month
Characters: GN! Reader | Azul Ashengrotto x Reader, Jade Leech x Reader, Floyd Leech x Reader
Tags: Octatrio and jealousy, Pure fluff w/ very petty boys, Reader wears makeup in Azul's part, Jade blows a hairdryer in Floyd's face, Malewife Floyd
WordCount: 1.5k+ | 💌Masterlist
Tumblr media
Azul blinks once, twice as he stares at the merman who was animatedly conversing with you. Rielle, Azul's old schoolmate, a prince of Atlantica, and the owner of this wretched cafe called 'The Secret Grotto'. The same cafe you've been ogling at for the last 20 minutes or so.
"Isn't this place amazing, Azul?! They even have a souvenir shop!" Now, Azul would normally find your eagerness adorable since seeing you happy was oh-so precious and priceless to him. However, this time, your enthusiasm made his heart sink while his mood deteriorated. On the surface, however, he keeps his calm and maintains his professional businessman persona, or at least he tries to.
"Monstro Lounge is far more superior. I mean...th-their cutlery doesn't even match their tablecloths here." Azul blurted out, crossing his arms over his chest and scrutinising the area intently.
"Well, we wanted to add a little bit of uniqueness! My cafe is all about personal touches, we focus more on making things look cozy!" Rielle chimes in, all bright and charming, wrapping an arm around your shoulder. Azul narrowed his eyes, his hands itching to sever the prince's arm for touching you. Oblivious to Azul's ire, you stared at the cafe in awe, pointing out the small touches thrown about here and there.
Azul frowns, sulking and wanting to leave. He wanted to leave the moment he stepped into this place but he didn't have the heart to tear you away from the cozy small cafe. Especially since you were looking forward to this date for weeks, you even got Vil to doll you up and do your makeup today.
Deep down inside he felt a tinge of insecurity because he knew you were right. The cafe really was amazing. The grove was lit up with warm lighting, and everywhere you looked was all soft and homely. Unlike Azul's cafe, this place was much less formal making it seem more down to earth.
Perhaps he should make a few tweaks to Monstro Lounge? Just to fit your tastes?
"Angelfish, I'd hate to break it to you but it's getting rather late. I'm sure Jade and Floyd are already waiting for us back at the dorms." Azul cuts in nonchalantly, a cool smile on his face. You turned to gaze out the window, seeing the sunset and the sky darkening. You nod and swiftly seize Azul's gloved hand in your own, bidding Rielle goodbye.
"Ah, I see it really is getting quite late! Feel free to visit soon!" Rielle bids you goodbye with those words, as you and Azul walk out of the quaint little cafe.
Once outside, Azul reflexively rests his hand on the small of your back, and you lean in, your head resting on his chest. It was silent for a while, both of you just enjoying the comfortable silence before Azul pulled you into an alley.
"Azul? Is something wrong-" He abruptly interrupted you and smashed his lips against yours. Azul backed you up against the wall, his hands finding purchase around your waist as you snake your arms around his neck. Minutes pass before he finally draws back and presses his forehead to yours, a heavy flush on his cheeks. You took this time to admire his dishevelled appearance, which was quite a rare sight. His glasses were crooked, the lipstick Vil picked out for you was smeared across his lips, and his vision was dazed.
"Angelfish...wouldn't you rather spend time with me instead...?"
Tumblr media
He's in absolute denial.
Jealousy. What use would such petty and trivial emotion as jealousy serve? Jade already knew you were bound to him. Despite his distant and cold demeanour, you somehow pushed your way into his heart and fashioned yourself a nice little home.
Furthermore, Jade liked to consider himself as someone who was rational and level-headed. He was always in full command of every situation he was put in. The eel was cruel, merciless, and uncompromising. Him getting jealous? Jade Leech, jealous? It was a laughable thought.
Nonetheless, as he stood behind the lounge's bar, he couldn't help but feel a pang in his heart while he glared holes into the back of Floyd's head. His gloved hands were grasping onto a teacup a little too tightly. He was supposed to serve you tea.
Tea, that he brewed and prepared personally for you, ensuring that each step was meticulous and precise so that the drink was properly suited to your preferences. You, his precious pearl, who was too preoccupied running your fingers through his brother's hair.
The lounge's air conditioning had broken down, and at some point, Floyd apparently decided that it was far too hot and dumped an entire cold smoothie over his head. Now, you were fussing over the eel's damp hair, trying to get the liquid and chunks of fruit out of his locs.
Crack! Jade looked down to see the cup split in half, the warm tea he prepared for you now spilling onto the floor. Azul would've probably had his hind if he found out the eel broke such an expensive and delicate piece of china. Despite that, he had a much pressing issue to focus on. Jade's inexhaustible patience had finally run out, and he concluded that enough was enough.
He quickly poured you a new cup and walked up to the booth you were sitting in. He held a hair dryer in his left hand and the tea he had carefully made for you in his right. Finally, you had stopped fretting over Floyd and instead focused your attention on him. When you spotted him approaching, your face lit up. A smile grazed his lips for a brief moment. How lovely you were.
"Darling, why don't you take a break. Here, it's your favorite. Let me handle this." Jade murmured, running a gloved hand along your cheek. You leaned towards his touch, smiling, and took the cup from him. "Thank you, Jade. I managed to get most of the fruits out but his hair is still so wet."
"Not to worry my pearl, this isn't the first time this happened." With a chuckle, Jade plugged in the hair dryer and grabbed Floyd's chin, forcing his brother to face him.
"Now...allow let me help you, brother dearest." Jade muttered, the corner of his eyes crinkling as a sharp grin spread across his face. He set the dryer to the highest setting and directed it straight at Floyd's face. When the heavy gust of wind hit Floyd, the eel clamped his eyes tight. He whined and attempted to push Jade away, but the latter just refused to let go.
Yes, Jade is most definitely not a jealous man.
Tumblr media
That should have been him. The eel glared at Grim who was seated in your lap. Your lap that he loved so much. Your lap that he used as a pillow every time he was slacking off at Monstro Lounge. Your lap that was supposed to be for him, not that skrunkly little cat.
To make matters worse, you were currently feeding Grim some tuna you cooked up yourself. Oh, the nightmare.
The reason? Grim had recently scored a perfect score on his exam without cheating this time! and you wanted to reward your companion for his efforts. Still, Floyd couldn't understand why you had to feed him. Isn't the baby seal big enough to feed himself? He was pretty sure he saw Grim inhale an entire tray full of food in seconds!
Growling, Floyd stomped towards your table and plopped down beside you. He huffed and started side-eyeing the cat who was dozing off and slowly chewing the tuna in his mouth. To Floyd's despair, you were much too preoccupied with fawning and cooing at the tiny brat to notice your moody lover. This was absolutely unacceptable. He demanded your attention.
"Shrimppyyy..." Floyd whined, smushing his cheek against yours, basically asking for attention. Taken aback, you jumped and whipped your head around to face him, finally acknowledging his presence.
"Floyd! How are you? How'd that test with Crewel go?" You smiled at him and moved in to peck both of his cheeks. This made him brighten up for a bit before Grim interrupted the moment.
"Oi, henchhuman, I'm out of tuna here." Grim drawled, patting his paws along your arms. Sighing, you picked up your utensil and turned away from Floyd. However, before you could bring the spoon anywhere near the container with Grim's food, Floyd's hand snatched the utensil away from you.
"Floyd, what are you-" You were cut off when he pushed a bento box towards you.
"Shrimpyy~ You gotta eat! I cooked that myself y'know." He beamed at you, draping his long arms over your shoulders. You opened the lid and gasped at contents of the meal inside. Floyd had made a Butter Salmon Bento, and you'd be damned if you didn't think it looked good. "Floyd, this is incredible...thank you very much!"
"Of course~ Here, I'll handle the baby seal for you." Before you could even say anything, he snatched Grim from your lap and tossed the cat onto the table in front of him.
"I'll even feed him for you!" Floyd laughed and took some tuna, pressing it forcefully on Grim's mouth. Grim, understandably, was reluctant to open his mouth. Floyd, on the other hand, was not about to give up so easily.
The eel hummed and leaned forward, gritting his sharp teeth as a deranged smile grew across his face.
"What's wrong baby seal? Eat it." Floyd hissed, malice oozing from his lips. Grim flinched and decided to just bolt, taking the tuna with him. "Like hell I'm doing that!"
Grim scutters away as you watch with a sheepish smile on your face. Floyd laughed contentedly and sprawled across your lap, staring up at you in adoration, his mission finally accomplished.
"Hehe~ Will you feed me next, shrimppy~?"
Tumblr media
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ㅤ ❝ 𝐍𝐎𝐖 𝐒𝐓𝐑𝐄𝐀𝐌𝐈𝐍𝐆 ! ❞
﹟riddle : leona : azul : kalim : vil : idia : malleus : x gn!reader. cw indirect kissing. snippets of having indirect kisses with you, their crush. however, you may seem a bit oblivious… or did you do that on purpose? mutual pining, not established relationship.
Tumblr media
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎perhaps you should of learnt your lesson, but you sometimes learned things the hard way, like never taste testing one of Riddle’s sweets, for example. banging on your chest you let out a few coughs as the burning sensation got worst and worse by the second, tears prickling your eyes as you reach for the cup of tea on the table. “so delicious…” you lied through your teeth as you swallowed it all down with one big gulp, hoping your sense of taste would return within the next few days. you really should of learned after the oyster sauce fiasco that Riddle had no idea how to cook, and that even if he looked so happy offering you something he made, you shouldn’t of eaten it. he just had such a proud look. “i just think that maybe,” you wheezed out, trying to wipe the tears from your eyes, “you may have mixed up the sugar or added something with a bit too much spice.” you cough again, trying to smile as you finally manage to look at him. his face was red but no angry words or disappointed words spew, only him bringing his arm to cover his mouth as he cast his gaze from the cup in your hands to you, then towards the ground. “r-right! i’ll make sure to double check next time…” he stuttered, in the tiniest whisper, “prefect.”
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ sighing, you cross your arms and shake your head as you glare down at Leona in the middle of the greenhouse. his upper half leaned against a tree as he raised his arms behind his head, yawning and opening his eyes. “if you want me to head to class then try doing something that will motivate me, herbivore,” he mocked, clearing enjoying your frustration. as you rub your temples you take a second before an idea strikes, grinning at him as he quirks his brow up at you. “do something to motivate you? well then, hopefully this is motivation enough,” you concede to his wish, brushing your fingers against your lips, pressing a kiss onto them. kneeling down between the legs of lazy lion, you press your fingers against his lips as a cheeky smile forms on your face. “do a good job this week and i’ll give you a proper one next time.” you said with a wink. growling, he tried to grip at you but you bounce back up too quickly, running off laughing to yourself.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ savoring the bite of your chicken you enjoyed every last bit of it as Azul watched with a gentle smile, him enjoying the way you looked while eating his cooking. it wasn’t everyday someone could eat food personally cooked by the head of the monstro lounge, nor exactly be served by him, so please, take the hint already prefect! “it’s delicious, Azul. have some with me, won’t you?” you casually asked, turning to face him as you twirled your fork around the noodles, stabbing a piece of chicken and blowing onto it to cool it down. although your actions were presumably innocent, Azul felt himself short circuiting as his face flushed against his will at the mere thought of you feeding him, not only that, but using the very same fork you had eaten from. really, how scandalous you were, prefect. with one hand underneath the fork, you raised it to his lips, “say ahh,” you smiled expectantly as he finds his mouth opening before his mind could process anything, the fork entering his mouth as you pull the fork back, twirling it already for your next bite. “prefect!” he tried to respond but only uttered gibberish as you continued eating, enjoying his reaction. “i’m glad you’ve finally taken a break, even if you’ve combusted.” you whisper to yourself as a little giggle escape your lips.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “it’s like grim, but nicer,” you commented in awe, petting the magic carpet which nuzzled against you. you weren’t sure who was more like a puppy, Kalim, or his magic carpet. “come on now, i’m gonna fall over!” you half heartedly chastise as you press a kiss onto what you assume to be the head of the magic carpet as it looped around happily in the air, all the way back over to the scarabia dorm leader, nuzzling into him. “grim is pretty fluffy and cute too!” he responded, laughing and feeling tickling from the happy carpet. similar to a cat, the carpet nuzzled it’s head where you kissed against his lips, head butting him. “maybe it wants a kiss from you, too,” you conclude, kalim eager to give him one. “i wonder, does that count as an indirect kiss? i hope it does…” he heard you muttering to yourself, barely catching it. it seems the carpet acted just like it’s master, in both carefreeness and expressing it’s love. in an instant, you felt yourself swept off your feet in between kalim’s arms as you were up in the air once more, being taken for another ride. “prefect, it definitely counts!” he cheerily responded to your muttering before giving you a direct kiss with the starry night sky and carpet to witness.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎Vil’s hand was slightly cool as his long and delicate fingers grasped at your chin, tilting it upwards at him. you tried to avoid squirming in your seat from close proximity as he brought his face to your’s, expertly applying bright red lipstick to your lips. “you should be lucky, spudling. i don’t normally share my makeup with others.” he huffed, backing away and finally allowing you to look in the mirror. you had to admit, you looked amazing with your makeup done, he even did your nails earlier just for you. “thanks! it looks perfect, just like you,” you praised, thanking him before heading on out to do your daily chores. popping out of seemingly nowhere, Rook clapped and beamed. “merveilleux! i assume it was on purpose, was it not, Roi du Poison?” the huntsman asked, giving his dorm leader wearing the same bright red shade of lipstick a knowing look. it really isn’t everyday or nearly ever he shares his personal makeup. “i have no idea what you’re assuming.” Vil laughed in response, packing up his makeup as a little smile tugged on the corners of his lips. maybe now other’s would realize you’re not available to flirt with when you have him already marking you as his.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “take a second, pause, breathe,” you scold, wiggling one finger back and forth with one hand as the other pulled your lollipop away from your lips, shoving it into Idia’s agape mouth. “nothing bad is going to happen, we can figure a way to finish this event before midnight,” you continue, stretching your arms as you make your way back to your chair beside Idia’s, taking a seat and pressing away at your keyboard, rearranging your party for optimal speedrunning. as you tried to review your account setup, the blue haired dorm leader’s mouth finally shut as his eyes widened to the size of saucers. his face flushed and matched the color of his fiery hair as he tried to stutter out a coherent sentence, failing each and every single time as he watched your every single move. “alright, done. i’ll do all the healing, shielding, and buffing. you just focus on damage, okay?” you ask, spinning in your chair as you turn back to Idia who was still stuck like a deer in headlights. raising a brow, you snatched your lollipop back out from his mouth and put it back into your’s. “as cute as you look right now, there’s no time, we’ve got less than twenty minutes. i want my event loot real bad right now so let’s leave the teasing you about this and maybe asking you on a date later… depends how you do.” you teased, giving a little wink.
‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ ‎ “you like ice cream, tsunotarou?” you ask as you tilt your head in the direction of your favorite dragon fae. “indeed, child of man…” he begun, explaining his like for the tasty dessert. taking one more nibble out of your ice cream cone, you hand it over to him as he watched you quizzically. “here, you can have the rest! i’m full anyways.” you offer, trying to find a napkin on your person. Malleus’ eyes widened momentarily at your bold offer, he couldn’t recount anyone else offering him something they ate out of before. taking the cone out of your hand he had a small smile adorn his face. you were always so interesting, the way you never feared him but even shared with him. handing you his handkerchief in return for the ice cream, you thank him with a smile and encourage him to take a bite, to which he does quite gracefully. “it taste better than normal..” he commented as you wiped your lips, grinning. “eating with friends is always better! i’ll bring some more next time. and ah, just don’t tell Sebek about this, he might try to fight me over getting to have an indirect kiss with you first,” you joked. “indirect kiss?” he replied with a knowing smile. if you wanted a kiss, you could always just ask directly, child of man.
Tumblr media
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