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miloicy · 2 days
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happy (belated) sebek day
silly comic for the silly boy
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harunayuuka2060 · 9 hours
Ace: Sensei's day-off today, right?
Deuce: Yes. They're going to celebrate their mother's birthday.
Ace: So what are we going to do during their time?
Deuce: The usual, I guess?
Ace: I want to make that balloon castle again. Hey, Sebek! You in with the balloon castle?
Sebek: Yes! But I don't want your participation in it!
Ace: Haven't you moved on from last time?
Sebek: I was trapped because you popped it off!
Ace: *laughs*
Epel: *enters the room in a hurry* Guys! Sensei is on television right now!
Ace, Deuce, and Sebek: Eh?
Leona: How did they end up in a dating show?
Cater: Wait. I'll try asking people in the live chat.
Ruggie: But hey, Sensei's looking good with their get up.
Trey: *chuckles* Look at Sensei conversing with other contestants.
The host: I hope everyone's excited to meet our celebrity guest!
The contestants: *clapping*
The host: But before that! Let's have our contestants introduced themselves and hear the reason why they've joined this event.
Riddle, Azul, Vil, and Kalim: *have arrived*
Riddle: Is it starting already?
Trey: Contestants are introducing themselves.
Azul: I thought Sensei was supposed to celebrate their mother's birthday?
Kalim: Maybe their mom told them to?
Vil: *worried frown*
Trey: Is there something wrong, Vil?
Vil: No, nothing.
Cater: It's Sensei's time to introduce themselves now.
The host: Your name, please. Occupation and why did you participate.
MC: *smiles* My name's MC and I'm working as a professor in Night Raven College.
The host: Whoa! A professor in one of the prestigious schools!
*the audience clapping*
The host: How's teaching in Night Raven College?
MC: It's fun. *waves at the camera* I just saw one of my students' magicam username on the screen.
Cater: *laughs*
The host: So what's your reason for joining this dating show?
MC: I was shopping for a blender with my mom.
The host: ...Pardon? You were shopping for a blender?
Leona: What the hell?
Cater, Trey, and Ruggie: *laughs*
MC: *nods* Yes. And while we were busy shopping for a blender, a woman approached us. Ah, I think it was that camerawoman. *points*
The host: *baffled* Th-Then, is it okay for you to be here?
MC: It's not a problem. I'm curious what's the status of dating society today.
The host: ...
The host: One last question. Would you do your best to win here?
MC: Will you give me a blender as a prize? *smiling*
The host: ...Pft. Yes? *laughs* Thank you for your introduction, professor and now it's time to know our celebrity guest!
The host: It's none other than!
The host: Eric Venue!
Leona, Ruggie, Trey, Cater, Riddle, Kalim, and Azul: ... *all turned their heads at Vil*
Vil: ...
Vil: What?
Ace: Bruh... *starts laughing*
Sebek: What's funny, human?
Ace: Just imagine. If Sensei wins this?
Sebek: ...
Epel: They will have to date Vil's dad.
Jack: It's just a one-time thing, right?
Ace: Yep.
Jack: Eh. I'll just go and do my usual routine. Don't want to be lectured by sensei.
Ace: Stay, Jack! We should watch and see how Sensei will win this!
Sebek: Ha! This is nothing for Sensei!
Epel: *chuckles* Yeah.
MC: *just having a blast and is having fun*
The host: Now for our finale! Contestants! You'll have to convince Mr. Venue that you are deserving for him!
*The other contestants start giving out reasons*
Vil's dad: *listening to them and just smiling*
The host: Professor? Now it's your turn.
MC: Thanks. So, Mr. Venue, do you have a child?
Vil's dad: Yes. I have a son.
MC: Okay. So, are you looking for a co-parent? *smiles playfully at him*
Vil's dad: ...
Vil's dad: *laughs*
The host: ... Is that all, professor?
MC: Yes.
Leona: That's one of the most straightforward questions I've heard.
Vil: They're going to win this thing.
Cater: Yep. And look at all the single-parents simping.
Trey: Just now, did you hear the headmage squealing?
Azul: He was too loud for him not to be heard.
Ruggie: Hey, Kalim. Is your phone alright?
Riddle: It has been ringing nonstop.
Kalim: Just my notifications. My single aunts messaging me, asking for Sensei's contact.
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hnsoka · 1 day
Tumblr media
Just some sketches… again
Juicy deucey angy 😡
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mlk082 · 1 day
Playing Games With the First Years
You play cards in the Heartslabyul lounge.
It could be cheat, it could be go fish, it could be war, it could be poker.
You play whatever Ace feels like playing, unless you have an objection.
Ace bets homework answers whenever you play. He knows you did the work, but he also knows that you won't give him the answers for free.
He doesn't bet all the time though. Sometimes, Ace is just bored of staying in a tiny dorm with seven guys, so he goes over to your dorm or calls you over to the lounge because it's less crowded.
Doesn't tell you if he can see your cards.
Either joins a card game with you and Ace, or does something outside. It's a series of things.
Wanna race?
No? Wanna play a video game?
Video games are simple and they don't take that much more thinking like board games do.
Unless you want to have a race, because he would love to do something competitive.
Maybe go down to the docks and see how many times you can get a stone to skip?
He won't trick you into helping him with homework, Deuce will ASK and then make it a contest.
No way is he challenging you to a race, he knows you'll lose and he likes to be fair.
In the same sense, tag won't work.
So you and Jack play catch.
It could be a Frisbee or a ball of some sort, but it's catch. Should he help you brush up on your MagiShift skills?
Jack won't throw the ball
too hard but you better be ready to be outside for the next 2 hours. Your hands will be red by the end of it, but you'll be fine.
He used to climb trees on the farm and run around getting mud all over him with his cousins.
But he can't do that at Pomefiore. He'll get in trouble by the ever so esteemed Housewarden. And Rook would have some comment because he was watching.
No one would get mad at him for flying in the field though. It happens to be school related.
Maybe you wanna play MagiShift with him? He could get the others in on it too!
But you and Epel race on brooms whenever you're bored because it won't get him in trouble, and he doesn't want to be in the dorm. Unless Rook is still at school after clubs, no one should be watching him be a goof on a broom.
Epel will stand on the broom or hang on it. Definitely challenges you to do better.
Malleus Trivia!
What a wonderful game, don't you think? He created it himself.
Sebek always wins so it's not a fun game for you. Why are you doing this?
If you complain enough, he'll eventually just play a normal game of trivia.
You're still at a disadvantage but you do way better.
In the section of pop culture, you do WAY better than Sebek. It's the section that gets you the most points from the game.
(Lilia isn't allowed to play because he knows all the answers.)
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demon-lover-669 · 22 hours
Ace and deuce making a YouTube video!
Deuce: ok so what is the next item we are reviewing? And are you going to hold my cock the whole time?
Ace: oh yeah sorry *moves his hand*
Deuce: thank you
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xj9xj9xj9 · 2 days
yankii (ヤンキー) were the ones who rejected social norms. yankii was a youth subculture based on rebellion and embracing of class distinctions...
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leinyy · 2 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Homeboy’s first impression was throwing somebody to a chandelier 💀
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toastedpain · 2 days
Daily Twst Shitpost #11 (Day Eleven)
Tumblr media
Actual higher quality shitpost than the rest dang.
Simultaneous Equations vs The World (It's ok bubs I can teach you 👉👈)
Inspired by;
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hiruxtsuki · 2 days
Beastman Ace
Tumblr media
Ace: If I was a beastman, what beastman do you think I would be?
Deuce: A rooster
Yuu: A rat
Grim: You're a rat
Epel: A rat
Ace: I think I'd be a wolf
Ace: I think so too
Ace: I would be a wolf-lion hybrid mix
Ace: King of the jungle but still social and ferocious
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Jack is judging him soo hard sbsb
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loser-jpg · 19 hours
Tumblr media
dont judge the fact that its hand written i did this on my phone
anyway i had a vision and i needed to share it
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meiwoo-boo · 1 day
im planning to start a series of twst boys as streamers.. will anyone b interested
not necessarily gamer streamers just some hcs and x reader
ill write platonic AND romantic 🫶
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eunzul · 3 days
my three little idiots 💝💕🌼💝💕✨♥️🌼♥️✨🥹💝💕✨❤️🥹
Tumblr media
I'm so happy to see them at the end—
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pandoa · 2 days
if deuce overblots, would there just be a bunch of cauldrons being summoned from mid-air?
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hanatata98 · 2 months
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Sam's New Year Sale (Kalim and Deuce) Day 4 Story 🎍🛍️
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demon-lover-669 · 2 months
How 50% of the twst boys show love
Tumblr media
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equestriagirl16 · 3 months
MC: So what are you guy’s New Years resolutions?
Grim: Same as always, become the greatest sorcerer the world has ever seen!
Deuce: I just hope to keep doing well in my academics. Make my friends and family proud.
Ace: Boooo!
Deuce: Like you have a better one!
Ace: To be honest, it’s a toss up between being a basketball champ or getting a partner..
Deuce: Pffft-
Ace: HEY!-
MC: *finds Malleus down the hall before the girls start fighting* Mal-Mal!
Malleus: Hello MC, I hope you’re doing well today.
MC: I’m great, but I’ve got a question. You have any resolutions for this New Year?
Malleus: *pulls out paper from his blazer* As a matter of fact I’ve complied a few on a small list right here.
Grim: I dare you to cross out anything that has to do with MC.
Malleus: …
MC: …
Malleus: *slowly eats the paper*
MC: *flabber and gasted* MALLEUS SPIT IT OUT!-
Malleus: *muffled* NO!
Grim: *WHEEZE*
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