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I am no longer normal about Leona Kingscholar
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Twst EN really said fuck Octavinelle stans
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Same energy lmao
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Hedgehogs - Riddle Rosehearts
GN Reader
Summary: Riddle pinning for the Reader and getting jealous over a hedgehog.
Word count: 773
Note: First fan fic I've ever written let's see how I do! (unedited)
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Riddle never thought a day would come when he would find himself to be jealous of an animal, after all, who would even stoop down so low to find themselves that desperate and pathetic, and over an animal of all things!
But right now, just in this quiet moment, how couldn't he?
The afternoon sun filtered down in a warm glow against your skin and the breeze carried the smell of roses from Heartslabyuls garden, it was something fairytale-like, while it was just you and him alone together and sitting peacefully upon a picnic blanket as small brightly colored mammals wiggled their way around the both of you.
Earlier in the day he had asked you if after classes you'd join him in caring for his dorm's beloved hedgehogs, originally thinking the experience would be a soft joyful one of two things he happens to be quite fond of coming together.
But right now he couldn't say that that situation played out as he originally thought.
All your attention was pulled from him once your eyes were on the hedgehogs, instantly you were giggling and smiling to yourself about how small and sweet they were. Furthermore, There was a particularly small red hedgehog that seemed just as joyful as you were about the new company, which only caused you to fall further for the small mammal's charms.
Riddle felt a squeezing pull in his chest and found himself wishing that you would pay more attention to him and not the hedgehogs that you had originally come to see.
Closing his eyes and looking down while taking a deep breath Riddle worked to calm his own childish jealousy and avoid ruining a lovely hangout.
When he had opened his eyes back up to look at you he paused at a tender scene in front of him. You had the small red hedgehog resting in the palm of your hands and while so sweety giggling at the small thing as you lifted it until you could meet its eyes.
Riddle felt the squeezing feeling in his chest return but with the addition of a noticeable warmth this time.
Swallowing deeply he continued to observe your acting rather closely.
He watched how you ever so gently hold the hedgehog and bring it in closer towards your lips so you could coo out words of praises of love and babble excitedly about its appearance, how your eyes had become lidded and soft yet you could still see how they were filled with fondness and adoration, how soft laughs and giggles spilled from your lips alongside with a small yet heartfelt smile and how just so lovingly your cheeks darkened with a blush that spread easily over your checks and towards the bridge of your nose, you looked absolutely lovely and it was all due to some small mammal. Some small mammal that currently had all your attention and was being granted such a pleasure to be looked upon so lovingly by you.
Riddle would rather die than tell anyone that at that moment he deeply wished that he were in the place of that small red hedgehog. He could almost feel it, to the one who solely holds your loving gaze, to have your warm hand hold his face tenderly with such care and love, to have himself be pulled in close towards your lips so that sweet words could be whispered for just for him.
Shaking his head at himself Riddle can feel his body further heating up with embarrassment due to his quite shameful and undeniably pathetic thoughts, just before Riddle can open his mouth to excuse himself to calm down elsewhere you open yours to speak.
"You know Riddle, this hedgehog color matches your hair, it almost makes me think of a little hedgehog version of you, isn't that cute?"
While speaking you moved your face closer to place your nose against the hedgehogs and let out a soft laugh as the two of your noses rubbed together.
Riddle lets out a small gasp at your words not quite expecting the sudden comparison, recovering quickly Riddle furrows his brows together as the heat in his chest now makes its way to his face and takes display across his cheeks, Riddle then moves closer to your side, he had finally captured your attention and with that, he steadily meets your gaze and starts to lean in even closer, to the point your noses are barely an inch apart and in a soft yet somewhat commanding voice he asks-
"If you see us as that similar, then why do you not give us the same treatment, Perfect?"
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Malleus and Idia
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Celebrating the New chapters for na and jp!
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I still think about TWST!Iago being teased but never revealed OTL
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Lilia engaging in silly behaviour.
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Y’all ready for the twsten tsumsitters event?
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This is just me rambling again but...
TWST FANDOM, you should reblog writer's works or we probably won't have any writers left next year.
Reblogging works helps writers get their writings known.
If you don't want to reblog on your main blog because it doesn't fit your theme/aesthetic, you can always make a sideblog, you know.
I was reading this very wonderful work from Marilynfuse then when i checked the comments section, I was surprised because of the ratio of reblogs and likes.
I mean come on, how come you don't have the urge to push that green little arrows when you read something good.
Reblogs can help people's work from getting buried and other people can also see it and appreciate the author's writing.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This is from multiple writers and it was in my gallery for a long time now
I just want to share my thoughts, please don't kll me just kidding, bye!
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Why Leona and Vil get treated differently – and why not everything is always about race
Yeah yeah, it’s been a long time since this discourse happened... not. Because apparently we’re beating this horse even after it’s deader than Cater’s clones. Somehow this stupid conversation keeps getting rekindled over and over and over and over again, and I’m just so tired so I’m just gonna put my thoughts down so that the next time I get caught up in it, I’ll have this post at the ready. Read at your own risk, this may trigger some people, especially those who claim the only reason anyone would ever dislike Leona is his skin color and not, you know, everything he does.
Leona’s murder attempt was pre-meditated. Unlike Vil, Leona spent quite a long time planning out everything he did in episode 2. He made sure the injuries happened in a way that couldn’t be linked back to him and that nobody could see Ruggie while he was using his unique magic. When it came to the actual murder, he even made a deal with Azul to ensure the event venue was set up in a certain way and that Ruggie got a potion to boost his magic before the whole thing started. Vil, on the other hand, snapped under momentary pressure, and didn’t spend weeks planning how to murder a rival over a competition.
Leona was ready to go through with it. I see a lot of people conveniently ignoring this but someone actually did die during Leona’s murder attempt – Cater’s clones did. Now, whether or not clone lives count as actual lives is irrelevant at the moment because all that matters is that Leona didn’t stop until there were bodies on the ground. Remember he watched the whole thing. He knew what was going on and when to stop. On the other hand, Vil immediately stopped the second a new element was introduced that snapped him out of whatever he was going on. Which brings me to my next point.
Leona acted with full clarity. Unlike Vil, Leona was fully in control the whole time. Vil was in a haze of reliving his past trauma, a haze that he snapped out of the second someone other than his target spoke to him. Leona, while motivated by past trauma, was fully in control of his actions.
Leona never showed any growth. This may be a controversial point for some people. And I understand that Leona is older than most of the other characters, however that does not make him stubbornly refusing to admit he did anything wrong any less jarring. Everyone showed tangible visible growth after their overblot, except Leona.
We are clear on what Leona wanted. With Vil, we never got a clear-cut confirmation that he was out for blood. We know something unsavory would’ve happened to Neige if he drank the apple juice, but truth is, it was never explicitly stated that he would die (if it was in EN, then just chuck that on the pile of things EN ruined). People just jumped to assuming murder because that’s what we’ve seen before and because Vil is associated with poinsons.
And when it comes to how their attempts were handled in-universe, let’s take a look at that.
Leona got called out by Lilia. It was vicious and rude, yes. Was it racist of Lilia to tear into Leona? No. No part of Lilia’s insults had to do with Leona’s race. He compared Leona with Malleus and evaluated which one of them has a personality more suited for a leader – the answer should be clear if you consider which one of them committed murder over a sports contest. This was also after Leona attempted to murder Lilia’s son, his son’s best friend, and a person he’s been taking care of for decades, or possibly even longer. Leona is lucky Lilia is no longer in his general days otherwise he’d likely be made into a throwrug, how handsome is up to your personal tastes. However, Leona’s call-out ended there with no further consequences other than being disqualified from the contest.
Vil got called out by nearly the entirety of the VDC group. Granted, it wasn’t that vicious or rude, but that’s because it didn’t get personal with anyone. Had he killed Neige, it wouldn’t personally affect any of the VDC group members. While Rook is a huge fan of Neige’s, that’s as far as it goes. However, Vil had lasting consequences from this lapse of judgement. You can find my full analysis of that mess here. That alone makes fans less eager to harp on him, since it at least feels like he got what he deserved – or possibly even more – while Leona gets to walk free with one verbal scolding.
Lastly, if you’re here to tell me to kms or harass me, do us both a favor and just click block and hide. I’ve got enough of that to the point where I just roll my eyes and block you back without it really affecting me. You’re just wasting your time as well as mine. You can think Lilia calling out Leona for murder was racist but at that point, you’re just willing to use skin color as a free get out of consequences card, and I have no desire to talk to people like that.
If you agree, feel free to share, if you’d like to respectfully debate, I’m 100% down for that too, just know that I tend to be pretty stubborn😅
Edit: If you are here to talk about wider fandom treatment of dark-skinned characters, that isn't what this post is about so please just make your own. This post is about a specific situation. Of course, there will always be bad people who judge people and characters based on skin color, but let's not act like everyone who dislikes Leona does so for those reasons. There's plenty of differences between his and Vil's situation that can make people like one and dislike the other without being racially charged. THAT is the point of this post.
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I'm not dead yet
There's another Culinary Crucible sooooo. I'm using the Japan server's name for it oops
Culinary Crucible: The Lure of Fish/Carp-e Diem Recipes
Horse Mackerel Fritters
Mackerel Curry
Powdered Spice
Panfried Breaded Sardines
Powdered Spice
Poke Bowl
Mackerel in Tomato Sauce
Mackerel Sandwich
Acqua Pazza
Gochujang Mackerel Pike
Powdered Spice
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Culinary Crucible - Carp-e Diem Recipes
Mackerel Fritters:
Fish, Milk, Flour, Eggs
Mackerel Curry:
Fish, Rice, Onion, Carrot, Chili Powder
Fried Sardines:
Fish, Bread Crumbs
Fish, Chili Powder
Poke Bowl:
Fish, Avocado, Rice
Mackerel in Tomato Sauce:
Fish, Tomato, Consomme
Mackerel Sandwich:
Fish, Lettuce, Onion, Bread
Acqua Pizza:
Fish, Shellfish, Garlic, Tomato
Saury Braised in Chili Paste:
Fish, Chili Powder, Ginger, Garlic
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They really went from "Sir, I'll bring them home by 10" to "Your daughter/son calls me daddy too" 😩
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Union Birthday 💙 Idia Shroud
📷: doryokun
Costume & Props: 👼 tenshi_senpie
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I swear this fucking fandom is drinking their dumb-dumb juice too often for my liking.
Let’s talk a little about The Phantom Bride, possibly one of my favorite event. You know why? Because it’s supposed to be a comedy. 
Back in its first run in JP Server in 2020, this was possibly the best event pre-Pomefiore. It’s possibly the funniest event so far and I know Eliza is not everyone’s favorite, but gosh darn, she steals the show.  Like remember in Frozen when Anna wanting to marry Hans and Elsa said “you can’t marry someone you just met”? Yeah, Eliza is basically Anna but take it to the extreme because Idia doesn’t want to get married. Really, Eliza is just making her “Imagine marring your favorite TWST boys prince charming” headcanons come true? Eliza is the parody of the classic “love at first sight”, and the dev managed to make it so entertaining.
But of course, once it comes to the EN Server, it suddenly become a massive problems. Yeah, I don’t see anyone complaining back in 2020, why are we complaining about it now? 
But let’s see one of the biggest complaint:
“The boys are so rude for not wanting to save Idia.”
To start this, I want you to imagine this: Imagine you have a group project and there is this one kid. The kid was always in class but they never talked to anyone, preferring to text rather than speak. You never talk to the kid or at least rarely but they seemed to be scared at you when you’re trying to be friendly. When the team already agree on the date of when you’re gonna do the project, that kid didn’t come, but prefers to go through zoom call when they can just come...? And the reason why? It’s because they don’t like group project and a shut-in like them don’t do well with crowd. When you tried to argue, they screamed back. But, it the end, you managed to finished your project with a B+ and you still write the kid’s name so he would also get a grade and doesn’t repeat class. But the kid said: “this project suck.”
Okay, you got that? How would you feel about it? Annoyed? Frustrated? Hurt? Surely this would put a damp to your relationship, right?
Now, go read Idia’s ceremonial robe vignette. With Idia shut-in nature, imagine how hard is for others to talk to him. Riddle had to use reverse psychology to make him go to the entrance ceremony. In addition, read Ortho’s ceremonial robe vignette, because it covers the same story but from Ortho’s POV.
Okay, but that’s too far, let’s just look at the main story, from Prologue to Octavinelle. Have we ever see Idia anywhere? Well, we see his tablet twice, once in the entrance ceremony and the second time in the housewarden meeting. Considering both meetings are important, why can’t Idia go there in full body? If this is a real school, this will only bring your reputation down.
So, if we can’t imagine the whole canon cast, go with the smaller scale with the housewarden. Imagine their feeling when one of you don’t come to your meeting? Heck, even Leona, the lazy lion who sleep in the botanical garden and repeated year just because he doesn’t want to come home, actually attend the ceremony and the housewarden meeting. “oh but Malleus also doesn’t come.” Yeah, because he wasn’t invited. This can be a pass for Malleus who doesn’t know, but Idia knows but deliberately decides to only come through VC when he can just get out of his room.
Again, question: will you still willing to help this kind of kid if they’re ever get in trouble?
If yes, then I salute you, but I know many who wouldn’t do it because the sour relationship.
This is the base of The Phantom Bride. This is the cast’s current relationship with Idia. Can you really blame them for not wanting to save someone they barely know?
It’s even said in the event on Chapter 5! And you still blame them for not wanting to save Idia?
Tumblr media
(Twisted Wonderland Wiki, English Server)
Tumblr media
(Kibadreams’ translation back in 2021, Japan Server fantranslated)
Okay, but they did ended up trying to save him. But with Eliza high standard and nobody really knowing what to do (what do you expect them to do? Acting like your TWST x Reader headcanons?), they got slapped.
And this is Idia’s respond:
Tumblr media
(Kibadreams’ translation back in 2021, Japan Server fantranslated)
Now, raise your hand if you don’t feel offended or hurt. Can you really still blame the other students for not wanting to save Idia? He’s fucking lucky that Ace, Riddle, Epel, and Rook still want to try and actually succeeded.
Idia is not completely innocent. He’s not your uwu otaku gamer boy. Because he rarely go outside his room, even in important events, his relationship with others is flimsy at best and nonexistent at worst. And when other tries their best to help him with limited resource and knowledge, he calls them “useless”. Again, can you really still blame the other students for not wanting to save Idia?
Do I also need to remind you that, putting aside they’re inspired by villains, that all of them are teenagers? This is what teenagers would normally do! They often act selfish because it’s what make them happy and they can hold grudge or sulk pretty long when it doesn’t go their way. Just, imagine your teenage years and imagine interacting with someone like Idia.
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