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sanyu-thewitch05 · 2 months
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I couldn’t resist. Magitool sounds so close to mousekatools(the things they use in Mickey Mouse Clubhouse to help them later)
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pumpkincarriage3 · 1 month
Green Eyed Monster | Malleus Draconia X Reader (Valentine's Special)
Prompt: Eye-f*cking them all day, making Character A nervous and a blushing mess who can’t properly function.
Synopsis: (Y/n) loved Malleus, they really did. But why wouldn't the dragon-fae stop staring at them?!
Extra: During the Firelit Sky over the Scalding Sands Event. (Y/n) is implied to be Yuu in this. The reader is also gender-neutral.
(Y/n) was trying to look at the different wares in the different stalls. To pay attention to Jamil's explanation of his culture. It was a beautiful culture. And everything that Jamil had to say about it was fascinating, but (Y/n) wasn't able to focus properly. Not because they didn't want to and not because they were bored. No, it was because Tsunotaro wouldn't stop staring at them.
(Y/n) had tried getting him to stop, turning to stare right back in his lime green eyes. Doing so was foolish. Thinking Tsunotaro would actually back down when they did so was even more foolish.
Instead, Tsunotaro had smirked at them. A bit of fang showing at the corner of his lips. (Y/n) engaging only seemed to amuse the fae further, to inspire him into staring even longer.
(Y/n) thought Tsunotaro would eventually look away if they kept staring at him, kept giving him a firm look, but he didn't. And (Y/n) didn't have it in them to keep up the firm appearance the longer they stared back. Not when Tsunotaro seemed to be preening off of their attention. Not when his amusement seemed to come from more than simply finding something funny. Not when his gaze, as sharp as it was, had softened considerably. Though, seeing the playful smirk on the fae's lips, (Y/n) was sure this was a calculated move. Because Tsunotaro knew them and he knew exactly what his gaze was doing to them.
Their cheeks had felt as if they were on fire, when they had finally looked away. (Y/n) had wanted to blame it on heat of the Scalding Sands, but they and everyone else knew they would be lying. For everyone was wearing similar clothes, and even Grimm was doing perfectly fine.
So, they had attempted to just ignore it. Apparently Tsunotaro, and everyone else, thought that was the prime time to tease them even more. For Tsunotaro would stand close to them, not ever moving to far away, never close enough to touch, but his presence looming enough that (Y/n) knew he was always there. Especially since Tsunotaro wouldn't let them remain silent, always speaking in his dulcet tones, his voice seeming even more haunting, even more tantalizing than normal. Always pulling (Y/n) into the conversation with a teasing remark.
It didn't help that everyone else, besides maybe Grimm, had noticed. Seeing their amused grins that they kept giving (Y/n) and how they would taunt them with--
"Is everything okay, (Y/n), you seem a little distracted?" Cater spoke, taunting (Y/n) with a particularly smug grin. And to make matters worse, Tsunotaro chipped in with his own--
"Oh? Is everything alright, Child of Man?" Tsunotaro asked, his voice extremely smug. He knew exactly what he was doing. And why wouldn't he? He was a green eyed monster that was setting out to devour (Y/n). And (Y/n) didn't think they would mind very much if he did. And (Y/n) was certain that Tsunotaro, no Malleus, knew that too.
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best-loves-fishies · 3 months
Twst English players are gonna be fighting for their damn lives out here for the next few months to avoid spoilers I guarantee it.
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mmhberry · 2 months
twst fans when you misinterpret their blorbo Scrimblo Bimbalo because you didn’t read the time limited card vignette from the event ‘Steve Job’s Wonderful Ligma’ two years ago available if you used the 50 limited Lig’Balls items to level the card where there’s a deep discussion between Scrimblo and Bébou on how Scrimblo Bimbalo likes smelling feet and it’s important to understand the character and it’s complexity as it’s linked to his overblot in chapter 23.7
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ai-dev · 2 months
I wonder what he's staring at...
Tumblr media
Note: I haven't posted any new content since like 2-3 weeks ago..;-; but anyway ignoringgg that I'm opening requests for any art/short animation definitely not because I want to put off a project I've started ahahah... I'm very proud of this though
Anyway to sum it up asks/requests are open and hopefully I don't go on another random hiatus lol
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3cremepie3 · 2 months
Back again
Tumblr media
Synopsis - You and Twst boys enjoying your day a HeartLand.
A/n - Been awhile since I wrote for Heartland expect more smut from my world before I change it. Also I forgot to add in Idia so I’ll put him in part 2.
Warnings - Mild language, spying, roller coasters, mention of heights!
Would wait in like patiently while you sit in the shade.
“Thank you so much Riddle I would’ve waited too,” you offered. “It’s okay my love I didn’t mind it.” He handed you ice-cold water that you placed on your sweaty forehead. “That’s for you to drink get it off your head,” he demanded. “Fine!”
When he sees people cutting in the line he lets them have it immediately.
“Hey you two,” he yelled. “You thought no one would notice you cutting huh?! The people around them glared at them realizing that they had just randomly appeared. “Why would you say anything asshole!” They cussed getting out of line. “Ugh I hate rule breakers,” Riddle scoffed.
Try’s to go on as many rides as he can since it’s his first time at a amusement park.
You two even ride on the teacups which is a kiddie ride but it was worth it seeing Riddles's focused face as he turned the wheel. You went on the Little Dipper a children’s coaster. He was ecstatic even after you went over and over again. Then you finally got to the Big Dipper. It was worth the pictures afterward where they zoomed in on you and riddle as he hugged you so incredibly tight you almost passed out. You made fun of him afterward, he couldn’t even be mad at you. He put the picture in his wallet so it could go everywhere with him.
Would buy the flash past cause he hates standing a waiting.
“Look at those losers,” he laughed. You walked past all the exhausted people waiting in line. “What did you say jackass,” someone asked him. “Come on Leona I don’t want to get kicked out.” You pushed him away from the fight that was about to happen. “Damn that ass is fat.” The same stranger gawked at you. Now you couldn’t hold Leona back as he punched the man in the face. He fell right on the ground and you both ran before security came. “We couldn’t even get on the ride!” Sorry, it was instinct to protect the queen of my pride,” he smirked.
Only likes slow rides where he can just lean on you and rest his eyes.
The tunnel of love was perfect. It was dark shutting out the brightness of the day and most importantly private. He could let his guard down and lay on you. You were his favorite pillow. You sat admiring his handsome face and playing with his hair stands. He sits up after while wrapping his hand in yours. “Thank you for coming today.” No problem Baby.” He kissed you before hissing at the harsh daylight as the tunnel ended.
Would buy you pretty much anything you want.
You wanted all of the heartlands stuffed plushies so he brought them without a problem. You wanted to get matching bracelets he brought them. You wanted candy to bring back to grim he brought it. He would buy anything just to make you happy. #1sugardaddy!
Starts praying to the sea witch as he rides the roller coaster.
Azul always made sure to keep a cool and powerful composure. So when you saw him this disheveled you couldn’t help but laugh. You never heard him scream until now you swore that would be the last time since he practically made you go deaf. He threw up after the ride was over and promised never to do that again. “You’re lucky I love you, he hissed.
Enjoys water rides
Especially the artic-themed one. It reminded him of a trip his family took when he was younger. He’s always had respect for penguin men so seeing a live one made up for the other hell hole that they called a roller coaster. He didn’t mind getting splashed with pounds of water at all. He looked perfect while wet and you looked like a wet dog. “It’s your karma Y/n,” he laughed.
Admires the theme park Industry
“I should take some pointers from them.” 12 thumarks for 2 water bottles,” he winced. “That small plushie is 45 thumarks must be because of the brand.” I see that’s why they don’t have any water fountains here.” Smart so smart,” he smirks. He writes down all of their outrageous schemes in his notebook. “Maybe I can use these gimmicks for the mostro lounge!”
Buys out the whole park for a day for you two.
Invites all the other students but not all of them have s/o’s so it’s pretty empty. So that means no lines! You get to go on every ride you want and you get to pick any seats.
Eats a bunch of ice cream
You and he take on a challenge of the 12-scoop cone. Kalim could probably do this on his own but you at least wanted to help him out. Employees watch the messy ordeal with delight. It’s pretty gross your drool mixing and the sweet flavor of ice cream. But you two do a Victory kiss after. You win a picture with one of those sketch artists. You and Kalim can’t sit still laughing through the whole picture because of a sugar high.
Gets Heartlands car service home
The car is spacious enough for you two to lay on each other. You fell asleep in a deep food coma. You awoke to Jamil tucking you and Kalim into bed. “Go back to sleep,” Kalim shushed you.
Planned the date way ahead of time
Vil was in the middle of school and had a huge acting role. So he didn’t have much time for you. But he promised he would make it up somehow so he brought you to heartland.
Made sure you where protected
He smeared plenty of sunblock on you both and made sure you applied more every couple of hours. Vil himself looked like a mom with his sunhat and sunshades but it also was a great disguise to hide him from his fans. “I want today to only be about us.”
Longed around all day
First, you hit up the heartstrings sauna then you hit up the lovers station. You sat on his lap in the hot springs almost falling asleep on his toned chest (IDC if you're big). You were overheated afterward although your body felt refreshed so you finished off with a cold shower. “I’ve never felt better,” you chimed. “Guess I’ll have to take you to the spa more often,” he offered.
Went to the boutique
Vil wanted to match with you for a while now. But he couldn’t find anything suitable to his taste. Either all the couple's merch was too cringe or just downright tacky. But when he saw heartlands options on Magicam he couldn’t help himself. You and him got matching red and gold corsets. Never in your life did you think you could rock a piece as majestical as this one. But Vil promised he would style you once you got back to school.
His guards had to come
Malleus got permission from Lila to bring you here. It would have to be a secret and his team of guards would have to come along but they promised to at least stay hidden. He caught silver gawking at you both as you shared a milkshake. Then he caught Sebeck glaring at you both walking down Heartland rode.
Took plenty of photos
Even though you told Malleus you could’ve just taken them on your phone he wanted a Polaroid. “Your so old fashioned ,” you teased. Before he could purchase any more photos you saw a booth. You took some time choosing the best filters to make you look totally cute. He was a bit weirded out by all the pink but he took them anyway an amused smile on his face. Lila was smiling like a proud father after seeing your photos in the booth. You pointed out the stain your lipstick left on his cheek in one of them but he left it on too lovestruck to care.
Hot air balloon ride
He assured you that he could just pick you up and fly with you and that there was no reason to get on some dangerous aircraft. But you knew his magic could sometimes be too powerful. So you got on anyway and it was a perfect way to get away from everyone else. The balloon lifted you both high in the sky he watched the hue of your skin change with the sunset. “Were alone now,” you pointed out. Or so you thought Lilia was resting on a cloud watching you both. Malleus broke away from your savory kiss his mood quickly souring. Lighting struck almost tearing your hot air balloon down. “It’s okay let’s just crouch down!” He apologized sinking to the bottom of the basket. You sunk with him. “Finally I have a you too myself.” He let out a wicked smirk before using his magic to blow you both further away.
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ramshacklerevenant · 11 months
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beelscustard · 11 months
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Chibi Diasomnia icons
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xoverstarss · 7 months
I drew this the other day I thought I share it hear as well
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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yoonawrites · 6 days
angst wherein yuu returns to their homeworld and everyone in nrc forgets them and moves on...except for grim.
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luvkamishiro · 4 months
Tumblr media
Name : Allen Akiyama
Aliases : Cupid (han and yion)
Gender : Nogender? (They/it)
Age : 15
Birthday :
Height : 159 cm
Eye color : Purple-yellow
Hair color : Light pink
Dorm : Ramshackle
School year : first year
Class : 1-A
Occupation : Student, Part time menace cupid
Club : None
Best subject : Alchemy
Worst subject : None
Favorite food : Vanilla pudding, anything with oreos and vanilla
Least favorite food : greasy food, burnt food
Dislikes : broken archery bows
Hobby : Experimenting with things, matchmaking people, being a menace
Talents : Archery, literally smelling food from 10 miles or more away
Allen has eyes that slowly fades from purple to yellow from top to bottom and light pink hair tied with a pink ribbon with a golden heart pin. They wear a pink bracelet and they have a heart-shaped ahoge.
They like to float around, looking over the skies from dorms to dorms, schools to schools.
They use the last name “akiyama” to hide their name, they reveal their last name to be “conchita”
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multydoodles · 5 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
I found out that my program has a symmetry tool, decided to take advantage of it by remaking Ellen sprite art (the old one is there for comparison)
I’m probably gonna use this tool more in future art, its very helpfull
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pumpkincarriage3 · 1 month
Never Has and Never Will Be | Vil Schoenheit X Reader (Valentine's Special)
Prompt: “It’s always been you, and it will always be you. Please never forget that.”
Synopsis: Vil had many different types of fans. Some, unfortunately zealous in their determination to gain his affections. It came with the territory. But he had never thought they would go after his lover in such a way.
Extra: The reader is not Yuu. The Reader is also gender-neutral in this. Hurt/comfort.
Vil sat down beside (Y/n) watching as they bawled their eyes out. Gently, slowly, as not to startle them, he pulled out a handkerchief from his vest and wiped the tears away from (Y/n)'s face. They didn't lean away from him, but they also refused to look at him.
The action or rather the non-action hurt more than anything. Vil knew (Y/n) normally didn't act like this. Then again, they didn't normally bawl their eyes out either. Vil also knew this wasn't just them being sensitive, they had much more thick skin then most, they just finally cracked under the pressure.
First were the tabloids. The one's with Vil paired up with some other model or actor, one where the writer would paint the image as if Vil was having an affair. Or that they were a match made, even though none of them held a candle to Vil's actual lover. To his (Y/n).
There were even more tabloids after that. Instead these one's out right attacking (Y/n)'s image. Attempting to paint them in a bad light. Vil had attempted to sue for slander, but they had gotten out of it due to certain complications and specifics. Vil knew that this was the way of the social industry, but he couldn't help but be frustrated.
And then came the harassment. Vil did what he could about the stuff he knew, but he knew there was a lot being kept from him. A lot that (Y/n) didn't tell him about. He'd seen the messages, the letters, had heard people whispering to-and-fro amongst themselves once he had got to pick (Y/n) up from somewhere.
Almost as if for a final blow, the News had announced Vil's role, a role he never officially agreed to playing, in an upcoming series with him as a love interest to one of the actresses the News has been trying to sell as his mistress. Had made uncouth comments to (Y/n) in comparison. It hadn't helped that the actress in question had actually accepted the role and was gushing over it to multiple News outlets. Not that they had ever mentioned Vil's name in question, but it had been enough.
And now, Vil was beside his lover, in their room, as they were bawling their eyes out. Selfishly, Vil couldn't help but think they also looked beautiful like this. Even covered in snot and tears as they were.
"Now, now, whatever is the matter dearest?" Vil asked. He already knew. But he wanted to hear it from their lips. He wanted them to ask him to do something to the people that dare slander them. Not to say that Vil hasn't tried all that he can, but he wants them to rely on him. Wants them to give him the opportunity to support them publicly, with them by his side.
"It's stupid..." (Y/n) mumbled. Vil frowned at them, upset and worried. The last thing he wanted was for them to close themselves off.
"It's not stupid if it's upset you in such a way. Now, what is it?" Vil pressed once more. Already planning on ordering chocolates and running a nice hot bath for (Y/n) to relax in later.
"I-It's just--" They broke down all over again. "It's like no one actually believes were together--or-or they question why you’re with me! Saying how any number of people would be a better match! They're always commenting on my appearance, what I'm wearing, what I'm eating! I can't get a moment of peace no matter where I go!" They choked up over their own words. "And sometimes I think that they're right. That you would be better with someone else...."
Vil couldn't help the scoff that left his lips. It wasn't derogatory, not in any manner. He would never use such a tone with (Y/n). But rather, it was a scoff of disbelief.
"I only love you and will always love you. And just you. It’s always been you, and it will always be you. Please never forget that." Vil pleaded. "It will never be anyone else. It never has been and it never will be." Vil coaxed, placing a gently kiss on (Y/n)'s eyelids, pulling them into his embrace.
Tomorrow he would call his manager and open a lawsuit. And he would keep doing it until it stuck. But for now, with his lover in his arms, this would be enough.
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best-loves-fishies · 2 months
Tumblr media
Alright, you know what? Fuck you. -genderbends your octopus man-
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veethewriter · 1 year
Hello Hello! This is actually my first time making a request 👉👈
But there's an idea that's been going around my head, a story where Kalim is thinking about proposing to MC, but suddenly he worries that mc doesn't really love him and only wants his money and position, then MC should remind him that she loves him just because of who he is!
Sorry if it's too weird, and feel free to ignore it if you don't like my idea >< anyway thanks a lot!!!! I hope your profile keeps growing!!!
Thank you! And I love your idea! ❤❤ sorry if Kalim seems a little ooc, this is my first time writing for him!
Tumblr media
Sighing softly Kalim held the black box in his hand, he had big plans tonight but he also had big worries. All he could think about right now were negatives, most of them around you. However he also knew that you wouldnt do most of those things, standing up from his bed he put the ring in his pocket. He headed to the ramshackle dorm, knowing that's where you would be.
Knocking on the door to the dorm, a few seconds you had answered greeting him. Smiling at you trying to hide his nerves he quickly asked you something "Can you come with me I wanna talk with you something...." You could tell something was wrong already, looking back at grim you made him promise to behave in return for some tuna while you were gone. Taking kalims hand, you look back at him "Alright I can go now."
You gave him a small smile knowing that'll help him calm down a little. He started to lead you back to his room, where it would be more private for you two to talk. Sitting on his bed, you held his hand still, hoping it would be a way to make him less nervous. Pouting at you he started to confess his thoughts "you love me for me right," he looked down as if he was ashamed of even saying it.
You smiled softly, knowing he had every right to worry especially with who his family is and what they have. You cup his face softly, having him look at you before saying "Kalim I don't care where you come from or what you have, the only thing I care about is you. I love you for being you, I love how excited you get at the simplest of things or how you can be so oblivious to the smallest stuff. I love your smile and your eyes, you are what I want. I don't want anything else."
Blushing a lot, he smiles widely before leaning in to kiss you. After kissing you, he pulls put the black box he had beside the bed. He opens the box putting a ring on ring finger before taking your hands in his, he finally says "than you have me...."
I know it's not the typical will you marry me, I just thought it would be cool to do something different. Hope you like it! ❤❤❤
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ai-dev · 6 months
My Twisted wonderland Mc!
(click on it for better quality)
✯𝐻𝑎𝑝𝑝𝑦 𝐻𝑎𝑙𝑙𝑜𝑤𝑒𝑒𝑛!✯
I'm really excited that I finnaly got to draw him :>
Tumblr media
(he's a scarecrow btw-he did it to scare Crowley)(*it worked*)
Ik that in the past couple of days I haven't really posted anything other than reblogs and sorry about that!
We'll soon get back to our usual program😌 andd creativity has sparked and I now have a comic idea for my mc who currently goes by the name yuu
If you want me to draw your twst oc/mc in their Halloween costume I'd be glad to!(just show me refrences like from piccrew or anywhere) Also if you want me to draw any of the boys in their Halloween costume I gladly will! I wanna work on my digital art skills(and also socializing with people) and also if you want to reblog this and show me your oc/Mc I would lovee to see them :o (I'm a sucker for character designs)
Anyway I hope you all have a lovely rest of your day/night and make sure to drink some water! I can't wait to see some designs:D
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