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basketball floyd obsession
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When you have squishy cheeks
this is entirely self indulgent ngl. gendered pronouns aren't used and the appearance is not described, just soft, squishy cheeks
do tell me if you would be interested in other characters
Characters: Silver, Floyd
Tumblr media
Silver would discover your squishable cheeks on accident
He had been sleeping under a tree while you would keep him quiet company, not minding that he was asleep
When he woke up, you simply smiled at him as he got reoriented with the world of the living and that’s when he notices something on your cheek
Still in the hazy scape of sleep, he’d reach a hand up to your cheek and gently wipe it off, not even thinking about it. His eyes widened slightly, barely even noticeable as he realized just how soft your cheeks are
Mindlessly, he would caress your cheek with his thumb, not even noticing the heat that started to radiate off of them, only realizing what he had been doing when the bell for the next class rang, breaking him out of his thoughts
Silver would never bring up his new little discovery
He would come up with different excuses to touch your cheeks after that, the most common one being that something had gotten on your face
Silver would never be rough with you, always touching with gentle caresses
If you get together, take his hands up to cup your cheeks and Silver has found his new stress relief
Floyd, unsurprisingly, is not as gentle as Silver
He would discover your squishable cheeks in his excitement while giving you a hug
Floyd was rubbing his cheek against yours, slowing down as he felt the soft, squishy cheek against his own
Floyd placed you down, looking at you with wide eyes and wider grin, before placing his hands against your cheeks and just
He really didn’t mean to be rough, but simply just lost himself in his new discovery
Would be very offended that you never told him your cheeks soft and squeezable
This is his new way of greeting you
“Hey Shrimpy~” *squish* *squish* “whatcha up to?”
You would have to remind him to be gentle with your cheeks, but just know that he will only let go when he feels like it
Are your cheeks a little sore after? Yes. Is it worth it? That is up to you to decide
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Jade: Sweet little thing, it's okay. *comforting Baby MC*
Baby MC: Mama... *sniffles*
Floyd: *beating a Savanaclaw student up* You scared my little octo-ray, huh?
Savanaclaw student: They almost blinded me!
Azul: And who's the fool trying to get them out from their pot?
Jade: Azul, we should not show violence to a child.
Jade: *smiles* Floyd, I'll take care of him myself.
Baby MC: *sleeping in Azul's arms after being cradled*
Azul: Floyd, did you ask anyone if they had seen what happened?
Floyd: Yeah. One staff said when that punk was forcing to open their octopus pot, little octo-ray spat ink on his eyes.
Azul: ...
Azul: *tries to stifle his laughter*
Azul: *kissing the top of their head*
Floyd: So, are we going to call them the little gangsta?
Azul: ...
Azul: No.
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Hi beautiful being! I hope you are doing well! I saw your requests open and couldn't help myself :) I really loved your post about Ace and how he loves his s/o and I was wondering if you could do something similar for Leona and Floyd. (mostly Leona but don't tell Floyd, don't wanna get squeezed to death-) Again, I hope you're doing well and a big thanks for everything! ^-^
How he loves you:
Leona x reader
A weight on your shoulder, something furry tickling your chin. His ears twitch ever so slightly, brushing against your skin like kisses. Gently, tenderly, reminders of the feelings he harbours for you. A warmth surging through your wrist. A tail finding itself wrapped around it, holding on loosely.
Nibbles on your earlobes, lazy drawls purring into your ear. Leona leans down, levelling his head with yours. He’ll nuzzle into the crook of your neck, rubbing gently against it. Once he feels your shoulders relax, his fangs are grazing against your collarbone, nipping playfully.
Your hand in his, watching Night Raven College from the rooftops. The sunset illuminates the surroundings, soaking everything under the sun into hues of gold and ember. Leona’s arm snakes around your waist, pulling you into him. Your heartbeat taps into his skin, a gentle rhythm.
Stay a little longer, yeah?
Leona has grown a little too fond of your warmth to pull away.
Floyd x reader
Ice cold fingers dipping into the nape of your neck, chilling you to the bone. Mischievous laughter, breathless with amusement. Mismatched eyes scanning your expression, a lopsided grin. Rows of pearly white fangs, leering at you sinisterly.
Arms around your chest, Floyd pins your arms down, rendering you immobile. He’ll squeeze as tightly as he can, holding you as close to him as mortally possible. His scent, his embrace, his heartbeat beating out of his chest….
Crushed against his lanky form, you can hardly feel anything but him.
Floyd has quite a grip. Fingers wrapped tightly in yours, he’ll drag you around Night Raven College. Moods as volatile as a weathercock, you hardly have any warning for these moments. Sometimes, it’s frustrating. Yet when you’re running down the halls with Floyd by your side, wind tousling your hair… you can’t help but laugh.
He’ll turn and beam at you.
Lil’ shrimpy always looks better smiling.
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ryker-writes · 3 days
hello!! How was your day? Small brain rot, ringed seal!reader w/ Floyd! Reader is most definitely chubby, but Floyd loves that! Makes it better to squeeze :)
Hello darling! I'm doing alright, but how have you been? Sorry that this request is kinda short. I didn't really know what to write
Request rules and Masterlists
Floyd with a ringed seal reader
he absolutely loves it!
you are his favorite person to hug
like he does it so often
the second he sees you he's running to hug you
and once he gets you, he's not letting go
I mean it
you're talking to someone or someone is talking to him?
he can talk and squeeze you at the same time
you need to go somewhere?
he can carry you to your destination
Floyd especially loves it if you two are swimming and in your mer-forms
he actually prefers that over your normal form
he feels like he he can hold you better in that form
he definitely calls you Sealie
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Haha its 10pm right now, but some doodles I did on a Aggie with friends while simultaneously listening to boyfriend asmr. Don’t mind the cat maid Rinne, I was bored.
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mobagehelllocal · 2 days
today on I cannot get a break from twisted wonderland jade leech and floyd leech
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captchristine · 21 hours
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Happy April Fool’s Day !
Tumblr media
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severeaesthetic · 2 days
respectfully….. can i request for the second part of the presentation prank with floyd that’s using jade on next slide?? 👀
no pressure tho you can ignore this request
People I would cheat on my boyfriend with (Floyd Leech)
🔞This is a NSFW continuation to a previous post. Minors please don’t interact. I take no responsibility for you reading this no matter your age. All characters are aged up to 18+🔞
Fem reader coming soon
⚠️AMAB reader, male body parts mentioned, cuckolding, swearing, male masturbation, blow job, anal (m receiving), oral, exhibitionism (?), semi public sex, NO INCEST, degradation kink, biting/marking, Floyd, unsafe sex/no condom, gag being used, Pet names/degrading- Good boy, Slut, cocksleeve, baby, darling-, bondage (with magic plants? Does that count?), He/him pronouns
“If I knew my slut wanted to get fucked by my brother I would have let it happen earlier.” He said extremely serious. He stood up and turned off the recording. He threw you over his shoulder and walked out of Ramshackle to the botanical garden where Jade was. The looks you received from people while walking to the garden were enough to have you hiding your face in your hands. Every one you passed had wanted to ask what you did, but the look Floyd sent them was enough to curb their curiosity. When he reached the garden he slammed the door open. He saw Jade at the farthest end of the garden and made his way over. Not before running into Leona where he was napping. Floyd kicks his tail “Oi, Lionfish! Wake up!”
Leona grumbles and opens an eye looking at him “you have a lot of nerve waking me up. I could always go for an eel snack.”
“Unless you wanna hear my boyfriend get fucked by my brother I suggest you take your nap elsewhere.” Floyd says as Leona continues to lay there and pretend to think. You finally take your face out of your hands and look at Leona.
“Please Leona! Fore the love of the Seven! I beg of you please leave!” You sounded desperate causing Leona to snicker before standing. He pat you on the head laughing at you.
“Have fun herbivore, whatever you did has to be real bad” he says before walking out leaving you and the tweels alone. Floyd muttered a spell to make sure the door was locked. He finally made it to the table where Jade was looking at his babies. Jade said a spell that cleared the table.
“To what do I owe the pleasure of seeing my brother and his cocksleeve on this fine day?” Jade said putting his elbow on the table and resting his chin on his hand. Floyd laid you down on the desk with a look that said to not move.
“He decided to be a brat and pull a prank involving you. So I think it’s only fair to let you in on his punishment” Floyd says taking his spot in the seat his brother was just in. Jade smirked and walked over grabbing your legs and pulling you to the edge of the table before casting a spell to make your clothes disappear.
“With pleasure” Jade smirks as he summoned a bottle of edible lube and squirted some on your dick. He stroked your dick a couple a times before taking it into his mouth causing you to moan loudly and arch your back. Your hands entangle in Jade’s hair trying to push him away. Your boyfriend didn’t like that though, he was enjoying this a little too much.
“Nuh uh baby, no touching” a spell that causes vines to wrap around all your limbs lightly pulling to keep you form touching his brother. “This is your punishment. And both of us need to enjoy it.”
“Floyd! Ah fuck. Please I’m sorry!” pulling against the restraints you let out a whine as Jade takes you further down his throat. Jade speeds up his movements before slowly inserting a finger inside of you as. You loudly moan his name as Floyd pulls out his own cock and begins stroking it matching the pace jade was going on your dick. Jade adds another finger before gently grazing his teeth along your dick making you shudder.
“Please! let me cum! I’ll be a good boy!”
“Oh yeah? You’ll be a good boy? You’re begging like a common whore though” Jade speaks after he replaces his mouth with his hand his pace speeding up. Adding another finger, he roughly pushes his hand in and out successfully hitting your prostate making you scream out in ecstasy. He doesn’t stop the hand on your dick as you cum, working you through your high. Floyd cums after you with a groan leaning back into the chair. After forever Jade finally stops stroking your dick (not that you mind), and he resting his hands on your thighs rubbing them gently waiting for you to calm down. “He’s ready for you Floyd.”
“I’ll let you play first Jade and then I’ll have my fun” Floyd said spinning around in the chair (with his dick still out. I’m sorry, this is just really funny to picture🤣).
“How generous of you brother” Jade says before he pulls his pants down far enough to take his dick out. He stroked it a couple of times before inserting it into your hole. You were a mess underneath the brother of your boyfriend, pretty tears were falling down your cheeks as sobs fell from your lips. Jade slowly started thrusting in and out of you as he leaned down and licked the tears as they fell. Floyd began to stroke his dick again groaning at the sight of his boyfriend (love of his life) being fucked by his favorite (platonic!) person. Jade grabbed your hips roughly, you were definitely going to be bruised tomorrow. He began thrusting harder and faster while leaning down to mark your neck.
Floyd was most definitely zoned in on your fucked out expression and the sounds coming from you. Being fuck like this took away your ability to form sentences so only whines and gasps could be heard from you. Jade groans and bites down hard on your neck drawing blood when you squeeze him and cum without warning. Jade follows soon pulling out and coming on your stomach (as per Floyd’s rules they discussed prior). He got himself dressed and went back to looking at his mushrooms like he didn’t just blow your back out. Floyd walked over and stood between your legs, he cast the undoing spell and the vines disappeared. (This is probably just me and Floyd may be ooc but I think he can be really gentle and loving to people he does not want to hurt under any condition. Like his lover and his momma. He’s a momma’s boy but not in the creepy way). He grabbed your wrists and placed gentle kisses to the marks the vines left behind. You gave him a derpy smile and he leaned down placing a kiss to your lips.
“You okay Shrimpy?” He whispered. Which was unusual for other people, but he was always gentle with you, no matter his mood swings. You only nodded and made grabby hands for him to which he responded by picking you up and wrapping your legs around his waist. He takes a seat on the chair he was previously on. “Was that too much?” He said as you buried your face in the crook of his neck. You shake your head and lightly grind your hips against his.
“Wan’ you” you muttered placing kisses on his neck. “Please. Need you.”
Floyd smiles shaking his head before lifting your hips up to insert his dick in you. “You’re insatiable you know that.” He began to thrust up into you. He had a gentle hold on your hips making sure not to add more bruises (he would do that at another time when he wasn’t taking care of his baby). You had a weak hold on his shoulders. High pitched whines came from your lips causing you to suck on his neck. Neither of you were in a rush to reach your highs this time. Floyd took his time thrusting up into to you before reaching with a hand to stroke your dick. He pulled you into a passionate kiss as you both reached your highs he slowed his pace and worked you both through them. You were thoroughly fucked out and fell asleep in Floyd’s arms. He cast a cleaning spell then a spell to put your clothes back on letting you sleep.
“Do you think the punishment was fitting?” Jade says walking over with some of his babies.
Floyd looked down and placed a kiss on your forehead “Absolutely.”
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x-mentally-eel-x · 5 hours
Tumblr media
Let me add one more thing to the list of devilish things I have done and will do 😈
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hyacinths-heart · 2 days
Exploration with the trio
Tumblr media
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Floyd: he is the bringer of destruction, the plague of death, and the warlord of suffering!
Jade: Floyd, who on earth are you talking about?
Floyd: he goes by many names, king of darkness, sacrificer of all that is good, but one name trumps the rest tenfold!
Floyd dramatically holds something up really high in the air and shouts incredibly loudly: TSUM TSUM FLOYD!
Jade staring at the ‘TSUM TSUM’ that Floyd proudly displays : I see. And why do you hold this thing in such high regard?
Floyd giggling: of course, the little guy wanted to have some fun~
As Floyd sprints out of the building Jade just shakes his head and Azul looks like an octopus in hot water. Floyd has finally found someone as reckless and carefree as he is. The world will need to prepare itself.
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Off With That Contract! (Riddle Rosehearts and Prefect + Octavinelle Interaction) Chapter 3
Warnings: Implied child abuse, implied eating disorder, implied PTSD symptoms, Octavinelle just because, sort of canon compliant but we’re veering into alternate universe terrtory, etc.
@hisredhysteria/@herdisturbedheart Request: Anything Riddle.
Summary: Sometimes, in order to get around a rules lawyering octopus, you have to find yourself a lawyer. The closest one just happens to be one Heartslabyul Housewarden Riddle Rosehearts.
Tumblr media
“Did you know,” the Prefect whispered after the server retreated to speak with the rest of his patrons at the bar, “that yesterday the Vice Housewarden and his brother made Jack and I work for like half an hour before meeting with Azul? I’m surprised that Jade didn’t make me do that again.”
Riddle tapped a few of his gloved fingers against the well polished countertop. If there was one thing that Riddle couldn’t begrudge Octavinelle, it was that they were particular about keeping the premises clean and well kept. “Were you compensated for your hard work?”
The Prefect blinked. “No?”
Riddle nodded. “I’ll see to it that you get everything you want during negotiations.”
“O-oh! You don’t need to do that! I’m more concerned about Ace, Deuce, and Grim!” The Ramshackle student turned their head around and gazed at the rest of the establishment. Despite the dim lighting, it was perfectly clear that the Lounge was mostly filled with students who wanted time away from studying. Following their gaze, Riddle discovered that the Prefect was actually staring with laser-focused intent on two servers who were busy making their rounds at their respective tables. 
Although Ace and Deuce deserved their punishment, Riddle couldn’t help but feel mildly sympathetic towards the two troublemakers. Riddle was no stranger to hard work, but even he could see that Azul and his lackeys were running them ragged. Already, even though it had been only a few hours since the opening of the Lounge, both Heartslabyul first years looked like they were only seconds away from keeling over. Honestly, Riddle could have sworn that Azul treated first timers better than this… 
Unless, of course…
“This is an assumption,” Riddle murmured as quietly as possible. His storm grey eyes were keen on keeping both of his first years in his sights, but he was still very aware of the fact that their server was still somewhere behind them. At a table occupied with a group of Scarabia students, Ace was busy saying something (perhaps reciting their order back to them) while Deuce was heading to another doorway (possibly the door leading to the kitchens). “However, I wouldn’t put it past Azul to work them harder than the rest of his contractees.”
“But why?” The Prefect’s eyes furrowed, their expression fully expressing confusion at that idea. “That doesn’t make sense. The four of us have never spoken to any Octavinelle students before the finals. I mean, I did have to partner with them at least once or twice, but never with their Housewarden or Vice Housewarden. What could we have done to offend them? We’re just first years!”
“It’s not what you’ve done, but what you’ve got.” The sound of glass clinking against the wooden surface of the bar interrupted him. Wow, Cater’s Magicam posts did the beverages and food justice. What was more, it was well worth the price that Riddle had to pay with his allowance. After thanking the server promptly and with all the respect that the Queen herself would deserve, the server finally left to attend to his other patrons. Honestly, Octavinelle students were either too nosy or too clever (to reveal that they were nosy) all for the sake of gaining more information. At least Scarabians weren’t as theatrical. “Azul was pouting for a few weeks last year… Around this time, actually, and if I recall from the Headmage’s ramblings, it was that he denied Azul something very important. Given how fixated he is on you (to the point where he was willing to meet with you twice!), it’s probably because he wants your dorm.”
“Ramshackle?” The Prefect spluttered, remnants of a pale, sparkling purple liquid that smelled like lime and raspberry dripping slightly out of the corners of their lips. Thankfully, Riddle was more than well equipped with a monogrammed handkerchief and a firm hand. As Riddle grasped their chin in his hand and dabbed lightly at their face, the Prefect couldn’t help but ask, “But it’s so…? Ramshackle?”
Yes, Riddle was more than aware of how rundown and dilapidated the hovel that the Prefect and Grim had to call home. Why the Headmage had seen fit to exile a magicless student to the one building on campus that wasn’t maintained at all was something that had crossed Riddle’s mind before, but had been too busy being bombarded with his duties as a Housewarden to spare more than a few seconds of thinking. However, with the reality that he was seated next to an underclassman who was at their wit’s end trying to evade Azul’s insidious machinations, Riddle had no choice but to give the matter more thought.
And was thus ashamed that it had taken at least four months before he began to truly realize that the Prefect’s situation was far more dire than what he was willing to admit to himself after hearing only bits of pieces gleaned from hushed conversations between Ace and Deuce. 
Gloved fingers tapped against his thighs when he came to the startling conclusion that he would have to make an appointment with the Headmage after this. 
He couldn’t guarantee that Ramshackle Dorm would be up to code, but it would be a start for the Prefect to live in a place that reportedly had more holes than Swiss cheese. 
As for the Prefect’s question… “Azul has always been an ambitious individual. Since the Mostro Lounge has been a profitable business venture on its own, I suppose it would make sense to expand.” It would also explain why Azul had pouted for weeks on end last year after a failed “negotiation” with the Headmage. “As for working my first years and your companion far harder than his other workers… It would be foolish to think that his unfair treatment isn’t part of his master plan.”
The Prefect’s eyes widened. “What?”
Riddle nodded, seemingly satisfied with his deduction thus far. “By making the conditions working under him unbearable, it would force all three of those troublemakers to become desperate and look for help. Since their contracts probably prohibit them from declining, they would have to seek out a third party to negotiate on their behalf. Hence, you and by extension, Jack and myself. In fact,” Riddle narrowed his eyes in disdain, “it would be foolish to think for a second that Azul didn’t have the foresight to have dismissed the idea of selling those study guides without looking into their relationships with you beforehand.”
Perturbed, the Prefect took another anxious gulp of their drink, the motion far more jerky than it had to be. Thankfully, Riddle had no need of his handkerchief at the moment. 
“Come to think of it… No one offered me a study guide.”
“Azul has always enjoyed the long game.”
When the Heartslabyul Housewarden realized that the Prefect was immersed in their thoughts, he finally took a look at his drink and accompanying side dish. Although he made a conscious effort to not think too hard about calories, he couldn’t help but look at the sparkling liquid, of the crispy crust that covered his pastry. He could smell butter, could practically feel the taste of sugar and sweetness coating his gums and the high caloric bolus sliding down his throat into a pit of guilt. 
He had been allowed the freedom to be parted from his mother’s influence, but even he couldn’t deny that outside of the Heartslabyul Dorm where he could eat the Queen’s preferred pastries without guilt, the idea of shamelessly indulging in sweets or fatty foods without cause made him pause. 
His fingers, always restrained within his perfectly fitted gloves, flexed upon the delicate handle of his fork.
And then he deftly began cutting into the small pastry, not minding how the filling gently oozed out onto the delicate porcelain of the plate. 
Underneath the sweet tangy flavor of strawberry, Riddle could barely make out the harsh muttering of his mother’s teachings echoing in his ears. 
“Isn’t that cheating?”
Riddle blinked before delicately swallowed his first bite of his treat. A part of him was relieved that he had been stopped before he could gorge himself on such a delicacy, but he could not deny that he ached to allow the flavors to overwhelm him wholly. “Pardon?”
The Prefect stirred their tall glass of their promotional drink with a metal straw, the sound of clinking mixing with the sound of crushed ice. It was a broken symphony that contrasted with the rough sound of their voice. 
“The Octavinelle Housewarden messing with other’s lives like that,” the Prefect elaborated. “I don’t like it.”
Repressing a grin was harder than Riddle thought, but he eventually succeeded. It wasn’t often to find Night Raven College Students who were rule-abiding, much less morally upright, but Riddle was glad that he found someone like that in the Prefect. Now, if only the Prefect could join Heartslabyul…
“Technically, Azul hasn’t stepped outside of his jurisdiction as a ‘benevolent’ upperclassman,” Riddle said, emphasizing the Sea Witch’s basic moral. “In fact, it’s in his modus operandi to position himself as a savior when your circumstances are at their most bleak. How you reach such terrible circumstances can be up to chance… but that’s because there hasn’t been any proof to say otherwise.”
A spark gleamed in the Prefect’s eye. “Well, why not get some proof? If we can foil the Savanaclaw’s plan to overhaul the Magishift Tournament—”
Riddle waved a hand. “Kingscholar got careless and put too much faith in his dorm residents. Here, Octavinelle has dirt on everyone, but the one who holds the cards are Azul and the Leech twins.”
The Prefect’s eyes widened. “Ah… That makes sense. They approached me once on their own and I felt like five feet of distance was still too short.”
Stifling a laugh, Riddle pointed at the Prefect’s drink and dessert. “Believe me, you’re not the only one who thinks that. Now, it’s best that you finish that. Jade likes to quiz people on their thoughts on the newest additions and it’s inadvisable to make important decisions on an empty stomach.”
“Yes, sir!”
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mintmoth · 5 months
Tumblr media
You can't tell me he doesn't have a bias
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