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Un-Twists Your Wonderland (The Cursed AU)
Ignihyde Edition
Tumblr media
Diasomnia Edition
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Art Masterlist
For those who are curious/confused:  Idia = Hades Ortho = Baymax Sebek = Maleficent’s Crocodile Goon Silver = Aurora Lilia = Maleficent’s Bat Goon Malleus = Maleficent
Tumblr media
The Crocodile-like and Bat-like Goon from the Sleeping Beauty Movie.
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reached max friendship level with grim’s card
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Teachers talking in the lounge
Crewel: You know the Prefect has seemed distracted lately. Well more so then usual.
Trien: Well you know they are at that special age when a mind is on one thing.
*Meanwhile at Ramshakle*
MC: *hudled under a blanket in front of the fireplace*
Grimm: Henchmen, are you alright? You've been quiet for a while now.
MC: *burning a letter from Crowley saying he has a new job for them* No one plans a murder out loud, Grimm
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I really wanna snuggle with them 😭
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I have a funny idea in the Monster au, baby teeth. Mini! Yuu either injured themselves causing one or two teeth to fall, or through eating. Like baby teeth fell, and then goes, "look look my teeth fell out!! :D". While their mouth is bleeding a bit. Plus, I'd imagine MC would have the myth of the tooth fairy, and then goes "I'm gonna put my teeth under the pillow for the tooth fairy!! :D"
Twisted Wonderland Monster AU: A Visit from the Tooth Fairy
Warning: Slight blood mention! Won’t go too into details on it, but please let me know if I should tag it another way!
TA-DA!!!!! I finally finished the mini!Yuu tooth fairy fic~!!!
Ah, the age old tradition of the tooth fairy visiting to leave a quarter or a dollar under a child’s pillow in exchange for their fallen teeth (or in one funny post, $100 from the “drunk tooth fairy” 😂). I vaguely remember I once had a heart shaped pillow my mom gave me that had a little pouch on the front to put the tooth, and I’d have it set to the side and wake up to a $1-$5 bill in the pouch instead. Each tradition is different for each family, but still, innocent fun in the end!
Monsters in this AU are no stranger to losing baby teeth. It’s all part of growing up and getting their adult teeth or fangs! But while they do have fairies in Twisted Wonderland, it’s hard to say lore wise if they do have tooth fairies or have that story for kids too. For the purposes of this ask though (and cuteness), let’s say that they don’t have a tooth fairy and now these boys have to figure out how to keep the “magic” alive.
By the way…this turned out much longer than I intended, so now it’s a fic. 😅 Enjoy the older brother shenanigans!
Under a read more due to length!
“Hey, Yuu! Guess what I just picked up from the Mystery Shop? Iiiiit’s…candy~!”
“Candy! Candy, candy, candy!!”
“Hold on, Yuu. Don’t go eating too many pieces this time, or you’ll spoil your appetite for lunch again!”
“Aww, come on, Deuce, let the kid have a lil’ fun,” Ace said, plopping the small bag of treats into the toddler’s waiting palms as they grinned happily, skipping away to enjoy their spoils. “Besides, they know the rule: if their tummy is full, they don’t get any of Trey’s desserts!”
Jack frowned as he said, “You did that on purpose so you could get their slice of cake or pie, didn’t you?”
“What? Psh, no! I’m just being a good big brother to the lil’ tyke,” Ace said with a scoff. “Where’d you get an idea like that? Besides, Grim swiped their tart last time, not me!”
“Hey! It’s not my fault they weren’t allowed to eat it before their nap time!” Grim protested. “And you swiped one of their cookies when they weren’t lookin’ last week, pal!”
“Why you little-!”
“Here we go again,” Epel said with a sigh.
“Disgraceful,” Sebek said. He glanced down when Yuu came back over with their stuffed rabbit Mr. Flopsy, the basilisk sitting still as the toddler climbed up to sit on his lap. “Absconding with the food of a weak and defenseless human child…have you two no shame?”
Before the two could react, Yuu looked up at Sebek and asked, “What does ab…abd…scion…ab…”
“Abscond?” Epel supplied.
Pointing at Epel, Yuu nodded and asked, “What does that word mean, Sebby?”
“It’s what happens when Ace swipes a cherry pie from Trey’s kitchen without permission and runs away,” Jack answered instead with a slight smirk.
“The point is, little human, that you should never steal what doesn’t belong to you,” Sebek said with a huff.
“Oh. Okay, big brother!” Yuu said, turning back around and starting to dig into their treats. While the first years continued to talk (or rather bicker) around them, the toddler was quietly humming a tune as they played with Mr. Flopsy’s rabbit paws, occasionally reaching into the bag to pull out a new piece of candy or two. Some were soft like marshmallows or gummies, others were hard with a crunch. As they were chewing, they noticed the strange sensation in one of their front teeth. They’d felt it before when they visited the nice dentist man with the pretty assistant lady that looked like Sebek, but they forgot what he’d said about that tooth. Another quiet crunch distracted them from the thought, a new flavor bursting in their mouth that made them smile and giggle.
Reaching into the bag for another, their hand grabbed what felt like a bumpy gumball, their hand barely able to wrap around it as they pulled it out of the bag. It was white with rainbow flecks sprinkled across the surface, Yuu contemplating only for a split second how they were going to eat it before bringing it up to their mouth and—
“Owww!” Yuu yelped, dropping the candy and wailing in pain as their hands reached up to cover their mouth.
“Yuu! What’s wrong?!” Deuce asked.
“Ah! Don’t cry, human, you’re safe!” Sebek said, trying to figure out how to console the crying child as tears began to form in their eyes.
“What happened?!” Jack asked, immediately kneeling in front of them. “Shh…it’s okay, Yuu. Are you hurt?” Somehow, Yuu managed to give him a nod, still muffling their whimpers behind their hands. “Did you bite your tongue? Are your teeth hurting?”
Epel caught sight of the candy that had fallen and picked it up. “Hol’ on…izzat a jawbreaker?!” he gasped.
“Say what?! How did that get in there!?” Ace said, swiping the bag and beginning to dig through the contents. “I’m not seeing any others…I swear I checked the bag before I bought it! Grim, did you slip that in when I wasn’t looking?!”
“I thought it was a big gumball!” Grim yelped, looking distressed now. “It looked just like one—I didn’t know it was a jawbreaker thing!” Now near tears, he whimpered, “Now I’ve gone and hurt the human…Professor Crewel’s gonna kill me!”
“Fergit Professor Crewel—the researchers ‘re gonna tan our hides if we don’t git Yuu t’ the nurse’s office!” Epel said, his accent slipping in thicker than normal in his panic.
“Let’s go!!”
“Don’t worry, they’re fine.”
It had been a confusing and panic-inducing five-minute sprint to the nurse’s office from the dorms, students getting bowled over or jumping out of the way of the charging first years. Even Riddle could barely yell at them to not run in the halls before Ace and Deuce shouted “Yuu’s hurt! Nurse’s office!!” in unison. Their panic was only increased tenfold when the nurse wasn’t in the infirmary, instead rushing over to the closest researcher and begging for help after explaining the situation.
So, to hear them say that the human was okay, the first years were relieved yet bewildered as they all but collapsed to the floor in exhaustion.
“What even happened? I thought we broke Yuu’s jaw on accident with that jawbreaker!” Grim asked.
The researcher gave a gentle smile as she turned off the little flashlight and said, “Well, while it was unwise to give something that hard or large to a toddler to begin with, I understand it was an accident and that you meant no harm. Besides…you may have helped loosen one of their baby teeth.”
“B…baby teeth?” Deuce repeated.
“Yes, though they’re also known as primary teeth or milk teeth. From the records we’ve gathered, Yuu has already lost at least one small tooth before they arrived and has already gotten one of their adult teeth in.” Turning to the toddler, whose hands were now in their lap, the researcher said, “Sweetie, would you open your mouth and show us your pretty teeth, please?”
Looking at the first years for a moment, Yuu cooperated and opened their mouth wide.
“See this front tooth here, next to the canine?” the researcher said, using a gloved hand to reach out and gently nudge one. What should have been solid now gave way, the tooth wiggling with each nudge. “During Dr. Zigvolt’s dental exam, it was noted that the adult tooth buried in the gums beneath this tooth was beginning to push down. It likely was already starting to become loose, the candy simply sped up the process…if a little painfully, but it happens.”
“So…Yuu’s just going to lose a tooth naturally and get a new one?” Ace asked.
“That’s right. Children in monster species start losing teeth in the same order that they came in, so by our calculations, since this is the second tooth to fall out, Yuu’s front teeth came in first. It’s not so different from some of the more common monster species in Twisted Wonderland. We just need to keep an eye on it, and make sure the process goes smoothly within the next few days or so.”
“Phew…that’s a relief,” Grim said. “Ya hear that, Yuu? You��re gonna grow up big and strong like us when you get all your big human teeth!”
Yuu’s expression grew bright and cheerful as they said, “Yay! I want pretty teeth like JackJack and Sebby!”
“If you get those kind of chompers, don’t start teething on us!”
/Several Days Later/
Word spread quickly what transpired, and while most of the students had relaxed knowing that nothing was wrong, it was hard to ignore the exciting news. Sure, it was always exciting knowing that a monster child was one step closer to getting their full adult teeth, but knowing that Yuu—the only known human child in existence—was getting their own adult teeth? It was a “#riteofpassage #baby’sgrowingup #don’tknowhowtodeal” as Cater had posted on his Magicam channel.
So when the tooth finally fell out after Yuu accidentally got hit in the face by a swinging door (and lots of reassurances and boo-boo kisses were given)…
“It came out! It came out!”
“It sure did, Yuu,” Trey said, patting the small human on the head as they triumphantly held up the tooth. “That’s a pretty big one you got there!” He gave them a look and asked, “Have you been flossing your teeth like I showed you?”
“Mm…yes!” Yuu said, giving a decisive nod and grinning widely.
“Well that’s good, otherwise I’d have to cut back on the goodies I give you!” Nudging them towards the others, he said, “Why don’t you go show everyone else?”
With an excited squeak, Yuu ran over and all but launched themselves into Cater’s lap as the hippogryph laughed. “Look, look! I lost my tooth!”
“Hooray! Baby’s second tooth is gone~!” Cater said with a cheer, giving Yuu a boop on the nose before snapping a pic. “Aww…soon you’ll be too big to sit in our laps. #wheredidthetimego?”
“What are you gonna do with the tooth, Yuu?” Deuce asked.
That was when Yuu’s expression grew even more excited than before, revealing the gap in their teeth as they loudly proclaimed, “I’mma leave it for the tooth fairy!”
“Tooth…fairy?” Riddle asked in confusion.
“Tooth fairy!” Yuu repeated, oblivious to the baffled and confused looks around them as they looked at their baby tooth. “When you lose a tooth, you’re s’posed to put it under your pillow for the tooth fairy, and when you wake up—she leaves you a quarter!”
Exchanging a look, Ace asked, “And this…tooth fairy…just comes in at night and steals human teeth…for money?”
“She doesn’t steal! She trades for them,” Yuu told him. “I’mma leave mine under my pillow, and when the tooth fairy comes, you’ll see!”
“Uh…is there even such a thing as a tooth fairy?” Deuce uttered, looking thoroughly confused. He didn’t remember his mother telling him anything about a tooth fairy before…
“She’s real! She’s really real!” Yuu insisted. “She’ll come tonight!”
“Okay, okay, we believe you,” Trey said. “In the meantime, though, it’s time for breakfast. Do you want waffles or pancakes?”
“Pancakes!!” Yuu cheered.
“Alright then, let’s go. You can help me mix the batter."
As the two disappeared into the kitchen, Ace couldn’t help but look at the others and ask, “So…who’s going to tell them there’s no such thing as a tooth fairy?”
“Well, maybe not here in Twisted Wonderland, anyway,” Cater said with a shrug. “But who knows? Maybe she does exist wherever the humans are now. Besides, what’s wrong with letting little kids believe in something innocent like this tooth fairy or those tooth stealing clowns?”
“Please don’t remind me of those,” Deuce uttered with a shudder.
/The Next Morning/
The gentle sunlight was streaming in through the window, landing on the slumbering toddler tucked in tight. Slowly blinking in the bright light, Yuu mumbled as they rubbed at their eyes…before sitting up with a gasp. “Tooth fairy!!” they said, giggling happily as they lifted the pillow up-
Only to find the tooth still there.
“Huh…?” they uttered in confusion, shaking the pillow to see if the coin was inside to no avail.
“Good morning, pup,” came Crewel’s voice as he entered the room. “I thought I heard you up earlier than usual. It’s time to get dressed…what are you doing?”
Yuu turned to look at him with confused eyes as they pointed at the small tooth, saying, “The tooth fairy didn’t come for my tooth!”
“Ah, I see.” He’d heard about this ‘tooth fairy’ from one of his students when they dropped the toddler off with the staff, but he didn’t quite understand the logic behind it. “You didn’t stay awake all night trying to catch this ‘tooth fairy’ now, did you?”
With that, Yuu’s head sheepishly ducked close to their shoulders. “Yes…but I had to get proof for my big brothers!” they said, reaching over to pull the Ghost Camera into their lap. “I’ll prove she’s real!”
“I’m sure you will, pup,” he told them reassuringly, giving them a pat on the head before lifting them into his arms. “Now come along. It’s time to get ready for school.”
Despite this turn of events, Yuu still held hope that the tooth fairy would come. They chattered with each of their adoptive big brothers, telling anyone who would listen about the pretty tooth fairy who traded teeth for money (a concept that Azul couldn’t quite see the merit of). Even the researchers were not immune to the child’s enthusiastic ramblings during one of their tests. By the end of the day, when they settled down for bed, they swore that tonight would be the night that she would arrive!
Yet once again, the tooth was still there when they awoke.
“She’ll come,” they said, though there was a slight hint of doubt in their voice. “She has to come…”
And still the next day, they were greeted by the same sight, the tooth seeming to mock them as they sat there staring at it. Why was it still here? Why hadn’t she come? They didn’t care about the money anymore…they just wanted to know that she was real.
It came as quite the shock when Yuu was brought to school that day, the students and staff alike worried at the unusually quiet behavior from the toddler. They hardly even played “potion-master” as enthusiastically as they usually did. So, when it came time for lunch, Yuu sat there looking glum, pushing their food around on their plate with their fork while their big brothers watched in concern.
“Hey, cheer up, chickadee!” Cater said with a smile. “The cafeteria made your favorite today. You don’t want it to get cold, do ya?”
Yuu gave a slight shrug, but otherwise didn’t seem to react much as they continued staring at their uneaten food.
“Do you want me to do the magic carpet thing again?” Kalim asked, picking up a spoon and scooping up one of the sides. “Ready? Nyeeeooom~! Brrrrr, here it comes~!”
The spoon came close to their mouth, yet Yuu didn’t accept the bite. Instead, they heaved a heavy sigh.
“Aww…that usually works,” Kalim uttered, large ears lowering sadly. “Are you not hungry? Did you have too much to eat at breakfast?”
“No. They didn’t even take the cookie I swiped from the kitchen for them this morning,” Ace said. “They always take the cookie even when they’re full.”
“Come now, little one. What’s wrong?” Lilia asked, leaning in close to try and see their face. “We can’t help if you don’t tell us.”
For a moment, Yuu glanced up at him before lowering their gaze again. Then, in a quiet voice, they uttered, “She didn’t come…”
“Who didn’t come?”
“…the tooth fairy…” Eyes growing shiny with unshed tears, Yuu mumbled, “She was supposed to come…she always comes when you lose a tooth, but…but she didn’t.” Tears began to fall now as they sniffled, their voice cracking as they said, “She’s…she’s not real…”
In that moment, the toddler began to cry, Lilia immediately scooping them into his arms and wrapping his wings around them for comfort. Yet even this didn’t seem to help as it normally did, Yuu’s heartbreaking wails causing other students to turn in concern. No one knew what to do. But before anyone could ask what they could do to soothe the child—
“Well of course she’s real, Yuu!”
“Ace? What are you doing?” Deuce hissed at him under his breath. “Now’s not the time!”
Pretending that he didn’t hear him, Ace slid over to look Yuu in the eye and said, “You said yourself that she’s real, right? So, it must be true!”
“B…but…she never came,” Yuu whimpered. “She…she doesn’t exist…”
“Well…when the sun and moon are covered by the clouds and you can’t see them, does that mean they don’t exist?” Ace asked, raising an eyebrow at them.
Sniffling, Yuu shook their head and said, “No…”
“Then why wouldn’t the tooth fairy exist too?” he continued, holding his arms out as though to indicate the whole school. “Just look at us! Did you ever think that we could exist?”
“And yet: here we are. We also never believed we’d ever see a human like you, and yet, here you are. To us, you are like the tooth fairy: you exist, which means so does she.” They still didn’t look too convinced, and so he asked, “Do you remember that package you were really excited to get two weeks ago? The one that Idia ordered for you online?”
“Yeah…it got lost,” Yuu replied.
“Yup. And yet it arrived a few days later than it should have, and you still got your present in the end. So, you know what? Maybe that’s what happened with the tooth fairy!”
“Think about it: you’re not where you were last time when you lost your first baby tooth, right?” At Yuu’s nod, he smiled and said, “So that means she knows you lost a tooth: she just hasn’t figured out how to get to you yet. And if she’s as amazing and great as you say she is, then I’m sure she’ll be here any day now. And you know what? I’ll bet she’ll have a big stash of coins or goodies waiting for you as an apology for making you wait so long. And when she does…I want you to show me your treasure. That will prove to me that she’s real. What do you say? Will you give her more time to pull through for you?”
By now, the tears had stopped, a small, hesitant smile on their face as Yuu nodded. “Okay,” they said. “I’ll wait.”
“Great. Now…are you going to eat your lunch, or are you going to let Grim eat it all before you?” he asked, pointing at the chimera sneaking the roll off their plate.
“Nooo!” Yuu called out with a giggle, their hands reaching out to try and snatch the roll back. “Grim, that’s mine!"
“Hey, you weren’t eating it!” Grim replied, though he had a smile on his muzzle.
While the two play-fought over the food, Cater leaned in and said, “Nice one, Ace. But…what are we going to do if she doesn’t show up?”
“Don’t worry, we’ll make sure she does,” Ace said with a sly smile.
/Later that night at Heartslabyul/
“Here you are, Yuu,” Trey said as he tucked the toddler in, fluffing their pillow before sitting next to the small bed. “Nice and comfy?”
“Uh-huh,” Yuu said with a nod, though they looked nervous. “Thank you for letting me spend the night.”
“You’re welcome, Yuu,” Riddle said with a small smile. “I was surprised that Professor Crewel agreed to let you stay in our dorm for tonight.” He held up a smaller star shaped pillow, the stitching on the fabric spelling Yuu’s name and having what looked like a small pouch on the front. “Here. Vil wanted me to give you this for your tooth.”
“He thought that it would be easier to present the tooth to the tooth fairy if it were in a pillow of its own. He even placed a good luck charm on it as well, just for you,” came the response as Riddle placed it close to their head. “I’ve taken the liberty of placing the tooth safely inside the little pouch here, so it should stay safe and secure until her arrival.”
“Hold up! Can’t forget Mr. Flopsy,” Ace said as he held up the stuffed yellow rabbit, tucking the toy in next to Yuu as he patted the sheets. “There we go.”
“Thank you!” Yuu said, hugging their plush friend close as Grim curled up next to them. Their smile faltered a little, and they looked nervous once more. Then, in a quiet voice, they asked, “Do…do you really think she’ll come tonight, Ace?”
“I think she will,” came the cheeky response as Ace gave them a warm smile. “After all, she is magic, and you do believe in magic, right?” When they nodded, he said, “Good. Then so long as you keep believing in her, she’ll come through for you. Okay?”
“Okay. Good night!” Yuu said, nestling in tighter under the covers with a renewed smile on their face.
“Good night, Yuu!”
When the lights shut off and Trey had settled down in his own bed, Yuu lay there staring up at the ceiling. Then, in a quiet whisper, they said, “Please be real…”
As they finally drifted off to sleep, they were unaware of the faint glow of silver-blue light beneath the doorframe…
/The Next Morning/
“Yuu! Yuu, wake up! She came! She came!”
The toddler was woken from their sleep by Grim’s excited calls, blinking blearily at the chimera before their eyes landed on the star-shaped pillow. A sharp gasp escaped at the sight before them before they called out, “Trey!! She came, she came, she came!!” The two scrambled up onto Trey’s bed and began jumping up and down, chanting, “She came! She came! She came!!!”
Grunting, Trey sat up in bed and patted around the side table for his glasses before putting them on. “Huh? Wha-? What’s going…on?” His eyes grew wide as he stared, uttering a quiet, “What…the…?”
The star shaped pillow was sitting atop a large pile stacked neatly next to their bed, filled with a myriad of plushies and sweets and treats. There were even several satchels of coins and madol scattered about the piles, including several large softball-sized crystals of various hues and colors.
“Whoa,” he uttered in disbelief. “Where did all this come from?”
“The tooth fairy! She came, just like Ace said she would!” Yuu said excitedly, hopping from his bed to theirs as they reached over to dig into their new treasure stash. They pulled out what looked like a large black and purple dragon plushie, hugging it tightly to their chest before happily saying, “She’s real! She’s really real!”
“Nyahaha~! Lookit all this loot!” Grim cheered, cackling as he started digging into the pile too. “This tooth fairy lady is awesome!”
At that, Trey couldn’t help but smile and laugh. “So she did. Why don’t you go get Ace and show him your new treasures?”
Yuu’s smile was so bright even with the gap, and they hopped off and bolted out of his room, shouting, “Ace! Deuce! Cay-Cay! Riddle! She came! She came! The tooth fairy came! Come look!”
Shaking his head, Trey uttered, “I can’t believe he managed to pull it off. Was this all from the other dorms?”
“Yeah! The Ramshackle ghosts were happy to help out. Who knew that being a ghost would be perfect for sneaking in like this?” Grim commented, tiny wings fluttering as he happily swayed with the cash in front of him. “I wonder if I can convince Yuu to buy me some tuna cans with this loot…hm?” He noticed something and reached out to pull down the star pillow. “What’s this?”
“Hm…?” There was a small piece of paper sticking out of the pouch, and when Trey pulled it out…a small silver disk fell out onto the bed. It looked like a coin, but not one that he’d ever seen before. Unfolding the small note, he blinked as the glowing letters faded, arranging themselves into a message as he read, “Thank you for your patience, little one. I am sorry I could not arrive as soon as I could. Please accept my gifts as an apology for making you wait so long.”
Both chimera and satyr exchanged a look before Yuu came bursting in again, closely followed by the others as the toddler began showing them all their new treasures. Ace—though he was smiling—had an odd look in his eyes, and Trey could see a small piece of paper hidden in his fist. When asked about it later when Yuu wasn’t around, he showed the paper that he said he’d found hiding under his pillow…along with a stack of similar looking silver coins like Yuu had gotten.
“To the ones who helped the little one believe: thank you.”
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Tumblr media
Wake up Grim … we can go home now
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Random character boxes
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TWST Incorrect quotes#407 Daddy Weekend
When Malleus, Leona, and Idia volunteered abit too quickly...to a request you asked them(SIMPS!)The Big shot trio is now currently in the ramshackle with you hugging and kissing Baby Grim farewell since you going on a trip to scalding sands to meet Nadja's Birthday and the trip would be too long for the baby so...You wanted to ask if one of them could babysit him while you were gone...they agreed at the same time-Grim is now crying his tiny heart out as the trio wave as you leave...
Tumblr media
Grim is STILL Crying Mal*Holding a heated baby bottle with dark circles under his eyes* Oh, you gotta make it stop! I can't take it anymore! Leona*Holding pillows over his ears and scratch marks on his face*I've eaten things that didn't complain this much! Idia: He wouldn't stop squirming!-Coome on grimmie baby!~Shh it's okay~*Craddling him in his arms and walking around the room* Leona: You're holding him wrong! Mal: Watch his head! Leona: Just put it down! Idia: Jeez, "pick him up, put him down..."*mutters* Leona: Its nose is dry. Idia: That means there's something wrong with him! Leona: Someone should lick it, just in case Idia: I'll do it!*Is determined to win grim over and...you too* Mal: Hey, he's wearing one of those baby thingies!*Notices Grim is wearing a small diaper* Idia: So? Mal: So, if he poops, where does it go? Idia*slips his tongue back to his mouth. After a slight pause, Grim resumes crying*Babies are disgusting... Leona: Okay, you. Check for poop. Idia: Hey, why am I the poop-checker? Leona*leans closer to Idia* Because staying the runt was your idea(NO IT WASN'T YOU SIMP)because you're small and insignificant, and because I'll pummel you if you don't! slight pause Idia: Why else? Leona: NOW,IDIA!
Tumblr media
Part 2 in the works~
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Tumblr media
Ok, when I found this I kept thinking about the fact that Crowley said this to Yuu
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Minor Ch. 6 Spoilers ahead!
Nothing about the main plot is revealed, but this is inspired by a comment from Riddle during the second part of the chapter. I tagged it just in case!
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Based on the comment Riddle made about catching Grim scratching up the couches in Heartslabyul. It gave me this idea (and an excuse to draw the kitty meow meow.
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The fight for the throne part 1: Free as the breeze. 
Hope you guy been liking the story so far. Also, this one is a long one.
Yuu wakes up at 4:30 on the dot and with Grim still sleeping, it means Yuu can sing a little song. So as Yuu mother help with hair, Yuu starts to hum the song of Free as the Breeze 
~ I'm free as the breeze  Shaking hands with the trees on an autumn day  I'm free as the breeze  I intend, if you please to remain that way    Free as the prairie flowers   Blooming on the purple hills  Free as the April showers  Making pitter-patter music on the window sills    I'm free as the sun and there's no certain one that I'm looking for  Travel alone, the world is my throne  I'm a king-and what's more    I'm rich without a dollar  'Cause I wear no man's collar  I'm free as the breeze and I'll do as I please  Forever and ever more ~ 
They end the song as the mother finishes styling their hair. “Thank you, Mother, also mother I will see if I can f” Yuu said. ‘Be careful not to get it messed up' Their mother said as she faded away. Yuu turns over to the stilling grim. Will it be time to wake up this sleepy cat. 
“Grim, wake up” 
“Oh, Yu-Yu, it is time to wake up?” 
“Yep, big boy, come on before breakfast is get cold!” 
“Well, what are we waiting for! Let's go eat already!” 
Yuu and Grim walked out of the room, not nothing the tall shadow of a dog watching for them but Ramshackle did. ‘I mean, no harm, Ram, worry not I will become one of their many shadows watching over them.’ It whispers too Ramshackle. 
Yuu sits at the breakfast table, and in front of them is the overflow of Ramshackle love for them. Even food as simple as an egg sunny side up or a chocolate pancake is food that Yuu will never be able to finish in a day. Well, note to self: invite the boys over every day or else the food goes bad. Luckly for them and Ramshackle, Grim has an endless and forever empty stomach. Yuu better gets something, or else Grim will eat it all. After a couple of minutes spent eating, Grim and Yuu walk over to Main Street. Lucky them for Ramshackle being so close to the school. 
'My child, your tie is crooked.' Their mother said, (Mother, please, it's only 1.2 milliinches off. No one is going to know.) 'Whatever you said' 
"Mornin', Yuu." Cater said as he and Riddle walked up to them. 
"Hm. Your tie is crooked, you know. A disorderly uniform suggests a disorderly dorm. As prefect, you should set a better example for your dorm members. Even if you only have the one." Riddle says as he fixes Yuu's tie. (Mother, you better not laugh.) "There. All better." 
"So, where's Ace and Deuce?" Grim asked.  
"In accordance with Rule 249, it's their turn to wear pink clothes and feed the flamingos." Riddle said. Yuu can feel their mama's smile behind them. "By the way, it seems there was another incident last night." 
"Myah?!  Really?!"  Grim said. 
"According to a portrait who witnessed it, the victim was a sophomore from Scarabia dorm. His name is Jamil Viper. It appears the accident happened in the kitchen." Cater said as he clicked on his phone. 
"The dorm with red-and-gold armbands, right?" Yuu says.  
"It's breakfast time, so he may be in the cafeteria. Let's go see." Riddle said, walking in the direction of the cafeteria. 
The cafeteria, as always, is full of people. 'Be careful, cub' their papa whispers in their ears. Jamil, in comparison to others who have been injured, is a wealth of information, but it appears like everyone else, but Kalim is hiding a secret. Yuu wonders what that secret will be—whatever Yuu will deal with it later. However, with the information that Jamil gave, the culprit turned out to be none other than Ruggie in class 2B, or what Cater said. 
Yuu hates running, much less after someone, but Yuu would rather run than watch the boys fight each other. What is with this school where fights happen around every corner? Yuu could have ended this faster than the boys could throw a punch but judging by the way Cater put his hand around Yuu's mouth, the boys do not agree. Sigh. What did the songs do to these boys? It's not like Yuu sings a song that makes them overbloated. Now they are running to the courtyard. How nice. Yuu's feet are going to hurt after this. They run into Jack. Who told them that their Housewarden plan was to get rid of the good player so they would have an easier time winning? A lion's careful plan is about to be undone by a swarm of children. ' He should have planned more carefully, their papa said. 'However, I would give credit to his plan for at least working and not in a would do this but never did way.'  
"Are you sure I cannot sing?" Yuu asks before the ace's loud "no" cuts them off. Sigh. Well, Yuu is going to find a way to sing, and the boys are not going to stop them. Well, that's something for tomorrow.  
Savanaclaw dorm – lounge (Lift from the game) 
"Ruggie, what's this I heard about you gettin' chased around by the Heartslabyul kids at lunch?! You idiot! I told you a thousand times to make sure you didn't leave any evidence behind!"  
“I... I didn't! That was some kind of a fluke. You don't need to worry about a thing, Boss. They've got no evidence whatsoever. Cross my heart and hope to die!”  
“Hmph. Anyway, I secured the cooperation of that creepy squid at Octavinelle, but it didn't come cheap. If you idiots mess things up on tournament day, I am gonna fry you up and eat you myself.”  
“The main dish is coming along nicely.” 
“Don't worry. We're gonna have those Diasomnia jerks pleading for mercy on tournament day!” 
“I do look forward to watching this all play out. Oh, how the world will praise us when they see you standing over a battered Malleus Draconia! Maybe some top corporate recruiters will even take an interest in a little ol' hyena like me.” 
“Even the pro leagues will be scouting you!” 
“Look at all'a you—celebratin' when you've only just sunk your claws into your prey.” 
“You're gonna be the most famous of all, Leona!”  
“You're gonna be the most famous of all, Leona! Everyone in the Sunset Savanna is gonna have some second thoughts about who should be the next king!” 
“Succession ain't got nothin' to do with ability.” 
“Nothin'. I'm headin' to bed. All of you, scram.” 
“Yessir. Sleep well, Housewarden.” 
“As if conquerin' this school is gonna fix anything in the real world...” 
Back To Yuu  
“So, are you tell why you are standing over my bed in my room, in my own home?” Yuu asks as they open a can of tuna for Grim.  
“I'm on my morning run. Today's the day of the Spelldrive tournament, and I wanted to make sure you didn't mess everything up by oversleeping.” Jack says as he took bread from the breadbasket. Yuu just stares at him, it at best only 4:20.  
“Oh! Yeah, you're right! We gotta catch the bad guys so they'll squeeze Ramshackle House into the tournament as a reward” Grim said. Yuu rolls their eyes.  
Jack sighs before saying “I'll see ya at the tournament grounds. Don't you dare go back to sleep!” Yuu just rolls their eyes.  
Yuu makes it to the festive and meet up with Ace and Duece. 
“Are you really boys?” Yuu asks. 
“Yep, let go!” Ace says as he drags Yuu to the where the game is taking place.  
After fighting a couple of people, Yuu watched again as another student over-blot. This has become a patten and Yuu don’t like that.  Nor did they like the fae that showed up with his stupid bang. Yuu cannot believe Lillia never changes his stupid bang; Yuu misses his long hair. They look over to wear Lillia is standing and meet his eyes. Shit. Yuu never like his stupid eyes or that smirk, he likes to give to people. Then he just disappears, oh They are going to hit him so hard when they see him without people around them. Oh, right the over-blot and just in time for the big speech.  
“I've been loathed since the day I was born. I've never had a place, never had a future!  None of my hard work is ever rewarded!  How could any of YOU possibly understand? MY disappointment?! MY pain?! AAAAAAAAAH!” Leona said 
Leona overblot did not ate like Riddle but he still slayed.  
“What's happening?! Some kinda giant shadow is comin' outta him!” Jack said. 
“That's the incarnation of his blot” Deuce said  
“Is he goin' into evil darkness berserker mode like Riddle did?!” Grim said 
“If you can move, seek shelter! Ace, Deuce, help me take the wounded outside!” Riddle yelled. 
“Be careful with him, I don’t know that many healing song!” Yuu yelled as sand got into their mouth. (Parents lend me your strength) Yuu whisper to their parents. ‘We will, cub, don’t worry.’ Their dad answers them.  
“On it!” Deuce and Ace said as the same time.  
“Grrrrraaaaawwwwwrrrrr!” Leona roared again.  
'Talk about anger issue" Yuu said.
“Why does this keep happening to us? This is soooo not my #brand!” Cater said.  
“If you're afraid, feel free to run.” Riddle said.  
“They wouldn't let me hear the end of that. We do this together, Housewarden” Cater said as he uses as multiple versions of him show up.  
“I dunno what's going on, but if we hit Leona hard enough, maybe we can snap him outta it?” Jack said as he looks around for something to throw at Leona.  
“I... I'll help too...No way am I taking what he said lying down!” Ruggie say between coughs.  
“So even the lowly hyena turns against me?  Ah ha ha! What a total joke” Leona said  
“Hey YuYu, if we can take this guy down, they'll let us play in the tournament!  Give it everything ya got!” Grim say. Yuu just rolls their eyes at him. 
“Grim, we will worry about that later. There is a student that is over-blotting and can dies from it.” Yuu said before pointing to Leona. “Well get ready, because He's coming for us.”  
Oh, please, let this end better than Riddle. Hmm will it would not hurt if the world heard their true voice. No, not yet. The world is not ready to see Yuu true form.  
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