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honey-milk-depresso 2 months
Hi hi Honey! I hope you're doing well and taking care of yourself!
how about crack headcanons for Malleus, Silver, and Lilia reacting to hearing reader shouting "they've had it with Adeuce and Grim" then chasing them with a broom. 馃槶 Idk it was just something that randomly popped into my head. Take your time <3
TW: Slight swearing, I will now put that as a warning as my friend's sister saw a cuss word and I will never forgive myself for letting her read my fics-
TWST S/o's had it with Adeuce + Grim
Malleus Draconia
It's a beautiful day outside.
Birds are singing, flowers are blooming,
On days like these...
Well, on a nice day like this, Malleus was strolling merrily down his way to see you in Ramshackle.
The thought of you greeting him with a sweet, cheerful smile warms his heart and it made him more hurried in his footsteps, walking towards your dorm as he anticipated your cordial greeting.
And as he knocked on the door...
Malleus blinked, as he peered from behind the opened door. There he found you standing above with a broom in hand, the two first years and tanuki he had learnt about from you, kneeling with their heads bowed and hung with shame. Were those... anemones on their heads?
Malleus quietly closed the door; thankful you had not noticed. He had definitely stepped in at the wrong time and to see you so unruffled and... fierce. No, that might be an understatement.
The dragon fae never would have thought you'd be a completely different person when you're upset. Whatever those three might have done surely had you erupt.
He doesn't want to know why you had a broom in the first place...
Lilia Vanrouge
He had met those three troublemakers during their first week of college, and he could already tell they were bound to create trouble.
Lilia went to Ramshackle on a particularly normal day. He was quite excited for you to try the dish he painstakingly made, and this time he finally had Silver's approval as he did not spat out the whole thing (at least).
He was proud of it, and whatever he had learnt from his Master Chef Class, he hoped you would be impressed by it.
On his way, he knocked on the door. "S/o-"
Lilia was cut short by the muffled screaming behind the door, and he wondered if what happened. He peered from the window and saw the chaos unfold: you chasing Ace with a broom, who was backed in the corner. Deuce and Grim were holding you back, as you almost gnawed on Deuce's arm.
My oh my, s/o. Who knew you were so chaotic? He decided maybe now wasn't the time to... say hello, and he went off.
"What friends they are... Fufufu..."
Silver had decided to meet you after a long day. He was up from classes till club activities ended, and he just wanted to take a good long sleep in the comfort of your presence.
He was desperate enough to brisk walk his way towards Ramshackle, urgently wanting to seek rest and comfort in your arms. He pictured you embracing him while whispering to him about how much you love him as he loves you as he would slowly be lulled to sleep by your voice...
Silver was pulled back to reality and his daydreaming was cut short by screaming in Ramshackle.
He looked towards the window, seeing Ace running at full speed as you hunted him down with a broom. Grim was clawing onto the redhead's jacket as Deuce hurriedly followed you, trying to stop you from committing further acts of violence.
He could hear from Ace: "STOP- DON'T HIT ME, I SWEAR IT WASN'T ME-"
Yikes... Not a good time to enter now, is it? Silver made a U-turn back to Diasomnia as he sighed, reminding himself not to make you upset. Ever.
"I'll just go back to my room..."
Reblogs help! ^^
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twistedwonderlandsimps 5 months
I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Addams!Yuu brainrot!
Don鈥檛 be surprised. There鈥檚 always gonna be that obligatory Addams Family fusion AU in every fandom and if there鈥檚 not then that鈥檚 clearly already a sign for you, my dear reader, to start writing one.
Anyway, Addams!Yuu, who doesn鈥檛 know about the Addams Family? If you don鈥檛 then that must mean I鈥檓 ancient (which is fair) and that you should start with the Addams Family 1991 movie.
Addams!Yuu who has the standard issue dark sense of humor, fascination for the weird and macabre, the love for the dark colors that all Addams seem to have and values family a lot.聽
After Grim opens the coffin, sees Addams!Yuu in all their gothic glory, and then proceeding to threaten them, Addams!Yuu really just said:聽
鈥淥h, what bliss! To have slept like the dead, woke up suffocating, and greeted by such sweet words in such a finely made coffin. Is this what it鈥檚 like to be courted? What am I getting courted by? A depraved stalker? A monstrous beast? *gasp* Perhaps鈥 a demented serial killer?鈥 [cue Yuu swooning, dramatically holding a hand over their forehead and lightly fanning themselves with their other hand]
Anyway, they don鈥檛 ignore Grim for long. Not when Grim keeps threatening them and spewing out fire.
Addams!Yuu immediately became delighted with Grim because, duh, a monster??? Who breathes fire??? With a massive ego??? Threatening to burn them alive???
That鈥檚 like the equivalent of someone complimenting them鈥 Maybe even borderline flirting with them.
Still Grim and Addams!Yuu click with each other straight away. Addams!Yuu doesn鈥檛 hold back when complimenting Grim, even if the way they compliment someone is weird, and Grim gets a huge ego boost.聽
These two are an iconic duo who just keep hyping and enabling each other.
鈥淕reat Grim, for such a terrifying creature such as yourself鈥urely you must have committed the most deplorable acts. Oh, you must tell me! How many buildings have you burned down? Were there people inside? How many survived? Oh, if only pap脿 and mam脿 would let me do the same鈥 They said I have to focus on school first and start small before I can put myself on the government watchlist. *sigh*鈥
Grim has no idea what Yuu鈥檚 saying but he does understand when he鈥檚 being complimented, his ego鈥檚 inflating and that鈥檚 all that really matters, honestly.
Anyway, since the two didn鈥檛 do a chase scene with Grim attempting to hurt Yuu (though Addams!Yuu would definitely appreciate this) since the two of them vibed immediately, it didn鈥檛 take long for Crowley to find them.
After being led to the Mirror Chambers, Yuu had to physically stop themselves from jumping in joy because:
鈥淎 cult! How chilling! I didn鈥檛 expect to be kidnapped by a cult! It鈥檚 been so long!鈥
And, 鈥淭he last cult I joined didn鈥檛 seem to appreciate it when I sacrificed a goat on the altar. Apparently they weren鈥檛 actually a cult. The police were called and they ended up putting me in an asylum. T鈥檞as a lovely vacation.鈥
Crowley tried to tell Yuu that they weren鈥檛 a cult and that they were a well-known and respected establishment but Yuu ignored him (Ha! Get a taste of your own medicine, crowman!) in favor of admiring the surrounding aesthetics.聽
NRC is the perfect aesthetic for Addams!Yuu. In fact, the Addams Family would definitely love it.
But you know what they鈥檇 love more? Ramshackle Dorm as it is.
Forget renovating it and fixing it up to make it livable to the common person, Yuu鈥檚 an Addams! Yuu鈥檚 just going to make Ramshackle even more dangerous than it already is with its lack of maintenance.聽
Think spikes all around the property, deadly traps around every corner of the hallways, and maybe even a few sentient trees and carnivore plants here and there.
Where did Yuu even get those sentient floras? Shhhhh鈥 They鈥檙e an Addams, don鈥檛 question it.
This version of Yuu鈥 probably genuinely respects Crowley wholeheartedly. [The myuultiverse is quaking. A Yuu who actually considers Crowley a good guardian?]
Yuu at Crowley, somewhere in the future: 鈥淵ou are the most idle person anyone can ever hope to meet. A coward. Wastrel. Careless. Greedy and money-hungry鈥 How admirable.鈥
Crowley鈥檚 constantly getting backhanded compliments and he can鈥檛 do anything about it because Yuu is an Addams and Addamses have a weird way of thinking.
As far as Addams!Yuu can tell, they鈥檙e completely normal and everyone else around them are weirdos but they鈥檙e too nice to say anything about it.
Now imagine putting Addams!Yuu and Kalim in the same room.
JK, the two may have different personalities but they鈥檇 probably be good friends鈥 after some rocky situations here and there caused by some misunderstandings.
Yuu might think that Kalim鈥檚 being mean to them at first because the Scarabia Dorm Leader called them 鈥榥ice and kind鈥 which, in Addams vocabulary, isn鈥檛 considered a compliment.
When Kalim learnt of this odd Addams culture, he tried to make an effort to speak words with negative connotations but he felt it was too mean so he just goes, 鈥淵uu! You look nice! But鈥 uh, in a dead way! And you鈥檙e fun and kind, but the opposite of that! Ahahaha!鈥
Kalim found a loophole and he鈥檚 going to take advantage of it. Yuu gets what he鈥檚 saying anyway so it all works out.
Anyway, overblots鈥
Yeah, you really think Yuu鈥檚 going to run away from it? Expect them to be watching from the sidelines (hecc, they might even actively head towards the overblot) and becoming Rook 2.0 with the way they compliment the overblotee.
Them just going:
鈥淎h, those strong emotions that you鈥檝e withheld inside of you suddenly going off like an atomic bomb upon a dreary night sky. That rage in your expression, that despair in your eyes鈥 You鈥檝e forgotten your humanity and transformed yourself into a beast. How tragic, how beautiful. Tell me, how long have you been torturing yourself?鈥
Sevens forbid they actually meet Rook. Rook sees beauty in everything and he鈥檚 sharp so getting into Addams!Yuu鈥檚 grace alone by just words is as simple as taking candy from a baby.
I would type a dialogue with Rook and Addams!Yuu but I honestly don鈥檛 understand how Rook talks so just imagine it. Just Yuu and Rook continuously firing off compliments to each other until either one of them gets flustered to silence or the others pull the two away from each other.
Just imagine Rook sending a letter to Yuu via an arrow grazing their head and Yuu just swoons.
Out of everyone in NRC, I could see Rook being one of the three people who can immediately reel Yuu in with just their charms alone.
Anyway, Rook would probably fit in with the Addams.聽
Yuu could literally just introduce him to their family and they鈥檇 assume he was a very distant cousin with how he is.
Yuu asks Vil for poison now and again (no one鈥檚 brave enough to ask what they鈥檙e doing with it) and likes the way he鈥檚 obsessed with being the most beautiful person.
鈥淵our ambition to become the most beautiful person to the point of insanity is admirable, Vil Schoenheit. How long can your sanity hold on, I wonder?鈥
Imagine Yuu seeing Neige LeBlanche and getting mental damage from how bright and cheerful he is.
Yuu being like 鈥榓ight, bet鈥 when witnessing Vil overblot and then planning on poisoning Neige.
Aside from Pomefiore, Yuu also spends most of their time on Diasomnia.
Diasomnia is literally the second peak Addams aesthetic out of all the dormitories. First being Ramshackle, obviously.
I feel Malleus and Yuu would get along quite well. They鈥檙e both elegant and have that certain vibe to them.
Malleus could just talk about gargoyle structure and lore and Yuu would probably listen to him all the way and similarly, Yuu could talk about the witch hunts their ancestor used to have and Malleus would listen just as intently.
You know what鈥 Lilia鈥檚 food is probably a delicacy to them.聽
That thing is a weapon of mass destruction and I refuse to believe that Addams!Yuu wouldn鈥檛 like it if a mere food can take down hundreds, if not thousands, of people when ingested.
Addams!Yuu also likes Silver because he 鈥榮leeps like the dead鈥. Though, his little critter friends should probably be wary about going near Yuu.
Oddly enough, I think Addams!Yuu would also like Sebek鈥檚 boisterous personality solely because of his passion and if it鈥檚 one thing I know about Addams, it鈥檚 that they鈥檙e passionate.
Sure, it may be passion about spreading Malleus鈥 name and glory all over the world like a missionary with a mission (duh), but it鈥檚 passion nevertheless.
Diasomnia aside, no one in Heartsalbyul asks for Yuu to help them with maintaining the plants because last time someone did, Yuu ended up cutting a good chunk of the roses off of the stems before they were stopped by both Ace and Deuce.
Of course Riddle got angry but after a few talks here and there and some communication (that鈥檚 character development) from both parties, Yuu realize that cutting the roses off of the bushes was a no-no and instead settles for painting the roses red when needed because it reminds them of the color of blood.
All in all Addams!Yuu would definitely fit right in with Night Raven College.聽
It has the aesthetics and no one there is overly cheerful or colorful so it鈥檚 the perfect place for an Addams to reside at.
The overblots are just everyday routine for Yuu and they wouldn鈥檛 have it any other way.
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ventique18 4 months
Warning: smutty
- Making love with a clueless prefect -
馃尭 "Since you're great at magic, can't you just make your pen鈿玸 smaller so it'd fit in better?"
馃悏 "No, accept me for who I am."
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hebidanshi 28 days
Tumblr media
Part 1: Nails and Skin
I studied Azul's merform based on octopus biology and human biology. I found specific things about this form intriguing from a scientific perspective. However, Azul isn't the only focus of this study. It is also about octopus merfolk in Twisted Wonderland, and Azul is my anatomy doll.
I did not write any obvious and well known information about octopuses, but I pointed out small details many people probably initially ignored.
Note: I adore cephalopods and humans, and studying the small details on Azul's body was fun. I plan on writing another post to share my theories on his bones, internal organs, and tentacles.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Azul has fingernails in his merform
Fingernails in primates strengthen our grip and protect our delicate fingertips. For non-human primates, fingernails allow them to climb trees, dig holes, et cetera. It's interesting as it shows us that even an aquatic species such as octopus merfolk had to evolve to use more than eight limbs efficiently. Logically speaking, an octopus merperson should be able to capture prey with their tentacles while balancing themselves with their arms. Had merfolk not grown to form civilizations, having more human-like bones and structures (in this case, fingernails) would have hindered octopus merfolk in the wild.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
- Azul's light gray freckles are likely due to chromatophores
To summarize, chromatophores are small organs on the octopus' skin that allow them to change their skin color and create markings on their skin (with help from iridophores and leucophores).
- Azul's colors and markings wouldn't be static
Considering how octopuses can change colors and markings instantaneously depending on their surroundings et cetera, it wouldn't make sense for Azul to have a single set of markings and colors all the time.
PS: Azul can remove these markings from his skin entirely. However, seeing how he keeps them each time he's in his merform, perhaps he purposefully gives himself these spots and freckles.
- Extra
Tumblr media Tumblr media
The spikes on his arms remind me of the papillae octopuses use to change their skin texture for camouflage. (Albeit poorly drawn papillae if they are such.)
Tumblr media
鈼 I will write the other part(s) of this soon. Let me know if there's anything (such as a headcanon) you'd like to add.
Thank you for reading.
Tumblr media
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bloodiegawz 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
hc that when kalim is especially excited, flustered or distracted he casts minor spells involuntarily. usually in the form of water vapor (via oasis maker) but sometimes it's light flares or sparks
he quite literally sparkles when he's happy and is surrounded by a veil of rainbow in direct sunlight
this doesn't produce too much blot but it isn't exactly a good habit and jamil has to remind him if he's overdoing it sometimes
anyway all this to say that he is very conductive and you're likely to get shocked even just by being around him
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spadeuce 3 months
Yahoo, requests are open :D! I can ask for headcanon of Silver x (Fem) Reader who likes to pamper him with homemade food (like bentos, lunches) because she wants his cooking to bring happiness to his friends and lover <3 I hope see more about you content
Certainly! I'll make it gender neutral tho. Thank you for requesting, I hope you'll enjoy it!
Pampering Silver with homemade bento
Pairing: Silver x gn! reader (platonic/romantic)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland
Warnings: 銉
the first time you spent lunch break together with Silver, you noticed a satisfied, almost grateful expression on his face
you could basically sense how much he cherished the food, and your thoughts were confirmed when you overheard Silver mumbling "This is so much better than Father's cooking..." under his breath
really, that content look on Silver's face had something incredibly charming to it
you would often eat together with Silver in the future and learn about his favorite foods in the progress
one day, however, Silver was on cleaning duty during lunch break, thus not being able to get any warm meal from the cafeteria
you exactly knew just how drowsy Silver could get and that he especially wouldn't suffice in a hungry state, so you decided to prepare a little lunch box with a few sandwiches Trey had given you the day before
Ace: "Y/N, where are ya running off to?!"
Y/N: "I'll be right back! Gotta deliver something real quick!"
you ran off to Silver, who was currently getting the cleaning gear from a staff room
"Ah, here, Silver. I've got something for you."
Silver: "...for me?"
Silver then showed you that charming smile of his
Silver: "...this is very thoughtful. Thank you."
later that day, Silver made sure to visit you at Ramshackle Dorm to thank you again and give back the empty lunch box
he then had to rush off in order to assist Lilia with a task, but the way he acted so gratefully gave you an idea
you wanted to make some cookies for yourself & Grim either way, so you settled on making a few more and surprising Silver with them on the next day
the next day, you and Silver enjoyed a tasty lunch together, but before Silver could stand up and grab a snack, you stopped him and handed him the same lunch box again
Silver: "...but I'm not on cleaning duty today?"
Y/N: "So what? Can't I surprise my Silver?~"
Silver once again blessed you with his handsome smile, then opened the box
Silver: "...how did you know that these cookies are my exact favorite?"
you genuinely didn't know and laughed, it really was a lucky accident
let's just say that Silver LOVED the cookies
he looked like a excited little bunny while eating them, and it was so adorable that you just HAD to prepare something for him again
from that day on, you would often prepare little snacks for Silver, and make sure that he ate enough when he was stressed
sometimes it was a surprise, sometimes it was in agreement with Silver
either way, he absolutely loves it everytime you prepare food for him <3
he once even asked you if it was okay for him to share the food with Kalim, Ruggie, and his friends from Diasomnia
poor boy thought you would think he doesn't appreciate the food :') he simply cares for his friends as well
if you knew that Silver were to hang out with the other boys, you sometimes even made an extra portion for him to share with them
the boys lovingly tease him about it <3
Silver isn't the best at expressing emotions, but he does his best to make sure that you know just how much he loves your food and that he appreciates the gesture
seriously he would've never expected anyone other than Lilia & Malleus to ever care about him like this
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My question
OHO THIS IS INTERESTING 馃憖鉁 Prolly i'll req hcs with the Savannaclaw's bois & gn!s/o where they kiss the bois on the lips just 2 wake them up/after they just wake up? If it's too suggestive, u can change it 2 hug! If the characters r 2 many, Leona is enough! Thx & NICE 2 MEET U AUTHOR 馃槼鉁
Oh, such a sweet and romantic headcanon~ Don't you worry, dear customer, please leave it to me. Alright, gentlemen, no time to waste now. Please get ready now, it's time to put on a show for our dear customer~
Title : Good morning kisses
Characters : Leona, Ruggie, Jack
Warning : None except gender-neutral reader
Tumblr media
饾摏饾摦饾摳饾摲饾摢 饾摎饾摬饾摲饾摪饾摷饾摤饾摫饾摳饾摰饾摢饾摶
Leona would rather have (g/n) to be his personal alarm clock and wake him up every day in the morning, not a certain hyena beastman. And it was all related to the reason that he preferred their way of waking him up in the morning very much, even though he would simply claim that they were less annoying than Ruggie.
Unlike Ruggie, who would wake him up in a very hard way such as pulling the blanket off of him, pulling his tail, using the pan and spatula to create a loud clanking noise, or using his unique magic, (g/n)'s method was quiet, gentle, sweet, painless and extremely simple as well.
As everyone in Savanaclaw had already been aware of, the dorm leader of Savanaclaw was a quick and heavy sleeper, simply letting him close his eyes for 3 seconds and he would be off to dreamland already, and there was no way getting him back from his slumbering paradise to the real world at all.
If somebody else dared to wake Leona up from his peaceful slumber, the consequences of their own action would be receiving a menacing glare, getting growled threateningly at, or getting a harsh slap across the face by his flicking tail. But the worst scenario after waking the sleeping dorm leader was getting thrown out of the room from the window like a shooting star.
However, in (g/n)'s cases, it was a whole different situation. As they weren't a lazy sleepyhead like Leona, they would always wake up ahead of him. Whilst feeling a bit drowsy after waking up from a refreshing sleep, (g/n) would carefully and slowly move closer to their slumbering boyfriend.
They took a short moment to appreciate Leona's serene expression while he was still in a slumberland, before finally proceeding to wake him up by gently pecking on his face. (g/n) didn't specify which part of the face would they kiss, so they simply planted tiny kisses wherever they liked, let it be on the lips, near the lips, on the cheeks, on the nose, on the forehead, or more.
Personally, Leona loved it the most when his lover lightly kissed him on his scarred eye. It was an extremely gentle kiss that made him feel as if a butterfly landed on his eyelids, and it somehow soothed away the everlasting pain he felt when he received the scar that was permanently left upon his left eye, which was a wonderful sensation that brought a small smile upon his face.
However, it didn't imply that he didn't like receiving kisses on the other parts of his face, aside from his left eye. He truly loved it too when they brushed their lips against each and every part of his face, but he just wished that they could kiss his scarred eye more often whenever they tried to wake him up in the morning.
Maybe it was because that he was often waken up early by the morning kisses from them, Leona had eventually developed a routine of waking up naturally, which was kind of useful for him because he could wake up earlier than (g/n) sometimes.
Whenever the lion beastman was the first one to wake up from the slumber, he would do a little prank on them by pretending to sleep more heavily than usual so that (g/n) would give him more than just a single kiss on his face when they attempted to wake him up. Though he would wake up immediately when he sensed that they were trying to flick him on the forehead.
But if his hunting instinct was very active in the morning, he would also do the same thing, pretending to be asleep. But what happened afterwards was entirely different, as when (g/n) was slowly leaning their face forward, Leona would instantly pull them towards him and hold them tightly against him, while kissing deeply on the lips until they were completely out of breath.
Seeing them panting breathlessly with a defeated yet flustered expression aroused his excitement effectively, causing a suggestive smirk to appear on his features, as he placed his fingers underneath their chin while saying,
"What's the matter? Can't even handle a single kiss, herbivore? Heh, you're so defenseless, you should think before you act next time. But for now, I would like to have you for breakfast..."
Tumblr media
饾摗饾摼饾摪饾摪饾摬饾摦 饾搼饾摼饾摤饾摤饾摫饾摬
As Leona's trusty right-hand, Ruggie always had a lot on his plate, so he couldn't relax on his bed for too long. In other words, he was a morning person who always woke up first and the earliest one as well. Most of the time, he would wake up before the morning sun rose.
As for (g/n), after getting into a relationship with the hyena beastman, they often engaged into everything Ruggie did, such as preparing the food, doing the laundry, training the Magift team, and more.
If Ruggie was the student in Savanclaw who woke up early first, (g/n) would be the second one. No matter how drowsy they were when waking up early at dawn, they always wanted to be there for Ruggie.
And even if the hyena-eared student attempted to convince them not to force themselves to wake up early, and suggested for them to sleep a little longer, (g/n) would insisted with determination that they were fine and it only took a quick bath for them to be active again, to which Ruggie lightly sighed in defeat, but softly smiled at their tenacity nonetheless.
Thus, as the couple sluggishly woke up from their peaceful slumber, the first thing that (g/n) would do was planting a long and sleepy kiss on Ruggie's cheek, and it made him felt that his sleepiness was completely vanquished by a single morning kiss, leading him to do the same to them as well.
But if Ruggie was planning to give his morning kiss on the lips, (g/n) would stop him by placing their hand onto his puckering lips, and saying with a slightly playful yet sleepy tone, "Ah-ah-ah, brush your teeth first, mister. The last thing I want to smell in the morning is bad breath."
In his opinion, the soft kiss on the tip of his nose was the best. He explained that the reason why he was greatly fond of getting kisses on the tip of his nose was because his grandmother would always do that to him when he was younger, which pleasantly reminded him of his hometown. He felt like he was already home just by receiving gentle pecks on the nose.
Eventually, good morning kisses were the must to Ruggie when waking up early at dawn. He didn't know when did he get so obsessed with having kisses in the morning, all he knew that he just wanted his daily dose of good morning kisses from (g/n) whenever they woke up together.
And he always remembered clearly to receive good morning pecks from them every morning. So if (g/n) forgot to kiss him good morning, the hyena-eared student would give them a hint by silently staring at them with an anticipative look, and not moving an inch from his spot at all.
However, in actuality, (g/n) did remember that they were supposed to offer him a good morning kiss, but they simply pretended to forget, and Ruggie wasn't aware of it at all. Hence, Ruggie kept sending indications to them by giving them a slightly disappointed and sad look, or asking them if they forgot something, but to no avail as they evaded his hints by pretending to be clueless.
Up to that point, it then dawned on the hyena beastman that they were actually pretending to forget, and the late realization made him look at their sweetheart with a furious pout, only for them to lightly chuckle before softly kissing him on the cheek. Finally getting his good morning kiss, albeit feeling quite betrayed when he found out about their prank, he then said,
"Hmph, since when did you get all naughty and playful like that? It hurts my feeling, you know? Acting all ignorant and pretending not to take a hint. Well, two can play at that game...! 銆 Laugh With Me! 銆!"
Tumblr media
饾摍饾摢饾摤饾摯 饾摋饾摳饾攢饾摰
Similar to Ruggie, Jack was also a morning person, only except that he didn't woke up that early, he only woke up when the sun just started to appear in the sky. Since he strongly prioritized his own health, waking up early was very essential to him.
Even when he started to get into a relationship with (g/n), he would not change the schedule of his daily routine and would stick to it forever. Hence, mostly when (g/n) woke up in the shared bed and see that the spot beside them was completely empty, that would mean that Jack had already gone for his usual morning exercise.
Until one morning, Jack woke up a bit later than how he usually did, because he burnt a midnight oil last night. Due to using too much of energy last night, the wolf-eared student decided not to go for a jog for only that day and sent a quick text to inform Vil about it.
Coincidentally, (g/n) awoke from their slumber a few seconds after him. Hence, when they slowly woke up with a soft yawn and saw with their slightly droopy eyes that instead of the usual empty spot, Jack was next to them and was sitting upright on the bed.
A quiet yet confused hum escaped their lips, effectively leading Jack's gaze to them, as they asked him with a questioning yet drowsy tone if he wasn't supposed to be gone for his morning jog like he usually did, to which Jack sheepishly answered that he was studying late last night, which explained why he woke up a bit later than usual, while (g/n) lightly hummed in understanding, giving them a blank yet mildly sleepy stare.
Realizing that they had been staring at him for quite a while, Jack was about to ask, until they slowly leaned forward and gently pressed their lips against his cheek, causing him to broaden his eyes in astonishment.
As (g/n) drowsily got out of the bed and exited the room, telling him to take a shower first and join them for breakfast later while flashing a tired smile, Jack was still very surprised by their sudden kiss that he froze on his bed, before a fiery red blush suffused his entire face when he finally came to his sense.
It was that very day which caused the wolf-eared student to make a small change about his daily routine. Rather than a daily morning jog, he decided to go for a daily evening jog instead. It was all because how much he liked it when (g/n) kissed him good morning, and there was no point of hiding it or dismissing it since his blushing face and wagging tail had already given it away.
Not only that receiving good morning kisses from them were an expression of their love and affection to him, but it made him feel as if they were some sort of newly-wed couple. Just a thought about the two of them being a married couple was enough to make his face burst with the color of deep red and his tail turn into a helicopter.
Jack didn't have a specific part of face which he loved to get his good morning kiss on, so he was completely fine with wherever did (g/n) kiss him on. Because to him, no matter where they kissed him on, each and every kiss always held the equally same feeling of love and affection.
The other thing was that since he always woke up ahead of them, he would obediently wait for them to wake up, instead of waking them up by himself, because he couldn't help but notice how peaceful they looked in their sleep, and would feel bad if he woke them up from their beautiful slumber. And by waiting, it meant that he would silently admiring their sleeping face while gently caressing their face with a tiny smile of adoration.
When (g/n) finally awoke from their peaceful sleep, the wolf beastman would try to pretend as if he just woke up at the same time like them, but he failed as they took notice of his tail and lightly teased that his tail couldn't possibly wag that excitedly if he just woke up. Jack lightly huffed at the traitor in discontent, which was his wagging tail, before he slightly averted his gaze with a small blush, saying,
"F-Fine, I'll admit it.........I'm just so happy to get a good morning kiss from you, (g/n). I have been waiting for so long, so when you finally wake up, I...got very excited. S-So...Aren't you going to give me a kiss now?"
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twisted-tech 2 months
Twst Worldbuilding Theory/HC
Half-merfolk Idia/Ortho & The Island of Woe
鈿狅笍(Book 6 minor spoilers)鈿狅笍
Tumblr media
Within the game, we see many different kinds of people: humans, beastmen, fae, and merfolk. Sebek is canonically half-human and fae, and as a result he does not have pure fae traits (no pointed ears).
Idia Shroud (& Ortho) are who I want to focus on. Other students seem to identify him as human, but he has some very inhuman traits like his 鈥渟hark鈥 teeth and bright, yellow eyes. (Edit:) His lip color and eye bags are also natural and not cosmetics.
Though other human characters have sharp teeth, Idia鈥檚 are far more exaggerated than any of theirs. The only people with teeth like him are Jade and Floyd, who are merfolk.
While many other humans have unnatural eye colors too, Idia鈥檚 yellow eyes are yet another thing he has in common with the Leech brother鈥檚. (Jack, Chenya, Cheka, & Trey also have yellow eyes).
These similarities made me begin to wonder if Idia perhaps had some merfolk ancestry, but 2 things in common are not much proof. But the release of book 6 provided me with some supporting points.
(Spoilers start here) In book 6, we finally got to see the Island of Woe, Idia鈥檚 homeland in his bio. It鈥檚 a completely submerged, secret city beneath the sea.
The Island is from the time of the gods, thousands of years old, and still has architectural remnants from that time to prove it. While it may be possible to hide such an enormous structure from the above world, it would be harder to hide an underwater city from merfolk for thousands of years.
STYX does have the ability to erase memories, but if merfolk run into this city often it would be easier to instead work with some merfolk to keep others away. They would make ideal guards and workers for outside the dome, especially before technology made underwater travel easier.
STYX is an insular community. If they consistently live near/work with merfolk over the course of thousands of years, I imagine there would be many half-human hybrids around. With the mixing of species over this long time period, and with the community remaining small and seldom getting newcomers, then the Island would eventually be mostly half-human/merfolk.
This would explain why Idia, who鈥檚 family has lived here since the start of the city, has unusually sharp teeth and yellow eyes. He would have lots of merfolk ancestry that doesn鈥檛 get very watered down, giving him prevalent merfolk traits.
This same logic can apply to other nations. Nations seem to often have primarily one species, like mostly human (Scalding Sands), beastman (Sunset Savanna), or fae (Briar Valley). While mixed race couples happen, it would quickly get watered down again if there was mostly only one type of species around.
This suggests that characters with pointed teeth are descendants of non-human races, which I think could be fun to play with. Here鈥檚 a chart by @twiceasfrustrating on what teeth characters have!
Headcanon: Hair and Eye Colors
Getting more into headcanon territory, I do think that it would be cool if the more inhuman hair and eye colors were a result of magic. Even if mages are rare, the world is certainly full of magic. That alone is probably enough to irradiate people with magic and cause some fun changes in their physiology.
Finally, as a disclaimer, I know it鈥檚 likely that the only reason Idia and Ortho have sharp teeth is because they are twisted from Hades who did as well, but I like to think that their homeland is more dynamic and caused their unusual looks.聽I also mostly talked about Idia since Ortho is a robot based on a real person, and I didn鈥檛 bring up the hair since that鈥檚 explicitly stated as a side effect of his curse.
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atlasnessie 8 months
Tumblr media
LEONA STARRED AT YOU as you sat an arm length or so away from him, his chin resting on his hand as you were chatting with another savanaclaw member beside you, moving his tail impatiently to the side. cake dripped down his shirt, an aftermath of ace and ruggie, along with some other members, shoving the large cake slice on his face, the sweetness temporally staining his lips.
he watched as you turned to move towards him, a lazy smile resting on your face as you greeted him. you grabbed for his hands from under the table, his resting face turning into a slight grin, his tail slightly moving side to side, tightening his grip around the smaller hands that held his.聽
from afar, it seemed as if the two of you were flirting with your eyes, the softness in leonas eyes was something unnatural to everyone in school. leona sighed and pulled you towards him, his sweet sugar lips meeting yours
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Yuu: Azul, I have come to negotiate the termination of the contracts of the students.
Azul: That's a lot of long words, prefect. We're naught but humble businessmen. What is it you were wanting, exactly?
Yuu: I want you to free them.
Azul: I am disinclined to acquiesce to your request. It means no.
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Pov: You are a Beastman/Merfolk and you think you are alone.
Tumblr media
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honey-milk-depresso 9 months
鈥淎m I being bested by a plush loaf?鈥 TWST Jealous of their Tsum Tsum
I did it for the SSR and SR of the Tsum event! ^^
Cater Diamond
Cater slightly frowns, noticing how much attention you鈥檝e been giving to his Tsum counterpart. He鈥檚 also here, too!
Ever since he snapped so many photos of his own Tsum with you, it has become more apparent that this little Tsum also has something up his stubby little sleeves.
Like how it whips out its own tiny phone and take pictures of you and it together. That鈥檚 also what you two do!
When Cater tries to take a selfie with you, you ALWAYS have to have Tsum Cater in the picture, and he couldn鈥檛 say no after seeing those puppy dog eyes, and fear of how dejected they would look if he just rejected the idea, but he just wants the photo to have the two of you in it!
He won鈥檛 be so overly dramatic about it, he鈥檒l mostly pout and whine a little about how you鈥檙e spending way more time with the Tsum rather than him, and that he misses taking photos with just the two of you.
Just kiss him in that selfie alone to make it up is all he asks for. <3
Riddle Rosehearts
He denies ever being jealous of the squishy creature, but when you aren鈥檛 looking, he鈥檚 secretly lamenting about how you鈥檙e spending more tea time with this thing.
Riddle looks like he always wants to say something about the situation, but ends up sweeping the question away and excuse himself, mainly because he doesn鈥檛 know how to bring it up.
He鈥檚 irritated and a bit sour about the fact you seem to fawn over the thing, but he doesn鈥檛 want to be seen as鈥 overbearing or just, well, jealous.
Eventually, all his self control and resisting crumbled when you began feeding it (somehow), just like what you do with him.
He strides towards you, as you curiously tilted your head to why he looked upset. Then you saw it. That cute frown and pout as he bore his frustrated glare into your eyes. 鈥淩ose鈥 I鈥 I want to be fed as well, and I rather have you spend time with me, too鈥︹
Now kiss him as apologies. <3
Leona Kingscholar
Noticeably irritated by the adorable creature.
He quietly growls in slight detest of how you basically stuff your face into it, cuddling with it as it selfishly relishes in your warming affection. If it鈥檚 anyone who鈥檚 going to be cuddled by you is himself. The real deal.
Leona watched from afar, already disliking the fact this Tsum could do whatever it wants, and just take all your attention away from him. What鈥檚 worse is that it seems to know that it was bothering Leona, and it purposefully directs you away from him, getting more on Leona's nerve.
Well, now he's gotta show face and put it in its place, right?
He stood up, making a power walk to your direction as he lightly holds the Tsum away from you, lying down with his chest facing your front as he holds you in a tight embrace, forcing the Leona Tsum to hug your back.
"You had plenty of attention, little prick. It's my turn now." <3
Floyd Leech
He knows when he let even one finger off of it, the Floyd Tsum like a leech would tightly cling onto anyone it can go near to.
However, Floyd didn鈥檛 account to the fact that this little creature would have you as its favourite person to squeeze, cling and cuddle.
Floyd gets irritated, like Leona, of how attention seeking his plush counterpart is; constantly asking for cuddles, smudging your face with its soft little cheeks as it squirms closely into your hold.
He gets moody about this, especially. It鈥檚 reflected on the way he works sloppily in Monstro Lounge, much to Azul鈥檚 dismay, and Azul had to tell you about it in hopes you could do something about it.
Coming to meet Floyd, you鈥檙e met with a pouty eel lazily glaring at the Tsum.
He sloppily wrapped his arms around you as stuffed his face into your shoulder.
鈥淪hrimpy, I get it that it鈥檚 cool, but cuddle me, too. Otherwise I鈥檒l squeeze you tighter so you鈥檇 hug me instead of the Tsum.鈥
Um鈥 Better to hug real Floyd after depriving him of cuddles. <3
Reblogs help! ^^
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twistedwonderlandsimps 11 months
Little Misfortune!Yuu
I'm just here to mix-and-match different kinds of Yuus with different kinds of personalities to see what monstrosity I can make. That being said,,, Little Misfortune!Yuu brainrot!
Finally, the promised thing is here. I did say I was going to make this one day in one of my earlier asks. Well, here it is.
Yuu isn鈥檛 a child here. They鈥檙e all grown up but they still have the same morbid humor.
And who鈥檚 with them when they get transported into another world? Well, Mr. Voice, of course!
Mr. Voice is a limitedly omniscient being and probably lives in the 4th dimension or something. He鈥檚 just hanging around Yuu and acts as a father figure/narrator because he practically adopted Yuu and didn鈥檛 have the will to kill them when they were young and now here they are.
Or maybe he was successful and Yuu died but they were adopted by Mr. Voice soon after, whatever floats your boat.
Anyway, the only one who can hear Mr. Voice is Yuu.
Yuu also has that very distinct accent from the game because I say so. It鈥檚 cute and makes the morbid things that comes out of their mouth more horrifying.
Also, Mr. Voice probably sometimes lovingly refer to Yuu as 鈥榣ittle misfortune鈥 as a nickname.
鈥淢r. Voice, I don鈥檛 like being trapped in here.鈥 Yuu worriedly says once they woke up to find themselves trapped inside a coffin. 鈥淐an you help me get out?鈥
鈥淒on鈥檛 worry, Yuu. I鈥檓 sure you鈥檒l be out soon. Ah! Speaking of, here comes a cat. What might this little creature be doing to come here? Perhaps they鈥檙e going to help you get out of that coffin? It seems so! You might want to brace yourself, little misfortune.鈥
The moment the coffin opens up, Yuu faceplants on the ground with a loud 鈥榦omph!鈥.
鈥淎re you okay, Yuu?鈥
鈥淚鈥檓 okay, Mr. Voice.鈥 Yuu says, pushing themselves off from the ground and dusting the dirt off from their clothes. They then looked around their surroundings and said in a voice full of awe, 鈥淲here are we?鈥
鈥淲e seem to be in a completely different place. Maybe even perhaps a different dimension?鈥 Mr. Voice replies in his ever-so-calm manner.
鈥淲oah! For reals? Are we going to have an adventure? I like adventures! Hehe.鈥
鈥淲ell, if you want to, then yes.鈥
The father-child moment gets broken by none other than Grim who butts in, 鈥淲ho are you talking to, human?! Gah, nevermind that, give me your robe!鈥
Yuu manages to escape Grim safely with Mr. Voice鈥檚 guidance. That doesn鈥檛 last long because Grim finds them soon after.
Trust me when I say Mr. Voice was ready to throw hands at that moment.
Remember, Mr. Voice might not have a body but he can affect Yuu鈥檚 plane of existence.
Causing destruction or whatever, as long as the scene is within his聽鈥榮creen鈥 or in other words his point of view, is child鈥檚 play for him.
Luckily for Grim, Crowley arrived.
Guess no punting Grim to the horizon for today. Can鈥檛 say the same for the future overblot boys, though. May the Great Seven save their souls.
Anyway, they鈥檝e arrived at the Mirror Chamber.
Yuu was hesitant to go in at first.
鈥淭here鈥檚 a lot of people inside. I don鈥檛 know how to feel about this, Mr. Voice.鈥
鈥淚t鈥檚 alright, Yuu. You don鈥檛 have to worry about anything. I鈥檒l always be with you.鈥
鈥淔or reals?鈥
鈥淵es, for real. Now go in and show all those people inside you鈥檙e not someone to be messed with!鈥
鈥淗ehe, okay!鈥
Yuu is not threatening at all. Not one bit. They like to think they are and Mr. Voice likes to encourage them and make them believe they are but no.
Anyway the ceremony goes off without a hitch, aside from Grim almost burning it down that is, and Yuu鈥檚 brought to Ramshackle.
鈥淐reepy and spooky!鈥 Yuu exclaims with a small giggle but they don鈥檛 seem worried or scared.
鈥淣ow, now, Yuu. It might look rundown on the inside but I鈥檓 sure it鈥檚 better on the inside.鈥
[Cut to Crowley and Yuu standing inside Ramshackle where it鈥檚 obviously not much better than the outside.]
Mr. Voice: 鈥淲ell, alright then.鈥 *proceeds to trip Crowley as he was heading out, making the Headmaster stumble, fall, and break through the dilapidated floor and down through the basement*
Mr: Voice: 鈥淭hat should take care of him for now. What say we go upstairs and find a nice comfy bed you can sleep on?鈥
Anyway, imagine Yuu and witnessing overblotting.
Someone: *overblots*
Yuu: 鈥淵ikes forever.鈥
And when the overblot鈥檚 finished, Yuu just sprinkles the overblottee a fistful of glitter.
鈥淚 hope you feel better now. Glitters always make me feel better.鈥
鈥淵ou eat glitter, my little misfortune. I don鈥檛 think eating glitter makes anyone feel better.鈥
鈥淗ush now, Mr. Voice.鈥
Where does Yuu even keep their seemingly infinite source of glitter from? Even Mr. Voice, as omniscient as he is, doesn鈥檛 know.
Now that I think about it, they鈥檙e probably going to be constantly throwing glitter all over the campus since they sprinkle it everywhere that they believe needs happiness, and it cheers them up.
And NRC is a very gloomy place.
My god, can you imagine that part where Riddle insult Yuu, their parents, and their education?
The braincell group gets angry, Ace punches Riddle but then Yuu just casually pipes up with:
鈥淗ey! That鈥檚 rude, you know. My mommy and daddy were always busy arguing with each other and drinking juice so sometimes they forgot about me.鈥
鈥淎s I said before, their behavior isn鈥檛 an excuse for them to neglect you, Yuu.鈥 Mr. Voice says.
鈥淩eally? Damn.鈥
Mr. Voice was slightly conflicted since technically Riddle was mocking Yuu鈥檚 parents and was trying to mock Yuu鈥檚 upbringing through them. Of course it doesn鈥檛 really work that well since Yuu鈥檚 parents weren鈥檛 the best people so he was kind of right.
Also imagine Yuu approaching Riddle post-overblot and asking, 鈥淒o you have your own Mr. Voice, too?鈥
鈥淢r. Voice?鈥
鈥淵eah! He talks in my head and knows a lot of things. He takes care of me because my mommy and daddy can鈥檛.鈥
鈥淚 don鈥檛 think I have this鈥 Mr. Voice you speak of.鈥
鈥淥h鈥 Ok! I鈥檒l just share him with you then and he can take care of both of us.鈥
Also, I like to think that since Mr. Voice is in another plane of dimension that鈥檚 beyond Yuu鈥檚 is that he can see what the players can see.
That means that he can see the overblot boys鈥 flashbacks and tells Yuu all about it.
鈥淚 don鈥檛 like Riddle鈥檚 mommy. She sounds mean. Can鈥檛 you do anything about this, Mr. Voice?鈥
鈥淯nfortunately, I can鈥檛. The only one who can make a choice regarding this is Rosehearts himself. The only thing we can do is give him support and help him when he needs it.鈥
Also, I don鈥檛 know why but I ironically think Mr. Voice would have a favorable impression on Ace.
Not at first, of course, since they insulted Yuu and all but he was thoroughly impressed with the Heartslabyul student when he defended Yuu later on and even called Trey out for being a bad friend to Riddle.
Anyway, Yuu probably doesn鈥檛 hide that they can hear Mr. Voice and even talks to them but since no one else can hear Mr. Voice, they seem a wee bit weird talking to thin air and staring off into nothing.
Except for the braincell trio and maybe some other people. They, at some point, start to believe Mr. Voice exists.
Because really?
Cater: 鈥淧refect, do you know anything about how Trey got injured?鈥
Yuu: *silently looks to wherever Mr. Voice is*
Mr. Voice: 鈥淚 believe this problem has something to do with the鈥 Savanaclaw Dorm, was it? Specifically, someone by the name of Ruggie Bucchi. The one that Grim traded his lunch with the other day ago, remember him? He鈥檚 the one who has been causing all these accidents.鈥
Yuu, turning to the others: 鈥淢r. Voice says it鈥檚 because of Ruggie Bucchie from Savanaclaw. He said that he was the one causing all the accidents.鈥
Ace: 鈥淎lright, case closed. Now let鈥檚 get the pitchforks.鈥
Unfortunately since they had no evidence yet and can only rely on Mr. Voice鈥檚 (someone who the majority still believes is just a product of Yuu鈥檚 overactive imagination and is in no way real) word, they can鈥檛 do anything but they do keep a closer eye on the Savanaclaw Dorm.
Also, I like to think that Lilia would want to adopt this Yuu.
Like, hm? Your parents were crappy and neglected you your whole life? Sometimes even hurting you? Well, well, well, would you like to instantly get a parental figure and immediately be adopted?
Mr. Voice has a contender for the parent role and it鈥檚 not Crowley.
鈥淢r. Lilia, Mr. Voice told me to tell you that 鈥榊ou are not going to be taking my ward away from me you overgrown bat.鈥欌
Speaking of Crowley, every time he鈥檚 within Yuu鈥檚 vicinity, and subsequently in Mr. Voice鈥檚 point of view, dead birds will fall from the sky no matter if he鈥檚 inside a building or outside.
Mr. Voice is just that petty.
Also, just thinking about when the braincell group visit Ramshackle, gets bored, and goes over through Yuu鈥檚 stuff and they see a bloodstained rock that had a sad face drawn on to it.
鈥淗ey Yuu, what鈥檚 the deal with this rock? Why does it have blood on it?鈥
鈥淚 got that stone when daddy threw it at me once. I call him Stony because聽he鈥檚 a stone.鈥 Yuu said and giggled, not noticing the silent horrified looks their friends gave them.
Wait, wait, I just thought of something鈥
What if the reason Yuu got their name was because their parents couldn鈥檛 be bothered to think of a name for them and just constantly called them 鈥檡ou鈥.
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pineapple-coco 9 months
Tumblr media
I know i'm late for Gravity Falls 10th anniversary but here is one if Mc was from Gravity Falls
Mc: Well this could be worse but it could be better.
Ace: Student C overbloted... what do you mean!
Mc: We had an angry triangle demon try and spread weirdness around my town.
Ace: He could die and that sounds bad.
Mc: Ehh. We are fine and he'll be fine.
(Ciphermc means Bill Cipher Mc)
Ciphermc: Mmmm, so what are you planning on doing?
OBstudent: Kill everyone that wronged me!
Ciphermc: I have plans to but why are you making sense, life doesn't make sense it's a weird mess of unknown so why don't you make nonsense!
Ace: Yuu stop it.
Ciphermc: No!
Deuce: ~sprays water at Yuu~
Ciphermc: Ahh!
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hebidanshi 1 month
Twisted Wonderland 馃嚬馃嚪 Name Localizations
By me. I did this for fun and I couldn't find a perfect name for everyone, I apologize.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
锟斤拷 Meanings of their names are below the cut. 鈫
Tumblr media
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