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ooffies · 2 days
Could I request headcanons of Jamil and Vil walking in on their female s/o bragging about them to the first years?
: I had so much fun writing this! Thank you for the request anon! Sorry for long wait I had mid-terms 😭. Also I added all the blot-buddies(?) because I felt inspired, I hope you don't mind! Hope you enjoy them!
❥─➤ Jamil, Vil, Leona, Malleus, Azul, Idia and Riddle x reader (separate)
❥─➤ warnings: none!
Tumblr media
Jamil Viper (flustered)
He’s never been this flustered before, like ever. He hears Kalim sing him praise for his talents all the time but that only makes him feel slightly annoyed. But hearing you talking so highly about him? His heart feels like it’s about to break out of his chest. He’s blushing from ear to ear for the rest of the day. Makes sure to invite you over once classes are done. He wants to express his gratitude to you and show how much he cares for you.
Tumblr media
Vil Schoenheit (proud/flattered)
Of course, you're bragging about him, who wouldn’t? He’s used to people singing him praise and boasting about his talent and beauty. But never has he felt so giddy from hearing someone talk about him. he’s got butterflies in his stomach hearing you talk so highly of him to your peers. He’s got a smile stuck on his face for the rest of day. Next time the two of you hang out he makes sure to pamper you with compliments and kisses.
Tumblr media
Leona Kingscholar (smug)
He’s already got a shit-eating smirk on his face as soon as he overhears you. His herbivore singing him praise is a massive boost to his ego. He’s attached to your hip for the rest of your day. He’ll try to get you to skip class to be with him. He’ll have his tail lightly wrapped around your thigh or hand, letting everyone know for the millionth time you're his. It’s kind of his own way of bragging about you.
Tumblr media
Malleus Draconia (falls in love all over again)
He practically falls in love with you all over again anytime he hears you speak a single good word about him. He’s all over you for the rest of the day, giving you as much affection as possible. He’s trying so hard to hide the fact that he overheard your bragging but after five minutes of being with this overjoyed man it’s pretty obvious what happened.
Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto (blushing mess #1)
Acts all smug when he confronts you and the freshmen but once they leave he’s blushing from head to toe. He can barely form a sentence as he tries to give thanks to you for being such a great partner. But he can’t help but ask if you actually think that highly of him. Once you reassure him he’ll become a blushing mess all over again. Will treat you to a special dinner at lounge that night to make sure you know how thankful he is to be yours.
Tumblr media
Idia Shroud (over the moon)
On the outside he was an absolute embarrassed wreck after hearing you brag about him to Ace and Deuce. But on the inside he’s kicking his feet and giggling. His s/o bragging about him? Him out all people? God he doesn’t deserve you. He’ll make sure to show you more affection than he usually does next time you come over.
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts (blushing mess #2)
Bright burning red as he scolds you and the Heartslabyul duo for “loitering around”. It’s very easy to tell that he’s flustered from overhearing your high praises of him. He drags you away for the troublesome duo, ranting about various things. Once you two are alone he thanks you for the kind words while still being as red as a rose.
Tumblr media
© ooffies 
Please do not repost or translate my work without permission and credit. Thank you!
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ai-dev · 2 days
Tumblr media
My first time drawing Vil, any suggestions on who to draw next?
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pandoa · 2 days
smile with me!!
Tumblr media
where they see you, who is never one to show much emotion, smile for the first time
~feat. cater diamond, azul ashengrotto, rook hunt, and lilia vanrouge~ twisted wonderland x gender neutral reader
a lot of you guys chose this in the poll i posted earlier, so here it is~ i chose which characters to include btw- have fun lolol
Tumblr media
cater diamond sees you smile for the first time when he is mindlessly taking candid photos of the both of you together. it happens when you're looking at the adorable plushies featured at a themed café that had just opened up within the isle of sages. cater had wanted to visit it "for the aesthetics" and decided to bring you along simply for the fun of it. although he would never expect the surprise he felt when he saw a bright smile form on your charming face as he spam-clicked the camera button on his phone, taking random candids of the two of you as your eyes seemed to light up at the small, little plushies that came hugging the straws of your drinks. at first, the young man couldn't believe his eyes; you weren't exactly the type to reveal much emotion, let alone actually smile. but as a light giggle escaped your mouth as you took your own pictures of the soft stuffed animals, cater had realized how lucky—and special—he was for you to be comfortable enough to show your real emotions around him.
"Prefect! Oh my Sevens!"
"Look at these tiny plushies that come with our drinks! They look so so. . . cute?"
"Hm? Oh, it's nothing. The pictures I just took of us came out adorably~"
"Of course I already took photos! You never know when one pic can be the photo that's Magicam-perfect. But don't worry; I won't be posting these on Magicam."
"Why? Because they're too special to showcase to the internet, silly~ Oh yeah! And (Y/n), before I forget—"
"You have a precious smile~"
Tumblr media
azul ashengrotto sees you smile when you let out a dazed sigh of satisfaction while performing for an audience at mostro lounge. it was an odd time for you to smile, actually. given the debt you were in with his business, azul was sure you would be anything but happy at the damages your little cat familiar had caused—which was why you were there now, performing in front of an audience full of students to make up for the debt you and grim were inevitably in. although, since it was your final performance for the week, the man supposed a little relief on your part was granted. he just didn't think he'd finally see a wide grin from your usually blank face shine and fill the room as the lounge's spotlight continued to glimmer above you. crowds of applause played throughout the room, whistling of some audience members sang in admiration, and you bowed, satisfied with your final performance. azul had even caught the chatter of some students sitting near him gushing over your radiance on the lounge's makeshift stage. but he had to admit... he, too, felt something small tug within his heart the moment you displayed a smile that could catch the attention of anyone around you. it was strange, but he would consider himself lucky for getting the chance to see it that day.
"Well done today, (Y/n)! Here, have a sip of some water for your efforts—no charge included."
"Sales were especially successful tonight and I am proud to say that if you keep this up, you and Grim will be free of debt sooner than originally planned. I trust that you will keep up the good work."
"Tips left for you are in that jar on top of the counter, along with some comments and notes left by the audience."
"You did well, Prefect."
"Oh and, if you feel comfortable in doing so, please keep on doing what you did today whenever you perform here."
"That smile of yours is very charming, if you did not know."
Tumblr media
rook hunt spots a smile slowly escaping the corners of your face as he gently applies a soft shade of lip tint to your lips that matches your complexion. you were on your usual visit to pomefiore—off to go see the eccentric huntsman in his dorm room—when the man had suggested that he give you a little makeover with the new products vil had given him earlier that day. the young hunter seemed quite excited about the whole ordeal, so how could you refuse? giddily sitting you down on a seat in front of his dorm's mirror, rook had begun to apply shades of makeup gradually, delicately holding your face close to his to get a more detailed view of the cosmetics painting your cheeks. the man was completely focused on the strokes of his brush until he caught sight of a small, but enchanting smile, gracing your typically neutral expression when he had been applying a layer of lip tint to your face. any expression—or lack thereof—of yours was already spellbinding to him, but this time it had been different. this time, rook could have sworn he felt all the troubles of the world dissipate into thin air as the room seemed just a bit more brighter with your smiles filling each corner of the hunter's heart, making him endlessly fawn and ramble over how angelic you had looked at that moment.
"Mon ange! My, how most dazzling you are today!"
"Your beauty is always a sight to behold, however, today you are gleaming so incandescently! I must be careful; I may go blind by your shinning glow."
"Surely you see it as well, mon trésor. The way your existence illuminates tenfold whenever you bless the world with your joy."
"Your smile is something I wish to never be taken away from you."
Tumblr media
lilia vanrouge catches your smile as he sneaks up to you in surprise, melodic laughter coming from your form following right after. just as he had caught you off guard, he was surprised as well seeing as you had never reacted that expressively the other times he had magically sprung up in front of you, hair oddly hanging from his head and body upside down as lilia's figure floated above you. perhaps it was the adorable way his cheeks had seemed to squish together as it gravitated down to the ground that had caused you to laugh so happily. or perhaps it was the cute, little "boo!" that came out of his lips that made you jump up, pleasantly astounded. either way, whatever reason you had that caused you to be so amused had lilia grinning as well in satisfaction. your rare smile had simply looked so endearing; it was like an unknown force was pushing against the third year—calling him to treasure and protect this emotion of yours at all costs. the specialness of your joy made the heart of this old fae flutter at the loveliness you had shown only to him that day.
"Ah, my apologies, Prefect, I did not mean to startle you too mu—"
"Hm? Oh? It's alright? My, that was unexpected, if I may be completely honest."
"Nothing to worry about, dearest (Y/n)~ I just want to engrave this moment into my mind for eternity, hehe."
"Why? To remember the sights of the first smile you had given me, of course~"
"That right there is something quite special to treasure in itself, wouldn't you say so, dear?"
Tumblr media
a/n: believe it or not, my motivation for writing this came from people seeing my face for the first time after wearing a mask ever since 2020 (but extremely romanticized ofc lolol)
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mysaldate · 1 day
More TWST positivity
Leona would make sure you rest plenty and that nobody interrupts your alone time.
Ruggie would teach you quick and cheap recipes so that you can save money and still enjoy a tasty meal.
Jack would carry you if you got hurt or tired and make sure you get to bed on time.
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When you have a Secret Admirer - and it's not them (Scarabia; 4)
Tumblr media
A love letter was left at your door and now you are searching for that ‘secret admirer’ - everyone wants to help you out…but have their own reason for it.
'There are many students here and in comparison to them, I am just a speck between royalty, celebrities and prodigies...but still, I hope you can hear my heart and all that it feels for you...'
form of headcanons + scenario-ish
[note: reader is gender-neutral but mostly mentioned in 2. pov; a series of everyone you meet following you. headcanon will follow each char. own thoughts on the situation. mostly nervousness, slight jealousy & stubbornness]
Part 1: Heartslabyul
Part 2: Savanaclaw
Part 3: Octavinelle
Surplus was an understatement.
It certianly was nice to have a few dozen vases filled with blue flowers everywhere and the herbs all helped you cheat your way into doing Crewel's practical homework real quick but it did get tiring after a few days - especially when your ghostly roommates and the cat would not stop pestering you from where they came from.
It seemed everyone else noticed your jaded expression as well and they were sharp enough to know that it wasn't because of school and - unfortunately - not because of this 'secret admirer' but because of them. They were curious, pestering, suffocating, they knew. So, until no news from that secret admirer reached them, they decided to leave you alone for a bit (and continue their case on finding that lovesick student).
Even a certain prince was able to notice how tired of the constant attention you seemed...
Kalim Al-Asim
Oh, well, look at that! It's you!
As air-headed as Kalim is, the news of a secret admirer dwelling here in NRC and bombarding the infamous Ramshakle Prefect with love and admiration has even reached his ears mostly because Jamil informed him
Since he never had been a witness before, it often slips his mind however, so he approached you like he always does - with a skip in his step, a huge wave of his arm before throwing it around your shoulders and giving you brief but tight embrace as a greeting.
Kamil is fond of his hugs and since he is such a sweetheart, you physically and legally cannot be mad at him, you swore to yourself.
He mentioned your tired expression you had the past days and invited you to one of his many parties - no parade this time, he will make sure that it will be actually relaxing to you! Just food, friends, chill atmosphere and doing whatever you want.
Since the prince did not mention anything of any admirer, love letter, gift or confession to you, you agreed. It'd be nice to hang out with him for once and Jamil was not the type to bother you.
So he throws his arm around you and ushered you to Scarabia's mirror. Before you knew it, you were there!
Things were as calming as promised aside from the usual shenanigans and you felt so strangely at home here. Though, you could tell everyone tried their earnest not to mention anything to you or in your presence...
Of course even Scarabia knows aaaall about it...
Though, you couldn't help but felt like you were being watched...
Jamil Viper
Well, this isn't a surprise seeing Kalim drag you into here.
Not that Jamil has anything against that...it is just, y'know...the rumors that aren't really rumors anymore.
A part of him thinks you being here will bring more trouble.
Still, he is glad you are here. He greets you like always, hangs around like always. It's as if he never heard a single thing about a 'secret admirer'.
Yet, well, he has. Very much so that it actually vexes him. Jamil is one of the few who are honest to themselves and not to anyone else - he knows who he is and what he likes. You having a secret admirer is something he doesn't like.
He wonders if he should tell Kalim of his worries that something might happen. But he was too occupied being your host that he just let it slide this time. He even ponders if Kalim is aware of what he is doing...is his sweet nature taking all over his senses?
The party was more like a get-together anyhow, with him and Kalim speaking to you the most and a few other students you've got aquainted with during...that incident (which Jamil wants to banish from his mind on one hand but can't deny it offered him more freedom than ever before on the other). Certain ones were even more talkative than the both of them...
Well, it's gonna be alright. He's just gonna keep looking out for you from the shadows (like always) while Kalim will be your ray of sunshine...
Nevertheless, no matter how bright the light tries to shine on the culprit or how deep the shadows grow so one can hide themselves in, neither Kalim nor Jamil and especially not you expected to first step into small puddles of the sweet spring water outside...
The leak led to said spring outside, the water, which was usually clear, was instead filled with thick, wet pink petals. Flowing down the tiny waterfalls while sticking to the royal white marble, it left a few studens slipping (and be covered in petals, too). A pit opens up in your stomach at the sight while simultaneously your heart starts throbbing faster, nervous sweat trickling down your flustered, red face. Jamil was the first to notice your befuddled state and quickly made work of finding the source of the overflowing water - it led to one door, through the kitchen and back to the lounge as he searched the place. Kalim was less distressed about it, casually passing by the silk curtains hanging from the walls and ceiling, until one got stuck in his headband...
Only the softest of tucks was needed to pull the entire fiasco into play. Kalim's careless yelp alerted everyone else before you got floored by what seemed a magically light, pink avalanche. Through the screeching you could barely make out that pink petals and fruits were piling upon you, leaving all attendants trapped beneath the sweetness.
You forced your eyes open, the items heavy but not enough to crush you. The sense of relieve you felt when noting that you could technically get up was squashed like a bug when one last petal fell down, as light as a feather, right in front of you. The pink letter turned for you to read its contents.
'My dearest (Name)
This is rather spontaneous but these one-in-a-lifetime fruits from the Land of Hot Sands happened to fall into my lap, literally. The flowers are fresh with thick, sweet petals and I couldn't be helped but be reminded of you when seeing them. I never thought a land with such a dry climate could'
The red ink stops briefly and new words were started at another paragraph. Your widened eyes follow with a thumping heart and bated breath.
Something was crossed out with the same ink before the actual words continued.
'-I promised to be honest, so when I saw these flowers and how their petals melt in my palms, a strong feeling took over me I dont know how to say this but I felt even more in love,its like a spell, I just kept seeing you when watching the petals, keptseeinglove-'
The writing was smeared into a fat splotch, finger prints visible on the tainted letter. The rest was crossed out, as much as you see from the lower part of the paper that wasn't scrumbled up.
Tumblr media
Kalim Al-Asim
The first thing on his mind was to get everyone out of there!
As much as he wanted to laugh at the situation once he realised it wasn't that big of a deal, he quickly noted how tense and annoyed everyone was after this. Especially Jamil.
Not wanting to anger anyone any more, he cleaned everything up, let the ones who were hit the most rest in their rooms, get a shower, eat well, don't worry! - and he and Jamil took care fo the rest. Although, Kalim was the first to rush to your aid of getting you out.
You decided to get cleaned up at the Scarabia dorm too before heading home - and snatching the half-finished love letter before anyone else could see.
Kalim would switch between looking after his dormmates to you, cleaning up the rest to bringing you another warm and dry blanket, carrying something with Jamil to picking out the petals stuck in your hair. And you can be assured that he won't let you help out too, not that you had the strength for that, you are still his guest so just relax! as much as you can now, knowing from who...
After all is done, Kalim is all glued to you. As bold as he is, the young prince is fairly good at reading people and he knows something is up with you. There's somehting distressing you and he wants to help.
Almost like a mother he dotes on you gently and offers you to stay till tomorrow but accepts without hesitation that you just want to go home.
The prince feels bad. He invited you to relax and get your mind off everything but, he thinks as his eyes catch the glimpse of scrumbled up pink paper in your pocket, that all it did was fluster you even more.
For once, his brain seemed to work. He put two and two together and when he looked up from the paper to your flushed, red face, his heart seemed to break.
Jamil Viper
The first one to put two and two together (and much faster than Kalim).
While seeming lost in his work when cleaning everything up, Jamil was secretly obsessing over the thought that no, this was not a coincidence with all the pink things here, no this had to be about you and yes, perhaps this little plan of 'theirs' was unfinished. There's no way something like that was a gesture of love.
BUT why did it have to fall on him? All this work? Literally and figuratively? He mentally sighs.
As annoyed as he is by all this work (WHEN HE WAS SUPPOSED TO BE RELAXING WITH YOU FOR ONCE) Jamil was more upset at the gall of this secret admirer. Now that he had witnessed this firsthand by himself and not having to listen to the distraught rambles of Ace and Floyd for once, he finally, finally gets it. Watching you so embarrassed and flustered is a one-of-a-kind experience and it stings evermore knowing it was caused by an unknown admirer.
Unsurprisingly petty at the thought of it. Why aren't you such a flushed mess with him? When he's around? Surely he had charmed you by being nice, cooking for you, helping you out of his free will??? Why have you not once noticed his advances as subtle as they may be?
Though Jamil gets it together real fast. He's vexed and he knows it so there is no need to think about you in such a way, especially when you are the most affected by it. He desperately hopes though that the effects are not positive.
The boy is busy and very glad that Kalim can look out for you in the meantime. As he runs back and forth between the rooms, he notices Kalim's dejected expression and your rosy red cheeks.
For once, he and Kalim share the same thought.
[ wanted to write more for them but did not fit into the atmosphere
tldr: kalim realizes that this was a GESTURE OF LOVE (jojo poses) and even though he knew you had a secret admirer, finally seeing this and seeing you seemed to create a pit his heart just falls into, swallowed by the abyss. he's frozen on the spot, not able to think clearly but knowing he doesn't like it. He's less cheerful because of this and cannot stop thinking about it. He first thought he admired the admirer (lol) for being so brave and showering you in gifts, which in his country is a normal and common way to express someone's feelings. but seeing it firsthand ouch, nuh-uh he does not like it anymore. Briefly thinks of 'fighting' the admirer by showering you in REAL gifts too, but decided against it. it would only make you more embarressed. he at least hopes you can find solace in his presence...he wants to help you.
JAMIL IS NOT AMUSED. He is almost on the same level of unpleased as azul or FLOYD (but less extreme and do not dare to compare him to azul) and he actively becomes more grumpy. the first and maybe only one to directly approach you and ask what is up with that and how you feel about it. if you dont like it, stop it (by asking anyone but Crowley maybe, jamil offers to help no problem (in fact, everyone would volunteer)) IF you do like it....stop it. get some help. let...let Jamil help you, let Jamil love you, fall in love with Jamil!!!!! He is so tired by being the second character of his own life already, he's not gonna let someone else steal the spotlight in your heart! if you'd let him, Jamil would stop giving hints and waste time and finally, finally ask you out.]
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Who do you think would take their bubble tea and get a tapioca into their mouth and then kiss you to push it into your mouth? And who would try to do it but mess up and thr tapioca awkward drops out of their mouth in front of you....
| 03.17.2022 | —K | PG-13 |
Multi X GN!Reader
| Characters 18+ | Fluff | Headcannons | Slightly Suggestive | Etc | Proceed with Caution, Dearest.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
He grab your cheeks and drawing them to your lips, securely and effortlessly pushing the small tasty orbs into your mouth. They're thumb wiping over the corner of your lip, cleaning up and of the liquid that threatened to spill. He pulls away with a sly smile before acting as if nothing happened.
"I don't like the tapioca."
LEONA KINGSCHOLAR, Chen'ya, Jamil Viper, SAM, Malleus Draconia, JADE LEECH, Divus Crewel, Silver, & Vil Schoenheit [+ UR FAVES]
══════ ♡ ══════
He instructs you to open your mouth, having your tilt your head backward, and holding your mouth open by your cheeks, spitting balls of tapioca into your mouth, a wide grin watching you eat his saliva covered tapioca.
"I hope you like it."
FLOYD LEECH, Jade Leech, & Lilia Vanrouge [+ UR FAVES]
══════ ♡ ══════
He saw a video of it and thought it try it. He doesn't know why he did, practically rushing the kiss and in one fell swoop forcing the tapioca into your mouth. He pulls away when you choke and he's so embarrassed. Refuses to ever do it again. Can't even look at you.
"I don't know what I was thinking—just forget it!"
JACK HOWL, Idia Shroud, Cater Diamond, & Jamil Viper [+ UR FAVES]
══════ ♡ ══════
He had a whole plan and when he has the tapioca in his mouth and he chokes on it upon seeing you. He gets super embarrassed and tries to tell you he's fine as he chokes up tapioca.
"Im fine—No—Its nothing!"
TREY CLOVER, Rollo Flamm, Riddle Rosehearts, Kalim Al-Asim, Epel Felmier, ACE TRAPPOLA, AZUL ASHENGROTTO, Idia Shroud, Sebek Zigvolt, Dire Crowley, & Ruggie Bucchi. [+ UR FAVES]
══════ ♡ ══════
He's hyped himself up, has the tapioca in his mouth and as he's about to near you, he got far to excited and over stuffed his mouth, so he literally has tapioca slipping past his lips like he's a gumball dispenser.
"I.... Thats— Let's try that again..."
DEUCE SPADE, Epel Felmier, KALIM AL-ASIM, Rook Hunt. [+ UR FAVES]
══════ ♡ ══════
He won't. He refuses. That's so gross.
"I refuse. That's disgusting."
VIL SCHOENHEIT, Sebek Zigvolt, Riddle Rosehearts, Leona Kingscholar, & MOVUS TREIN [+ UR FAVES]
══════ ♡ ══════
Drank and at all his Tapioca.
"Oops. My bad."
══════ ♡ ══════
Sharing his boba with you and his tapioca is your tapioca.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
ⓒ 2023 cvlutos — all rights reserved. Any sort of plagiarizing, copying, modifying, translating, editing of my works are strictly prohibited.
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fanfic-gallery · 1 day
just one little pat!
Tumblr media
✎ leona kingscholar, ruggie bucchi, jack howl × gn! reader
"their reaction to you touching their ears and tail"
|| headcanon, fluff, crack
✎ manager's note:
Tumblr media
|| leona kingscholar
despises every bit of it
has or had threated to disintegrate any and all who dare to step a foot, even a mere inch, near him
don't even waste your efforts to concoct a 'master plan' in order to catch him off guard; been there, done that; unless you're his little nephew, the rate of your success is fairly low
strong reflexes, would pin you down in a heartbeat
tackled from behind? his tail has just enough strength to swat a regular sized human across a hallway; hurts like hell too, never pleasant
the process, tough maybe even traumatising to some, but the reward right after is one worth the struggle:
"..i can't believe this.." who ever planned this as a sick joke was as good as dead, but he already knows who's behind it all. the laughing of a howling hyena causing a deeper shade of rosy red to dust his cheeks, growing goosebumps on his tanned skin not apparent but fairly visible on closer inspection.
"poor mr kingscholar, whatever will he do to escape this predicament~" soft rumbles of purring increasing with each pat of his silky mane; tail swaying involuntary, thumping against the wooden flooring, mind wishing to be set free from this hellish torture yet body craving more of your warm touch.
"i'll have your head for this-" ruggie smirked, effortlessly brushing off eyes of green, laced with poison, glaring daggers at him. his body trembling from laughter yet still to prevent the measly lion from leaving his spot on the ground. you, of course, barely paid much mind to what displayed upon you, fingers ever so carefully caressing leona's fluff from head to toe. your squeals of excitement growing louder, grip on the housewarden's waist growing tighter.
Tumblr media
|| ruggie bucchi
embarrassing; more so humiliating
isn't very guarded but would be on high alert after the many many times you 'just-so-happened' to have your hand brush against his head
very flinch-y; would even pout a little if you continue to caresses him after his warnings
had used his signature spell against you; had you running around the campus like a mad-lad till your knees turned numb
wish for a certified way to get your daily in-take of serotonin? bribery. what did you expect?
though his price doesn't come cheap; better be prepare to have your wallet empty tonight
"erm.. 50 thaumarks..?" the hyena yawned, gloved hands fanning near the entrance of his mouth, tail swaying downwards feeling boredoms sinking its teeth into his bitter soul. 50? you had to be joking- why would he serve himself up to you for a measly 50 thaumark? you were already considered the 'lucky ones'; had it been anyone else, he would have marked up a fortune.
"i've already cut down your cost for the last time- 350 or nothing~" the frustration swirling within your eyes, the way you chewed at your bottom lip; it amused him. he could never understand why would be so desperate for a touch of his mane- absolutely ridiculous.
"ughhh- fine! j-just take it.. here- you happy now-" though he wouldn't say he didn't admired your determination.
"very!" ruggie grinned, fingers already dancing across the edges of light brown-ish paper, greed filling his pupils yet quickly dispersing when arms tackled him to the ground. his face planted against your chest with your hands already scratching at his scalp, upper limbs enwrapped trapped along with his body, leg entangled within yours. he wanted to yell, yell for you to let go- yet he forgot, he had already sold himself to you for the next hour~
Tumblr media
|| jack howl
he doesn't mind it actually
well, that was a bit of an understatement-
he doesn't mind, as long as you both are alone; likely staying within the privacies of each other's rooms; he still has his pride to keep after all
gets extremely red -and maybe has a piece of him die on the inside- if you touched him openly
has a very reactive wolf form; and is why he never transforms around near you; 'cause once he's caught- either of you would be willing to let go-
loves a scratch behind the ears and tummy rubsss; no touching the tail though- makes bby very uncomfortable
he wasn't known for having much in that empty head of his; just sports; yet he's not one to give up something without a proper fight even if it's just a couple pieces of paper with words sprouted across them. knowing he couldn't fight this battle alone, he searched you out; despite not having knowledge of any magic had excellent grades in every class, in his eyes at least.
you both got to work; having study session everyday till exams week. alongside much of what was taught within textbooks, he observed your love for patting his ears- he found it strange at first; your hands entangled within his mane, praising him with a 'good boy' with each right answer but he started enjoying it slightly. maybe it swelled his pride up or he likes the way your palm feels against him.
but he does know- he doesn't want anyone knowing about his little secret..
your hand grazing the back of his left ear as you cooed ever so sweetly; the paper rolled within your hand in a red circle, '68'. he knew it was a high improvement from his mid-years but you didn't have to reward him here- out in the open as well- the snickers of the two heartslabyul students was enough to get him all flushed.. he doubts he'll hear the end of this till the day he dies-
Tumblr media
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cancerdust96 · 2 days
Sometimes I wish...
That I had never met you.
Never fallen for you,
Never started loving you.
It would be so much easier now...
Tumblr media
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Yuu:The first thing I notice in a man is his heart.
*pointing at Leona*
Yuu:The fact that his tities are in front of his heart IS NOT MY FAULT!
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Yuu get´s sick and the Dorms have to take care of them Diasomnia
the only reason why he knew that you were sick is that during one of your nightly walks you didn´t appear and Malleus just just walked into Ramshackle
he actually just went in there to complain about you missing your meeting with him
he also didn´t notice you were sick at first
or that you were asleep while he acted passive aggressive
he only noticed when you woke up and asked him why he was here
I´m sure everybody can guess but a pampered prince, no matter how much of sad boy he is, won´t be a good caretaker
even worse when you are a Human and your caretaker doesn´t know how to handle them
he also gave his caretakers a heart attack because he didn´t tell anybody that he stays at Ramshackle
there was so much chaos in one day, at the end of the day everybody was screaming, Sebek fainted and Silver didn´t fall asleep for the entire day
you need some serious luck and divine intervention to survive
he brought you some food he made himself, but you were fortunate enough to have Silver warn you before hand
it did not stop Lilia from trying to get you to eat it though, he even tried to scare you and then force feed you
you spit in his face for that one, luckily he thought you had to cough and that it was an accident
he also thought it was a good idea to sing you a lullaby
only problem was that he does not know what a lullaby is and that he pretty much ruined your ear drums
you do not know how he could raise a Human infant and you feel really bad for Silver
your so glad when he´ll leave
Lilia is a menace and even worse when you are sick and he keeps jumpscaring Grim
it´s so bad now that Grim refuses to walk anywhere on his own when Lilia is around
out of everybody from Diasomnia he is probably the best to look after you
which is most likely because he had to look after himself for a long while
despite him falling asleep multiple times and even once on the stove, he was very lucky you saw him and that it was off
he also spent the majority of the time sleeping somewhere and scaring Grim without meaning to
he falls asleep in such weird places and Grim always forgets that Silver is staying there
for example Grim wanted to go to the toilet and screamed because Silver was lying on the ground and he thought someone killed him, considering how the Ghosts acted when you guys first appeared not that far fetched
Lilia also came over to look after Silver and even brought him some food
both of you made sure to safely get ride of it
the only time this would have been a good idea is if you wanted to be deaf instead of sick
and of course want to hear endless, almost stalkerish praise form Sebek the entire time
it´s almost scary how much Sebek knows about Malleus, if he wasn´t Sebek and it was expected of him
but he was decent with looking after you, if you ignore the fact he was still acting as if he is better than you because you are a Human
you actually thought he was going to pop a blood vessel when Malleus came in the night to visit you
if you thought you were about to go deaf before, now you definitely will
even when Malleus leaves he won´t leave you alone
this will be a very long time being sick...
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gutghost · 21 hours
~How dateable the Freshman from TWST are~
A-N ~ just for funny hahas spelling errors everywhere km rn
Tumblr media
[Jack 8/10]
• ♡Jack gives off tsundere vibes. Besides the fact that he is constantly in denial, he's a very caring boyfriend, nuturing, and all that jazz. He is always trying his best to get approval from his S/O, but he never outright says that he craves for their praise and gratitude. Jack doesn't really offer his help if he knows his S/O is struggling with something. Instead, he gives them encouragement. He makes sure to often check in with his lover, though, and is always there if they need a shoulder to cry on. (though he isn't great with offering advice. Words are hard, you know?) He's always ready to step in if their physically in danger.
The relationship is fairly normal and overall uneventful, not to say it isn't a loving one. The biggest side effect, tho is that Jack's lover gotta deal with his friend group, so that sucks. they have definitely been dragged into afew reckless decisions, much to Jack's disliking. Nevertheless, he couldn't hope for anything better. ♡
Tumblr media
[Deuce 9.5/10]
• ♡Deuce is as clueless as ever, but such a sweetheart. His mama taught him right and is such a gentleman. He is so adorable, trying his best to be suave when he asks to hold his lovers hand or if he can hug them, any form of physical touch really. He often daydreams of his S/O when he's in class, too! All he wants to do is sweep his lover off their feet and be their knight in shining armor.
He's always there to help, even though to most he looks more like a pushover rather than a helper - but he's still such a sweetheart. He sucks with comforting anyone verbally. He just can't think of anything to say when someone is going through a hard time, but he will offer water and a nice hug if needed. (His heart is literally made of gold.) The relationship over all is just wholesome and teeth rottingly sweet . Of course, there's always the teasing from Ace, and that little shit does not hold back. Deuce will forever be flustered, but I'm sure his S/O doesn't mind.♡
Tumblr media
[Ace 6/10]
♡•Lots of teasing, goes way too far way too often, but only HE can bully his S/O, so - yay? He's a smart ass through and through so if his S/O were to ever show any sort of affection you know he's not only eating that shit up but hes teasing them for it at the same time.
Ace likes to act all tough, but he wouldn't change his and his lovers' relationship for the world. He's been babied all his life, so babying him is a MUST. He will not be taking no for an answer. He trusts his S/O with his life and will forever be comfortable with them, probably enough to walk around their house(Dorm?? Riddle would have a fit istg) in just boxers and an old shirt that probably has ketchup stains. Even though Ace is a jerk, he will always have his lovers back. Deuce isn't as much of a teaser as Ace is when it comes to relationships, but he definitely talks about Ace making goo-goo eyes at the 'lucky' person.♡
Tumblr media
[Epel 9/10]
♡•Epel,of course, has no idea what he is doing. But unlike Deuce, he approaches the relationship like he would with any other challenge. Force. Or acting cute and hopeless, both most likely. He trusts his lover enough to let the southern accent slide(as well as a few...alot...of cuss words).
He's always grinning and constantly wants to show off to his S/O, wanting them to know how much of a man he is. But he's always able to slow down if his lover needs someone to talk to about problems they are having, even if Epel can't relate to some of their issues.(his advice? Clock whatever is upsetting them in the face.) The relationship is chaotic and fun-loving and just over all a wild ride. He will most definitely NOT take the blame if Vil finds out you're both causing trouble though, needs to keep his head after all.♡
Tumblr media
[Sebek 4/10]
♡•Doesn't know anything about dating, and doesn't understand it either. Why date when Malleus is all you need? He has a long way to go before knowing at least what first base is. that's how inexperienced he is. He talks way too much about malleus, but he's trying his best. pls- give him a break. He truly doesn't have anything else to do.
But once sebek and his lover finally get there after much trial and error, they are HIS person. He goes to them for EVERYTHING. He loves talking about anything and everything to his S/O. He's not much of a listener and is easily flustured when it comes to trying to comfort someone, but lord knows papa Lilia is there to give(poor) advice when needed. Perhaps tea? maybe uh...his malleus plushie? It helps him sleep - he would 100% throw his lover under the bus if it's for malleus, anything for his King. ♡
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lealeatheazalea · 23 hours
a (remake) sneak peak into the group chat of Night Raven College's most popular freshmen of this school year: Grim and Yuu, Ace Trappola, Deuce Spade, Jack Howl, Epel Felmier, Sebek Zigvolt.
(a remake because i deleted the old one while half asleep 😝☺️😋, definitely familiar to some of y'all 😍)
Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
masterlist 😋
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twistedroseytoesy · 2 days
Tsum tsum mayhem
Imagine how much WORSE it would be if the tsum tsums that came to twisted wonderland were like those from tsum tsum shorts on the Disney channel. Those things are CRAZY. so here's some headcanons.
So in the shorts, tsum stums have 2 abilities; to grow to 3-4 times their size at will, and shrink back to normal by expelling steam from their ears or nose. Or to be able to create 4 copies of themself by sneezing!
so if there was a mc tsum, everyone would be trying to take it from the others to spend some time with it. best way to give the poor tsum some peace is to have it sneeze a bunch. now everyone gets a tsum mc!
Tsum riddle would grow to 3 times his size so often when he gets mad, which is a lot.
DO NOT ALLOW FLOYD'S TSUM TO SNEEZE. it happened once and they had to lock up the extras in a room until they disappeared. mass destruction ensued and the area of the incident was unrecognizable within 5 minutes.
floyds tsum loves to scare everyone by jumping off of high places since tsum's just bounce.
Epels tsum wants to sneeze and try to beat up Vil. epel is tempted to let it happen.
If rook had a tsum it would be silent instead of making squeaking sounds every time it moved like all other tsum's.
The octatrios tsum's can turn into mer tsum's when in the water for long enough.
Rook can understand the squeaking language of the tsums, he just likes to pretend he doesn't hear the sheer amount of cussing and insults epels tsum is screaming.
Leona's tsum will grow big just to shove other tsums off of it.
Jack's tsum is the only tsum that tries to keep the others from causing too much chaos. will multiply himself to be more efficient and loves to lift things by growing and shrinking.
Sebeks tsum will gro big in-between malleus and anyone who get's too close for the tsums liking. If malleus asks it to stop it will be on the verge of tears.
Riddles tsum causes trouble but does uphold the other tsums it can see to the queen's rules.
And last but not least is caters tum
It will 100% use a mix of its abilities to create good pictures and asthetics
Cater and the tsum bond even more due to both having the ability to make clones of themselves.
multiple caters and multiple tsums ave been seen around different areas of the campus to get the perfect shot.
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sanyu-thewitch05 · 3 days
I know the developers weren’t think of this but Sebek’s birthday and overall look has funny design when it comes to his birthday in the US.
Tumblr media
Sebek’s hair is green
Sebek’s wearing green
Sebek’s in a green dorm
And his birthday is on March 17th….St. Patrick’s Day in the US and Ireland.
Essentially, I headcanon that Sebek is half-Irish.
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ghostieyanyan · 6 hours
~The first part of my expressions meme~
A8 Jade Leech
By anonymous
I am very satisfied on how this turned out. ^^ feel free to request more
Tumblr media
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happilybriefvoid · 18 hours
Profile! For Lucifer!reader. 😆😁
NAMELucifer (ルシファー), Y/N
TITLE(S)Avatar of PrideStudent Council Vice President
ALIASES:Diavolo's right-hand man, Lucy (by Simeon), Mr. Loyal-and-Obedient, The Morning Star, Pridy McPrideface, Diavolo's (loyal) lap dog (by Belphegor)
GENDER: Female
SPECIES:Demon, Angel (Former)
LIKES:Tea with Diavolo
DISLIKES:Enemies of Diavolo
{A/N} This is the profile I will try and post to Ellie's two different head cannons tomorrow I'm going to try and do two houses at once or the house wouldn't first like I did with the last ones. Though I do not know yet because I need to catch up on school not because I'm like not even halfway through the year and I only have 2 months to finish I'll have to repeat the year...
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