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la-lolita · 1 day
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˗ˏˋ ♡ la-lolita has just posted! — Rizzing them up ft. Riddle, Vil, Idia, Sebek, Malleus
˗ˏˋ ♡ EVERYONE’S SO CREATIVE— FINALLY YOU’LL BE ABLE TO RIZZ BRU SMH, since y’all fr go no bitches irl/j or not 🙄🙄🙄🙄
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Yeah NO—
He is more terrified than blushy. Like bro???
That’s not sexy, that is weird….
Okay he is a little red, but he is just standing there awkwardly-
You literally pull him closer to you and lift his chin up, he is quick to collar you and leave.
He will now avoid you like a plague, Floyd 2.0
Tumblr media
He gives you the side eye
Nah— it’s not even a side eye, it’s a full stare.
You need some practice, it will take a lot to woo him, he has been complimented a lot of times and praised; you’re not special (y/n) smh.
But if you pin him against the wall and smirk and whisper in his ear? Yeah he is kicking you.
He has never made a face before, but now he did and it’s not a good one.
You got no rizz, try some other way bro 🫢
Tumblr media
He is embarrassed, awkward, he runs away
You just have him another reason as to why the outside world is dangerous, people are scary including you.
Idia is aware of what you were trying to do, but he can’t resist! He gets embarrassed so easily, rizzing him is a way yo make him break down, melt.
And that will be printed in his head, bro will have nightmares about it.
Good job… but you won’t see him get out ever again, it was rare to see him out of school, no you definitely won’t see him…
Unless you break in his room ofc HEGEG—
Tumblr media
He thinks you were just feeling extra silly today ngl…
He just looks down at you, not knowing if you are okay or no, he just stands there and watches awkwardly like 🧍‍♂️
Are you okay? Is this a human thing? Is this like… a deep meaning? He is genuinely confused, like why are you pinning him? Why is your voice suddenly different and poetic?
Umm… it will be on his mind and he will ask Lilia— to which Lilia simply laughs, knowing what you were trying to do but playfully says nothing.
Tumblr media
Now he thinks humans are even more weirder.
He kind of is blushing, but at the same time he doesn’t know what to do! So what does he do?
Yell at you, duh 🙄 you deserve it/j
He scolds you, saying how you shouldn’t do that to people randomly and that if you want something just say it.
And yeah, you want something; his lips.
He is done with you, but in reality he kinda liked it HEHSH
Tumblr media
©la-lolita: Don’t adapt, repost, translate or plagiarize any of my work without my permission and knowledge.
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harunayuuka2060 · 16 hours
Idia and MC: ...
MC: You okay?
Idia: No.
MC: Me neither.
Idia and MC: *sigh*
MC: Why can't our parents just leave us alone?
Idia: *nods in agreement*
Ortho: You two are quite alike. Maybe this marriage could work.
Idia: Ortho, are you even hearing yourself?
Ortho: Yes. I think it's best to consider it.
Ortho: You don't have to be lovey-dovey with each other.
MC: ...
Idia: ...
MC and Idia: THAT'S IT!
MC: Lol! That went well!
Idia: Yeah. So we don't have to share a house and we get to enjoy our own privacy, and only communicate if we see each other outside.
MC: You will barely see me since I don't go outside a lot. *laughs*
Idia: Hey, you game? I'll add you.
MC: Yeah. What games do you play?
Idia: Oh. I'll be playing this— *continues to ramble on the latest games he's playing*
Mr. Shroud and Ortho: *watching them*
Mr. Shroud: What do you think, Ortho?
Ortho: They're 94% compatible. Are you expecting them to fall in love with each other?
Mr. Shroud: No. I don't have that kind of hope with Idia, but I still don't want him to grow old alone.
Ortho: I see.
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harukal524 · 3 days
Tumblr media Tumblr media
unfortunately i lost this ask but i was prepared and glad i kept a screenshot. anyways, here’s a pathetic nervous idia for you! (´-ω-`)
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ciela357 · 2 days
Tumblr media
Art by ciela
College is killing me.....ahhhhhhhhh
But I'm back lol
Idia falling into despair
Yuuka and Yuuken 🛐
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pointedly-foolish · 9 hours
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to all idia shroud enjoyers.
is THIS your man??🤨🤨🤨
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idiaia · 2 hours
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Also I relized if I don't put the 'x reader' tags I get less interractions Idk why I'm tempted to put them again but pls tell me if it's wrong to do so
I saw some artists do the same and yea Im just not sure I don't know how social media works
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kairiori · 2 days
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happy (late) full book 6 release, eng server! <3
yes I disappeared to uphaul my art style— also this was for an art trade on a server im in! (click for quality)
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disintegore · 2 days
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bros confused
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nickibxby · 3 days
Not my sweet techno baby is assumingly possessed 😭
🚧Book 6 spoilers🚧
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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booming-spam · 17 hours
heads up there might be some spoilers for chapter 6!!!
Tumblr media
Okay so he's from a short story called The Shroud from the brothers grimm
So pretty much it'd where this 7yr old boy is loved by everyone including his mother but then he get sick and dies.
His mother is so grief stricken that she cried everyday and every night where he was buried. And whenever she cried the boys spirit also cried but when morning came it always stops.
One day the little white white shroud that was laid in its coffin and the wreath of flowers that was on his head came up and said
"Oh, mother, do stop crying, or I shall never fall asleep in my coffin, for my shroud will not dry because of all the tears, which fall upon it."
Then she got scared and stopped, he came back the next day saying how his shroud is almost dried.
After its dried his soul is finally at rest
Tumblr media
where their last name Shroud came from but I think you can see that
a family member is mourning the loss of a child
the child is near 5-11 maybe older
the child doesnt want their older family member to be sad anymore
Instead of a mother its a older brother
idia made a robot replica
idia is still in grief kinda
idia is literally the devil
Tumblr media
while i might be wrong this is really sililar to their story but omf their las name is literally the same and idia also has some of the mothers traits like:
loving the younger family member, being so grief stricken and thats it i think
Link to the story
lmk if you want me to do other charaters! i can also try to find where jack is from too!
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infiinnityverse · 1 day
Can someone explain Idias hair please? It’s supposed to be blue. How did it change color? Can it turn into other colors? Is it warm? CAN I BRAID IT?
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“I went through Styx HQ and all I got was this lousy corpo shirt” 
JK! I noticed there weren’t any Styx shirts out there both officially and fan-wise for Twst so I took matters into my own hands. It’s available on my Etsy store in unisex sizing:https://www.etsy.com/ca/listing/1451199957/twisted-wonderland-styx-shirt-twisted
Live out your dreams of representing Styx!
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mintmoth · 27 days
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I think Ortho deserves to do more little brother style terrorizing, as a treat
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grassie · 1 month
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ciela357 · 17 hours
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Art by ciela
Coming soon😈
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kawausei · 4 months
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this is how the masquerade event went right?
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