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Could I please request giving Ace and Deuce a good luck kiss before a basketball match/track and field race?
Ace Trappola:
Ace has always been the type to roll his eyes at romantic movie moments, the dramatic airport scenes feeling more annoying than anything. It’s why you were hesitant to offer up a good luck kiss before his game, as it was certainly a ‘teen romance cliche’ move to pull. Still, your gut said follow your dreams and before he left to get on the court, you threw your arms around him so he couldn’t move away, lips plastered to the side of his face as he stuttered out half-formed questions. He has no time to actually recover as he’s dragged away by other teammates, ones who are loudly teasing him about how red his face is before the game even started. He mumbled after they won the game that he wouldn’t mind if you wanted to do that again, leaving you with butterflies and the thought that he wasn’t as hopeless as he appeared.
Deuce Spade:
You’re a little wary of giving Deuce a good luck kiss, as much as he deserved one. He was easily thrown off balance when you flirted with him, leading to disasters in alchemy and fumbling with simple rules that end in him getting collared. Your impulsive decision is made when you see how cute he looks as he’s stretching, unable to resist walking up to wish him good luck; your lips brushed gently against his slightly sweaty cheek, an act that left Deuce standing there in open-mouthed shock. The look on his face was burned into your brain, his wide blue eyes, the way his jaw had dropped, and you silently prayed you didn’t ruin his opportunity. It seemed your kiss did the opposite, a determined fire lit underneath him as he knew he couldn’t embarrass himself when you were watching (and maybe winning would earn him a second kiss on the cheek, but that was too distracting to think of now).
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cheapshrimpysheep · 3 days
Hi hi!! Can I request a oneshot with Sebek where he has a crush on reader but they're oblivious. Sebek himself is in denial that he might even hold feelings for somebody, but it's clear how he truly feels through his actions (aka acts of service, helping the reader). He pretends to act annoyed about it but the red on his face gives him away to everybody except reader who's just 'hes such a nice guy!". It's gotten to the point even Ace and Deuce of all people are trying to tease/hint to them about what's going awn 😭
Tumblr media
COMMENTS: Hi! Um... I'm not sure if this is what you wanted, but I ended up being inspired* to write a story in which Ace and Deuce, with Lilia's help, created a plan to make Sebek confess his feelings. I'm also the oblivious type in these situations so...
I hope you and all enjoy ;)
*(You can see this by the number of words I ended up writing. This doesn't usually happen to me)
CHARACTERS: Sebek Zigvolt x Reader
TAGS: Fluff; GN Reader; Declaration
WORD COUNT: 1.520 words
Tumblr media
“Each day this gets even more ridiculous, cringe and awkward.” Ace complains. “And every time we tease them, Sebek pierces our eardrums and (Y/N) gets closer to becoming the third member of the Face Palm Club.”
“Yeah...” Deuce says “He even started appearing out of nowhere just to be useful to (Y/N), even when it's not necessary. I wonder where he learned to be so sneaky with that height and that voice.”
“In fact, the situation is starting to lose the fun it had at the beginning.” A voice suddenly said, startling Ace and Deuce. Lilia just did his upside down appearance.
“Is Sebek acting strange in Diasomnia too?” Deuce asks, after recovering from the scare.
“Well, he was always a peculiar boy.” Lilia chuckles. “I believe you also had fun teasing him.” he sighs “But Sebek's denial of (Y/N)'s obliviousness is already starting to go on for a long time. Even for me. He started talking about (Y/N) the same way he talks about Malleus.” He starts to laugh softly to himself.
“What's so funny?” Ace asks “Did you remember anything embarrassing that happened?”
“I did. One day...” Lilia had just talked to Sebek to try to get him to admit that he have a crush on you. His mission failed due to Sebek’s stubbornness. Lilia was close to the door and Sebek wasn't paying attention to it. He was yelling at another Diasomnia student for some reason. Lilia smiled mischievously and said loudly something like: “Oh (Y/N)! To what do we owe the visit?” Sebek’s thunderous voice fell silent immediately and he turned to the door with a smile that was unthinkable a second ago. Lilia was amused to see his expression turn to embarrassment upon discovering that Lilia had tricked him.”
Ace and Deuce laughed.
“Dude, the other day I was trying to hint (Y/N) that Sebek had a thing for them. Do you know what they replied to me?” Ace imitates your voice with a cute smile on his face “Aw, he's just being nice. And I was like, He’s only nice to you!”
Lilia started by laughing, but then wondered: “As (YN)’s close friends, do you think they might feel the same way about Sebek?”
“Oh, definitely!” Ace confirms “But since he's in denial, I think (Y/N) understands this as not being interested. I mean, you just said he treats Malleus the same way. Do you think he has a crush on Malleus too?” Ace laughs.
“I've been further from believing in such a thing.” Lilia whispers to himself. “But despite the treatment he gives them both is similar,” he says to them “I can distinguish between the admiration he feels for Malleus and the affection he feels for (Y/N). He sees Malleus as an extremely respectable superior. In (Y/N)'s case I believe it's more like someone weaker but worthy of his protection and respect.”
“What do you think it would be like if they finally declared themselves to each other?” Deuce asks.
“Well, as I've never seen Sebek go through anything like this before, the results might be surprising.” Lilia smiles mischievously “An experiment worth testing, don't you agree?”
Tumblr media
You were in Ramshackle Dorm when you hear someone knocking on the door. A strong, firm type of knocking that you recognize.
“HUMAN! How can you be so reckless with your own safety?!” Sebek says the moment you open the door. If you say "Hello to you too" before asking what he's talking about, he will blush slightly and respond: “I apologize for not greeting you properly. But Lilia-sama told me about your cursed room. And that's why I'm here.” he gets a smug on his face “Lilia-sama entrusted me with instructions to solve your problem.”
You ask him what he's talking about. You didn't have any cursed rooms. At least that you knew.
“Lilia said maybe you don't know yet. He suggested asking the ghosts if this is true. They would have more knowledge about this subject.”
You do this and the ghosts confirm it. They say yes, that there is a scary, cursed room in the dorm and that they are very grateful to Seberk for being there to help them. And you know something is up. Not with the dorm, but with the ghosts. Was Lilia messing with Sebek again and asked the ghosts for help?
The ghosts guide you to the "cursed room". If you ask where Grim is, they'll tell you he was so scared by that room that he hid in your bedroom. That excuse doesn't convince you.
“You know,” One of the ghosts tells Sebek. “We’re very happy to see that someone cares about (Y/N) as much as you do.”
Sebek starts to blush a little. “W-well, this is nothing special. Don't think I'm doing this because I have some strong feelings for (Y/N). Don't let those two Heartslabyul humans get that idea into your heads. I'm here because I was entrusted by LIlia-sama himself to solve the problem that a poor human without magic wouldn't be able to deal with.”
The ghosts look between them, disappointed by Sebek's stubbornness and denial.
Once in front of the cursed room's door, you open it. You and Sebek enter a dusty and unused room like so many others in Ramshackle Dorm. And the door abruptly shuts behind the two of you, leaving you locked inside.
Sebek takes a step as if to run towards the door but stops himself. You ask why he did that, if he wasn't going to try to open the door.
“My first instinct is to do so. But Lilia said this would happen. And that I needed to be firm and follow the instructions he had given me.”
“Which are...?” you ask.
“The ones in the paper on my pocket that Lilia said I shouldn't open until this very moment.”
Even though I knew it sounded like a Lilia prank, you also knew that it didn't matter what you said to Sebek. He never disputes Lilia's word even if it's the silliest thing anyone has ever heard. And he wasn't going to start doubting it now. Your only option, besides having a useless argument with Sebek, is to play along.
He takes the paper out of his pocket, unfolds it and reads it. The next thing you see is a look of astonishment and a loud "WHAT?!" coming from his mouth. You ask what is written on the paper and he needs a few seconds to take a deep breath before telling you. He blushed again and read it out loud.
“To break the curse, two people must sacrifice their freedom within the room, until they both confess their true feelings for each other.”
Yes, you know that sounds like a non-sense romantic trope, but once again, Sebek won't question anything Lilia says. Or in this case, writes. He turns to you.
“Well, you are the host. By all means, go first.”
Well, that all sounds to you like some kind of prank. So you decide not to tell the truth. You say you like him, but not in a way that he perceives as romantic, to protect your feelings.
“I'm glad that you realize how valuable I am in your life.” He says this with a smug that disappears right after. “You... for a human are very... respectable, and... worthy of my devotion. Yes, I think this would suffice.”
He quickly heads for the door. Pull it. It doesn't open. Push. Nothing. He starts trying to force the door open, but the only thing he can do is practically shake the wall.
He gives up, frustrated. He inhales and sighs, turns like the soldier he is and walks towards you with a determined look in his eyes. “Human, I wasn't completely honest with you. I want to reiterate that I am only doing this to break the curse! Everything that is said in this room must never leave the same! UNDERSTOOD?”
You agree. Sebek closes his eyes, as if it would be easier for him to say it. And his cheeks start to blush.
“I don't know what this is.” He opens his eyes, with that exaggeratedly angry look of his. “And I refuse to call it... being in love or, as those humans you hang out with say, having a crush.” he calms down again “What I said earlier is not a lie. I do respect you, and I do see you as one of the few worthy of my devotion. But not like the Young Master or Lilia. I...” he closes his eyes again, and his blush intensifies “I NOURISH STRONG PLEASANT FEELINGS FOR YOU! THAT IS ALL I KNOW!”
You take this opportunity to be honest with him as well. In your own way and with your words you say that you feel the same way about him. You two are silent for a few seconds after that. Sebek doesn't know what to say or what to do, he just lets himself look at you with a surprised and affectionate look that you've never seen before.
The door slowly opens by itself.
Tumblr media
If you dropped in here out of the blue and want to read more from me, you can find it in my pinned post: INDEX
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Small Yuu Hunt Idea
Okay but like what if Yuu Hunt, older sibling of Rook Hunt, was just this constantly haggard and tired person. They’re the complete opposite of Rook. It’d be even more funnier if the rest of the Hunt family was similar to Rook. Yuu would just be surrounded by these overly theatrical people 24/7 and questioning their entire existence. They'd be running up to Grim and be like:
“Grim! Grim, I need your help! Do you think I’m adopted? Do I look adopted? I think I might be adopted. Or maybe I got switched at birth at the hospital.” “Under the Hunt family’s watch? Face it, Yuu, you’re completely blood-related to them.” “Frère/soeur!~” “Bordel de merde! Shit! Rook’s coming. See you later, Grim! I'm ditching this place!” “Oi, you think I wanna be left alone with your little brother?! Take me with you!”
Yuu’s terrified of Rook because while the rest of their family are… well, unique, Rook is just a whole different breed.
Imagine Yuu Hunt using a crossbow for its speed and accuracy (or maybe a gun for hunting?), one which they use to keep Rook at bay because he keeps trying to hunt them down for some reason?! Out of all their siblings, Rook’s the only one who does this and they are terrified.
Like, Yuu would be peacefully taking a walk outside and suddenly an arrow shoots past just inches away from their face. 
But of course as a Hunt, Yuu is also a seasoned hunter. It's just that they mostly use their skills to evade their siblings, especially Rook, when they have to.
Alternatively, Rook's the only outlier in their family but it's still the same story for Yuu. Rook always keeps on hunting them and never their other siblings.
Yuu, having a mental breakdown: Rook… Rook, what are you doing in my house Ramshackle? *crying* What are you doing in Ramshackle? Rook, standing in the darkest corner of their room: Bonjour!~
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Red string of trouble
Tumblr media
Idia x FEM reader
Summary: who would have thought that his soulmate would be out of this world
Might make part 2, since I had so much fun writing this
Words count: 0.8k.
Tumblr media
In the intimate refuge he meticulously crafted—a haven untouched by intrusion, where solitude reigns, shielding him from the disturbances of judgment or irritation—lay a young kid gazing at his thumb, where a thin red string was wrapped around it. No matter how much he chased it, it wouldn't end, wouldn't break; heck, it didn't even get tangled. But only he and his supposed soulmate could see it.
At first, he thought he was crazy, but after confiding in his parents, he found his answer: at the end of the line, he would discover his true love, the one he was destined to be with. Day after day, the blue-headed youngster pursued the elusive thread until he ultimately surrendered to the futile quest for his destined companion. After all, who would fall in love with someone like him? His bloodline was cursed; he couldn't venture far from the island, and the prospect of love seemed bleak for a gloomy shut-in. So why bother?
But one day, during his third year of living in NRC, Idia felt something tugging at his thumb. Clueless as he was, he ignored it; it's not like his soulmate just respawned. Secondly, he wasn't going to leave the safety of his room to meet someone he didn't know at all.
"It's best to stay here. Ortho will come back soon anyway," he thought to himself, unaware that indeed, his soulmate had just been Isekai-ed into his world.
As the days went by, life for the magicless Isekai-ed human wasn't getting any better. Overblot followed by another, a talking cat that loved getting in trouble, a duo who shared the same braincell, a haunted dorm, and finally, a stupid red string of trouble tied to her pinky finger. The string did nothing but cause problems. She noticed it the first time she arrived, not paying it any mind. However, after some digging and researching, she discovered it should lead her to her supposed soulmate.
"At least if I didn't go home, there would be someone willing to stay with me here. That's if he wasn't a serial killer or some sort of a creep," she mused, unable to help but laugh at her misfortune. "Is it because of this Facebook post that I didn't send to 10 people? Maybe? Who knows."
On the other hand, Idia wasn't living the best life. The first time he heard about the poor magicless Isekai-ed student, he felt pity for her. Stuck in a foreign world that relied on magic, and with no knowledge about it, her situation wasn't going to be easy. However, apart from that initial sympathy, he didn't pay her much attention. With all the Overblots happening and his impending role as the soon-to-be chairman, he had more pressing troubles to contend with.
Other than the rapid increase in Overblots, Idia found solace in a relatively peaceful life with just his brother, eagerly awaiting a delivery set to arrive in the quietude of the night. Nothing seemingly suspicious – just a tall figure with flaming hair, resembling a sleep-deprived zombie, venturing out into the nocturnal stillness.
However, his plans took an unexpected turn when he spotted the infamous troublemaking cat, Grim. Driven by curiosity, he approached to pet Grim, inadvertently causing the feline to run off in a frenzy, screaming and crying.
"Wait, I didn't mean to scare you! Come back, Mister Grim!" Idia called out. As he contemplated chasing after Grim, a rustling from behind the bushes caught his attention, prompting him to instinctively seek out hiding spots.
Finally finding a hiding spot behind some thick trees, he crouched down, attempting to conceal his presence from the newcomer. As he observed, he was taken aback to see it was the feline-human companion. Yet, what struck him even more profoundly was the sight of the red string, the very one tied around his thumb, now intricately woven around her finger.
"Grim! Where are you? Don't go around scaring me like that!" The desperation in her voice echoed through the night, and Idia, hidden in the shadows, felt a mix of surprise and an unexpected twinge of warmth at the shared connection.
In the wake of her frantic search, he was left behind, his expression transformed into a tableau of astonishment and bewilderment, his face and hair turning as pink as a valentine decoration. The revelation stirred a whirlwind of emotions, leaving him grappling with the unexpected ties that fate had woven between them.
Suddenly jolting back to reality, his instinct was to dash back to the safety of his room, completely forgetting about the delivery. In his haste, his lack of physical fitness became evident, and he found himself gasping for air. His brother, noticing the rapid change in Idia's condition, became alarmed at his increased heart rate and labored breath.
"Idia, are you alright?! What happened to you?" exclaimed a panicked Ortho, his worry intensifying as he observed his brother gasping for air.
The only response Ortho received was a muffled laugh that emerged amidst coughs, as Idia rambled about the incredibility of having a soulmate from another world, drawing parallels to a particular anime he had once watched.
There was Ortho, gazing at his blushing and coughing brother, a realization dawning upon him. He pondered whether the Shroud bloodline might end with Idia, given the seemingly hopeless romantic situation he found himself in.
"Yup, that's how our bloodline will end," Ortho remarked, the only words he uttered before excusing himself to charge, choosing not to confront his brother's evident sense of hopelessness.
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bellaofthevalley · 17 hours
Savanaclaw: in Ailment
just a cutesy probably ooc leona sickfic text in italics and bold is text messages. text only in italics is thoughts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Won't be able to make it to our breakfast date. Sorry Leona </3 will make it up to u promise! <333 
Leona stares at the text with furrowed brows, his tail twisting behind him. Every little move it does speaks volumes about his confusion and worry, but no anger; he knows his darling isn't the type to cancel their dates randomly for no reason, especially one he knows you'd been really looking forward to. It had taken a while of him nagging you for you to admit you really, really wanted to try a particularly expensive but beautiful and highly-praised spot. 
Expensive for you, but quite cheap for Leona. Leona, who hadn't wasted much time before he'd reserved a spot. So for you to now text him this…. It is concerning. 
And then he gets another text before he can ask you why. 
Sick :( don't wanna make u sick 2 :(((
Leona huffs, raising an eyebrow. Idiot. His favourite idiot, but still an idiot. If you thought he'd just simply let you be, you were sorely mistaken. 
I'll swing by the doctors. Do you need any specific medicine? 
(You'd laughed once, about how his formal training as a Prince shines through his texts. He always, according to you, used right spellings and punctuations.) 
Noooooo!!!! stay home nd nap i can brave thru this!!!! 
No, you really can't and shouldn't. Leona snorts at his own thoughts, finally pocketing his phone without answering. He's in his room already, so all he has to do is pick up a bag that contains a gift for you and then, just like he'd said he'd do, swing by the doctors to pick up some common cold and fever medicine, and then he leaves the palace. 
He doesn't go to your home right away, though. He stops by a shop, picks out several ingredients all fresh and new for a chicken broth, and then he finally goes to your house; it's in a quiet neighbourhood, though your place is quite visible simply because you like having a colourful garden and vines with blooming flowers that crawl up your walls. Some of them were luminescent, so they glowed soothing shades in the night, perfect for sleeping under in your back garden. 
But now isn't the time to think about that.
Leona doesn't need to knock; he has a copy of your house key, and uses that to enter your home. In the quietude and the closed drapes that leave the house dim, the only thing he can make out right away is your soothing scent, stifled by your sickness. 
And then he hears your coughs, broken only by your sneeze, and he knows he has to act fast. 
Chicken broth doesn't take much time to cook, so he gets working on that while simultaneously cleaning around your house… which is already clean, so he knows you'd either already done it and made yourself feel worse, or was so sick you couldn't leave your bed in the first place. 
Leona sets the broth to simmer, picks up his gift bag, and climbs up the stairs to your room. “Darling? It's me, Leona.” he calls, hearing your rustling and moving in your bed before he reaches your room and sees you. 
“Leona?” voice scratchy, your head pops up from the blanket you'd cocooned yourself in. Your hair was flying up in every way, and your eyes were droopy, barely awake. But you're aware enough to pout frown. “Didn't… didn't I say not to come here?” 
“No.” Leona easily replies, putting his hand on your forehead. Too hot, and yet you were still shivering…. Which wasn't that much of a surprise when he sees you're only wearing a tank top and some shorts. In winter. But chiding your right now would just make you feel worse. 
“Leonaaa…” You whine quietly, closing your eyes. Shivers go down your body, and you try to bury yourself more in the blanket. “So cold, so tired, so sick…” 
“I know, doll,” he sighs, taking the blanket off you even when you whine again. “Come on, let's change you into something warmer and take you out of this room. The air is stale here.” 
And here is where he pulls his gift out; a lion onesie, thick and fluffy and worlds warmer than your current clothes, and faintly smelling like him. Leona helps you change into it, feeling you lean against him. 
“Warm,” Your whisper is soft, wiggling your toes in the onesie while Leona fixes your bedhead so tangled hair doesn't irritate you. “And soft. Comfy.” 
“Good.” he replies, finished and setting the brush down. Winding his arms under your back and thighs, Leona carries you downstairs to the living room, to the couch. “When was the last time you ate?”
“Dunno… not hungry.” You sigh when he places you down, curling up immediately in his arms before he can leave to bring you the soup. “So… tired. Should've dressed warmer when I went out a few days ago.” 
Leona wraps his arms around you, pulling you to rest on top of him. The house is warm now, the smell of chicken broth curling in the air and your body safe and sound in his embrace, shivers subsiding and your eyes blinking slower and slower. 
“Sleep, doll.” he whispers against you, kissing her temple. His lips linger on your skin, hands massaging down your back. His magic wraps a blanket around you, freshly tumbled and dried, and he feels you melt even more against him. 
 “I'll take care of you, I promise. Always.” 
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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if all the requests slots aren't closed kissing on a ferris wheel with silver or malleus? :D
when i tell you sapphy i squealed out loud and kicked my feet
reader isn't yuu, gender neutral reader, irene deadass didn't know how to write silver (so only malleus oop), short imagines bc irene had a sudden shortage of brainworms
Tumblr media
congrats, you've successfully surprised the dragon boy.
man's bluescreened for a second there, but then he chuckled, red adorned his pretty face.
he didn't expect his child of man to be so bold, asking to ride the ferris wheel together, and now having kissed him so suddenly.
he might've brought out the ring™, ready to propose right then and there
instead, he held your closer. a gloved hand lifted your chin, his green eyes seemed especially soft when they met yours.
"how bold of you, child of man, ensnaring my heart just like that." he leaned closer. "i would have given you willingly, had you asked. prithee, would you accept this fae's enraptured soul?"
and he closed the distance with you. the darkened sky was lit brightly with fireworks, yet none was as mesmerising as the two burning souls entwined.
taglist🏷️ @azulashengrottospiano @identity-theft-101 @siren-serenity @minimallyminnie @ryker-writes @dove-da-birb @cave-of-jade @cookiesandbiscuits @thehollowwriter @xen-blank @taruruchi @jaylleoo14 + malleus kissers
remember to reblog if you enjoy my works! ^-^
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moonlit-midnight · 1 day
Twst SMAU! 📱
Characters: Jade Leech.
Notes: My sister made this out of boredom, and told me to post it. It’s cute that she used the Cottage-core theme, very suitable for our mushroom lover boy.
Warnings: GN!Reader, Crack, Romantic Fluff.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Divider credits to @.cafekitsune
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kiibocyberspace · 1 day
Tumblr media
How Idia shows his brotherly love to Ortho
*Violent depressed autism sounds*/j/j/j
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jaylleoo14 · 3 days
Thinking of Preppy Pretty Boy Azul cus good LORD hes so pretty
Like yes we get it girl you pretty asf🙄 stop trying to manipulate me and using your good looks to try and seduce me into a deal
(I'd let him any day all day though regardless-)
Or maybe hes a mean girl! You know, like the movie mean girls<3
hehehehe omg they are the ultimate trio🤭 You have (punk emo bully) PEB!Floyd, (cottage core bully) CCB!Jade, and (preppy pretty boy)PPB!Azul o(≧▽≦)o
He would totally have the most smug looks ever and even if i am down on my knees because he spilled my food of tray over (Hey that was such a waste of food!!! >:() I couldn't bear to hate him because he's so damn pretty and sassy. I feel like the tweels would still bully you a lot more regardless (but they love you and teasing and watching you suffer is their love language, okay i guess....🙄) but Azul is just there to add more fuel to the flames when needed. Most of the time he's too in his own world trying to strive for first place in a lot of things as usual. An overachiever.
But lets say PPB!Azul does like you... He is the BIGGEST tsundere ever ><! Like honestly he acts so well that you genuinely think he actually hates you but in reality after you guys are done bantering or when hes being all sassy with you hes rushing down the halls and burying his face in the lockers as his heart is pounding and squealing! Hes so cute oml >< Riddle is there like wtf is going on with him and sometimes Idia will hear Azul talking to himself like "oh my god not this again."
If you decide to make the first move his sassy front just melts and hes just so SJBDIOABDIOBIOUW?!?!?!?!? Guys I cant stop thinking of PPB!Azul :( (And the bully!tweels but pretty and sassy Azul hits so differently omg)
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rosemaze-reveries · 3 days
imagine fellow writing yuu cringy and honestly very vulnerable love letters but he never sends them bc he's certain nothing wld come of it
normally he is very proactive in chasing after people so this deeply confuses gidel, but fellow just brushes it off saying "stamps are expensive these days"
so being a dutiful little brother, gidel finds a way to send them all for him 🫣 good luck digging yourself out of this one when yuu shows up at your door mr honest
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snowberryc · 2 months
When you remember that paintings can talk in TWST:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
You can't forget about Rosalia from Cater's vignette, she's lonely too.
Tumblr media
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nobody3xe · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Azul Ashengrotto
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cheapshrimpysheep · 1 month
Meaningful Kiss
Tumblr media
SUMMARY: Would they make Public Displays of Affection? If not, are they protective instead? And how do they show you how much they truly love you through their kisses?
CHARACTERS: OB students (Riddle, Leona, Azul, Jamil, Vil, Idia & Malleus)
TAGS: Bullet Points; Fluff; GN Reader; Established Relationship, Kissing, Flirting, Slightly Suggestive(?)
WORD COUNT: An average of 300 words per character.
COMMENTS: This has been a WIP for so long that I don't even remember how I got the idea to write it. And in my case, being a WIP for a long time means that I wrote one part and then went on to write something else and ended up forgetting about this one for a long time. 😅 But now I've finished it.
I hope you enjoy 💋
Tumblr media
CONTEXT: You two are in an established relationship already.
Tumblr media
Riddle is not really the PDA type. The most he would do with you in public could be walk arm in arm like you were royalty. In terms of kisses, a kiss on the back of your hand or, at the most, on your cheek.
When the two of you are alone on a normal day, he will probably be working on his student and Housewarden duties. But whenever you tell him he should take a break, he'll get up, sit next to you and hug you, like you're a charger.
If you're relaxing together, he’ll be reading a book with one arm around you. Either around your shoulders or around your waist, which you told him you like the most. He’ll also laying his head on your shoulder.
The most meaningful kisses are, of course, the kisses on your lips. He's not the type to kiss you on the lips just like a "good morning" thing. These kisses are always sweet and lovely. His hands would be on your cheeks to caress them.
He needs you, but his kisses aren't needy. They are the caring type. You are his precious rose. In contrast to his strict self, the way he shows you that he loves you is through soft affection and care.
Tumblr media
A relationship with Leona Kingscholar comes with your rights and duties. Some of your rights: He will buy you things; you’re allowed to pet his ears; he will be your protector and you can sleep with him in his comfy bed and have breakfast in bed (he ordered someone to bring it to you two)
Some of your duties: let him use you as a pillow (be it your thighs in the greenhouse or your chest in bed.); don't be too annoying to him; dealing with his “smugness” on a daily basis and being his and his alone, the same way he's yours.
He's kinda into PDA, but more in the sense of telling anyone who might look at you with interest that you're his. Or anyone who looks down on you that if they do the slightest thing against you they will have to suffer at his claws. If the other person is a friend of yours, he'll let it go.
He has at least two types of kisses. The first is the “make out” kisses. When you're alone and he wants you (if you want him at the time too of course), he would give you deep kisses, kiss your neck and run his hands over you. Either he would make you sit on his lap our make you lie down with him.
His real meaningful kisses are the second ones. The "lazy" kisses. The first ones are linked to his pride. These second ones are much more affectionate. Usually happen when he's still sleepy, like when he just woke up from a good nap. He may lazily put his arms around you and kiss your cheek, neck, or shoulder gently. This is perhaps the most vulnerable state he will let you see. And so it will only happen in private.
Tumblr media
Azul is also not very adept at PDA, but he is still capable of putting an arm around you and kissing your cheek to show how well he takes care of you.
He's already quite charming and pleasant with his potential clients, so with you it's not much different in public. The only difference is that with you it's genuine.
Do I need to say that dating him is like dating a Mafia Boss? AKA: Nobody disrespects my loved ones, unless they want a certain head in their beds when they wake up. (reference to The Godfather)
Being alone with him on a normal day would probably be being with him in his VIP room at Mostro Lounge. You're sitting on one of the couches while he's dealing with his paperwork. He’s probably the type that likes to be teased a little. So, when you see that he is no longer that attentive to the papers, go up to him, play with his hair, kiss his cheek, that will put him in the mood for you.
He’s the opposite of Leona. The kisses he usually gives you are sweet and charming like him. Because that's the side of him he want to show you the most. He'll kiss your cheek and lips affectionately. Let you sit on his lap. The side he most wants to show you is the confident and caring side. The one who shows you that you can trust him and that he will take care of you.
His most meaningful kiss is the opposite. The one related to his needy side. He shows you his most vulnerable side when he is the one who needs you. And that's what everything he does shows you. His kisses, his hugs, his begging look, all screaming “I need you! Please don’t leave me.”
Tumblr media
Jamil is completely against PDA! He doesn't like to stand out or draw attention and PDA always do that to the people involved. He won't hold your hand or kiss you. To the point where no one knows if you're even dating or not.
The only way he would show his affection for you in public is if that is a way to protect you. If someone looks down on you and he feels that that persons can be a threat to you, he will show that he is an even greater threat to them. In these moments, his protective side is stronger. He is Kalim's protector by obligation, but yours by free will.
It's when you're alone that he'll make up for his lack of affection of the day. On a normal day, you would be alone in the kitchen. He would probably be cooking for Kalim, but making something for you two as well. He’ll let you taste things as he cooks. He feels more relaxed when he's with you and even more so when you hug him.
When you're relaxing together, he would spoil you. Give you soft and sweet kisses. Pet your head and play with your hair. Give you massages and feed you things like grapes or small snacks. Or even taking the first mouthful of food he made for you to your mouth and seeing your delighted face.
The most meaningful gestures of affection he shows you are related to his most lustful side (lust for power) when you are the one spoiling him. The one moment in his life where he is no longer the servant, but the master. This time, he kisses your lips, your neck and everything he's entitled to. He tends not to show his feelings but with you he will show how much he loves you and how much he wants you.
Tumblr media
In reality, Vil neither likes nor dislikes PDA. He's kind of indifferent to it. The only reason he doesn't do it with you is because it would have bad consequences for both of you for his work as an actor and model. The most he can do is walk hand in hand with you.
Even though he doesn't show it much in public, everyone will know that you two are dating. He'll make sure of it, even if it's just information on the internet or him straight out saying it. On the one hand to protect you, because only an idiot would try to mess with Vil Schoenheit's partner. On the other hand to discourage anyone who has the slightest interest in you. “Honey, they’re with me. Do you really think you can even get to my heels? So, don't bother them.”
The only possible problem for you is that he's going to be more strict now that you're dating. From the outside it looks like he can be mean and demanding with you. But the truth is, he wants you to look your best so people know why he fell in love with you. He wants others to see on the outside how beautiful you are on the inside.
But of course, sometimes it's too much and you'll challenge him. Be stubborn and carefree. The best part? He's so into it! Your way of teasing each other.
He kisses you every now and then when you're alone. But when you put him on this mood, all his affection mix with boldness intensifies. Oh, of course, you wanted him to remind you what the reward is for listening to him. The answer is: appreciating you with the rest of his senses, sensual kisses on your lips, jaw, neck and shoulders; his hands running over your body, him delighting in your wearing the perfume he made for you. He'll show you how beautiful you are to him.
Tumblr media
PDA is not even an option! There is no way! Na-a! Listen, Idia loves you, really, he promises BUT going with you to places where couples usually go is already a lot and holding hands is the absolute most he can do. IF that even happens.
He wouldn’t be the jealous type. If someone shows an interest in you, at least they have good taste. But if someone looks down on you or goes so far as to disrespect you, then he goes from 0 to 100. Do these worms know he can hack them? exposing things that can completely ruin their lives until the day they pass through the gates of the underworld? Ortho can help protect you in the meantime.
Since he is a 0 to 100 guy, his kisses are the same. His "0" kisses are lazy. Mainly light, on your shoulder and neck, because you would be sitting on his lap, chest to chest, while he plays on his PC and you on your phone on his back. He also gives you casual "hi" and "bye" kisses on the lips.
Then there is his "100" kisses. Those are the real meaningful kisses, the "I love you" kisses. They are passionate but kind. Because loving you is different for loving a game, it's like he found his balance. they are not needy, but appreciative, the real embodiment of "OMG, I LOVE YOU SO MUCH!" He also becomes bolder as he feels comfortable with you. He loves to tease you until he makes you shut him up with a kiss. The stronger your relationship is, the more daring and smug he will be.
Tumblr media
Malleus is quite indifferent to PDA. However, he is not the type to initiate the exchange of affection, but he is the type to reciprocate it. He won't kiss or hug you out of nowhere. But if you kiss or hug him, he will definitely reciprocate.
And he's going to be extremely casual about it. I mean, it's two lovers interacting with each other. As young humans would say: What's the big deal? However, he still distinguishes between the affection he gives you in public and the affection he gives you in private.
In public, his hugs are polite, and his kisses are light but loving.
In private, what he wants most is simply to be with you. He loves it when you sit on his lap and he cuddles you, and he likes it even more when you cuddle him back. He maintains his composure quite well, but you know that just your kisses on his checks already melt him inside.
His regular kisses in privet are sweet, loving, showing you that you are the most precious thing in his life. And very recurrent. He may not be the type to initiate the exchange of affection in public, but he certainly is in private.
All his kisses are meaningful, but the most meaningful of all are the one he gives you on your lips while smiling. The kind of kiss he can't stop himself from giving you. You may not even notice when they happen, because you are simply being yourself.
He feels the need to kiss you passionately when you do something that reminds him of why he fell in love with you. The moments when you do something that may seem simple, but for him it is something extraordinary. And if you don't realize at first how incredible that small gesture can be for him, it only makes you more charming.
Tumblr media
If you would like to read more from me, you can find it in my pinned post: INDEX
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Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Leona-niinii ฅ ̳͒•ˑ̫• ̳͒ฅ♡
I got more of this stuffs on my ko-fi here~
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How would the TWST dorm leaders react to their girlfriend wearing a piece of clothing that turns them on? And what would it be?
The last part of this ask got me real stumped cause honestly? I have no idea what's sexy so I'm winging it.
Pairing: Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, lingerie, grinding, desk sex, keeping clothes as a souvenir, teasing, making out, getting pinned, rough sex, jealousy, possessiveness, marking, creampie
A/N: I wrote this and I still have no idea what counts as sexy clothing. I guess ties and suits for me idk.
He only sees it when you're behind closed doors of course but he knows you're wearing it under your uniform all day. It's so damn easy for him to push it down when you're alone and have free access to your breasts, pushing his head against them, his breath tickling your nipples as he pushes his cock in and out of you.
It means that all he has to do is hike the skirt up and move your panties to the side to fuck you. One less article of clothing in his way, not to mention everyone can see the marks on your thighs left by him, how you're claimed by him in multiple places. He can also take off your panties completely, use them to clean you up and pocket them, telling you to come an collect them in his bedroom after class.
There are so many things he can do. Snap the elastic band against your skin, tear them off, push his fingers underneath the smooth material to hold your legs apart. He wasn't expecting you to wear them today, it's a nice but distracting surprise that he will be sure to take full advantage of and revel in as his cock splits your cunt open on his desk.
No way are you wearing that out in the open. Although he's not usually the possessive or jealous type he won't have his girlfriends tits gawked at. He originally only planned to button you up bit it quickly turned to him pushing his leg between your thighs, his tongue silencing your gasps as his hands pinched and rolled your nipples before soothing them with kisses.
Since he wears them too he knows just how well heels can highlight ones features. Yours are practically on full display, he likes that in private but can't take when others approach you in hopes of flirting. He pushes you into the first empty classroom there is and bends you over the desk. His pace is uncharacteristically rough but with your heels he can easily put you at the right angle for maximum pleasure.
Being someone who wears mainly baggy clothes anything that's a contrast would draw his eyes. It frustrates him that it takes him a while to strip you out of them, especially when he's so fucking horny but it makes it all the more rewarding when he pushes them down your thighs along with your panties and begins to thrust into you, letting all that frustration out.
Just a dress, just a dance, that's all it was supposed to be. Not when he sees you, how sexy you look, how many eyes you attract. Eyes that aren't his. He doesn't have the restraint to wait until you're at the dorms, he pins you in the empty hallway and leaves scratches across your bare back and cum trailing down your legs from how full your cunt is when he's done with you.
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Facts about in-game Yuu (Twisted Wonderland):
This is an ongoing the list and will be updated when there's new information. I'm not caught up w/ chap 6 and I'm not very perceptive. This list will probably be a lot longer if anyone could add to it in the comments, tags & reblogs! All help is very much appreciated plz i wanna know more about yuu Last but not least, some of these might be a stretch/be slightly incorrect so bare w/ me plz :]
They've been good friends with Heartslabyul ever since Book 1.
They're forgiving/don't hold any bad blood with the people who've overblotted (at least on the outside).
According to the Harveston event, they can play the flute.
They don't like bringing up the fact that they might go back to their world (Deuce's Wishing Star vignette).
Many people seem to consider them a "goody-two shoes" (Leona, Ruggie).
A good listener.
Based off of Malleus' interactions with them, Yuu talks to him a lot more off-screen as Malleus states that he values their opinions.
Loves Grim to hell and back.
It's implied that Yuu invites Malleus over frequently enough that he visits unprompted.
They can be snarky and brutally honest when they're pushed into it.
Comes up with stupid plans that nobody believes will work but it somehow does.
They're insecure about not having any magic.
They want to be able to help their friends.
Has a sense of self-preservation.
Does not actively seek out danger (*cough* om mc *cough*).
They've cleaned up Ramshackle since living there, however, it still looks "abandoned & ancient" on the outside.
Crowley doesn't give them more money than "needed".
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
*if i'm not mistaken, i think stamens is meant to be stamina? @milkygalait-blog plz correct me if im wrong :]
They don't know much about mushrooms (Floyd's Camp Vargas vignette).
Tumblr media
They're very patient.
Used to be afraid of ghosts until they got to Twisted Wonderland.
They adapt to new/difficult situations quickly and calmly.
They don't complain much.
Very much so the silent type.
The audience doesn't really see anyone helping them out with their situation, so I assume they fix most of their problems themselves.
They don't have any memories of the Great Seven prior to coming to Twisted Wonderland.
Fluctuates between being observant and not noticing really basic stuff.
Doesn't hesitate to say cheesy things.
Keeps calm in harsh situations.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here is @darkscorpiox list on other Yuu facts.
Here is @starsilluminateourgalaxy list on other Yuu facts.
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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