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The Littlest Dragon (Part 1)
Fandom: Twisted Wonderland Malleus Draconia/GN!Reader Summary: Your quiet life as a herbalist is disrupted when you take in an injured dragon Word Count: 5,768 Notes: I just really want a mini-dragon Warnings: None
Part 1, Part 2
You almost mistake the bundle of black for a pile of cloth. Upon closer inspection, you can see shiny obsidian scales that shimmer in the light. The creature is larger than a squirrel but smaller than a house cat. Unsure what to do, you approach him cautiously but he doesn’t move.
Gently turning him over, your eyes widen. “A dragon?” Despite his small size, he has definite features of the powerful beasts just squished together in a smaller form.
A quick once over, you can see a twisted front leg and one wing bent at an odd angle. The creature's chest moves up and down but you can almost make out a pained gasp. Making a snap decision, you carefully wrap the dragon in your coat before rushing back home. Your half filled basket of herbs forgotten.
Bursting through the gate, you startle the three chickens resting nearby. The cluck loudly as you give a quick apology. Setting the dragon down on your table inside the cottage, you wash your hands before grabbing what you need.
Setting the armload of potions, salves and bandages, you get to work patching up the dragon. Thankfully the little guy stays passed out throughout the process. You clean and disinfect the wounds before applying salves. You create a makeshift splint for the front leg and wing. After finally satisfied, you slump down in a chair.
Watching the creature curiously, you decide to let him rest until he wakes up. You aren’t sure about the healing rate of dragons let alone such a small one.
Resting your cheek on the table, you gently stroke the top of his head. You’re fascinated by the two horns that curl back into his head. “I didn’t realize they could be so small,” you mumble.
Letting out a deep sigh, you take the dragon upstairs to your bedroom. You place a pillow on a chair in the corner of your room and set him down. Recalling a lesson on dragons, you bundle a spare blanket around him for a makeshift nest. Leaving the creature to rest, you return downstairs to clean up.
A few days go by but the dragon remains asleep. You periodically check in on him to change the dressings and reapply the salves. You’re happy to say the wounds are healing nicely. However, you’re starting to worry if the dragon will ever wake up.
It’s the middle of the night when you’re roused from sleep. Blearily opening your eyes, you meet the deep green gaze of the dragon. He stands on the pillow next to your own. His tongue flicks out making you flinch.
“Oh, you’re finally awake,” you mutter. Rubbing the sleep from your eyes, you sit up, which causes the dragon to step back. “How’d you even get over here?” You finally notice the bandages on the wing missing, but he seems perfectly fine.
He tilts his head to one side. Dragons are said to be intelligent creatures, you recall. “Do you want something to eat? I assume you’re probably hungry after sleeping for five days.”
Without waiting for an answer, you get out of bed and head downstairs with the little creature flying after you. You manage to make a simple plate of beef and vegetables. Watching the dragon attack the meal with such ferocity, you realize he must have been starving despite seeming so calm. Once he finishes the meal, he sits back with his claws on his stomach.
“Satisfied?” You chuckle as you notice food all over his face. He stays completely still as you clean his face.
Leaning an elbow on the table, you both stare at each other. “So… what do I call you?” He only lets out a gurgling of growls in response. “How about Tsunotarou?” He seems to nod as if your silly name is an acceptable one for a dragon.
“Well, it seems like your wing is healed, but your front leg still needs a bit of time. If you want, you can stay here until then,” you offer.
He says something you don’t understand once more, but looks satisfied as he decides to perch on your shoulder. “Alright, let's go back to bed. I have an early morning.” Yawning, you head back upstairs for some sleep.
You live in a cottage away from others. It was a gift from your late parents. Small but cozy, you don’t mind the solitude. In the front, you have a chicken coop with three hens. You also have a small barn for your goat, Phillis. In the back, your garden grows a few vegetables, fruits and herbs. The woods nearby provide you with wild herbs and berries. Anything else you need, you can go into town or ask Ace and Deuce to bring them.
As a herbalist, you create salves and potions, which you sell in town once a week. Unlike most herbalists, you lack magic. However, that’s never stopped you from doing your job. Plus you were taught by the best of the best, so the quality of your work is great. 
The usual day consists of you getting up early to feed the chickens and goat. Then you take stock of your inventory. After, you usually head into the woods to gather herbs. The rest of the day consists of brewing potions and salves, and tending to the garden. At night, you make dinner, make sure the chickens are in their coop, and do some light reading before bed. Rinse and repeat.
It may seem dull to most, but you enjoy the routine. Sometimes your day is broken up by a visit from Ace and Deuce, an adventuring duo, who you’ve known since school. They argue and fight, but ultimately work well as a team when needed. Their antics never fail to make your day entertaining.
Today when you get up, the dragon follows you. In the kitchen you make a breakfast of eggs and a fruit bowl. It seems Tsunotarou isn’t too picky on what you feed him as he gobbles everything up. After a quick cleanup, you and your new companion head outside. Your three chickens are already awake. They strut around the front yard as you grab a bag of feed.
“Alright, ladies, time for breakfast,” you call. Sprinkling the food, the three descend near you in a flurry of white and brown feathers.
Tsunotarou, who perched himself on your shoulder, leans forward watching in rapt interest. “Do you want to try to feed them?” you ask, holding the bag of feed up.
Using his good claw, he picks up a small handful before tossing them in the air. Most of the feed falls on the ground, though some does fall on the chickens. “Maybe aim a little more toward the ground,” you chuckle.
The three start trying to eat the feed off each other's backs, which causes a lot of squawking. One pecks another on the head rather viciously. “Flora, that’s not nice! Now apologize to Merryweather,” Scolding the chicken, she seems to deflate a bit before sulkily wandering off with a sad cluck.
Shaking your head, you set aside the chicken feed to grab food for Phillis. “Those two always seem to be fighting,” you tell Tsunotarou, who continues to watch the three hens. “Fauna is the mild mannered one of the group, thankfully. I guess she balances them out.”
Phillis comes trotting over the moment you're within sight. Patting her head, you scratch her behind the ears. “Morning, princess.” She bleats happily at the attention. The little dragon flies off your shoulder to get a better look at Phillis. She noses his stomach curiously as he reaches out to pat her on the snout.
“She’s a gentle one.” You smile as she nudges your side to hurry you up on getting her breakfast. “Okay, okay! I’m getting there.”
Once you give her food and water, you head back inside to your work room. You go through your current stock of ingredients while Tsunotarou flips through the thick tome of recipes. You wonder briefly if dragons can read, but knowing how highly intelligent they are, it wouldn’t be much of a surprise.
“That was given to me by my former teacher, Crewel. He taught me everything I know about brewing potions,” you explain as you check things off. “He was a tough teacher, but I learned from the best. I still have nightmares about that riding crop…” Not that he ever used it on you, but when he wanted to make a point, he made one.
You continue, “The potion and salve I used for you is for speeding up the healing process. It supposedly works on all living creatures, so I was hoping it would work on dragons.”
Tsunotarou leaves the tome to come over to your side. You shake your head as you reread your lists. “I seem to be out of a lot of stuff,” you mutter to yourself.
Pinching the bridge of your nose, you sigh. “I’ll have to make a trip into town.” Glancing at the creature on your shoulder, you regard him silently. His intelligent green eyes stare back as he stretches his wings.
“So, I either have to leave you here alone.” He bristles, eyes narrowing. “Or, you have to stay hidden until we get back from town.” You aren’t sure how people would react if they saw a small dragon on your shoulder. It would be better not to take the chance of possibly causing a commotion.
He agrees to your second option as he flies off your shoulder and lands in the satchel you keep hung up near the front door. His head pokes out when you don’t move. “I’m coming. I’m coming.”
You leave for the main shopping center with the dragon in tow. A bit nervous, you try to calm yourself through the walk. Tsunotarou pokes his head out taking in the scenery. At least someone is feeling fine.
The hustle and bustle of the town can be heard as you near the gate. The guards let you through without much of a glance. Here, adventures and merchants can check in the numerous guilds while stocking up on supply. It’s always busy as people move in and out. You only really stop here every few months to get supplies. By now, the shops you frequent are familiar with what you need, which makes shopping a little easier.
First stop is to pick up some herbs. Looking at your herb list, you easily weave your way through the streets. “I was dangerously low on four leaf clovers and died mandrakes…”
“Hello?” The greenhouse is quiet as you don’t see anyone. “Jack?” You tap the little bell on the front counter.
Finally, someone comes to the front. “Hey, (Y/N),” Jack greets with a nod. Though just a part-timer, he knows the greenhouse inside and out. 
Smiling, you point to your list. “Just need to restock a few things.” Handing the list over, he quickly looks everything over.
“I’ll be right back with everything.” He’s gone in a flash.
You feel Tsunotarou wiggle around in the satchel before poking his head out. “You have to stay hidden,” you whisper, placing a finger over your lips.
His head turns this way and that way before he retreats back into the bag. Just in time too as Jack returns with your things. Scratching his head, his ears twitch. “Uh, sorry we’re out of powdered death caps. We oughta be getting some next week.”
“That’s fine. I don’t think I’ll be needing them right away. Can you put me on the list to set some aside when they come in?” He leans over to hand you the other items. He pauses for a moment, his brows drawing together as his eyes dart around.
“Jack?” You inch back a bit. You can only hope he’ll ignore whatever he’s smelling.
Seeming to remember himself, he pulls back with an awkward cough. “S-sorry…” He hastily scribbles your name down in a small book. “That’ll be thirty-three for the rest.”
As you reach in your satchel for your coin purse, your hand brushes against the dragon hiding there. Freezing up, your gaze darts over to Jack, who thankfully is busy doing something else. You feel coins being pressed into your hand. Glancing inside your bag, Tsunotarou looks up at you expectantly. He flicks his tongue out a few times.
Counting the coins in your hand, you can’t help the grin spreading across your face. He had given your exact change. “Somethin’ up?” Jack inquires, noting the way you’re looking down.
Snapping your attention back to him, you shake your head. “Nope. Here’s the money.” You hurriedly hand him the coins. “I’ll see you next week, Jack.” Giving him a rushed wave, you quickly leave the greenhouse.
Once a good distance away, you let out a deep sigh. “I think that went well.” Opening your satchel a bit, you’re met with judging green eyes. “Don’t look at me like that! I panicked!” 
Shoving the bag of herbs into a corner of the satchel, Tsunotarou curls deeper into the bag. Letting the satchel bag flap fall back down, you return to the other lists you made. “Guess we’ll visit Sam’s shop next…”
Sam’s is busy as usual when you arrive. Pushing through the throng of customers, you make your way to the shelf filled with bottles. Picking out a few that you need for potions, you move on to the jars. By the time you go to checkout, you can feel Tsunotarou squirming inside the satchel. He pokes his head out every now and then, but only does it when there aren’t many people around. People are too busy with their own shopping, they don’t even glance your way. 
“Welcome back, little imp!” Sam greets.
You return the greeting with a wide smile. “Hey, Sam. Just the usual.” As Sam wraps each glass bottle in brown paper, you mentally do the math of how much you owe.
He carefully splits your items into two bags. “That’ll be one-hundred unless you’re looking for something out of stock?”
“No, I’m good for today.” You reach into your satchel and Tsunotarou presses the coins into your hand. “Here you go.”
Sam eyes your bag with interest but doesn’t say anything. “See you next time!”
You’re thankful that Sam doesn’t pry. The next stores are all uneventful. By the time you’re walking back home, you have an armload of bags. Your satchel can usually hold more, but the extra guest makes it difficult to fit anything beyond the herbs in there.
Once home, you put everything away before feeding everyone. Later, you’re stretched out in front of the fireplace with a botany book in hand. Tsunotarou is curled up on your lap while you read and take notes along the pages. Though you’re used to being alone, it’s like a familiar comfort to feel his weight on your lap. 
When it’s time for bed, you carry the still sleeping dragon upstairs. Putting Tsunotarou in the makeshift nest, you climb into bed. However, before you can fall asleep, Tsunotarou flies over with the blanket in his mouth. Standing at the edge of the bed, it’s almost like he’s giving you puppy dog eyes.
Rolling your eyes, you pat the empty spot near your pillow. “Fine, come on.”
He lets out a satisfied chirp. He wraps the blanket in a neat pile before laying down. Laying on your side, you chuckle while scratching the top of his head. “Good night, Tsunotarou.”
At the end of the month you’re preparing a few potions that need to be bathed in moonlight. Tsunotarou sets down the vials you’ve finished in the rack on the windowsill near the front door. You're grateful to have the extra…claws while juggling a few other things at once.
“One more glamor potion and that should be the last of the orders,” you tell Tsunotarou as he perches on your shoulder while you’re stirring the cauldron. “Thanks for the help.” You give him a little scratch under his chin. 
You swear he purrs with the way you feel his body vibrate. “I swear you’re a cat disguised as a dragon,” you chortle while bopping him on the nose.
He stares back at you before slowly blinking in return. “You can’t blame me for making the connection. You even caught a snake and left it as a gift,” you continue while sprinkling in some crushed rose petals. “Also, you shouldn’t do that again.”
The dragon grumbles deep within his chest. “It’s not that I don’t appreciate the gesture, but let's leave the wildlife alone.” 
Pouring the potion into a vial and sealing it, you hand it off to Tsunotarou, who takes it into his paws before flying off to put it in the rack. Taking a seat, you lean back with a deep sigh. 
Tsunotarou returns, taking a seat on the table. His front paw is fully healed and is no longer wrapped in bandages. Despite being back to full health, it doesn’t seem like he plans to go anywhere.
Suddenly there’s a commotion of loud squawking before the front door is thrown open. “Oi! (Y/N), we’re back!” Ace shouts while letting the door bang.
You tumble back in the chair and hit the ground. “Ahhhkk-ow!” Your head rebounds off the floor with a loud smack.
Two things happen at once. Deuce, who’s behind Ace, rushes over to help you up; however, he’s met with a hissing dragon blocking him that spits red flames at him. His sleeve automatically catches fire and the cottage is filled with panicked, confused screaming.
“Ahhhahhhhhck! Put it out!”
“Is that a dragon!?”
While the two run around screaming, you stare in a daze at the ceiling. Tsunotarou’s face suddenly fills your vision. He chirps a few times before you finally respond with a pat on his head. “I’m okay…”
Slowly sitting up, you notice the two idiots are now quiet. Deuce is no longer on fire, thankfully. However, they take in the sight of Tsunotarou sitting on your shoulder from a safe distance. You wince when you touch the already forming lump on the back of your head.
You huff before glaring at the redhead. “What did I say about suddenly bursting through the front door, Ace?! Can’t you knock like a normal person?”
“Well…I-I…!” Ace sputters unintelligibly before he jabs a finger at the dragon on your shoulder. “Forget about me for a second! What’s that thing?!”
Tsunotarou bares his teeth with a low growl. “We are going to have this conversation later,” you tell him before shifting gears. “This is Tsunotarou. I found him in the forest a little over a month ago.”
“Is he like a baby dragon?” Deuce asks, eyes wide.
Picking up the fallen chair, you shake your head. “I don’t think so. Anyways, baby dragons are much larger. Maybe he’s just a special type of dragon?”
Ace leans closer but pulls back when Tsunotarou snaps at him. “Kinda vicious. He almost barbecued poor Deucy.”
“You also busted in here suddenly. He probably thought you two were threats,” you point out. “Anyways, What trouble did you get into this time?”
“Psssh! Why’d you think we got in trouble?”
“Because you have an infected, bleeding wound on your arm, Ace.” Rolling your eyes, you go to your workroom before returning with a handful of potions, salves, and bandages. “Sit.”
As they plop down, you hand them each a potion. “We had a commission to take down some orcs that were terrorizing a small village,” Deuce explains. “But, uh, turns out it was actually a colony of orcs.”
“So you got beat up?” You clean Deuce’s cuts, which are mostly minor. A few do need some salve and bandages.
You move on to Ace, who looks the worse between the two. “We didn’t get beat up,” Ace grumbles. “We took them down! Aaaa-ouch!!” Biting your lip, you continue to dab his infected wound. 
“You two get into more trouble than anyone I know. Did you at least get a good reward?”
“Of course!” Ace pulls out a hefty coin purse and lets it fall on the table. “All in a day's work.” He grins smugly with his nose in the air.
Flicking his nose, you shake your head as he covers his face. “Don’t freely show that off or you’ll get mugged. Again.” Finished with his wounds, you place a small container of salve in his hand. “Use this once a day until everything is gone. It should, hopefully, not scar.”
“Um, (Y/N), can we crash here?” Deuce asks. He shrinks back when you give him a look.
Rubbing your temples, you sigh, “Fine. But one of you is gonna be sleeping on the floor cause I only have one couch.”
Ace jumps up. “Dibs!”
“Wait, you got the couch the last time! It’s my turn!” Leaving the two bickering adventurers, you head upstairs to find some spare blankets.
Tsunotarou gives you a questioning look as you rummage around in your closet. “They’re good friends. A little annoying at times, but they’ve always had my back.” You can’t count how many times they’ve slept at your place.
“They’re just as rowdy as they were in school,” you mutter as you head back down with two pillows and some blankets.
You can’t sleep. Tossing and turning, you finally settle on your back to glare at the ceiling. Ace and Deuce both snore loud enough to be heard from your bedroom. Tsunotarou had disappeared though you weren’t too worried. He would sometimes leave in the middle of the night, most likely to hunt, but he would always return by the time you got up.
Sitting up, you carefully make your way downstairs. “Maybe something to eat will help,” you mumble. You spot Ace hanging off the couch, so you know who lost the argument.
Just as you’re about to tiptoe around Deuce, you hear some loud clucking. Eyes furrowing, you wonder why the hens are up at this hour. Forgetting about your midnight snack, you head to the front door. Stepping outside, the air is warm but nice enough for early summer. Before you can move, you notice a figure standing near the chicken coop.
Not only is it strange to see a person at this time, but there’s also one other thing making you pause and rethink your plans. The moon hangs large in the sky and bathes the world in an ethereal silvery glow. The stranger stands there, head tilted upward to the sky, completely still.
And completely naked.
Slowly closing the door, you slide the deadbolt in place with a muffled click. Hopefully the naked stranger will leave. You doubt the deadbolt would keep anyone out if they actually wanted to break in. However, the act of using it at least gives you a small peace of mind.
Deciding the hens can take care of themselves, you head back to bed. You’re far too tired to deal with whatever nonsense is happening outside. As you drift off to sleep, your last thought is of Tsunotarou. You send a small prayer to whoever is listening that he’s alright.
However, you're woken by a loud crash. And then. “AHHHHHH!!!” “DO SOMETHING!!!”
Bolting out of bed, sunlight filters through the window. Despite feeling like you didn’t sleep at all, it’s morning. You grab the nearest object, a broom, before rushing downstairs. In your haste you nearly slip but manage to catch yourself. Wielding the broom, you’re ready to smack whatever intruder is causing trouble.
Instead of a naked intruder, you witness Ace trying to put out a fire with one of your spare pillows. Deuce is rushing over with a cup of water and dumps it on the flaming blanket. It goes out with a loud sizzle. Both boys let out a relieved sigh as you set the broom down.
“Mind telling me what’s going on?” you ask, not amused.
“Your overgrown lizard,” Ace jabs a finger at Tsunotarou, who is sitting on top of the table, “tried to set me on fire! He tried to murder me!!”
You glance at Deuce, who is still clutching the cup, then back at the frazzled redhead. “Did you do anything to him? Tsunotarou doesn’t just attack people out of nowhere.”
Ace rubs the back of his neck as he suddenly loses the fire in his eyes. “I…I might have said he got fat… And that you should get rid of him,” he admits. “B-But! I’m not wrong! He’s gotten bigger overnight. Soon he’ll be too big for your house!”
Your attention goes to the dragon, who sits patiently while watching the scene. You can’t deny that he’s gotten bigger. Now he’s the size of a large cat, possibly even bigger. “Do dragons usually have growth spurts?” you wonder aloud.
“I don’t remember reading about this at school,” Deuce says, nodding thoughtfully.
“Would you two think about the bigger issue!? He’s gonna grow too big and probably eat us all! That’s what dragons do!” Ace shouts, waving his hands around wildly. 
Walking over to Tsunotarou, you gently stroke his head. “You wouldn’t do that would you?” He gurgles happily, leaning into your touch. “See. He wouldn’t eat us. We’re not very tasty anyways.”
Ace slaps a hand over his face. “(Y/N), he’s a dragon! Not a pet!”
“I know. And dragons are highly intelligent, which means they can understand us.” You chuckle when he rubs against your arm. “I’m pretty sure if Tsunotarou wanted to eat us, he would’ve burned us all alive by now.”
Deuce shudders. “Morbid…”
“Oh yeah!” You completely ignore the last comment. “There’s possibly a naked stranger wandering around this area. I saw him standing near the chicken coop last night.” Tsunotarou makes a noise in the back of his throat.
“...what?” Both boys stare at you before scrambling for the front door.
“Pretty sure he left already!” They don’t hear you as they race outside still in their sleepwear. Lifting Tsunotarou into your arms, you huff, “You’ve gotten heavier too. I’m not sure if you’ll be able to fit in my satchel now.” He only nuzzles your face with his scaly snout.
Coming outside, the hens are just fine. Tsunotarou flies out of your arms to grab the bag of feed. Deuce watches in rapt interest as he throws chicken feed in front of the hens. “He actually helps out?” he asks, surprised. 
It really is a sight to see. “Yup. He’s been helping with small things here and there. He even hands me ingredients when I make potions.”
Once the hens are properly fed, he flies off to take care of Phillis. Despite her initial fear of him, Phillis seems to have gotten used to him. You two follow behind to Phillis's pen. Tsunotarou pats the top of her head while she eats.
“I never thought I’d see a dragon taking care of a goat instead of eating one…” Deuce looks both perplexed and awed.
“Hey!” Ace storms over with twigs and leaves in his hair. “What the hell, Deuce!”
“I thought we were looking for the weirdo (Y/N) saw. Instead you leave me to do the work.” he grumbles.
Deuce gestures over to Tsunotarou. “I-I got distracted,” he sputters.
The redhead barely passes a glance over to the dragon. “Excuses like always, Deucy.”
“Did you find anything,” you ask, distracting Ace.
“Nah. Think whoever it was left.” Ace shakes his head.
Resisting the urge to say “I told you so” because he didn’t listen, you head back inside. “Come on, unless you wanna stay in your pajamas.”
While Ace gets cleaned up in the bath, Deuce helps with getting breakfast ready. “Hey, do you want us to ask Riddle to come over?”
You hand a plate to Tsunotarou to bring to the table.“Why?”
“To get some protective runes made around the perimeter of your place. Maybe it’ll keep the weirdo you saw out.” There’s a huff and light growl from behind him. “Uh… is he okay?” He inches away from the irritated dragon.
You scratch the top of Tsunotarou’s head, which causes him to almost vibrate. “Something wrong, Tsunotarou? Are you worried about the weirdo too?” You chuckle when he butts your arm with his head.
“You don’t seem too worried,” Deuce points out.
“Milk or orange juice?” You hold up two jugs.
“Milk, please.”
“I mean, I think if that stranger wanted to hurt us, he would've broken down the door. The deadbolt doesn’t do much,” you say while setting down glasses. “I’ll be fine, Deuce, so don’t worry.”
“...sure,” he agrees hesitantly. You can still see the concern on his face, but before you can say anything more, Ace comes down.
“Breakfast ready?” He slides into a chair looking around expectantly.
You hand him a bowl of fruit. “No thanks to you.”
Breakfast is a lively affair with the two extra guests. Ace and Deuce keep the conversation going as they regale you with their latest adventure in detail. It goes by far too quickly for your taste. Sure your days aren’t so quiet with Tsunotarou, but it does get somewhat lonely having a one-sided conversation.
“Well, Tsunotarou, it’s just you, me and the girls again,” you say with a deep sigh. You set him on the ground with a groan. “Okay, buddy, you’re a little too heavy to hold for long periods now.”
He lets out a pitiful sound before rubbing his head against your thigh. “Come on, let's get the rest of the day started.” As you go back into the house, Tsunotarou doesn’t immediately follow.
His sharp green eyes survey the area around your home. Tongue flickering out, a low snarl starts in his chest. Something catches his eye in the trees just beyond your fence. His back bristles as he opens his mouth. Green flames swirl around his mouth as his eyes narrow.
“Tsunotarou, are you still out here?” you call, coming back outside. Lifting him up, you don’t notice the way his gaze is focused on something else. “Are you mad that I can’t carry you?” you ask with a chuckle.
The dragon doesn’t respond as he rests his snout on your shoulder. As you close the door, his gaze never leaves the line of trees. There’s a flash of yellow before the door is firmly shut.
To your surprise Ace and Deuce return a few days later. And even more of a surprise, Riddle is with them. You nearly slam the door in their face when you see them. Nervously looking between the two adventures, you can feel heat prickling the back of your neck. Ace avoids eye contact while Deuce sheepishly mouths an apology.
Riddle is the first to speak up. “These two let it slip that you’re harboring a dragon. Being the head of the Heartslabyul Guild, I thought it would be prudent for me to check. Rule 134 states no unregistered magical creatures within 10 miles of the guild are allowed. They must be taken to the appropriate handlers.”
Casting dirty looks at the two, you open the door wider. “Please come in, Riddle.” You rather like having your door on its hinges.
As he enters, he looks around before his gaze zeroes in on the dragon resting on the couch. “It really is a dragon…”
Ace and Deuce carefully slink past you before you shut the door. “As you can see, Riddle, he’s not a danger to anyone.” You try to smile as innocently as possible.
He turns to you. “I realize the rules may not apply to you, (Y/N), since you’re not a part of  our guild, but a dragon is dangerous regardless of its size. Ace mentioned he grew bigger last night. Who’s to say he won’t stop growing and then lay waste to everything?”
Said redhead suddenly has a keen interest in your hanging herbs. “Tsunotarou isn’t like that,” you argue. “He’s never hurt anyone and he’s been living with me of all people.” The magicless human who would be a prime target for magical creatures.
Riddle walks over to the now awake dragon. Tsunotarou regards him with keen interest unlike Ace and Deuce. They both size each other up. Riddle’s brows draw together as he continues to observe him.
“Everything okay?” you ask when the staring seems to drag on.
“Did you know there’s a curse on him?” He walks around the couch to observe Tsunotarou on all sides. The dragon doesn’t move an inch but seems fairly relaxed despite Riddle being a complete stranger.
You and the two boys share a look. “No, I didn’t. Is that why he’s so small?”
“Maybe.” He’s unsure. “It’s old magic and very powerful. I honestly don’t know what kind of curse it is.” Standing in front of Tsunotarou once more, Riddle sighs while touching his head. “This is more complicated than I thought. I’ll need to do some research before trying to determine the curse. I might have to ask Vil for his help on this.”
Sitting on the arm of the couch, you stroke Tsunotarou’s head. “Are you cursed?” you ask him. His head bobs up and down. “How come you two didn’t notice?” Your question is directed at the two bean spillers.
“They probably wrote it off as the creature's magical powers leaving a residue,” Riddle answers. He gives them a stern look. “They’ll need to go through more training later.”
Both stiffen as the color drains from their faces.
“So what now?”
Shaking his head, Riddle glances at his pocket watch. “I need to head back to the guild for tea. I’ll look into curses and consult Vil about this as well. For now, just make sure no one else sees him. We don’t want people to think a dangerous creature is on the loose and panic.”
“Alright. Thank you!” At least he’s going to try and help. You know Riddle could have decided Tsunotarou was a danger and taken him away. 
When they’re gone, you plop down on the couch. Tsunotarou immediately climbs into your lap and makes himself comfortable. “Cursed huh?” You lift his face so you can look into his eyes. “Are you secretly a prince who got cursed by an evil sorcerer and only true love's kiss can break the spell?” you ask with a teasing grin.
He stares back before blinking slowly. Laughing at the ridiculous thought, you bop his nose affectionately. “I hope Riddle figures out your curse. I’d love to see your full form.” 
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hisui-dreamer · 3 days
can i just request tickle headcanons of any twst boys of your choosing pls and ty!
may I have your attention?
Tickling headcanons for your guy
Characters: Dorm Leaders (Riddle, Leona, Azul, Kalim, Vil, Idia, Malleus)
Synopsis: Your lover isn't paying attention to you, so what better way to get their attention than a tickle attack?
Tags: tickling, fluff, bot proofread
Word count: 258
Notes: This is my first ask, I'm so excited!!! Thanks for asking <3
Tumblr media Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 7/10
was probably studying when you attacked him
full on yelps like "what are yo- aHAHAHAHA"
you’re lucky he’s not in public or else he’ll get mad, probably collaring any witnesses
he wants to be mad but he can’t get mad at you
especially when your laugh is so cute
also feels kinda bad for yelling at you, even if it was just a bit
is kinda happy you wanted his attention
but please do it in other ways
please never tickle him in public, he’d be so embarrassed
be sure to comfort him with cuddles and kisses, instant forgiveness
he’ll be blushing so hard you’ll worry about his heart rate
but it’s okay he really enjoys it
"What was that for?!" he demanded, feeling extremely vulnerable. His cheeks were flushed and his hair was in disarray. You took in his dishevelled appearance eagerly; it’s not always you see the strict Heartslaybul Dorm Leader in such a state.
"You... wanted my attention?" Riddle shook his head, feeling a mix of emotions he couldn't quite place. He knew he should be angry at you for breaking his concentration, but a part of him couldn't help but gleam at your affection.
"Sorry, my Rose. I just...I don't like being caught off guard like that," he said, his voice softening slightly. "Shall we take a break? I bought some new tea leaves that we can share together."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 4/10
see this man isn’t ticklish
except for his ears
probably sleeping in the botanical garden as always when you attack him
immediately squirms and flinches away, hissing like a cat
he’s glaring at you and he’s so caught off guard
"Oi, why the hell d’ya do that herbivore?"
he’s mad at you now
couldn’t you have woken him up from his nap normally
grumbles and complains, but his hand reaches for your waist, pulling you into his embrace
well your punishment is to sleep with him now
you can’t see it because he’s hugging you so tightly but he’s smiling into your hair
Leona scowled, "I'm not a cat, and it's not cute. That wasn't funny," he grumbled, his glare is so intense anyone would start trembling and apologising, but it’s you and you know he’s not being completely serious.
His eyes sparkled with mischief as he huffed, "You’ve got some nerve toyin’ with a lion." With that, Leona lunged at you without warning, trapping you in his arms and holding them tightly. "This is your punishment. Now, stop wigglin’."
As you give up and start to relax into his hold, he attacks your sensitive spots as revenge, delighting in your flushed face and gasps for air.
"Heh. What's not fair?" he teased. "I thought you liked tickling."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 8/10
resident octopus is sensitive to touch since he always has his gloves on
he’s sitting in his office working at the contracts some poor unfortunate soul signed
too concentrated to notice you getting closer
he gets so flustered "w-where are you touching???"
you swear his glasses got foggy
tries to look unaffected because he wants to save face
but he’s squirming and shivering until eventually he’ll burst out laughing
and while you’re cheering in victory he’s pouting
he’s so embarrassed you saw that ungentlemanly side
snuggle him and give him kisses and he’ll cheer right up
don’t let the twins see him like this, or else your man’s gonna be short staffed every time they blackmail him with this information
since that tickling session, he’ll be more careful than ever, always on the lookout for any attacks
"Okay, okay, you win!" he gasped between laughs, his glasses crooked. "I'll take a break."
Azul turned in his chair to face you, still catching his breath, his cheeks flushed , "I can't believe you just did that." His eyes were swirling with confusion and disbelief , as if you had betrayed him.
He chuckled and shook his head. "You're impossible," he said, reaching out to pull you close. "But I suppose I can spare a few minutes to talk about my latest plans."
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 10/10
he’s super sensitive to tickling
he’ll be spacing out on a study date
and once your attack begins, it’s full-on cackling, like "AHAHAHAHA sto-"
he’s a giggling mess, wriggling all around trying to inch away
but you’re persistent and by the time you stopped he’s panting and his sides are still tingling, even his turban has come loose
he pouts a bit after, but he melts instantly when you hug him
how can he stay mad at you?
smiles so widely and snuggles closer
what? you tickled him to get his attention?
rest assured his attention is fully on you now, he’s physically attached to you at this point
you better help him retie his turban, or else jamil’s got more work to do
jamil just stares at you two in disapproval; idiots
Kalim laughed and shook his head. "You could have just called my name, you know. But, I have to admit, that was pretty effective, ahaha!" he said, still chuckling.
Kalim wrapped an arm around you and leaned in for a kiss. "You're always on my mind, even when I'm distracted," he said, grinning. "Even if you are a tickle monster, haha!"
"Hey, do you wanna go on a magic carpet ride?," he said, eyes wide full of excitement.
Tumblr media
ticklish rating: 6/10
he’s not that sensitive, and he can pretend pretty well to be unaffected
he’s super focused when he’s applying makeup
he laughs a little but his scolds you half-heartedly, "Stop it, darling!"
if you persist, he’ll continue squirming and lets out more laughs
he’s a bit upset you’ve messed up his appearance
but he secretly enjoyed you vying for his attention
turns back to the mirror, makes sure there are no creases or any imperfections
once he’s sure he looks perfect he turns his attention to you
scolds you lightly for disturbing his work of art
but once that’s over he’ll be teasing you about how you couldn’t keep your hands off him
hugs you and tickles you for a bit
when he pulls away, he taps your nose teasingly, promising revenge later
Vil tried to regain his composure, straightening out his clothes and checking his makeup. "You know, laughing can cause wrinkles and ruin my makeup by making creases," he scolded you, still trying to keep his regal composure.
Vil huffed at your compliment and stood up to admire himself in the mirror. "Of course I’m beautiful, I suppose you have a point," he said, grinning at his reflection. "Flattery will get you everywhere, however." Vil said, as you laid your head on his shoulder. "I’m simply extenuating my features."
"You know I love you, right?" he said with a soft smile as he turned to give his lover a kiss. "I’m sorry I don’t always have time for you."
Tumblr media
he’s not used to people, he’s extremely ticklish
ticklish rating: 9/10
he’s busy trying to beat a new rage game, mumbling curses every once in a while
you take him off guard completely, he lets out a burst of laughter and snorts
he tried to squirm away but to no avail
"OMG, stop! I can't breathe. You're like a raid boss with that tickling!"
his hair is flickering wildly like a flame in the wind
he’s left gasping for air in your arms
honestly your distraction really cheered him up
that stupid game was getting on his nerves way too much
melts into your hug and nuzzles into your neck
you’re his recharge station now
eventually he’ll get back to the game, determined to be one of the firsts to beat it, relishing any opportunity to show off to you
please never tickle this man in public, his poor heart would burst
"LOL, you're really getting me with those tickle combos. I think I need a potion to recover," Idia joked.
"You totally caught me off-guard; it was like a sneak attack. Maybe I should level up my tickle defense skills." He rolled his eyes playfully.
Idia grinned into your embrace. "You’re like, a pro at cheering people up. It's like your superpower or something." He nuzzles into you more.
Tumblr media
okay hear me out; he’s a dragon, they’re reptiles, they have tough skin, he’s definitely not ticklish
ticklish rating: 2/10
he’s completely immersed in a book about gargoyles
so you try to get his attention through tickling
unfortunately, he’s not affected like you had hoped
"Child of man, what are you trying to do" with bewildered expression on his face
Okay that plan failed
well, there are of course other ways to make him squirm
so you leaned in to place a kiss on his cheek
leaning back, you took in the sight of his dazed eyes, flushed cheeks and surprised expression
congratulations, you’ve succeeded in making the great Malleus Draconia speechless
once he’s regained his senses, he’s like a puppy dog leaning in for your touch
give him more kisses and he’ll be a good dragon boi, ready to lay the world at your feet
Malleus looks at you, his expression slightly confused. "Tickle?" he repeated, as if he didn't understand the concept. "I don't think I understand," he said, his brow furrowing slightly.
Malleus reaches out and takes your hand, his grip firm yet gentle. "You don't have to tickle me to make me gain my attention, Child of Man. You’re always on my mind," he said, his voice sincere.
"I may not be ticklish, but you still manage to fluster me," he said, his voice low and husky. Malleus looked at them with a small smile on his face, "How curious. I find myself longing for your touch."
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jelsah27 · 3 days
Teachers talking in the lounge
Crewel: You know the Prefect has seemed distracted lately. Well more so then usual.
Trien: Well you know they are at that special age when a mind is on one thing.
*Meanwhile at Ramshakle*
MC: *hudled under a blanket in front of the fireplace*
Grimm: Henchmen, are you alright? You've been quiet for a while now.
MC: *burning a letter from Crowley saying he has a new job for them* No one plans a murder out loud, Grimm
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tragicromanceisland · 21 hours
Tumblr media
Unexpected Situations- Twisted Wonderland
Content: pre-established relationships, mutual pining, sexual tension - unresolved. Drinking.
Note: I write aged up characters 18+ also...this turned out longer than I imagined. Not me bias toward my favorites
Tumblr media
Riddle Rosehearts - It happened by chance as you were attending afternoon tea with him. You were both happily chattering away. His slate colored irises, making passing glances at you. How could his eyes betray him and watch as your lips touch the rim of the decorative tea cup. How could he be foolishly envious of an inanimate object. It was absurd. Yet before he knew what he had done, his face was now inches away. You blinked, surprised at how close he suddenly was. You could feel the heat of his breath against your lips.
You were certain he would kiss you. Instead, he took a strand of your hair in his fingers and pressed it to his lips. His slate eyes fixed on you. "Don't let anyone else kiss you..."
His mumbled demand left a bloom of color tinting his cheeks. Did he really just say that?
Cater Diamond - In the corridor after last class. Cater was telling you about the new trend on magicam and asked if you would be interested in helping him out with it. As it was a two person trend. You agreed, and he beamed. Delighted that you accepted.
You were in his room, wondering what exactly you had agreed to. You were pressed up against the wall in his room. Your heart pounding as Cater was very close to your body. When he leaned into your neck, it was just close enough. You swore his lips would touch you if you made the wrong move.
"It's hot, right?"
You shuddered, and he chuckled upon seeing how flustered you were. He pulled away just enough to meet your gaze, lips an inch apart.
"Shall we kiss?"
Trey Clover - He caught you before you stumbled over a box of dry ingredients he had sitting on the floor by the counter. Your chest rose and fell as your heart thundered in your chest. In his grasp, his face close. His glasses had slid down his nose in his efforts to catch you, but it made him all the more attractive.
His surprised gaze softened into something unreadable and he leaned into your face. You were awaiting to see if he was going to kiss you as it felt like it was going to happen. His grip around your waist firm as his other hand held yours.
"You should be more careful...the kitchen can be quite dangerous."
Though something about the way he said that made you believe he was talking more about you being alone with him in said kitchen.
Ace Trappola - You arrived at the gym to see Ace practicing by himself. Making your way toward him, he didn't realize you were there until you were almost near him. He was surprised.
"I didn't expect to see you here." He confessed tucking the ball under his arm.
You hummed. "Yes, which is why I wanted too show up."
Ace grinned, a mischievous look in his eyes. "I might begin to believe you love me."
You stepped closer until the tops of your shoes touched his. "And if I do?"
The ball slipped out from under his arm as he pulled your body against his. You gasped at the sudden reaction the ball bouncing on the floor from the sudden drop echoed throughout the empty court. His hands moved up to the middle of your back and you felt your body respond to his touch. Feeling your face warm, one hand leaving your back as he used his thumb and forefinger to hold your chin. His this thumb resting on your lower lip.
"Then I'd have to make you mine of course."
Deuce Spade - You immediately felt your body warm. You half panicked, how did you end up in this situation. But it was clear He had wanted to lessen the impact of your fall by being the buffer between you and the ground. If only you hadn't tripped.
"I'm so sorry Deuce I didn't mean too."
He sat up on his elbows. "It's fine...but how long do you think you'll stay on me?"
The look in his deep ocean eyes told you he was serious yet his flushed cheeks showed he was embarassed. You felt your cheeks burn and scrambled to stand on your feet. Only for Deuce to grab you before you could stand and kept you on his lap as if he changed his mind.
"Deuce?" You whispered as your eyes widened.
Sitting up he pulled you into his arms. "Just stay like this with me for a moment."
Azul Ashengrotto - You were now breezing through the assignment you had difficulty with. You had asked him if he would be willing to help you understand the topic better. Luckily for you he was already soft for you. His aquamarine eyes observed you as you worked. Admiring you.
He sometimes wished you'd ask him for help more often. Without realizing it, he had reached out and tucked a strand of your hair that had fallen into your face behind your ear.
You flinched when you dropped your pencil and met his startled gaze. "I- apologize...I know I shouldn't have bothered you."
You gave him a small smile before laughing. "Azul...you aren't bothering me."
His brow ticked up, his curiosity peaked. "Then..." He began as he leaned into your ear. "Would it be a bother if I touched you a bit more?"
Floyd Leech -
He approached you in the vacant library.
"Well, well if it isnt little Shrimpy."
You shuddered at how close he was to you. Turning your head slightly to the right his face right there.
"Damnit Floyd why do you have to sneak up on me all the time?"
He chuckled. "Where's the fun in approaching ya normally?"
You turned around and grabbed his cheeks. His eyebrows raised as he blinked a few times. He grabbed your hands and bit down on one of your fingers. You winced.
"Floyd that hurt!"
He smirked. "Didn't anyone ever tell ya I bite? Right now..." his smirk disappeared as he gave you a serious expression. "I'm thinkin' I'm gonna teach you a lesson."
Your eyes blew wide as his devious smirk appeared once more.
Jade Leech - He saw you sitting alone at the lounge. He wondered why you were alone. Even Grim who normally accompanied you was gone. Making his way across the room he stopped beside your table.
" ______, what brings you by?"
"I'm here to see you."
He arched his brows before a smile slowly spread across his face. "I'm delighted. You see, it's been quite some time since you've been unaccompanied by your companions. I would be pleased if you would allow me to join you."
You nodded as Jade took a seat beside you. You wondered why he wasn't sitting across from you as usual. He was rather close, as his thigh was pressed against yours. He held up his hand as he leaned in close to the side of your face.
"Tell me, was your reason because you can't stop thinking about me?"
Your face warmed as you turned and met his determined gaze. He stifled a chuckle your expression told him everything. It turns out you loved being squeezed by him. This only made the situation a bit more difficult seeing as you were both in view of prying eyes.
Leona Kingscholar - The low rumble in his chest warned you he wasn't messing around. You were agitating him. How were you supposed to tell him you just wanted to mess around with his ears and tail? He never said 'no' so you deducted it would be fine. However, right now the moody lion prince had you pinned onto the floor. To be precise as soon as you had rubbed his soft ears and grasped his tail he had tumbled you onto the floor in his room.
His piercing gem colored eyes felt like he was trying to burn you alive. Though despite the situation and his tail flicking you, intentionally smacking you thigh. He was rather close to be that mad. A smirk slowly spread over your lips.
"Leona did I aro- "
His face scrunched up in a scowl as he used a gloved hand to cover your mouth. His hair fell around his face as his lips nearly touch the back of his covered hand.
"Don't you dare say it herbivore." Because he knew if you spoke the feelings he tried so hard to trample he would give into you.
Ruggie Bucchi - He dropped the sweet treat in his hand as he gaped at you. Did you just-? Ruggie's eyes widened. You just beamed at him with a soft giggle.
You began to walk away from him but were pulled back. Your back pressed into his chest as his arms wrapped around your waist. He was so happy. It was the first time since you started dating you initiated an impromptu kiss and all to lick off the powder from his donut.
"Hey...do it again..."
He was shameless, he knew it. But he loved what you did to him.
Jack Howl - His ears twitched, and he tried to keep his tail from wagging. However, it proved impossible. You gave him head pats as Jack appeared like it was annoying but his tail gave away how he truly felt. He helped you rearrange the heavy furniture in your dorm.
"You love when I praise you don't you?"
His tail swished even more and Jack's face twitched in annoyance. Though he should know it was no use fooling you anymore.
"It's not a big deal. I don't love it."
You wrapped your arms around him and held him tight. He gave a weary sigh as he rubbed the back of his neck. His tail swishing happily.
You nipped his ear and he jolted, his golden eyes blew wide at your action. His tail sticking out.
"You really love the affection I give you though."
"You- " He growled, his face was flushed as his arms wrapped around your body. "You're gonna get it now."
Kalim al Asim - You walked with Kalim down the palace corridors in scarabia. Kalim was busy telling you all about his family and the gifts they still kept sending him. He was a ray of golden sunshine, and you wished nothing more than to keep seeing that smile.
"I'm thinking of having a party tonight. Would you like to stay here? We have plenty of rooms and I'd love it if you could, it'll be a blast!"
You considered it, Grim was already with you, but he was far more interested in the tuna Kalim had given him to care what you two were talking about. Well it would be fun and it would give you more time to be around Kamil so you accepted.
However, you hadn't expected it would end like this. Kalim had too much to drink and had pulled you aside from the others. Whispering in your ear as his eyes watched his hands feel along the sides of your body.
"I've always wanted to go further in our relationship... ______ what do you say?"
The alcohol was certainly making him brave.
Jamil Viper - He was helping you study for a make up exam at your dorm. Grim was fast asleep as it was becoming late. The subject was Alchemy and you had missed it thanks to the unfortunate overblotting of Azul. As he was helping you go over the questions and you gave a brief response or you had no idea.
"I'm sorry I just don't know if I can do this." You frowned.
Jamil hummed and decided you needed a better way to recall the information.
What a better way than rewarding you with his affection for your correct responses.
"Okay, then how about this. For every right response I'll give you a kiss." He explained.
You turned to him astonished. "If I get it wrong?"
A smirk crossed his lips as he leaned into the side of your face and whispered. "Then you lose an article of clothing."
Your heart began to pound an excitement and a tendril of fear laced together and coursed through your blood stream. "You're lucky Grim is sleeping."
Vil Schoenheit - You were embarassed. How could Vil have posted that picture of you to his magicam. You had a feeling it would turn out for the worst. A lot of the comments were wondering who you were and the louder commenters -who were obsessed fans- were nit picking everything about you.
You held yourself up in your room and even Grim had tried to convince you to leave the dilapidated dorm. You were too ashamed to show your face so Grim often brought back some food for you and stayed with you.
That's when the door to the dorm swung open after knocking once. You gasped.
His eyes were narrowed as he stood a few inches from you his arms crossed.
"What exactly do you believe you are doing? Holding yourself up in this forsaken place isn't going to do you any good. Do you understand?"
You went to open your mouth and his brows furrowed. You closed your mouth realizing he wasn't going to listen to your poor excuses.
"Come with me." He demanded and grabbed your hand pulling you out the door. While Grim scrambled to follow behind you two.
He took you to Pomefiore dorm and immediately went to work, leaving Grim with Rook. Vil personally pampered you, pulling your hair back with a headband, and began to apply a face mask.
"It's important you realize those comments don't matter..." He began stern, as the soft bristles containing a green clay brushed against your forehead. Inhaling the invigorating scent of mint as well as a hint of earthiness from the clay. "...I choose you, my dear potato. Which should always outweigh the comments of others who don't even know you as I do."
Your gaze that had been fixed to your lap, flit up to meet Vil's sincere and determined stare. Only now did you realize how close his face was to yours.
He gave a soft smile, now that he finally has your attention. His eyes flit to your inviting lips as he leaned in as he captured your mouth. When he pulled away to see your dazed expression, he chuckled.
"Darling, I know my kiss leaves you breathless, but what is with that expression?"
You felt your cheeks warm as your gaze shifted from his. He leaned in close, and his breath caressed you.
"Could it be...you want more?" He smirked.
Rook Hunt - had been observing you for some time now. He found it amusing you hadn't noticed his presence. Then again...Could he successfully be considered a hunter if his prey noticed him right away? He counted it a success.
All day he took notes of your habits, what you enjoyed eating, who you spoke with the most, and he was also aware of how found of Grim you were. Ah if only he could be so lucky to earn that much affection from you! His heart fluttered at each smile and every laugh. Even the sound of your voice captivated him. Truly, he had it bad.
He had waited for you in the courtyard where you encountered him. Even though you believed it by chance. He had planned this meeting. "Mon amor, I simply can't take waiting a moment more. Say you'll partake in an outing with me in the woods."
You arched a brow with a sly smile. "How long have you been waiting to ask me?"
He took your hand and pressed it to your lips, his observant eyes fixed on yours. "Long enough, my little trickster. I do hope you know how much I long for you to be mine."
Malleus Draconia - Obsession. Passion. Desire. Love. These four words kept popping in his thoughts. Each one describing how he felt toward you in a varying degree. He narrowed his eyes in thought as he took his usual walk away from the suffocating watch of Sebek.
Aside from admiring anything with gargoyles and abandoned buildings that appeared to hold signs of previous existence. You occupied his thoughts. At first he believed his initial encounter with you had left him at a loss for words. Had anything at that point peaked his interest this vast since he took up his appeal for gargoyles?
He had questioned it so many times and he had his answer from the moment you spoke to him so casually and without fear. However, winning your heart wasn't so simple. How many nights would it take for him to win you over?
How many nights...and perhaps he could do that one thing he had seen you read about in those love stories. The rather intimate moment in which the protagonist and their love interest finally confirm their feelings with a touch of their lips until it turned into more. He stopped walking as he brought his hand to his chin pondering silently. Until a familiar voice broke freed him from the lure of his ideas.
He turned in your direction, eyes wide in surprised. It was late so why...?
"______?" He spoke and it held a surprising fondness that even he had not expected.
You smiled at the way he spoke your name. As of late it seemed you were becoming closer with Malleus and though it was probably not the best idea, you had allowed yourself to become close to him.
"Malleus, what has you so deep in thought?" You inquired as you approached him.
Malleus' heart throbbed when you spoke his name. He wished you would say it more. He truly was such a greedy dragon. Even more than that it wasn't just something as simple as his name he wished you to speak more of. He wanted to own your heart, your very soul and if he was lucky you would accept that he wanted to have every part of you all to himself. Whether out of a deep yearning or obsession. The two blended in his mind.
"Come closer and I'll tell you."
You noted the glint in his bright absinthe irises. You obliged as you stood before him. His eyes softened as he reached out, his hand bringing a strand of your hair to his face taking in the scent of your shampoo. Releasing your hair the back of his hand caressed your cheek.
"Would you be willing to allow me to show you exactly how I feel about you?"
"As in..."
He bent his neck his cheek against yours, his fingertips caressing along the column of your neck. "Being my mate."
Lilia Vanrouge - Popping in out of nowhere was kind of his thing with you. He would always get a kick out of your startled expressions. What could he say he liked to tease you. Definitely in more way than one.
He had lots of delights that appealed to you. The main one he knew of was the old-world attraction that only he possessed. Though he was well versed in the modern know abouts of the world. Well rounded and he had been around the block a few times to know how to attract you. Which is how you ended up in his trap.
"Hee hee hee. Did you think I wouldn't come for you my dearest? I was quite serious..." His voice husky as he nipped his fangs against your neck as you squirmed beneath him on his bed.
You shuddered as you whimpered. His eyelids lowered a smirk on his face. "How much fun should we have tonight ______? Me thinks it should go further than last time."
Silver - You found Silver asleep, beneath a tree in the courtyard. It wasn't the first time you found him sleeping somewhere conspicuous. You sat down beside him, taking note of how handsome he was. You mindlessly brushed his hair out of his face. The gentle sound of his breathing matching the peaceful area of the courtyard.
Your fingers brushed over the side of his cheek and his eyes shot open. You flinched not expecting him to wake up at that moment.
"_____? What are you doing here?"
"I came to see you of course."
He blinked, then nodded. "I suppose it has been a few days since we last spoke. Is there something you wanted to do?" He asked sitting up.
"Yes, let's have a date night Silver."
Well it wouldn't be impossible but the chances of having zero interruptions was not likely. Still, it was time he could spend with you and that's what mattered the most.
"As long as we can avoid my fa- Lilia then we should be fine." He gave a small smile as he pulled you into his arms. It just hoped he didn't fall asleep on you like last time you both went on a date.
Idia Shroud - You had left your notebook in Idia's room. You knew from last time you shouldnt interrupt him while he is gaming. You decided to take a chance. Knocking on his bedroom door you called out to him.
"Idia, can I come in for a moment?"
Idia who had been on his bed reading his favorite web comic perked up at hearing your voice. He stood up and walked to the door cracking it open.
"What brings you by?"
You tilted your head as you gave a confused expression. Idia internally was freaking out at how adorable you were. He opened the door and stepped back to allow you inside. You stepped in and he closed it behind him.
"I forgot my notebook..." You trailed a faint bloom of color across your cheeks.
Idia nervous laughed as he knew why you had forgotten it. He mentally kicked himself for how he just let you leave like that.
"Oh that, let me grab it." He offered.
Walking over to his desk he grabbed the sticker covered notebook and extended out it out to you. You smiled and took it from him.
"Idia about-"
He cut you off, "I'm sorry it was my fault I got caught up in the moment... i shouldn't have let myself go like that."
You blinked and frowned. "Did you hate it?"
Idia's eyes blew wide and he panicked internally why did you look so upset?
"N-no of course not I would have gone much further than that if I knew you liked it."
You met his gaze and he immediately regretted saying that. Stupid he was so stupid.
"I mean..." He averted your gaze, nervous.
However he was caught off guard by your lips suddenly pressed against his.
"Then, let's continue were we left off." You suggested.
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Tumblr media
— " WORKED UP " Suggestive / Gender neutral reader | Punk!Jade au [ Can be read as yandere or non yandere ]
Tumblr media
His large hands wrapped around your neck, imprinting your soft skin with red; forming a collar of sorts entrapping the two of you, together. He watched as you gasped and squirmed; a shiver crawling down his spine, as he analyzed your movements. 
You could practically taste the cigarette remains on his lips, the scent of burning ash and smoke filling your surroundings as he pulled you in all the bit closer. The air around you was suffocating, heavy pants fell from your lips, as he edged you closer, burying himself into the crook of your neck, aiming to imprint himself into your skin. Inhaling deeply, absorbing your scent; a deep sigh leaves him as he sings praises of love, a small hum following swiftly afterwards. 
He fondles your hair, grabbing it in handfuls; pulling you closer into his embrace, the warmth of your skin, the scent of your shampoo. Everything only helped grow his never ending obsession for you. He’d continue pulling you forward, till there was no more room or gap in between the two of you, till it was impossible to let go or move away, not until the scent of you outdid the ridiculously potent smell of smoke; that he only helped worsen. 
He leaves a small peck on your neck, a sharp toothy, languish grin embraces his features when he feels you shiver in his grasp. Each and every languid action enticing a different and much more amusing reaction from you. “Getting worked up are we?” 
Tumblr media
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Disney Song! Yuu [Disney Songs Edition: A Mouthful of Damnation]
Featuring a case of fraud; a furious prefect who was the victim of said fraud; and a lovesick student who took the word 'admiration' to a whole new level.
Tumblr media
It was a fine morning when the doors to The Council slammed open.
The Shroud heir was ready to duck and cover under his seat for the intruding student but he outright screeched when the furious Ramshackle prefect stormed in.
It was ethereal but utterly terrifying for an angry Ramshackle prefect to stare you down like you're scummier than dirt. Idia had mixed feelings about it.
"I can tolerate the 'protection'." Yuu started before anyone could speak. "I can tolerate and ignore the fact all of you have so much free time on your hands to start a cult and carry around recordings of my voice like they're the second coming of the Great Seven."
"But this," they hissed the word out like it pained them to do so, "this is too far."
They pulled something out of their pocket and slammed it onto the table.
Sam, whose shadows had fled the room the second Yuu had entered, cautiously lean forward with a frown, "... those are The Council's collector card set we sell."
"Yes, but why is my face on them?" Yuu asked, fingers twitching erractically for something- or someone- to hit.
"Because you're the Great One?" Bob piped up, getting smacked in the face as Beau stepped in.
"These are SSR Cards of you performing your magic as you sing in different costumes; and these are the Common Cards of Grim in various dresses after Azul blackmail- ahem, bribed, the monster to participate." Beau explained gently, as though Yuu would start hitting people any second now.
Judging by the way Yuu was despairingly staring at an empty chair, it was highly likely.
Sam blinked, "At first we were uncomfortable using these pictures as merch since you weren't looking at the camera in some of them. But Crowley said you consented and got half of the shares for the merch since then."
Yuu blinked back, "... you mean the monthly budgets and bank account that bastard crow gave me out of nowhere?" They sounded calm.
Everyone sent a quick prayer for the headmaster.
Tumblr media
Crowley had been in a meeting with a student representative from NBC when the door to his office slammed open.
"... WHAT." The headmaster sped towards the window in his office, ignoring his guest as he screeched in pure offense at the sight of his schoolyard on fire.
Smack dab in the middle of the burning lawn and screeching students was a large bonfire, fed by the pictures of Crowley Yuu was throwing in with utter glee while their friends did so with mild hesistation.
Beata Maria, you know I am a righteous man~
Of my virtue I am justly proud ~
È̵̢̨̛̺̙̝͕͚͔̳͚̿̐̀̽̔̅̈́̇̎͜͠͠t̷̛̞̯̾̓̽́͆̉̿̐͂͑̕̕ ̶̻̗̞̱͕̺̣̥̬̩̖̋̎̑̒͋̒͋̈́̃̄̃̚͠ţ̶̛̗͈̫͉͉̦̮̖̰̜̜̘̌̀̄̏́̋͗̔̐̿ͅi̴̭̟̝̩̬̠͚̗̠̔̾͠ͅb̸̙̜̄͒͊̽͐̅͋͊́͒̀͑̃͜͝ͅi̶̢̡͙̮͇͍̻͔͚̤̊̀̉̄͌̄̎̀̈́̕͘͘͘͝t̸̪͑̓̏̎͌̄͌͂̂̈̋̊̓͝ ̶̨̛̠̻̫̲̳̻͇̠̟͉͎̭͈̋̄͂̆̓̆̈́͌̾̑͝P̶̢͍̜̺̟̹̭͎̰̳̮̻̭̤̍͜a̴̧͖͕͍̍̔́̈́̈̔̈́̊͐͑̕͠t̷̨̡̡̫̗̤͕͙̪̦̩͉͓̹͆́̅̇͛̄̓̍̚͜͠͝͠͝͠ḙ̸̺͑̉̓̍͑͌̊̔̄͌̿r̸̺͙̱̃̊̈́͒͒͊͛͒̈̓̊̿͠͝~
"We should put the fire out before it spreads out of the yard." Deuce murmured, eyeing the Leech twin who was standing in the farthest corner and clutching their jacket as though it set on fire again at any moment.
Ace elbowed him "Shut up and burn these pictures."
Epel simply cackled as he threw.
The common, vulgar, weak, licentious crowd~
Q̵̡̨̮͈͖͖͓͙̜̙̩̾̈́͗͐̾̄͗͝Ự̶̳̯͙̎͛̂͒Į̵̧̧̳̳͚̫̩̀͒̈́̐̂̓́͜Á̴̡̡̗̪͕̼͈̥̤̩̫͇͌̔̓̌́͆́̈́̌̈́ ̷̡̼̘̠͓͉͈͔̒͊̊͝P̵̼̬͍̲͈̆E̵̦̮̱̼̥̺͆͗̅̑͘͜͠C̴̱̊̂Ç̸̡͔̣̣̼͍͓̥̩̍͐̀̂̆͒̔̔̍̋͊̑Â̴̧̡̠̒̓́̽̄̕͜V̶̨̤̯̟̭͗̉̈́͗̓I̵̧̬̹̬̪͕͕̥̬̟͓̽̏̽̀̽͆̌͑̊͘͠ ̴̡̼̦̥͚̖͔͇͔̮̜̫̱̩̂̍̊͋͛͑̂͊ͅŅ̷̤̤͖̈́̌̍͂̊̓̈́̈́̃̉ͅI̷̧͖͚̙͍̜͉̩̓̑̉͌̉̍̑̆̑̊̑̚M̷̨̳̥͔̬̯͉̲̺͉̀̊͒̒̑Ȉ̴̭̞̝̇Ś̴̟̦͙̥͚͈̲̘͂̿̃̏̍͜ ̸̹̪̝̖͓͚̺̫͊̓̍̆͛ͅ~
The panicking exclamations ensue as soon as the ghostly voices started to wail, echoing the words of the Ramshackle Prefect as someone ran off.
Something many people noticed when it came to Yuu's singing was that it was intentionally nice. When Yuu sings they would sweeten their voice into a light and airy tone, one which carresses each word they speak as the magic made its presence known. It brought the best out of the magic apparently. It was soothing, it was magical, it was the spoken of 'happily ever after' RSA prided on.
I feel her, I see her~
The sun caught in her raven hair~
Is blazing in me out of all control~
V̴̴̸̡̟̘̼͔́͑̓̽̕͠E̴̸̴̡͔̼̞͕͒͛̒̈́͘̕R̴̵̵̡͔͉̘͖͛͐̒̓̐͠B̵̵̸̡̞͖̺̺͉́͌̔͊͑͠ O̵̵̴͖͕̺͍̞̞͑̀̽̐̿̕ E̸̸̸̻͕̘͍̓͒̓̾͑͜T̵̵̴̢̢̞̻͍͇͒̈́͛͋͛͝ O̵̴̵̢͚̙̙͕̓̀̽̔͒̕Ṕ̵̸̴̝̫̦͎͔́̾͆͘͜E̵̵̸̟̪͔͖̻͍͋̔̐͊͝R̴̴̴̡̪̟͙͇͙̔͑͑̕̕͝E̴̴̵̪̞͖͕͔̘͑̓͆̿͘͝~
This was not singing. This was anger.
LIKE FIRE~ F̸̸̙͔̦̺͚̠̓͐̀̚͝I̴̵͍̺̟̻̻͉͆̿͌́͠͠R̵̸̪͉͎̙͖̝̓́̈́̿̔E̵̸̢̠̘̺̼̓̐̿̐̒͜͝~
HELLFIRE~ F̸̸̙͔̦̺͚̠̓͐̀̚͝I̴̵͍̺̟̻̻͉͆̿͌́͠͠R̵̸̪͉͎̙͖̝̓́̈́̿̔E̵̸̢̠̘̺̼̓̐̿̐̒͜͝~
It was Yuu booming their voice the loudest they could go, uncaring if the words come out hoarse or shrill. Yuu didn't care that people were wincing from the loudness of their voice or paling in terror at the unbridled fury they were shouting to the heavens.
Even the fact someone was hurriedly running towards the courtyard carrying a barrel of pumpkins paled in comparison to the sheer feral energy Yuu was busy emitting.
It was raw; it was ugly; and it was the most beautiful thing Rollo has ever seen.
"Sevens above." Dark eyes were brimming with a returning light as he stared at the cackling prefect with such adoration it made his unwilling audience take a step back, "my god has descended."
Tumblr media
Yuu: I do not have a favourite Dxnsey song
Also Yuu: *cackles madly as they sing and set everything on fire*
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Dorms React to Demon Slayer! Mc
Tumblr media
Hooray! Pomefiore! Sorry for taking so long (I was sad) but thank you so much for 200+ followers. I love you all <3
No gendered pronouns for mc/Yuu, only “you” is used, can be platonic or romantic
Heartslabyul - Savanaclaw- Octavinelle - Scarabia - Pomefiore (here) - Ignihyde - Diasomnia
Warnings: angsty, spoilers for chapter 5, ptsd mentioned, dark themes, mc basically has a panic attack in Vil’s part, also its really fucking long my bad, Google translate French
You're a demon slayer, an extremely experienced one at that. You have been fighting demons ever since you were young, and preparing to do so even younger. When you were unexpectedly thrown into Twisted Wonderland and admitted to NRC, you hid your sword in your uniform, and stashed away your clothes once you could. You figured the best way to survive here was to hide your cards. After all, being surrounded by morally questionable strangers with magic was not ideal. In case you really needed it, you figured it was best to pretend to be weak so your strength could cover you when you needed it most.
Now that a few months have passed and you've gained reliable friends, you didn't see a point anymore. You felt safer than you ever have in your entire life. You were no longer on a battlefield, no longer surrounded by the pained cries of the people you failed to save. But the battle was catching up to you. Now that you were no longer fighting constantly, you had more time to think. You're nightmares of battle have been getting worse and you can't escape it. The guilt of hiding such an integral part of yourself from your friends wasn't helping either. Eventually though, you let the dam break. You tell them about your life, the reason behind your scars and show them your sword. There's tears in your eyes and you're shaking like the child you once were long ago.
He was intrigued by your choice of clothes, and at the same time a little horrified by your clearly unkempt skin.
As tempted as he was to help you out, he had a job to do. He never thought about you much until SDC came around. But the first thing he noticed was your terrible sleeping schedule.
He noticed that when he got up for his morning workout/skincare routine, you were already finishing a workout. And yet he’d catch you the night before sneaking out. When the hell did you sleep?
He did not appreciate it at all. Your complete lack of self care was not appropriate for the manager if his dance group >:( Especially since you held so much potential! You clearly cared about your strength, so why not the rest of you!?!
Vil decided to keep a closer eye on you to try to fish out a reason why. That’a when he noticed particular things about you.
It was a simple moment, something that really shouldn’t have stuck out to him. You had only handed him his water bottle during a quick break. But for a split second your hand brushed his, and he noticed how rough they were. When he looked down he was almost taken aback by the callouses and scars that littered your hand.
He decided not to let his surprise show, and only said a small “thank you”.
You only confused him more when he noticed even more scars that would pop out from the collar and cuffs of your shirt.
He asked Rook about it once, but only received another one of his vague tangents about your beauty.
Of course, he wouldn’t be Vil if he just stopped there. So he decided to make the difficult decision to switch up his sleeping schedule to catch you in the act.
He succeeded in his little stakeout and managed to catch you. And imagine his surprise in seeing you decked out in a uniform with your sword fastened to your body.
Both of you were stuck in silence, with Vil being the first to break it.
“Potato, what are you doing…?” There was a small frown placed on his pristine face, his brows lowered in almost a disappointed way.
“Uhm, it’s a bit hard to explain.”
“I have the time.”
Silence fell over the two of you again. You began to wonder if you should make a break for it, but Vil spoke up first.
“Sword aside, you should not be sacrificing your sleep like this.” He sighed deeply, “Just because you are not performing does not mean this is fine. On the other hand I will not punish you for it because you are not performing. Go to bed.”
You sighed in defeat, you couldn’t even remember the last time someone even made that request of you. Reluctantly, you decided to abide to his wishes (you actually just jumped out your window)
The next day, Vil still wasn’t satisfied. You still acted the same, sure, but you were clearly exhausted! No wonder your skin was in such poor condition, the dark circles under your eyes were a telltale sign. So he planned a more direct way to wrench out answers.
He managed to catch you alone in a room of Ramshackle. You were just cleaning another one of the countless filthy rooms humming to yourself peacefully. You really do nothing but work yourself ragged, he would’ve been impressed if not by the clear toll it was taking on you.
“You know, I really should report that sword to the Headmaster.”
“He already knows.” You looked back at him with a cheeky smile, “He let me keep it since it’s one of the few things that came with me other than the clothes on my back.”
“I see.” Vil hummed, closing the door behind him. Part of him wanted to ask why you had it in the first place, but something told him the answer wasn’t something he’d want to know. Then again…
“To train with that sword is the reason you go out late, isn’t it?”
You nodded hesitantly, “That’s right, I didn’t want to get rusty just because I’m not home. So I figured I should keep training.”
Vil watched as you kept cleaning the window, for a moment he could see your eye’s reflection flicker to him as the silence continued. If you were hiding something it was difficult to tell, nevertheless he continued on.
“I put a curse on your sword. If you try to train with it you’ll be locked in place, and I’ll know when you try.”
You whipped around with wide, almost terrified, eyes, “Vil! Why would you-“
The absolutely exasperated expression you held only reassured Vil’s conviction. If he was going to get you to sleep, this was how.
“It’ll only be for one night, that’s all I’m asking. 7 hours of sleep and the curse will be lifted.”
You frowned, still salty by the whole situation. For the limited amount of time you knew him, one thing you understood was that there was no way you would get out of this. You turned away from him with a hardened expression before letting it fall away. Your shoulders dropped as you nodded slowly, “Alright, deal. Just one night, right?”
“I would prefer it to be every night.” Vil sighed, “I told you all at least 7 hours each night at the beginning of this camp. Although I figured I would need to compromise for now.”
You bit your lip and tried to not let your worry show. Just one night.
It turns out one night meant one night of uninterrupted sleep. Safe to say you weren’t able to touch your sword for weeks.
After SDC and Vil’s overblot, you knew a few nights peace. Although you never managed to get a full nights rest, which meant your sword stayed cursed. It was just another night, and you had gone to sleep in hope you’d stay asleep until morning again.
Unsurprisingly to you, you had woken up nearly screaming. You had another nightmare, and with each one being more vivid than the last you didn’t see yourself falling asleep anytime soon. Shakily getting out of bed you reached for your sword to train and hopefully get it off your mind.
Unfortunately you remembered the curse. So before you could touch it you retracted your hand and decided to leave for the roof instead.
You took a few deep breaths, deciding to cry once you were sure you were safe from any prying eyes that laid in you dorm. Shakily, you took to the hallway and climbed the ladder to the roof of Ramshackle. Your little safe haven away from the stress residing under you.
You felt the cool air hit your face, only getting colder as the tears you held back began to fall. The dream was just so… real this time. It wasn’t even just other demon slayers and civilians getting killed, it was your friends here. They were supposed to be safe, especially with you around. But you just let them die in your arms, you were helpless again.
You curled yourself up into a ball, shaking violently as you sobbed. Terrible images still flashed through your mind, old scars felt as if they were burning in your skin as your mind took over your reality.
You tugged at your hair, your clothes, and even clawed at your skin in an attempt to ground yourself. Nothing worked, you were still trapped in your nightmare. So you continued to choke on your sobs as you fought through your memories.
Because of that, you didn’t notice Vil come up to the roof. Vil had known you still weren’t sleeping, so he had planned to catch you in the middle of the night. If it weren’t sword training, why were you waking up?
He wasn’t sure what to do when he saw you. You looked so small as you sat curled into yourself. You we’re nothing like the resilient, strong Prefect he knew you as. Rather, you resembled something more of a tragic hero.
Maybe it was because he felt partially responsible for this, or the fact he still wished for you to relax, but either way he approached you and put a gentle hand on your shoulder.
That was a bit of a mistake. Once you felt the foreign hand on you, you gasped and leapt back as if you were preparing to fight. Your eyes held nothing but utter horror as you stared at him, all red and puffy from your crying.
Vil frowned, his brows creasing his normally perfect face. He spoke slowly and softly, “I’m sorry, I did not mean to scare you.”
The tension never released from your shoulders. You stayed taut, as if you prepared to fight. Your eyes seemed almost glazed over, as if they didn’t even comprehend the space around you.
“Potato, are you alright?”
Somehow, upon hearing the nickname there was a flash of recognition. You relaxed a little, allowing your arms to fall to your sides. “Vil I…” You gulped, unable to find the words for a moment, “Why are you here..?”
Vil’s frown only deepened. He shook his head with a sigh, “I wanted to know why even after all this time my curse hasn’t lifted.” He crossed his arms, “Prefect, you may not be acting manager anymore but I still want you to at least get one full nights rest. You have so much potential, I just want you to realize that.”
Your expression changed to something unreadable. You seemed to be studying him, as if he was a puzzle you couldn’t figure out. For a moment you smiled before throwing your head in your hands, “You know, you really are kind, Vil.”
Your shoulders began to shake, “I’m so sorry, I guess I’m just not used to this. Normally I’m the one worrying about other people.” You laughed to yourself, as if you were trying to convince yourself of something. Vil stood by quietly, taking a few steps forward as you spoke again, “Vil, please, go back to your dorm. It’s cold out you know?”
“You’re right, let’s go inside.”
Too tired to argue, you allowed him to lead you inside the rickety dorm. You refused to look at him, a little ashamed by the way you allowed him to catch you at such a vulnerable moment. But you knew he had no ill intent, you just hoped he was prepared for the answers to the questions he no doubt had.
Vil sat on the couch and motioned for you to do the same. As you did he looked at you almost with pity. You were exhausted, shaking, and resembled more of a kicked puppy than anything. He sighed again and placed a bottle of swirling blue colors on the table, “It’s a sleeping potion.” He explained, “Normally I would not suggest you take it now, since you wouldn’t wake up until the afternoon by now, but…”
He looked at you again, you’re eyes were fixated on the bottle, and they were haunted. Void of life or hope, or even sadness or anger, just blank, barely even comprehending the world around them. He was sure that this was the right decision this time. You spoke softly, “Thank you, I appreciate it really, but I’d rather not.”
Vil’s eyes shot open, with you being on the verge of passing out, you’re really going to skip this opportunity of genuine sleep? Before he could retaliate you continued, “I have nightmares, as stupid as it sounds they’re the reason I can’t sleep. I don’t want to be stuck in one all night.” You finally looked at him, this time apologetically, “Thank you, truly. I’m honored you’re so invested in helping me. I…”
Your face fell into despair again as tears threatened to fall. You took in a shaky breath, “Vil, you don’t know what I’ve seen back home, what’s happened because of me and my weaknesses. If anything this is what I deserve.”
Vil stood up suddenly, his face switching between anger and exasperation, “I don’t know your life, yes, but I know you don’t deserve this!” He spoke firmly, never raising his voice, “You haven’t once slept properly since coming here have you? Or even before that? Prefect I-“ He took in a breath to calm himself, “Prefect, I just want you to realize the potential you hold. I won’t make you take the potion, but I will make you go back to sleep. So please, what can I do to help?”
Vil took your hand softly as more tears began to leave your eyes. Between shaky breaths you explained your nightmares and your life before Twisted Wonderland. Vil was actually a bit more shocked than he would’ve liked, but allowed you to continue. Rooks vague little sayings connected to your stories as he began to understand.
In the end he took you to your room, cleaning you up and going through a small skincare routine to relax. He brushed through your hair, anything to get the tension out of your shoulders.
You fell asleep almost immediately once you went to bed. You slept the best you had in years, and while yes you didn’t wake up until the afternoon even without the potion, the curse lifted from your sword. Safe to say, you and Vil were a lot closer than before.
“Prefect, don’t hesitate to ask for help alright? Proper sleep is just one more step for you to realize your full potential. You can be strong in more ways than one, and I want to lead you the best I can.”
As some of you may have guessed, he already knew.
This stalker could tell easily you were a warrior of some sort, it was only a matter of why.
He started trailing you from the start. Granted, he rarely did it until you truly piqued his interest.
You had caught him trailing at you. And while he was sure you couldn’t see him, you stared directly into his eyes, as if you were reaching for his very soul. It shook him to his core in more ways than one. It was at that moment he decided to take you more seriously.
He knew about your sword, your secret trainings, your uniform, your breathing technique, he just couldn’t quite figure what it was all for. He assumed you were a soldier of some kind, although why they would have someone so young so highly trained was another question.
He enjoyed watching you train, it brought a new and fresh perspective on beauty. The magicless prefect who still has a way to fight! And such a magnificent way too! The mysterious fog of it all excited him, he just needed to learn more.
Truth be told, you could tell someone was following and watching you. And you hated it, because why the hell was someone stalking you?? Demons didn’t exist here so there’s be no reason why someone would be out to kill you… right?
Because it truly didn’t feel that way. While you didn’t know it was Rook, it felt like you were prey being hunted. Which was a feeling you were all too familiar with.
At first you thought it was just nerves. Being in danger constantly then suddenly being thrown somewhere safe surely wouldn’t translate smoothly, but after feeling that way for months without any change you got sick of it.
You started to actively seek out your little stalker, and your first tip was actually the arrow Rook shot at you and your friends to announce their participation in SDC.
You felt the same presence, just like the months prior. Whoever it was was staring at you again, readying an attack. Eyeing for the perfect moment.
You turned your head at the perfect time, seeing the glint of an arrowhead whiz toward you. You caught it with utmost precision, but before you could track where it came from the attacker was gone.
It was easy to deduce that the arrow came from Rook (Ace and Deuce were very quick to point out how you actually caught an arrow from that freaky upperclassman after all) But her couldn’t be your stalker. You barely even met a few weeks ago!
But his presence never failed to grace you at least once every day. You could feel his chilling green eyes set on you, and you were determined to confront him.
So when SDC’s training camp rolled around, you figured that would be the easiest time to catch him. No way someone like him would pass up on the opportunity to look into your life so closely right?
You were right, actually. One night you could feel his eyes on you once again as you snuck out to train. You knew he’s watched you train before, so your element of surprise would be gone. But mage or not, there’s only so fast he could run compared to you.
So you left Ramshackle same as always, donned in your uniform with your sword by your side. You could already feel his eyes on you as you ran toward the forest. His presence would shift from time to time as he trailed you, but like a masterful hunter he kept out of sight.
After some time of running like normal, you decided to drop yourself out of his sight. You jumped into the low hanging trees and quickly hid.
From this angle you could see Rook in the branches, through the moonlight you could make out the smile he wore. His satisfaction and intrigue was obvious, even as he looked around confusedly for you. You quickly maneuvered yourself through the branches and crouched behind him.
Before you could do anything though, Rook twisted around with quite possibly the most ecstatic smile ever.
“To not only lose sight of you, but to have you sneak up on me must be my greatest embarrassment as a hunter!” He laughed joyously as he jumped away. “You truly are befitting of a trickster!”
As you chased him down it quickly became a game between you two. Once you caught up to Rook he would twist and maneuver out of your grasp and hide away, only for you to find him again. You let him win a little, seeing some fun in the chase. Eventually though, you figured it was time to actually catch him.
You made a dive toward him, one that he was unable to escape. As you pinned him to the ground you stared hard into his striking green eyes, “Why have you been following me, Rook?”
He laughed, “You must forgive me Trickster, your beauté mystérieuse was simply too alluring. I could not resist watching your beauty grow, guerrier.”
“Hmph.” You rolled off of him, sitting up on the grass as you watched Rook fix himself. You sighed deeply, “How much do you know? Or I guess, who else knows?”
“Roí de Poison is still unaware, I assure you.” He attempted to give a reassuring smile, “It’s come to my understanding that your power originates through breathing and not magic, yes? And that sword is not made of steel, nor any other metal here. You must also belong to some sort of organization with that uniform, are you a soldier perhaps?”
You tried to hide your surprise, (what could you expect really), as you confirmed his findings. You exchanged information for a while, eventually getting around to explaining demons and being a demon slayer.
Rook gave you undivided attention as he soaked all the information in. What a beautiful and radiant person you are! You were like a bright flame of hope that blazed your enemies and served your people. He wish you would let him sing your praises to others.
Rook continued to follow you around, now with your permission. Occasionally at night, you would play your game of chase again. Although Rook is yet to win, he enjoys the challenge and feeling of being the one hunted for once.
Both of you would show off your scars to each other. Retelling battles, or hunts, and the adventures. Rook would often go off on a tangent about the beauty of his particular prey, or the scenery around it. He loved the attention you gave him, and you appreciated the attention it took off of your less sugar coated tales.
Rook never looked at you in pity, nor in doubt. He believed you completely, and would often find himself ensnared in your tales. Rook found he loved hearing your retellings of anything from battles to lunches shared while traveling.
Although one night he noticed you weren’t up to your normal levels of energy. In fact, you looked a little heartbroken. While it has its own beauty, he absolutely couldn’t stand seeing you so distraught.
“Trickster, what causes you to frown so?”
You wordlessly leaned up against a tree, breathing deeply. You soaked in the earth around you as you tried to ground yourself. You were close to Rook now, despite the sketchy start. You couldn’t bring yourself to tell him anything but the truth (you wondered if you even could before he figured you out).
“Rook, my job back home was to save people. But I couldn’t save everyone.” You closed your eyes, biting your cheek as you fought down the memories, “Some days are worse than others, but I never forget them. That last part isn’t always a good thing.”
“I still see them sometimes, their screams, their bodies.” You bit back a sob, “Part of me doesn’t want to go back home. I don’t think I could stand telling another parent their child is dead.”
“But I need to go home, I know that more than anyone. I have a job, a duty to protect those people. Even at the cost of my life, I swore it, I I still intend to do that. So why do I feel this way?”
You laughed dryly, slowly sinking to the ground as you lifted your head to the stars. “You know, when humans grieve, they tend to look up at the sky. Do you think it’s just to avoid tears falling or something else?”
Rook stared at you silently before taking a seat next to you on the ground. “I believe we search for freedom when we look to the sky. Since dawn of time humans had wished to fly free with birds, so perhaps when we look to the sky that’s what we wish for. We wish for freedom from our sorrows and hardships; To fly away and embrace the sun.”
You smiled a little, “That’s what I like to believe too.”
Rook smiled pleasantly as comfortable silence fell over the two of you. You both looked to the stars as they shimmered and twinkled in all their glory. You have seen the night sky countless times, but somehow, being here in Twisted Wonderland, it all seemed new and bright. It wasn’t tainted by tragedies or bloodshed, it was beautiful.
He didn’t think about you too much initially. Mostly he was just amused over the whole event at orientation.
You seemed interesting enough with your choice of clothing. Maybe you were from a small town like him?
You became closer friends over the course of SDC. Both of you shared a sort of kinship over feeling so out of place in such a prestigious and modern environment.
You always appreciated the snacks he gave you. Many of the foods he provided were different from back home, sure, but the handmade feel reminded you so much of home.
Like Ace and Deuce, Epel found out by accident when he walked in on you working out.
You thought you’d be safe, after all you were in a tiny little room in the depths of Ramshackle. You just needed some time away from everyone in the dorm, but without the safety of the night you couldn’t leave to the forest for training.
Luckily with the help of the Ghosts you found a small room hidden away and some old gym equipment. Unfortunately it was hot af in there and if you covered up as much as you usually did you’d probably pass out. There were no windows to open, or any real ventilation for that matter.
So you wore normal workout clothes showing off your arms and legs, and to extension your scars. You thought nothing of it, completely unaware of the shitshow that was about to occur.
Epel was just exploring Ramshackle with Ace and Deuce. They started out looking for you but got distracted by the archaic building. They wanted to look around ok! Not like Ace was looking out for something interesting in the storage closet he could steal.
Eventually they came across a door a little off to the side and hidden in the halls. They just thought it was a storage closet and got interested, so they opened the door.
“Prefect! There you are. Jeez, we were looking for you everywhere.” “Wait, no! Epel don’t look!”
“Wha’ ihn da corn fiel’ hell ‘append to yur arms??!!”
“Ace! Deuce! All of you out!” You practically barked out as they scurried away. You sighed, you really couldn’t catch a break huh?
You put down your weights and attempted to refrain from kicking the door open. Has the idea of knocking seriously left their heads? You did not appreciate this trend at all.
“Sorry Prefect…” Deuce spoke meekly. Epel was off to the side, a little shaken. Like Ace and Deuce, initially he thought you were in something crazy. And here he thought you were just a magicless human! Maybe the two of you were alike somehow, for being misjudged because of ability.
“What did you three even need me for? Rehearsal isn’t going to start for another few hours.” You deadpanned, “Don’t tell me Grim got stuck in a tree again.”
“It don’ matta! Er ya evn’ gon menshun wha ‘appened?!” Epel motioned wildly to your exposed arms and legs. “I sen sum nasty scars befor’ bu wha coulda’ caused tha’?!”
“Rude.” You sighed again, waving them inside the little room, “I’m not going to let you interrupt my workout too. Come on, I’ll explain.”
Epel is initially a little horrified, after the initial shock though he’d think your so cool. Man or not, you exhibited the toughness and strength he always wanted.
Expect him to join you and Jack for workouts. He’s so excited to learn from the both of you, though he tries to be cool about it.
He loves hearing your tales about demons and the different types of slayers. A hashira that couldn’t match in strength found a way to use poisons instead? Amazing. The absolute tanks of men who are able to match the speed of demons? Please tell him more.
One day he did take you to his hometown. He was so excited to show off his pride to someone he respected so much. You were touched by the lack of modernity the city and NRC showed off. It felt closer to home, and you began to feel a bit homesick. Despite everything you still loved your home huh?
When was the last time you saw a forest this untouched by people? When was the last time you ate fruit straight from the source? Not to mention the stars, they were so much brighter here.
You tried hard not to let anyone see as the tears left your eyes gently. As you gazed up at the night sky, you wondered if you’d ever get back home, or if this was the closest you’d ever be.
You shout up from the grass you had been laying on, “Epel! Sorry I didn’t see you.” You quickly wiped your eyes, hoping the darkness would hide the puffiness of your eyes.
“What are you doin out here?“
You shrugged, “I wanted to look at the stars.”
Epel huffed, “It’s late, Vil would have a fit if he was here.”
“He’s not here though.”
Silence fell between the two of you for a moment. Eventually Epel joined you on the grass. The sounds of the night comforted the both of you as the silence continued.
“What we’re you thinking about out here?”
“What do you mean?”
Epel huffed, “No one comes out to lay on scratchy grass and look at the stars just for fun. Was something bothering you?”
You sighed a little, crossing your arms as you spoke quietly, “This town reminds me of my home. It’s small, nothing like the Night Raven College or any of the other cities I’ve seen here.” You smiled a little, “I missed it, the feeling of peacefulness. And for the record, some people do like stargazing.”
Epel rolled his eyes, but after a pause he asked again, “What was your hometown like then?”
You smiled, “Well, actually…”
As you recounted the stories of your childhood, you gradually forgot about your previous woes. Time flew by, eventually the both of you agreed to go to sleep.
The next day, all of you explored the town. You seemed happy enough, though Epel couldn’t shake the feeling that you weren’t completely telling the truth last night. So he decided to confront you again.
He found you again on the grass looking up at the stars. You were humming something to yourself, a lullaby?
Suddenly you came to a stop and sat up, “Hey Epel!”
“What was that? That melody?”
“It was a lullaby from back home.” You smiled, a little forlorn, “Sorry, I wasn’t bothering you right?”
Epel shook his head, “No, No, I was just curious. I came out here to…” His words trailed off, his confidence quickly dwindling. He readjusted himself, “You miss your home don’t you?”
You were a bit taken aback by the sudden forwardness, but ultimately nodded. “Yeah, it’s all I’ve really been able to think about lately. I mean…” You rested your head on your knees, “I’ve been here for so long. I need to know what’s happened since I’ve been gone. You know how it is, I don’t know who’s alive, or if I’d ever be able to find out.”
Epel frowned and took a seat next to you, “Come on, if they’re half as strong as you’ve told me they’ll be fine! And I’m sure Crowley will find a way home for you eventually.”
You laughed a little, “Thanks Epel.”
Silence fell over the two of you as you looked up at the stars. Comforting noises of insects and the rustle of leaves filled the air. Although the peacefulness didn’t last long, as the two of you heard a loud crash followed quickly by angry arguing between Ace, Deuce and Grim.
You sighed, at least no matter what you’d have these idiots to rely on.
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gyarunie · 1 day
Yandere Dire Crowley drabble
A/N: why am i simping for this ugly pretty man?
Romantic or platonic is up to you, GN and POC friendly reader, crowley being creepy
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
“Gosh im tired” you mumbled while yawning, you were too tired from the first year shenanigans that you were on the brink of passing out. Too tired to walk to your bedroom you just lied down on the couch of Ramshackle.
After closing your eyes you felt some gush of wind flying in the living room, it wasn’t super strong but just a bit cold “oh dear you are going to catch a cold” someone said while walking to grab the blanket draped over a chair, now that you hear the clicking of someone’s shoes and that annoying voice.
It was crowley, you didn’t really bother to open your eyes because you are wayy to tired and it wasn’t the first time he busted in your dorm. The tall man put the blanket on top of you and looked at you in the face for a second, just a few inches away from your face.
“I never had any intentions or thought about actually sending you back to your own world our cute prefect, i wonder how your face would contort if you heard what i said” Crowley said with a slight serious tone.
You freezed up slightly but just mentally ‘w-what..?’ You nervously thought and sank a little in despair.
“Im joking! What kind of headmaster am i if i didn’t fulfill the wish of my very hardworking prefect!” He said happily and a little too innocently, while walking away he stopped
“I truly hope you keep your mouth shut Director”
Tumblr media
© gyarunie, do not translate, repost, copy, edit my work in any way.
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pandoa · 4 hours
Tumblr media
where your crow-like father sells you to the most eligible group of young men in twisted wonderland
~feat. vil schoenheit, rook hunt, epel felmier, deuce spade, ace trappola, kalim al-asim, and jamil viper~ vdc group!!
twisted wonderland x gender neutral reader warnings: mentions of alcohol, gambling, toxic parental relationships, ooc, crowley is a dad. literally nothing in this is canon
i hope u know where this is going
Tumblr media
"Oh, and by the way, I'm selling you for one madol."
In what seemed like an instant, the door to the place you regrettably called "home" was blasted off of its hinges with a resounding collision, stray particles of dust beginning to scratch the air with each spec and what had looked to you like... the silhouettes of seven young men—?
You should have known this would've happened eventually.
Time and time again, your raven-haired father would return home, the putrid stenches of a long night spent mindlessly drinking staining the wrinkles in his clothes, as a loud clamoring of your already shattering door screeched throughout the barren walls of your home. Life was terrible. Absolutely terrible. And your so-called father's gambling obsession along with the debts he'd built up were terrible, too.
Some kind of father you are, Crowley, you furiously thought. You couldn't stand it anymore. Your gender neutral girlbossness was just to good for this crow.
Although, that fury you constantly felt would never match the absolute rage within the irises of your eyes when you spotted your father standing beside the closed doors of your home minutes before the (literal) destruction, luggage that looked eerily similar to yours placed adjacent to him in a messily put-together pile.
"Oh, look! They're all here already~" the pompous man sang as he turned to face the clearing shadows of the people in front of the both of you. You couldn't believe what he had just said. Your mouth hung open in shock confusion as the blaring light from outside bled into the house as your father grinned at the sizable cracks and hole where your door should have been.
Was that a cauldron wedged into the other side of your house?
"Welcome!" Crowley practically shouted with his a-little-too-cheery voice, escorting a group of young men into what was left of your home. "How are you gentlemen doing today? Perfect weather for selling your own child to a bunch of random strangers, hm? Yes, yes! I knew you would get it! Anyway, here's what you all ordered," the man said leaving no room for any voice to reply as he harshly shoved you into the arms of one of the men who had extremely long, flowing hair of dark chocolate brown that made your orbs dilate as you shyly blushed an embarrassing red at the contact.
"Oh, I-I-I-I'm s-s-s-sorry," you stuttered.
The man dryly looked your way, unfazed, "You're fine. Just don't do it again. I get enough to deal with from Kalim and I'm in no need for more."
Bro was so in love with you.
"Now, Jamil we may be purchasing this peculiar individual, but let's not all be too curt, hm~?" another man with short blonde hair cut into the space separating you from the group of men. He seemed very eccentric as he proceeded to adjust the fluffy feather of his hat above his head.
"Tell that to Deuce," a boy with a cute red heart covering his left eye said glaring at his friend beside him, "He's the one that literally blew up the damn house just now."
The boy who you assumed to be Deuce glared back at his friend (?) "I did not blow it up. You're the one that told me to use the cauldron."
"And you're the one who actually used it. Dumbass."
"Now, boys, no fighting here." Just as you thought no more men could interject this strange conversation, another man—who was rather glamorous, at that—pushed past the fighting friends as he stopped whatever chaos would erupt if he did not. "It's uncouth and will ruin the eyeliner I oh-so-kindly put on you all. Don't waste my hardly spent time."
"It wuhz mor' of auh' waste of our time, though, but we'll let yuh gaslight yuhself, Vil..." you caught the sighs of a smaller lavender-haired boy whisper under his breath.
Vil slowly turned to the smaller boy, a dark aura cursing the faker-than-Barbie smile on the beautiful man's face, "What was that Epel? I believe you had something to say. Please do enlighten us and see the consequences they may lead to."
Homie had the eyes of a murderer.
"N-nothing..." Epel regrettably replied. There was no way he could make it out of this alive. Maybe he should just sell himself to a random group of strangers like you did. Farmboy made you his idol.
"On another note," Vil said as he returned back to his stern manner, "the box for you is ready as well as the movers we hired of you."
You curiously looked at the man, "Movers? How much of my personal belongings are we taking?"
"Personal belongings? Oh, dear burnt potato, the box is for you. The movers will pick you up and drive behind us back to our home. Oh, but not to worry, they'll wrap you up in plenty of bubble wrap, so hopefully no damage will come to you."
"You're packing me in a cardboard box—??????"
"We're packing you in a cardboard box," all seven of the men dryly answered.
Damn. Capitalism popped off again ig.
Tumblr media
a/n: ahem-
Tumblr media
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twisted-beez · 1 month
I've seen sooooo many fics where Malleus is courting y/n and gives them his "greatest treasure" or the "heart of his treasury" as a courting thing, and it's always some fabulous expensive jewelry or glamorous gem of a family heirloom.
But y'all.
We all know his most prized possession is Gao-Gao Dragon.
Imagine Malleus Draconia earnestly gazing into your eyes as he presses his prized tamagotchi into your palm. Your hands cradle the little device. His own lithe fingers wrap around them.
"He is yours to care for."
Youre breathless. And bewildered. Once you've discovered air again, your gaze seeks Malleus's for answers. You find only a soft verdant in his eyes. Springtime, and hope, and blossoming things. Affection like a birds song and warmth like down feathers. A world you could waltz in forever.
It is clear this gaze is meant only for you.
"Why?" You think you know.
"It is Briar Valley tradition," he begins. The tenderness in his voice makes your heart swoop.
"To vie for the affection of one whose love and affection we ardently seek with a gift." Malleus's lips curl into a smile. His thin slitted eyes narrow to teasing half-lidded pleasure at the growing red on your cheeks. Earnest as he means this to be, he cannot help but be tempted by your bashful nature. "One's most precious belonging, to be precise. For that is the only thing that comes close to the heart of one's most beloved."
Your heart thrums too loudly to think and you pull Gao-Gao against your chest.
"He'll miss you, you know. I doubt I can care for him as well as you always have," you admit. "We'll have to schedule plenty of play-dates with...?" Come to think of it, you can't recall if Malleus ever gave a name to Gao-Gao's friend. He had always called it just that.
It appears he hadn't, because there's a pause and a solemn hum as Malleus thinks.
"Roaring Drago," he decides.
"That's practically the same thing!" You laugh in fond protest. Malleus feigns a pout in return.
"I quite like it though."
He can't hold it for long before a smile breaks through his guise. Silence settles between you both- comfortable, but a little shy- until you feel soft lips pressed against your forehead.
"My dearest beloved," he near-whispers against your skin, "I vow to bring you all of the happiness in the world, as you have brought me."
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ratspoison · 3 months
Azul: If you’re short staffed…
Azul: hire taller staff.
Tumblr media
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This is what you see when Malleus is jealous.
Tumblr media
And this.... This is what everyone else sees when Malleus is jealous.
Tumblr media
Maybe a small difference?
Btw, it's a wonder that NRC is still there, because at the beginning of your relationship, Malleus was jealous at least once a week.
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angelltheninth · 1 month
TWST Men Taking Your First Time
Pairing: Ace Trappola, Trey Clover, Leona Kingscholar, Azul Ashengrotto, Kalim Al-Asim, Vil Schoenheit, Idia Shroud, Malleus Draconia x Fem!Reader
Tags: nsfw, smut, first time, oral sex, gentle sex to rough sex, biting, scratching, corruption kink, overstimulation, praise, mating press, clit stimulation, blowjobs, handjobs, safe words
A/N: Been getting a lot of first time/virginity loss requests for the TWST characters so I decided to put them all into one post.
Ace tries to make it fun. As in tell a few jokes to lighten the mood, make you laugh, make sure you're feeling relaxed and comfortable. Yes, you're both naked right now and he's got a boner but that doesn't mean that anything has to change between you two. He's still touching and kissing you just like before, with his cock slowly working into your pussy, very slowly, stopping every time your breath hitches, and then he kisses you again, smiling at you until you relax, until he's bottomed out inside of you and you're ready to let him move.
Trey starts out slow, kissing your thighs as they part for him, humming and licking against your skin, letting you relax against the bed. His goal is both to overstimulate you to the point of almost crying just from eating you out, but also let you have a taste of what it's gonna be like in the future. He can't get enough of your taste, your hips bucking into him for more friction. If his cock didn't ache he'd be happy to do this all night. Once he sees you're wet enough he pushes inside of you in a single thrust, establishing an easy going pace, still keeping you on the edge instead of letting you fall over it. This is gonna take all night, so you best get comfy with his cock inside you.
Leona will make you're you're marked up during sex. Where ever he can mark you he will, your neck, breasts, shoulders, belly, thighs, back, wrists, everything that you are will be his by the end of the night. Including your virginity, that pretty pussy that's he's wanted to sink his cock into for so long. He warns you beforehand that he will be a little rough but you can stop him at any time, just say the word you agreed on. Ah but you can't, you won't, his cock feels so good as it's rapidly pushing in and out of you, making your pussy wetter, tighter and looser at the same time, making you his, and him yours as you exchange bites.
Azul might be a bit of a controlling, kinky man but that doesn't mean he doesn't have his gentle side. Although you're one of the rare, fortunate souls that gets to see it. His darker side? That slowly comes into play on your first night with him, where he enjoys how you lick his cock, when he tells you to get yourself ready for him but not to come, he will do that for you. In time. When he pushes you down to the bed he looks at your face, that hazy, lustful look in your eyes that mirrors his perfectly, and you poor, empty cunt, just begging for him to fill it with cock and cum. He looks forward to corrupting you further, until you're hopping on his cock every day like a bitch in heat.
Kalim is careful and romantic with you for your first time. He takes a while to explore and worship your naked body, paying attention to how you react when he presses his finger or tongue over his clit, how your pussy reacts to having a real cock inside it for the first time. He rolls his hips slowly, letting you get used to the feeling of being stretched out, whispering sweet words and promises of making you happy as your pussy grows accustomed to him, as he slowly guides you to your first orgasm of the night.
Vil is all about making you feel good. Sure he's showing off while doing it, licking you up every way he knows how, curling his fingers just right to make your hips rise from the bed, making you pull his hair to get him closer. If he could get closer he would, as it is he can only become one with you, his cock in your pussyhole, his hips against yours, his mouth against yours, his fingers intertwined with yours as his thrusts become faster, but not sloppy, he never does anything sloppily, not even sex. Especially not when it's your first time.
Idia thought you'd just do oral, handjobs and fingering for the night. He's already sucked his cum off your fingers once. But when you push him down and align his cock with your entrance, waiting for him to nod... his hands grab anywhere they can, the room suddenly much hotter as he nods furiously and clenches his teeth when you sink down on him. He's trying so hard not to just start thrusting up like a mad man. Fuck, you feel so good around him. You seem a natural at riding cock, rolling your hips perfectly. You better take it slow, or else he's gonna finish too soon.
Malleus is just as nervous as you are. He wants to provide you with the best experience possible, yet he's fighting his instincts that are yelling at him to just... take you. Make you his. Claim you. He holds back for your sake, at least until you're a few rounds in and you give him the okay to fold you like a pretzel and rut his cock balls deep inside of you. He's been waiting for so long, taking it gentle, his balls hurting from the cum stored inside of them, he wants to see how long you can keep up, and what your pussy can't do... well... as long as you're willing he can take your virginity in other holes too.
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mashed-potato101 · 3 months
Imagine book 7 would be like-
Ace: Mc! Woo him!
Mc: Woo who!?
Ace: Your husband!
Mc: mY HUH!?
Mc, slowly turns around to see dragon!Malleus about to pounce at them:
Tumblr media Tumblr media
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little-missy-mei · 2 months
Malleus: Child of man, do the thing.
Yuu: What thing?
Malleus: The thing that never fails to make me happy.
Yuu: Oh!
Yuu: *smiles*
Malleus, smiling back: Thank you, child of man.
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scho3nheit · 3 months
Azul: *seductively takes off glasses*
Azul: Wow...
Y/n, blushing: Haha... what?
Azul: You're really fucking blurry.
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