#twst incorrect quotes
Yuu: I hate people
Trey: I think you mean you hate that you don't know how to interact with people properly due to a extremely sheltered upbringing that severely stunted your social skills
Trey: Now try this cake, it's a new recipe
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Azul: leave
Yuu: I would love to, but Grim is eating
Azul: leave him alone then
Yuu: are you sure that leaving Grim without supervison would be a smart move
Azul: ...
Yuu: thought so
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moonlit-midnight · 2 days
Twst SMAU! 📱
Characters: Jade Leech.
Notes: My sister made this out of boredom, and told me to post it. It’s cute that she used the Cottage-core theme, very suitable for our mushroom lover boy.
Warnings: GN!Reader, Crack, Romantic Fluff.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Divider credits to @.cafekitsune
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twistedmionn · 11 hours
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Twisted Wonderland incorrect #43
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twst-gossip · 2 days
Yuu: Why do I smell updog? Grim: What's up dog? Ghost A, pointing out the window: I think it might be that (cut to Jack up a tree outside Ramshackle Dorm fighting a crow) Yuu: Grim: Ghost A:
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bun-lapin · 13 hours
TWST Voice Line Scene #12
Tumblr media
💪‍‍Vargas: Keep doing those sit-ups! Don't stop until you hit 60!
❤️Ace: (slowly doing sit-ups) Ughh! I can't believe we pulled detention with Coach Vargas of all people.
♦️Cater: (out of breath) This is all your fault, Ace.
❤️Ace: Wha-?! Me?? How is this my fault?
♦️Cater: It was YOUR idea to add technomantic boosters to our brooms so that we could fly faster. And look where that landed you! You even managed to get me and Idia dragged into detention alongside you!
💀Idia: (waits for Vargas to look away then does one sit-up) …aaand 60! Phew! All done with my sit-ups!
💀Idia: (laughs nervously) H-hey, uh, am I capped now? There's no reason for me to keep working, right?
♦️Cater: …..
❤️Ace: (raises an eyebrow) You sure you didn't miss a few sit-ups there?
💀Idia: ….. (hands Ace a couple of thaumarks)
TWST Voice Line Scenes Masterlist
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Twst incorrect quote since I just watched sleeping beauty
Baul: and I'm still your commander. And I command you to come to your senses!
Mama zigvolt: and marry the guy I love.
Baul: and marry the guy you love!
Mama zigvolt: Goodbye Father.
Baul: Goodbye Father! ...and marry the guy you love...
Baul: Daughter, come back here!!!
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underqualified-human · 8 months
Yuu: My crazy ass could never be a monarch. I'd just instantly go mad with power the second someone put a ring on it.
Malleus: What if I held you gently and we were happy together?
Yuu: ...
Yuu: Hmmm...
Leona: What if I supported your maniacal rise to power and we were evil together?
Yuu: HMMMM...
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twistedtrashposts · 2 months
Rollo: It must be taxing, living among mages.
MC: Oh boy, you don't even know. Six of them have tried to kill me :D Four of them are here now.
MC: Well, five and three, I guess. Idia's wasn't personal. I was just kind of there.
Idia: HA, I WIN-
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mee-op · 4 months
Facts about in-game Yuu (Twisted Wonderland):
This is an ongoing the list and will be updated when there's new information. I'm not caught up w/ chap 6 and I'm not very perceptive. This list will probably be a lot longer if anyone could add to it in the comments, tags & reblogs! All help is very much appreciated plz i wanna know more about yuu Last but not least, some of these might be a stretch/be slightly incorrect so bare w/ me plz :]
They've been good friends with Heartslabyul ever since Book 1.
They're forgiving/don't hold any bad blood with the people who've overblotted (at least on the outside).
According to the Harveston event, they can play the flute.
They don't like bringing up the fact that they might go back to their world (Deuce's Wishing Star vignette).
Many people seem to consider them a "goody-two shoes" (Leona, Ruggie).
A good listener.
Based off of Malleus' interactions with them, Yuu talks to him a lot more off-screen as Malleus states that he values their opinions.
Loves Grim to hell and back.
It's implied that Yuu invites Malleus over frequently enough that he visits unprompted.
They can be snarky and brutally honest when they're pushed into it.
Comes up with stupid plans that nobody believes will work but it somehow does.
They're insecure about not having any magic.
They want to be able to help their friends.
Has a sense of self-preservation.
Does not actively seek out danger (*cough* om mc *cough*).
They've cleaned up Ramshackle since living there, however, it still looks "abandoned & ancient" on the outside.
Crowley doesn't give them more money than "needed".
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*if i'm not mistaken, i think stamens is meant to be stamina? @milkygalait-blog plz correct me if im wrong :]
They don't know much about mushrooms (Floyd's Camp Vargas vignette).
Tumblr media
They're very patient.
Used to be afraid of ghosts until they got to Twisted Wonderland.
They adapt to new/difficult situations quickly and calmly.
They don't complain much.
Very much so the silent type.
The audience doesn't really see anyone helping them out with their situation, so I assume they fix most of their problems themselves.
They don't have any memories of the Great Seven prior to coming to Twisted Wonderland.
Fluctuates between being observant and not noticing really basic stuff.
Doesn't hesitate to say cheesy things.
Keeps calm in harsh situations.
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here is @darkscorpiox list on other Yuu facts.
Here is @starsilluminateourgalaxy list on other Yuu facts.
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twst-shenanigans · 3 months
Poor Sebek
So we have Deuce, Epel, and Ortho wearing silly bunny suits and having a fun time
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
And Ace and Jack are sucked into a beach paradise
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Then what about poor Sebek?! Did they really forget he’s part of the first year group, or do they just want him to stay in Book 7 trauma?
Tumblr media
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.•♥︎Spilled Tea♥︎•.
Series:Yuu Needs Therapy
Branch: Overblotts
Character: Riddle
Part: 1 of ?
Riddle....Riddle had always made you nervous. Not in the butterflies in your stomach way, but in the way of being caught by your parents doing something you shouldn't. Like he was looking through your very soul with that oh so piercing gaze every time he crossed paths with you. Like he was constantly judging your every move, analyzing everything. Pointing out every imperfection within the confines of his mind. A scolding with each glance, on the first day when Grimm caused a ruckus to every single time you passed him in the hall, every mere glance felt as if it was a lecture despite not a singular word of criticism passing his lips, just a firm line and
dissaproving glare whenever he saw you.
You spent so much time trying to resolve the small Quarles while trying to not get your head chopped off, walking on eggshells around him, choosing each and every word and action with precision while trying to poke and prod Ace's massive ego into just apologizing. Your hands chapped while shakily attempting to Crack open the chestnuts in order to make that damn tart. Making sure it looked absolutely perfect with bo cracks whatsoever. Wrapping it nicely in the best container you could. Reminding Ace to use gentle and careful words, even telling him exactly what ti say in order to make this all go away so you can be rid of him sleeping on that sofa.
Appearing at the birthday party with a small smile along with Ace and Deuce in tow. Watching as Ace apologized offering up the tart, before Riddles face turned Horrified apon finding out the mere flavor. Acting as if your ran over one of his hedgehogs for breaking the nonsensical Rule: 262 about how chestnuts tarts were forbidden from birthday parties. Unable to do anything but watch as he threw out their group and got rid of the tart, not by putting it in the fridge far away from the Birthday Party, but throwing it into the trash.
Failing over and over as you attempted to calm Ace's completely understandable frustration. But he completely refused to even attempt to apologize once more, and then Crowley dumped that unhelpful peice of information on them, encouraging the already roudy freshman to enact some sort of justice against the Crimson Tyrant.
Unable to stop them as they challenge their dear Housewarden to a duel. Proving his skills and cementing his position, which was both amazing and horrifying at the same time to all of the spectators. Amazed at his skills, but Horrified that he would remain in his position of power over the Heartslabyul students.
Then you had to watch yet again as any chance of a peaceful solution was dashed when Ace punched Riddle square in the face.
Having to desperately attempt to calm Riddle down after he overblotted, litterally fighting for your life as you attempted to snap him out of his enraged stupor. Being almost beaten senseless, blood splattered over the grass, painting any possible misscolored roses in a deep shade of red, trying to get the students out of the line of fire while Trey tried to hold back his magic. Absolutely helpless to do anything other than direct people and try to not be hit my his magic that would have killed a magic student easily, let alone your very magicless self. Barely managing to survive and snap him out of it with the combined magic of Trey, Carter, Deuce, Ace, and Grim combined.
Breathing heavily as relief filled your body as Riddle snapped out of his Rage and had a small breakdown while Trey dragged the sniffling Housewarden to the infirmary, while Carter attempted to gather all the injured students to the infirmary, most having a decent amount of blood loss, no less then 1/2 a litter for a most. Your skin covered bruises with blood soaking your clothing causing it to stick to your body as the metalic sent filled your nostrils. Your heart pounding through your chest as the noise of it filled your eardrums overwhelming any other of your senses.
Carter's appalled face twords grim consumption of the strange rock being the last thing you saw before suddenly black filled your vision.
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Yuu: (holdign Grim) guess who will have to starve today
Grim: (crying) how dare you starve the great Grim!
Yuu: you ate my cooking ingredients
Grim: it was tuna!
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luxthestrange · 5 months
TWST Incorrect quotes#547 Not in front of the babies-
You are currently dressed up in silks and cloak for Your and Silver's presence doesn't startle the locals of briar valley...tho having Lilia & Baul as your outfit helpers were...
Yuu*is wearing silk pants* How does this look?
RoyalGuard!Lilia*Eyes glued to the knot holding your pants to your...soft human skin waist*...Like its slips on and off really easily...
RoyalGuard!Lilia*Realized a tad too late what he said*N-No, I didn't mean it like that-
Baul*With Baby Sebek and Silver climbing him like monkies, unmoving looking at Lilia with judgy eyes*We know what you meant
Tumblr media
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equestriagirl16 · 1 year
—Random School Game Show—
Host: And for your final question! Please identify this statue.
Ace: …Like are we supposed to know that??-
Deuce: How could you have possibly guessed that?
MC: I attend all of Malleus’s Gargoyle Appreciation meetings.
Malleus: *from a distance within the crowd* YOU DO CAAAAAARRREEEEE!!!!
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aerith-jade · 10 months
Yuu: It's Valentine's Day, so I sent a box of chocolates to the hottest guy in school.
Grim: Yeah, about that. The card on your box literally said, "To the hottest guy in school." So now they're all fighting about who that could be.
Yuu, smiling: I know! I'm not in love with anyone in particular. I just wanted to start a fight.
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