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(this isnt meant to be a comparing trauma poll btw those piss me tf off)
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Twst Daily Shitpost #23 (Day Twenty Three)
Tumblr media
Simple shitpost. With colour?! Since I did a Kalim one earlier this is Jamil's POV (hey Kalim pls see this)
Probably Pre-OB chronicles. (But then again they didn't really find a solution Post-OB Jamil still works very hard)
Inspired by;
Tumblr media
Currently working on the six-character fanart thing. Can't believe I need to draw JADE LEECH.
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mshroom1e · 15 hours
Could you write some soft fluff where Jamil and the readerfall asleep studying together in his dorm and the reader wakes up and attempts to leave but Jamil convinces her to stay?
This sounded so cute! To be honest, it was a little challenging to picture a scene like this with Jamil, but I think I got it. I just hope it isn't too ooc.
Tumblr media
type: fanfic
Summary: A short and hopefully sweet fic about snoozing during study time with Jamil Viper.
1.3k words
tags: hand holding, headpats
Warning(s): none
Tumblr media
Orange hues painted the sky outside Jamil's windows as the sun vacated for the day. Somehow, you'd ended up together in his dorm room studying for a test that was scheduled for the next week or so. Originally, your feline partner in crime, Grim tagged along to your little meetup, however one look at the content you needed to learn for the test was enough to bore him out of his mind and he was soon passed out on Jamil's bed.
He didn't seem to mind Grim's snoring that played like background music as he calmly continued to explain what you were going to cover. You were a good student, managing to absorb information efficiently and remember the most crucial parts you needed, much to Jamil's relief. Hence, your study session was smooth sailing so far.
Your temporary tutor had his own homework to do, so he left you with some questions that recapped the subject you were revising for the day and told you that you'd go over them together. As well as helping you, it was good practice for him as teaching topics to another person helped solidify the concepts in his mind as well.
"Take another look at question 7," he pointed with a pen, circling your mistake.
"Right," you nodded, immediately looking over the papers.
For a few minutes, the only sound in the room was shuffling of papers and a little sniffle here and there from one of you as the temperatures were dropping with the approach of night. You'd been so focused on completing the makeshift assessment that you'd compiled with Jamil that you didn't notice the lack of movement from the guy.
"Jamil, so for this one, do you-" you stopped yourself before you could finish. The sight of Jamil with his arms folded over his chest, his head carefully tilted to the side, eyes shut, and strands of hair straying from his now loose braids caused you to freeze.
Honestly, you couldn't blame him. Being a full-time student at a school like NRC and simultaneously looking after Kalim and his rambunctious energy 25 hours a day must've been demanding. He was bound to run out of energy at some point. Compared to his usual stoic face and his trying-his-best-not-to-lose-it energy, his sleeping form was serene and picturesque. You didn't want to come across as a creep, but in all honesty, it was difficult not to stare at someone so pretty.
Slow, shallow breaths allowed his chest to rise up and down at a steady pace. With each small movement he made, another strand of hair fell out of place, and he seemed to relax even more. You were tempted by the idea of running your fingers through his dark brown locks to detangle any bits of hair that were hooked around each other. A soft smile graced your features as you stared at him, enamoured. His face adorned with a comfortable expression that contrasted nicely against the usual sharpness in his eyes.
You'd be lying if you said your heart wasn't melting at how peaceful Jamil looked.
There was a sudden gust of wind outside, which diffused its cold air into the room, causing Jamil to shiver in his sleep. Desert nights were freezing, and the only thing keeping Jamil warm was the thin, burgingy hoodie that he always wore under his school blazer. Without thinking, you reached for the nearest blanket and quickly covered Jamil with it.
Just as yawning was contagious, sleep was too. Watching the boy in front of you was such a calming scene. Your eyelids grew heavy, and you were slowly losing the willpower to force them open for any longer. You allowed the sandman to get you as you eventually fell asleep.
Soft caresses and strokes on your head woke you from your nap. As you stirred and your eyes slowly opened, the mystery hand that pet you flinched. Your vision finally adjusted to the dim lights of the room. Jamil seemed to still be half asleep, judging by the slow pace of his movements and how his eyes were half-lidded with sleepiness. When you became fully awake and able to notice the hand that was still tangled in your hair, Jamil's face heated up, and he reluctantly pulled away.
"Sorry," you could hear the pout in his voice.
You laughed, your voice a little raspy. "I don't mind." It was true, though. It was nice to feel the warmth from his fingers lingering in your currently messy strands. "And... you're cute when you're sleepy..." You murmured. It seemed to spur him to wakefulness more than anything else ever had. His cheeks warmed further, and he quickly averted his gaze.
"Oh, um... thanks," He stuttered nervously. His hands clenched and unclenched as if he were struggling internally over something.
"Do you want to...um..." His cheeks were even warmer than before. It wasn't like Jamil to get so nervous, and you realised he wouldn't be able to continue speaking without choking on the words. In the end, he settled with clearing his throat to gain the confidence back. He tried to speak again, but nothing came out. Instead, he shook his head, making his dishevelled hair sway.
Silver ribbons of moonlight framed Jamil's head as he sat between you and the window. The light that surrounded his profile gave him an ethereal appearance that enhanced the beauty of his features. You wished you had the camera to capture this moment forever. To preserve it for eternity. However, you knew that it would be strange to do so suddenly and let the thought free from your mind.
Moonlight, huh. The next thing that came to mind was how terribly late it was. You groaned, rubbing at your tired eyes. "I should probably get going."
As you made the motion of standing up to pick up your cat-like companion and retun to your dorm, Jamil's hand latched onto your wrist, causing you to stop in your tracks. The surprise of seeing those strong yet gentle digits wrapped around your wrist made your heart beat faster, but the feeling faded within seconds.
His face was inches away from yours now, and it seemed as if your whole body was on high alert. With his hand firmly holding onto yours and keeping you in place, he didn’t seem to budge, yet his face remained with a slightly conflicted expression.
"Can you.. stay?" Jamil asked quietly like it was a question to himself, rather than to you. There was something about the way he spoke, almost as if he was afraid that he might say something wrong and cause the atmosphere between you two to change. Was that it? Did he really want to spend more time with you? If you didn't know any better, you would've gaped at him like a fish.
However, before you could reply to his question, Jamil began to elaborate, lowering his gaze. "It's late, and walking all the way to your dorm from the school building is dangerous in the dark."
"Yeah, you're right," you nodded. The path between your beaten up dorm and NRC's main building was poorly maintained and you'd tripped over a loose stone tile or a piece of vine that grew out from the ground below it more often than you'd like to admit.
Jamil visibly relaxed at your agreement. "Are you hungry?" He suggested.
"Starving actually," you admitted, and Jamil offered a small smile.
"I can make you something to eat," He stood to his feet, his hold on your wrist sheepishly transfered to your hand before letting go. "Most of the dorm must've eaten dinner already, but I'm sure we can find something."
"That sounds great," you grinned. You sent a look at Grim, who was still passed out asleep after all this time and shook your head with a fond smile.
"I guess I'll have to save him some late night dinner, too."
Tumblr media
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ryker-writes · 2 days
Hello! This is the Najma matchmaker anon! I loved what you wrote for that one lol. If possible, can I request a pt 2 where Jamil and Reader are getting married and everyone gives speeches? Kalim's would be sweet, ADeuce would be crying during it, and Najma would tell the couple to thank her for getting them together 😂
Hello again anon! I'm so happy to get to write part two for this one I think the first part turned out really well! Anyway, weddings are wonderful and I love this request!
You and Jamil will be getting married and I'll be back here flirting with Najma-
For those who didn't see the first part you can find it here
Request rules and Masterlists
it was finally the day
after being together for years, you and Jamil were finally getting married
and today was your wedding day
it was very beautiful and very extravagant
most of it was thanks to Kalim
once he heard the two of you were getting married, he wanted to help and offered to pay for mostly everything
Kalim insisted that you two got the best of everything for your wedding
anything you guys wanted for your wedding, he was ready to buy it for you guys
it was the least he could do for his best friends
everything went flawlessly and it was now time for the speeches
you and Jamil were at your own table listening
Kalim went first
his speech went on for a while, but it was very sweet
it was a solid half hour of Kalim saying how much he loves the two of you and how great you are together
next was Ace and Deuce
they really tried to get through it
Deuce started to tell a story about one of your adventures, but started tearing up half way through
...which led to him crying before the end of the story
he had to be dragged off the stage by Ace (who was also trying not to cry)
and finally there was Najma's speech
"I think that it's worth mentioning that today wouldn't have been possible without me. Years ago, I helped you two get together because Jamil was to scared to say anything himself. Jamil, you owe me big time. They don't because they're becoming part of the family, but you certainly do."
she then went through a few stories about Jamil as a kid, and ended her speech with a congratulations
after the speeches were over, you two continued partying with everyone
and Najma was very serious about Jamil owing her
she even came up to you two later and jokingly told Jamil he should thank her
Jamil insisted that he would've been able to handle things on his own and confess to you when he was ready
she didn't believe him
you were really glad to be a part of the Viper family now and have Najma as a sister
"If you two ever have a child, they should be named after me."
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madibarts · 3 days
More of my TWST OC but it's a stupid scene I had in a dream (I now ship them)
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
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Red Rose, Red Tulips and Spider Flower with Jamil Viper, please?
Spring Feelings Event
Tumblr media
✿ Pairing: Jamil Viper x GN! Reader
✿ Flowers: ➺ red rose - i love you, passion ➺ red tulips - declaration of love ➺ spider lily - elope with me
✿ Notes: asdfakdg, I got sick so it took me a bit to get through this and other rqs but this is pretty long. Sorry for the wait, anon! Enjoy!
Tumblr media
From a young age, Jamil learned that he had to be invisible. Kalim was to be in the spotlight, not him. So he blended in with the other servants, never did his best during school, and kept his head down around the Asim family. He was a servant. He’s supposed to blend in, never stand out.
Fortunately, years of being Kalim’s shadow helps whenever he meets up with you. 
As one of the children of the Asims, you had your own busy schedule. Meetings to attend, people to meet, you were nearly as busy as him. Late nights were the only time the two of you could be together.
Neither of you knew how your families’ would react. Kalim and your siblings would no doubt support your relationship but Jamil doesn’t know how his family would respond. Maybe his parents would have a heart attack at the thought of him secretly dating the child of their boss but his sister would probably be fine with it. 
And so, everything about your relationship happens in the shadows. From your confessions to your first kiss everything happened in the dead of night. 
It was easier when everyone was asleep to sneak around. Sure, there were a few guards here and there but after being at the estate for so long, the two of you had memorized their shifts, knew which rooms to sneak into, and were aware of nearly every camera in the home. 
Tonight's designated meeting point was the water fountain. Jamil had already finished his duties for the night and waited near the fountain, making sure to keep clear of any cameras. It was a new moon tonight so it was nearly pitch black save for a few street lamps lit around the area. The night guards near the gates knew Jamil used the park to get home whenever he worked late, so they were never suspicious when he was there. He was looking at his phone checking the time, silently hoping that you didn’t get caught on the way down.
The soft rustle of grass caught his attention and his head snapped up to see you rushing down towards him. Confused, Jamil stood up from his place on the bench. Did someone see you? You were usually quieter whenever you came down. 
Before he could even talk, you had already made your way towards him. Arms immediately wrapped around his neck and he grunted as you threw yourself onto him. His own arms wrapping around your waist.  Your warmth was a welcome addition to the cold night but he couldn’t get the gnawing feeling in his chest that something went wrong.
“Did you get caught?” he murmured, eyes darting around the dark park, waiting to see if any unexpected figures had followed you.
You shook your head and buried your head in the crook of his neck. You squeezed him a little tighter as you whispered. “I just missed you. Today, I had to meet up with one of Father’s business partners in another city, and it was exhausting.” Your voice was muffled as you sighed into his chest.
Jamil shivered as your warm breath hit his neck but he pulled back a bit, missing your warmth, but he missed seeing you even more. “I heard. At least, you’re home now.”
You hummed. He could see your eyes soften. A dopey smile making its way to your face as the two of you stood together in the dark, arms still wrapped around each other, and bodies pressed together. “Yeah… I am.”
For the first time in a while, Jamil was grateful for the dark covering his flushed cheeks. He quickly cleared his throat. “C’mon, let’s walk around for a bit. I don’t want us to stay in one spot for too long.”
Your grip immediately transferred to one of his arms, and the two of you made your journey around the large park. 
Catching up was one of the first things the two of you did. Your busy schedules didn’t allow much room for a break and there were days when the two of you wouldn’t see each other because of it. It’s been a week since your last rendezvous in the dark so when the two of you finally found some time to get together, you took it. It was cold and dark outside but at least the two of you had each other’s company. 
The two of you were getting close to the gate leading to the estate when you suddenly stopped, jerking Jamil back and making him look at you. 
You looked nervous, squeezing his arm a bit as if looking for some reassurance, so he waited patiently. His other hand grasping one of yours. 
“Do you still want to travel the world?” you asked, your voice quiet and eyes avoiding his gaze. “Get away from here? From this?”
Jamil’s eyebrows furrowed. Of course he still wants to travel the world. It would mean being free from Kalim, of expectations, of years of servitude and holding back. “Yeah, but I’d rather do that with you.”
He sighed. Really, you should have known this by now. “The places I’ve been showing you aren't just for me. I wanted you to like them too. I thought I was being obvious whenever I asked for your opinions.”
“But why?”
Suddenly, Jamil flicked your forehead and you let out a yelp. Rubbing your sore, you glared at him but he paid it no mind as he spoke. “Jeez, and here I thought you actually used your brain,” he glanced at you, smirking. “I see you and your brother can be the same.”
“Hey!” You rolled your eyes, playfully shoving him as he laughed. “C’mon! Tell me, I don’t mind if you go off one day traveling. Just don’t forget me.”
Jamil raised one eyebrow and gently pulled your grip off from his arm and wrapped it around your shoulders. You let out a soft oomph as you collided into his side, one of your own arms going around his waist. 
“You idiot,” he sighed. “I love you, and I’m not letting you go. If I leave one day, you’re coming with me, okay?”
“And what about our families?”
Jamil shrugged. “They can find us, but I’m not letting them keep us apart if they disapprove.”
“Ooh, how romantic, Viper,” you teased. “Very Romeo of you. What’s next? Are you gonna sneak me out in the dead of night to marry me?”
“If it comes to that, yeah.”
You sputtered in disbelief, not quite believing his words. Part of the reason why the two of you kept this a secret was fear of disapproval from both of your families and to suddenly have him say that.
Well, it’s a little weird.
“Who are you and what have you done to Jamil?”
Your lover rolled his eyes, nudging you forward to start walking again back to the estate. Back into the light and back to your lives.
Tumblr media
✿ Spring Feelings Event Prompts ✿
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Kalim: so when is the flight
Jamil: the flights at 12:45
Kalim: yay so it’s soon
Jamil: yes it is
Yuu: so why are we at a airport
Jamil: the magic mirror is just like you
Yuu: sick of Crowley shit and taking a vacation
Jamil: precisely
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Tumblr media
Tumblr media
Bro I love Kalim and all but like i cant help but focus on Jamil tsum.
That little angy ball is holding on for dear life and planning murder stimutatously.
Tumblr media
Pls i pray to god these tsums dont trash the EN server like this one-
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Tumblr media
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mintmoth · 2 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
Here's another commission for the wonderful @verticalsea continuing their last comic commission!
You know Ace is going to be in even more trouble now
These guys definitely aren't cut out for taking care of babies 😔
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hanatata98 · 3 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media
Sam's New Year Sale (Kalim and Deuce) Day 4 Story 🎍🛍️
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soulubles · 4 months
Tumblr media
Jamil & Kalim x Splatoon 🧡
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equestriagirl16 · 4 months
MC: When I am rich-
MC: *points to Riddle* You’re getting therapy.
MC: *points to Leona* You’re getting therapy.
MC: *points to Jamil* You’re getting DOUBLE therapy-
MC: *referring to the rest of the overblot gang* Everyone’s HEALING!!!
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call-me-nineki · 6 months
Tumblr media Tumblr media Tumblr media
This Halloween event is just getting better and better LMAO 😭
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ryker-writes · 16 hours
Hello! I was wondering if you would be comfortable enough to write Jamil x Fem! Reader? BUT usually reader pranks most of her friends or anybody she knows
BUT HARMLESS PRANKS THO like jump scares! (Then she gets scolded😕) but she always makes up for it at the end of the day! (AND BTW if you feel uncomfortable with this request then my apologies!!)
Your request is perfectly fine my dear anon! I'll pretty much write any request as long as it follows my rules so you're good! Sorry that it's kinda short and thank you for your request <3
Request rules and Masterlists
you always loved to prank those around you
it was always in good fun
in fact, it was even a sign that you got along with someone and liked them
one of these people happened to be Jamil
you loved to prank Jamil
his reactions when you get him are really funny
and it makes it worth the long lecture you'd get from him afterwards
it got to the point where Jamil would try to predict what you were going to do next or how to prevent himself from being your target
but he couldn't expect it every time
when you saw him sitting on the bench outside with his back to you, you got an idea
you started sneaking up behind him as quietly as you could
he still hadn't noticed you even tho you were right behind him
once you were close enough, you quickly grabbed his shoulders and screamed
Jamil jumped slightly and turned around so fast
the pure shock on his face was amazing
once he realized it was you, he calmed down and sighed
"You made me drop my food. You're lucky I didn't just turn around and attack you."
sure enough, there was a splattered food container on the ground
you just laughed and offered to buy him some new food
he was mumbling to himself but accepted your offer anyway
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twst-shenanigans · 1 month
twst Incorrect quote #296
MC: “My throat hurts…”
Jamil: “Who asked you to scream so loud last night?”
MC: “It’s your fault anyways, you bastard.”
Jamil: *taunting* “It’s not my fault I’m so good.”
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